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Striking photographs from the war (one
reproduced in nest Sunday's SUN.
Fair to-day and probably to-
warmer to-morrow ; southerly
Highest temperature yesterday, 47;
I totalled weather, m ill ami m.niiv re;1jrts
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1915. ami, iwi. 9m puno and Fimm$ auocumoh.
TIhm With Pwgimlve
Tendencies Regard Him
nn Best rmuliilnt'.
That the .huist
Accept Nomination
If Tendered.
k an n- current
hAi set In
In the
th FUpubHcaaa, particularly
w-.i fkw tlie nomination of
HagtM "f 'he t'nlte,! State Supreme;
Court tor the Presidential nomination.
A a rul' the I TogTessl vea are Inclined
OMOept the Jurist as he bent connro-
m candidate to bring the Hull Moan ,
bark into the Republican fold at the.
p-M national election.
A survey of the situation In impor
tant State.- having IToRrewlve ten
OWi has he.si obtained ly Tub Sim.
Will favorite son are put forward
lltuatkm shows IBM in tnc nnai
In-- cc Hushes Is retiaiiieu as
considered beat equipped to
th- man
orn thf
Republicans to victory. The
Jin.-: it ie believed, will not refuse to
ajcept ihs nomination if it is tendered
tc hint.
Hi- refusal i" permit himself to be a
rand date, however, prevents a more-
put Ills liatll-' on wie pi num. t
ii view of the Nebraska in
. 1
The situation In some linistr-
is analyzed !n despatchon j
tarn Stat
hrrsotT, Nov. -V in Michigan the
lint : unanimous choice of Republicans I
mo t'rogresstv mr a Prealdenttal can-
IMatt .I jslii harlvs K. Hughes not- ;
Ifrnatanding the fact that he is per
Burnt declaring thai he i not a,
c., iidate. Prommem Rapubiioane ot
II . :i gap an alt of one mind that Ji-U'-
Hughes's now nation would is
uuiv.ilent to his el.-crioii by an ovor
gl ! ,ng vote.
"There is no question wl'.ilever about
ttm ki hlgan sentlmenl iimr practically
ai juattM Hughes." said Alex J.
ilr k. ex-chairman of t Michigan!
Kepubllcan committee. "There is Just I
ling to do, and that is i" nominal.'
kin wgardlesa of ins own arishse In the
a) ttti Michigan would give him '.111
vsrwhelmlng majorltif and In my
I . would gel the same treatment
tiroughout the whole country.
I la la no time for 'Judicial dignity.'
Just.ce Hughes haa been honored many
llmei . the hands ! the Republican
arty and lie now has po right to refuse
to accept higher honors front the party
Vast such honors come t- him unsougiit.
xvither i this a time tpr ssntlntent
Thi Republicans ..f Michigan will proba
b tlnd on ih primary ballot In thamrly
ihs name ol Charles K. Hughes
at . 1 pic'a candldata for Paaai-
gent ol the United states."
In this Mate th consent of a ndi
4. t not required. Ttis statute pro
y 1. 1 i t!i,. none of ills candidate be
Tinted . the ballot oil petition of th"
lagjtl red numl I UPportsr and It
iould 1 nltted St his own rispiest only
0 eon ling in.' word 'candldata' to the
restricted deflnltlon of a person who
trek pffloa hi maslf -which Ju-ti.e
Hughea a pot doing.
1 .. rt louden In Michigan cannot con
e ve tl 1 Judge Hugbae's objection
Would .t.ind after his eltOtUm or even
a".' nomination, even though be
p. . Is
d. m
. Supr.nie IsMi.'h tbs rrrs:
llr They eSPOCt to we many
,,- ihe Jurlat'i noma on their
i.illols and they predict his
ition 11 Hie national convention.
Mlch'gan was the banner
- gtate thrbe years ago, the
ar thai next year the Hull
a 1 be virtually absorbed by the
. th Republicans getting the
1 in. Nov. 15, There is no
,iit a widespread sentiment
Pennsylvania demanding the
.11 of Justice Hughes by the Re
liegl yetr. but If he should be
. justice Mould probably h
1 10 the ResHlMiean ortinnl
the Htate.
in. 11I among ihe voters that in
n . ii Pennsylvania from the
1 . ..Inn, 1, fm the first time
U would ii"I be satisfied ailh
. win. has not been definitely
with I'rogregalVO policies and
HI Hie
r as
hand those voters wll"
11 1911 are now anxious
ticket a man whom Hoy
1 compromise candidate,
t, hi
Hid regard Hughes as a
. ibis purpose. o)
v1 .. Nov. 6. dreading Ropub 1
i d Progressives believe tliat the 1
if Juatlce Hughea In Inducing j
' .hi 'if Btal of Nebraska 10 j
ju i.-t's name off the Itepub
' in. 11; y ballot ill that Slate as I
dutfl for Prealdcnt will prevent I
l' of Ins name tu Minnesota,
e Hughea la a great favorite
ii oonservntlve ami progressive
uis. and those who have been
a ins nomination have not
Up iiope that lie will be the choice
Hi publican national convention,
m Itevs thai If lie should be nomi
1 would "ot donlhio
it A. Wilkinson, a leader among
ifrewlveg who positively refime
ft. pi
r v
i '
Coaifaai d o
Incomes and Autos to
Pay for Preparedness
Proposed Levy Drops Ex
emption 91000 and Ad
mttees Rnte.
WAgMIMOVOMi Nov. 25. The first
authoritative Intimation of the pro
gramme of tOlatlOtl that th Admlnls
t ration will suggest to the next Con
gress was given ovil to-day ly Secre
tary M cAdoo. While his statement lve
the items merely in the form of per
sonal suggestions, there Is no doulit
that his utterance was approved by th
President and that Mr Wilson has In
mind the tax levies suggested.
Secretary McAdoo voices the opposi
tion of the Administration to a bona
issue for national defence purposes and
expresses the opinion that It will not
be necessary , that the needed expendi
tures can he nut with taxes "widely
diffused and scarcely felt."
While It Is believed that the taxes
propeaad by Mr. ItcAdOO would fall most
heavily on persons having large Incomes,
officials realise
that the suggested levy
on gasolene Is likely to meet witn con.
slderable opposition from Congressmen
representing rural districts
He also takes a more optimistic view
of the revenue situation i-onfrontlnac the
Government than do many headers of
Congress Mr McAdoo tlgu.es that the
new revenue neeeasary to meet the def
icit In 1917 and the Increased national
rtafanro programme win tie HS904)994,
Me. McAdoo pOtnlN out that If the
pat ifY-nt on aCCOUftt of the IhMOlM
Canal for I91t and ISO 7. amounting to
led, 400,000. should 1h- made from the
prooeoda of tamd alread authorised,
then the n.klitmnnl revenues needed for
th fls,-al year 1911 would he only 191,
100,000, The estimates which some Congress
leaders. Including Iti-prceeiitatlve Kitchlu,
have made recently put the figures of
additional revenue needed much higher
than those of Mr. McAdoo.
MstrsiFst Aathorlard.
The greatest Interest manifested here
In the statement was the authoritative
disclosure that the Wilson Administra
tion is disposed to put the burden of fur
ther taxes "on wealth" rather than dis
tributing it thmwgh an increase In tariff
Some conflieton Was caused by Mr.
Me Ad, 10 h statement that the military
projMredneeai programme oalled for an
expenditure of only lt.M4,0t in 1917.
The programme submitted by Secretaries
Pamela and iarrison uovlded for ap
propriations amounting t" IHS.ooO.OOO
in eacess of the . urrent year. It was
explained, however, that Mr McAdoo
had 01 mind "iil in.- actual money ex
penditure" required In 1917.
Here Is his formal statement:
in view of the many Inaccurate and
misleading statements which are being
made, either deliberately or ignoranil.
about III HlHMI of the Treasury
ami the Hnaneea of the ijovernmenl
with respect to the currant fiscal year
and the fiscal year 1917. I feel that a
true and accurate analysis of the situ
ation may be of eervioe to th public
The "luestion of the national finance Is
so Intimately related to other vital
problems which must be settled In the
Interest of the American people that
every right minded elilxen should want
the truih In older that he may help
form that Intelligent public opinion .mi
of which alone can arise sound anil
Just conclusions. With this In mind I
desire to submit to the publle the fol
lowing information i
We began th fiscal ear 1911 (July
1. 19151 with B general fund balance,
not Including amounts to the 1 redll of
disbursing office ra, of 104,170,10.
Compared with the balance shown In
the dally Treasury statement of June
;,n. 1915, this Is composed of the fol-
lowlng i
Balance In general fund July W.
1910, as per Treasury dally stat.--1
ment, IM.9I9.T10! add national nolo
! redemption fund, which by law Is a
pgr) of the publle debt and not to
i be set up as a liability of the gen
! eral fund. 119,190,140; add eaah de
posits dining the year 191.', and In
, 1 uded in 'he revised totals, advice
i.r whlctl were received III the Tlens
I ury after June 10, 191.',. 11,704,044
' balance In general fund June 3",
! 1915 (revised baslsi, I104.1T0.10S,
Under existing law the present
: duty of one cent per pound
! suif'at .eases May I, 1910,
on raw
and the
' nraaant emergency revenue
law ex -
1 plres on llecetl
I Ing thai these
! arc eliminated
nber II, 1911, Assum-
two aourc of revenue
. th following results
l,e expected for the fiscal year
seal fund balance In th.
showu, in, jutv 1. I01C. as alroadj
ttiit iTii.inr,. Bst!mstd total
,'eipis for 1919, 1970,111,
5(10. Total,
77i. 6'1"
Hlg Hndgret Ihrsil.
Total estimated disbursements for
1010, excluding Panama Canal pay
ments, T19,091,0O0.
Surplus or balance Juno .Hi. 191ft.
The duty on sugar and the emer
gency revenue taxes ought to be con
tinued. H this Is done the additional
reOOlgta from these sources for the
fiscal year 19H should be (41,000,.
000 from emergency tax and 1 .
1,111111 from lUgar) 111(000,000,
Balance, 1111,944,901
it may be assumed thai than will
he appropriated o ongres.- un sup
a totul of
for Ho
fiscal year
j 1 1,000,900,
Surplus fol
awning thai
sugar duties
fiscal year 1916 (as
einergency taxes aril
are continued), 101,-
Panama Canal payments for 1916
are estimated al 111,000,000, Thes. .
under existing law, may be paid by
sale of bonds. If paid, however, out
of current revenues we must deduct
Op this basis available balance at
end of fiscal year 1918 would be 176.
614,606. Now lei us consider the fiscal year
1917, which we begin with .1 balancj
In ihe Treasury of 179,144,101.
Total estimated receipts on the as
HUinpllon that present emergency rev
enue tuxes and duties on raw sugars
are continued. 7I9,I09,900,
Total for 1917. 1097.144,991,
Totul estimated disbursements. In
eluding 193. 100, 000 new or addition
expenditure, fur greater national ds
I. An
inert nse In the rates of
iti Individual and corporate
I, a redaction of the Income tx
exemption from $3,000 to t9jM for
single pemjOiU and from $4,000 to
13,000 for married persons.
I. The ttpllcatloti of the surtax
to Incomes above 110, miO or l.".,0JU.
Instead of M,ftt, as Ilxed by the
preaent iaw.
4. An extension of the war tax to
gasolene, crude and refined oils.
horse-power of automobiles
"other Internal combustion
". lteetmctmelit of the
reveinic tux ill Its present form
9. Repeal of the clause ill
present tariff law which puts sugnr
on the free list lieginnlng with May
1 next, thus retaining this large
item of revenue.
fence or preparedness and excluding
Panama Canal payments, H;li..M..
Mlctency, 1917. 2r..so6.394.
I :.-t limited deflclenclea and sup
plemental appropriations for 1917.
$ 1 1,000,4)00,
Add for working balance in Treas
ury to begin fiscal year 19 IS, f.
900,000, I'anama Canal payments for 1917
are estlinuted at 111,000,000.
If paid out of revenues and not
from sale ol bonds, add '.5.ft00,ii00.
On this basis the total new revenue
to be raised for flscal year 1917 la
1 111,900,104,
-.0,(100, dim 1 tor oal.
If. however, the Panama Canal pav
menta for th years 19l and 1917.
amounting to a total of 190,000,000,
should be paid from the proceeds f
bond sales then the amount of addi
tional revenue which must be raise 1
for the flscai year 1917 is estimated
to be 101,000(994. It WOUld llOt be
an unusual thing 10 finance the Pan
ama Canal payments by the sale of
tinvernmeiit bonds; In fact. llilH.iiOii.
Sti9 of Panama Canal payments have
been met by the sale of such bonds,
as follows :
Of Pen
Series nf Ifasi, .einuiiis-
trail. n of Preside at
Housevell. ; sr lent M "J!
receive. I.
i rOMN
Series ol ION, tHiminis-
trOttOn of IVesnletll
Roovs'. ell. jtor iNMU :w.rti'"..rt' 73l,iVS
Ssrie- nf ml, a,tmiiiM
yrsilon or kTsaMh m
Talt " own . . . w..w.o pan :7i
Total realised
m.i,i it. sex, us
l Oder the present Administration
all payments lor the Panama Canal
have berti made out of current reve
nues amounting since March 4. 191-'.,
to date to a7.036,xlx. '1 here la no
nec sslty, In my opinion, for the Is
suance of ImiuiIs, notwithstanding the
cuiillnuan.-e of Ike Kump-'at, war ami
tta Inevitable effects upon revenues
1 believe thai it would Is- fur prefer
able to continue to pay tl' eXiell,ll.
lures for til- Panama Canal out "f
currant revenues, especially since the
Canal is almost completed, and It le
likely that the demands on the Treas
ury from that source will largely de
, reuse in ihe near future. If ihe
polity Is ad": led of providing suftl
clnl revenues to cover the Panama
Canal Payments a- wall as all other
demands upon the Tteasury it prob
ably will Is broad enough to take care
of any orilmarx fluctuations In the
revenues and expenditure, of the
Qovornnieni in the future.
No I anal Mood laane.
There;,, re if bond -ire not latlsfld
f.r Panama Canal payment the total
amount of new revenue required foi
I ,e (local ycai loll (eeettming, as it
fors stated, that the preaent duty on.
sugar and ih present emergency rev
enue taX ale colli limed I g I11J,
100,994, in which is Included the sum
of 191,900,000 for pi e.oa redness or
nee msaaurss for national defencu.
Tins .imount .an e.isliy i.,- laised by
Internal taxation Without apprecia
ble burden.- upon the Alherloan peo
pla, The let, lines alnl Wealth of tho
country are great ami 'ar in
creaalng so rapidly that th- needs of
th.- flovernment tor its normally
growing expenditures ami for the car
rying out of 1I1,. largei programme
fm national defence can readily !
Merely a Suggestions I would say
that consideration may well be given
to increasing the rates of taxation on
Individual ami corporals Incomeo ami
of reducing th exemption under the
present law of It, OOO for single and
$4.01111 f.,r married parsons to 13,000
and lil. inn' respectively, The surtax
could begin at Si 0,000 or 111,000 In
stead of 110,000 as provided at p res
ant, in additioti I,, any Increaaee
that may be made tu the corporation
and Individual Income taxes a tax
could Is- Imposed on such products as
giusolene. crude and refined oils. horaSI
p.iwer of automobiles and other In
fernal combust ion en-sines and vari
ous other artlolea not iMtoeomry to
mention, These taxes would be widely
diffused and scarcely f"it Certainty
Ha. nation la willing, when ii Is able
to do so. to raise by taxation the
amount needed for such a Vital pur
p.ise as national pre pa rednO and de
fence Ii is ..I curse the function of the
Congix'ss 10 determine what revenues
shall be raised and how. ami tnese
views mtial not be considered as a
programme, bur merely Kg suggestions
for discussion.
' What lleiiarlmenla Want,
Th mtlmaied dlsburssment for 1919
ami 1917 repress ni what the various de
partments "f the QOVornmSnt expe-t to
spend from the appropriations uvaJutbls
111 1916 and from the estimates of ap
propriations submitted for 1917. The
estimates ,,f appropriation for the mili
tary stablishmsnl for 1917 ars 9199,921 -2ti,
Includliii 197,111,000 fm- armo pr
parednesa The appropriatlonofor the mill,
tgry jtabllslimsnl for 1911 wore i4,.
199,711. The sstimatss of appropriations
for the naval ostabllshineni for 1 01 7 are
1919.110,191, Including 149,000,000 for
naval preparedness The appropriations
for Iho naval establishment for 1916
were 1111,109,917,
Willie a total of 1111,911,000 will be
asked for preparedness in 1917 -197,.
191,009 for Ihe army and 149,000,000
for tho navy ihe War and Navy de
partments estimate they will upend In
1917 only ,991,900,090 for this purpose,
thai Is 119,900,000 for army and i:t;,..
000. OOO for navy The SStamStSg for
appropriations for 1917 are larger than
the estimated disbursements because the
estimates of appropriations reprcnent
! the
the beginning of a specific programme
do hot contemplate expending all
money in one year.
i-i Kxeiirsitmisfs From Wll
Biiagton, 1 if 1.. Coming Hers
to Wiks Thiiffi t p.
Two Mon
Will Foot All
-On With the
I inn cp."
Wll.MtN 1T0N. Del , KOV. II III
chartered Pullmans a parly of forty
I . ......
nun ami women, neauny 1100 n. .
j prominent, will leitve hern to-morrow for
I New York Tin y will spend a week
end there In a style that would make
I Coal rl Johnny JealOU and Hutch
1 HcDevttt feel like a piker. If they could
1 get a "look In."
For six month, or eVOI since the rise
In du POM common and (ieneral Motors
stocks turned millions loose In Wilming
ton, Individuals who profited thereby i
have bevn '.telling for aome place big 1
enough i make a splurg. Millionaires
were getting nearly as common as
cab drivers in Wilmington, so they're I
going to vial' New York. I
They leave here at 1:10 o'clock to-
morrow afterni From the time they
land Ui New York to-morrow night until I
they return Sunday night they will
dine, dreas. motor and dance from one 1
end of the
other. The
Hotel As tor
nreel White Way to tMI -ir. Murr had charge of tlie Kleventh
entire second Miair of the I avenue case for the Corporation f'oun
has been reserved for them. I sol's office for several years. On June
Tito t Foul 111 Hills.
Two men in th.- party win fool all
! the nills. They are John J. Raakobi
I treasurer of th. Ii. I du Pont d Ne
mours Company, ami Frank J. Lackey, a
stock broker They lotli got rich
tin 'Ugh war brld
"Leave your poCaetbook al home."'
said Raskob and Lackey In their Invi
tation. The forty-two excursionists are mem
ber of a dancing claw which UP to a
ear ago met every week at Miss Me.
ClafJfertySl studio in Pythian Castle.
With the .soiling of Hp "war brides'- to
Wilmington Miss McClaffert) s lancing
class, ilk, everything else, started to
dance to the llllic of mllilOtt,
They left MlM MrCl ifTertx s studio,
and hurried out to the Country Club.
or the century Club ni the Hotel ou 101 ,
for their weekly dance. They prefixed
their dance with receptions, and suf
ilxed them with dinners and other thins.
They sl'iit 1100 a week ,111 these .1 inoe
and "napped I heir tleigers. Just piffle.
At the end of last eao:i the tit a
ury of Must McClaffert jr dancing class
had something Ilk 1910 on the credit
side. ltakol an I Lackey bought "war
brldtja" with It. Now the ll'.'.rt ha
leaped to 91,000, That's Jut a SgmPl
of where the money l , otnltig from for
Ihe dip Into the rei White
When I lite ex. uraloiilsts l.ual n
New York lo-moriow night the. will
I be met by autotr, ailles nn taxla, mind
I you. but full grown cars Tin will la-
iinven Immediately n. the Hotel Aotof
I in time to dr.es for .linn.-r. 1 : ese-nr
! for dinner is golno 10 In- one of th
luxuriee of th trip.
For sever.,: weeks, aver since t tie trip
was Oral planned. Wltmtngton aud
Philadelphia dteeamahers hav ien at I
work on gowns for the occasion. Bacl
woman In the part) will lake a tiunkfui.
Xlore mill
More Hit net 11 u
low itignt the)
, drome, with a
IclllS later Sat
I Will hop to the Hipi
i cabaret auppei and dai
i urday Ititht there ill
' oilier big hotel, with i
is" dinner at an
ion cabarsts and
Mandwk-'hod In between tunes on s.u
! urday Iher will be i il"' dans. int. with
luncheon al anolhei leg hotel. In the
I momtnea tnsy mat do as they pleaaa
breakfast wherever and on wlnttever j
I they plena -Hie only restriction iH-mg I
1 that they i.i Itaskoo and Uacksy pay
Ihe bills.'
Sunday they will lake an automobile .
I trip up th Hud noli, stopping al a road
I house for tea. Then home again in the j
chartered Pullmans.
Kmest s. Talte, manager of the Hotel
.111 Pont. Will be .11'., -tic Of the loUT
He was formerly assistant manager "f
the Hotel Astor. Mi ami Mis. Talte I
I are both member of lbs dancing class. I
Othsi members of the party. Includ-
: ing Mr. and Mrs Raskob and Ml al 'I
Met-. Lackey, will be: tTiaTleB Winner
I of (he Charlss Warnei C pany, ee-
ineiif dealers, and Mrs. Warner: Robert
simlth, vloe-prssldenl i ( in.' Hllles a
Jons Company, one or Wilmington's!
big iinlusW.es. ,,n,l Mrs Snnili. .lames'
Slirling of tiie same tlrni and Mis siP-.
I ling. Alft, .1 ii M e. a real sstati
'dealer, and Mrs Moor I Mr ghd Mis.
William a Hon. Mr. and Mr bklward
I H. Mo le. Mr ami Mrs F. A Waiden
; burg. Me. and Mrs William Corey, Mr.
and Mrs Walt. i I. Butler, Mi ind Mrs.
C I B. Hennlng, Mr. and Mrs Win
Ithrop Woo.i. Mr and Mrs i. s Jeuckes,
Dr. and Mm. Julian Adair, Mr. and Mrs.
i Robert Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin
! Murnhev. Mr. and Mrs Kdward M
j Philip, Mr and Mrs. Leslie P. Mahonv
i and Mr. and Mrs. William Poole.
Mr. and Mrs. Mahout will take their
baby and nuise.
Mr Raskob is building a new 200,000
home al Claymont, a suburb II,. baa
a very attractive bom there now, hut
it is being torn down to make way for
ihe new on,- ii,- is transforming i -
property, which extends from the Phils
dslphla pike to ihe river. Into elaborate
gat dens and lawns. Mr. Itaskob haa
bought up every properly lie could gel
which stood In ihe way, paying what
ever the owners asked for them
i in. man, it Is reported, had a small
plot of ground Willi a little shack on II.
Mr. P.askob warned n He asm an
agent I" negotiate Hie sale.
"How much 'I1'1 you pay for ui
place." Mr, Raskob' agent asked.
"Four hundred dollars," saitl the
ow tier.
"What do you want for it '"
Five thousand dollars," waa ths reply,
"Sold." said tho agent, and he went
away with the bill of sale.
la ,iil One Hani
Slide After
ILtl.'I'l MoilK. Nov. "f. Dp, Joseph T,
Singewald, Jr. associate In ee mic
geology at John- Hopkins university,
who returned vesiorday from I'entral
America, said thai Hie sign that greets
all Visitor t" Hen. OpSthals's offi"i in
tbS Canal Zone now is "Life i Just one
(am Slide after Another."
The sign originally was printed
"Tiling" In place of "Slide." but fol-
lowing Hi" closing of ih,. canal by Up.
i,ig sgrth Jam in
ovsrnoi changed Ufa
MAYOR HELD UP tlTHror( jees Difficulties
AY. CASE, SAYS BURR M Ming m peace 5
Cfesnrefl MiMii'l Has. Not,
Aotfd Sinei Rs (hv Opin
ion in May. inn.
No si n I Polk's tekm
Ex - Assistant Clitillpniros His'
Politer Chief to Deny
His MlttctlHHIts.
The assertion of Frank I,, folk, for
mer Corporation Counsel and now Coun
sellor of the Htato liepartment. that
William P Hurr's dismissal from the
post of Assistant Corporation Counsel
was due to his Inactivity In the city s
fight to get rid of the New York Cen
tral Railroad's tracks on Kleveuth ave
nue has stirred up a rumpus that pro n
Ises a aeries of dally explosions.
Mayor Mitch, -I, who went home from
Roosevelt Hospital yesterday, was un-
goto to mak,
statement, but win d so
Meanwhile, Mr. Burr defended
against what he regards as an
aspersion, and said that
Mr P'dk evidently
knew nothing about
the cane.
"Whatever delay there has been In
removing these tracks." he said, "the
cause must be sought from Mayor
Mltchel - It lies at his door, not mine.'
114, 1919, an opinion written by him.
signed by Corporation Counsel Wutson.
I was submitted to the Hoard of Kstlmate.
j In ilus opinion he said that the "land
j under water" fie filled in latid on
'which the L rack lie belonged to the
jolty and not t., ihe railroad. After
: that date. Mr Hurr said yesterday, no
I ceer affecting the VYosi side tracks was
in the Corpora' Ion Conusors office. Not
until a yea 1 later was Mr. Hurr's resig
nation requested.
No iili In Polk's I'rrm.
'As a matter f fact.' Mr. Hurr said,
"there was no suit ponding relating tc- j
i th- removal of these tracks a' an) time
j when Mr. Polk was 1 'orporation Counsel. J
I Mr, Poik is evidently entirely unfamiliar I
; Willi the fa.ts. and It Is dangerous for!
any man. especially for a diplomat, to
I talk about something of which he 'a
entirely ignorant."
Alt. Hurr pointed out that the Court
Of Appeal. 011 May 20, 1911. whili
lli!ing that the railroad company had
a perpetual franchise 10 operate Within
; the city limits, said that under the po
) IPs- power of the State th-' company
j could I m Polled to remove its tra.l.s I
al It own expense The Legist.,- ire !
I In Ihe SUM y. ar followed this up by I
i.Msslnv u IliW BMlllta llltntl ll,e r,.ilrv,n,l
' to slop using the si reels or iairk
grad and a 111 ii- r lxltig the -omi
, the ciiy to ariange tor elevating
1 .1. pressing t ne iravMS. The ,s.st, in-
tlmated at ..,.io."U. was to .1.. bomc
i.y toe compan .
The Board of Kstlmate appointed a1
special committee on terminal improve
ments to take charge of th.. matter.
Mr. Mltchel, then President of the Board I
of Aldermen, was chairman ,,1 ;r. s ',
"I n Mar h L'7, 1913." aatd Mr. It.nr.
"the committee reported to tin it. trd
of igstimate 'h.- proposed agrosment w'lth i
I 11
railroad n
hvarlng on
mpauy, The
1 lit proposal
la', pub- j
was hel 1 i
on May 21
1 is incite.
e tii- Board of I
l. at.- Opinio,, tu toiiimll tee.
Al 'in-- bearing Mr. Hurr said that
I in nis opinion, the four and one-hair
j miles of "hu d under water." claimed
i bj the railroad by adverse possession,
! re.lllt belonged IO Ih- Clt.V, tile CH-
j pan) having originally obtained it un-
dor a license.
Julius Henry Cohen, representing the
Citizens Cnlon, said at ihe hearing
"Mr. Hurr- opinion I almost c.ia
ctualv on this whoi,. proposition, -'
ctaUSe It shows that, Instead nf the c.ly
j being .it tin mercy of the rallv .aa.
' strategically, the railroad l at Hie im t y
; of the olt "
Prestdsnt Mltchel said :
If that Is true. Ihere Is i tratgic
advantage i" the city wnicn w.- nave
not recognloed up to the present time,
but. if It Is not true there I IIO 11,1-
in, June l' i me formal opinion of
I the, Conmratlon counsel, amplifying
I what Mr. Hurr had said, was bud b -i
lore ih' Batlmate Board
' "The whole inn Iter" Mr Hurr said
yesterday, "then rested with the Hoard
In blstlmats and Mr. Mltchel'a commit
I tee. and ever suae then it has re
: nstlned witli Mr Mltchel as President
'of the Hoard of Aldermen .mil as May
or ThS undeniable fad is ih.it the
I tracks are still being operated a' grade
i "From thai time until I resigned from
Hi, Law Dspartmsnt, there w-a noi
pending in th department any matter
regarding th removal of the New York
Central' tracks of which i had any
knowledge, nor did Mr. Polk ever speak
1 to me about all) such mailer Iti that
! time. As a matter of fact I don't he-
j lev Mr Polk understands what ths
i hi tg-ii ion was ail about
I "I challenge Mr Mltchel and Mr Polk
t . disprove any statement I bays mads
about that litigation. If 1 Svas 'ineffec
tive In any rsspoct In ant cas winle
I was in tho Law I'oparlment, how doee
! Mi Polk explain ihe fact that he re
I tained mo in Heptember, 1914, a spe
I olal counsel to conduct and finish the
AtlMtsrdam Avenue Blaotrtc Light and
Power Company case, which was on of
the most Important litigation ever un
dertaken bt til.- Law Department?
"I see Ihnt Mr. Polk denies I wcrt
10 see him lu Ihe hospital after he was
ehoi l .in in i testify I before the
Thompson eommlttso that I called on
him al iln hospital 1 said I wrote him
i , letter sating I believed Hint In the
i case of ths city against tbs Consoll
datsd Blsotrlcal subway Compan) ws
I c.uhl effect a settlement that arogld
'save between 110,000,000 and ll!.-
, .null and bring the city an Income
of at least 160,000 H year, although the
company had nsvsr paid a dolhtr under,
its contra I for more than twenty
years. I wrote thi loiter while he waa
s'ck, thinking it wouni cneer mm. raght
day later I received Ills letter reqUSSt
i big Oty resignation.
law SHIt I'MSOtUodi
case igalnst the OOMOlldntSd
il Subwa.v Compan., is UOSSt-
I y4yi.
ajo fai a 1 know. I his company
controlled bt Anthony N. Brady,
also controlled the Amsterdam
tftc l.lgtit. Heat and Power film
ginl the King County Kleotrlo
, Light
and Power Company."
Burr showed a Si n reporier cor-
COtlfflkt e f 'ourlg J'ugO
Something Found Wrong With Telegraphed Invitations
Which Said Jane Addams, Thomas Edison and
John Wanamaker Had Agreed to Go.
Henry ford and ht assistant. Louis
P. Ixehner. who Is secretary of the Chi
cago Peace Society, seemed to have sum
difficulty last night In telling .lust who
trill and who will not sail on the peace
ship Oscar II., which Mr. Ford bus
chartered to g to Kurope In an effort
to stop the wr by Christmas.
Homeihlng went wrong with the tele
graphed Invitations, which said lhal
"Jane Addnms, Thomas Kdlson and
John Wanamaker have accented" the
Invitation to sail on the Hcandinavlan
Amerloan liner on pecember t. Mr.
Ford said last night, when this part of j
Invitation was
all wrong.
read to him. that II
"I wish you would strike that out of
the Invitation," s.ihl the Detrolter to the
reporters, Hut the mistake had already
been made In 11.'. Invitations sent by I
wire. Nothing wus said aWnit correct- '
tug lltese. and Ihere did not seem 10 le 1
a feeling that It was Important to do so.
Who made the mistake did not appear, I
But it was only one nf several misun- '
Mr. Ichner told reporter thai Helen;
Keller had agreed to aall, but lu- night
close friends
of Mis Keller said thla I
wnan't so at all that she had merely
exprosaed her Interest m the project and;
1. Wish that ehe BOttld go were she able 101
Cancel lecture engagement-. I
liitlaon lleollnea to ....
For Mr. Waiaimaki It was said that
he had received Ihe invitation but had
not decided 10 go and would not de, id
until after he lias talked with Mr. Ford.
Mr. Ford ate his ThankfHJivitig dinner
with Mr Kdlaon in t irange and pleaded
Willi him personally lo make -h' trip.
The two men are old and close friends.
Mr. Kdieon's answer wa an empttatli
negative. He told the manufacturer that
he had loaf so much time on his trip to
the Panama-Pacific Kxpoeltion thai t,e
le three we-ks behind With Ills work, and
that It is out of the question for him 1"
take any more time away from work
now for any purpose whatever.
On the way 10 orange It Is llkell
that Mr. Ford looked at an eight., ecri
factory site that he has decided to buy
for a new plant to lie constructed be
tween Newark and Jersey City. When
t lie ffcoroil mini came to New York
last Monday the purchase of III fac.
Viseounfi Mission M Merlin InjOrdffr uf lj
1918 Currii'il On! Rrt
t,er,n; ritklr Dpsle ' Tin si
IS --Premier ASquiin, in
I ., orinted Parllamentarj
statement, de-
Li., ihai in Januan-. 1911, Information
... ,k itritish flovemmenl
li.foi -
. . .... , iierio, that Oennany deemed
, in., 1 1 1 trull, " ...
; ,, A.ateabl for the British
Minister to
' x-l.li H.-rl'-. In regard t
prit ate. Ulionl-
ciai Intsrchaiig of opinion
The Cabinet BpprOV
I it was proposed that
1 this t sit and
r.1 Haldane un-
derttko the
mission. uoro
' aarsslng, reeel
1 InslrU'Mions iroin in.-
1 i ,, I.-,, reign
ffairs and
Can "'.I
out the mission
with entire j.ii '
tt t, , the war began
unt Ilal-
Idano had been In the Hntish Cabinet aa
' 1 ord High Chancellor since 1911 ami fO
.s,.t,. tears preceding had been gecrO.
tary for War Political opponents soon
'began lo a. cuse him of pro-Oermanlam,
quoting various uttsrancss of hi ami
charging thai while Wat gecratur) he
had decreased niatetnlly the sfflclanc
and numbers ol in- mm.- -
was "no of ihe Storm centres of ihe
Cabinet crisis, and when the Ministry,
. t t. - fr.ini It
1 was reorganise o-
i makeup, , ,, ,
Lord Haldane vi-ited Brlln III I chrtl-
I art 1911 Berlin deepatchea at th time
I s ii,i that bis Visit was at the wish of th
Kaiser ..ml that Lord Halda-i. would
dia.-uss with the Emperor naval and
,.,,lli. ,n measures aid also the cession
VPatnsah Bar on the southeast
.., Anaal to fJsrmany and the
I in are of
.,.,i,,r Lard Haldane denied that III
! leln had any isjlltic.il sigultl
in, I
,i. lii-itish Foreign Office aiinoun
in,,, ih,. irin was undsrtaksn i
gat., scientific education in Qerman uni
versities, but that "doubtless there WOUld
be general convorsaiiotis w ith leading I
qermana on the political situation .un I
the relation of Bngland and Oermany
Ths French press, particularly up- op-
isisltloii organ, made a great outcry
lovsr th xiait, insisting that it
' shadowed ihe end of in.- Bntents
I un, of Ihe slaten
British press al the i
Haldane s visit was
Sltta made in the
me was that Lord
n connection with
Ml effort to rOI
many to end
ih an agrssmsnt with fjer
the dreadnought building
race i
u igisl
which the two nations were en-
llerberi snmnel, I'oalmaater-l.en-eral.
OOtS 9eOf In Calilnel.
tpsefsf t'oOf iHnpotck f" Tns sit
Lonis'N'. Nov. '.'6. Dl was officially
announosd lody thai Herbert Laoula
Samuel, at present I'oslniaster-i i.-neral,
late been appointed ChanOSiloa; of tlie
Duchy ol' lsfncaste, with a seal tu tlie
Cblnt. This apnolntmsnl fills ths
vacancy in Ihe Caolnel caused by the
resignation of Winston S Churchill, Who
has gone to the front.
Mr. ilamUBl has held bsfo e 'up onsi
llon to which he ha bOSII acp'.lnted.
After serving a Parliamentary Under
Snoretary of the Horn, Offfci from 1901
to 1909 he was appointed Chancellor of
the Duchy of Lancaster. with a seal In
the iVnOlnet. He held this position for
the mailing yeai. WttSn he was Sppointtd
Poatuuisler-Oein ial. He Is 49 ra.rs old.
lory sirs was alou; tin most Important
business h" bod in mind lie acknowl
edged last night that he Is buying it,
bin his estimate of the Importance of
this purchase bas oonetderebt) fallen
sine the idea of the poi ship came I"
the fore. 1
Buying tin factory Bile, the prcclsi
location of which lias not lieen revealed.
has been turned over to subordinates,
while all haste is being mjtdetu round
up passengers for the peace siiip. Mi.
Taft isn't going to sail al least h.
isn't liooked yeU Mr. LochlWr met tin
ex i'lesldent last high' as In whi.rnl
through the elty on his way home to
N.w Haven and a belated ThahlisgU int
llnner. Mr. T.ifl said he could
Htoi. to fee Mr. Foul. As It III
uuglit his train by a in it 1
Mr. LoChnf Wtll try to arr. inf
t- I
ills later.
some Who May o.
According to Mr. Loehnoi th follow-
1 it,g persons have accepted 1 no teie
i graphed' invitation to be Mr. Ford's
' guests .ii iho oscar 11. when sis Mils
I December 4 ;
I Helen Keller, ihe Rev, Washington
Itlladden of Columbus, Ohio; tean gam.
j ue S. Marquis of St Paul s Cathedral.
I Detroit ; Arthur L Woaiherby, sew
tary ,.i in nenraaiia resce nociety;
Anna IJananfl B pence I 01 Mean
Pa., h " hold .' position on the factiltx
of the I'nion Theotogloal Seminary In
Mead, ill. ,110 I In New York this w it
loins work fn in.- rittih-al 1 uuure
Hoclet . Commissioner "f Ininngi ,',io;
Frederic C Howe and Mr? How,-, and
Mrs. Alice Parker, a suffrage Sforher of
Palo Alto, Cal
Tins was tiio talsgraphsd Invitation
which, Mr. Lochner Mid, had 11 Sent
out 10 ii-". persona m ih's country yes
terday "Will yesj Come as m gnesi .1 board
th. iiscr II of thr Sea-dlnaviati-
Americsn Line, sailing from Mew Vork
la-.-ember i for chrlotlanta, gtockholm
and Copenhagen? I am cabling lead
itig tne-i and women of the Kurope, 11
nations to Join us . 11 route and at s.nne
central poii t 10 be determined later
establish an international conference
,1-, in , ie,i to negotiations leading to a
jum s ttlemetil of 1 ho war,
one hundred representatlv Amerl
1 .an ate being united, among whom
Jnne Addams. Thomas Kdlson and
irtfllll,' 1 OS '
1 ih 'one
IVIIh Koldlcrii
Ki'i-oiiniii'iiii Tlifir Rflov
tivpg in 8ubm,rilH.
ON K si.oimi.hhh TAKER
specfsl Vblt Ottfutft i" Tas
l 'ah ih. Nv 15. Oen. Joffre, ...,.
n inder in chief of th.- French armies,
has taken a band In ih campaign In
favor of the new War loan, which wa
Issued to-day. At ordel uf the day
Issued this mon lug nys!
"Op Xoteln'M-i ... . I'r.o.c issues i
great loan to provide funds foi ex
penditure on '.in national dffence. AMI
the appeal she has made slurs the be.
ginning ..r Hie war ha'e l ad read) re.
spoil.. Tills be.;iu-e ever) "ne know
the riches of France, because every
. ne i as . mfldence in her destinies and
favorabl rmtnatlon of the struggle '
"AH tho who subscribe t'uitu tie
duty ..I' .i s-sid Frenchman. Tin t ii-,.
will find Ihelr advantage in It. Who-,
ever pays in 17.91 francs will receive
an obligation bearing fi franc Inter,
eat annually, an investment In Krciich
bonds at 6.79 per cent
"You have doubtless h.xll.l your p.i'
snts recall Hi.- terrible hours of l7"
Aftei that war there was a loan for i.ho
1, iao. c. on f lerril ly. This tune, thanks .
... ;.c,r efforts, ii w.ll in-, 1 1 Minis' I j
of Finance ald, th loan of victory, j
"Think about lh.it Write about 11 to j
tour relatives and ihe friend that top
left beii ii.i ai your hlrthpli Tell them
thai to subscribe to the loan Is u, aorv
Franco: that it Is d light for her wttl
yoll, 'hat H I I" gite ton the most
effeutlv aid posslbli at the prsssni tim
and that it i to assure your futur
tha' t your children."
Alexandre Blboti in one of the fl- I
speeches hs made since accepting ip,
portfolio of Minster of isipance, Raid
that old age had 01 prevented him Hon.
kesplng in touch witn pressn dn) nunc-,
tiiont and sentiments. He la provliiu.
Ihe frulh of 111 words in the manner
lii whit h the national loon is pla i
bafbr tl"' people
I he grsi uuacriplloii inis mortilns
was for ;,uo,ll.ni francs 19100, I) This
was follow..,! h) on, f.u ji'o.i franca
and two for 100,000 franc , a. h, Ths
gpsntssl um Buhscrihed by u single
person lo-,li,v was l,000,U0li frail -
($1,000,009), and al. the foanialltica
coiiiits-ied Willi tt were completed Wfkhin
six m4nntes
Bvsrl mot ing pi
win show paiirlotli
ers, ten In numbei
li e house it
k.'UI1t4ll a
.' tsit-
umblng i
Id piece '
en, hiding tltlh
i Falvre'i
show lug a i leNII
Utldel' the a'elght
, whlh th. Ualllc '
soldier sip
if a Srench g
wY crows:
while to comm
nil a result?"
I "Was Ii worth While to commit su,-h
' crimes to reach
' The muitlclpullilei and nmercial as
social tons hays Issue,! pal- olic appeals
to subscribe to tin- loan, Much enduring
Rhelins summons sveryiasti) to aubscrtlai,
just nllliary duty Is litoumbanl on
ail. Bishops ami tin clergy general!)
a well aa Civic and parli urn ntni off;,
olal sign these appeal
Special arrangements have been mads
lo allow lien ot Hie army mid naV) Oil
active service i" Bubsciihs through ths
paymasters Ths owners of tho old
rentes e'hu have lost their scrip tbruuvh
th,- Hei'inan occupation will be ulloa'id
to nuIi.-. nils- tip ir Imldlng "ii COildltlull
thut the) product tip' scrip within six
months after peace
Mailt uapsri print In lafgr type audi
points as:
"The :, per e.-nl bond issued after
: k 7 U rtwOnod ill, and lhal al'ier defeat"
itforiiiH Premier Pasitch
Arm) W ill Advance
Into Ilnlirnria.
1,000000 8TR0XG
London Rears of immense
Preparntions mi Dtnnbe
Mini at Hilt
SiiiiHiicii Desnateh Tells of
Decision to Give
Active Aid.
ipesietf csof Demsfci rs 'car si
LokpoKi Nov. It, Deepatche from
several source 10-dsy deal Willi llus-
siati concent ration luminal Bulgaria,
giving rise :.. th" belief that the Rue-
I isf1 tr.a.ps are ready to move. The
correspondent of the Daffy rf rapO
( .11 Salon ca, willing under dale of No
vember 14, says Ins Cxar personally
jteiogr.ipn.d Premier Paslteh Serbia
1 promising thai Russian troop win .-msr
1 I tulg.tr! 1 m a week.
I Tie correspondenl adda
"Italy ha- promised Barbla l."00
1 Tu correspondenl estimates the
I stn-tigth of tile Russian at tlO.OOO to
i 1,000,000 men, thus satlmatc embracing
j the troops at Ismail and Rem on me
j Danube ami at odsssa, whsncs trans
! poii-. an said to be constantly arriving
'on iho Danube. Japanese puns are sa-d
to be ai riving ever) day at Odessa,
Reports regarding th command -f
thoae Rusalan troop disagree in,.- report
; slab Hut the leader will be Hen Kuro-
1. nk 1 . saeStsae oen v s.okt
H ' tn.'i 11 alio A usirl., 11
ring contdrsble sp.pi
Ilea -cap, rs .. rs
to these Hue
.in,- unsaatneao
Revelil low . .11-
Slan preparations and -
Is appare.11 ' "ounl VOfi
cussing m ih. fags
it SIIO 111' lle-
if the Russian advance in relation
I lo Kumanla, sas there are isro pas;
hllltles: one is lo march through Ru
mania, Hie oilier lo for. e Ihe BulgarUUI
',-oast by lending on ths Black ffea
"Russian preparations," in ntliiusffi
"eeem to indicate that the former plan
Ixtll, I... undertaken, ahich of courag
t.cd.l la pre- eded lit ill" usual
w hich
mat 'h
ises and Dn. its Tile dang, r
Rumania would run from uch a
through h. r territory W lUld b
I economlcall) and politically.
Ill VteW "f Ih. repeat. -I . h.i
opinion -n Kumanla we must follow iln
develotimeiit of events with Brest eel
etiipaea be:
! at 111" tloo
i tli'isl I. II
Th. longer Iho time Whit's)
! a Russian arms knockg
of Runiunls th- clearer it
ne lo Rumanians on which
i side
11, .
ii, ii- interest ai d their dangers
"Clearl) al
are frieiidl)
Just a little
ih,- situutbei
o i-i Rumanian whs)
Russia recognise Unit
Halontca could save
tor s. i Ula . an Russian
Tin crossing of Rumanian
RUSSl i : i "ops w ,11 bring
. irort d ,
tl ' I Hot i
The .
i int., a fearful situation and
r bi r future."
orrespoiident of Ihs Toir. t
Pen, .grad telegraphs Utldel dale of n
vemlier -l lhal 'i"' Hermans' knowleili
of the con, .nitration nf Russian Ir .op-
in liessarablu Is the reason for the Aus
tro-Oerman offensive on ih gtyr rtvei
cud along thi Kleff railroad 'he ana. '
p being pushed with great delermlnn
Hon. aptutrenily in tin- hone of com
pelling 'ii- Russlaii lespatch troops
it.pi, i,
I ii i -ti - Demands lilves
aat Isfucltiiw,
f'wOll . (,..- .. Tin si v
. Ihe J
; i prlda.t i Tl" r. ply
in note of the Bntents
z p. dssfaitches from
Mb '-.
I ial ions
Foil w
Pen, t ole
t. ni,- th
nt uri'e.
aallafncttiry to the
sillied ill Co. up',, t
t ha
HUll Of fllititOl
receipt of th. rstily re.
. - aaaurms as ot h. -osltlon
inward tin M!i
sh Is'g-iiion ,ii ttbi ns
the BriUeh Hot I-miner
lo g ra ut l he com in, rc ., i
cJHtlee form, i it- . t Jot c
. curtailing of these f i
form widen ihe prcsetti -
ii! f;
. i.i e tt as Hi
iisatiist i ii I
t,i -k .i t ni their restorgtlo
as evidence Ihnl I hi Allies
, . .. pi. ,1
sail.tl. ,1
lis tin id,
Tiie ihens corresi
.v. s.i.t s i ti ii in Ihetl
Powers recognized in.
Ureses to iiiatutnin in
'II. III. led t I "O I" IKS
other routes of cotliniUI
dellt of the it"' ,,
Hole I in litlt. I, I,
full rights of
utralit) . inn d -in,,
railways and
i ;t:,,ii ami free
Hal mica iiat n or
..I iirsek terrii
otisidered nea-i
doll, of
it II
in git) other
which might la
ai In. sane lit!
ill d image don,
lo p,
In r
i 'oiniu
elan S
not y
ll' si
1 1.
-d.it . Si i Hid Wll in tile
ratal y, ald the ilovei nine
111 .i poslltOII t. 'unite a
eardlns the t uat ion in
, eeci
n n related
M. Siavnd
,... . h i- Jus
AlllCllS, W I, el
of Hp pr.-sci
niler S'cnlseh
Iters of ii
lo the Allied lowers
. h Ureek Consul in Lon
i i in I from a vis, t m
, he talked with Mllilstsr
i Cublnsl and With "X pr,,
10 II.- quotes set ' al
c.ib mi a saying th
Mlll'l tl' J Ml. Will'- if I t.4.
1 1 it i bHiti Miittl fltfii troopM to the it.ii
vim., tiih poiI-i "i" tlfMsMN fsutruli;
ciiiulnuc to in- inugU fr.liulli tu tit,'
VlllMi Im t'tit t hi v 1-i'iMi'nitijvr thi
Inn , i il - lit I hi l'Nt t ti t:i Ikau wmi ',
wtirit i hi 1 ' trmu ,it k.i nt.i i',.-i tin
l . a f.t' in Willi Lilt MM ol Lifi m ii.i'i

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