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r.mk a thfl Metropolitan to
iMttaftetlofl f tMgt
T f I )i week of th season nl the
Metropolitan Oiiera House was ushered
!n enl evening. Tli opera ii "Lohen
grin," Which had It! second pel fll IMIIM
When the work Ml given before It wan
Iht md1UIII for the debut of a new
Bohemian soiir.inn. She nng Klin while
lllffBrlng from a cold nnd had some diffi
culty Im finishing the lat act. She ha
vol been heard a second time, and the
manager ha betg laboring under aome
IfrtOQi disadvantage, because not only
aaa Mill Krma Karelia not available
hut l.ticrezla Borl wag alo on the long
,-ontuv,ied tieh llt. o that the operas
m her repertory could not be given.
Jim Fmmy Pcstlnn via no longer
ii'tnber of the company, and many
idmlfefl were lament Ins; htr loss. Hhe
-rMrnrl to this country to sing In con
. c-i. an I hR'l ma le plana for nn exten
sive tour. Hut Mr. Hattl-Casana nat
jrally saw til opportunity and, a has
hen elaborately told In the public prints,
engaged Mtne. Destlnn to Bins; for the
rest of the present season arid part of
nett !. evening the distinguished
Hohennuji MpntM made her reappear-..-cr.
sum ng r.'ls'i. the role in which her
gang country oman had been so un
fortunate. Ther-- w.ta a liesit.iting and lil advised
t'.etnpt to applaud Mine. Deetlmi when
sl-e mails her entrance In the first act,
bet most "f the Iw p realized that
the IBOIMtll was not well Itoeen for a
demonstration. At the end of the act.
owner, there was a corrtMI. if ot
est.it.c. outburst. The principal singers
rpeured before the curtain 41 x or eight
tunes It was evident that the audience
Wished Km I t Inn to appear alone
sud finally slie did so. Site wV warmly
It was gratifying to hear her once
again, although there are other roles
wh..-. fi more scope to f.r powers
IhU KUa iot. Hut her voice wns re
rin: and clear nnd She sang her music
,;i tlis style which lias now so long; been
popular with opemgoer. Her return to
I Metropolitan sums will add to the
i-esnt strength of the company and to
:ie interest of the season.
T,ie other members of the cast were
tha aUM as lefore eioept that Mme.
"her replaced Mjne. Matiennuer as
Orfrief. litrly announcement named
Mr Sembarh aa the .oarsoria of the
-vening. but Mr. Crlu had been subsil
lUted for Mm before the programmes
""' printed. The performance as s
wivle was smooth, well knit and
lr.im.itic. Mr. Hodanskv was the con
Iwlerraiina; Audience m Mart of
the Math Meek.
A Monday audience at the opera is
tin lya inti itlng, and that of ia.t night,
h marked the baflnnlng of the sixth
eek of the euhecrlpt ion season, was nn
ei'-eptmn to the rule.
Nohwn O'HlMtiaThnaaa)', formerly lit the
ajnerloan dlptocnatlo eervioo in Idiexlca,
and Mrs TTlhatl f IniOBa J were with Mis.
R Henry Hat rlrmui and Mis Carol liar-
Mr. a d Mrs. Ogdrn Mills liad as their
IttaiU Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Phlppa,
KlH Kvelyn Burden. Alfonso de Nu
nrro avd Ashbel H. Barney.
With 'lanence H. Macka were Mrs
LawrtnOS Tnswim-tvl. Mr. and Mrs. John
M..- and Miks Martha MoCook.
M and Mrs Stanley .Mortimer and
Touiit ( arller de Murchienne of the Bel
f!n dlplomatlO service were with Mr.
' Mr Perry B.lnint.
Mr a d Mrs Philip M. I.yilm s cuests
Mre Mr. and Mm Oran Itoot. Mrs. J.
T D. Lai lar and Mr. nnd Mrs. W.
ii ma Delano.
Wi'h Mrs. Hejiry M. Klaelcr were
Mr .. id Mrs PambrOka Join- and Mr.
: Mr- w PMahuaTh Whiuhouaa.
tr and Mrs. rhmic- B, Alexander
hid li their b.jx Mass Harriet Mci'ook.
Mlaa J.it ette Ajauindar and Charles K.
p. peon, Wiih Mr. and Mrs Moses
Taj or Pyne w.-re Mr and Mrs. Piur-Ius
' t ,.n.l Mr and Mi William BL
Ml and Mi-. Ernesto (!. Kabbrl were
! Mlaa Mahal Hen. With Mr. and
Ml I c i r laoHn were .Mr. and Mm.
v at M Btltler aiwl Mr. and Mrs.
John Sauford.
In Mr1 Ogdan Qoalat'a box arara Mr.
-.il Art franc's K. Pendleton, Mr. und
Mrn, Paulding Poadlck, M.ss Do rot baa
Kai and aWymOUf Johnson.
Harriet post and B, Thornton
H ti were with Mr. and Mrs. Vincent
Mr K'hittnay Warren was with Mr.
! Mis Edmund U Baylies.
With Mr. and Mrs. Willi im K. Ben
Inn were Mrs. James Lowell Putnam.
virs. A. i. u. Pratt and Bagl
: nalda.
. .M-tH aiso in tne audience Mrs,
ird OambrlU, Mr. and Mm BlUan
H '. Mr, and Mrs. Ocrac Joy tlould,
d Mra, .lay hoild, Mr
sial Mrp (Jeorffa P. Bakar, Mies
UreuVllla Kane, Mr. and -Mra.
lon I .VI. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs.
i; Cu hlng, Mis. W. Watts
Mr and Mrs. Krai" is d- B.
Wlssmann, Mr. and Mis. Arthur I'urtia
- II and Mre. W. Stair Miller.
U lltll Marr Miller. MoncUre RoMfi-
lu a T, Barne) and Leslie fnlton.
tin ga Bird will Kivs a dinner
d, . 1. 1 Ight at the itothain.
Mn r Up a. s. Franklin gave small
III lice laal mttlit Hi the ladius' an-
Rei the Metropolitan t'lub.
II pulton 1 'utuiiK will ie a
d da ce Ihla evening at her home.
U I Hixtyaave(tth street.
The annual dams, of tha junior coin
n " the I lobba House and lay N'ur
Mill tie held to-night at Hie Plaxa.
Ira. Pi II Jennings of "' Hast
Thirty-ninth street will give a dinner
t - evil k for her debutante niece,
y . ii beth Jennings.
II B. Hiithrie gave a luncheon
V is ..' t 1 if; ibitham for her gOfli
" h iiuth la, Jr.. afterward taldni her
) i a Hippodrome.
Hvorge lllllard Renigtnln will
a M ', on to-dny at her home.
" ICIoventh street, for Mlaa laabel
i- - and other debutant
, irae Henry Newton will give
i tion 'hi afternoon at H Baal
i street, when ihe wlU Introduce
hei daughter, M'.ss Isabel Nl-
KOI S'iMlnii,
fin imlttaa Of the American Am-
Hospital ill Paris lias lent WOTd
i received recenlly from Mrs
' ' uyler of New V.ok tin sum of
i nip Its Organisation in Pans
v i 'louse II Alkir will give a
night a' Nherry'a for her
d.. ill
. Miss Mabel W Alker. An
- e of the night II be given
t Itltx-Carlton by Mrs John Case
P fur her gianddaugliur. Miss
Cl o te Piatt.
Juatu Rupert I Will give a dm
In i ,s Biltmore on the evening of
J ' lor Mihs Doroth) Norrlg of
lili Her gucis will nuinbei
., ouiii; people, and after diu
m will sltule In Ihe ne gardens
' ' It more, A number of older pgO
I lieen Invited to come in Iglei
t nd tu ikale or watch the
i,. . ,
HI Oranddautchtorn, Miss
I firry and Miss IMnsmoro,
Are Honor Guesta.
nebutantea were prominent again
among the guests yeaterdary afternoon
snd en-enlng at the usual run of recep
tions, dinners, theatre parties and dancee.
Richard Delafleld gave a dinner dance at
Rherry'a for hla granddaugtitwra, Mtei
Madeleine Marie Carey, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Frederic Footer Carey, and
Miss Marlon Carry Dlnamore, daughter
of Mr. and Mra William B. Plnemore,
debutantes of the wdnter.
Dinner waa served In the tapestry
aulte, and among the guests, who were
young people, were the Misses Audrey
Hoffman. Katharine Allen, (trace Jen
kins, Oeraldlne Adee, Angelina Krech,
Helen Alexander. Maryanna Lincoln,
Helen Byrne, Hr.rah Lgrkln, I'auline
Bacon, Annrtte Markoe. Grace Btlated,
Margaret Mcntgomery, Edith Blair. Itlta
Norrte, Boaalte Illoodgood, Muriel Oakee,
Anita DelaneM. Katharine de Berkeley
Parsons, Alma de Oersdorff, Ethel Pot
ter, Father Lei tiy, Frances Rlker, ,Ulce
M. Tatvlea, Axielalde Redgwtok, Mary
Prnnvke, Maj-garet Schroeder, Irene C14b
son. Nathalie Wood, Dorothy Oreer,
Julia Zat.r.skle nnd Rllzaneth Howard
or this city, and .Viae Agnee Brockle of
Mat of Vonng Men Gaeata.
The xung men Included George n
Post. Jr.. t'olles Coe. Ieeter Armour,
Maui, sell Croaby, Henry E. Ooe, Jr., John
H. Draper. Robert Winthrop Keen, Bev
erley Duer, Jullen T. Davles 3d. Alden T
Hatch. Jr., Uobert Monroe, Frederic Wil
lis, Andre Isud. Sheiiard Krech, Cler
mont L. Barnwell, Oeorse P. de Veaai.
Anderex.n Dana. David Williamson,
Edward T H Ta Image, Jr.. John Klllot.
Sheldon Hondles'. Marshall R. Kernoi-han,
Jarvle Cromwell, l: Vail Btebbiiw. D.
Ogden Rogers, It. Reginald Livingston.
Fmlen Llctell, Robert C. Myles. Jr.. W.
ersajit Bouvler. Charlee Iuiler. Jr ,
O. Beekman Hoppln. Charles T. Mathews.
John Muntw, William Taller, O. Norton
Miller, Jr . Madison and De Forest Urant.
W Brace Brown. F. luv.ml Rives, Jere
miah Brail. E. Pennington Pearson, Am
brose Henry, Maurice and Francis Boche.
William A. Rockefeller. Johnston U Red
mond. Percy It. Pyne, Jr.. llaro' Cush
ing Sd, W. Dudley Carlcton. George
Henry Warren. Jr. Fraiide A. Wood,
Samuel It, M P.arlow and W. Travels
Jerome. Jr. of this city. Walter Leals
Rons, Jr.. aiHl John Mason of Phlla
delirhia and bOOia Curtis of Boston.
After dinner there was dancing and
ntoat of the gueele went later to the
dunce glen In Kherry's large baJlrrsmi
b) Mlaa Mary Sortie for her niece, Mise
Rita Nome, who was one of the guests
Bl Mr Delafleld's dinner This party
waa almpat entirely for young peopls
ami In addition tneie Were jiresetit Mrs
OordOn Norrie. Mr. nnd Mrs Norrie
BallaTi Mr. and Mrs Frederic F.ter
Cargjr, Mr. and Mrs. A ilimlon Nortle.
Mr. :irjd Mr. Alfred ,eton. Mr. and Mrs
AiPam Gordon Norrie and Mrs. Thomas
H. Howard.
Miss Lincoln Introduced.
Mrs Frederic w Lincoln of Green
wich, Conn , who is paeelnej the winter
at Baat Blghty-Brat stteet. gave a re
ception yesterday afternoon at the
Colony Club, 1 Mad stn avenue, to In
troduce her daughter. M.ss Florence lAn
coln. Receivirg with the debutante were
the Misses Anna Ratlbone. Fthel Sim
mons. Dorothea Campi Mtary Hartshorne,
Sabra Bradlee. Charlotte Piatt, Julia
Zabnskie. francea Biker, Dorothy Dar
ren and Marion Perry After the re
ception there was an Informal dinner
and Nter Mrs. Lincoln took her guest
to tlie punca aial Juuy laeau i" see
Tiwaaine island "
Mrs. George llth gave a dinner last
night at Sherry's for Miss Aileen Sedg
eii li, afterward taking her guesla to see
Miss Ethel Barrymore In 'Our Mrs.
MoCheeney at me Lyoaum Theutro.
Il tbe party Were the Misses Theresa
Browning- Al.ce Ijawrence. Lillian
Palmer. Floret, ce Gilbert of thia city
and Paul. tie Dlaatonpf Philadelphia, and
diaries Coster Steers. Hurry Steers. J,
Rn li Steer. Jr.. Thomas Ryan. I-esti r
Burden and William F. S Le'.Un After
the theatre party the young people went
to the dance given by Mr. Delafleld at
lance at Prwlt Casino Follotva aa
Afternoon Recelloa.
Miss I.siia Pratt Hnbholt, dauliter
of Frank I.uak Uabbott and a grand
daughter of the late Clwxles IVaLt. nude
b. r deL'Ut at a reception yesterday af
ternoon al 'he home of her father. 149
Lincoln place. Brooklyn, in the evening
Mr. BabbOtl Joined Mr. and Mrs Fred
eric B Pratt, whose daughter. Misa Mary
Caroline Piatt, was introduced at
Thanksgiving, in giving a large dance
at tlie Pratt Casino for Ihe debutantes.
Miss He bbot I received at tlie re. eitioii
with her sister, Mrs. William Sargent
l.atld (Mlaa Mary Richardson Babboltl.
They were aaaiated by Miss Helen U
Babbott. Mie Mary Caroline Pratt, Mls
Helen Pralt. Mlgg Mary Paraona Mlse
Laura Parsons. MkM Catharine Muni
loid. Miss Charlotte Welle. Miss Margue
rite straw bridge, Mtas Helen Mool head,
Mlaa Catherine atumford and Mies liiotse
Cummlnga. Ulai Babbott, who l a
Junior at Vassal, had ss dinner guests
Henry baddi Donald Moffat. Theodore
a. rireen, Oliver w. Paraona, Williani
K Pud nay, Rodney Ward. Clinton Mum
ford, John !.. Ooaiae, 17111 lam latyent
Ladd, Biohaxdaon Pratt, cimrie Pratt
and frank I Babbott, Ji
Pa Iowa Will Ianc- To-day tor
Serbian Belief Fond.
a. the horns of Mrs lolin Jacob
Aator, st" Fi'ih avenue, this nfternoon
an (ntartalnmanl win be held r,'' 'he
,,r ihe Serbian Belief Fund. An
Inleraftlnf prugiasnllie Will be given by
-i u-n linn n artists In the ball-
',, ji.d ait gallery. Mine Pavlowa
vill dim e and Ihere will be recitation
b, Mrs. Langtry, .Miss gjtnei uairymore
i 'i'..il, en Mile Pen ise-l .yska
Will ina Polish folksongs and Albert
Jgnpoliki sill M nearu in uuanan ioiii
Among the patronesses are Moies
ux Tsvlor Pmic. William Jay Bchlef
fii Adrian lelm. St th loiv. Peter
Cooper Hewiti. Houglus Bohiiison
If. 1 1, new. James I, Breese
VYllUam k Vaoderbllt, w Howard Webb,
toiin T, Terry, r ioisjiss urrai muiieri
', i. Ualtsrlee. Mis Helen liar;
i... Isnklne. Miss Anne Morgan and Mis
Hleenor ue 0r ('"r,er'
irrlrall r th Amerleau liner Hi Paul
from Liverpool :
....... . li-,- It II Moiuan
i Bff Jsnn liittUrlsy P a Pal lei .on
ll.iin Allionio u- r Dievi
rogli i, i). it, ,1,0,-1, ii
Coniniandrr S Puru Hen. Wilfred Eller
kaw aha
guanoar Heme cpi. 1 OlSart
.Moutuinrr btuart. g
-Xee ork Maa Weds Baltimore
WUw la tbe at. Ileal.
Mrs Pauline Poyle Cartel, widow of
John M. Carter of Baltimore, was mar
ried yesterday to Frank Nicholas Kon
dolf of this city In th ballroom of the
St. Itegis in the preset.ee of a small com
pany of relatives and frlen ls The i me
mory was performed beneath a bOWtl
of palms, snula and while roses, and
the aisle through Which the bridal part)
paed was marked off by stHntlar Is
topped with cluster of white roe ami
wlilte satin ribbon The ElOV, Dr. Bees
F. Alsop of Brooklyn was the officiating
The bride, who was given a by her
brother. Loui F Poyle. wore a costume
of grav tuile embroidered siitn silver
lave She wore also a large transparent
hat of tulle of ourrespohdiiut shade and
carried a bouquet of llllua of ihe valley
and mauve orchid. The bridal a -.tend
ants wen, Mr Augustus K. Foran and
Mrs. A. Tyler lU-rbeaun. They wore coa
tumes of plest yellow taffeta oomblnad
with chiffon and lace, their hats lorre
pondlng. They can led bouquets of pink
Henry Kondolf Wal bis brothet s lt
in. The ushers were Archibald A.
Forrest, Wallace Flint, Robert B Baker
and Harold Kondolf Immediately after
the ceremony there wa n reception
Among the guets were t nltett .stales
Senator and Mra. James A. O Qorman,
Justice and Mra. Bartow S. Weeks, Jus
lice and Mr. Kdward O. Whiiaker. Ju
tlre and Mr. Samuel Oreei.baum, Mr
and Mr Benjamin Douglas, Mr, and
Mr Victor Herbert, Mr and Mr, .rciu
bald W. Ferguaou and Mr. and Mr.
William M. Olcott.
Mr. and Mrs. Kondolf starle t later tor
the South on their wedding trip. After
their return they will live at 40 West
fifty-ninth street. The bridegroom re
cently eleoled preside. I of the Hem-
ioirion Tvnawritar uomoany, i is wen
known In Rocheater and Pltttburf, w huro
he hud buslne Interests betore vjiiung
lo this illy.
Haaslan InllnUI Make Sureeasful
liei.nl In teollan Hall.
nje Sdhkolntk, Ruaaian violinist,
gave a recital In Aeollnn Hall last eve
ning. Hi pro gramme included itoiart'a
v. fiat ooncerto, the preludlum ami al
legro. Pugnant-Krelalar, alnt-Baena'i
rondo eaprlcc.loao and the "Witches
i ' of l'aiiaiiiiii Mr. Si'hkipluik
ehowed Inrnaelf to be one of the most
interesting violinists heard thiu fur
among the newcomers of tlie c.ton.
Hi playing, while 1101 of tbe broadest
t . pe, was thoroughly mugloal In taste
and sentiment. More than this, his lone
was good, hi Intonation accurate and
his technic also commendable HI play
ing woe evidently much enjoyed by a
large audience.
VftndrMH A. !. Hiii, Botton; R Himr-
PrtQM Ueorge Vww Hm milt on. Bt
Uoul. Mo, ; J. O II. fCftir. Ttnaton.
tiiiinifir -Mr. anl Mr OhAflM Wallirf.
rhtftnut nut, hmv; i h OoodrntHi
Norfolk. V.
Ilo 4-toln" ' A' RlMolterdi FlticbuifFj
Mm. J A Hnvricn, Wmilitngton ; Mi una
Mrs. K. Vi KoftMH CodjTi V'yo
Cftrld -Mr tied Mil K I PUU
btiriTI Mr. ftfkd Mri V' 71. Htrw.M, I'unton.
;hi. Boy I- wiiiUniH, Birlnvdld. Usm.
Mm tinlquv Ir ml Mr T III) I. Hob
tun Mr. unl Mm K TrOr. Qufhfr, Mr
nd ' mth. Proton uo. Rooitvlllo, ltd . Mr.
un1 Mm W M .Ifuiit-B. PhllodolptllO.
IUti- Hrltoi Mr. nd Mi-, Irving Mm i-
Day, Oroonwlchi Hornori wbb(
London; Mro. Moyd Poworo( Wojihtnfton;
Mth It. II I OoddOfdi J' . l'ro MfMH c
liotham 'Mr mid Mm. A U, Still. Moot
o.ilri Mm MVoHy IfioMontflO. Hnn
Kranrl''" Kiwlrrlfk K TrMKi HpeMkUO.
N J,, antt Mr Hd Mm. W inthrop I Navt
.nan. )ran
Manhattan-' Ml CorilOlll HOflfOfd and
Mlaa Johnann, CombrldfOi NMl i Mi ami
Mr- m muvm Aibony; Mr. hhi Mik
UtttMi I'-taflf nu. ('al . aiirl Mr mi Mil A
i mug, (irtonwlcti, CoQin,
Navoy Mr. ond Mr. Howard IVolohi
San A iti nn tn. Tax,, Mr. uiol Mr (itorft
ifanaali pnvofi Mr a"i II r UtnTy
Moora, Ituffalo. N. T , M ' -tad Ml.
Cbarlfp Wood Cfctrtttton. O,
seems to be fashionable
Miss Hamict Wolfe
Small inlii'iHo hi
Olfe, nnn , k.u t,, be an
I'Olcil niilinst. Ufa rectal
a limited and thoughtful audl-
the Prince Theatr vesterdav
nee In
Beethoven' sonata, opua 10s.
at d Schumann's "Kinder
'lien" were
among ihe matters dlapoaed Ofc
tlstlcs are g jliU,,i a, , th,
No ita
nutnber of t.ianlsls in Holland nr the
of effli
im y
requirea to make one
n fit, Hnwpv-r, tlu
vVolfo'o playing ami
character f miss
tlie fact that aha
ll Bald to I n mment might
lead In
tn ounpwiofl tnat in Holland tha
piano playing jh yat in its infat.,
irt :
During n few momenta f thr andantd
of the Beethovrn ponato Mlaa H'olfo
aoemad to stand upon t ha ihreahold
mualcal it, but with :t inoai dtoap
toi!it.;!K dlaplay of retiring disposition
an. I In an Incredibly ahort tlm.' pi.t
turned her bai k on the fala-.-e of truth
ami resunnd her wandering In tii
gloomy wiuirnf-a of dlaoonnected
gounda whtoh aha bad bravgty entered
with th first !nftaures of , Bgch
toccata and ftifrtie. h wAi a Mail ee-
eon, but nevertheleaa it waa ofllolalty aji
nounoed hat Mlaa Wolfe would proa
ently recite aeain for tha Inatruotiog tt
Q I Ve , I I'erftirinnnre of Jlaa-
gel'a Belareg "Naggigh,"
Hanueia Megalah waa given by
roiuiniiia Unlvaralty
Henry Hall, conduoto
Carnagia Hall. Tiie
aio compoeed of the
Boclety, wan aiHiMei
i 'horn. Waller
r, last evening In
ohorua which t
Brooklyn oratorio
by Marie Stoil-
dart, aopPanO! Oildaroy Seott. ror.trallo.
liati Had doe, tenor, and fiabafi Mait-
land, baga, and an oroheatra from the
s ni(iiion Boolet
The oratorio wh heatxl hy n large
aiidienoa and Hie devotional hpirit of tn
knpoalng Work ureine.l to make gnaw a
fervent appeal. Thu performance of the
choir and eololata, n well a of the
oroheetra, a oarrieii out nith rnueh
gtnoarity of purpose and aoma gooti
artiatle reHuits were obtained,
The ehoruaea were xiinu aith good
balanoa of tone, though thai might have,
iieen anforaad with s little mor,, aplrit,
and the membori of tiie olo quartel
1. roved themselves generally efficient.
Her I'rosrsmine and Wlyle llnrr
More I ,1 le real I ,,u
Mme. Clara Oabrllowltach gave her
agoond aong raoltal yaaterday afternoon
In Aeolian Hall Hlie presented a Im her
wont a programme of much Interest
Broupa, one eaon hy Beethoven and
iricg. were in ihe iiat. and, between
these, home Ki'imm h number, while In
cloning came houkh hy Bauer, l.ui ikatOlM
ami i iinton. Home of the nunibera le
Uiiowii wcr the "l.a Solitaire of Hainl
Kaena, two gongl hy Knure. "l.a Maudo
line" and "I'rlMon" ; lielllie' "Suaon"
and Iwo by Urleg, "I'rom Ifontg Plnclo"
and "Deln Itath 1st wold gut,"
Mme ngbrllOWltauh'a Hinging agsin
dkwloged tha familiar qualltlei by which
ll Is known. In apltg of defective voles
tarhnle ahe waa able to imparl real m-
tercHt to man) of the aongi she eang h
maaiig of the Intelllgenoe and oharin of
her atyle. The natural benuty of her
voice and a fine iiiiih1c.i1 feeling came en
peolally to the fore among the lleethoven
siingH In the "An db lloffnung." In
the French group the "l.a golKalre" was
sung W illi excellent effect add HO whh the
Interesting "Prlaon" nong.
gwlll tlaniaaay'i aale ef Hf in New
Vnrfc 'IU for 111 v ere elollti Halurnav.
I. i,.l, i lltll, rsael a fiilio(, t
meitlo Oft, lt.fl ciala per pound. Ait.
tndersoa liallerle Preaenl I
Hnnkin tlatsakl Colleetlnn.
The Kui kio Matsual collect
Oriental an noe on vie
tl. I. lories cniasists of
eoloi i his old nnjti
textiles athl o:ter 1
aUOtlon ion IWeanlvet 21
The print are uv tea
whose nawnea are i...
tiie aubjecte, as ueoal
ma i etie, t inui h
.1 Miantiee CU atoms. Th
in tne Anderaon
RUbny Japanese
servings, h orlea,
Is to be sold at
iv of tne niaeter
know n ,.ere rid
in auoh oiler
of toe anciem
re are vvo.nee i:
graeeful altitudes, by L'tamaro ; aotora,
wan lor ami Vetiio iieiie in tea houaea,
by Tayoklinl, urnl .f , uurse no , i,J of
drawlngf of Mount 1'ujl from Hokuaal
doarn to le knoam tleigner
'if the Hokuaal flljl serie llv e .,
xloa from RtOgOKU iti, the itiiaintaln
ju-t peeping or me nortgon of rt i-ph
aril ae urea- wave make decorative line
for the foreground There another
from T.imagawa In wiu.-h thr .Hatred
mountain looms :aruei in tin- Mew but
I 111
im .re.i uy great lioriaontal oloud
the J.i piinnen faahloi
The oarMng- Include a rManber of
aiH-.ent lr arHh lunn, of Howo binie
and . loud lines In deep relief. There are
manv oarved frieaee, figure atid m.i-,.s
Hri Kdillon
t nierli'a na
In 4 ol leelloi, ,,l
Hrlng gftg.SO,
Hrt edition of Daniel Poae'a
"Carolana," No. w in tbe k,ii. of
Amrrir'aiia from the llbraiiee of J It
Lhinbar and i;frge Plwnmer Snntii.
wiu sold yeetei-day In the Anileinoi.
Qallertaa 'or IBi.S'i ' V. W Mnu
Mr. Morrll aleo bOUghl No. 7, "Hi,..
toncai Collectiona if Louisiana," hy ii
v. Prendh, for tS
1- .1 Martini save J61 f,.r No 0J, an
edition of Dante, publlehed In FlreaciA,
jtST, s.tii many woodouta; the Hudson
Hook Company panl 121. a0 for No l"i
CMeeeon'g Hlatory of tiie Catholl Chtiroh
in California, and P Smith gave lis
for No 4'. Begert'e 'Califortdai" printed
in Mannheim, 1772.
Tiie total for the leeilOW was ll It s;,
The sal' contlnuee today
I u New 1 ork
To-da .
Ira !-!
II iiuaeoari.tn r.;:.
I in I' M
II ,
l.eacu" ef advrtllng Woni
Hrhi ' lenrilf liotei, 1 I' M
aiu't! ,i jewleh Relief Cemmlli
meeting, CStrngi If all, h r M
American Oeographl k go letv, meeting
: Weal Tblriy-nlnlh sirn. s si p m.
A'uerbaii Hanufecturara Ejapert Aaae
rtation, luncheon, nelel lii.iniore, i; 30
p. t.
Ketlonal Dniooratlc ' , i i. dlnnei 10
Dam ' rati,- om,'lni-.e.'t, 17 t'lftli evaau
7 P M
teclur ,,1 iio "Women' Work" ei ie
Min llliaabeth Jordan, "f-ttrmr and
Pi. Writing"; Hie Kdlth Browneil, iui
lorhii Work In Vesspapar i"i Magasln
Office. ' Judon MMlional Hall, 7 it I' M
Frifa KrpiHlrr Also One of Hip,
Soloists at llio llngliv
Mr. Bagb third n. usual morning
of the seaaon wa held yesterday In the
grand ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria,
drawing a crowd which llBtened with
much delight to Mme Frieda Hempel of
the Metropolitan Opera House. Mine.
Julia Culp and Frllz Krelsler. violinist.
Mr. Bagby has hla troubles ss well as
the management ol the Metropolitan
opera and almost at the last minute ho
was obliged to substitute Mine. Culp for
John M' Cormai k. the tenor.
Mr. Krelsler met with his usual sur-
i ess, playing numbers by Bach, some of ;
bis own arrangements and compositions
nl I'aHl-r It, .H.i.M iitiri T.r till I k OM sk V
Mnie Cull, wns bear.l In a eroun of
songs tty Ittatims, and she alao sang
several HngMsh r.ollgs.
was Schubert's "Ave
Her last number
.. i
aiaris etui.
lleiiuiel sang the VOeal arrangement of
I The Beatillful Blue Panube"
i Strauss and nunibers by Handel
and Schubert. A I the piano for th
tons artNts weie Corn read Boa,
varl- : '
I Latnaon ami s.,, Chotainoff
I Among those In tho audietue were
Mrs W. Wall Sherman. Mr. Ooorga H
I Bend, Miss Beatrice I tend. Mrs flOUVt f
t.eur Kortrlght, Mrs. Harry P.ialroid.
Mr. and Mrs. A Murray Young. Mr anil
Mrs. Bradley Martin, Jr., Mrs Charlea
II Sherrlll, Mis. Slu.irt Dun. an. Mr and
Mis Begis de nllvelra. Mrs Flnley J,
labepard, Mrs. Henry Phlpps, Mis Louise
I laelln, John P S. Harrison of .he Ann r-
I loan Bmbeoey in pome, Mra John it.
I Prexel. Miss All, Prexel. Mr". F Bur-
rall II, iff man. Mis. Warren Delano, Mrs
Frederic B, Jennings, Mrs. Walter B-
James, Mrs. J. Robert McKee. Mlai Alice
tie Lamar, Mrs BiChard l.ounsberv, Mrs
Lawrence Towneend, Miss Yvonne
Townee nd, Mrs Lewie Butherfurd Mor
rta, Mit.s Katherlna ciarii culver, Mr
Otlver o Jennlnge, Mrs. Vernon C.
Brown. Mis. Adoll lAidinbtiig. Mrs
Burke Boche, Maurice Boidie, Mr. and
Mr I'lny Martinet. Mine, de eerth.
Qan. Hora. e porter. Mme. Vladimir de
Conatantlnovltch, Frederick H. Allen.
Mrs Thomas F Walsh, Mrs. Ed Win H
VYeatherbee, Mrs Samuel Mllbatik. Mr
and Mrs James Lowell Putnam, Miss
Lota Roblnaon, Mi and Mrs Perry Bel-
inotit. Mrs Btitherfnrd Stuvvesan.
Jgmea J Van Allen Mr and Mrs Adrian
I Iselin and Mra.'Hubert Ytv
I Among othera preaenl were Mr. J.
Van Vechten Olcott, Ktlenne de Markow
'ski. William tlroevenor, Mrs. John
I i Maaon, m r Charlea A Chllda Qroea
i Horwlta, Mis. John A. Logan. Mr and
, Mrs Benjamin Prince. Mra l.ea M.
I Luquer, Mra Charlea Aator Briated, Mis
j S mphorot-a Briated, the Misses Maud
1 and Lulaita I. eland, Mrs. Charles B.
I Alexander, the Mi., Alexander. Albert
Spalding. Mrs William A. Perry. Mrs
gnowden Fahneatock, Mrs I M ward wil
lets. Mrs John i It row DutCbeY, Mrs.
Joeeph Moon Mta Amy Hchermerhom,
Mr and Mr- Thomas H Kelly, Ml. .1
Allen Towneend. Mr Clarence Winthrop
Bowen, Miss Buxai a w Bowen, Mrs
RdWln Could. Mis- Bou se Wiirtl M' -Alliste-.
Brneel io Weerth. Mrs c isi
yard Blair, Mlaa Rdlth Blair, Mrs. Henry
Scott Bokenbaugh, Mr ami Mr. Cluatav
sVcholle, Miss Margaret Remaen, Fred
erick ll Baldwin, Mr David Bgleeton,
l.eW -
imiiei ii Valentine, Mrs Rugeno
Mrs. Kdward Pearaatl Field. Mr
-t,er-. Mr Walter tJeuegre, Mrs
Nixon, Mra William I Bo ke
nd Mra Boberi B. Tod.
Plrel i Male of Heel Hea'a Ok
Jeole I nl iin a i. mo.
The al' of Ihe Indian collection be
longti to ioeeph Parker Camo of
Weahlngton ex.ntea conalderaMe imei
eat in ihe Anderaon Oaiierie ia.t night,
A hea. l,ir. - of enisle feather. No. 1(1,
eaid to have h, en in uetuul urn- by a
brave. Mild to K I .Ionian f.,r 1160. the
hlgheel figure
tiiH evening,
will. am It lleaisl u,ll 47 10
71. nn antiaua PI h Alia, ami
No 37. u Tulare milling baaket
Schi lling, planlet, bought No ;o.
Ilqne Apache meaealaro, for zs
Belaaco s-oe f 34 r,,r .. i
bonnet "f engl" feather, and
' .r Mo,
,10 for
an an
David a war
.1 v.
Smith paid III for No. I I. I, a !
bone necklace
The total for the aeea on w
040 To-night Navajo blanket
mat w .1. be o
Mre, aaderblli
lra Maa4oal
Mi - Will am iv
'n nderblll
gtl v.. a
fill live-
'. prima
muhale at her reatdence, 6,10 1
pue, yeaierday nfternoon. The
marked the trt appenn in
of Mme Mil. ei Capehart-Vlaei
donna "f the Opera ComiQue,
ROW nil' M 11 RS h 1 died ., 1 ih
Reiel si lieerg in Drnafcltn imi Oriaaei
1'.. Ift en nuf of i which l. lil
01 i i III- S'ldOW, I'll M I.e.. an I I ll
im an.-' hi Klater, Ktntna M ve An
laveatmenl nf 11,900 in in Anglo rren n
ini. u appeal -i al lif.tti
11 m it
Kyilnge 4 o
hi. elfe, M.r
is nia victim,
11 m.i uv i v, traaaurer
hlpp in brojiei m ho '
11 li., da In. wat 1
ill 11
11! -
left 1, 1 -.,. ,.f I ,, I
matt "T i.i- i. ,r,' - ualh
u hick en ,
him, am
in- thra 1,11,'iipi ti, . nn;
r,f ' lie
onj..sA, ,,f uiinriiii-e, nf
w hi. h III
'riiieni hi-, 11, ,11,'
Rytlnge .v ce
am nl 1 1 In re.
'. I 1 .
1. ni l ll
I. ICON DKiaslAN', -ho ecaulred real
lata vahiei nt I,.,:,"', as kewa by a
tr,,,-, 1 1 1, v appralaetr ri,,rt glad In
lirunki) 11 i'traai hev ween bankrupt
when be died on October '4. 114 i
in re.,: ,-Htaie -in,, 1 mortgage imn 1. u i
to 7t,00, i he i tat amounted tu
3,eT4f. BUDjacI In h.irceM ,,f $,e,lS
not counting mortgage leaela lo hi
wiiinw triba iliman, and m ehlidren
riiiigina fram It tu I year old laps i
reeaon of the leatatui - bankruptei Tne
ManiH is Iru ol leg.., lek of lini egetl 10
line. Jewish rharltf and unnihei q 100
1,1 an am, 1 in Alee lsrrelna
Ivnickerbocker iAjl
Mr. JAM. S B. REGAN Prenli
The Inimitable
Impressionistic Character Dancer
of Town Topic
In Speciel Exhibition et the
Dinner and Supper Dances
Every Evening
Alio at the
Tea Dances
Every Wednesday and Saturday Atrrnoon
Whs Professor Knipritns After
Noarly Half CMltUr?
hs Instrilctor.
Et tiRAKor, N. I,, Dec 10 The
Rev. Dr. Edward Wall, professor emer
itus of literature In Stevens Institute,
died yesterday at his home. Pig Park
RVenOa, Orange, N .1 . after two day I
Illness from pneumonia. He waa 111
years old. hut had enjoin! good health
until stricken Prof Wall was pastor of
churches in northern New York Stale
and In Kingston. N. J . before he Joined 1
the faculty of Stevens lusiliute
In 1870 he wns appointed professor
of belles leu res at Stevens ami two
ears later became principal of Stevins
Preparatory School. He was named
professor emeritus in 190d,
Bora in Picton, Canada, on Novem i
ber 4. 1114, Dr Wall went with his 1
parents to New York, where he received
his early education. He was Valedic
torian of the irlaas of ims in Prlwcetoi i
Ptll veralty. Three years later he Ml '
i ' a llat ed ft o-n Pl'.lieeton 1 In o.ogica
itnar) and oroaineti to tne mimatry,
waa chaplain of the Third New fork
alrv during ihe civil war. He was
1 Cl
known as an author and wrote "Lift al
I Si 0. etoti ami loir i, tie t i x i I war.
will l
published hr P I N'p'
i S'K-lety He lfi two
I Wall of West orange
Wall of l.lma. t ihlo and
rsev IIIton
Uis. Albell t
a no peer a i.
M s s Bayard p d
I'm Iner
ll,- In
o Fot,
tlie I Ins,
("Iiarl! CllHlle, a theatrcal
turner who ue,l to furnish r lot he fori
many well known aciors, died luddanly
laal evening In the oiii'-e of iir. Peter I
KniHt, 141 l-aet sixteenth slreet. He
Wgg walking in the street with his friend.
Thomaa .1 Kelly of ISO But Blgteanthl
trei, when he complained of feeling
i.k Mr Kelly helped Mm into Dr.
Krnf oftlc- and nailed upstairn to the '
pbyvliHaii, Vi'he, the tiortor entered the i
room Mr. Chrlaple died in in frlend'aj
urn-" lie was 74 ie.tr old and 1 BUT J
iveii bi a on.
Mr. Chrlaple was an tor for fifty !
ar before he went into the cotum
ingj buainaa He waa once a partner I
of tleoire I,. PoX, famed a one of 1
the great h: of the WOfld'g clown- In!
January last Mr. Chrlaple gave 1,IM I
to the Aciora' Pund. Hla son, who aur- 1
, him, beam the am name. 1 lharleg, I
ana ve at - waai ivata street.
I MfhoHt on l'ulaina Jtlra fr m
Vtk'l 1 1 1 11 .
1 V. ulo.pli A lpTIIHt WltHU.U0 ".
' 'eMM oldi a txt'ol;is; and mi espert
vitpiyM in mn 1) polafontng 1 on
Sunds) it.H honi'. 20SI BrOttulwgyi
afttT gfl f :i Wggll
I. Witt haul wars loi ;t In NW York
nd wai gradugtd from Columbia I7nt
VOmlty i"i 1 T. 1 1 !ik tin tlfcrH tf
M A 1 1 1 r-t ! lat-r I t Ii7.. hg wxh
Cr;nlu.it-l fioiii mdtoal COJfegO (
Nc.v Tori rnivra!tv Aftr studying
niedir'iiifb In lrla rt urnt'd to t!ila
count rj and for man) yfnii aei-veti pro
r",tfi.rtihii in ICaatfrn unlvtrsttlai im
Wltthaua twit I fled n the early l rtarrli
.imi Motlnaux aH-H 11- was iha author
of iafvara1 iir'!, on fjolvons Ha had a
pollootlotl '? j .ut books
! WHthaua ri gi nfofaaaoi' f
rhatnlatry anil phytlca i' Cornal1 1
Mttl al Collage U-:tr vtur sro
I npiiif r . in-rn I Klfflflf OMNia
Ofllci-r Ilirr Dial Ut IrHfirr,
Information of tha daath of .K.nr
gtowau Antnon) in tjannaa, r-raiife. on
Haturda) obtained In a rablad da
patch raoah'ad yaaterday by faSugani
Koftr r 1 ?." Waat Haventyaaconl
titree. Mi. AntllOl u.tg been III with .
plaurla) f mora than a month. Me
laavefl hit wife and two vmall ehlldran. I
Mra Anthony, formerly MIm Ai Stoti '
if ihli city, j 11 roualn nf Mr. Poatai
Mi Authonyi ii" Ma about yaara
lil, llad in NOW Vork many -.it- and
wa for mart) aaalatam to in president
t.f thf Qan era 1 Blactrli Compnny Ha
uioied to Prance about tit,
and three e.ir BSo purchaeed
Cbampfleurl, formerly ti i"'
I.": 1 Dunleath, at Cam a
- of
lie Ii an I'
to II 11 a IK
III 7 .'Id
liai ' II lion lllea
1 .nr.
iv 01 tl i n neen re c e-i t..a irle
elved 1. 1.1
Heber Uiokeianan died at hli reei.lsnce
in Milton, Pa . on Friday evening, in in
eventy-thlrd eai Mr. Ulckeruuin wa
ihe t.011 of Dr, Charlea Dlckermag 01
Harford, Huaquehanna county, IVnnayl
vanla, and received hla e.ir; education
at llai ford ITnlverelty, He fir engaged
in the coal buelneea 1 11 in,- lluglaion
region .'Hid later at Bethlehem, and
ubeequently became tnanoger of the
ipman aiaia 1 onipa 01 t r place
In ISM he movexi t
wa Hi treasure)1
Work until thai
bv the American ' !ar
, Milton
WO he
r in.. Milton
cm w.i abaoriied
and Poundr) Com-
pany in l!'!1
h, polltlce in w ., - ., Pemocri
bad glway been prominently aaai
wiiii tiie management of the part!)
in Penney I vanln, representing hi
tri i in the Mouse ..' Repreaei
during tin' Fifty-fourth Cong ci
wa alao delegate to the Interni
convention al The Hag ie
in 1 sun be wa married to 1
the daughier of Willium Carter .1
nenl 'oal operator of Reaver Mi
Pa, Mr. Dlckarman dleil In ii"4
t pi :-.
t tml
1 1 low,
are (Hpvived hy four children, William
C. Plokermgn, vlce-prealdeni of th.
Americaii Car and Foundry Compan)
Mr.- Howard Huutei M lllaina ..f I'laln-
For Comforting thr.
Christmas f.int:
Children's Books
Largest collection in New York
Current Books
From Amorican
nnd forpign
Rsre Books
Many desirable
items fur rol-
Literary Relics
I'nique gifts (ur
Cards and Calendars
Ml Fifth Ave., near 54th St.
atMiB Deal.
Vol. I. signed by KIPLING
.lout rompleterl l imited to
In.'a'i Set Deliver ran be
ansae a' onre. rrice
per -ei
5th Ave. k 27th St., New York.
field. N. .1 : Mr. Guldo C. Vogel of Mil
wankee, Wi , and Mr lorge W'iUlajB
Pleto f Philadelphia, I'a.
iaataera Woman Wlio Han I alia
Hlo.'ks.le III- al 76.
Bai.Tlaloag lire, 10.- Mra Joanna
I'otiKlaj 1'oiiitc, Hli, 1 t. r. ran the
Northern blockade, carr"inw dei-iiatriiee
and medleal aupplie to the Confederagy
and who was liopiiaoned in Fortrcaa
Ifonrue, died al her home lo-lay.
aiih Coulter waa ?t yean old the
waa born in Lagrange, Qa., a daughter
of Judge Jcawi DougAaa, On Ootobei
St, Ilia, mi.' aaa married to Jamee Mif
flin Coulter, who aio ran the blockade
eveml lime during the cllfll aui. Mr
and Mr
i 'oulter , e..'ln at 0 1 he
aimtveraary in 1101
n.rri i. KderaMa.
paiNOPlgtO, HI. !. 20. Albert O.
Bdwarda, a nephea .r Mrs Abraham
Lincoln, and for nineteen year cue
todjan of the Lincoln homeetead here,
died euddenly to-dav.
Me Kdwarila, whoae mother wa . le
ler of Mra Lincoln, Waa ihe owner f
th. Lincoln fumltwro In lb- honieeb ad
Thla has been nairi to have ar-at value,
Domputlng itv worth on the tale of Lin
coln relic elaewhere The homeetead
waa given to the jtate nf Hltnota a num
bet of .Mar. ago by Robert Lltiioln, son
the mart. 1 President, m. Kdwarde
a 79 ear old
Mi-. -11 ill h
.14 lie
1 on I hii I.
rec 2 Mi
riv Rncrffgl
Harah Jane Coutant, 1 deacendani of in
Huguenot of i... Roehalle, Pranee, who
founded New Kochelle in ISs, died last
tngl t from septic be honing. Tola de
veloped from a CUl on i-r ininrl which
ihe ' .'ieil tiiiee Ael,s ago. She was
born in il o- Cheater aaventy-aeven yea a
I ago He father wae the Rev. Lea a
I Jamei Coutant and her mother t.aa
j Sarah Vim lecounl, lioth of Mugurn.t
gncetr For yeara Mlaa Coutani waa
uperlntendi ii of s;. John't Methodlai
I gunday ech,,,l of New RoOtielte and s.,s
promlni t .1. heritable work, por many
yeara ahe condu 'ted .1 private aehool fn."
H'll- of wealth;, faimil,' in New Hi).
chelle s . waa a member of ihg society
for Hie Relief 1
lluguanoi Vaao
.f th
I'OOI alcl
.lollll M I 11 Mo. 1, ,1
l To-lli
J ears ol J
auddeply 1
all '
1 tun
peri accountani
da . a' III- llOfn
Brooklyn eta
II Moi lonougfl
- a member
of tl
Llnooln Cl
waa ai th
nn Haturday night and
i'-;'' apparently
tUII v'd y a
in good
wife. on
id il
iv 1,
e . I II o 1,1 1,
tin 1-1,11 rd .
10 Hit. f
Hr - -
i narnard, a civil wer
1 Ins home. "41 Pouih
ei lay lie waj, n
became a prominent fia
affnlra In Saw Jem
yea re
III'' I'1
, died
1 ureet,
oil He
through hi aollvltlea with the .,1,1 Fifth
Regttiu nf 1 ie National tiuard. He
loin; ..1 thirty-all battlel if toe civ !
w 11 H" wan born ni Nh w Vork and
Httended a mllilan academy at iUr'
ford, Conti lie e eurviveil by hla wife
I ANTHON Y nil r4tiiicf tu aaaai
ip.11 f , .t.iuH Mtowall Antaonyi h.
lav4 huband "f a ' Scot t Ant ban j
littttu -i iiw qitlati) Hf'i a ''nj -in.
t H 1 1 f Ll 1 Oil Inif llfnr
COON t: V ii S.i tor tty, Dr. r 11 T i ,
' il li.tt ,iii , f, t'(.:1r. wii'
1 u. panlal P. '"on, ir, hT avn
uleni .hi-- 1
tnber SI,
it church
II, : ID 1,1
lln lie, riol.er
peter derbert,
Igllttl eur
gen h ai ai h
Irrlan 'liar' ti
Orange, S, 1
ss. at j r. m.
hlss.vM Joseph
S'KKAI t'lll'l
ihird iirrank
TusefUl morn
lie, etui
', I..-I . i frnm 1 la 11 raaldani rue.
day, lieoaiubef SI it eito a m. Re
auleiii inaaa ai ih c?hurch of m
Uieaail iacramant, Kea rterh,ell, N
v m 10 a Ititsrmenl In 'h
Cemetery of ihe Hot) Papu ehre Kina v
mint fU'W"
nil- 01 m . I .b.r ii.
HI i, Itudolph 1 w Itihaui
ti . gt hi. reglden -,,,:t'i
tu hi alaty-nlnth yeer
'uneral aervlee en Tuaedai
t, Bl 13 neon. Hi sie,hi
Hr.....Ua, ..nd 'v:' mini,
IMititi ikitai.

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