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$60,000 OF HUERTA'Sj
ntltoritlos Tftkf the
From Urniinn Bunk
in Moxiro City.
mmm more in CHILE
r i. ' .' ;.' fn Tar fi
HlXli I'lTti N 'v M -The Onvern-
ni, ii uithorltin looh from Ihf Doutooti
. ik rid ii i" ii n.ttiR horg f aotf rttay
I i In ild Whit h It claimed If pa-l
t. 0 pul up ' tin' llurrtri lov
, . to pa) for gfltlf from China.
. ,i Ihrough QerfMfl agents,
j (, j foOlOO of this furi'l on rle-
.. . which Ida Constitution-
, in) i ley will try to reV-over.
i" , bank officiate here fay
. k . , i 'onventlonallftf when In eon-
,.f yi, " force. I them in turn
. . i T re g no Iruce of the
,.0,-r ?'.
, mi -i . i unpointed lo invest!-
f i .. aS I Mexico Pltjr have lll-
, i umber of Inatltutionf thai
... ..... , i Mi i ire out agatliat tlicin
more than thtee t Intro
I he HIllKUtll
of fCtf 'I - ''" P0""
.,.,, u their dcUOflfg or
They must
re, luce their
-nmcotau ly.
t Oonfoloo'o t'hicf of
in voinnwnd hefe.
. . i .ituaemts mel again yetter-
fjg. with the locu ailliioruicn aim Brf.
n .; ;,t . inch drugf aa are eon
I urgently necessary to remedy
It, Ill 4 ; ..iitll i oii.lltiona. Who'.v-
Ml. mri-rd to .-'II at cost to retailers.
i" drugginta oill rraooontblo Tuesday
w a. idi wl true W fell it coot.
Xh- ottthorltleo decided In view
at i . numberless oompenlss being
for developing thr petroleum
' principally tMroiiKiiout iiir
Tinm ond Tuxpam re-duns, m.niy
tan iiiooluto taken, mat nil petroleum
,'v ,. inleo must Ih registered In a fpe
, oifi whh-h win record the namea
nfi-icera. the tmounl of capital.
tt5 p .., ,( the propotrtloa, otate of
Ti,. dovernmenl will then bo able to I
nnet'.ono top the iuili-' anil to
n eompanloo tnfornslna falfely.
r fakeo - tl reruotnf; inionnom.
T!ii. ftovernmenl offlilale of the rlro-
utrei lea at Tampk-o, Tuxpam una
Tlllii hhe been ordered to muiiwiiI o
rt.i ... ol all unroglotorod petroleum
Noipotileo until uwy tn the iitatitir-i
U ,: .... outti rlfed lo work.
Ota. libretto,, tMtHO With ArtBT to
I rUMh I iit'in .
to n Ii
rtee'.l I
. Nov It lien Ohre-
a lTuta to-nlh: with ir.--
ntire for. r. He unhl that
e cruehi .1 w Ithln a oreoli.
0n tlhreitoti iniil to-nlalit thai the
Villi i ircee had all left Naco and tbo
vrn had bei n occupied by hin own
f let
T-. prevent the Carranfa f.-r.-ee from
Nrroundlns a la army (Ion, Villa tn niak
U II aUrmpt to e.-atter hll men. He
fore : IMeiTOOf at HeTtnoolllO Cffl be
fienforced from iluaymaf Vlllfk Will try
o . .11. far s lUth a Me ,-ati, even If he
. five battle at Horntoolllo.
T. t. end he ha left Na. o nt the
ktad of ii .f hie ir..oi. olng loward
H"! II .
The 4 Carmnfg force from Tor-
rer. on It wa norm a no ine vih
total mut break through to eacape
;.i (tbregon aot Informgtlon t.-dav
h- number of Vtaqu! Indlgitf wider
he Hi itandard were repuUed yea
t'r1y e uth of N'i!i s bv (en
ileffuea'i army. Obregou faiiei In hie
. inn r luce the aarr.eon t nhti
donora In turn over to Cayrtatifa. ab
it hi laya Ogrlof Randal1 10-ima
ievernor the gtate. If ready to r -noun,
auredondo comes here
OaefaaM'a iki-hi letya ntiiMMiailor
too a wtti lie NfiModU
r trredondo, ronfldontlal aitent i
If;-. ltitiatittJt!onatlft 'loverr.ment at
Wii ngton, hag returned from hli vieit
te ijei I'ntranfai whom be accompanied
un 1 . tour n'.out ilie northern part "f .
tOtl " i
rf t
tne I
ii.. win may a few deyi here,
mi in t.i Waahlngton to ro
11 . K' rat l.'htaf ha made no
r.t .f Ambaaiuulor to Waehi ng. ,
I Arredondo, "but I am .-ertain
i 1 he made it. a abort time
1'arr.ii fa haf enent a erreat deal
on th border I'ltlee of Mexico
he wlabeo cooperate with the
lim'ornmont In flopping I
..--s II. baa appointed men 1
. ability, ho HI prote.-t
r anil Aiaeii. ana from the
T elr me in Object will be to,
. relallonf and a grvuter ,
.I mdehlp between th- people I
r 1.
. .i ,-v iltuatlon is mole than
'la is no more u problem
iveminout It la but a quaftlon
I aeolui ..I.', be will Is- settled.
. . n at, hlng with 1,006
n llerinoalllo, while Hen. fallen
Ml r.
in- n
' i m. i i- well fulfilled In Agua
Pi Bo f tt ee men ure ready to
' v a and hie small oimy.
"'..l ol Mexico . iti the forces of
'er x ... surrendering daily by
till I ii Ireda. Tin same thing is hap- '
ttqlt,s the Villa troops. The Mexican
ip .. e realised that itie Carranaa
'levin . itandl for the highest Ideals j
fl i . . and indopendenoa in j
Mm. -a
r-e.iond said that farranaa will I
... y at the end of ttiia ,
i organise hla Cabinet and
.arv iiovernmdftl appoints
I'- present, however, he is fan
i ihe condltlona of the country
t personal impreasioni ror
n reforms and Improv amenta
.1 ned that the flnaiicl.il
t!i .
He .,
i not ns serious gg DM Been
1 niiareicnf Ion
tn hlraai"
Pledgea ni
ure In Hint.
Cn ... Nov 14 Having In ale
Porku . pledge of loyalty from bis 00n-sr-t
.. , ,f i ii mouth I'hurch. Hrook-
Iw. ami a in uunciatlon of Prank i--
Pergu bis former attorney, 1)r
a'etri ghl II Ilia preached lo-day 'u
'' I irlum Theatre to the congr
Ml I which he waa formerly the
flatui Itivery one of the nearly 4,000
MfU u filled.
" . love you and have as much con
MfOii n iou as ever. ' said one richly
''!.. h no, nan im sha citonded her
fxtiil n 1
sVotf-. f.,
ii the close of the sermon.
i her sgampls.
'Ha I I' rl. nl
In lln onelnloulrnt
Murk I here
line Vrsr.
SOV. 14, The ItS V. Samuel
' My , i a dean of hi. Paul'f
nii ...i i,ave hla oongre gallon
'" ui ear In gork in the din and
ihi Pod Motor (Tompan) a
liegd of the so-lob. e" lea I ggn
la' i a
Ottinted a
ir'l lagva of absence by
ill. I,
. I inn xiardula aniiouBoed lu
. ai ion m-dai t nut M pre
Up) ing Mmsslf In "il" way lo
itionui i.i' ai amploymanl or
travel or ttudy.
11 nd
i . ,i
0re KlVh 8R P'lroom Kwp-I
Wf but Lpd Krfornirrs
AfPll.lt Kitcing.
clm WA TOO
Teier lie l.ary. forem'it for mnny
yr,r amot'K the poolroom antnbllnR
fraternity of the city ami, paradoxb ally,
a leading tiaure In later (lays In the
flahta thai practically wiped out borne
racing in New Vorb anil New Jersey.
died late Baturdg) night in Ht. Mihf't
Hotpltal of pneumonia, which developed
after an operation for nalletonen.
Mr lie I.aey's age lie wan 71 yearn
old wa IffJLtnal bim win ti pneumonia
let In. I'ntll lant Tuenday. when be
bei ame 111 at the home of bin daUghteTi
Mm. AtlCt RatClWa, with whom he lived
at in Went Seventv-flmt etreet. he had
ttemlngly been iti aoou health iii
daughtera, Mm. Ratclnfa ami Mlaa Kate
i'e Lacgi ami two grandchildren fttr
vlve Mm. Illn wlfo dbil more than
twenty yearn aao
lie Lficy'f life bad been one of iietlve
llRbtltiK that bogan In the ilayn of bla
rallow fOUth In the obi Seventh waul.
Whore lie Oral born of Jri"b parent
When firemen bail to flghl rivals with
their tlatn ,ui well M I'.atnen with water
In tb old volunteer fire department
dayn yount Pete i'e Lacy wan in the
ihlok nf tb.. raotlona which added u
tb reectacular qualltlee f a biaie in
Ihf "M da ye, even If the tights may not,
buve made for efficiency,
1 oiiuli) for the 1 nliin.
And next, when Sumter wan fired
upon, young Ine l.a y. Ilka o many of
the volunteer fire laddies of bin day.
donned the blue and mar, bed away to;
the blare of lianiln to do bin part for j
the VnlOlk He folighl throuKbout the
war ami then be fame bai'k to hie
native Manhattan, where for a nhon
time Ills OOmlngl and golngf were of'
no little moment that no record remains
of that brief period of bis career.
Ittit one day. almost half a , entury
ago, lower Manhattan, wbb b until very I
reeent yearn the porting men maile the
liebl ,f their effor's. beard that a young '
man named Pater De Lacy hail opened
rooms for faro and roulette playing at
1" Ann street. In the city's public
M hools lie Lacy bad ga'hered whatever
of elemental matbetn.it ics was necessary
for his "business" purposes, and with
thin, plus an Innate aggressiveness and
shreardnettf he began the piling up of
a bankroll Which a net;, ration ago bad
reached six figures and at the time of
bis death was. io Broadway sporttnai
men said yesterday, tn th neighborhood'
of 11,000,000,
"Vnu can't clone me up" waf
I'e Lacy'f often repeated defiance to the
ollce when the law nia.le threats
against hll Ann etr-et placg Hit
there came a time, after he had made
money In Ann street and had moved
in ln?S to Barclay street to open a
i h 4,1 room, that be met with temporary
ilefe.u The Barclay street loolrctn
, bad l.come no notorloun that a dele
gat. on of reformers called upon the
lat Major Grace with eomp!atntfl so
serious tii it Mayor Urace had the
plni-c dosed forthwith.
Waved to psrk Raw.
John Hacltttt, widely known in 'he
i fportlng cirden ,.f the 'T'm and '".
I hod been a partner nf I'e Lary'a at the
j Barclay street houae. In Da Laey'a
next venture. Which got nialer way at
:.:t Park Row, i regular book "n the
rtt'en was established.
1.. l..i, . had powerful politicians to
lend him their influence in bis I'ark
Bow dayi Veari before he l ad gone
Into ward politico and hid I.een a"
aaaoriata of Katty Waleh, fattier of
III, inch. W alsh, the a. tress, who .lied
, two w .-. ks ago. ii it daaplte political
i influence the police rloeed the Park
Kow poolroom gomponarlly now and
then, during which ttmea lie Laoy'a men
fold poo's from their bats out on the
W hen he poolroom men of the city
got together at last and formed a pro.
, active organization to tight threat
1 ened leglilatlon against them Da Lacy
wis maile treasurer of the associa
tions fund, which waa piled up by
daily oonirlbutlona of tt" from each
poolroom man In town Th'n when it
! was naoafaary t" nen.i Him" one to ai-
i bar.y to try to kill Hi Saxtoi, blll .lt
Lake Michigan "Onsis" Srono
of Klonily Battle Befnrp
Sliai ks Are llrslrovcri.
Ifteaoe. NO v. n. ai orei"
the "ijeeatrlcM "r i.aar aiirmpan -1
day and when thirty Invading goUgf !
men, several detectives in plain clothes
'oo a anuad of firemen departed they
.l.,l I Iwo men
bad shot one woman. Uul'l'-d two mm.
I Including the reaouniaoie -
Wellington g treat Of, known as up, nnu
I'eorge Mantis, the lireek who recently
stood off thirty-one policemen with li
.ite of magazine pistols.
The contranati'l or war seneo inumaem i
. . I
in inn bottles of beer, nlxtteen prinoners,
i Including three women, six modern re
peating rilles. one "Id fashioned arniy
,,oe wiib havonet attacnea, tour neTj
revolvers, several hundred rounds
nunlllan and a chest containing
I the private papOff "f i 'apt . Htreetcr
The laid was made on a charge tbat
. Streeter and hla followers
tha Stuie Honor laws
were vio- i
by selling
intoxicants on Sunday. Nine detectives
first went In and bought liquor and
il, .a. gave the signal for t -ty-flve pa
trolmen to make the raid. Htreetcr dll
covered the ruse uud selling a rifle, fired
twice but hit no one.
line of the pollen hit him over the
hea.l with hilly, putting Mm But
of the lighting temporarily. The police
say tbat Herman Hoist. Hirreters body
guard, tired ill them twice with a re
peating title. He was stationed in a
wagon on wheels, where be and his
wife lived. The officers fired a volley
,t Holat, one bUllel striking Mrs. Hoist
and lodging near the base of her spinu.
She was taken to a iioasi-.ni
A...e ilia others wen
arrested the
firemen were called In and they demol
ished the shack occupied by Mantis, the
(Irosk Mantis had been knocked down
Ijlfore be rould get to his weapons.
"I inn t fhak.'ii a damned bit by this
.Wale." said CaDt. Streeter. "I'll
11 I
Ibese skunks vet. If I have to use a I
bomb. They plan 1 f"""1 property,
but thai won't do It as long na 1 live."
Wsgltliy I'lttabnraer n
Slllcl.le. !
i'ittshi no. Nov, ii Hann 11 PpM
linglon. se. ictni'i and treiisurei of 11m
Htandat'd Bteel Iprlng Company, und I
,.nha, ,,f an old PlttflbUI'g fiimtly. shot i
hlmfflf .'' bif noma early to-day aintlpuhll
died this attcrnooii
arbugtoii. who .
was wealth)
bad been lu pour health
for a long time.
I g I
taa in i -z: ,
Copyright by Rot ..o.i
Peter De Lacy.
From a photojrraph taken at the
time he was making- his tiijr
poolroom liirht.
wan one nf lie Lacy'f men who cairied
the roll to the State capital with in
ftnictlont to iay each St ite Heliator
who would accept the bribe IT. to
lot., .m.ui, st the bill. The Saxtun bill,
bOWeVer, was passed.
flatties In Daafnj llealn.
Krom Park Row i'e Lacy moved to
Pulton street, where he remained until
he lwi the movement of gambling men
from lower Manhattan up town to
Broadway ami s'aie itreeta. That tight
Which ho blil led against the Maaton
bill with an organization bankroll aald
to have I n ISOO.000 was but the lc-
glnnlng of a long s. rles of battles, In
court and out. which i'e Lacy waged
o steadily against wealthy owners of
ras Ing stables and tracks that, as news
paper tiles show, when the news wal
published that a constitutional amend
ment whi'-h virtu. ill, iiideil hoi .-.- . ;-,g
in the state bail been adopted He Lacya
picture appeared In tie papers with the
tateroent that tin- amendment Nii for
him a great triumph of peraonal snte"
Tar o.i.i apeetacla of ir Lacy ttlll
adding to his wealth ,ia a ioulrooni Uina
aim La- Lacy bead of a "reform" move
ntent to interfere with racing was tirst
preaented aiKer twentyflva ytam ago.
iim Hunting iiuaiit.es which later on
were to make lym a source ,.f Iriitfitlon
to the Whim. vs. Ht'lmotits, Mnrgis.-e
ami Tbompeoni and other wealthy men
Interested In racing got under way at
the old Linden track near 11 aa bath,
N J.
New Jersey r ic-'r... U promoter! took
the ground that news .r the races on
their track was their property and if
poolroom not, wanted the news dlrecl
from tho track they must pay II"" a
.lay for the service Le Lacy did uot
want to pay the sum demanded, and
"tier many ingenlouo methoda of tt.i. i -ii.g
the newe lUrrepttttoUfly from the
tracks to the poolrooms bad b.-en d:s-
oovered and ppad. he allied hlrttaetf
wltjh the Rev, It. Kempahall, a I'reaby
terian clergyman or tClliabath, and other
roformera to fight the racing nun.
The tiaht reaulted in the cloalng of -be
Linden track and thru I'e Lacy started
n t... hie wat in Monmouth county
which tloaad the i.or.g Bcanoh track for
a year . nd. with the adoption of the
New Jewe) ant i-racing law In lt4,
. lose. I tn.. Monmouth and ail .ither jei
ae) tra. k permanently,
Takes I'IkHI la Hrmikli n.
Next lie Lacy ..int.. acroag tha river I
and slatted a ti. w buttle In New V rh ,
liy leading a tight against the Brooklyn
Jockey Hub, The 1lg.it went on until by ,
1001 lie Lac) waa not only banging j
away at the track owners, b it waa hal- .
Itif the rniokien themsalvoa Into .n.-art in
an effort to stop layers' operations on
thr tracks
About the last of p.. I.a v a activltieal
was ilie operatl ui of a toolroom ex- I
, hataya in a houae he owned in Porty j
se.in.1 Street. The cleanup of the Ten-
darlolii which I'oii, Inspaopop ,i.hn j
Daly undertook was perfected w hen Daly 1
clooad De late) .s exchange for go.ni
A pari of the fortune Which He l.acy
Is sa.'i t" hae unaaaed is ii valuable
real estate hjoldlnge on Broadway and
Ida at reels In the Tenderloin section.
illlflirp Sit I moil Arts OlliOKM OBI
Atlviro of ,lrsp,v School
srosnisiowa, a. ivov, ie. r-irorw
io ODtain iia rei. ace rrom ine vtorria
county Jail of fifteen-year-old Llffllf Caf I
M1B ,),. Netcong school girl who was
Imprisoned on a charge of truancy.
were stir escful last night.
n, reused
M,, sherlfT William 11. Thompson und
verbal Instruct long from Judge Joshua
H. Salmon of the Mori ,s County Dls
trlct t'ourt. The Sheriff wns casting
about for some one to take her to her
home, some twenty m.les from Morrtan
srnvn aiiae uouiaa
u noi i, . ... ...
Hhelton and
Jr.. members
" T. '
of the Jtii comml'tec of
e Woman's i
Town improvement ttoclett
blem by
i. They
urkJ the siieriff solved bis pr
turning the girl over to the
will semi her home t .-morrow
1'iie women had come t... ttie Jail be-
rause it was aald that tha girl was con
, lined in a r.auu with two women who
were not nt companions ror nsr, ni
Sheriff Thompson proved the story to
lie false.
JUdgg Salnun came hurriedly to Mor-
listown after Pr, J. Howard iiuiaart.
acbool superintendent of Morris county,
bad notified him that he believed the
girl had been Illegally committed bv
Recorder Qsorga T. Keeoh of Metcong,
he having lined her tin and costs under
the truancy act and committed her he
oause of nonpayment of the line.
The case nf the girl's futlier, who
waa also fined for the child's dereliction
and committed because af non-payment
of the fine, will come up to-morrow.
Ill t ro in Seed of I'hlllpplnr Plant
Prmrt a Hemcili.
Ash AiiHon. .Mich.. Nov. 14 Mlobl
gau'a noted lapfr, whose name Is with
held. In Improving. All the UlOfrf are
healed und he is noiv gblf lo walk two
inllen a day .
lie came to the I'nlver.nil y Hospital
last July uud could mil take a slip
rr. Uda Wllo, Into whoss ellnla the man
came, Is treating him with an ml made
from Ilie sr.. I of a I'hlllppllte Island
"The man is treinoildouajy Impioied."
said III Wile to-day "Ho Is able to do
i good days work with fny matt if
sentiment was not against bim
The disease linn been ariesieii. hut ws
cannot loll what twelve or iweuly yeain
I will bring forth."
rP Held to IlpfPUU
Assistnnt l'otstniflNtpr Ww
OrltteiWd Wthon.
tttat raa i t ii e 4 i. rii i fie
, .
Citti-ano. Nov. 14.-The dlgmUMl Of (
George Buftfitt, first snsistant toatmas-j
ter at Wlnnotka, Wause of hln rema rks ,
reasrd'ng the courtship ad prospective
eddlng of President Wilson and Mrs '
Halt, around Witinetka to the point of
two public meetlngf to-day, and two
more are pkMUiad for to-morrow.
A protest waa lodged with tho ron.-master-ileneral
nud a deleawtlon calle.l
on A. M. Kloepfer, the pootmasiet at
Winnatlta, damandtttif' that he make;
recommendations to the nuthorltlea nt
tVaablngton foi the return of the dlB-
I bin ged man.
The prime moverfl smona the citizens
were Roewetl Mason an. I .1. B. Hrs.l-
ftreet. Mason ts a prominent Danioofat
.mil a m after In chancery In Chicago. j
Bradftreet li a commbatlon merchant, j
also well knoan it. Iemocratlo politics, j
Thiy wero afOUfed over the morlts Ofl
the rontroverfy and have no axe
grind bacauaa
of an fliendfhlp for
I'osf master Is ttlameg.
Most of the paopll are Inclined tO
: blame Rioapfer for the dtamlaeal He
' h is nut M ' Kloepfer. bin brother, in
j tic place, an. I ts said to have hall bin
I ryes on the Job for eom-v time The
irttlfonf think he may have exaggerate I
t'e remarks of llurkrt iti his reiorts to
W aehlngton.
The Woman's Oulld of the chrlat
Bnlfoopal 'bur. h will meat to-morrow
I afternoon in the church. According to
' w. s. B If hOpi a lay worker In the
church, the guild will pees resolutions
protaatlnf againai Bunattt n dlamlaaal
and axpreaeing oonfldenca In bis ability
end Work :u the post oftWe.
Hurkltt .lei almost al. tin. work a,t the
'post Office, if is aald. Kli'efer being
merel) the official head of th" Oftab-
llutk.t in a statemetit tOnflay told of
t o eft rta madi b) Kloepfer for a return
,.; the i nrrnapnndrnri sent to him. Hur
k.tt. In regard to bis case by the poet
Office I 'epartnn nt at Waalilmfton.
Horkltl'a -ntnlement.
"No s.ioner ba.l t'
cured my glaoharge tr
and I had quit my
he began paialgtently
the itreel and at my
poatmagter se
.ni the rnisc ottlce
indona tb-re than
t" .all on me on
home as w.-ll as
b) letter for the return of the letters I
had received from him and from VVeah
Ii . .!. rtaarii to the chargea againai
me.' eaid Hurkltt
i cannot uu.te unOer-tand why he
was so anxious to get hold of them.
The were addreaaed to me and not t.
tn,. vVtnneika poet oin.iv I had carrient
on tie correapondenca .:. my own name.
So 1 kept the leUem, but I made I oples
..t them nild BUbmltted these . ..pies to I
tiie Plrot Aaalatant loetrraetet-Oeaaral J
with tne requeat that he faawn a poet
office Inapector t.. inveatlgata
jMstlce dona to :ue. This lie
declined 1
to (to.
"Pol lowing hi declination the efTona
of tt;.. poettuaetei lo get ma t" turn the
i on aapmidnnrn over t.. him Incraaaatl
twofold, hut 1 held on to tint lettere until
reoortera called on toe after some of my
frienda in Wlnnotka had ralimi
tentloti of the newepapero to my
President fMda't hnnn of Barkltt'al
Dtaaataaali it la fald.
Wabuinoton, Nov 14. Off! ialf of ,
the A. in. t iati . on sine.l annoyed to-j
da) over the publicity given to the caaa!
pf fleorge Burkltt, who was die missed
from the ottlea of Ufalstaiit postmaster ai
Wlnnetka, III., Iieeauae of renv.ka at
tributed t" him in criticism ..f lTeeldetil
Wtlaon'i engagement to Mm. Norman
Halt The lechnloal charge preferred
againai Mr, Burk tt by A M Kloepfer,
postman'. - ,.i wlnnetka, waa "disloyalty
to ti I'realdi nl "
Daniel i. Roper, Klrat Ass "Cant Post
muster ' Jet, ei .. 1. wno baa Charge of the
perl I of the postal serv.e, ss'il lo-
nigh' that he could not recall the fmfe
in Hie Burkltt caae
"l ,1.. rec.,11.'' naio Mr. Itoner. ''finite
correspondence with IN at master Kloepfer
relative to eharges made against aa
alatant Postmaster Hurkltt. Until !
have bad opportunity to consult the
recor.ls I must refrain fr"tn making any
comment on the . as.- I may have a
Btatemea.lt to make to-morrow."
H ma i be aa ,d upon mil liorlt r thnt the
dlamlaaal of Mr. Burkltt from the ix-ata!
earvlce was Brlthout the knowledge of
rrev.,ient Wilson or iher White House
niciais. ill lu -' "in
nny the White
1 louse bad no k
null they read
dge of the incident
printed reports to-
The chances are that an inquiry Into
the Hurkltt ensa " 111 he tma.le by Po( -i
:..nii.l lli.rlc.MO: The font-
nwiter-tleneral wi)l bove a conference
..n tn.- , ase wiin ,nt iiupe:- iii-niorrow.
Xfifr i Off nn
Many t rsra,
anndar la
PAffAtC, N. J , N . . 14.- Ni --r slnoe
the firai Hunday after 'he faira.ua
Blahopa law went Int.. effect In New
jersey wits PafaalO so dry aa to-lay.
Throughout the day there was a
steady exodus from the city, noma going
to New York, others to PatOftfon,
Newark, KgledMI or Shiga" and still
others merely walking acroaa the bridges
over tin. I'aaaalo Blver Into Wellington
und Itarfleld, where they found many
amlllng hoati
The poll' .' didn't pass a a. noon with
out j r ug Into tlis windows, for they
had reoelved orders from Chief William
Hendry after John H. Kahoe, director of
public safety, had been i-itllad upon In
letters from the young people's organiza
tions of the First t 'ougregatloual and
flral Methodist churchef to etifons the
excise lawa, wlib'ti, thay aald, were
grossly violated
lllab fa-hoot I'laier troonnts for
1 1 raw In Thlrtlrth l.amr.
In the first exhibition of simultaneous
play glvatl by the I'ubau chess champion
since his return from Havana, thirty
players opposed Jose K i 'apalilanca ut
ihe chess club "f iti" Brooklyn Institute
of Arts and Sciences Saturday night in
tiie an room at the Academy of Mum, .
The lust game ended at midnight and
when the tutal foots was announced
li w as found that i 'apalilanca had won
tw. oily -right games, ion one and drawn
The victory over the young mastei
was scored by t 'buries A. Wolff, a
brother of I.. J Wolff, who captained
tho Columbia varsity team when Caps
blgneg was a member of it. lister Mo
C'udden of the Commercial High school
. was the player who drew bis game.
l on il e on I mil Walk, In tt rd.
j VeNOOVVgg, Wash., Nov. 14 Kioni
I s.ict uniento. 0ai,( to Vancouver, Waeh.,
la ll long distance to . on.. I., wed. but
the trip waa tniide by gombro Sasaki,
age lm. a Japanr.a, uud Miss Jlffle
bulllvuu, age Ifi
CeafwMffd from f irst Pipe
tl lie had been arndusled from the
n.ihool with tho honors of bin clans, hav
ing worked hie way through the
' i nurse.
After being arwiliinteo ho returned to
hie old home In Virginia and taught
school for a while before he continued
hli studies at w inland Seminary,
v,w,lln'"0" " '' ' Woyland
he waa Invltod t become a teacher a:
"mptnn and there ha remained for two
until. In till, the ettlgetlf of
Tuikagea, Ala., appealed o den. s.
a rmstrong for an Inntliution along the
llnfg of the school si Hampton, ai In
e.nuuon w nicn woura oeveiop negroef
I lnt
uierui cutiaana, teach tnem elf-re-
I, glVe them the ability la siinm.rt
stir them with proper am
Hundreds of persons were recom
mended for the place an bua.l of ttie
new Institute, man? of them much leM-
ter known iimn Waahlngton, but be got
the place. When he arrlve.l at Tuikagli
! . round there had been no land of
bUlMlngg provided that there Wag noth
ing. In fact, ex'-epi the promise of t lie.
stale of A ahatna to pay f,O00 annu
ally toward the expelises of Ibe school
BUI Mr, W ashington went to work .with
Immenaa pri.i... tramendoua enerw and
that never flsrged for an In-
He began to lencb In a stiu.ll ahentv.
i haling one aaaistiint only for the In
latrUOtion of thirty pupils 1-Yotn that
I time on the gr.,wtb of tbu Institution
j wns phenomenal Mr. Waahlngton
Ban to send from Tunkeg. ., a new sort
of negro, a youth who was of compete!.-
mind and hand. Who had self-respect,
who t-.ad Wo taught to make nn
adequate living, who warned to be a
fo.nl dtlaen
lemons ail over the country became
, Intern ted in Tunkeg. e and toe mar wh
as tunking it famoua Uifjn flowed tn.
Bftenalone became poaelble. Now Tueke
Igea -4iHi'sees property wr.rtb 11,000,000
or mole, uses fifty buildings Which are
on 3. yon a.jres of land. Annually from
LI lo 1,000 youi g negro men ami
, women are taught how to make their
Uvea count the most tor themselves, for
, their ra e and for their country.
Mr. Washington first became a na
tional character in 1H4. When he spoke
j f.-r the nejro on the opening ,lav of
I the Atlanta bjxpoeltlon, Previously he
had acquired more or less i ooal fame
; as aii orator, but on this oocaalon b
was hailed as 'he tuccfftenj of Prederli ..
Houglaai as the leader of the nefroee
Thereafter he was In great demand as
la public ipaaker and appeared before
: many of the best known organisation!
1 in tiie country.
i He waa oaiied into consultation by
I Prastdeni Mi Kiniey in reward to mat
tan affecting the negro. President
RoossvaH admired bim highly and f re.
. fluently ennsulte-i hln.. President Taft
recognhwd the keenneea of bis Judgment
an-l bis alncarMy of purpose Harvard
I I'ntverelty gave him a degr.-e in iv:.n
; and other m. liege- conferred degree
upon him fubsequently.
' in 1HC3 he married Maggie V Mur
i rav. who Isv.ims closely Identified With
1 tiie work at Tunkegi-e.
Ills freed onrerolna llaee.
Mr. Washington'! creed concerning his
peole may ;- well expressed in hla own
Wotrida, en,ken some ye.ua ao in this
"VI e nitisr teai ii our y oung people
'o eave their money, We must ceaac
to halo the raputatton of a apsndlng,
shift.es-. thtifttess, poverty atrlcken
.i.e. It :a vitallv tiececairv for the
progrean of the race that we become crea
tors, of enterprise and no; . leper. 1 on the
g-nel will at -1 tne ei.erg- of of,, r ra Of "
An unpleasant episode o.trrrg
Majvh. 111. m thin city, conalderably
Kaltlf al TiiiPrnntlonnl Silver
Factory AVhfn Non-union
llnndri Come,
llABTronp, I'otvn.. Nov 14 - Tt e Inter
natlortaj aMIver Company, tmse plant
ban been virtually besieged by 4,000
strikers for the past eix week..", at
tempted tide Tiiornlug to slip twn motor
tru k.n carri Ing Ftrike ripeaker.n front
New Tor!; pent "he strikers.' pickets and
into tha factory yerda Tija oompany
trle to avoid trouble. Tint tha strike
ji'.-keta were alert and bellfC ISO.
Ttt, tee'.,' . tne tnot-.r trucks appeared
near the fn.tfocy gates an alarm waa
shouted by t'm pickets. The atrlkere
mostly Haliaoa, fkKiked to tha factory
wills, carrying revolvers and pie-en of
lead pipe. Within two minutes linn met.
were tigrting savagely. A oall was sent
to the Merldeti street police ata'.lnti and
after half an hour twelve pole omen
managed to atrugg'e. through tho mob
and rescue the strike breakers.
Hun. Ireda of ahota were tired, hut ro
person was aarioualy wounded. Blateen
of tie strikers were a-reeted by the
police alter a furious atruggte, but noin
of toe strike breakers or guards were nr
reste.1 he. ansa '1 wee shown that the
riot bad not been provoked by them
W.lLnllt at
til lint About ait
Thin Morning
of Trenton
eral strike
The strike
9 o'clock to
N J Nov. 14, Machinist!
arul vlHnlti fle.iared a ger
at a meeting here to-night
order become! effective at
-morfow morning.
Serious trouble 1n feared Only about
a half doisn plants employing machin
ists me exempted from the order.
Anuitur the latter ure the John A Hoe
bliug's Bonn Company, tha Mercer Auto
Company and the Star l'otvelaln Works
rimfnr'ii llnmf llofihnl
1,000 Jrwrlrt.
HAKTKOKti -Ronn.i NOV. 14 --Hfiu he.
took hi family to th YHle-Prlm'ttou
gunir t'Bterduy th llv. lr. Jol.n A.
Jihnstiii. DMtOr 'f thl Ktrst Vroshy
tfrliiii 'hurvh of thin fit y , work-tvi fill
' th forioor, on hn SntulAy pel rmn.,
hjitsl on 1 1 in Uluhlh CommHiMlinriit.
'Tb0U "halt not Meal. '
ItfiuintnK to hiM Qt19 In Cupltol a -mi
lat nifht t ft t 1. 1 i . k to rYim unl
ttnlNh hiM sermon lr. Join is ton fotiinl
1ih fjxMlk mrti ietl with t-atnlle kivhmc spur -Whleh
h'd tn a trull upMitti nml doun
Htiili" throughoul the hOUM. The vt-
x fllent sermon h itl ht en t'xaniiiu-il ami
I ft, hut every pie. of jewelry, rotlltl-
( tutlnf a ons ht whit h iht poii-ui tint
i out to-day. l.Hd teen takii. ihe total
I VfttUt olF Wti ext'ei-ding l,'ni
Msnlflpal hleUn I'urm.
I ' i p V Hit A N Pi O, Nov. If Welf.tir dt4
I pttrttlMtd repo: i howintT that it L'OSl
jUPt u,H in I'M 4 t.i nuppl) '";;- foi th
niealH of the r i, ainl a 1 1 tula nl h nf
tuft HrioiiM HtV farm Kttitloni and
; tn elty honplt.il Will he UKCHl a an ar-
p;iiment for lli inimediati- ptphllhninnt
t.f a htrg poultry farm. It wilt I'OPl
,000 lo outii., a poultry fat 1 1 n
gyar---" 1 1 T
WL ' V j
Booker T. Washington.
i lessened Mr Washington'! Influence
Mm the night of March in. imi.
i Mr Washington waf fseaulted"hy a -ar
1 pentar named Alhaii ri'ieii. who an
ootintered Waahlngton in the hallway of
. the apartment house at 1 1 .. Weal sixty-
I third street, wheia I'ir Ii llVOd with
hi" wife,
I Plrlril goruafil the negro of pernna 1
through a keyhole mm n room, and after
an alternation Wafhltlgton ran from the I
I hall and WtU pursued by l"r(oh ami .1 j
! polloeman along renlral Park Weal j
Until ne was overtaken an. I led t
West Sixt. -eighth atreet police station..
Ma denied absolutely iflrich'i ftory. j
lie fald he had been looking for
tba aiblrens of a man named Smith. !
1 related t. the auditor of Tuikegee, at.. I i
I was ftandlng in front of the apartment j
house at llty when IMrlch came along
and began to abUSI b it. Plrloh, how
ever. ftUch to hi- at iry and evei.tualli
was discharged be t: Magletrnte and1
. fre.s of the charge nf assiult that bad I
is.en m ob' agalnet l. m.
Trllinfc Pnlil to tllm.
Oswald i; Villi
Mr Waahlngton, t
"fn the (tenth ot
ton th t.r ui
lose, be suae t...
rd. an old f
ei i of,
aid i eetertla)
Bool t T. v. ...hitig
tr auffera a grtevouf
tl . man. w bite or
l la. k. ban been fo f ICi eaaflll in Ir.ter
: r'tn.g one race t.. another."
s.-tb l.ow, chairman of the trustees
Of Tllsl.. gee Institute. Slid:
"Th country haf lost great mig
and the negro race a grt.it leadtf.
When "fie remembers that Mr. Wash
ington negan his life .is i flave o . can
not fail to marvel ,t ins achlevtmenta
His work at Tuskegee n il be perma
nent, ind I hope that li s friends will
rialir. that they must stand by it now
as loyally as they hue dure during hla
lif.'lme '
Mr. Lo w and "them mnected a-th
and interested in Tuokegee would I ot
ii.- uss ye- erdii possible successors to
Mr. Washington. Due man thoroughly
familiar with the institute and with
otlv r schools of the s.-ri sat.l be though!
It quite poaflMe that 'he . holee nf .1
new head of Tuakegee would lie between
Mr Holt- law, head of the Ptlca School
at Ptlca, Miss . ..nd Major It B Koun.
d.s Ipltnarian at llampt in.
Rmeet Davidson Waahlngto . a on
of Booker T. Waahlngton, b it New York
yesterday after: ...n at 4:3.". fo- Tuske.
lenniy!i anla H illt
ig In N'rrtnonf Iti t
id He1
in tiie Inter
w hen he re- !
t it. I n night i
es' n
..g... instil j
gi -ui
him tr
1,800 Factorieg Report llitrlier
Wntres in Oetohor Thau
In Jane,
Al.SWT, f
In activity i
tries of the
lov. 14 -The Imprnvemen
. the manufacturing in.iun
Slate WlllCll bus been CVl
ihnr all mitnnt.r Rtlii fall p.t -l
ptrnpjth from Hptnibfr ti iH!tobar, '
pe't'ially to tiulu-ttieH not provtou) af-fi'i-tpft
by f tie rrvivnl in hupln-ftap
Thirteen hUnilri repirsi ittfttlvo fa-'-tnrieei
with fioO.OOfl prnptoyoftM reporting
to the hiiivH'i tf Hintlptltp pnd Inforniu
Hon if tha Htate ttidumrial iommlapion
pHld v'r riit. mofp Wit,,"'., m (letober
than in pvpt am br l :.o h month Ptm
Jun ih munufttutuiinc inUuMrlaa of
the Btatfl UtiVB Khowtl procr"--1ve!y
a;re:ttT PctlVlty than In the rotTOppnnal
inn niMjithM of ImI yr.tr, in Oi'tobar 7
per eeiit. mote nparat ivN wer employrd
and l par nt mop' WRtfefl pant titan
in i rOtobar "f 1 01 t
KqttaUl) Ptrtklnf II th improvement
phown by u romparlpon nf amploymaut
in October of tlili year with amploy
mant 'o.e ynr pgo i:tty ind up try, rx
rapt pa par maklni tnd th' t i, Mqunr
and (obpeeo pToupt amplnyad moi'O p
erattvei In Uctober of Ihlp year tbutl
tn October "f 1014 pnii ovary Induntry
paid niort wrtp-en than a year
The ppcovcry of Kaw Vorh ctt) from
thu dopraSfllOn of the pup year was
fiower throughoul tha ummar than tin-
reovery t ti t ht raiualtlflar of t ho State,
htrneiy bpoAUM clothing niajtufacHurerp
ami prlntlngt pradomtnattug Induptriap
In The eity. rarovared from tlia deprap
ui on more plowly I han the IndUPtrlep
pt filntninnt mik up RlHtc
On the other hand, iv. tit totir cloth
ing phowad mark l linprov-atlMni 'vtr
Septeinher, thi4 ratiultlng in a groatar
In. renne of gctlvlty in New York city
i han in i ha ramalndtr of the Si nt,
tnnip.tr! both with KaptPinbar of (015
and with Octobor "f 1914,
lira, tioitdaril, Btt, with Mece
anil sister In Itonton.
ttoSToN. NOV M - 111" 'Vl.VMi
.. Nov II
M re,
t her
slretirnatunces'1 reiairted t" 'be New
police of tlia disappear!! nee of
Msrgarel Ctoddard, .i ycari old,
her hoarding place( 6H Xuatrand
i nil', Itr.ioKlvn. sum explained t,
. when she aim fouu-l nt the noma o
niece. Mrs. Iloiiiii.l A. i....k, bere
i i .in not kidnapped or anything of
; the kind." Mrs (loddnrd Mil. I tin., .if.
I noon, "i wanted lo coma io Huston
j -with Mrs. t'ouk asked her t" hrlug
nte here ami i am going to remain wttli
I her.''
Mrs Ctook'a mother, Mrs Mary gun
.foul, aim lue.i nun icr, la Mrs, lluij-
dard'f flater, and aha and M- I'ook
l dsclarad lhal aii) efforti t" liiUuce Mrs
rioddard lu return to Unaiklyu lll be
Vlgorotisly opposed.
lll llireil tin ii
Walleil Honrs fin
ngoiiy '
UnHH, Nov II
With hll
'I Martin 'te I., r. 0, hi)
n tha Irac'kf nf Ihe Unit n
Mallitiadi nt I'-ighih und i.'
nml i b i.
biit. I -tr
faint cm
.bin., hli
i ot ery,
ct I
tun i I
I i.i I.
The nl,
I ll I i i
.i i. urn wal
Tiffany & Co.
of Proven Value and Quality
flenonnrr I
Mill. Ii oo.
. Layalti
A meeting of Swe.i.s m Hi. flwadlsh
Moolallat Hail, 113 i:.i t IZtth str.et.
.eeteroav adopted a resolution for
swearing allegiance to tie Ifnitad gtatea
ii Joseph IllllOtrom, til" I W. W. worker
who has been OOtlVlctad of murder in
Halt Lake 1'ity, Is put to dealb. 11111
ftfOfn m a Sri eh.
Tho resolution says thai 1f HIllStrotTI
Is shot to death oi Pflday the signeis
win "hoi. i the I'nlted Htatei sojie re
straVnalblf for such an outrage, Mhd tbat
"In auch case Antarlcan rdttganatitp has
no lottgOf fjliy value to ua and tbat. we
fornwewr tiie loyalty and alhgrlanca "
American laws, ion rtinn ill and Insti
tutions." John gatigf etii oi of the speakers,
toid the audience what a Mjolly, alwaya
good natured i.c-t and artist" Hlllstrom
wan; "iic lust person in tne worio wno
would commit c..;d blooded murder '
1r. AdlepTPilfl AmMlPan Com
ntittefi War Cau6g Nrin'l-
Uorgt Httffptinffa
Hot. 1
l.e ninth annual Btc
at Jewlah Commlttei
it.g if the
held at th -
Aetor yeaterday, win.
Marsha, 1 in the cha'r
was adopted favoring confer-1
i to consider the tights of the .lews ,
belligerent la .Is and
1 1 in;.. ' i
The resolution t
gresf be called
to consider how
1 1- Cyrus t'li
. urged that a con
the end of tne war
beat to secure these
r, chairman of tha ex
, s iid in a report that
i ecuttve inuutte
i all of tiie i alamltles
I alted upon the .lew
whi-h have Iteeti
ah people in the
past are Inalgnlflcam compared "to ti e
dlsafter 't. tha war rone" "And these
multltudea of unfortunatn," it was ad
ded, "are doomed to suffer for an n-
definite future
Begard ng tha .lew.- in Buasia, tie :e
pon sold that when the war began it
appeared as though tha long deelfed
union with the Rueelap people was about ;
t.. be reallasd.
"But it soon developed that ti Iialna I
wl Ich :-''i tha .lew of Busala to their'
past could not be btfok tl," isMitlnued
the report. "Fotrcea which they i-ould
nol iM'ssihly outtroi doomi tl them to the
greatest tragedy iti their history "
lemtf Msrshall wan elected pn denl
again. Other officers elocted aere;
Vloe-preiidentt. Judga Julian W. Uaok
and Prot. Jacob H Hollander: treas
urer, isa.i. w. Bornhcltn ; members t ,
the executive oommlttee for three years,
'o H l. Magnus, Judge Mark and
.la oil II. Kehlff . new men. hers sleeted. 1
i.e.: rpxthsnbsrg ..f Meridian, Mine,
and .lames iJavkl of i' .. auo. II.
I llont.'lale
M III Keep T Te nn
ml I heesew orkern.
sfoNTn r
V. v I t Mill: used
Ii baklni anu rheree inakina iti tin
town imii pome under the act-til ny nf
tie Monteialr beaitb itepartment here
a'tet 'Iti.. ohjei't or the new rule In to
prevent the 1JM of inferior nillk.
At preaenl a b.iuer or cheese inakef
. f Mnntrlalr It ' "t prevented from cvi'ie
mil of inwti mill purchasing milk which
cottld nol I. f'i bere
I'u.i. r tbr near regulations, tho health
department u'.n have control of the nut
termltk supply and win also control tin.
sala of butter, . lie.-.., rnndensed milk
nml nil foodf m.ole from milk or cream.
atnilrnts BarrrH rrnm Kara.
St I'itkr, Mllin., Nov. 14.- Tbe eitv
I council i".ne paased nn ord nanea malt n
ittidentf ana minora liable tn u fim e.r
I Imprlaonmenl if they enter any place in
S' Peter abere Intoxicating liquors are
I served nn .i beverage Thlf ordinance
. also niak. s it unlawful for them to inn.
! cure ciwarn and tobacco,
The Great Big Romantic Xovel of
the Smith
Romance of
The author ol "Tl IE BROAD
terpitct in this tromondoui love story.
Incident is CfOWUOd upon incident, the description! are so heau
t if uli tiie ilruma is unfolded, .mil the itory iweepi to a luilliaui ami
happy gnding with itich literary .ut lhal thii ii by far the gieatest
of ihe novels of Jelfcry l''gmol
,72 Pages Illustrated JfJfl net
Hereafter n DrlffTant'e Coma
mtttee w ill p4ettle 1 'roubles
AmonK rrlaonew.
six moim: TO TKSTIFV
.-- mmo, N v Mow tt Dalagateg
of Hie Mutual Welfare League or s.ne
Sii g announced to the prisoners 'o-.la.
that the Inmates' court la no more
Hereafter in Ite steid there win be e
grievance committee before which ge
.-users an! i used 00 n threeh out the'r
dlfllcultlef 'Tl.i' judges of tiie eottrfi
RntolOi Matt In flweeney, Boston
Kddle Ke'ly .
atltuta ti
Tito p. isotf
trial of the
md ileorgf Rvans. will eon.
nut i it tec.
ra' nn i which Insured tha
Inmates bo'iue a July of
was one of the first and
thi :r peers.
biggest of Warden Oiborne'g Innovatlona
in Hlng King Ni t!. tie warden nor
b.n secretary, aiencer Mr.'er. waa at the
prison to-lay uti-i at olflelal egplanathM
'for Hie aubatllutlon of a gi love nee cuin-
I tin. tee for the eOUl't COuld HOI be ob-
I tain ed.
1 Mr, Oeiiorne fald i an addreff at
Aruaiey tea. -i leonore loio iru n
when they we:.- hrougni before the cout
raaonlnnd that cg-Judge Wlllett, who hail a
seat on the prison h .. o be! ire he a
transferred from s t g sing, repeated
some ..f .ne.. confesslona to Dlgtrlci At
tome. . . k, a' White Plains Wlllett
had strenuous tin.. - ., a pnein jtnige
nn... a .bail w is thrown 't 'lm while
the court 11 ,u .ti sees. on at'd oh another
oi . nelon he a pun had b i prisoner
after court adjourned Hut place on the
S.ng Sing befleh w..s never tilled
The records of the prison court have
l n destroyed. Th. grievance commit
tee, P is fald, tt ill keep tio records
it n undent I the prtfonera feel that
the stories mid to H e Westchester ur.-m.
Juiy nf confessions mtide In the prison
court li ve mil aled llgaltiat them
Wll'TK I" US-. S V . No. 14 I' waf
reported here lo-da) tlutl Dlatrhd A'
tomey Preilerlrk K N -k.- will call six
n ore prisoner! from Sing Sing to mor
row to testify l efoi. the We-i. ureter
l Iran. I Jury, Which is investigating ent-
dltlone :i th.- prison Ii is also sail
that w .1 fummltis, Hie Brooklyn bank
wrecker, will be brought White I'lalm
from the Hreat Meadow prison
IMstrlct Attorney tVceks, when asked
if ne bad anything to ray In repls to the
atateiueiil ..f irden Usbornt tlutl there
wa t..o mip'h polities behind Ilia in
qulry, simply said, "Not a word to '
It , stated thai as fail a the prin
oners from Hlng King testify they will
b. transferred from the White I'lalna
jail to Ureal Meadows Tlur t- ... :. isj
to mean that their
1 1 t-lencc i- of great
linnortatire ami tb
pro f. utoi '!. not
want the memberf
far.- t.eairur t ak
..f the Mutual We'
rat i t, ga on the wit-
I'lof lb'
age W Iv
1 we l ll '; ,
Ring Hint
horno aas
.in atn lien
"unoffli lal we I i let,
centl) vviiile Waedi
Ing the r, t cure,
ti,.. r.ii inn of ibe i'
vesterda.! tbu' tie;
in . li of tb.- Mi
ndout miI. it.ee. i
be. mad
of prtsuiu
of lliluga
in tb.- humanitarian dlrectlo'i
shier Ml II hoi lie tool. bi. Ill
t sp a King lie atli Ihuti l
..in. nt tn prison ontiitioi.. io
lb.. Iniprtci
. hangci
i i.l.f.rn
K .1. b
It'll opt
.. n aa to Mt
ild, sullri
uitt. are
lool.n, ars' a the
gotic," ald Prof
n for tbc llbtclpllni
Wi Ifat league, I
:. Ve.v V.ck Judge
; attenilli k o f
nietcil ii: hy tbe
ma) be said thai
visiting S;n S:ni Hln
the i rlu If adinltn 'I Hi
aome valuable t:nnBn
be attenrlml
,t I,. had learned
fn. in tbo sen Ion
''he in. t.i t't.it i-
ee.e.l i
i that
ptibi'c opinion should
stand hy th
ren-. alreiul) mude
answerluf various questlona. Prof
IClrchwey said lhal cluiltaa bstween
prteonerii wnd keepers hsvo ahally
ceased a Nino s.nir and thai eondltlone
in every mi' ;ire fni b. iter now than
they were if tin iiiv of strrn. official
rspreeslon , f prtfoticrf by unsympa
thetic worth na.
Year 1
l IIGI lv.
written a mtt'
P gsggl

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