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!0, 1513.
Cease Firing" Will Be Ordered to Baseball Warriors Before Christmas, Is Prediction Tennis at Tuxedo
MMttl, HtM-rnmiin. Tenor.
Ijlninre niid Sinclair Sure
nf Success, HoweVCTi
, . litis work will usurp the
, sm "f the b ttfll ta.
ntnrwi l ' ol Hi. Federal and In
,'rr ,. . -.;- will meet the Ns
,, Commission to-morrow afternoon
,n , f-,.-- l.i form a new 4-oao pad
m I rllmlnats II ut'.aw circuit
.-strtisd Hi" health of the .ui
tlen.tl ...Kl1ine.
Bun Johnson, Auaust Herrmann, John
K Truer. Jamsa A Olkmora, Harry K.
s . i, i i ivi Barrow, who w in do
v.- vr.tiislira. were hopeful.
... . , la) Con ft re tic here, thai by
, . ,, to-morrow svtnlnf a iro-
tr i! would be dini'd that would unsure
(. r i Hie r.it ks of oriean'.ssd and
,). . baseball dM not Int. rpret
the fir. 11 ilsnals the HUD way. Hln-
. r win noi l iv.- for CWieintwII
thV !
.- ght aid who will rut up
money to pull what few
il I .a uc ctMOtlttltl ii I CM from
! stmoar fully reaieurerl
.-..ut.i.tv s meeting. Blncuui
it I
. BOI ' 10 the mat with Hici
on the proposal to forgive play.
p w rtsaerted orsan'zed baaeoaJl.
T he lar of the younaer major id ileal
let afalnsl reltistatsment of i-ontract
Mis iittltu.le Is not so bel-
.. ird those pleyere who almpty
tflersaai ie.i the ressrvs clauas f their
i. tract Thai technicality Han Is quite
d L- iteer away from at the pres-h-
anient, becauaa It w.ta m.nle the
v . I. of the Federal Leairue's law
iv; .-. si the alleged trus;.
- i t leu Withdrawal.
The three member" of the National;
Ct " ' 1 I w SOJd, have Mtood
Veii.br to shoulder on one point, mey
' ' "e ro.ier.il lasi.nue ask lor matf and turf. C, Which ma'., the b. 11
tlie withdrawal of the pull pending be- i ,rf ,, gTtv ln ,),,, country I he.
ft.... .i-i b. Landta b. fore they extend (va mnrt .trongly thst an iriranltation
i'- rteaj or .mother conference. tiii-jPf ureenkeepers coming firoir in paits
it- -.- s '.nr. Tat Cowers and their j pf (rie I'nttad Stale, preferably at the
n ' announced moat poaitlvely that j time of the champlonah ps, when thug
t' f i -v.cr I not be Withdrawn until : were less expert would see the tr-p-
I eers or organised ha as bail gave i ping gnd care given io a cnamplonsnlp
r-"- - LSSUl l noes In black and white j con--, would result In more bv icfll than
o' fful Intenl The Federal league, can he given even by the natd nal ag- i
h : words, ha.s little faith, tund eulturtsts. Everywhere the gr is.- needs
fran Ih it Ihe ecruvlra of the opposb
hl 1 1 r. t measure above trickery
.. good opening presented Itself.
Certs . nterests of the Amerioast
league ..!' nol so peaoefUlly inclined
v were before the meeting here.
J- l T. tier and Jamed E tlafftiey.
the Vatlol si League nioguls Who were
ntai in arranging the Hrs! par I
-. hsvs won over all of their
rt ' Charles H Bbbets.
fellows ,
Hut In i
th-' American fjtaglis ran
ct": M.tton 1'as developed.
h. shone it would have walked out of
.lliei..i Jl.e ...i-i ii. hi (ii., ,
tke meeting,' said one of Ban John
tor - henchmen yesterday.
The Federsl League laid its cards
1hi or, the table and It d.dti't even
txv. a pair of little lies. The data
o- attendance snd buslt.es returns
I conclusively that th outiow
itiru was begging for a .han-'e to
luit my opinion it w-nd noMsnsleal
- one ne.ment to treat with an 1
nmy Lhal was so badly b.atcn."
Itory bont Nev (iround.
Tt was rumored yestsrdsy, though the
rj o'jld nnt l.e oonflrmed, that
I' S.t.clalr wished to make cap
's, f the American l-eugue' position
IB - Me is supposed to be mot B
I1 i Kloua to have Col. Ttut-pert and
r' PI Hurl it assume the liabilities fur
t1 1 party .tt Lenox avenue and lf.'.th
ltrel Which the outlaw uat-d sis a club
k it hs National League lo a
tab listen lo peace pr..poial.s and
Isiei Is s "i tiie Atnerican I.eiigue.
Oipt Huston refused to discuss the
." -m svenlng as hs wgg about
1 - i for Cincinnati. Capt. Huston
represeiM the V'ankeee to-morrow
C ' II ppi rt did 1101 g" to Cincinnati.
i " ti the tone ,.f the two local own
w r.f the floating American lat.-iguo
t is finite unllKOly that big
his inenbs- t
Is to make a
New York.
' . not broken
e iid Roman,
y eort of ruts-
The American
its back trylt.g
Is hi
Pt .;.e'
oul the local cause after Rup
i Huston saved the . rcuit a
1 R Up pert and Huston hnd
lo purchase the Lenox avenue
before It was offered to Bin
associates and at a much
' " "- ire They figured Hie overhead
' ' ' loo great It i not likely,
lhat they now would consider
' I t' h cut rate bargain.
illy of the magnates have
Cincinnati in amidimtlon of
t -t stampede, in case the
' : -' igus playsrs should ail be
r ' then no doubt would be a
! for the best of them.
I in. rested In KnrT.
l i-.i i i- mostlv interested n
' Iff The Tv Cobb of the out
. under contract to the
. i-: summer. He is su ng
' ' t alleged breach of contract
of th.- QlonUi It I said
"' 1 hat ooked up number of
' 'I' .1- that would brmg him
S'lth il real fkig contend r in case
n raised, He has special
J P 1 Ling talml.
TI Vork Amri.au League
ear more interested in Home
'i -t i ; iti the outlaws. Huston
Sty return With this athlete.
s It likely ilial Haker
prove SU n ati SXpOMlTS tny If
rffented. Comlskey was willing
1 1(1 for the tiUtyer during
t .f war as well us to
lhl home run hitter IS, 000
.re rsodjustmenl is bound
' "I nnlf tin market price of
Salaries .'.e well. Maker's
" Fore, Is likely to remain un-
untll the rival camp have es-
to I
r-r e
. mill- dsnnlts litcs of peai-e
When oratring ty
Kelt pUcM rvf
it gxclusivgly
fcottlgd by-E.4J. BURKE
Science of Growing Grasses for Golf Links Is One That
Needs Study, and Clubs Should Assist
in Solving Problems.
B ,HMI B, A1KH0..
There have been rumor lately that
we were to have a new PTOfSSSlrnal fo'.f
' association which would he more
national in character than III nrc-vlcti
Ka.itern oraainratlon, which died a flow
death because the alina of the society
were not of audlclent IntersM to warrnm
sustained or
were few If
who did not
union of all
concerted a.
any of the
tior Than ,
belleve IhOrOUirhly In lit
to formutata better plana
toirether thosa business
and dldcudd
question Will
h have been of no much
nniiortnnre to each Individual, Th. r(. ' all right In one place no far an (-Tot-HMD
be no dispute n to t.lr benehtil ' keel.tna Id concerned Id all SHIM In an-
which would aci-rue to thod... who Were
member, of this association If It were
run with buslnrse despatch and a Whole
Home i oiidlilerntion for the mthts and
prlvlleaes of every member of the or
ganisation ; It will he a keen disappoint
ment to many amateur and profeaalonal
olfer If the scbem.. does' not find
reallsatb n.
There 'a Strength In numbers alone,
we are wont to believe, and II the or
ganisers of the professional . rgOJItM
tton nmde eligible io their orgtnliatlon
the greetik cpei .,( Lhl I tilted State
there never would l.e the sluchtesl doubt
of the ultimate mid Maedv
ucceaa of
for o'ue
who hs ve
r meetings
their body. There hag bee
yesrs a group tif eptenkMpe
been handed together, but th
have been so few and ao lir beta, ii
that the organisation has not taken any
place of prominence in the golfing world,
snd yet It has In its power I no means
of becoming a most powerful Kroiip. If!
such a body were mad-- .. partner ,:i
the new concern it would be an oaiy
matter to have Ipeclal t me v t for toe
discussion In the meetings of t mse sub
jects which pertained to links' care and
construction and there would be an tm-
men amount 01 prom gainm irom ma
a.itherlriv and talk.
e,vtlv. a e know, the Tnited
ptl,tr!, ,j,,f Aaaoclatlon has asked th.
Ujovernment to Inquire Into t'te kind of:
a ttit different treatment, I do l".t mean
that the seel must I..- everywhere dtfl I -ent.
but the care is not alwa the same,
and from the gfsenhooper can come first
hatid knowledge a In how t meet .he
1 write this a Utter come from I
Massachusetts riolf Aasoctatton,
, as perhaps you have read, re-
fer- to the entertainment which Is to
be afforded to the m-tuber
if t !w- nsso-
the annual
storeopi icon
of courses
cut ion who are pt e-ent ;
! golf dinner. There w
I ,!..,-. dill. H id. ItUll i.
and the prlnclpl
which go t make Up
good golf courses The significant fea
ture is that the letter w is -.tit out to
every chairman of a greenkeepfng com
mittee of the clubs i the association.
This i a wise move, out I believe that
ti great amount of additional go el would
be acomplislied if the chairmen of the
greenkevplng committee would bring
with them to tb dinner the professional
who has charge of fie course or the
greenkeeper. and let them too ss-e what
is lelng done and hear what id said
concerning the constitution of excellent
In uu open meeting of some sort where
there would be a common thirst for
knowledge no Jealousies of the green
ke.per would stand in the wa) of ex
planations at;d much benefit would be
On hi . rn to Cincinnati l
timntes There Will Be A'
eabie Adjustment.
Cincinnati. Ohio, Dec 1
resident of the itei
. harry
, who
returned to Cincinnati ttwlai , utter t
baseball powwow i New York. Intt
mated to-night th-. sverytWng wvuel
adjusted 'Msnloably" at lu.lay s
conference. Just Upon what irround he
to. ..rn.iiction he refused to a.
litis n ..." p.s.-.-
M any rate Herrmann wore
L...o nh hlar Offtcialfl of thf
can National and l-'edentl le.Bue are
expe.-tert to reach Cincinnati to-morrow
niKht or sarly Tuesday morning
uic from th seitllnir of the "war,
on of the hilt thltiss to he discussed St
the meetJnic. it was said tO-nlght, II
the probable, sale of the Chicago CUDS
It is known that 'h.irle P. T.,ft. who
owns the controlling stock, Is willing
,o .eii and if the oroanisaiion tnuitu
Char es e.-Klimaii .tun
U would
as .in
little sur
t.re in sporting
in this city,
i:. practically
who 1 veri
ty and who
.s ess. Will 1"
r Bresnahan.
If the transfer la m ide it
certain that Joe Tinker,
popular in the Windy i
piloted the Whale with si
oianaarer In place of FtOS
Even If 1" acilon 1 taken at Tue-
dsyg meeting regarding the future of
the Cincinnati club It pra Mcally I n
iird that s lhakSUP will come dii.
It i known that several of the men are
dissatiNtleal Willi tlcrwiB. Uroh having
been quoted as gsylng Cat lie would
not remain wiOi the team If IferSOg is
retained as manager,
MonlrcaTa Tie. ount n v ictory
fnr llo.-Uet I up llefemler.
The St. Xlcks will hae to win to
nlght'S si'in with the Montreal Stitr
at the St. Nicholas rink to bt-lnsr the Ai t
r.oss ehatlsnge cup tn this country. Un
der the trustees' deed of gift, if the de
feiidlnsr team tle the challenger In a
iranie the tie I considered as a suc
cessful defence of the trophy ThUS Ihe
to : score In Saturday's same counts
! as much as a victory for tho Stars so
1 far as defending the famous Canadian
' smbled I concerned.
Many Xew York hockey followers who
i saw Saturday Illght' game are of the
opinion that the cup should now be In
! ihe DOSSSaslon of the St. Xlcks Bgpgrts
who sew Maker's hnt In the extra period
declared It wan u goal, although the goal
umpire ruled otherwise.
The OOntOSt probably was the fastest
seen In Xew Vork In years, iiud to
night's battle promises to be even more,
exciting. I" the first half each team
will play l man, as provided by (Tie
Canadian rule-'. 1h second half will be
played with seven men, under Atuerl.-sji
: Titles, and If an extra period Is iiecos-
sary Bcvt-ii piar win us uscu.
named Some day hot in the far distant
future We hall have nuch meetlnfs and
1 urn lookltiit forward to the time when
the Breenke per of the country will
MVS KSCtUrc M who will to from club
to club and Mate and show how they
liae performed WOndari f.ir the enjoy
ment of their club member. Or rn
kasplni mora often than not Jut like
our conception and execution of uolf
playing principles, We theorlne over
our fa mi and then apply our DfactlOS
In another altogether dlffer-mi arae. be-
MUM e are l.,ind by phynlial llmlttt-
"0, perhaps which set aakew the a.-
5""W.'da wis.lom and truth of theory.
! " 1. -.1 r ... I . ... 1 I i. ' . I .......... t.m
ih Intli ti. .. -I... .. .....
other, tor variation In climatic eondl
1 lions may cause different manner of i
treatm nt. it would be fooiin for ai
III. ill WHO ill. I. it Inn. half a million dol- I
lars to Spend to -It down and without
having wen th- land plan eighteen Mole
for a gooil golf course. So in like man-
tier It I difficult and perhaps Impossible
for a man with no knowledge of up. rial
local conditions to prescribe what ought
to he don.-.
Links architecture can readily be ab
embed, and the formation .if traps,
bunkers, dok-d' leg holes und the like
it. ay he laUghl by the wholesale. SO to
speak, but the same cmin-it be done in
regard i the problems .f greenkeeptng.
The Massachusetts Oolf Association, with
Its aocustotned seal, is now educating
the men arho h.,e the say as to the
quality of difficulty of the courses, and
in ilue time, w hen this is IMScomPllStted, I
bel-e.e that a lep will be taken In the
other direction that of having the
C I''.-. i .,. r - u-ti.. ......1 111,. .r.-.ssMv i.l, ,1
some of these men have stietit malty
year in th.. service ive the results
of their studies lo the OSSOClatlOn, per
haps in tb.- form of essays, for which
tin- association will grant prises in the
form of a .-heck for ;'.", or $.'.". Such
a move will mark a great advance in
American golf.
The writing of t-olf essays bv green
keeper Is not new bj any means. This
has been favorite plan of the members
of a similar association In Ores! Brit
am. ami Without .1" lhl the feature WOUl I
be copied by the a-si.ciHtlon on this side
of the water I have read several of the
prise essas sent In by the professional
snd greenkeepers in ureal Brltaln( and 1
I mttSt confess that they t ike high rank. ;
MagaSlnSS, seed concerns atld others In- I
terestsd in the game have given vat-1
liable prises, itt.il the amount of good
derived bv the other g reenke pers who
have read the article ha lecn great
The Questions cien for discussion
hse '.een something after this sle:
"Should se.-.i rJbtaln the f.nor over turf
o fnr a the putting greens are con
cerned ?" The answers to this question
have eVith row ei tpUotu pfovsd ton-
cllltlVttly that Wfd n three tune's ,t.
Wie-ai-, t ha: Importttd turf ran-ly iloeit
we'll, even if iht tl.M.ttv It hfiM !re-i.
'HTf.i i.i not far. fiat mcthodi nf this
kind, if thy had i'tM, rr u-.i tut. would
not hae? left any turf for ti'w courefs
uid thf fact that vraaa rt-ti oan i had
which Ii practically fr--- from we-'t r-(i
h Importanti Thru tou, if dry "-ea-otir
preva.l, Ul turf. ft s.j tnatiy of t!i""
who have trt-l th.n gyatam mi the? old
dafl found nut. will apllt a- then th
(titit'tiir will te .. hrokon find harl that
it wiil ht difficult 10 net !t ta k to its
fonn-r ooftdtUon.
Whether Hiirimc or autumn aowini f-r
thf dlffartnt localities Ih hsptter. ii an---thr
point of interecit, and the fact!
atxut mowlnffi DOJI on or off the ma
chine, roll: nn. watering in dry atMon,
in'imir.i.t, .reT,-. r-t f Tiflr rrr-i.. und tn
on all thOM are tplc whl h have heen
used abroad Th re n rioin thrr'f.,r
fr much wrk on thin l!ti an.J Htate
,ts-i itlOftl and j-rof'S.:otml and nrrn
kofiunK aix.iatiotkM oan balp mtvhttly,
West Sido Trnm to !Miiy on
North siiio Peace Bum,
Sn i Johnson.
Chioaoo, ill. Pec. I (.--President Ban
Johnaon of the American Ueagus,
rresldent t'omlskev of the White Sox
and President ChlvtngtOfl of the Ameri
can Association returned to-day from
the baseball pence meeting at XV w York j
and SOId p. a''- would be a fan by
Christ moo.
Tlie information wr also obtained that
President M'eeghmon of the Whales ha
nil but Closed a ileal for the Cub, the
West lids tram to play on the North
ide. It was practh illy confirmed that
Phil Ball of St. liuis will gt control
of the American League team tn that
City, while new owners may lie In oliargo
of the Cardinals
As ha been Intimated, Edward Jwln
ner of Pittsburg will be permitted to
bU) Into the Pittsburg Pirate f-hould
he 00 dSSlre, while the National and
American leagues Jointly will look after
tin- Ward Interests in Brooklyn by pay
ing a ;. p,r cenl interest on an in
vestment of MOO, i. The rest of the
reoanu uesgue teams win
existence or be amalgamated
out of
with minor j
TU.. boeebkll rose before judge Und Is
will bu wlthdrewm with ti. ,,,et of
Uie court ti,!. , ,,,. )m,c
uiately after il nfarenoe at ciu.-in-
nati. Presidem Oilmore tit the Federals
is opposed to withdrawing the suit until
everything Is sinned and delivered, (but
he may be prevailed upon to ch.tnge his
The placing of third chili In Chtabfo
with th,, passing ,,f tt. (federal i.vffu
was frowned on by i,t American and
National letvgus inagtuites.
When it comes to the disposition, of
Ihe players the programme mapped out
Is for tlie Federal U-itgiie to control all
for one. year, each one being paid ,,c.
cording to contract Th k,mU f course
will try to dispose of all the men under
contract first and those not lgnod will
ua t linen oai-e oi as fast at, place
l.e found for thcni.
Word inplurr Three I'rlie.
boRCIIMONT, N V, Pee. lt,8lfht
men faced tin- traps of the l.rchmont
Vaehl ' lub to-day and J H. Ward, Jr.,
carried off th honors by winning three
of the prize. Shooting from scratch
he won the lake home trophy, killing 47
out of .a p. -siblo r.O bird. In the third
event he proved Ihe winner of the high
handicap priiv with a seers of ni out or
the 100. Tim high (orator, man was nr.
W II Short, who returned a curd of
I'M 11 also wo-- the fourth 2.'. bird
match with 114. F M WllSOn returned
a full ki or of 2!i lu tho s. cond event on
Im . haiidk'up of 2.
Wilmcrdlng Defeat Pell In
Strnlarht Sots and Morti
mer Hosts l.nrillnnl.
Ttxsno Taiik. N V. Pee. in
Tuxedo Tenni and rtacouet Club
arrnnaed tin extendlve proKramn I
the winter de.idon In squash, court
nis and rac'iuetd. The ISCOtiri
tennis handlcao tournament ended lo-
day inl raaulted In a victory for l.u
ciud Wllmordlnv, who defeated ii (1
Pell In strslul.t dets. 3. 6- 3. afb-ri
a very spirit
of prominent
I match. A larft.
I'erdond here for II
w. -.s
end witnessed
The llnal
handicap mat
the match
in the ti-et clusf raoqusl
rhes will be plfll e.l Ii. XI
Sunday. The final round was reached
to-day. '..diving William C-t snd S
Mortimer to cantaal for the honors
it aeaa ntmvlu u-hen P. .' .ir-
feated O. M HeclUCher In 10-day's open-
' '"g round of
i favorite, hut
dally on the
snd won iiftei
service by a
the Tuxedo (!tub
Heckschi r w as
i n strong
pi scthilng
at his lst
Cost, who
Mitts here, is
,i live game sel bj superb
ore of IS . 1". 9. -1.'.,
B--16, 16 10.
' I'. Ce.l defeated QeOfgC St I ieorgc
threw straight
Another surprise Iti the first c'nss .
eourt lentils handicap matches came
when s i. Mortimer, plus IS, defeated
P, Lorll lard, Jr., minus half IS, by .
snore of !'.-- I, t. Among othr en
trie In this eent were William Cost
C. S. Lee, C s flitting. Lloyd Warn-.
f. t. Prellnghuysen, x. W Tllton, Johi
Munro, flsorge st. Oeorge, Robert M
I itoelet
win kj
and Maurice Roche. T!..- Br its
played during the holldas week.
Tn the sq Llash handiest) mat. hes n
Penilleton 1,.. . defeated O. rnv.iit I.
llariiwell, two game to ..tie.
n December play will start in the
open tennis tournament Tor the Tuxedo
challenge bowl and will contra ue until
January t. large number entered for
this event
The gold MMUel ehnmnlnnahln
trial, hes Will onen ot Thnradat l-Vbrti.
ary 10, and cmtin rver I. U s
Hirthdal When the lie. Is a-,' I... '.... I
There will also be an open bi t.:- double
I championship match on Woehlngtoi
I Birthday. Bntrtes f..r ail touvnainents
must be mad- lo Robert Moore, se -
r:es of soeclal orofesslonal match at
I vaotiuets and tennis win be arrangsd
to l.e played in January and Februar)
Tne memtsers of the rac.niet at I te.n,.s
committee are n ii Wrenn, s it. M
I timer, ' C. fell, F l.r,:: ird. .it . a
I Richmond Talbot
I list
I ra it ge
OOOg I t Lib I
I .11 1,1 .
After a slow Hart due to unfsmllt
arlty with the tanharh oval the Kasl
I OnUIgS tSitn made a sal finish sgS III
I the 1ltsif,.rd lol. Club y.-stenl., . ., i .
j Bedford Riding Academy, but lost ih
I same by ii ko.,s tu ;. Xhr visitors,
who orers mounted by the liedfnrds, had
I the be: of the llnrd period b) tWO K'-a'-i
The (pame wa one ,.f the prvtcl -.
t.SSt to d.'tertlllfle h:tt-,l.c,ps t-'T t lie
itiierriuo ser'.-s ,,r t!,r Indoor Polo As
sociation, whi.ii begins in Janusri it
Was t ' e fir' f !
rtentaU) Inaugurated
Brooklyn. Tin- iiris,
It leani after the op.
II on hand have a i hi
Nn 1- l.aii.- ..
Silt. .la v
lyn club
ling per
nee t . p
ltd It
. h-o
.1 t.
K Irsnx
No I si.-ha.-k.litin
gO . -Wad.-.
Ko :i- Rodt mskei
Esi Orsiite, t siir
.7ka for I. ana !,- . ( ,
No iM .l
N. a Vest
-s,re Is.lfftr.
ptttUtM lle.lt..-
E V..st Ve w
dividual SOSlS Vl
A Vet i It s;, n
IpS Latiff K V.
It. f. re. s .'am. P
Three period t-f
ta-ri.n --.r A Vosl Ii.
wtbsron I; iv now
iker it Wa... :: s. h .cU
.1 Zn ka l.aii ne t
alow and K ott Tune
M.i. I, ill. W
ii llroitt
h- Victoria
iv mcuimiy m viciorun i.t eunii
1 I.
won the e. oti I week:- run of the Catho
lic Voutur Men- Lrnlon yesterda) The
race, Which wa over a three end one
half mile course, began a- Ihe clubhouse
of th- AqUlnos A A In The Hronx, and
th winner' time wa If mlnutss and
11 second
stale. Meet Ht . . I .
Th fourth annual ohampionsl tp meet
of tiie Middle State Interrolleg ,.
Athieti.- Ronfereitot win be held it Mew
York University on May 1:1. mil Th
preliminary trial in itn track and
lb-Id even! will be held in the fore, th,- . .. , i Hate. He said
noon, starting promptly at '' o'clock, j harder training for lbs
The finals In all event will lc held In, tidal i Millions would b.
the afternoon, starting t : :3" Ion June IT.
.Ml kinds
Ing to Xale
White, who
i I men
I It
vi. W
hamplonshtp battls, ord
Lewis, manager of Charley
haa arrived Irotn !h eagu
to confer with Harry PollOk on ted
f..r White and Champion Freddie Welsh
to face each other In the ring An at
tractive Offer is presented !-: T!a JuSTM
That city will give - per .ent ..f tl
galo and 10 Pr cent, of th- moving
picture privileges op any satisfactory
date, but r.o actual casu l a amine
a h
Dsnvsr 1 anoths
city that bids f .:
the bout With an ottei of lit (Ou I i
Welsh and fJ.or." to tv nite ,v mi estr i
inducement 1.1 meet Whits Denvw will
give 1500 h expenses to the iltl.. holder
New Orlsans is another applicant for
Um mutch, but the Bouthemeri insist!
that before Welsh laektsS White le- I
should go III' against .1."- Mnrdot 1
BuenOS Ayres Is wi ling lo put Up 126,
(lm) for Welsh and White, hut It is ;
UlatSd that If Ihe match I held the
light must take place In Mny I'hnrlov
Harvey I prepared to ntflke nn offer
on behalf of J US rep, Mexico, Inn r
terms were not divulged yesttrdto
,ioe Levins, matchmaker of Ihe Atner
I. -.-in Spurting Club, has started a serine
or heavywslght sllrninatlon mutches wmm
the Idea of developing u pnes'hl cllHtli
pion. Next Wednesday nlghl Tom Cow
Isr and Han (I'orky) Plynn will he I he
contestants The Winner "f this I. .nil
will be pitted ugalnet AI Helch
Jim Coffey Is conlldent that .lack f!on
ror. the Irish heavyweight, will defeat
lhttllng laSVlnaky when they clash In
the ma.ln go at the Olympic Cllfh to
night Coffey he been doing hi train
ing stunt with Connor ami ItskM hi
reputation a a Judge of fighter on the
prediction that th Irishman will be on
Hie right end when the match with I.e
vlnsky end.
after r
McKoU-hik Is back In New Tork
visit to St. Paul, WherS ha went
1-1 'an endeavor tj get s match with Mike
Olbbons for Young Ah earn, rinn was
unable to get ln touch with Qlbboni ex
cept over the teleplrone, but ln a phone I
N'atinnnl Champion
Small Kirltl of Umi
ncrs ill Traps.
One of the small! Heidi of the year
reported at the Timor lland trap" of
the New Vork Athletic Club yesterday.
Although the condition awra exc.-iient
compared with Saturday, only thirteen
tinners worn on the flrini- line. They
had an afternoon Of Kood sport, and sv-
I era! returned ecorei thnt were cxeep-
tlonally high
It. I. Spoils.
Ion, broke int.
i former natlonsl rhm-
the llmellghl and won
h prise, lie took the
I th.-
high .".-rat.
!'! out of .i possible lea tat
also was the winner of the
' K'
accumulation eqp, taking the event with
a stroighl s. ove of tt targets. ThS only
other straight score was made by Tan !
M. Mahoti, who captured .i Special trophy j
with a run of nil targets,
There were the US Ue I ties In the race ,
for the- itnslin cup. VV. It, Delehanty
and R. II locatelll weis the gunner
fhnt s,-,.re.i t,.( py returning perfect j
scores. Three gunners tied in the tour
nament 'Up shoot, They were F.
Williamson, i H Hatterson and L. M. !
Thompson The tirt named also won
the h.th handicap prise with .1 full card j
..f 100 targets,
Het.aachita Mas ilia lint.
New Rociicixr, Dec II -io,.,i soores I
Were made at the Nee Rochelle Yacht i
bib ttiins to-. l.i- riesntte the trMngi
I conditions. Fifteen gunners competed
j and
.1 X t l.oughlit, c,ilure.l the hon
ors by winning both the high scratch
and high handicap prises ami the ten
and fifteen bird scratch events. Stuart
h.-ot won the take home trophy anil D.
Hit , ,t won Ihe leg for the monthly cup
With a full
.i P. 1 aynovan, i '. a
Mclaughlin atld I'
leg for the nceumuta
s. ..I..- ..f twenty-five.
1 Marsland
.1 X
tllrlat each WOO a
1 '' WtMl fllll
lesvls Uels
1 Trscj 11 lewl
I the high scratch
Be ra I ell
was the
prise at the weekly
shoot of th
i ,i basset Itay Yaeht flub
His . or,- was otlt of the
. ' 1 . 1 1 v le. a islt.ir. w-a
i possible I'l'
i,.. wli nei "f ti..- lilgh handicap trophy
after a ShOOtoH with lr. II A llean
Who tied him With a scor of Intl. p.
Deane won Ihe leg tor the monthly cup
with ., f'iii score of ss on hi hapdlcap
,,f . and II K I. Kunke, who hrokr
j' blue rocks straight, won the lag for.
the yearly cup
I. II, liters tint Ht KnotlWOBSj,
tVittrs I'i.ains, x. v. Dee, It. Two
events, a Oft) bird novice shoot ami a
handicap, were held to-day at the trap
of t;.. Knollwood t'ountry flub M. It
CoWpertllWalt Won the 11. .vice cVetlt with
i, cor of 10, and H Morrill led In
th,. handicap with :t! -t, is.
Would Itatber How i Paaab-
keepsle on June IT I lm i, on Jul I.
thai .. X V.. Her II'
, favor of SU eel l date f
i '-.rtn-ll I In
r the POUgh
ariiod to-day
nt The 1th-
rather than
of stewards
I keep-it n-IS
ft-. oi. til a. in Malinger 1
! acans will s.ipp .rt JUIIS I
I .1 u i v l when H e board
lece's to decide Oil a dale for the race.
Although such an early date for the re.
I gatta means that th- Cornell oarsmen
' will have to go to Coughkeepele earlier
i than usual, ami at a llms when sec
ond term examinations begin here, the
facult) members of the athletic council
mid . ther university authorities believe
i that this obstacle can be removed by
s, ding a professor to Highland ami
laving him conduct examinations for
the oarsmsn tl ere
In view of ihe facts that the athletic
association would save a no Inconsider
able sum In iht maintenance of the
. lew If th.- race I held June 17 rather
than July 1 1 the seniors In the crew
w uld I-.- able to return lo Ithaca for
commencement, ih.- Cornell authorities
believe that there is ample reason why
ihe) should support the earlier date.
Coach Charles K Courtney, who al
ways Is consulted before any rowing
plans ars made, gave his approval to
the IV 'late. He said It
w . ii, d mean
oarsmen, but
fairer for all
talk a bout early
ranged between the
the HU Paul S-ISUril.
inuary w-. nr
Isncing inas'er and
rVunkls Whitney, the lighting car
penter ot' Kil.lv Harvey ' eta'de. !a.uld
have little difficulty iti getting match,-.
With the last lightweights, lie Khnwsd
Ms class in At. ant. , tt hen le t p-.l ,,
iVolgs! Ail fie Atlanta papers .is-r.-ed
, t.i.u Igsst g.-t tin- trimming of his
me Whittle) la unxlous to meet laasch
The mysterious masked marvsl i to
oi.. rata on the person of gtiururler iawi
t the Mm' alt m OpS Itt llou,. to-night
Alex Aberg will met teneto Oordlnl in
a lln'-h Isuit
lALrZ-ns 16
Overtired Ii is nettled fuel
Unit ,i of il fMUnd ror in'iijht
in each niUir ni. of tire is good
(ire equipment. We th better
Ihnn this, our ratio being .4")
of o poll ml.
This is on instance of how
nn- detigner hare looked
n iti r tin interettt of the ror
owner believing that our own
inter e$tt ore hrst served bu so
dm Hi,
"TWIN SIX," $2475.
llmr n Tri.il Hunt
tAriRN oisrmmvToms
Sol Metzger.
Mr. Metzger has had to deal with eligibility matters from all sides
and is eminently fitted to hundle the case of the college athlete. He
is a graduate of Phillips Antlover Academy and the University of Penn
sylvania, a former track athlete, college football captain and coach of
the last intercollegiate championship eleven Pennsylvania boasts of, the
1908 teum. Mr. Metzger also managed the Pennsylvania crew and this
past year whs coach of the West Virginia University eleven, which won
the championship of that State.
The articles will cover all the principal institutions in the New
Englund district, New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan
ami the South. Numerous incidents concerning individual cases will
be told, and the moral of it all.
Mr. Metzger's third article, in which be will deal with Trinity's
Brickley case and summer baseball at Brown, will appear next Sunday.
ri.iil No
In vcn titration !i
Attempt ii M.'idi' in
Minnesota Player.
Larly m the season a 'nry came from
the mlddtS West to the effect that Part
moUth was trying to wean from the Upl"
verslty of Minnesota a football player
named Quist The smry was accredited
to I'r. M. I.. Williams, th" Minnesota
coach, and
raw case
It looked a th
r.f proselyting
til. -r
I lartmouth
wht n they r,
Ran at on.-e
the matter.
alumni w. re so indlgnsnt
id the story that they lie
thorough Investigation of
a statement of tin- facts
discovered appears m the current issue
of th.- Dartmouth alumni magazine, ,.-..t
shows . learly that the story was the
result of a misunderstanding and that
Dartmouth men w.re no way tO
blame. The statement read, iii part as
"Qulst had for some years past iw
more or les Interested in Dartmouth
College He had talked with various
altnr.tii of the InetttUtlon and had learned
from them that an Impecunious lioy j
who can satisfy pcholoi-shtp conditions
may secure aid from the college to the
extent of 10 toward 'he 111" tuition i
,-.!..irg. Beyond this Small opportunity,
which .s open 10 all a'.lke. he had re
ceived in. special encouragement )
"Snorth after the opening of the foot;
hall eso this fall, however, yuist -
called upon Dr Williams nnd Inquired
.ts to pro peels lor a place on the
Minnesota team in course of th con
versation he SUggOStad to l'r. Williams
that he had an excellent opportunity to
go to I 'art i.outh Dr. William, oestrn-
ns the complets accuracy of QuIst'Si
statements urd reading Into them pre
liapl more than the actual WOfdS war-
ronted, .'.er made o:ne utiguardr.l re-
mark to newspaper reporters, who
irssed upon them and gave them wide,
"Inqutr) on behalf of the Part-nout tl
Atuirml Council wis conducted In Minne
sota by Henry ). Thrall of the elas .
of lM. In a letter to Mr. Thrall, under
dats of October tO, lli, Dr, Williams
make substantial withdrawal if what
e er assertion may have been credited
to linn by tiie newspapers lie j in
conclusion, M am sorry that a reflection
ha been cast upon Dartmouth, apd will
do what 1 can to help straighten it out ' I
"The alumni council conducted its in-j
est. sit. on solely for the purpaise of-
defending the g l name of Dartmouth
and with no desire to gmhorrass ''y!
Individuals Involved In the . ase. Tils'
name of the ...liege and Its alt) ilil hav-
ing (,-. ii completely cleared snd do.u-:
ments having been tiled with the secrel
t.itv of the council, tho afTuir, In so far!
,,s Dartmouth Is concerned, is considered I
satisfactorily chased."
limine t ini, I,, upon Wow tisarlsrs,
I It . 7, ,n itt 1 1 . X .1. lie.- it The new
I mat e Hun club hsodquartSN cti i the
Old Jo. k. y Club grounds Will le
t., II, publl ' Mr tl,e tirt time
tpent d
mas Day, Jock I
patina m the Cal
anu tig, who t com
forula State toitr.i.,-
ment. Will take pat-t in the I'nrlStmaS
I my . tel. i planned by m Duaneo, The
rontrst will be open to mantbers and
will lm a fifty bird affair. A loving . up
will be awarded i the winner.
Will Try lo II nu ton Mile.
Hi ooMrtKt.p. N. J. Dec, 1 1 In an
' effurl lo br, a I. the record for a ion mile
j run Oeorge Mooley M ill make the at
tempt on Pec ember II, starting from
I Philadelphia and going by the way of
! Camden, Trenton, Ww Brunswick,
liluabeih to Broad end Mark.; streeta,
Newark lloolet
In twenty hours
I po
lo the I rl.-k
Ifi-v - Stilliiiti ilirri- -ir
and up
w (,ri
HHP mil i't-1 ' Hli'u. '
i II. Itt !.
l, i tn 1. I to : w nt-. Ban T
ty. 103
C I alio,
(Molt), 4 'n t' J ,'1 aHMUd
itMt iQrooii, " 1,1 '' " C i if v
Tim i '" ivirr NlAtwur. Ma ion,
Hleutor. Kiulurttiiiv, HIiviht K night ,
uii.i pnwiiinq mm ron
S''imii His- Hi . nji htm; flv Hint
a haUf furloiirt Kurlong lis ' Hunt', n
to i. tn ... ." i" i". wonj MHrunomjn, ni
roroMi t. v i m 3 i " MWHiml; Choritjr
Wctnl, 101 iMory'. 1 l" 1. S tu I rtn, ilur.)
Tim, J:fttU-6 MN-m Whito Tberrta Hiiiri
jfinnif Crftwfonf, EUaI Worth utut Oakland
eUtjn ran
Third H aWo Mllng : i xr-f9WP-Mn anri
npwnr.1 : on mflO--Cortllfi V . 100 (0r0VM,
io ., t' .' to uon; Godf, ri
Miiiiuia,. R to - f- tt 5, i tn ", ir.-ond: I "iy
Young, 107 iCullin- ,; to l. v in :. fiyjoi,
ttnr.l Tim. l rt T'IIoUom Lftdy limn. t-i. -p
I Boiiulo puck, T'1 Monk and rtrol star $o
I ran
j Kutirtli R Hnndleftn: nil .vpii
furlonvi l -4.it ii 1 ipalnikt, t to ! im en.
I j in won: Wtlitti-, 117 ' ltunt, T "
to 3 i to i., Mooiwti Kootnajr ot tOruiMi,
I 4 to 1. I tt I io ; thini 'liin, i
Little Mnns. oottui nu nnt lvrr, alo
1'iiih ita-f. BcHlnv; Ihrw-roor-oldat anil
unwisfrii atOTOii furlonraV-Buojr RdltTi, 106
(Marno l.' to l, 4 to t. V tn l. won; Metink
j i 1 1 ill 9lnlllns). i to 1. rt tn B, 1 lu I, hf. -iirnl
I PnritUUttvf 101 i Dnm'til! I r. to V rven. J In
Ovird Time. ta IO JolfO A-rT.t. Iiniw
Paul. Wtrnthrarn, Royo liitntt hihI Bllif
Jo alto ran.
i lllth llanf- Selling; thn-r yr.ir nMii and up
! WVOj on mile and nn eighth- Dundrry
I'M i Henry. 2 to 1. ;t to f.. 1 to E won
I Fit taw ay U9 floo1, 3 to i. s r. i ,t '
evnn: rannie McpM T rMUlharf'l 2 t l
4 to r.. : lo n. third Time, i m s h;,.,,ir
Poaey. Any Port, John WiUtrrt ainl Fatry
Jao ran.
UK SUN has tlujc into the in-
terestinjr problem behind
the Le (iore and Brfckley
cases, the problem behind summer
baseball, the problem bahind the
eligibility problem. The digging
has extended also into the inner
workings of the whole system of
athletic proselyting in preparatory
schools something that will inter
est every parent of every athletic
boy about to go to college.
This digging has been done by
Sol Metzger, known for years as a
writer on college athletics, with the
-! purpose of bringing the good as
well as the bad to the surface. In
a series of articles Mr. Metzger is
writing the facts are told dispas
sionately and in an interesting way.
ColiinihiH Ho.vns Ocoan Hill In
Fourth Hniirifl of Motro
politiin Series.
Columbia's champion lirer.si'.giats
chess team, which will called upon
th.s week t . defend its title against
Harvard, Vale and Princeton. ,.-ored a
Victory In the fou-th round of the Mot-
I rapolltan ''teH Ichrii in th match at
the rooms of the 1 1. ean Hill chess Club
r In Brooklyn, the gomes of Which were
con. luded t an early hour yterda
morning The coltoglani won by 5 to
1 with one game undecided. II K
imI. J m. Bird, c. B, Isaaoson, D. i:
Rhrllch and s. P Mandell wre the rap
resentatlves of the Blue and White to
notch victories
While Columbia was io!lsh.tux off
Ocean 'tin the Brooklyn and Progres
sive Chess Club defeated City College
and Staten Island by 7 i-j to 'j and i'j
t. i. respectively, thereby keeping paos
with 'he Manhattan Ch Club, which
s as disengaged The sunimarle.i:
Ocean Hill C. C
Col USftbta,
.1 Mandell
M bird
W Krtnpf
II lsteon
I jnirUch .
1. Hslnksn
it Mandell.
1 J J Curttn n it
! -M llarprt 14
r. K McMseiU' 1 J
- a v Taylor.. i N
6 L w Jennings. 0 c
R von liuriiig -t 1 1
It linker M
' K lluut n s
Te'al 1 Total r
Columbls played wh.te on the o.ld num
herd bosrdl
lid ( 1 1 - College
Brooklyn c c
It T ninrk
V K i't-ranit
M Icbraids
Lr ti V Adair
W M d Vi-jer
I J Wolff .
h II Ileal
N S Perkins
.l ul.lol-ky .
Wechsler . . .
I. Sep;. .win
11 Berkowtls
N Singer
iPorfcltsd) .
City C.lrf.'
IstssI hoar.!
lilayed while on the odd niUB-
. 0
: V.
s M
lTll.T-H.il. (
state:! Iln, C
11 kadset
S. hror.ler
' T Ryen
fenhel . . t
I Tlw
Tot 1
M sruchss
Rernstsln. ..
Luboe -k ,
It II ago
Total St,
St.iten Island Dliyed
numbered bosrdl
white on
Breaks Meenrd for Cmrse
In s(.
InsetM'a ii on ,t Raee,
Pat i-'iynn of th.. Irish American A
t won th- weekly three t,nd a half mile
rood run of the st. Atielm-s A .' v. ..
terdss Plynn broke ail recvords f..r'the:
co,ire. clipping thirty ei-oris from the I
former record mads ht- Iii.-k ii. ..
the homa
clllh. II M,., io.., i.n.l V .,
V .'t' . I lie former
Olbv t'oMece star r...
I --.-l race for i-o-o:i,i honor. '
il st A
runner winning by a great .
I'rlre for llnrlem
William 1' Rssllng, John Lugae, Hei-.-
Jamin Levy, Frederick nuch ami Charles
lierry Were ehs ttsil n, en, hers of the regis
tratiou commlttes of the Harlem Athletic
leagUS el a meeting held yesterday
Bssllng, Hi chairman, announced that
he would donate prize for th.- tlrst three
runners to finish In the firs! handicap
run of the league, to be held on January
9 The race will start from the club
house of the St. Joseph Young Men's
1 F.r1 Tt.ifa- Ptirne. a!; acft. in.Hnf . 1
1 flvit f url'mgn---Mnrore, 1 i i !'rrlni.u '
I to Ii 3 lo f nd out, won, Oklloi Kit Ob, ' j
(POiroo)t i t-1 I. - 'it - .tn.l '.' to 5, 100011;
Hontiy Hoy. Ill (TopUoli II to l. to .
tin) oqt. Ihlrtt. 'I line, 1 01, p VOUIbifO I
ltnMv nnd gunrn App.e uli-n ran
second Rteo Purat, lioo. throtya.r
nils and upward j Itig ; the nnhi f
Curlonoa Ntitm m chol?, ioii (p4rrlnv I
ton! i t,' i to 4 tod out won. Ford
Mai. Ill W rd, 4 to 1. 7 tr, TO an I IO
aacond; Plun Moum( ill (WhpmoVt). 4 to
1. ;l to ;. and I to .". third Time, l;uS l-i I
Chant and Arrharj. ai rn.
Third Hare Puroo, $400. th?0tyotro1dl
Hnd up'rd; UltlgJ -ix fur.oiiti- .Laura,,
106 (Taplln) v tn ' to 5 and 1 to ;i, won, J
KADif. II il .t P!:). m tu (.. :i tn i sii,i i
1 to -j. ajr.ond. y.4.i, in? (.r. Ryan), 4 i II
' I to C Olid I 'o third. Tltne. ;,
Iar ni, Marfarot Uotaa, Front ler Mini 1
Uuthor h1o ran.
Iurti (H4e -Pure. 410: t'u y,.rtr ,
ohu Mtiti upward; Mlilno; x turion--
Mouth r 11 Uold, Ml 1 1, Pat'.le., 4 to U
t. and 4 'o r, won; Tellow i:va, 101
( Allan). 4 to 1, T tO I and 4 to 6, ftcoOd 1
Mom rlef, U.I 1 N'irktHuat, : l, to 1, ftven
and I t' thlrti Time. l:iY feit Lsaia.
rlan, Otallata, Paf White, rrmr Mlctiael '
Kaydaroaaroa ana Hordollo aiKti run
Kirtii Rue - Orlantal llaodloopi pure 1
ti 00O; tnr-yiwroidi and upward! ono 1
rati Hra4 Cunardar, lol rTapilni t to 5
1 to t and on;, won; H.-orpll, inn . parrlng-'
ton), 10 to l. 3 tit 1 and 4 tn ... nr-mmd ;
Htonahcna t 101 fetchuttlnoarit B to 1 7 tri !
10 and t to 4. third. Tin.. 1 :: 3-f. ' ply.
Ing P1 and N oire.Mln ;iteo ran
Hix!h Rar Pura, t4'it. thrayoaro)dg
and upwanl sell ing ; one rail Hnd vt I j
arde t?onflOg ration. 1 1 7 ( Wolatanhojin I,
1 lo V J tn r, and 1 to K, won; Vavpier, jot
(Oartnvr), '. to i. i t, i and vni - on.i
Tanirl.ine. !! ( riirringt-m ), ,t to 1. wan
and 1 to 2, third Time. ' it : ., Chanff
Ra venal. King M ! l( atultr. .S.-pul '
veda and 1'aton a if o ran
Victory Over Ha Hldgo Krcp
Sltifo ClMMI in Stttf
lifiitfiio Series.
CONTEST is ONE siii:i
By defeating the n.n rti.ige KViotball
I flub 7 to 1 at Hawthorne Held in
I Brooklyn yesterday afternoon the Ptafi
I Mac Donalds maintained ihnr clean
record In t!is first division of the New
j York Sbit Football League. Th- Ib id
I was muddy In spots, hut pKijraMg
throughout the match, .is the ruin had
removed th mow from the turf, AI
half time the CJgn Hue Dona Ida led bv
! i l.i 0.
Mad 'ull .ch. X. Agar, Madden. Rain,
I Laverty, Mnrrowcr and McChesnls allot
' the goal for the winning te.nn. while
, Haiti in passing bach to his goal keener
tallied the only goal wl.l. h Wei t u. t-i
credit of Bay Ridge, Th.. lineup i
sit ntai Iini.aMs .it inn
It., rtldgs
. . . Rldrldgs
1'rcif-Nt .
tins I . . .
Illght lm. k
le ft lm. k
'tight lis f .
store half.
I ..-ft half
, Haiti
. VIi..ii . . .
I H Agar
' M.a -unit . . ,
I Harrowsr
1 X. Agar .
1 nigsi
- ..g
Il 1 1 I
Outside tight
MSibleti InSld right lljvl.He-i
; an ouocn i-entre .Peealsi
I lavtrli t ... i . irft itnotW
HrChesnl. . .Outld left olllvsr
Score -. -la,, MacDonalds, Ti Ho bi ts-.
(Joali Macfulloeh, n Vgsr. Madden,
i Main. i.ert Harrnwer McCbetal. cln
MaauonaldSi Balr iia iti ige Rtfere-a
'f Csldlcoti, Linesmen Mssr Morrt
son ali i Johnson. Tim. luiUea 11
to Boecer name r,ii,ii,.,i.
Many followers of s r football.
broui.ht out by the promising conditio- .
Overhead, w-. re dtountKillited When tic'
, Amerlcsii Football Association cup ti.
1 gsniH, between the llrooklyn Football
SIS H'tl! k ZJ'!.
Il lar. d off. The Xew Vol l. Stills-
ueague game between ihe risn Mm
Duffs and Continentals at Harlem oval
also wa postponed on account of the
condition of the ground.
I America lo Hntlle win, Ireland.
England and Scotland having had
; their turn In the international soccer
I series of the Xew York Kootballers I'".,
tectlve Association and having played .
I tie game. America and Ireland will fry
conclusions on the afternoon of Christ
mas 1 'ay at LonOS Ovul
H Xew Vork Kiev en Picked,
The Xew York State Kooth.ll League
ha picked II i le
match with the Sal
,-f Xew Jersey, t
Oval on Xew Vesri
im for the annual
anal eoothall Let: it.
I.,- played -t letip-i
Day. Th. nam i
Porter. Tonkers; Krily
Olbb, I R T Strollers;
Clan NScponsldS! ( l are
Qsrslde. Vonkers; Vand
Conilnentalt; stuart. 1
Cooper, Contlnentsll
Brooklyn icin e:
In.- .. i l Mel aim.
Brooklyn Celt he i
reghe and H ies,
It T Slrol
I Th Fulton OiincH-iih tiM'if 1 1 ttn
BtmiKht tn tur chaUnplonfthip r.in of th
MtHrOpOlltdin Kootball I,tk.u .tt lli t
Ifrm of thfl Hotinkt: KoOtb 1 11 tubs
Which r.ijfff-rp.,1 d-f;it by th j"'f'r of
' ffMlfl to u tin Um .,i ahi.uii OCOUIld ill
iHobOtttn. ThO Kultou Cuiui rntm eon-
Itnut in tho li.d with ii lotu! of -2
I points, roprfloonttnc n wltii ond i lot.
J Gnwr.j.oMit boot Man- het. r Unity In
New Vu: k st.it- Ltuffuo w&tnt played it
, Kloodt Ovol In Mrooklyri Th iCOrO
! .is : footi to 0( point ht-tt talllvel
U OftCtl itiUl. A hi'l-iujlfl i: -s i , cf-
I fort on tho ptirt -f Moron. Inoldv u ft for
I Gfoonpolnt, yioldc-d tho rtrot ifoul, uol
jiuRtKr. the outild rlnht, scored In tho
.- i . i half from -i midtupi
Croases lalne One Neeottd Ihead in
llartetu l,eagne Httu,
Terry Halnln of the Mornlngslde Ath
letic i 'lub finished tlret ti the tour and
B half mile road run held by the II. r
lem Athletic League yeeterdto. lis
time w.t ."j minutes 10 seconds .tt.d he
flntshod ot,.- second ahead of a. Mor
ris of the st Christopher i"lub The
winner's teammate Lew Heydet crossed
the line in third place The Morning
side A. C, not only won tin: Individual
honors but also capture ! th te tin
ca fashion. The ti
ti ten i
M s.
Name an t Cluh
r Itglpln. Mnl illtig'. 1.- a .
A. M..nis. st Chrrt.iplier Cub. S3 ti
i nnya. t. M.iri.i,isi,i.. ,t
1. Metssr, Mernlnssbli A c
. '. .1 " .
Mid J season, st. ct.ri--i.phrr Club.i'3 it
It Uuess, Mornlngsbb' A. I . it
M McOnugsll. Hl.i hriatophtr Club.:.i 41
tta ision, . I'ltrislnpner Club. 29
tiiitiiiii.g Uernlneslds a. iv
10 c
Nelsen. M..tt.itigi.ie a
It roti 1
I. end
I bur,1 1, House
Itt rennnnl I, i
ii nn nere
The Brons Church Hons runners
carried of! the honor In the Pennant
A. c. four mllti run yaatarday, A. Reallf
won. but WHS pushed hard bv his . lub.
rngtS ' Ulatiketilnirg and followed b
Hsrrv Hunt her h'orty-sev, n runners
,,e tint M a -rni
lu 1 ulllll ettle
. Hun.
lit,. n I 4. t .
I Lav erf of the fa
I v t . who
w .iv by S
Wis .a rd pr. ss
Meters- m of th
home clllh, won the
ITglon Settlement Athletic Club's run in
Central I'.irit yesterday tt -u only t
tin. las' hundred yards that Lavlefy
w.t ai.. to overtake Hfeyeraon.
IK RS t Mi l(ltl i. i -
I l;. i.M I ii I
Haras de Fresnay
Clarence K. Mackay
will ii villi lit i-i,t,ii, 4uctloa
t t.-M tsith si.
Thursday, Dec. 2.1 IQ15
At v-W f, vt
QEOROE A. BAIV, Auetlonaer
gaud fut aislusu Iddrssi

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