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Snlway Brings Trs. to Lex
injrton Aveim and 86th
Street Corner.
?nvel Improvement Is planned for the
AMhouit nrner of Lexington avenue
end Ki(My-lxth street on the plot now I
eceupled by the First Union Presby
terian rhurrh building, which was sold
en Monday as was reported In Thi Sum
yesterday ine nuyer or me property
Is John J Buckley and several associ
ate. aTho have practically completed the
resale r ma property to a Dunaer. wno
will make the improvement While the
Mine "f the prospective buyer could not ! West Twenty-first street for a term of
H learned It Is generally supposed to be years to the Stanley Dress Company,
the MrKeon Realty Company, composed ' A. H. Mathews has rented the third
of members of the I.arkln family, who 'oft at 171-133 Wooster street to Kaeh
are now engaged In erecting a hug . Llr ; first loft at It Weal Seven
tincture for the printing trades on the , teanth street to Malaaky. Friedman A
west side of Eighth avenue from Thirty- Shapiro ; w.th M. A L. Hess, the first
mini to Thirty-fourth street. Whoever 1o" at 33-30 Bleecker street to Oalety
uie builder Is who will take the property walit Company.
m, will put up a store and omoe struo- I
1 tire to meet the demand for such space j
V which exists now and which la expected
t b much greater when the Lexington rlWy-awth street ; to the Chalmers
avenue subway Is In operation. Eighty- Motor Company the entire building at
dirtti street will have a subway express aouthwset corner of Broadway and
nation, and for that reason la expected JL1 atreet ; .to the Peerless Waist
t become the centre of the business 0npan space In 40 Bast Twanty-eac-Mmmunlty
of ths middle East Side. Tha i 01x1 tret : to Heaman A Llehtar paoa
propped structure will not be of many
Doers but will be mora than what la
commonly termed a taxpayer. Tha
church property was held at $300,000.
It front a 42 2 feet on Lexington avenue
tad 100.8 feet on Eighty-sixth Atreet.
Two of the four Ucdxoxenn dweHlnga
en ths south side of 8eventy-econd
street, between Madison and Leailngton ,
avnvuee, have bean bought by clients ,
of Douglas L. EUlman A Co. and Louis
B Prestoa The dwellings sold are
mown as 40 ana 43 and wore owned
by the Rose Llebmann estate and Henry
ijebnann respectively. Tha dwelling ait
II has been the uiupeity of Henry Ueb
mann since 1884 ; the other house was
secured by Rose Uebtnann In lilt.
Other members of the Llebmann family
own the dwelling on each aide of tha
i wo j'jtt sold. The houses sold rester-
oay are four stories high and cover lota !
j oy iuo reel eacn. rne Dityera ww
ootupy the dwellings.
Realty Company. Samuel H Stone
president, has bought 14 East Forty
fourth street, a four story dwelling.
n lot 15x100.5, 148 feet west of Madi
son avenue. It adjoins St. Bartholo
mew's Church and la opposite Brooks
Bros.' new building. The property Is
leased to May 1. 1111. and the new
owners contemplate erecting a naw
building at the expiration of the lease.
It has been held at 1150.000.
has told the old building at 1 Eleven-.!!
avenue, on lot 20x100. for Mr.
N. McAleer to Benjamin F. Embree. a
dealer In metals.
CONCOURSE Daniel B. Freedman has
bought through Bryan L. Kennelly
from the Field Realty Company, 2381 to
1397 Grand Boulevard and Concourse,
two four story 50 foot apartments on
the West sld of the thoroughfare, south
f lMth street. The property fronts
tors in the Concourse section of Ford
tiam H Ivhts. has purchased with aseo
SaMM the plot 100x150 at the north
east corner of Orand avenue and 184th
freer. The property was held ut
ISn.o-jrt and will be Improved with
three live story apartment houses de
signed by Mr. Boyland.
liave purchased from Jane Stammers
the plot Kt the Intersection of Bil'ey
ar.d Heath avenue through Nelson.
Us & Oreen. The property has a
total frontage of 175.3 fe?t on tho
curve of these thoroughfares and a
retr line of 95.10 feet.
IAST 14ld STREET The Kossuth
Realty Company. S. B. Stelnmstx,
pre-ldent, has sold 840 Eaet 142d
Itrett, a four story building and a
two story garage, on lot 25x100.
FranM A. Seaver A Co. have sold four
lots Oil the north side of Senator street
112 fet east of Hldge Boulevard for
A J. Brickson to the Boyd Realty Com
pany, which will build six family flats;
Iso so!d live lots on the southwest cor
ner nt Fifth, avenue and Seventy-eighth
treet to William Wharton for Invest
ment The DurOSS Company has resold for
8uan tlero loll Seventy-third street, be
tween Tenth and Eleventh avenue, a
three itory two family house on a lot
IJHOO, to A. Berry.
BttferU I Wood of Manhattan has
Wehaasd from Mrs. Ellen C. Angarola
n imposin resilience Rnd nronertv at
nnd Mylvan place. Far Kock-
IWS He liriH Htm nnrrhnsed the nrnn
My of Mrs. Angarola on New street,
FV Fto,k,iwav.
' ln -ncouro ana exienas prise Amusement Company, and plan to
faet. remodel the building throughout, usin
BRAND AVENUE John V Rot-land. .V,. ! 7 1 VI UMn'
pwwwi i-" . ' 1 1 lur is mrin moving
ironltect and one of the pioneer oper- nletuna ihetr h. M "
m: k it for new home.
FTX! ,i Crawatl has sold fne A A.
Cohen, aril a,nraaldenl of the Ponaoll-
Card Company, a tract of about
three d r-H on Steamboat road at treat
Seek. L I The bluer la W V H.hlem-
nier of JUi.liaitan. who will Improve tho
its with a ItirgD Colonial brick mansion,
tin a veranda overlooking the Sound.
The price la reported at 835,000.
lll I Marvin have sold for Ferdinand
Jnjtl hll tiroperty at Rlvervlew Manor,
Doktw Perry, to Stanley C. Wiley of
JJla elty The place was held at 313.000.
r Wiley mid his property at Sage
PMMdatlon, Purest HilU, L. through
tha lama brokarg,
A New York Investor has hougtlit a
M "r. Walworth avenue adjacent to the
QJnottr -ourt section of Greenacres.
Tte buyer will build an English house
f nine 'nu and three baths on the
Mot next eprlng.
The . ,.t,. fniinrfatUn U
Hlina i aw country home at Cold Spring
Harbor will cemt 8100.000. It will be one
the heaviest fotinilatlons that has been
Wilt for I country house In that part of
suburbs, The big subsurface floor
lll he built hy the Htewart Engineering
9k UU ration, which yesterday succeeded
?' log the contract frr the venrk.
Is being designed by Delano
J KT- h. It will be one of the fine
welling! of Uie fashionable north shore
fco.oon P4TERRON DEAL.
Path, so, nec. 31 One of Che biggest
M es rite transactions of the current
Wntll wis iineed yesterday by Itohert
t Burks when he sold Otr the Mlohael
t the property at 268 and 272
Mr. f-t 1i U Ulrn,ll,'ut .WbnMln
f Isadora Simon, John J. Fisher and
MBrund Cohen, partners In the lvter
on Bb rags Company, fw 180.000. The
JMpsri fronts 80 8 feet on Main street
Md I 100 foet deep. Old two story
'' Iweiiings, built many years ago,
tp( property, which will probably
I ' veil by the purchasers.
BIT mid LHtle firms LmtIu OM
Saartere for New Oars.
Daniel Blrdaall Co. have rented the
third loft nt 827-629 Hroadway to Hal
per Friedman ; first floor and baaa
mnt at 1S9-141 Spring street to Ameri
can 3 -Way i'rlsm Company ; first floor,
basement and sub-basement at 4
Ieonard atreet to Leonard Bales Com
pany ; second loft at 464 Broadway to
Nathan Krtesehlk: fourth loft at 36-3
East Twelfth street to M. Simon A Co. ;
third loft at 10S Bleecker street to U
blvlnaaton A Co. ; first loft at 21 Walker
atreet to Nathan flhereahevsky ; with
8 pear A Co. the second loft at 28-30
Waverley place to Koppman, UoMenberg
A Kapatefn; with William C. Walker's
Sons the third loft at 14-14 Washington
P'c to u. Weinberg Bon : first floor.
basement and sub-basement at 73 Worth
street to EMredge Snyder, and for M
A L Hess ths fourth loft at S0-54 West
Seventeenth street to Podbreekr A
M. Rosenthal Company has leased the
ninth floor at -3T Wast Thirty-fifth
atreet for a terra of years to Samuel
uarat ; also the seventh floor at 133-14
" -rose m Brown us, naa lessen
to tn Chase Motor Truck Company the
and third floor at 238-41 West
in in nnn avenue, ana space in the
Strand Theatre Building to tha Mark
Strand Theatre Corporation. Tha Cross
A Brown Co. has also leased space in
1140 Broadway to Louis Rothsteln;
apace In 31-33 West Thlrty-elxth street
to the Universal Costume Company,
thro it-h F. Fog A Co., and lodge room
at i: ist Fifty-ninth street to the North
Star, Chapter No. 4(4.
H. A L. Hess have leased four floors
In 311-317 Orand atreet to Foreman A
Clark Manufacturing Company, now at
74 Fifth avenue, for a term of years at
an aggrente rental of 828.00
floor In 33-31 Weet Eighteenth street to
tha National Shirtwaist Company; floor
at Bond street to Simon Bloom, and a
floor In 31-33 Ernst Tenth street and
13.000 feet of spaoa, comprising tha
eleventh and twelfth floors at 304.11
Bast Twenty-third street tor a term of
years to the Beck Engraving Company
of Philadelphia, with office at til
Fourth a ramie. The New York slant la
to be equipped for making engraving
coior ana nairtone prates.
The firm of L. J. Carpenter ha lea d
for the estate of WIIHam C. Soherrmr.
horn the five etory building at 2 Jones
lane to Andrew Mill A Son, and loft
at 51 West Third street for Virginia
Clark to John Leonie A Co.
Tha Crulkshank Company ha leased
1.000 square feet of additional eoaoe in
43 Cedar atreet to the Home Insurance
Pease A EUlman hare leased a floor In
30 West Forty seventh atreet to Mario
Oaloaao ; also a floor In West Thirty
seventh street to Mrs. Clara E. Gold
berg. Baattne A Co. have leased a floor In
13 East Fifteenth atreet to Bell A Haber.
and a floor In 18-15 West Twentieth
street to Redkes A Hantman.
Nelson. Lee A Oreen have leased the
entire six story building at C23-s:
Eighth avenue, adjotnln the northwest
corner of Thirty-sixth street, for the
Surprise Building Company. The ten
ants. Lulgl Peirano. Faust Plerano and
Victor Glennato, are organising the Bur-
upper nart
tne headquarters of their wdnery. The
building Is leased for a term of twenty
one years at an agiregate gross rental
of over 3300.000. I Cafnpora and Max
ttoneniDiatt win have charge of the al
Simon s. Fried berg has leased for
Morris Sc hi nasi to Ellsa Hill the three
story dwelling at 405 Manhattan ave
nue, southwest corner of 117th street, to
October, 1917.
Frank Crowelt ha leased Mary J
Phillip's estate at Oreat Neck, facing
the Long Island Sound, to Edwin A.
Jackson of Manhattan for the season of
ALBANY. Dee. -I. The fallowing realty
corporations were chartered here tn-day:
Cortland Realty and Holding Corners,
tlon, Manhattaa; capital. I jo 001 direr,
tora Edwin J. Uawta. New York city: Por.
!?.r .!,,f,h,,Jr BfO'klyn. f. Y.. and Isaac a.
Wolf. Oreat Neck. N. Y.
f'alvln Realty Corporation, Manhattan :
capita,! 414,044: dlrecisra, c. Auguatui
Meier, Arthur T. Brown and Elizabeth
Btlrratt, Naw York ctty.
Kenrlch Kealty Company. Manhattan;
capital. tlO.Odo, directors. Ilyman Rich.
Fanl Rich and Sophie Cohan, New York
I.ynwood Realty Company. Manhattan:
capital. 310.400; directors, Fannie Prevln,
Max Abrameon and Ross Meyer, Brook
lyn, N. Y.
Edwards Leaahold, Manhattan; capital,
44,000; directors Horace N. Byrnea, Frank
J. Kelbel and Rosalind Blocb. New York
I. Cohen Company, Manhattan; capital.
88,000; directors, Cecelia Auerhach. Brook
lyn, N Y. ; Isaac V. Cohen and Benjamin
Bronenbarg. New York rlty.
Challf. Manhattan: capital. 81.000; direc
tor. Louis ii. Challf, Parah Challf and
Abraham Kats, New York rlty.
Convent Realty Company. Manhattan;
capital. 81,000; dlrsctora Louts J. Ham
mal, Jacob Ulntenfast and Newman Dia
mond. New York city.
Eaandef R-alty Company, Ms-inattan;
capital, 41,000; dlrectora. Julius Strauss,
Far Rockawoy. N. Y.: Hlmon Kybush and
Joseph Fyhuhh, Naw York city.
French Management Corporation, Man
hattan: capital, 11,000: directors, Fred F.
French. Ernest H. Kuersens, New York
city; Morris Polllnger, Brooklyn N. Y,
D. Plaautiello. The Brom; capital 38.444;
directors. Donato Plaautiello, jonuph zic
cardl and Michael Parana, Ths Hrjns,
N. Y.
aerard Holding Corporation. The Bronx;
capital. 4400; dlrectora, Olln J. Ntepntna.
Roderick ruspplna and Alex J. Araaar, Naw
York city.
Kane Building and C.oitrac Uns Com-
5 any, Brooklyn: capital. 4,000; directors,
amaa Kan, Martha C. Kane and Peter
Carroll, Brooklyn N Y.
John F. Mac Donald. Rldaawood; capital.
3H00; directors, John r. MacDonald,
Frances MacDonald and Frances
Bunds, huh. Rldgewoed, N. Y.
Hchottler-rxnnar Company, Queens;
nimi. 110.000: directors, John Benottlar.
Sophie Bchottier and Mary C. Dannar,
Rockwway Para. I,
T. P. C. Forbea Company, Fraeport:
...niin lio ooo: a reciora. t i-. r-orriaa
Mice E. Forbea and Harvey J. George.
Freeport. N. .
Fablle Ogerlaar Yesterday tat Mas-
ha Han anal Bros akBlesroosas.
By M. Morganttiau. Jr . Co.
4TTH ST, 154 W, s a, 140 a 4th av, 88x144.1.
4 sty flat and eta Baml Waeht at Dora
v-Am f al: due. 83. 311. 78: teaea. So.
1444.44: sub to pr mtga of 334,404; to the
Blalnttff over pr Haas 31.004
By Samuel Marx.
...ma BT 11 B. n S. 311 S Msdtaon
ii.4xl44.il. 4 aty tnt-M L Wight agt
aata.! at al : due 128 210 an-
taxea, Ac. 4343.40; to ths plaintiff. . 180.044
By Joseph P. Day.
unciusta AV. 1274 n. e a. 44.10 n 14ld si
Ann McOuIre et al; dua 311,144 44;
taxes, c. 3445; to tba plaintiff. . 34,004
PROBPBJCT AV, !04, a a, 417.1 1 l0th .
33sl60. 3 sty frame dwlg Guar Mtg Co
agt Q Oallana et al: due, 45,414.4); tsxae.
g,, 8444 adjourned to January 11
(With name and address of lender and
attorney. U attorneys same Is emitted
address party of Oral part )
(Sowth of Fourteenth et.
CHERRY ST. 344. n w c Hoammel st. 25x
lit 10 Annie Silverman to Rebecca
Itlrhard, Slo W 111th rt, Mj r. t and E
all Ileus. Dec 17 ..7... giod
CANAL ST, 100. s s. 50 e Forsyth at. 25
U teo T Hawb to Joe H Mullln. 1
4d st, Bklyn. mtg 424.504, Dec 1H;
Ferster, H H. 54 Wall at... .3100
CANAL UT, 41, n a 31.1 w Ludlow st.
Jl. 14x50 Max Kobre to Kobre Aasett
t'orpii. 81 Bway, h and a. Dee 17; Bank
Ing Dept. 1 Bway 41
CAN A L 8T, &SS-51T. ,, a a. 141 a e Wash
ington st. rune n 41 x n w 17.11 x w
a. ross end of alley I j n w 1 f. 4 x 4.4 x
17. x w 70 to a a Washington st x s
22.1 to Canal st x s e 141 to bag Canal
Realty Co to Kobre Aaaeta Corpn, 41
Bway. all Itena. mtg 372.OO0, Deo 111
Banking Dept. 41 Bway 31
n?OMff ST, 7i, a a. 106 a Columbia st,
... Ahr Berkowlts to Drama J
Allen. 244 Decatur et. Bklyn. all Uena.
-.Dec 14; atty, T u Co, 174 Bway 340
WOSTliR St. 1-71, w a. Ill I i Bro,"m.
at, 56X200.1 to e a West Bway (441-115)
Ifjonldas Realty Crpn to Lawrence
Holding Co. 211 Wooater at, b and s;
n.".,.,.t,.''u,, Manhelm. '- w-my 3140
WV'NOTON ST, 214. i., lit Wlllett at.
20x70 Samuel and Besets Welser to
Mary Welser. Ill 3d at, q e; addtess,
1101 1st av 31
WANTON ST. sen Ooerek st, Will i -ajjjn
I end Bessie Welser to Mary Wetter,
111 3d st, q e, Deo 34; address, 1101 tat
"IP. U w UiilverirtyplViVJx
40 lain 4x40 now j Abl riser to Bank
2I-?a,,,eJi0 V,."Y' Jnl f'4,444, Oct 14:
attya, Cadwaladar, w A T. 40 Wall
East aase.
of Fifth av, betw.en Fourteenth
and lieth su.)
,,Ti..T, 4ttl av, 44x43
7ii? Reading Ce te Ralph R Har
dsobsrgk. 144 Columbia Heights, Bklyn.
mtg 8140.440. Dee 10. stty. T O Co. 17
Bsnav a.
AMR PROPBRTY Ralph R Hardenbargb
X. ".Tfi?- Holdlaa do. 44 William st,
aJ,i,i,5,.,4M' Dc ft atyr seme 41
TJ AV. 344, a a 43 s w Fist at. 14.4x7;
3d av, 141, s e a 44 s w 31st a. 14x74
'I0110" K,h A Fltspatrtek.
141 B 47th at, mtg 814.344, all Uena Deo
III attye, Woeaefman K. 44 Liberty
D AV. nee 44th at. 14.774 Owen Me.
Cpey to Arthur MeCeey. 474 4d av. Dee
Ut- ty. Michael H Rose. 14 Court at.
Bklyn u
3D AV. 434. a e e 44tti at. 34xlo-aovk
laeaajarg to Jena Well and Ilernhard
Rayer. 41 B lid at, mtg 344.400, Deo 14.
attya. Well M. 4 Bees, man at.... MM
7TH ST. 115 E, n a 344 3d av, 24x141.1
American Mt Co to Amelia B Lock
wood. 3101 Bway. mt 314.044. b A a. Apr
It. 118: euye, Bewere 4V S. 44 Cedar
at ifs
ID AV, 1440, nee 4tJ St. 35.4x10
Louis Gold et al to Lesnldss Realty
Corps, Ut Wooster et. b a all liana
Dee 30; atty. Louts Manhelm. 148
18 D ST. Ill E, a a. 10 a Psrk av. 8lx
14. 11 Leontdaa Realty Cerpn to Law
rence Holdln Co, 211 Weoater st.
b s, Deo 20; atty. L Marrbelm. 102
Bway i
104TH ST. 10 E. ii a, 44.1 e Park av, 25x
100.11; 104th at, 107 E, n a, 71 e Park av,
24xl00.lt Albert Miller o Bliss Hannl.
1145 Madlsen av, mtg 110.000. all liens.
Deo 21; any, Emll A Massey, 202
Bwsy no
10ITH ST. n s. 140 e 2d av, 47x10. 10
Louie Levin to May Feme, 45 Seaver st,
Dorchester, Maes, all title. Dee 20; atty,
L T Co, 144 Bway ....81
114TH ST, 434-12 E. e a 444 e 1st av. l(Xx
10 10, foreclos, leasehold Rudolph A
oeiigmen. rer. to Josephine J Schu
macher. 17 B 111th at. sub) to taxea.
Ao. Dee 12; atty, Samuel Bersick, 45
Cedar et 31.400
West Bids.
rweet of Fifth av, between Fourteenth and
114th ate.)
4TH AV. n e c 11th at. run e 810s n 2x
w 40x n 42 to a a 14th st a w 41 to e
x s 144 to beg: the following portions of
the foregoing are leasehold: 4th av, n a
c 14th at. 47.4X44X Irraa: 14th at. n a. 43
e 4th av, runs a 44.11 n 47 la w 24x a
77.il te eeg; tin av, s e e 19th et. runa
e 144s 111 v Hi i - i 44.4 to
av x n 114.1 to beg , freehold A lease
hold, eubj to mtg. 11,754.000; 4th av,
awe llth et, runa w lot. Ix e 100X w
171. Ix s 14 to n s llth st x e 475 te av
x n 114 to beg, of which ths following
are leasehold: 4rh av, a w c l?th at, runs
w 142.10 x a 122.4 x e 154 Mum 114 4
to beg; also 4th av, n w e llth at, 45. Ix
losiii. xle, subj te mtg. 31.200.040:
17th st. 244-45 W. a a 474 w 7th av,
runs w 47.11x n 42x e 1.4x n to e s
14th et (214-42 W). x e 47.7X s 114 to
beg. llth et. a a. .103.1 w Ith av. runs a
101 x w 174 fg n :.4x w I x n 73 I to st x
s 191.1 to bag; also the following In
Wrooklyn: St Marks av. ;s-7l, n w o
Underbill av, 50x31x Irreg. also property
tn Jamaica. L I. Staten Island and New
Jereey; also the following 1n The Bronx:
Park av, e a, 201 a Mott st. or 20H.4 a
I7th at. l.tnliO; Park av, a a 831 e
171th at. (Ixluo. alen mdse. the good
will of ths bualneas, chattela, Ac. decree
of sale held Aug 17. 110 by Peter B
Olney. ref In bankruptcy in ths matter
of J It (Ireenhut i'o (formerly the (ireen-hut-Slsgei
Cooper i', bankrupt), to
Welter C Noyes, Wm A Marble A Alfrel
A Cook, trustees of tha bankrupt, July
30. 115; attys. HoaenWrg. Iwla A
riall, 74 Bway t accompanying the above
property d gOrlptlOBS la a decree of con
firmation of tha sale!.
ITH AV, 370-4. s w cor 31st t. 122 4x75
FMw l Dow ing. ref. te Ephralm a
Levy. 3 W 7M st. mtg 1250,000, Dec 20;
attya, Lachuinn A 12. 15 Nassau
at 4.000
84TH T, II W. a a 450 w 5th av. 84stt.3
.Metropolitan i.ire ine o to nate
Blank. 1311 Union av, Bronx, mtg 111,
ooo, Dec 21; attys, Klsman, L c L.
135 Bway 1100
SAME PROPERTY Kate Blank to David
Dank, 712 Prospe. t av, Bronx, OAs.
Dec 21; attys same 4100
I' plows.
(Manhattan Island, north of llth at.)
1ST AV. w a, 75.11 n 112th et. 16x100
Oaetano Roaasno to Magilalena Trapstit.
2111 1st av. Dee 21; atty, A Rugglero.
225 W lllth st 110
125TH ST. 433 E. n s, 220 w Pleasant av
2l.t;xluo.ii Laura senwarta to iiy
Sehwarts. 239 E lh et, 1-3 part, mtg
47,000, Deo 14; atty, 1. T A T Co. 1
Bwav II
SAME PROPERTY -Emma Srhwartl tj
same. 11 part, mtg 17,000. Dec si; aits
letta Patten. 171) Ksplan av, jainei, ...
B of o. all. mts 17 000. Dsc 21 II
HAM I. PROPERTY -Wllletta Pattan to Hy
and Minnie Hcnwarts, US i. i, lit st, mix
47.00(1 Dee 1 atty same II
121D ST, 402-404 E, s s. 83 e 1st av. Sex
10 11 Jamea R Clarke. Yonkers, N Y,
et al. to Clarke Holding Corp. 154 Vssssu
st, mtg 14.500. Deo 21, atty, A L Phllllns
t Nassau at 110.000
AMSTERDAM AV. 1213. e s. 76 11 a 12th
st, 26x100 Attllle Rsalty Co. Inc. to Aug
F Bchaefer, 417 Main at. New Itochsile.
N Y, b and s. Dec 10; atty. A H Schwari.
140 Fulton et II
127TH ST 82 W, s e cor Lenox av, I
17 e Wm C Renwlck. Summllt, N .7, to
hie daughter. Mary R Dohrman, 111 w
66th St. q e, Dec 21. . . .Ill
CONVENT AV. '.'-IO and 44. w s. 24 s
129th St. 134.11x71 10x141 8x90 I
lonldaa Realty Corp to Lawrence
Holding Co, 2':3 WOOStsr St. b and s. Dec
JO uDy lwuls Manhelm. 103 Bway .1100
1I2D ST n s, 183 e 5th av. 25x99 11. with
atrlo x on e Metropolitan Hav Bank
To P A W Holding Co 119 E
Dec ill Podgur Realty Co. 605 5th
. 41.000
tvTWBL PL. e e. 281 s Edgeconitie
74 14x40 Jas T Bsrry to Cath Darling
111 Washington av. mtg 44.500 si
liens, Oct 54; ally. Arthur J Barry. J8S4
a .41"
?n "t n . 131 I S Ft Washington av
150x971 Alary R Wright to Frank f
Brlody. 714 ifst 4t. Bklyn mt, 134.000
Dec 14; wttya. StoddaM A M, 118
BAME PROPBRTY Frank P Brlody to X
RBIds corpn, 1429 B lSd et. mtg 148 -L"Wa
!: Piuy. T l Co. 174 Bway. 1100
(Borough of Ths Bronx )
SOttTHEHN BOUIJ5VARD. 617-611. n s,
40x1(10 Heckf-Jones-Jswell MlUrng Co
to Salamon Margareten. Ill E 4th at.
Nov 2Amattyi. Cha. F A Wm ' Buck;
aotjTOBRNWBOui.kvAitb. sif.' n a.' J0x
100 Salamon Margareten to Leybuck
Co. 141 Bwsy. Nov JO; same atty. .. . .II
LOTS 11 and 42, map Bronx Terrace Ut
ile M Oeeeweln and ano to Byron Rlty
Co 441 sTIy av, mtg I40O. Deo i atty.
Brnest Reiph. 115 K 177th i et ....... 110
wnooK AV. 111, w a. 27.x9 Leon a
Holdln oorpn to Jacob Ludwd. 1 W
lllat", mts 19,000. Dec 20; ay, T
S T Co, 174 Bway 11
UNION AV. e a. 14 n 140th et, 1(1.9x171 4
Wolf Burland to U M Holding Co, Inc.
Oil CaoldsreU av. Dec 20, mtg 174.740.
att. Cha H Frledrlch. 3' Nsesau
M 100
DECATUR AV, 272. e s, 51.7xloi Benen
"''i. nil. Co to Anna M Jones. 421 E
157th et. mis Mifve. tfaa svi '
an. is si
ith at and Id av.
uoabvcT AV. a s. 160.4 n Jennlnas st
a ix Irregular Anna M Jonss to Henen
aa i Rlty Co. 41 E 162d st. mtg 416.040.
Dec 20- atty, Until E Bergman. 141th st
and Id' av 8104
ITH ST, w s, 78 10 n Ruskln et. 30.1x11.1
North Bronx Rlty Co to Mury M. Harry.
860 Burks av. nltg 13 '(00, Dec 11; stty.
C P Hallock, 44 E 130th ! 41
lTH ST. at a a c. lot 343. map I'nlonport,
"26x11 Sidney H lllrkox to Frank fixes,
inc. 2315 Wsstchairler av, mtg 4,00O.
Dec IS; atty, Frank (lass, IPC, 2210
Weetchestee av 1100
4TII NT. w s, "8 10 ll Ruskln at. SO 1x99.1
Annie Ullluly to Mary Mciiarry. 660
Bark av, Deo II; ally, C P Hallo, k.
44 iloth at i 814
wf?'-llX AVTs s. 171 Mayflower av.
87x13 7 Alice V Conklln to rrank Osss. ,
Inc, 2314 Westchester av, mtg 13.844. '
8T " ; axty, rrana uesa inc, izm
Westcheetar av . , 7. 314
Crotona Park B, 38.UX Irreg Dal
Realty Co. Ine, to Weber, Bunke, Lange
Coal Co. 312 W 44th st. mtg 342,0.
Ie: 20; attys, Elfen A A. 277
Bway nog
PROSPECT AV. w a 100.8 n Vt'l'th "et. 4x
"4 Antonio Oallanl to (lloeue Cellanl,
J071 Prospect av, Dec 14: atty, N Y
Title Ins (io, 131 Bway 100
VVf til! Q lt 48 .1x99
BenJ Franklin, ref. te John A Beall and
ano. trus, 67 E 54th at. Dec 20; atty, J
A Beall. 141 Bway 127 too
kl.VVST AV- w cor l0th st. ll.llx
1019-Edsr N Roeser et al to Wm M
Moor. 19th st and University av, Dec
Ats&TO"ff'"lff K' 48 Bway... 1144
FAIRMONT PL, 714. a s. 27.2lt4.6Iane
A PattOn to Noel B Fox. 124 W 14th St.
mtg I6.100 Dee 20; atty, Noel B Fox,
o Liberty st .' A
DECATI R AV. 2134, e a 26. Ixl4-Ln
Kuhlmann to Edmund ,f Relllj-, 144
Delanrey pL an ano. mtg 34.04. Dec
ill. Jtlp8 O'Hara Bros, 20th at and
Webster av (1oo
R ILLIAMSBRIDUE RD. e at s s original
J " 0,,vl, Harlem River and Port
cheeter R R Co, runs n te a Beckett
v x s x w to bsg Ida C
Raf4 4 a to N Y. N H and H R R Co,
I? J i,,h D,c fa attr. N Y. N H A
II R R Co. 70 E 46th at 1
(With name and address of lender and
lender's attorney.)
(Death of Fourteenth st.)
CANAL ST. s s, 14 e Forsyth et. 3T
Jos H Mullln to Oeo T Rab. Deal. N J.
Dee 11. pr mtg ll,3, 1 yra p e;
attya Forster. II A K. 44 Well st. .14.444
East Bids.
(Best of Fifth av, between Fourteenth
and 110th sts )
4PD ST. na1ilSswteM ii-iu a ...
Knlo Lucchesl to Title Oiiar A T Co. 174
ay, Dec 14, due Deo I. 114, 414
P c 14 e
7 ITH ST. Ill B. n a 1 w lot av, 2x7.1
TT. ut' to Oerman Savings Bank,
17 4th av, Dec 14. due Deo 14, 1414. 4
e; atty. L T Co. 164 Bwsy 313.444
VS. PROPBRTY. pr mt 115.476 Mama
to Bank of Europe, 1429 1st av, Dec II.
demand, 4 p c 12,40
West Hide.
fWest ef Firm av. between Fourteenth
and 114th sts )
14TH ST. s a 170 10 a 7th av. t1i1Mt
Anna ! Rlee to Clara Berg. 444 W
4th St. Deo M, 4 yrs. 4Uj p .-; attye, 1
34TH ,T. a a. 445 w 6th av, 24x76.4 Rata
Blank to Metropolitan Life Ins Co. 1
Mad av. Dec 21. 8 yrs, 4 p o; attys,
Weodford. B A B. I Madison av. .844.4
AM.rTERDAM AV. n w cor 4d St. 25.7a
100, pr mtg 144.000 Josephine Ledersr
to Hannah Baumann. 73 E 44th st, Oct
1. 4 yra 4 p c; atty. A Wlslar, 81
Bway 34.04
(Manhattan Island, north of 114th St.)
1314TT ST. n a. 174 w Amsterdam av, 1 Tlx
100. lis lrrsg, pr mtg II40.SM Bancroft
Holding Co to Sam'T Wacht. 719 River
side Drive, Dec 1. due. Ac. as per bond:
atty. L T Co. 144 Bway 110. 000
HID ST. n a. 134 e Ith av, 16x11.11 P A
W Holding Co to Metropolitan Hav Bank,
69 Cooper tqurs East, Dsc 21, 6 yra 4
P o; attye. A s A W Hutrhlna. 44 WI14
Ism at 84.260
1I0TH ST. n s. 112 w Convent av. 11x19.11
Annie K Schoen to Annie Lobe!. 17 E
4th et. Dee it. tiuitall. 4 p c; atty, BenJ
Grossman. 44 Cedar at 81.71
FT WASHINGTON AV. n w cor lllth at.
97.7x11 5 Tyndall Reulty Co to Ctiei M
Rosenthal. 410 Riverside Drive, pr mtg
120.000. 1 yr, 4 p c, Dec 20. atty. E A
I.snlsuer, no Rway 117.100
172D ST. n a 101.1 e Fort Washington av,
150x97.1 Frank P Brlody to Mary R
Wright, 175th st and Fort WasMngtan
av, prior mtg 430.500, Dec 24. gas Ac,
as psr bond; at'.y, J R Brown A C 2
Madison av 8ll,nt
0AME PROPERTY V H. Bldg Corp to
Frank P Brlody, 714 41st st. Bis yn. prior
mtg 114,600, Dec 20. due Ac, as per hon1;
attys, Stoddard A M 121 Bway. Ill 10
Borough ef the Bronx.)
140TH FT. es.es lot 74. map Mott Haven,
12Sx Irreg Thoe J Smith to Payne Es
tate Park av. Dec 1. due aa per
bond I p al attya, Heevea A r, 1(1
Bway 3111)9
LOTS 61 and 6j, map Bronx Terrace
Byron Rlty Co. Inc. to Llllle M Oeee
weln and ano. 316 E 142d st. Dee 20, 3
yrs, 1 p c; atty Ernest Rolpu. 633 11
177th ef. 844J
PROSPECT AV, w e. 10) 8 n 11 ith st, 40x
trres Olosne Gallanl 10 N Y Title lna
Co, 115 Bway. Dec !0, -. yra. 4 p atty.
N Y Title Ins Co. 115 Bway 31.44
WESTCHESTER AV. 2160, s . 21x17.1
Mars'. J M'N'llty and ano tj Slelihea
Wray, 61 Mahlstsdt pi. New lto'heile,
N Y. prior mtg 41 ouO, Dec 21, m 0
p si atty. Stephen Wray. tij Bo-it"')
rd 814
LOTS 307 to 309 and 133 to SI J a-.l Ml to
143, map Slaters of Cba.-ltv Vidian
Aseher to Henrv Relss, 811 E 165th St.
Dec 81, lue as per bond; attv, T (i A T
Co, 176 Bway 12. t
12TII ST. 3" W Title Guar A T CO to
Bdwl A Ely. 47 W 17th st. atty. T t; Co,
uv io.oo
PEARL ST. 110. Slid Old f.lp. 4 Reels
Hernlielmer et al. trus. to WllhSlmlns
H Delmel et al. 105 Prospect Park West
attys. Deyo A B, ' 1 1 llway 150.000
7TM AV. n w cor 131st s:. 14. 1 1x76 Alfred
llojges to Bond A Mtga Guarantee Co,
170 Hemarn st. Uklvn :',.0M
HUDSON ST. 581-7 Wm J Jacobs 10 Bon.l
A Mtge Guarantee Co, 175 Remsen at
Bk.yn. attv, T Q Co. 176 Hway . .131.4
AMSTERDAM AV, 14 Bank for Savings
to Woodlawn 'Vmetery. 18 H 23d et;
a'ty. I T Co, 160 Bway 111.00
19TH ST. 411 E Krederleka Stern to
Harry J Slmonds. Rockswsy Park. L II
attya. M B A D W Blumsnthal. 11 Nas-
1IH ST.' 414 B Sami Stern to Alfred M
w-ii un.l bmo. Rocknwav Park. L I;
attya St. It a n tv B.umeutbal. II Naa-
aail at 81
HI IXiERS ST. n w cor C.lnton st, 31 6x
111.1" Piss r rary to cisir iv rvw.M.
130 I 70th st atty. W M Poweil. 7 Wall
st 81
11 "TH ST 540-2 W w Trvlng Glover to
Isidore II Kramer. 101 West End av.10
86TH .ST. n s, ':.") e Lexington av. 19x91.9.
38th st. lot Hi S7th St. 212 E Allee M
Smdeker to Kaufman Schllvsk. 122 W
120lh st; stty, T O Co. 176 Bway . .83,040
11STH ST. 241-3 W--Jnhn Heay to Jessie
Healv. 1925 7t!i sv; atty. F ) Traul
msnn, 132 Nsessu st 14.00
11STH ST 8413 W Julius J Herts to
lesBle lleilev 1923 7th av ; atty. F P
Trautmann, isi Nassau st 11.004
HENRY ST. 190. slid other property
Henrietta R Erh:irt. gdn of Jss J Faye.
to .Tss .1 Fsve. Cedsrliursl. I. I; uttys,
Curtis. Mi A Colt. 30 Broad st i7
asst )
ROADWAY, s e cor icixt at, I50x --
Ludwie: Hsrt.urge a ano to BreMwai
Centr.i! Bank. 2'74 Bway 3100
v Y TRUST CO to Gibraltar Mortgage
Co ll
r-o 150.00
Ings Rank 115.000
rORlBERCi, MARIE, to Axel T Fore
berg 81
"will 10.0
KDBN MARY D. to Klrkland Rusks .41,214
KEIL. EDWARD, to Ellsa 11 I Kell 14,444
M I'i.r.Tt. FRANK, to Zelda Halperln 1500
JONES. ANNA M, to Benensou He. If.
Co 41.500
Gl'TM AN". BENJAMIN, A alio, to John
Bunke . i ,-81
BRAND. 11 ANNA, to Noil B Fox ...8124
THOMAS, JOHN L, Sxr. to Bertha Brelt-
tnaler 14,004
i; Wild, trus 430.001
ei WYKR MTG CO to Matirlo R Cohs
et al. exrs 131,004
N Y TRUST CO to Cliv Mtg Co II
CITY MTG CO to Lawyer Mtg CO ... 142,54
(With name and s,ldre- nt lender's attorney )
MADISON ST, 114, s s. lot 750, map est
Hy Rutgers, Aus 1. 1880, 21.1x100. June
ll, 101 -saml i Morris Ruber to celta
Schlealnger. 937 Hoe V, llklyn; attys.
Manhelm A M. 302 )lay 110.00
ItTH ST. 339 E. n k. 10 w 1st av. ,24.4k
gSI3T.l, Sept 14, 1S89 Frank A Mary
M Nlckersnn tt) Frances I Srhrsmme;
aity, I. T T Co. 160 Bwav 111. 00
SAME PROPERTY, Jan 12. 1910 -Bertha
Ungrr, 119 E 75th st, to Slgmund Or
bacli; atty. Mortimer Flshel. 43 Cedar
m ll.ooo
57TH ST. 421 E, n s. 118,8 e tst av 19. 3x
100 4 Nov 14. 11)09 Ellsa G Sinclair to
Tltie GAT Co, 176 Bway. 13.0
ANTON ST. 62. ll s. 61 w from n w oar
Eldrldgs st, 22x100. Sept 24, 1901 Louis
Levy lo the Peoples Trust Co, trus. will
,,f Dsvld T LeShyi attys, Norwood A
M 68 Wl'llain at 118.000
LEXINGTON AV, n e cor 93d st. runs n
89. Is s Ix s 4 2-3x e 19x s 81,4 to n a
ki x w 20 to beg. Aug 12. 1S96 J no A
Rosis Jordan to Irving Sav Inst; attys,
Deyo K B. Ill Bway 1200
RLBBCKBR ST. 132 s s. 71 e t lway,
Vlxioo. Oct 10, 1111 Nathan Harrison
Realties. Inc, to Huso E Dlstelhurnt:
sttv. T O Co. 171 Bwav 81.00
14TH ST. 46 W. n s. 11 w Convent av.
18x44 11. Oct 24. 1104 Jos Schoen to
Weldemar Van B Claussen. sxr; attyv.
Lee r Flslsi hmaun. 141 Bv. ay .... f 5,000
LEXINGTON AV, 2'12l, store- -Gertrude
Jsoobaohn " las gulnn, 413 w 45th st.
10 yr from Nov IS. 1910, atty, W II
Htewurl, 1639 3d av 11.50
sTII A). 600. all: llh a). 602, utnre S I,
Emm .i E Dux et al t Philip Brady, 7(3
Do you knorW Park Row? Yes? Is it crowded? You say it is?
Would the People See a Sign 114 Feet Long
They could not miss it?
That makes us think the second and third floors in The Sun's new building are
about the best in this town to be in if you want to tell the people day and night
the kind of things you have for sale.
Each floor contains 4,450 sq. ft.
Rent flS.000. The building stands at the corner of Park Row and Frankfort
I 13 T 7777 71
I CTTV MAtL J mfmjr y 1 j f
I 1 nVM 8106 J
(Carreer Frankfort)
Full view of Park Row, Post Offico. City Hall, City Hall Park, and th cntranc to
Brooklyn Bridn. Clooa to Municipal Buildings. Courts, ate. Building now being
43anatruct)d. Fire proof and up to data.
Charles F. Noyes Company, 92
1th av, S yrs from Oct 1. 11 ; attv. W
H Stewart 1411 3d av 14,14
3D AV, 111, store Moor l Oeo Harold
to (Sabato Nese, 13 E 110th -.. : -l:
yrs from Dec I. 18141 atty. w H MaArt.
1438 Ad av 8i,:0
4T11 AV, 4. s atore--Isaao Rothschild
et al. ears A true to Bernard licdrlck.
211 W lirth e-. t yrs from Bept 1.
Ill 144
11ITH ST. 3II-1I4 W. all Joa M Handler
to Isaac Tom back. LIO Madleon st, 3
yrs from Dec 1, 114 .!
3TTH ST. 114 W, 1M floor A b Mary O
rvar ear, to Bmma C Carroll. 3! W
1'sth st, 2 yra from Jan 1, 1S1; attj.
Hy H Hteckr, KIT Bway ll.ioo
2D ST, U, all Harrla Luataarten lo
Minnie Yesoda. (.tanton st. lo yrs
from Au 1. 1414: atty. Ssm'l Hoffman.
838 Bway 85, :o
FOREST AV. 1004. all Ausus'.a Hum-
bora to Chaa A Nl
see 111 rarest
vrs S .' mlhs from Nov 14. 1914
Henry A Ilberhardt. 30 Hred st.
ll.HIO to 12. 040
1.18 PRNDEN8.
8PRINM ST. 181 Bmlsrant Industrial
Havlnrs Bank as-t Jcsisph Parettl et al
r for Veil re of mortai; a'.-ys, H A K
J u ir-r iun
14RAND ST. II ard 13; Sullivan at. 1 and
14)11 Waverley pi. lit; ltrh at. 470 Wl
141th St. 411 Wi lttl St. 44 Wi IW et.
414 and 410 4V, and plots 47 a:il 4. map
of 6--) plots, proper: y of Ft Waalitnf ton S
Biiena 1sta Wy udl.atse Cherlss E Coffey
ast Kmm Coffey laetlon to appoint t:oan
nltlee. Ac), af.ya. Dean. Tracy 's al"
:ITH T, s s. :7 ft w of Sth av. Il.t
. Hannah Ooldamlth aat Hr.se Has
ke'.l et al tparrt'Nwi; atty. w J Iiteh
BAYARD BT. 104 Farmsrs Loan A
Trust Co aft t.ult Peirano et al (fore,
closure of mortae; at:ya. UeKer.
Ro'.ston A Horan
121HT ST, e a. lis ft e of 4t'.t av. SSs
100.11. and IJlet at, s a. 140 ft e of 4th
av. :5l.M Best River Sevlns In
stttutksn art Irvlrur J Bennett et al
iforeolosura of mortae). atty. O F
3D AV. 111 and 1118 Henry W Van
Waersnen et al aat Lssjls Kovnar et al
(foreclosure of tsro mwrtf as i ; attys,
Alexander A Oreen.
EAST BROADWAY. 334 Mararet B
Heyn e al at Harry lissom et al
(foreclosure of inortaai ; attya eery
A Carroll.
ARNOLD AV, e e s. SOI 10 ft n of Pel
hajn roaJ. 6xi:0 3s irre Mary J rook
liufltatn et si at James Blfar. si r. et
al I foreclosure of mortaei; atty, 11 W
MOUNT I10PF. PU 10 Oeora Mayer a-.
Kstelle R Cono-er et al (forecloeure of
mortfsae) ; attv. H Sw-aln
140TII ST, a w a. ',00 ft s e of Mohecan
av. 23x133 Carl Becker t Maria
Vitele et s.l (foreclosure of mortse, ;
atty. J T Hanlcn.
ALEXANDER AV. 3 Franklin Savlnrs
Bank In ths CKy of New ) ork aat Henri
i Hanaan et al (forecloaure of n.orl
rssei; attv, W M Powell.
BECK ST. 114 Paul Bauinrarten as: the
New York Co et al (forecloeure of mtt:
atty J A Bshe
ST. (JEORUE'S CRESCENT, n s. 181,4 e of
Cordova pi. 26 Jxl41.7 Slmetin 0 Brad
lay aat Thomas 11 Miirlha tt al (action
to enforce a liability upon decedent's
rrnpsrty); attys. Bereman A Davis.
TH HT. s e cor Crotona av, 8884 Stat
Invsstln Co at Barnstt Levy et al
(foreclosure of mts), sttys, Bowers A
17STH ST. s s. 10 e Crotona av, 44x41 2
State Investlne Co aat Jacob tlordon
et al (forecloaure of mts); attys. Bowers
A Sands.
S4TH ST, 133 K Jacob Qaschsldt A CO
at Ferdinand Clbulay, ownsr and con
tractor 324
THIN ITT AV. 701 to 716 Frank A Clark
aat Patrick McKsnna and Estate of
1'atrlck il (long hesn, owners (re
nswall , 81.411
AV A. 13 and 107--Sanitary I'lreprooDn
A Contracting: Co agt John Doe, owner;
l.dbovltl A Cohen, contractor 130 (I
ID AV, 111. and St. Murks pi, 83 Empire
Architectural Iron Works, Inc, agt 17
St Marks PI Corp, owner; Jacob Rosen
thal, contractor, Maxroee Realties, Inc,
sub-contractor 8207
WEST END AV. n w cor 38d at, Sli76
christian J Jeppasen agt Weat End A
lid st Corp, owner and contractor. . 8300
43TH ST, 13" and 11 W Samuel Pollack
sat Wm S Cos, owner; Emll C Meulen
herg. contractor 112173
11ITH ST. n a oor Clinton av, 40,:ioi.s
Jas ds Henadstto agt 11th 8t Bid Co.
rnc owneri A oonts 11.100
INDEPENDENCE AV. n e oor 24M st.
'ill. 7x313.1 Jno F Htreesemann agt Nash
Rorkwood. owner; Louis Oetsrntl. con
tractor 1134.30
TRINITY AV, 141-14 Frank A Clark agt
est Patk A Usoghegan A Patk McKenna.
owner A oonts (renewal) 11.471
BRIOOS AV, n s, 144 ft Bedford Park
Blvd, 144xll--Mllllkln Wall Paper Co.
Iuo, sat Briars Ave Const Co. owners
tt cents 314.17
Man hat la a
FT WASHINGTON AV, n ' cor ltith st--city
Kalamsln Co ul County Engineer -In
Co, Inc. et at, Nov If, 1915 I hy
deposli 82113
ITH AV, 111- -Jas Wilson A Co eg: Krsdk
H Denman el al. Nov "7. 1811, . . .888. 83
BROADWAY. l4th. 144th s- A St Nicholas
av, block. Ac l'alk Reildy Cntret1l)
Co art Broadway A l3tli St naliv Co
e: al, Oct in. 114 my pond) , ,38,11.17
ATHOATH AV. 2533 8381 -Kin Rlsvalor
co. Iae aft Freda Tlett al. Dsc In.
1U 14
Will Ask Coiijrxross to Have
flrorrory Prevent 832.000.
000 Railroad Deal.
Washington, Ieo. 31. A Joint resolu
tion Inetruotlna Attorney-General Oren
ory to Interpoaei In the afpllcAtlort for
the auth r.z-itlon b- tho Missouri Pub
lic Servo- Commlaalori of i new issue
ot 832 oiin. 000 WOlttl of atov-ks and IkmvIs
irorcsi br Bpeyer & C 1 "nl BeMsTrHiTi
A Co. of New 'ork on tho FV.sco Hall
nay Bfil ne Introduced in Centres) by
Hen.xtor Owen.
It has been represented to niemtiers
f the senate from the Pouthw)liii
states) that this reorsrHiil7-iit1.ii contem
plates Increasint asittioui .lustiflmtion
Hie tlxe.l initi ,v:r, .ng-ent cliiirge on tiie
railroad a million tmd ODe-lUarf dollar.
"It seems m ree,1 says senator owen.
"that the Interesta of the Soutliwestern
states; In Hie matter of future freight
ratesi requires ttw aseertlon of the prill
iplc. that no bond, stocks or or.icr
Clirltle ahould he authorized to he Is
aUSd hy any luhl!c Sen'uss fommlssioi.
except ut-on OOlrrpeteni nnd atifnclent
evidence if du ll fair aJue of tho "jroii
;tles involved aa will fullly Justify the
laaue of auoh securities.
"Tlvls hond and (took lame v.11 he
pleaded In future f a bawl of frelirht
rates, and the Southwest Is decrdy In
terested In It. I think It proper to call
the attention of the ootintry to it In
the hope t'hat an Rrrnnaorrwnt somewhat
more Jut to the public may le found
"I think 'hat we ehall ho driven
to the recognition of national incorjirira
tlon for Interstate railroads and Inter
state corporations in av-r t.i protect
the people of tho United States tiiralnst
lnjuatlcs und in order lo lay down a
proper standard for the OOnipanMittOn of
oupital which shall not lie too burden
some upon the productive enrruios of tho
'Til brie sentiment In the United States
has Itlbatantlally changed in tho last
ten years and will no longer support
the old fashioned rsorganlaatloni which
were inconsiderate of the public wel
Strikes lllm anil Prefer Msshlng
4'harsre He's Msrrled.
A man who descrll.ied himself as Louie
Philippe, van (.luldereu, 4 4 years old. na
tive of Holland and a diamond inervhan
with a plaoe of business at 4."i John
street, Manhattan, was released In 3500
ball yesterday by Mafflatrata Naumcr In
the Adams street court lii Brooklyn, fol
lowing a plea of not Kuilty to a dis
orderly conriu t charite preforred b'
Henrietta KoaTlfi twenty. year-old Rlrl
IIVHIeT st 3H1 BVnt)'efourttl street, wlili
whem, It is alleired, 1 in- prisoner tried
to flirt.
At tiie Adams street station of the
Bay RldtT "V line. Ulu RotTf turned
on Van Quldfen and .--truck at him.
9Vrtl men OAtns to her :isslstatw:e and
the alleKed "maslier'' was escorted to
the Adams street police station Just tie
K)W, There Miss RogC charg'e.l tliat
the nian hud followed her off the train,
aylnc "(Hi. you brautlful doll!"
Van Quit ran attributed the reunt
wonian'n attack to nTV0UnM or desire
for notoriety. He said tliat he had lieen
married for twenty years and lives with
his wife at 1243 Klich'.v-seoond street.
Ills esse will come up on Frldiiy.
Navy Orders.
Thesa navy orders were Issue I
Lieut B. V Bsade, f.-oiu the Connecticut
to ths Tallahatssee.
Knsls-n J. W. Dubois, to rallied list
Passed Assistant Paymaster I). B W.ttr
wrtallt, from Naval Academy to Norfolk
Passsd Assistant Paymaster I D Coyle,
from Norfolk yard to Muial Aoadsmy.
Movements of Naval easels.
WASHINGTON. Dec 1 The battle.
ahips Aritasiaax and Wyomin and in
Powhatan have arrived al New York ynr.I.
hktilsshlpr lleorsls, New Jcrect. Rhode
Is and an. I )'lrglnlu tit Boston! lug Proisua
al Honolulu and gillil'o.it WtlinMlitoll at
cruiser Baltimore h.is aallsu from N,,r
fo!4i for Cbarllon; 'oilier Jsson from
Boston for Norfolk; ruier New I HI, in.
rrnm nlasatlan for Topolobatiipa au,i tug
ilnew from I'urt ltv al. c c. far Na
William St.
NEW YORK, to builders. Investors and pros
pective homeeeekers. A large number of va
cant lot at O camwood, M or sem are, l.eonla.
Rldaefleld and Taaneck. New Jersey, at one
half of former owner prices. Also a large
number of two-family bouses at F.dgswater.
Hudson Height, cilffolde and Palisade Park.
New Jersey, et shout ose-balf of former prioss.
All of the ft bors proper! its are within a Ave
rent fare tone end within thirty minutes of
Manhattan. These properties must be sold
ouk-klv to close tha rniainesa of two cneniira.
1 lions now being liquidated by the Basking
Department special inducements to coo
trftciors and builders who sill nurchae a con-
1 sldrrsble number of lot, for furthor par
, tlculftra address BENJ. D. HAIOHT. Spscial
iepuiy rupr. or nana, care ot tsanaing
Department. 01 Broadway. New York City
of an order of Honorftlos John P Cohalan
a Surrogata of ths County cf Nsv. York'
NOTKj. la hsrsby alven to all persona
having clalma against Andrew J. Hamil
ton, lata of tha County of New York, de
ceased, to present the name with voachsra
Ibvreol to iht- lubicribera st their piac of
transacting business at the ofllc of thlr
attorneys, Kverett. Clarke A Benedict No
37 Wull Street. Uorou(h of Manhattan
City of New York, on or before the "4-h
day of April next. Dated, New York tha
llth day cf October. 115 MARG ARF'T
larneyi for Eliecmor. 3? Wall Htreet,' Bor
ough of Manhftttftn. New York City.
Hl'TTON. HENRIETTA In purftuftneft
of an order of Hororabie John P Cohalan
a t-urrogste of Hie County of New York'
Notae i. hereby given to all neret
hftvtag dalnis against Henrlftttft Hutton
lata of ths County of New York, de, eased
lo presnt the same with vouchers thereof
to the sut'. rltie-t. a: their pluce ot trallsa. I
In business si the oft), e of Allen A cllM.
mann. N - s.'l Wall street. In the Qliy n.
New York. n or before the Ith lsv c,r Uftl
1414. Dated. Nw Tork. ths llth day of
October. 318 HE.VRT A. HUTTON rKEI
34RICK H ALLEN. Administrator eta
ALLEN A CAMMANN. Attorney, for thft
Admlnlstrft'ors. c. t. a. 11 Wall street
Nw York City.
Uftdcs of n ordsr of Honorable John P
Cobalan, a Surrogate of the County of
New York. NOTICE is hereby given to all
persons having claims a(alnst KHanor V.
Hough (on, .ate of the County of Naw York,
dscsasod. to present ths same with vouch
srs thereof to tbs subscriber, at pise ol
transacting buslnsis No. ; Wall Street, tu
lb City of NSW York, on or bsfor the
15th da3 ' f Psbruarv next Dated, Nw
York, ths 10th Uuy of August, Hill. JOHN
UOMtHV A PEABODY. Attorney for Ex
ecutor. 2 Wall street New York. N. Y.
Frank Puller Hays Her Ka ml I y la
sails lllm at l.rsve.
HAnTFOItO, Conn.. Dec. :i. Before
Judge I,. 1'. Waldo Marvin in the l'ro
bate Court here to-day Krank Fuller (,f
New York city demanded the custody of
the body of his wife, who died ill New
York November II, ItOt, and who wi
burid in thia city. Me gave a reaso: s
for hit) extraordinary application that
ths tombstone bore only the dead
woman's maiden name of Mary Ishanl
and made no reference to himself; that
flowers be had had placed on the sjrave
had been thrown Into a waste can a few
hours after, and Hint l has been for
bidden to visit the grave.
Fuller, who was accompanied by Ilia
present wife, who was nurse to the lire!
Mrs. Fuller, said there had been sev
eral aoenea tit the grave when he had
met Dr. Oliver K lsham of this rlty
and a ulster, Miss Charlotte Ishatn.
Tha H nr. ttiri-A nitric ltnr NrtoMarn.
nail inn tn-.luy for nttfniaji n-1 TrI
nioutli, will (uii tn h 11. eilng at ;0 A M .
for RllfOpa ifXi-ept ieMniunj', AnstrJii, jlutt
Cttry, Isuxnihur, BultfiirU, Turkey. Nor
way. Hwi'il-!! nil I 'riiinttrk , nino for
Afri-a. Win! ApIi ami M lntllfx,
Tht Norwoflan-A. .trriin llmsr I.yngftn
Oorit, Balling io-.lry fur Birrrii, will tak.
mall, olOMtQf H 1 P. It i for Norway, Kw-
jmi unit Dtnnisrli
Th l.'nvil Itftlttns Mnoyr ranrrtfi. miimhk
tn-dy for Niipleii, wlii tak mall, cloilnf
at A. M . for Italy. Rumania. Serblu
I'h- Whit star lln-r Crell.. Nallltif fo
morrow f..r (j(hrn.itar. will rk mall, rlo
Inir hi l'J:30 I' M, for th Amrca laUndt.
un I silbrHltar.
I.u. Vt'iorf nmr KuroBa. nalllniT l-mor-row
tor .Vipr, i 1 t.ifcf tnai:. , loitna: ut
I 30 A. M . for Italy, Rumania, Herhu.
H It zrrtaiini nn1 tir ', whrn peiially
ail4lrt-tiflr.il unly.
Tha -iri-ak llnr Thriiiatyf.lkl. alllnkr to
morrow for PtrtcitR, will take malt, i-loalnff
Mt 11:30 A. M, for Ure. 45 whrn uperluliv
atl'lrfBiril only,
Tho Amrri.-rin llnar 8t. Paul, aaninf Trt--lav
foi l.lvrrpool. will tako mail, vlonlng
at K'30 A It. for i'uropa (rkorpt (runny,
Ami t In , II unitary, lauxeiishurg itmn irla,
T u f k . iht Nt-thTlunrlM Nfifway, Swrrtr-n
fciul prnniArk Afrh-H, Wrm Aflt aVttd thti
t3tal InalM.
Tim Anchor Untr California, in r inn Si'
Unity fof l lv. rpool, irll) taka mail, rloatnt
at :S0 A M , for liurop frxeapt tlrrtnanv.
Aur'trtn. Hunic.iry. l.uxttmbur'f. Turkey. ttn
Nt't hrrliiiuli. Norw ny, Hwrdan an1 Drn
mark), Africa. West Aa. anrl the Ua'.
Far raster New Terk an New Jersey,
fair le-Aar a ad srefeatMr Is-ssnsw; rislns
lemaeratures llht I asaderate variable
Ker northern New Kngland, partly
eloudv t'.-.Uv and to-merrow; warmer lo
morrw, moderate westerly wind. Ie
"omlne; variable.
Tor smithsrn New Encland. air to-rtsv
sni prnhsbly to-morrow; warmer In
morraw; mniisrate variable winds.
Knr ixsstern New York, partly rlondv
to-rlay and to-morrow; slowly rising tsin
prrature; moderate vsrlable winds.
MBW VOltK, Drr. I!. -The dlslnrhanrs
noted In Inn hfdghborhnod of Florlil-i on
MoTidm- wrt advati'-lne -rh,s- ' 1
lh- Atlsntt.- roast vestrrdsv, attended h
frr.h to brisk northwest winds alons IBS
llish pressure prr ol 1 over mot
or the i ounry esiieptln the estreins
Keflhwest. whsrs the prsssurs was lo
and the trend southeastward over the Mis
sourl alls) .
Unow fell at srattsred points In lbs
lower lake rations and ther waa rain In
the northern plateau and north PeclfV
Mlsswhere the weather was (ftisrslly
It was colder In the Atlantic and esst
Oulf states and frej4n temperatures
r..i h.H nnrth.rn Vlnrlri. hilt hlsnsr tern -
ersiurss eseurre In the routhern ano
rntral Htsts
Stern wenthsr prevailed In the upper
Mississippi Vallsy and piirta of the Pa-
In this city tha day was fair an eoldsr.
wind, frrsh northwest; avsrae humidity.
II per cent ; barometer, corrected 4 reed
to sea level, ot A. M . 80.11; 3 I. 3s
8. 44.
The tsinperaturs In this city yeitordsy.
sa recorded by the ofrlclsl thermometer. I
ahonn In the annexed table:
IMA. Ifll4.
9A.M. 119' if It P. M.
12 M .14' 401 V. M.
3 v M. . s7 a',isi Mid
. H
. ..10
. .28"
lllahest temperature. 37". st 1 P M
Lowest temperature. 26. at 4.1 A. M.
Sunrises T IS "tun sets 4 S3 .Moon rlee,5 SO
Bandyll'k M 00 Onv. 1st a 3a, Hell Oate 10 11
.M AMI . At
Ssndyll k . 1 r tlov Isl a 21 Hell Oate. 4 :01
Arrived -TT'EHPA Y, December 51
. ' , , . , . . ....a u M flluunu, tW 1'
a 1
IW I MMtHia, . A m . (itomiar
; Atnerloan. 4 P. M . Kcitterdam. Dee. 6
a i
i Otto Sverdrup. :S0 P. M . Marseilles.
Vnv 1"
Baron JedDrllfh. 4:10 F M . l-iyarnmii.
St ttrorfr. T A. M , Liverpool, TJec 1
,aP I
Its I
lueeii .Mary. s:it A. aiji wasiow, iswv.
neka A M.. Al(ere. Nov. 34.
sneiia. 33:18 A. M.. La nwhslle
H.PClmrii, 1:30 A. M . narry. Dee. 1.
Jopb Chamberlain, 11:30 A. M.. Alsiaaa
Klnmount. 4 A. M . Gsepe. Dec. It.
Kranaellne. 5 A. M . Ilallfaa. Deo 1
Miinwoml. 4AM. Matsnzaa, Dee. IT
Havana. 11:10 A M . Havana Dee. 1
CroHon Hall. 11 P. M. Moialsy. Barbados
Stavangftren. 8 A. M Ssnta Orna, Dec 14.
Algonquin. 7.4r, r, sa.. nu-as isiaiw,
Niekerte. ;10 P. M . Curaooa. Dec S
Motano. 1 ) M . TtiKoam. Dec 14
Metapsn. 1- A M . Havana, Deo IT
Rio (irandu. Brunswick. Dec is
El Mundo. Galveston. Dec II,
Princess Au'c Norfolk. Dec an
Mllllno-ket. l'hlladelphta. Dee 3D
Ieiis. Hampton Road. Dec. 20.
Chesapeake, Baltimore. Dec. in.
Oxeloaund. :i 1' M.. Heljlniebor.
. 'i.
Ni.-kerle. Cane Hftltten. Dec. I
Algompiin. Turk Island. Dec r
Chelstou. Inacua Dec. IT
Bowrten. Kingston, Dec. 16.
Ss Knstlanflonl. at Bergen.
Ss Cameroma. at 01aa4)W,
Ss Aniasonla. at Naples
S- Turbr1de. at Mancliesler
Ss Berrcmflord. from Slavarurer.
Ss Monserey. from Havana
Ss ouiana. from It. Thomas.
sail louay
Malls Vessels
Close Sail.
I so a M 13 4 M
I 30 A M in 00 M
lft 00 A K
1P I 3 00 P 11
t 00 A M 1! on A at
I 01 A M V.' 00 M
9 88 A M 12 (10 M
JO A M 13 on M
II so A M 3 00 p M
oo m s oo p m
1: si p M s oo p M
S 00 1' M
I al p II
I 88 P M
IMAM i: m
. II 80 A M 80S P M
MAM 13 r
. II 84 A M I on P M
s . AM II 09 A M
8 40 P M
3 io P M
1 DM M 13 48 M
1 HI A M lo :.) A M
. 1340 II It'flPM
10 00 A M 1300 M
. v.' oo M 8 00 PM
13 00 M :t oi P M
IS V P M 11 oo p M
10 00 A M ICOOM
. 12 no M 1 03 P M
130) M
1 00 PM
.". on P II
oi P B
3 Ot P M
Cessna. Naples
Noordam, Rotterdam
Cretic. Naples
Lyngenflord Bergen
Bermd)sn. Bermuda ...
tleplien Maceo
Sftntft Maria. Jamaica .
lulia Lft Gilft.vra
Ancon. Cristobal
Acre. Brbdos
Prins der Nederlnden,
Hart I
store, JsoUsnm ill ....
Proteus. New Orleans. .
San Jacinto. Galveston .
Princes Anne Norfolk
Sail To n
Europft. Naples
Thessaloniaa, PlrtBUa...
I Morro Castle. Nassau . .
lAdvince. C'nstobftl
efnnrson. tsnio
Madison. Norfolk
I El Alba, Galveston. .
Kanawha. Galveston..
I Sail FVi
Itvt. Paul. Livcrpobl
Byron. Hahia
anrnland Prinoa, Busnoi
! Ayres
Maraval. Orenad
! Havana. Havana
I Tudor Prtnoe, Rio
Coamo San Juan
Heanillne, Bemud...,
Noolac. pi assail
KorlnsueQ, tan Juan...
Apaebe, Jekonville.. .
City of R. Lo us. S;n an
jslTerfton. No-folk
El Norte Galveston.
Due to uy.
Rio porociba.
.Not l
.Nor If
Nov IT
Nov :4
Nov 14
Nov iJ
Nov S
Nov :l
-I)f t
5jti i
Villi- 1r TiiniataTe. .
roprr III
A riot o.
Harrovian. .
Kamat City . .
Winruitar , . .
. Naplrs .....
La palllet..
. .ttihruJt
. Marsrilliai ..
St NaT aire
St LuaA...
..Hull Nov ?7
. .Onna Nov :4
.. Hull l)f' J
...St I.ucla l
. .fndon !-' 4
. .DumVa IV- 4
Havre Deo I
. . Kottr ulam Peo
...Oran T). 1
Mn.if.ui Oeo r.
. Tirtetnl Ifo i
...Gibraltar De
. 1 derail k n.- i
. Naplet lie" 4
Vanhff De.- ;
. .MureeiUrt . ,.,DM 1
. Amfl'erdom ., De? t
...Alflert P0
. Lisbon D; 12
, , . BordaAtti poo
. Nanlet IV-'
. f;1vstri!i TVo ill
M obi li D 1 1
,..Lm I'almoa l.
. . Uarvrlona Dec t
..Naplr-i Dec '
. CaMiff Deo
..Ration Doe I
...Crtetobal Dw u
.. Jacksonville ...Dae 11
..Falmouth Deu
. Liverpool Dtv
hrti lansamj . it-' Li
. Plymouth Do
...KDiltton . Deo i
. ion JiiHti .Deo ji
.. New Orleana ..Io u
. Joi-ksonvilla ...Dai- M
Savannah Deo it
. . KirUw-iill po
. Nwort Dw'
Rorrliaaui DtO
. T,ivrpol De- '
. H:ivarw4 D.. r
. i.nj vost "Ml Do. -
. ,Oaitraoian Do .
. '.lUi-Mt.ii , . Di 1 1
..N.-w rlianH Dvo "
. St Tl.oii.aa . . Do- :
San nUfUtlmO
' Charlton
J jovrr Sen-
Lj Co)
Apacb- ...
1 n r.t Hi atta
X)Ton City.
Cir i .
City of St LrOUtl.-..
Cmm Rrvton
y.i Old
Harm i on
(, ,;i.ir..
I Inconilnv Vraarla II Wlii-lew.
Sa El C ui . GkI voston. . BlilOJ ton t-h west
I of blMUOnd Shoal at noon yetero;ay
Sa Alamo Mobilr. "1H mlloa aouOiveMt (
i Diamond shoal at n..m
SaCiiy of pi, Lou- avaintah. 4X mile
south of saiuiy HoOM at noon
Mo1 u i a. QtUvvaton. 4ft miles eant of Gal
venton bar at 7 P. M-
Sh El li Galvesiun. 4J mileo nortbeaet of
Jtipitrr HA 6 P. M.
si'urnrr, (J uuy:nlllo, l,16n mMea south of
Saiwly Hook tt 7 P -M.
s- Kl Hio. Galveston, Z nil lea rout of Gal
Teuton h;ir at 3 P M.
Sa iVimanhe. Jo- kon-111. D4 ml lea aoutii
(if Sandy Hook ;t 7 P M
Ss Gutana. St. Thomas. 8M miles aouth of
Sandy Hook at noon.
Ss Anaohe, ia-ksonviila. K9 viTlea aoutn of
; Saiuty Hook
H".k M " r. M,
alveston. Zw mile south of
I San-iv Hook at 7 P. M.
Sa L'orao
l.a Juiura, 447
ullAa aouth of
Saialy Hook at 7 p. m.
SsCoinut. New Orleans. Ut miles njuth of
Diamond Shoal at 7 P M
Ss Ti-lmdailian. Tuxpun. 1 ml let aouth
west of iMamond tthoat at T P. M
la J, L Lu. ki-nKi.-h Crlotobal. us mlloo
from Cnstobal at noon
Ss Conoho, Goirestoa. pi mil, Sombrero a
7 :1ft P. M-

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