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jrndlnjr on a Small Scale and
Chiefly Professional In
A- l t txiMetad at this tlms of
ytur. DM rntton mullet la drifting Into
tiBiiii.iv rlulness and yesterday's market
fully In tin with thin tendency.
Trs'img mH on email seals. Tt wai
largely professional In character, with
fluctuation confined to a rani of 7 or
I points. The undertone wan steady and
price showed a small net gain for the
Sentiment In Important quartern le
aaai h for ii long pull, aa It ts believed
that ttie South will have to sell Ita
ocumuliition of cotton some time before
the planting season, no matter how Im
pregmihle the financial position of hold
era may he temporarily.
In spit" of thle unfavorable view of
the spot tltmatlOTI aome cotton men who
have .lust IB, turned from the South nay
tht the holders do not seem to care
whether they sell or not. They believe
that tliey will obtain their price later
m in season j ihI they are fortified In
this position by the aid given them by
the bank.
The Manet-catv Guardian In a re
cent lesue conflriis the cabled reports
to the effect that the Swiss Oovernment
li planning a cotton ceniua. This atep
is necessary on ai count of the restric
tions placed by th Allies on Importa
tions of cotton and their evident determi
nation to see that neutral European
orantries fet no more than they need
for their own use. The Ouardtan saya:
"With a view to eetl-natlng the exact
position of the cotton Industry with re
tard to supplies of raw material the
Swiss Oovernment has decided to take
an immeili.ite census of all raw cotton
In the country All cotton, whether held
at the mills or railway or private
warehouse, must be reported, full par
ticulars being given of quality and
quantity If false returns are made
penalties will be Imposed. The census
li telng carried out through the com
jtrrlal department."
Market closed steady.
Ot'enHlrt-Low- CI os Prev.
inr eet. est. Ins. close
rwremher :M 11 11 11 M-., 11 91 X1.91iffU.il
Jawsiry. " J n.lsjr11.t4 11 .IT11
March . . i:'.o i: t: it i:.sm' 3 liiwrt: :i
Mar . t-4 t2 4i 14.)15 l2."WfH
jnir .... i; - i:4 uu uiaaju.tt i:.t;iii2M
Osohrr BJ4 is 17 :: -.2 rKi M.il? M
The local m.-u-Uet tor spot cotton was quiet
awl Dsehanved; midlllng, ItMOp. Southern
met markets aa c 'finally reported were uo
han"l. to II laylnt sxlrsiefe. Jt.w
Orlaow tJelvemon. 12Kc.; Saraonati.
Kl Mxvh a. is.itjc. ; Augusta. u-Kc.:
goason. i. v -
Tht New Orleans mvket closed steady
Ot n Hlah Low Cloe- Prev
inp ' est. inc. rlose
Ikessther '.I H U TS U.Tt H.714I11.7I 11 77111 71
Jaassry.. it :i n.w " u.Twyii.T 11 "r..w
Mllvh . .. H 11 1714 ISO I2.1ffll.ll 12.ofI17 10
Mar 12 r, it.41 u.n iiJifftijT SasStut
Jjlr 1254 12.66 1S.J IlKtWi 61 ll.aMM72.tl
The IiTerpool market opened steady There
was a fair hueineea in spot cotton, with
alitttin points advance at 1 66d Sales.
pJM hales: receipt. t9.0Jv. bale: American,
give hi' Closed stead;.
fhieu- Hlsh- Low- Ooe- Prev.
ins. t- est in close.
kja-Tsh .. :wa t.-ti :.".4, 7 4a 7 K
March April . 7.94 7 40 JS SH IM
Ssr-Jun 7.V7 ' 91 tJM T4S 7 :
July AJC .... 7.21 7 23 7 17 7 2 7 1u.
CM.-Sor CM CM CJ "' cttv.
Tie '.: A. M. bids to Liverpool wens :
January. MV;: March. 121!c.: May. !S.41o :
July. :;' : Oototvr. at. Me. The market
iter ta ,:.. to open to .lay 1 to 14 ipom
Pen receipts and it ocas :
Re Iet Last
eei,ota. year. Stocka. yenr.
SBrreV'vl . 7 W fUHI 3BS.1M 4il.(iJH
New Orleans :co4 W.17 . Q.'M ar m
Mehil- .... 7M t.M SXM R4M
Jarantuili.. . J.TWl 1D.4M ay-.'CT 2T.i27
Ourl-ton . Tar, 4.IV7 1"C71 12I.SM
Wilminvton 444 1.7U 35 5 2H.415
Strtoik IM caw vjt. t n.iM
Im-ri '.- r s and stocka:
Re. Last l."t
ceinte year Stooks. yenr
un:ta. ... 2.J1S 4.MT7 J.21 11.627
ywui ir.t an.rra 2::.ioa
4 LoilH. . l.HM 14.IMT S-.'.fJ2
HD'jalon !4.2i 24.U7 2W.601 172 MS
Rstlma4e1 port Tet !.!
rx-intB to day. week. yesr
.... . icim to 14. :m U.ast it- y.
w o-leaoa II .&no to la,)0 1 OBI 7.MH
EVor, s.Kterday were X.7S9 Hales Total
tiiia t.r fall season. 2.147 .2) bales Total
law s-. Ifli fJI bales.
wlLADBLPaUA. Dec. 21 Quiet traittiur
ia tin rule in ihe market here Camirt
Iterl closid I below the openlnc price. Other
tharea were pra ti- ally unchanted Bonds
rt mwlerjlely sctire and Arm. The sum
ary Open- Rlrh- Low- Cloe-
Mlss ina est. est Inr
i Bald Ln.-n pf .101 1M 10 1
441 But lc Suaii itfs... 37 40 M 40
B'll A Suivi pf.... M4 (M
aVTf imhria Sleel ...7 7 74 75
I E ISC st ir es itiv.. Wi C M
'ien Aaphalt S4 34 14 14
at Gin Asphalt pf.... 71 TM 7: 72
v. Hunt A T pf ... 14 14 14 14
M Ins CO Of if X 27. 26 m 2r
12. .1 I, Brill 5 M 60 60
IM Ktyttona Tel 14 14 14 14
10 Lake S ip Corp.... 9 9 S
IM l-h Navigation... 77 77 77 77
l-eh Vnllev R R... 11 11 11 11
M Ih Val Tr pf ... 31 M i
' LlttlS l huylkill.. 64 64 64 64
So Nnrth Venna 93 M M M
Penna K R !S 69 5k 6
!4 Peena a ill Mt... 99', MS M
K Phils Co 44 44 41 44
: Phila Co pf M MS M !
IB Phi i EleetrUi MS 29 M
4" Phila It T t i 1 20 1 12
Traction ... 7:. 79 7 l
L'alon Traction... 4t 44 44 44
Q Imp .. S 19 MS M
M Warwick I & s... ins ns 10S i"S
4 Wes ,',r ASS... 60S 6l 60 69
1 Msstmoral Coal... 47 T STV M
IK fork Kmlway ... 9 I
W" Am 041 A Kleo F.S S9 ! M M
' Ki- 4 Pso ctl 4a. M tv w M
W Ele A IV, i , tf ... 42 2 42 2
Wki Riull 111 Oaa is,. .Ml Ml IM 1"
POO Hlrwood Klec 6a 10i loo 100 IMS
" l'h Nnv ion 4sli)l 1111 1"1 101
WOO Leti Val Coal 6s.. .inr.', loss it-Hi IMS
Its rh Val con ita... .110 uo 119 no
I'". Lei, Val tan 4s ... M 2 k M
I' i .-en i ,. : .., 100 100 100
M i". , i . . on la... M M ss H
MM Phi i Bias la 4 14 N M
V"' Rssdlns tm 4s ... i 94 t 14
W 111 I Kys inv U 71 71 73 73
MM Ibvh t M 14 94 M
BALTIMORE Da. 21 Ths market here
w,i , . ivp itid aenerally Arm Coaiisn and
1 111 t Oil were fra. tionally lower, due lo
eroflt ikiiir liousion Oil liecame more
Jits m 1 r;iiv advaneed from 22 to 24',.
Bond, sgra sotlvt and steady The aummary:
Open- Hifh- Low- Cloa
iiut. eat. eat. inr.
una Oa....
.. 10
.. 41
.. 46
i lids SAO
Else nf...
:''men Oil...
s Coal
. . power. . .
s l',,wer pf
dsn mi....
-'en Oil isf . .
n it sop Chm pf. .ill
.11 r oepiv a 111)
"" iston on a
in h iistnn oil pf.. ins
I i Mnd Tmat .112 112
! A Me Bank 21 29
Northern rentrsJ
. ' Pools Ensinrlnf 117
8 Sai ttlpi Oil IS
J4J 1 1 ulna Oil pf ... S
J2 'ed Ry A Else 16S
m 'Vavund Oil 8
M" A'v Co sen M
J" Chl Itv 6t
2"r .i ll.,lt a 1M1.
JMO ' I. Bait 4a IMC
j" r. a p Tel Va to
r" ' " "i" 4Sa
. 41
. 7S
';,l,le Tr .'.S.
1 I kl nrn Corn cs
' ill! die i.fa i!
M .i vlnnd Kir 6s.. MS
n t. -er Cot note, S
Norl A I'nr Tr 6s l
"1 Wiper Pwt (a
f' ' A Line 4s b
' ilted R t E 4s 12
' n R A E tor ;.a as
11 10S US
41 40S 40
44 46 46
94 90 MS MS
lilt 116 116 116
114 U 111 111
12S U'S 12 U
U'S 1-'S L'S 12S
91 199 111 144
11 1.1V, IMS IMS
ana 22s 24
W ii 16
11: n:s
4 19 HIS
117 II'.', 111
IS 'S s
M M 26
11 M 11
MS 9i'.S
MS 9 91
9S 44
44 44 44
"!. M 41
100 1141 100
9T 47 97
ttS l MS
ii as 41
". 90 'OS
K3 43 U
42 : 12
MP luted It A E mo
4a m
rtOSTON. D,- D -Prices were Arm on lirht
traihnt in the minlns shares. Amerlisn Zinc,
utle and Sunertor and Calumet aad Art sons
wer anions the more active Issues. Railroads
and industrials were steady and featureless.
The summary :
... Open Hlth- Iosr- Clos
8'es. lux. eat. est. Inf.
IJ Ahmeek B B
M Alsomah 1$ 1S r,
anwues H MM t7 r7"-j
MM Amer Zinc....
'2 A"conda MS MS l&H MS
Artaona Com
TV 74 7l
M Butte Ales Scott..
k ss a
von DUIW Dai.
a lu six si
fj W!m W....... Mw MA K u,
MM Calumet Arts... at tatt M2 M.
as uaiumet a Heoia 540 its M Mt
M Centennial IM t ls
I Chl no mu ui, ui mi,
IM Copper manga MH t7 17 M
MB'ttie ut. 11 Oft its
IM rranklin (14 av,
Ml Uranhy an av an ao,
SUSP - ,v w, fi w,
MslsandOsek.. ...M stu M Mti
M Island Creek pf . ..an ai a M
M lals Royale V Ml M M14
JPP Lake.. 41 414 4V4 s
8 1 l HHi US
in La sails I J J J
Mohawk M M4 M M4
1 Nlplssins T 7V 7 7
IM North Butte lis US l H
II Old Colony Mln... ts IS IS
I Old Dominion MS MS MS MS
l Oeoeole :, sr, a. an
14S0 Fond Creek 11 i; i, lS
H Qui ik-t MS MS us
M Ray Con MS MS M 14
M Shannon 7 7V 714 7S
IMShaltnck M M MS 14
M South Lake , s r.l
09 South Utah . .X, .36
Ml St Marys 17 17 67 M
M Superior sj Bos.... IS IS S IS
2 Superior MS S Z 16
Tamarack 4 41 41 41
tC'i Trinity 10
100 Tuolumne .x, 1. .c x
416 U g 8mltin .... M 4SS 4"S 41
M4 IT 8 Smelling pf.. 4SS 4 4S
M Utah Apea 1 1 2s ill
U Kit S ll MM US IIS
M Utah Copper 71S 7S 7IS 7tS
2"I2!2 ! 3X S
M Wolvarlns M M' M M
M Wyandotte ! IS 1
1 Boston aj Albany. ISO isn : Mi
31 llorton Klerated.. sl SIS 1S IIS
s Sr'0. s1 ', W
X! Fit hburr pf ft 71 71 71
10 Mas. Blec 7 7 T 7
1" Mas Else fit .... 86 x gj,
2 North N H yrv, 7s STtA 7S
6 Norw Won-pf 150 ll Uo M
M N Y N H i ... 74S 74 71 74
m Old Col R R ;.., ltw, lMu,
Wen End St R R SIS 4 4, 44
U. Am Asr Chesn pf M M S7S M
6 Am Pneu Ssrv pf 11 13 II 11
M Am Surer T3s fs us us
41 Am Susar .nf lia us HHS1, H'S
2M Am Tol T1....KS 12 12S 1S
sos a n a w 1 t; ; ;,. E
m A O a W I pf... 8 4S 4T.I, 46S
100 Bast Boston Land H
1S4 Kdtson 341 24T 3S 246
411, General Klec ir. 176 174 171
lis Mass Oss at M M 44
3 Mae OSS pf B4S 4i t4 44
loo MoBl wain pf sas MS Ms Ms
II Merrenthalsr ...147 IM ler 1T7
10 Mies River Power 1: 1 1S 1(
U, Pullman Ms IS,; i: :,v
1 Reeos Kold T4 S'i S"i ?Pk
40 Swift is is.', aU irr.v,
inn Tomnrton X' SM, MB SMI
7 Torrinfion pf M M M M
113 Tinted Fruit lis) tfrt W M
17 I'nlted Frist its. S S ', 's
2S7 Doated Sh Much. 61', MS rS f"'j
10 Vmied Shoe M pf 9 :" 2 -J
JTI'S Steel . ICS fS i
M 0 S Steel pf 11 IMS IMS 11S
4 Ventura Oil 11 11 11 US
Western Union... M M 17 47
Il?is Anaio Trenoh to.. M K i ai
A O A W 1 is.... 77S 77S 77 77
tflOOC B a Q it 4s ... MS MS MS
lien Mssa Gas l',s ... 47S 47S K't S7
laro Mis Riv vow to. 11 M ai r
lem N E Cot Yarn to. T4 24 74 74
tniw N B Tel Ji I1S PS lot S WS
j s win . s wj woa ss ss
low West Tel 6s.
BOSTON. Dec n The Boston curb closing
bid snd asked quotations follow:
Bid. Asked.
Alvsradn 1 IS
Bay State Oas M .21
Bint-hem 7 I
Resole M I
Boston Ely M .41
Bohemia ift 2rV
Butte A London 34 K
Cslsverss 2S 3
Consolidated Ariaona IS 1ft
Cortes .5
Chief Consolidated l-v lAj
Crown Reserve in .i
Davts Dsly 1 1
Essie A Bluebell 7
First National Copper 6 t
Goldfleld Consolidated I 1 iS
Rouihlon 2 IS
Iron Blossom 2S W
La Rose M .70
Majestic IS 1
Mines of Amen s 1 1
McKtnlcy Darrath M .no
Mexican Metals 14 .36
New Baltic 1 4
Nevada Douylas 72 .72
New Cornelia 9 4
Oneco 1 tS
Ohic Copper M .26
Southwest Miami H 1
Slewsrt Mining , 40 .70
Tnnopsh Mining 7
Tonopah Belmont 4 I
rtsh Metala 10S lis
I'nlted Verde Eatension Sfl
Yukon Gold 2 3
CHICAGO. Dec 71 Tradlni was rather
narrow to-day- Price movement were con
fined to fractions. Union Carbide refle4e.
a good demand at ICS. erM there was also
fair support in Stewart-Warner on the set
back Peoples :' oontinued weak, selling
at a r low level on the present downturn.
DlamoiKi '"h was s little eaader. Bonds
active, wiitiout any special prpw chsngss
The summary :
Open- Ilirh- Low Cloe
Sales lea. est est. Ins
if. Am Radiator .. . ,3H7 KV, 37 1ST
ft Chi rneu Tool.... 7S 7 77 r
11 Com K-h -on 144 144 144 144
M Diamond Match.. 1(W pal I04S 104
Deere pf M 44 MS 4
2';" Illinois Brick M a: si, 44
gj Kansas City ots ST.
162 People Gas sS 10 1" UW
6 Quaker Oats pf... I Hi lie 1W 130
141 Sears-Roebuek ...13 1S3 IM Its
aiT Stewart. Warner . m M M 46
SKHwIft A Co 12 IMS l 1X
S45 Union Carbide.... IM 11 In IM
llono Cln City Ry 6s ... 40 9
Ms Chi Oa r.s iocs U MM l'rJ
toon Cln Ry 1st 6s. .. 7 47 K Pf
UVO Chi Ry B 6s 76 74 76 76
3Dnarn Ele.- 6 102 J0C Pt! Hr.
4nui Kdieou 5 lOA, UK 10-JS
Peo Oaa 6a : ', 102s pc IMW
Muu Swift 6s MS M M 11
PITPSWRQ. Dec. 21 Priw chansvs were
confined to narrow limlta. Weetinfhuuae Air
Brake was the only issue that nhowed a
point difference. The stock wss 1 point lowsr
at i"9 American Window Ola Machiue
wwa wtire. in summary:
Open- Hif h- Low- Clos-
Sales Ins est est. inf.
10; Am Win (1 Mack. 2S !S 2S M
WlAiaWlliOM pl .lK 119 IX IM
Am Win Glass pf. :' l 94 M
46 Csney Kiver M M M M
3 Cons Ice pf 34 MS 34 14
216 Columbia Oas 16 It 14 16
U Indpt Drew pf.... 17 I1A 17 17
4 La Belle I A - It- ..,
173 lone Star W 93 41 :i
63 Mlrs L A Heat.... 62 r,: f.2 62
fii Nat flreprooflng. 12 12 12 13
r Nat Fireproof pf. 24 24 24 34S
40 Oeaae A Okla IM 101 lot 101
214 QUanoraa Oas. .. 76 7", 7 74
110 Pttts Coal M M M M
54a I lire Oil 11 Um 14 11
isi San Toy II H 11 1
M 17 1 Glaa. Ji 2A 26 X
10 Wesfhotiss A B. 140 140 IM 134
10 Wesl'hous Else . 44 41 M 14
44000 West Fa Ry 6e....M IM M as
1000 Pitts Coal d to... MS MS M M
The Baltlmere and Ohio Railroad Com
pany report for November:
116. Change.
Tex.l sHr. rev.. It.nl.111 Iran. n.M4. 411
Total opsr. esp.. ii. 411. 142 Ino. l.ITCiao
Nst opsr rev... 2 741.110 Ino. II, 176, 711
From July It
Total ..per rev...4C76.42 Ine 14.41 1.12
Total opsr. cap.. 11. 100, 047 Ino. 1,441.113
Nst opsr. rev. .111,475.476 loe.lCISCliO
The Kimeas City Southern Railway Com
ony rports for Novetnber:
p 1916. Ckanees
ilrons revsnue.... 1164.705 Inc. 176.1161
uper. ipnsa . 677,102 Inc. 22.124
Nstrwvsnu.. 177. (01 Inc. 111,132
Opsr. lnom ... 311,412 Inc. 61 174
From July II
flros revenue. . . . 14.441.311 Dec. 7.7U
Oper. eapensos . 2, 674. 4il Dev. 212.492
Net rsvenus ... I.I14,0 Ino. 1254.701
Opsr. lnooms I.IIMII In HCtlli
Railrontl Sold Part of Its Har
bor Boats Here on Ad
vlci of Commissioners.
The traffic sttuaitlon continues to b
the inost lmnortant ami Intersstlnc
subject discussed In the Iron and steel
trade, rrogreas la being made against
ths freight accumulation, but the large
h.1nners scarcely expect full relief In
side of several week, although partial
resumption Is likely on most or the East
ern line within ths neat week or ten
darya. The Pennsylvania system seems
to he In worse straits than the smaller
roads. The former continue Its em
bargo on all classes of freight with ths
except Win of foodstuffs and ooal for public
service utilisation.!!) freight department
nf the New York. N. w Haven and Hart
ford system reported yesterday that
Western roads had raised ths embargo
ago Inst shipments to th New Haven
syeiem. which had been In effect for a
week or more. A already noted, th
New Haven Is prepared to accept ship
ment." from ell point m on connecting lines,
and is nuiklng rapid haodwny In ths
moving of lu. noo cars now licr with
its floating equipment.
It developed yesterday that Western
sh ppers were .consigning Koartern
Insight l way of the Pennsylvania sys
tem to Newark and then transferring to
th l iel aw are. I -sacks wanna and Western
and West Shore Hi es, through which
there has been a iietter prospect of
reaching tidewater. This scheme, how
ever, lias been block,! by the Pennsyl
vania Itailroad, the embargo being
placed further Inland, but th sains
transfer nmy take place at New Bruns
wick. Freight la consigned by shippers
to themselves at the abov points, and
the transfer com only IS per car.
The present congestkjn at New , Tork
terminals demonstratea how inadequat
storage space Is In the metropolitan dis
trict. It is said, however, that the Penn
sylvania Itatlrottil Is determined to give
relief as ieedlly us lensslble and to thnt
end has given an order that all export
freight that haa been on curs ten days
In the New York terminals bo unloaded
whatever the cars happen to be. Tbla
has already happened as far back aa
Morrlsvllle. The consensus In railroad
circles now- seems to lie that the Inter
state Cotiiinerc Commission Itself Is
largely responsible for much of ths
freight congestion on the Eastern sea
board. Home time sines), when the com
missioners made an Investigation of rail
road fax-ill ties at New York, they ad
vised trunsiiortatlnn companies to get
rid of at leant half of thalr floating
equipment, as It was entirely unnecre
aary. The New York Central Itailroad
Is aald to have adopted this suggestion
and diaposed of half of lta lighterage
craft. The New York Central la now
trying to buy boate to replace the light
ers sold.
The bridge builders are much encour
aged by reports emanating from the rail
road tau larger contracts for liihhte
work will be placed this winter In time
for sqirlng service. No adequate esti
mate of tonnage to he derived from such
contracts can be given, but especially
large ordera are expected from the Bal
timore, and Ohio and h fair tonnuge
from tin Pennsylvania. The New Haven
also, ss SOOn ns finances will jiermlt, will
go ahead with the Thames Ktver bridge,
as previously noted. This work will call
for the expenditure of about fli.ljOn.
000. The coal roads, more especially the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
and leehisHi Valley, are constantly In the
market for bridgewotk.
The Southern Railway has placed an
other "jiitrart for liridgework. calling
for about 600 tons of structural steel,
with the Virginia, itridge and Iron Com
pany, and another contract for alum 100
tone of bridsrework with a Northern
shop. Inquiries are still In the market
f'oin the same road for about 400 tons
Of steel for bridges. The Iehigh Val
ley has put out a new Inquiry for two
lirldges, calling for 250 tons of steel
Bhspes. The New Haven aieai hits an
Inquiry In the market for two small
' . tree. Three Western mads are on
the point of closing bridge contracts
calling for almut 3,500 tons of struc
tural steel.
The American Bridge Company has
been awarded the contraiit for 700 ton
of structural steel to be used In the
construction of an extension to the coal
hunkers at Newark, levering Gar
rtgiie have secured the contract for 400
toeis of fabricated steel for the building
of a garage on West Sixty-seventh street
for the Hudson Motor Company. The
same fabricators, it is understood, will
also furnish r.on tons of structural
shapes for the Bullard Machine Tool
Company machine ehop at Bridgeport.
The Hooker Electrolytic Chemical Com
pany of Buffalo bus placed a contract
for another factory at Niagara Ealla,
calling for BOO tons of steel, with the
Ferguson Iron and Steel Company. Re
portl come from Buffalo that the latter
company will expend 11,500,000 In plant
Improvement before April 1 of next year.
This company is understood to have
gained great bene, it from heavy war
contracts. An Inquiry Is In the market
for about 300 tone of structural aleel
for the building of a court house at
Durham, N. O.
The Board of Chosen Freeholders of
Hudson county have awarded the gen
eral contract for the building of the
Hudson county Jail to W. 11:" W.
Csne of Jersey City and New York. The
contract price Is t S l.SSo. It Is Inter
esting to note that n the previous occa
"lon, atsnit alx v eeks ago, when bids
were taken, J. T. Brady Co. of
ew York submitted a lowest bid, 1754,
440, or more than llOn.OOO less than
the contract Just awarded. According to
one contractor yesterday this Is an ex
ample of .lersey economy. The higher
price submitted is said lo have been due
to the higher prices prev ailing for plain
steel material and for the erection of the
fabricated steel.
Th Samuel I,. Moor Corporation is
understood to have taken bids yester
day on the construction of a machine
shop calling for I.&00 tuna of fabricated
structural sleel. It may not be generally
known that ths Moore corporation Is a
subsidiary of the Bethlehem Steel Com
Raw aad Krflned Inactive s-H-tares
t nse-t tied.
The market for raw sugar was inactive,
but aales were reported of 7.0(1) hsgs of Cubaa
prompt or In store si 4i8c. for osntrifufsl
4 teat, ditty paid. M 3',c oot and frahrnt.
Traffic conditions are still a disturbing ele
orient In th market, and there was more or
lesa uneasiness resarding future ahlpaisnts
from Cuba.
Th market for refined susar wrss inactive,
with prn es nominally unchanaeri 00 the baaia
of 6.40c. lor fine granulated, but th under
tone was firm owing to rumors of a better
export Inquiry
In the market for sursr futures th under
tone wa somewhat uiiaettlad. end while
December closed at an advance ol 20 points
on bids by shorts anal In absence of selling
nreaatir. the late posit Inns were 1 to I points
lower utsler ecst4er"d liquidation ims! s-llr 4
which was thnurht to represent hedging
operation by Cuban trleraat Total sale,
far lb day wars 4,U0 tons. Prices follow:
Opsn Hlsh lxiw- Ooa Prev
lutf. eat. est. ing. does.
December 4.lr4. CM
January 170 3 70 3 44 1 417)1 SI 171
February 1 40 3 41 s is 3 MWCJ7 3.41
March CIO 3.10 3 34 IMsiCSC 3.42
April I Mail 40 144
May I I.. 3 4.1 ( 46 3 44-11! 4.-. 3 44
June S.Pstfa 41i 3 51
July...... 1.04 liel 1.64 3 62'ill.M IM
AlltU'l , C64ll..'sl 3..M
SeiHemMer CGiUfil.SI in
Ootobw MO 1.(1 . I.UwCw) CM
WTtsev. Advance a S Cents Sta
gsrt Mwytag Ooa tin wee.
Th export thurlness In wheat during
yesterday's session showed no appreci
able diminution and the sentiment In
opvculstlve quartera became more bull
ish In consequence It was said In con
servative quarters that prloss were being
lifted so rapidly that foreign buyers
would soon weary of the paos, especially
as the font of shipping wheat seemed ex
orbitant and financial conditions In ths
various foreign countries were pre
carious. On the other hand, ths sig
nificance of wheat being among th
cheapest and the most adaptable of food
stuffs is not being lost sight of nor Is
It forgotten that prices havs been regu
lated by the business from day to day,
rather than by the measuring of the
available supplies In all poe.tlons.
The quantity of wheat sold abroad
yesterday wns estimated at close to
1.800, 000 bushels. Hlnce Saturday the
foreign tsklngs of American and Can
adian wheat hays reached almost &.
000,000 bushels, a considerable part of
which was taken at th Oulf. There was
nothing new In th advices from abroad
o explain the eager absorption of wheat
offerings, so the trade concluded that
stocks at foreign points again required
reptenlfditng and that the abssnos of re
lief In the tonnage situation aa applvlng
to Australia and Argent! na was respon
alble for the urgent buying. Wheat of
ferings in Australia and Argentina are
sold to be liberal.
While cert Hi 1. speculative ttoup mad
much of ihs report removal of Brlilah
troopa from thi Dardanelles, this action
was hsrdly a surprise to ths grest
msjnrltv. a i..ui weeks sa It was offl
cially announced that the campaign was to
be postponed or slmndoned Further
more, no one ha, been figuring on much
wheat leaving Russls. snd on th basis nf
th statistics avsj'.vbl wheat supplies are
theoretically abundant this sesson without
recourse to th Huaatnn surplus However,
there was a strong utnlrcarrsnt of
speculation durlnx the dsv. Uarge snd
small traders war on both aldea of Die
Mat. hut th artton of tha value In soar
ing to nw high records for ih eeuson
olesrly ahowed that huvlng power pre-
fionderated and all traction were short
Bntntrrtf, world" tImN etsteir.ent
was readjusted verday anri howe,l a
gain of 31, 004,000 hushels for the week
The total visible In the United Htiites la
flven at 44.000.000 huahela. acilnat ic
on 04 last vear an Canada at 45.ono.sos.
sgslnst I4.ooo.ooo. and in and at1rt for
Europe st 71.000 0o, oaalnst ai. 000. 004
bushela 11 vear ago
Corn Ths pressure from raah houses,
representing country Itqul.l.itton. deprea
valuns fr a time There was also liquida
tion for speculative account on the ta
creased receipt and fsvnrabl wther.
The receipt for the day were 104.04
huahela asatnet 710,400 last week snd
l. 400. 00O a year ago. A firmer ton de
veloped In the hue nwirket as a reault of
th rise In ths tieat list snd th reitera
tion or statement-, pertaining to the com
paratively small uinounl nf fee. Una corn
In th country Porelan markets ar
trong In reflection of th high tonnngc
offers, hut It Is understood that corn ,yin
sumptton at foreign polnta has undergone
a moderate reduction.
Oat The market made a fair recovery,
due to short ...venna which wa Inspired
by the pronounced etrensth In the wheat
list. Assertions that Cs readies oat, will
b sold In this cnuntr n a moderate fur
ther rise deterred trewh outside buying.
The eapurt Inquiry . s said to he very
limited. Hedge selling ww, Intermittent
although the receipt, have been onlv about
ton. 000 huahela dally, or equal to those of
a year age.
Provlalons There was conalderable
hedg selling in the market yesterday. 4
large hog movement w-ua expected. The
epeculattv support waa light, despite the
advancea through the grain lists.
Chicago prices:
Open High I.OW- Cioa Prev
Wheat: lug est eat. ing rloae.
December 1 IM ISI 134 If
May :as 1- r.. ir. mt
July 1144 II. S 1134) UM 1134,
December W ?' M 70', 44
May 73 741, fltt 71 7!,
December 41", -;. 41 42, 414
May 46e - . 44", 4,s 4..V,
January I .85 li s." IS K l 33 Is 77
May 14 45 11.70 li.jo lt.yi 11.77
January 4 47 4 47 4) 4 80 447
May J 47 v7 Ml I 00
January ' 7 4 ;: 5 71 I v.
May pi .J 10:0 in 1: pi r, p.
The New Tork wheat price, were:
Open- Hih.il Ixiw- Clos
ing eat. eat. mg
December I"l
Hal I road I'lnrlnaf lrr Onlt-n for
Th Cinmnnati. IlamtHon aiwl Iainn Rail
roattl Cnmimiiy rut ly platfsl aii onlrr (rr
; tun ol ahtlswil sr r.ui rauls with ilir
Str CortMjpaiLini milU. .' th TwfM Tr
mm.iJ hAufht ton frotn the AlTomah
C.tm;:'iv Th ToI-mIo. M I ; aiMl
pouiMl " r.t.;- st:ni the Ann Arbor i on !
the point of .luHtng for : .-v tun of ft 1
Kuml Mfi-tion ;.! Th Prr M ;irg BfUi
rl Tni mi Oftttf for HO ivnt r itmii riH'
tioiis for mn to th Weirii Stt-w-1 Car ih1
FoutMlry CtMiipanjr. Tli Sew York. Ouiano
arvti WtNil-frn hai onlrrrcj hotrr otM
from the 0mhri Htawl 'onit'.in aiwl 100 1
from the Ams-rii'un Car ami roUMfcrjf OMIa
pttuy Ttie lelriw:u'e t ,.s- - . aiul Wea
tern, the IlafTiiJo. H'heater :ind Pittahurf
and VtrvliUHi' KaJlw;iy are Mid to te (re- '
naruni to pi Mn1raila lor motive ftower !
Thar. Ttaath VaJIry Railroad U hsrtrta; oia
fKirwnhdated rigiii built by the Hahlwin
LeOeoniotive Worka.
A lanre tonnakr of Mteel for the m.inufa
turo of wsvr tnumtlonn m atill under MfotTl
lion, mainly for dntneatlf ne. The in-
JulrleH for ihre"t exiKttn MlMWUt prvavlflt
Ittaburr renorta an a1ranie nf $. j. r ton 1
in tne in-n- oi snce i mi n i to k ami on
blork aheeta to v baaic mill MM'tC
tuier of fhaf'nigj have ftttrftTi-ned I pgr ton
by relut'iiii the MtttM to off car
load lota.
Sere rill new Imimrlea for jiir iron came
out , yeatf-rdhij for eaMeru ahipTnent. but
ware mainly for a few hundred ton lota
Moat of Ihe eaatern Pennsylvania fiirnrn-ea
are demanding f-1" for ahipment over the flrat
half of next ye-tv. althoua-h aome reivnt
lia are reiioried lo have hen maale al
. Itae to lit at the (unn.t for auh ileliv
fry There ta a wide ratwe in pnoea at
Buffalo, aa ti)U'h t (:i per ton on the aame
rraile of iron, for alupnienl over the -..nd
llalf of 11.
DAVID Idi'HTMAV, lotnc hualneaa a the
rhtldren'a Htore. L'4 Sixth avenue, with a
brAnh atore at riiahkiale. Bttloi ti
bankruptry by t-redltora Iduldtltle.
110.000; aaaeta, 3,r.0tV Mr UoMMMi haa
hen In iualneaa thirty ye-nra In vitrlmia
Hnea and haa had thla hualneaa for aeveii
ysnrH. The t"t(re at PottSbk-Mpfli vaj
openad three montha affo.
UAi;i. J Hi i.TT, tnena f urnlahlna;
k ii 1'ougiikeepale, petition In bank
rnptcy by creditor) It RM allega! that
ha made ail aaalgnment ti Everett VI
MAX Kll-KNBKHO, ma nufaturar of qullta
and pillow a, 201 0 Third a venue, pett'lon
hi bankruptry by t redltora. Mr Ellen
bera; made an aalgnment on Monday
LlablMtlea. '. on. aaaeta, tl.000
FRANK DUOKlN, urocer. HIS Ht. Nlcholaa
a venue, petition In bankruptcy by
HARRY AMMAN, HUnton atraet.
men furnlablna; irtMXle. petition In bank
ruptcy by credttorn. Llubllltlca aald to
be $2,000; aaaeta. SftOO
JOHN V1VIANO. Vonkera. tiled a petition
tn bankrupt-, . LU bill- lee. $4.400 . no
IMacharae (.ranted
I.F.ON FICKLIOH Ju-lfie Hand haa (ranted
dlectiarire rroni oanKruptcy to I, eon
Fickle r. dry cooda, 1 77 Third avenue.
it gains? whom tt petition w,i tiled on
January I, 1912.
Hwnkriiiitcy Hchedtilea.
FIXTI'RE t'OMPANV 1H0 tlrand atreet
- ht-duliHi abow Uabtlltlea, $:3.;oj,
aU. S9.M0Q
HORR1H (iritTAN, ahoea, lit Monro atreet
achedulea a ho w HahllUlee, $:t :t ', : , Haaetf
5. 452.
INO.. manufacturera of dreaaes 2T Weat
Twenty elyhth at ret-1. acht-d nita allow
llabllltlcf. 110.41,: ameta. I11.I&4. It
waa atateil that th ntlre butlneaai haa
been eold bv (XHirt order for a.ltl2.
JOHBPH HO.NHI, furniture, 3ft Wen 121lli
atreet, i-chi-dulea hhow llaMlftlea, $t).115,
aeata. I1.6H3
HYMAN BlBKOWfTS, tnena furnlaMtift
(ooda. Port Ch-ea-ter, achedulea ahow Ila'
bllUlca. 13, IM aaaeta, 2;:
facturera of feuihfrt, 24 Eaat Tweutv
flnsrt atreet, aaalnnment to Letter H.
Frcedman, The t-ompauy waa Incor
poru'ed In January, 1 9 1 'J . Capital stock,
:.(0, wi i. I'M Rltaert la prtaident
whol en., human hulr a;o:ida. 12a E;im
Hlxtcenth atreft, aaala;nmint to iqlotnAti
Hyman. Vlitor Koch ta prealdant. He
waa In thlx line for fifteen yeara. Th
company waa Incorporated In April. 1914
SMITH A MEYER . i-..,s,.. of Philip D
.(ltd Sttnuel Meyer, nianufnet ureri
of ailk w.ilrtf. Wf Mg lit MR t h
atreet, aelgiimeut lo Archlhald Palmer.
DECEMBER 22, 1915.
Points Ont Ileqnirements of
V. 8. Industry to Meet
After War Conditions.
JnsKph B. Davlea, chairman of the
Federal Trade Commission, add 1 1 SO 1
the American Export Manufacturers As
sociation at the Hotel Blltmore yester
day on the urgent requirements of
American Industry to meet the Interna
tional competition which will Inevitably
follow tha close of the Uuropeon war.
Ths reorganisation of Industry, ha said,
when finally established 1n Kurope. will
be Invested with a degree of efficiency
that will command the respect of all
rivals In tha markets of the world for
the reason that an industrial and a
military organisation has bean developed
in tXirope that haa eclipsed anything of
the kind ever seen.
"To speculats oa to the oondltiona
following the war," said Mr. Davlea, "la
idle. But It Is still greater foMy to
assume that In the long future these
lesson derived from these conditions
will not be translated with military ef
fectiveness and discipline Into efflclencUs
and economies of production snd dls
trlbitkin when tl energies pent up tn
the struggle shall be released for In.
lustrlal endeavor. The stimulus of ne-
cessliy will p,. these processes, for
Inton mi, mat bills will have to be paid
through reversing balances of trade,
snd every effort will be made by Uov
ernments Involved to sustain themselves
from destruction.
"When these oondltiona obtain It will
require all of our vision and discipline,
enterprise and conservatism, sagacity
and during to meet them. It will re
quire that our Industries shall be inte
arated and stabilised that the social wall
being of ties workers be sustained: It
will require a large minded Intelligence
and vision In the division of fruits of
Industry between capital and labor."
Tn the evening Mr. Davlea told theh
National Credit Men's Association that
His Federal Trade Conunlaalon la mak
ing a aurvey of trade conditions In
Central and South America, with a
view to having obnoxious conditions
HUTTKR High rrda ruled firm under
Htnt aupply. wlthouah extra developed an
aaler untlartona with tha arrival of it
laveil Nhlpmfnta. Shailna; of ftrfcai to
mnva the ffotida rauMd a frmrtlonal chanfe
In quotatlona. Uealera are folnf more on
alori butler to the nt.v i of Inter
medlMte sradea of fr-h. rfaultlnr In dull
trw.le In the freah Built, of current r-
'l-nt are of Inferior quall'y and negleftaj,
MMVlUd continued tlrm Lad1ea and
parking utoch eaalr PrlW)l Creamery,
exirai. :' arore. Si i j s v. ; higher ifor
Ing. ITVlttte., nrata. tS to 91 acore. 2Q
the,; aeiiinda. 2S-4fc:ar.; unaalted. fanry,
37- a Jia. .; prime to chol e. SI 1.0.1
held axtraa. o no s 1 . higher acnrlng,
Itl1 J4 : ftreta. 27 4? :9i- ; Htate. dairy,
tuba, flneat, g0$fe.l gnod tn prim. "t
lie.; rommiiii to fair. ::i-27c. ; rano-a tfj,
eitraa. 1 1 S r ;'S ; Urata, 2Sl4e.
ImlUa. current make, flrata. !2c j aeronda,
204 tie, Packing itock. June make,
fine, -o S 'i : rurrent make. fine. It) ft 0.1
No. 2. ItJg. lower gradea, lMirr
CHBaMI Trading continued quiet, but
all tot ware hM firm, with hoMera aak
Ing h prt-miuin for fine good. Htate flata
ami Young Arm-rlcaa ware active, dalnlee
qult. Kxportera are making Innul'iea
again, but r tranauitlonn were report ed.
hklma rontlnue quiet. Prlcea; Htate,
i milk, helit pe-1ala, KWVn't1
a.eraa;-., fauuy. IgfAfflte.) current mak.-,'
apailaU. UfAc.1 ftaie akltne, held apechila,
lac; currnt make, apeiiala, H u ;cr
t hvlte. i:wl3,i fair ta anoj, 4 m
llaCi Wlwoiioln, twins 1 : ; : double
ilaiali-e, I7dl7c.; Young AmtrUaa, 17Sil
stUCM R004pta wer nmr- liberal, with
rrailt unraKaJg aa o arrival In th- near
future Market n freah egg lrrgu!ar
and uaejattledi but quotation ateai v.
leiM 'It-Hlera wrr irapise.l to gttl pHOM
t mo atork and ri-Hn up at'oumulatlona
of Inferior go S:orags egga w-re a
Ittle more Irr-guUr In price, wirb aome
hobier dlagMM ! f a "-Iomo out eve n at a
email Icam Held Btock continued moving
er well at the irlcee Nearhv white
gg In tnotlernre Bupaji and tady few
good rnougli t4 immand top prli'e
Pricee: Kreah gnth- res) extra, tine 3711
; extra. t1rt 3:iwfSc. 0rt, S;'1.
I4c eeeondo, SOU 32c : No. I. dlrtle ill
Itr refrigerator, epecigl niarka. fan-v,
. first, ptoraara ?tt:tc. gao
'i llH r23'tc. . hennery white, nne to
fancy, let) tec. ; browna, H94fo.; mixed
co'.tr Ittplla., refrigerator, nearby whit.e,
v lc,
LI K F'Ot'T.TKY About rarloadi
w re tin load -l yeaterdav, ,t unuaua lly
large amount Demand was only fair and
value were unset; If tl. Trailing na at
opeTi prioee, to be natfle later tn the wek.
Turkeva were held firmly on light supply.
DRBMsffD PI ui.tky Freeh dreaaad
turkey were In light aupply. with the out.
look for a Mn tinned light aupply through
the nee-ii lot k arriving olJ promtitlv :
ttrm prioee, .' the lasl of Th.nkglv
Ing values. Conalderable out tf town buy
ing ix a a in avldonoo. Southern turkey
were generally uf bOtVOr quality than uual
and aold along with t he Western. Aver
age quality of t urkt-ya from all ".actions
proniU-e to be unuauaMy good. Chlokena
In fair demand at firm prlree Ljarge
fowla were taken promp:;v, but small were
alow. Konaiers In i'ght supply and Itaadyj
dttt k and ggagl In moderate aupply and
firm. I'rloea : Turkey a. Western. prlng.
fair to good. tltzStc; acalde.l fancy. 2fl
27i. ; poor 110170.; Kentucky and Ten
itesaee, ;2'J?c.; Tsva-. fair tu good. I
2? r, Fowla. fre-h Western, dry picked,
DOged) 69 l" and over. 17'c. ; Wentern,
Kcalded. large, iritc. t'htcken, freah,
near hy, 8 and 4 loa to pair, llffl ; Vir
ginia, milk red, I and 7 Iba.. Isl-. ; dry
plckoil. t-orn fed. and t It , 14)91gU
OKI rnoaters. He. ; suuaba. prtmi-, white,
to lb, to doaen. M-TI; 9 (be . It r.9. 9
lb.. .
WAHHINOTON. IV 21 Tha alaiemenl of
the faottpt! an1 diaburaementa of the Treae
ury showe:
Thla month rteal veai
Ptwetnla lT?..wa.9 IS' .
Diahuraemeig 47.(10,93 rO.444.9M
Datoli H.o.26 f. i IU,IN
Rereii'ls from customa tn day. 1471.720;
internal revenue, ordinary. l.21?.90t, income
tv tott; mis. ellHiieoiis 993.4
National hank notea rewivenl for redemp
tion. i aM.lee
The rurrent atatenient nf the t'nlted Atatea
Treeaurer lor lerenier 10:
AvniUble fold tM.M2.17
Aeailsble silver . 1. M.ti4
I'nlted Stalea notea ..07&.92.
National bank notee and Federal
reaerve notee ll.7M.tn
rerttfled cherka on banks 190. ISa
Subanliary atlver, minor culn and
. eiiver pyfllon. aS.Wt.719
t n. !. unified niuaiiiied currencyi. 1.1C1.1M
IVnnaita tn banks and Philippine
Treasury . 97.5i4,tl7
AvniUble currency In Treasury
and banks 390.191,912
Deduct current llaMUllM 9fl,r"jl 94"
Net balamvt in sretieral fund 10t.K7.tTl
Gold coin and bullion IU2.979.921
To redeem outetandinir oartlflcatea fi.w ,u;t m
Grand total cash aaeate in Treasury 2,901,249.721
The New York Federal Raaerv Bank
rates ware 4 per cent, for thirty to nlnty
days and I pr cent, for longer hill,.
open market dlacnunt, prim acceptancsa,
maturing up to ninety daya, v ' u 2 per
Commerclsl paper rates were It?!1, per
csut. for sixty to nlnely day, bill, and for
four to ,tl mouth. I.e.- mimes, a ta if 4
per cent, for othtrs.
Time money wtin quiet and Arm. ftatea
wer 2. par cent for slaty dsys, 24 41
POT cent, for ninety days, S psr cant, for
four, flvs snd atx months
Call inonsy uu the floor nf th fttock
Kxchsng ye,terdy ruled st 2 psr csni.,
htali 1 pr csut.. low 14 per cent.
sterling exchange waa firmer. Final
iiuntutlona were: Demund, 4.124a i cables,
4 711,
Call money tn London, 4 n I per cent :
horl Mils. .-. per cant., tine months
bills, IV, pet cam
Domsallo eachang on New York: st
I ...l-. pari Han Krsnclaco. 10c. premium.
Mlnnpolla. 0c. prsinlutil I Chicago. 10c.
rllaoounil Cincinnati, par: Montreal, 10c.
Bar silver In I .onion 24 1-U d. 1 New
York. 64c.
New York clearing lluuwe aialement:
change,. .i.-3.7.:a4. balaii'. II,-
4V4,97.l Sub Treasury credit bulanea, 11.
lit .Mi,
The Famers' Loan and Trust Company
Nob. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Street
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
New Tork.
L0TOOT, IS Oeektprtf St, 8. W.t 86 Old Brosi Stmt, St
PAEIS, 41 Btmlsrsrd Hanstrcann BEBLOT, 56 Voter dsn Liidsa, lf,f
Trareleri' Letter! of Credit. Foreign Exobanga,
Administrator Chiajdlaa
in resources, a progressive organization
and a strong directorate, recommend this
Company highly to corporations, firms
and individuals seeking a good bank
ing connection at the center of the
American Money Market.
Metropolitan Trust Company
of the City of New York
George C. Vsn Tuyl Jr., President
49 Wall Street
In view of the application made this day to list on
the New York Stock Exchange, the Certificates of
Deposit issued by the United States Mortgage and
Trust Company as Depositary, under Deposit Agree
ment dated November 12, 1915, and to afford a
further opportunity to holders of Common Stock to
avail of the benefits of the Agreement, the time to
deposit shares thereunder, has been extended to and
including DECEMBER 27. 1915.
Holders of Common Stock are urged, if they desire to
protect their interests, to immedlatoly deposit their
Dated: New York, December 17. 1915.
CHArNCEY H. M Ultra BY, Serretarr.
65 Cedar Hireet. New York.
No Drafts
I'l- ni v nf frcf-n air at ;tll waenns. with
out havlner paiven )ow all attout.
Van Zile Air Deflectors
iltatrlhut.. ihe sir BVsnlg wllh..ut
tlraush" or ,uil()en pu(T, Knalnenrtng
sur,e without obilxstton
M Cortiantlt m. rhone ih7 OorUaan.
American T4ephone & Tcfegrapli Co.
Four Per Test Collsteral Trust Bonds
Coupons from the ROSOS, payable by
thalr tarma on January I, 19 1, at tr. office
of th Trsurer In Nev York, will Ii paM
hy tha Bankera Truat Compsn;-. M Wsil
0, P, MII.NK, Traasursr.
A dll.1n.t of Two Dollars per share will
le paid on 8&turdy. January 14, 1914, to
atorkhnldera of record at th clOSS of hual
ness on Frl lw , December 11. Hi:..
tl. D. M1LNK. Treasurer.
CITY tK M;H ItlkK.
December II, lilt,
Th Bowr.t if Dire. ;,.r. kav this day oe -clsred
s semi -wmiu,.'. dividend of threo per
Seat., free of tux. BaFable "n aisl lifter
January l. me, ta Itaokholder nf re. ord
st lb alSS of lui,ln,,e December 34, I 1 0 .
V. K. ANDItrsw. Cihlilsr.
Natlns, Banks.
Industrial Savings Bank
SI Clumber, St.. New York
Th Uoanl nf Trihtrw baa U'lanf I
a M-ini annual iln I Icinl at the rati- of
l.r annum on all d.p.e.iis eniltlci
Depoiiit mode on or Itetore
January 10th, 1916, trill draw
intereit from January Int. 1916
THOMAS M Mi l. ItV. Pi Sllllnlll
JOHN .1 I'l I.I.KVN. t'ooipt roller
lift (JIAMHKK.H ST., N. V.
The Trualaaa Rave deolared a rihidend
for the alx monilia rmllnR Dae. Klrt, 1 HI 8,
at th rat uf
per annum on all sum, from If, In 13.000
entitled Jhereto under Ihe hy.l.iw,, poyable
on end after January 171b, llll,
Deposits made on or before Jan. loth
will draw lntereat from January let. 111H.
If E TBNKK. Preeldent.
il-:i.'RiK H DvNNINa, secretary.
la th City of Nrw York.
Cor 4th Ave. and 14tli Rl
Nw York. I i c. n I .e r rt. 11(.
lntereat at th rat of KOIJH itl HER
CtCNTl'M Pr annum will be credited de
posttora for the alx month, ending Deem
her 11, ll!i. on all euma entitled therain
under the By-Lowe ni exceeding three
lhou,nd 1 3,000, Dollar,, and will be pay
uble on mid after .TutlUMry 2Mat.
Disslta made on or hefor January
10th. 1914. will draw lntereat from Janu
ary 1st. 1914
A. KOI'PEt.. Treueur-,
rhrtstinos gift amounting to $43,000
wer dlatrlbuled yesterday by tha Corn
Exchange Bank tn employees
Oenrg P. Kennedy. lc-prealdent of
the ChHlham tn. 1 Phenlx National Bank,
will resign on January 1 to enter Into th
partuerelllp Ol D. X, Matthew, A Co,
builder,, of Ihe Borough of Queans.
IV. It. Barnst, asslatsnt general paa
aenger agent of the N'w York Central
Railroad, has been appointed ssslatant
gensrsl salsa msnsger of th American
sugar Hailnlug Company. Th appoint,
meat become effective January I.
JOHN w. FLATTEN, chairman.
DUMI.lt ). I'kDDCB,
A. H. S. POST.
Borough of Brooklyn, New York.
December 20. 191 o.
Ths Board of Directors of this Company
haa thla dwy declared tiuartsriy d!vldnd
of per cent, on th Preferred Htoc of th
Company, to be paid from ths sccumulsted
net esrnlnaa of th Company on December
-4th ,ixl lo holdera of the lrfrred 8tock
of tcord on the book, or the Company wt
the else of business December 1st. Trans
fer tiooka will be c'.o,ei Dcmbr : . r. l to
27th, Loth dates tnclualve.
Howard C. Seaman,
Hcrtey A Trvasursr.
a V4 B. .ss OMPANT.
Be rough of Broaklys, New York.
December 1115
The Board of Director of thts Company
ha, thle day dcired a dividend of IV, par
cent end in xtr dividend of 11'., per
cent, on the Oomtnon Htock of the Com
p.mv o be p aid fnun th accumulated net
earnwiga of il.e Company on Dosmbr 24lh
next to holder, of the Common st k of
record on ttie books of the (Vmpany st the
clos of bualaaal December list, Tranfer
book, will be closed Decembsr ;'2nd to
27th, both da: lii sltjsirs,
Howard C. Sssmsn,
b"crtary A Tra,urr.
I to Broadway. New York.
a quaftarly alvidsad af two sad one.
hlf per cent (2U,c, , thl, dsy ben
daclaysd upon the capllai tock of thlH
roiniotnv. imvabl on December II, to
stockholder, ,,f record at lit close of hue!
lies, December 24. 1917.
t'n'e,, oiher Imttructlotn. are ltld chcka
win i,e moJUd to aen atoekhttldar t the
addras l:ist appearing on our hooka
The TrHns'er Hooks will not '' closed.
MYRON J IRQWN, Secretary.
New Vork, December 21, 1911.
Kit I'er Cent. Ailjuatment Mortgage
I. old Bonds
The semi rttinual Instalment, of Interest
. at Seaboard Air I. Ino H,ll.,v A,1Justnii,i
, Roi.da amounting t,. U i:.", no, iepre
I eenle.l by Coup .n, Xos 23 and 24 for 112 7,0
j e,, h, cm t,e iui,i on an.i after February i
till, th "ffl e of it- Blair A Co
Xo. 24 ItroM.l Street. .V, -v Yelk
Neatiiisrd Air I Ine Nallwa, Co.,
Bv D C. PORTBOUS, Secretary.
New Tork. Dec. 22. 1917.
11 Broa.l St . Nev, York. Dec 2(1. 191:.
At a meeting of th. Hoard of Direct
of thl. Company, held on th 20th dy
! December 1915. a dividend of 2 per sh.
. win declared on the capita! stock '.f t
.Company, payable on and after the 1
i dey of January. 114. to itockhol lers
. ,-. .,, ,, m ,,,c . ,,, nun, new, on tne s
day of December. 1917,
F. L LOVBLACa secretary
Philadelphia, December II, 1915
Th Board .r Dlrwctori ii,, declared from
tha net ewruWigs a quarterly dividend of
one per cent, t 1 ", t Dn the Second preferre.1
rtloek of the Company, to be pritd on Jmiiu
ry u. ill, i,, itorklrolder of recur.l at
th close of buslnesa December 21. llll,
Dheek "HI be mulled to stockholders who
havo tiled dut.leinl ardsra With the Tre,,
urer. JAV V. HARB, Secreiary
No. 116 Broadway. New York City.
December 21. lllu.
By resolution of the. Hour, I of Trustee,
the regular quarterly dividend of pfval
PBR CENT has been declared and I, pay
able December 11. ISli, to the atockholdera
It 'fill ou,,ns Decembsr
ioaU W. IHBPAaO, Aaalatant Treaaurer.
Office of The I idled floa Impratemrat Co.
H v Corner Broad and Arch Streets
Philadelphia, Use. I. 1914.
The Directors have thla day declared s
quarterly dividend of two psr rait (II 00
per eharel, payable Jan. U, llll. to stock
holders of record al lit rloa of bualnss
Dec III. 1917. checks will bs ji 'ailed
I VY MOURls. Treaaurer
NW York. December 21at, 1914
A dividend of Twelve Per Cent., free of
tax. haa to-day been declared by thla bank
peyabl on th third day of January ieL
Th transfer bonk will remain e'eeed till
that dsl.
H. H POYYBM . CashUr.
Se.v York, December 17th. 1914.
Tti Hosrd of Director bvs to-day da
clsrd a aemt-annuni dividend of fourteen
(141 per cent free of tax. payable January
Ird, 1914. to atockholdera of record of tht
date Tha transfer books will remain Woaad
stll January 4th. Ill y .
srllegten ft Mlisevrl River
Rallrsa. Osrasasy la IsBraska
eeetellesiei Mortpp
ft Nr went, teeee
DUE JOLT I, lilt.
Burauano of a Trust Mortgage Dsed exe
cuted to The New Bngland Trust Company,
Trustee, by the Burlington A Missouri
River Railroad Company In Nehraaka,
date. i Jul, 1. lift, ths fwllewksg 6 Coa-
oausateej along
due Jnlv I. lit.
of oatd Railroad Company, secured by ssld
i-sea or rrust, nave seas drawn ror pay-
vis. ;
Three Hundred and Twenty one (til)
nonue SJ ,ww rrn, nassner t
II 11 1291 lldl 2194 llll "IM lf7
II 112 121 1114 102 1112 t(! r-.'H
22 111 llll 1171 214 121 t71 llU
21 111 111 1177 244 llll llll !,-'
II III 114 111 211 II1S 1192 4214
41 111 1211 llll 21 llll 1191 IITI
111 III 111 llll 17 2127 1901 716
III 141 1MI 191 IT4I llll 994 7244
11 III llll llll 1741 llll 1972 7 27.. I
141 447 112 1991 2747 llll 4007, 714
111 171 1141 III 274 1141 401 r. n
111 711 llll 21 277 2109 401 7r.94
111 71 1114 14 1771 117 42 7121
124 til 1171 1471 171 1401 401H 71
111 711 1114 2015 2112 1401 401 llll
III 74 142 il 211 141 441 1171
I4 741 1411 111! llll 1411 4li4 171
111 ,77 141 111 III 141 4 .7. (417
III 711 1471 llll 1114 1412 411 '!
II 111 1471 21il III 1470 411 9'
II 111 1411 1171 114 ISOI 411 12
404 II 1114 110 2901 111 4177 10021
IS 13 If. 10 222 2914 37,42 4149 10120
411 117 1141 111 llll 3141 411 1014
42 4 1141 2101 2117. 31,7.0 4177 I017.S
411 l 154 2141 2940 1141 4221 I0.MI
441 111 ITitl 2141 144 340) 4122 lllll
444 CO 17,11 2102 2971 311 2 4291 10 7,4
412 931 1 7,111 2441 214 .141 3 4331 10,49
411 41 1127 2414 1011 1140 423., 1093,
4a 411 147,1 2411 3042 H4I 4341 10973
11 1,l 2441 toil 3 .. . 7 43111 1 1011
4 1017, 172 2442 1101 S1 434 I 107.1
141 1104 1711 2443 3110 2s 41':i 117,1
14 1 147 1711 245 112 371 7. 4197, 1 IISH
111 111 1711 2411 117 1760 469 11'.
17 llll 171 1477, 1171 1761 4994 1111
III llll 1774 241 1171 1913 I3IT 1121
111 1240 110 llll 3111 1122 Iff! Ills
194 1201 llll 2611 9117 1146 1214 11712
1 1110
And ttt-far (14) Hand leSO Ewrh, num.
II 170 IIS tr, (94 72 141 III
14 202 11 4 v ". 99 71 161 167
I 207 312 M3 711 ISO 110 974
72 264 192 61 747 10 7 976
17 20 40 61.1 76 101 9t IT
109 290 420 142 769 111 91 91
141 21 421 170 77, 114 914 1491
169 10) 441 7 771 197. 941 2140
The bonds bearing ths shoe number,
will be paid at par at the nfltr of th
undersigned, 121 Devonshire Hlrcet. Bo,
ton. Me . en Ih First Day nf January .
11. after which date lntereat en aald
Bond will res In conformity with th"
terms of ths Trust Deed.
Thi Itv England Trust Company,
by JAMB9 R HOOPER. Fraa4at
Beaton, Masa. Decr.mbr U. 1311
Wa. the undaratf iiarl. hereby Kite nutim
ct nur Intention to urgatilse n B-iik. u del
and purauant 10 the Uwi nf tha Ktati af
New York. and. In conformity "Aith tha
tatiita In aueh raae MM and provide,
we heraby specify and atata aa follows, to
Wit :
Ftrajt The tnamee of tb proponed In
corporators are:
William A Men-ham.
Jainea T. Monahan.
1enr' M l.ar.4 .
K Halsey Mul'na,
Montgomerv f Lewla.
piscond : The name of the t i - r .
Thlrii: Tha location of the propose)
Bank is to b No. 1 Wall ,:reet, In Ihe
Borough of Manhattan. City, t'fiiinty anl
fitata of New York
Fourth: The amount of Its capital atock
le One Hundred ThOUaaBd Dollar, (ftlftft,
IN W1TNEHH WBBRBOP we have here
unto affixed our ilanaturea this ftrd day of
December, 1 d 1 f.
William A Mer. hant.
Jamea T. Miiahuti.
Henry M KnTle.
K llalaey ilalone.
Mor.tfoniery II. Lewi
Holdera of Five Par Cem Flrat MoH
tiajs t'oeral Trust Cold Binla of the
I TON PA Ms are hereby BOttllad that purau
ant to the provlalona of the M ria.ige aa I
Trust Afrevnient. dated June I Oth. lft 9ft,
Netu een E. 1. du PoNT de N EMOt'Rfl
POWDKR COMPANY and the ftfetfOpe i
tan Trust t'ompuny of tha i'lty of Now
York tin,; all of the outetandlnn bonds of
the above deacrlbed lasue have been called
tor retlemptlon on January 1. 191i. Boot,
of aald bonds win be redeemed h 11.050
riti accrued latoroat to ftold January i.
Ittfti upon presentation and atirrendar
thereof for cancellation at the of At ..f
the Me:mpo!ltni Trunt "onipin of tha
City of Nw fork. If Wall Ptreet, New
York, on and af 1 rr January ! , 1 o-i
which date each uf aald bondu will DOOM
to draw Interest. HeclHtered bond! pre
aanted for payment ahou'd hae properlv
axecu;ed power.- of transfer attu hed
Dated. New York. De.-emb-r 1 ft, 191b.
BEVERLY OHBW, Vloo-Preoldonl
4f WaVll street. Boruuf h of Manbattam.
New York City.
Twenl -Year I I Per ( rut. Itond. of tha
Nt tick ts hereby given that hi aocord
are with the proio(one the CoTUtterai
Trust Doad f tne Hudooti Navigation t?on
patty t the t'ltv Trust Company of n
York, now The Bqultabia I'ruet Contpam uf
New York. TrtWtee. dated January 1, 1903,
the following numbered bondi hove been
drawn fur rvdoinpl Ion at par and ascrttOd
Interest, via. I
M lit :l :t;".j 441 Sft Hi ftftT
30 1 1 o lis r,:i 414 ii ? s 4 a i
ss ::i s:i 3 r i 4:v K41 ts
ft I v: f.a4 K74 MY ,
111 i'l j 137 ht Til 05 ftil
in .at ni us
The urtbi n urn be rod bonde ae payable
the office of The Rqilltwbla Truei Compoj
of New York. Trustee. No 37 Wall Mre.
New York City, on .Ian nary 1 , 191 e, on
which dtete Inforeel therein win reaee
My h U HIUUBY Troaeurer.
Dtted Ner.- ToiwCt December 7th. Ill
PANY. Sea!el pi opoeaU will DO rOOOlved at he
office of Th Parmera1 Loan end Tnit Com
pany. I. H. ! end SI William street Ne-v
Yrk City, fof the vale to the TruaAoe, hi
accordance with "e provlatone ol the mort
gag iate-1 th1 le' ' v I . r-mb. r, 1:,
of .i eufflclent amount of bonde t luvet
H 7 1 of ih Slnksna Kund
pronoaale mual be pnnente,! hefora
o'elocfi Mi "i Iba 3"th day of Dooember,
Ifttft, and hOtlld lie 'llre. ' d as fn:i iv
MPropoaale t" Htnhlni Kundi the Midland
Ternttewl Railway Contpani The f irm
e-i' Loan an1 Trual Company. ftJ Will
lam I, treat. Now York city."
Bv EDWIV s MAnSTON President
New York. December 11th. 1!15.
Plral MortRMO tl Ten 'ar j imertlhlf
"iiikina i Mini lloJel ItninU.
T-m definitive bunna of ibe ' e inr,,.
are im" retdy unl .Irllvery win be nia-t-upon
preentadfton and iurreniier of the
temporar) rocelpte at The National CIm
Hi nk of Neu Yorll, N.i ;..r, , Stre
New York FRANK II RUDE. Tieaeurei
it n k t it TRI IT COMfANV.
The Annua: Meeting of tin ill ocb holder i
tif Hankern Tftial Company for the election
Of Dire.-tori ami t ho t renMCtlon of PUCh
other bttalnoee w aha 11 coma before t ti
meet inr will h hold at the fti . o nf tbe
Com pany t II Wall Utreet, Borouvh of Man
batten Raw York City, on ThuhHlayi Jati
uary 13. 191. at twelve oV'ovk (tooOt Ihe
pniia win remain open one hour.
The atocb tranefei tKaoke win i pioaad
from 3 o'clock P M on January a. i si
until the opt-1 dug of biif.tnea on Jmimih t
U. 191.
Hy artier of the Board "f Dlie.-tors.
OBO ' : THOMiON Secretar,
New . ork. Dooember I3( uii.
The annual ineetlna; of tha erockholdej a
of ttii Oempany fr the e.ectt.it. of Dirae
tore, tlaeilon of lAapectori of Blaetloa and
for th transaction of euch other buKlneaa
as shall come before tha tneetlna, ulll ha
bald at the office of ihe Coinpam. fj Lib
erty Street, kn the rly of New York tha
th day of January. 19U, at U o'cloOR
The polia v i.i reniulu opeo usitll 12 19
o'clock P. M.
Tht Amtrloan Eiohangt National
lank Nw, York
New Vork. Ue II, t9 1 ,
Th snn'ial rtteelliig of lh. stoijlholilsra
of thla bank lor Hi eiecii.m uf Dlrevtora
will I... liel.l hi lu liajiklna house, Mb, III
Broadway, New York, on Ttinsttay, .lonuaiy
11th. I9U1. at II o clock no, oi Pol 1 .ubari
frutn 11 M. to roo V M
ARTUUIt f I.KB. i alar.

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