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The sun. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, December 05, 1915, FIFTH SECTION LITHOGRAVURE SUPPLEMENT, Image 60

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' U fl ) fli l H ifi
im JftWA m I DKI.L OK T? AMSSES Vt ,w TTTV - '
I B1. v fl
t- OHEMIA n pine
r bla owo butlno,
A xiita definition of the mystic realm
popular lupposed t" be free from lowbrow,
barbers Rod scented toap i the contribution of
u native ton of 1 1 - studio, With it went a blue
print, Dinde by lite same ton, thawing juti
exactly the bent pluee in New Vork to mind
your iwn business, where other folk were going
io mind their own iu-im . This place i down
Woshlngtou Square way, und ii I culled n-,
ifii Village,
s., in that purl of the evening "lion palettes
begin pull und the urtlMt'w funcy lightly turnt
ti. llioutrlita of roust I f I lisik myself by
liuml and depurted Bohemluwurd,
'i in- tii- t star "ii the blueprint cull u halt- u
bull at Loo-ey't (Louis) be of the divine apple
plea, Where In Loo-ey't? Ah. ll I Indeed sad, bul
thecMicI loiittlon "i" ihe phi f the divine apple
pletumyuot bo diacloted, und thin la why, With
une baud renting on the giunl cubist crab, which
roniM in fearful funcj along h title of the en
i in uce, and with the other ruined to iii-ii heaven,
I swore t" l. y l would never divulge the
hiding place of art.
It's iiii-- explained the genial guurdluu
of gculus, rolling another roof in his shlruh'eve,
If M
to tot
mil nn
fo! Us.
of the
tiiw ulaee are iirmioii m the
i lot of sightseers viii stampetle in here
i iisik mi the animals, Then some si lusil
from up Btate iii ak 'for a picture
curd of it tu semi hack home t" the
One day I'll look around for my children
studios and they "ill have fled, I do not
who live only In out I unlit those
ni io live."
s.i i.niioy registered my vow of silence and
the portal swung wide, it nay merely have
been that the painter suffered with chronic Indi
gestion nud tiuconquerable appetite for Welsh
ra'.iiiis. 'riio result I sldewnlki of mi (fro n yel
low, with n drop ceiling of black and trimmings
nf tntiiivc mauve t" aiatch I ho souls of the
P'ltrotis, Ituiiglue, if you will, 11 mauve luuntel
: In plain unclothed plue tables of mauve.
Then sink ujion one of the black wooden wall
ben bos Im out of cushion, or. better yet, into
f the bright blue kitchen chit Irs. When
oini's i iliir colnhltiiitloiii IxMi-ev niakei
o ,i mlny Monday morning,
it "f drop lit, the diners, Rvery
Know ovorybodv Blse, Rvoryhodi
doing tonietblugi or is
if the starch magnate!
ll:.Ks look
The .insi
uisly seemi t
im doiie sometlilni
n in ni in do sotavtblng
I '" ilrl'Ollil nil til,' on l.ll'M :ll l ii.i.'v's f.ir II
ihe best ibey could 'to would H tliln
gi.isn i f wuler, As fur tiit- women, (bey wear
Hii r llgures St Hot lv mi nntuml. 1,11,1 lhala ..,,,.
way. Hut why spi'iik of
i.s 1 Ue souio
clothei when tliorc Is art to ho done?
Aii ethereal young thing with the profile of o
Greek goddess and an artist's, citn pulled rukktblf
over tlw." lefl ear reaches into the pocket of ber
velveteen skirt and pulls out mi umber cigarette
bolder, Nom-halantly she eipitps it for use and
licglns to ring the air with bltw. At the tame
in, .lit unbroken lines of glow worms wink
nn nn. 1 ihe tables, The urocU girl pushes inu-k
hiT .hair anil saUUteiH into a room al the rear.
Ii hi re over the coffee .mil the so.irlet tablet
in their setting of black thai pen and brush
ami I'blsel Hash ami parry.
1 supsise if some ordinary human ii'imr men
Honed diguing a ditch or telling 11 hale of goodt
iii bow ti,- would he ut out from the crowd and
regarded as an alien ami an Interloper T" I
I ,.y agreed it might he better to mult any
stall mundane mention, as it would probablj te
iiiUunderstooil a tall, pallid youth with the
intireel wave of n matinee Idol and a gray Hanuel
shirt began strumming 011 ihe plan,,, lie was
hiiiii'beil over lj a suih'J minx with cllpteil hair
and saniiais. An over iloosnlng blanket "f
smoke ileS'iiiliHl heavily fmin (be celling,
'l hole are ii" h i 1 hoys iii i.ou-ey's. Instead "f
linking two or three hundred dollars in tips on
11 ,i :,n hut oho can keep u right down to the
0:11 ,ol hv sininlv haiiL'.ht' it mi 11 li'Kik in
llio hall I am told there bus lint nlie been lost
tln season,
fib, yes, ..no is forbidden to pay for the prlvl
litge ,,f Inlying food "i' drluki Ahtolutel) no
Hps iillmveil, 1 s ii,i ih, number of Ioo-oy'u i
a Sll'll't, bill if 1. no should baplM'll Io he Wtllklltg
along iiio "Uih -i i,. .if Washington Kipiare ami
sis' 11 smoky ".d liiiiieiii Miiim; atop 11 s.rai box
under a st 1 1110 tiup ho mlghl own the door ami
lonk f..i- 1 lie , ublsi cmb,
Aliolhor fed Star, and hole we have III lino's
Garret, the home of the vlllace paper anil other bombs before a few of the select, 1 1 - fives
loewl literature. Kvery Monday BVtnlng Kdllor riotous ted hi 1 talks l,y the lllcketlllg li'hl "I
Culdo Itriino, nhnsc mission In life Is "to f)inl Ih, miles in the main room nf Ihe ilia Ho
Kometlilng rciilly tloe," bursts these lit'rary reads pamphlets and ttoriet he baa written
himself, ami sometime he will let other f"lks
re 1,1 their- too,
Ii was during one "f these readings thai 1
discovered "aiiatvhlsts" were ierfoctly lovely
souls who dined every evening ut Mnxxlul's 011
ntlsl chicken ami 1 , I ink and were so gentle
ihai 11 collar) would s nn ihelr shoulders mid
rp sweet nothings into their ears. The sit
around "lie big table right d"WII ihel'O .11 a
tiny basement room In llreeliwlell Village some
in evening gowns with dlatmuids in their ens
iiiid tome in nil shirt-, and they chill iilmlll 'lie
brotlierlsHHl f man if any of ihem wauiexl a
bomb ibey would luive to go out and pace it,
Another t I iiiu-i..ii shuttortHl! Kdltor Hrtin i
dis i.-i ie.i with I'oiishierable wuruitli there wus
ii" -ii. h pluee a- ItohomiU. All that talk ah. ait
Ihe n,eii roild and eggs ImiIUsI over gas jets
i- f..i .io i'o, paiiinyrot ,n one who explored
(li'coiiwii'h Village fur Iltilieuila and "out back
saying he had found it Wilt as guilt) .is lr. I'ook
i nn in the mlltor's sanctum where the vll"
In uers browstsl among the i k- and eommuned
ooi'iiesH) a fruuipy little "id woman in rust)
blink relieved b) a pink rost In her I'.iiniet
smiled and bowed before ihe editorial presence.
"1. I"... am an unfettered siml," -he ci I. "1
write (Mietry for Ihe love of U,"
"Verj good," 'ii"ili the master "Verv good
hid I."
tiul) a few mil. uie- before with wha) scorn
h.oi he KMikeu "f ihe literature of the duy, hor
rible i baiileal i. ii-.'. in in.'-i of it. written f..r
iiiiteh tbe hour "i' -" much 'bo thotisuiid
"..id- a "..man in fashionable evening gown
lieenmpailleil b) a man III the eon veiillouul "uoilp
and li-h" liliftcd lll 1 1 1 -hake hand- and -.'an
ihe pieiures mi) struggling artist may bung on
Ihe ualU nf the g'rol lllio glHUCO and you
know that If souls hereabout are utifeiteriHl
so also are Imaginations unbrldliHl
lienenth the garret a Oeree Io. kii It
iih a heart "f gold imtronlxes art to
tent of many a glass of soda, reji lee v
big blumlei'lnu I m j from the West v h i
si, ,11 for eh hue i,e cream tellt "the ;
and wee, when Sally of the frcCkli"
Job "ii Hie Ihilly Vlmiiin.
nn in tally', lu-i otr the iu ire l'
its gray gt n walls, n bare floors
taldes. I Honor i iiver, but dnw ni
I'etrent It,, hernia i gCOUSHl ill'olllid
playing curds or in . or Jui plo
yt In, can make hi plet are palp ii
n talking with n seiilpiress .o
fame. Hi- bat remains on in- hea l
hind "f iiiliiil-your-iiwii-liusluess
Then of i nurse there i the I im
i loufaroiie't and tbe place n 1
w iih Its i i ue draped Isilenulet now
given over t.. Hie rabble wlm coine
Who knows bnw muii) other tall) -behind
the shadow dim stoops'!
Itui bore are nil I be pie .
o Mi, I hex :il hl'lllsoh
the answer, The) tttnuse themse
biiiues nf llris'iiwli'li isiuvernatiou
art. There ar IgjilHirl I p
eli' n round Hie llropbn es. kiiI,,s i
W an, lor but lite fraction of a ie
trnck and one iii llml biniself iai .
ipiisr little eitlibyhole lltiliked b
nine lloll-eil the h"l'-,'- ..I
now the alibiing pluee of art w i
There a erutnldiug lirowtistone b
stllUlls sllllllbler b) oU 1 Willi I
of studios with "poii pliiniliiug m 1 1
Macdoitgal alley waves niet'ill) n
Indows of ..rlh w ;
smile liiiek with i otuitig iliuii)
If 1 1 veiling is dull tl ere -
Theatre right nrouud Ih rnor, 1
have ll llliule way for niii' .
where a tn itch of S'rdi;: s ea.'
village composer is preferred to the
Merlin rag, It i a p.'s 1 1 , f .
TlM'atre iothus rare more fm the ''
done by a slim young iltitig in
Hie) do for the f.. troi Ami
place, n bit itiore iinsloru ami '
o rislolettl "f ih" irts. and t ! .
Market eoltrl a groat red . , h
genius ma) study life's eomeilles
fiiee p. I'aee. mid lb-re In eighth -i
ll mil sluipt, and Tenth and I
w Mb their white stisipt, and us Ud a
iner) now and then iIicb l
iiothluu standing lietweeny'i md
-- kin ker . ud a r sr . .
iimuiiil ii v gable M
"llli spli i of Hl'e.mv (
i love love of v Jm
folllld It SI I'Hlll e,T
bai i- -.m
dee. I or seliMiuM
"f Hi" -' '
die imM,,
- h jffBr

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