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FiiM Performance in Knsriisii
of Hfttiptmitnn'g Omnia nt
iinrrtVn Theatr.
mw, ri.WF.Ks in CAST
Tli WnfeM t the l.nnlrii
DreiMieer Mortimer Mnrt.nl
ri relMlf ...Bfena Munn
w : ..; i tlsrimin Ohhlr
. ,lgf HupTt Kafvcf
ji, , it-t . Hubert Bnrr.it
. ! BUtnrt .A.lnlph I. Ink
ii! An.orift EinaniiH Rrlchsr
Mother HUM Katharine Herbert
l,l., Edith Itanrinliih
Ullrich- i Mnrjsr-t Rettlef
lmr KlttSlhaill Inhn 5 O'tlrlm
Mr. Kltlrlhaiii Bralrlrn Hsrrun
Bmsnuel fli'iihrr sntl hi MthtMlaatiC
eollah orejtor it the I anln Theatre
pasn-.l out of the valley of Scandinavian
remedy laat night to present "The
Weaver-. Which had not been acted here
hitherto In tht vernacular.
limn ich I'nnned gave a fine Perform
n e ef t at the Irvine Place Theatre
Mgl . In thone bravo daa llimnt-
Wanti s pity or WDOT 111 SlteS IS Was WW lu iruc jnrn sun yurpuBr. or me
lonUfd upon aa a revolutionary product , hymns of praise the stirring of psyoholog
eanable of causing all sorts of trouble. lel mud puddles by sensationalists will
It eras banned and barred by German j
censor! and only the free stages would 1
give it in Merlin and other Gorman
testis. Hut to-day all Its terrors have
4 . appeared. It seems now Interesting
only as a picture of life at that time,
drawn, of course, by a poet and a dram-
i st 10 Kieat as m nwi naupiiuaun.
As the successive pictures of life in
true days In Silesia are revealed to the
ludlenc there are vitality and Interest
i the work In spite of the years that
riive passed since It was written. It was
QBanucI Kelcher who played old as, -
torgr- the part he had lust night I
When th piece was a Berlin sensation ,
so the performance must have repre-
Mad the traditions 01 the aumor wmi
whom Mr Hetcher was associated at :
thai time. i
lUuptmatin is mor or less exacting in I
lha dtmand mat th actor simulate the
.11 ..inir.i..- ... ...1 me.....
iev ari'M In his Imagination, and Mr
Retchar In this production seems to have
isrried out the great German poet's
wishes to the letter In selecting his com
nanv. The directions of the author often
tax the mimetic art of the stago to the
.,t .. a v.,,, Ki- a of
hem. however, he has placed within
.,,rr..w Itmits the acilvity of the stage I
ms-i-g-r and the actor. There were .vl- .
f ,h,a i oleniv last evenins.
Mr Keiohsr, on the other hand. hal , rana, "on Hlmmel hoch da koirun
mad" few if a.iv deletions from the M her." a setting of Luther's Christmas
ortflngl "The Weavers" was presented lln' WW mixed chorus, boys' choir so
il (U- arts conseiiueutly bringing the prano and boy soprano solos, violin ob
Barformance to a rather late close. He bllgiato and organ. Bruckner's music to
, ad assembled a company of at least ll' xt. Tola pulchra es. Marl et
nfty persona to portray the many roles macula, orlglnajis non eats In l." was
II the plsce forty- van to be exact, j probably made for on of the churches
hev hail been selected in several In- . in which he was organist In l the pro-
tance from varloua schools of dra- I foundly reflective character of this sln
ii, an .o iing. as It has been the pro- , gular figure In the world of music, to- j
aucl ami from the first to encourage gether with his simple reverence, are
young talent wtlrVW It may be found i beautifully voiced In music of very lofty
and develop It. character and deep emotional slgnlfi-;
Ppom a scenic Itand pOlnl everything I caiwe. Those who have been at tti-'es
kad lien done. .Mr. Ralobar succeeded I Irritated by the wearisome prolixity of:
fll ti portraying the black misery and I
, vert) ' Hie character which moved
iteUI through the vanoua sceuea, t'.u
e Wi aver," although . ifi.t. with
Inad interest It dramatic effect, is
essentially a play of tableaux, which de-
th gradual rise to power of the
OS I ".dden siur and the equally grad
gal Failure.
Hi had s his asai-tants a company
h did its work well. Adolph Link as
' .'nu'iterf was particularly effective.
Harvey was the y.ung soldier
. fuseil the spirit of rebellion Into
llM t r weavers, and Mr. Heicher him-
Kit ,- old d. Madras acted with force
Sllaa Clliuge and '.ubodr Home'
the 4 blef Magnet.
'.,.nii Biting and the OOmadltUM Who
at t'f .r with him In ' i.'ousin Lucy" are
at the Montatth Theatre this week and I
' fy are nn lacltlng In appraoiation.
flvsn th blizzard of Monday did riot
keep thant at home. In addition to the
i tor III the company, there are the
ilr which have attractiyl much at
tentl in wherever they have been !Is
p'ayi l I'ew of the rurrent musical
co. nettles fo closely approximate a
fashion show as "Cousin bUdY," which
II sirppl.ad, with unconifnordy smart
ir sfcoti for all the company from Mr.
KTnge down.
The charm of the lltt'.e muaiciU oont
edy " Nobody Homo'' was not depend-
t on the intimate atmosphere of the
PrlnotM Theatre, It has been wuccess
f In many other theatres and
1 yn is hearlftg It sf the Majest.c
Theatre thla wrek.
Ri yden Keith, who Is a prepossessing
young light comedian with a good voice
and skill enough as a graceful dancer,
ra.H the icompany, while Zoe Harnett
ai th dl taff side has taaen the place
"He attractive Adeln Rowland. The
n'"'i'r ptrtM are satisfactorily Mlled iuid
1 i Nleouin'g company la giving a very
ightful performance of Paul Ruban'a
arliui, It.-, I Cross I'llnis on VIWi
Motion picturee of he Brinish Tt.-d
C -'v.s at work on the llring line will h
own io.,ly at the l'orty-f. mrlh Street
Thegtr for it ha here hi of the British
Am ; War Raliof Fund of L'"0 . prolinblv written ny itossmi. inis num
''' tvenu This will be r',e first her. whleti wus sung with organ and
t Hie pictures cave been ex
1 uted here, and they will h-- accom
1 Ul by a lecture hv Alexander Pnw
Thi ill be tierfonnances at 2.30
In ew Vark Tn-dy.
of Bduegtten, mtlngi e. M.
t"uh. ii. suing, ItotSl Atnr, P. II,
Pay Club, meeting, IP-'si Astor. 2
i p. y,
in hem
m eating.
lefj i.esn. gat annua
f.Astarla. I ' N
I Hr uri A i h
K-l. lis i her s " I'. M
m.Munl uln-
sriesn st.r t-.r4a 4selgtleni
m, Uotsl Manhattan, i r U.
1 tertinment ror bansfll of ar suffer.
Tanglerai Plaaa note, i 4.. m
inpllrnentery it 1 nsie r to gserstspy of
Huge, H'aldarf.AitorIa, I' M
v.-rfc Ulnaralegloal Club, meeting.
- in ..t Natural u.m lilt l: i.
hi a. t Mnyi.r Tbantfiaon a,. .lete
from Chicago, bawyers LMub, 1 P M
; msntary iiinnr to gliarllf!!
t-nit'li. It, tie: e.iip gerl..,.-i..r, T
t '1 iiio'iki.ti
1 iklyit fivie
.ill p, M
' ne ml, el i
Club, 111
ii- iiiiin
pa An aa un, rtpfi, Qt
M 11 tetlni 1 S Ursmer Para
::o n t
by farmec I . oagaaai 10 atayar
1 11. .,1 pn.n . 1 'hieago, nit'
. 1 I M
I,. 1. i:iri Aa
e ami tin
Mi Uahnn, I'
latlaa, lr
1 1 M
Ill-su Iris iih, 1. it ml
111 1 ,H WhltnM
1 .... get wit utth tin i. 11 30
Musical Art Society Opens '2'M
Sin. inn VI1. fh -a I i i
ni nrii it II 11 i imini 11 I iih
Tlir first conrert of thr twenty-third
season of the Muslrnl Art Smiety took .
place last evening In t'ariieale Hull ,
! The activities of this orasnlsatlon have I
, prospered through eventful hsnars In !
1 the musical life of New York, hanea to!
which they themselves have contributed
Items of no Inconfldernhlo Importance.
' Knr the conservation of an acquaintance
I with the chaste music of the I'alestrtna
period and the time immediately bordering-
upon It, together with the Introduc
I Hon of new choral composition In the
1 more intimate tytfes not demanding per
formance by audi large bodies a the j
Oratorio Society, have done much toward ,
counteracting numerous influences o;er
atlng fownrd the degradation of finer
So lo'ig aa sinus music lovers can listen
to the elevated creations of the corn
poaer who have penetrated most deeply
not destroy appreciation of lofty lieauty. i
If. therefore, the concerts of the Musical '
Art Society are not always equal In
technical excellence to those which the .
organization gave In Its first seasons,
they are still vital with the message of
uplifted Imagination anil they are in
fused with a lovely sincerity of purpose.
Krsnrh 4 hrlatma songs W elcome.
I It Is not essential to catalogue all Uie
doings of last evening. Home old and
belovod numbers were heard, such as the
i Ineffable "A.loramus te" of I'alestrma
jam! the three Krench Christmas songs
arranged by Uevaert. Of these three the
chanson Joyeuse de Noel" Is familiar i
to patrons of the Musical Art concerts
ami ulway welcome for the sake of lis
nalve melody and Its sonorous refrain
I'alestrlna's "Gloria Pa'trl," with the re-
5pon(le fr(,m an uni.e choir, was also
received with delight and hail to be re-
.Beaten. In the first nart of the nro-
grnmme there was a well written and
dignified "Salve Reflna" for four voloes
by Frani Arena, the conductor of the
Peoples Symphony Society concert.
Doubtless the majority of the auditor
w .-" ,., iii- iiiiuiira
11 This comr.-it.ed two ,
number Anton Bruckner', antlphon for
W voices ,,d organ, entitled T"ota
PUkihra es. and Sig-frld Karg-Elerfs
the composer must have heard thla fine.
-sincere and dliect work with genuine d-
Karr-Kler's Work Klaborate.
Karg-Klert's work Is more elaborate
in Its machinery, and perhaps not al
tonether so suocessful in the attainment
of a noble utterance. Hut It Is none tin
less a composition of high endeavor and
Is generally admirable In execution
The violin obllgato, in particular. Is
exquisitely conceived and artistically
wrousht out. David Mamies, who played
It. was not altogether happy In Its earlier
measures, but met the demands of the
1 ;tter portion In such a way as to give
the part its full value In the general
The use of the 'hoys' voice shows the
experience of a church composer who
i" no apprentice at his difficult art. and
the solo for boy soprano Is very lovely
and tender The name of the boy who
eang it was not given, but he must be
praised for his purity of style, as well
aa for his voice The organ pnrt of the
. "imposition is skilfully made and It was
played In fastidious taste by Changing
Three part aongs by Schumann, two
liusslan song by Cesar Cul and the
"N'eu Llehealleder" of Brahms for four
voices and pianoforte, four hands,
were also on the Hit. Herbert Fryer
and James Frlkln played the piano
Hnaatan Hnrrtone Offer Varied
Programme In Aeollnn Hall.
Willy de Sad'er, a Russian barvtone,
gave a recital last evening at Aeol'an
Hall. 1 1 e programme 'ontalned an old
Italian air, six songs of Schubert.
Brahms'a tavan QTtt yongs," opus
1 Oil , two French songs, one song by
ilrleg sung In Danish, 'Mm Tankes
THtike." end two by Twchaikowtiky. "Nur
Wer die Sehnsucht Uennt," and M0h
heller Tag." which were surg in Rus
sian. Tin-ai l which Mr. de Kadler sang first
was the "Plata Blgnore," generally at
tributed to Stradella, as It was on the
programme nisi night, but which was
piano acoompanimant, waa no douhl
chosen to ehow Mi . de Sadler's voice and
style, and in a measure It did this H's
Hinging of It disclosed H voice of wide
range, firmly plated, hut lacking in
musical quality, especially In the upper
In the Schubert numbers he was less
successful, both vocally and tn style.
Such songs as the "wohlfl" and "Auf
dam Wasser 7.11 Stngen'' lacked in cnlor
and In general finish. His enuncajlon
was on the whole dear rind his Itiinna
tlon Wad usually in curate.
The singer's inuslclanlv purpose was
evident In all he attempted. He was as
sisted by Richard Habeman, who played
the gcootnpan I menta Philip Hauar
aal the organist In the aria
Ends With Two Sessions
That Bring l,tl04.
The (.ale of the library of Dr Kdwiud
K W01I of Newark w-s concluded by
Hie American Art Association yesterday,
with two sessions that amounted to
11,114, tl, making a grand total of
Among the prices were tiiess: No.
1,020, Abb le Halnt Noti s Voyages In
Naples and "Icily, with many maps and
copperplate engravings, to F. K. Welsh
fur 117 ; No. l.O.'.O, the Dallbon 1823 edi
tion of Madame Sevlgue's I at tar, to
HrantaJlO. for 121 ; No. 1,111, a Spanish
I ul imnmi' rirltlled in Madrid. I7K1. to Mr.
Hender for $23, and No. 1,203. Dumoiil's
iimlled edition of Volt 1 1'. 10 Mr. Koen
1 -- -
man for 130.
.i! ynu. wd. nr 'it u vfHsK iL ijju. . 111,11111
MetrupulitHii Annex Used for
Entertainment of
Mrs Andrew C Zabrlsals gave I
luncheon y.-sterday In tile annex of tho .
MetropollHan Cluh for her debutante
daughter. Miss Julia It. Zahrlskle
Her guests Included debutant! of this,
season and last, and among them -re
Mrs. Roland Redmond, the Misses '
I'auline Hai-on. Mary Krancke, Lucry
last KMberine Htislgett of ilrsrid
U...U. mii, Ar,Mtte Mirluv I losBtl i V I
O.I..'.Pi .,...... --' . - ---- - ,
(ireer, Rosalie Hloodgoo.i. u-anci r-rei-
tltilus, Margaret M.uitgonuj . Mai ).
HJTL. elELV -ii' I i, ilow.ed
lirieiiii, j.ni ."'i 1 "t. -
Marlon Townsend. lC!latth Bramt. I
fonetance Chappell. Mary OpdykO, Adn- I
enne lselln, Anstlss de .au. Jinei 1
nieaaaant ilrace Hartley Jenkins, Mat-
b.li el Warren. BUaabOth t'larksoti.
ifaih. I
erlne Da Herklev ParsmiM, Violet King.
ilertrude Welling. Annette P.ivis. Kthel 1
Hotter, alary anna Uncoln. Franca 1
Hiker. .Naihane vvoon, a.ar:. ai,..HJ
Gertrude Sondern.
Mis Helen Campbell, daughter of I
Hr. and Mrs. Clarence O, Campbell and ,
a granddaugnter 01 me laie rui.im
Fahntito.'k, was Introduced yesterday
afternoon at a reception hold In the
music room of the Hlltmore, where she
la living this w inter.
Receiving with the debutante were
Mlas Eleanor Tawnaend Darlington, Miss
Marlon Perry, Miss Elisabeth Haldane
and Miss Francos T. Hiker. After the
reception there was a dinner at the Hllt
more. followed by 1 party at the Lyceum
Theatre to see Ethel Harrymore in "Our
Mrs. McChesney."
Among the young men In the party
were Lieut. Marlon Clinton Robertson.
I' 8. N, Harris Radmore, Elliott C B.
Darlington, Richard Ijawrence and Paul
Marry ( orsellsn t
Harvard Senior.
I ell" II.
Boston', Dec. 14. The engagement
was announced to-day of M.ss Maria
Dallas Agansiz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph U Agasslz, to Cornelius Coti
way Felton, son of Edgar C, Felton of
Haverford, Pa- Mr. Felton now la a
senior at Harvard. Miss Agassi)! was a
debutante of two years ago.
The bridegroom-to-be Is a brother of
Sam Felton, the fonner Harvard football
star, who married Miss Anne Nelson two
yeurs ago. aim is a gi aini!ici,icv 01
Cornelius C. Felton. whs was president
.if Harvard in ifiO.
1 ohen lrlee.
The wedding of Miss Ida F PrlOO,
daughter of L0 A Prhe of 101 Cntr1
Park West, lo Walter 8. 'oheu of thla
cliv took place last night in the hall
room Ot tho Bltt-Carltoni tha Rav. Pr
losetili Silverman of Temple KmanU'B
iitllclatlug. The bride bad Mrs. Lionel
Strassburger as matron of honor and
only attendant, and Mr. Strassburger
acted as best man. After the ceremony
there was a reception.
The erigagernent has been announced
of Miss Mildred llorsten I loan, daughter
of th late Dr. William E. Hoag and Mrs.
Hoag, to Charles King Mnrrlon, aim of
Oeorge Austin Morrison or inia city, no
date ha been mentioned for the wedding.
Th engagement of Miss Kara Kath
erlne Stafford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Joaeph E. Stafford of 4 Herkimer street,
Brooklyn, to Kmll Nellaon, Jr., of Mount
Vernon wa amiounoed yegterriav.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B, Clayton of
lirove street, MontcJair, NT. J., have an
nounced the engagement of their daugh
ter. Mis Klsie Clayton, lo William
Cbarle Syrett of f'orteg. Col., son of
Mr. aud Mr. Frank Ii. clyiett of Park
street. Montclalr.
Jack Slush and his toy
Andiencea Grow the Longer
French DImqn Remain, at
th Lyceum Theatre.
Vvett- Qullbart has th agreeable, eg- t Mm, CsrH Brtdswel!. formerly
perlence of fa. ing audiences ul the Ly- "lembar of the Mertropolaan opera COM"
ceum Theatre which aro grow ing ever PAJiy. gave a song rec'tal yesterday after
larger Yesterday afternoon she gave her I noon In Aeolian Hal! Her programme
third matin, The largest audience of her j contained four Italian number i two old
season was gathered to hear her. There and two modern), two sor.gs by Srhu
was constant applause, for New York her', one of Rrahms. one of BUffBD
seems tn have acuuired f'.r the singer .
nn fJIWna s mpathy this year
At her
nrt re, nal Mm, Outlbert said she was (
grateful for the applause of the audi- I
once, a she felt that .1 was led orly
rr ,fr hut for her country as well
Th singer repeated much of the pro-
aranim wnicn sue nan given tasi rn-
day. There wer
t'm women of various
1.,,0. lis. ti e tit ! gr.oip showing the
.,,. ,,f th middla age, those of the
,, , lhoPl. f th( twen.
tleth century. Of course Mme Oullbert
,H,i ( m,i( "l.e Lgn Si ne as a type
of the woman who thought husbands
were Inclined to be unfaithful ; "Oh. No.
John" as the song of the undecided
woman, and both "l,a Qlu" and "Notr
Hetlte 1'onipagiie" as the woman of the
twentieth century. There will be an en
tirely different programme at the next
concert Friday afternoon.
The Aral series of opera eomWiur per
formances for the benefit of Appul aux
Artistes took place at the Princess Thea
tre yesterday afternoon. H was said
that more than 12.0. 10 had been earned
fur this charity, which alms to help the
families ..f French anlsls who have been
killed or wounded In the war. The pro
gramme consisted of "Mile. Mariette" by
Emile Bourgeois and "llruderleln Fein,"
which was sung In F.nglish by I.eo Fall.
In both operettas (ireta Torpadle and
Elnar Unden sang the leading roles
Miss Torpadle Is known as 11 graceful
and plqugltl actress as weil as a charm
ing singer. Mr Linden was an agree
able aiaoclat and both performances
were received Willi delight by the audi
ence. There will be further perform
ances for charity on the Tuesdays in
i iam rnber and January.
Yvonne Qarrtek Is a popular actress
In Paris and has been connected with the
Theatre ITranoata. East night she ap
peared in "I. Ami Teddy" and the audi-
anea realised that she is a charming nnd
skilful actress, taiolan Bonheur has ac
quired an uncommonly gifted group of
actreaafl for his company this year and
in Anilree Mery. Lillian Qraua and Mile.
Qarrlck there Is a moat attractive trio.
Then there Is Mile l'revost. to come
later in the season.
"Men Ami Teddy." which hM already
been a. ted at tho Irving Place Theatre,
Is a light farco by Andrei. Rlvolre, with
an American hero, who, as lie wiis ai led
by Edgar Uecmnn. Is delighting the au
dlences at the Theatre Francals this
k. M Becinau is a nnlahed comedian
I ,iml appears to particular Milvsntage In
"S.m lli.mnie," which la on the bill again
this week. The performances at the
Theatre Francals thla season have been
Interesting to an unusual degree.
I'letnre of Cathedral Leads at Sal
In 111lerson tinllerte.
M KnoadlOf C. gave 1220 for Axel
Harm an llaig's etching of Ithelme Cathe-
,(l.Hl n th sale of prints and water
colors which bertau last evening In the
Anders .11 t'.allerlca. It was No 160 In
the oataloguo.
Ml. Wllliama paid $ IS for No. 140,
'On the Tot." by Seymour Hud, it R.
Frl.lenberg gave IS 2 for No. 7. a water
color by II J. Davis, who designed the
Kiih-Tre.aiurv Building, p. I'ohen paid
I7T.50 for No. 141. the "'Aisles of Char-
troa," by lladlay fttton. and Max win-
laiua gave I8i. for Arlent F.dwards
meziotlnt, "Baptist a Tornarsionl."
The total fr the evening wan
$2,041 50. The sale continue to-dy.
Contralto's Voire Still Beauti
ful, but Seems Reluctant to
Obev Possessor.
one of Max Hegwr. a group of
American lyrli
four In all. and fle
French ongs. one of wh.ch a an air
from Massenet a "Sappho
Mine Bridewell, who ang a' the
Metropolitan in the famous company of
Die De Res.kes Sen.hrlch and I'lancoii.
fall rod some years ago after her mar
r age HT returr to the stage as a
com-ei t h t.ger had lieeti welcomed In
Rome other .v.tle before yesterday' ap
pearanie here. The contralto's voice,
vrhich was her chief asset In opera is
still beautiful, for she Is still a voune
woman, hut It neemed yestenlav to be
e,ry reluctant at lime to obey It pos
sessot . It waa probably aTfected In
some measure by the weather. At any
rate Mine. Bridewell wa plainly ham
pered by Oh necessity of taking thought
almost continually about her lone pro
duction. Her Interprets lions sere curioualy Ir-
reerular In spirit. Sometime she naug
lieet In dramatic numbers, but not In all
of them She sang well some of the
litChtor songs, hut also not all of them
In her tlrst group her most euccewful
numbof W'as the ftret of two Wolf-Fer
rari selections. In the socond group he
sang Schubert' "Eachen und Welnen
with Intelligence and o. meld era ble de
lineate e color and accent, but reaohed a
higher leel in Mr. Hade's song, which
she delivered with breadth of etvle and
good quality of tone The song was en
cored, as It should have been, for It is
an effective lyric
In the French group Pierre's dunn
ing "Eri Rarcine" had to be repeated,
but as a piece, of interpretation Mme.
Bridewell's1 dramatic delivery of the
"Sappho" evoeript wss better. It lss!
measures were Ineffectively sung, and
hence It fell rafher flat. Alberto Blm
Imnl played the accompaniment artla
Irani In Recital at Punch and
.lady Theatre.
Fran, is Rogers, barytone, gave a re
cital yesterday afternoon at the Punch
and .ludy Theatre. Mr. Rogers, whose
flue art as a song Interprets! I well
known here, has appear. si In recital
somewhat loss frequently ot late than
during former seasons. The programmes
he presents are such as tiring Interest to
music lovers and students alike
In that of yesterday there were groups
of Italian. Herman, French and Bngltsh
songs. One Italian song by llrogl, "Vis
tone Venexlana." was among the num
bers given In French. In most of these
eoug Mr. Rogers, who was In better
voice than on some past occasions, was
heard to good advantage, though his
best work was done In the Italian num
bers. These were "Surge. Infausta, '
from Handel's "Orlando"; t tie "Per In
Cilorla" nd "L'Esperto NokMhtOfOi" of
Rnnonelnl, nd between these airs Bru
nt's "La Vezsoaa P.ietnrella" and a
seventeenth century French "Pas
torale." which had to he repeated.
Throughout the group, and more espe
cially In the Handel and Brunl airs, the
tlnger gavo a display of excellent vocali
zation and style that aroused unusual
The Herman songs comprised Beetho
ven "Husalied," "Post lm Walde" of
Welngarmer, which was repeated ; Liszt's
"Llebestraum" and Buugert's "Der
gjandtraTr." The singer her again
ghowed a maetery of atyl a wall aa
finish tn dletlnn, and he made lint of all
a fine legato a f'bmlnent feature tn
his delivery.
New KusMan Opera by Boro
dlnc to Have Fiwt Per
formance in America.
The new Russian opera "Prim e Igor.'
hv Alexander P Borolln, will have Its
first performance In America at the
Metropolitan opera House Thursds
evening. Iecember 30, directed by Olor-
gto Polacco, according to a apodal an-
nouncement made yesterday by Olullo
Oattl-Casaixa. The cast will Include
Mnes. A Ida. Delaunola, Perlnl and Kge-
ner and Messrs. Amato, Botta, Dldur, He
ttognnols. Hada and Audlslo. The chorus
ha been trained by Olullo settl ana tne
ballet by dttokar Bartlk. Br. ttrodine
I reatainslble for both the book and
music of the opera
In the offerings for tho coming week
at the Metropolitan LtUcrersa Burl and
Dnma Zaraka are still missing. Despite
a reoort veeterday that Miss Borl would
be able to alng soon little hope of an
early return to the Metropolitan stag
la held out by her physician. Mine.
X.arska, however, it wa said, may be
able to slug again within two weeks.
Two standard opera have been added
to the repertoire next week. "La Tra
vlata" will have Its first hearing this
easoii next Wednesday evening, won
Mines. Ileinpel, Kgener and Mattfeld and
Messrs. Botta and De buco, Mr. Bavng
n.U conducting. As a special Christ
ina, eve matinee "Haenael uml Oretel"
will be sung, followed by ballet diver
tissements with Rosinn Oalll. The cast
will Include Mttss. Mattfeld. Mason.
Spnrkcs, Warrum and Robeson and
Mers Relss and Oontx. Mr. Hageman
win conduct.
The operas next weel; will be "Inlien
grln" on Monday evening, with Mmes.
Degtlnn and riber and Messrs. Bembach,
Well and Braun. Mr. Bodaniky conduct
ing; : "Sarrrson et Pallia" Thursday eve
ning, w 1th Mine. Matzenauer and Messrs. j
Caruso. Amato and Rothler, Mr. Po
lacco conducting "Tristan und Isolde"
on Friday evening, with Mmes Kurt and
Tlufl. Weil and BTftUn I
ober ami Messrs. I
Mr. isoaanssy duishkiiui rui i.n.-
Hodanikv conduotine;. For IriO I
nifiiimaa ruv tmatlnen "Aula
wlll be
the offering, sung by Mmes. IVstinn.
.......,.,... ..i Un,,ru. ..n Uaaasm. I
Martlnallt, Scottl Slid Hc-ott. with Mr.
I'olaooo condiH tlng.
Heatrlee Harrison, 'ceillst. will p!a. at
next Bttn day night's opera concert Mane
HappoM and Johannes Hembaeh wfll sing
tid the on-hestra wil bo directed by
AdOlt Itothmeyer
lnriqiie (iranaiios
lh rmrmsr of
the new Spanish opera Qoyoaoaa, ;
which Is to be performed this season.
Is due In New York to-day on the j
teamship Montevideo. He will be a. -
oompanled by the librettist. Ills wot a i
will be seen during the latter half of j
January. t
Appral I Made for thr Kmmt Mile
HrttleMPiit lloagr.
Th Monttnori A iatlon htld A tea
at the FYh r"monftraJ lotl School. r,20
Mtrnoini at which , 1 is wer1 ni.id
urRinfc th rai!nif; of fiintN for rarryinK
on i work of th nrhonl.
Th ttn; wa held In MMItlMttotl with
lh Rm Bldi St'itlenuttt MouHf, It wan
announi'f'fl thrt lr Mor.trwor!. tm
nalleu fOT Bpftill twit WNld UbtI .irranir"-!
that tba supervision of the tcbool work
!:: her .i hin nhouM bfl In rhref of
Mim ll'-len Pftfkhurtti w lio conilurte d a
dmoniitr.it ion rhool ln 'alifornU f '
Mrs. PfOaoOtl LaWranc gae a dinner
last night In the Pall Mall room of the
Mrs. Ben All llaggln will give a
luncheon at Sherry's tn-dav for her
niece, Miss Frederic Bull.
Mrs. i Jeorse Marshall Allen w ill give
a luncheon for her debutante daughter.
Miss LOTmlna Allen, a' the Ui z-i larKon
on Saturday.
Mrs. nion Huntington Hooker win
give a luncheon to-day at her home, IK
Kast Slzty-bevctith street, for Miss
Katherlne B. C. Stebblns of Rochester
The wedding of Miss Margaret Mc
foy. daughter of Joalah McCoy of i:ast
Orange. N. J., to Brock IVinberton of
this city wlft take place on Decernb r
3n at the home of the bride
Mr. and Mrs Anson Wood Pun-hard
will give a dinner, followed by a thea
tre party, for Miss Harriot ntcKaO, debu
tante daughter of Mrs. Sutton McKee.
on Daoambar 2I. afterward taking their
guests lo the dance to be given bv Mrs.
tleorge (Juintard Palmer.
Arrangements have been made for
the wedding of Miaa Sara Sherman Wi
borg. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
B Wlborg, to Herald C Murphy, which
will take place at, the home of tho
bride's parent, -to Fifth avenue, on
December 30. The bridal attendants
will be Mrs Sidney W Fish and Miss
Mary HOJTt Wlborg. sisters of the br ide.
Frederick T Murphy will be his brother s
beat man. There will be no ushers
For the benefit of the war sufferers
In Tongiers, a series of tableaux vivgntg
representing Freni h prtutd nnd dances
old nd nee' will be given to-night m
Ihe ballroom of the Plaza. Several of
thla season's debutantes will pose, and
Miss Catharlna Culbort win danoo.
Among those Interested are Mrs Joaapn
I) Hedle, Mrs John C Kerr, Mrs. ,1
Fred Tarns. Mrs, II Holhrook Curtla,
Mrs William Ledlie CttlbOTl nd Mi-s
William Woodln.
Mr. and Mrs. Custavus Town Kirby
gave a dinner last night at their house,
7 Kast Ninth street, for some of their
young married friend tmong their
guests were Mr and Mrs Robert Potter
Breese, Mr. and lira, Thompson flu
ciianan, Mr and Mrs, Felix lioubleday,
Mr. and Mrs. Fran, is tjeer. Mr. md
Mrs. Frederick Tanner. Mr. anil Mi's.
L. Holltngsworth WikhI and Mr. und
Mr. William V C. Ruxton. After the
dinner others came In fur dancing
732 Volumes of the world's greatest classics, at a nominal price,
yet in such attractive bindings that a Christmas present se
lected from this list has both beauty and distinction.
Price only 35 cents net in cloth
Price only 70 cents net in artistic red leather
The following eleven volumes just added:
Ureen'a Short History of Ihe Knglish
People. - vols.
Margaret, Dtirheaa of Newcastle.
Life or the Firm Duke of New
castle. Newman On Ihe Nature of Educa
tion. Penn'a Peace of Kurope, etc.
Send fer
American Art Galleries
M AIHMON HUt A 111 i MOl Til. M.W tllKK
Unrestricted Public Sale, Thia Wednesday and Tomprrow
(Thura.), Friday and Saturday Afternoons, at 2:30 o'clock
The rrlrat fellertlen f Mr. ChtrleS E. Locke, ' "
Antique Chinese and Siamese Porcelains
Old Japanese Pottery and Bronzes
A Very Important Collection of
the Male wtll be conducted hv MR. IIIOMAI r. KIIIRT
and his asalatant. Mr. tltln Rernet, of
Madlaon Nq. Heulb. Rntranre n f;sst tiSd Nireet. New VnrV.
Hotel Knickerbocker
TA InlmiUhlm
Impnttimnitlie Character Danttr
Cla$ic Danceri
I Special Eshibitions at the
Dinner and Supper Dance
Eeerg Eeeaia . Ake at die
Tea Dance
Ev9ry Wmdnmiday and Saturday Afttrnnon
aaV bbL
Matter Mr nt I loUtrrrd Ordrr,
I'lMri A way In HrotiLI n.
Kur the first tlma Piti " the order of
Our Lady of Mount CftflMl estHblished
itwlf in tht onnvent at St John's plAOfl
and Bedford a venue. BrOOtOyili elirht
year at?", dath entered tt yesterday.
Sinter Mftry of the BltWMd Trinity died
The lilUl of tht 'rtrmelite nurm kept
Slater Mar apar; from the world, and
during the eight yearn Rlie, petit i'i tht
onvent, StM saw no person from th
outer world arid spoke, to nolle hut her
COTOMtOr. Veeterday, that the order
nm e viuwicui m twwn
W I1U fl II UW'"U in r'- I IMU ' Oil t n
'r in the chapel, were led In cmpl-t.
darfctlM tu th rijotn. while one of th.
members of the order who Bnwefd I
questions did it from an Incloeur I
whence she could not be seen
No burial arrangements have beeti
made. It is required that the tains be
burled In the grounds of their convent.
but it is expected that thus procedure
"lay I' waived under a dispensation
from Ilishop McDonnell, shlch will allow
bod; to
p meter .
be In' erred
Man llles broad
Boston, Dec. 14. A cablegram from
Switzerland announces the death at Ter-
rtet of Jordan Dumareeq, .a nephew of
Kben 1". Jordan. In hla thirty -ninth year.
Mr. Dumarttat hud an estate at Piiiard.
France. When the war stnrv.l he
turned it over to the lle, fross and went
to Switzerland fut Ins health. Three
weeks ago ne had a leg amputated and
did not rally.
Mi. Dumareaq v,.is married twice, his
first wife being Mr- Clayton N. Sweet,
who Wa Amy S. (lumber. His second
wife was Olive Fltz GlbbOn. He Was
graduated from Harvard In 1891 und wan
a member of the Harvard Cluh .f New
Ics. .llHrr II, ParSOBSi
Urn Mary Bllaabatb Paraon
widow of Hubert Bowne Paraon,
is. ft.,
died in
est,'! -
tr.e oi l l'aiionH homaatead in Bt
and Central avenue, FlUBhlnff,
day morning, She was born In Charles
ton. S. C, and was tne daughter of
Judge John rougllton Mitchell and
Carolina K. Qraana Mitchell, and waa
man led in Urgjoa Church in Manhattan
mi August IS. 1167. During tie civil
war M re Paraon aided in organizing
several Women' muses oorpa and she
was one of the founders .if the Children's
H.-me In Mlneola. sue is survived bv
three daughters, the Misses Anna H.,
Comaha M. and peril. a li Parsons, and
two sons. Koliert li and W lllatll H.,v.ne
parson of Flushing,
Frederick I. m t r n lie I a
edei k I'lUttents tg. nt. w n,
K..... . .1-1. ,!,.l..r I., lha I ford Meet:, in'
in Brooklyn for forty-four years, died
Monday at tha Jewish Hospital, fol
lowing- ail opi-raUon for appi nd.cit is. II.)
maintained a ploturoaqua Bower garden
.n the roof of lus bouaa i.l luO Cam
bridge place, corner of Pulton atreet, and
since his return from the civil war the
Amerli-Jin flag ha waved from t.ae nug
isde on the roof. He was an associate
memhe- of Wlniiu'ster Post, No.
O, A. R. He la survived by I a w
son ar.l two daughter.
In I. gpenr.
Asa A Spear, 74. a las yet Wvhu hud
beau I practice for more than forty
-eats died yesterday frvm heart trouble
at his Inline, H19 New York avenue.
Brooklyn He was active In tl.e Central
Congregational Churoh and attended tit.e
annual aula of paWO on Monday evrnii.
and had a chat with tie Rev D.
Cndmue, the rector. He i urvtvd by
hi wife and a sou. Clarence A.
llllaui .1. Raralovt.
i'ti 1 1 AL.i l.i'it i a, Deo. it. William
Barstow. widely known publisher and
musician, died of pneumonia late Lot
nUrht. lie had been ill ten days Mr
Barstow was ixmnected with the Chr.s -!
topher s.vvvpr llvbllahlns Company, of
w hich he had been a mi mber for many j
years. He w as greaxty Interaated 1n mil-,
leal ami philanthropic aoth i aa
it.iLrf-t O. DAVlWaan. Bli who bad btn
blind fnr four ytr, died tefdaiy at
his iioiih. SSI JlfrKn kvnu, ir'U-
Ibsen's l.ady Ingcr of Ostraa. rtr.
Gogol's Dead Souls.
Ilalzac'a I'raulo Mirouet.
Mrs. Kwing'a Mra. Otrrlhrway'.s
Mra. Kwing'a Jackanapes, etr.
Marllonald'a Phantaatea.
complete lit
681 Fifth Ave., New York
5thAve. and 27th St. New York
lyn. ji was long promlneni in the
Metfhodiat denomination and was super
IntOOdanf of the Sunday school of tha
N .strand avenue church and Its trims
Urer, He is survived by four eons and
two daughters.
vi iiiian, Moll'er,
Will. am Moller. tt, of 1810 Avnue
II. Flatbuah, died suddenly of . inges
tion of tjie Iuiiks yesterday after ooi-
lapaJng at the Cortelyou road atatlon of
'he Br, ght. in Beach line He was tre.ir
urer of the Muench Brewing Compan;
He leaves a wife.
llerniHii Buck.
I Herman Buck riled yrsterdav at i .
I home. 1019 Lafayette avenue, Bro..l-
I lyn. in his ninety-ninth year, He care
from Oermany in imh nd had iwt, i
I reaidni of Brooklyn for sixty yrara
'iie voted t
tralghi Republican ilokoi
organisation of the party.
Ilenrv .loll nsoii .
Henry Johnnon, 74, long connected
with tl.e N'.-w York Life Insurance Com
pany, died on Sunday at Ins home,
a.'j Tompkins avenue. Brooklyn, He s
survived by his wife and three sons.
PUn Mi an i Ur. K i
dread i.ipi i mi. b.
Majeatle E M Headley,
Vi, ; w. t. Farrlngton, Boston
I ns-s
i. end.
Blitmer- Me and Mr- i: m HuahM
PlttSbUrgl i " Hut tie.. Duluih, Minn. '
flethaRl Mr gnd Mr-. Jvmes Clsids n
mm silt uovlv clndenla. Ardsi
"-;arldge--Mr ml Mr, vv p onwy
and O. I. Kolb, Pittsburg: B It Ha.
Rll httlDlat, I.
M.i n lis "an --M r. nnd Mr Ailara li's
'nr-itl Mr unj glra .1 v N'ar'nn
" mste.l
i Kntckrba kr Mi .t-.t M'- .t r rm
B..teii. A. It Cook, ii.is', ..ii i i: i; wrm
I Pittsburg; vv. a m;l, IVaahtngian I
ttce, Pittsburg; rhrie a gmlth, Phleg i
MeAlBla W. II rsldwell, Tampa, P
i Mrs. Jaliu I.. Clraharn. Hwatnpseotl Mips
; .i ii. Underbill, Homervllle, . j . c.
I Dr..:. PUtsburg, a i' crowdar, ja.-kon
Martlnloue- Mt and Mra W, r i
I Besteti j Mr in i Mi.. .1, it. Martin, Phi
I dslphtai Mr an 1 Mr, U M Atidersen
utblngton, i' i". ".a Jams Rale
i maa, gait wik Cits
sr. Hi!- Mr. Si i l - I Ot TVs
Weil, Haverhill, M.n.t .VI- Knhrt I
s.,.1 r-s Torriagton, ism . ..ov imvi.i
Wah, Beaten; Mi i Mri Alfrtd r.
tarloh. Mlllbraok S.
Vandsrbllt Mn tViltlant Batty, ,ir,
and MtM Bt Ilai.v. Klnsstnti. mi
Mi. gnd Mrs Uorgr VV Smith, Wsahlrr'
ten. D. C.i Mr. and Mi- J It-n itolph i: ih
Irsen. Wtbury, 1.. t . Ernest ulttlng
BaWlmer; Mrs Pete- M.irlln. Neuf, ii
Uls Kthrln w Pa-d, .-risir Meet
I. t. tvilllam U Mauran, Provldanc. i
I ; ifugk gutberland. Tongue, Ont. si
Mis. M..rie Loula J ii gson, i . n . .. v ;,
ATI.W1.V- -
lnly, on Mon . 1 1, i' mbi
It. ll, Ainir'W 'i Aj tln of It'
Rtqutetii miu.i Wdnc y, Dctmpf
10 A. M , h' I'atri k'n t hurrh,
louf bby it Kttii aVvtnuM, Mrook. i
tntrrtint Port tinou til 'n nt hmnn i
t , iwipTi pij. corj KinUl) irnn
H tFPXRR - Dr. Ch4vr) x .. i .
jo.tii trtrt, nn ptevtnbor 11,
ffortlfth ) Pol , btlOVtd hUait'tr . .
Fi:ntr.il MfVlCM tlti atovn i
Thursday ovnlna o
I Vaj
Hi m
I paiok.- At icbnotiidy( N v. v
I Ipcetnt er l l6, Fi nn i i'obhi'i.
Palft, OOUffhttr Ol lh '.uln .John K . i
i aini Ann Broodfn id tHlfffi
i Pun.! Mrvtcai Wdn4o'l Detnbtr
16. at tiatf putt 3 i'"' iftrk, ,it h Flint
nffornr?'! t'huf 'h, BohwOeetftrly, N Y
! puttTBR At 1h ROOMVOH UoopMftti P
rrntKr 1-. f pMUIAOJllfti W)l.U:n
I'ortflr, for ninny yiar fui'hfu. ami.
'ilPPMif-l Uul H 'f Mr. unj Mn. A.
Murray Yfttinir
Funeiul irvtCt at I lit 'l,ur ri of t),
' I nrjirnatlt-n, ThtftyflftQ t ret ni
Mhv.Mpon (Vnut Jncd4yt Xrcni-
hT lb. 4t 3 !'. Mi
I SMI I'll afuddapl)'. n Moildl I e:ainbr
II, bli rMl4nt ii pit riftv-
flrat Ntrpft. A AIeUllder Sln.th. M. 1,
in tha km ninth vtr of hh (
1 Funrml rrvliH b hftld 'ri th
chpa.l of th Fifth A v n u t Pi t-thy
I ttrttn Church on Frldy trior nln r1
tmbr 17, t 10 "i) ont h ItitorntOItt
j at RhsIoii, I'.i , : Tha i onvtntiivt f
FMlTil. xOa T li . i 1 -tliapr
Htntt h. In Vi i
nt iii bom In Uldgotit
punortl iorvlPM t th
AAUghtOr, rt .Ioh;i k
i ihor 4, M".
m tn yotri
"i PArkt K. .1
bonio of i
', Dooombtr i. t t M

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