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Liquidation Jftnairjr Con
trnHs About flie Only
I'rnlnro f Trading.
ACTtvK tkxtim: trade
ft mi I timt -ati be Bald of jester
i cotton market is that trading wan
Mtrlcipd otrlng to holiday dulitoeg undl
... 9 Wm I I'. tint. m0 I.... I
ll-' OOIJ " " m
Kf , trattv. Tin" Dm clay for de
les? of cotton on January is next Hon
lay and 'ie amount of selling iiy be-
lit'etl lot VI Wa rather small. It np
aaared in he oRbal by Covering by shorts.
T,ir t f tln holder of January aold
Kit Bith h view to letting In at lower
Meal and other transferred to later
For Ihi IM)I IWO days trading l likely
K t on ' very email goate, a New York.
Vtv Orleans and Liverpool will be i'!oer
(.,. ,.. .v and Liverpool will be , lm.il
jl ,!,. as well.
. barlh Kent intent Which now pre
rajli n the market I li.ieed on the re-
on exports d'te to aoftfclty of
lennsge aiid Mali freight ami Insurance
r.tes The bulls are relying upon uch
Ik'tof" - th bid Arnerh'aii consump
co.i il holding by fanner.
I can "urn lie seen that there, la very
tie InotntfVa for any augreaslve mar
let operation on either side. The bear!
t'.tn believe thai present prices, if malt).
UUnad, w 'I bo an Incentive for a large
at-realr for the new season.
The vt'le ttue, lies III this country
a nn'e. ding on a record scale. Ex-li-tet
of yarns and cloth are very ar
:. South Amertca partliulaily la a
i-try Urge DttgSi. The inurket Uirough
otit Latin America I tlw broadest ex'er
kr.oeri t . Amerli an manufacturer. Thie
condition prevail In epite of the fart
that cotton manufacturer! In rsr-uin arc
working day and night, it bad been as
rjnieil that a large part of their out
pes would ei to the Spanish speaking
countries of South Anierl, a, hut an out
let evidently le being found elsewheii
Boeton advice elate timt fine cotton
earn splnreTs have goM thejr product
r;ee'y for tbd next six or seven month.
Men for eo.irse yarn are being placed
ft- delivery beginning In May and ruti-nlr-g
throughout the eumtner month.
Mark: closed steady.
OiTc-Hlrhliw. n TVfT
11. an II 11.HVIIM :t Xal1.l
v :i m i: "m x u.sjnit m
t: r t: i'. t: i!; :7 t.xQ'.tn
n :7
it i: 3 :. ut: 40 15 tegu 1:
1 ' 1?M t; ,'ie'i v. '. . SeSlJ m
" 9 U.M 1: i'.fl:: , 12 Bgl2.W
oc; giar set
for spot collon Ht tiulet
-i.'Mxase 1 :
iiiiuie. ;i.- soiirhrn
Tm eraeti s ontciaiiy reporiea were un
ini-.J Jtee o- n.-. V galveetOB,
t : . aAntvUi. :c , Meniului. 1. I..- : An
laraetl pgli
rata ' t'" 1 -'on. i-e.
Th New Orient, mark.n rioead barely
0t n H rh low. Qat Prse
'.'..g. st ettl me 1 :o-e
1: : .. ti it afti ll.a "II
11 T3 Itfl II i-.ll l: -. U T.gtt.T
ii . 1: 1 1. .!'. "i v. las 1:11
i:.a uk li.ti 1: r-.i .. s; j. ,.
.. M t: II Mg)tl t; ISgl H
rpOOl mrirUet iittiel uuiel Tlier.
I bilines in i.or ttMton, Sltb
points attvane n 1 1 -1 Sale.
T'.e U
1 1
sr.,: ':d
1 1,
eetvipt. . WD (...! .t.. American
barely featly
ii....- High
I jam
T :s
lea r,. . 1 tr, - 14 :
ea- vr-m 'to : tt Igi
iesJnna.. .. " 31 : 31 r.
s 1
I !-'
u ur " -4 T.2tte
On Nov . . . tM V
t, .71
Tie I! A M I0 to
MraaTf tl : March, 1: :
ITc j May. 1. 4:.-
f. oetobee u.el
lafSI the 10 otirn tnilaf
nd sio.-ks
lie ' set
ceiin. rear
Ttie market
10 1' pointi"
I, a t
lit. SS4
. l
OsiT'-' n
1 I V3 IS.uM
r. v.
t M3
ww ins
.4. .lie.
".4 'SI
and stocks
: 4. '.i
getWUsts I port
receipts in-day
: i.eel to it.!
ns p,sseio f.oet
ssstentay sere tn is-
ti, se-ison ,.'S'. 4..;
. :u MS halef
Isa n
flTintls niser tlVg
And I' I u I" '
F -
.v t - poppor w ftotivie atrmn ind
TtHpniw with wlditinnat bumiMi of
I . . ,1 at t.r'. ra r t:.iMgT frnin A'Sa .
'e . f r ti pnienl ovr tha ont ihre nr -four
ii iinhl "'ine svlt-in'oiiei! eiiiori pn ,
r,v H bftYC t. l'gsJ eta ! for t1o
ihlpmenl T.t tn the iir th rpon '
f a 'ontri'.i for i eni-iotMvt pounui for 'irpt
ftr 'a. ia ponflrtneti rtiiuajlly but ttiort!
i mueb Ttti i i em rciiertntigT th pre
Bj a,i rlfie f th" du ofie or two j
iu ;rr- nf Mttini ".'-V' for elect rolttc
r i Mlei ri.rtti1 late in 1h dnv at
irui itnm1 Tir- London nvliel II biflWf I
n Ant-- .-i, elect rolfitOs wiot he-nnr quoted
V I'v 0 . f MindtM POPpOr rr-tt-it fl
fa --i .H i e m briim reiKMted
v e t a,., i' und futuree Bsporti re
portH ' : ty were ' for ahiptn-tit to
Pri f i-Yv making ri"'-mf'kpr foreifn
t, tr, ,iais- ;4,'tT.' totll
acta mor frf!v offrfi eJtd lownr "
ioro i inroad I not tin hi New Yorri ta
ii ... i-j and Mlea !
f! "r ir Mar,h 4hl nnl Mht
k mrnti from the Eael wore iiiii Ml x'1'
m , Ki hange There vrt tto fiir
inei . e Na YnrU i outporla ind
Ihi 'argooi -iflot rr.etin D.47I tona The
Leivfj n, i; ,(.( declined ifta itot Htruita
Mn , nf?vrfrl n tW tnnH:ir1 'in
ei ' . mi ift and fuiurei Thr
ii - broke r ind a fur'heri
wm a imminent
faeltor i i" unat-ltVil an. I irregular,
tit , -. for mot uml 1)' mWr
,( I Jinqiri at..l I Ml t , for Th-
F' ' 1 ti' g T.nui. T't N York,
wgriti a nallf 'inotaVi!- it V' liilir
J" ' market aa ounip.l ( hleiirr !i
I -t t glut :" ,a iinmin.dly hl1
It 'A
n food demand and ttroni wtth
1 :,. I V.' ;tl E.lit St IdOlllt
-i m.irU( arai firmer, wit ti
ie r .',.) -(-.,. Ti,r Amf Iran 1
weh . i .' tpftn .r romnang wiietVniieg to!
' ' f"r eh.Mnent (rotu t kg wgi m
P. r.'in.'nn market wai firmer
for a .,t i . for f, .-a ; M ft '
1 for R Ml Ian leut aoot
n':" tt'HI PJiu tiee yj Th, market ss
eelei fsalurelees, pi ---, rnoetnt arltblji
. -- .01,1 traiftn, wss m hrtii vol
'"1 " ' litis were Steady Toe unmary
Open Hirb- Ijow Cloe-
a M ng, est. esl. inc.
' ijsi K J , . i:ii im 1 130
r Kailvey, . 'i
ish, eavf
'as laq, .. (ia, i.i, en a
k S.I,,, ,,f, . . iei f.s4, lis,
t . i i . Iins Sleel . Itl 7.'. t.'.'s
' atiiraee . .. si Ci a'i ar
- ' iks kuh Corp 'i1 t". "'i
" ' Mm l, n 1 1 ii 1 1 . ; ; Ittt it's
.'. V.tHer Ills II', II', Si's
fuller Tr.ois i.1, Ik', 1H
t ti Trmii .f '. :i- M 9
I t linn If It. 13 1
i it R list (iu
'' M , :,ll Mff . . SI 'i'i tvi ss
J 1 na vrel if ,.. : k. K :
i in , 14', II', 44'. 'i
i ' enm pi. 4i, IJsZ ,fs2 4:i;
. glee '." Bill '.' :'4
' i Hap Trims ISSj ISli
Ht wtiiu U il1-. 118 si't
Traetlon . 441, 411, 441, 4'-i
; led UBS Inn. . IS I U BaSj
'id tss N (T..SV StSft t.'. gc.
1 - K.ibber .4'. i l', . t M4
RON lis
l Qes I Klee :-s 4'". '"' M M
' 1 A Pea Tr 4s Nl M II
' Key Tel 1st is.... SMa K4s I r.
' Vel en 4s .. II It I'i". SI',
.tn 4ivs ... I'll, i"m 101 ints
1 . ,en 4'vS I'i!, I-"-, urns 111",
' 4,e . . . lOslJ I ':., i" '. 10
1 , .i'i, .on 6s . i s M
' I la glee 4e 4 i 'i hi
I" ' 1 glee is "14 i"l I 11 I'd
Jj I' .1 1 tl ih;i In:; nl
! 1. SII ! lll I'I 94V W,
retttlM mikI It ran I te.
Careful Observers were moie lit)
prtmd n th t,,. action .r trie mark
Hum Mill, 1 1 actual u-suUa .,, tha srav
or gains made
Oeit III a feu
COfptr Khali
traord nary, it
a market that
broad outside
Tl f ground tallied, rx i
quartet, principally t lie I
Wan after all nil ex-
wmo. in other words, mil
lackrd lit.- impulaa of u
buying movement which
promieed lo lift
in lees out of th.' rut In
which they
manner- ,,f
have rUlad mi long. Hut the
the advances aaa considered
irrgtreaal ve,
advanced ind
ifn' ease witn which prices
oauedt luuerdclalli at least.
a stiio inn ami psrnapi
erMch had davalopad
munity to uni news
oversold market,
a certain im-
lt was a market
In whlc
It Wa hard to buy
Ckf when i i
Karili m aishi .....I.
......... ' l I'Ji' .mi i , mi i , t,
only or the type that
would ace price go conaldei ably low.r
liefote being ft ghtened out, but they
are also of the t pa that
Would also eee i
then go nulle a little bluher befor
taking their proMt. Thl la Just llHJ eg.
poslte Oondltlon to that which prevailed
a couple of months ago when th" mar
ket was o overbought that each new
fractional advance brought a flood of
liquidation, In other word, t tin weak
long Interest has lxen 'sweated out ."
When t: public feels the real Incentive
to buy market Conditions will have a di
rect burlng on the site of the ail
vances. Metlcan Petrnleam.
Everybody bought Uetlosn Pgtrolsutn
yssttrday, That i to tay, ait the pru-
felonale and seml-professioiiHla who
wait aroi r-d day by day looking for a
likely turn Jumped aboard us eoon as
the moe started Hut the activities of
the euperflclal trading element appeared
to be in.-ldenial rather than fund une: t it.
Ever since the sign of a real period oft
snunniin in .Mexican urTairs .MexKan
Petroleum ha become Increasingly at
tractive to more o;- less cons, n atlVS
speculative interests who would not
touch It before. In the Inst month or so
it is reported th it on- Influential com
mission house took a largo Interest In
the stock, and there are still further In
dication that the speculative possibili
ties of th.- stock are not i ing overlooked
by prominent paopls Clark, Child A
t'o. In their market letter give the Mexi
can Petroleum situation quite a promt
rent place. They state that the com
pany's product II now silllrg -.it prlcei
averaging II r cent higher than In
1914. On this basts It la figured that
profltl for the Inst year have lteert 4a per
cent, greater. Th eaev with which the
stock pea ponded to the buying yeeterday
- the extreme gain being l'j point
teetlfles to the Character of the market
in the etock The outside Interest In
Mexican Petroleum now is probably
nther small. A brisk rise doel not
bring liquidation from public spr lUtators
eh0 liad be-n hung up on previous boom
lots. This Is mentioned a one of the
bt u points on the ebocgL
Tenneeeee t if r.
Ternesj.ee iopHr WM one of the first
etooks to feel the change in sentiment.
To thai extent It might be aaid to have
led the rise In the market. The stock
was hsr I to buy and rjis to the high
est to irk since the slump below- E i0 when
the who',, 11?-: sar toe tea tuff ered a
temporary cot la pee some little time ago
T.-e Tennctaes company trenertts largel)
from the iti'aminoth order foe c-ip;ter
metal just ydaced by the Hrlti-i iov
emment. Hut the market esoutd haydl)
have reegdndsd so promptly nsd it not
teen In god shape after its lotlg met.
Ill relatum I 1 the prices it reoottfOS for
its copper itie Tetineaeee - impany hue
a peculiarly advaiitsgeoue adrreemenl
with Its selling 'agents wheWhy If they
are not satisfied with the term of n-y
contract made ti ey may refuse it and
make their own term
I tlra llltldriMl Humors
Tennessee t
day Kor m i
special dlvidei
time have
.J. '1 rw 'tOTfl Tiiert 1 s
; .t I xv ek runajre if a
I .. .f.-;,rM t ttllg
f.vi olrruiaVttil. The
runtu,-8 ;iprtr'ar t- We un tue rol
ttuit thert is ;t aentltnOItt on th eonril
In fnvur of :i l.irer dlMtlibUtlon I the
pryli: Ofttt Of :'n il.re'ttnt haYW btttl
retrl-.l tn le il '-rtly i'i fHr tf Ufll
a ni-p Wvertiu-ieM. aocvrrtlnef tn tht
t-eet infornigitloti) nothlngj but th rmi
Ur dh Idtnd will bg rlgclared. Ab re
i;ir'U the .ottipinv'e Hbtllty tn do tk no
doubt It Japr"'!. Tr e profit
fr'ti. W'th copper and ftcMt from tow on
will 'ri tj 1 1 comt In. But it g iolnttd
on: ' sit t :iie coinpai rtotnUy ivii
mo to IncrewM us tutput in th
cheniiciil field aiul t!iat :t OOUld ecan-ly
! BXptottd to purmie any Other TioW.y
:n the mt itiLlme thu-n to OOtltlnut t
Pit it iurplut rurnlngw baK int40 the
; proon
tmerlenn m l I i iik
a tptchri Ittttr I lotnr Co, r,
AineTir;ui Stnelt.iig an1 Itertnitigf
CuntpaMiy ItfcW " -tr 'nely rngii'.ile
am of the projapgaota ior he company
After tOUChlnff ti T ie stability ..f e.trrt-''g-
ilTjrlntr th Ittt tWO yeara of i!e
prN'f1' ! conditiont the Ittttr conoludtt.
"In Hth -if t to four yeara
itn to
1 1 1 4 inrlunive the
Hbtrtl dtprexiailor
romp my baa ina1e
it Ion Che 'peH, paid reg
and han lcen at'le to
to mirpluM eaoh year.
Dactmbtr II, isi I , wot
uinr (UvldeiMls
alil matertal!
The purolut
llt.Ul.ftl ;
f;tr hn t-an
I- now 120.52a. I it f. So
leanied the eainlnga of
the. rompany for AUffUVl
were at t!ie
f-ir thr com
rate of about 1 0 pr
nioii ttOOiti I"
oomt normal in
a par, or an
for t he com mo
bal een SO a n
flgur.-.- appaar i
ndltlona were to bf-
Mtvlco about r.,noi't.ooo
lOdltlonaJ 10 per rout.,
i POUtd be r.t r;.p). ir
3') ptt uante Tbt-HO
r!'iiiti'l:hfcr to thoaa t ho
oob only at pant re-r(li and forfftt
that what tW are looklhaT "t repre
aetita the pttultg of a lean perlad. white
we art now fairly Itunchtd Upon an ex-
trrttif'ly prosper- i peritul, What we
look at la the fad that the e.i rnliitvn
of thr cr-rpora tlon are now at a rate !
whlrh woubl p-ru:!t of an S per rent
dlvldtnd 1 that they have no n.nv of
omlttlon tu pa fr Mid thai the proM
pCta are fnr a OOntllHtatlon of the p1'.--gnt
large earning; "
Kersblearer a
tVeeks sill Wilts Weld
lhat certlfleatea fur f.ee
Ullliher il wl Til
hi Monaar, ht
Hallsarten a
of Hartntan C
' ii rar j nvsrsul
vim k will I., dellverasie
semeer -"
'u announce tii.it the Issue
rparatten stei k iis.s been
rttie-l end ttist Hie ,ulSa
rlo' "n l-tt
lieeti e. se.l
.t l"i ink II
Stied Mil BSel
1neMlt.rs uml
B Hroit'lss Iins Is
.11, fur dlsl rll.iit Ir.., amune
traders of th- egalrs of
1 'e 11 trill
for the
Leather and 'lie market outlook
nnini'ili shares
rssss.n cnemteai ompany nas
deelared an extra uael!
QIVICieBII Off I lier
eeB dividend of to
the quarterly dtvl
r.-nt slut a site' Isi
I ner eflit In a.llr Ion
.l.iirts of t i, per 1 en4
on Until loiuiuiin
; and preferi ed Btoi ks
The directors "f John n Thompson a
; po huve deelered the regular qtias
I terlv dividend of I "4 per . ent en the
to ef.'t re.i stocM s mi u n initial oivinaiM or
1 p.-r i . nt 'in th eomtnon, payable ,iun
;,,, 1 gooks i-ii' Peeember '-'4 and
reopen Jensen 3-
Trlppe Co. are Offering the 7 iter rent.
preferred stook voting Iruel eertlneatee of
he Merlin Ann. for pore' Ion, at ino a
tdiurr. The pref'rretl am, k will l.e re
tired in lines lapproslmalelyl equal tn
steUnenta at too ami aei'uniuleted dlvl
dendj mi i 1, lill, Meri'h I.
isij snd June 1, lilt, or 1- ,ie at
lijD at an time The prefi rred dividends
ars ruinuletlve from peeember 1, lata, and
no dividends ran he declared on the oonv
muii stoeh until the preferred Issue Is re
lYred The prelerrt'd sttiek, itii I '
sheree Ino par valuel of psmtnen stm k.
i as been oiu-ed in a votinf true! ualll
t.ie preferred has heeu retired.
llll, 1 '
Qeorgts gesiihern and glorldai
K n l week Pec ItStttt III'
Kreni Jl ' l.iUl.iiss in,
t.otllsv itie end Nsslivllle'
s,,,,,,,i week l" II, laS.SgO In.
Prom JbIj 1 It.HI. IM ii"-
Toils in. si Uotils ".I JVt aiern
s 1 seeb i' i is.:t" la, .
Krom July 1 t.4ie,ut laa.
It 111
1 1 1,1 to
111 I.I I s
Mill va le Company Said to He
Closing !?:0.nno,000 Con
tract for Orrinanrp.
Tim Delaware ami Hudson Railroad
ComDany i undenatoorf to have nim o.1
I contra. t for 14. two tons of standard '
section rails with the Hethlehem St. el
ompanr. The ilrcat Northern lias1
-..miii .,"vn tuns annn ioiibi. I lie
neit Development Comnany has n
Inquiry in the market or t.OOtl tone,
the Interhorough i dosing a contract
for 4.(noi tons for eawtwel mils aaS th
gouthtm Railway for is. nan ton. The
rren h UOVernmeiU I still negotiating
for la.non tons of Ifl pound rails and
about m.nno tons of light ae. tlone. It
Is understood that the Kren. ti State
Railways will make no further BUfohagM
on their recent Inquiry for 100,000 loni
of rail, which covered three different
we glus.
tme large domestic manufacturer of
war munition has succeeded in placing
a contract for SO. 000 tons of round steel
bars for shipment over the flret half of
next vear. II Is possible that some of this
j steel nay he obtained early In the car,
but tie price thus far has not come to
the eurfacSt Another Inquiry was pul
out yesterday for 10,900 tons of steel
! forging and castings to be used In the
j manufa -ture of war material for almost
any shipment over the sei-ond and third
quarters of riext year The steel pur-
naeea i eaiu to be on account of a
Ish tontr.ut and the other Inquiry
may be for Fran-e as well as for lirent
The Midvale steel and Ordnince Com
pany is eaM to lie dosing a contract
with interest representing the Pronch
Clovernmenl for some heavy ofdnance.
tiie oontraot price of erhloh hi roughly
estimated at I50.000.00t. The Russian
Ordnanoe Inquiry iut tiut about ten iia."
ago. it 1 understood, ha not yet been
eailafledt hut additional contra t fur I
email erme are reported to have beeti
OlOSSd wl'h New Kngtarul inar.ufac
turers Tiie timer tn steel and wire com-
psny has advanced tile pticS of wire
fen. Ing approximately a ton by re
ducing the dlecount fmin (Its to IT'g
IK-r cent to largt buyers This vhenge
tiecanie affective last Hfondsy or Tues
day, when other wire products were ad
vanced $- a ton as previously noted.
The demand for i--al o.n.1 c-iUe for
pmmpt ehlptnent is active and urge".; i
that is. coil tliat S already Vit tie New
Torll tern, nala aftoal. one lot of 1 "in
tons of Btoam coal w-as sold at S3 T.'i
South Am DOy. I'ther sales of pw grade
coal In New Yoe'a hartsir 'are said to
have netted nearly us much Sales .if
spat fur' ace coke were also made yes.
terday as high as $3.:, n ton. There
is still more r less Imiulry for ep..rt
coal, hut few I' any CorK facta are re-
ported to ium leer, closed eSwIght
rates on coal Bhlpmente to Mediter
ra: ea" jiorts are now s.", to 90s,
Pom attic 'if",sinieri "f W re prodUCtt
aapeclall) i'i the North ani et. wiie-s?
no t 1 1 pi m t ebarsooa dalay ihlpmantai
are beneflttnff targtly from th He up in
export t - lit THi tp Aa no f.ire-a'i Bnlp I
niente if tnirMTtMm'e em bt mailt, the
milla lave tamnorarlly 'ea".i i manu
farture to aptOlflcatloria the I
gt an da rd e'te.-i eon h rtodlly dlvtrttdl
to in inurior it ie itueteM;'iaT ' note
that prbF f wire prtMlUftn today are
higher than at any time Hhne ,Ia;.uUrj
tt, 1901 A that titie uth '..in ware
atlllnsfl at It ktg Tn-4ayg pri'-e.
aa wlH bt rtctlitd, 11,14 tmne mill.
Cti ndlan wire ir iwei
t i havg ien able to ofett
re underat i md
un ,t few tboij
fro:u Aitifr:tn
mill, ahlpmtntei
mp I tor.e ff wire roda
mllla at $44 a toi f o t
t lte mans tner the first two months of
next eur Tt ero no Dpeo prlos n
rtsls, however, at the moment anil an
actual variation tf II to 110 a ton in
qtrotatlpna eaVncs ie.-etnier t. not-
that and 'toe urgent demand for
n re products tn to esisnrted to the war
7one. it Is iindersto.Hl thut lea
n i
1 3,000 t -iii have been sold ar.tl shipped
by American mills, in November raich
intrncte did not exeeed 10,000 ions, hit
In October they were considerably In ex-
. ess of Inn imO t s
Steel mills lmvs Suddenly hcivne . erv
BhSloue to obtain supplies of terra man
a ss for shipment oer the tirst quar
ter ami tlret half 'f "exi year geveral
addltlot 1! contrai'ts have been placed in
tin last few days with British menu-
frt'-tllr rs ufi lite baalB of I"" ex Bltlp.
Baltimore, in the last ten days or two
areeka sales of It' itisti terrci manganese
have amounted to eisut 10,000 tons In
thl- 'lietrl't alone. The demand for
mangatieee for prompt enlpment is ae-
tl- and Urgent, and salee have been
mads considerably over I00; in fact, re- 1
sale lots tire held at $110 a ton. Sons? I
sales of domestir manganese sre under-
stood to liao been mad - at close to the
"utsnle nrb-e, that is, for Immediate
Malleable founders In the
i-uiTie into the market some
Bast v.ho
line alni
for i round to nae of
sftervkard SVlthdrea from tii
metal, ami
market, are
undei stood to have recently closed for
I".. i to 10,000 tuns with Buffalo fur
nates. Several other l.irir invlters of
foundn Iron srho sere eceptlcsl of the
estraordlnary adxani?e, ami conaeQUsntly
failed to cover their requl re men to, ure
noa negotlatlns ' rutinij lonnegest i"it
ai-tutl Kaetetn esl - It the last day
or two bale been lee heavy. A t um
ber of email tots, however, .iggrcKutinir
1,000 to 1,000 tons, were suhl for e.ltii
ment into New ,lerse a ,j ConilSOtlcul
over ti' iiret half and third guartor of
next enr by easterii Penneylvanla nul
BufTalo furnacsa 'lie advance is bema
hushed less rspldlyi ae is apparsnt
tllSt thet-t ie an ample amount of nv ti!
to meet requirements, M Buffalo sales
continue to be made between fix and
;u at the furnace for No 2 N, and in
eastern I'ermeylvanla nt fix Ti 10 120
f..r N" : V.
Humor yeitsfeTiJiij
uf IfsVctrol) t if t'opi r
000,000 poundi mad
, ri' flrwt r i ei v -i hi
Of a i!i or Afi
amount mijc o t B0,
t Irtai RHtaln
rr u itli acapt icltm,
iinl :tt th 1 i'Iom? of
W a K-.'n fi to th
eontfacti but not
iiH' Bptcttlail jri
M irt 1 he prU'a
later with prdullt .
olofllntf of h Mry Inn
Iht txuet a mount :.
Aecoi tinjr to tril
ranoTOd from ! to ill
.in l ;k)u:i(1.
1 r
talefiipnt nf
n( the) Tr'disi
hfl refipiH ami
in y mIkimi,
Kewipti from
lern.il rrvpnue.
as, lion i! ttiiat
N il ioiml t'Hiik
TTiln mom Ii.
Flatal ft,
f "i. ,;. 1 hi
M.TK :.
'Uit onu to dai luii
"tll'Uiy. I,. .V I HS7;
nit tune
on 1111,2 1
n if, e.l fur lTiiflllp
tion. 11 ICi ib
I'tirn-iil stalemenl of the
utetl Stales
Trees uret ior Derteraber -Jj
(IgNgR si. P17NU
Ami; Ilie
101 iti
t'luie-i st.it, . nole,
Nstlonsl 'Lii'ii noles sncl Psoersl
reserl'l uoie
Certllletl uliei as
sui etiiian sllve
silver ' tu 1 1 1. in
1 rt.av
on Itiinks
nil in 11' i.i 11 tlutl
01IS 1
i ' ut) .t .a 1 iiedt tail eurreiic)
penoelt, in bank, mi l Philippine
Avalleute ourrenri " Trsasurjf
an,l llllllUs
lasiiitt eurrBtil llsbltilles
gel luiiiiii'S' in eeneral fuim
i.oltl ooin iiii'l hojlion
.,,1 1141 J
, ,,"
I'll,'. '7 13
To redeem bhIs'sikIIiii eertigeates l' ''-", i
Oraud total ..ten .1 eerie in Trsssuri 3JU,
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company
No& 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Street
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
New York.
LONDON. 15 Cockipnr St., & W. 26 Old Broad Street, U a
PARIS, 41 Boulevard Hatuimann BERLIN, 58 Unter den Linden, B W. 7
Travelers' Letters of Credit, Foreign Exchange.
Administrator Ouardiat
Reo Motor Car
New Stock When Issued
Bought Sold Quoted
Hoit & McWilliam
Phone 4744 Broad.
BOsTON l.-e V Copper tlnre
re err
rrotif . advenees rjncinr froot a Irei lion to
more than i point" Ainerv-aii .In, lialte
anil Superior. CelUBMl Bad He, i.i Greene
Celiacs Copper Hal lie Calumet ami Anion-,
and Muhewa were Btn4Mlfl the roneplcuousl)
strong ami etie shares Industrials end rails
v ere it.
dy on llfnl Dealings The iiiutiat
4 In"
l . i Alimeea
HIS Ateska (.old
Stta Alfoiaah
"sis Alloues .
o s . Aster III He
4u Anai mida
-1 Amona Com
C Huite A Hal
SKia Hulte A Sup
IS) llenana
rrM Caiusiei a An
Calumet a H- 1.1
Ml Cenieiinial . .
lofl Chlno
e :
4 .
' ISftf Copiier Ranee
; Uaiy Wrsl
BJS F.sst lialte
fs Frank h n ...
.isi Granny
'.;;: Greens Cenanea
Ii 's
. '. HaiMgleg
I'I India Na . '-'i 1 'a -i'i '-'ii
:. 1 Island I'rerk I ', 1411,
' Islalhl free ,f . . f I II SI si
i Isle Ro ale . :"' .'-'
B Kerr Lake .... tj 4', 4', i ..
lOSB Lake .... I-', !'. I" ,
in l.a Mile .. OS I'i '.S 'j
:vt Mas in Valley U :
lev liaee Can nv lit, us US
: ' Mayflower e ' I 1
H Miami 54", I', .14 , Ii ,
S. Hot el Con ,. M 10 II II
'. New Ar.-a.luii . . ;e l', . If,
: - New btru ... 10', p.'. I' .
nee north gaite :iv - 3". ;,,ls
N.irit. t.he : :
us tn. i kiejuaton ... il w M W
IN us.-e.tis so -T'7 s:
It! Pond Creek. . w. i 4 w-
its' Uuuit y v; is .... II
Hay Con MS, .4 , .1 .4 .
t-anta Ke r.S s
t' Shanttiiii T 71, T", .
Ms Bbattuitk ri j.., n i.
Souili I. eke . .. . s', SI,
:ji Houth I i..h , M r. !
HI Maris . . . S' 4't - et
133 Bupeiior a Hoe .;, It,
isu guperlor Cop . av -' '
,"t Teroereck 4. is 4,
oin T.-iiuty I" te to is
too Tuolumne vi "i
4.1" I' s smelter . 4', 4 H
3SI 1' ti Smelter pf., 4. .'o, i.,
BS t'tah Con !:' lit, IS1,
'si l tab Cetppeff 4 , ,
is, t.plverille r . ov j
i Waiuiotte I', I', ls
io Atehison 1"., , in.,'-, .', i".
Uiisloli gles v v . ,
l'.. Hostoll a Man. .'.e, n ,
f Ms. gfers.rn ,
le Man glee pf II -ii
i'i Nor Itsmttliurs Si't ''"'a W4j
t New Ha4eu :i Ti-, .i : 'V
t i Old 4 1 1 , in v ISI ioi I '
Weal Kiel S4' ,144 -4', 4',
: " West Rud pf s. . . 4.
!,, Am As Cheat Tu', ;', t.s', ..i',
.- Am A, Cheat pf set, "'a : l
;"0 Am I'lieu Sert-
'...I Am Susar , ,V II. '4 i- S
r Am sugar pf MSSj ess, ,1 ;i, ,
MS Am 'I' i a Tel ;.-V ' . " ' '
' X . a W I 31V .;. 31 3;
A I. S 4V I pf Pi e. !
41 Ktlteoii . .4. .4 Hi ;4j
41 lien gleetrte r- 173 1:1.
. Ma.i Uae 4' , ,, ', .1 ,
... Ma-. Us, pf "4'v ' i 1
1 i'.
13' MeKlsrain pf . in) loss, un
llergeiithaler li! 117 1st
IS Mes Tel
:.' N 1" Tel es itiv.. Ill IT! t3s
in I'nllmsii .. in Mi I4M
1H7 I
10 Ree. , raid I ' 4 4
.a Htvift , t. istu tn
SiTerringten 134, :.,, z .
, Torrlnglon nf 'j .'' sslj ssi,
IM L'UlIM fruit III' 14a, l It'.',
Lis 1 nuetl rruu n, , m,
t;9. I'm si ,. Math.. 31 3144
II t in "ihne t pt ' H
t7 I' s iiteel ,',
44.il Ventura 01! IIS, II',
'.1 We.trrn Ulllon 7 17
In Wollasttin l.sn.i 4, :
.f"i Am T a T I. BMi I"'',
- s
.0 i,t w 1 , ns, 77'-.
S MISS Iti V I'll S It lU SI ' I
lieOOM K Tel '.a lillS, 101 1, 01 4. I. 14.
... -tv f! S.l, SI', S.1 Its', j
loeoo Western Tel '" ISI, '' . sal
lltarji in
Ha.v Mat- Ual
'llll,llrUil i.
H'iritll Kir . .
H Mti- A l.nml.Hi
Cong A" Miei .
i'iiift 1 1 iii'
Cruwn R" i v
Huli A Qlucb
- A
ti .nt
v. tu
I5 l-
Ire ' A
it ,ss
! ft
r.t '
:. i'v
30 ti
rt .414
'', s
,ft ",
10, : 1,
hit v - l ai
politftej! i''
Kir-, Mat ';" '
I.. Riietp
Minn of Ai.i''m'.i
NlrKinli' Datmch
Hslfin Mi ' il
Nt-w Butiir ...
Nsw Ihi fiu
Nssw I'drii'lia.
Olno 1 "il"
(llloM'O .
louthwal Miami
VttwaH Mtiifni
1 unopah Mioniir
Xonopah Bslmoni
1 nil. (i vnt a-itt'
1 tan M''i'i
V ullOn Unlil
prrTaat'lta, ne.- n, i.o-si sm.
qilte! I'ui! fe.iturele.a. prlos ''lisiu;
itnnflneil in trenilons, with the um
plsglitg it orm lone, The sttnimsrr
s ee-e
I tin ne
,l ill.
Salsa Ilia,
'.I Sill Win tl Math. .'!.-,,
I Am Win 1. M nf U
4.1 Sm Win tils., nf s
mi Csney giver Vt
itn roitinibls 'i'i.
. intii'i greviiiti 1 1 r 17-.
,iii l..i Hi Hi I A S if I"
list I one StSf 4i;ia , . li .
i'i Mfr, 1. Heel
rttVi Net Pireriroolis ' '
?-i'i Vat Plrenroof nf .'i,
. Ohio fuer is
1 1 t Oillu Fuel (lit 17',
1 ihi is His- elni ... ii' ,
II Pittiibiirs Cost, "fi1,
ft I'llla Piste disss, 1U
. ,,,1 Pun ihi . i'
.1.. w.iriiuuav' glee till.
High le w Uos
e.l e.l 111,
T'i", .en, ,s-.
IM ri--, r.4,
its ia ti 1
nl', so, Bu
nu lie i&u
174, 171, t;i,
1 ri 1 : ' ri
M M si
I - 1-'. Ifb
M MJ --
10 m in
l 174, is
H4 ..1 , .'.l .
Hli aS r;,
1 11', l,
iiH tu hi,
H 4 ca
25 Broad St., N. Y.
DOMvatlf Homla I'larr I nnlrat li j
for IO. not) Tone mi llnlle.
Domaallc ilroada have i iu i
dltlonal contnarti for tthout 4fl,t'Ui tona '
of atandard aactton tail?, iieta.ip. f which
hava boat 1 u.steil t'lN hrt' Tht-rn art
Im InQUlrieM ,ti the markot for at" it
-5.f0' tt.h ufl'liti'ti,il for ilmneMtU' ship
luetit. .it nt aqua I tonnami for export ,
A- n rula, howavar, the raJIroada nrr i
placing lower ordara for acjulpniani than i
ai anj tlma in tha laat few tnunth. The l
New Jet-ry KlttC s'fimp;iiiy im 1ta;ntr
forty hofrpar ;ir duilt by the I'lvstdi-J J
s'i-e-l t .1 r Company and ten by the
stun. ;m. 1 gteal 1 nr i Company, Th I rand
Trunlt l- huvnisj I -.il oaiH rapaifad 1
b) ili- martcan 'r ai.il K'uniir om
panfi eaiiti 1. -00 ailditu tuil ar!i of Oil ,
chftsfactar may ba put in the- eapaif ahopi
.ii.-.-- Tii-0 AnMrloan Bine, ise:ui And i
Umalitng Company li laklnf prloajg on I
fifty tank vara. Th fcClfln, Jollat ami
Kiistearn racantl) i h,e-ii contract for
too - ; h"ttr ran with tha Pullrnan I
Tha itetna nd f'-r w r. producta from i
domaatlt manufacturers continual aittv-.
but aalea durtnc iha cttrrant month will I
probably fan conaldarably ehri tf tha I
ordara bookad In Novotnbtr bacauaa f
iha holiday partod now at hand M In
undaratood that iha .n.n-ati meal ai d
' r- i 'ompan) In Nuvnnber lMMiki or
dara for leo.oou tone tor domaatlc -hip-
iiieiii ait'Mf. Thi.- t. an in- reaee ,.f about ;
I eJf.tOe tuna over tin unirrti placed by
i. tober.
I:. t!.e lasl tt , ttajr, .i , esitnu'ei thil
itiulraiia I of .iisint :.....i i ont of it eel in
serseue torma but nieitijj lor rtmiMls aisi
lerBiitsa ii a , Sen ;!.. i hj Btanutsaturars
,ii war eiiiaitiorii Oeeeeal addittoiial tvee
i ae ui nee bass also resse it it In te iat
two dara aiaj ine rerr ur, eentrect is on
i tit point oi bslits -, ise I
I e .. Ay ..... .
mi . iit.'ai i..,., .-i.,ti..t'ii.
n( ,.t iroi us nroituit in n
l ,tra to BSHMifl si ell I tilttv ins wr'.M"
nrubteffss en tbe bi lie, ,- bleeeln, in dome.
He ton. inner. wltlle Skpoiis "I ste.1 havi
ts-en dfaalnltlS s ,i. e An, ..I largel) he a li
ft 1 1 nisiHirt Mt un isffliulties User hsie
essounied to enouali lo bntis Btessurable re
lie! if , Merle., into iionie ,.iatiii..-l
"Wbile iniieis blessi, ! and aire prtsi
mis ise nsttred proatlnentlf esnorte, ii.s
t ' 1 1, ill' at llunie .1 ne to 'lie eBabSrtO II
sstetiq in ntkier tons, nt tin,, in., i ntaterts
: -ii l.e- rtleees of s's..l f..r ..ale dBliart
iiienis f.n esantple, the soaring f iiiste
mill prlissa BrailtlS i parallel in t.'i other
line rel ilie gtualton in rettie I In a II lint
rier ol Alliened nrotli'.-'s ,o Isnve Ihs4 ,..i
inn. h sli'Hiitt tt.tt eapsced fmni the liead
n . pressure ' i insuneri
In ila es - ,f steel ",!,.. ..
hooaa 'or tli'l'i '! , tifier Jul) 1.
lie- Mllliiiin! tt . 1. 1 .iti. ie- t.,i 1 is 1 I
iresslns Iboutu .nit tniii, itjii inelsa lliej
.ee nol seedy '0 eil! i'i' ilie seiond ball I
1 ie ealt illations of Important men its.-i irers j
,'! ,t!U 1;, ir , ... 1 sisrl -nee s .1
1 r, 1 ..tt'l sirl -f '1111
more based en
iiraption atnl
the projector, of re t,ri
high priose tar into
"sTthioego, soraewbal i-1 contrast
itura lis. liad rather hesry ne itieutr
iiie is-t US-it woh mis reeeevanons for
spisancl lull aisl 1 lie forms! eponin, nf t.
tor ihsi rtelleeey msr not ! long del
Western mills "
P..O.TIMORK I Th ,h1 markt!
nil nit.l n-iirr Mini Mroill "il uliuro?
.Iair ffn,tii' r'iiiir Ml : iioni
Ub tsl" Kiti l rtWtr w 1 h M'UeflA Oil
uti' h.inr"'! Pooto K.i?t "ri iis 1111
fitrU . ael; . . vrr m' ' l'.1 1 tt i "I pun nf ' t
i pMlH DsvUlMli tti'i'M l - .it
vii"t rf 91 ltd Mil Th 1 ininmrf
ill SIS, 11 Hil
I. .3',
1 ,1
1 H - - .
' sa ei
, ..'. trundel Orel
in rt;int nf Belli
tn Chelniers o 1
1 Comml I're-lii
'n Con Coal
.1 Cun sower
13 '
1 set,
1717 Cl
1m Ideon I'h rif
H' Klshnrn K'lfl !
' get lung- II lull II '
riih uir net. 1:
i.-.i Houston 01
Ml Houston n ' f
I.11 Me" 'i At M till
1 Mt V Cut M t
iti '., Wtfr Po
1 Poole giiglneer ; ;
i."t. Hetuilna
s inulns "I s
to t it It,, a glee i
-'1 waglende s.i 1
J iVtm , fia u -s
Rfiltn Kir' UMi afisi Mis,
iiioo rum Howar ftl-
run Coal fj , i.'m, iai . imui
hm Pormnnl Coal MV4 :vv
.-.. iini'a Oil iflv -if "
,e. t? V .t M Iltl atlts 'v:.,
tMO 11)1 R eV K iiif MU feJU
0 n If ft K fdl s : i4
root) Wain a z is
CRM .iO Dao Thr aaKrfe.i luini
of i iiion Carbtd-. which Mvaniwil pii-faa
about pointi ii pronlnoiu faatura m
Ihli miirk-ft PpOplai ' rerNvrreil : pot Iltl
a tn t Boar Robii' und -yuaurr Oati latua
gi ti ti vary tinnis Bond markal ataady Th
linen Hirll I.na Tin.
Ins est est ml
Ithli-t 111W1 3,;l, gM
w,i, SSI,
I', lis U !',
tti tn 1414! in
. in:, in;. in;, in;,
lit 111 lit II,
. II". It'. Si, s4',
,44 lt SI, l',la
ii: li'.' un, HI
.12;', lltVt" ItTU IKTU
. 1 irii is;, I,-,
,im m in in
1 US' , I '0V, 'ft lllil,
mo mo mo mo
,l tin no no
INS lletl l;i, l:i'
v 4, . .s, i;,t, i .i,
.IfSta IN, 17''i IN
17" 171'. 17" 171',
. kill, St,', St!', Itli
sm, un, Mta
S7 If 'i7 ,7
. 'in isi :m tm
lasts '" ' bs, ISM
.tetit IH-"a l"7''. lists
SSI, 4.4, ,,1,
Ni si's Mil Hi'.
Am Radiator
J Am Sl.1phl.i3
..1 Ctigo ' A C Ur 1
Cliao Rjra, "rr i,
SN Kdmon
10 Diamond Matoli
Harl s. hell M i'
Mi 1 1 li inn ps fin, '4
too ieliidaaj ioiahl
ro Uunt ward p'
" National Diacuii
i! i Ntti Carbon
.11 Nat Carbon pf
111 IN-Olilfai ft 4 1
i.a yiinW'M- Oati
QtiaitsH ii pf .
IpTi S-ar Rofi.ii. It
it's a tew art Wiirnpr
, e fiWlfl A Co
1 10 t'nliin CarhlUa
jg. I S SUH..
IVIM ( hgn I'Uy Iiy ft
ChfO My
ig-t" Cliao Ri in'' i
1 ..gt Kdlann
lOpO 1 (ai rot j$
1 ;i"bt Koillli 'lv L
iiiejQO Bwlft
New Loan
Province of New Brunswick
Gold M Bonds
.te! Pe-emser t, 1 B 1 0 Dae Deeemher 1. 1M
Prlneipai mil teail inetigl tnttreet June i ind Peeetnber I, eayatSe le New Tsrfc Cllfi Montreal. Tsreets ead
yredetiriui. Coupue boefli wlUi tlit prlriirge t reiletratlne ea t erteelpel in i lie-rest Penoalaettee 11.000.
Thete bond are a direct and primary obligation of the Province at large, and are payable
from iti general revenuet. In the opinion of counsel power liee within the legislature and official of
the Province to levy upon all taxable property situated within the. Province whatever direct taxei
may be necessary for the payment of principal and interest of chese bonds. The proceeds de
rived from the sale of this issue are to be used for the completion of a railroad owned by the Province.
New Brunswick is the largest of the three Canadian Maritime Provinces. It has an area of
27.985 square miles, or about equal to the combined area of the States of Massachusetts, Vermont
and New Hampshire. The Crown lands owned by the Province amount to 7,000,000 acres, which
have an estimated value of J 35,000,000
Price 95 and interest; netting about 5.15
Complete circular on reques'.
Harris, Forbes & Company
Pino Street, Corner William, Now York
Harris Truet end Savings Bank N. W. Harris k CtMlpan
Bond PepiirTHieat
Chi -ago
To offbrd ,t further opportunit- to liolJfr of Common
StOCrf of the ;irv)ve IMITWd COffipgny to .iwnl if the liftie-
t its of the Deposit Agrcftnonl il.itet! November 23. 1915, the
time lo deposit sures thereunder his been extended to
gild including December 27, 1915.
Upon deposit Ol 'hare, the United States Mnrtp.-ipe
.-nd Tru-.f Company ;i. Depositary, itii it:. Certifi
Cgtei of I5p's3;t which have been listed on the New York
Stock Fsrhans;e.
In order that the f'-ommittee ma' ttroperl;.- ;it.l effecfivel;
rf'te the rigtlts of holders of Common Stixk. it eiseutial
thnt the deposit of ha'es he made forthwith,
Dated: New York, Decei Nt j:. 1015
JOHN H. ri stti'N. t'hatmtaD,
irii is t i LAMKg,
BON si li ... (IgOOCS,
ai fkf.p cwiK . il a. nisi .
.inrl SI SI gl I Kit HMOMI
CHAVNi y. ll Mt'RrttgV WIIXIAM C. VAN sxTwritr.
M Petlar Mreei New Vnrli f'OMMITTSK.
To Ibe Holders of Five Per Cent. Six Year Gold Notee of the BROOKLYN
RAPID TRANSIT COMPANY secured by Truet Agreement dated
July 1st. 1012.
By tin- termti of your ".nti- ami the saiii Trust Agreement you are
(riven un option tn exchange your note- with all unmatured coupons
attached, fur an equal face amount of Kir! Mortgage r ive Per Cent. Sink
ine Kund Gold Bonds of the NEW YORK MUNICIPAL RAILWAY COR.
PORATION in coupon form with all unmatured coupons attached, and
bearing the endorsement of tin' Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company and of
the Net York Consolidated Railroad Company, assuming ami agreeing tu
i , , , , .
pay the principal sitiii Interest tnsri
that the option above provided for
1st, iota, and to avail thereof the note: must be presented, in bearer form
with all unmatured coupons attached, at the office of thi- Central Trust
Company of New York. 51 Wall Street. New York City, during
ness hours on a du prior to the expiration ol' said option, to wit.
January 1st. 1910. Th" Nev York Municipal Railway Corporation pays
the normal Income ta these bonds mid the Corporation lias also
nan! the tax on tne mm t iratre : ec'iriiiir tne same, mi mat me norm- an
exempt from local taxation ax provided by the
New York.
eireular. giinir detailed i:
er-. ami mav lie ootaineo upo
Company, nr to the Central Tru
Triial irri-imetit.
, 1916.
December l
in vim NIM Mi I Si 1 1
sai mis llanU
The Bowery Sm vings Hank
NK YORK ! 1 I !
: i
aen . snnus' dividend s' the rate ,.'
1IIHII anil UNI IISI I Per I em
i rer Hint, 1, 1 lis. lift!! dia'leeed -mil aill
tie rrt'tiut-'l to depoaltisrs on ill stuns of
gvna sad upward sad n"1 eii eertliis
I s ; mi" wali'g .trill bate been ilepoelteil
at leSal line.' motlths 'i'i 'h' Bfs! '1st -if
Jan in st anti siit 'te tiaxahle on .nil
etiei Moadsr, Jamieri 1, ltlfl
alsnei gepeslied on ai Itefore Jbii'i 10 sill
draii Iniereel fraut Jea1, It iimh.
MgNRV s BUHgKt'K Preside n
Mll.lt IM g KV'i" 1 ointit roller
luagi'H 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . is
Union Dime
Savings Bank
40 Street and V? Avenue
n laiOtfaat Pit Mlaod 1 nth runs,." u 1 1
h.s-s baati Umiarod ai iht rata "t
1 litre and On9Hatl p9t ant par annum
Oadltad Jan par) 1, iqia, and payabp'
mi apo aftar TburMta) Januttrj itii IPhi
1 -ii all fninis flit 11 itil 1 tif i-'.i iitnli'i - In It .
Monav drpikn,i mi ur iis'r.irn iauuao 10,
i''' .ir s lataroai rruni January i loto
sin i. m KlnnaQi Praal'laui
Pfancli t i ttakOi Troaawror
) t miss I', llnard, Moretnrj
i is
a. g. t or. III. 1 Ale uml llll h gl., New 4 t.i k
I SSII -KS I I IN I I 111 s I -III, mi M,
MIX MIIMHN I MUM, llll. Ill, Itil',.
i in ;ttl snni- from S' In lit thin 1,1 ieaisiioi -entt.led
tn InliTOsl unilei tin. b-law.t ,ii Ihn
mi,' of tm it rt it t i' r, iter annum on .0
nit. i'h uf ever) srt:iMinl ,s -Itil nut rst'iial
st ism uiitl at I he rate ol I Mill I. ami nl
ii 411 ri it i in . i 'i i nii in mi -,, um i, of
eiei iii.'inini ii. stiitii rti'eod ll.iHitj iaeble
mi uml sfler JAN IT. HUH
lleiHislls lltaile no nr liefote l SN. I I s. Ill
tii, in lint-res. fritm JSN. I. I '111,
I 4MKS UlliNI.AN I'reslili n
i il A III, Ks M iii T( in. ii i' , isursr.
I HAM IS M 1 , 41 IIK 1 1!
II I II . 1 1 1: . 4 lltSltIM
Sorrel am--.
I'll. trustees lisve tleelereil t veiul-an
n.ial dlvideuU . ' ." i ' "f
31, Par Cent. Per Annum
on ell dopoelts entli ''i Inere.n '.r h s i
tits by iawe, ffow. ti up to , uayabi
mi anil slier ttonduy Jan ittii, iui,
Moiie) depoel.eil usi or before Jen lot Ii
lilt, ell .lra Iniereel iron Jan. lei. ISI,
II. 1. 1 AN K 1 in 1 1' I Kit. Hreai.leui,
tiiom r n guifliT, leereiarg.
f, Your attention is called to the fact
can only be exercised prior to January
laws of the State of
formation, has
heen iasued to No'e
t In- Treasurer of the
, application t
of New York, Trustee under the
TR .
T, s
Sssea --- - --.-
llnrousli el 1 1 r in i, i 1 11. New VOfll.
tie. -iii.er tV l13
Tbe gosrd of Dlreetera ttf ihle campeni
ins thi day lieelared a iiuarter dtvltleail
nf .' if i-etil tin ih preferred Bteoa "f the
mganr, b, p.'-i fis m tl a eecuotuletod
lis eernlngo of n,e t'oiiipeio nr peeember
i'i , esl to holders el t;.. Preferred Bio u
if reeord t'i he book, of tne companr n
th. rluee of bsslneee lieeember list, Trens
1 fei I, , inks ill' he . o , lie einter 77 3 f 1 J to
I t th, Imtli tiatse 111 lualv,
Howard C. Seiiiian,
: tu 1-- 1 11 1
iiiiniui,ii of llfookltiii rsa I'orlii
Th n. eir-i if tiiraetor i r thti iomiMin)
1 .11 1 1 lai di sirai a Utvldand ol I par
ren und -i ti i i illvlilsltlij "f I i ' t'str
rft n fl'e '!.!. ill '... of ltls Colli
pun t paid frnni tir 11 iumuiatad 'o;
aarnlttaa ut thi rompapi nn Pacamhar 34th
naai li hnidan "f tt! I'omtiioti ht.- i: nf
r -i tin stttaki of lo Cswnpany .it he
n- I . tn be r : 1st Trutif rr
k- ii. in? 1 'i-ovit lacambai Setrtd
ffth, i'".h da tat iro-'lu va
Howard C. Seaman,
n miu
It Wk
U VOI k I '-' t bl-1
I uf Dtractora i n
i uaual Qua nar I y
paw 4'nt.. payevblti
i k.i" .! ri 'f r- .: I
in It...
iRvnni i v
Rat I II KS) ll.u.ua
264 H Cons-culi. e Semi-Ann ugl Oividsnd
i s i 4iii isHtill Itel
The Bank of 'New Yorf
National Banking Atiociation.
Sioa N i r . December Slat, I01S,
Tin' Board nf Directors have this da)
declurod ;i semi-annual dividend iii
Bight 8 , per eent., payable un ami
after .Ian. 3rd, IB18,
The trunsfer Imnks will remain closed
from Dec, -4th to Jan. 3rd, 1916,
1 1 end ,ii s all Hireel
Till. I III sTI-.l-.s H.IVK i 'U1H. KM I
i ll IT in ri.itl.sT i.f ualil to .I.
ltt,sut,r eiltitlttll l lit" en i n,r llit- -,t un ill III
eiullna Hit il llll.l
tin nisjuttnls not estieerlltit I hfee llsnti
send iliillers st he rato "f KOI II I'I !
i IA T Iter ami un
I'm ii'li' on snd lifter Itniide1 Jan II
1 1 n 1 1 . i ii a nsi s I'i psldent
ilKtlKng M II M.BK.V resiili
4 1 1 I IHTO.N II III M I in T, Mts retarj
Si ii Vnrli. December tllh i 'i
Nil I II I
titutv into
si i. - Jul)
nil ti-- hjBU
is iiinnth
Ii, un
l-.t os Aprl
iiul-l lie lu
ff tit peel
frinn .Ian
i or lit '. 1,,
' if i!,-i dot
Burlington It Missouri Rlvor
Railroad Company in Nebraska
Consolidated Mortgap
6 Par Cant. Bonds
DUE JULY I, 1918.
pursuaace nt a Truei Mortsase Deed exe
t nl a la The NeSl DurI,,,, ! rrust t'aiiitsenr,
Trusts., It- ili DurllagtoB A Mlsvoerl
Rli-er Rallreeit itn- in gehrasBa.
ilatrl Ju 1171, Hie lll,tulnu ', I ns -
iilltluli tl lnrtease ltii,l ihi,- ,l,il t. I 'IS.
a? sale Hal I roatj rom pan y, ,i, i i , w,,i,i
1 lee ' - t lriit.'. hale Iteen ilnitin Ittr iaj -
in. nl . l is, i
Three llnntlrett anil I
went. -aWS
I ill
llniiil- si ism. lull
1 to set us, isei mt mi est '
I l, !: i:l i see sel llll ises . ...J
1 e: sii ne .'.4 a. sets Issl
I II t:; t:s 'sir ;s 1 1 SSI I --i leii
1 II lis 111 is.', .'s..i sstl isej site
j i.i :.3 is sell li3 :.:; "l
tss j iiei i ill sell s.ul aavi itil
s4t lie! it's.. :-;ts .'..s sen ..to
viii si i ai i isss iitss Isis s;j ,:.e
!i'i: 1,1 u.i i'...' IJ4" .13,1 4" ...
,it i;i isli ."si lies mi leu :sm
'it, to, iite leis stt stsi ten issi
'isi tls isei .iiio snl ttts 4 .t issl
Its ::i I ST 1 lies i":1'. ;-IB
Hi ::.i i3i -; :i4"4 i i .'
13:. 141, ;? ;:'it 1411, IBIS SJ.O
.11; T4.i I4..i ill', :34 1(31 IBS, ;o
3:.: urn 3i3'j :.i ssie leei ; r
iSI :3 1171 till 4 1113 11 I
;is; !3 14 7, s.a, r. 1 7 ills ,
' 3k '73 IIS1'. :'7't ISI S3 11 'i I set I
.101 3ti t.M4 tjei 1,01 333, llll leCSS
lies s.-..t itie itil tti: nil tone
.4.1 Hi, ;3 s. S..47. 4:ss Hit, 4
1 ,: isi liis ito3 int.- 13 1 It.i 1 ette
Isss t'Us ; 'ii -in 7'.-4ti r.:.t;.i 1.. letlff
4,1 I'll 11,1 S3!'. IS4I IISiin 4 .. ...J
434 tti issi :: Sltl isi-' 1 "' lOTtj
I . I'll iiSI '.403 t!,4) 1,13 I Wt ItxsB
413 ii4.'. is. 7 tits i-ii. isle ieetl
4?s st i,:.i :i'i ai7 ,i4 i ii lest
JMO s Itel '.'4.1 10,1 :;-'7 ISIS '.mo
1 340 leti in; 'i47 ilea seel
j .mi I'm 17:1 :i4j lis, "..i'4 4:. neit
;.4.; 1:47 nut : s ;. s .tt..? 3:1; ll.i is,
. lr llll I'M 1 ii..: 3"",o 4t:'s fees
:,r 4.. 7S Iltl S71 . Il Mstll
(I0 IISI 1.'74 74't3 3174 :'.: .'.'.':7 'IS'.'t
J 3,4 UBS I"" '.' ' ! .list SS13 - "''I
'3,0 ::"4 itos ::.') sit; ust;, 3i i'7tt
ami Msly. four (H HanUe OSOO Herb, muiii
bers I ti i7o 111 nr. iso :,s 113 i-e
,4 ti; r..'. 441; ,s 71.4 . . t T
I "ill 307 343 31? 71.1 ,"' llit 171
7.' Ill ."tt
: 107 :'-;n 4"
1 103 7't'l 4.
1 14? 3113 47
I li t MS 44
I Tti hands
1 ei: '.. 1
! I
S 4
a 1
if the
He itn.h St-.' Il..-
Hie Ptrai li.it nt Jenuaeir.
intit after M-lilith ,iaie liitereal on -ultl
Rends "HI . -! i
Tha New England Trust Company,
'.4 .1 .4 M l'!s HrHiPHH, i - I ,e.i
'o Hit' Muliter nl tin Iliimlx nrtil f
1 he- 1 trt Mnrtaai Iti I twiMiliflailnn
t fm I (umitMI, a I . sat rt , iniit r I'i. IttaOl
j ..!. I). 11 1.3 11 m 'i ..1- um
Mor s .s "f t
'OfMlOUtietl I ' i ' 1 '0.,
. Hi- mt Trt$l
a'ee. nf s :. !i fr if ,
lion ), ii - ,' . ...j
i s. ' -' J Pec li,
iSmpan, T
i, jeraigm
Tl -istee. t ' heen .;.,..,
i,ni,,i- of iie denomination ,,t li .'nf -tut
'.in n'. K u'i'i' r t.,,1 I -ift-tit-is , - t-r. I as
..;.;. o . us . 1 1: . I TO; Itt; HI 0.
:s. 4t;,; mi :.tt. :.?:;. ill. . ;.
The niMier of Been soeb i Ills I ,n 4
Brill li entitled In re, from the undag.
Igueil .. Its tl. . ... iv. I .t .- v . I org
r:t-. Sew Aork on .mi after Jan I. ml,.
St. ost. u'. i rued Iniereel to tlm ilate,
p't.,1 on and if ' suili it :4 1 1 it! fat on t -reresi
-lis t belong '" the ontl rsi, .i .
Trtlslee. foi ilu nurp It -I . i a
Kiin.l nrovldt i ' - i' i Kir. i i ......
vNITttl i tT A Tl ,H All iftT' I A l 4 .
Till .-' I' ' t t ai I .A - 4 I'rustes
I ', I i rltlVs ANi n I I l v i , v
Montrose Rea'ty f otrpany
The Annuo I Mei tliii . 'l.e stio. kh.i
; . un ah in i in is,: muai i t iitti'A'
' f ir t i!t sit , i . i t.r i to , ,, . , ' linnet
. t ....
m ..... . I,,- i ,, .
N'.. I IS Ur i . N. , A.f t I i . na
.1 . , , i ' I
1 ' , I.N. ' 1 1.-. i i
I'll A N g I. .stm; e ,r,ir:
I '. .
I I '
, a,- in.,., properl) i. limit liefnrt ihs nieetlna
. , id, , s .
I ,' . N .. s
, ....
I.UU IS li ' in l.8 ii ..-.im
Ti'.- annuel meeting ol ih .to kl ere
t.r itie lelilsli Valler llallr I ' my
H1 l.e he,, I nn Tueailay, the is 'i itni .,f
January, lilt, a' I f. ... .. ai .it.
Ihe t'omneuv's untie v. it, ..,. ' -nurd
III l I I' I V I '- ANII INI I 111 -
4ii un an in Ai imi hum , t,
i ill All IN (jfVI I 117 N 11 Nil I ;
A dividend I No 131 of Utie snd ill ee
quarters 'i5';' per pent lus lie, ..
flared upon Iha I' linn capita mnli .,f
ih,- Aaieelean Uraphophoni .'itinnanv, t .i--Bble
Janual I. I g 1 so . in slnitlthfd,ra of
peoortl It ' " close ill I i-i.i , ft,. , r
I ll IN A I HANK in Nl II AiliU
.tv York. Iieeetnber t.-' i-t
A dividend ol 'raels-e l'i i'i-i i ... ,,f
. has lo.day bees rleelaretl t, i - t. ,;,
narsi " iii 'hir.i da) nf I untie re neat'
The transfer bongs 4"' remuii 1 tin
thai .inte.
II 11 I'i HVHI.I ' .:.'..
lilt; hank ,11 ami 1111
Sen A tu a lit. eintter I7t 1 't '
The tit...r.i t.i plrectors hen . ..,( ,.
r lured ii eeml-aniiual dlvld ml r.. . ..,
till per . fill . Ire, ,.f la,, payable January
IM, till, tu Bloegholdera nf t rd or n,;V
Osts The trauefer liooga sill remalu used
USUI January llll, loll
, av ti ggN.NBT, sebler.

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