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jtorwr-irians n Told That
SPVCII Neutral Nation. 1
w ill lit- RepnMiitcdi
,,- . 0ff49 ati M Tim 5l 1.
I. I (61 riftpjtch to Tiis Sum.
(-,,, .- . . DeA 2'1 Tlie Students
, ,,f irv.ln, rprntlnn atu-
j m ictof. lawyers unit professors.
. ... pee pilgrims kiat night.
-e tlillne roundly applawinl the
makers ol Mr, ItofaVl party, who were
p.. jonei t n k ii LtoyA i.ieut.-ciov.
injlreej !. !ulh Carolina, Ml
K,tiii i M Hr.-wfer, the Vinir Cnl
1, ,(:-.': Jolin D. Barry, a Pan
in . terepaper man. and Iouts P.,
Ltrhneri secretary of the International
Hocletjf Th"y explained the plan
a, ... :i i' II hOPtd tha peace will be
MM eh-"it.
u, l to an announcement made
,t m niK"t meeting, the plan of the
pa ty Mil for the Jolninn, with
. Americana, of ten persona each
hem S'OfWay, Sweden. Denmark, Hol
i pal , md wltMtten4i kII to aa
H . ,t The Mamie after Stockholm
Iflhaffer) have been visited.
4 The llafftli the body will select
,hr. drltsates from sacll of the seven
Mutrsl countriss, Tne tniy-one aeie
Correspondent at Front Says Latest Prisoners of French
Are Stunted and Deficient Boys Steel Hel
mets Reduce Wounds 70 Per Cent.
y K. it. (.Rt ni.
ApectaJ C6Je Dttpatrh to Tut SrN.
I'ari, DM. SO. As I returned yester
day from 11 three daya vUlt to tha
French Tront between Khelms and Sola
sons I regretted Klncerely that It Is Im
possible to send all of France to the
front for a similar trip, us well aa nu
merous representative of all neutral
countries directly affected by tlio war
through their territorial proximity to
tho belllftt-renta. 03 I feel sure all would
return as I did, deeply Impressed by
the confident o felt at the front.
This confidence Is not merely one to
withstand any effort of the Germans to
break through, but It If a confidence
that It Is the French armies that are
now permanently on tho offensive. Fur
thermore. It Is felt that a steady offen
sive movement Is bringing to perfec
tion means of attack sultablu to trench
a.ny moment They have several rows,"
wnose milk Is mucli enjoyed In the
nearby trenohe.
The whole dlatrlc. about Khelms Is
honeycombed t With trenches. On a ten
mile front here there are 250 mllee of
trenches and "boyaux," communicating
The Solaaonn sector has 1J5 mllee of
excavated trenches, the minimum depth
being six feet They are of the moot
modern type, turning at right angles
every few yard, being lined with wood
to prevent the sandy soli from caving In
and floored with wood.
One of the most Interesting Incidents
of o'r visit " the capture of seven
teen prisoners the day before our ar
rival by soventee.il French soldiers. They
were found lined up awaiting examina
tion ;ia wo motored Into certain head
quarters. A Herman speaking Swiss
rnrresjiendent, who VII with us. was
allowed to question them They were
with one exception degenerato and
stunted youth between eighteen and
twenty years of age, but appearing to bo
warfare and which the Hermans uie I between fifteen and seventeen.
falling to meet by parallel defensive
tin Just such a visit as 1 made, a
party of Swedlsji representatives. 1110 it
of them distinguished individuals
ently wen to the Frenon front.
Tliey were the product ol a Khanlah
manufacturing town and belonged to the
class of lilt, They had rx-en trained
far six months before transportation to
r, . the front. lr Iters from home found on
I . I them detailed a scarcity of fond.
though auch a party waa sure to con due .letter said: "There Is no oil
tain sympathizers with Germany and I and nb butter, even If you have the
might very well have contained German price to pay for It." Another of the
agents, tha memtier were ullowid to I letters seized was written hv tin hei.rer
will be smpOWered to sit ,,,, everything and it STU no secret but hail been s unned bv the regimental
It finitely, will consider two problems : , that thy returned home with I greatly 1 censor and consequently was still In the
T, inn means 01 pea, ana changed Impression of the t renoli writer's possession The w rds "we had
la feci : irei Mr peace from tel- , strength and one not at all similar to 1 -errible losses" doubtless caused the
ji I that created in Sweden ly thl German I letter to he stopped Their regiment
Hr, rom rwviTiv uiiurawwii urn. propaganda. nan parn--:iMieu .ii-inr sanpiemsjer in
Our party Ol six Included a repre- the Uertnan defence to the FTencn effen-
sentatlve noml: ated by the Australian si VI In Champagne
,., i prohibited from holdltxg meet
ing. In Copenhacen, It waa learned to
il, a 11 go there within a week,
! . r. t" seteol 'he delegate! to eo
,w, p . 1- peace party t,i The Hague.
Mai tppnlnt Mr. Bryan.
. , said tint William J. Hryan will
Government to supply articles to the I
Australian press
Aastraltaaa' Braver, Praised.
Will Think Twice Befofl At
tacking," Declares Ger
man Writer.
Letter to Leane for World
Peace Is Quoted to BhoW
His View.
.V fit abl Pnpatch to Tut So
l9NB0Mi Lec. 20. Herlln reports that
the German fleet plans a dash are ridi
culed here. An official statement Issued
by the German Admiralty received here
to-day says :
A portion of our fleet last week
searched the North Mea for the enemy.
It then cruised on tho 17th and 18th
In the Skngerark to watch commerce,
examine; fifty-two vessels and' selling
one carrying contraband. During the
w.Hile time the Kngllih naval forcea
nowhere were sighted.
British warshlpa were officially re
ported a week ago In the Hkageracl'.
where the Gernavne say their ahlpe
acre cruising
.Naval wi iters point out that Germany
haa already loll fifteen of her forty-rtw
light cruisers. The Hrltlsh destroyed
twelve of them. Che. Russians sent the
Matideburg to the bottom, while the
tieier la interned and the KarWtihi ws
8. Tr.vlnjr to Handle Big
Holiday Mail Through
European Neutrals.
WASiiiftoToN. Dec, 10 . President Wil
son has not yet abandoned hope of being
of service In bringing the war In 1M
rane to an end. In a communication
addressed to the I.oaauo for World j
Peace, made public to-day. replying to
the suggestion that tho time Is now,
propitious for making overtures to the I
belligerent Powers, the President sayo:
"I am following the development of j
sentiment in Kurope with regard to the,
war. with the utmost sincere desire to
be of service"
Tho President, however. It Is known.
Is not of the opinion that tho time has
yet arrived when a renewal of media
tion suggeatkma would be received with
good grace by the ICntente Allies.
The League for World Peace, of which
c.eor.e H. .wrUb'ey Is president and
David Starr Jordan, a vice-president.
oat. Six of the nine German armored j Interprets recent jtu ranees of officials
of the contending Governments as the
cxpre.-sion of a desire to end the strug
gle. Tho Immediate occasion for this
optimistic view Is the speech of the
C.eiman Chancellor, von Hethmarn-Holl-weg,
who Insisted that the terms of
cruisers were dest joyed
Great Hrltaln. on the other hand.
It Is announced nere, loif onl the
Argyll which Was wreck"d off thl const
if Scotland.
The Hermans do not shape this view.
Annouric'ng tho contemplated se;i dash
a 1 let nan naval writer says that the
Herman navy prepares to celebrate tho
second "war Christmas" by cotrplete
readiness, and continues:
"Our navy ha been engaged In
sixteen months of stille taettgkelt f unlet
activity), the Importance of wrrioh will
another party of prisoners captured I not ba eppreOlaAed until the end of the
earlier than these was busily raking
the headqunrt.rs garden They were
decidedly superior in uhysluue to the
war. Think of the situation hail th,i
fleet not kept faithful watch I 1'ngls.rxl
Planned to land troops on the coast of
erula commanding the army, men like
w gamed imong the American dele- Oen. Fratiehet d'Ksprey as well as three
. . will .i,,ept the Invitation
It was zJaaaant to note how the Gen- 1 .' ..' .u.. ...j . . .. Zm - . .' I Jutland. Only the presence of a strong.
. . wt-i- iii u r , 1 1 r , .-,, 1 ,1 eit., ui A mj U' . . . . ...
1 . ... ... - , ,u. oame reaoy i.erman
v port ! ready to place uniimnsBj
fa ,t thl disposal of the permanent
delegation nl The llatrue.
thl peace party leave., for
r on Wednesd.y it will Include
1st delegation from Norway
! is .1 (act worthy of notice that the
Mr Bryan received more a p.
u han did thai of Henrlk I been.
Ill gre.nl Norwegian dramatist.
. -. v.; Kor.i ivr Aime. k.siku
K h t
I -ik
,st fatigued as a result of her num-
s ilvltiei on the way over.
, . idlin I n imbere.l about 400. a
va: ehlch did not contribute to the
, , , thus imp Ol tne ndlvldual
,M..rs who had pa d live kroner each
1 nto he hill. Th American
sister srafl pre-ent
T.. meeting l,.e bee;, Hurriedly called
te pre. 'dent of tlie assoc
who were commanding divisions and one
who was commanding an antny corps,
to whom we were presented. sp,ke first
to the Australian representative of the
Australian bravery on the tlalllpotl Pe
ninsula. And this, even before welcom-
Ine; the distinguished historian ilusiklmo ,,r, 0f exceptional stenl
Kerrero, who was with us.
fgcturlng city. It Is of c urse Imposs'ble
to say 10 what extent they represent
Germany s latest recruits. Thev were
the only Germans Wi saw but the fact
that sixteen of the seventeen were eg
ceptlonally pior Specimens of manhood
would Indicate that the partteutir draft
in which thev were taken was not made
fleet prevented the
realisation of this plan.
"England also planned to land 100.000
Russians on German soil. The readariee-s
of the Kaiser's fleet prevented the
realization of Mial schema Hut for the
German fleet BrlMef LfOOpI WOUM have
been landed on the lleiglaa coast.
"HngUud Will tnlnk twt.e before her
fleet attacks tlie Germ,n navy. She
knows too well that when the hour
stilkes Khe German navy Will how
peace must provide Oat w.r shall not
return. This, the leairue osserta In Its
letter to the President. Is In harmony
with the utterances of the Hritlsh Pte
mler, Mr. Asqulth, and he French Pre
mier, M. llrlar.d
Vers a Comsnnn Aarrcrment.
"Here." the leasee's letter continues
"Is an agreement by the warring Powers
which covers, as e show In tii- accom
panying memorandum, the two prin
cipal demand! or the Allies frequently
reiterated since the -Irst month "f tho
war. Ther- te!ng th.s agreement on
the principal Issues In this horrible war
tlie tine bag arrived, we W"llrr, when
a lending M utral PoWlf H.-.ould Inv.te
the combatants to confer as to minor
"You. us tlie head of the T'nlted States
Government, and With 1 splendid lecord
.re doubtlesa lne
We stayed tor some nwura ... nans. rKr M,r nrimMs.
...) "taw what remains of the much dls- ;
cussed "Hlielms smile'- Altiiough the Kvery one. fi"m c.eneral to private. Itself e-cond to m other fleet in tne.., ,rct neutrali
mm L. .1.1 -.r itbltterated. the dim- wears th.- few -t.-el helmet, all ranks 1 world. sflui ean i.es i.ilie thl needed next
iv ores. m. Mi F'ord i' I pllrvl mouth still exiett to provs the cor- having the same make without distinc- "From the bombardment of LlbeAilgtep in the peace moeement."
from a cold and atme. BchWlmmer j IdentKy, The Caretaker of the I t'oti. Its protective virtues secured Its I two dj-s .ift"r mobilisation until tho To this the President replied:
cathedral, who dally studies tne .-ondi- popuiarty, Altnoiign me menioai aer- aonievomema or our wnmrernii suo-1 "AHom me 10 trmnK you ror your lei-
tlon of the ruins. Is convinced that tho vice has not yet pubPshed any statistics, j m.irlnes In sens thousands of miles away I trr of December It and to say trial I
winter If severe will so dilapidate the re- 't 's bel'eved that tin helmets have re-I from home our fleet has displayed, like have noted wit. the greatest Interest the
... .11.. ,.rwi unt-ooVd interior that dueed head wounds 70 percent. a siltiii ri!. Ia.... a l"ng row of heroic I statement by Chancellor von Bethnian.-.-
no. 1 . tinn w iit- innn bv j actions. .a.me use tne noen.gin l.uis... 1 tioilweg to WT.ien you rri-i. mw ..mi .
not eiit'",. on,, to compare tnr pre mere OoebOO, DreslSU. Kmden and Karlsru.iu am following the oevt lopiiu nt 01 sentt
Wahhincitov, Dec JO. To meet the
Christines demand, the Post Office De
partment has mads persistent effort 0 to I
reestablish parcel post service between j
the United .states and the Central Pow- j
era. The parcel post conventions be-1
tween the United States and Germany.
Austria and Hungary provide that par
cels shall lie despatched from the coun
try of origin to the country of destina
tion by steamers sailing direct from a
port In the country of origin to a port
In the country of destination. Follow
ing Is the order of events connected with
parcel service between Oerm.iny. Aus- j
trie and Hungary and the United State,.
since the beginning cf the Kuropean war :
August 1, 1114. direct steamship com-
tnunkatlon between Germany. Austria
and Huugary and the United States
ceased, and tho former countries gave
notlre that parcel post service In each
direction waa suspended.
November SO. 1914. parcel post ser
vice between the Unlt?d States and Ger
many, Austria and Hungary, via Kntter
dam, resumed after successful negotia
tions between the Post Office Depart
ment and Holland.
October Hi, ru.. last despatch cf par
eel post mall from Oermany. Austria
and Hungary to the I nltd States by
wav of Kotterdam
I l.'t.il,. .1 11 11'". laSl ur-Hcsl at Vaw '
York of parcel post mall from Oermany.
Austria and Hungary.
November 13, lslG. Holland-America
Line advised the Post (tf e Depaitment
thai It would no longer carry parcel
post mall for Germany, Austria and
November 13, 1915. there being no
other steati snip line available and no
other ports open for rei-e'vlng parcel
lost mall Intended for Germany, Aus
tria and Hungary, the Postmaa'er
G neral Issued a general notice of sus
pension and ordered the return of par
cel post packages which could not be
snipped and the refunding of postage
on such parcels.
November SI, IMS. the Post Office
j Department bv wirelege (a Berlin asked
I whether Germei.v would accept from
Sweden and Denmark delivery of our
! parcel post mall under the same eondl
! Ilong as It had previously a'cepted mall
from Holland.
1 November 31. lMr,, th Department
Tiffany & Co.
Watches and Watch Bracelets
Plain, Jeweled and Enameled
received n reply from Herlln In tho af
firmative. November 30, IMS, the Department
asked Holland. SweiP n and Denmark by
wireless i! any of thote countries would
accept parcel post mail for transmission
to Germany, Austria and Hungary
December t, ItH, Denmark replied,
saying that If such mall matte,- vis
sent by Danish-American Line mail
steaniera It might subject such ships
to search Denmirk did not reply 10
the Specific question asked
Dei ember 20. 19 II. no reply from
Sweden or Holland had been received
The despatch of pared post from
Oermany, Austria and Hungary to the
United States reused twotit -five da' 1'
prior to the lugpenalon of the arrive!
from the United St itea,
Hanker (Gars BIM Will add
.-..i mi. More.
A check for 2 '.O.-i from Pel x ; V.,r.
hurg was added yesterday to tlie sub
scriptions for new home for the rtronx
Young Men' s Hi brew Association, wntoh
will cist St,000 The Warburg gift
brought t'ic total subscriptions to
In 1 e tter ftl nOUnClng lis lift M
Warburg promised to Increase nil con
tribution from time to time so as to pay
10 per cent of ail contribution! received
until 7l.00t ha.- been raised, 11. 'king
M Warlwnfi mulmum sttbec"iitlnn
7,50e This hi contingent on 171.000 -e-
ing collected by the end of January,
Mr, Warburg addressed a noonday
meeting at the hen'quartirs 111 The
lining at which, in speaking of toe iim
llarlty between thl Work of the V M H
A. and the V. M r A, he announced
gifts of too from Gei.-ge W Perkins
and 23
BrOWtl Sloth Hear Djrllg From
Arsenic Too Police St-pk
tli- Culprit.
Pete aisl Daley, the cetnels in the cen
tral Park t.oo. are dead and litis-er. th'
broii n sloth bear, Is flying of nrsente
puisuilng, With the death of Pete a it!
Daisy the Cornel farnlly tit tlie SCO li
Wiped out. The enltre matter hng bOjgp
turned over to the pi.lK.-e gnd efloris are
j bemtf nnidl to find : ome ore' with a
warped m'nd who Is trying to kill the
I fioo animals by poison given th m in
1 10 ti.
Saturda) nlghi Keeper Jim Coy Is s.iv
I Pi t-' arrJ Daisy tying down and up
I parent! m. Bill Snyder, tht heatl
keeper, was called and ndminlslercil
an grnetlc, The animals grew worst
anti e veterinary wni summon id The
case wriv dlagnoged is one i.f poisoning
and every effort was mid- to save th'
gnlmalsa but to no avail. After IWC
duvs of terrible s'ler'nar they died
Shortly after finding the cam. Is sicV
Buster, th'- "loth bear, was taken 111 'n
the same way. lie wai Immediately re
moved t the trick bay, where be now nee.
There Is no wav to snv n'm.
The cHtnell were valued at $1 Ao audi
,the Sear at MI, Several months nRti
I Dn'sv gave birth to n bebv thai wu
.-aj'eii eleonstre, One morning ftnyder
and his men found Cleopatra crushed to
dentil lindei her mother. In view of this
eeroua efort to wine out the too ti..
police vig'ia'i'-e ani be Increased anil
the rule protilb't'sie the feeding "f
I animals ni be rig'diy in forced.
rwitoratlon will I Impossible The ar.-ii
priest at tolssoiie was mote hopeful
about hlf lloel building M experts
have told til lit that restoration Is still
i..il. ,i, ooKHihlr. "If.-' addeil the ar.-n-prlest 111
.... .1... ..,lm.;,nU ft,, him 1111 nomiiiiii snm
1 iiv lledeclarsd In an Interview coming after the war
it lie did
"enough money Is forth
e war."
Those who remember the world s rlmt
'he life In Paris, .but It Is (mt,oss'hle
ot to be strin g be 'me great fl'fference.
While Paris is full of talk ahout ortlrers,
events at the front. Parliamentary de-
vetnnmentl eth an unending supply of
mysterious cabals, the front has become
;i gre.,t work-hop of elltplovees who
wrk at war with iiiueh the sam sp(rt
displayed by any workers toward their
t IklMl l . , (.u M.
POW 0( bringing about peace and great aviation meeting : at Dusw, ue
.. . .i, MMBiiiiii ,-,r 01,'ninu sioe iwicnn-. wnei" ...
N'orweglans I distance onampioraanip wim n. nis industry In time of jieace.
I ha Vi 1 . li.d. h said, "with all his ct-tllt and laitham the altitude Kxc-pt for family ties thev have be-
AiW's ' on - ml women in Norway oruunptonahlp at tOi feet, miracles six eome u il'-lant thing Utterly lacking
-k'. 1 the Government to make years agio, will be interested to know )M ptsresl for the outside world. They
. increase In ti e national ' Unit IWtheny is nxw In ruins BsVlfl- 1ir, saver tc tell visltora about their
The Soeinllsts. who are op-I teen Inhabitants still cling to their amrk hip they ask t o nelrs from the
- . any move of this sort, were j homes, which are liable to be Shelled at ln'erlor
-..in defeated at the lust election a, M I
I , ;. crowd of curious persons I
. . ! ifllC tO-day outside the Grand
Mo-e'. whin Mr Ko-d and most of his
... . ,-. siopplrg. Tiny were In hopes
' - - Mr. Ford, but
names Hk Von r)pee, steyer-Waldsck,
Weddlgen und all others are engraved
In world I,. story.
'Th.sc names will iioar witness to
coming generations beroto spirit
of our navy "
did not
were disap-
orreaponilenla Win f'olnl.
s attempt to force five newspiper
tsrrtii 01 -its who illd no' boost the
he r aerial mSSISgSS from
the "si-sr II. lo qull the iwiry here
' 10 . Ilvel discussion when the
Wai broughl up before all tae
Tl.ls attempt failing and the
ndentl In question detnandtng
the charges as-a'nst them te pub
I 1 1 endeavor was made to have
- - .-f fr',-rlon otticlil, denied.
; Ben Llndsey ami Mrs i.ind
s urged Mr I'eni to give up the
llt pi 10 bring about pea-'e and divert
fortuns being spsnt In th.it direction
' t . f i.'hlldren made parentless
" r Mr. Port fi tly refused this
. .,!.i expressed his unswerv
r etermlnatlon to go ahead with hla
ortgti ! ptirp-.se.
A tfuei now obtains between the
tr -. -ring f.i, tloni in the party.
' n to studems and s-mie mlll
llr ni the afternoon Wtsl s-e'.l
T-iose who had come to see
If - 1. hoa'ever. were disappointed.
"' li t, Aked tmleavored to wel
1 "it 'h -i', alio w.re very cour
I I 1 my, however, were sceptical
out th wh le afTa r. A flo-k of agents
gerenta have taken quartersj
hn , -1 . .,. watching the delegates,
islr c nvorsatlons. IVa-iw,
I PP lo a' ,-iti Amertctin detective
on the Oacar II. kept
: He is returning on , Kllersii
tns ,.. . afiord
Aeroplane Kvport. Returning
on the St. Paul. Intimates
Pav Ih Near.
A nn v Officer's. Haiio liter Ie
dared Capable of Han(llinr
igOO.000 Kstate.
Will Retire This We.-U aa Leader
In vtli h fllatrlct.
a 1 other obi Tammany leader la o'n
to resign. Rx.0enator Jaui.- Kr.iS-.ey
-alii yeaterdal that ':.' Will set OUI of the
iH-.iitir.il arena for good when he
formally retiree .a leader o:' tin- Twenty,
sixth Assembly district before the
I present week ll ended
! Nathan Hurkan, a Lawyer, win prob
ably be choesn b th- county committee
;,.s Prawley's lucceeror,
rYaWley retired as Senator Ir 113.
He was big factor di Tan, 111 my polulcs
. for ye. .is and was chairman of th- legls-
' lat've 1 imtnlttee wh'-h provided the
metu In Kurope with regaro to ins war
witi, the utmoit Sincere desire t. be of
service "
Evidently looking optimistically upon
the 1'resldent s reply league irar.s-
mltted cop.es of p. together with Its own
water ar.d memorandum) to the diplo
matic representatives of the warring
rrderwlloa of raraape.
These Ideas of terminating a "re.gn
ef force.1 " Hit league states In Its
memorandum, "and thereby establishing
., permanent pesos' are .po.h making.
They mean no 1 than a demand by
tl-e Allies for the formation of the
federation ol Europe in place of two
warring camps atrJ the group of neutral
countries. The German Government uc-
cepls ti.e '..lea "
iroilowina 'he establishment or a
European federation, the memorandum
continues, will come a federation of the
AmerVas and sventually a federation of
tiie world. When th's ptin.t is reached
wsr win t-e forever banished from this
n n Robinson "f the fun ink Aero
phUM rompanv. who returned -ester-
,V,v b the American llnr dt, Paul said
..." 1 lu.. asssmbllns :. roplenee at
Hen. Ion for the iiru.sn armi -
kflti Mr.rj B. McKay Ward, daughter
f the late Qen, William J. Ward. I".
a . wai declared sane ar.d thoroughly
flairs by nnl operated on foi
mated that there might be a rob man air u Jury in 1 tie Supreme Court In ritatrn OaHl
ra.d 0.1 (iermany. He said t.i ""J" Island yesterday. Miss Ward has laid
would be astounded soon by sever. I I
evl.lele-e ul'l, Will,-', Wllliall, Snle- Ki.s
removed from the Governorship planei
Some months ago Kr.iwley tsnight a ' A highly Unas native picture Of tM
fa,-,,, at sff.-r. n v. wind. i,e stocked bless-nn .h- mil follow .then Jhwn
with cattle and as aeon as he retires from A;l """" f" ':''"".",, '" ' ' ', "
.-.11.1...1 a, .11.. er.. ,,. ...it I-.., 1 natloni how at one another throats
i-w.ii aswsvw ..a.- - A 1 ' . . ,: 41 .-.',h- ,
1 v : 1 1 im 1 viiwwrui
I .'mitt will .nijui-t .ii tf-yuct. llltTiml
Walter rwtltsa li.. lMIim.lfJJ,,mV 's well a s greal will bask In
walter Pulltser of 0tt Unuadway waa uwci with .... jr'lsiurbed sensi .f
I taksn t.. ti.e i re: e.i rloapttal yiaatsrtay security and assure thai fh.-.r neign-
l'pe...-,t.s i.v lit. S.ia. w 11 :...t et.. n. upon inei .'--
a voter Ir buffer:.
dom or their 1 Ights
b W 1 - ..we- Mm :.-
I m
"About as near perfection, I l
suppose, as they make railroads.' "
1 1 sal 1 1
velopments In aerial warfare but re
fused to hint What tnej nnan '".""."'
legs telegraph, se-xirding to testimony
ground the be had bsen 1',J'1 10 j obtained yesterday, sne said recently
talk of what ne nao t..-e,. -
tlon causisl a revival of the rumor that
the obji-ctlve of tlie great aerial fleM
making ready at llendon was the Kiel
that her father had forced her to marry
an unny ofltoer when ghe was 12 yearg
! old.
Assistant District Attorney gtsvenson
" . , t-.. n V as Ami oves 111 it luiiigitiow on in. u;,ro es-
Mrs. Jamee Hlakelei. once a Mndon rtrvms. 11111 si,orr ,,. ,
tlttlefy girl, who was "'"10 a j testltle.1 Uist he has talked with Miss
by a Zeppelin raid on MndM In Wu,(, m times, and that she 1m
ber, was a passenger by t tie k pressed him as Is lng an IgCSptHXially
Bhe was accompanied by her young ; . ( ( one time, after he had
sons. James and roster, who were
...-i u.it not hurt when an aerial ' .
bomb exploded In a nelglibor s yard
Mr, 1
Other passengers were i.en. Wilfred
who Will inspect orunanc-f
and ammunition being mnmirui-' nr. u
here and In fan i.lu lor the Allies: P. It.
Pattsrson, an oltlrlal of th'- National
Rsirlater Comnany, who fell down
pupen glv 11 good amount lle aompenlonWI .1 on Friday and broke
th, arrival of the delegates ,, . i,.f. iP. and was sent yesterday
morning to ft. Vincent's Hospital.
less telegraph.
en. e with Mlsl
told him that
In tht' world tl
! talke.1 over this
Ward, be said, and she
he WHS tile first pel's., 11
conceive of telegraphing
Td'a I rltlra Praise Him.
views with the leaders
laey . .,, raising Air. Ford aa
In 111 Pellet' In peace, but say
iiu ..- i, low European con-
ll really uneducated.
(i i- ol isr hand, the newspapers
' ' ' ll Iter attack upon Mine.
ror falsely raisin,, the hopes
"' thi i . i'. s by sending wireless
o "commltteog of arrange
Doctor to Tell Wilson That I.OOaV
ono Heed Milk. I
Wabiiinoton. DSC 10 An appeal will
K made to the President to use his o'llee
ver existed. The In preventing the dei.th by starvation of
irltha)Ul ti m 1 1 1 P; Wtfttfi Shf rf't ttW Idt'ti i
durltif hftHV) ihun4retonn, sh told I
i him, and :itl.l tiutt her t'a'her'r of
' tary jr;vo to Mafoonl Mihr W.ird'fl con- ,
OtptlOR of thp p-Mit Invfiition. The. goe
' rftarv, Miw Wunl eaid, wuh a rluM j
frtnri of Mrtrooni'H.
DTi Hunwey Hunt, a HMtltAl on-1 nr-
lyouj dlMNUM po. lallati toatlftod ttiftt h j
i 1?M'V(1 MiM Wunl .i vtotlm of chronic!
I dtlwlonftl Insanity, Honry wr inr, j
i vlrp-prenltltnt tf Lba Unooln Tnint Com
I panr, whioh hmuirt.t tho iin-rvnt Rotlon
1 iK-tiiiSt iM Word, !-at'l Mint thn tuin-
PMiy new hold! for hOr i rojMTty worth ;
ft bout 1100.000, Krlc Ktisim. occupant
thai hi thought M:s.- Ward wkh xcftp-
tlonallv Intolilffonl and ' rone rnfnded, i
und executive head of lheiiFr William I'rlHlimd, ftlUnUt, raid he'
ommltte of VohI mipmonui t thought .MiN Ward had dolUOtonft lii-
y t teevldentlj did r very thin 1.000.000 bftblM throotonod,
, reception here but failed, lit bf a milk famine.
Vi PtUdonU botng recilved physician
tt . 1 i f ;7.tiH C
T i". g, the largest evening ' of N.-W York, called at CM Wie nouse ggnlty.
I legates are not repre- , to-day. seeking an audience with the ,
i an.es a,- not known 1'resldent. The ,-onference will ' ',' 'riCTTlKm TVFATW QHTP OnTTt
The ..per suyi the greatest ! ranged now or Immediately upon the I EASTLAXlD, HEATH SHIP. SOLD.
".Hi it t thi delegation li not I President's return to Washington. i
lean, and thinks It im- Dr. von Mac.h Insists that Midland a Vramrl u'hlcb WOO Were I. oat
' i '.at ten Norwegian delegates ! blockade of Oermany is not arte, i ins urn
Voulri i ...luii- of Oermany. but that tiiousende
Jh . Ihaa arar. uksd nolt.t of babies are In danger of dying fori ClIICAOO. Dec. "0. The lake ateamer
I lack of milk, lie win urue mo "' i,stlaii, I was wold at auction to-day for
dent to take up with me iintian si' 1 141000 to the llllnolg Naval Rsgsrvo and
bassador. plpHng-Klce, the question f wU1 N. , u , training ship. The
permitting a relaxation of the Hrltlsh flmj ,,. tg purohgge Wag gllbfjOribetl bv
blockade on shipments of condensed milk pul)lfl ,-plrlte.l citizen.
The auntlon. ctsulu -ted liefore Juilge
Uaildla In the United Htutes Tilstrlct
t'ourt. brought out only two bidders, the
Naval KeeerVI gnd A. i.llbert, repre-
II rings Sill, llllll.
i . n inregkm ).a ret of-
" ' iH tn :be cause
The ,i.i,,,e. conservative paper
f i'-r :
OS-: . I
itt ii
'I I '.,
Konl .
Kitg ...
In 111. IrenohM derive little to Oerman Infanta. A , million nmn ,
,., ,),,.. H,-eeha.K. resolutions day are required, he sas. Borne aiilp
g. I,. , them .-ontinue their menu of condense! milk are being mad
ureil spost,
ford's childlike be- to Oeimon
mothers by the committee via
7. . .: . . , . . . . . .1....
einemliered long after tlie nrst class man. oiru ii .- ' '" ; s.mtlng th. i 'ontlnentiil Steamship Tom-
...... - - . ..r n.-. v,,fif
,. n peace coiifei-enre Is a formal prolan-ami .--..
1 1
I IMUiy of N. w Vol k.
The Baetlgndi which turned over In
In reeuro io u""'''-r"" .Xr'mr Ion of more than 100 lives, wag OW I
,-ontr but ons of condensed milk Hec-
ti - .... Ami ,1. ., m. .1- ' l'9 IH' lll..lw,.. ..-.-i!l .',' .. lit. .ll'
i and Clark vs. . 1 1 see the retar)' musing m n w ,i. f'ompnny. which went Into the li.inil.-i of
rangementa M.,.h a receiver utter the dlKasl-r. Its value
Oovemment for tlie shipping of any lUOtl w- ..m,,,,..,. llt to,000,
supplies. I
.re mad- to,- mopMer partment by the BrM Ish ttoi er.in.e
i.r a- Wtoclcholtn if Mr.
i.t ,,-'a the part. tlov
imw, but Mr Fo'd hia not
Ii ieuoe for himself or other
II" I l.rta III. I ertlHeale.
of I
Tamssanf- aVIonere lo Ulae.
. . Bitw i-atta tnr Sjaaaji eiaaa
who arranged the umakiw ' " -"
i, . i '..ngri eman has been ' ., ,,. .,'41,;. ,.,..
fredorick C Hl. k., from the riates for Tammany Halls successful M WMk OIUU
i,n u Island dlntrbsl after a tsar candidates aunng ii'- ie.ee, wiiiwm
ting with Uthmp Rreva are to have a dinner 10 i,.,.,,o night tt
Mr Hicks Irrrmedlately u. the National Pefnoonttlo lub. John v
H Ida secretary J Huvler BW. Keller will be tho toasitna-tei and anion:
.....n milxiaa U s..rw,.rv Hie () or more glieatrt will be Ids
d BlllMM . 211 Wert trlet Attomey-elect Swann. Sherlff-clee.
New Vork, and i. a friend Smith, ChaMWi 9, Murphy and funnel
.p j Attorney OMgrtJ Thomas Carmody.
"They wouldn't believe my
Tuxedo was Saks-made"
Told to us a t ew day ago by a well-knowr.
N'ew York newspapermun, who hiul .iusl
'nought 11 pew Silk Tuxedo for ChriltBlftl
, The incredulous ones were two of the bent
known actors on the American stage, and we
don't blame them a bit. Judged by average ready-to-wear
standards, Saks Evening Clothes are in
credible. To men accustomed to pay fabulous
prices for their clothes and to submit to the ritual
of tape, chalk and conversation for every garment
they wear, it seemed inconceivable that style
could be acquired at such economy of cost and
fl Yet the fact remains that Saks Evening Dress
Clothes will fit a man without reheanal and with
out dipping up on their linen! Same with a Saks
Cutaway. And no formal and informal clothes
made so admirably combine flexibility of tailor
ing with permanence of lit.
Dreg Clothe, coat and trousers $28 to $55
A special model, xilfc lined, at $28
Tuxedo, coat and trousers $25 to $38
A special model, silk lined, at $83
Braided Cutaway Coat and Vest $28 to $38
i I
SAKS DRESS VESTS $3.50 to $12
Our leadership also extends to vests, whereof we
have a rantfe of selections which embraces the rich
est silk and mercerized designs ever made for for
mal wear.
Saks & (Company
"About as near perfection, I
suppose, as they make railroads."
Thomas A. Edison.
Mr. Thomas A. Edison recently made a rail
road trip across the continent.
Commenting on the roadway of one of the
western railroads in a newspaper interview, "the
Wizard" said:
"Their tracks are like the New York ( xmral's
and that's about as near perfection, I suppose,
as they make railroads."
The New York Central Lines
arc the standard of measurement tor railroads.
i :
! I
1 1
! I
1 - i i 1 1 i
j' j
PfeiirnTTntTin-iTiri'.nnrrmi'iTrni'nTnriTi for the Public SeiV.Ce Uimmi't'll'inutttrirrmTTTi iuiiiMirmrrTrrm
zzzr::. . lea . 7 1

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