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K 1
Happy nl Hi ihiop. He Says, to
Answer Arousatlons o(
WHITS TiAisn, Dec 14. Warden Oe
kofn "f S'"X ain prison formally an
eirefed i.i-.i.n Hir charges Of Immorality
WJlli IfSlnsI Mm yestcnliiv In oacn
court b) XssiKtnm MitrtCl Attorney t'al
nn. The Warden Issued B statement
Imyim Hi" i-hargea and aliasing that
Dltlrtrt U"rney Weeks had niallclously
c . ,!., I thrm. Ueorge linnlon Hal
tic notified Mr- Wi'MlM and Justice Mo;--
irhtwwr, Mr. Osaoras'i eomatli that
Mr, Qeborna am pled Mr. Kullon's rhal
n(tf made also In open court, to make
p ,1,1s- .ill UHJ affldavlti nicuaing the
,,.,,. WsrJen (jsborne's slassmsal
u fotsswi I
Mr0f ncveral months 1 have toeon
thfli'iK under the knowledge that these
InpMblO and malignant charges were
being whimpered about. Emanating from
, frOttp of disgi uutled com let! wht.se
ItlMval from Mnf Sing I had forceil he
c.iiiee then Influence til corrupt arid
(errupti'ig. thegC siamlalnus stories were
fctsersd l) the District Attorney of
Westchester count and without proper
fc.u:iy nave been made ihe real basis
Mi i(rt in the so-called Investigation
of Sing sing prison, undertaken and
MMcllted by him.
"Tefltarday the counsel acting for me.
Unm Bo till and Merchant, succeeded
Ui f , ,-i iig; these clmrgc Into the open,
then before Mr. Justice Morechauoei,
Aaaist.int I'lurict Attorney, Mr. Fal
j :,. offered to make public Immediately
tit?' taallmony already taken before the
Onnd .lury and the affldavlta which
lUrfl RM with a horrible and Infamous
Hull pe l lirht.
"The pretence of an unprejudiced IMs
e i Attorney has been torn away kftd
IS violent and partisan nature of his
gellona fully revealed. The character
of the witnesses against nie has also
eee.i made clear and the disgraceful
means used to line them up That offer
uf Mr. Fallon's 1 promptly accepted.
Vile a? are the charges, yet it is a re
lief lo have them made public, for (
Welcome Ihe chance to meet my de
bmers fa. e to face in the open. There
Mn be no doubt as to the result
"My only fear now is that Dletrict
Attorney Weeks will not dare to keep
tilth at to hla assistant's offer, and
My persist In trying to fight under
"No Intelligent or right minded man
or woni. in will need m assurance that
these charge are villainously false and
Moner or later In the fight which has
Mil) jus' beffUn we will force Into UM
light Iheee individuals who have be-n
hit!r ir that, after my usefulness has
keen destroyed, they could then safely
proceed 10 cripple the Welfare ay Item
I) Slug Sing ami Auburn prisons. Ihe
u en and spread of Which threaten
their pecuniary and political Interests."
"I have no desire to enter Into con
troverey with Mr Otborne," was Mr.
IVeiks'l answer 10 ipieries as to the war
del I chargOl "No. I don't Know when
e will make public the affidavits and
Qrinil .lory minutes accusing him if we
do so at all."
Mr Weeks Said, however, that he w ould
ell' all the witnesses Warden Osborne
aai requested he called before .he !r:' nil
Jury, to give testimony favora'.h to him
ar. i hla administration. Among tic m
are IJeongu W. Wlckersliam. Wean
Qeorge W Klrchwey of Columbia, Hit-hart
M Kurd S member of the Prison
Commkulon; Warden Charles F. Haiti
fan of Auburn Prison and Or. K. Stag-g
One te ntlnn Weakened,
At oing to Mrs Bessie Helnlsi h of
II 1 I .a Folltaln avenue. The Bronx,
Who siim she Is a sister of Sidney L.
Weleh, one "f the prisoners woh accuse
the warden of Immorality, Welch is weak
minded and utterly unworthy f belief.
After reading In tills mornings paers
t ' Ml Fallon had flourished Welch's
Ifftdav t In oourl ami offered to read It
yesterday, Mrs, Rstnlsch hastened to tell
Mr Hat tlf Hits
Daniel P Hayes of 1 1 r. Broadway, who
II Mrs. rteinsloh'l attorney, agreed I hat
he hid known Weld) from boyhood and
th.it h had been constantly In trouble
because of Ins inability to tell the truth
srl h' lAnilansv tn khv em lhtnir one .
day and another the nest. Wsleb nsa a Kistrict Attorney Cropsey spoke on
Nrard of four ssntsnoss. I"lw snd Advertising Hs thnt
. Mr, Wf ks brouffht to whits Plains Iwltn ths exception of old ststutes against
tiiay to tsks tlis plaes af William Wll-1 osrtaln olassss of advertising, i"-ii ss
Inf. another lireat Meadow convict, lotteries, counterfeit money and insnr
S'unn H, Wallace, who was transferred lance 1 lotteries, the present lWS wen-
fpmi S ,g Mine liecKUse it whs believed
re wis instrumental in amiiUKUnK .!
"ph Murphy Into the death liouae to
talk t L'harlSS Becker. He and Welch.
Who tl-" . nine here to-day from Auburn,
are confined In the hospital, which Is
tiv-f comfortable than the Jail where
Sit nasi, favorable to Mr. Osborne are
'l:e hesvy anow prevented more thnn
twelve of the lira ml Jurors from reach
" White Plains t0-dy, so Warden
flborna wis notified not to come from
Oei v t'. testify until to-morrnw.
Dliertora Will f.rt F.niployees Hot
4MM Shares.
Th flnsnce rommltlSS of lit- United
f' iie Steel i 'orporatioti decided yester
' ,v aftt i ni. on tit net aside 3.n0(i shares
ct conmion and preferred stock for sub
'rlptlon by the officers and employees
'' 'Ii- hi iteration anil its subsidiary
' impanies. ThS price has not been de-
cldsd UDon. but it Is certain that ii will'
f'' w -, i he market price when the offer
la mini...
No stock was offered to the employees
'nut January because of the .small earn
" nf the corporation and the dis
lurbad Rnanolal condition owing to the
1'hi employsss will be allowed lo make
Payment, In monthly instalments. The
n'liniiiiis will be deducted from their sal
ine' n such sums as the subscribers
0as(nste, In 1S14 subscriptions were the Paris ConSSrVStory ten years ami
I .in. I until February. 8, ifli, and the has Just reached New Yark. where he is
allolnienta were made u few days after- to begin hii AiiiciIihh lour. He is Jus
urtl M is probable that the same con-lip, Klie, a native of Port an Prlnos,
11:1 on will prevail thla year. ' .r. i:ile Is 3-. and In addition I'1 plsy
Hail tii,- smploysSS Of the steel Cor-1 Ing Is Ihe composer of music Jiaseil on
1'"' il been allowed to subscrilie to Haytlau Ihcnies. Amonft Ins own pieces
'I" itocM of the Corporation last January , n a Het of Yaudou. or Voodoo, dances,
till) would now have a comfortable ! which he will play at his recitals. As
"n'. l,m. people of this eoimtry are ajenerally
I unfamiliar with Hayti the pianist will
Millell Motor III. Idenil.
Th, 1 recors of lb. MaaSl Motor
w.iy, m sooordsnce with plans ,n.
hnunced soms tlmsage, have declared a I
''iilir i I L S
" . wilin m 'vM . ',, , Tex"'-'.he
''llHti,, I f0, preferred slock at par Hy
m i or Hi, per cent, on ins llrst
preferred slock at par Hy
' i, ii. accumulated back dlvi.
ilsinia ..I. the itist preferred stock or the
Mmpuii) ate taken tare of. The stock
a tic, I,,! spriK has been on a 7 perlThe date of his first rjcttal has not yet
"in Itaeis. been announced. I
H. Snowden Marshall Alleges in Affidavit That Lead
Pencil Interlineations Were Inserted in Court
Papers Concerning Appeal of F. D. Safford.
Another chapter was added yesterday
to the series of prosecutions begun by
the tiovemment against Hae Tanier and
her lawyers. Kavld and Maxwell Hlade.
as a result of Miss Tamer's JiiO.onn
breach of promise suit against James
W. Osborne. In affidavits filed In the
fnlted States Circuit Court of Appeals
late yesterday afternoon l'nlted States
Attorney II. Snowden Marshall charges
that some one has falsified the court
papers nied in Ihe appeal taken by
Franklin I . Safford.
Safford Is the former clerk of the
Kensington Hotel in l'lalufleld, N J.,
who testified for Hae Tanser at the
beginning of the prosecution against her
for use of the malls to defraud He
swore that Oliver Osborne and James
W. Osborne were one and the same atid
that the man who brought Miss Tanser
to the I'lalnflehl hotel on a certain oc
casion was James W. Osborne. He was
convicted of perjury In the l'nlted States
District Court last May and sentenced to
nine months Imprisonment bv Judge
fharles M. Hough. Henjamin HaM I
brother of Maxwell anil David Hlade
was attorney for Ihe defendant.
The law firm of Slade H Slude. 2011
Bmailway. carrld the case to Ihe l'nlted
Slates Circuit Court of Appeals, hut be
fore doing so had to get. Judge Hough
to sign a bill of SSCOptlons Wtllctl was In
MUbstame a transerlpt of the testimony
on which the appeal was based. The
bill iiteludcd among other extraets three
Important questions asked by Assistant
l'nlted States Attorney linger H. Wood
of Mrs. .lames W. Osborne and Kdwtu
W. Wlllcox of Mr. Osborne's law office.
Pencil Interlineations.
After Judge Hough had signed the
hill on July last some one. according
lo the papers filed yesterday. Inserted
In the bill in lead petn-il after each of
fhe three roie.t ions note to the effect
that Henjamin Slade had objected lo were In the bill and transcript when then
the question! had been overruled hy the were approved by the Judse and the Dis-
court and had taken an exception. An
examination of Hie notes taken by the
stenographer In the l'nlted States Dis
trict COUft reveals. It Is allege,, that no
objection or exception was taken by Mr.
Slade to any of the three questions cited.
Judge Hough. Mr. Marshall sets forth
in his affidavit, has protested that the
interlineations In Ihe bill of exceptions
District Attorney-elect F.x- Bolleta Whiz by Throngs. Inss
itlalns Plmis h! Snliinx Inil the Marllmrmijrh Two
Club Dinner.
The members of the Sph.nx Clu!
ed I
last night In the Ator tiallery of the
Waldorf-Astoria and afterward listened
to speeches made by District Attorney
elect Edward Bwann, District Attorney
James r Cropsey of Brooklyn and Chlof
Magistrate William MoAdoo. The ulnlng
hall was decorated with Christmas trees,
illuminated with electric light", a large
American eagle of gold, on which was
thrown a spot light, and Amerii an t1ag.
Preston I'. Lynn, president of tie club,
was toastmastar and with Mm at the
guest table. In addition to the Speakers,
were William H Hrown, t'olllii Arm
strong. Alexander Russell and ileorge
Judge Bwann, speaking
the prac-
Ileal way
advert Iser
to eliminate the dishonest
told of what had been done
In tlii
State am
others to prevent ;
frauds in advertising, He said that dl.--
bonest advertising waa a fraud, as u
was practically obtaining money under
false nretenees. This, he said. must, be
suppressed, and lie asked for the co-
operation of the members of the Sphinx
Club. He said he intended to hrbig
to Justice men who are making money
ho false and misleading advertising.
"1 am atolna to depart mentallse the i
District Attorney s Offloe," said Judge
Bwann, "and am going to put different
departments under specialists There
w ill be a commercial frauds department
and I have In mind the man to hSVS
charge of that department, although
hs does not know of it himself yet. Ha
will pay attention to all kinds of frauds
nernetrated em lh people
of very recent enactment
He loan
briefly what these laws were and then
snid that K't'iti sdvsrtlslng man needed
a sood lawyer. He tlien referred to the
advertisement or publication of crime In
the newspapers, which lines not minimise I
crime, but on the contrary ten. Is ta sprean
it "Only recently," he continued, "I
took two svsnlng nswspapi rs, one of
New York and one of Brooklyn, and
looked I" see what amount of spnee was
devoted to crime. The New York paper
had 18 cases and the Brooklyn paer
13. and no case was duplicated. Not one
of these had an unusual feature, not one
esse involved a public ottl er, and not
one was dsssrvlng nf mention
"These accounts were read by young
men ami bovs from whom the bulk of
the criminals eimies Three-ipiarterM of;
our criminal! are under 3n years of a"
and one-third under 1 years. These,
reading the reinirts. get the Idea th.t
It Is the easiest thins to commit crime ,
ami have Ideas that they will never he '
"Ixl there he a little more effort to
prevent crime. DlSOOntlnUS IBS puhllca- ;
Hon of crime Indiscriminately and form i
Instead of reform the boys." I
Judge McAdoo spoke or now run-
llclty Aids the Public Official.''
Kile liollIK oil l.nerleoil
Hrcllal Tour.
a ii.,.,iu,. nlotilui ulm t,.,.l Itonnrs AI I
j niiiiwi ,,. -
accompany his recitals with pictures of I
Z TllZnpX
Amstrt "''"P"" " "' nan Porta
"n,VV ., .,, .. v..rl. !
I, o, .VpTal y .W these day nd
m 'an had 10 lake a Huteh ship.
tha Nledcrlands. which StOJ 1 at the
irwsei i" " . .:,
UI1 nweuermiMMi, sniwi "''" "'.
Island on her way from Holland and
Dutch Qulsna lo this port. Mr. Kiio Ih
slopping -a" West Thlrty-nlnlh street,
on file in Ihe United States Circuit Court
of Appeals were not there when he
signed the hill.
On the strength of these allegations
Judge K Henry' LgCOMba of the Circuit
Court of Appeals signed an order calling
upon the attorneys for Safford to show
cause In court to-day why the matter
should not he remitted to the IMstrlct
Court and why the Safford appeal should
not lie held up until the authenticity of
the bill of exceptions is settled.
Assistant l'nlted States Attorneys
linger It Wood and Samuel Hershen
steln will appear In the Circuit Court of
Appeals for ihe Government and will ask
that the papers he sent back to Judge
Hough for a full investigation and that
the Government shall have "other means
, :
papers were falsified Is sustained It will
be for the court to decide what eteps
shall be taken to punish the offender.
glade Makes Denial.
The questions asked by Hroseculor
Wood of Mrs ulHirne and Mr. Wlllcox
related lo the visit said to have been
made by the elusive Oliver to the Sher
man Suuare Hotel on March 19, IMS.
when In the presence of Mr end Mrs.
islmme and Mr. Wlllcox the mysterious
philanderer I Sg timed full responslhlllt
for the misdeeds that Hae Tanser nt-t-lhutrd
to .lames W. Oehorne. On that
Occasion also Oliver Is said to have
turned over to James W. a letter written
to him by Hae Tanier.
David Had Visited Mr. Wood after
the filing of the affidavits. He appeared
StcltSd and saiil the charges of falsltl- i
cation were untrue and would never have
been made had Ihe Federal attorney re
flected how absurd It would have lieen
for any one to have attempted to change
Ihe court pnpers. After a conference
with Mr Wood the lawyer emerged still
more agitated and made this addition to
his statement :
"The charges are false, wilful, mali-
clous and Untrue l lie I liter II Ileal ions
trict Attorney
David and Maxwell Slade and Albert
J. Mcfullough. a private detective, are j
under indictment tor ODStructms justice ,
and influencing the testimony of wit
nesses In the defence of Hae Tanier
Maxwell Slade was arrested In Brooklyn
recently for attempted bribery In an-
other case. I
Arrested After ChMe.
A gunman who found a foe In front of
Ihe Hotel Marlborough, Hroadway aid
Thirty-sixth street, Jlred six shots at him
last night at -9:3o o'clock, when Broad
way was thronged In the police pur
suit Of the gunman a dozen m ire allots
Were fired The only damage which the
fusillade did was b) a hullet to a taxi
cab In front of the hotel.
The shooting began alien two men
approached In front of the Thirty-alsth.
tree! entrance to the hotel They were
gunmen, according to Harry W,.rren. a
chauffeur, who stcssi beside hie taslcab
.it the curb, for one of them, with his
back toward Seventh avenue, drew a
pistol from his is-ket and began firing
at another chauffeur. Warren and others I
in the street fled into the lobby of the
hotel Whlll shots were being sent In the I
I direction of Hroadway and Its passing
throngs, j
George ,t. Braendly a detective, who,
I 1, .oonoxl to he Ihe Sliot. luruneil be- '
)i;mi R taxl(.ah, tne same machine behind !
w hich the gunman'! human tatget took ! m o be held at the Cotnedv Theatre, I
I refuse When Braendl) saw that Ihe Sunday evening, December 2. 1
I gunman's revolver had been emptied of j Mane Tempest will appear ai the
.its contents, he pursued and fired tWOlPgdace Theatre during the week nf De-
Bhots u, tin air as he followed through i rember IT. she will probably act u
Thirty-sixth street toward Seventh ave- I Harrie s playlet, "Rosalind," which she
; nue. I has been using on tour in connection I
patrolman Henry Jacobean heard the 1
and came running east from :
nth svenue, Hrlns sis sinus on ais
own aooounl uid srsbblna tha man
u ...ii,- ,. ... ..e, l l.m. m, tltlnbltif? '
Hint the dstsctivs srsa sn onenaer, too,
pushed his revolver into HihcikIIj lb
tinmen, hut withdrew It when the plain
clothes officer displayed hi shield,
other patrolmen appeared and with
a growing crowd In their wake they
took the prisoner to the West Thirtieth
Street station, where he said lie was
James McQfath, a driver. 'JT years old,
of S03 West Porty-elghth street. At -cordlna
t( the POllOS, he admitted the
shooting, but refused to say at whom
he had fired. The chauffeur who WM
RUPPOSed to hSVS been the objective of
McOrath'a aim couldn't he found, tiut
H second prisoner whh brought In and
charged with sctlng in concert with
Met I rath
lie said lie was .Tames Brady,
II years old, a freight handler, of III
Uasl Twenty-fourth street.
John I'hlpps Has Son's Snd) !
Inlerrrd In lirrrii-Wiiiiil.
John S. PhlppS, enjt of Henry Phlpps, j
has recently purchased a circular plot In
ureen noon envaivr, iui wnionu lesain i
he paid the highest pries on record. This I
price Is said lo be 0,000, The olrcular
since Is 7 feet 9 Inches In diameter ami
i situated on what Is known as Battle
Hill, Section 11-13, one of the most,
beautiful parts of the H 1,1m burial
The purchase was made about two ;
weeks MS after Mr. I'hlpps had iji- :
upected the cemetery. Orders were then !
gv,n to dljt a it rave which was lined
wtn enamel brick and in this WSS
buried Hie body of his son. The baby
:is born on November 13 and dld the
next day. The body was placed In the
Hempstead receiving vault until the new
gfSVS In lireen-Wood was prepared,
where It was Interred on December 4.
Belle llerlierl Iska Sfio.ooo Heart
Hal in Iron. HalstMifer.
Prederlok ti. Balshofir, director of
the Metro Film Company, was sued In
tha Supreme Court yesterday for $50,000
dsmagss for brsaoh nf promise by iieiic
HsIVltS, a movie actress known as Helle
Herbert. The complaint charKSs that
Ilalshofer proiiilsisl In 1 Dot to inurry
Miss Herbert and has since repudiated,
WaUeV M "' ao.dam.th. attorney for
wlll off,r ftvr(l((n(.e M.
lore written bv BalShofer to Miss Her-.
tort In which he addressed her as "
Hear Sweet" and SlgnSd himself "Y
Wov lag I'et ty.' It is alleged that A
... .,., , .... .... ......
:. . "' . . ' ., . .r :..
iiernen aim paianoier livsa at mo nin
man apartmsnts, is Ansnes. as Mr.
snd Mrs Matshofer and that he left her
after complaining that she was spending
too inuclV money.
BpIunoo'r Lflfpst. "Van dor
Dpcke.il," In a Version of
"flying Dutchman."
David Relaaoo 'has called the new j
play he wrote for David Warfleld, which j
Is Mio fifth, by the way. that he has had
In his long career as a star, "Van Per
Decken, a legendary drama of the sea."
Mr. Relasco has. of course, used Ihe story
of "The Flying Dutchman." The piece
Is In three acls. the nrst opening In an
Inn In Holland a hundred years ago. Into
the tap room of the Three Gulls there
comes the landlady, played by Marie
Dales, to quilt the discussion among her
patrons as lo the personality of the mys-
i1 - """"" .. w board ,.,
In the ba. While the discussion Is go
ing on the mariner enters. Then he rec
ognises In a young girl, who supplants
.-'riifn of the operatle version of the piece,
the girl who In a previous life two cen
turies befon :is his beloved wife.
She is the dsughter of a mariner, who
Is seeking lo fOKS her Into a marriage
with an old captain. She has no recol
lection of her former life with the
Dutchman, but she does fall deeply In
love wdlh him. Ho she promises to
ISlI him on his ship which Is awaiting
the disappearance of the fog In order
to sail away. Once In hla cabin, the
Dull hman Is able lo awaken her memory
of him. He tells her that It was Ihe
desire to get back to his wife and aee
the flew baby at home which ted him
to chafe under the delay caused by the
wdnds and so rurse the name of the
Make: that he was condemned to sail
Ihe seas until the love of a pure woman
should redeem him He consents thai
the girl shall go back to the mainland
and as he sends her away still uncon
scious he utters a prayer which brings
back the name of ilod to his lips.
There are two scenes in the third act.
The flrst shows the girl with her child
asleep Iti the cradle and her kettle sing
ing on the stove, happy In her home
The second is the ship which is no
longer to be Ihe prison of the Dutchman,
who had been redeemed by the love of a
pure woman. Mr. Helasco Is said to
have surpassed himself in the beauty
oi tne scenery
Kd.th I.yle announces that she is "nut
of "Jewish Folk at I'lay." which Samuel
Shipman and Clara I. pman Wrote. It is
heme rehearsed for production b) II H
Frazee. Miss LfjrlS say, she resigned 1
cause she ould not "feel'' the character
Another actrass who has just got out t
of a Jewish play Is Mathllde fottrflly. i
, ., i,., i, ... i...,. In ,
"Aba ami Mawruas as the play nasi
been rewritten to s decree which prac j
tleslly eliminated lids role, which was
so important on the nr.t night, jennis
MosaowltcSj who has been an amusing
His. I'oMsa In the past, succeeded Mine.
Arthur Wing Plnaro's latest play. "The
Hig Drum." had only one hundred and
twenty performances In London, which Is
accounted a larg.. number for war time.
although "1'otHSh and I'erlmutter" has
t ad more than six hundred representa
tions to its credit.
I.aurette Talor Will next ajipear in
"Happiness.' which she expects to pro
duce in Chicago about the middle of
January. This play la by Hartley Man
! tier a and part of It was acted hi one of
the matinees given by MJas Taylor,
Maude Adams will l-uln her engage
ment at the Bmplra Theatre on Tuesday,
December 11, In "I'etcr Pan." This will
be followed by a repertoire of playi by
Barrle, Including The Little Minister,'
"Quality Street" and "What lCvery
Woman Knows."
"Sybil." the new musical comedy
written for Julia Sanderson. I'dial'l
nriBn and Joseph Cawthorn, will be seen
1 the Liberty Theatre. The music is b
Victor Jacohi and the book has Iteen
written by the authors Of "The Merry
meeting of the stage Children's
i..,,,,.i mrmm bol.l cevTet-ilav afternoon at i
me Hotel Astor to arrange for the bene.
with "The Duke of Kiiucrankie w .
i i in ham Browne will appear with her.
siim lo-us? ny ina 1 luted Kni.t i. .,m
Thomas a sidtsan lum accepted Ine
. . M I ,,,
.. luirmatts cn t,t A ett in iniee which wi
- .,,.
raise bwimi iowwh
nf Atner- I
r w n
The Harriman National Bank regards the good
will of the community as its most valuable asset,
and, therefore, bends its efforts toward keeping old
friends and making new ones.
To this end, while extending a general invitation
to responsible corporations, firms and individuals
to do business with the bank, it does not mislead
them with promises today which tomorrow it may
be unwilling to fulfill, and it makes no promises of
any kind, at any time, which it has not the ability
to perform.
Earnest of this principle of the Harriman Na
tional Bank is given in the personnel of its directo
rate. composed of bankers, merchants, railroad men,
and representatives of other important interests,
whose responsibility, standing and reputation in
the community are guarantee of the faithful per
formance of their duties as directors of the bank, as
well as of their knowledge of the needs of customers.
We believe that the good opinion of the com
munity and neighborly feeling for the bank are
worth having. We desire our neighbors to be our
friends, so that even if we cannot do business with
them, either for reasons on their part or reasons on
our own, nevertheless we may profit by their report
of us.
The friends of the Harriman National Bank
number more than its depositors, and we fully
acknowledge our indebtedness to them for their
share in the splendid growth of the bank.
The gaieat way to Increase your
income la to odd ajritemaUcally
to your principal.
Our Guaranteed flrit Mortajage
Certificate, leaned In amounts
from $200 up, enable yon to In
teat any amount at any time.
There la no better example of
a conservative security yielding
Vx and tax exempt In New York
iVa invtior aas ever tost a stellar
Capital ft larptaa. S10.0M.0M
lISVwea.R.T, ITS Sssasss SU a-ktya.
lea by soliciting contributions from the
motion picture people. A special day
In February Is to be called "The Actors i
Knnd Moving t'leture Day. when 20.(100
film theatres will send a percentage of
their receipts toward the fund.
He Wolf Hopper will be seen fo the
first lime In pictures at Ihe Knicker
bocker Theatre on Sunday in "Don
Omnere nf Suppressed Film at
Pair's Theatre t.et I it Jn net Ion .
The Franklin Film Manufacturing
Coatpanjfi owner of the Ann "Virtue."
which was suppressed at Daly's Theatre
Monday night by License t'onimlssioiier
Bell, got a temporary Injunction yester
day from Supreme COUft Justice Whlta
ker. restraining i 'ommlssloner Hell from
interfering with the production of the
piece until argument Is heard on De
cember 17.
The film was shown last night. There
was a fair sized audience at the first
show at 7:10. At the second showing
there was a small crowd and many of
the spectators, becoming dissatisfied With
the picture, went lo the box office and
demanded back their money. Several
threatened to crente a disturbance, but
were calmed. Nearly half the audience
finally walked out.
Y. M. H. A. FUKD NOW $8,854.
Kscellent Jteewlta Reported at
IterhniD Despite Stern.
Despite IbS storm of Monday and the
Impeded traffic conditions excellent re
sults wire shown esterday at the I'mon
Square Hotel luncheon for workers In
the campaign of the Bronx Y. M. H. A.
to raise lt,000 for a new building, t'on
IrlbUtlons Of lcW were announced,
bringing the total Of the first few days
of the campaign up to IS.Sul.
The team that led for the day. with
IJ3.".. was headed by LoUil Wasserzug
The team headed by Hernaru n. Base
made no report, though it was urtoffl-
cially announced that it had more than
tnsalo good Its Pledge to raise 11,000, and
had made a further pledge to ralee i. 000
during th campaign.
former Sew VorU l,awger Pound
Dead In Philadelphia.
PMiLAMUHfAi Dec. 1 4. Clarence
Winter, formerly a NSW York lawyer
and member of the firm of Winter Ic
Winter of tl Liberty street, committed
suicide In a hotel here to-night He had
been In this city only a few davs He
left only one message. stfdfSSSSd SO his
father, In which he asked that Ills wife
and children OS taken care of after he
WSS gone
Clarence WtlltOf -was associated with
his brother, Kevce Winter. 1n the law
firm of Winter A Winter up to a year
ago At thai time he went to Indian
apolis and Started practloa for himself.
He came Last on a visit to New York
early last week and also went to Phila
delphia At his hotel there It was said
last night that he received a mstcriouH
telephone message from New York which
caused him to ieue Immediately for
here. He visited his brother. Koyes
Winter, on Saturday and then returned
to Philadelphia. Nothing that he said
wlille with his relatives led them to ex
peel ids deeil and they could give no
reason for it last night,
Mr Winters home was at 1321
North Meridian eireet, Indianapolis. He
haves a wife, Mrs Margaret Winter.
ami two children tin re. Peggy, ii and
Ferdinand) I years old
ehtn rsmiin r.tr itcri oi r i nhin ii
V, . .1 it 1. II.imm 1 r uti.l Mr. & If 'I
, - .. .. ..... . ,,
Mr r w.iirfii Woil
;vr Oeorss B tot Mr a R cartrr
Mrs W
an Asset
First Tea Is Olvcn for Speonrs
National and Lafayett
The first skstlng tea under the aus
pices of the Hecours National Skating
Club, organised In aid of the Hecours
National and Lafayette Fund, which
contributes to the relief of French
women and children, Helglan refugees
and Ihe men In the trenches, was held
yesterday afternoon In the new Ice
gardens of the Hlltmore Hotel. There
was a large assemblage of persons
prominent!- Interested In these organi
sations, who found the skating rink
much to their liking, while as many
oecupled seats at tables In the tea room
and lounge and viewed the sport.
The gardens looked most attractive
with the natural decorations that the
snowstorm had presented. although
this In no way Interfered with the af
ternoon's programme!. Sotne of those
who went on Ihe Ice were Mr. and
Mrs. Irving llrokaw. Mis Stuart Dun
can. Mrs. C, OlltfST Isslln, Miss Angelica
Schuyler Urown. Miss Adele Drown, the
Misses Harriet and Mary Crocker Alex
ander, Miss Ina Kissel. Miss Alexandra
Kmery. Mrs. Julian lierard. Xllss Vir
Sinla Alexandre and Harvey Ladew.
During the afternoon there were Im
promptu exhibitions of fancy skating
by several of the skaters, who are
among the most proficient amateurs on
the Ice. An orchestra played and later
there were exhibitions hy Mr. and Mrs
Naeaa, professionals,
The SeV'trs National Skating Club
will meet a the Hlltmore skating lake
on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
and Saturday mornings of each week
during the winter
Among others present yesterday were
Mrs John Jacob Astor. Mrs. Francis
K. Pendleton. Mrs. Whitney Warren,
Mrs. Ogden Mills. Mrs Charles Hteele,
the CounteSS de la ilreze. Mr. and Mrs.
Sydney Hreese, James L. Hreese. Mr.
and Mrs. Charles H Alexander. Mrs.
Frank tiray OrtSWoM, Mr. and Mr-.
Frederick T Frellnghuysen, Mrs. J.
Henry Alexandre. Mrs. Austen (Jray.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I'easc, Mrs. J. Fred
Tarns, Mrs Kdmund Twining, Jr.: Mrs.
F. I). Iinler. Francis Roche, I.y'.lleton
Fox. Mrs. Allen U Wellnian, Mrs Alex
ander D. H Prat: Mrs. Walter K.
Maynard. Mrs Lydlf lloyt. Mrs. Will
lam LOWS Rice, th" Misses Mildred and
BlISS nice. Mrs. ileorge Qulntard Pal
mer. Miss Lillian Palmer. Mrs Robert
ii Bacon, Mrs James Byrne, MISS Helen
Byrne, Mrs l-wls Q, Morris gnd Miss
Louise Sands.
MRS (IBRTRCDN IVBtu'who died
Msr.h last sntl was the Widow tif Max
Weil, left Itll. til m , . ..,,. m her
daughtera Bmma W cne, iis'.ja w
Stroodi, Msbe; Oeld berg and her eon i
Sanforj Well, Ml., had )II,I In r,n
L".;1-'.. '"'t an estate ..r nor
thn I .00.011) t three aona and t daUBh-
ters Of this amount nis.r.r.i) .. taxst.;-
v..rk h owned 11.111 ahena ..r
ina st, Jim-tiii Lead Company worth i.m,
ivii r CAM A VAX, Mstraeror, who
dlea s.ptniber II, mu loft I2IS.ISI lie
gave iit.mii i hi. wif.. fgtheriiie a
' ana ran, ... In.ltt each to three .isueh
tens snd ficjr
CIIAItl.eiTTK V ACKBRt.Y, Who died
J'1.' ;.. '' left St oo. -07 Sn .
lU.Sil each to Msrj- ai,.i i.u , r traerl
atepdaughters, H,,.i Kv. h. remainder -n
i and nie e. ghe left .-,.oe.. lo the
Domestic an. I Foreign Mlaalonar) go l--v
or the Protestant Episcopal church, sn.'t
S psintlng nf her father, to. Ket
Itr rhttnts- House Ta;,,r. : ti Urs-e I'rCW
copal Church. '
-J'.lH "AtHtrai, eh.x died Fehruerx
I'll, and waa head of .t Paakuaa
Son, hide and leather merchants left tin
ITi, .if which lm.000 H'mi Int. Hi er,et in
til- tlrin eel 1, hi r-.,' e--.,',. Ho
?! each lo his sons. Martin and
Benjamin Paakuaa, ami lil.ill each lo
three de ugh tera Hi eft it..,on ,,.h ,,,
Jive Hel.r natltutlona and th remainder
to Kruno, hlldren
JOHN M Bt'LWINKt.B, who died Iv
rem isr Isat. lef in faiate of more then
" '-r "" Methodist Bplaeopsl
Rhurrh Hwni, Brooklyn, rerelvea ll.eel
ii fio .if whb h i for h n Indus at memory
if hie slfe The Methodist Eplsconil Ho.
pitai r, eive : noo ,,ni the remainder ol
the etH. ( .iivhieti among Rebeeca l
Wedemeyer a alater, a nephew, niece and
gruicltile, e.
wii.i.iam o PLKTCHKB, who die.i in
Brooklyn March n last, tef- a ne- mata
of glSS.3te.Tg Hauls I, Fletcher, the wife
r I'ftt ISll.TSTi Carlelon D.a s son IS1I
III .ml .;r.,,.. p. Bowden, s ple.e. IS.OOl
France's Ruined Churches
Two Pages of Remarkable Photographs taken by Whit
ney Warren, the Well Known Architect An Extraordinary
In Next Sunday's Sun
With them will be presented Mr. Warren's unique plan
for rebuilding, a message to the Churches of the United States,
attuned to the Christmas spirit. A story that will touch the
hearts of all Americans.
Other Interesting Features of Next Sunday's SUN will be
The Romance of Ca- American Women as
nadian Northern
How two dreamers brought to
reality their vision of a great trans
continental railroad system.
The Pictorial Magazine
Will contain, among other striking features, two BEAUTIFUL
CHRISTMAS paintings:
"The Desire of All Nations," by E. A. Fellowes Prynne, and the "Re
ligious Spirit of Russia," by Harry Townsend.
Other features in Photogravure will be :
President Wilson reading his plea for preparedness.
Photography of children in the home.
Beautiful pictures of young women of social distinction.
Remarkable photographs of how the Horses of St. Mark's were saved.
Order your copy to-day. Your newsdealer will see that you get
Mrs. .Ttinkin of Milwaukee Saya
Henry M. Parker Wedded
Her In 1903.
A paner submitted in the Surrogate's
Court yeeterday revealed a contest of
the will of Henry Mijuntford Parker,
who died March 4, 1914, In Boston, by
Mrs. Katharine F. Junkin, now of 170
Farwell avenue, Milwaukee, who alleges
that she was the wife of Parker at
the time of his death, and that under
an agreement madn prior to the mar
riage he agreed to give her all his per
sonal estate.
The paper produced yeagerday was
an application by Mrs Junkin, now the
wife of John I. Junkin. said to he n
Milwaukee manufacturer, lo remove
Klchard Fay Parker, brother of the de
cedent, as executor under a will made
by Mr. Parker In Parln and probated
here on April 27, 1914. Although Mr.
Parker declared that his brother left
no real estate and had only $2,ono In
personal property, he really had an e
tate of more than 1100,000, Mrs. Junkin
sa vs.
The Parker will left his estste to the
three children of the brother aiinolnted
executor They are Kllsabeth, Hose
and Katherine Fay Parker, all living
with their father at Wcsthnro Mass.
The will made no mention of a widow.
Mrs. Junkin alleges that she married
Parker at Bronxvllle. N. V., on June
17. Iftda She snys she knew nothing of
the probate of his will because she was
not m, titled that the will had been filed
and wan not made a party to the pro
ceeding. Search of newspaper riles nhowed thn
on June IS, lsO.'l, an account of the mar
riage of Henry Mountford Parker of
New York, and Catherine Frasrr Haiiey.
daughter of John Bailey nf Vonkers, w is
published. It was stated that Mr.
Parker formerly lived In Hoston and
that he was a brother of Francis Parker,
a portrait painter.
American I'aH rruity ('nm Into
Prorrtr Held Uy Mm. . rm .ler.
Wahiiimiton. DC, 14.- Tin dftfith of
Mm, Ratbaeoft ;rHztpr tf HttaburCi I'. .
put.- tlM Amfnciii University i at Wub'
ItlStOni t. C, Iri pOCMSSaOll of pmprrtv
Valtttd at more titan 1100,000. BcfOffl
her dMttl Mil. tirazier ConMntcd to n
bonded tdjiuitnieni t :ir'ii(fii whloh upon
her diciiN tin property ihoold fowri
to tli university, ant meantime main
taining? DOOSCMloni wi aii'1 all Invom0
This ad. Just mem COVtrtd StOBStVt ri al
eFtate Koldlnffl noor the rity of IMttM
btirfji which hal nerved Mrs. Q raster
hh a summer home and farm. Kei-ent
realty devstopmenti in connection with
the adjacent expandlnf Jteel ptsnta.
however, slrsady liave turned the. farm
Into building lot! for homes and busi
ness purposes, Some re.il estate men
value the property now at $150,000.
In Addition to this renl estate, fflfl
the bonded a rra usTemenl with Mr -Orasler
had oovered an invested fund of
120,000, the Income fr.im whit h provided
annuity payments to the donor together
with reeoun-ee t. pay the tSbXea and for
the care of the property, This fund
of $2',ono also now reverts uncondition
ally to the university.
MrS. Q raster, who had reached he'
ll 1 net Jet h year, was the widow or
John (irazter, an old time merchant of
the steel city. lor many years she had
been one of the ntOSt earnest lUDpOfteri
of the Bmltnfleld fltrett Methodist Church
is PtttaburtTa
BState lllvlrled Retneen nn n ml
The spprstsat filed j eafcerday of t lie
estate of Col. Johfl BohUylOT t 'roshy,
who died at Newport, It. I , on An hum
I, 1 s 1 4, shows that he left an est at
of only M.MI. Of thin amount $6,000
was his share of ihe estate of his sunt,
Mary CrOSby. He divided his estate ne-
t wee n his son. Stephen Van Rsnaaelaer
Croaby, snd his franddauahter, Beatrice
Pol, 1 'rosby wsi a i ii war' veteran
Snd served with t'uster in Indian cam
paigns Hi Wai American Consul lit
Klorenre, Italy, from iK7i to ins.', nd
Governor of the Territory of Montana
from 1181 in H84 lie married Harriet
Van Renesslaer, who died m 1911 and
left an t ItSti or 1600,000.
The 'Hope' Chain or
start of a Pearl Neck
lac offers a su&gestion
for gift of lastinft
pleasure the idea, of
course, beinfc the ad
dition of a pearl each
birthday, Christmas or
other occasion.
Mi Favorita
Clear Havana Cigars
Manufactured in bond at Key
Weat, Florida. Popular with
good smokers who require at
more moderate prices than tha
Imported, an all Havana Cigar.
In the manufacture of
Mi Favorita
only choice tobaccos are used.
They are made hygienically and
invariably possess fine flavor and
fragrance. For gifts we show a
large assortment of Holiday
Especially selected stocks of
cigarettes are also presented in
cluding HFTY-SIX
i of quality and fashion
Park & Tiliord
Fifth Avenue and 26th Street
And ml Nino Branches
-The Spirit nf the Hour"
! A novel of lasting value
with the best -pint of con
temporary life for ;i back
gr und. Make this h 10k (jiu
of your Xmas gifts it is a
true and noble picture of
modern America that claims
a permanent place in the
library of every thinking
man and woman.
I ". hsni hi nfl' fall
..it? naS HeaiSfssi
.v. Y. Timet,
1 10 TIIF. Mil MIIXAN I'd, Puha.. N X
(Sas 1
n CsrtafsMi Cslslseiia)
Toy Makers
The work that devoted mothers
and child lovers are doing to fill
Santa's pack depleted by the world

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