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J n
Woman to Sail From Xew Y'ork
With Crude Article a
Personal Baggage.
Mrs. Bolmont Will Not Go
West to Vote After Con
sulting Lawyer.
COMMl Won't Let Her Testify
Fnless Speeifle Charge
Is Made.
A plot to smuggle crude rubber from
this country to Oermany In the trunk
Of women who were engaged by Her
mans to travel to and from Rotterdam
with a ton or no of the contraband
rlaaaed a "pronel baggage'' ha been
discovered by agents of the Department
of Justice and thi neutrality squad of
til customs service.
One of the women and two men. In
cluding the alleged principal, have made
a complete statement to Federal offi
cials, and the rnse will be laid before
t'nlted Slates Attorney Marshall to-day.
There have been no urrests. It Is hinted
that the three persons In question may
upply Information that will help
the ijovrrmna.it to even more Imfortant
The woman Is Miss Anna Pekkers.
Hhe was about to sail for Rotterdam on
the Holland-America liner ltynda.11 on
MoVambOr 27 when ".'rom four to eight
packing oases containing about e.tUU
pounds of crude rubber," which she wa
about to ship aa bars-age without a
ir.s,nlfet, were seined n ihe steamaV.p
pier In rlObokeB. It was part of 10.000
pound, of rul-ber that had been houg'u
from , ileuler In this Cltv It had been
kept tor a time In Vetterman's Hotel In
The Bronx.
atnrallaert America a ceased
The man a ho Is estd to have arranged
Silas Dekker's trips and the purchase of j
the rubber la Max .laeger. who came to,
this country from Uerniany In lu2 and;
la a naturalised American. Tha second j
man, who did the actual purchasing. Is
Richard Wohlbarg. a manufacturer of
rubber cement. The story aa revealed
lea; night after being carefully guarded
for nearly u month runs as follows:
Max Jaeser, mechanics! engineer,
ajraduate of the Karlsruhe Technical
School, ha Visited Uermany frequently
In the course of hifl th'r'.eeh yawn rati
dence In this COUIltry. Jle went to I
lermany With hi family In starch last ;
uiu M.us u im . i in an auioinoon
fnctory at BelarfoM. rettumlng here i
in July he collected from nianufactur
-rs 101 of aampM automobile hccch
ffjorte and took them back to (termany.
thinking thai they might be profitably
tlUUltlfactUrod there.
The head of .ila iNimpatiy told him
that It wasn't a g'od tune to atart new
.nternrlscM. and saaEe.-ocd that as the
Oerman Government badly needed nib- I
ber money could le made by lmrt!ng
it on a large gcale, Jaeger's hos then
t'Kik him to the Deutches Bank In
Berlin. The h. ail of the rubber depart
ment of that bank gave Jawtger a letter
of Introduction to h!s nephew, who is
with a New York rubber firm, but WBOM
name n not diet losed.
Told to Hire tarents.
BCenU Who WOUld travel from New York
... l..tterH;.. wllh ..en.!., ei.hha a 'Wr.
K.nai effects. " At Rotterdam these
iigftit- were to be met by certain tnaa
who. according to the story told yeater
riav, "had be-n in military service under
the German War Department.' Thia
man via t, wear a white ohryaantbe
mtim as he gtood on the p'er at Rotter,
dam. o thai the disembarking rubber
smuggler might the more easily recog
nle him The trunks were to be sh ppt1
to addreasa In 'lermany given to .Tucger
hy the head of the I'rutches Bank's
rubber department.
Loaded with tooi- instruct lone Jaeger
wrtlved here on the Ryndom on ik'to
ber :;i and went to work, lie prvaented
h's letter ot lnti.luct1on to the nephew
Of th. Iiitsc.her Hank officer, but the
mem bare of the rubber tirm by whom
tie nephew was employ ed told Jaeger
they tvi'iiM g.t into tiN.uole w.th the
Rubber Manufacturer! AaeoctatioB if
they gold to him dlrootly. They ug-
sti thai he find an intermediary
n Ja.ge- went to hu frtend Woht. '
rrg, Ihe niak. r l rubber cement,
'ohlberg was reluctant to enter tha I
Wohlberg was reluctant to enter the I
a -hetiie, ..".testing that if d. te.-ted ha I
couldn't buy any more rubts-r for hi
fctisinesr. uut uiKin the assurance from
the rubber firm thai tl suggested the j
employment of a middleman that he waa
Safe, be bought, for Jaeger, 10.000 I
Hound of rubbi-r from thl ttrm. Of
this, 8,500 pounds were sent to Vetter
man's Hot.i. Later, In trunks and bogee,
thl batch of nearly two tons landed on
the Hotland'Atnerl pier ihe pr-
aonal hat,'?age of Miss Anna Dekker.
Frruuent 'I'rlp to Holland.
Mis Dekkei
Otght years ag
aniu to America anout
hut frequently visited
;ier parents in Rotterdam. On one of
theac trlii". in
' '
ini mum wrraop i kiiwi an !
Would i iks a he of rubber vvrtu her
When she went to Holland again. Re
turning t . New York on November 14
on the Ryndam ahe waa met by Jaeger,
He arranged for her departure f o Rot
tar dam on the ie me ahlp on Nov .-tuber
IT. The Oovernment agents guapacl
tnat at le.iat one officer of the Ryndam
was paid for helping the wehenie along.
ejvnn Information 'ha. Miss Dekker
was only one of "everaJ women employt i
by .laeg. i at rubber carrier, and that
In at b ast one ease s.-nt money
abroad t r. briti a w ,m;n her.
According to hla own statement, he In I
landed, aa aoon aa hli .-. ret egportaxtona
of rubber were flowing emoothly, to turn
the management over to an agent In this ;
gauntry and to return to (Jet-many. But
T'n.-le gam's detectives spolle.1 his plan-s
Ir. muklng a statement to the Federal
Ms , ........... t, t
Hekker were toll', . wine the advlaa of ,'heie
r- urVsel 'Harold rTamlns ,
' ? ' i. a i . ,..,..' is.a. .. . .
to exin go.,. is tor commercial purposes
without declaration.
According to tne testimony in the re
gent trial of the Hamburg-Amen, an of- I
fldals. It wis ihe Deutsche Hunk ot
Berlin that forwarded 'he TM,0tt which
v ,.e to t.e used under the direction of
,11. '" "'" 'iPPiie for
eerman w.,i v.seeis.
- I
. . ... . .. .
lO Stjtjh r Al TS An ROAD,
Jadae Ma,rr hraata fiesta of
....... . .
Klenale and nrnnLhnni
wmmM i
Judge Mayer In Ihe Federal court yes-
terday granted the appllestiong Of Dr
Herbert K enzle gnd llnglebert Hronk-
Borat, defendants with Robert Fay tn the
alleged conspi y to blow up munition
ships, for commissions to take testimony
Dr. KlemlS wants his father cxamln. i
In manv restardlns ifit,mentN 01 ,.i
by Fav and he, Kay. read certain letter
pr rtti an tni sider Klenale. The dc-
rui-n'.h list. ,,f ,..,e,o,'i'.. .....I.T-.
Hons tu lbs All!, " 1
Bronllhoral w hea to have wltneeses
l,i BBglund examined in regard to hie
Slay in Ih, gland anl hu Interests In
,,r, iiMii concerns. Both men lo have
JMIkd for M-parate trial, but Judge
Siuyei took those applications under ad
John II. aUanohflsld. kltorney for Max
Hisitung, another dafandant. ha noil-
gad tie t nit,.,) sttt.tes Attorney that he
- "l trial lor hi i
'II 1 '
I Urn V '-lg-flf '
i mm m. ? mi i. mm m mmw ; m
I frfr AmmmWmWSmmW
f Winue.l rom Ptrmt Piit a MM WW MM
" - j v - - - I
M Atlas Mne. a subsidiary Of the
Hamburg-American Line, was aligned
follecl Information, he did not have
to work out the eouroea It Is said that
he did not find hleindl. the clerk In
the National City Hank. There were
Marher men In the service of (lermany
who spotted Schlelndl and selied upon
him aa the mean of getting Information,
They sent word to Koenlg to get In
touch with Schlelndl, and Koenlg simply
followed Instructions
Accordingly, the seizure of Koenlg hae
I simply been another step on the part
of tha Federal authorities In getting
nearer to the men who rrnployt'd Koenlg I
arid have been supervising his activities ,
and the activities of a number of other '
men In the United. Btteas The i iovern- j
nient hope within a few months, to put f
t.go,ii.r rhe rvin.'nce win n it has ano
get the men.
I'otn'iietittnK on the activities of j
Koetiijr In .Hiiinectlon witii the pUit to
destroy the Welland Can ii. inv stigatora j
polnte.1 out yastOrdwy that I'ranz Ittn- '
talan i .line itt this CLiutitry witii a great
amount i f authority and mono) He
had one Kingle mles.on Yhat wae to
I. ton lha hhm of ihe war suotiliea to
eh Alllaa He had authority that I
placed him above ail Oertiuin repre-
entatlVOl In thl country and ne had
mr.-m ... ... I, id e.itnm.'tm! i
It I charged that B.ntelen mapped '
mil the eamnalan. Purchase of men to i
do his work, Midlng of money to In
fluence the public, hiring of age ita to do
a'ta of violence all ihew were within
bll power, It 1 asserted that K.-t.tg
and Rlntelen tnui numaroua oonferanoei
"' th- WtOUaatd many different
PhaMg Of the pro, .Uganda The fa t
h ' pointeo
had nothing whatever
to do with calling a halt to the work
tli.it had been agree'! ui.r Th.-re were
other waj of g-ttlng the money In the
abaono of Rlntelen.
Notebook l.le lues.
As to the many men with whom
Koenlg dealt, there I plenty Of evidence.
not only In the uoielKK.k WOMB he had
In his apartment, hut also m the letters
which he dictated to his wife, formerly
his gteitographer Oni elgnlflcant thinn
lesrii-.l veateclav w.i that Kohert Kay,
I Ind'ctct with live other In a plot to
blow up munition hlps. ia admitted
th .1 hu knew
de.-ker but whether that nan la tho
Kichnrd Bmtl Levcndecker arrested as
an aid to Koenlg wag not made plain.
Metxler. K.nlg funnel' stenog-
ranher is bv t.,- the most important!
o. n... h.nits ,,r rue I Uivern.
ment He has displayed a Willingness to
tell everything he knows, but M-tler
did not know everything tha: K.ntg did
did not
He had a certain amount of Information
but Kootlll took ear to hide from Mm
much Important work that was. being
lletsler ha bean living In luxury in
gn uptown hotel, but alwaye In company
witn a I-.sler..i agent, wno i ii.ni get
ting more facts from hltn. Ii paid
that It I" not llkel that there Will be
an 'iros.S'Utlon aL'alllM M t Zl t
laoran Fucns. who g ive the tlrst SVi I
rte not h ading to the arrest of Koenlg, '
I now i.i ti- House of Detention a a
nitneea. He has supplied many facta,
but he says he kn .w very little of I
U..,.,i ! Mr, I V -aii.
rltneg before the Orand Jury
i. ,lv ,..,er. .,, Wim;. it '.. said.
baesuae K'sonir sent r uciis ,,n a m s
. . , n f 1 111 irh f hkVi' l'tHll i ttl tn lllrt.
death. Fuohs was is'fore ih.. Orand
,e. .. BhrfSss
lun on lrlda.
Th confewlom of i.,h mm and i
th notelss, k are said to show that
Koenlg had mi agem in every i.ig etei m
thtp company In the city and that he
received daily rejiortH from tlcsu men.
Kornla on n Hnffalo Trip.
Muoh regret was agproated yeaterd
that at the lime of the arrest of Koenlg
tne na,e in :us ottice vi la not roreed
open, It 1 known tl. .t every effort was,"
th1 '" aoivs the combination on tin
' :iml that men worked teveral boun
"" It. The safe waa not open, and now
Koenlg is out much of tin- content)
mj' hav" bn 'moved
"nat Koenlg did u great amount of
,r",'k f,lr ,'a'' von Papen is asserted
Ul ners .n, in a isisikou io Know n I ne
evidence developed. It Is atld that I
Koenlg went to Buffalo to mv.-si igate a '
plant manufacturing chlorine bombs !
there. It Is hinted that Koenlg WBB
lonnected With men who are auspected
of iiavini: mething to do With tires on at New Vork. I wire, register, d at a hotel In that city,
board munition carrying hlps Chief Klelaekl of ihe Department's that Klchard limn Ueyendeeher regla-
Inveatlgatori pointed out here yeiter bureau of Investigation retumed ts-day ' tered as C. D. Decker, and l'red Metr
day that Capt, von Pgpen'l name was ; from New York. The work of an eating i a K Helmer.
mentioned In connection with the g.j the other allevvd aaaampllesg na.. psen Another witnea whs Han Schwart'.
... ..a , . - . . ima i i..u i..e. ... ,i... ... a- s. u .. who is .mnltiwsl In a i...-.., i.
(eK.-.i ii'ms oil in,- iit.ui, ,,, in,-w
(j j, shlna and to destroy rallro-d bridges,
Krclerlck Schlelndl. who wa arrested i
tj., ..., .. u,...,HhU 1
.... .-... i on i uiinr ; ni'-niin. i i-
ter from the National Oily Hank atld I
turning Hiem over to Paul Koenlg, w as
UJtan before Magistrate Nolan in tho I
ti.ri:!-, .'..iirt .....!..(.. ills lu.ll WHS
J .
reouceo irnm sgOtUW Hi n. vuu.
Th value of the paper which
0Biel"4l M aoouged of stealing wa put
10n ,he altldavit imulc .tgaiist
nam by Detective Qeorge Bamlts Among
the papers said to have been stolen waa a
message feonr the Banqus Beige,
.1 1 ie. -u i oa.,- ...-.-.ii utnen ,.11 mikiisi
la. It said.
"Conununl.ate Hudson Trust lim-
PWf regarding 2.(MHi,00tl rltle tfif,
ThS SeoOI d was a letter to IC. I Chats-
man of the Hudson Trust Conu.anv ,l-
vising him of the cable message and
qttOBI 11 in fUU. The third was a I
memorandum Blip on the Hudson Trust
Company paper, reading "Chapman,!
preside, it, liidlvl.lually hhvm rsgponslbll
inanufacturcrs will make contract pro,
vWIng guaranteed srllhln seven days
Delivery 10,000 'hi v.-ar. January, Fab.
ruary and Muroh 6,000 per day. i'hsre.
after T.lOO per dav-. Price ti". nar ar-
SehlelPd! io in.. .le a ,t.u
a siutemaiit to 1
hose things .-on. r
h poluce, avUnlttlng those
i r tSm
kw ji
aaaaaaaaW. ..aaaaaaaafl
A UOVK, Canadian troops
v jfuardinir entrance to the
Welland Canal at St. Catherines,
Ont. Below, Frederick Schleindl
as he appeared before Magistrate
Nolan yesterday.
cernlng which the police have furntfhd
proof. He ha told little else. He ad-
mlt that he received 1365 In all from
K. !!'.; IVir h. Infnrnmtlni, u ' l.-V.
Before 1. a. t.ranri Jury In Labor
Find of strike onaplraci .
Indictments are expected before the
end of the week a a result of the 1.
qulry Into the charges that Krani Kln
telen financed the orgnnliatlon of the
Labor's National I'eace Council with the
object of preventing the cximrt of aims
and ammunition by nfaana of starting
strlUes in munition factories In the
United states.
The charge I that Rlntelen paid the
money to David Lamar, the Wolf Of Wall
Street. WBO In turn fed QUI part of the
to :Ujor men and organiivr
Tae chief witn before the i"lrnnil
Jury yesterday wai Samuel Oompers
prealdeni of th-? American Pederatlon of
Luhor He was accompanied by hl ec-
retary. c
arrvlng a large number of .1,k-u-
m,'"lB paper ni was a witness tor i
two noun i ne . .ran, i jury win ait tmi
morning and this afterm.on to hear tjnm- ,
P!'" nd alto Frank Morrison,
labor leader j
When Mi. tiomper b-ft the Urand
J'r room ne announced 'cat n -miici
give no Inkling as to the nature of hl ;
u-t.m..ny He said : J
" think that the labor leader of this,
country have preervel strict neutrality t
In this
corrurt ,
th. 'tn h
been uneucceesfttl
National Cits to Avert More
Tlirfls ot Mesaases.
haiwm Gregory i ? ashler of th Na
ttongj Cltv Hank, annotit
1 yesterday
la Ma rmmm
that the bank Wai doing all In Ita power
to protect it customei
and Ita clients ;
and their Intarests from any further
German py .apleodea. In the future In-
forroi.Hi.o ri.-fl rrll r.ir ,rol,1 s I, t MMMI , u nm.
nltlon ehlnments. ate., will wo through tha
ks wn: thTnank
Ma a yet to aecer-
hoots nf unit ........
la assured are ul.s.
! 1 ..... l Itntutealr,
!. t, ., ,a,,v cr.bi.rm 4nrt ho,
V , J : . w
n 'h memoranda was stolen by Kred-:
erlck sch'.eindi. the vouns clerk in the 1
foreign credit department, who waa ur- ;
rested on Haturdsv for easnuitleltv in I
Oerman plot in nil country, one of :
:n- Dang otnoere went 10 court yesxer-
day and entered a complaint against i
Mr Ore gory said that certain pnjiera
had been missed from th tiles and that i
inveaiigsiion anoweu mi, any ouwr
employeea were racponitbl
fur their
loss they would he grreated
lie pertinent of Justice official tag .
:. f BSBib rUwta.
WASHIgOWH, DSC .u.The l-irl-l
'"nt of Justice Isdieve that the hack- ,
bona of iKimb Donsplradsa has been I
broken with rhe arr,-M of I'aul Koenlg
and the n si of his alleged conspirators
o vie- ii i ms o, lu.' .sew inn llS-
lice and the Department agent thete
Arrests are expected of all the alleged .
, .l , ,. . , -
i.ei.s iHiiieu ..i i s ,s , mi , r .'on. i
Koenlg Is regiuded by the Depart-
ment a tne maaler coni.1rntor in this
m..- . . ... . .
vuumrfi , ne nn-i inat tn., I'enanment
w,i able to breik yp the vaat organi
sation lie conducted ha encouraged off.
rials to believe that the heart of the
conspiracy has been reached The cose
Is regarded by the Department as tSe
most iBtpOrtgtll In the scries
While further arrest In connection ;
Koen.g and ls iissoiate. areVrts.B. ,,'
nil .lie uimios,. ' r. leiaium IO ,'nill
Is not expected that these will be
numerous a reported. It Is said there
U the Department evidence tending
'" 'hnv Ulgt Koenlg and his associate
Y"" 'volve.l In many pWns other than
,,,a' ,n 4 tn Welland Canal.
Brooklyn Naval Mllllln Hobhed.
m a e
my m
ne isnice learneu iaai nigni that woraso ror Koenig, it is aaio that voursi
somebody broks Into the armory of tha ars showing thm Koenig paid him s a.
Hecond Battalion, Naval Mllltli ut day were fouml, There ure standing
is" "I e i , ... -s.s onu sireet. r.,ouijn, I
las: wee an,, stoic six silver on.
In tray. part, of a trophy won I
mi l
IS 1
Hon in a marksmanship ,
wiiu I...- Plrel and Third imitations
tbjsi es letl a ellvtr lovliuj cui.
Plotter Beeomes Alarmed and
Damps High Explosives
Into Lake Erie.
I PiTTsat hu, Iec. 20. A plot to blow
j u) the power houses on the Canadian
and American sides of Niagara FhIIs. ae
I well as to deatrvy the Mlchliran Central
I and (Jrand Trunk International railway
; bridge, failed last week In Krle, 1'a.,
I when the
w"'n ln consjilrator. alarnved at tha
i vigilance of Ovvornment secret service
' agents, dumped hi supply of explosive
! nIO ir Krle
unmum o we paw, wnwn pauaaa
eorlous alarm to the Pwrartment of Jua-
tie,-, were learned he.e to-lay from aottdatlOB Of the union and he Ni
repreeentatlve of U.e georet service dc- UoBBl Assertion fell through "
Ipartment. w.a.. has been Working on the
i case. This ottklal said thai the master Foolish to Have Policy 1...
' minds back of the DUN wore now under'
arrest In New Ynek. charged with plot-
ting to destroy tae Welland Canal.
About four Weeftg ago. while liovern-
ment agents were watrhing a grouo (.f
met: In N. York aho were working on'
u man o ..rrvpn: the shinn.eitt af
munition to the .WHei., a (rooted wgent
of a foreign Government, win. i a iivi
In this country several year, came to
F:ttbur- and established headquarter.
He was alone and carried on hi opeta
tlOBg without aid, but not for a m 'met:
during hi stay wag he free of lurvell-
lance nurlni; the time
t here the Qovommeni agon
learned that
the work entrusted to htm wa bc.ng
l.re-i from New York hsadauartera.
1 ne saerot . vt. .. u-.. i. ......
on other lines al the .:.. Mm. ..h ,'k'..
supply uf exj.loslves and mall uddres-ed
to tne onsplrat-.r here w.xs i-arefullv ex-
amlned before It reached hltn tues-
day morning, a week ago. apparently
prepared for the work on hand, the mat
boarded a Pennsylvania train bound for
..agara hail- itefore he reached K: .. .
however, he began to exhibit uneasiness
and on receipt of a code telegram wnet-
the train arrived at that point he go; off
and made for the lake shore Cb.sel
trailing him, the
oovernment age.ua
were a few tuomenis too bite n, uievei.v
him from dumping th. content of a
large leather aatchel Into ueep wat.r.
Some of the st iff, which Is said to he
'" "-structtv. power
was rsooverou. ihe susp.s t alter l!
posing of the explosive returned to till:,
city, remained bet two hours and than
hoarded a train for Philadelphia, Kroni
there ho wtBl to New York, where hu la
M' ""ryellUnce.
me power nouses or the Ontario
I'ower Company, the Canadian Niagara
Falls l'owir Company anil the Toronto
Niagara Pow.r Company on the
'"m Vork UMi"
tha Am,.,iea lde. as well a th. bridges
the American aide, a well a the brldgea
o, ,ne urana irunk and Michigan Cen-
ruiM.uv- ,,. . ..T"lX 1.
' To" 5 ' w'r" ""irh"1 fu" d-
m mm mmmm
Gr nil Jur Hear More Wltneesea
Koenlg! Case.
Tha December ilrand Jure nblel.
gafl aeveial da ago an Inquiry Into
the charges that Paul Keonlg and hi
associate plotted to blow up the Wei
land i anal, beard a number of witr.es a
arge ruche, who developed
the present situation by his confession.
M a witness before th" Orand Jury
,on 1- r day ,,rid other :m n gave evldenc.
.,,,. .,,,..
Among ihe wnnesses WM Daniel W
Schwarta. manager of a hotel In Niagara
raluj Bvldtnog was produced tu show
that on September Uf. last Koenlg mil
nis wire, travelllrg as W. 1' Mundea and
' , - . .. , , , .
Nlarara Falls Mm Herman Fuch.
stepmother of Oeorge Fucha and aunt
nf IvoetilK also whs wlt.i... Tha
- m. "
Irand Jury Inquiry will Iw
Jnepeaded Defective Drew gn m
Day From I'aol Koenlg.
Otto F. Mottola, the detective who
waa suspended on Saturday by Polios
oner Wm1 becuu of hla al-
TkM' S
. us.. I of attempting to blow up the
1 Welland diniil, received yesterday u
opy of the charges made against him.
lie will oe put on trial a week from
Tho ohurges i..ili,et hUn ay that he
made false ataitomeutH lo his superior
when he was asked about his connection
with Koenlg Thoun lie d.mle.i ,,,.,i
agaitsvl mm all" statement ,y boi
Koei.ig and rred ststslst', Kosnlg's
rotary, that Mottola received J u day
for hh. work. Police Comnilsslier
V,Aia dajUaU, Bowsyer, tbat stottt'l i
jiau uwn ueir.vyuig any pviicu gesrgtg,
Mrs O. H. P. Belmont, head of the
New fork State branch of the Congres-
slonal t'nlon for Woman Suffrage, re-
turned yesterday from the convention of
the national body In Washington and
throw cold water on Mrs. Harriot Stan
ton MSMtVS plan for Increasing the rum-
I bar of women voters and through them
the political power of the suffragists by
having Eastern widows and eplnotera
I auallfv aa re.aldenta In votlnir States
Mrs. Belmont had her lawyer look Into
the financial aide of the matter and
j found that the gain to the cause f rom
her becoming bssally a resident of Kan-
Idaho or Oregon wouhl he more
than balanced by r decided loss to her
own purne
"A a rea.de,,, of a Western SUM i my
personal taxe would be paid there,
Mrs Belmont nald. "and my lawyer tells
I me they are much more particular about
j tages out ther look Into and Inveotl-
gate thing mm h MOfi closely tlun they
do In New fork. They'd be especially; f"'
Kusplclou alout a newoomer, partlcu- i whose keen sense of humor prevented
larly If there were a group. No. I'm j several tense situations, ruled that he
going to stay right here In New- TW anybody to give
and carry on thi fight here. I don t
believe any number of euffraglet will teetlmony, neither had he power to pun
Join that Western votlnr exodus. Huf- Ish for Contempt He mWe It plain that
fiaglata like their Lome nd will atay the hearing wan not of a criminal na
In them." ture, but purely preliminary to deter
mine whether there waf. sufficient evl--Mra.
l.lnstelu to detvee for a mlt In oourt for the revoca-
Mrs. Kmanuel Plnateln. who waa OOB. tlon of tno league charter
ferrlng with Mrs. Belmont and other1 OB three occaai,.,,, Mr. McKlnney In
membera of the Conjress1..nsl fnlon at ,1td hat Mrs. Hestli should testify,
li Esat Korty-flrat tret and who has j " on BwOh oeoaalon Mrs Heath's coun
announced her Intention of tiualifylruf
as a voter out Weat, told Mr. Belmont ;
that It wouldn't lake them away from '
home very longonly six months to
qualify and a few days at election time, j
"Well. I'm not going," said Mr. Bel
mont Hrmly.
Miss lArln Stevens, who has been In
charge of the Congressional t'nlon work
In this City but will ttow be travelling
most of the time. ca a member ot the
conference. r'he said the National I
I Woman Buff nuta Assorlattow had greatly j
Injured suffrage h Cong re aa by the
thing the office ra ald beforr th legis
lative committee
"The tai.'t injure the Congrreeional
I'nlon. whbii 1 growing by leap an l
bound," she a!d. "But when sufTraglstH
get up before 111 Congremen and aay,
aa h Antoinette Funk did. that women
voten oouldB'l he inducc-d to stand to-
MMr to aid their ex t get tM fran-
, CWaw, that women are 'absolutely hlde-
U.un-I panlmtr.,' it 1m IhiutmI to luive a
bad effect. They have made the suf
fragist appear 'o the men a divided
I "The-.- nr. aren t they.
Miss Rtevene
the National refuses to work
With us because of our anti-party police.
i !n'5' ar" '"1.' Miss Steven ald.
i n not ngntmg any pMltMai party
" '" ngtw
Democ ratio party in
last election, hut there la iow a
Congress, ano til! we hav" found
; r""w
' what
l .s going tO do for suffrage It
would be very f "ollh to adopt any
policy. We tire prepared to I- very
friendly If Congress treat us right."
Miss Stevens is about to start for
Maine, where slu w.ll orgnnlge a Suit
branch of the union. Later she will do
tmllar work
afaseachueette and
1 " wconatn.
1 I"''"1 Ulfragietl are ultirost ill back
from the V aehihaflon imventlon or
will l t OHlay aroi a--- rcadj to discuss
activities for the winter Among other
things, the New York State Woman
Suffrage party plans to liave a big ball
I". MadlaoB Square Harden.
I'hllMnthroplsl sends gStfVO to Pro I
vide More Free I. oaves.
When Tug scms fro, hr.i deno,
opened at d o'clock yesterday afternoon
there were ... wonstth an.! . j men stand
IBg In
only e
Fifteen minutes later not''1" and ine league, and expressed hope
of these had been handed
l oar ot bread, out about 11 tn.. At
th- end ..f h" ti e, thlrt) minute 100
loaves had been distributed and Tom
Merry aid Dick Bright were breathing
Tiie men who appeared e,er.-iay were
of much the game type on those who
have heretofore Borne for bread, mostly
of n.ld.il- age or above, and with un
mistakable indications of long priva
tion and physical Ills. The woinei, who
were interviewed lold etortea of limnes
Impoveiiehe I through long lack ot' em
ployment and the iilt.esa which always
seems to com quickly In th wake .f
Th.. :,,ii yesterday brought letter
from a prominent philanthropist. Hie
heca for 1850 that mora bread might
be purchased was en,iuwl. At his own
hi i.ao.e Is Wlltmeiil
And It
Is necessary t mention that a vrv in
IfHfnt appearing person, "A reader of
I n .irops'u ii. io ine uepot, at
Ir!n.e street, gnd left g II , erlth
Mr. Merry.
At - o'clock this nftenioon the 1etK
Will he opened lualn, aa It will be. In
fact, ea.ii week day
throughout th winter,
at that hour
......... ... ......n... Nil , .
Myalerr on Police Heeords,
It Is likely that the doath of Bam at
M"n IB was! Washington Market more
Jf"' " down In public
icord as Hit unsolved mystery. 1'ntll
esterday a 'Irand Jur nnpai.ellrsl lo
look Into the . use wns ki.pt Ii (glatencg
In the event of an., gvtdajtog being
brought to light judge Melons in on
er.il Heoshms dlgObarged tne Jurors that
bad been called together from time to
time and In dolus so he aald:
"You were engaged In the Investiga
tion of a case of great public Interest.
1 regret that Information ha been
orought to i ne that there ta nothing mora
to be su. .mi'ied to you upon the nubjeot
of the Huff murder. I discharge you
with mttCh regret that some result could
not be reached that would relieve the
public mtnd."
Butler HIiibs Illuner Hell and
Arouaee the slrrplng l-'amlly.
After dls-ov.rlis a tire In the hau
After dlK-ovcrliT a hie In the home
stro, r.va a ingerson, widow of Col
Hubert i. Ingersoll. a: 1 1 7 lOu.-vt Twenty- ;
,,rKl street early yesterday morning, a
butler ran through the hallwaye ringing
1 ulBBOf hell and arousing the family i
names v,cre extinguished ;irl,.,. nr.
men sreiw summonso i.y waiUOS Pro-
baaCO, SOn-ln-law of Mr. Ingeraull The
Sn.oite 1. a. i Mlreads
1 ,-.-w .....ii .,,i.
it'll ihr
hulUllng when Mr Ingei
daughters, Mrs, Walliton
,nd Mrs. Pronasro, hft
They reached the s t 1
oil and her
HID Hrowi.
their rooms,
made then temporary quarlafg in the
" ."i.
homes 01 inenua.
The preliminary Investigation Into the
: affairs of tha National Housewives
League, ordered by Attorney-Oeneral
j Woodbury at the Instance of Mrs. John
H. Yocum, president of the New Jersey
Housewives League, waa begun yester
day before Deputy Attorney-General
Leonard J. Obermeler.
The plan of Prank C. McKlnney, at'
torney for the complainant and those
I aaalM wi... tea aa asll uM
juiu, Heath, founder and president of
I th national body, as the flrat wltneaa.
i WM upB,t by rfuoal of I-eo Stem
and his associate. Martin Lippman, to
i permit Mrs. Heath to g on the stand
unless some specific allegation of mla-
Heath arose Hnd said that she wanted
to testify, but her lawyers had their
vwn W11J about It.
tiam a.. c ,
Copyrlgkl by I'ltn.rwwHi a rnderwyl,
Mrs. Julian Heath,
I'hotoirruphed yesterday at the hear
ing; bgforg Deputy Attorney
Oncral Ubermeier.
sel repeated tludr declaration tlsH ahs
shouldn't "unless at least on.) .spe.-lc
Chajge" was t.iade
Mrs Heath Issued a statement last
night In Which she bald that she had
never ln able to hnd anything definite
in the charges that were made against
that "out of all th confusion would
co, ne a constructive ptrlt."
Mis Mary c Phllbrook, tho first
Woman t" be admitted tj the New .lereey
bar. who attended the heatings not as a
lawyer hut as a New Jersey woman,
said after th Inquiry had beeti ad
journed until tilts morning at lu o'clock
that ahc believed the lawver.i should
' have ,m,ltted Mr. Heath to go on the
Mils Retwera
Tliera were several tilts between at
torneys tn the course of the 1, earing and
It wa very SVldent that the women of
the op.a1ng sides didn't have much love
for r.a another. However, the women
became so much Inlereateo In the pro-
" " l" 5 w
nurn ror iuiv-o .vir. vvnermeier saia
i "the brutes ho. to fed " and declared
1 WmS
Mfcm m
awaifJ Raw
$ I Mmm:
I -gal mik . k
I m lin ' m.
H A jm , !
mmi mmt
a noon racsas for the .-aae ..f the men. i Mrs BsaUrtea roroes-rtoDertson Hals on
Mm. Henry It v'araway of thl City, I Saturday to whl, ii she wa not Invite. 1
who resuncd us first vice-president of j roused her particularly ITntll this meet
the league OP October h. lilt, wa the Ing, aha SBlU, she was contemplating ro
flrt witness She said that the actlvi- UBUlsh1ng the leadership because of tho
tier of the league In the hrt year (1913) OnsroUansSS of Its duties
were cbletly "selling button" at 1) "I cannot allow all) coterie of mal. on
cent each, BVgry "housewtft " was tent to oust me out of hand," rum Mrs
supposed to have one A total of 7,Mt . Kno's statement made yesterday, "and
went out that year, ahe aald, hut not when tile Assembly district convi ntlot.s
niore than 1,000 or 4,'0" wee,, psjd for. i are held on January 11 my to. ine . r
Mrs. Caraway aald she never knew ( candlihite will be v.-ry much In evidence,
what arrangements were made concern- j It would not be t 'ght for me to accept
ing ttie BoMsewHve .eouuc Vaporise, without protest the retirement planned
tho league official organ, which WM ii t the secret meeting of .. ." t. w
sepaiate corporation. When she re- Woman. I' was absolutely Illegal ..ml
turned from a summer vacation in 1S1 4,
bo testified, she asms told of the organ)-
; sat ion of "an educational committee"
wiilch had charge of renting spaces for
j the exhibition of foodstuff at national
headquarters, hut she didn't know of
! the in.-onoratioii of the "Housewives
I League educational committee" for this
purjsise until alter she l'eeigiie.1 ,ia an
officer. sh.. nhl slid never heard of
Mrs Heath receiving any money, al
though he knew that other league offi
cers were "receiving suBtrlea from the
(.ducattoiiiil OOnUBltbM for work at head
objected to "Indorsement."
Mra. t'araway teetlBed ehe Protested
in October against the "indorsement of
a baking powder on ihe letterhead of
tho league, printed as an advertisement
by the baking powder company, ami a
rco!ut1un wa uiaed by the executive
oommlttss that it would never be done
Mrs Carawai said or. ci,.ss-examlna-
tlon that he knew the leiiriu. ,s,i,bi,,..
support a Headquarters lis. if Hnd
ended she waa told that the SdUCS
tlongl committee would render no a.t-
counting to thu executive OOmmlMsO,
Mrs. Thomas tlrlflln. secretary of the
league ISlI.tBll. who raalsnad ,.n,
ti c league in ISlt, said the league urge.i
buying gls in bulk gild later ehe was
i.jm. nrji ii in i vi. ,i leo uacgase
Mr. Mary Ma. IhUi.ilii said lust while
Shs was managing ,1iior of the fgugg,
trfpea f. sagas Afagatfag Mrs. Heath got
..s ...,... inii,a w o. or is ne s a 1 1 1
ihe league Indorsed certain products
( aaaajsNsusg.
IIUI WS'A U,iV.rllul lm K .
190 Men's Suits
Today, at $27.50
For the man who will bring his hand down on the
shoulder of his eldest and say "Come along, son. you and
I are going to buy ourselves a real Christmas prsent "
We have sold suits of this grade this season at
The cloth in 8 patterns, oxford, light grays,
gray mixtures is imported, a fine quality of
British worsted, used only in made-to-order suits
and the finest ready-to-wear.
The suits were made by one of our best makers,
in his Wanamaker shop, with Wanamaker lin
ings, buttons, trimmings; hand-tailored.
Three models; one conaervative, the same model fitted gllghtly
at the waistline, and a soft-roll front, patch pocket model. J4 to
46 chest measurements.
Tuesday, Burlington Arcade floor. New h
John Wanamaker
Broadway at Ninth, New York
Sh admitted the publication waa not a i
su.'cess financially,
John Curtis, vice president of the
lloiic'1vc League Magazine eon. ra
tion, said Mr Heath bad on share
of stock In tlsi, OOmpitiy and that tho
magatlr.e owed her M,000 for two yean
work a supervising ' editor. He ov-
platiiod that he gave Mrs. Heath a one
year's option on hi ..took, hut tin- op
'.ion lapsed.
Asked If the loi.gu- had 100,00(1 uen,
bers, he replied i "I don't know Mrs
Heath said so."
Mr. Chauncs)) H, Marsh, president of j
the Montotair branch of the league, told j
of objections of herself anil ..the, mem
ber uf the branch to advertising Blatter '
sent out that bore the nam" of the
lague and Mrs Heath told her "It Is not I
advertising ; It's indorsing " She teati
Had as t efforts to tlnd out about me
management Ol the league and a to i
what chemists were engaged to make
tnalyses of food produot for the league, 1
but said she could eet no definite Infor
mation from lira, Heath.
Mrs. Marsh, referring lo the central
council cailed for l,i the league constl-
, '" r. , 1 ,,,v"r
saying, " Select them irom ti.e Mr
M,;.UHeafh ' wa agonniuc
U'itwTno' Mrs Marsh replied
The witneas aald she suggested to
Mra. Heath the creation of a finance
committee to InvestlgJte the entire mat
ter and the national president refused
10 appoint one.
Mr Heath gave out a statement last
night In which she said : "I regret ex
ceedingly that Mrs. Yocum and her fol
lower have Started tills destructive
work when the movement i growing
every dav and there Is so much real
work to he done This le the grea'eat
work of the times. I hop,' that wmen
all the hitteme 1 over all women
throughout the country will join this
movement and help us .-arr on tne
noble work we are endeavoring to ac
complish "
Queen suffrnsrlNt Angered by
Attompt of Coterie to
Shelve Her.
Mra Alfred J. Jno. for many years
chairman of the suffrage party in
Queens, yestsrdas emphatically placed
1 hsr hat In the ring for continued leader-
,, , ,. , , ,
"""1 "leering nera si ine uome or
undemocratic for n small body of
women, unrepresentative of all tl . A
I setnbly district it, Queens, t,. assumi
' the right to name a borough ticket and
i 11 uut S If It w. te an official Ila
ot Bomlnasg,
I Mra Hate, Who is mentioned ai I
possible nominee for treasurer, is :, p..',,
jH:irUr wno Hl.ni. u VtM'. ,ii. km i
s platform untal ptUd from 3& to fU
fur her Hervtri
"Th rNil iurtti for tho oppotfl Ion ;"
my U'udernhlp U th faft tliat I HtroVt
to Mourt Justlv't- for a yiai,K jiirl lMr,
laru BlUrl . who wtLM brut alls
1 ..tnnii by me hetugArB-on of t poll
al rmiohin r I'nir laninO City m.-
tl'nmnn f rx I a tml I t h u 1 I in. u l- ..1 ..s 1 1
. ore, n sMniKr .
Various disss nSloni have arls.ei n til.:
siifrrage ranks, all of which I have .i
daavored to have arbitrated within ih
ranks and without publbntv Hut i:
those who seek to rend the work already
a.xTvmpbshcd at cost of mu.-h . ff irt . s
an open Bght for the SUpremucv I am
ready to hard It out in parcels argi .. 1
I ssnltMry
'Mil In, p. I
lodge Malone DlatBlSS I'al.el.
Judge Malone in Qsnsrul Besslona ,s.
tcrdav dlamlsaed for the Deoembri t,-,,,
of court n panel of Jm .1 Buying ,ii t 1 ,
did not want to deep thsm longer under
the unsanitary 'oondltlum ,.f ,..
assisnien ror t neir w..t 1.. .. i ...
heard of ihe death of one ..f tn nai.oi
i eMaspw geuivi eg lis v, eg', pnnaiy ninthly; 1 youtgi glimod 1 i
. , - ,. .. . ,
Does your taste run to
j handsome scarfs?
Of rich heavy silks such at
your granamoiner wore in
1 " ,D , ...
, tne days when a silk gown
. was a life-long tf easure -
Of dignified patterns. QUiCt
! Colors; fltlH opnernnc el a
i "
Then here's vour Christ
mas gift!
1308 four-in-hiuid.
$3.50 quality.
Winter suits.
Winter overcoat.
Everything nun and Ixn-s
wear and everything in spt rt
ing goods, with lots of
Christmas noveltit brv;,i, ,
Rogers Peet Compaq
et 13th St.
at Warren
Mtla St
Fifth A
at 41(1 91
--V Jjj-m,mi , a w x -V
Ai2 "6oit?andtJ
Five buay days to thmtmi,
Bu Men's Gifta in a Men'. Mo,
MufReu, Naekweef. Cletsn
Shirts. Hour,, Barh'obee-
Cape Glces, 9fe Pair
Bogularli II. K
. X I r.in...
riOvVSfi r'rK Me hsi
v !? H.25 Pail
J RS Ntckwetf
hinrr trtit s i to $'
,Si7A- Shirt, $1
Auto Murller. BOc, Jl 00 A II ''
Sweater. to "ii
Ball, Robes, $".!IK, J.l os vi -
Smoking Jackets, m
l-ancy V'rats. Si 'I
Drea Vesta. S2 9H
Hosiery, t'ancs. UlVtbreMea Ai
Hal Department
' Patrment Kloo,
Dreag Silk hat
$:i.sn & $4.80
Correct in Style
Surpassing alue
Knrtl. .11 ,1 Vh
Sdi hhts, $1.10. Derby, 1.9i
Regular $2.50 and $3.00 Valui
rVothlna Fqnal to Tliem 1 Iseu '"'
alio appeared .
'ember lu.
An ,-ffort haa been to . le
.nit room for the sixth
c .iir', by outsmg the i' ,n 1
nots uooupylng the soutln a
the 1 trlinli ,1 Coui is 1
hca ritigs n.i ve been had, a
Itlll llt.d' : ii ICUl all ..
Kills Klvpfslber Who Hem III
Damii ht, Cuflll,, pec, 80, -Al
Buchlna, it, shot and kilted
father, .loin lloclilnu, In
01 his house i '-night bectt
Ruchlnu liftd thrashed hint
t ne t- id a, r - ad lo. -
.. -
- k

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