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warmer to-
With the Pygmies in Africa.
Fair to-day arfti to
An interesting description, illustrated, of
life in the Belgian Congo will ap
morrow: 1
iebld winds.
Highest temperntu
, 45 ; lowest, 38.
pear in next Sunday's SUN.
HrtallM weather, r
ports on page 13.
VOI, LXXXm. NO. 86.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1915. omm on ptmm A,ortntun.
H Olveil Away Nearly
$100,000,000, says Dr.
Henry s. Pritchett,
His Example Followed by
Other Melt of Wealth,
Educator Says.
Mi c '.irriegle e
principal benefae-
non- m recorded :
CSHMfte r. rr" radon
s,- Tors
Csrosgls iutit . Pitta
Otrnegle triMltutlon.
Periston funds
timnii colleges V. 8. . .
Csrntgi Foundation tor
the Advancement of
Carnegie United King
ilom Trust
Scni.h unlveraftteo
Carnegie nd rwmenl for
Inteieiatidnal twace...
Hern fiinil
Csfaagls Steel Com
panj . tmptoyeaa
Dunfermline endowment.
ItlsosllatMoua in I s. . .
MhnTtllani nm in Bttrope,
is. 1:5.000
10.000. ooo
a, 000, 000
1 .1,000.000
i. 300.000
. Jii li.tiL'3.0fln
PrmavM, Nov, -'4 Andrew Car-
n-eie. on the SVS ,.f Uls eightieth birth
day and alter giv lug tt neatly 14"".
NMM, Is a m ill of only moderate foi -tue.
according to lir. Henry S. Prll
chtt. president of the I'urrii'gle Foun
dation. Ifl an addfSM U4any at :ii- Otu
aagle day eiarciaaa here.
"IB my thinking tin- 5m grant .vcr
vkv of Mr, CamafM ean the nor in
ncm of his great wealth to humanity."
Mid Dr, I'ritchelt.
"II" BM made vital, in our country
a: least, 'he conception that the one:
Of great wealth la a truatea to Um pub
at. Obligated t.. divide It for thu n-j-ji;..
'The notijQUj shesi Mr. Carneexie pra
! led it tai-nty years ago, w-js not a
:es on,-. Other men had advanced the
ttvoory of the reaponsibllltv of prlvnn-..i--
but nun a phlloaophi hail besn
.'Ut forward ntaliit) liy theorlaasi never
befOh r:il any gaait, blmahlf poasssevHl
f . ormous wealth, frankly, so
1'.i iv omI m strikingly enunciated the
1 nulu of the rseponst bitty of sraaltb
is - asm iai giKid.
"I- - simple Justice to add 'liat Mr
Cur....... . smphaUe support of tins con-
M : in a large nwajmre rispon-
- - t hi sentiment which exists in
t rj to-dai with regard to the
r -.no 1 , ,,1 in,- mail 01 weaiin. intti
run nsi lias i-rvsl.-illlzed Into a illllver- 1
... r ,. . -ei. ..
reeling that the in in Who lle poo- shins to carry Amine in products to
s .--.,) if fie. it wealth mid who de- i foreign intrts .it t:.,- regular weekly
1 t o part of it to the public's uas j luncheon of the Chamber of Commerce
Imp tailed in life. . .
. hades 'f those who were In I to-o.i.
I) . nortal life poepoaaed ( great j Mr. Bohwub cautioned business inter-
, ; , ..., wj,. liave iiaswd out of It ( cnte anainst enter ing new tlehu of en
' o reeognlUon of this obligation i deavor without due preparation lie
.. . .in, lent ways and listen said that such a. Hon meant disaster
IS tin. words of those who wen- their to many. This country i now In a pe
lr. . nen, there are many ears to- rlod of prosperity that will be commen
d. on :r , .',11. ei side that burn, whether ; srurate with the period at raoatrl dspres
thei mi on., nlaee or In the other, i slon. a, -cording to his view.
T . ,.,s, uolsworthy thing ab-iut Mr.
Osrru rli ur. ichlns of Ihe dwtrine of I
ti ,. t ... ration of wealth is the nm roqusmaiiy, son Mr, son wan, we
- ttos has squared with hlalmuat hsvs means of sending our products
.' The creat bulk of his accum- i to foreign oountliss. Pittsburg ought to
alstlotu, nearly 00.000.000i has noon
himed back bj iiitn to the public to be
us -I the cause of human betterment.
P. - to-day a man of moderate for
Will ee IVm Blrlhila I altera on
PkyatolMg odrrtpe.
Ai drew C
srnegte will eat his Thanks-
f 1 nic turkey t
SS'lffj lion be
":fl With the
with all the
the holiday
ihticth snnlverssry oi I
li s birth. Ordinarily on such occasions i
k f" .jo- receives representatives of
Hit press nt bis home at Fifth avenue
1 N i l , ;li .street and responds to
una ef questions about liis views
of B4 a 1 IhlngSi out to-day he will 1
i if that pleasure because nto
p 1 :. Jaaper J, Oarmany, has
i'v I hint '.bur perfect quiet would be
Judicious. I
Sim . Mr Carnegie is In anything I
111 ght be described s a poor;
' it- : .i!tl. hut bi'i-ause the trim-
utmi 1)1 worked so well last
un : he was at liar Hal bur I
S S : - lam civ believe it should be;
ontitiui 1 Wlii'.e In- whs at Bar Mar I
. I,., interviewa and saw as
as posaible, and for nunc 1
1 .ait'Mje that policy.
' no a ea: her enabled him to
-.-11 den sstsrday and he
re urned from taking the air
rerorteri asked to ess him,
- I'm-- wavered a little; ho was
e his secretary said, to give
o intsrvlew t" the nowopopsni I
n The renortern that one of I
tl ' 1 dtoivpolnt metiiH of his life I
I ii 1,. bail not been able to lie a
k- 01 in. tail .not been diverted
' ' do buelnesa life and into the
. 01 many millions of dollars.
. de. I ihe advice of his doclor
ifra Carnegie and merely sent
KTeettnga and 11 brief inessage,
H it I
aid ,,i
nut hi
SI a .
a the reporters who usually mil
...I..)., a. .. ..ti ..ii ....... i
en nit
trie ! .
did r.
Um m
S u
Ciartnany marvels at the siden-
II to health Which a eiimincr on
s- ims wrought,
world grows heller and we are
sea blessed pence restored and
"iirt established, vetieri, in the
I I in i ns :
"MttQ iii man the n-nrtd n'tr
siisii brOthsri be fur u that,'1
t'l -.-".late of Mr. i a rtiegi e's who
Ins houeO yesterday e.ild that the
redlcllon contained In Tiie rn'-s-
' hs newapapora was a very sin
f' " --ion of Mr. Carnegie'M linn
tonv . nn 1 1 oit His war cannot possibly
d on gooogd 'ofs.
a 4YH gam9lt 1
BBfajaBaMf-a3 BgagV
eBB ggggV -
' PlP-leeea
p4enraja BgaggS4r , ej gaa-
aLaaga iiaaf'
Bg jtgaWaaaalvBBLBtk leal aE
LED BY U. S.-SCHWAB TO COST $1,000,000
Build ships and (.rant Free Soundproof apartment in
Passage to Americans I est (7th Street to House
Throuirh ( anal. Artists Too.
PiTTsai'so, n-iv ;i Charles m.
' Hcbwah predicted that the United States
I is i-i lean in,- w-iiin 1111 , 111 i.inx anil m-
1 dustrially, advocated free pstasasjs
through the Pvtnama Canal for Amerl-
can vessels and in ted tlmt Pittsburg
. .
the light for tile ... ..traction of
1 i"- svem
United Btat
r i nii a -n snow I n.it I ne
win lead financial!) and
be the r. st cltl in tile r'n-'ht
the oon-
BtrUOtlon of ships to cat rj 01
to foreign isirts. The canal
free to American ships and
should Is
After his spao -h
asked I
"Do you think that
Ifnlted s-ates an- due
prosperity ?"
They ate having
"Do von think tha
Mr. Schwab was
Pittsburg and the
for unprecedented
that prosperity
w hen
the Kuro
StaTes will
paan war j.s ovei the
he Ihe dominating nation V"
mill. - i..., ..1 u,.i.. i ,1,.
ow Ths war ordei
do not cut
as big a tic; ., from a totinaire stand
point SS the world attributes to them.
So far -is tonnage is concerned, our ex
port buniness is nut extraordinarily big."
Iii reply to the question. "W hat about
the Bethlehem Steel and reports of a
mt-rirer of steel companies ?' Mr. Schwab
said :
"So far as I am concerned no merger
Involving 'he Bethlehem Steel Company
is or has been in prospect. The com
pany's organisation is the same as it
has been right along."
Wlo-n Mr gchwab was asked. "What
caused Bethlehem Steel 10 go to 1100?" lie
replied "1 do not know the cause I
have boon neither a buyer nor a seller
of Bethlehem gteel stock. 1 am not In
terested in the price of the stock on the
market. I have the game arnourrr of
Bethlehem Steel stock as I have had for
some time."
Mr Schwab exproasod the belief that
the proaant prosperity will continue for
a long thru-, hut added thai no man Is in
a position to tell definitely how long it
will continue II" draw attention again
10 hie prediction made fifteen years ago
When steel tonnage ornrinating in the
IJnited states amounted lo 10,000,000
Ions th at il would l' 10,000,000 Ions by
1920. lie pointed mn that with hia pre
diction live years lo rim the tonnage of
. - a ,,, .- nun mill hut. ..,,.1 it...
i a 1 a il II l hi ii ' n i" ,,,, ii, i, i
'expansion In steel production II being
Iproeecuted all along tin- line.
ALL U. 8.
V nn ed
ntritU Fill ttasbluarluu.
I'lnts Heine Keare.1,
Wasiiimiton, Nov. 24. d''ully armed
guards me patrolling In and around all
public buildings In Washington This week
gtrlei regulations have la'eii In effecT, it
was learned to-day gpaoUl Ogra Is
being taken ill the White Mouse and ihe
State. War anil Navy Hullillng. All
parsons whiwr appearanoe is in any way
BiaealelOUS are belrm halted, and all per
sons carrying paroela ire qveatloned
It Is said the precMUilons are the re
sult of eonidential reports regarding
poseihie pints 10 gaatroy Oovernm ent
buildings. Some of the guefda tw a
time were allowed lo discard ihelr
rveapons, but all nre now armed again.
a syndicate -f artists, among whom
are Henry Ranger, Bdwtn I sham, oeorge
Devoll ami in m i. Rheln. will erect -tt
42 to 0 West Sixt v -seventh street, be-,
twe.-ii Central Park West and Columbus
avenue, m eight .torv apartment studio
building t,. eoal 11,000,000 and In which ,
partitioning nil! n, mpiet.-iv ,
p oof that a prima donna prae- j
riias witli tin- full strength if her
win not mature oi oe dlsturoea I
by. an
may he
amateur trombonist, a . w ho
sti i.leiitlv oerfecttrur his art.
shortly after the syndicate aOOltired I
earlv tins
.11. d - Is
month the abandoned factory l
In West Sixty-sev enth Straat I
iin un- purpose oi puiting up a nuisa
I ing for intists i heir attention was called
! to the plight of musicians who, so far as
any one was aware, had no apartment
house aglets they could i s. iv to practise
as much as the) pleased ai d as loudly a
they pleased at any hour uf Un- dav dr
I night. Owing I" ihe restrict lone that
had been placed upon muelctans by
apartment house owners a musical
colony had grown up Ir. the neigh bor-
iiisul or Carnegie Hall.
So Mr. Hanger arid his associaies, i
after buying the site from the estate of
Daniel R, Beyb i. Instruoted their archl I
tects. shatie B ready, to construct ice '
-viiik of the building, the "ast wing, with
a ssventyfivs foot frontage, solely for i
the hem tit of musicians who might want i
j to try their voices or praclis- loudly
upon their pianos, or homs or stringed
InstrUI its. In order to make the
our k agi ania to tne musical fns
I rnlty, the architects phi- lie. 1 a sound
proof construction, with walls ami floors
of such sound resisting capability as
would permit "f i brass band playing
in one apartment while a soprano was
running through her exercises In the
apart ment adjol ning.
Many musicians have already eg
pressed th-ir Intention to leaae apart
mints Dudley Buck ami Paul btavue
are among those who have already
rented, and Several singers of the Met-
ropolltan Opera company are expected
to sign b uses.
The west whig of the building, of
Tin- same front ige as the east, or mu
sicians' wing, win in' constructed with
particular attention to the requirements
of those who live by brush and pen. il.
The architects have designed an Klis-
abstban structure of granite terra
ootta. a new stoic . .imposition. The pre
vailing tint will be light gray. The KIIk
nbetnan treatment permits of ths use
ot many windows, a feature necessary
in studio building construction, it was
said yesterday 'hat work on New- York's
llrst sound proof Studio for musicians
will be begun very -non.
ellou for
(.It en II
I ' o ii it I a I ii ,
1M .
The ii
rlARgisafao, Pa MoVi 14, After a
trial that Lasted all weak and drew art
sxpsrts from New VorH and Philadel
phia a Jury In the Dauphin county ton it
rendered a Verdlcl of tai.siit to-nlglu
against If. S llershey, ihe wealthy
chocolate manufacturer of Herahey, Pa .
in favor of Qfuaappa Dointto, a phila
delphla sculptor, 111 payment lor ii foun
tain i mil i.-d the "Dance or Btarnal
spring. " Mr. Hcishey Immediately
made a cash settlement of 110,000,
turned over his check for that amount
10 jonsiOi visiieii i in- nince i.i i ne .vra.viir
of I la i rlshuru and presented tin- foun
tain to tiie city of Harrlaburgi with his
"If I se II up at llershev Til get mini
aver) tims 1 look ut it," said Herahog in
explanation, "but with it in Ffarrleburg
1 can come up hete and admire It.''
ft HA. r I alHIIlt. NAVANNAII. AI lit MTA
t A i 6U I Ultcliti. Llallti'd I i. .ii.s In.lh, I
Atlantic Cosst Un n n 1191 B my.Adv. i
Lcvv OH Munition Makers'
Profit Also PfOUOMd n
Hovpiiuo Rtiwri
Wefttrfl Dt'inofrntic LtaWUlfl
to Force n Death T
tt Next Session.
W-hiN(;to!C. Nov :R -tlldlUMInM
are to-day that the Adniinii'tratlon will
rpe what aaaMNUV la bs in
oi'Kanlseil movement amonK Damocratlfl
leaders from the Went to force the
adoption of a Federal Inheritance tax
law In i'ongree. lleprenentatlven of
the Administration have tinted leaders
In I'onirrejiii to (to elow In proposing In
heritance tax blllH
Senator Owen or Oklahoma baa I
drafted Mich u measure BfOVkllng a
irraduated 'nx on Inconie.s that would j
impose heavy ruten on Inheritances In '
excess of ll.ooo.ooo. Hucli leaders In I
the House i Iteproeentatlve iarner of
Texas, a member of the Ways and
Means CotMttlttsje, are understood to
favor the proposed legislation.
Advorates of a Tederal Inheritance
tax argue that It Is a levy on unearned! ,
wealth anil would In no way Interfere
I with Industrial activities, as would an j
I excise tax on the manufacture of mu- j
I ntUona, automobiles and other thing";
- that have been proposed It Is under- 1
i Mood Ui.it the Administration in oppose,!
to ail Inheritance tax, as It might Inter- j
i fere with the similar laws In the Slate..
ThS advocates of a I'edoral inhir'-
tance tax are sironn numerically 1
Nevertheless the representatives of 'he
j Administration have asked some of the
i leaders to forego a decision on th"j
question Until late in the eelnn. fiu:-
gssttons nave been made thai later the
Administration :oay ie conetralned to
j support such legislation, but that lU
present it doubts in advtaahtlit)
I There ix reason to belleVS that In I
discussions of the revenue problem at i
j recent I'ablnet me'inits consldsratlOII
has been given the proposal for in In-1
1 herltance tax law It Is understood a
1 majority of th- Cabinet is dispose
I disapprove such a law.
ft)l Hrr ( ml. Tat
I rk'il.
A Zi) per ,enr. inherlri
lagUOlSS larger than lift, 000,000 and a
lesser rate "ii small bOOUSStS aid ;i
heavier Income tax on large fortunes ar
priKeil bv Senator Norris, jirogressiv,
!teiiibllcai,, to meet . xpens,- of pn -1
paredness The St nutor p lav empha- j
slsed his dlnapproval of the pre,-redaes
pr.in, sa.vlng "the worn out a id batik-
najgad nations of Kur--jm will have roth-
rig to frighten us.' hut ir ute plan goes
I tkewugh in- is determined, he said
i the financial burden shall lal.
heavily on the wealth)
"1 shall also favor." he said, "a pro
gramme t re:n..ve the profits from pre
pa redness. Take out the big dividends
and l believe the artificial sentiment for
a big ar'iiv- a'id navy will disappear.
I Already the United states mn v is re
apected everywhere aae In its own coun
Senator Phelan "f California to-dav
.Indicated that lie will advocate a tax on
i munition profits as one means of raising
i the rMceasan revenue for The President s
'preparedness programme. Mr. Phelan
I called at tiie While House to inform the
Pl sldelit that the pie of California
are strongly
In favor of increase-. ;u the
-i-i-ii,i. ,,. ,i
fact that the Panama
tScpendad uron wt ft ;
oaat thoukl have an m
iw aajd.
ranal nannol Ih-
that the Pacific
rtM-anelanl ftaal "
it nmy w .-tiii tin authority tint until
it Ik known hv far Cotlffraai Ih wiIIm i;
to ai? in making in riii'd appropfi itlOl
for the arni' and navy um Jo-iinit' pi.i
fur the r .iwflm uf tha additional ravamiB
naadad win i aui forvnard. Ma i nv .
horwavar, 1 1 1 - Praaldant ami ihe Ouna;reaa
laadapi w be coitatdaritigi ail maani
iii at aaam u va llabla for a revenue plan.
Tin- Aral important work uf Consraaa
at the cotnlni aaaalon a111 t'1 embodied
la a reMolutltn provitlinK fur the x
ieimltn 'f the llfi of the war emer
gency uct. Which under renl author
lty will eftplre um I teorab r I . Th s
law muat h- extended in order to pro
vide fund for tha ordinary rxp-nMK
t tha Uovernmenti
The renoiutlon extending Iti Ufa may
1 carry a provtalon makinR permanent
1 the one cant a pound UMtomn dttt) on
nu(ta i . w hioh product, in the absence
of repeal letciMlntion. will go on the free
t lift on May 1.
Ilupe fur arrriiM-nt.
Kollowtiifi the fia.H"aKe of the Joint
I reaolut Ion leadei'H in hot it nousctt, net
j lng it) conjunction with the Adminis
i tration, will whip into shape a national
defence programme. All coiict-rued ire
1 l iiit thai an -mi cement w ill he
reached on the Admin git rat Ion plan,
vviilrh provides for an additional appro
prlatlon this year of 1100,(100,1 for the
riavy and approximately 110,000,000 for,
the army.
OnCS a programme is agreed on plans
I will be perfected in raise the nsoes
I sary rovenuao. Administration offlclula
do not believe it will be possible to de
: termlne Just how much additional
! money is to be allowed for national
i defence until early in Mac. Kor that
reason no concreie piuti nag ueen ne-
vlaed to raise additional revenuea.
In raising money for the army and the
navy llrose concerned are working along,
lines that foreshadow Important changes
in Ihe Income Inx law and an extension 1
of excise taxation. Democratic leaders
QUlte generally advocate In. reused in
come taxes, especially on the large in
eornes. and many of Them favor a levy '
on Inheritances. There appears to be I
a disposition to avoid placing addi- j
tionai tux burdens on manufacture,
Karly in December the House Com-1
mitt in Ways and Means will hold
a meeting to canvass Ore situation. A
SUb-OOmmlttee will he named lo lake up
the subject either with President Wit
son or such spokesmen as hs may III- i
The President continued to-day to
work on his annual address to fOllglSSS I
It Is known that It Is to he given over
almost entirely to the quogtion of na I
tlOfial defence
I hn ni'el lor Tells I m m of lhi.
rrnwent I'lnn.
bOMPOMa Nov- 14. vhanoellor of the
I'.xebeini, r McKennS told the House of
i-oiii-nonH to-day lluif Ihe Hovernmeut
idaiis to obtain control of the large
amount of American securities In Id by
private iiersor's in l-oigland and lias br
gun negotiations
to thai uieet wltii ths
Ildnitiurs Ajrent's Telejrrain
Telling Ship to Aid Haider
So Directed.
North Ocrinan .Lloyd Brought
In Orders Sent to N. Y.
('are of Hov-Ed."
The name of ("apt Karl Hoy-Kd, naval
attai hs for the Kaiser s (lovernment In
this OOUntry. again was brought proml-
Inentljr forward In the Unltsd Htates in
I triot foun ysetefday at the trial of the
I r. d. -r.il charge, against the Hamburg
I American Line of conspiracy to defraud
j the I'nlted States.
I There was an added thrill In the court
I room arhen the testimony for the tirst
I time links. I up an American agent of the
North lien. i in Lloyd Line as having had
a part
In at
least one ,,f the sailings
foe Oovernm. nt to Indict
HambUrg-ArnSfiCan men "and others un- i
Inn.l. " I
Aocordtng to the testimony the pre
vious day at the trial of Managing Di
rector Karl Buenr. of the Hamburg-
Arnertoaai Line, Oeorge Koetter. Adolf
Hachmelstsr and Joseph Pospplnhaus of j
The Hamburff-AmsHpan firm on charger
of conspiring falsely to dour steamers I
from A merle. i" ports to woril arid pro- 1
vision Herman vrarobfpj at sea. r'apt. j
Ho)-i:d directed the distribution of a I
fund of it Isasi 17(0,000 for purpoeoe I
which tin. rvdsrsl uounsel deaeribad as
"tiding rougltsbcid o . i lartv-s of the
1'rdte.l state.
raaterday tits Qovornnient Introduced
a telegram signed with the nnne of the
BaHlmore igenl --f the North Or man
l.ioyd I. ne and directed in care of Capt.
Doy-Kd'a ofjsoe. e-sint 101 at 11 Broad
way, ths captain oi a vessel which
clem-... i from Norfolk under circum
stances which the Collector -f the Port
of Norfolk testified ye". - aere so
llrsgs he woulo hav Instituted proosod
ti g- against the outstsr had hs known of
falsely swor-. papers In time.
Ilertiand Made fur Money.
, Then tia-re Was a letter of liter date
I submitted in evidence, signed onl) with
I tin- It itials ol tile master of the vessel
. In uuetftion arid directed, again here, to
Hacbmelater, ore -if the Ksmburg Amer
ican Line defendants. Tslsgram and let-
Ter iiolh- itrd thai an agent of the North
Herman Lloyd, as well as tin- Hamburg
American Mrni's offosrs, was Interested
01 the haetv loudlng of the vessel which
I ear is I from Ni-rfnlk. the letter being u
request thai tiachmeutter iai MU of
fl.Om) at Newport News which tile mgS-
ter, In hi.- naM u get to hi a and lajt k of
raadj caah it eaa teailfladt araj hav-
ina unpaid M ih' eve of sailing
Bpactal oat ha had Lweti raquli ao
Collector -f the rr: Norman it Hamil
ton of N-.rfoik eaore yeeterday, tn-fore
ctaa ranee paper1 nad bean laauad for tha
eaaali t he Marina l lexnda, t leave
port Uut teatlmonj wae broughl forth ,
yeaterday to -nw thai althouvh -i hmiiI
fet which nwnt toned eoal ami nothing
elno ah the ca no ej -h wor u to. th
Marlnu (sjuasada eteamad awa) noi only
w i Ih t huyiandfc uf tuii of co.il, hut
thoueande -i dot la re worth of etippUai
and etorea well.
ih rev:(te day Kdward .1 llr-
wlndi prealdem f -he UarwlndWttlta
t'fxil Company i had teat t Had that he nad
iron on an Indemnity IhmuI for one of i
the vaaaalfl w in- h ftgnrea iu the ooajaplr" 1
aC) chargee, hut had had no interest In
tht tu. it ter further than to ohiige a 1
client- the Hamburg American Line, i
I'hei the line upketl htm tu ad aH gurat) J
on the homl.
V ea tarda y Brure m tntyre of the Bar
wlnd-W'hlte coal .inns Naa-port News
nrti-v- taatlftad thai he had vworn to
he ma nt feel whtoh the Oovemmant
.h.u;s w.is falae, bui had done an quite!
IttllO ani of . . fact that the Marina
(juoaada wnn lalllng with -tore ami i
provlelone aa well aa coat- He had been
mj Informed he iaid. h the ehlpplng j
Iflrm "f Maalei Bros., the Haalen being.
Utitlah Huhjccts living lle.-e.
atedoted War.
im a par with the interest shown in
coutt over loetlntony that linked the
name- of Capt. Uoy-Kd and the North
German Lloyd Arm in the case againat
ths rlamburgAmerlcan was teetlmony
which went in siiow that lh far spread
ing conspiracy charged againat the Hamburg-American
Ulna people "and others
unknown" m uss American ports us
sources of SUppi for German warships
had been begun here in New York the
latter part of .lulv . Ii4. or before war
pad been declared at all.
'Pin- testimony also allowed how dev1-
ous were the sleps taken to charter
tin- ehips whi.h ihe Government wrys
were el. tred by means of perjured
papeis. Kour distill, t slepe. each lead
ing further ahd furthar away from the
offices oi' the Isriyhurp-American Line,
w.-re teatlfled ta yesterday.
Documents and wUneaaeSi for Pi
s' ince, have bee:, brought forth since
the trial began on Tuesday in an effort
to prove that Aral Hie Hamburg-American
Line began to look for ships tn
charter which might be cleared on secret
missions t al the German Aghllng
craft on the high seas.
Next tt has iieeii testified and con
ceded lo ti"- defence that the Hainhutg-
Amerlcan lane sought the assist anca of
John II. bins, a shipping man now
dead, to charter the veesels for the line.
Thirdly Gnus went for his ships to Fred'
rick k. Hauler, president of the I liter
American Ste. unship Company, wlio is
an Kngllehmatl in tiie shipping business
here lo obtain Hie VSSSSlS, And linall.i,
so Mr. Waaler testified yesterday, inas
much as a vessel named Ihe Thor was
the inly ship his own firm hid to die
pose of he managed to liavo some Kor-
wegian rwfs ...e, ,., i.iii,
which In- turned over to Mr. li.ms, who
chartered thorn for the Hamburg Amsri
can Line.
Sl.ioo.ooo tiie.il nr. Napplles.
There was a craning of necks early
in the morning OOaaion when Mr. llatut,
chief of i-ouiisel for tile defence, sub
mitted a list of twelve vessels chartered
and UUthtted by Ihe defence and show
ing the amounts siient for coal, provl
i stone, supplies and charter expenses for
each vessel. The total reached l,4l!i,
I 104,40, Mr, Italal said he Submitted Hie
! nKt of ships and expenses as a further
proof that tiie rlstfenoa freely admitted
tiie chartering ol' vessels that sailed lo
supply German warships at sea.
; Mr. Hand, In fail, rises every few
I minutes each day to asser t again and
aguln that his clients admit about every-
I fenflriMcif on Fourth Pngt.
British Only
From City
Check Turks, Says London, but Retire Temporarily lie
cause of Lack of Water Supply Berlin Repoit
of Disaster Called Unfounded.
bptcyal I tM lit npatr! to Tug Si s.
ttOMSjaar, Nov. 24. The British nrmy
operating the Tigris Valley has
reached the ruins of Cteslphon (Hulman
Pah), eighteen miles south' ast of llag
dad. the objective of the expedition.
After tnklng the town end repulsing
Turkish counter attMcks the British
J forces were compelled to retire three or
fOUf miles down the river to obiuln Stilt'
j able water supply. It Is pret-unicd that
! tSln fact gave rise to the QSMfMUl rc-
xrts sent out yesterday of an Important
defeat iHlltlrllll on the cxpcditl m by the
The advance tx within twenty miles
oT Hagilad Is the first Important news
which Inns been received from the cxped
(top. nince Se,imber 2. when I. rea. hod
Kutel Ansa fa, on .lie Tigris, eighty ml lee
from Bagdad.
The recent gucreitaes of rien. Town
siiei d h army are given in the following
official utaternent issued by tne press
bureau to-day :
The He--retary for India reports that
after a nighl march from Zetie. vvhlcn
waa oocupled on November ii', Oon,
Townshond attacked tin Turkish posi
tion at Cteelphi ighteen miles frjm
Bagdad i on November 22. Aftr-r -
vaii- flghting the poaltsOl iv. i- .-o.
tUTSd with f00 prisoners aid qusntl
rles of arms a;. 1 sejtllpnient, ' nrr Uiss--.-,
were 200 killed ami wounded. Hen
TWwnafiend and the oonenil Head.
quartafl bivouacked in tin- Captured fio-
sltton tin the night -f November 211
Turkiah counter attei ks were repulsed,
r.iT'. Nov-emls-r 24 the want of water
qpmpelled us to retire down tiie river
three or four onies below Cteaiphon,
Tne terrilOT) Ivetween tut point now
reached by the PtUkdl eapOdltlOP atid
Hagda-I. lis goal, is a Milt alluvial plain
With no uatura' defences against lliva-
Tiie lot., of Haadad. it ir helieved,
.vou.d have un effect on the Turkit-U
Kinpire unly second to that of th. loss
of Conatantlnopte t!.eif, sint'e. althoug?h
no longer the r-ligloui centre of Jslam.
it mn retained enugn of .i- f
gr.nideur to lie Known nt ill to the Turks
as the glo? iou City."
The poHsesftlon of Hfigdad by the ltiit
!h would place an effectual che. k
tBC way of n Turko-t 1- nnan attempt I
t- get to Indlg by land and would a Iho 1
he a barrier to the pluli to hulld
'ifrmany't -jtowrr hi the Orient.
WOUld cm the M'le of t'n Hifcdtd '
way 110 miles from the rencjan inlf.
t ud part of that railw ay In completed,
although arorh has been uned ilnoe
the beaTlnnlng if the wnr.
t u- nlphon, a hen the Hrltlah rot pe
0CUpld the Turkii-h poattlona, ami
from which they were ..'aliaed to wlth-
tir:i, becauaa of lak f water eupplyi
waa the winter home f the arthlan
kings ami was (ti Important strateiflc
I-) -it in the wars he: ween the Unman
and IN-tf-laii -mir-s. Oppoalta the vil-
Dake of Marlborongh Telli
Lordi Recruiting Will Be
severoh Pelt.
gpsessl "I'-'' DesgedeJI Tm. si s.
i LoNPOKi Nov. 14. Particular Uitereai
I attached to a spe.-.b by 'he Duke f
I Marlborough In the House of Lords to
day on The effecT of recruiting on ugi-l-
I culture because of the close study he
has inade of the BUbJOC) and his prac'i-
;.ai eaperlments in (arming.
i The Duke estimated that according to
lb,. Karl of Derby's recruiting projei t
' n. lino men who have been employed on
ths soil win be called to national aer.
I vice. The value of the foodstuffs pro
duced by each nf these men averages
I '.'.OI 11. ..I" I
he said, while
f every soldier
The average annual cost
n- an equal amount, so
that each agri-
Involves a loss
cultural recruit really
to the oommunlty of ti
. nirirested tile SmPlO
(n (11,500), He
ymenl "f more
women to relieve tin- impending
i shortags on tne rarms,
Tiie i nike. who is the husband of Con
! M,elo Vanderbilt. aft.-- protesting
i against pending radical land measures,
two years ago placed 1,000 acres of his
' Blenheim Cattle estate under the plough,
i with the object of increasing The notional
; f i supply and giving employment in
! laborers. He baa alnoe produced two
j good crops of wheat, barley and oats
I He substituted sheep for the mower on
his lawns iihd when the supplv of grass
I became scarce planted cabbages in ha
(lower beds The Puke also made a
i grant of land on Which to build collage -
for the la novel si.
' ."l.'...il.iiiil wluntar) iplrll Ii Knglaiul .- a- mroni
$17,756,260 DU PONT DIVIDEND. ,. .. . i the wm he
"Kvery man should go before u local
under I'sserrs Makes a ill) PetltrlbUI 1 w I i delrrmllie whelhvi
l ent, t ash lllatrlbutlnn.
PliilitPglilf'i Nov. 4, War order
,, '.
ake a Thanksgiving real among
I holders of K. I. dll IHlM de .Nemours
Powder Cpmpauy Stook. Utvioends were
lectured lo-duy Which will g:ve 17..ah,-;
(0 to holders ot Ihe new common sus k
In ruul slier, ding money.
These dividends, an initial quarterly I
of m per cent unit an extra uf 2x '-j :
per cenl.. nSike Ihe ftn-t big cash dlsili-
billion or ilie lllge pronn wnicn ine
concern Is inalilng.
1 in October I last the old company
was taken over by the present compall) i
Mid holders of Common spi ll, ol which
. th.-i-e was 110,417,100, received .: : im
I cent, dividend In coinmo II si'S-ii of the
" new cvorporMion, wnmn uuugnt "in me i
obi at a valuation "f $1-'" 0,000, In1
ihi operation per cent was ussured on
the old common rtovli and 151.154, J00 1
new common stock vvas rooelved, Now I
tills sUicl. gc'.s n n Starter "' per '. ill.
la cash divide The stock sold tu-'
! Uac st ?150 a share.
t8 Miles
of Bagdad
luge, on the riglit haul-
is elencia.
a despatch h nt out from Berlin on .
Tuesday said It was reported that a
British force of it 0,000 men had been
severely beaten at Bagdad by The Turks
several weeks ago. It is hardly likely
that the British force numbers more
than T0.000 men.
aaalaata Mewaee Persian iteireu
NRlgatN Her I rum Itloters.
lrNpoffi Nov. 24.--Oespatcheg from
i.crni.iny iintii.it, tliut llnsslari tiis'ire
are mhrchlng on Teheran tin- capital 01
I'ers.i. u u reported that t,. activity
pf Qerman and Turkish agents In the
northern third of p. rain, Which by tire
Anglo-Vtuss Ian convention 1- under the
hegemony of Russia, h is been SO BUC- t
cessiir thai ihe native ;r.,"n-. or aen I
darmerle, huvs revolted Th Russian
advanci bas been niade ne- ssaaryi 11 is
said, to ehis-k the destruction or prop
erty and to safeguard the Uvea ..f Ruro
pea nr who live In the BrUVh'S oapltat,
The Oologne OoOtttO stale, tint a
largo f- r f llusslans is bearing conn
upon Teheran 1 upon its arrival
will ar t up .1 military government w- i!i
Russian orflcers directing Persian affairs. I
I The Herman, Austrian aid Turk'sh M!n- J
inters arc ..aid to have left Tr iieri-M. evi
I dently bellovtng p thus soon fall into
ItUfan haruli. Tht Vnterkan MlnlMct
a. TohMrnn h 'aktn OhAsTge --f the Oaf
man I . c tino
in.- iM)reurri (.'tice t. 'rsueil th.
foliowi:ifr .-'katrino.'.t on the fltuaUon in
Petata i
infi'mint wr. ha r-LCtr--f) the i.iv-ni-'
ipent of an attach upon :he Hr.tioh i'o.,. ,
Mil and thfl Blitlah SOtony at Shira
( ou'h-.' le.stern Parvia) on the 19th. l'er-!
atan pendarmer'e without any wartlli g !
MtMd the Conaul, tha euperlntendent of
itovoriuuanl tetcgraphg and :i- atatt of
tins Bank of Perala while pr-s'co-di'.p to
their of!U t-a
"The hank building was m ixetl and all
the property COnflacated, Th" Kuio- !
peans w re deported
"The wife of the bank manager, her
two daughters and the wife of the Super
intendent oi' Telegraphs arrived at
If i. -hi i t 1... i.,irfli.i..tini.. s
Ih pteMimn auift. MMtaii t,v mpii
i of gendarmerie, Tlie nay they w ere
I well treated, hut that at two placer- on
'tin- toad ihe were obtertM of ltoxiil'
i demonatratlona.
"Tiie gemlunnerlo in northern Persia
m in open revolt. The line of the Indo
r'uropean telegraph has heen t ut. Buro
i peanH are n'Mig iz u and robbed
1 'Tim liriush Milliliter a Teheran ro
( ports that 'lce- 'on-til I la madam with
the f'OnaUl from Kerman-hah and the
Britlah colony tarted iter Kalven mi
the ltd, Tin acta of the rebela are
being dime ir defiance f tht- Oovern
i ment."
B the convention of ugu-t tt, itOT,
Persia Was dlWded Into three Zones.
1 the north neoomtng t h Ruanlan uphere,
I the central neutrals ami the southern and
I the leralan Oulf becoming a p.rttish
KeeriiitinsT Chief
Davldng Attack
I nils St.
hi A t in
Staff TraitoroiiN Ai t.
Loss Do st, Nov St.- The Burl ot Pern,
speaking before the London sto. k Kv
ohange to-day. denounced tin- recent .
speech of II. iron -tt. DaVfdS ill the Houst
of Lords and ratld that the upper house
Tne. led a censorship,
"No gentleman would have made and
no gentleman would believe Lord si '
Pallida's ac'-usaliiins," he said. "Thei
man who gives information to the enemy '
goes lie an Ugly name, and II should be
given Just as much in the case of a I
speech delivered m ihe House of Lords '.
as to a man who risks his life in getting j
infoi mat ion for the enemy.-'
Lord Derby also replied lo the recent
statement made by Lord Rlbbleedale
thai it was. isimmon knowledge that
Lleul -Gen. sir Charles Monro, win. auc- -
i r sorted Sir Ian Haiuillon In command ill '
I (he Dardanelles, had repoue.i ii. favor of
abandoning the campaign on th" penln
"I nm in the War
) not hing about it " U
i "There niusi liar s been
1 to give htm intern latum
I know w ho he Is '
d ki
il I lerbv sa id.
i second Traitor I
i in I we ought to
Lord Darby sab lie had Dot come to
, the Stock Rgoltange t-. enlist recruits,
but the lov al cooper at 10: i of the mem
bers, gddlllg that a: Hie prr N lit time no
man had a rigid to say he was India
pensahle at his preset I i up ... nr nt,
"Apart from th. numbers we shall gr
Is Tin- moral cITc I Upon our allies and
our enemies in Showing them that tne
t he is it o ispe . -1 me,
"We are going In win (his wnr. what
ever iii i, i".i there i no use mak-
I Ing that assertion II less every one does
I his duty at thin frlgls
Ixrrd Derby lidded a plea for nut Is
saving tiiat the effort was being mad. to
do in six we. ks under the volunteer sys
tem what QertTtin) had been fori.- yenrg
in doing under ooneorlptlon, Although
large number! wci.. eni sling, (heat .
he greatlv increased In (he next tin
weeks if the voluntoor oyttom wen to
he made unassailable.
Lord SI. I .. v l.ls Tool; opcaelon In
House of Lords today to reply la the
Criticisms of his r.'ietit speech. He paid
that When he spoke of t'li visit a of
women to negdquartors he had In mind
ogle vis. I at the begin; ng ..! I
he s.o and iiddeil thai he did n..( nnn. I
aider ii gpproprlati fh ii - gresi t tsng.
edv should he made a "peep show.'" J
(iKritT IIKtll sl-ltl-.i it VII l;
IIK the 00 OS ef six '...' I( J Uttltl
Keneu Deffpernfo ESffoit to
Take Ileiuht Smith of
Austrian Fortress.
TciTlflc Roinbnrdnient En
ablex TrooiN t Make lc
clslvc Advance.
1 .
'I'lM-'Vl II ilt-'l.TV tlVUtt
iGoritz .Mii.v Be Abandoned,
Sua s P-iMirt. L lilts (Jcr
ni!!ii Scud Aid.
Vrs-ra' CsOS IH$$9ttk fi 1 rrr Si
nOMB. Nov. 24. PolloWlni tirlr
ess in tin- capture of iho height
Toaga ra.
' . key to Qorttii the
atormlnt'! t' in. !hv
in tiu edi:. if the Cat
f f.in
n plgej
el. .
: Mn
' ' 11,1 to thi
- hold on the
nuth of the Atistr'ati onf.
leoniO, Tre.'e height.- lurrn
iic tmportani . :"titieation- eouth
of Oo'itr, a: d tht ttgllatUI hftVa len
makln dee pe rate eff.u-ts ti occupy 'hem
for everal weeki.
In the official r.-jMirt made pubtlo to
nlghi i i announced thai flan. Cadoma'i
forcen eucceaded In occupying tiie fourth
i ne of intrenchmeiiti near the iummH
of the mountains Tht Ictor) w ti
achieved after a terrific bomtardmrnt of
the Austrian poaltiona Kaatlng uii night.
When the artlllen oeaaed flrfng the in
fant ty charged from tin diet lid anmnd
the hurch of s m Mart I no. Tin Aua
trlatta were Uttabte to n treat in time
and iikim of the defender! f the futth
1 t ranch Ware
Ml ole I'l l"lie-
sincr the baajtiitring of the Italian f.
fettalve. whleh Is noa known as the
fourth battle of the laona . the Auati lang
hae delivered n eerket of irt liter) nd
tufantr. attack Hlonu wtmh line
finite attt
ground h
t to
I Hi
It a In.
llnllnii (.tins lloi lrnM tri.
lo ok.
f the
bv the
terrific bombards
is elm- l-ivery
ii r ne vlolenee of
the neighborhood
day s.-. a
Ihe bnmlin
ol i lords
It has Is
ell f war
at which it
out any !
many, Tin
lineiit In
vn teamed here tit. it a .-our
was held recently ut litibaeh
was decldetl bv ii" Vuatrlan
s that Oorita could not hold
ngr-r without aid frrcn i h r-
Austrlans ,i.-.'iii-.i on u grtvl-
nil I svacuatlon of the srion-hcild. wmen,
it is believed, they .ne prepared t" tie
etiviy before ieavlng II . cording to the
best Information av.ui.i ! here no at-
ii mpt will he made l the Italians to
enter the - ity until air the fortified
heights surrounding It have been no
The ofttVlal report from i ien. Cudoma
regnrdlng the operations of Kovemhof
1 1
follow -
Tin Austrlnns on
ubei it and the
avol - il bv means i
tacks to racouuui
the night of No
following day en
if violent surprise
r tin- Important
Itloiis which the) have I. .si. e
tally tin- heights of iSagnra. in.rth-
aast ,.f Ma via. fh. -e aita. ke w. re
repulsed with heavy losses nn height
I vs. tin- enemy left more than h id
on the field.
iin the Cursn plateau our offiiislvs
was continued. W'e achieved a brll
Ugnt success yesterday in the Monte
San Ml h. lc gone, where we ruptured
the fourth III"' of wide, deep lldtinih
ments near the summit of Ihe moun
tain on th. sal.- facing Ha- i'l. nr. h of
Pan Martlno a majority nf the de.
fenders were surrounded ami nado
prisoners. Th lemy Iminertlalely
dlrectetj a hall "f ahells "f every cnll-
bl'i the position II. hind this
curtain of lire Important Austrinn
forces were massed f..r counter at
-ii. ii- Disperse
y n si r iii ii
posit ions
ir Infantry held
allied ollr arttllS
I,, front mtrateti II fire
on (he enemy's columns, dispersing
thorn. further attack hy our in
fanti v resultvtl in iho rapture of :i
Austrlans and a large quantify of nn
inuniilnn and war supplies.
Hnem) aeroplanes yeeterday dropped
bombs on ih.- Are less plateau, .arr-
uig slight damage, and ulso On Ihe
town of Ala. wlriTe four soldiers WOW
wounded. Our air -quad ran dropped
bombs on the Austrian aviation field
ar Alsovisaa and Alduaslma a- well
n nt the railway stations of vogr s
skOi llelfenherg ami Ban Danlele, nn
the road from Oorita to Trltrstl The
aviators returned safely.
In addl'.ion to th. rapture of the sum.
mil of Monic Calvuiio ai Podgorn thi
Italian by an Infantry '-barge cit-rli"!
tin Austrian po-nion- on tm- nriug.
head running north of i'odgoin
forts, forming part of Ihese defe
as wci. a- l,ftfio Austrian soldiers
into the hands .. Ihe invaders
Italians l.nliii Hull lu i nn Haaki
Inrardlua laelrlaas,
v,.., d I a Mr flSSfMll In Tut: si l s
j ViKWMA, Via Lorclr.li, Nov . .4 - The
hauls for ihe limits bridgehead -on-
tlnui'S 'villi uiiuuuted violence and w Ih
lieav) loeaes lo the Italian., Recording
. , th. offi .ui hnnouiK'emeni nut le to
by the Austrian Army II
a- War Office report isauci
ii -
II till
(front DuHng atafday 'n'
i.ridai ahead s'tn a0a4n undi
lie. bm no idjifHt it ry attack e.
Xltere waa aeveh Ba;hi -c un
Ida u Monti lau Utonele,
lit H'
cUI "

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