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f , .
ESTATE WAS $941,139
Bulk Cops to the Widow
Sinn 1 1 Kc4iicsts M init
io rharitv. i
Dfn(!intM Again th r'nire
of Wtfietloi hI Various
Ctthntml choir Gtrw Concert
of Church and Popu
lar Airs.
Mem ben of the Women1!
Li-hK'iip for Anlmtll Honor
Their Prcsirlftit.
p, . again were tin centra of
iinn'i i i- i . -. On of ihp Ural
Miwruin nenta of iht fay mi the lunch.
h) Mrs. U full I Hillnr.l i.imi
hi r home. SO West Klpvenlli
Mleg laglMl YenmAiiN, the de-
rtftet. t
dailghtgf of Mr. and Mfg. Oeorite
mQu VeontMW or Traaningon wiunre.
Irnon tlio oth.-r guoBts were the MlMM
c'ainp, Marlon ferry. Anne
Knalev Hodasnn. Muriel
Mtud n'Hrlen. Muriel ronkllng.
t:thel l'""''1
Adelwlde and Alleen Sedf
ule Murray, Lily Rupertl.
lr" t
ilbert, Marlon Tnwnaeiul and
'eld. 1
torga Henry Newion of Ftldge
n . Who Ik pa.dlnn the winter
drk, gave a reception yaatr-
u afUn OOII at 14 Kant mm Hirtei
introduce her daughter. MIsh laobel
, non NawtOII. llewlvlng with them
,.,re th- Mnae Klliabelh Thayer. Wlni
(rH Cblaolm. Maty Allerton t'unhman
Mariel Wikki". Krrdrriru Ieteron, Mar.
UCl Llndlbury, Helen Toiler and
DMllortb. After the reception
Den was a dinner and tlt young men
. . .. m were Lieut. Jules James. U. t.
Frederick Francis. .lordon and i
Vrnton I navi r. niiiaw vbruvu,
Raihbone Cuahmatl, R owe 11 Forbes and
nadariek Willis. After illnner .Mrs.
MrWtOfl took her guests to the Booth
... in II Ullwin Itl "I.oril I
:iea'lc I'
Pinnei" wire given last evening by
Mrs K. Fulton Cutting, Mrs. Bradlah
Mknaan. Mrs. I'harles B. Alexander and
Mrs Char le HMiry I'osier.
owing at the home of Mr
Sixty-seventh street
. dance fol- ;
Cutting, 24 I
The guests j
wrre all young people.
Mr and Mre. Percy Hall Jennings
lira a dinner laat evening at their home.
1 BaM Thirty-ninth street, for their
MtM Kliiatieth Jennings, daugh
tf of Mr "lid lira. Philip It Jennings.
v was introduced early tlna month.
-... at the dinner were Mr. and Mre.
Idgard Steve na, the Miases Adelaide
ml Alleen Sedgwick. Miss tlrtu e Col
:r. Mlaa Annette Piavis. Donald Hyde.
HOrfe I' Stevens. Johnfrlti Achilla,
iValtlngtOn B Hoy and B, Howard Ba--r.
After the illnner liie young peo-
taint on to the various tlaneett ot
lit am nlng.
0 lot the dances of last evening was
i at the KlU-Carlton by Mrs John j
if.' Phetpa for her grandd lUgMar, (
in- rharlotta Piatt, who is the daugh- i
t- of Henry b. Piatt of ."-a;. Park ava-
it Preva.ua to the dance Mlaa Plait j
terialned at dinner by Sir, and
l-j vnhur Curtlsa Janies a; their
' 92 Pari, avenue. Tlio guest- were
.mrtsT entirely young pooplc ami among
"ani aare the Misses Mar) Knapp,
'i HaHUett, ISIIaabeth Howard,
ladelelne Carey, Margaret Knapp, Mar
Dlnfmoro, Kleanor Howltl Ireen.
! e Uil-er. Helen Flake. Qlsdya
' . Ma: gam Lai farga, Mary .lay
. Josephine and Alma de tiers-
. Dalaflold, Oortruda and Eva
Ha . Angelina Km-h. Dorothy and vio
M K i ilaraldino Adce and Miriain
T Among the young men were
CI Duncan Miller, wortnlngton
iusi P.Coopor Bryoo. Tbomai H.
Burber, DeCouraoy Kales. ICussell Bart
f W Dudley Parleton, Bhopard Kiech,
s Dillon Ripley, Aroblbatd Rooao-
0)1 Will " Dottglaa Hot.iiw.ou. Tiieo-'1o-
S'.rus, Percy P.. Pyne Id. W.
' lectin and Percy R. Pyne, Jr.
tnother d'.nce of last evening waa
I ' Mrs AlpbOnaa H Alker at
err) , following a dlnnor at her home.
Baa) 'xti-slxth street. It was for
' ! 'tltanta daughter, Miss Mabel v.
I r Those at the dinner were the
' -- tin Rogers, Ruth Callander,
Murtland, Joyce Jones and Bin
Slier; Robert and Cord Meyer,
Kyle. John anil I'arroll Alker
i"i Johl O'RourlM Some of tliose at
il dance were the Mlaaaa Bdlth Adams.
u P, Imer, Kathryn Baohe, "ari
H in Jaannvtt Hhtke, Marietta
Chaplin, Josephine Battlf, Elizabeth
; 1 li.-sier Bar row a, Bnnloi
Ulce lie lyamar, Anne and Fran
" Balhrd Carolina Hoi sett. Helen
Porter, Margaret. Thompson, F.leanor
lea, Plorenca Thompson. Margaret
ciu i Florence QUbOftt 1 John
Hbb, Clmrlea I'ratt. Ryland Sixer. Fred-
rtgham, Andrew Fletcher.
Bteera, Sheldon Hoadley, John
Pradarlc R. Coudert, Jr., and
M unlock.
Pr .ii-
Utlaaarlfta fmXmtf Will Preserve
Her Wrllliias In Mil sell 111.
WCEITCR. Mass.. Dec 51. (Tara
'E1TIR, Mass., De
i -
' rury effects arc to be nwde
historical collection of the
it tnttauarlan Haolatv here.
"rt (
' Mev Percy H. Bplar, a persona)
"d of tin foundar of the Red Croai
hai made arrangamant! with
' " ill n for the transfer of her
jpert! from CHsn ik-iio to Worcester.
'"'' busy life Clara RaHon
in redlbla number of latttri
and among other Hiings
",.-i prose copy of her oorr. -eglnnlng
In 1X74, when she
iitad organlggtian of the Red
1 ice in the Pranco-Prua-
rd i
kept H
09 ride
sal lor
n War.
Ilffll I
1 i
s Vfli! Barton '"as born
'orcestei county.
Mra QoorgO Bird Rave
i 1 ' the Ootngm,
i li Sane will jfie a le-
i lot ham on Dcceinbei ;tl
ftutatiti daughter.
' 'a h- F. lland will give a
to-day at ghorry'i for her
Mial Helen Hand Anothar
lo-ilay w II h given hy Mlas
-"'roll for .Mies .Muriel Wlg-
Tripiou UontaguAi daugn-
i i Mih .Meredith F. Mon
: lal Klftyflfth atreet. haa
- uvand altei recent opern-!-
ruiloltli and ll now hi the
ii h parent!.
I - 'li bUtatltOM iVill be given
ii l v .Mrs Lawrence fjroaf
Learning Walker Mra Henry
' Will give a dance to-night
I i M
K H ,
tol .Misa Kathantt! Browning
John W l.ennia will give one
Kiti-Cgrlton for her daughter,
ngeiin! Johnson. Mra. Joeeph
"" will Wive a dunce al the SI.
' ii her 'laughter, .Miea JOMphlni
'. "' uxiliur of til! Suiyve
W II give a lln ilaoeal'l and
a)e thin afternoon in the ball
ihe ItUx-rai lion. Among In!
uf the aocietv" are Mra. .'or-i.iis-
Mra Albert Harrla, Mrs
m ii;g . Mra. "en ltiMit. Mra
" V Prank, Mra. Mmvu MaiKs.
- Beatrice Uetul. Mary Hoyl
1 i' rtrudt tdv and Ruth
' i
The RuNHlan Cathedral f'hnlr gave ita
annual concert laat evening tn Aenllan
Hall. The alngjng ,.f this organization
ha now become one of the Interesting
Incident of the musical fteaann and the
audience at laat night's entertainment
was one of the largest seen In Aeolian
Halt in the course of this busy winter.
The programme was arranged somewhat
differently from that of last winter and
waa moat attractive.
The first part was devoted to music
of the ritual of the Ktisslan chutvh and
the second part to songs of the Russian
people. The church music liaa already
becoma known to music lovers through
the ministrations of Ivan (lorokhofT's
body of singers, but the people's songs
have baeu sung to only a few. That
thay should become known Is much to
be desired, fur no other nation Is richer
In lyrics of the kind than the Russians
The numbers In the aeo.nd part were
a "byltnka." or narrative lay. by Kaa-i
talalty, "The Plume Uraaa" by Hhakh. i
novsky. TaohaikoWtky'l ' Legend.'' a vil
lagers' chorus from Borodin's "Prince ',
Igor." soon io be produced at the !
Mertopolltai . a "Khorovml " or taanl
,lance hy ArUangelsky. "The Sun and!
the Moon" by Oretchanlnov and Arkan
igelaky'a "Shades of Night.'
i The old bvlinkR-. of the folk sour ne.
roj wrr rljh n ,Urk of lne ,.,,
. . . .,..
sacks and the still more savage Tartars :
but that of Kaatalsky, heard last eve
ning, dealt with the half historic and
half legendary chronicles of the era of
the prtclpalltle. the far off days when
Russian nationality was not yet Organ
lied and the Scandinavian ideal of
separation had not been supplanted by
the Hyiantlne conception of solidarity.
The music was nil interesting and :
'some of was extraordinarily ueauti
I ful. The church numbers served to
j give to those who had not previously I
j heard Russian cathedral singing an idea .
of the splendid inipressivenees of the
I liturgy. I'nfortur.'ately the choir did not ;
I sing a well a.s It did last winter. There
teemed to be several nea- bnys in the
ranks and some faces were missing,
i Probably some of the better trained boys
I have reached the age when the voices
change nnd can no longer be employed.
At any rate, the Intonation of the
Choir was faulty much of the time and
this greatly marred the effect of the
singing. Those who are acquainted with
Kussian choir singing in its native sur
roundings knWW that bad jntontation is
not one of Its cptumon faults. But on
the whole there was some remarkably
1- tereet.nir singing In the concert and
the audience must certainly have found
tha whole entertainment stimulating and
mem -i-tt'ole.
Jofga'plt I'arkrr mp ul Irrt Inn of
Indian OfcjMtfl Brlnfts ;i.fin.7n.
Th f th Irdinn collection le-
:mH;nir t .tiepli FMrkf-r tamp emiM
mM nlffM in th Andirvon QAiterlM with
,i rAtoii that ainnm'il tn l,9TI.60i
niiiuiriir. a rnind total of 11,116.78,
V i:. tiNHtt wtkM w.r -if tha prlnojpul
iuiyt'ty. gi in(t $S?. CO for N. 1' tr,, a
N'iivnjo chrfl lraiirxe-i $.15 for '. 2!:.
a rd anJ blaok Na aj,-v blanket, and
lit. SO for No 32 f. an antique H; t
Man Wei. N- ThomptOtl b-uiajfht Nu 130,
:i iloutJe aqUAW 'Irewfi. for $33. Utd F. J.
pfttora PWd 3n f" NO .fi nn antique
Itoyt ta blanket.
Mr. and Mrs. Mel.llle Inaslu.
Jr.. Ire There.
Hot Spbinos. Vs.. Dec. !l. Mrs.
Doth Barton From li is expected to ar
rive at tlie Homestead Thursday to Join
her son. Barton French, who came here
hist week for the liolulas.
.Mr .mil Mrs Melville K. liisTalls. .Ir..
of New York ara I ponding tlie week
here and .'rc out riding every day.
Thev have with them Mrs. IngalUl
OOUIIn, Walter Hint Mrs limalli
l.rouKht Piccolo, her French bulldog,
which won the hlue ribbon ut the Wit
more dog show last week
&e&pp&raiiee in Old Success
Greeted With Bothiirti-ni
ut Empire
The appearance of Maude Adam." at
liie Bmplra Theatre ia always an event
for a large following "f theatregoei s.
Last evening waa no exception to the
general nil! h Inrge and ver. entliusi
aatlc uudieine welcomed the a"treaa to
New York once more in .1 M Harrie s
play for children and gTOWnupt, "I'eter
Time aeenia neve: 10 have dulled
edre of tids play, ii eeUbrated Iti t
ea i a
Linhiiio- lnsi nlrht. fo' lust ten
ago ' I'clcr" waa Brit put on the mage in
ihla OOUntry with MlH Adgmi In the role
-lie a ted last night. Since that lime it
haa delighted thOUMndl of children all
over the countiy, and bKla fair to delight
many thousands more before i'a day ia
Pilar and hia bund, the
undorgi ound
home, tlie pirate Mill
the crocodile who j
had eaten a clock
inni (foot all
and waa tlili sting for i
weie there, even to
Wann, iiie 'i"K num.
a.,.1 Tlnltai Ball! life was -a
!? j
" I
more by Petefl Whlmilcgl appeul of
.Ii.v. in fuliles'.'" which was
;i n-
aweied unanimous!) i'
kv the audlenoe. Mlsa
i the afllrmaiive
Vibiina was show-
ered with flowers and there
curtain calls.
Pa a "tiorat"
..nda . imeert
l.rll-1 at
Pavluwu will appear as a spec,
.,it nt next Sunday night
and his
hi the
i j;... ww. ro,i w ith Kousa ,
" i'i-' -
bund. She
.lo sevo , new
...In dunces, with
the lupporl
f M
viaxiiudie Vollnine.
iSthg H..j..e ooncitl i" JP-'
Mine Mlura. the Japanese prima donna
of the lloaton opera i umpii.ii . gnd
,, Am. Martin. Hoorge Ituklanoff and
JM Maidones. also of the BoltOtl
gii nlagtlon.
orb To-H.
a. lei y. fe.i 1 v i, : s :
.. ,v Km.
.,1 I
tatorll. 7 P. M
llia.nl of HdUl
.itlcii, tlinrllut
boird, . P. Mi
Naval CiniUltlng Bogfdi maetlng. T
vw-t Thirty ninth sue.', v p m
Saw If Or Municipal Social) . niaetlal
u .ii, Huiilclpil Pullaingi till I' m
Will Bi- snug' at tin- Metros
politan n ThnwdH) Kve
nlnff. Dec.
Chief an.ong the offei
week at the Metropolitan
will he the fir.-t performar
uf next
Mn erica
of "Prince Igor,'- which
noun -ed. edil take ilu -
as altcadv ati-
Thuraday eve-
mi, a, December SO
Tl.e cist Will
ciu.ie Mmf Alda, Perlnl, Kgcnar and
Delnujiois, and Messrs Amato, Botta,
Dliiur and De Segurol.i. Mr, I
will conduit Other oik rao m-vt
will Include
"Malta" on Moiula evcciig . ii.
Mines Hem pel and Ober, ami Maaara
Caruso. De Lueg and Malaleata, M
BavagnoH oonductlng; "Die Walkttere"
on DV'adneaday evening with Mmei Mal
enauer, Kuii and Bparkeo, ami Memn
Frlui, Braun and Bcott, Mr Bodanik)
conducting: "Parolfal" on Friday after
noon with Mine Mattenauer, and Meaara,
Hambach, Qotiti, Whltehlll and Braun,
Mr Hodsniky conduotlng; "Medami
ButtOrftr" on Friday eyeninj! With Mines.
Daatlnn, Porlnl ind Egener, and Meaara
Martlnaill ami gcottl, Mr Polacoo con
duotingi and "Un Kalio In MaicTBtra" on
Satur.lav afternoon Hh Mines Ix'ir-.
Mason and DltOhOtM, and Me- r f'aruso,
Aiimlo and Itothler. Mr Polacco oon
ducting. "L.a Hohenie" has been chOOan 10 Hart
the seiies of doduIai Drtced fiaturday
evening operss
n!gt weel, ll "ill he
'ling b
.Mines. Alda and riija.ti:. and
Botta, De Uuea and Dldur Mr,
will conduct. Ai to-nlght'a per
e of 'Travia'a." owing lo the
of Mr Botta, th! i"ie of
,1 Ifrrdo
II be sung by Mr I'am.ovo
Krelaler at Mrtrnpiilllan .ini'cii.
Frit! Krelolar wii be chief soloist
at next Sunday nlght'i ooncgrt ..i the
.Metropolitan Opera House Miss Mabel
Harrison and Henri Boot! will ling, and
the orcheatra will directed by ftloh
ard Hagoman. Marii Barrlontoi, thi
new Spanish coloratura soprano, will
ail for New Vori. from Bordeaux on
the itaajnihlp Bipggn! "ii Januar) I
I'ailerewakl . aaoall Keci.nl.
On account of a sudden attack of
cramp! of the inuaclao Paderewikl haa
been obliged I" poalpone lue recital,
echeduled for tliia afternoon in Carnegie
Hall. The date on which It will be given
has not been announood.
. ereniony Wllhool
llnme of Brlilr'
Miss Helen Tav hn
ttten .lams
. I'm re nt a.
i Trail Phillip!,
Mi- Kusell Trail
yratorday al noon
daughter of Mr. and
Phillips, was man led
llelnrlch 'a Ideinii r Hansen at ihe
home of her parents. I.'.l Baal Nine
teenth street.
Tiie marriage ceremony Wg! performed
by the Hev. I Jr. W'llliain Herry of
i.indell. N, J and II was witneased by
nelatlve only
ienvlants. bait
There were no bridal at
man or usiiens Afi.-r
the ceremonv
iieie wa.s a small rceep-
aa m er Hnlcher.
M.sf Mvia
laughter of Mr.
Imtcher ami a
It. Dutches vviis
anil .viis. ie
witt p
i.ii,. f nil.,
-iiiiiii.inu.i.,. . ...
lllltl I'leil to .llllll r. .-. jei,
of Mr.
land Mra. tileon .1. Hawyer or Uronxvillc.
N. V . laal nlglit In the Hotel Hosaert.
ltr.iokl.Mi. The H-. Dr. rimiica .1
. Si udder of New Hi Mill w- lok . N J.. per
formed the ceremony .
The hilde. who wore a gown of ivory
! satin ami Oaorgitti crepe trlmmid with
I pearls, was attended by Miss Neila
:gen Van Brunl wild little nle,e.
, .lu n Ice A. Duttihor .Mr. Sawyer
gldnil In-esaei as liesi man Thi ic
Bei -Mlai
I,, rl
were iipiii
1 .a ngepechl
id 11.
Tiie bride wu graduated fi Packai
in 1I1 and from Columbia in 1915 Mr
lawyer wan graduate.! from Amliei In
Who saiJ sick7
Sytteinatize your Work, l
rles i in Hpritrhtl) Vnthor
( Port, li'ink'-.
Mrs ISdward Payaon Terhune, author
of forty l,,Kik- under the name of Marlon
Harlaml. who celebrated he, eighty-fifth
birthday yesterday with a dlnnoi part)
of wn.ch she was the life. Is not a su.
"I was doan in X'irgmia some tune
njjo. she said .a-t night, "and i aekail
a iad i met there ai. antl-euffragitt,
'if ou had lo vote to-morrow on auoli
nnd such a matter It was someth.na
being dlacuaaed in the pa pan then, how
WOuld yOU vote'' Ob,' she said. 'I'd lisii
my husband.1
"Itgeotitl) i aakod
III Ne York, How
aDOUl so ami so (an
lsue. if you had to
to-rrlorrow V 'I'd aak
PUffragilt hee
would you voto
Important puidic
pa at ) our ballot
Jottn,' she ai -
r wared i
thought that a protty good com
on luffragc Thoy would voto
Ilka thci: huBbandu, uui
.1 ' 1 tilt' eXlMMIK.i of t 111
ln( ill bftlloUi
t9c Ion, nl
; ht n.r nothing
''BUI I'm nt ttir;i!tit mi
1 ijo I tuny t lt1tPMii tl.
I ! arxue hUoiiI t. I
t ii1 vii. ami j MmnH to
fr.iKr I'm
that'i b'i
dOlt't WftMlt
tnc women
a-.' unthlns out ttowntroddon In Nw
Voi v Hut when they wnr the vote,
ami a:e real for It. iHoy'll gft It.
They're noi rtftdy tor li t
Silting In her home h' '.'.'ol West
Ninety-fourth itroot, Mra, Tirhuni did
look more thul' rt' yean old. Slie aa
system lias ' Itgblod her to do ao
much and keep young,
"I've worked hard alt u.v liie. ' she
said. "bUl mj lime Wg! Ilgldlv svstellla-
tl.ed. I was tiie Wife of a busy cl.-rgv-
mgn i tgughi ni three daugbtora, who
never went to OOhool until the were
IS; and I did my writing all the time
I lOV.
d the W.
irk ; thai waa thi ra. rat,
should hava some work
keep her In touch with
she iov
Terhune met
waa in A meric.i . sh
Willi persona who .
Pickens when he
knew- and talked
nie'iiliereil i laol g
v .
she Is. s
i ninks.
the only ,el
Bdgar Allan
has wrlttOtl
Long Uit.e.''
Poa i f
she llkea
the best.
all the 1
tier last
'Oks she
one, "A
'leasa.il tin I'rmiiiitea llrl.lnu
and I llnihli.it Parties.
WHIT! S . -1 .I'M I It gPRINQt, v V!
lire J. Mr,
Rotting of New
mother, Mis u
vilie drove to
to-dgy for lum
altd Mi Philip Ashlon
"ori; and Mrs Itoillna's
aorge W I'ack of Ashe
Hlniiturai bv automohllt
heon That returned to
New York lu-nlght I n Hie ho'.nlav
.lames V Utborne. Jr., drove lo Hie
Log Cabin for lunclieoi with :i pirti of
friends ileorge i.wen vs ho is in the
saddle dally, rod! over Hob's Ridge
Another day of good Wfgther at
tracted many players io ihe Qraenbrler
unit' COUrMi Including Mr iiml Mrs.
i.aihrop Brown, R. S. Wilson and Mr,
and Mra, 'hrlstopber Meyer.
Mre. John C, tirani of Ohloago fol
lowed one of tlie shinier mountain tioils
..lid Mill ll'deii
Lgwlon nnd
rill "ver the
i Tray alien we
mount trail
To-day'i arrlvi
ney and Waller
ami 1 1, Noratrom
no iude i 1 l
Tuung "f New
of Mlunigpotla.
iv by i'i. Holland antern
r ..Mill. Ill I. Ilh, I ll-.III; 11 nil
William lliillii"
Mi Helan V
tr. .ic.r.. Caeiell
t' c, enrbee
W W lino. If
i) m Hartiell
artniif Hpwaril
Maiur It"-'. Hn
Mr ii". I Mre Mila
M ail 'anil
Mr ..mi Mia Hi
K II.T 1
Henri T. lermp. t
l Hin t A i.. la It ,1
Kliililaitd ftutlun
.Iclin W. Wat.0.1
I .c u ,
H I In
iltrai V
i tin. r
i .1 paatahip Ban. i M art a
I'll It, I Itl. Mill
Kilward vv Peel
The it." ..'i'i Mr. '
K Oqwlea
gwlwam I' Ciiahaiaa
Mi ,11,1 Mi
Me .in.i Mra
eMtchegter Surroipate
opeitm Vdoptioti After
Writ I Herved,
mi i
In' HIT!
lew g,.-
preme 1 '"i
lam M ils.
son. Willi
known as
; I
i th
f ix'ngs count
.i gel possess
Croiaman Uee.
Po .r Little Rl
alien it's loins
ot Mgnhattan,
'. his
V .11 Htilil
wrli r prohibit to
.li; k?i of tn Appc
bltton. issued b) lUOtlc! j
1 tit lilt ii agalnit .
ne guardianship I
prooii;iii,. iint. I ll-.r orilr
MUM li aRUiJ oil IVtUllMdl
Th Lo.v : hir tt p:irt of u
Mtatc loft b) till tniiWfatlttr,
CroMnifttii a jff'' nttrchtm
ho a' ,
$ T ,00(1.000
atttl thf
!;J'.o.iH'(i .s.i,,l(.
ion bj in i
and mat i :
U I voiced Miiln u
Pre. Jtr I ,t-t
letter, of g tard
May IabI to Mr I
ajiaut)rd iii nftine
iheti t lie ho u hs
aii'i leaa tuuther,
d Thomae
Itllhlp IX- re . led In
pc aficr Ihe l.of had
of hla itopfalher and
aduiited o Mi. Uee
Mri. Ki'tiua Kenyon
Lee The Hurroga abrogated the
guardianship to-tla) and iasu,-, new Pita,
tinea for all pat ilea to show , anas why
guardlanihtp pain rs ghould not lie re-
t issued to Mi
s M Mills i. i..i g ;,. have the guard.
at amp mailer raniferred to thi Klnaa
ouniv Mutiramo Court Jtin before
the lieartng . losed Clinton 'I' Tiy -
lor, it torn ei fin- Mr. l-ee itirrad In -
teresl by deini.i.d llg thai tile ulothe: -i'l-J atre.-l
law of Mr Mlllr be held for oontetppt fori For iiii
fgillng to answer a suiipii n.i Surro- j tin"! dtlt)
gate Sawver waa abou tqi!ud nn officer ; She liven
Kir lie.- whet. Mr Mills su that tholdutiei al
reason hla mollier-ln-law had nid
IWerad tie ubjptgt a was be, .. use
had imt been given l ie ragulal let
an -
tlie procoai aerV!t
"I ahail see thli sin- gpoagra ..: tie
i.exi bearing," continued jit Mill. e
intend lo liave her us our wllnaaa and
she is rot .tn:g to avoid being m tour: "j
Sir rog.ile Sawvei aaid 'in view nl Iha
explanation lie would hold the contempt
proceedings m abeyance ;.. a.' whether
vvoinuti ,,vpeare.
Work ol it.,. II 1 1 ml to
Soldiers' Tj laud
Tiie soldiers' Toy-land" at :1 Fifth
avenue has received .'on, tin- .,u o, ilia,
de .iaiiav- a vvond. lul .oliection ot
daoorgtiva hand made laces and embroiil
erica made bv women in id children iii
every prO IPC
The collect i i
of blind gold
Tiie commit
glers' Toytgnd
ti Ilectlon
in Fran. il Invaded
' 'n.ludea the WOrl
Fvarvihiug is ha lid I
e. .ii . harge of ' he
aimoiineefl yaatei'dtl
WOUld be placed ,,
t hat
I'ri. lay at :
rep. eient it
0 clod, Tlie vat ieil articles
1 ss-unl labor of peasants and
destitute women.
gg I'reohleiii t-; me rl I u of IranU-
lln mill Maraliall olleur,
I ,k St' A ri rEn . T.t . PeC :'l 'Die ltr
Ih. .hhn S. Stain, president smSt'ltUS ot'
: I'lunkiin gnd Marshall PollagSi died here
tO4Vtgrht, aKeil T-'t years. He hail heer
J promlnsnl in Pennsylvanls educational
I rl relet for msny ,e;trH, was a noted paj
! i hologlil and leader n rtefui mod
1 church clrolSat lie wai native or,
BueliM I'lunty, pg , and H giudusto of j
; l-'ranltlln nnd Mm alia II ' 'ollagSt clgSS ot
; i r 7 lie held dsgresii from Uufaystts I
i Col legs and Ihs lt Iver-rts uf I'snneyl-1
vanis i"'. mam hm uruuiiieu i' i"1
ministry isTlfi Ptom Is1 tu igga i,,
I a h h prssldgnt pro tempois of FYtttikNii
land Marshall t''iiea'. and In ISStt aat
I elected pragldant in i foi he ret (rod, bs
I i ng euoceednl by Pi Nenty H. Applg,
A bronze tablet In honor of Mrs
.Tame Hpeyer, president of the New
York Women's League for Animals, was
unveiled yesterday In the entrance hall
of the league's hospital for animals at
ado Lafayette street. A resolution
'beautifully Illuminated on parchment
i praising her work for the hospital was
1 presented to Mrs Speyer by some of
! the members who had contrived the
whole thing as a surprise for their presi
dent. Mrs. Speyer came Io the hospital
shortly after noon, as she thought to
aee one of the veterinary surgeons She
waa led In by a roundabout way and
had Just concluded, as she said later.
that she waa needed because something
had suddenly gone wrong, when she
passed through a door into the waiting
room and found herself In the midst of
friends The women had been at some
j pains to make the surprise complete.
I There was not a head at a window to
apprise Mrs. Speyer of whai was coming.
I Before Mrs. Speyer could do more
I than glance around In surprise and pleas
1 lire she heard Mrs Robert '1 Mead,
liliainnan of the tablet committee, ad
dressing her with a little speech in
which she said :
"The membeis of the league have lelt
for a long time that they wanted to
express in some permanent way their
; appreciation We know thai without
vou this splendid building would never
have been erected An armrul or long
I stemmed American Beauties wore thrust j
I into Mrs Speer's hanus and Mrs Mead
presented the resoluilon, which read as
tnllows : I
I We. tl.e undersigned members of the i
Sew York Women a la ague for Animals,
-wltli feeling of deevrst affection and
I ilgliesi regard for our beloved piesident, j
Mrs. James Speyer. have tins dav caused
I to be erected in toe Animal Hospital, nt
IS! l.afaet!e sine;, a tablet In her
I honor
'Her ur.aeirtah and intelligent InttrMI
I io belialf of nod s dumb creatures. U
' gether with htt unfajltag love, lympathy
anil whole heart ad devotion, have found
expression in the inception of this Free
Hospital for Animals. Which owes
ts existence Uigely to her effoit. and
we north) heartily indorse her work and
plOdgg our earhest cooparwUon "
J Some of the names attache. 1 to the
i resolution a ere Mrs. .1 Fraia-i Alt ken.
I Mrs James M lla.ley. Mrs. BdWard N
' BroMung, Mrs vmon Caatle, Mrs. .
I C. Cuvler. Miss Klsie ,le Wolfe, Mrs
.i'harles H Dllaon. Mrs. I'harl-s II. Flint.
I Mra. Clifford H Harmon. Mrs. Rtchard
M. Hoe. Mrs Colgate Hoyt. Miss Klsis
Janis. Mrs. i adwalader Jones. Mis. V.
Kver'.t Ma v. Mra. Frederick Pease. Mm.
1.1. Dyneley Prince. Mrs Rdward Robin
sol .Mrs Fre.len u W. Vanderbl i and
I Mrs. Frederick W. Whltrldge.
j The t.il.let. which i abOUl eighteen
lb) twonty-four Inohoi, i.eurs thli Inacrlp-
' . ion :
1 " Tiiis labial l! er. ,ed b) the marAbtfg
,.f I lie S'e.v Yoil, Women II League for
Animal!. Inc., in honor of its president.
Mis .lni.es Snoyor, wi.ose untiring In
'ere.i leal and devotion In behalf of
tlod'g dumb r real urea have made j.os
alble this iiosintal or tuiltnala."
It. I If lo U - lilt I'll sc
mill. .., .irl. d
Co 11 all ' l.nl.-
Mi- .lames I.e.- LaidlOW, who haa
oeeo borottgh chairman mm- Mairhattgn I
for th.- Woman's Ruffrag! ai u for the.
. yean was preaetttod last night;
wltl a laadoome sterling si ver- nugree
; baakol tilled wttlt n.ses ami appro-;
pel ite engraved Ii was a loken of j
I appreciation by her fellow workers on I
i the occaaloti if hat leaving the offlc! of j
l. .'lie:'
hair-tian to ftMUtnc t4ll dlitlM
i .t .i j eoli Urman of th H'Hta
Ti prejawntatlon tech na by Mr.
Prodi let Maaon M ra. tAldUM . 'iio
wwi tau:i eowptotols by aurprtoti if
jiiif.i briefly "Hie itut roprooonta Kmail
non trt but ton front a iar number of
.Iimt i rottwTvittee) ohajrmen nd
oi kai f
llnd llee
Ml- .l.ii
t . ... iiiio ,- of m, imi-
iH.I.ed.Hl ln,e MTU,
- Martin. .' faithful employ!!
of SI
Patrick'! tgthadral -ii.ee it was
in gTg, died on Monday m St.
Hospital front the maladlei al
tendani upon
io age, although ao one
knew aMdPtl) what her
bad hee-. ;u iiie hoaplta
vae w.is. She
for one eat.
in a
private tonm, ami hid re,
attention possible
i" of the regular attendant! i
i- the
Iral knew- 1
r and to every one
gll! was Known to
ng iraduate of st
Hobool, in Barolo
a he
vv .1
, ne
.lane '
1 Pel
oldest i
I'ar.e hlal
tv-llv. e.i was M.s- Mar
io take care of tne altata
n i in- cathedral ractoe (lei
io .n lulled the care of the
for the , le: g.v , choir and ulti.r
1 vestine
I boys Purmi her illness Mgr. uaveile
j fraquentl) vlalted bar at ihe hoapltgl.
' Funeral services will be held at trt
in clock tins in.irii.iig ir. the cathedral,
pected t'oat
l.uvell, will
i eelebrate the solemn
t .in era I of II r. Wllltinua.
; Tha I
I haua, Hi
lira) of In Itiidnlph A. Witt
toilcolngiii a-,1 exari medical
in many Importinl titnin-.l
who died Suitdaj al ills tanne.
Broadway, waa held yeaterday si
lapheti'i ICpiicopal Church. The
ri Nat in. ii si ngle officiated
lallbearen wen in B'illlatn M.
Itl . .
Tl.e p.i
Polk, I
si irtioi
Tr. .1.
ir ii
i w,
Wan I
I .1 WIS
lentan. II o
ing I. Ta
l 'o.mn.i oh I
Ai mitrong
I I MHI'ltl
i.i in ll. Qri
limit wldel
1 1 land and
men of N't
Home hire
li-ied who
.Mi. II I .
I. ri-r 1.
Ui ci 1 1
1 1 v ..I.I. t.iir
Will- 1
of Ulf I
lihude 1
neUli'ul I
Ht ll.- I
ll.1 ill. I
Kourth I
Itttown .'Itlaeiie uf
prittniitatti etnonii
... ratiiland le dead
1 ittrlim iii i il win
ft. in- iiruOiarit 'i th
RltOde Mind 'i
wounded, all wet.
ill but the doctor
ut Ite 11
mi were
oner and
Id ion l.nu riin r.
KdsOll legWrsncS. T. year" idd, . i
'tiled bulldei .fid contractor or Brooklyn
'and a prom :iut member of ine iSrenty
eighth u.ttd TaKimyere Assoulatlun. died
Mtmds) . 'l 1 he luune
of hiM In ni lie
lolden Mi Idge,
1 1 IUI vived b)
t wo da tighter
Sa in uel I 1 I a W rem e.
W'estobestsi county, lie
his wife, four me and
I- I tin III lit
. ettsrda
of i uate
who WSM
Moid Rlectlon,
a liter, i artist. v gi
i. led Hi'eetdenl of tin board
of tne Pluwhiufl Hospital,
Major Thomne K linggs,
i real d i ii of Ihe hoard mi
ysgrs. Kiit Parker Hull r, suthor
"Pigs I'ig." n. eh- ted treasure!1 '
the sixth consgk'utlvs time Kranlt
se n( ISO Margoue gvantiSi llushli
WgM eh. ted a menihei of the Uout'd
euocead 1 'apt Ohatie
died on iNweitihar 11.
K- OlSgth v ho
The esia!e of isldor Wormier, Jr. alu
died In June. 1014. In Hwltxerland. was
appraised yesterday at t(l,lll, He
gave $200,nnn to hla daughter. Edith
Wormser (ioudrhaux, and ITtH.aH to
Ids wife Angle L. Wormser. Tempe
RlMtnu-BI received t,000, and It.OOt
eaih went to Mount Sinai Hospital oiul
the Hebrew Orphon Asylum.
Mr. Wormser's only iealt holding i
consisted of an eighth Interest In Hie
property at H to H West BlghtyfoUTlh
street, woitli $14,06'.'. He had ogah
amounllng to i o. jts. Tho bulk of the
estate consisted of l7.1.7x In se nrl-'
ties, of which the largest holdings weie:
I.OOO American Smelters preferred, I
llOliTIOi l.uOO i 'antral Leather pre-;
ferred. l52.L'5n. and :..".00 American 1
Tobacco. 1285.01)0.
Ml. Wormser. who ronducied the,
Stock Kaoliangs Mini of 1. 8. Wormser,
for n time, retired from business on ac
count of 111 health several years before
his deatli and had reduced his Invest
ment! to a few holdings of large block!
of securities He retained his member-j
aha In the New York Stock Kxthai.ge.
which was appraised a' 142. "On He
Wgg a son of Simon Woimser. who with i
I, Is brother, Isldor. established the stoc k
Exchange iiouse of i & s Wormtor, ,
Tie dOCedani and his Uhclt, Isidoi. con
ducted the business eftcr ids fathtf'l
death in IS!..",. They were brokers fot
the Klklns-Widener eyndloale for yoarl
. la tiii-s
He Lost
.sal of tl
I'm rker's
i Til. I an.
e estate ol
The a pi
James Henry Parker, who was . iiairnian
of the hoard ot the Mutual Alliance
Truai Compgny, ami who died on Jan
uary '-'" last, s! the age of 72. "hoWl
that Whll! lie left a:i eRlate of 11,111,-
If, (1
I. ssi 1I,1SI through Inveitlng in
oi twtntythre! dry gisods con
cern! Which mad.- accommodation papaj
for the II. b. Clgflln Company, Dr.
Parker held IStt.tll fa' e value of these
notes, which sere appraised at only
Dr. Parker, who ivs an et-preildenl
of the Nea- York Cotton Bgshgngt ami
a member of the firm of Spring" Si Co.,
had a depoall of ItSO.OOO with the firm
ills otto:. Exchange seat was valued a(
110,600 He had a depos'l of .o.v.2"l
with the Mutual Alliance Tins: .'otu
7an. He OWrgNl ilO kl and bond!
valii'd a' 1100,797
Th- will of Df. Parker gave lue entire
eitate to ins wife. Julia A. Parker,
nines of Witness Holds I i llesr
liia In W hlte Plains.
WHITM PLAIN!, S V . Dec 21
ai nle M Pel ra
Manhattan. who
savs s
-he the widow of Theodora A.
u..s proaonl 'ii iho Hurrogavto'!
to-da to ;ress ..er i lajm for the
ee.:a'e. although Mr. Lord In ins
I. od
sel forth thai 1"' "left ho wid,.w
Ulldreti It R, Pi Ime, who ap
d for soma of liie heirs under the
said he as not leadv to proceed
peat '
as ui
,f th principal adtneaaee was ill
ji.ln i appeal
t 'billies V. MlnnOtl, Who appeared to
the cllimrtt, said that he must try the
, a.e i Ins year lecause Ins principal wit
ness. Mrs Amte Crocker HourauU, is
going to sail for Furope in Jgnugrj ai d
ho cannot tell wh-u she w,n return
'ion and In an alttilax it iwearl
l.otd and Rugenle M Perrar
1 in the ':iy jlali in s,in Fran-
in., I , .
lis. o. Tie iscord" of 'he maniiige ere
burned during tin- nre
the earthquake, Hurrog
Cll followed
(lawyer ad-
ext Tiired.i
I Jou lated
tl-.,- heating unti
J N. FIELD LEFT $6,899,341.
i- MarliHlt I It lil w
llrnlhcr I lie .. Hi
l.i.rl .
'.- Fie
CtiicAOO, Doc. -I -Statue
An . in H Jonee lubmltted
leiaut to-day a execul ir.
eal and
It' flii.il
ra of tec ea
, Field. Tlie
Court, ehow!
d to $.v.iS.-
late oi the late .loaeph V.
1 dorumenl filed n Probate i
I tha' ' i e estate amount
S 4 1 - -
JOMph N field, wli. died more than
I a year agii. was ,, brotiml of tlie fate
Maeahall Field. Most of the estate wag
in atoi ks and bonds. fMuCgtlonal In
I ItltUtloni are ahown to have received
I lea tiuin 1100,
joaeiih Fabyei
Will tiled
RlVgRHKAP. I.. 1 . He '-I Tlie Will of
Joseph ii'iihys. watch-Hse manufacturer,
who died laat week at Ida home In Sag
Harbor, hai been filed for probate Tha
petition lltnpl) states thai the estate
excoeda 110,000 real and IIO.OIWI ner--or.il!
property. The grill dlvldei the
aitgt! netwe-n the widow and children,
tine thouaand dollars i given to tne
praaby tartan Chuych of sag Harbor In
K.hen I, lira per left tl . tl'.ill ,T it" .
ICglTlh, Mm. . He. -' I I'i ' li.
s Ur.ipiu. ix-vioveruor ..f Mass.,
L'liuaf tl
tiled in
ownei . letl e is
lurantory of the e.
ite t'olii I here to-dl
I lie I'l.
PKAB. a vetei
niklv ii le. anil
r t.T.'ioo to h
vv LINt'll.
line Itiiloiooi
ei ver o
ii. par, .
a., lltl
- ill Aw
ite. I I.e. en.
It last, ll
01! '.. to-
-.in.,, II
Hell. Lllll' 11 Of
st reel
Inn. l.-rt in lit.
York alld oilier
New Jaria) and
ae. a. it tea. irnotint
Stan. i I'll tuba
i.Utn VHKT M
' o.
w in. died i
I.-... ;t.i in
in Connei
I'll- i.nlk ii
1114,17?. .v
SAM 't
...... ... ... it. .
n- ii-. men
' i liol
..i.i tin rn iei ae
friend, "Miti and
r I LOOO 'ii- it
Mil; Ail am i KAleWt'S
1 lHt let'. Mti e-titH'e "I I
I t H.1 1 8 eni i " hji lu
kalmue, and ls4?TI and
tlvaly i o hli "i Pe I hantel
Sareiua) Kelnui Kletiher,
w'-uipg " orth I - ci
hrXIMA .iiM-. who
lii en Jul) 't 1"t' tiel
of hi. 1 1 10.000 toe" tn
Hole- t I' l l"- M.OttO I
Roine MUelnni "i lie Hreel
it.soo iu t)i' Kali i h if
a .ri I 000 in 1 h rbnu ol he
in Hruuh i v 'i ' nly . l
oi' Mi.';:.., oi ahleh 184.1'
I K.t in i-
llf o a ne
nd In Hi....
ne ,.r I tit.:
i Ut -i i ll. i
;l.e Hottro
srlau ' nil:
- i . ut -i all
li irltiHi
fot UM il.lHl'JIHt. A tl
tlUil - 'I V m i-1 it.
l! Ha
. iblrdi
kiln l
truatl tt prt " -'"i. r'i
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Onhj .1". (Vnn Mtt, Cloth
Ont :o Onto Sn. twWlei
S'nd jor a mprc ff,
IMl nflli Are., New Ynrk.
At torn pv Firm in Refusal to
Lei Hn Testify Until Hohsp-
shot 1 1) .i i-.t ehc pmlnUnar) inquiry
Into tl nfn-.r -r t ip IVatlonal itou
faicafue .t- rMtitnsd before Li
ut; Attornry-OentrsJ Obrnwlr m 2?
Broad wa yevtsrdAy Pr&nk C McKiti
ny, st tor ney f-tr Mrs John H Voouni
h:.i othsi Jsrsoy women wiiu t?s.iii
Uis ii'ia'-k on thi iiMu'ji - ir.uiate urtt .
H!kH.i foi hii adiournmstfit, and the hen
uk Went "" until I ft :3 o'clwk nrv
Motidnj morntnf
Mr. McKlntit!i stsrtsd tiff Hha w .-rx,ti-t
(i tu ? he second v ' Res oi
by aekinit M rs Julian If oath, thi- . ,
t tonal prssrtdantt to tnu ch itand
waa nt. Hfth cat1 upun bar 10 veNiif;
iut Martin Llpptnan, asaoi 1st of 1 .
C. Htftrn, At ff. Heat hs counsel, avail
iN-.-':i r'ii t nat unlaws 'iiiif i, p
nharse aas nwtle sa;atnsi hei h
opnonent h would no; permit
Mr. McKlnne) had luUpopnaed J
Ciannon. silverttntnc manager of
Royal Baklnsj rowd 1 Company
railed him as .1 s Itneas. Mr. lanno
wanted to know if i would be co .
fni!fl 1 . Rtiswer 't if-c! tons, nnd ' ; -1
xplalnetl 10 hiif. (that ! didn't ha
tn tvt'.f uulaSi tip ':inte. He id t!.
h pnof erred to consult with h.?
nertora before deciding what t- i". : .
whii !h was telephoning, an adj-oi:
mem waa taken,
Mr, Stem "hm! yesterday sfiernon
that he refused to permit Mrs. Heal
to no Oil the atai.o In the .irtbrn-e of
Rpeotnc h.irgiOcfi tvlng made aaain-t h
because didn't wani her to be mad
.1 t, rget for lawyr tthii Mm:
m .1 hunilni expedUlopi
Mm. He.ttii aiahes in be witness'
iu eaUI, "and Wa sre willinc to let he
g.t mi t!i ata 11U the moment that rtrdn r
i tiarRt' i- made that reqmrr? to l nr.
aered, but not until then."
IMn ami I'lmrr.
- k in hai a rltten -1 hie
llti !' i'liMr'M Klttn h! h
1 -. 1 ,i
h-'t ttppvai le hi4 form
Vlctoi Herbert will roednct the
L'heitra h ti I oOth performance of r h
Prtn ei I'm- i thf t'ort Theatre to nigh
MgliiOhi right th le pallet of
!. . sppesr i't tn iii
.Mr ..ii roof of ih Korn fourth Sfrf
I'lituti' wl ,"' Been In ii eatlre ehans
il progranims
Vvetta 'i lilt bar 1 hSi decided not to
ti hr-i ttrMtem 'our Hit t dti'l will t
iuR.fi iii Naw Yr.rk in give additional ret.
I'vrta She tmn transferred hr aotjvttlee
1,. the Masine KlUnti Theatre Hr1 wl
make i.t tlr-it apt iTMn tfnre n Fin
1.1.1. pucentDM Aftei Lliat there all
! h n.-i t. nt eoneerte on ruegday uf''1
1 s itnlay evei irmn and Prtday af'"
I lilt 1 n I, embei .
.1 1 ery n 1 1 - 'hui h
I I Muneun. m rs La
John K.m'.
Dl 1,1 1.
jAVi''t"s reildenci in OaaseSj
frail' 9 J " atoe . Anth m . be
laved nuaban i ef A m i ott Anihoi..
Baeied swas nuletis it er "ng md
painful i n-
mi io. ember i
! Mi inr;. Urdei
j ioiuweiidor,
j oinpanlan lle
.!!(..! I Pl mm
I e....M.a- th
i in south Te
. . -
i ii i: i i V Kit A I
fin - 1 -
I,. ii I. linn 1
I.M.N Ull lh.
i u i : i ii Mt w
r ...... .. r..
if '
aV - I
I !:,
home, latdgeu sodi PI
Mart itn imneti u .
' t;i a r Admtri
imrgli, IM . Mi
I f- ilatel
c Iii ltr. I .
h vv, rei Irr.i
' s iUK oi. Hi i ember !i .
i.o-.i ngi . daughter ot tn
M.i'.mi llunter and John r iavege,
dm i 'reiiteV.iii tiu -1 , guinmiti S .1
I Kunersl nervloe th house. 9 P
u di ei
pt Pin hi
lutei mi
THOMPSON a her residence, S'epperheti
Height. Titeeday. Perembei -i -'.n-..
Hobartii rhumpeop, beloved mother '
Klorsnee Hobarti eVorrlsoi
Hrrvleri Yhumdai 10 A, M r'reu
elgss pHpprn pioasfl r-p.

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