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Sffrnsi Point to a 'Rp(UPt by
Investigators for Hi
kVMlc Mi Tics Commmhhiw Cmmy.
V. S. William cmtlllMd 1 g'.vi- tontl
mnny MMartap tmfora llir Thomson
:(T.nlatlv- eemmlttM on Ml !lnlon that
ti Kimr" Cowitj Lighting Company
shtiuld he pcrmtttMl tO wll (tan for 9"t
Tnta a ihniuMiid fwt until the expira
tion of th rontrsft under whh-h It Is
rnirrhaKliii; nil for 4.C7& fn1n a gallon
Kroni the way In wh'a-h the tomni;tt.
MM Mm ilolvlnit Into thWt "tilnlon for
the lnt week It li rnji"turpl that nti
effort will hp mail to prejare 'hnrft
galnM the CotnmlMloMr upon wliltli
hit retnnval ran M aakadt
I'lmmiwinii' r Haywsril. tMt(fillC
I art week. Mid he uhM MMPtlMI to the
opinion of . .m'nts.l..m-r Wllllaflll be
cail! he know thai n'her pat tittniMTitPS
wte iinylrv mu h leae for their oil and
he thnncht the CORtHM WM a auhier
ftnro. To make clear ol. Hayward'
point a list M prlGSf bald by oihrr
OMnpajISM wiii mrvduoed. It tsawtd
the fot'uw:na flffurf:
Consul, itatnl Uns OunpanX 3.13
'"ntf ; Brooklyn ITnian 'ins Companyi
3.34S cents: Brooklyn BoroUfh OM
""mrpurry. l.U tents; Now York ntid
I!:, hm-ind 'la iVmiptiny. I.ISS rents,
nrni the Quoom Borouflli Company,
4 rents.
Commlsswwier VVHIiama aahl he imb-
nil . ! the peetkn of the price paid
for oil to court tol fir the comrnisalon
and thai it wis th'lr opinion that the
eo"trct woijlfl have to be eo:iiiiereil
legitimate. The 'otmnlsaloner had to
utlmlt that he OJppTOVOd 'he a cent rate,
notwithwtaiulinK thai the KlttM I'otinty
l.'Khrin Company paya dividend! on
$2,0 00,0 IK) of rapltal stock for which
never a dollar wax paid i that the com
pany hax SOCUmulalad a Htirplua of
toOn.000 and that the comtiany receive
SIT., a tttouoanu1 feci for khs use! In
street lhrtttlnit. althnnrti the city paya
other companies only rent.
senator Thotn.'n. chairman of the
rommlttee, wae. notified yestertliiy that
the Supreme Court of MMMchUOOtta hod
held that OiarlttH K. Cojttlnff, OkOCtltOf
of th eel it.- of liardlner u Lane, a
iirector of the Iiiterhoroiiaii, ootlld not
la' compelled to produce pajtt rn of the
dOOOMOd that inighi throw light en COH
tracta Willi Hie compuity that had bo i
approved by the Public Service Comtnls
alon. The Thompaon committee h il
'hat something In Mr. Lime's paptr
might show that he di.-opprovid of ,-er-tain
our., i. that have Melt allege, I to
cover a "yellow do" fund.
The committee win meet again thla
morning an. I frank L I'o'.k. former Cor
pornllon CDHHmL will Hatlfy to the ac
tion he took on tl.e application of the
BlUaon Rleeirie ritimtnating Company
of Brooklyn for psrmtaaton to buy III
allure of atock of th Amatei-.lttn Kler
trlc I-lplit Heat md I'ower OotnpMy,
Senator a;a I nll,-ai. ttmm
port of Bay Stale,
WAamvoTov. Mm i bia
Lode will aupport hie coll.-ague. Seti
ator W.ekn, for the Republican nomliia- !
tion for ProoldOnt In a statement Is-
Mied to-day he said:
"We ahall carry the Htate next year
...... iHa .-,-111,1,1(1111- canoioaie Dy
a majority for tha rrealdeniial electora
wmak will range from 7S.O00 to InO.Ooo.
".k to I'reaidentlal candhlatea.
Maee.chuett, of course, will he for
Henntor Weekt, Personally, I shall do
all In my power for him He la not
only my colleugue, hut my warm per
ianal friend, and I have the highest
icgatd for him, a well as the gnat
eat confidence In his ability, his char
acter and his str-nfth of puriioee.
"In .".tying this I merely give ex- I
preanon to tne sentiment which has
I It rfhown toward him again and again
by the people of his State, of his Con
Ctesa d lot Hoi and of his own city."
Omviel Klrctlan Planrra n.
leoared liy Hoard of autnaaera, '
Member. of the Uourd of Aldermen In
New York county, who have been sit-;
tlnif as a. Board of County Canvassers,;
y esterday finished their canvass of the .
vote cast at the recent election.
This OanvaOl shows that Alfred K. I
pttnlth was elected Sheriff by a plurality
of f, 101 over Frank K. BOWON, his j
Republican opponent, and by I clear ma- i
JorltV of 11,411 over the combined vote;
CMt for the six other candidates. Will- i
lam dlulpln. the Progressive candidate, ,
recehved only 5,:4 votes, and William'
Kohn, Hoclellst. registered 11,611. I if the.
i'3r,.4g votes cast Smith reoelred 111,-)
Ttl I Bowers. T-'.r.l'U. and :'j.3:I3 votes
were declared blank or void.
.t'inge Swann. with a vote of 101,001,
had a plurality t IT,oll over Dlotrlcl
Attorney Perkins, who received 71,943.
Judge Hwann's majority over both Mr.
Perkins and Frank Moss was 13,017.
The vote for woman suffrage was
sS.8S and that in opposition was 117.
III, a majority against the proposition
of 21.73". The number of ballots de
clared blank or void or protested on this
tuestlon was L'C'.il'U. or more than 1
per cent, of the entire number Da at and
210 n than the majority asalnst the
The Dovlaad fonotitutlon was voted
down by l&o.."7t!. against 17,005, or a
majority of 103, 4X1 On this proposi
tion 37, Sir, ballots, or more than lfi per
cent, of, the total cast, were declared
blank, void or protested.
Mason (took Overanbscrllied,
Tlip $6,000,000 stock of the Saxon
Motor Company, offered psoontly hy a
H.vndloate headed by Merrill, Lynch St
Co., has been oversubecrlued, according
to an aunniuici mi nt made last night by
-the syndicate mane SO IS.
Guaranteed Mortgages hate
two factors of safety the value
of the real estate and the
tnatfth of the gamaty.
treme cannon In the selection
of the mortgages which It guar
antee and cares for them with
attention, for the further pro
tection of tti policy holders the
Company, since the beginning
of business, has saved and car
ried to Capital and Surplus 51
of Its total net earnings.
The results of Its business
prove the correctness of Its meth
ods and the conservatism of Its
No InvttUn hat essr Off m dollar
capital 6 orpins, tl0.000.000
Ex-Firo ronimiNgioiifr Men
tions Kdwnnls and Powers
ns Other f'iin1lf1ntes.
Ex8nator'l Trustee Still
Busy Tabulating Assets
of Kstiite.
Nkvvaiik. Nov 33 Friends, of fnt rr r
I'nited States BonatOI .lames Smith. Jr.,
Mho resigned as president of the Kedet li
Trust roniiaHy aJtd tinned OVSr ail his
I - 'A rties to the Fidelity Trust Company
l ist flaturiliiy, were epoeiilatlnf lo-osy
(Her what. in basatno of the oarporato
enterprtaee of ehlch Mr. Smith a the
sole or chief stockholder.
It waa reported to-day that the Fidel
ity Trust Company, which now has con
trol of the two nowepspofl, the Voiefs,
I momtntr naSrSpapoT, and the afvesieap
Star, tisik no Intel est In any excejrt the
buslneiis end. Both newsp.ipers ate
printed by the Newark Dait) Advertiser
I'uhllsWne r,omi.in. In which Mr.
Sin th held all the stock.
The Fidelity. It is said, is antlous to
do something with the newspapers, aid
it Is probable tit it application will bo
m Ida for a receiver for the pubtlsblni
company, who will dispose of the prop,
orty, it was further reported that r-1-celveri
mlshl also be asseii for the other
smith corporations No chanaso have
been made in the staffs of either news
paper, Ollletall of the Fidelity were to-day
arranging the schedules of assets of Mr.
Smith, which It Is expected will be ready
to be tiled with the Surrogate to-morrow.
It will take months to settle the affairs
of Mr. Smltn.
What the estate will ultimately pay
was still a matter of guesswork to-day.
Ji.mes K. Nurent. formerly City Counsel
of Newark, called at the Fidelity offices
this afternoon and left a record of real
estate holdings belonging to Mr. Smith.
Reports have It that the former Senator
staked everything in trying to regain his
fortune and that there Is praetleally
n-.thing unencumbered.
The business at the Feder.U Trust Com
pany was normal asain to-day. Chris
tian W, Felgenspan. who was fieri, d
president to succeed Mr. Smith, an
nounced that he would Issue a statement
on Saturday showing the amount of
business for the week.
falls Federal Amendment
Ladylike Short ( lit. bnt
"There's no ehort cut to the millen
nium." With these word" Mrs Carrie Clmp
RISJi Cat! WS mad the suffrnglats of New
York In a speeoh at the Hqual Franchise
Society, Fast Thirty-seventh street.
not to ls led away by any Federal
anendment sdll-o -the-wlsp.
"It s an easy, ladylike short cut." she
said, "hut you can't deceive .1 politician
with a hollow sipiare We've gv.t to
show them that the peo-ple are hohlnd
the demand for woman uffrage. And
when I see the apathy, the absolute
stupidity vt many of the men arid
women of New York, I realise that a
long suffrage campaign is needed.
"I believe that Congress wll pass that
amendment mme time. Hut for a long
time to come you nn't get the neces
sary thirty -SUl States to ratify that
Mm. Catt deeply regretted the division
Of suffiage forces in New York, referring
to the number of woman who nave gone
Into the Congressional Union In favor of
the Federal amendment
"I Implore you," she said, "to keep
your minilw-rs Intact and push the refer
end Urn. This Is a i-onservative. hard
to move old State, and most of 'is mnv
hiw to break OUTSeWss on the wheel
to convince It, hut 1 am willing to do
it It may take generations, hut It's
worth while."
Mrs Catt said thai thirteen years ago
tlure wasn't a suffiage society In Man
batten, and told how she went up and
down the streets urging women to Join
the Rquai Suffrage Club, wMch she
started iti 1900.
"And this yer," she said, "there wete
a.Jini women in (Ireater New York will
ing to wat. h at the polls, and we MOUrsd
111,000 votes in the State. Who shall
a) ere'fi not moving In New York''"
Mrs Howard Manslleld, president of
the ESqUSl Franchise Society, announced
It at the headquarter! would be moved to
Sal Fifth avenue next week.
Senator n'Oorman's announcement on
Monday that he believes a l'emocrat
should succeed Tost master Morgan has
brought Into the limelight several men
whose friends Insist that they are fully
capable of stepping Into the Morgan
shoes. Moreover, these names are likely
to be brought forward In growing num
bers because the Henator's announcement
Is taken to mean that lie Is prepared to
fight for that Democrat who shall ap
pear to be inos; available for the Job
While In ouWylng districts the 'elec
tion of a postmaster is usually regarded
as the special province of Oongrsesmen
the award in New York will probably ls
left to the senator. Proiti aii Indications
the Tammany men. who largely compost
the Congresstnn.il deleg.. tin-i from Man
hattan, are content to leive this dellcatt
matter Iti the hands of Mi- 0Qormnn.
It is de'icnte because of the lorn ind
satisfactory record of Postmaster Mor
gan and also because the Tatton ,n Con
gressmen imven't been enthusiastically
considered In such patron. igo as the
1'resldint thus fur has made
It Is believed that 'here is alg-.'M ance
in the fact hat Senator O'Qorman'o
declaration comes When polltl ,il leaden
here have Figured that the IHrooctti
delegation from New York will hold the
balance of power at the coming session
of congress, a session upon Which the
Administration will depend largely In
forging out a platform for the election
of 1916.
Joseph Johnson M e n i i o n ,-d .
Joseph Johnsotl, who Mas Ma: or Oay
nor's Fire Commissioner, ami Who !s now
director of the bureau of tratllc In the
Public Hers lee Commission, was put for
ward yesterday as a likely possibility.
While Mr. -lohnson has bet ti a hard
worker for Tammany upon occasion he
is generally put down as an independent
Democrat, and one whose appointment
would not open the apparently heaping
sore caused b) Set atv McAdoo's it-
tetnpt tt dictate t, omit illons oxer the
objection of Sen itor o'tktrnyan,
Mr. Johnson orsenlied the Bureau of
city Inquiry as an nfftel to the Bureau
f Municipal Research, and he battled
with the fusion forces that ne t l.eh t d I
Major Mltchel He Is letting hi frauds
p dnf out his excellencies. For himself
he said Isst night :
"In referen. e to tile report that I was
Heekhkg the appointment to the iKiat
niaatershlp of New York I wish to say
that 1 have made no application for
the place. I iigree. however, with Sena
tor O'llorman that some ftSftShll New
York Dmornit ,.sn tie found who can
redltably fill It It ts of course Mat
tering to be named among those who
night aocetrtahly succeed she prevent
ivistmiiater. Certainly Uommlassonsr Ed
lards and Mr. Towers, whose friends. 1
understand, have been active, arv Pe.no
rats who would serve well. I do not
Know what ssition the sooa Democratic
irspinlxntlnn has taken or will take In the
Mr. Johnson's reference to Commis
sioned Kdwards Is of course to former
Sltreet Cleaning Commissioner Kdwards,
known everywhere as Hig Bill For
weeks before the pow wow at Tammany
Hall which fixed upon Alfred E. Smith
as the orvatHztUlon candidate for Sheriff.
It was known that Charles F Murphy
personally favored l-Mwanls for that
place. He told his friends however, thai
he does not relish the mention of his
name In oonnwctlon with the postmag
MeCombl Kxpeets Aetion in 1 Uloekide Sends fiO.000 to V r-
,Tune Four Cities Hid
for (tiitlierinir.
Chnlrman Wlllliim F. Mr-
Cotnbe of the Democratic National Ciim
mttee has been able to sound the opin
ion of the leaders throughout the coun
try the melting of the National Ctrni
Rlitteo In Washington on December 7
will bo short Mini sweet, forerunner of
the Democratic national convention in
ries to Reneh Homed in
Xew Jersey.
Attempt to Suppress Docu
ment Disposing of $1,000,
000 de Meli Estate.
One of the worst tleups In the history
of the Hudson tunnels occurred yester
day afternoon when the breaking of an
axle on a train boutul for the Cortlardt
street station from HOtMBM stalled t-.vo
cars tinder the North Itlver and resulted
In the partial blocking of the entire
downtown system from ! ?,n until after
ll.e early summer Where that ennven- I midnight and a complete suspension fOt
llOII will be hel l Is still n matter of I niore than an hour. Sixty badly fright
peculation, but Democratic sentiment to ened passengers In the stalled tmln h id
trofia for an early gathering. to walk out of the tube.
recent .lliuier of the Manhattan Th, ,.,.,c,in,,, ,.Bsed the susnenslon of nade
the service to Hob .ken for six houra. At
least Ifi.nOO persons going lo New Jere -v
homes from work here were forced to
ernes on the ferries. The boats were
crowded to rapacity, while thousan Is
who took Ihe tube as far as Jersey City
lammed ..ll the trolley lines In an errn
to complete their hoinewaid Journey.
An effort to prevent the publication of j
he contents of the will of Henry A. da
Mell, who died on July 20 last at Catania,
Italy, the son of Count Andre Antolne de
M0II, became known yesterday In the .
Surrogate's Court. The document pro- 1
vldes bequests for a number of women
lot related to the testator, one of whom I
receives a large share of the estate, and
t cut off the testtitor'.i divorced wife, i
Mrs. Florence M. de Mell, now living at ,
Flushing. U I.
The will was filed with a clerk In Ihe
Surrogate's office Saturday, nut no entry
oncernlng the document was made until
after closing hours yesterday. No ex
planatlOfl of the efforts at secrecy was
All the decedent's property In Ca-I
Mania went In trust to iltovannlna !ui- I
I (anil until she Is 21, when she gets It j
'outright The testator snjs that all the!
i effects at Catania marked "HI" already
I belong to her. The will was made years
l,.f. .te toSn Mantled tier ma tori! v
The testator left the Income from
OSl tain real estate to his son, Henry
O. D. de Mell. and at his death the
properties are to be transferred, subject
to the two annuities, to his eldest son.
The estate Is to lie converted Into cash
and two-thirds given to the Issue of the
son and the other third Mfl to Con-
tesMi a. i.. Aomundlt a tranddauffhter, i
widow of Count Francesco Aimundl.
Concerning his divorced wife, who nee i
filed a con.-ent to the probate of the
will, t he decedent said :
"I have made no provision for my ,
former wife. Florence M. 'de Mell. fori
the reason that 1 obtained a divorce
from her In I'tesdtn. ilerinany, on Sep
tember 3, IXs.V
ll was explained last night by James
f. Koran, one or the executors, who is
a member of the law firm of Oeller,
Itolston Horan, that tliov.innlnl Uur.
sordl had been caretaker nt Mr. dn
Meli'd property and his hOUMkOOper for
many years anil the beqUSII to her was
Iti appreciation of her Pendens, She
lived on the De Meli estate with her lius
bSndt Henry O. D de Mell, son of the
tesiator. Is In Mr. Hornn s law ofllcn.
T a
Cub, at which President Wilson was
the chief speaktir. offered Mr. MoCoinbe
a chance to talk with many of the
leaders No one was found who thought
of tigseetlng any ether onjidJdato man
President Wltenn, but the feeling arniwig
the leaders, according to he Lnfonas
tlon given to the national chairman
Is that the platform upon which Mr
v ,-..ii win again go before the ooun.
try is suing to depend larger for Its ap-
neai .... w: at Congress acoontpllihee at
ti e kpprpai 'nng einsion
It waa with this in view, said Mr. Me.
'"..nibs is r.l.iy, that he Balled the Na
tional Committee togetnei for December
7. the d
Third Breaking of Asle.
Yesterday's accident was the third
caused by the breaking of an axle sin e
(let. .Iter 2 "n that day the Sixth avenue
ine was 'led UP by the era. king of an
, after t ongrees ojs't.-. When axle lil t, k during the rush hour Tr s
atitl Retiresentntlvea bulstns aecurred aealn on October M. The a -
The will, Which disposes of an estate
stlmated fit 5 1,000,000, leaves to the
vmerlcan ProtOOlaM Kplscopal ''hurch
tf fit. John In Dresden, Dermany, an
Vustrlan bond payable In 1917. and pro
ides for the disposition of 'he estate of
he testators mo. her, Antoinette U de
fell. All the securities go to his son,
lenry O, D. de Mell of Kosehank,
taten Island, who also shares the real
state with his sister, Marie A. I.c lloyer.
he decedent's physician, Oluseppe BJ,
'antana. roCOlTOO $5,000.
Itnlaton Ileonklin Ksclsr Hepnly.
ai.tiant. Nov. II, Bs-Assemblyman
D. Harry Italston has ben appointen
Deputy Rate Bg else Commissioner for
Brooklyn at a salary of I.".. 7r.il, to takt.
effect on January 1. Mr. Ilalsioii now Is
deputy chief clerk of the Kings County
Cottft at a salary of 8,000, but Demo
cratic Judges will succeed Itepubllcan
Judges ,n those courts on January 1
and .ire expected to appoint Democrat it-clerks.
(For CArtntmas)
Heart of
The Sunset
timely is the 'Heart
of the Suntet,'
thrilling end fasci
nating romance by
Rex Beach. . . .
It it a smathtng
fine story, fined
with humor, thrill
ing situations, and
a great snd tender
love." fiotfen
$1.35 nef.
trriftt for ear lloitdnv releioeer
lest free.
With polliltal "dope." will be flo, king
Into Washington with ail sorts of
end plans. That will give the me
or the National fomm.t.t.e .an oppOTtU I
mi to make a study of the situation they
must nitt. not only In staging the
Donrsni t.u but in engineering it through
to .1 successful conclusion.
Ctl1 MIIO S?T ljltlia ll-illn n.,.l !
Francis., have nil "made bid. foe the I equipped With ItOW 0X100,
convent on. Hades has rail tinn.nno
as an Inducement and San Francisco
talks of lining even better than that.
Mr MeCbmbe snitl that he had not
yet heard Denver mentioned aa
slblllty. He pointed out thai th,
lent yesterday, however. OR not tie t.p
!.. , i the S'.lh avenue line.
be re W. C Fiske. preeldsnl of the Hudst t
and Manhattan Haliro.i.l onipany, sn i
hat th" first accident gave rise to a be
lief that the axles might be defective
and Inspection was made. When 11 e
se. ond Occurred less than three weel s
later nil of Ihe cars were orden d
lion of a convention city would not have
his year ll.e political ignlfloalMe it did
In 1011 win i he led toe party to Bel.
timers because u was convenient to
the s-.at, from which his candidate was
to coma.
T ha, received many let'ers
These axles, representing an expendi
ture of 12". ano, have been ordered fro n
the Carnegie Steel Company." said Mr,
Fiske "Hut we have not been able to
nstnll all of them, as the entire con-
a pos- HiniTicii.t has not yet been received. Al-
ih.cigh we were no' sure mat oeisciive
Iglei were the cause of previous act -dents
of this kind, we decided to take hO
chances and planned to lay in a new
SUPPly. 1' Is regrettable that we cou I
not have Installed 'hem before the
. present I . Idem occurred A thoroni n
from ' uivestlvatoi of the causes of the at a -
the commit tes in. " sa il Mr M,.'.oil.t .ler.t will be made.
"and l ine talked with t tilers as they Wtills this Investigation wns being be.
'ap; .f.. I to K' t ll. t.. New York. I I gun scenes of the utmost congestion
believe we nr.. ail open minded as t.. were witnessed in the Hudson Terminal
where the convention should held I Building at Church and Dey street-.
Sentlmenl dearly favors an earlv con ! Thousands of inn. and women from tl
ventlon, howevee, We are th.- doml
nam party now, ami usually the party
m t ow. r holds its convention first
From What I know of the fe, ling
the eommlttoamen :t is likely ma' the
convention will Is- hold dutitig the first
two wevks of June
"i ur meeting In WMiKhiiurtnii will de.
ride upon the time anil place and !!.
usual committee of Arrangements win
lie appointed vThai issues are to pre
vail In the coming campanm no one can
tell now. Thai Will depend on what
Cnngrrse does nt the next session.
Because of this fact I calli-d the con
mittee together a month earlier than We
usually meet, Teat will give us a
.. nance tn tliscuss natters before the
Congressmen awing into their work."
During the last few weeks Chairman
McCtmus has talked gftth National I
una. IvJward Wood of Michigan. Fred
Lyneh of Minnesota and senator Phelan!
I of California, who will atten.l ttie meet-1
! ing with the irovy of National Com-
mlttsetnan Banford. Vetlqnal commit-1
ship and It Is believed Unit he will take was , vs,..,,,,' ,..,,'.""'!
I Chicago as the eonventlon olty,
I Kl .l...-i,t,i-t. offices slresmed into tl
tal e station and were met with the in -
nouncement that there was no entire
to the Krle station or Hoboken. Servl. I J
to Jersey City ntid Newark was r. -sumed.
however, a few hours after the
accident In a westerly direction only.
Hash to Croa. on FerHee.
A ruah to Ihe nearest ferry lines on- '
sratlng to these points from Harcla. .
Liberty, Cortlandt and cim lstoTih. r ;
ntreetfl ensued, while hundred! chanci I
the trip by tube to Jersey City ami from
here ma le thsil way by trolleys. An
nouncers were placed In various parts of
tho station who advised passengers j
through megaphones to take the ferries I
anil other metu.s of getting to the r j
homes. Many persons went to the
hrislophtr street station of the Sixth I
at! one by
rowded lo
1 thai route. This branch was
i overflowing,
no active steps to bring bimse'f to the
consideration of President Wilson.
Powers t'noeldrred a Parlor.
Augustin j. Powers president of the
I'owers l'hou, Ungrnving Company, has
many backers. He Is believed to have
the support of men close to the dominant
factors In the local DemoeratlC organ-
xatlun. Along with that of Mr Poware
Is heard the name of Thomas (1 Fatttm
resilient of the New 'tlrk and Ixing
llninoh Steamtwxit Oolrspany. He Is now
a. lteresenta,tlve in I'ongrtsis from the
KigMeenth district.
sun aiiotrw'r name mentioned la that
of John F. Qgtvihi member ,f the Hoard
..f water gopply, appointed by Mayor
fjaynor In January, ltlt. Two yeor'
hofore thai he wan defeated as eassdt.
I. Irnl. -;, . lehoeaeeh Discusses
Recent 1 'lection Iteliirne.
While the crowds on the Manhattan i
side were struggling to get across the i
r:er there were similar scenes on the I
New Jersei- side.
'in account of the location Of the ac-1
rldentt which occurred on t tie eas1 -bound
track, traffic between New Jersey J
anil New Yolk was completely suspended I
except in tin- sixth avenue line
I 'ass, ngers in the derailed train who
walked back to Jersey City had a trying
experience. They agid that the train
had proceeded about one-third of the
Albany, Nov. 23. -Commenting upon I dletance between Jersey city and Xfv
the recent election returns, Lleut.-Oov. York when the forward truck of the rear
ESdWalX lohoeneek, who was in Albany '"r appeared to give way suddenly and
to-day, said I Jumped tin tract., bumping into the aide
"VrlsndS of fJoe, Whitman are gratl- of the tube opposite the third rail The
fled at the analysis of the official re- 'train at the time was proceeding at a
turns, whfbh show, in their opinion, a I moderate speed and almost Immediate!)
market indorsement of tn,. tirst Ro I brought to 1 stoic n l(f the light
publican administration at Albany since
"Since that time the party vote has
dropped from a plurality 01 Tn.nnf! n
plurality against ihem in the
went out and th. tube was in darkness
The guards assured them ihere was no
.longer ami assisted many to climb out
of the rear car Aided by lanterns the
succeeded in making their way out 1 '
late ror 1 'resident of th Hoard of Alder- uns eeding years until Oov, Whitman's I ' "he
men by Mayor Mitchel. At one time lie 1 flection In the fall of tlli by a plurality i
waa president of the CltlWni Iiulnpetnt- I of ISOtOOO,
STSt Domiicrac.v. He has nevvr been 1 "The present rtguros. upon which the ;
lajweo as a rnmmani' man. although he menus or ine uovsmor nase their op
tlmistlc View, show .New 1 rirk State again
In the Republican column hy Increasm
llguios.' They point out tha. the total
Republican plurality of the Assembly
vole is 118.0(MI, as against M.cnO for.
last year
has many friends In the organisation
Thomas F Smith, secretary of Tam
many Hall, has told friends who have
urged blm to iry for the postmssterehlp
that he is content with hks job as clerk
.f the City Court
Maid Main In Doctor's Home.
Isabella Bradford, a maid employed
by Dr. WgXTnxn of 1-13 West Seventy
first street, was killed by her husband.
Allen Bradford, yesterday aft en oon in I arraigned before Count)
tne nasement 01 tne Mot-tors residence.
They had been separated for the list
two years
"A nasi faced Bop" Pleads Oallty,
Raymond Beck, known to tis police
as "ihe angel fsoed bey," pleaded guilty
to burglary as a swon,i offender when
lll.lge Itoy ami
.tuty in Brooklyn yesterday for tiui
on live Indictments. He will be sen
t,.nceii on Monilav
1)1,1 llusrd lo I'nrntle It, -tie,.
In pursuance of its time honored cus
tom of celebrating Bvaeuatlon Day eai 1
year, the oui fluard Veteran Battalion,
commanded by '',,1. Ardolph 1.. Kline,
mil perad to-day from city 11 nil to
fie Battery. The command, with Its
band, win assemble at headquarters,
1 l West Fifty .flint street, at 12 o'clock
' forming at City Hall an hour later for
' the march down Hroadway. At the
I Mattery a salute of twenty. one gun
will lie need b) a detail from the First
' H it tei -, afti r the American Mug has
been hoisted by two officers of the old
j tiuard, since Bvaeuatlon Day, November
35, falls) on Thanksgiving this year
the parade takes place the day before,
By Edith Wharton
Fighting France
Here is the intensely vivid record of Mrs. Whar
ton's experiences and impressions at the front in
France in the trenches, among the soldiers, in
the homes. There is description of Alsace, Lor
raine, Paris in its war garb, of Argonne, and of
the North of France; thrilling narrative of the
courage, loyalty, tenderness, and human misery
of the French men and women all this, told by
such a consummate artist as Mrs. Wharton is a
magnificent revelation of the soul of France at
President of the American Museum of Natural History
THEODORE ROOSEVELT says: "I regard your book as one
of the real contributiono to productive American scholarship."
This extremely readable volume promises to be the most important and
complete work on human evolution which has appeared since Darwin's "De
scent of Man," for the reason that it is the first full and authoritative presen
tation of what has actually been discovered up to the present time in regard to
human pre-history.
All the known prehuman and human stages of development for the last
five hundred thousand years are described as fully and fairly as the material
allows. As soon as enduring remains of warlike and industrial life begin to ap
pear, namely about one hundred and twenty-five thousand years ago, the author
traces every step in man's economic and social evolution, and, finally, all the
known stages of artistic endeavor.
It is written in the lucid and easy style which has made the author's earlier
philosophic work, "From the Greeks to Darwin," a standard reference for the
early history of the theory of evolution.
Profuxcly Illustrated. $5.00 Net.
Cappy Ricks
Takes an order for grape stakes
First of time now Cappy Ricks-Matt Peasley stories
By Peter B. Kyne
'TF YOU show up at this office inside of six months, I'll fire
X you on sight!" cried Cappy Ricks, the ancient livewirewho
heads the Ricks Logging and Lumber Company. So Skinner,
the general manager, left for a holiday, and two of the brightest
young men in the lumber trade got ready to slip something
over on his aged boss, who thought he knew it all.
Going' Up!
By Edwin Lefevre
Tidal waves of speculation, sky-rocket antics of recently
obscure stocks, tales of sudden fortunes, crowded brokers'
offices and million-share days on 'Change make timely Mr.
Lefevre's inside articles on "The Greatest Boom Ever." For
twenty years the author has been meeting market leaders and
gathering the anecdotes and data that enliven these notable
papers on the epidemic of speculation.
Blacker Than Sin
By Irvin S. Cobb
Mysterious Major Foxmaster and the unknown Woman in
Black who kept just twenty paces behind him year in and year
out, are the central figures in the strangest story that has ever
come from Mr. Cobb's pen. A startling denouement turns
the light on the mystery.
Among other features in the number
The Other Side of the House, a splendid railroad love story,
Ify Sinclair Lewis; The Bolivar, a tale of the Screaming
Larkins, by Boz.eman Bulger; Naughty Henree, a new lenri
Girard story by, George Pattullo; How Turkey Speeds the
Going Guest, by Eleanor F. Egan; and a Blue Sky Story, by
Will Payne.
Five Cents of all Newsdealers and Post Boys

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