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STORM HAVOC WILL j NEW HAVEN IS JUST early American history is shown in series of
BallroaiN. Telppliono. Tp1
irraph and Trolley Llnrx
Bcrtrvly CrlppMst
Mmikinar of KiMtrr FewdCTl
Carried Down Signal Sys
tems for Miles.
Many Notable Help to Kake Malty
Old Men Wild hit,,
a SurcPNH of Fair to AM
If air. sirk mihI lXacnnrairr1,
Spon in tha l,in.
F'M 11 Qid r" F
Tie fi.rrcat for to-daj asd to-mor-pew
Is I Psrtly cloudy and rnntlBBed
Mil. Tbarsday. Increasing rtnadlBess
bet warmer, with fresh westerly wlsds.
fceeemlag terlable.
Tlie two bk ttOflM which visited this
dnlty on MOnday lapsartal early ycs
ergs v. leaving 11 badly disorganised
atty ard suburban district lehlnd them. .
The railroads, the telephone and tola- j
graph companies and tha trolley lines .
lit the outlying districts have miiny days J
work ahead of them to repair the dam- ,
age caused by the storm, hut lint night j
II the railroads except the N-w ..ik.
Maw Haven and Hartford predicted that i
normal sen ice would begin aoofi, and
Ihe city's Streets were beoomlio. itct.crally
naeanhlc. even thOUgh UtlCOmfOrtgDW
A ihortagc of laholrrs lm'drd the
Work of the Street Cleaning Department
Three Inches of snow fell .it the Mattery
and eight Inches In The Hronx. The
a,yeraga for the greater city waa alx
Inchea. Commlealoner Krtherston rtg
Urea that snow removal costa about I3f.
4)00 an Inch, ao unless Ihere la an un
expected thaw to-dny the coat of the
removal will M wall over II00.OUO,
Only 14.10"! wan are enrolled on the
Htreet Cleaning CoMBtlaalOttWi emer
gercv Lata, while a ) car ago he hud
41,000 men available The Commission
plana call for 14,W0 men on earn
of three ahlfta. On hla tlrat shift Mon
day night ha had only 6,000 men, and
en the second 4.690 men. or fewer than
half the men he needed.
By nightfall yesterday ltroadway. from
Yeeey street to 167th atreet, and Fifth
Yenue, from Washington Square to
110th street, had been made passable,
although those main avenue." were not
romnletelv cleared of anow Forty snow
ploughs were In action Monday night
and twenty yesterday. Commission! r
Fetherstoti said thai the scarcity of men
la due to better induatrliil condition and
Mm fact that many Italian laborers have
aj,,ne home a reservists.
The New Harm w i hit harder fhna !
ay of the railroad, although the New
Tork Central Through trains arrived
from four to twelve hour late The
Twentieth Century Limited came through '
eleven hour late. Aa rhi train's arrival j
la guaranteed, the Central had to pay
Ml many dollar to It passenger Tne
MeW Haven waa forced to euspend i
throwf-h traffic completely for more then
aitM hour he a liee the road's telegraph,
telephone and signal control wires were
carried down. The New Haven will put
Into effect an emergen. . schedule to-day. i
The telephone company and the tele
graph companies reported that they were
fi fair condition except In the Hudson
and Mohewk ratter, and along the
Jersey coaat. Iiespatrhea to Boston and
Albany were Wing sent by way of
Buffalo: the telephone company reported ,
that 1.80 stations were out of service
In Westchester, up the Hudson and on ;
Uhe Jersey coast.
Weetchester wis the hardest Ml of
the suburbs. Shade and fruit t:ce w re
ruined to the extent of thousand! of
dollars, the trolley line between White
Plains. Tarrytown and Mam aroneck,
Larchmont and Tonkere, as well aa the
ears to Tort Cheater were stalled for ,
hour. The electric light ut Mount
Klaro were out of service Wickers
people failed to get their milk deliveries
except in a few taetlona and Tarrytowti
was almost completely Isolated. The
etiowfall wis 15 inches in many parts
ef West, heater.
Long Branch. Atlantic Highland-. S. i-grlg-ht
and other points alon. the Jersey
roast as far as Asbury Park reported
light damage. Hloomlngdale. N .1.
waa Isolated. The Jitney sled made Its
ppenranoe In Atlantic City when buses
found going too heavy.
Ralph Veeland, civil war veteran
of Hloomlngdale. died from exhaustion
la the enow, nnd ao did Alexander 'irt.
a driver of Long Island City.
Deliveries a to 10 Honra I. ate, Rnl
supply la tmple.
What was heralded aa a serious milk
famine In the city due to the storm
faded Into merely an inconvenient and
hrlef shortage with the arrival of many
f the milk trains on the lehlgh Valley,
Lackawanna. Pennsylvania and New
v,.,i, c.ntFi,i Hues vesterdav noon.
The Borden Company reported thai by i
nightfall it nnd been able to dispense
about 10 per cent, of Its usual amount.
h generous quantlt) of it in Brooklyn,
and the Blawson-Daokar icarn es
timated that It had sent out 90 per cent.
The deliveries, hOWOWi 'r" f rout olghl
to ten hours late.
.The fear a famini had been en
gendered by 'he Inability to locate anv
of the milk supply trains becauM of the
lack of tilegraph faollltlae. The are.it-
est dllilculty yesterday from the storm,
according to the BlaWsOn-Dackar com
pany, was the failure of 'he supply o'
gra.le A certified milk. All the trains
bringing thl - trad were bald up be
tween twelve and twenty-four hours.
The mills companies hope to-day to de
liver mi'lt In foil quantities and on regu
lar schedule.
BpeadB Honra Trlna to i.ei Hack
10 IV a s? Harea,
Forme- President Taft after talking
a the Congress Club dinner at ihe Ho
tel Manhattan took tin- 2 o'clock train
for New Haven yesterda.. morning,
curled up In a seat. If so venrrahle a
personage may tie said to curl, and woke
up at 7 to find that tie was only a few
miles nearer New Haven than he had i
Imbcd at 2.
Whether his train reached New Haven
In time for Prof Tuft'l firsl lecture is
not recorded in New York because of
the interruption ot communication owing
to the iitorm it is rumored, however,
tint, the ex-l'reeldent ohscr.,i the sign
that all trains were subject to daisy and
fortified himself with several sandwiches I
befor i ertihai king
V, a. Sara I. una Island Hoiid.
Suit against the Ixng Island Railroad
Company for $,5"0 was lietun III the
Vnitcd States District I'ouri in Brooklyn .
yesterday by Federal Attorney Melville,
j. France, t being alleged thai the rail
road violated the full ,-rew Ian b) work
ing men overtime and by cutting down I
on the tine between "swings." Thirteen i
gpsolflc instances are cited, and Iftoo,
thu muxlinum tine, is demanded In Bach :
$1,000,000 TO EASTMAN 8TAFF.
Kodak Mskrrt Mill liet Honu for
I.mmi PIto ears.
.iii. f il l:. N. V.. I leu 4,.
The ilirec.
tors of ihe Bastman Kodak
have voted to distribute appr
11,000,000 amoiiu employees i
i ompsny
s an au-
liual w ii' ,ilM,ielul.
Bach employee will receive u per
SJlt. of his annual w.iges up lo hve
er. The money will l, Uii ti ibuted on
Ju.y 1, I til),
The prostration of the New York. New
i Haven end Hartford Railroad In one of
the worar storm tleupa It haa ever expe
rienced, rave New Tork and the NewKng
land States yeaterdny n taate of some
UHnf 'if the transportation conditions of
the country's early di.vs. With transmls
elon. signal control, telegraph and tele
phone wlrea swept down by the atorm of
Monday night hardly a New Haven train
left the Urand Central Station to reach
pointa eaat of Stamford from 6 o'clock
Monday until the regular 6 .30 train
pulled out for Boston on time laat night. I
Then- waa a cortailete reaeatlon of
.r..URtt in' for nine h"ira
BUM or ten locnls were w
out he-'
ginning Willi I til O'clock yesterday !
afternoon, as were the a :30 train, a.)
later train lo Boston via Spt ingftcld, and
'the mlilnlKht anl 1 0 clock Boat op eg
presses. All emergency schedule will
he placed In effect to-day. How long
ll will take to readjust matters to normal
is unknown Freight traffic as well aa
paaaenger had entirely ceased, and this
will add to a very serious congestion In
the yards.
Ki-om Boston communications were In
little la tter shape. The Merch mta Lim
ited. Which left ihere at ." Monday
afternoon! due hen- ,,: 10:04, arrived
'here Shortly aftet yesterday mornlna
after crawling In short stretches be
hind 1eain trom Stamford. Coffee waa
Served to the passengers In the parlor
cars at Intervals all nigh'. The midnight
and 1 o'clock train from Boston were
lost for several hour and finally came
Into the Station at t 3 and 1 o'clock
yesterday afernoon respect Ivaly. All
morning traffic out of Boston was an
nulled line to Overhead Peedera.
The peculiar completer of the New '
Haven's block must he laid to the fad
that It Is the only trunk line running out
ot New York on overhead electric power
Both the New York Central and West
Bhofe lliies running north through the
centM of the storm district suffered de- j
I lays and p.ntlyalt of telegraph conitnunl
cation: but both were, able to continue
i somewhere near regular eervice. The
, Jetsey line were handicapped to ii lesser)
i degree
After the annulment of all trains from 1
the Qrand Central station yeaterday ;
morning the order came from A. J.
W ha ley. Vice-president, in charge of I
operation, that no further through trains
WOUld run until the signal ayatem was
Howard Elliott, president of the road.'
who was 1m New S'ork when the storm
struck and has been working with Mr. j
Whaley restoring service, explained the
situation in a statement given out yce
terday. saving that the primary Idea of;
the officials to safeguard the movements I
of all trains resultsd In their alow
Krelghi llemanris I nuaaal.
The problem of transferring from elec
tric to steam power, it was explained.
was particularly complicated at present
because ,,f tiie tremendous movements of
freight which have not oni used up all
the regular ho. .motive equipment of the'
rad, but haw also required the reaiing
, of engines from other roada, Further
than this It Is very difficult to supply
coaling facilities at short notice. AU
trains now running are carried by steatu
beyond Mott Haven.
The crowd stormbound in commuters
and through trains an-i waiting about
.the bulletin bojrd at the Urand Central
either for a train to carry them out or
for friends were for the moat part
pleasant, realizing t'iat the pltuatloa was
unavoidable, in many of the local
trains Monday night if was uncom
fortably cold after the electric power
went off.
Many passengerg who weni out Ofl the '
midnight and 1 o'clock Jr.ilns for Boston
yesterday morning and found themselves
j atill this side of Stamford when they
wok'- up Straggled hack to the city
. iunng the da .ii'd asked for refunds.
lHnl rnaatnitr-ra Hold Mean
mi4-rdn in tven Hoar.
i The HollsUldAnivrtekl Um r Niruw Am
Hterriatn, Hciichiled lo h&i at noon VH
; ttrd&y fur Falmouth ft&d UottMam,
WM h-M up ifVtn rtOiiri to await th ar-
! rlvitl of puMtlgtri from remote 'ltlii
Uili country and ( amuia who nu
tiean d
lay-fi by tiit- hi if itortn.
AnHing th MiyaifiTw wire Dr. anii
Mrs. WUfrd Orerrfrll, Ht Newfoundland
mlaaionarlM j Mtai K. van Dyke, dauffh
ter of the American Mlnliior to Holland,
and Mr. and Mra. Raymond Hltohoock.
The actor win play in London In drajna
tapoolally written for him. He aahl h
was Koine ovor to "Htop Kurd from
noytni the Rvhtlns armlai in Europe."
I elloM .InrlstB Hani cott Warned
mm lreldlna .luatler.
fi bl OaRll known yesterday tbsi the
Justices of the Supreme court of the
First District l,.fl'e been dlncusslng thu
proapsottve retirement of presiding Juf
riiv Qaoags i- In graham of the Apel
late Division and have agreed among
themselves that it would he a gfaolOUS
ilili-g on the pari of fjov, W ltmaii to
deslgnats Justice rrancls M- ?coti, a
ctassinats of Justice Ingraham at Co
lumbla, to sucosed Justice Ingraham.
Justice Hcott is now ii" years ol,l gnd
he. will Is- retired on December Si, III.
I.e. aline of the iige limitation. Ills fellow
Justices have pointed -nit that Justice
John I'r-icior I'larke, wno wa r selected
last -ear, will have r-lKht years to k'Iv
after Justice Scott retires before he him
self reaches tiie age limit, thus affording
ample opportunity for Hie gru tlfloat Ion
BUCh Wlgh as lie may have to be
designated a Presiding justice.
line of the gpeculatlom that toucheil
ii responstvs chord yesterday was that
oil. Wbltllian loigh' name Phoenix In
graham a huh of Uie Justice, to till the
vacancy to he made in the Bupreme
Court after January 1. Should Mr In-
graliam reoalvs the a.)poiutment the
family tradition leapecting the bench
would be carried out. The fahlier of
the present Justice waa for many years
on the uimoh, having been I'reeldlng
Judge ,,f the old QensrSl Term
Hie report that his f-llow JuBtices
favored 'he Slsvatlon of Justice Scott,
who is a Democrat, led to the surmise
thai llov, Whitman may change bis re
polled Intentions and Ingtead ol naming
h Democrat to BUCOBed Judge Swaun In
ihe Court of Qensral Sesnlons and a lie.
pUbllltan to BUcOsed Justice Ingraham as
Prssldlng Justice might offset the nam
ing of JUBtlCS Scott by putting a lle
publloan In Judg iwaaa'l place. In
this OonnSOtlOn 'he name of MaglKtrate
joeaph M, Dsusl waa mentioned.
For gHIIO.nillt CamVl llouae ItcnalrB.
'Pre conn house
ommlttei of the Su
prsms C
v ester. la
nn t in Brooklyn, composed of
Kappsr, Benodtot and Kslby,
issued a stataoiani favoring
tin proposed plan of expending tiinil.oou
to repair lbs present structure it is
painted out that the work can be Hulohed
wskhtu Qve nivntiis.
ruder th- auspice of the N
Chapter of the National Organisation of
Catholic Women of America, a jiagtatit
was given last night in the grand hall
room of the Waldorf-Astoria. There
were depleted In tableaux vlvants epl
M de Horn Mrly American history. The
scenario was written by Charles K. Slay,
ler, groups being arranged under his
aunarvtalon as well u that
Wlnthrou Phanler. The various tableau
enlisted sboul two
lumdred young per-
atat!". and after
tacti tableau th-
ie into ihe atldlence
uiutse iro-ii ne
.nid retrai
ng their miiis returned lo the
Tiie ftrsi tableau, 'Coluatbus at the
Court of gerdlnand and Isabella." was
arran-ed by Miss I-eary. Mrs. ilerald
M, BordM waa the yen, Ralph M.
Johnston the Kin.7, and Maurice Roche
t'nltiMbu. fMheis posing In this tableau
a tc Mrs. PlfWellen Chambers, Mra. (lib
on Maupln, Mrs. lAiralne Raskin, the
Missc- Aih lalde BedgWlelt, May Vogel,
Isabel Stctilnlnf. Adelaide Flint, Adelu
Prlndle, Madslauis Dshlgrsn, Juii lB
tllhon. tiara PrlCS Collier. Dorothy
Height and May Williams; I.uclen
smith. Hoffman Nlcksrson, Theodore Von
iiraese, Sidney IHllon Ripley, c.eorice K.
Tunture, Jr., JohngtOII L. Redmond. New.
ton ltae and William B. Shejiherd. Jr.
Thla was followed by uji American
Indian group, arranged by Mrs V. Bur-
Iuii'Ns.pl to Take Plaop
Klfplrioity Cut Off by
florin Damajre.
QggBNWICH, Conn. Per. 14 -This I rroperty owners snd representatives
place io-nlght is beginning to recover I of civic organizations In Brooklyn np
from yesterday s storm and to accustom I peered yesterday 'fore the Public Ser
lUelf to the disadvantages It brought. I vice Commission to oppose approval of a
ThS Chief trouble is In lack Of light The , contract for third tracking the F i lm
electric current is unavailable except In ( street elevated between NoStrSnti avenUS
a few small sections, and candles snd i and Court street. The Brooklyn Rtpld
'amps, have to do for the rest. Transit Company urged Immediate ac-
The lark of electricity caused the I tlon on the ground that an option wh, h
Neics nnd OrapMc. a local newspaper, to j It has on Weed n'esnary for the sfuc
take an unusual method of getting power ! ture expires to-day and upon the fur'her
to get out Its edition An autnmo-j ground tba.t the decision of Hef'ree
ui. mi, i,e,l hv helts to the llnotyne i llrown In the Joseph. Kaplan case dls-
k,.,.. n,i oresses and the miner was
run off. The Ingenlou method of getting j
nower attracted wide attention and other I
nlanth using electric current
began rlgglnir gUtomobtlBS an substitutes.
The I own is also short on perishable
foodstuffs, particularly milk, anil mere
n- little chance of better conditions to
morrow. No trolleys are running, Many
of ihe cars of the SI unford line are still
stuck out In the country In deep drifts
Without power, and women and children
are staying In them while they wait for
other means of transportation.
. . M ...ll..., ,.nti,m,it,ri, ar
, , L , Hiv Soma who I laving of a decision until Ncar S Straus
WWtK morn.nrnsd't'oMake, oftlce bes-ause. he said, Mr Straus
Iv It hotals near the station after was connected with one of llu- big In
. , trains, for even I -rests that will he affec.sl lo the Im-
he '! inev tuTshs" were not runnjng. No
. .'. ,h..ir svau ihroi.irh
Maw York, and only three steam
trains Bl'riveu
I Many of ihe travellers told harrowing
tales of their experiences through the
night wilh no lights or food. In one
train stalled near Woodlawn a boy
ollmbed aboard w"11 eight sandwiches,
offering them for ilu cents each. One
I hungry passenger hought the entire hup
I ply and was nearly rnohhed by tha rest,
'who demanded I hat the eight bei divided
Will Sue Two I'nllrrmen for !.
noil for Arrral ol Voeth.
Congressman Oeorge Wi Ift wss sp-
polnted guardian of hla sun. Oeorge lon
I.oft. 20 yenrs old, b) Hupreme Court
Justice Whltaker yesterday, to bring two
suits for I1D.100 damages for false ar
rest against Itlchard QrlfflU snd Hen-
iasplii King, polloomen,
Ml. Uoft I petition stated that young
I.oft wits arrested on November ll In
ColUmbUS Circle, on' a charge of dis
orderly conduct and held in the night
court for examination on the following
morning, when he was discharged tt 18
alleged rh.it the arrest was made without
rork W1 f CZVt'wBlBF'
prigh tiy Cautebell atud'a
BOVE to left, Theodore von Graesse, Misx Madelaine DahlgTen,
Miss Julie Lentilhon and Hoffman Nickerson; to right, Mrs.
Albert H. Kly as Pocahontas. Below, Mrs. Gerald M. Borden as Queen
Isabella, attended by her two pages, Maude Kand and Michele Bouvier.
rail Hoffman, which lep
early American life. Wit
ing and dancing snd
tha' made up the rfe.
.ted a cei of
i hunting. Ran
other pastimes
of the Indian.
Thomas Roosevelt I'unnett WSJ the Chief
and Mrs. Albert II. Kly poscl a. I'oci
hnntu Next came the tableau of Will"
Ism l'enn signing the treaty with the
Indians. TliUt scene wa arrsngel by
Mrs. Jacob Phillips and the chief llgure
of the tableau, ryilMsm Peas, whs im
personated by i.ouis Haggerty A tab"
leau thst appealed directly to many
families whose members were gathered
in the audience was a Dutch wedding
scene. The scene showed the fsstlvltlsg
following the marriage of Jaagvreaie
snm Norion, Impersonated by Miss
Ksther Tiers, to Dr. linn- Kierslc,,-, who
was Impersonated by John M. Porhse, Jr
Some of those laUuig part In th's tab
( ram Holds l'p Approval of i Arms Himself and Sr-ok Von
Contraot Until Straus (joani'f When DlfOlplined
Takes P. S. IMnep. in School.
i poews. finally
of the onjectlons of
sjtreet realty owners
Kaplan brought an ac'lon lo
work now progressing In Fulton
I on the ground that consents were Im
properly obtained and that the third
tracking would Injure property by shut-ti-ig
out light and air. Referee Brown
decided ajfalnsl Kaplan, hut the answer
to this argument of the Brooklyn Rapid
Transit yesterday was 'hat the Kaplan
,-ase will lie appealed and that the com
nilaslon ought to lake no action until the
matter has heMi settled by the courts,
Joseph It Allee. a real state dealer
I of Tfib Fulton atreei. oblgBtM to the
' prr.voment. Commissioner Cram as
Ing chaliniaii had suggested a d
,ct- I
I until nexl Tuesday
w lien Mr. S ana will ,
have assumed his duties as chairman !
Rohert Alfred Shaw. Chairman of Ihe
Committee of One Hundred, and Alder-
man Stpilers plrudnd for delay on he j
ground that several alternate plans had I
heen suggested, in hers w-hu asked fori
delay were Woodruff Deeming, represent-
Ing the Municipal Art HOOletyi Mrs. I d
ward A. Quln of the Civltas Club, Her
bert I Carpenter of the Fulton Street
Protective Deague and William H. Will
cox. President Williams of the It. It. T. said
thst the third tracking proposition had '
been fully considered and that a Violent '
proieM had been raised against It only ,
after nil plans had heen made und the
railroad was ready to proceed.
Commissioner Cram held to his In
cision to delay action until nert Tues
I day, getting applause when he said he
had always heen opposed to thn exten
sion of eleva-ted structures.
Traas Telegraphers Oet Increase,
liAI.l.As. Tex., Iec. 14 According to
Ihe terms of an ugreement between the
Texas and I'aclflc Railroad and Us tel
egraphers, announced here to-day, the
latter will receive u minimum wage of
70 a month, with better working con
ditions. I
' V; rup'
leau are directly d-'ecended from the
original Dutch settlers of New Ametar
dam. Atnoai them were Mrs, Robert
Nellaon, Mrs. Haridd IsatheWS, Mra.
Christopher Wyatt. Mies Muriel Conk
llng, Dunbar Adams and K. 1.. Satteriep
A picturesque scene arranged by Mrs
Harry Sedgwick p.ertrayed the tlrst
Presidential inaugural hall in New Tork
Th cential figures, rn and .Wrs. Walk
laglOU, were impersonated by OrlSWOld
A Thompson gad Mrs Irwin .. Powell
A minuet was introduced into ihls scene
and it wait danced by the Misses Bllas
Rice, Bymphorogs Brlsted, Marion Tif
llany and Lillian Palmer i Frederick
Cunningham, Janus M Reck. Jr., r"iavel
Hubbard and Herman Le Oendra, In
the group Of guests were the Misses
Aileen Sedgwick. Katherins Dahlgren,
Dorothy and Owynne Karanagh and
Mecause Tsjidore Ooldhammer, 111 years
-old. of 135 Norfolk street, was rcpii
Im.uided by his teacher. Howard W Zar
nltg, In Public Schmd 100, Suffolk and
Htvlncton stre,ts. on Monday morning,
' he returned to the school In the after
noon and Bghlbltsd a revolver, threaten
I ing to shoot the Instructor The hoy
! a arraigned In the Children's Court
before Justice Collins yesterday and
n.ahdt-d ror Investigation u to Ills sanity
by Dr. fti hlapp of the Post Graduate
Karnltl testified that he chided the
Ihi for le-tng Inattentive,. As the hoy
became Insolent, the teacher slapped him
lightly on the cheek and ordered him to
return lo his class room. The Isjy went
lo the basement however He remained
there until noon and then went home.
Shortly after 1 o'clock Zarnltx. while
sealed at his desk engrossed In work
glanced up and saw the muzzle of a .11
calibre revolver pointing at his forehead.
Startled, the teacher slaried to rise, hut
the boy ordered him to remain seated.
"You bit me tills morning and said I
wouldn't graduate," said the boy. "Now
you move and I am going to use this,"
Bgralta, after trying to reason with
the boy, leaped from his seat and darte.l
for the door, a few feet from bis desk.
This alarmed Ooldhammor. who run
through 'be rear door of the room and
disappeared. Patrolman Hramworth
found the boy hiding In the hasement of
his home.
The testimony showed that Ooldham
mer found the revolver two weeks ano
In the cellar of a house. The boy said
thai the weapon was not loaded, al
though he admitted that be told the
isdlcetnan that It was loaded.
IIhs) VaasotoitB Stockholders
He fuse lip I Ions at g.'IOO.
Yoi NiisTowN, Ohio, Deo. 14. OppOsI
tlon developed to-day at the meeting of
the stockholders of the Voungstown
Sheet and Tula) Company to the pro
posed merger with the t'auibrla Sieel
Company of Johnstown and the Lacka
wanna Steel Company of Buffalo. Presi
dent James A. Campbell of the Youngs
town company announced that only about
76 per cent, of the stockholders hud
sgresd to give the Vapderlip-Stoleshury
inn i cms options on their stock at luih)
a share. Another effort will be made.
I'ersoni: In close touch with the Bltua
0n said that tint proposed plan will k
through and thst President Campbell
will head the new corporation. Mr.
Campbell Is quoted as saying that the
Cambria Steel Company Is tha only
Pennsylvania concern Included In the
Louise Whltoni Frederic c MacDonell
Richard Emmet Frederick Bellinger.
Alexander Stew irt, Th Humes of ths
ladles were -hades of pink end Ills men
wore black court dn III
There w as a patriotic tableau arranged
by Mrs. Michael .1 Mulqueen showing
"The Part the Lad I el Played In 'T.
This wtis ii pretty Colonial c tie. The
III tableau, entitled "America." Intto
luced Mlsi Rdlth M Ivlns, who sn-ig
The star Bpangled llanner." The o s
tiums ir. nil the tableaux were artlsilc
and carefully . I f.o-n old ptlnts.
At the dose there wai dancing lo
music of Conrad's orchestra.
Among those Interested In the
talnmenl were Mrs John 0 Aira
cieorglne Isetln, Mrs Harold O
dsrson, M's. Charles Astor Brlstel
ut, r
M re.
Charles M Harris,
ttiglie, Mrs. Alfred
villi Bmmet, Mr.
Mrs. Prances P i
Phllbln, Mrs John
David McClure Mi
ran. Mrs. Predsrli
Mlsi Marls La Mon
Chspln, Mrs. ilren
J. Henry Haggerty,
srvan, Mrs Rugenc
Beverley Doer. Mrs.
- n Bourke Cook
k Nelson. Mrs .1
Waiter Wood. M.-s Elisabeth Btewart
Hamilton, M-s Beton Henry, Mrs Arthur
Kavanagh, Mrs .1 Herbert Johnston.
Mrs I Townsend Burden, Jr. Mr.- An
drew Dougherty, Mrs T Charles Par
leiiy. Mrs Lyttleton l-'ox, m,.-s Mary
Crlmmlns, Mr.-. William m Lummis,
Mrs. A. Masters MacDonel Mri Charles
De Loose y Oelrlchs, Mrs William V. '
Bheehan, Miss Elisabeth Marbury and
Mrs Bchuylsr N. Warren,
Km ploy ops In Loft Buildings
Adopt Now SpIipiiip to
Quench Thoir Thirst.
i new scheme
Is he'r.ir worked tv
which a drink is obtained for nothing -
Cat is. to the drinker, Rleotrte light
lamps or bulbs are the reOUlsltl to oh
tain a cheap drink n some ,,f th,. Fa.
toons in t , down town districts,
In main 01 thl I'll building! where
there ale lactones these bulbs have of
lata been stolen by ihe employees, who
take them lo saloons, and the bartender
in exchange for the bulb, gives a drink,
either a glass of beer or a cheap whis
The bartender can usually make about
1" cent,, on a bulh He may sell them
ic wine one who ,s willing to buy bulbs
at cut rates and s.,,. perhaps i- or 14
cents, or he may use them in 'he saloon
and then trad, them In to the Kdlson
comian) for renewals -4 ml get the cus
tomary rebate,
At Ha- Bdlaon company's office -w.
tarday II was aald thai nothing had been
heard yet of th.s new operation Tin
representative of ti e company In charge
of uhe lamp department said that In
buying bulbs in this way the purchassrs
might he hitteu rather severely thrv
would, it was admitted, vet a lamp at
cm rates, but the lamp might not he
suitable to their current snd use twice
as much current as a lamp purchased
In the regular way through the company
or through regular dealers.
The Best That Money Can Buy
for Men, Women and Children
at "Lowest-in-the-City" Prices.
R. H. Msey A
' A
A W. 1
(na hundred thousand dollai is Ihe
mark set by the managers of the basaar
and pageant for Ht. Matt I Hospital
building fund, which Ma for Mttchsl
opener at the Cranil Cential PalgOS hie' ,
evening, of this SM0 has already I
been received In donations The coin
mlttga aXDOatS that when the doors close
next Haturdsy nlg'il they will have
enough to ere," the larger building !t.
Mark's Hospital ho sorely needs.
Every exhibit In each of Ihe alxty
booths waa In place and every one of the
pretty flower girls. Chinese maiden! In 1
funny blue trousers. Coney Island bark
ers and other necessary parts of 11
basaar were on duty when a Utile after;
s o'clock Mayor Mltgkel arrived.
Ri was accompanied by Donn Bar
ber and was met it IBS door b Dr.
li,,l'.,oi,, t Till. ,11. 1 1 resident of the ho"
pltul Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dins
I inore'imd others of th uninittee. wh
i tiwk him Into thu theatre, which lia-
lieen flt'ed up at one side of the palace
i He stroke very brleily. mtrrly polntin
out the greflf aetv'.ce to the Ity per
' formed b 8t. Mark' Hospital and its
! need of mote room and better equipment
He hoped, he aald, that the wishes of
the committal aamM hi realised by th-
' raising of .1 large sum of money. The
M.ivor returned to the baaaar later with
! Mrs.' Borden Harriman and hr daugti
Iter. Miss Ethel Harriman for whom he
gave . theatre Daftl la evening In
I honor of her birthday.
Mm. Morrla Miken I'lrwl Sele. j
The very first sak of th bssaar waa
made vy Mrs c,oueriieur Morris, wno
ilstsisesl or a picture for 1150. Ar oilier
saie was that Of Spot, Ihe leopard, who
w-ent for laO". The name Of his pin
chaser wa-s not disclosed. Anybody with
a taate for animals can still gratify II
at th baaaar, even If SH,t Is gone, for a
tine young lion, captured by Lad) Urace
M tckensle, Is offere! there for T0 The
),et h.Hith aisi Includss mice, monkeys,
birds of various kinds and g ,mli Of
WOOtley white dogs
The most IUOCOSgfu1 flower seller was
Mls Anita gtSWSrt, the moving picture
ctresi Dressed in a fetching costume
Of blue tulle and pink rOSebU !s s'o WOl
rll of a trsyful of pinks in ! than
half an hour The theatre was a most
profitable part Ol the show, for v lUdl -vllle
arid moving pictures were o-erel
there after the Mayor spoke, and tickets
brought large prices Those on the i ro"
igtamme last night were i.yu.i ix.po.
kowa, naaton Hargsant, rtennetn t iai
and Ruby Jarrell.
There are to h" vaudeville and movies
avefy afternoon and , -veiling till thl
baaaar doses, with the exception f
Friday night, when the great nffa'r ii
the week, the pageant by John Murray
Anderson, will be given It ll called
"Terpsichore," and John K ndrl 1
Hangs haa written the prologue, whtfil
Will be spoken by Mrs Langtry La '
de liuthei. A hundred dancers will an
near in the dances of antiquity, the
' dances of
the Middle igea. or me ri n-
and of the Nineteenth Cen
1 naiBsanca
tury, The settlnga for each period snd
the musical Instruments were choet 1
to give an air of historical verity, Mr
Anderson will lead the dancet of ii"
Nineteenth Century wHh Miss Emm)
Tlw captains of the various I tin.
as follows: Suffrage, Mrs Charles A.
BplVSOki; Hungarian, Mrs. Prank 1.
Horn; oatldy, Mrs. E. tt rburg . ladies'
auxiliary, Mrs. Ctvirlen Van der Brurk,
Mre. U K. I'ogenherg and Mrs B, Mnl
leri miscellaneous article. Mrs li.
Welcke and Mrs. L Bents; wheel i( for
tune, Mis. C. Wermlnghoff, Mrs. it 0,
Plecher and Mra. M. m. Apfel; utility,
Mrs. J. Simon.
rhslrmen of I ommtlter.
Th- chairmen of the committees ar. ;
invitation. Donn Barber; pageant, Mlsi
Kllsabeth Perkins; entertainment, M:"
John Kendrick Hangs; vaudeville, Mr-.
Thomas T. Haunt ; dressing room. A.
It.nl Moon: Coney Island. Oswald C
Hertngi properties. Henry Wli Miller;
uoving pictures, Frederick r utiiver:
illroom. III hard M Hurd tc, ro m
Mrs. Joiui Kendrick Hani; Mr Pang
by the way. Ih in Cincinnati, run ne -"it
11 telegram 01 gorst wishes to th, baaaar
last night.
Among those who hail boxes at the
baaaar theatre last night were Mrs Vin
cent Astor, Mrs. William Dinsmore and
Vis. Charles O. Hurllngume Mrs. Fred
erick Vandsrblll has taken bos f r
tiie pageant. Mrs. Oren Ho .vas there
last night and helped receive the Mayor,
St Mark s Hospital, its president, l'r
Tllion, pointed out, ll Situated in one
of the most crowded parts of the ''ity. 177
Second avenue, and takes patients uf
every creed, nationality anil color It
performs a peculiar service in that 11 re
OSlVOa unfortunate women who are
barred from many Institutions but who
in the social service wards of this hos
pital ate given ihe care they need, it
is specially for this social service work
that the hospital needs more mone I
umre room In ltll-1915 It a red for
"J.'J" Indoor patients and s.S'is- outd
pal !nta.
I'rrlaht Tlenp Pallnni Tronlile on
Hell Line.
CatOAOO, Dec. II -Six hundred train
men and yard operatives .,! the Melt Line
Hallway went on strike to-day, llelng up
traffic on thirteen trunk roads, which use
ih, Hell I.Uie lor BVltchllls purpose
More that, f,,nno cars ,e handled by the
toad every day.
The walkout was OS Used hj (hi al
leged refusal of the company 10 main
tain pass, tig.-r service for it- employees
tr. the new terminal yards it i':.;,
bevond the aouthwsei boundary of tne
Ce.'s Ajtrsrtisni Are Their Lew Pries
a. Herald Su.re. Vwi,, 14lh llh U
Tt is not SO much the rtothei .
men, ragged, 10m and tin, ...
nor yet the broken and slouching
ner of their Walking 'tut!, ,
Tii in and gaunl faces, scan
trace of misspent snd lui Kli Pi
1. s that a 1 " ilr.i a 11 - ...n : .
of pain, from It" iff sell 1
poor health; fUOM thai
mobility left
Such facet- cams througl '
ti,..r ,
of TUB si n fin. brtati
Prince atreet yesterday And
There wer' young men 10 be . 1
lll-ru. I'll! mere graS I
not OVS "
In their syi
Inkling ol
1 or In ihe
it. la
ll sdl
th. Ii eli-ns.
If on- Wslks In Plflh ;,,
douia that ihere n,is.T
Xi 1
i"i ne eneuia go 10 x rTinci 11
see Hie ,1 line of abject ami ,. .
men walking oui of ihe doer
gieat hiit'ke from loaves 01 i.re.t
smiling them into then- mouth,
move SWay, And see snothi ,
line of iu srltlg, l-lii 1 .
ping In.
Most of them yesterda) rrrs qm
Ml of 'hem had whim hall Rt ,
Olle Of litem looked sk ltl ...
or spirit US U) -ick N.t i, rnun , ..
who bad spunk , nouab In 1 .
erei-t ; not a man ol thl . w .. ., ,
' Hut look hi re," said . spry . t
who had drooped in -r,...
on, 1 m a New- Bttef you 1
Wgg born tiere. you know ; f'm ,,.
the soil as 11 Were, and I had no
of thl tn it I want to ' . ....
do these men sleep "
He w is tohl ,,f ihe Bowery r. '.
rant where a man cm sleep In '
for four hours 1 . a nickel cup of roffei
of the various m sstons where the)
sleeti sl'tlng up on u bench o,- 'lyln
down on Ihi fioo, of the dxrk . ,.,.'
where a wink may he had . t:. 1 ,
of helng poked by a hlghl Mh k
tors, of the hard sidewalks ct.r.
man van walk nil n'aht lo keen a
i.nd of th Mm. nil Lodging II -1..
'Ilnmon " gild hi "prett) lough!"
Ii ! pre'ty lOUgh Most f,e '.
w ho go breed yesterday looked
catty laeapsbts of hard work 4
them had undouhtedlv been 00. .. ,..
so long gnd deir clothes hail
into n eOmptcie state of ruin 1 n 11
Would he impossible for lhen -., gm
anything l'ke a good uh 'h, irsrl
ro men vestefdsv of the ',a--
lent p Tim Si n s brand llm ,. n
stalwart )'OUPB fi Ion 11 V o' the is
very I'ksiy lonkine, hi f tlei u good
material In them ii".-i would -
of llrr: rate Wott If the rh.r
Rot eterdav was the Brsl day of iis
b'ead line and news r,r ligd trtiV'
id'. ii far rilor e th- l: ,'. v. ...
day or so." said an ifflcer, .
plenty of them the kind whe otdy m
a hand to get started :,.i .!
I '.tie rood In their BtomsChi
When tiie bre-,, 0. ,t Bill '
last wlnf r Dr. John P, Enl'r.n ,
in,. Brsl person to send his rhrei
the oiace a, i'i,t !m. contlntMHl 1 '
for 1100. Vaaln th's vear Dr 1. -c,
was the flral contributor 11 .
foi the sani. amount, it w
Kt000 loaves of brenj.
Reprieve for Mnrderer,
that yher'ff white 1
does not Intel"' to ,
Hon of F'ston gcott,
to hang Dec mber 1
wilh ''ecentv and de.
Btfftln reprieved the
January Jl PMC
t .la kSOt
endue! '
a nssro.
f at Mat.
.rum.' 1 101
legro to-.
If yesterday madi yov
realize what a tough climb
you're goins td havi gettii
through the Winter without
a new Winter overcoat
Let's hlp you out 1
Every good sort of warm
Winter overcoat, including
our snow proof Scotch
For men and boys
"My Kingdom
of high arctu s" 1
Why this st;Ht
'Lie I .',11
luliben i
Warm Winter unden
union suits a spt cii ll
Keywlrras I U
R0OBR8 PEET "' 'Mp ' '
f it'
ut 13th St .
a' Warren
RtriHtntNi .-1
tsis srw st
WL "i r-rr
, J

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