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Buy ind Soli In Many Sort ions
One Oporntor Floured
in Scvrral Deals.
fpmtvr lOtl In jrnttervUy's realty
Iri'i i.e. Sl left fur a first day of the week
market '" r'" r the usual svrev
in voltinll .iimI qual ty. Operators had
a art In the buying and selling In
glij section One professional bought
kI sold HfM prxaperlt In Manhattan,
pphe Rr ' and Westchester. Heveral
II ileal an expansion of the buy
ing flll by men who have heretofore
njnrtne.1 ilietnselvea to sections whose
properly lo ef the ooromonplaoe order.
Tiro of Islington avenue's platrea of
gglVllip are said to have been taken
fer mors prodUOtlSS use One of these,
rrnagogue. has surely been captured
fay - i rovemsnt. The other church was
ranered sola speaking 01 rumors, there i
irre plenty of IrlOOg flying around yes- j
a ThSf reflect un Interest In real I
tajgtt With Interest steadily Inoreas.ng
H :'! n t l"ng until an Increase n
t.i u- o( business Is nottosd. VI'.
:ng Of a cc.i,. t. niMf amount of new
on.tructl.m was a feature of th day
on minus mv i.x noni it.
Eeni A Nlnnott hava bought 115,
11T and 1 If Bat Ninetieth street, two
Ion- tmry and one rive story (lata on
Ilf. tltlOO, near Park avenue, from
Kgtherln 1 l-antry. Christopher A.
Hejger ntffOtiAted the sale This Is the
frt sale on tlm property In twenty-five
Vredcrlek Mrowti hnuglit and sold
seven Mparatt PPOpertle In Manhattan,
Tr Prorix and Mount Vernon esterday.
H h.i sold to Herman t'lsoti the plot
'.Oil"1 at the northwest corner of Fort
WMMMton avenue and 171st street for
mprovenient with a elx story apart
sent house In exchange the buyer
vn 116 J arid 1171 1-Vx street, running
through to 123 to 1JMS Intervale ave
nue, frame dwelling on a plot hav.ng
frontage of llfiy feet on each street.
' A. DoWd M the broker. To Mra
l.oirae. Fltlleyson he sold 1 1. three story
bmiiMM building, on lot 23.9xso, at 92
r'ixtn avenue, l iking In part payment
the dwelling and garage occupying the
Mook front 00 the north Bide of F.fth
arte.-, bttw, tinrdon and Kdgeiuont
VttlUea Mount Vernon. loflxlOO. Frank
!,. Kiaher Wsi the broker In this deal.
Froni the Halcyon Realty Company
Mr Brown bought, through Julius co'.t.
fni two live StOry flats, each on plot
ix'ia at 181 to 190 Claremont avenue.
In The Hrnnx Mr BfOSra bought through
) A Wood the plot of teli and a half
!"!, fronf.nK nlamt lit.", feet on the
ice.' tide '.f Vilent.ne avenue, Iietween
:tn and 197th xtreets. and has 05. e net! j
egotiatlnns for .4 resale of this property
to it Dtllldar ; ami sold the five story flat,
on plot 10(1 St, at 1SI9 Clinton avenue.
WeM End Haiti u. seven sU'ry apart
ment house tit the northenwt corner of
WM K'n.l avenue ai.d l"lt elreet. has
Un !d by the Cans van Investing
''onipeny to Samuel ltor ' ardt. The
orotr:y eovrf a plot 10.1 lit 01 and
ui p.-;. 1 thrpugh L.e itny Coventry and
y..- Mary Monuhan.
i.i:xii.to tvu, 1 lit lit 11 IOLD,
sales n? leaflingk properties In several
ill were rumored yesterday.
Twvirli it cannot be said that these re
port. ..re untrue, neither can It be bald
,,r,- true, because autlieiuio
Information wo liickitig. one of tie
pnpperi s reported sold la the First
v esbyteriaii Church pro party at
-mm lornar f Losinfjlon ava
". 11 i hllghty-alsth street, which was
last fait when the church ex
It of tlie Presbytery of
Sea y irl '. uirlit for 1600,000 the hand
omi p nth Reformed Chttroh property
' Pari ..venue and Ktghty-tlfth SJtreat,
"" the Flrat Union now ntukea Ha
" INI 1 II M'.I.I.S R-JIt BT, I.IR.tliK,
Lalkt A Burks has bought fr-m
Bernard it. Baruoh 11". and 11; w.-t
' fty'Sseond street, aooordinff to re-
"rt which . one from reliable sources.
e ; oporty is ;t two and three story
firm:. m plot BtxlOO.B, between Mixtii
1 Peventh avnua. Mr. Baruoh ac
iiril !.tl to th prisicrty in Septem-
k 1 'torn Rugene t. Stemdler Mr.
Banj '. forinrl) OWtiad the property and
SKld it .u April, lllli to Henry M.
Thi npt caking baeu a mortirage for
Thompson I few days later
nn v I I Lh property to Stetndler.
fTRKBT William 11 Whiting 4
' i tin. Douglas Roblnaon, Chaylag
e II .. . i .....,. v liart sold for t he
H HavtngH Hank the two three
l 1 Id .-.us at 140 and ill West
kUet, tl In foet nortli of Vesey street.
n ' 1 .per' - is asMi-HHed at lil.l.OOO.
f ' A 1 buildings front 36.4 feel on
v' - reel and extend hack 45.6 feet
on '..a short l aid,
Adl TH STRKKT Julius Mtt
I to .1 client the two three
' ilwalllngg ut 114 and 116 KukI
l sat, lot lh. 9x100 ea;li, for
Ihi l-'hi ev estate.
tA-T O'jTH STRKKT Julius Scott haa
1 Ihe Quiwer atat S64 Kast
Wity. ninth s'r et, a three story dwel
lil - 01 lot 10.Vx77.4.
Manhattan btrbbt Th Bmpirt
' l Moitgata and Holding Company
' W'siss) has bought 7 Man-
I ' street, a II v. story teneonent.
I 25x65, near llaal Houston
"" Julius flcotl was the broker.
T K iwenhoven etitute curd the
Property tan day ago for 19,800 in
fort ii.cure action.
ItiOOl ' HI VKR.
Tlis ' mgrsgstion Il'nal Jcaliurun has
f1' ' - i!e of tlieir syriagogue prop
6rl). 01 Hie went side of Madl-
' ' ' lie, 25. S feot south of Hlxty
btroet, tinnounssnisitl of which was
" ' si weak The Alliance Realty
' " i W .:am H. Cbasabrouah
Prw ... 1 ;s th buyer. The consldera
' laid 10 1. around 6175.000. The
xnrl ti of the court must now be ob
tn ompll I the deal.
n- I.. A W. Ill I S W A TK RCH 0 T.
lawtro, l.i. k iw.uuia and Wast-
Kallroad hag ,ur:liaaol about lx-
"". Including two jder. at the
01 Twelfth street, Hnboken, N. J,
lbs n-ean 0tamhip Company,
llii been using one of the pier
unloading of tramp steams ra.
plr luis been tu,nl by the
11 Nat .g.itlji Company.
f r
HIDTOWX i.iKT soi.n,
lUproggntlni a client, John W. Hub
0' If, A I.. lies jeMenlay pui
1 th! twelve story lott building
W li and West TVtnty fifth street.
itt sesi itf Broadway and facing Trm-
'"' C'htlMl, for ,000, The i.roperty
i i m auction by Bryan U Kki-
:, ii lor. clostirn suit bv Jusenh
' h .
Otr -OHM
avalnal the Twlstyttfth 'on-
'l Compatiy, cobiiimioiI of Pan
'Irusst, A. U l elt and others
to recover claim aggregating ito.tn.ti,
lllhjsttt In a first mortgage of 275,000. ;
M.-lner has .Iwie bltOlflSO through tho
HsSO flips, for yAirs.
titVKttM: i,ot rv 111 MtitKn.
The H, A ,. Construction Company
Of nr Rocllgwgf has told three puree la
in Its llCVelOpfMUl between Ivlgcmere
hikI Arverne for a price close to t27.,000.
The pn reels consist of one plot of
seventy-live lots to Frank J. Dlgnn of
Manhattan, altuated on tho west side
of Hunch Fifty-fourth street and run
ning from the Boulevard to the ooean ;
one plot of ninety lota to Nathan Kramer
of Manhattan, situated on the east side
of Heai-h Fifty-fourth street and run
ning from the Roulevard to the ocean,
and one plot of ocean front, 1,400 feet In
length, to flames McUowan of Manhat
tan, beginning 100 feet eaat of Storm
avenue and running to the Tillrose Camp
$600,000 PARK AVE. FLAT.
T fio Vp at WHk Street, nlaaoaally
Across From Ttb Rrilmrnl.
A twelve story apartment house, esti
mated to coat ttOO.000. la to replace the
five dwelling at the southwest corner 04
Fark avenue and Mlxty-slxth street
owned for many years by Commodore
Elbrldg T. tlerry. Th alt, which
measure lOOSxlOO, was sold by Com
modore Oerry to the 8. Pullerton-Weaver
Company. This company conveyed It to
the ti.io Park Avenue Corporation, which
will carry on the new project. The lat
ter company Is composed of James B. R
Carpenter, president ; Robert B. Know 'es,
secretary, and M. K C a -renter, treas
urer plans for the new apartment
are being prepared by J. il K. Carpen
ter. The plot la diagonally opposite the
Seventh Regiment Armory. The two re
maining corners at Park avenue and
Hlxty-alxth street were Improved with
tall apartment houses, both from plana
by Mr. Carpenter.
Flans have been filed for a twelve
"ttry and basement apartment house on
the northeast corner of Riverside Prlve
and 101st street for the Fatemo Con
struction Company, Charles V. Faterno
president. It will have a frontage of
27.7 feet on the nrlve and 141.10 feet
on the street, having a facade of brick,
limestone and terra cotta In ornamental
design. It will accommodate twenty-six
families. Onetsn AJello Is the architect
and haa estimated, the cost at I 200,000.
Wallls Goodwill!, architects for
Charles Remsen. have filed plans for a
sixteen story fireproof building on th
southwest corner of Madison avenue and
Thirty-second street for light manufac
turing purposes. It will have a frontage
of 49 i feet on the avenue and 19.0 feet
on the street and the cost has been esti
mated at 1200.000.
The V. R Building CorporaMon, llg
Rosenlerg president, has died plan
through Charles H Meyers, architect, for
a five story flat with store on the north
srtde of 207th street. 100 feet west of
Vermllye avenue. It Will have a front
age of II feet and a depth of 86 feet and
the cost has been estimated at 145.000.
At the southwest comer of Broadway
and 2S4th street a Ave story flat will
he erected for the Alexander Orant Con
struction Company. Alexander '".rant
president, on a frontage of 9! feet on
Broadway and 115 fit on th street It
will provl'e accommodation for thirty
seven families. Neville A Hagge are th
arahltscta and have estimated the oot
at 1110,000,
gann.nno rriinx imihovi-.ik."vt.
The Falclla Construction Oorporatirn,
which recently bought from the AJax
Const i tict urn Company BbO plot, 75x200,
extending through from Valentine to
Ryer avenue, 2A0 feet south of 164th j
street, wi'.l eret't two Mv story houses
to aontaln seventy apartnieuts. Th '
entire opargllon will Involve around !
$100,000. The- AJax company recently
bought the site through H. A. DOUglat
A Co.
Sluiimwin A Shampun are preparins; !
plans for three six story high class I
apartment houa.ii, to je erected on the .
norlt.east corner of Bedford and Dl1 j
sion avenues, on a plot 197x102.10. to I
noet 1110,000, for the Ross Land Com
pany as owmers. The buildings will ac.
uommodate 10 famlllee anil will he
designed In STsnoh RanalOMIieg etyle.
MttlS Spare Taken Bat of the
Market llurlug; Srsllon,
The Charles K. Noyes Company has
lea-sed a suite of ofhoee. on the twelfth
rloor of 160 Broadway to Benjamin I.
Shlverts; portion of the eighth floor In t
the same building t . AVllllam A. Venter,
und a wing of 37 and n Liberty htrert
to Chajiag H. Your.g, lederck H Hea
cord and Albert Rltohie for live years
Hell Ai Stern have leased In 114 and
116 Fifth avenue the sixth loft to Mau
rice lesser A Co : In 182 to 110 West
Twenty-seventh street the tlrst loft to
Jiirs. ii Bros : in 22 to West Twenty-
tlrst street the top loft lo Vlgnola A
Paul, and In 115 lo 111 West Twentv
ninth street the fourth loft to l.ltzky &
Schloseherg, and th.. tenth loft to Mich
aels Bros.
The M. Rosenthal Company hns leased
at 211 and III Fifth avenue the first
loft for a long term of years to S. Tel
feyan A CO., rug Inumrter : the eighth
loft at 111 to HI West Thirtieth street
with Thomas A Kckereon, as agents,
for a term of years to Brnua tiros.
The Crrws & Hrown CV.mpany hs
I, a Me, t.Ofifl feet of space In 6 WtSl
Fortieth street to the Oottool Tradeis
Corpoiatlnn ; apao In 114H-46 Broad
way to th Now York Cloak and Suit
House; fifth fhxir at "40 Broadway to
Charles Falker.b.rj, through F. Fox A
Co., for a term of ears; store !, at
576 Fifth avenue, to Madge Morey ;
store 3 to Blanche Yovin for a term of
years, and the sixth t1or at 1416 Broad
way to M. J. Howath, together with
space to B H. Iaimont.
Ric A Hill haw leased oftlces in C07
Fifth avenue to (itella Wesley, Abraham
II. Fried and J. A O. l.unenfeld.
William A. White A Sons have rented
the store anil baeernent at II Woosler
street to the Frank A Lambert Com
pany Apfelbauni A Apfelbaum have rented
a loft In 17 Hast Kixleenth streot to
Irving W. Rice A Co., novelties.
The Federal Reserve Hank of NVw
York, located at 6! Otdgf street eince
Its formation in November, 114, has
signed a leaao for permanent oftlnrs at
the Pine und Nussau stnsst corner of
th quItflM Building. Th term of
the lease extends from th data of oc
cupation, which Is expected to bo in
Ihe early spring, to lh expiration of
the charter of the bank. When
equlpitd In nooordano with th plans
prepared hv U. R. ilraham. In consulta
tion with Trowbridge A Mvlnvaton, th
pare leaaed will meet present require
ment In every respect and provide for
fulur expansion. In Its present quar
ters the bunk lias been forced to store
much of its gold In tlie Clearing House
and Hub-Treasury vaults. In the Equi
table Building th vault apace will he
ample to store all Ihe bank's gol l wlth
oirt going elsewhere. Douvla KoUinewn,
fharles S. Urov.ii CORipMy negotiated
the lease.
Porter Go. have leased for Mary T
Mulry of Cdarhurt, I. I . t" Ja.xih
UllentUOh tie three story dtrslllng at
22 VV( t I27th gtrOOt.
Uiigor Watsua hav laasad for a
term of years the dwelling at 811 East !
etny-nrst street for Mra. Jennie Mayer
to I, Froelloh.
Charles M. CTfctrk has leased a bouse
on Washington avenue at Battle Hill
Fark, White Plains. N. T.
The Bronx Board of Trad will hear
an address Wednesday evening by Rep
resentative Murray Hufbert on "Harbor
Improvements for New T.rk." Mr,
Hulbert was recently Appointed to the
Rivers and Harbors Committee of the
House of Representative.
The Harlem Property Owner Associa
tion will hold Its nxt regular meeting
Thursday next at 147 Hast 125th street.
Pablto nfterlngja Testr4Uy in Man
hattan, The Inn aag IrMklrn.
By Bryan I.. Kennslly.
"TH fTi 84 and 3 W, .. I5 w Bway,
"xl. 13 sty loft hldg Jns.f Ptelner
agt 36th Cwiltn C st all due. 116,661.71 1
ie.. c, 16,441 70. sub to a pr mtg of
17'. 000; tn M A I, bm for a
CilSlM 1335.000
By Samuel Marx.
ITH BT, 647 W, n a. too West End v.
1166,6, 4 sty tnt and stri Ailgiiatus
Smith agt Pannle rim t al: due, in
7: taxes, Ac. m li: to th
plaintiff us. tot
t AT 1501 TR1HO AVK.VUE.
Hy Gtorgo Prle.
rook av, i8o. i. :: j n ith t.
41x100 , .iv Hnt K.t itlvsr Savs
Instn agt Kav r t al, due, 66141 14.
tateo, $711 74 to Albert J tehwartp
Isr Ill 000
By Ohsuru-ey Heal Estate 00,
t'VION ST. na, 141 r Noiteand av. !ti
S00 rrs.l Constn O et l sgt Mary
Levin et si: to the plalntff f. r 16 000
ever a mortg and tntersst 141. 4X0
By .ttinti 1.. Brumlsy.
14TH AV. p W f, II W 77lh ot, SOxtOO
H Bk'yn Svi Inatn ast May T L Varren
et al: aetlon l ts the plaintiff ... U.7S0
Bv Nathanlal Shuter.
LOVE LA, n a for College p'. 41.4x7. lis
Irreg Hebt B Austin et al agt Ksrsh
Ceiyar at al; to the plaintiff .. .11 000
BLAKK AV. n r COt Van Slnderen av. 100
100 Belay Spiers agt Morrl- Neiifel-I et
al to Montague M-s re I1J.100
T4TH UT, lll-UI 9 Argajl fl Oersten to
Chas ei wtl.oughby, M W U4lh ' .
attv, J L Broadwlu, 176 Bwsy ,.140,016
I4TII ST. tl IS J4 T TIU Ins To to Pu.
M Warburg at al, axes, 17 E 14th st .
srty, 1. T o. It Bway ? .614,oeo
44TII ST. 114 N Y Mtg A Security 00
to Albert Symington, 114 E 44'h at.
atty. L T Co. 140 Hw.r 11.106
MTII 8T. 121 K -eilgmund Uhnun et al.
exr., to Emlgra-nt Iml Hav BHiik. 61
'h.imbrs at. ally, E J Mntnlr, 51
fhiunhwr st lH.t.00
I4TII .ST. il E Arthur K Kubn to Kml-
frant Ind Hav Bank: ally. K J MrOmr.
1 1 'ham bars st 4
S4TII fT. I4 E- -Kan id a B laibr.K to
Vara Tltla A T Co. lit Bway 6100
TH ST. SOI E Slgmund M fawWwia al
al, exra, to Emigrant Ind Mvinga Bank.
II ChasaBOrt 111 atty. T 0 Co, llii
Bwav 6.66t
RiviNUTON ifT. Ill Adds! B Clark la
V-mi li a Truat "0, ti ns 113.000
I4T1I ST. a a. 10 West Ko.l av. Hu-l 1
lakwyrrs Mtg O to Central Tr . C of
N V and ano. trua. 16 Wall St. atty.
1. Mtg Co, in Liberty al IU.000
-'A HM, RALPH ta to Isaac Hesannsld 11
ganthau Co 1100
Sehellhorn at al (true) II
KINU. BENNETT J (trus). to Tills iluar
A Trust Co 64
TITI41 GfAR A THl'ST CO t Alphnime
llalnt I J 001)
SAME lo Ellsa M Salmon II.H00
x'UKMIl'K WM st al (ail, t i Annla Van
!, Men II
PltFlMII'M HOLDI.NU COIll'N to Poller
K,v Wank llii. 006
rkcorbeb i mrk.
GREENWICH ST. III. all klagdalan E
A a. r in k a at al ia J ... S coward, at
Bayonne. N J, 7 yra from May 1.
IS 1 : atty. I f Barren. : He. tor
atraat a. pr agntl
11TII AV. a, from ;4ih la iith t
1)HC ' Irrag III. all Paul K He
H. M i ft ano to M. Ke..n ll.allv C ft
ami. 10 Maiden lan. ett l la Hal I I
14:4, atiya, Knox 0 l ;7 Cedar
atreat .11 l.l'OO
4ITI1 IT, loi is. ail Sami K Jaroba to
Orastt A Maria t.lollto. 144 W 4 J i h at,
i. ra fron (in 1, Itil; any. 1. Per-
r-.no, RJt W Bway H :-i-i
1st av. ::a-s:. atr a btmta - Morrla
Iisnratzky 'r. ' h.s K.r. to.. ;:l 1-t ... i
h l-ll yra from pa.- I. ltr. .. . 13 I 0
14TH ST, 45 II 1.. a.!. SXcapl yt t.
Arthur W Little an... er Joa .1
Little, to .1 .1 l ittle a- Ilea .... 111. ;
lit at, fr.oo lie, 1 llii, t.. .tan II,
I9i attyi. Briii... H, a ft v. ;o pint
traat HT.6I6
111 Til ST. 114 W, Iter h Jim Elsen,
btrl to CiiHtua H Xante. ::j t' 1:14th
at. 5 yra from May 1. 1413, atty, I v
Urlgga, 1611 Haay Il.or.o
BROADWAY, n rr 16th -t. n Mora
Hhaomv and Sl I li St K.a ty ' ti, lion
Ton Tailoring Co, '. 7-l- ra from yh
i. t616i atty, larael h Psrakia, 44 Court
a., lik'.yn 11.3""
riTV ISt.A.M AV. e r, :?? ll a c.ntr t.
3:3 4 lo high wat-r line 1. I goUBd a
; 1x41661 -.'iiv Island Homsa, inc. to
Henr H Nevlna. IJ Iter al. 1 yr from
!, 11. a'.tv. Uaera ltro. 31 NaSSSU
sl li
HITH st, a s. :io 4'ii av, HxlOO.Iisa
Cantrai synod ..f ttie Rfomid Cb r .vii
in Allien-a at H l' l.r. h t al (for.
i.isura uf raortgasi i . atty. C Palllatar.
I0TH ST. ii :..J - it IT.6xl6l.4l
trres Adelpk Ruseh ei ai ugt Jaeota is
meiaon et ai tforvi'oaur of mnrtgag))
..it., Murra. Prntles A Howland
iii.rn fTi III ksneg isxioo.ii
llenrv Pe ' Kore.t W.kn et al art
lleniatl lvy et al fforselOtUr of mort
gag) ati. Wse Bros
E.'i-:x s'C. 7; n Rlvtngton t. .-'aioo--
Peoples Truat Co et al eat i'iil Ip A
Rax. .Ir. et ai .amen ie.. i,.,,
. , ,..., li,,,,..,.,. a. Cii;. en
jtth si' us k' .Baron Is- litre n Fuad
agt Nancy a Purt ' (foryclotur of
mort gaga) i ati.. m .s ft i I Itasca,
I4ITH IT 4. b. II e liorrtt a.-, 41x10 rly
iten Ratal c Ht IrrtdtrTck w Pltidlng
iforenotiirt of msftgag) i ;,'. H
144TII tiT, 511 to 51,1 W Chalfff Rrt.a sgt
Ittbfcea Oranott, owarj Oranat, oaa
tractor 170 II
sami. PROPBRTY Same agt Rtbteu
.irai.ait. uwn.-r and oohtractor. .11:17 II
BROADWAY. 1757 to 17' fjansralwoari
working Co, Inc. ust ii II Potter Prop
srtlsSi lie oMner. a J Contr s Cn,
. Detractor .Ill
I4TII ST. 54 K Ck.h'ti ft Sleg.l ut 11-i.r.
i" sturges, wnri K it shearer, contrar
ior H4
IITil HT, ill and 114 B sledoli Iron
u .ik, Co, Inc, o g i Mary a Thornton,
wnl , Jostpn P A ryponntll, oontrac
tor 116
IITH ST. 141 and 4C1 W J and il l.t.,
agt Cntlte Uoniet Corp, wnr; Levin
Braj cb Inc. contraetort tins
NORTHERN A v. 10 It rati sair.kv agt
I'barlout Itarrlaon, owner and tontra.'.
lur 151
IITH IT, 207 and iO'j W Clltrlta Mseg
ast Jant L lit) a, ownar t r.n.H.I i ,;s 40
ITII AV. 471 and 17s and 111 JettBh
aoAultl agt John Una, oanai, .Ml.litel
tudrowlti, contra, lor ji,,;,
174TH BT. n a cor of Clinton tv. 40i101
Kohncldar 'ont Co, Inc. ti 114th .It
Building Co, Inc. owner., and rootrac
tort 12.37170
sa m n PROPBRTT- Charoh eiatea ,t c,
I lie, agt aalllo 1132 55
BKl'U'rH AV. n a, HI e of lledford Park
lloultvaxd, 100x110 John Klugaton agl
Urlgga llilllding Co, Ine. owner.: j
Mlutiall and Urlgga Building Co, In.-
oontraciora 12,014 50
gAME PROPBRTT Dlmoeh A Kink l5o
agt sanie; contra. Mora, atina 185 57
in ST. II E Morrli A Prldmn tgt Jaaah
tireeky et al. Ool II, lilt gr,
OKK.KNWIOH gT, 445 and 447 --National
Hash and IKior Co, IBS, axl Henry Wtllb
Ea'.elt et al, Oct 21, 15 t,.
POUT WAgHINOTON AV. n a cor loath
at IMltsburg Plate lilaaa Co agt Cunlv
Faigflneer'11 01 al. Nov S2.
Ill 71fl
gAMtti PBOPBRTV -Ksrltohtr a o agl
a me. Nov 2.' 1915 ll.r.O
IAMK PROPBRTT- 'Philip stein ai am,
Nov Jo. ll 11,116
45T1I ht. Ill and ill W Ati.ia Painting
O agt Ctiaries it.. ha et al, July g
1015 ... 4;,.-i
HITH ST. to .m:i v 0,'abtr Rupply
c,-.. In.-, agt It Building Co, In.-, ei al,
sept , loll Iranel1dl Mil :ii
BAVILANU AV. ii a, III . of Huge ....
tfluvios Jam! C Porbst ant Mink Con
atruiillun C i gi, Oct 11, llila. . . ,iu.;i
With name and address of lendr and
stterney. if attorney'! name I omitted
addret prty of flrtt part.)
fJtouth it Fourteenth at)
BOWF.riY. 161, e t, II 10 n Broom at, S3.S
I. 114.10X11.4X111.1 W rn O Wlllmsnn to
Wllllatna llulldlng Corp, Sftt Bway,
part, mtg Ko.ooo. all IP na Use 20, attyt.
Knikoner ft 1', III Hwny 1106
BTANToN ST, 43-41,. t e cor Kortyth it,
Itt.lttla Irreg a 75 Berio Itaaltr Corp
to Oala. Kaa'.enbaum and ano. 143 B
105th at Deo 11; atty, David Drechaler.
140 Naaatu tt II
hast Side.
(Eaat nf Fifth av, between Fourteenth
and 110th at. )
MADIFON AV. 4111. W a. II n 4th at. 24. 6x
6 -Ken.lngton Holding Corp to Ken
loth 1... WStbury, I. 1, all lien.,
mtg I6,066, Dec 17; attya, Bower. A
. 44 Cedar tt Ilfl
IITH ST, 103 Bj ii a. 10 Park av. 2
100.1 Bettr Uf liawkt to Alliance Realty
Co, 115 bway mtg 124,000, leo 14;
attya, tial.bage A s, 111 Dwty 1166
Beat Side.
(Watt of Fifth av. between Fourtetnth
and i loth ats.)
70T1I ST. 11. XV. a a, 433 w Columbut v,
IfglOI.I- Hertha do Kraft to chat A
Cooper. Rldgefl. Id Park. N .1. Cetl 16:
atty. 11 llreenb.r It;. Bway 1106
ITII HT, 264 tV. t a. I2 Wttt End av,
llilOO.I -Sarah Alford to W . ter J
Duller. New Vork city, mtg l' i ". Sept
II. mil; atty. K .1 orlffln, Ht vaatau
it II
t pton-n.
(Manhattan lalau.l. north ef ll(Mh t.l
11ITII ST. t a. loo w 7lh av, 0g06 11
Wllllami Building corp to WW ii win
mann, 1:7 park pi. Hltiyn. mtg 170. 000.
Da, .0, atty. T .i Co. 174 Bwav II
II' 111 ST. 5., K . a, ,0 e lla.llaon av 25z
100 It -Ja.-oi. Cottek b M V 111 Bray, at
eommlttee, t'tioa. N V. to Tlinothy F
Fay. 201 Bay 21th at. lleliaonhuret.
Bk'yn. a t. b and . a, I Hani Dec II:
atty. T a Co, 170 Bway 1206
SAME PBOPKHTV --Timothy F Fay to
Allet L Bull. r. 2121 l.'oatranJ av, tlklyn,
a I. h Slid e, c a g, all llena, Dec 16;
attv- tame Ill
SAME PROPBRTT- t.e- Mergenttna. ear
Marl, cottek. to lam, mtg 111.000.
Ann: 30 lift; atty tnie lilt
LAWRENCE HT. a a. 1117 wr from a a
114th at. and 303 w Coluiuhua av. IT lx
T6.1U Irreg-. David D A outealt, Ta
eon.a. W'a.h, to mtnr Abarle 511 H 71th
at. all llena, Nov 10; atty, T l o, 174
Bwav Ill
LAWRBNCR HT a a. 141.7 w fcmi t 1
tilth at, lt.lx7t.lX Irrtg- l.aaar Abarl
to Cuthman't lollintte, .'' Manbt'tan
at. mtg 12. 000. DtC 2", atty, T ii Co.
174 Bway, . . . I100
MANHATTAN ST. n e a. 45! 4 a e Am
aterdam av. lltllll Irreg Bron.on P
Tleyeolda 10 Laatt K t'ngrlrh, 475 W
14th at. ft llanrletia I. t'ngrlch, 471
W 144th it. q c. -or-e llon A confirm
lion deed, Dec 7, atty. T l Co, 171
Bway II
IS til ST. 5 4 W. a a. 110 4 !no av,
eld Una llil9.ll Veronica Healiy
Corpn te Star Ca, 140 Naa.au It, If
10; atty. Wm A D Ford, 140 Natttu
atreat 61
1I7TH ST, 314 W a a. 110 w Ith av. Ill
II 11 Clara R Kir.trg to lyhuik Co,
III Bway. mtg I'.oor.o. Dae 14; attv..
Chat P A Win W Bu kley. 141 Bread
Way 1104
Bit ADW A V. n w .-or 15llh at. run. w
100 x n - to a w a For; Wa.hlngton
av. x a c to w a Bwav a . - to
beg -The Rector, A.'. Trinity Church to
Adolph LswlMhn, 9 W r.Tth at. all liana,
tie- 15; atty. T ii Co. 174 Bway .. .1100
1 Borough of Th Brent I
SIMPSON HT. e a. 11. 10 n Wetchatr
av, 40x100 Edw W Martin Co to Larria
T Scarntt. 1:1 llirrl.on at. Eaat Orange.
N t. n"g 141,606, De- 17; atty, l.errla
T s arret. HI II irrl.on at. Ha.t Orang.
LOT 9. parcel 1. map Win B OgdtD
Mauri -a stierer to clear Rlty Co, In-,
200 f'h av, mtg 11,660. Nov 2t; attya.
Otttrbourg, s ft II. ill Sth ev 1161
PROSPECT AV . , 166 n Tremor, t av.
75x!0i. .;eo Hahn to Scorpert Corrn.
ii. William it mtg t2.ooo. . part.
Dec ir,. atty, copaerl c.irpn. is Wtftlarn
afreet It
SAMi; PROPERTY CltmtM II smith to
Mime. JU't I:. .000. 1-3 part. Dec J 5 ; a'ty.
am 116
SAM K Pit. il'KUTV- S.nu.ie B-.umann to
..' mtg 112.000. l 3 part. D4 ill
atty, aame II
Lots 9 to n map Thompann.Rota y -
M.lurl e Stierer Clear It'ty Co. ll .
2io "fii tv, mtg 13 N,.v 2:, attya
Otterbouri, s a H. Ill 5th av llll
POU PI. w 7" n C1t lane. 52. Irreg -Mar'
n M Ml' hall to Aaauaolata Oauaia
et al, 231! Belmont v. Ml I OOO Da.
14; attv. T ti ft T Co. 1 T Bwt) 1100
Mil l. I'OND. e . plot h.gl . n w . or lot
1A. map K'ltvi Vt etiitne. 140x4S a
x!50 l Rof Sn-tfer t Wheeler Corptt.
1121 BwS) Ma. ."I a''.' Wbaeler Cerpn.
lilt Bway.. . Itoo
I'NION AV, . II4.J . 1 2.1 h at. 4i 7X
t.:i ' ilea B Hav... raf t W'm I.
t'nndtt, Hobefcon, n .1, Nov ii. attya
Kklna, .; p. in Bway,, .. s."..ooo
ANTHONY AV, w e, I74lh it 61 tx
David Batim tn Itnrrii Lowanthal, 41
Pes -. mtg Ml HI Dec i, !. J a
lie -in inn, lit Rlvlngton at II
II5TH ST. n e ...r Rrown p. 166x11.6
Jot I' Ittnnetay, ref. la security Mtg C.
Ill Bwa) Dec II; 't.. Pltehr lleC
t H. i:l llaay 'e 151
BROOK A . v, ... Illib . 7'.30 .
Mauri e stierer et a. '-. Clear ll-.. tv Cv
In . jo 5th a. mtg 160,060, N..v '.':.
attya Otttrtsj irg - M Mh
av 61
AQl'EDVCT AV. e a Mm North M 2-4x
II i Mart i, Ruttu and ti" to chai E
Nsl. 230i Brand av. Dec '.. atty. T O
A T iVx, 171 Rw) llll
MORRIS A V. w -. 19 r- 144'h t. 11x101
Marg.-ei Prom an 1 an., to Nathan
Pramm, II Idneol av. Buihrfrd, N .1.
and lino, mtg 11.016, Nov 1:1. atty, H I"
HchreltHjr. 66 Ft. sV H
Loi' III map Porstsr-gcnnUdl propsrtj
ii. irv F-.ra'.er Henri Portr, o
III W oh -t Sep' II; SUP, I. T A T
Co. 10 Bwav S .11
LOT I, I. k 47, mat. Moirle Park ..ph!e
Uarchn tv m ., v iirtls. 16 Protptel
uv. ocl 10; a". 14 r Boasnn, Dept
st eet i ipnlngi II
lyiTS I3.t '.3o. and 13V uw.p 7avh 1
Hon It D h 11 tv Co . Anil- V .Martha.
124 I. 1,0th a' Nov 111 attv, T U A T
c... it.: Bwa) 1161
Wr.BSTL'lt AV. w -. lit. I n 194'n tt, 2.', Ix
: ..' WeL.ier ... w a. I.'.:. 9 i. !4th
n. 75 4v.. .!. Turlnaky t M'.'rl-.
.ll, !. Wlllllnek av. mtg I'.'. 000. Nov
v ...v rilA I ' 11 Itc H.a. . .1100
SAMt-7 PROl'EllTI M Tla I.e.-. to Henry
p gall .re;oii av. o.tg 13 666.
lie. SO: atty, T 1 0 T Co, 17 Bwai lit'
OIPPORD tV, n .. 166,6 Hal ii av,
25.10,1 Kmma N Ptalsk to Uislt i:k
u,., ii. 14.. Cnrr-v at. Dae 20, ally, T ii
S T ''., lit Bw ay HO.)
TIONirv AV, III a, -joa n 1114 at.
L'ltXlOt Wm J Pennll '- Harrv R Mo. i,
7 Isacuot ax. New Itoohf1 N V, mtg
17.; i, Dec 1, al-y. II. RobllMk, 24'lx
ltd av 1100
LOT amended njap A le.. Pal k Ada
ex ate lo A CIIBnrd Ate.. 34.1 White
pit ... ... 'u v S. 1900. atty, A c.tfford
Adaa, 3i:.:l White Plain, av t
I,, its is, ll and II, map Vlllagl
jarume, 7 xl... Do BI -. Ixank lo Av,
s I .loi ft F SI Cnrpn, S. Bw bat
.7, attyt, Mackeller a- . 43 cedar
at. .... 1101
ID av. ii . 2.i" i e (Phltt Ptala rd, at i
ton iwakeneldi Adolpti fl crane ta
Uertruda c ''rxnr. 711 11 llOltl gt, Dec
l ..it., II .! Dow ling 110.,
(With nme and tddrrtg of lender ind
lender'?' attorney, i
lima ntow n.
i south of Fourteenth i i
ORAND OT, 146, " 16161, pr mtg
1 23 2." o I'ln.-u. Margull and :ino to
ic.vy )plnBr, III llvwgs st. Bklyn, Dec
IX, 2 i'.. - P e; any, It Dorfman, 120
Delate ey at 12,000
ORitlHAHD "-'I' " cor De'.an.ey '. i, 1 u
1 7 I --l-'ttei-man Realty Co t., taldor
Hahn, i-'- Mdln r, Dec g, ,iua
per bond: ii't. Cohen Br..t, a wan
tt 65, Ool
Meal Mile.
(We.t of Fifth av, bat ween Fourteenth and.
tlOlli ala.)
IITH HT, n a. 2 11 e 4th i.v. 21x92 -Helen
v v Maetland. trua. to Parmer Loan a
Y C... 22 William et. Dtfl II, 3 yr.. p c
a par, bond: stty. seller. R A 11 21
Bssnang pi Ii.ooo
STH AV. e a, 71l n Itth t, 11,1x119 Halt
V V Maltiand, IrUt, to FaxmerH I,,, an ft
T Co, 22 Wllilani at. Dec 11. 3 vr.. p e
a per bond; ally.. Heller, H A 11. 22
Bishnngt pi 19. ooo
IITH ST. n a. 712. In w .111 av, rl.lglt.t
Annie V HS to Wa:trr 1, t.oeh, 7X3 lit)
V, pa 11. pr mtg 114,010, .1 yr,, g p ,.
Mtv., Bnglnard P, tn Hw-a . , 12,000
WIWT ST. n a. 100 w W. ..; Mud av. 3.1a
100 11 Andrew Proe iu Matilda
grhmaudt, Jersey i "liv. N .1. Dec 20, pr
mtg ISS.noo. t yr.. : i . atty, Th.aj w
Baker. 110 Wall al 15.000
(Manhattan Island, north of iiotb ti.)
HITH ST. a t. I0ll w 7lll av, 50x100 ;l -
wi nam a IVIIImann t.. Wllllami ii.iii.i
ing Corpn, lion Hwuy, Dec 23 Install, 4
y 01 attyt, Krakowsr p, soa Broad,
wav 120.0.10
PLOT Oegli"- at pt 300 a- Mornlugwl.lo uv
gill. I n Manhattan runa n 4l.i0x w
90 9 a IV III a e III tjaigr AI.erl.. lo
ii... w Rnntrt and an... exr., 300
Itlth ! ""' 16. .1"" aa per bond: attv
T c. i 'o TI Ha a v 13.1100
LAWRBNCR ST. a a. 0 v. CVxiutlibua y
run. I ty 1? Ix 14 f. m l.Ox i, llll, , ,
;n I. .'ii- Aherl to Davt.t li a Outnall
Taenia. Walk, ", yra. '. p c, Dr.- fl;
atipi, rannon & '. Ill Ba)' 11,100
. UuruUgll "f The llmii v i
DUKSTIIN '7 n 10-1 t. Ig
iudui Rlt) i'ii I N T Ttilu lot (Jo,
Barean of Mines Finds Waste
Going On With Foreign
Supply Cnt Off.
WAgHiNOTOH, Dae. 11 What th
I'nltad Ruts Bureau of Minos Is doing
to aid th dv1usitsnt of mineral In
dutHs In this ooajrttry by suggesting
new and batter msthod of manufaotur
and try stopfilng th traat of valuabl
mlnsral resource It detailed In th an
nual report ef Director Manning
When the exportation of coal tar
products by Cast-many ceased, and nrnnu
fasturara who us dye and those who
make extletva could net obtain the
nsery Ingredient, the bureau called
attention to tha fact that thr was In
this country a groat aburslano of raw
material and that 171,000,000 of thee
product ware being wastad ach year
through uaa of the be hie ook oven In
stead of tha by-product oven. It urged
a cautious upbuilding of th Industry
This resulted In th construction of ad
ditional by-product owns that have
added to th yrly output several mil
lion gallon of benaol, needed tn ohemi
aal manufactures.
The bureau gave to the country a
rroress dtrvttsd by on of It chamlsts,
Ir. W. r nittman. for the manufacture
from petroleum of henxol a.-id tuluol.
used In tha production of dye and high
eSplOgiVOe. Lr. Itittman also ' avlaed a
1'r.N-eas which h contends will nabli.
reflntr to 1nrra ths output of gaao
- lene from . rude petroleum 200 per cent
or even more, th patent right being
dedicated to th public to present mo
nopoly. Bla arla Made.
The bureau ha ascertained that loss
to the xlt and natural gas Industry tn
a year's time through careless ar.d
reck! exploitation amounts to f,0.
OOfl.000 and ha devised and claims to
have demonstrated a practical process
for drilling wells by wh.ch th waste
of gag and the Invasion of water may
bo slopped, thus saving In a single State
natural gas worth mor than 111,.
Looking Into the future the bureau
Is Investigating vast deposits of the so
clled oil shales of ftah and Colorado,
hellsvlng that a upply of oil will com
from thm at no distant period. These
shales. It It said, rival as sources of
petroleum ths oil t.hntes of Scotland and
New Hnuih Wales, whloh hav been
proAtably exploited In spite of continued
competition from other sources
The study of the combustion of coal
hy expert of th bureau has led to a
call for new furnace design, which It
la contended will prove more economi
cal. WoeM ! keener OaMtli
Th experts of th bureau ha-e been
: endeavoring to develop Ihe use of a gat
' producer which hum a much lower
i grade of ceal than the steam boiler and
produces power at less expense. They
d inlore a tendency toward tho almost
. exclusive us of high grade coals and
! point to th waste and neglect of low
j grade fuels. In sharp contraat to th
situation In Kurope. Those experts ex
pect to see lh railroad of the routi
I try operated by electricity, obtaining
their power from gigantic gas producer
power plants located at the mines
The bitraSU has learned tha while
the l ulled Mate la either wt1ng or
, neglsotlnf white china .lays In tlie
' South, we are Importing each year more
! than 111 not), 000 worth of China and
I porcelain and a uuarter of a million
tons of china clay, afterward manufac
tured Into various forms of wh'te ware
Tlie bureau already haa notified the In.
duatry that th clay deposits of th
South are st good g can he obtained
anywhere, tome of the clays being re
markably ahlle and of fine quality.
PoRth tsirrlrin and tfrlcan I big
nrnt tlan tilranrr.
WAglllMOTOM, ee 0, Bgportl 10
llumpe for the ten months if 115
ended (Vtober HI were 11,071,446.161
grsgtsr than in the .attie period of 1 fi I 4
Tlie total llgurea were t,0TT,TIO,OTO, aa
agalnil 11,004, II.I.IOT.
Bgportl to Rttropg were 1130.414.644
in Octobsr, 1914, and llll. 141.103 In
I October, llll, a gain of 1101.431. 414.
I lairge Incregstl alsvv were shown In
the exports to South America and Asia,
! while there were moderate, increase,. In
I the assorts M North American countrle-.
Octana and Africa Exports to South
meri.a Jumped from I .".if. in th
I first ten months t imi to l 11,161,111
in tlie corresponding ten month in 19L,'.
October lhoWd even u KTatr propor
tional gain, the exports for th month in
11114 l!ng 16,743,1011, and In Ocaober of
this e.4r 113,130.614
lgo Bway, Dec u I vr, 4 p e; attr,
N V Title Is Co, 13.'. na . . .. 11.064
1,01s la and ll, isii 3, 11, g vx -. 11 OgNln
llenl Alexander la H llth 111 K et
mors, Nswport, 11 1. lit.- 10. i . r. I p .
aity, l.T a T i". 10 Bay ll.iuo
1 S-.T II fT. 493 11. n a c llrnvvii P;. tnflxSS 4
igscurtly Mi . .1 I Lgwyirg Mtg
,,: 1.11. ert el, DC 1,. .ilia Ha per pnd
atty. T 61 T 114 llway,... I:i..i
PBBBY AV. - v S66th at, ri 1013: 10--l.'i.y
Tu. ker tr styres Straus. Tl W
liath i.t. srlar rata Is.iwn. Dec it, i r.
a p ti any, i v gahavrlss, 44 'o'jr at.
Ilk in 11.4011
ITI.'IMN AV n . Ilfth at, :!,x2.1
t.l.r grhn f. Merchant. RStIStln
. ... Inc. 114 Nai at, prior itltg 110.
III, pa II. 1 yr. 4 p , . altya. NtwmsS
,v ii ii Sssssvi .i i :
city Island av, e , ut.ii a ivmn. at.
IH'HISJ t.i I. I Hnuild x 317 5x111 Ix.'lll x
III u 4tgllt.lllll.t- Henry H Nvlni
I.. Title (iuar T Co, 1 74 Hwuy. Hac 17.
ilue aa er SSSdl any. TOOT '. 11
Baar ih i
MDHBOAN AV. n a- c IIIU) at. 1111x7(1 l
- AI.e HI jastl A K.. Ht I'nrpn to I're
111 1 u til II . dm l!tpl)i 144 I'lmr. ll It,
prior mtg X600, lire If, aue t per
band: uit. ll.itn..nJ A A. 41 Park
no I it. ii I
liOTtl II Li II. map "t N'tw .Terntila. 7 - a 1 2 A
-Alia sit John S Knx Ht 1'orpn lo Uol'.r
.'-'uv Hank. I'M'' 3.1 av. Otto I, srs, I Va
p c, ally., Mu. kaller 1- Q, 43 Ca,lar
at 110 HID
W 4 I. K Kit AV. e e id m Adee. 41 1 to
Ht H.v.i, . r, . I av, i 110 11 In Main .1
rtll.ltll.lttlt.l, : iMxrt wm M
Pttftehman to Batrlt II Morrlon, III
riitntiu av, Hk;n, Da li, 5 ytu, 4 p 1 .
attv. BcttrsOS M Mnrrlaon. Putnam
SV, llalu 1 1,
(Willi nam gad SddrSgl of lenjer'a at
larnty. i
ITII AV. 1054. 11 a. 40 it c X61I1 at, 11 io
10:.:. May It, llll MIenati M.i
vlna Hluchalhars tn Harana Wronknw
ally, T il CSi IT Bway Olh.OOn
HOADWAT, a a cor Sd at. lOlxiOlix
101 a 1 1 7 t Jun 14. 1101 Rachel a Jaeon
A (tl rod t" Hie Kiiltatila Life Auuranot
Society of tlia U M. attya. A ... title i a
ti, L'O Bway. lill.lll
BLKK'TKKR ST. .. T.', MaetlSUgal at
:'ixt4. .Inn 4. I '.i 14 illov a nnl Qq
v.mnlnn Marcir.ine lo Pruiicla.o Mar, -a
runt, ail), .laa H.iy.l. Ill Hu.v . . ..
BLBBCBTRK st. t a. BI Hardflugal t
':l.x44, .lima 4. 1411 Sania t.. lam" itty,
.a nta , , n,oo(i
NilBTHRHN AV. .. Ill.l n im.t ,i
l.ltl.4.1Il06xl)ll,:', wlili all r. t a i
,,f puny ut part t.. .'rip ,.r gore on ,. .
or re.tr of gfmiS, May ll, 1'.14 11,,.;
Men'. 1-laUie . ... .1,; W :07th .1. lo M.i
arl Mile., tttyti llsrrsti Hucautt
; nr. n i 1 1. wliii Plaint, N v lio.iin
.ITII HT ii v .'lltl e lillh gv, I Alt 100
.1 .. I. I, 1 ' II II ll lii.rt -' Iii yru , .,
II Haiti -V Nv in K iron, -.ell, sra
attyt, llallivan Crgsiwsli, 4fi Wall
trail lle.OI'i
On Deep Water with
Railroad Facilities
PlSlasly located midway bet was a
Nwrk aad Jersey City. N J .1
Baatlag en law Passaic and llack
nrk Rhrtn: la tha heart of lh
WmU'i Sraititt Labor MarKtt
ad their branch. aa tiding front
Wfeara can be obttlned
Pennsylvania R. R.
Central R. R. of N. J.
D L. A W. R. R.
Erie Railroad
Newark Bar aad P
ale Rlaar
x nsnnett tip ro
feet low lids.
Channela up lo th property 20
Property suitable for an
kind of manufacturing or
commercial sntsrprlss re
quiring lids watsr and rsll
rwad facilltlaa.
74 Core
it Wasnm s..
N. Y. t.'lty.
ladaatrtal Depirt merit.
TBAI'Tlvr RAntlAtNft nfferart Sl
W YORR. lo I, ullder.. Investors and Drua-
pertiTe bomesarkert. A large number of vx-
rest lot at Orant wood. Mi.-aetnera. I...00U
Rldgeflald and Teeners,. New Jeraev at one
self ef former narneet pticea Alait a larsa
nurstxw of two-family bouse, tt Kdgawater
Hudson Height. Clllfnlde and I'sllaadsa Park
Nee Jecae. at about one-httf "f former pricaa
All of tha ahovs prop rl lew tie within t five
eetit fare tone and within thirty minutes of
Manhattan. These proaertlet muat la aold
ciulefelg to close the huainewa of two eiwptsa
tloea sow beta lluuldtted hy tba llanktn.
Htertment. Special Inducement! to con
trartort and hullsert who will purchase a con
aldarabl number of lots, a or further par
iHMOJS addreaa RKNJ ll. HAKillT. ftpeclal
PB1ltr Oupt. of Hank, rare of Mankind
liepartmani ll Rrtatdway. New York " It.
21 Liberty St. 489 Fifth Av.
Tut Its.
Special Sailing Dec. 24th
t nttfr te A M-vi'-.in F!ig.
Six Days $36.50 up
41.1. BXPBNBRg l I t BBB
WASHINGTON $13.50 up
FLORIDA 44.10 up
SAVANNAH 40.00 up
Including Ticket. Hotels, etc.
Teura and Tit kali to all Hetarl.
villli nr Mllhnut llolrl.
Official Railroad Ticket Agent
Jt II a I
ji nftS .
mi KlMi .
MMI li- ... i ,
Hall I'a.k
-'Mil SI
4.M M
toi hs in tn Pratal
seal Besnsts Meag fat
In . I Ll.,
1'n.nk TiMili.l I n , IHi, BrSSdWSI . Nr. nrk.
all iin,-. Ids Vsrailiini I.,
t prei alllns rat.- Seii, I l..r
11. 6silsri i-'if. Dw) s
i.i. it son ti.
ri'M thai hv Virtue ft 'hi ' iii
he.. I b) tlie nit.iH.r.' ihf follawlnej dverrlbetl
pareotiai proper ty, nampli r j .taifr. ..f
ttl- Kail'imil Uttiap -'f f u. i iii ,f ci
nit", be ngin$, f" Muiiry v$i w .
72f-l K're-i. Npw Xotk I.Mty, .. lohlt Kit a
WI Ham Hei k.-. h , . a M .. M".7;
Tr net e en ,.f li. . Hlegi ,.f t
wiutatti . t r o ( . Ken Vorp Oij hihj n hi
my pupae! n, I will epll eurli iiareone
pmpt r'.y h Dublin hu :iii t. . blphepl
blddar tn an'.gfy Bin ti Han n tl . Hkchanafl
alearottm. pumbere 't i.
it .r. k ot Uanhatian, i !' t.f Vurk'
by A.lrlrfii II M.i -r & . ,i.
iivt j jii ctr j , iriBi ii
die aftarnooti
Dated Nea .irk l (eenn
u 11.
I til 11 II.
OlMMOUATag' mi I libs
SKI' Kit. t'HAHI.KS In . . a uf sn
order of Hon Join, I' I'onalan, .. s irro
gat. 1 th" ...no .. ..r Vaw I'ork NtjTH'M
it her.li) gun. :. .... peraona harm
slalrni sgalnai Chariot Me.,., tat ,.f tha
couiny ul New V .ik. doatd, t.. Dratant
ih- sami ami vouchsrs thre,.r .., -h.. iun.
t.nt.T. at hie piit ,,i irsnso tins buii.
iiea. al ihe uffl.-t il hli lltornaya , t-
S Ittlnktmp, No li.i ,.., mi Bur'
ougu ol Manhiti ly : s'ts ,
orVfore in. ISth dsi ..r x I,,,,,,'
New York th- .ih dt. ..f November .
II K.N l MKVKK, Aelinlnltirttui st'l.Tuii
STKINKAMP, Atl rntyi toi Adiuiniair..
fay. No 146 Nastaii s -. it, u.
Manhattan, Sew fork t Itj
ORDERS $1,000,000 JA1T.
jersey n limit aid "ne r.,
Knisll and Lets hih nnlrsrl,
Thi- ..i.l la!! in Jersey Pity, tiutli sx-.
aral yeatr ago, entire!)
am. ill
lor Its prnsenl i eedt, I i . t
Hudson ixuunt) Board ot PYre holders,
WtllOh met last night gild Uec dud t-
ipiu.l ul. .in 11,006. ' imi ii i .-w tail
which win l..- lomted slongslda til pr..b
fiit Hue .oi N.-w.i.'k n, .tin... Jersex i:tv.
Tha bltjg far thi Iwlldlng of Hi new
jail won- opstaSd List night, iiti.l th
axvwtwt biddsrs -,--.. n ,,i,i - u
t'.im. Company of Manhattan, wo,,.,. Hg.
ur Is ,000, Thirs will h t fsw
"Kirns'' which will nvaka ths posl ,,f
the new liulldlng somrtlUng .nor .i mill.
Umi doltgyg.
Th.- nine msmbsri "t Hi.' l.onr.1 wen
prseii.l .i' lust lllght't in... -Unit on, I th,.
pots t.i award tin- onntruc't lo Die Can
SOItRNUI ii '' 6 Li -I-
lrrk Who Miihlit il lllmarir Ihrcn
Knl r- DOW Drain.
TlmmiiM I., lji.inar. 4", nf Mnilleon
Htret't, Mrooklyiii wm foun1 dad IhrI
nisht i" 'V 'niuii ruoni f ih AiLumh i a
iirvtiii CompaMi) 'u "in. :i i t ' Trinity
ila o. Whr M W in- i t ! rK IL- had
i.ifi u. dtfath from M.tirv wtHb wuuriiiM
Willi' tifd hy hlM own pfiiiknlff
p'ur two hourw itftifi Luniur'ti body .i-
dfnuovroxj mttny tlven wirk i on
n imifiiiT ihory untler th.' jiitH'tlon "f
pdjputy Oomnilgtfloittr fiunhun) an.i in
HpoKtor Uruy. 'n' kn f wan founl.
hOWVr, in a lr;iHi wtlfr l-nnsir hftt)
droituwJ it. Othsr (If rki wwIM itml
in- Hufit i i ii from ut rvims bioukdown
11 tvw nioiilltfl taTO nnd hiitl Uci m i1omu)iu
Khl latlltUr hlld WfHI Wilt, ihU lOlltHIi)
K .1 . t'.i .'M Hk, it uius 111 I ' ' ' I ,
it u -old non.
fcaYarwl g aPPgSJPBw3i
Doa are asX lariw I I B-ay
aUaW Akvax.xaa.kaa.raAeaasx.'i
The Ideal
Jhristmas Week Vacation,
Round Trig on Steamer, lac.
Stateroom, Rerlh aad MU.
vrn ana t p.
Aumts S. S. "trani
pi. tn
I eav midnight Pri . Dec. 34th. Re
turn'a Nun Jan Id Salllns frSSS N . Y .
thereafter on titer. Tuea .TTnira a Sat.
n 411 IN ti xj.43.
I e.vliig N. V. Wed . Dec. aid. Re
turning in Dec. nisi. Sailing from
NY. tliereaft.T each Wed . he Jaa .4.
Weat Indies
S.g. "(If IAN A."
Ian 4th tod Feb Sth. Kor Uluairsie.l
i,,M,kleta on RBRMl'DA or WP.ST
INIIIKS apply to Uuab. S. g. ('.,
: nrnadwar. N. T.i Tbos. Cook A
son. I4K A goal R'war. tst and Ml
ih Av,: Itavniond A whltconih 23
th Av - O. K. Menders I34S H war
I'rask TourUt t o.. :tns D'eag; llUlas
nlr. Klnporu A Beard. 30S-I1 Mb Ax.;
McCann'a Tour.. 1.12ft Broadwag,
Under the American Mag
Y.-Liwpool, Pr tt. N. R.. Non
SI Paul
Iter. M Nw Trk nc
White Star Line
N.Y. Liverpool, Pier 80, N.a.,Nn
I inland lie. m Rail le Jan. I
Azores Gibraltar- Naples Csnog
4 telle iree. Ti. lo a. it. aaneete . . n.s
Oi l I4 K. H H'W AT. N. T Tl.
. noon
I Beeler,
Katalttlahed IttO.
California Sat.. Dec. 25. 10 A.M.
I'UOM A.x I A . SAT . JAN. M, 10 A.M.
-I ll U lie to (flaagow.
ROt'MI llll WORI.II Hit RN
Through hooking, to til principal ports of th
4 OMP4N T'SOPFUfc. tM Sttl SI..M.T.
Cuoussgul Ueueral TranaaUaDUsxl
Sailings for BORDEAUX
ROCHAMBtAU . . . .Jan. 1, 3 P. M.
LA TOURAINE Jan. 8, 3 P. M.
ESPACNE Jan. 22, 3 P. M.
aTKAMeiiii' Tiraarrs te aai
omciai sstnt ail lint.
Barmaad a niiruaak I'.. Its MS A.. N. t.
Poulh an. I Weal ICvtry waak .lag. I P. H.,
Pltr lb. North Hlvsr. Ttl. 3 graaklla.
A'arJ- i'ortu Hlcu l.lnea 'J90 ll'way, N T,
Ill II aDrtrll in an l-leal clltnatt
IH I N H i t. IM-llir ( It , Ml nth ... N, V.
I ne p.i.Mir -,e rSttSXt 1.
BOSTON $2.65
Via ' 1 a an I lull. IIOVMI 1 Kir 6VS.I1
Colonial Line
Plrat-rliia atrvicr. ratotrtna; to the beat people.
i-'k rjaj an 1 Sundajre at ft P. M. trom
It .Iff. ft. H . foot Waal HfytjatOS St. 411
i.utelilf Knorn. fl.im ta 1.O0. VTIreUee
f ijtilptnrnr. I ptiiwn Hitloa. iirjaiay i j!
I'honi 8pri!i. V4tl. '
Le. I'lt-K 14. N. K .. I o.Hia j., Jell a
ISM I'. M. Mualc.
Nstt 1 ondon 1 Narxneai I Jut. via Mae
I.mulotl. l.T. i'ier 40, V. li.. tl. Ilotutos
hi., seal fiava i.nly, Itlg 1. M . i'ter j
. K 11. K, HOd at.. 0 JO P, ,1
VI ur e.ler. 0I.0O1 Pro. luenre til reel, li.le.
in iii.r i iir.ninj.ii., SI.SS
Itally, In. lulling Kuo.lal . AlM P. M.
Pron. I le- 1 1 H It 1'h r ;7 '0 nttbmaa
111 li.ari ..mra .-jj urOM.iway, ft. Y
Pntswit Tlefcal ' Imt T4 a , , an. I ;ld St
Ik Blteel. viaim arl.tMsiill' CRtl i
I lleduietll are. xlll'olnta. I'liontsusllUarl.
I 4-ASl I.K.N S ll'.A lstlr l.lNHa. 1
Irmi mill .i Order..
WASHINtlToN. Dec .(i The.e rin or
dert were Issusil leUagl
M.i . .. I: li It! tn n I. Rn
njlnei r .-orp,
K ... ,'t
fr "ii Loa AnseV.. .'a'
l-r i 1.1- .: M .' U i.e. Twtnt v-tanrth
lef.iniri to We.t i.nii. N v. relieving
pint i.. it t ii Osborat I'lfiii pield Ar
llUsry, shd will rejoin hit regliuem.
Tl - rwvy DdfW wtfi Iffsttdi
i " w Mruwn Crutn tha Mltlmortt
i ih i ut ut -iti
l. it u' t .) M.r-ii li6-:i, f rum tTitnnian I
..f th .tti..ttm to tttttlnu trMitmeiti
Nnffulk huapltal
' . ii' 1. 1 1 M'-vii irrtfi to I ha Prt'in'-
. . .
UlaUt K II lUtlW fr.un tho- PlOflhUi
to i1i Wm '.r(i iiia)
Lluut. : W Hewlttt, from tb Dlit
tu thi iu tlntir
Ki ik'i H k Hurk from ri tlvltifl ah!p
r H , n Kri net on i t ho iriuinh
Kn x f V lt'". frutii tbi Wm Vlr
'iiiti t I ha ITttiin 'h'-ii
A iii mi Huri-' i ii tyriiami. m
f! t i tit : ' 1' '.-Ji!l4., N k.
ti.ti i"'Ut.ir U'ttif " t larvalti .
ftf.f i unatrui'iori In 'i t h
ii Kiifnar W li v n, from naval
.- ,t ; .tin DluliaTapo, ' hiiiim . r urdara
Movrmanti t nmihi . -i.
WAil!1N'tTS', I"1-'- 50 lir tmttttahlp
Arkanaua haa arrlvtd v rk vara,
t-r u i p r .luti.'." ut (tuyiiia t itaar i !ht
tor ai Si i, ii i-rutar Cincinnati ai m.o ng
h ti. rolllt-r Marg ai " Kranrlacn. ruiHr
,.t Tlhurun. rolllar Orion ni (VlatolMl,
guniHitii Han Uuaymati twttlaliip
iiouih aruttna Phllad" phu, battlah1i
rtah ' Toniplivl and r-i-.ir k i j
Vu'. tu .1- UMHntanama
I t.. Lull 1 ihln ArvthUM bM ! from
Nnrfolh f"' I'ori Ar:hnr. iv . oolHtr
pyciopi front H fo.u fr iliiautanamo,
anpuh ulilp tllitclar from Ban i i for
TopnlotoM Hli i.tt-r Sunnh in front Ban
I i !( fnr Mf h -'i watara, crulaar sw
Orlaani from Man i ti fof ataaatlani i-'itr
Hut urn fn-tii Wan inio fir rravnclaog
nii'1 gun boa i Vork tow n from Han 1 i,g'j
fur Mar 1" an. I
IllPOIIllna .ojan'B- II Wlrflfaa,
la ii ii an " W W mllra touth of
1 s i mb Hook it noon
xx,. r,i-i ;s S'i u Orlfana milvti nnrtl) ot
Jiipnrr .u v 1' M
. Tt'lLUi i i,w llg Htnao, Port Arllmr fur
Hay Oil i -niMOg rat bjP Bnitluaai of
Bull M har 'it tiirii
pel Chi Oalveaton. io mi)i loulb ,,f
i1mittir ai noon
st ii iiana. H T'lnm.ia ,ioi mllti MUtb "(
a.mh Hook :u : H M
s. i i i.-i- a liii.tvr.i Ml milra mutb ii
nut) Ifnok rii t' M
s- iii i ".in'. i ittimitunj 340 ntlaa
m mh f Hand 11ku gi : r v
vx. Ptirrii'l iiiitti Miilln, '.'mi tuilr m.uth 'f
i ij Honli a : l' M
st t' In. UalvritOlli in.!r cuat o
Qalveaiuu bar T I M
h " Hi '-if ' Brunawlok. M mi)ra gouib
I auiHiv HMik m " i1 M
. i "inn. itt-t pblladalphia naaoad IUsHly
l.i.n -i .ii i M
aa Ki Km Ualvaiion ito(n otlvnaton
bui ai a 1' M
. Jai'ktnnvllt 'vfl ml lea Moth ol
s nut) Honk a 1 I' M
s ii- Ualvrntoii, '..i inilai luuth f
ni lv llooU .il nnoii
- I'miia.i in JiM'k-onrilli II null noith
ol a Jobo'l bar on 1 F A
Wnshinsrlon Predictions for
To-tiny and To-morrow.
Kor fkMtrn Xpw Vnrk, ttt.tplt1iHl on 4ht
comnt. prohaibl fslr la In.frtiic tn-Am ; fair
tn-miPTTfiw : frtsgih norltivi i-bI Hinde)
i Kr ,tv Jerfipy mi l pHBtrrn PtMiniv :
viif it. unMttloj'l tn-dav , , filr to-mort .
.frpah northerly wlndi.
Kor New ttnflowid, rlttudj (n div, pmb
h!y fulr to-mftrriw ; frectt nnrothw-Mt tfllldl
Fur wefrn N'nv York, fulr fn-day nn-l
pro,r;ib: v to-morrow ; Hrmer to - morrow .
rm-iji-rM te vurtuhte wlndn, mot:y wentoirlv
N'tTW VfltK. L-pf. ll. Th northwestern
t'orin rent ml In Hid ttutf of s
I.KT.TPn. -MtrUy, Idftvlnf the prpneur.
hlirli over a : portn of th onntry, tirepr
lh "itrptne north W4a,rn tmrdr
The centre nf hlch preenure over
eonthrn ralnraulo HMf rtMi, Hnj eoiA
wpHfhi'r reeiilted In thl NouthweBt.
Tt wait ftlM irenrailtv roldrr over th
etsBterii half of tin t .uiitry. ind warm"
, In tlte Mleaourl Vuilpy and ueatwerd
Zero ITtAtl.fr prevetled In ptrie or
I Arlionn ent! Nrw Vtoulm und In Town.
, WlmoiKin And Mtnneeot nd freeilnt
I fmperatturee apnln rea'-hed th ut Uuif
Hnow fell In th lake regions, wentem
Penneylvanla and nnrthern New Yarfc and
' rain on tka north Parlflr naet nd In
Ktep-vtfhere he waather wu fenaravlly fair
In Hilt city the dey waa felr ami
i colder; wind, freeh weaterly avaratTe
I humidity, 41 per rent.; baromater, cor
rected to read to nea lev:, ai I A- M .
30 IK; S P M . .0 1ft.
The tamperiture In I till Oltf yeerdtv.
hi re onlei by thp- Offlrlal tliprmumeter. la
Bhown In the amiextd table:
Ifll.V I'M l 101. 1014
1 oa. M ;u If p. Mi Wr
! 12 M j : :i4 P M ,M W
a P. M 34 :M- i JMid :w
lllajheat t'mpTiture. 31, at ItfO P. M.
I.owiM temnesfftiura. at mldoUrlit
The ufamehlp lhona, eaillnff ti-4v
for pe Pa ma, win tnke mall. AnmW$
at 12 .10 P. M for Idberl.i whan eperlally
addreaaed only
The Holland-Amerlrn ,lner Vaordam
ealln t t'l-morrow foff Rotterdam and Pe.'
"iii'r.. irltl ake mall. iMoalns a:t
A If,) for Kurops. ROxtpl liarmany. An-
t na. iiunajary. i -u u 1 -i r. Hufaria
Turke-. N'nru.", Mwtdan and Denmark,
tor A f rl'-H . Wtal Ael.i and Raet Indtee
Ihe N'orwaflati-American liner Lyn(n
fjordii aBillnoj tn-morrow for Berfen, Will
take mall. fra1nf at 1 P. M., for Korwr
Hweden and lenntark.
The Lloyd Ita'.lano liner Caierta, aalHr
ta-morrow for Neplaa, will take matl,
' r a. t:in A. M for Italy, RurainU,
Hert-tit, iKwltierland and liraaee.
Tha Whlta Htar liner rretli. eaillnf
Thuraday for Gibraltar, will take mall,
rlmlni at l P, M.. for ttie Asorat
filandx and Olbraltar.
Tj VeWi.'e liner Kurope. ealllna; Thnrp
day fer Naple, wilt take mat,, iloalnf at
ill A Nf , fur Italy. Fl'imanU. Hernia
Itierland and Uree when eperlally
addrt-aeed only.
The t.reek liner Theeealonlkl. ealllnf
Thuredav for Plrseue. tetll take mail. -toilnf
at 11:10 A. M. rir QrwC when eperlally
ad'treaaed only.
I Sun rlasa .7:1 7 Sun tett. 4 a Moon rtsss.t.31
Stnd ITU- 7 21 nor 1.1 . 7 10 Hell 0t. S:
tndi'H'k .1 us Cot 1.1 I 4.1'Rrll Cat. 6:SS
Arrlsl--MONlAY. n. embsr 56.
Ha Sl Paul. 7:17 A. M . Liverpool. DOS 11.
St Ht .Stephen. 4 A M . Avontnoutfe.
Nov. 14
J K. Hnrlnn'ien. It P. M . POSSS, ne. II.
I Ha I.epanrn. 6l r M . li'aagnw, I 'ac. 4
1 St New Zealand Trampnrl. II P. M ?us
day. Carditl lie- .
i s. Hlarua 1:06 A M . Genoa Not it
I Ha Haeburn. II A M , Mnnclie.ter. Dec ;
s. Hanoli, s a m . Kaplts, iec :i
St Snittliernrl.isui. a : I' M , st Naaalf.
Nov. !4.
St Uagt, I P. St.. Oennt. Nov M
a I-uiaa. 10-10 P M . Llthon. Nov. it.
6. AM. ate 1 VI A M llakar. Nov JO
Oa Waltham. llH A M iilaagoe. Nor 30
Hi Htlllble.l oi llaiige. r" M . I'otlity,
! Dec. i.
i Sa BSrmudlan. A M . Iterm.nl. Dec i
S. CoamS A M., San .tilan. Dee h
1 Sa Santa Then, HP M Sunday. Havana
lie.- 1.
1 ba I , o on. a v. A M.I ardena. Dec in
I OtJohau tudwli Kovlnektl, 7 p. M . St.
: Lucia Dec 11
Sa Huron. P V Jrkntllt, Pee IT.
Ot AntilHM New Orlenn.. Dec 14.
i St r,nn t. Ne Orlnt, pt u
' S. C'ty of Cnlunihit. Osvsnnah. Dec T
i Sa Wiiii.m i Itne.i Jaoktonvili, Dee ti
' S. Ploridiuli R.tlliinor,. De. 1.
' Molnr-hip (".ilitornl.. U:ll iniore. De tt.
sa Pawner Philadelphia, pec p.
St CaS1rOlllS, al Liverpool
Sa Lauyette at llnr.leatix
a rre,ierik 'in . hi Copenhagen
i Sa Ggorgle at Liverpool
ll llnatiil City, Sl Hrtatol
1 Sa 1'iiite.i Stale frnni Oresno. k
, . z i. .inn imni Hniit Marti
j s Psfllnret, lr.nn Porl Linoii
ail To .i
i 110 V H
U 00 M
5 M M
00 P M
i. i. I' M
Ihoi - i Monroi
Maraval. Oranaiia
C.iy -if Colunioiio Ha
Tnar .Ta itannvilio
Hojmr.'.u; Norfolk
bay. lot
raar 1 1 ,i Kaplri
noorilain. Rottfrtliun
lii. Nut .-a
Lj iifanfjord. tw-i aH
Taniirtoti bantoi
Brrm nil an llarni "iio .
fttaphar Maoau
lanta m in Jamatoa
luitl l- it lH r,t
An on. Crtatonal
A' rr Barbatlei
I'ri tier N" larl indail
Hnr."i JoU'kMklh ill ...
Prote ll No! OrVanf
s.iu Jgointo Oalvaatcin
Prtnnaii Aunt Norfolk
Snil Will
1" A M
'am u oo ii
IMAM 12 09 M
.... ii oo A M
I I' a, '' P
II AM l. 00 M
B A M M O- A M
o on A M ' So ll
" W A ,M 1. OU M
II .i" A M :i i-i P M
: . On xi "0 p f
10 p M v V M
I 00 P M
I I"' I Nt
I ""1 I M
00 P M
- m a u il m
iimii i N .ml.'
Tiifa.i 'i i. Itr hih
Morro i u-tli. N il--1 .
Advance. rialobal
MadlwOti Norfolk
Ki Alha clalvaoton
K.ltl IWhfl I.i!m
-s. f
on M
: ... 1 V
Oi p M
on p m
3 "l i1 v,
lint- To rtaf
I Hio Porotabg Crtta Nov i
KpKlOtldl ''ihrilur Nut t;
Wvarpool Natfilra ...... MoV 17'
Corunwa Barry Ntn .4
Colbarl La Paih-r Nov '
I MyKiiotn Olbraltar No. .-i
I KtPaoawaUl Maraaillaioj y,ltV ,f
Tanitttvo it Naaain Nov 31
Finn It IfUria Pro i
1 TYiaoa1ontka Qlhrallar i.- 1
i Proiiwr HI . Hull Nov :;
. Nrirur.ini 4 Q nog Nov :4
i ArTooio H ill pao a
: Ch i!laar i l.iwia Dan
T' ; 1 Lfliiilon . pau 4
I Hurii.oiif .1. 1 1 lag hg 1
. ll:n rorl -in If iv r 1 ... 1
, Jro.v ... Siiiit.i pnnillign lf 4
nuiu goiifniait) 1 j
,1. xv ri Or an I in-
Moroni Rorilagui yao
V . ai .a City Mr at nl . . hgg 4
ki Monta Oalva-toi h.
AniiTt. an Rotlardani ! i
i Trt"finii.a Qlnyaltgr hgo 0
TanafJoro tarwt.'K in 4
j Trvarrgob Naplao ..ia 4
1 Vt-nna c iridtfl ,pg r
; Aiiiia M m- iit 1 ,. j
RaOan - Ami'. r.l.tiM t0C 1
j Mci.'-i ... Rnvanu hue 17
Palifiirma ... Cllaggoa ugu n
! loarntita Uinart upo
1 Patnu I.iliiti iit.
1 m v. rlarnat1 Boro,,am ;
an tiufllalnio-. - ..NajiiM
Hnvana Hgl ung Ugo
Naohaa Qalvogion hag
Fl Munrto Oalvagion it- - is
Altmp WohiU
I tUo Qrando Bfimtwlck Do 11
Im Tii-morri"'
Unttad Mtltai. Chrlgtiangand Mao 11
t'hm it. 111 ... . lag. I 1 111.- lipfi g
J .Invrr Ntrr.i llt'i .u..i I j,-
Hhaloti N.ifl.-s . i,.,t
rhnnlaoi .'itn'iff 1
1 a run . Rnii tit... j
Hanania Chtobl it, v
Apaitbo Jikaonvilir Dr-' if
iiiii Tburiday
Itotii-r.i.mi Kahnomli i. 1
Karalona lrvarpMl riar 1
Pavon Ctljf IMyiinmih Do 1
Aloniratita - Kinvatu'i pgi n
('arn'oia Sin Jimm Iii-. i
CuinUi N' V Orlt- ins 1 it-,
Cowain'hr jaokaoiivl.Tg . Ki m
Cwy uf si i.iuti agvgnnati i't;- n
I , Hitirrnit4 1 iMin I Mlrnitar
1 M VwJHINdTOV, l- 30 ! . dg' riU
"f ih- gluproiiioi i iMiii for Uonduy, Jiji imry
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