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Price Rises From 94- 1-8 to
95 1-2 ns Taklnif of $320,
000.000 II Made Known.
McKetina'n Explanation As to
Sale of U. 8. Securities
Called Ambiguous.
Interest DMdends Being De
clared at Tsual Rates for
Last Half of Year.
Prlff tnr
Ionuon, o. It. Th plan of Hfft
riald McKenna. Chanre'ior of the K-
I olMatMf. for the mobilization of Ameri
can seiiirltlM In ocruoyln a great deal
of attention on the part of the lnrtnn j
The general comment !-i that the Chan
cel'or'a explanation a to how the Amer
lOU securities, are to be ko11 In anib'gu- I
ou. There will be no rhatntr from the I
iiif-thoilH of the past. It Is believed.
t. P. fcforflfl Co.. for the
manage: of th J6no.oon.0fl0 Anglo
lToneh 5 i r cent, loan, announced yes
'erdaiy tunt up to the tlino of the explra
ton of the syndicate irt midnight Tues
day more than 60 per cent, of the entire ' Brokers are anxious tu know If the Ul
f h.,,,,1- nurchuead by the i eminent will puy commissions, and
t.md!cit' h;irl I
whn Wall Street learned tiiat so ! ,,' ,. ,hiM. it is sraued tlmt was declared at one uaual
lanra an amount of the bonde had been j without commissions there will be no . cet. per annum for the alx months end
Many of the Important eavlmxw oank
I In Greater New Tork will declare In-
terrgt at rhe rate of 4 per cent yearly
on deposits for the last six montha end
' Ing December 81. 191B. Othern will de-
' claro 1 per cent.
the Plret Time
Below TT.
German x-linga went to a new low
record price yesterday and for the first
time since It beuan Its decline broke be
low 77. Mark che.-ke cloned last nlslit
at 76 'i and mark cables were quoted at
7S. Korelgn exchange broken) said
4Jiey expected exchange on Oermatiy
would go much lower before, the decline
la brought to an end.
It Is said by expert who are closely In
touch with the situation thnt bankera
with German connections, acting on In
structions from their clients In Germany,
are eelllng marks and buying nullders
and kronen, these two exchangee beina at
n premium. Aa Qormany Is getting moat
of her Imports through Scandinavian
ountrles and Holluml. ahe prefers to dis
pose of her own credits before they go
any looser and purchase exchange on
these two eountrle with which to make
' The Government's Evidence
I Against 11 Former Directors
May Be In by To-night.
At a r.s-ent meetlnr of the trustees of
been taken for Investment. I TZ'tZ ' '
i i. l t.iat mi ., i - .1.1. ii i. i ti.ni riarlare.1 at 'he usual rate or t pe.
taken for Inveatinent It
... arenorally I Incentive for brokers to pusn me saies.
Ill is also a manr vi wasn. . . ......
ooneedr,! that the loan had been a sue- , hnd,. pllin bllt the Bank of
. aaa. It was i...lnt.d out that the offer- FRng'and la generally supposed to be the
n was made under unuaual and trying choice.
conditions; ihat It was the nrst tug
torelgn Iota ever placed In thle country.
nd that It was iinvlu to two natlona
engaged In the greatest war whlci. has
aaati i-'urther. It wax ein-
Ing with the I sat day or en yw.
The trumeea of the Emigrant Indus
trial Savings Bank have declared a dlfl
dmd on a similar basis and It la ex
it la strongly urged that the Treasury .,, .v- Seamen's- Bank for Bav-
should conduct Its operations In the 1 j th( rrniaI1 savlnge Bank, the
open market, lest the free exchange of I willlamaburg Huvlngs Bank, the Brook
the securities be endangered. Moreover, ,yn SRVn)C8 Bank and the Metropolitan
It Is contended. It la questionable how fjRvlnga Uaitk will make announccnienta
any prices lor securmea can u f the nam kind eoon.
According to present plans, the Oov
eniinenfs ruse agalnet the eleven former
dlrec'ors of the New Haven will close
to-night or to-morrow morning. Only
minor witnesses remain to testify to de-
W. W. nleklavaoa DImsism rorHgra
Hnalneaa and Credit.
W. N. Dickinson of the General Kle
vntor I'ompany delivered a speech last
night before the American Institute of
Hanking on the subject of "South Amer
ican Trade from a Commercial View
point." He said It was his belief that
the action of the bankers during the
next few months, and particularly dur
ing the readjustment following the ree
ritlon of hostilities In Europe, Is going
to have quite as much effect on the
foreign trade of tho United Htatea as
(he activities of tho manufacturers
He pointed out that If the banking In
. terests of the country could conveniently
! find some way to aasume the credit re
sponsibility for cinmerclal transactions
i abroad 'liey could Immediately stimu
late an Interest among many manu
I facturers who would nirt otherwlso enter
. the field. He called attention to the
fact that commission houses had been
Baciil trimmings, lmportc.1 by kt Mao-
del, were the subject of a a SOI SI OH nanosi
down yeitsrdiy by the Board of United
states General Appraiser.". These trim
mings wire dawdled by the uuatoino a
pralier as "headed trimmings In par I M
hralde." and duty w DOllOOtSd at the rsts
or 'ID per cent, ad lnreni under the pro
visions or paragraph 3:.i. tariff act
1113. JudgS Howell OikIh from the testi
mony prodoeed at the tn-arliig before the
genera appraisers th.t the trimmings were
composed in chief value of heads and
should have been assessed for duty at the
fats of hut 1.0 per ernl ad ;elore'n "nJ"
the provisions of paragraph 3IU Of tn
present tariff law, "Th' protest of the Im
porters maklBK tilts clslm Is sustained.
The Valentine Hat Cuiiipany of t.t. Lkiuis
was lUCeeasra boore the general ap-
..!.,. ia ,. , lulni for low duty on im
"!'.- -V ...... f cotton
nor ijnraiuj. . I . ., , MM. tr.A hv r-harlaa j-i .ka. .... . v.ll. u..n,, In a
rorolgti exchange brokers also point 'aits oi ia Bw.-. , ' J . . ' i i Til It issn
anv Ih not eim.rtlna anv- s fel en or set forth in norumeniary .iiiih, wvawm .' -'
phaslied that the peoile of tTie United properly unleso through the Stock Ex- j ttOfM at the hanks have declared 4 per
siui.. ,1,. not take liind.y to nnw
loans, and hls one mot with all the
.ippoeltlon which a carefully planned pr
German OMnpalgT OOWld bring agalnat It.
Following tho dissolution of tM syndi
cate automatically at midnight Tueaday
the bond sold down to a new low record
t.rlco of MHi seller thirty. S19,5no worth
JianKlng hada at Ihat tigura. This was
befbre tlie announcement by J. P. Mor
gan Co. of the ih-c. a r the loan,
however, and from that tlino until tho
doee of the market the prices were
gorvotally highur. The laat sale was
124.000 wonii at 94a.. after u, rally
which carried tliem up to 93 H.
chanae. Financial lAinflon nopes met
tho holders will sen outngnt. ror too
plan of holding them aa collateral for
American loans Is considered unsound.
cent. Interest on deposits for the last six
out Ihat Germany l not exporting any
thing and Is Importing all (he can. She
h is ptaOOd an embargo on gold exporto,
although exchange Is very much against
her, and Is also unable to get foreigners
to make Investments within her borders.
All of theoe factora tend to depreciate
her rates of exchange
close on marks was 77 1-16 for checks
and 77 S for cables.
Sterling exchange was fractionally
etronger yesterday, demand closing at
4.71 "4. with cablia at 4.72H. Thle com
pares with a previous close of 4.714 and
4.72 Mi France were slightly lower, de
clining to ( for checks ami . MV
for cables, against a close of D II and
5 85 on Tuesdny. Italian lira was un-
I . , ... . . ......(.. 1. , ,
month In the war which are not greater ' " ""
5577 guStlrf gum The are.nwl.Jt at 1S.30. Kuhlee rose from 30 to It
'ZoBTihV PLAN $5,000,000 RUBBER CO.
mounting to less than HitOOl On de-
jwolta of more than 11.000 tlie rag-ular i-rirhltt A Co. Bay 411 Oatetawd-
34 per ent- rate will be paid The; (IH.k
iSmSm Savlrars Bank will announce Its
regular 31. per cent Interest Yate audi Prlchltt ft r0.
the Maiden Ljit.o fsvlnt" nana nas 110- ners 01 me ars
itlarod a retular per annum 4 per cent.
Statement by Worarai
The etatement lssue.l by J.
gan A CO. was
P. Mor-
The manaawrg of the Ahglo-Frencn
1100,000,000 Kxternal bOM Syndicate
etafe that, within tho sixty day life of
the syndicate which expired yesterday
ProtectUe t ota nitt tees Soy Totejj
Hare M'alorltT of ilonda.
The time during which deposits of ths
MHBllba ,.r .i,a Mk-nnH PaclHc Hall.
way Company mlg'it be made with tlie' rate on dcposlta or mom unan iv e.
depositaries deslgtmted by the various ' less than I3.-HI0.
bund and stock protOOllTO committees ex- I A majority of Hie savings bank re
plieil yesterdav. Members of the com- I port an lm-res In deposits and tho
inlttees said a majority of the bonds had bankers say that thla feature Indicate
been deposited In spite of the opposition j a revival In many business lines. They
of Edwin liould. say further that the Improvement haa
The next step In tho reorganisation of I bee,, H steady one and that It will von
the property will be the lieg.miltig of tlnao.
r.irecliiiire proceedings under the In- John J. Pulleyn, comptroller of the
dOfltare of the 4 per cent, gold bonds, Emigrant Industrial Pavings Bank, hao
tiie B tar i-ent. general OOTlSOIiaaioa ami rn.,rtel that the depos'.tf mere nave
Mellen or set forth In dix-umentary
The day In court yesierdary was de
voted to gstherlng looss ends and am
plifying evidence for the record. Chief
of fhe witnesses was Simuel Hemlng-
... .ha flaonrl V.ttlnnill
The previous I ;: , v. i,...n ,.ho , treasurer
of the BMIard Company Mr. Heming
way's memory was not "f the host ahen
compared with the mlcioscoplo recollec
tions of Mr. Mellen. hut the Government
seemed satisfied that It hid established
a close connection with Edward D Hob
blr.s and Vlce-I'resldent Kochersperrer
of the New Haven before the afternoon
The questioning concerned .1 series of
banking transa. Ions on March 4. 6
an.I 6. 1910 In whl -h Mr Hemingway
and Mr Hlllard ued 13 00 1 of the
gold notes of the New Dnglgfld Invest
ment and Securities Compon) t.. obtain
a ll.7(Mi.oiiO loan from the Fanners
I Loan and Trust Company, wnlch sum
shifted ba oil Word and forward orOMfld
:the National C'-y Hani, and the National
' Hank of Commerce t r. t eeni hands '
The names of Warren D Chase. K. t ,t
at Co. were already doing tnis on a
large s.ale, though their clients uro
Uovernments rather than Individuals,
and that the National City Bank Is
handling the matter In a different way
by the formation of a separate com
pany. Cdnfldence. he said. Is the key
note of a successful foreign business, rml
Dm personification of confidence In U
oountrlea Is tho bonk.
Mr. Dickinson has been engaged In
South American trade for eight years
or more and la closely In touch with tho
hus'ness and commercial feellnge and
conditions there.
CafOa'and thread. Duty was assessed on
If'TSII. .""IA. UiX 11 ends that duty
houhl 'have been taxe.l at the rate of but
00 ner cent, ad vuirrem umlrr psragrapo
..... i.urlnt .no u. The g"n
eral aunralser will's that then. IB no pro
vH lonm paragraph S.",; for e.,on wear ng
snnarsl made of 'ira . i. and that as tne
Kt, Ml! "ue-tloii wer. admittedly art cle.
..f wet.r i.k i.iui.tre. i ro .o-".."
olosslflsd hy t! custotni
""H5L,pi.;";-aaaa1 ,wfl at the
1 . i. .
reteox e Rnauth, Naohod A Ruhoe fa
doty at the rats of 3Q per cent, au vw,.0.-t
on Fresnel lenseo In tvlckelled frames fof
ships' lanterns. This merchanoiN
described on the Invoice i, ran. em .
buoy lamps oompoeed of metal 1 ,d ,
the ratter the component materkti of o.if
value. Duty was aasested at t.hs eats ..
SO Dr cent, ad vaioram niaJdr pur. 4-.,
K of the tartrt act of 101S as a t a,.
tore of glaas not specially prov: 4
The Importers claimed clasaltvitlon 01
paragraph it ae "lenses of glass t
moulded or pressed, or ground and psiUnaa
to a spherloal, cylindrical or prt:n"
form, 0 wholly or partly mn,iM,
tared, ." The board nuns tu taA
Ingo In the present oaas on a ruling jnd
the act of U7. In whlah low duty
allowed on Froannl lensee.
ofBcialg under
WUJI OIIWHwa". e"" . .. I .
... I B r.nr ...fit .1,1 VB lOTSm a HWS-ISBJ
n. V, . - - tmisae , ,t
nanuraviarvu .."'- , i i
far Raw Prodart Saia..
what rnaellled.
Tin market for raw sugar Oal sjmu
imtettled: ol least, eai'.y In t : a,
woe a sale of 6.IM' bags ol Cabgl e .1 ,
store at 4.KH! for OOfllrllUgOl M lost,
paid, which was aUffMil Higher Ittaa t,,
prlca at which the !at gales M IntA
This transaction was boll 04 to l of t
specially urge,;! otlgMMttr, Mkl 'stg
In the da? a lower l-y, I was ... sj b
enunierat.uiiM.ou - '-.-.,.,, ,,.
pOMMM imted by I.unl.ata; ,,,'or.. from Cub
11 . I.ri.la In IhtM II
... MMAatfan ahoilld ll
I inl'tiaJ fr.e of duty aa a tannin
Mim is soaiain
ver 10 n r cent of the bOndO p jrehased , ti, K, ajuaUWItOOd iiiorlgage bonds and tho I ajrOWD approximately J6.0' 0,oon In the
bf the syndicate were talten tor invest
uent. Of the bonds so uougiu lor m
veotment, the larger part waa naturally
taken bv the participants who joined
the syndicate with the Idea of Immedi
ately withdrawing their bonds and thug
obtaining the benefit of tho syndicate
irl ce.
The slr.e of the transartlon naturally
brought In syndicate Otlboorlbofo),
large numbOT of actual Investors.
COtflOoqUOntly, with so many large In
leators already out of the market, the
mles made by tho syndicate upon the
ottMlo offrrtiii.' were bound to lie In small
Km te.1 aggiegnie
St. IaiuIs and Iron Mountain I per cent.
bonds. Frank OoUld agreed to the pro.
visions of the plan and deposited his
hOtdhHTJ With the committees, aa did Mrs.
Flnley J. Ibotmrtt Aa t.v Gould es
tate Is pretty equally divided, this means
ttiat lUboOantlal part of the estate's
holdings was deposited under the repr.
ganlootlon plan.
No extension of time for depoglts or
1 ... .1 tnontha
Many of the savings banks 1n New
Tork and vicinity have large amounts
of mortgago money on hand and It Is
....,..-.1 it, st the Interest Skate on this
money will continue hi u sr.s . (1,000,0(10
transactions, nowevri. o.e .. , . ,,4
when as low a rute us 4i, per cent. I.aa '
go Broadway, mem
York Stock Kxchsnge.
hive bought the entire outstanding stood
of the new AJax Hubber Company, Inc.,
corporation formed to take over tho
business or the AJax tjrleb Hubber Com
pany. The new company frill be capital
ized at If., 000.000. ull romtrton stock,
par value, tot. Of tills 3.ooo.foo w 11
be Issued. There OrtH be HO funded
The stock of the new corporation hasish ri broker
been Offered private. y by iVb-nm
nm stroller OlTeo Htm trt
Abont Tas wln.ll".
Comptroller Prrndergaet hns laid bs
; for.. Uisti'ict Attorney Crops, y of Urook
' n Information given to blltl b' Minor
. B. Levine, a clerk In the Brooklyn Of
! Ileo of tho bureau for the collection of
g -.'--meets ODd arrears tit fC'") a year.
who was dismissed yesterday by tno
inn: roller after a ehtnnge In tlie !lg
of r ow to . 'n "( pron pi .bat
oal una irejciit. e.itl tu ..,, fg.
est. iiuty pat.1
Cuba Inoioatod a.s,s ee-g,
lis. athl ottera of .le f,.
eg.oected 10 In.Tesse stei,,;.y, J
. feared that tlie taovsrns-t ojaa
.kI-I Is- soiiiewhat rurtailed by s eliortsgs owes
nr.l rial, lonnsge The n-lce of rent I s igar f.natset
llo i ure'tiailgeo ss m"' w nips ranaateo
4 very Biewiy iiiaienoite prea..e.i at
market for sugar futures, and nriosa a- .,,
. use were 1 to points ort higher galas
Otor on, for the day were 5.1.') tone Th te.-' ntegl
nsnr.-i to naw uuisi si .nll
scent opeeatlon-.. srsl il as tlia
siipriiarir. ,'".'.,. .' ,. .',.,rni! disposed tu sumion nro'es rrti'e re, low
Snder oaragmph Miof the tariff ? of, tmen Huh l.o-
JfflSP'-.lTSrTf? . ..... r. aialiwa7 elaaataoos lug est. erv
'Ion ss photographs under paragraph 3I3 1 rie.ember
with duty at the rate of only IS per ceri- .'a-iary..
ad ilorem. Judge Fischer, who renders Jebruary.
the board's opinion In this case, writes that . March.. ..
.... .... . ho t. .hi morohandloo IJ put April
aril I ,.',. operat- to ater the dutlab'e char-Msy
aeter of the go.x1. paetleulariy wnen ine ju s-
i.ino'a of t!,e mer.'handlse oonflrm. the July...
SS&mm a th. C, .otor-i cliia-incatloo Au,....
e-iv-so aa.s , ii. ritor . . . . , . ,
titular tiur-.J'.T''
B 0 JsU n.nltlnai ttll
,.np.,.i.-.s, - -, ... . ,,. ,-oin.
.no a, rlAUnl. Ohio. rr i lower rt
y man V J" .....-. ,nt, nnaitlon
ust.' i iur gj isowis. t' -j vaa tho. fongonl OTei1ton
if dt
.in port'
no i
,1 nONtniM.I
loxea Is overruled
Ktnrd tusialns
n:: lad 11 st. j..M i
ill 33: OS stijfc.m jg
tat tMmat in
SM "Id 3!K ?!'!! iS
S.3S 8.X S-.XOs.-t ir,
I f'r e. t r
0.41 I.4J 841 St. t t
.44trt. '
lIKlSt'td Vol
.m.i -.....-. Mh.. ...on- men urea iwms cnina ;Tiiunt
..s,- ,.t b,,t l ha acamlnatlon ,as not I of property had been discovered on his
ice ;
Co. at ( and was largely cvi
gcrtbod. It will he dealt In forthwith
on the cu"b. latter arroiiKotti.r.te
will bo madn for Hating 00 'he
ojiohOaga, Net larnlrgs of tne old
company doing the lasi four yenrs
books. The rhsnge modo tne
SlZ ; ...vi...n,...i,i..,t IIII.M Instead of 11.332 0.
Fltzhugh of the Ornnd Trunk was ended T'.o change was discovered when
oulcklv Iti ihe morning and he was s.ic ; lawyer representing the property bp
eotdod bv Thomas R McCov. rn of Rio poorod beforo tho bureau to pay tM
lanalM tin. all Mr N .'Coven was a . vnarges. m isai iw,."" i "
In New York In ItOI :it"l
1910. and he was bt- tight .'. n'lu s
bv tho f.overnment lo throw more hht
ended Augu-t 11, last averaged more
than 1410,010 per annum, equivalent to
ver 14 p-r cent. or. a par value id
or 7 per cent. M tho sio.lt
when as low a rate us
been arrangiil.
Jonathan u Currey. presuient or me
the bond will be made and It was Im- Metropolitan Savings Rank, said
onitJi and mm. to a itm ieo aggtrg.or. yfc
'ine amount or '.in wnntu in" en.uio
managers arc dlatrlbutlng to those who
did not withdraw their bonds for In
TOOttnont amounts to between 10 per
cent, and 11 per cent, of the amount
Of the partic patlons.
"It mu-t bo remembered that the
omalleHt unit In which the bonds are
laoiied is $1"0. Tlie niar.agers will ac
OOrdlngty dlgtrlbuto tb the nearest unit."
Although no official natement was i
made hy J. P, Morgan Co, concerning
the exact amount of the bondO taken by 1 TO SELL RIJJDER LONCUlA.
the gyndlcgte for Invogtmont it WOO gen- I
erally conceded In Wall Street thai about I international Typesetting o
aaaa noo ...... 1... ll.nn.ul nl . hl '
"I " ' I1WM WWW.. T . .
ioseill yesterday to obtain figures as tp
Uie amount of securities deposited with
the various committee. There waa a
great rush yesteniay to deis.sit Missouri
at the central 1 rust
: Company.
The Dutch protective committee for
he Missouri Pacific collateral trust wold
loan 4 per cent r did iias approved the
plan for the reorganisation of tiie prop-
j erty and has voted to rocommond to 1ta
constituents trtjt they dopooll their boitdg
land assent to the idtm of llnanclal re-
1 hattlltatton. The Dutch holdings of
I these bands ammii.t :o about 11.000.000.
tlur trustees will probably vote to de- '
clare tho usual rate of 4 pe- cent. There
has boon ' goort domgno for mortgages ;
at fair rateg and money for this purpose
g plegtlful. There seems to be better i
leellng nil around, whicii strengthens thg
view that the coming year will be a
prosperous one."
T'te Trarai it laniic i rust . wm, j
IMS bora e
declared a dividend or ti p'r cer.i.
able .lanu.'iry 1. IsU
Uekawagaa Hesyorteol
Hern Offered
manner gl to'.1,. The syndicate also sot
approximately 140,000,000 of the bonds
to the public at 01, leaving approximately
lfl0, 000,000 to be taken by the under
writer i. In otger wortla. those tnembera
of the gynd lOOtO who did not withdraw
he amounts of the bonds taken by them
The aisels of tiie International Type
setting Machine Company, of which the
Utto Herman Bidder was president, grill
be sold at auction on the steps of the
County Court House In Brooklyn on Jan
uary 17, 1S1. Judge Charles M Hough
nit il the expiration or tne syndicate Walls Ordered the sal" yesterday to OBIIOTjr
get between 39 per cent, and On per cent. 31,000.000 mortgage h. Id hy the tiuar
of their original subscription. amy Trust Company, securing the tjrpOs
' setting compony'a sonde,
Judge liotigu'H order puts the fit Ishlng
touch to the disintegration of th Bidder
com pony, wblcti was Just beginning to
make money when the Kumiiean war
'oroke out. Th assets conolst Of snares
of stock, patents on IntortjrpO setting mil.
ahlnaa. franchises, account, receivable
,..l h. l,o, refuse.! to I " -'"' t0"" . ! and TOUngg
,.i.,. ... ,.... -"- l,ulu Unni.fi It... on on.,. RMisa or . . . ...
......aw ...... .... . - . jirs'a in c
Record Never Kiinalled.
It atis pointed out by bankera inier
art In the loan that a ereat ntnnbe- of
Investor saw lit to become syndicate
member and Obtain their bonds at 0iii4.
M iturslly, after this opportunity expired.
i anv other persons who nognt ne in-
.In so at OS, holding thai they DOU'd get
thom at .i cheaper price after the ex
piration of the syndicate.
Notwithstanding that the loan has not
as yet been placsl as a whole with the
public, bonkers say the sal of 30,000,
001 of til bonds OOnotltUtOg a record
- ever equalled by a bond lOOUO In this
country Sine til civil war. The Anglo
French loan WM larger thah any pie.'
of Finaneltlg ever attempted by the
1 nited States (lovernnient since IS5.
3toon the sul or tne Bio,utiu,uov o peri holders
nt. bonds which our QOTORUnont HI-1 Railway Co
to Have
share. j
It ts probabl that the merger of the
Cambria ileal Company, the Toungei wn
siieet and Tune Company and the li ck-1
(aannH "teel Compat.y will lie clTected
on a cash basis. The Lmcka wanna steel
Company is understood to huvo boon
offered IsO a share for Its stock, but has
not rea-lied a decision whether to accept
that figure.
The holders of ToWgOtawn Sheet anu
Tube will receive $4 and 1300 a share
for their stock. It Is aatd, and the Cam
bria win bo the dominating figure In the
new company. James a. Campbell, pre"
irlent of the Young-town company, is
said to have been picked to head the new
organisation If the merger II effected
The stockholder In the pr, sent com
panies ill is. given an opportunity io
gubocrlbg for the -toclt of the new cor-
Tin- merger or tne uarnorii
ti companies Is under
ured but then' Is sumo
Hrnmes Pa saenta by
ment of gff a 'hare.
Tlie Prairie Oil and 'las Company re
sumed dividends yesterday by the decla
ration of a cash dividend of 13 a share
Tho laat DTeVlOUg disbursement was
made on February II, 1011, anJ was
li per cent. la'er dividends were
omitted in order to permit tre eurplu
t . be used to . i.ll.-tl 11. t to W plp .t-tei
and aooulro additional properties.
The Prairie on and Qae Company has
been notable for Us big d.vlde. d pays
ment, which from the time Of 'ts I !-
voreo from the standard ofi Company!
up to the cessation of dividend p-i roonti !
were ma le g follows:
lit llll, 13 le-e cent.: March 3' 191 J.
! t.er coot! June 'jo. llll. I liar ee-t. ; :
and the latter amount at r)iiartrly In- i hs tn
tsrv.i:.i uo to un.l Including February, , srdav t
111. On April II. ". PJJT ", , KVv;;:'h: K.i a .
VV.S lie' Itll.'ll III I.1C IV' 1" I-V. .
the Illinois Pipe Line Company.
on tho Metropolitan toamenip mattora,
which resulted In the Vale and the
Harvard going to the Pacific coast
It had been developed bv the defence
that after January. 1M0, the New
Haven had nothing to do with the two
asaels. Mr. M.ilovern WM the broker
wo. acted for Capt Ooodall of the
Pacific Navigation Company, lea of
the craft He n'd he had numorong
Interviews with Charles R Mellon and
Rdward D Hobhttis : on at Which I-w ta
Caag leOdyard was present. Interviews
I Cotltifieo long liter .i.miinij .. o.-
.. i ..... .v.., sr.. n.l..
i witness swi : e niiii.e.ei io.., ..n i.'"
ho had been approached by u man who
Offered to get !he charges ngalnst the
property reduced. Tlie rami of the
man WOO approacneo mo msjci ano .
another man he intro'iuceu navo uiso
been turned ever to Mr. Cropsey.
Hatcher Wltb Ingenious Machine
Oenteveesl to Three Month.
Fails l-rmann, u butcher wltb a shop
M lilt Klghtli avenue, was sentenced
to three months In the penitentiary yes
terday on hut plea of guilty to glvlt i
short weight after Justice Itjssell of
bins told hltu thgl the New Have,, would ; Si.cc.ial Sessions had Inspected in court
have nothing to UO wl'li the two MVps.
Mr McOovom was "n the otand abo.it
three' houre, and u was figured tiiat it
coot tiie Oovemmont about 4.1 cents a
second while on the stand If he receives
1 onlv the minimum fee n-.d mileage
F 3 Faulk a taw ver who appeared
' It the eu't of Jennie Morse against the
; Metropolitan t-t. atnsh'p Company of
! New Jersey to bring the Yale and the
Harvard I ., ... was on the aland a few
minutes, and was succeeded by Mr.
The 'rial goes on this momlr.g.
... r g a., art ties wsr
lh i-t l tn- rfsw
iddsd yes
onb tit kI
0 1 .linn. oiio tn Isold Herrleed.
Gold Imports to the amount of 11.000 -000
wore received at the As-ay Office yes.
ter lay. The cold was brought !'i by the
National Bank nf Cuba.
( ompanr t4t.M0.M4 t
ter en' pr 01 snaring prerarrsn sioco a,
$,,; not -, -..' oonvetlb' prfrred
pi.irlc H tin 1 44.R40.'.01 common .lock
These .v ... eh stocks wfl not b
trslel hi un'l! f" -morrow nsa-'ig
Dlsmond Mstek company tin 09 al
ilftunsl capital stock .....
st Lou s geuthwtrn Rallwair tt.111,.
no., rii tsrmli ' inlfylng mortgage
tho wobjhlm OOntliVanO by which i:r
inann was aald to have been cheating
his customers, most of thm poor, out
of 7D a week.
Commissioner Of Weights and Meas
ures Hartlgan and Ohbf !r.iwctr.r I.ut
dotootod that "n every purchase of over
five pounds wa-re added t'-n ounces to
the figures) on the registering dial ol
Brmann'o scale by a weight hang to
the check bar at the end of a wire.
Whenever the instrument waa not In
use or was tielng tested tho mat-nine was
relieved of ties weight by a small
wooden box placed out of eight. Kr
niann WOUld press a lever with his foot
. oauatd the hx to drop ard re
lease the piece of metal.
rhrtatmaa Tree for Consolidated.
I'lnns art. helr.g made by members
of the Consolidated BgchangO for ,i
Chriatmaa festival to be held December
4 on the floor of the exchange There
will be a large Christmas ti-ee dOOOratl I
with "war stock cer'tflcates" anil Other
decoration Tha Twenty-second fleiri
ntstil Hard will fnrnl-h tho ir.ti?lc.
No Wintry Winds
-i"-7- 11
A - V
1(00,000 fttf th" assets and stlpul i.e. 'hat ,uht about the Ucka '.vanna at.d crta n
each bidder must put up a 110.000 de- , ahlnhulldlng comoanle ivh'eh
. i .. ,. laaa ...... w..u .none
'lllllirtl I . I . . . nun i..'""i "
when popular feeling In the North was
running high oth extended over a
period of many months. The Hpanlsh
war loan was only for 1100,000,000, No
.allroad corporation has ever attempted
to flout a loan at one time for more
than 4 1 no. 000 000.
One of thO surest Indication That the
banks and trust companion In the coun
try believe In the loan is mat they are
willing to lend up to 9" per cent, of
the market value of the bond, This Is
approximately wiiat local institutions are
accustomed to advance on railroad .".nds
of the boot grade.
Trading In tho Angio-Vrencli bondt
ws heavy yesterday, approximately 43,
ooo.ooo of the bond changing handB at
;. rices ranging from 04 1, 10 HH Trad
ng In these bond OOngtltUtOd nearly
..ne-half of the total lend n a rite t i HlO
day. whloh waa esooptionally large, 47.
011,000 par valuo "ot bonds changing
J, P. Morgan : Co. as aarnus for th
eyndlcato managers will send out to
: Ight the profits of the offering to the
syndicate members as well as the re
buts of 1 , per cent, obtained by llios 1
vho became syndicate members and wot
lielr bonds at 6 , although paying II
"or tthem at the time tho oyndlcat was
The bond department of 'he varloua
iiig banking Institutions of tho city re
porled an ex-i-lient ilemattd for these
bon Is yesterday at the lower figures.
4100. ''"u In the company I first
m 't'tgag.. ootids.
h a oaas-l olorsdo Paellti oss
nilttee acta flrne l.tmlt.
Tiie protective commltte repieaent-
f Kanaaa-i olorado Pacific
pany fir-" refunding o per
have larii mentioned m conneouon wim
the negotlatlong
cent, bondg and over .u per cent, or the
outstanding bond In the namla of the
public, request Ihat holders who have
rot deposited their bands with th" r'ranlt-
lln Trust Company do so Immodlataly.
The committee has set December 2"
as the Una dat" for depositing bonds, af-
Application Made to I'lsee DOfMMll
l ertlflealea on orb.
I A statement Issued yesterday by Jo'.;.'.
i v'. Flatten, chairman Of the eOtMnon
stock holdem' committee nf tho Inte-na-tional
Mercantile Marine Company auys
i In part:
"This -ommltte was formed solely for
the protection of the Interests of the
;rom:iiO'i stock holders, snd any UTP re
' slon prevailing to the contrary la erro
neous T.".e ri.mtltII'"S s.-m no i'ttmiiiii
ter which date, no bonds will be accepted n(1fJ fo whilt ,ns glrCldy appeared Ir
except at the dls iretlon of the commit- Kj .,ui,iic iirlnts concerning the Inter
tee and on sucn term,, ar d Condition a n.ltimil Mercantile Marine Company
It may ltiise. Copies of th protective i .... how-ee-. t i,hh completed Its ex
agreement and circular adflreseefl to RO lkmnatlon of tho affair- nf the Marine i
bondholder may he ootained fn.m the orM, and hs ubaldlarte it will not i
Pranltlln TrilOt Company. Luim. hi taka snrli action In 'he Inter-
Z. .. lasts of the common r g noioars as in'
Tie total receipt for du'ies at th
Cuatom Hmse yesterday were 43"H.-
431'. 03. of Which i;.-..:0 S wa foil
iierchanili.se withdrawn from bunded
warehouses and 1111.171.05 for is eni ,
iniiu tattong,
Muhi.'.LrT, Muxw'.l A. Moor ha4 It lirtl
tbfl r(ulr qurtrlf dividend r i 'i Mi
fnt. i.nrt tt.ii .ra 1 l-j : 09n., payab'.oj j
lieiiiber 31.
Th Brooklyn Trufi CMiipimv bM d
r'arf'i the rsulaf au-rtrl dividend of i
per etnt. in... an extra dlvldvnd of 10 per
owit., i)-th puyi.b jRouary I to itoek of
fttoor 1 iMccmb if IT.
Tlie N'ev. y.rk Curb HP4li Af.northt.on
hub IIiImI 410000 CApltttl e'l.ii -rt of ft'tr-
opolltttu retr tieui.i 1 irpt.ratium oi iar va
iv i, iiiao a. vvvsvuv h i1
il nh;rre of th
I nan- pproefl b?
I I Until a I nm m I eel tin.
Th t,lo Servlct? Otnnptnf !m iiske'l tha
Ohio Public i "tllitla ' 'ommlanlon to au
thorlAr an laaua of f 4,o nv. Oftpltftl
tork, to hf iiHt.l to loqulN tha COfhootOD
Mfbl fclHj Heatliitf 'oiiipny.
r;roe .-.irnliiKs of th Keyatoiie Te!a
lbone Oompftny for November werr
lilt comptrc1 with frOM of IOOTII for
nvamhr, It M Vet ".i n. i.r. wt-ra ft
i,S2. (trail."! v 5 7 ami the nurplUfl after
'harsaa wad IMl4(i ' ompar--! nrltli
Ii for N0VfmD r laai year,
Tha iiw rheiu!a of Ml an llaotrld
.hjrht Mid DiWr flied Tiy th H' JiM-ph
llsiHwwy. Light, HHat and PoW I I "inupany,
u auba1'll-tr ol thf 'ltl'-. wrvlea 'nn.pany.
haa eon uph- d -y the- MlMOUfl I'Uh.hi
Sdervlr-a ConimlK'.loii. Thtf iiv Mttadulit
1 tat-fj on a eomplattJ valuation of the prop
erty, met Hlth MlTia f-ppoKltlnn. hut tlie
vwnrnlesi,pin f'.iin'l the mdOi tQ ia ftlr m-l
Tha flUnoli Public DtlltilM OMMnlwlon
feaa Mprovod tlii ftppllcatton rt tha Ilii
nnla Tfaetton ' "inp.tny fir riuthorlztxtloi.
of laauaa of ) OijiP.inu naiiM A 9 PT oani
preferroxl atock of t li It LoUMt Vprlpg"
nelf. and Kaort. Tfa-itlon ' 'ompa .. j and
HltaOII 5 pr oan l prafarrod eto-k by tii
mon.ingtn. DocaVtur .ii. t OLbi uiplcn
rrtxottnn Company, mt .el-llai n of fba Tl
ROU Traciion 'oinpa;. Thv lilUaa of new
rrrtfarrr, i no k win iMUOd tu Mr- Ilka
amUBt of gan-eral uvorltf atfa -rt-taa off Ut
Domlnlou oii Milling 'oinpany as a
pronpe.-:, par vului 111 f'1" O0.ft00 oo in tn on
1 uiifi sjii.iM.iu prrreripo nmtrvi mi 'iinnni
HAltway signal Com pun) of pur vg'ut IIOO
The New Fork-ObHiboma HI Compmny
1 hat daolarod the rogu.gr Qugrlcrly dlvldond
I of t !i per rent, on the prtfarn I itockt
I payatle January 1 to -' " if rocord Do-
eeniter K7i ilgo 44 por ' it' 10 oovot go
i Buniulntod dlvldtntfi on tha praforrod took
aa fol'owo: lk por con duo April l. iJf.
u per cent, ju! i. itio. gna i t por rm
Octobor 1 . i
The ftttndgrd Borow HompAfiy diroatoro
have do-'iarod thi rei':!.u aonit-gniiUgl
(flVldond Of P' i ' rnt. lIlU an ern tifvl-
gond "f j per font on n common gtocli
Tho reeuiar ioml gnnugl dlvldondi of s
por oggi. -tu tiv pro for rod A an.i u tin
4-enf im the preferred I atAOkl ooro alua
doelgrod All tbO dlvldondi ara payable
.iftimarv 1 of otock uf rooord gt th oloig
if buolnoea Doemotiof i
Couaollilalo'ii l.ir baniir.
afoxiogn pgtroioum-! lump " price wgi
o foaturo nf tbo gfiarnoon trotdlng on the
Co.iMoiMate.l Mtock Kxfhanse. Tliin Mim-U
bgd ope nod at t . Of R POlnl abort im
c'ostnif tiuttiith.il on Tmsuay. bill It '-uily
rOgOtod to ' H 'I hen It - t I ngl honod and 1
iHte 111 th-. -lay AfiUI an high gg IIOgt log
Ing at 9t To . 1 Im turnover of llfMQ horog
ubHtantlally ttOqod tlia lotgj for tnltod
Htati-a Utool comnion. utiually th logdgf gg I
to vol u tug.
OgUfornlg Petrolfiiim OpOggd at ?8'i ggi
ba.l r-arly told at t7 H. but It oloaid at
tltV. lia hlrhent.
Plie oiairkef prgo brggd In rggpogl t. 'ho '
n rift y of goourlttfi rgprggoutod In tng
tmnoftotiogg Tho trgding -1 ob t ror the dgy j
In- .u lfd :.-! ni y-six u i n'-rn t itxw. i ir
Unit ad Htatea Steel common . 4 vn oharaa
ivirt' "ii i Tht- opt nlng prl o for Htea) waa
' of a point above Ita nioakig quota
tion of thg night before. Thai proved I to
algfeeet gg4 H eieo4 4 kH. Mg leweot
cirotimgtgnogg warrat't."'
tVppilcgtlOil has bggn mad to list the
(jertlrtogtei of dgpogtt Iggttkd 'he
rjntted state MortffkRt Trutl com
pany hj dgpotltory for the intgrnattonal
Uercgntlle lfarlng eommon stock holdgrg'
OOflimlttgg on 'h curb, peiidltie the 11ft-
ttiK r tl.g eortiflegtog on the .tock Kx-
i hulige.
I t-hlHh Rallruail (omplelri Hnlld
lixii nntl PPPtgTM fahrda.
BcppAitOt Dec 15. The rnai ClHambor
of C?Oavnnigrog gave a luncheon to-day In 1
tamvr "f tbk oomplgtloii of the Ural unit
p thg dgvolonrnent of Ite bermtnal faoMI- !
tioH. Tho fygjifht larrnlngd ol thi La .
lilgli Valley Rklg-fOad, Iw IuiIItik an offlcg
buUUtlVgT ""'I ii frelgut mIio-I 000 fgOt long
an4 gStOltglta vurdN. team tra- Us, v .
t li now ready. Tlie bUlMllifk IN llrg- .
I proof and thoroughly fT-odrn In oon I
, ttruotlon.
vfcllg Hig t'tight gtatton lg tit- Hi-Hi I
1 in oofnptotkdt t-vto fgatum ' f ino
' tt-rtnin.i.i aavvloptnt nl ih mtUtlng raiild
nraarggg IkrUl Ihfl ftohloTll Vath-y airtl ,
: tin- ih-inw.ir. iJwikaiwanna and Weot i
grn raUroada uw buHdlngn pgatMigor tar ,
I minuki ghbon !ot only will taka car of
i their own nervU't- hut that Of OthOT rall-
roadg ntoring Bufntio
4ulta Bankera Trnal to He fucker,
antfcony a Cm, I'Hrlner.
Announotinant Iim bgon made of thi
raalirngtloii of WIUtMm C Polllon from
tha vltNtpraaidanoy of tha Bonkara Trust
Com pany Mr( PoiHon win bgoomi n
ganaral pkrtnor in tht banking firm of
Tucker. Anthony & Co.
Mr. roll ion btgtn nil DUIinaal Hr?er
lit lll aa an gmployot of thi lgfoan
tiio Trust Cotnpany kntl kftfr llUittf
vatii.ua pMltlOflg WM ilaetOd prehidt nt
gif that ooiTipa-ny in Januaryt 191 It At
t un time f tho mtptor of tho Mtrcantllo
Trust with tne Hanker Trust Cumpuny
In Augufct, inn, Mr. Pot I lot i ww olaotod
Free Advertising
goe with
i.e two lloors for rent in the Sun'
new building.
1 1 4 ft. of Glass Front Facing Park Row
.ind its enormous day tune and night time vcrovuk is a thing unobtainable else
where. Advertising pay: . You know it does.
These floors ofi'er almost unlimited advertising opportunities.
Bach floor contains 4,200 sq. ft. 8.400 sq. ft. o1 floor space. Pent 1513,000.
u vli'.'-iH.'.-l.l.'i i ..I th.- li.Mii- compai'V.
whinii vtnoo it., baa i,-. i-i to the prooont
Down South thry re enjoying the balmy weather of Summer- the
fresh, sweet fragrance tf flowers and orange groves. Don't risk t
breakdown by staying where the snow and ice and slush may unHe rmmr
your health. Get away now before it is too late.
Ihe most direct and economical route to Florida and all Southern
resort. New "One Clas." Cabin service. Personal attention to th'
comfort and pieasurc of passtngers. particularly to ladies and rhcirtn
traveling without escort. The low fare is attractive, too.
All lorea Inc'lltJo meale and deeping acccmmcdation.
.14 'or tiliistialed haoHcts anJ a1 information
r w
0 uml '
Dri b KI-:
New Vo
loans from FROST to Fl ow
axil vims am mi i I1
p tial Sailirg 9. S. "I V NGF.LINE" I'nder mericen Fl.tw
I'-a.mg ii'.Tiilghl grid) 1"'- 4ith. Returning - Jaa. tad
aalllng fnliii N HisriaO.T nn ali..rnafo Tuos . Th ;; na '
Reg-iar Sai ing S. S. "BERMUDIAN" IS.U Krituj? tST ' '
lug rrnOi N N tin reaftf. MCh Wld bttfliniM Jfttl. 5th
it' , i i: llrtUhirut trulur about -ilij.
l inUIH a h. ; I tNA."Jin. 4htft Ffb. ICtl
nr l1uatrtJ iiH.U'.t on BKRMUpA ui WRIT in
I It EH ai.piv to Onrhrr H. H. '., '! HrodHV. N'. f .
pi ,'. i ootf 4 Bon "J4r. ft B0S1 H'wy 3ftl ft Siil .th .
r.- n imt . whltcomb 23A5tli Ave . Q K, MeWttitri 134
H i T'ltnU 'I'iMirl-. .'.ti -.:.' Slrt .nn a Vtn
i i. 1 1 i ; i1ip.t4'" K ItllMir) ' ' t irt-1-1 1 tl l
'Corner Frankfort)
Full view of Park Row. Pott Office, City Hall, City Hall Park, and the entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge. ( lose to Municipal Building, Courta, etc. Building now being
constructed, l ire proof and up to date.
Charles F. Noyes Company, 92 William St.
California Sat. Dec 25 10 AM
llRPi N
I I '- N I
'Kn limn
HOI Ml llll
Tliro-igh bouklng li
T .
- IT
I v r
A l
Willi I II llll ItH.
Ill i: it., ipal p .-Is of Ills
w i inn
OMPAN1 Ofi i I -i- M talgt..N.T.
American Line
rXIVituKlCAl . sli-Aiv.LRb
Under the American Flas.
N. V. Literpool, Pior 62. N. K.. Noon
" ii (.l. Ii.lits lli i Is HI Pl lire !
White Star Line
N. t . l.ivt rii.ioi. firr OJ, ii.lt.,Niiotl
i nlaud i" Do h .nil tan.
Azore tilbraltar Naples (ienoa
l it-iir li. . ..... I 4. M I aniipl. ami.-1
lll l in:, it H'W tT.N.f. lei. insni itr. mi
ir.iHK.lt and I I .KKv Hlsogra
III o j.donr ibit;. In i.n 1 ''
iMt;.t -iti: wi.-nir CO., Ml -.tn l
oijj DOMINION UNI., r, a. poioi
."ojih an.I Wsai Bvri - i da 9 1
I'sr rMh lllvsr I.! ?. 31 I'ra-.Vl'lu
BOSTON $2.65
Vis ...ia oi Kail. NOI'MI tHtV 4.H
HOt'tll niir I3.0P
Colonial Line
gsiiias fficp raieriti n toe
Wark .lava ami unil.vs a S 1'.
I'll M, . oel V.a llulH
I'ulsMr Kotnil, l .11 .
v w4MP04tll lleoefale I r.iiiaatlanii.ii.'
t o', i ti. M itt in:
Sailings lor BORDEAUX
ESPAGNE Dec. 18, i P. M.
LA TOURAINE. . Dec. 25. 3 P. M.
COMPANY'S OFFICE .'IllillU Itioul II)')')
I a PISH 1. N. r . '
6.00 P, 44. M lgj
Nas I andan I NorwIOll I Ina. ll
l on.1nii Plw 40, ST. H , ft. II
bt , aasa .lata onlf. I 4U I. 4i
t. k,, n. a. liis ac. o ah' i' .I
II uri . hi.' r . a -' .') : Triii iii. -iii
lilTsillii: sTA I KHUOM. 1 1. 04
Dair. liM'iudin eundey, . r M
Prom I If- It, rl It ' a S7 ' I IS) I n.
CHv TlCk1 Ofllra. 19 B-csI s
I'pioajn Tli'hi l li'SI s W .. . '
.s I
Hpfdal Ilutfs No.i'inl.sr
MitMi TUl'RIOT I'll.
tf. Drsad, N. T
New York-Albany-Troy
LB. "frojui.'' 0 T.-rsaa. i " On Ot.
T i . i .... . . ... .
1 19 p in Tel tprt If 1444
VUT Aljt
Charleston IP smuda
Ml1.....-- genii Is.
tlalslrrs. I 'li llu.t N .
I ,
i 4. uueet. main a orhajtaiiir i
AtK IOHK a Wl a a... -
aeOutatlr aiasaiiromti. I'liunasu -
kaatKKN otlamohii. 1
' j

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