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Government. The burden of these, rep
resentations will he thnt the submarine
which Hank the Ahcona Wig Herman
and that absolutely no warning wan
given before the steamship was attacked.
The captain of the steamer has already
made an affidavit supporting both these
contentions. It received wide publicity
and credence In this city.
II Is generally admitted hero that
a most Important decision Is now Im
pending ax a result of the activities of
Herman submarine! In the .Mediterra
nean. The sinking of the Anemia has
but brought to a head a crisis which
the press has predicted for some time.
Without waiting for a decoration of
war against Herman)-, anti-Herman re
prisals should be begun at once, the
Italian newspapers now urge. In some
of these anti-Herman polemics, which
are allowed to go unchallenged by the
censor, the lurge property holdings of
Hermans and Austrlans are polnicd out.
Their financial Interests here. It H eald,
exceed a billion dollar.
The, affidavits of Ihe Ancona's cap
tain declare that the submarine shot
away the Ancona's wireless apparatus
and continued to fire shells against
it m propeller and helm bridge, until she
ank Fire wna then directed against
the boats filled with survivors, It If
As for the Italian steamer Flrenxe,
Whose sinking was reported here Satur
day, It Is now announced that a warn
ing was given by the submarine com
mander and that a time limit of five
minutes was given for the crew to
lower the boats and abandon the ship.
It was officially stated to-day that the
submarine In this attack flew an Aus
trian flag. It was also announced offi
cially that ninety-six members of the
crew ami twenty-seven passengers were
saved, and fifteen of the crew anil alx
passengers are still missing.
The nationality of the pussengers on
board the Kirenze has not yet been as
certained, but It Is said that some were
Kngllsh. These, it Is further asserted,
declare that the submarine which at
tacked them was German.
An eyeWltneaa of the sinking of the
Fireme says tha.t the vessel was forty
miles off the Kuypttan coast when, about
dusk, a submarine appeared a thousand
feet off the starboard bow and fir-'d
a shot. The Klrenze stopped at once
and the passengers left dinner and
ruahed o the deck. A second shot
carried away the line's rudder.
The submarine commander then sig
nalled thM tne passengers would be
permitted to leave. He directed the
lowering of six lifeboats and when they
had been filled towed them to a safe
dlstam-o from the Firenze before rid
dling the Firenze with shells. The suit
marine disappeared in the darkness and
the lifeboats made for Syracuse, where
the passengers were landed.
fe Lifeboat l ull of Austrian sub
marine Ylrtlm Not Found.
Rome, Nov 14. The Italian steam
ship Itosnbi has been sunk by a sub
marine. Three of the four llfebogtl i"
whhh the passengers and crew left the
vessel have reached land. The fourth
has not been found. The submarine flew
ihe Austrian flag.
The Bosnia WM of l,ITt tons net and
Was built in 1901, She was owned by
the Boclcta Nazlonale dl Servlza Marlt
t:ms. She was last reported, In records
available here, when she sailed from
Naples for Henoa on October 13.
I' Hon I. Mnk TWO Ship.
London. Nov. 14 The French steam
shin St. Malo was sunk to-day by a
Herman submarine off the Island of
tluernsey. In the Kngllsh Channel. Twelve
bodies have been washed ashore and it
is believed all on board were lost. The
esscl was of !,4I tons. The Norwegian
toajmahtp Wascana. 4 . !6 ! tons. also has
been sunk by a submarine. Her crew
was saved.
tnilinftM-ulor V.ir Anionic -h nI
lit l-t rnit rnl KirrclRi'i.
rKTuoiiiiAr. Nov. 14. lieora T Miiryo.
the American Arobeeeedor to kusbih, uni
Rnrou Roaen, ox-An ha.'Haili r to th
United State, .. ire the xu-Kts of honor
at the form. upeulnK to-fluy of the
American Hospital for wounded Russian
soldier The American Ainha8uhr.
praeldent of th hoepltal, ami City
Councilman -"'ana.ilU, a patron, delivered
a ddrcejM.
A portrait of Orand Dukt Alexin, the
Cxar's helri whs preaented to the Insti
tution by Russian friends. Soldiers re
plied in English. Prank M. Wtnahip.
the secretary, and K. M. Corse ths
treasurer, were hsartlly mnjrratulated
frr the hospital's 1nrrpa.no frorr- twenty
beds in October, 1114, to forty bso now
Th- hospital durina Its first year had
an Income of 115.000 from American
sources, 3,600 COtnlflff from the UnltSd
States, one hundred thousand pteoSS f
msdfoal supplies hav ssrved 1 19
wounded soldiers and been distributed
in Russian hospitals, Local American
women sewed 1,000 garments. Kach
headed MoMier receives a OOfnfOrt before
returning t' tht front.
Minister to Helirllliu Alumni the
ItMiilum ISO In first nhln.
, London, Nov, 14. The Holland-Amer-
lea llnor Ryndam, from Rotterdam, left
Faliii'iuth to-day with 150 saloon pal
gengon, Including Ileum) WhJttock,
American Minister to HeiKlutn ; Sir Her
bert B, Tree, who la Accompanied by his
daughter Iris. Sir Heibei-t WW given I
aendofl at London by a groat crowd of
theatrical and. social notubl. a, Including
iha nuke of liutiand. Miss Nancy
Cunard, J U, Duvmvii Joaopn j. iiu-
Vcen. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac be-wls, Dwight
K. Austin, John T. Montgomery and II.
E. iittmg also were passennera.
Aboard thi Hod Mar liner Lapland,
m.l.i. tOda', were V. K. Accles, I', E.
Bond, Dr. Stanton Colt. .Maxton
Graham, Malcolm A. RobaMaon, 0,
O.; John U, Tippctt and Walter
are uifi ml 96.ooo.ouo ihawa
"Flrnt riuorer" le 1'ntriolle.
hkih.in, via Amaterdwm, Nov. u.
The overseas News Agency quotea :lie
Kalger aa Baying, In a message of thanks
to the Ktupps for the vifi ,,f 85,000,000
iiinrk ($8,000,000) tu the Uerniaii relief
fund :
' It i.- a new proof Of the patriotic
jnind. It ifc worthy of the great name
-f Krupp, whoge fame am ilerniany's
le st armorer is Orlvhtened by thla aplen
did Initiative in loci! welfare and tins
wiUtngnoM to make gaorlftoeg."
Motlnir rictnrt-n rnkt-n After Tor
tcdoliitf Meilllerrniienn.
Sf,riti) sbfi Ji.pntch tn Thk. 8i n.
rAKIH. NOV, 14.- The captain of
14.- The caiitaln of the
Mea mshlp Krance, whb-h
i Hubtnarliia in the Ifadt
h that ( Tie (b'rmaiiH t nok
mail Yttiv a
was iunH by
ifti autan, fa
inovini pictures (,f tne ilnklnc from thi
rjeok nf the. submarine after the France's
tn vv bad Rot away In the boats,
llvu) (eeriiiuiift MoMplinl Ship
i hnmi,
Hperial f nfiie lifnpntrh tfi Tn k Si n.
IwONDONf NOV. 14. --The Arlmlrally Ih-
luad thiJi it atoms nt tonlsh i
"A (Isrman Wlrslaaj memwaffe tH. on
ths i-th Instant i 'it li Donlsoturat) that
Pritlsh hospital nIujih ars bt-inK uKed for
nnvSVlntf troops, rmmliioriK and other
wsxt ntataftal,' This sbMlutsly falsa,
Brltlah h"H'ital KhliH bav been and
i ways will be USSd tinder the conditions
prtaerlbtid by iho Geneva, convention,"
After Hard Fight Lasting an Entire Day West of the
Crna River, Invaders Are Put to Flight
With Heavy Losses.
Special CCO I, Henpalcb tn Tur. III,
LOMDOW, Nov. 14 The '"ill Mail
Salonfca correspondent, telegraphing un
der yesterday's date, snys :
"The allied Heneral Staff announces
lb t almut thirty BOlfMtM battnllons
opened fire u tho Allies' PWtUsM on the
West hank of tho Ciena on November 11!
and thnt fighting lasted from S o'clock
in tho morning until nightfall, The
Crrnn runs northward Into tho Vardnr
about fourteen mllea south of Kuprill.
The I'Vench crossed the river near the
Nllh-gjakmtca railway a week ago.)
"The llulg-arlans successively gained
and lost positions, but at the end of the
day (rave ground and retreated, leaving
a space of a few miles between them
and the Krench. who had very few killed
and .Mill wounded, while the losses of thu
Bulgarians were considerable.
"Between Valandovo nnd Kobova Ihe
French made a smalt offensive move
ment, which euhsequently developed and
resulted In advance.
Merits In Tetovo.
"The Serbians occupied Tertovo Kal
kundelen. due west of I'skub. which lies
on the Nlsh-Salonlca railway and cap
tured a gun and two ammunition
wagons. The Bulgarians are feverishly
reenfon lng trs.tr tropjis at I'skub.
I A Iteuler despatch from Salonlca to
night says that tlie Bulgarian! have re
taken KalkendelenJ.
"The allied staff MIMMInGat. on Friday
that Ihg Fraflch, after severe fighting,
captured Hill til, giving them Hwsee
lon of tho ridge which dominates Kos
tourino. "The Serbians den the Itiilaailan
War Office announcement of the cap- I
ture of 10,000 prisoners. Serbian offl-
"i.i ranu mm 111 ine lust Halkan war
Sntla claimed the fall of SaKmica four
leen times."
The official statement issued b- Bul
garian general headquarter, under date
of November Yi read. :
The OperatlOfUi on all (he fronts are
developing in our favor. The French,
who h id crossed In the aouthern bank
of the Crena Itlver, were repulsed by i
our counter attack and driven back I
acroes the river.
The Serbian Legation In Paris made;
public the following official oommuntca
tion here to-day :
Although Velee (Kuprill) is not yet j
In the hands of the French and British
troops, the Bulgarian, are hard pressed
and the fall of the town Is Imminent.
The Bulgarians In the region of Velea
have sulfated etairmous loases and
have requested an armistice to bury
their dead.
The Qertnan War ottW announced
to-day that the armies of OeneTal, von
Koevess and Von (Jt.ll A-its "repulsed the :
enemy along the whole front," and that
II office re and 1,710 men were captured,
as well as two guns. The Bulgaiiau
army under (Jen. BojadJIeff, the etate-
One of Reasom for Resigning
Was Opposition to France
Taking Tart.
Oinkva, Ort sn Ammig tl" differ
eno. whi'h Theophlle Delcaaee iiai
with ihe real f the Cabinet, from which
he reigned on October 13, was. accord
inK 10 information received nere irom
Paris, ih quagtion of Prance joining
in th Haikun expedition.
If, Delcaiae opposed a Joint expedition
to the HhIUuiih, urKing i hut this tacit
he left to the Urittah, He advocated
i withdrawing the French troops from the
earn entirely, at the same time recom
mending that the Brltleh troops be with
drawn from Prance, thus leaving the
Krem h in entire charge of the campaign
in Prance and the Brltleh In full con
trol of ihe eastern campaign. Including
th roaponalbtllty for the protection of
Bgypl and India.
A new peaee Htory has pained cur
rency. According to this latest report,
pourparlers are already takiiiK place, a
situation Which Is said, aeeorditlg to
thaae reports, to have heen one reason
for the ohange of Ministries In France
and lreat Britain in order that new
men might handle the negotiations.
Tnpse rumors have it that Premier
Asoiilth'x illness was only a pretext to
allow the negotiation! to ko on and tneifldence
visit of KlnB Oeorge to France and his grieved
meeting with praaiogm roincar, were
only a cover to hide other meetings, in
whiih Premier AHipiith is supposed to
have figured.
The-e repoiks are sai.l to have origi
nated In the group In the French Cham
bar of Deputies, which is headed by
m. Calllaux,
Tenor nnd WtfS. wllerl, Seuil
IlnuurHue by 1)1 tTr rent l.lner.
CKICAOQj Nov. 14 - LUClSII M ura tore,
the tenor, and Llna Cavallsrl. his Sifs,
both of the Chicago Orand Opart Com-I
j.any, ui-e in ntoasTO, nun n sams uwi
I o-day tiiat Murators i somowhat of
a itratsglat In tryinti to outwit ths
pud of w it .
The tenor nnd bin wife arrived In
New Vork Friday inornlitK On S I'atiia.
baflt nlffht their OOStUniSS arrived on the
Bspagnsi and lorns tune nasi woah thstr
personal haariaefs ami Cavalisrl'i Jswsls,
hsavlly Insursdi aw sapsotad n anothsr
Murators, In summlni up his aotion(
aid ths Idas, of utllltlni various s-hipi
was tf provlda much as poaslbls
against psrsonal dangsr and lossss of
their sffsots,
I IiiIrIiuhh It vti uen i n Incliid' Mnffi.
Fnt, llntter, WtMS d "knukei."
r'ii CibU ti0pn$ch Tin: Si v
BCALIN, via Londont Nov, 14. Sua-
aeHtioiiK for Chiistmai prtaanti for the
Bold if i'm at the t ront have been hoiiI to
the t'uffi'btut t by eommanderH In reply
tt a qusry sddrssaad to thonii Fur
muffs for Hi troops who will whiter in
the cold rontons of th ssstsm battls
front ars rsowUnmsndsd by Usn von
l'Meld Marshal VOn Mat -ken sen, from
Serbia, taKs for ftofos, ohoootatSt fat
and DUttsr for )1h men. t ieu, von tlall
Wltl sayi merely: "We don't want any
wuol ; we are riehly pPDVldSd with that "
Admiral von Kostar rsojusati that no
alcoholic FplrltH of any sort he nent.
Tbi Or own Prttios hKh for light red
wine and SRIOlctfUj materlala. A rs
qut t rumti from ths Ouardi JVsiment
for rxuiK
Is ftOVAIICIfll from tho Mo
(icn. von Koeves.'s army Is moving
southward along the Bosnian front er,
in the direction ol Novih.ir.ar, with Ibi
object of cutting off the main Serbian
army from the roads to Montenegro.
The army of (Jen. von OallWltl Is east
of the Von Koevess group, and Is ad
vancing south and southwest of Kru-e-vac,
west of Nisli. wliile the BuU-ars are
moving north and northwestward from
the I.ekovar-Vranje sector of the Orient
Owing to lack of detalle In the Oer
man statement, the exact position of the
mnln Mor)iiin tnn.p, .'n.l tlie i ilclit to I .
...u. .v ". .. .-a... 1. 1
n III, Jl ilia iuu,jein nn,- vi, , www , ,11
closing the ring around King l'eter'a
chief army cannot be determined.
Meek to F.rTert Jnnellnn.
Meanwhile the allied troons which pro.
I ceeded to Serbia's aid from Baionteg are
contlniilug their efforts to Join the Srl
In the south and drive the Bulger, back
to the north.
The most recent reports show that the
left wing of the Anglo-French expedi
tionary force baa not yet Joined tho
Serbian army. Which is making a stub
liorn stand at the Babuna pass. Military
crltb s here believe the allied line In tho
south Is still too thin to allow a con
siderable force to proceed northwest
ward to undertake n Hanking movetnen
against the Bulxars without endanger
ing their centre and being thrown back
upon (Ireek territory, a danger again,!
which the allied staff at Salonlca must
take every possible precaution, particu
larly In view of the still uncertain atti
tude of Greece.
The official Herman statement Issued
to-day with reference to the Balkan the
atre of war followa :
The armies of (lens, von Koevrsa
and von (lallwltz repulsed the encmT
along the whole front, capturing 13
otllcers, l,?f 0 men and 1 guns.
The army of don. BoJa.IJI. ff i Bul
garian) la advancing from the eoutlt
em Mi. rava.
Wrrb (iovfrnmrnl In Mlfro-
Itaa rm V I hither.
.special Caf-lr PfP'tth r- Tun Sis.
F'ahis. Nov. 1 4. Th Befbtan Uetcn
tion issued ; unto to-d;iv aaylni th:it the
Srbiati ilovernment has onfl to Itltro
vitta, toward which the Serb lane :ire re
Tho S.ilomca corrfsiMindent ( tho
Tcmis roporta from Monaattr that the
funds and urchive? ,n th.a city have been
removed to Balonlca and automobiles are
kept In readlnefH to take th' Oonaula
from tho city at the laat moment. The
notablea f the ci have son to KIoHna
The retreatitiK Berblam ari" unable to
move their heavy artillery thrOUeTT) tlie
mud and .ire abandoning it.
Atheni Statesman Fa plains
That Monarch Bellevei
Teutons W ill Win.
18 inn OF THE A If MY
Special r.if.t? neptt tn Tin Si v,
TrMfiN, Nov. 14.- The corfsspondont
of the diy .Vdii at ROOM tele:raphH
I that
DSrsonagS win has taken a prnmi
ind often stormy put in ?rek
polltlci In re" t'tit ysart and ano la w 11
aoqualntsd with King ( lonstantlns, hal
arrived in Home and glvsn him t:i' f 1
lowinu in format ion which, : tnaldsrlng
lis fouree. hs sitv!, must lie rSVSrdsc SS
worthy of notiee :
"t 'ontrary to gsntral Opinion t no
King's pro-Osrmanlsm is not lus to the
Influence of the .ueen. !mt to nts own
Iwltef In the ultimate triumph of ths
Qsrman army, Th Kina's On'y lou!it
has to do with the sea,
"tjcrnian aK'iitH in Orsoca assure tm
that their submarines will stave oft' the
nosstbUlty of any allied ftssi bslng In
a position to sxsrolas proasurfl asalnst
our nation. They sa we shall noon e'
tho robuits of Qsrman Rubmarins ac
tivity. Obviously the orders given to
ubmsrlns commanders are to sink svory
thintf Highted, with th object of Impress
ing the Ursekl and Inducing them to
throw In their lot With liermany.
"The bulk of the people, while pro-
Ahy In tht'ir s mpai lues, have blind run-
in ths KinK and are deeply
that hS disagraSS with them.
The Qthsr popular hero h M. Vetuzelos,
but they trust thslr King first of sll.
"KitiR ( 'onstantlns if sxcsedlngly
popular Wltll the army, lie achieved a
master Ktroke in malting his little daugh
ter the godchild nf the uniiy ami navy.
QrSSlt SOldlsrs nay that the Kinw lauuhs,
swears, drinks anl tlKhts like a gOldlsr'
Tlie ithons corrsspondsnl f 'he
Times sas It now seems certain that
the tjn'elt QoVSrnment has detttied the
attitude it will adopt If allied troops
should be forced out of Msrbla acroatt
th.- Qreek frontier The Entente Tow
ers havs been assursd, he states, that
OtOSOS ban no Intention of departing
fr un ROT attitude of i-ordial frtrndliness
or of giving any causs for offsncs,
"Thsrs are Indications that the En
tente Qovernmsnti will consider these
declarations adsquate," says ths cor
rsapondsnt, "The QUSStlon whether or not QrOOCS
might not eventually be co tn polled to
disarm the allied troops who might
i on Orssk tsrrlt ry has for Horn tlms
SISrciasd thf public mind.
"It i maintained that QresCfl was
under her pi e loUS Obligation toward the
tCntoirts Powers and that "he assurancei
renewed a tte- t he landing of allied
troops at sialonica exclude ths enforee
msnt of the rsgulatlotis whh h provide
Man f (irerU rm Will 'lake No
Pari in Hleetlon,
Igirtnl Ce6 PmjmIcA in tun Bt'K,
Rotlgi Nov. h. -An iineenaored nVs-
patOh from Allietm says a theoretical
demobilisation on a reduood nuale haa
been decided upon in view ut the forth-
oomlng election,, neoeealWkied by King
Constantino'! dlaaolutlon f the (ireek
Chamber of Peputlee, Beildee the ter-
rltorial, only the first lino toldlerl sta
tioned near their own dlltrlOU are to re
oelve leave of sbaeOOO to ennljlB them to
Meanwhile the mgprlty of the ilreel
army ofrloera, who navo heen oompietely
wept to the side ot the Central rowers
heeanuse tf the Teutonic SUOOOSSOS ll
serhi'.i, are carrying on their prougganda
aRaliiHt the VenlgaiOS Sgf party. 'IMiene
onlcerSi Athens adVtOOS assert, are son
fltlent of a pro-tierman Minielvrial majority.
ment I
Depression. Snvs ('oniniHiidrr,
Tins Tiikcn Plnro of Roast
Special t thf Itrnpatrti tn Tur. 9t s.
IjOMVOtti Nov. 1 5. The HNNIf MniVa
currespnndent at I'etroanid, doaltng
with the German advatue on It lira, says;
"Gen. Ituzsky ts tlti last man In the
world to hoast or Indulge' In optimistic
prophet y, hut he has told u ltussi.in
correspondent, who was a visitor at
headquarters that union ihe Germans
lli'Mc was no lonser self-assurance, hat
added :
' 'They now frefpiently surrender wil
lingly in companies and battalion.
They have not only ceased to advance
but arc actually falling hack. Wo are
doing w 11. Go to the front a fid tec
i for yoUfaolf bow our mtll are fighting,
what the expenditure of ammunition
Is and how many prisoners we am
I taking, We are now secure against any
I further surprises. This also Is true. I
I believe, of the went. I do not consider
j the enemy ns exhnuw'ed or on the verm
Of VXhaUatlOn, He is still strong, hut
1 We have measured hll strength. )le ean
t not spring BUrplieee on iim. If wo hold
i out victory Is i ertatn Time Is our fifth
ally. The mile which can keep up its
I numbers longest is nOJ bound to win. "
ltfijnUti-4 Urlvlnic f.ermniiii.
The FVtroirr.id correspondent of the
.1orsinv Pn.it says that the Russians
have rlet red t he t iermans from the
Gulf of Kiga. coastline as far north os
the Upper end nf Lake Kanger. At the
end of eleven dnys of alrnoet inrwtant
fighting Hargabe ami Anting, to the
north and south of th lake, were
stormed. The Germans, the rorrespund-
Tit sa s, appear to bt on the run in this
region, with the Russians pureuing them
over the level, open country west from
The RUM lam have reached the Junc-tl'-n
of the lUga-WlndaU nnd the M.tau
Wtndau railwas. the correspott'leru says,
a i id in oa ar on two highroads and a
railway converging on Tukkum. less than
twelve miles beyond The Wily count rv
'east of Tukkum affordH good defensive
I pOll tloTMl and the Germain are expected
! to make the lost of theje.
I ' mong the Ruaaian troojis enaagei
i here," the correspondent sa s, "are loiiil
tevioa or Lretta, wiiose inveienue nat rea
of everything Qefmatl ts Hlrnot ae
valuable an asset as their intimate ac
quaintance with the dldlcult counter-.
Tho Russian COntlntM pUKblng wet
waid, and tlie reult probably will be
tlw retirement of the German forces to
the south, under the threat of an attack
on thttr Hunk and roar."
Th- ' ict man attempts to brenk tho
Ruealan line on the Itwin.i continue un
uc aaafult the i orreepondeni vaya, ten
violent attacks beirig repulved oppoaKc
Hiuxt on Friday artth heavy ioss-. At
least one more Htr'iiiHiai effort by the
Genua lis on this front is expeelfd. III
though, tin correapon.dnt uh, "for
i he last ten weeks thin front haa been
Utile better than a death tra for them."
The uiuisufi 11 y early frosts and srow
have given way to a hUhrr tempera-
ture. ti vera! daajreci above freesinei with
The Ctnr and hie heir lnsjieted the
porta of Revnl and Riga and the districts
of Dwtnsk and Vitebsk last week While
at Reva the Kniperor deroratel theiom-
mandera of a British and a Russian sub
marine. llllHnllllm III lllth 1 1 f en I e 'I .
lien, von t.lnelngen'e army In the
Volhynla triangle, near the northeastern
frontier of Austria, which has been hard
preesed by the Russians for weeks, has
' turned and has broken into the posi
tions of the '"r.ar's forces near the much
contested town of Cgartorysk, in the nn
mediate vicinity of Podgacle, taking
I.Slfi prisoners and four machine guns.
This is the first seriotiH setbaek the
Russians have suffered sin-'e cz-.ir
Nicholas assuine,i supreme command.
The official gtatement issu. d at I'etro
gra,l to-night follow :
In the Ixkull dlgtrlot our artillery re-
ouii (i a Qerman offenalveon the tSerss
Minnie farm
Krom Dwlnsh southward to the Prl
jiet the front was inactive,
Northwesl of Csartoryak there was
iiesj, er.it,. fighting at Utedvleshe, I in
the Styr the IP-rinau advance has been
checked, At Podgacla, west of Caitr
toryak, a fier.-e haul, is in progress,
To-day's Qerman ofHclal war Office
report tells also of the repulse of itus
elan attaoks northward of the Kovel
Bsarny railroad, a Hue which the Qer
mans have heen end
to control in order
voting for months
lo launch an often.
sive with the V
Ihynlan fortress of
llovno as the goal,
'ill. official German report follows:
The situation of the army groups
of Kieid Marshal von Hlndenburg and
Prince Leopold of Bavaria is un
changed. Army group f Qen von blnalngon i
Near podgacle we penetrated the Rus
sian positions and captured ,61S men
and four machine (tuns
The Russians unsuccessfully at
tacked northward of the Kovcl-Kzarny
tiMIVOS WOOl 'Irt-ntnitMil tn
lontfOM fr ClaStSlO llnirler.
fptwtal t'ahlf titipatrh to Tint Si H,
Ionoon, Nov, 14. The official press
burosu tssusd ths following vtstsmont
to-day :
"prlncs Albert i in with obstlnsts
KUHirif dlsordsr. Ho will bs in London
for soms wt'i-kH tt undsrgo spsolal trsst
prlnos Aihrrt, ssoond Ron of King
tieorffSi is noi tni tt so yssrs old And 1m
a midshipman In thS Mrltlnh navy, at
tached to tin- bsttlsshtp Colli nvwood, Ho
suffsrsd an stutok nf sppsndlcttts In Au-
KiiHt. I'.'M, and WSS tmt nhlo tt rfjtiln
his vetH'l until Krhruary of the prSSSRl
4 mirl POSOOS l-'BriiM-r to Suffer fur
HlSlftUs In ilKruin.
HAUBl'RQ, London. Nov. 14.--Two
marUs. or .'-0 CSIltS, 1m tho prhs a
farms r wai forest! to avospt hen for a
osrload r ha bsoauss of a miHtake
mads by tin.' impsrUI Tslsgraph Offlos.
Th- farmer hal tslsgraphsd that th
prloo would bs 800 marka,
ai'ioH were "lowt In tramlt."
'Phr Huprsnis ouri dsoldsd
Islsgrspli office could not bs
HpoiiMihlt for the mlStSKSt
hut the
that the
held re-
Tne ng-
urss shouiu havs bssn srlttsn
said i Tiu Hamburs purchassi
tunc lu accepting tho ruling'.
out, It
Inbt no
I'nrls Is Ner.ous,
HptelMi I'nhte HeegafeA in Tin: si
I'Alttl, NOV, 11 The Athena correspond-
nt of ti"- T$mpt telegraph that
he has reason 1,1 believe that Ihe Dreek
Uuvernment'i Intereel in the dlecuaalon
of demobllliatton is merely theoretlcali
The leading dHorlgl in the remjw
reflects the nervoueneae felt here con
ueinlug U10 eltuallou.
28 Killed in.
Aerial Ratd on Verona
Shells Dropped in Busy Sec
tion of City in North
ern Italy.
Special Cable Pfpiteh In Tun Si n.
Home, Nov. 14. The following official
Ht'iteinent wan ISSttSd here to-ilay ;
Three. Autrin aeroplanes dropped
fifteen ltnb on Verona to-day, klU-
iiik twenty-elffhl persona and seriously
Injuring thirty-one.
The great part of the victims were
r-trnrk In the Plaggg delle f.rhe, where
many wero killed bf the explo,lon of
one bomb.
Tho material damage WU s'.ltrht.
Verona, on the Ai"tge, raplf! of the
province of the s ime name in nrirrbem
Italy, I A first clas fortress, headquar
ters of the Third Army Torpe. It la a
"ity of nhout til. 000 Inhabitants end hae
a garrison in time of pi'ace of G.000 men.
It ie about thirty miles from the fighting
Bono north of Lake linrda.
The I'laxxa dell, Krhe Is one of the
most plotureoQUe equsre. In Italy and
contains several beautiful monuments.
In the centre rises the Capllello, a
canopy borne by four columns, dating
from the sixteenth century. To the
north of It Is Vi fountain with the so
called Madonna Verona, an antique
marble statue from Home. m the Wggt
side of the square Is the Chamber of I
Commerce, erected in lfcTS.
is tho principal vegetabl
The rintia
market of
Although Verona has an artillery fac
tory, a military MWMl anil two lirge
barracks, the bombs dropped by the Aus
trian aviators fell nowhere near these
buildings. Both the ureenal and the
artillery factory are on the other Hide
of the Adige from the main part of the
elty. Near the Pfltggg dello Krbe ace
the Dramatic Th.atre, several churches
and the post otflce, while about file
block, awuy is the cathedral.
Italians Oi'rip) limn Onlr Four
Miles I rnm Jtnllronil.
Sprriat rahle ittpntrh In Tur. Sis.
ROMS, Nov. 14 An Important ad
vance by th' Italian troops operating
northeast of Lake tlarda is announced In
the official report made public last night,
which tells of the occupation of the town
of UarCO, four miles south ,f Hovereto.
RoveTetO has been the objective of the
army operating in this region ever since
the beginning of the war. About eleven
miles south of Trent, it Is on the rail
way by WhlCh the AUStrlanS have lieeti
sending supplies to Rlva, the Important
fortreae at the head of Lake CDsrda. Be
sides capturli g Marco the Italians also
occupied tlie slopes leading north from
that town to LlSSana, bringing the ad
vance guards within two miles of
I lovereto.
The official report Issued by the War
t'tlice follows:
i'i the Uagurtna Valley the town of
Marco, four miles south of Hovereto,
was occupied and also the sUpe which
descends northward to LlSSana, two
miles from Rovereto, Our aeroplanes
bombarded Vols, tin- se.it of the Aus
trian headquarters,
In tho upper Cordevols Valley the
Cogflausd from yici Pap?,
thia country. The
communicate with
here cou'.d not
r families anil
ould not send mone)
invtoii and naked Mr
1 went lo Waah
Phlllloe, the Third
Assist. UK rVclctal of State, ll he WOUld
transmit ihe money, lie toi,i me he
could not do ii. and when 1 suggested
I would tn myself he offered to get me
a letter from
secretary Bryan to the
i besoeaklng every cour.
i sailed on September
consular officers
lesy for inc. i
and arriving in
dayg In London
Bngland 1 spent four
1 would have had no
hance lo do any spying there, 1 went
I to Holland nexJ. where I had my pass
' port vised so I could icet into uermany.
' when in Berlin I found it necessary to
go to the ottlce of the Austrian Consul
o hav
my passport
I ' ould it
i Budapest,
when ) wsnl t' ins consulais T met
th-r- yin'H Magds Hseosyi sn actress now
playing hi the Habst Theatre. MltwaU"
kee. 1 had not yeeu hsr for a ear and
we had a that. It wau in her prehonce
that 1 met Dr. Gorlcar and simply asked
htm to srrangs ho that i could go to
Austi la-Hungary.
"A for my gsttlng money, why l
carried about (100.000 to Kuropo and
ysl i was so hard up when i started to
return that i had to borrow $100 from
Ainhaisador (Jerard."
Asked ahoui tho 15,000 chsck which
Ambassador Bsrnstorfl ssnt him. detail
of Which w-ete printed lait sumnin when
Mr. 11 rami wan on hLs tiueond trip to
BuropSa Mr Ilraun Mild :
"The mbassador lubscrtbsd to 15.000
worth of toek in the Fair Play ruMus':1.-
Ing (Vunpany, My manager saw hint
and Mid tin- stock. The check never
neme Into my hands at all. The itock
w un imutciu in tin- name of Archibald
White, "iint von BsfnetOrfTs hioker
li- bought tin stock bsoauss he felt thai
tho publishing oompsny would he a vood
Invsstmsnt The capital 'r tiie oompany
U $S60,000 and I have Hold only ahout
111,000 worth, having kept all the reat
Patrick .J. Mac Donald. Ks y's counsel,
last niKht said: "Way has no rsaeon t
turn stHite'j evldsnoe, for he hss com
ml t ted no crime so far as the statutes
have heen brought t hear on the case.
Rvsn If we admit that the fact Htatetl
in iiiiiii ...... in.iiir.
quo.-. .10 im" a nun
..lleire,! actions. 1 have always ihhIii -
talned, ami I do now, that there i.- mi
ewe, 1 mo lnei win w pnn". -iiuriu,
As for ray's nidi- of the oiua- 1 win Ale
our demurrer to-morrow anil that will1
:lve 11 fully."
PROVIPgNOg, 1 1 1. Nov, 11 -Henry p
sharpe, preiideni 01 tne mown a- anurpei
Manufacturing company or tins city,
wan asked to-niaht to make a statement
with referanoe to Ihe rumor thai he had
g-one on the haii bond of Herbert Klemle,
one of tlie men to ,-useil with Robert l-'ay
of bomb plottlngi Mr, Hharpe utld:
"Pr Herbert Klemle connected with
a German clock making concern of re
pute anil blKb itandtngi which has made
conalderable use of the produol of the
Brown A ptharpe Manufacturing com-
puny. He came to this country to pur
sue hie technical studies anil baa evi
dently a"ot into bud rompnny, 1 have
asslKtt-tl him In obtaining hail hot
while awaiting trial."
Mionilioll ll.l.lilnu Aslies.
Special Cable D$tth I" Tiu: ION,
Komi, Nov. h. .gtromboil ' emit
ting a great volume of petit, lea, Hshea
and lava, eauslng wholesale couflug
uoua Ju tue aurrounouig vuteyarda.
7 trent
f : v
ernn.i, where iwenty-eigtit er
eons have been killed in n bombard
ment by Austrian aviators. Is about
thirty miles south of the fighting
lone In the Trent Ino, It Is .i tlrsi
rlaaa fortrees. None of the mili
tary establishments In Verona was
struck, but great loss of life was
caused by bombs dropped In the
busy l'laiza delle Krhe, In tho centre
of the city,
operations continued for the po'e
elon of the Co di Iana and Monte
Hief sutntnlts.
The buttle for the heights northwest
of florltg Is being fought throughout
with varying success.
The War Office Issued th following
official statement to-day :
lu the Ledro Valley, on the slopes
of the NoSSOlo, Monte l'arl, Clma di
Dora and the Rocchctta the enemy's
artillery bombarded our positions and
also launched Incendiary projectiles on
BeSSeCOa and Pieve dl Ledro without
damaging our defences. In the re
maining pan of tho Tyrol-Trent Ino
front and In Carnla nothing of tm
portance has -been reported.
'Mi the Tsor.zo 5-eaterday the action
was continued. Ws progressed on the
Jvoroak, in the ri.-zzo basin, and on
the heights northwest of OorltB, f)n
the Cargo plateau we captured a strong
Intrenchment southwest of Ban Mar
ti no.
Ipiiiih nM ItHlliniM Thmitrn d
to Wr. 4-k thf i It) .
Viknna, via bondoiit Nov 14. Ths
following rrrittt of ths opsratlons in sh
Italian theatre of war was Issued to-day
by ttio Austrian War Office:
At ths beginning o thlr off'ntive
th Italians dw4srsl that 1 iorits
WOUld bs shoT tn ruins If thS) did not
succood m capturing ths town, During
ths lirst few days of th battle nurntr
oiiH shots fll in th town. Yssterday
thi hfsiUe heavy artlllsry at'ru.ss tin
unoapturod bridgehead kt-ia up a
violent fir upon UoHtS,
Meant mio an unsuccessful Italian
OlfensiVS ha bSOn dlrsctsd csiK-cially
against tho northern part f,f tho Do
hordo ptatsaUi North of San Mlchsls
part of tin" front was tsntporarlly loot
tn ih snemVi hut was rrit ir.y recap
t'.rtf'l in ttif SVSnlng, Other Italian
attacks wers repulsed with slsughtsr.
lifforr ths tctirH south of M'tnt--tv
Sol Huts; and before tho Cnritz
bridgehead ur artlllsry ntopid svsry
gSVSral of our aoroplano have
dropped bombs on Verona,
Government Calls for 10,000
More Men to Complete Con
quest f Colonies.
Mptcial Vablt ptipateh tn Tin: Br
i Lokdon, Nov li Tho Government
I of th.- tTnlon of smith Africa t. making
I energetic preparation! lo comply with
' (ire.it Britain! request to send a foree
j to Uerman Bast Africa. The Pretoria
, Joverninent hSS called f(,r an additional
j ten thousand men.
Viscount Huxton. OovernorQenera1 of
' Sou'h Africa, told the Government's re
I crultlng conference that the subjugation
1 of blast Africa would havs a vi
moral effect than the conquest of
WSSt Afrit a.
The realization of the pet dream
Cecil Rhodes to connect the Cape hj
UritiNh ime of communication with
'airo was blocked h Germany's a'-tpi i
tlon, between lllb aiul 1890, or what
is now kuowji as German tOsst Africa.
Qsnman gouthwsst Africa has an area
of ltt,4&0 SQUars miles, V lo t he area
of German Bast Africa l! 364,000 Mjuars
mileH. German Bouthwsst Africa now
In pOSSSSStOn of the t'nion foross.
The whole pouthsrn prt and mu-'h'
of the eabt of German Bouthwsst Africa
In barrsn 'iiii desert. Ths country pro
ducss cotton and tobaoco, and thers le
much llvsstoek. Silk eutture also has
been developed Germany'! rev '11110 , from
thiH colony hi 1914 was .",K?.V 00, Iia
niontls, gold and Other mineral! hae
been found.
German Past Africa produce! cottoni
rnffce, vanilla, tobaceo, rubber, cocoa,
sugar "d tea. and t here Is mueh
eat tie and shssp raising. Coal, iron,
lend, topper and Malt nlsu are produced
to an appreciable ext. nt. ib rmttny's
revenue from this eoh ny In 1914 Wai
hi-i 1 iii 11 Bvlentleta
I mi. leleil
i n.' of ti'11-i'..i-N
IIkhi.in, via Lnmloii. Nov II faf
uilng Chrlltlan He 'e treiitmonte when
' aecordlnf IO u, cour, medlcal care
W0U() better have aerved the puniose of
prolonging Hi'- Uvea ol l,i pi.ninnei t 1
act reieee, Nuehvha Bulla ami ai von
Arnould, both "i' Ihe Itoyal Th ro,
Klliaheth Ahrent ami Kllaithoth Huca-
nn nave been convlrted of criminal
careieaineai ami aenti
immihs Imprlaonment.
1 lie trial caUieil boinet '1 111K i,r .1 sen- I
ration in Rerlln, Piau Butae hod
Brlght'a dleeate 11111I Kraulem von Ar
pauld tuffered from .1 rare fungoid dla.
ease of the skin. Medteul ex'pi'i'ta lea.
titleil thu cuelomuiy I rem men t would
have greatl) prolonged their llvei,
Hyeterluue Nulimaelne Keen n 1 hi
iiottom 01' i mil Hap
i in
ll iiif.tr ! -!" : tn Tilt Si v
I I'Ams. ,ov. ll neaNttchei tn
, I'adiz quote Aeherman H aa inu that
mygterloue euhmarlne hua been ee
lying .11 the bottom of fllflll May.
ipRpHicnoi 'ri. in
Seiille reports sai thai lleiniau snh
thai He i man auh.
to have a inn in
, a fpanith deput)
I in. 1 1 1 lies a i e suppose
ra- AthlQi dookl owned by
Willi UeunaitoiUUo uudcnuc4
Absolutely Pure
Avoid All Substitutes
Leave All Wonnded on Field
After HHnjr Driven From
Trent' li They Won.
Special fa'e Tepitrh to Tin: C.
Parts, Nov. 14. After a ronnlderahle
ro-ipite the Iahyrlnth, In Artoin, wan
a (pain to-day the SOSUS of a Ctornian
attack. Tho tlermana auocecdtd In
gaining; a foothold In the flnt line
trencli of tht Frotu'h position thin morn-
inir, only to he fjtcd later by a coun
ter Sttauk, Isavlng their woundvd on
ths held.
Tho nl . dhor Infantry activity of
tho lust twenty-four hurs wan lu the
I region of KriHo, WOS1 of Pgronns whore
I it; iJormans exploded a mine chand)or
I and SttSRIptSd to occupy the crater,
j A brisk flaht followed, in which the
j Kronh frustrate.! tho fterman attack
and hold thu contostod Kround.
Artillery enicaKeniontii are reported
t from Uoop. BoucheSi Nouvron, tho Hutte
' du atssnll, tho Hols dss Chevaliers
and ( 'haulnen.
The conununkpi issued by the War
i ifflcs to-nlaht follows :
in a rtois. in tho Labyrinth, the
'.ormana by a vigrouM attack this
morning lUCCSodod In penetratina,
Tiear the Lille road. Into one of our
tit st lino t ronohos ur cnuntor at
tacks expelled them Immedlstsly.
The snotny left nil his wounded on
ti" fiold. In the district of Ix)os and
S'Uchefc there was only artillery
North of tho Aistie we exe'utel nn
the n-rnian organisations on the
platSaU "f Nouvron a concentration
tf flit- Which appeared t he very
offe. tive.
An artlllsry duel of consldsrabls
activity orctirred In t'hninpaKn. In
tho reaion of tho Butts du Mesn'.l
and on tho hoights of the Meuso, in
tho Hois des t'hovallers.
Ths afternoon communiQU4 said:
The enemy exploded a mine cham
ber In the ropiori of Krlse, wost of
Fsronne, ind attempted to oc upy
t ln excavation He was repulst-d
after a lively stnisalf
We delivered an effective Mro upon
the railroad station of rhaulnes.
1'pon tho real of the front tho
niaht passetl without Incident.
Quiet In We St Ihr 4ermnnN Sny.
SseWsJ fbU nep'it-r, tn The Srs
RSRLIK, via London, Nov. 14 The
German official statsmsni covering the
Operations on the western front con
elated itf thi brief bullstln :
tin ihe wsstsrn front there la .io.h
tng to report.
!:- otinirel of t . t, Venation
HefSISOS to IHneliMn 4 hi ell 4 MMe. .
Speeds' ' i'" PsjpofeA to Tnv st v
1OKDON, NOV. 14 - Tho hnity AO.I'S
ihdi nt
I The HaUe !OVI that 1
ths former
Legation In
counsel tn the American I
Rrussi Is, Mr, He Lsval,
The Hague from Brussels
arrived at
for a brief stn
lie expects to go to
! ' l.nlwl'MI
on lliurstiay or lrul.iv. Ht
rrfUMd 1 lalk on any phftM of the
ilipl -matU' puvltlon arlHitiir from the
departurr for Washington of Mlnltttr
Brand VVhltl ek or on t ho txooutlon by
tu, ormni of Mil Bdlth Cuvtll, th
Brltlih mrBi-.
The corrtsttontloiii Myi he hu Rrtl
ii. in,i Information to the effvet thai ie
Ueval'i rttlrtmenl a cituMd Mllly
by the f.iti that i,ertnaii ohJiM'te,! to
hll rrenr at the Atneru-ati l4Kutlon
111 llelKitnu ami that it .lorn not Imply
a ,tlvmu iir-'ii him or any other Amtr
Iran . 111' ial
It n. I illttiiln In Thlr.l lueenK
OWN (ameroii HlulilHiiilerii.
pteM iihle hMBMtk to Tnr. 81
1 ,. in 1 1. v , Nov. 14 Annotinoament
as mad'e lo-day that the Karl of Sca
1,1 had bean killed in Prance,
mic -
Janus Ugilvle 1
of HeaAeld, M'ai la
reeded ins father
Ho wu .1 f'uplaln
Irani, ell vefilh
rtl In 1V7 and
in the title in INKv
in the Thlr.l Queen'i
t h ti itnieron lilghlandera, Special
aerve, lie has one daughter, who tuc.
,,,,1- 1,1 hit Heottleh peeraaes. while his
brother, the Hon Trevor Oglivle Qrant,
euererdi m his Ijnglleh titles.
Old Family Jewels Modernized
Many an old jewel lies neglected that
might be reset at slight expense in a
handsome y fashionable design.
This is an important feature
G attic Serv ice.
Is Kipeeted o Tell Mm sliarf
in I n rdant'l It's mid Ant
trerp Campaigns.
Special rahle ne-pali-h In Tur
Ix'mkjn, Nov. i:, (Monday) r
MHtement to be mad by WlnMnr, 9.
Churchill In the House of Common) la.
day. in which he In expected lo give t
reiison for Mb rttlfnatlOn from the ' .
net anil eM)ner:itn hllUMlf with :. ,
to the "dafenoa of Antwerp" a .,. ,
the initiation of th.' Dardanellee ram.
paisn, is awaltad with keen intereai . i
The political correapondtnti of
IMWipapen ourr the Itlbjevi from . .
ou it tn, hut an. uti.il.le t.. r. . ,
anything mora Important than .....
t.iineil in tne ofn. la eorreepondei i .
tween the former Plrtl lxrd of I
ml rait) ami frvmler Aaqultli, which 1
puliliehed ) e-terdiij .
t'au't Tell All.
The opinion ij fane rally exprewu i that
whatever he aaye he will be del
by military eonaldoratlona from lei
everything the public would like to know.
There i little controversy i,-i i..
that Mr Churchlll'i resignation, . ,
haa received general approval, wai
on the (rrourulB he hlmeelf haa it
The rimra undaratandg thai hla - i
will deal not merely with the immi itt
atue of iu resignation, but alao ,
review of tho chief iVenta of the .,r
during Ills t' rm in th" Admiral
papsr expressss the hops thai hi
offer atso some defonos of "those
of Judgment which populai .
juiti, have btsn attributed to li
the public mind,"' notably t n a
expedition, the battle off Coronel
early itsgss of tlie campaign i
i .ail. poii peninsula,
nnU nn I . I p I a n n Ion
"Obviously the time for a ti;';
ston of the.e events has not yet i
eontinueti the Titi0m, "ari th. flr?
have veam-d to atTSSt the currfi
teres t, but the public mind ;h m
ever ex-reled over th. Sear i
war. ami Mr. i'hg: hill - ,-
h.M share
ItS mee-ptliMi g i.
The nmtyj
'OUtU'll to
Trlrornjih attl ll ,'
of li plare In i".
1 met at PuMIe ' 1
ami IioIiIh him "p. . 11, mi i . 1
f ir the Aiiluvrp ami Harduiu
tire.-. btcauM of ins "indiapuubi
nrophtclMh with h e,i,t iiavi
Armed hut rather .eenn I 1 1 .
of rtokltMllMa of itatem T
achls i
luilued b Keull,
"The public Judpn- h .
Antwerp ..iifl th,. iJardan. lit
tioim had auoratded L'hui III
have been lauded to the .-1. ..
TN. Colly New na
"Whatever th blame in pre
mutely allotted with reapi lo tin
danellea and Antwerp, Mr. ' ...
reputation ai Plrat 1.0-1 ti
mlralty at tne outbreak of 1
always real Armly on
efficiency to which he
and itn oopceptration
The quMtion of M
the hll .
brout hi
at tin-
eeaeor as l liancell
by the
nil , 1
, aprea
Lancaster r. diaouvaed
papers a. oordini to t li.
Lajni Perb) ma) repla
where, howavar, doubt ,
the place win in- til;, i ..t
Th.- nij Uoil pi- lit,
(Unity here to save tin- ,
10 this oAlce,
11 ii.i-ia-r . ante
l 11 11 in 1 he 4 a hi 111
hi Cubit Ptepatch in 'V
IN, NOV K. - The I i
the follow
letter ft
bary i
"Mr. 1 'hurchlll'a re i '
table ae 1', is. lias at '., .- I
that 11 afforda an -i ;
I into tne oabluel eome noi i
1 of business Sin n .1 man
purposes of nt renchmeni
vnlllalile He would, howe
ike this 1 lovel nun i t
! eminent, which II - Ml '
1 It la ii mere colli - 'ion '
Mail" Ami in I we wa
I blood."

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