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ESTATE, $6,382,759!
ClIfM Realty Ts rntmuali
Brewer's Fortune Is Half
of Estimate at Death.
An inventory of the fiersnnsl property
tt J. oh Rupptrt, the brewer, who died
Kg) Iat. filed yesterday In the Hur
Ngste'fl totirl( fine the value of his e-ts.-luslve
of realty, at tS.J2.?:.9
of the Kor.nl epprslaed at S6.M4.3I.
O,, decedent's holding of 1.000 shares of
Meet liupnert. Inc., the brewing com
mm u ,i uppiHlaed at 14,864. 504. Ida
I (inn ahafM of -i x-k In the JaAob nup- I
nrrt flealty Cm porotlon were valued at I
Itlf.f St. Other stock were: 1.000
ftiani Arctic llygela Ice Manufacturing
Company, flfln.non; 404 hree Astoria
Hlk Work, 4t,400 ; ten shares New;
ork ' " " "" ."""; muck in
,h N. w York American League Bae-
t,,n ilub, iSl.Mt,
Other unfits were hank deposits. I75.
Si account! receivable. 1260.410; per
formi property on Hudson Itlver stock
hrn st Pousiikeepale, 103,481; personal
nroDtrfv at Hhlneberk. 11. -66. and other
,1 l-freet.a. Ill, 089.
The toliedule of the property on fhe
Hud'oti Itlver Stock Farm Includes the
f,lnrire etalllon: llnlf Interest In i
iiuy Axworthy, 11,110 ! Wurtenberg and I
aftrkirlt, $1,000 earh. The following ,
fcrood mares lire listed: Lulu Arton and !
fMt, $2."" : Temptress. $;.000; I.orrtta
nrl foal, 11,000; Lady Worthy and foal, ,
IJ OOd; Lorrtta Oakland, $1,000; Worthy '
Oakland. $1,000 The following brood ;
marei w!th record! are Included In the
appraisal: Anna Worthy. $1,000; Anna
Axworthy and foal. $3,000 ; Sapphire
Worthy ami foal. $1,000, and Zola Hello.
$1 OOO Mr Hiippert also owned Mar
garet enric h, a two-year-old fitly, val
ued at 17,100,
At the time of Mr Ruppert's death his
scale was estimated at $'.'0,000,000. I'n
1v his realty holdings are very great
the value of the estate will be less than
half the estimate.
In his will Mr. Hiippert gave his wife
(hi. life use of his olty residence at Fifth
avenue and Ninety-third street and his
.euntry place at Rlilnebeek. and also
ftivf her the Income from a part of
the residuary estate. Ills stock In the
brewl nir and realty companies and the
Ice manufacturing concern were left to
Ma son Pol. Jacob Hiippert in trust for
i'ol liupuert and i Ieorge K. Ruppert. an
cther son. and his daughters. Mrs.
.tuand Hillock and Mrs Anna t
Selialk. during the life of Mrs. Ruppert.
Vhe:i she dies the principal ts to be
divided anions the children, with the ex
cepting r Mrs fichalk 0 share, which la
to be In id .ii trust.
Woman appears for itT of tfowrl
gan's Kin to tirt l.atate.
BtllAggTH, N. J.. Iec 20 Mrs Ma
t da UolUni of Mrooklyn tills afternoon
pptarod In behalf of twenty-seven
. hep ho WO and cousins its a oon
"mn'.i' before Judge Jatnes Connolly at
ppobato of the will of William N.
Hourlgan, who died a few months ago.
rwr Doquoatnins an estate valued at 1
mr than 1100,000 to his wife of a
so long as ahe does not re-
"olHns seeks to have the will
tflde on the ground that Mourigan
a fraudulently and Illegally Influ
M' by M'ss Mary K Punn of VVeat
'' Staten Island, h's nurse, whom
M tni r
TV wl
Mod ..
ran w
"if tl
:s f'h:r
led a few days before h'.s death
! was drawn the day before he
id Mrs. Collins declares Houri
II "of unsound mind" at the
. twenty-seven contestants one la
.1. ti ree are In Colorado and the
New York city.
Pictures tif I n,,, nberg, W ho
Painted Wilson. Sri at glKt.ono.
'lust i w. c. I.angenberg. iKirtrait
Otinter, m died on November 27 last 1
si l irk'i Hoopltal, Is alleged to have
' ling In ins studio at 106 West'
rtjr.flfUi et-eet w orth $113,000. Thie !
MbUnient w-as made yesterday In a isMl- 1
'on died In the Surrogates' Court by
tgfiel Kills, a lawyer, of lift Nassau,
ilftet, !o has a claim for $40 for pro-I
ftaekmal -er Iceo. He asks that Kiel
l the artist's hI-.h and noareet
1 all aho was appointed 'administratrix
till n-i'ite, he compelled to inorea.se!
her bond frvmi $2,1100 to $2.-.ooo. The I
- will come b. fore Surrogate Cohalau '
When M:ss Folge filed her application I
fgf letter of ndmlnlst ra' Ion ehe alleged '
Hal the iiecedent'a estate, onsistl:.g of j
$' In household iffeets and the re-'
lnil' his paintings was worth not
noM n m 2.niirt. Blllo'e petition gives I
th following silntings with their values
' iter by I ..mgenherg :
Ufi 7i portrait fit President Wilson.
II ,000; l,...,se In Studio.'- $10 000;
1 Market," a MextrUn landscape.
'' "' "Dutch Qlrl Smiling." "TorTeon.
" v and "in Pennsylvania," the
' worth 111.000: "Piitch filrl With
' 1 ' Kleld," tl.000; four Relginn
U ipsa, 1 1.OOO ; "Madonna." $,".ooo ;
"Bbmsr k." IS.000: "Miss Chrlotonaan,"
"Mademoiselle," $10,000. and
other palming worth $10,000.
tale ., Serbs Inhi rllanee T x
on 1 onverit Parrels.
" ' : VgRNON. N. Y , Dec. 10.
w ' ' mark of Mount Vernon, state
' a-, tpprataar In West chest or
'. I to da) that the appraisal of
late if John Wer.del of Man
! " ' left an estate of more than
I! 0, 1- fast timr'ng a close and
of transfer tax which the
'' ' ' M will have to pay will soon
o known
Ml Clark says that the appraisal of
ronerty set fV.rtli in the report of
for the estate aagresratlnr
iiuO has boon practhally
II Ipon .loseph P. Iay and WIH
1 I' II. iv haxv been anolnted an
1 ' ers to fix the -alue of this uronertv.
III. .
th- -
The ,,
1. 1
main contest Is over twenty
leishl flven by Mr. Wendel to
Ii before lus death, w-hleh
' it luims should lie taxed.
' they oonvsy is worth be-
l!5, ' ."'"i anil ,40,000,100. The
ti 1' a t. prove tlat the deede
lied in anticipation of death
ro I the t r:i nafer tax.
Ililrr will I. ei sin.ooo tlalate of
Ills, MaeOowall Vmkers.
'ii. Pi.siks, Deo,
A decision
r u
Appellate Division of the Ku
e i nt. tileil here to-il.i, afltmi
tu ' William A. Hawyer in hi or
idn Itinaj to pruliate the will of the
Viitm (.'oe UaoDowell of Vonkers,
' .'Ikiiirt Invalid the trust provl
ptnvidlna for a tiotne for sited
I w-otnen w-lin weie not deslied
- home of their relatives Tha
Irli'a sister, Mrs. Anna fllDsoni
"i irlts th estate, valued at lt,
Nlrr0(4b) held that Miss Miic
trusi provision was nut a iliar
I ;s- bseaUSS she nauied about
persona who should be rtrst , nr.,i
lha home Ths case had been in
I DC, July, lilli.
a ' .
Copyrlxht American I'rraa Association
Oscar Straus at his desk
fcar S Straus became chairman of
tho Public Service Commission yester-
- .fr-aBI
: day and was confronted almost Im
mediately with one of the most litis
i portai it matters that the commission
lias on Its hands at present a settle
ment of the difficulty raised by the fail
ure of the Sinking Kund Commission
to accept an agreement entered Into by
I the commission and the New York Dock
j Company for an exchange of property
at the ends of Clark. MontagUO and
Joralcmon streets In llrooklyn.
1 The dock company has already de
manded that the suhwav contractors get
off the company's property at the foot
of Clark street, and It was Into a con
ference on this subject that Chairman
Straus plunged yesterday afternoon.
Previously he had taken the oath of
office, but even before that he was being
i initiated Into the mysteries The com
mission was holding 111 regular Monday
calendar day and Mr Straus took his
1 place between ailing chairman Cram
and Commissioner Wood
hear the
cases called up and briefly
dealt with.
Miss Madi'loinp Iot v Chnnrt's
That She on M Not Talk
nt nquriy.
Wiiitf Plains. N T., ! c SO The
W estchester liratal Jury which has he n
cenductiiuj an Inquiry Into condition at
sing Sing prison under Warden Osborne
hewrd four witness toeday and then
adjourned until next Monday The in
vestigation is now egpecbed to laat until
the mi dote of January, as the jurors are
dOlormlnad to hear all sides of the prison
The Jurors asked Justice forOhgUr
to usietid their work for a week, but
lie declined, informing them that they
could adjourn until when they pleased,
Tiie aaltnaaaaa toda were all friend
.1.., Thaw w-r.. M.,1,0 1, t.
Hon. a member of the Prison Commas
mission; Clifford H. Harmon and I Ieorge
10. Bsynolds, the pioneer prison worke:
of the Christian nctno Church.
Miss Doty was Indignant when ahe
left tlie Urand Jury room. She said
h didn't have a otMUICS to tell the
JUMirs all she know, hooauso Assistant
District Attorney Fallon cut her off
when she had been talking only ten
"He was decidedly dlaoourleoiis.' sh
said, "and I shall oionnult Dean K'n hwey
about complaining to HtstrS-t Attorney
VVeekg about him t w-as isrlmed with
material. They have so many atlidavits
from convicts sou using Warden Osborne
that I thought they might like sonss of
the n.ther side. Hut Mr Fallon shut in
right off without attempting to Hurt out
any totng"
Warden Osborne has reduced tlie size
of the death natch at Sing Slnar For
merly six keepers were divided into three
eight hour shifts of two men each to
watch the men about to die. Now there
:m onlv one wgti hman in the death hOUM
from 1 1 :S I' M, to :3 A. M.
Freed Prom Trylna laloldSi
Van fata III Throat.
jai-oh Hrown. who wns arraigned In
oourt Sunday chsrffed with attempted
Uietde and discharged after he prom
ised the Magistrate not to attempt to
take his life iiualn. cut his throat with
n rawir In his home. 10 Bast 103d street,
vesterday and died. When lie was re
vived a fewr days MO after being as
phyxiated he said lie was despondent
because of Illness.
Brow n p -Hilar actions yesterday
riiused hi wife to become suspicious.
She followed hint a he left the house,
hut tost sight of htm. Then she loped od
to go to her apartment. She found his
body In the hallway of the sixth floor
Brawn probably returned to the house
throuah another entrance. He leave
six children.
Claimants' l.rtler r-iwarap fndrr
takrr Who Hurled inpiiosed I'nuper
When an old recluse named Charlie
White died of starvation in Ihe North
Hudson Hospital In Weehawken ttiree
month ago he was believed to lie pen
niless. It was Inter discovered that he
had accumulated 60,000, and then begun
the search for relative.
l.aat week letters profes ing undying
love for, "poor old Charlie-- lagan to
rrlve at the otTaCS or William wunni,
an undertaker who was Interested In tlie
old man They were from men and
women who called uismasivs everytiung
from brothers and aistsrs to sixth cousins
and great-gratidnepliews Olid nieces.
B Very body Insisted that he or she should
share In the estate.
Would-be Heglclde Honored.
itovja. ijoc. 30. "Dsmongtrailoni
against Austria took place throughout
Italy to-day in commemoration of iiio
gntllVgrggry "t tlie Trieste student fiber
dank, wlio was hanged by the Aus
trian thirty-throe years ego for mak
ing an attempt on the life of Kniperor
r'taucls Ji
h, ".
after taking the oath.
Arriving at fhe ottloe of the commis
sion at in o'clock. Mr. Straus said ha
hadn't anything to say about anything.
"I have a big problem ahead of me."
he said, "and my policy will be to give
the best that Is In me There Is no
need of making a hullabaloo. Iat my
actions speak louder than words."
Ashed what he knew or thought
aboui the liary dinner to Col. Roosevelt
Mr. Straus said :
"I knot nothing about It. When I
entered that door 1 left politics behind "
The oath was administered by Justice
Lehman at r.':15 o'clock In the presence
of Commissioner Hayward. Secretary
Travis H. Whitney. Assistant Secretary
James It. Walker, (ieorge S. Coleman,
chief counsel for the commission, and
Percy S Straus, a nephew of the new
halrmau Mr. Straus signed the oath
and It was Immediately sent to Albany
by special messenger
Referring to the New York Dock Com
pany situation. Mayor MltChOl said yes
terdav that the city Is willing to do
the fair thing, hut that the $lo,ono
Offered by the dock company for the
city's property Is but a small percentage
of what It la worth.
Evidence All In, hut
fur Dismissal Delays
tiriiii; of Jury.
evldom 1
1 'leary.
Crrr, N v.. Dec :o .--Hearing of
i,t the trial of William V.
former Town Olerk and Damo
ii.ie of HavorotraWi on the
of the fourteen Indictments
mi against him. charging him with
grand iar.-eny and the conversion of
emr funds to his own account, was com
plett '1 today. The Jury would have re
tlped late this OVOnltMJJ lii decide utsin a
verdict had nol motion hy deary's
counsel for the dismissal of the Indict-
meni caused delay until to-morrow.
Supreme Court Justice Arthar R. Tomp
kins Will announce Ills decision on the
(motion at noun to-morrow
of the prOgSOUtlon. repre
sent. si hy Deputy Attorney -i ieneraj Wil
bur Chambers, r.-ete. largely on Warren
Huisley. former overseer of the poor fund
in HaversjtraW. indicted with Cleary.
WhO t.lTlied State's e Vide nOV. Paisley
tetttifled that t'leary had asked him to
1 make certain pavments to his aocmnt.
The total shortage In the jsxir fluid
books found liy John Hall, an expert
accountant from Comptroller Travla'o
olhVe, was 11.000. Hall testified to a
number of check transaction he had Internal loflal Alliance and Kartenders In.
discovered. Thomas Dixon, cashier of I termvtlongj League, which Is in charge
the National Hank of Haverstraw, traced I of the strike, said yesterday that the
the payment of money from Supervisor liist Side strike will be Settled by to
. Johlah Patter of the poor fund to Halslev I morW or Thursday
and then to Cleary. 1 "There have been 1, . arrests, because
i Cleary, when iie took the stand In jwe haVe consistently observed the peace,"
! his own defence, said that he drew I he gold. "We have on the g..l opinion
I money to re, mbur.se himself for amount
i paid to needy people from his own
I ket. Ills list of the amounts which
' he had thuM disbursed totalled 11,500.
i This left 1, tOO P be accounted for, ac
I cording to the State'a ca.se.
The State announced this afternoon
, that If Cleary was found guilty on the
pending charge the elnven remaining -
charging grand larceny and the carrying
i,l" a concealed weapon would not lie
pressed. Justice Tompkins ha not yet
sentenced Cleary for forgery. He was
convicted when put on trial on Ihe ajiret
I nnanll lag I'.iiglneer flvrreomr by
Uns In Ponahkreiiale.
rot iiiikixi'kh, n. v., Dec. 20. w. w.
Cole, a consulting engineer of too West
Bnd avenue. New York, whs killed by
gas in hla room in the Nelson House
here early to-day
Cole, who represented Cole, Ives .V
Davidson, retired shortly after midnight.
His body was found In a chair clad In
a bathrobe and his pajamas were thrown
across the gax tlxture. Cole's death is
bsllsvsd to hgVS been aivldcntal.
William W
Cole was bom In Med
llll, and was graduated
r Pol) technic Institute in
line assistant engineer ut
ford, Mass
from Won
1SS7 He
tlie New Kuglaud Construction Cornput v
which at that time was building w.it. r
works In Newport. Hater he waa divi
sion engineer of the Toledo, St. Ixiuls
and KglUHM City Itallroad. He became
widely known In hi profession by his
work In connection with the public ser
vice companies of Hlmlra. lie was in
strumental In consolidating the street
railways, electric light companies and
park properties Into one consolidated
utility corporation. In 1H07 he beoamo
associated with Hay A Zimmerman of
Philadelphia, ami as manager of the
public utilities department, organized
the Pennsylvania Central Light, Heat
and Power Company ami also was prom
inent in the reorganisation of tho Blec.
trie Light and Traction Company of Oil
Mr Tide wa a member of many
technical societies. Including Hi Na
tional Hlectrlc Light Association, lint
was for a time vice-president of the
Kmplrc Stale CI OS and Bleotrlc Asso
ciation and the New York Slate Hall
ways Association, He had also been
prealdeni Of Mi Railway Valley Rail
road. He is survived by a wife and two aons.
Voting to Bejrln January
May fall Out Men on
458 Howls.
The 4SS railroads I
Ciiicaoo. flee. $0
of the Cnlted States were lirouslit f
to face with the eight hour day to
elirht when executive committees of the
four ereat railroad latwir organisation '
who have been ulttlnit In Joint session j
nere ror two w as lorn.uis "' '"7 ,
for a out to eight hours from the pre-
1 ...in., m i,..,,r a,., Time nod a half 1
for overtime also will be asked.
Resolutions embodying the demands ;
re to be mailed to every metnlier of ,
the four brotherhoods on the first of the
year for a referendum vote. The mem
hehln will have slxtv days In which
'to return the hnllot.
If the demands he approved and enters
of ttie several associations say there miier night workers who, after a night
Is HO question as to their approval, the of toll at their desks, often feel the
executive committees will draw up the ' need of he nose hag toward daybreak
demands for submission to the general .and thereinto bust Into the Battling Nel
managers of the railroads. son drill of Jack's at an hour which
The last of the contracts of the engl- makes them blush every lime Uiev look
neers and firemen atul those or the
Western railroads expire May 11, 1!1.
and that I the date mentioned as the
probable time for presenting the de
mand. The membership of the organisational
involved numbers more than 400.000
tinen. These organisation are inna
I'the campaign for tho universal eight
hour dav: Brotherhood of Ixnnotle
toiglnecr. Hrothei-hrs'd of IgSBOmOtlV
Firemen and Knglneers, irder of Rail
road Conductors and Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen The move is an
outgrowth of agitation that has been
sweeping over the count, y for a oar
and Is said to be the greatest lalsr dis
pute ever advanced In an occupation
In tho general nunpaiun to bring
alsvut the eight hour day action was
I taken separately by the three divisions
the Kastern. Southern and Western. A
Joint OOrafsrance was then held and the
imaginary sectional lines of the en
I ployees were wliel out it Is promised
j that imp settlement be made at the same
time between Ihe railroads and all em
ployees in the tratisisirtatlon service.
The movement toward this amalgama
tion of the Kastern. Southern and West-
jeru divisions of tne employees 11110 me
I resultant demands to le voted on b the
membership follows recent arbitration
I awards In the Kastern and Western
, raliroad sections
It wasJiroadl) hinted when the Wet
jfrn decis'ion giving the engineers and
I firemen only a small isirtion of the was
! increa-e asked, was annout ced May 1,
inif, that the railroad men would renew
tlicli diuiuj-ls 111 force when th terms
of the award expired May 1. I01
"Tills tline I do&'t loll there Will
' bo .tny arbitration." said Timothy Shea.
I nlstnt to the prestdonl of the Brother
hood of tOCUtmUve Flrrmet "Of cn.trs
I I am not oualltle.1 to speak SUthoMta
! lively, but 1 have had chance to oh
1 serve the temper of the men and it i
my belief that the) have had enough of
I so-called mediation.
"The principle of arbitration s st
I COHOJlt, but it has been (bused Where
, the men auhmltted it has not been
productive of the Justice for which 1t
was designed.
'"r intention In 'he present
case I do not think there anything
secret about them We are going to de
mand flatly an eight 'our .lav and time
and a half for overtime l-hi.lit'g to ob
tain thai we will w ilk out and let the
discussions coma eftsrwavd l-Xery rail
road In the United states ,s aTectud."
Mr. Bhaa wag a membsi of the noanl
of arultrsJUon wn.cii heard th claims of
the employees of the Western railroads
in Chicaera las sjrlng, lie and P. a.
Burgees, assistant gratMl rhlef of the
Brotherhood of engineers, .-igne.i a
minority rejiort nfier tho men had failed
to oust char'.ee Nagel, former He retsry
of Commerce and Lstbor under President
Taft. from the bo ird
Oraranlar la rail tint 10.000
OthSrg on West side.
Kiglit y-flve per cent, of in. 1.000 wait
ei s in Doss, si-ie restaurants who went
on Httike last Saturday have won their
tight, according to t tie announcement of
the union. Now th. union purpogeg to
call out 10.000 waiters employed in
lunchrooms and restaurants on the West
Side between Houston and l-'nrty-sec-ond
streeit. A meeting has t.een ar
ranged for Fridav to consider this
Max Pltkowskl, organiser of i,csvi Mo,
1 of the Hotel and Bsgtauntnt Emtuoyeeo
and respect of the police. We have set- t
tied with more thnn 300 employers. Tha
l"i.ist Side puhl!. Is entire on our side;
and refuses to e it In places frifng to 1
display the union sign."
BMg of
Will Walt
llollflaa s.
I nt 1 1
Bight thousand milk Wagon drivers of
the city who. according to labor leader.
are threatening a general strike have
joined the international Brotherhood of
Teamatars. This was announced by Al
slst.itit Secretary Morris Ki
tlie l ulled Hebrew Trades They al
ready belonged to the United Hebrew
Mr Feinstnne added that tlie men '
were so busy that Stspp toward a strike
would not be taken until after the holi
days, lie said that later plans would
he discussed in conference with rep
resentatives of the American l-'e, lets tlon
of Labor and the teamsters union and
at a mass meeting
phylts Wnnllati llllllnahan. Benin , ,
Married to Lieut. Mcllenvv.
ihyits Hunday i anothesj. mne of
Charier Dillingham's chorus girls to
desert the stage for nmtrlmony. It
became known yesterday that she wa.s
married on Saturday in Philadelphia to
Lieut Clarence Mclteavy of tlie I'nlted
States etenmship CoiMISOtlOUt. They are
now living at L'flli West Foily-flfth
Miss Munday wai a show girl in the
(laby Deglyi show "Stopl Look ! Listen
when she met the Lieutenant. BsforO
thnt she had apptgrtd In "Wgtch Your
Step." She is a i'arlslan ami wuh for
some time an artist's model In Ihiris.
She Is said to liave posed for BSYSrol
plotureg painted by P. KJrschner,
.Net Uarrlagr l.leriiae Caption.
Dr. 0 I. Wilbur, director or the di
vision of vital statistics of the State ie
partinenl of Health, has Informed Com
inlssloner of Accounts W'allslein Him
hereafter the caption on marriage li
censes will have Hit, aordH. "This is a
m-trriage license and not a marriage cer
tIAcaie?' instead "f lbs words 'Ten in-
cale and record of maii iage." The C -
tulssloner had oomplglned lllftl tiie pres
ent caption la uiisieauing ami nas n
the tut .ins of deceiving igie
i oars.
lee pat
It's Still Going On in Sections Jane Gail Leaves Early
Mid Mary Pickford Can't Get There, but
Everybody Else Is on Time.
a as somewhere along toward 1 I
lock yesterday morning tluit Miss
Josephine Delmnnlco sent home t lie laat
of the Ilelttionlio waiters. The Messrs
and c nrltu (.od ., their res-
1 tanrant at the same time and su did
I at. .;... ... . I
1 .11 11,1,1, .hi 1 . Mil 1 1 1 ik 1 ' ' 1 ' nil. 1 litis 1
, Messrs. Plain. Holland ami St Regis.
ut for
some reason known only to I
Mr tin, heller known I
sot 1.1 1 1
as Jack, had forgotten to dis
miss his waiters, put the cat out, lock
up for the night ami place a covey of
night keys under the Sixth avenue door
mat for the Hon. and Honest John Kelly,
Brooklyn Jimmy Carroll, Ron lie Caa
seres tone time candidate for Mayor on
the le Caaaeres ticket i, Loole Meyers.
Ilinmy Kdler. Jack McAullffO and th
at the clock Up above the stuff
and the ll'hograph of the large
ster even lack ever caught.
Henl stride nl Jaek'.
Wherefore It so happened "st an early I
I hour to-dav" (Mondavi, as the evening! Miss Mary and Miss Florence naan, HOI
i papers say, the party Which lalgar and Cooper M. grue. who devoted the evening
Arch BelWyn gave throughout Sunday In a far corner to writing a burlesipie
I and Monday got tts real stride when the I for the annual revel of the Twelfth
function eutertd Jacks en masse ves- I Night girls , Miss Jose Colling, whose
I tsrday morning The party had bean I eye and gowti and all that sort of thing
I begun in Ihe Hudson Theatre 011 Sun- but why start anything among the
'.day night about 1 1) o, lock, or the 111I11- I jealous ? Miss Bmlfls Plume. Miss
ute an SUdienCfl which had been listen-I Louise Mutter, Russell Colt. Miss Urace
' itig to a free lecture by Prof. F.vorson j lialrymple of spencer. Me.; Qllberl MI1
; on "Satan: Is lie a Person or an In- 1t, Miss Laura Hope Crews. Mr. and
I fluenceT" had been persuaded to leave Mrs Albert Parker. Mr and Mrs. Cllf
' the theatre. ton Crawford. Mr. and Mrs Willi. 1111
The party gjgo was free, 'lite Messrs. I Courtlelgh. Mi. and Mrs Itayard 'elll. r.
'Arch and laigar Belwyn ItM) lake ex-; Mr. ami Mrs tleorge I'oran. Mr. and
ceptlon Jo this statement utter glancing I Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks. Jules UUSrln,
half heart edly over the bills for fodder ' Montague illass, Crosby Qalga and
1 t no alcoholic beverages wete served 1, 1 jtbout everybody else on and off the
i music, lights and things and stuff useii , stage. Also it should be mentioned,
UP during the function, !ut tin fact re- 1 Inasmuch as the party was given In their
I mains thai tho part) was free to between I honor, that the casts of "Cnder Fire."
f.llO and tl"'1 . rati of g. n,usrs 11)1 to the
I moment thai the geniuses tickl ed to
'Jack's. Mr. PunStah was SO engrossed
I in a copy of MoOeo'i Hlstori of
; ireiona wnvn ine imnj urvv ,,e
imiiiusiins ami louring cam- nam uwu 1
tlie restaurant thai tne wautr iook ho
vantage of Jack's llterar) abstraction
to tlie sgtenl of charging not only for
Ihe wet and dry g'saUi absorlied but
I even for patkn.g tin cars n one I!., a Ies
,of the Battling Nelson null, ihe ih.se
tmary That's for l!r metnbr.it:. e ltooin
land the Annette HaosltOn Smoke RoOtt
. to the rear.
1 Jin k llssard. said to be an actor, led
j the way from the Hudson t" J.n k s Ti e
spelling of Mr Hasurd'a tmnie tiere
brings to mind the one regrettable feature
t what was perhaps undoubtedly the
; most splendiferous Broadway party, not
to mention fifth. Madison and other
avenues part), that Manhattan ever has
Partlralae 1tol .
II, fore
the movies lsgnt to erupt 1
Mr Hazard rep, ate liv threatened
various metroisditan newapapcra wiin
su.ts for libel every time they -lulled
his name Haggard ni-t 1 of Haatsard,
Mr HaSOSard being a stickler for 'l 1
hit name Recently, like so many of the.
other guests at tlie gelwjrn part) of yes.
Wrday and the day before, Mr llaaard
as plain Jack Hasggard accepted a movie.
job. And at snnrise 01 tn nrsi oa
lit HiaiaimM t Poinmodore J. Stuart
di.mViam UnaA him un against 1 blanV
wall at Tomb-tone, Aril., alio nsn
movie fituig oipiad rhool away a. le.asi
n oupie of Mr. Haatsard z's
Which a but one Instance of the
baneful physical effect of the movies
upon Broadway ocmi gatherings.
las Fairbanks, for install S, .11 rued ..
dutches because of various mov e acci
dents to his person, and the crutch) s
sadly Interfered wit-t hli dancing, so the
Birl all said at least. Miss -la' I 1 I 'I
had to tear herself nwnj from the party
before ;t had really got under way t.-
.1., :,,.i,, heenuae. aceOrdlng to
MlM Oall. she felt tin- need of 1 go
refreshing sleet, to put her III proper "
dltion to resist the it conveniences wl.
...1.1,. ..lt.,, , Iran sh- wis t 1
I.... I. ,h,v from tne un
Woolworth Building, the jump being but
;i part
f Miss (lairs coniriomion yrsirr-
(lay to
the olnema art rne iseiwyn
fr.mi fresi.letit .vrcn 11. .en.
tried to pr.nent ma t" "
when word s noised around that Ml
Hill merelv fx expected t" Jumti from
,1,.. top ,.f ihe Woolworth BulW ng to tl:.
roof of the Federal Building acros.
Broadway ami ""' " w ,y '" !
ground ; but shs Insisted upot gett 1 e
some sleep because of her obSSlort th.it
.,. accident might lf..ll her durn.it
her leap and she wanted 10 lie In gool
- II. 1..., ,0 r. cover nwii '' nino-
rn real th:lt MiSS Murv
to the getwvn parti
,. ...... !...,- meairnful Indication 'hut
,1,.. aatsrvn Dsrty of
guuua 1
and Mon-
.... . .....1 .1 tro.n ",, 1
spots to-dinv was perh-.ps 'he lost big
Broadway function wWon eer win i
given Hue by one. like the aviators of
I- I III- llitlVI"
hi.lo-s hill Betori PXCepi Bquin
Hrew and Mis- n.irrymore. ate
killed off ty ait.
Miss Pickford on
h.-i.i been oselgned to
tlon for 'he screen at
Sunday afternoon
register cotisterna
she drove .1 lour
irm car off the I
aade three-. 1 lane
rth if Port
l.ee. Miss 1- CB
lllf successfully.
or I nine
roid ttsrtea over un
hut met with an a
down: a fool tree
iccldetil hall "'
with t out oaken
branches stuck out iron, i iru
Shed MtSS Pickford ai d ine muinn
hus polling main lee, 01 nun
For Sufferer from the Wur.
Tuesday, Dec. 21
Eminent Speakers include:
Hon. John Purroy Mitchel,
Mayor of Ne Vork City
Hon. Thomas R. Marshall,
V Ice-I'l eiddciil of the I tilted ltat
Hon. Wm. E. Borah,
IT, H. Mcnator-
Hon. Wm. J. Stone,
r s. Venator.
Rt. Rev. Bishop David H. Greer.
Hon. John H. Finley,
state Commlealoa. or Fihicalton
Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman,
President Cornell I lltvofatty,
Hon. Meyer London, M. C.
Rabbi M. Z. Margolies,
chiiiniian Board of Rabbi, New Vork.
Rev. Dr. Wm. Rosenau,
lreidnl rentrol I'onfOraiuie of American
Hal, I, Is
Mr. Louis Marshall Presiding.
Mnii' under dinvitnii of
Ml! K I KT Si Ml Ml. K,
When, with the aid of dynaitlllO, the car
was finally WUWII out of the tree and
Miss Plekford, with a sigli of relief, had
resumed her downward OOUfM toward
the rwks helow she found upon climbing
out of the wreck that, the explodliiK aas
olene of the oar had so stained her party
gown that
It was out of the question to
Msutr iirew and Miss Ban vniore were
I lie only players present who neither
flOOOWtl Hi on erllli-nea. imipe I imritlS
lances or wore wrist hands of adhesive
A glance along the tables which dotted
the foyer and lobby or toward th tinsel
spattered and color lighted Rtage where
the foxes were trotting showed that
those who had arrived all In one piece
were not stage folks now In the movies
- Miss Margaret Mavo. Michael Helwyn,
Mr. and Mrs Seward Webb, Jr., Jimmy
Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs Herbert Bayard
Swope, Mr. and Mrs Clifford Harmon.
Judge C. It pelgram of Kustls. Me., and
Mrs. Pelgram, Magistrate Peter Barlow,
J Stuart Bluckton. Miss l.ydla liopou
kova, Paul Thompson, who arrived to
tally Unaccompanied ; Mr. and Mrs
Ituiiert Hughes. Mr. and Mrs James
Montgomery Klagg. Mr. and Mr. Cam
eron Mackenzie, A. K. Thomas end John
Henry Hears,
And there were Mis Phil Nash and
"K,i(r hihI Warmer." "The Kternal i
Magadalen. " and "Rolling Ston. s" were I
oil there with bells on. And so was
prealdeni Arch gelwyn, who gave the
pgrty, ana asm n inxvnaaxi 10 aive nunii
more until the movies lull on ine lasi
American actor
Federation of Labor Wants
Lawn AsrainM Agencies That
Send. Strike Guards.
Organisations here affiliated with th
A - ner ica ii Federation of Labor have re -
. elved from the executive council of the
federation instructions to start a cam
alH 1,. ohiiiln laattslaMon aaainsl the
so-called "private armies" of large cor
p,.ralon- The "private ai Tnles are de
tective bureau and private detective
agencies which make a practice f fur
nlahlng armed guards to protect indus
trial plants during strikes
A 111 of private dete.-tlve nget, le
ami national employers' associations
whi h, it is alleged, maintain spying and
anti-labor agencies is furnished. The
instructions say:
"The executive council declares that
lalior must ls-gin at once a determined
crusade to legislate these private arm leu
out of existen.-e. fSspocUal attention
must be . ailed to the ty f public of
ficial that cooperates with these armies
In strike tine and labor Is urged to
Watch th. in it the polls.
"The enactment of inw to forbid
praent Ihe operation or snob agencies i
advocated strongly and earnestly, it is
i osjciareo inai nic-ii laws now exist in 1
,,. ! nine Statis and one Territory. The time
I, ha arrived when this wrong to working
w I people can no longer he endured."
,,. Bepresentatlvea of the New Jersey
Htata reaeranon 01 lens.,- announced
yesterday that the federation had hep.n
agitation sgamst the ppoiiosed state con-1
stnbulary bin "whloh th- big manufor I
turers hope will bring the notorious cos i
sa. us to New Jerse- as professional
strikebreakers." n the power of labor
is being organised for -i ticht against the
bill. 1
, m 9
I ?Y
The building of buildings
for years to come
Buildings, like men, have their little cycles of
popularity and then drop back into obscurity
before newer favorites; but the Equitable is
different. The prestige of its size and location,
and its exploitation coeval with a new epoch of
prosperity, will make it the building of build
ings for many years to come.
Equitable Building Corporation
120 Broadway
.Iiip Qiion Titf, From Far Cn
thay. Has American Aooimi.
Vaudeville Bills.
A real Chinese Princess, vouched for
at least b the management, made hei
tlrst appearance in vaudeville at the
Talace Theatre y(sterd..y. She goes
under the nme of the Prince JtM
tluon Tal. In spite of th fact that
she Is Supposed to have Just arrived In
thtl COUntr . her American accent would
Indicate that she 1ns been here ror
Tim PrlnOOOS was lie.irl.ly
me time.
received In a
time songs
week Inclu
repertoire of modern rag-
itlirrs on th bill this
N.izltnova In "War
Willatd Simms anil coinpan.
Hunting and francos. Alf Local's Hogs,
Wlnsor Mct'ay, Adelaide ami
Kramer and Morton and IUV
and oompan)
t the Colonial Theatre the Christmas
programme this week includes Oeorge I Which is bj sons- considered an lm
McKarlane, Bmma 'arus, Crlstets Qoni, provemem upon It. This is known ss
Violinist i Clifton and Fowler, Harry the city manager plan,
.dler and Anna Arline, George How- ! There is at present no provision fl
ell and companj in "The Bod fox I the laws of New Jersey for ti e ndop
Trot." Kred and Adele Astalre, White I tlon of this plan by the municipalities
and Clayton and Walter Itrowei. As lot the suite Montclalr could adopt
S11 extea attraction a set of Herman j the city ninnane plan only after the
War ptrturaf are also being shown.
Mrs I.angtry Is at the Alhamhra
Theatre this week in her playlet
"Ashes ' Others on live hill Include
Harry C'00wr 111 "Tin Mail Carrier,'
Margaret Braun in "The Married toadies'
flub," Mil. 1. Mullen and Coogan, Bmma
Francis. Kelt and He Mont and Fields
ami Hall. dav
Oontian war
1 "A I law Be
pictures an'
' The !
being 1
Shown hori
Hani HOWS retuenest to
Theatre yesterdtiy and
is Cotumblg 1
in preeent- 1
ailed "The '
lug a two act DUNesquS
KlOSlng Maid " Among t!ue In the
ii'inp.nn are i.va Mull. Marg iret r-1 .a -
v'.n, Charles Moran, Vera Desmond, .
I Btephanie Anderson, Harry Preseott,
i Anthony Cornell:. Hut ier Mandervllle, I
; Al Pearson, Bd Smith and Karl Wood.
I "The Hiris Prom Joyland" company
'is at the Yorkvill
Tlieu.tre this week
m one or the standard shows or the
Columbia circuit.
Vin Will 0111- ll-rr Krora Mlan
Itf Ctt) Neil Week,
Atlantic City. !". 20. Th
Oardn." n dramnttwitloii by tdcUtti Kltli
. .f . uti.rt' Kt ll'llllar. If Mutuul! r. ..l
Itt flnti prfOrTfiiMtHM ti'-r UaUttlgohl ut
t!i Apollo 1hulr' nnlT th tttrectlOft I
of Arthur Ho,'Ktt:( nrt Sflwvn ,v I n. J
Th- ('omjKi'n tncludd fvn llarl;ii-. ,
IJHlan lhertewn, Ctontldlnt OUrUn, Al
bert ThvwiUWi Rhoda Barasford, Al
AuRvtrde Huticr. 'Maries Butler I
oOh rs Tin' t-iay will be -"U at tli
i Harris Theatre, New V'rk, next wok
fin. nnd
vea to-day
S!- llr),
fer -he
i.rim-li "ticll"" .11 l." .Uip t
at ikperln ! before ih fiction
plrtur rstfiers.
V srefeMlonsi matinee will he given a
t;e Kni1irboeki Tlieatf tbt aftarnean
f.f tie Wolf l.tuei- In ttie ine'lnn picture
vereles 'f "Don liulset."
Th dlnnet t- he gtvet, in tier, at e' wr:.
lam it i-rane by ttie theatre managara
, i.t h trill vm nvei nanoa) pvvning,
Pebruary at the n'aldorf-Aatorta,
tlxandra -Hr!iie has t.esn .tiiur. -
iulr- rt IC II S..therri In Ida forth .imhig
praduatlon or David Oarrtek." whtei) u i .
..r.,.w "Lord Dandreary" at the Booth
TODAY thcr is more vrhirular traffic upon the thorough
fares of Manhattan than ever hefore. It is exceedingly
difficult to get about town in a large ear.
The smart Maxwell Town Car will carry you through
crowded New York with safety and dispatch.
This virtue, plus ample power dependability aristo
cratic design luxurious upholstery, and adequate seating
space for five, accounts for the rapidly increasing popularity
of this model.
Price, $013, fully equipped, f. o. b. Detroit
May we show you this sensible town car ?
Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation, 1808 Broadway, at 59th St.
Brook 1th Branch, 1392 Bedford Arena, at 8L Marks Avenue
Clvle Association Hcport on
Proposed ChMIgM in Form
of (lovcrnment.
MoNTCt.AIR, N .1, Dec "0 A com
miltee of t. CIVIC Association. Which
is endeaVOIitm to ascertain If some moi e
effective method than tiie prsggni form
of government can not bo provided foi
Mnntolahi imis lubmttled its report.
Arthur M, lltssell g chairman of the
ifaroid .1 Ifowland mote n foreword
I for
the report, which DOlntl out that
'two alternatives present themschee
me immediate and the other more re-
1 mote. Mon total r could at once, if the
I voters n desired, adopt the commission
Hughes. I form or government provided for un
Harrehider the Walsh act, Iteferenc is made
I to th,. fact, however, thai there X a
I mollification of the commission fortr.,
re tessar) legislation s
enacted hy th,. state
is proiisble that lh
will call a meeting of
to act 0:1 the Suggest
the report.
ijld have
bee: 1
s i m embers
contained in
omr tili" m.H-sj II.h !. Ilrrir4
T.i. upper Sitif lam niir.ii had its
flr! fltnipse of "Sornr- i,il),-- wlnrh nas
ipMi iklrtiitfl th metropolis In I wants '
j tlon. Now there i music to keep the
Improbability of ttir story from e.i wit
I itself o flagrantly mtd so fretiuently
t when the play wss downtown,
1 jo(Tioii ii Ans;e11s, erhoss name is
'so ungramnattcaj as to be a permanent
, rne of wonder, now has thf rols whlcli
1 r'rvloify fell t I'tank I.nl -i Ilia
at tit Rtandard Theatre last
; niKiit seemed to enjv tnc piece In its
1 present form.
Tin Tiit.itr Krancatt I ist niffht showed
' At"irHf Mery in the uti" rolr .-t Lumaaa
I Den1ae" whKh would spneal to any
. artrcrt). And Mil' Mery slmwn 'ler-
j -plf
most Kinifui nnd charming Hctress
in Viiritius role -s. Uat nuiu vtus an
Bdmiraiiio ptrforman of the heroine.
Open llnRnueinenl nt tbt tin.
intiu iii nliavr'a -'PysrntntlanV
Mr. Campbell bej
Montatik Theatre .11
we, ; she played t
KMr.i Poolllfle in
"Pygmalion." Khe i.
u 1 tsr night at tde
engage;, etlt e
le UnUSUOl role of
Bernard Hhaw's
i wei; known iti the
and lost nigtit t'.is
111 the broad con axil
Krlday she win ict
Tatwiueray," w htoh
audieni e tiv 0 ling
role in t is city
audience dellgtued
of the til., v On
The Hecond Mr
assures Un
pluvs this week,
The Majestic
doors closed lintl
1 thrigt mas buy lm
day uirnt "Two
acted thei and 1
Slnue t!lie next w
,t-e wtH keep It
s excitement of the
over 1 l in Sat ii - -1
vampejny " win he
siinie piny will con.

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