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PuMlehe.1 SWII, inctudlag Sunday by tee
Sun l'rln ins AIM lubl1shtng AsanclaUnn ft'.
J r,u Nassau street. In the Borough of Man
hattan. No York President and Trnae-
rer, William C. ReleS. lo Nassau street.
Vlca-Praalden', Edwtrl P. Mllohell. lit
Stmi oiroot. SacraSar). C IV lAiatoa. 150
noomu street.
t.ei-i -i lifting ham House, 1 A Tun-
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Th Second Anrena Not.
The reply of the United State to
tlie Austro-Hutignrlan iiOte of Decem
ber lf relative to the sinking of the
Aorone Is adequate and reaonslve.
It answers the questions, rained hy tht
Imperial ami Royal Government with
sufficient expl lot mens to establish the
facts and principle on which our de
Aland are grounded. It properly re
frain from discussion of those prin
ciple, the acceptance of which by all
civilized nations hus been made con
spicuous recently In the renewed ad
herence given to them by Austria"
Teutonic ally. With admirable brev
ity and directness, but with no sug
gestion of unnecessary harshness. Mr.
baBaVBd reiterates the terms of our
nmmunlcatlcn of December 6. The
message conveyed In that document
remain unimpaired In substance and
Import, recording precisely the con
tentions and sentiments of the I'nlted
States with respect of the destruction
of the Ancona.
Threatening Egypt.
A large force of Hermans and
Turks, according to despatches re
ceived In London, Is assembling In
Syria for an Invasion of Kgypt. This
design, it was announced In Germany,
was a part of the Teutonic drive
arms the Biilkuns and contingent
upon ii.s success.
The expedition Is being formed by
Field Marshal vox iif.r Goltz. whose
long service under the Ottoman Gov
ernment especially rtts him for the
command, lie uhs established his
headquarters at Aleppo, and bis forces,
which consist partly of the army
corps at Constantinople, are to be
equipped at Aleppo. Alexnndretta anil
along the Syrian littoral and are
drilled by German officer.
These preparations are made with
the usual German foresight and thor
oughness. A railway Is being con
Htructod across the Sluai desert far
enough Inland to lie out of range of
the British warships pntrolllns the
coast. To obviate the difficulty of
water supply and thus do away with
the cattSi of the failure of an earlier
Turkish expedition the Germans arc
laying miles of water pipe across the
desert. In this way It Is believed that
speedy advance can be made and a
blow struck (bat will win the Suez
and open the way to Egypt de.-plte the
new defences built by the British.
While the Allies have professed to
oonsi'ler these preparation as unim
portant, recenl events show that they
are far from ignoring them. The mat
ler wh discussed a few day ago In
the French ("handier and this has
lieen followed by the announcement
of the British War Office that one
hundred thousand Britih troops hail
been Withdrawn from the Darda
nelles for use In "another sphere of
operations," These troops could be em
ployed with great effectiveness against
the Teutonic Egyptian designs by
hreaUne the communications between
Berlin sod Constantinople; for, in the
absence of a fleet, the Balkan railway
I the on!) means b which Germany
could expect to make the expedition
a success.
It Is very evident from the Interest
which the threatened advance has
aroused in England that the British
Goveriitncni Mill not be taken so
much unawares here as it has been
nt some other points in the Allies' line
of defence, It has strengthened the
fortification at the north entrant; of
the canal and has also increased the
size of the Egyptian army.
The expedition, striking at such a
vital point Of the British Empire and
recalling NAPOLEON'S advance across
the satiie desert, his memorable siege
of Acre and hU repulse in Syria,
would be the most fascinating mili
tary adventure that the Kaiser could
Baltimore's Morals.
Neil her as hail as the professional
ssposera Of vice would make It ap
pear nor n s good as the sensitive
residents of the town proclaim, Balti
more's moral condition Is probably
not worse nor better than that of any
other city of Its size similarly sltu
Btad, He Is a poor Investigator who
In a large town cannot find a scandal
to Justify his salary, and the of
fencea thai enlist the activities of (lie
moral crusader lend themselves easily
to sensation,
New Vnrk can sympathise with 'ho
MsrylunU metropolis in Its fuij( in
dlgnstton nii'ler the assault that ha
bis n mail" on Its name. This city
the happy hunting
MsrylunU metropolis In its futile In- criminal rtlsnosltlon among women. Now Voili ells would uiirs'lii in he ' "''' '' ,' ' " 1 ' ' '" 'smlly. ' tl '. . tsu ' . !
nignaflon under the aaaaiill n,, i.a i i.-i.i .i.e, n,.wii..ei i. ..i i , , ... , . ' " 1 "srant-B nuiiu U"- n ilia mi t. ni niatH el
'" name, lids city work has been done, under i lie pro I when i 'e 1 1 i tin i'..i,. i - n imok t.. mm , . ... . , , . ,., v,. "" ' "
was for v,.rs the happy huntlogl vlslou of the national health loaur- ImUwluUttr (run JttUUUl'y I tu Novum. I u, p. ,,. n..f I "'''"".' hath hat ha I iitn ksr wen, He t... ,Usiria thai
(round nt (how !,.. eye n on If
the StettNM side of life and rrVie
rami organs were (siteni In t er'ta
ins ilielr dlwovc rli-. We do not
Halter nMrwtVM thai Ifcgj BjSf alum
dotifNi mi fruitful n Held although
for ome time thc he milntnlintl
a refreshing silence At preaent It I'
BM fashionable to defame New York,
It I tnie; but at ny moment there
mar lie an outbreak of wild charge,
unverified assumption and loud do
Baltimore will survive lids Httack.
The city may even turr. It to advan
tage by punishing some particularly
laild and ohnotNou offenders. Every
community has It share of theae,
and nobody regret their eipoure.
They do not control Baltimore, how
ever, any more than they control New
York, and nothing Is gained by seek
ing to fasten the odium they have
earned on the town o unfortunate as
to shelter them.
la the Privacy of Judge Gary's oin
lag Boon.
Among the mvltltudti.ous specula
tlona evoked by Judge Gaby recent
entertainment of his friends, none
seems more reasonable or defensible
than that which represents the com
pany as giving particular attention
to the paragraph of President Wn
son's address In which he said :
"And there are many additional
sources of revw.ua which can JuaUy bs
resorted o without hampering una IBs
dustrlaa of (he country or putting any
too graat charge upon individual ex
penditure. "A tax of oris cent per gallon on
aaeolena and iraphtha wuaild yield, at lbs
praaent ajtinuUed production, 111,000.
000 : a tax of 50 cerrte per hcrsa-power
on automobiles and Internal explosion
engines. 111,094 000 1 a atatikp tax on
bank checks, probably t IS, 000,000; a
tax of 1!S centa par ton on pig Iron. $10,
000,000; a tax of II cents per tea on
fabricated Iron and .;. probably 10.
000,000." Against a tax on gasolene and In
ternal explosion engines the voice of
the great commoner, speaking for the
dow titrodden, has already been heard.
Against taxation of pig Iron and fab
ricated Iron and steel, two prime
neeeesarles of life, why ihould not the
Colonel protest? He la a man of Iron;
the Impingement might be personal,
ruinous. He too patronizes the In
ternal explosion engine; other of
.ludge Gary's guests on this eventful
evening utilize that Ingenious mecha
nism In their goings and comings.
It Is worthy of note that as time
progresses the names of hitherto un
disclosed guests at this function are
revealed, So far it has not been sug
gested that the editor of the Com
mon' r was present in person. Yet If
these proposals of President Wit son.
which have alrendy enlisted his at
tention, engaged also the thought of
the Colonel and hi fellows around
the Gary mahogany, who shall say
that the Nebraska statesman was nut
with them in spirit?
Research Work In the War Zone.
That during the terrific and all ab
sorblng struggle for national lll'e and
prosperity now raging in BurODS some
men's minds are directed toward sci
entitle Investigation, not always re
lated to the death struggle, Is one of
the good things of the day. The Berlin
corresHndeut of thB .on ran of thf
.tmerican lCrflOSi dfSOridMon adverts
to the fMCt that I'rofessor Tot.in.
president of the Austrian Anthropo
logical Society, and his students have
examined 3. "00 prisoners, taking
thousands of measurements, whlcli
have determined that there does not
exist a pure race. All the prisoners
are of racial mixture; the various
raciul elements have been moulded
inio one people by langunge and cir
cumstances. Even among the Poles
there were five different groups. Which
he has isolated In certain feature.
Among the prisoners he found
those who came from the region be
tween the northwest of Kussln and the
Ural Mountains called Finns, and
among those coining from the CraJ
Mountains anil the Volga lie found a
mixture of Slav with the I'lnn. the
German and the Tartar, two types of
blond and one I brunette type. He
compared the so-called Little RUSSlSlI
and the White Russian, who spen'i
the purest Russian dialect, with their
relations front Qullclg, Rukovtna
and Hungary, and with the Lithua
nians and the Slavs from Last Prus
sia. He found those from the govBrn
meats of Kovno, Wllns, Grodno and
Suwalki tO speak the oldest of old
Indo-Germanlc tongues They are
Catholic but strongly Inclined to
pagan practices, His conclusions will
be published.
Such studies may serve to rsmoVS
racial prejudice, which even the so
called Christian civilization appear
not to hSVS influenced materially sup
to the present time.
Another Interesting investigation
carried nn tlespite the strenuous de
mands of l lie war upon all Individ
uals w as I tint of President LlBBBB
nrau of the Supreme District Court
of Berlin, who Investigated the rela
tionship of alcohol to crime in the
Prussian stnllstics bearing on prison
ers for 1 UK! I I. Among the male
prisoners 'jrt per cent, committed crim
inal acts while in a staie of Intoxica
tion! while among female prisoners
only ,1 per cent, were under the In-flueni-e
of alcohol when the crime was
committed. The fai t that 15 ir cent,
of the male prisoners and 13 per cent,
of the femtile prisoners were habitual
drunkards would Indicate a lesser
criminal disposition among women.
in England also medical research
work has been done, under I he pro
vision of the nutlonal health loaur-
I orunsnrna w li lliuicate n lesaarlll) limillllg r iliotin-. mr.. I r.veryini'.g ...i - imine rused. fresh. Kentm-kv an the ,i.:..' ...
'- s ' awsrm i -'-i n """.' - i o mi 1 1 ii'ni'l'l Min uiarsii',11 iair , I'lirnK ' . -,,
ance at, wtileti aBproyrrtatea aem
siir fwd cents far every Inatired rr Five hundred and staty-eeven per
eon for medical research a provlalon. aon wr-re blltetl and twenlv (honaend
hy the wsv. whlcli mav well hejupirerl by vetilcle In the alreei of
iidoiifcd b the eonteinpiated jsrate
and tiailotiai liiaurnnrc acts to
whli h iMra rc-ntlv referr.Ni. vi
uiviiiy InrsBflgstWrna were nda
taken IBM many problem rlliu
from the ttnr.
H srch work on BBttseptles, on
the nature of typhoid fever ami on
gas gangrene hat. proved of grenl
value, His.! the cholera cultures
brought to St. Unry'S Hospital from regulate by law the movements of boutonnlere I to an aapl.yxlatmg ra
Gallcln In IPM. from which vaccines ! the public nf) the street ns to regit- t"imh " hu li-en suppoeel to be
may lie prepared. Work was a!eo late the driving of vehicles. If a tine mn" """fT"1 fBSBlly
i-nrrla.l M I... . i.i r ... i - . J . . . tIMM HUSWiT to the CKlllltnotl lllinie of
carried on by al.I f this research ! were Imposorl npMI violator of the 0lt,,e. Vet lh, a.-nmrkMse mag
fund to determine the virulence of rule that streets should only be I nates of America hSVS kclrl that
bacteria In varying condition; also crossed at definite polnte. designated ' ,h,v BIB unable to meet I In flBBIIIiaiS
on dvsenterv. Indiistrint fnttiriie
dysentery. Industrial fntlirne
h h pS assisitol i ..i a
,,,,,,,,,.,, viorHrrs, iiisornrr
wound. All this ntnterlal will be
made available In the official medical
history of the war. It Is expected
that the coordinating work of this
committee will mark the opening of a
new era In medicine In England, re-!
placing by acenrate knowledae nth-
ered br csrneul and ,,,,iki,.i i,
... . owni
ers the former general statements
founded on Imperfect observations. I
Cbrlstmas In Johnson's flare.
There Is a certain attraction about
empty spares on the map,
They catch
fbo -,, i i. -i.
rfifcll u ssjobswibi bsjbm
of them lie nearer home than Siberia,
or central Africa. One of them Is
only a few Inches from Manhattan
Burlington county runs across New
Jersey from the green hanks of the
Delaware to tho ocean shore. In Its
eastern seven-eighth or so the cat-
tographer has no difficulty In finding hatting imitation of the outdoor heau
rootn for bis place nnmes. I "ee of winter. Hewere of excess. a
This region Is the heart of the New r,',li'
Jersey Pines. Lakewood. In OCMn
county, exhibit to Its resorters onlv ' Two wlv" "wn,t V"XA : I o" Angelea
... - - . , , ... spouse. sa he wont go to Cuba with
the fringe of a region rich In natural No. j .Vruapoper SearfUnr.
charm, of a somew hat restricted char- ufe ts Just ona oMI war efter n-
acter. but of quality nttestcl by Its j 'Other for this Mexican patriot.
hold upon the affections of those who
know It. And it ha a people, out
landers to the metropolitan, with a
history. Their Isolation goes back to
pre-Revolutlonnry times. g the war
of Independence they conducted guer
rllla operations along the coast, and
contributed a chapter of lawless ac
tivity to such monument of local his.
tory as. for Instance, Hows and fUn
BBS'S "Historical Collections of New
Jersey." published In the '40s. w hen
the tale were ripe for booking and
were told by thoso who had them
from the actors or eyewitnesses.
I South of Mount Holly, which sits
, beside Rancocas Creek (known i"
readers of CBopca), h-op In the pine
! land I VlOCSntOWn; snd ten miles
heyond Is n typical little settlement
I of the Plneys. Johnson's Place, Here
j In the simple one room schoolhnuse,
whore twenty pupils lake I heir share
I of the benetils of the Htute's public
l 1
I school system, one hundred persons
i gathered to receive a visit from Santa
1 Clans, sent to thein by a church or
ganization. Art assemblage of that
size in that place means that homes
u long Jaunt away were represented.
Anil the story has a special flavor.
because these people who were hav
ing their first continuum celebration
of Christmas have ail their lives been
, lending trees, berries and green" from
i their native woodlands to the cities
for the holiday I Hide
A year or so ago the people of the
Pines were "Investigated." Their
j morals were found to he remarkably
easy, ami their manners oddly unpol
ished. Percentages of mental, moral
i and physical defect loo were calculated
' and arranged In neat Columns of sta
tistical damnation. The Plneys are
throwd. mighty well able to take cure
of themselves; even an Investigator
1 must admit that, There is much that
lean be done to better their lol ; even
ia sceptical critic of the exact science
j Of reform would hesitate In deny I'.
1 But when li conies to the question 1
' .. i... - n ....
.in u laiillll iijnniiuii ntui jut iiKrin
how silly and futile legislative Inves
tigations and social science missionar
ies look alongside of the lug hearted
saint who is .lust now "in season,"
They pity people w ho are "dltToreiit" ;
he wants everybody to be com fort obis
and happy liecuuse wo tire all alike,
safe i) rim.
The assoolfttloo formed b well
meaning cltiseni for the purpose "f
preventing accidents ami death from
avoidable causes is contributing val
liable Information upon this subject, I
Uniloubtsdly the tuuMM'iatlon will taKe
oognlsunce of the following facts,
whlcli hme recently been authorita
tively announced.
Toe suae ,,f PouuBylvanla is fa-
roroa in me isism-sMion or a uursau or
AooldentM, which Is efficiently gather
lug Information ns a basis for various
safeguards against tin- prevailing
carelessness among the travelling
public, Tha astonishing fam is re
corded thin during the ,Miir 1014-10
only iwo deaths occurred among the
millions who ride upon the passenger
trains in thai suite, demonstrating
the remarkable efficiency of tin- rail
road service in Pennsylvania. This
happy fact is eropnaalsed by the ad
dltlonal Information thai of the I'id
persons who were 1 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 , killed
on tire rgllroad tracks by trains Umi
were trespassers ami I on were struck
at grade crossings. I s not this
comparison Henri Indicate t hit I the
chief guilt rests upon the public and
not upon tin- railroad munagorav 'this
is also prioed by the renor) thai t h i r
teen passengers were killed b, streei
railways; ten persons iuMi ilielr Uvea
Iii jlimplllB frillll uio iir. I'lll's,
New York illy would iippcni' u he
tiitnosi us iiiingoriitis
when the I'eiSII'l ilf
tnissiuuei' (run Juuuui'i
her go nt this year la eaBr)dred
I New York durlne ihsi rieriod
about one quarter of the fatal snrl
dent were due to automobile and
motor truck, slxty-aeven werneaused
Of street cam, eighty eight br horae
dinsn vehicles, for'v six bv falls from
VehlCrSB, thlrt.v-alx by collialons ftml
elifhti .otiP In mUcellnneoti
Commissioner Woods lias wls.
pointed out that It Is as Imimrtant to
bv the t'niml, r m..- it
bv the Commissioner muni If nor
I m ... ' ...
inoi nceinenis rrom collision with
It would appear. In view of the
Pennsylvania State observation tBat
the regulations Imposed by Commls-
; sioner Woona may alone be depended
. upon to accomplish this end.
a Utsa as. B o.
turo n a tt
CMwrnZ 1
1 A"'-eT0N
Christmas week donte for pater-
famllla: Don'i open btireati drawers,
Don't look Into rloaete. When the
t'"Ma'' bu(,"
Olll under the thlf-
1 .
i" o-i i-oiiar s-o imsip nflti
to rWk the preinature revelation of
the OhrtataUU aocka. neckties or lace
curtains. He b'lnd, be blind ai d
acaln, be blind'
An evergreen n a New England
hillside Is prettiest with ITrOW on It.
hut a candle bearing Christina tree
in a. parlor la better without mitnn
A girl went to the movies. Three
men In the audience annoyed her
Alt usher remonstrated with the men.
A iKjliceinan put them out. They fol
lowed the usher on hie way home,
attacked him and cut off one of hie
ean, Is It ler ,j ?.!! .n to insult
women than to protect them .'
A diligent celebrntor should ha able
if-oro nt toy at tne coming or WO 'This I. a curious Statement In view of
new year with sufficient emphasis ; the fact that the weekly market eir -ulars
even if Mayor Mitcuxl does close uplof Plater and Abe'.!, the well kr,oi,
the bars at 3 o'clock on the morning- j bullion brokers, frequently refer to the
,f January 1.
Bpaln, t 's reported. Will bin Ger
man and Austrian sh.ps interned in
Spanish harbors, un sggrega-te 'on
nage of 50,000, what a MnUae-i b-
IWeen such n fleet nowadays and one
of the same sir.e rri the had old dsvs
of the Spanish ma!n
C Hi
nothing to rep
. front
Vime Good, Practical Suggesllous lor
American Teacher.
To tb a Karros or Pus Bub Mr: what
aould h.. t'at- resuii of making the Study
o;' Bpanish obllBBtory in Uie pulilio
schools? Are noi iuiin. Prsncit and
German already taught In the public
schools" Hut are ilitie any linguist. o
results apparent? How many college
graduates na,e any command ot snv
language? What minlstei studies h:
text in Hebrew ?
In America Ultra a great dearth of
linguistic aoaulrevneota, Tha tune stieet
on foreign or . la-sm.-ai languages is for
in.- moat pari sadly, diaesi roust) wasted
1 myself have atudied fi e languages an i
ftt-uuire-i none. Nevertheless, i earnestly
.tdv.vcal tlie atudy of ianguaRes, with
the following passrvatlona and quwkfl-
ai ions :
It is a wofui waste of tune and pa-
t, iic to teach languages to those srbo
have little or no bnguistu ahlHty, or
at best n mentor f'r the forma or
sounds of words,
Progress In the acquisition of a for-
eiii languags rii be great!) facm
tated by ft previous aogulaltlon of one's
tiBtiva language. Kven ihie is not a
talned b the dtactpllna of either punuo
private sv-noo.s. with so.ue rmv -n-
iial v
An aii-
alvtlcal etudy ''f .
teanelatton of the
nrt book of cbmsi . then a mechanical
reading -if tin words three or more
times, Anally lietening to i trsdaiBaUon
as the eyes follow the text ; gOh a
method would set astonishing results
compared with tin usual school arlnd
and abortive efforts.
I am much mora Interested In the edu
ationii value of languagaa than In their i
mil tar;, alue tn enaahline ns to furn'eh
officers to Mouth Amerlaan oountilea,
Hut I do think It would be well Worth 1
while to he familiar with our southern !
neighbors and on good terms with them, i
veil to the exte. t Of Studying Spanish
and Portuguese T .1 Lloto.
in MiNoauao, neoember -t.
What Would an Academic fldurallun
Have Bone to These Osalssts?
To tiik lCniTOK or Till! SlIN Sir. The
e.l.li,r.al mthle -in eo'inection with the
ttassment "f the professoi or paj-ohoiotn'
It Bsrolt ' ' 'lege mi s In pa I
s gar sa superiority oeuntBi ths fct is
thai sia hurts aoms man, InteUootti
. hslpj somSi ami leaves most oi bbem
Jiivt about where its' ne set the n doWa.
for InStanoS, what might have hap
pened to Shakespeare and Lincoln if
tin eir natures (soultlai and aptitudes had
been tethered by a college training '
i 'an tbe good professor by a pBycho
loirlc ratine, nation ahow- that existing
oollegB methods arc not now depriving
us of equally superior literal-. genlUSSS?
iI'uh' am. Fvi.i.s, Dsosmbei II.
HalllaS Orders Inr Ihe Kerslone C ruise.
To nir BlUVUS nS TBI Si v - Iir Hers
wltti are Balling dtrsatlana f--r the t'sun
Bjdvasls tour of it Qormisy.
Let turn no: lank fat rut slat" snd cat
i, red Bam-gntSi bul llog tor a meal si snv
if the followlag DUlcH hotels or lavSfai
tn l.st-iiti.i) i nunil I
sane ft., .o,- ktysrslOwa 1alSS Waier
works Hois), neat Usbanss, si w k.
Halls Taveri Mount Hops, also near
letbiMiai SI eat h anitl he arlll get a
msai suck " s-ouid visas Betsbasssr's
teas' look Ilka saaltsrlaia diet srd.
Rvsrythlna ssrvsij lioma r.rlse.i. fresh.
ami i led : a insrabs
--fon, t ii ins laai tni kss
itth dlgssilon laisr
These tavBrns ars sol 1
(ma nt Bel mai.v oorprisoa of imI
siruBBl in RwiBB) i IMM w hniicrkNaa 1
earn UkSS t,, alaaSBM a rnunl-
Ii.ra of ar If any iti..,nb.r of the
. , ,,, . '
intlBBtlBBBi eBeesa raeally up-
ptei to be keyoM ronenrlpthM for
'be i iikw of aiaiigliter nn the Imi-
tiaflalrl tt wnm fhla mn whlifli o, . .,m.
,,.;.,,, p, iu r.urnrsi f,niv
the ttMial n.aeofu. ,,f i, ui,,i.
-hmiei i.aso i t.
tllton ns mM
It Is to gorgon-
'.".s as n Intnl. hiii i la an Irritant,
I v .,,.,.-,,1, ti n nun I'oariio m
cMonni u.,.i, t i,i,r, .. .
demand f-.r their produet becaiiae
iagenus of lbs All ea have been buvina
, . , .... . . .
The t-ffect of the announcement In
this country Is problematical
ch,1re" 'on,ln"e ' smear their bread
MmM they OWMnMlnB BatBMBdStTB
j table knife, or will they fly from the
1 'lining; room and seek safety under a
' b"d when they see an Ingredient of an
"P0"l,f "- '
adly as dynamite et
But upon the table? Will the Allies
I consider it neutral on the part of
adults to consume achmlerkaae when
I the same a needed ns a war munition
and will the Teutons oompialn of the
reduced consumption of echnilerkttse
here In order, as they may clmrne.
T; .'C " l"
"ee.i uaa.n.si ineiii 111 i,,f" wur.
llow l a German submarine to de-
, termlne whether steamship f one
of the allied nations or of n neutral
Power ha a cargo of schmlerUSse,
Since It doe not proclaim itse'f as
would n rno .,f iltnhnrger, and what
interim i ionn . isnnplu utions are likely
to arise) if a torpedo veeel is found to
have had achtmerkkse on board? It is
alncerelv to be hoped that to tiie buSl
tenia, the Anconn and possible cases
to come tnere will not he added any
ohmierkHse case.
It 1 Interewtlna to note that some
of the ennynkipwdlas say that the word
"cheese " comes from the Urdu "chiz
"a thing.' whence the slant; expres
sion "the cheese.'' meaning "Just the
Willi German ( raisers Hut of ( urn
mission. Kngland Gets It Easily.
Brother K !:
of December
Ited'S ; e.-ent i
becrtuae none
Cooper says In Tub si n
II that "Brother" L'm
mmunlcation has no point
ii gild In Africa slni 0
the ivar hoc.in has been Shipped from
that -ontlnert th-eugh fear of cat tin
receipt at ins Sana or i.tiguno or nar
a-oei limn nfm .mi. a. psrosti "i
(11,000, 1 71,000, i 124. 'Hi", being re
ecrUec t alio 11 due that tlie Ixuidon
sfafi.' orcaelonallj mantle ns tin arrival
of gold "from South Africa." In Its 1a-
sues of November 13 and November 10,
for Instance. Tlcie are oj'ten iaiae mi
rials i f har gold from BgPl at lo.-
don aio For the two months October
mid November, Ills, the Bank of l-jna-land
:eporte, total re.-eiptn of f T. SSS.oOO
bit- .iid. win. h cannot oue from the
com BUpply In the hand of tlio Kritish
Hut w hat differen dons I' make
whether the list, 000,000 gold produced
In the Transvaal and Rhodeeia is
I hipped nOW or in the future ' The
wealth Is there and fan be ut'lixed If
necessary, :r the vnuits f the itank of
England should hat-pe- to run empty
of gold tf the British can ship min
ions if a. .1,1, ne lliev are doing to-. lay,
every weei, from Knghsh ports to en
York Without "capture," they would
sural) be nhle to net the precious metnl
from South Africa '" London at a pinch.
And with nl the 'lermau war cruisers
now captured, sunk or interned, the iea
in pretty s-i-e outside Of the ne of
itbfnat ne operations
Why car'r Ituasla avail herself of the
twenty-eight and a naif mllHona of
her Btbsrlan gold production? I haven't
heard of le. Ivn-hee being Iti the t'rais
or other Interior Russlsn placea
Brothtr Cooper can dlsnviaa nil the-e
matters with s wave of the pen as "jua-
glmg." hut ei. tenth- he Isn't !'i tiie
serious buolnsBS of ban ting.
Bnoviiaa Bonss
Vast Vobk. December ii
lime We I nough Did Testaaienl
without the Apocrypha?
To Til r. Kt
letter algned
pi.a recalifl
i. ks. ding the Apocr
nilnd a tiHssak-- in
.ittie tsiok i read -u
n eiesti
of Fre.-d.cn of Tluun l." by Professor
sou..- trma ago entll sd
Ti.p MieTorv
J B. Bury. The author says:
The trilfh Is thai Sacred BaoBB srs en
(rbtie aiessj sad latallsctual prog
raas, beaauei 'hey cansserata ths Ideas nf
a siva Bpech and iti custonia dhiasiy
l appaintsd
Ohrlstlaalty. ' adopting hok si i
lon past m p.ai In -tie path at huinati
davakspaisal a partleialarlii na.i- num.
htina" tilo.-k It muy ,iet-tir te one la non
dsr ho'v hist iry niifiit hai-e Wen altered,
altered it surety s-ouktl have see-i, if the
Christians bad cut Jshevali nut "f the!-
programme ana, inieni s ::i -n New
' TsstBraeat, hi't rsjsctBd the inspiration of
''" u''1
e havt snough of the "id Testament
without dracgtng 1n the Apocrj-pha
AaiMOTOM 11 i 'ak i M
Pstchoovs, i- i Deeember a
The Hihie of Christ,
To THS BOITOa ok Tiik Si n -hi ThB
letter of Charlss Hillman Fountain
raises many Inirlcats queetioni regard
tiK tne Bible, Apo' rypha ami other mat-
tar relating t" m illcal literature
r. fountain lulu for granted that I
the tpocryphs w is-not contained In "ths I
HiMe thai Jesus I'lirial used." How do
we Know -tne i 'i -s i prist inr-niton or do
the Ap Btlei 'ni-it on i lie Bible or enu
niersVta the .oka thereof? hid they re
lent ths A poor) pha '.'
Mow do we know thai Oh rial and the
Vpoatles used the Hebrew Bible nf ths
Palestinian .lews ? v
i. arch mont, December II
Sllll Treadling et IBS
From th v ci id fBeses Mfse
Ths nev, Kara t'ampoell is ssi.i t,
the oldest mlnlsisr -f th- ilosp.l m the
I'nlted Btsei. If tint In ths war.. I Its
cenily he celshratBd iftl ISIIh birthday B'
the home r hi., grandson, Rotor) 'amp
ben of Floyd rounty. Mi oeaipbeil wa
hnrn In what. Is hOB U'ne ,ount. Vir
glllls, and lived Ihere mitt! hs tin, p,,s:
in yasrl ' BIB Ha Ihen niOVStl to len
link'', snd hsi Uisd iliere glncs. tie 1
u tnsnrbti "f tha HapHm rhurch and is I
now ths pastor of three i hufshes, l.- j
has Men nresi mug r.." BSveaty.nlnB rsars I
and IB a. ,uing in acllan a. moat man!
are a- 7'. Besides helri me oldest j
preeogtB . ne golds the record nf nasi
Kantuokr as lbs nsrrrtng pargon
ass: r.r aa milieu 0BI
agplSB in the Inmla of ihbipi
Bjr lelherotea r teeral4 for IBe
I'reseal I na4IUea
"ee or T.. "
edloMits t, mr snei ksea tivr keen
, ,,.,.,, .,, , ,,., "Mr KMhor.t,,
, , ,,, ,Ull ,,, maapsesi
a aaea it lell, and n th ('oBimta
aaatiao m aa I umm4 ,,,,,, , : ouls Si
s'" forBai Will lOMBHIiBSI ibat In prn ,
OUi s'if 1 1 I MMfS aa HM SB BBiowr
removed, li It lh. .s I rmaaiiig SVII
The iravetM n FsfBtr h hBs
Wards In mi sksltist 'be rondltloo nf
BUI stroi not nttl) bSi nnso of lb SBBW
Bui beosnss r ins dBBt and i'
Throughout la tillo l-'rancr h mv tiav
strollo or motorsd nvr sfrdless streets
Id- foiitiil the same cleanliness snd cars
In populous LoBduil In Rerlln which Is a
'lustlres city, lis muld aee t evsrv oornsr
a win1 basBat inviting ihs ps deal ri alt to
throw iii mbbletl, and If rn mietake cms
drnptied tha'id of a mst' li tt sit Imiw
dlatSly picked up hy a street cleaner
lie remembers 'Imf In I'rsanie files could
HOl ! SOU. fcpt III 'll elltomoioaic.ll
Tie same traveller wnn
u.. o.-ei atilk rinat. and In
the warm season with a'varmi of aunov-
Ing flies and mosquitoes He attributes
all this to the Street Cleaning Depart
ment, and no word ! too strong for him
agwlns Its head. But to Judge our
public sarvan' fatr'.y we bsvs to con
aider condition aa they meet them.
Ill March. 113. a city cleanup move-
men was started at a mee'.ng during
whloli blame was laid on lmmiranB
whose cellars had been found unclean
and whoae bathtubs were filled with
paint pots, shoes, brushes, Ac. Tire
was In the room a Ion table of beauti
fully poilahed wood. I called attention
to the thickness o' the dust on It. "If
It were .-leaned thle mlnuta," I .i!d. "In
a very short time It would again he
eoverej with dual. The immigrants are
not responsible for the clouds of dust In
the rltv "
I could not tell whom that first cleanup
movement proOted. but this much I know,
It was HOl the stieete. They remained
as they were before I made a request
urging 'bat all stree's be fliihed dally
unit that any oltlien be allowed to play
the hose on the Sidewalk In front of his
premises without Baying for the water
I went from one department to another
nrrtll an official of the Department of
Water Supply wrote to me- "I have
grave fear that If the time should conn
when all the sidewalks of the greater
my are washed daily a supply of water
for other end more useful purposes would
,. I not he available."
Mr. Fetherston Is not stingy Sim our
water. Our streets are abundantly
Hushed during the day, at night and
even on SundBVs. Tb following figure
prove this .
113 -d-'orty hose flushing gang of two
men earth. i"vrln' M "0" "llBre ysrda a
gang! on and one-hi'f elln a aq-ir
t 1 4 een'y lines gBBahBJ ene same
ee a rvyvB.
IMS Etg-bce h" flushing anss MVS
IflBn each, oovenng J6.0"0 square yards
Let us not forget that our present
administration's motto la strict economy.
Formerly we used to see white wins In
unneeaaaarity large gsrgs t once
WuntSd eleven n Park Row In front of
1 e Tost Oflli e plying thel hrooms In
uti.son on the unflushe I curb snd rais
ing clouds of dust Now. except when
stoupn are necessity for efficiency,
leaner work single But money la
freely spent for flushing Thle Is honest
endeavor and we may expect the riny
when Mr. Fetherston will make our
streets dust'.ess and spotless
Nrw Toaa, December II n Bbb
It Nothing EISS It is a Bemlnder of
Ibe Days of Frhate ( arrlages.
T.i the HSOITOS or TUB BUN fir. The-a
is still to ne seen frequently In this
town a reminder "f tne dava when
members of famiHea of tnearaj went and
came tr. their private aorse drawn VB
hides Their stable equipments were I
n .t .-heap. They tr.ciuuea usuauy awe
spans of flnel matcheil horses, csr
rtagtB, open snd closed, for all sorts of
weather, carriage robes of fur. and
Tneas belonging bad to he suitably
housed in stables of considerable cost,
occupying land that was valuable Then
tioie were the con Mniien and the foot
men, their Uniforms, snd the stablemen.
!:, cold weather blankets or fur rotieB
weie taken from the carriage or aieign
and thrown over tho backs of the horses
to protect them dur.ng -watts
The frequently seen reminder of those
da I .a the t-oOe. sometimes of fur but
mole often of wool, carefully spread
over the hood of a waiting automobile.
In wintry weather nearly all of the
gasolene steeds tire thus protected BrhOn
t'aey come to a halt to remain for a
brief period
Various theories might be advanced
fa aoeount for this eareful blanaeting
of the automobile hood. One uitvhl he
'ha; 't ia done to prevent the motor
from becoming too cold. But every mo
tor begins tn bent up when it Is st.pped.
because the cooling water or alt- circu
lation Is shut off. and it will stay warm
as to ,ts Interior for several hours. An
other theory might he that ths mope-
would -eanond mora lead!
When start
ig if the carburetet t
er carbureters
t acted from cold . but when a
motor is running perfect Ic its ooldes
part is the carbureter, whlcli Is kept
chilled by the rapid vaporisation.
Still another miess ntlghl be that the
hood is blanketed to prevent the water
In the pump, piping or WatSI Jacket fnoin
Pressing This might come tr, pass If
the motor were left ut, blanketed over
nlghl ... Sero weather. A pusaled ob
server has questioned whether ti e blan
ket is n it for the purpose of keeping
warm the air to be taken Into the car
hunter on starting This would be
Of no avail, for the rsrhureier'a Ural
Inhalation of warm air would be i lulled
before II reached the cylinder. An early
1 1 pe t.f gasolene motOl took sjsgrm ait
from the exhaust and fed ,t to the car
burster, and no n'her motors of that
t1c were called tor
Sore of -lies,. BpeculstlonS, gathered
nostt from observers who are neither
gas. dene motor eg pert b nor chauffeurs,
teems to account for blanketing the gu
totnohlls bond. So In the absence of an
authoritative explanation ttlosa who
sci ah lo do so tuny take It Hint the pi-ac-llce
is an unaccountable siirvr, .,' from
the days wh'cb it recalls tu mind
RnooKbVM, December li h r K
I Million Hollar I'eare I oulract
To 'i nn RPITOS or Tut: tVS -Sii A
iieadi ue in Tun guN reads 'Orders
i 'lie Million Dollar Jail I Jersey City
Kinds i ild One Too Small and Let! Big
Can you lell nie Whether Una is an
other Instance where the Knrnpeai' war
boomed an American Industrial or la
this simply a case of preparedni s-t "'
Mast Yong. Dece-mher , M I.
Ilaeeliall III I lie Orient.
Preta thr Japuu n'egaefsi
Tfcs recent OMMcnei of the Chicago
UnlVBrtll) hsaebsll train tih that of the
wassds Univereitr setsbllsliBd a n
record for sttendsnce for sporting mStOhBS
hi Japan, the previous i e,x,rd a-ai K.oaa,
L'gtabllshsd "hen the chh-sgo team on Us
1 llt live I'BSra sgo mel Krl.i l.'niversl.y
f-n the second llms. The ,-rnwd at tha
Wsasda arenn'i in iio-m gtmea a om-
OlallV staled tn lis is BSCBBdBd .'.0 OuO g.
i ' i i.i i na I. ooi furalgnsra
BBBi jiiuii. .. u prtHlturl Brill out llSUSaaswi is aaiat aawaaere j
Dees i Haver e the Appresal ef ibe
People Berk Hnsse ' '
r t Ha i.i i nt Tits si so Te
eisne acquainted itn ine cm of
North ('arellnt Ii . not i Mb I ap
poitiihig (hat lbs Ihs Hilda Kilibm or
Skfotland Berk gheajld range hlmBStf on
the aide of the Igi le m, IBM1 who Bfl
attempting silo mnkson i.ein.al.
ihwarl lag liiielligBht T.iaismrae of pa-
tlOftel dSfenca now dmuanled h the
"The old North state' has not bee
iiia.s nreteh chionliled b 11 eSldenl
Alderman of ihs I'alvsraiti of v. gima
--oime)rv president of t e t'n.versl!.
of North i arolins. old "t'hapel Hill"""
es "a tuofleet valle lltUBted between
two i, imps r self con ceil " 'riiouah in
no senye vainglorious. North rarollns
has Ifrrartably had IBS courage "to dig
III the spurs and to take the leap'' Her
people, more homogSBSOUS than those
of an. other State In the Tnlon, have
never failed "to make the deed squere
with the word" or "to prove their fslth
by their endeavor."
Only three 'lutes in their history
have the North Carolinians been pro
fOBndly stirred. Klrat at the time of the
Hevoluilonsrv war, when, beginning wrlth
the battle of Moore's Creek, which was
rsally the opening battle of the
American Mecolutlor, Nortli Carolina set
on example of armed resistance which
was later gloriously emulated by Ihe
minute men at lx1ngton and Concord.
Later North Carolinians gave lo ths
world the Mecklei berg Declaration, the
language of which was, by a singular
coincidence, almost literally copied by
the knlckerlsic.kered gentlemen who mat
In Independence llvll of Philadelphia.
"Klng'a Mountain" and 'Qullford :ourt
House" showed the old North State'-,
mettle, and proved te be the turning
point of the struggle.
ftnfortunately, the tfnrlal records of
North Carolina's Bhare In the Revolu
tionary war were -burned when the Capi
tol at Raleigh was deevroyed hy fire,
but the record mads by her sons In that
war cannot readily be effaced
The second time North Caroline wee
stirred to the depths was at the opening
of the civil war. A vast majority of her
people were devotedly attached to the
Integrity of the Union. Her electoral
xote in 11(0 was cast for Bell snd
Bverltt, the t'nlon candidates, in De
cember of thst year her people voted
against secession In the ratio of two to
one. A few months later, when Lin
coln Issued his cell for troops to subdue
the ae-edlng States, North Carolina
voted In favor of secession In the ratio
of three to one. Then she sent Into
the Confederate army, not to mention
her contribution to ths Federal forces,
more soldiers than she had male ritl
sens of 21 years of aae. a greater num
ber In proportion to population than
sent io the colors bv any other State of
the North or South during the civil war.
Official records show that her loss In
killed and wounded, though not In
"missing." exceeded in proportion to her
population that of any other State In
the Cnlon Has It not been said that
"South Carolina and Mississippi brought
on the war. Virginia furnished tne
buttle ground, and North Carolina the
troops" '.'
The third time North CsrollnJana "got
hot under ths collar" was In 1 litis, when
the white people of the State arose and
overthrew the comlbinat'.on of Republi
cans. Populists and negroee." The
movement was known aa "the red shirt
campaign." It succeeded, and but for
Its suiioess (he Hon Claude Kltchln
might not now be a representative In
The South has paid a heavy penalty
for Its Britannia waywardness Her po
sition In the national councils has not
oeeu strengthened by the experiment of
choosing the Bryannlc "wlll-o'-the-wisp."
Will the people of North Caroline now
follow t ie Hon Claude Kltchln ef Scot
land Ne. k. or will they preserve the
better traditions of their history, honor
ing their fathers not with Hp sendee
but with reverence, and. In the noble
words of Tacitus, "so far aa In them lies,
with emulation"? Tan HaiL.
Bl Paso, Tex , December 1 .
(aelle Words That Snuggle In the
Broad Bosom of Our Speech.
Tn tub Kpitob or Tub gVN Sir: The
I Rev. P. S. Dlneen'S Irtsh-Knglieh dies
tlonary and some other IrlBh works
i have coins Into my hands snd 1 am
I amusing myself iooklng up well know n
Irish phrases 'Krln aja brsg-h" fir BBS nil
for ever") literally means "Ireland till
Judgment day ' . "whlskev" Is simplv the
! Irish fo- water, "ulsge" : "ehoneen " ta
, In Irish "geeinln," msanlng "little John
, (Bull)" .ii the sense of "Anglomaniao" j
, "ma vournssn" Is "my darling " : "ma
Ohree" means "my heart'! 'i st bore'
is "0 treasure (or dsrltngi"; and so on.
People know far mote Irish than
I they ihlnk Apsn from words like "rol
)een," "shlllelaah." "dun." "leprechaun. '
lough." "hard." "gossoon.' dw . an SS
Itraordlnary iiroportion of proper names
Of persons and places here uud all over
Biurope are condenaed Irish phrsaeS.
"Dun." for example, attached to hun
dreds of names of towns in Kurope. ts
Irish for "fort"; "avon" famhaln) Is
"river". "knOOk" Is "hill"; "bally"
i balls i is "toarn" . MacLean ia sUe.gioi.
laB0in, "son of tlie servant of St. John" ,
likewise Ualons, Mellon, Meiien. Millan,
Moylan, Mullen; Uacka'. Maokey, Kh.
Hughes. Mages, oil,!. Hay, Heyea,
arc uii de-:eu from Aodh (pronounced
Be), the Irish for Hugh, with "Man
or "O" prefixed : similarly Daniels, Mac-
Donnell, O'Donel, Dunhtii, Dunnel, are
from "Oonal" i Daniel i . iaroune. a
river in Prance, is reallv "farv avon,"
Iriah for "rough rivet", for of course
Ihe Hauls of Europe spoke Gaelic till
they adopted Latin in the fifth cennirv
man ia use lirees and sllll tin, re like
Latin when the Polish scholar Cur-1
till Mist heard the word "Is me" Uriah
for I am i he cried out with astonish- I
mint, "iio.1 Mess my aotil, -hat 's the I
Sanevrl: 'aami ." Professor Blackia of I
Lxmdon took up the study of Irish ith
such iniense ent hus! asm that he read I
Oaeltc more regularlv than his Bible
This .m baeaUBS sitting at brewkfast in
a BCOttlah Inn one day, he asked the
waltei "What s ih Irish for a mare" ' j
capa'.l ' Why. that la Vahnllua.' '
said Blackia. "What ia the Irish for a
horse"' "Bach," said the men 'Mood
haavsns, that w equus' -with the'
guttural preserved" K orn that t.,..,.
ue stud. i-d (laelic. And he was not ac
quainted till laier vvith tha "Uiani
matU'a Celtlca" of John Caspar cuts.
Who conceived this nionuniental work
rhiie studying the old Irian manuscripts
SI Hall, thus insuring the study of
'laelic for all time to come
Niw VOSg, December ii
Ohio I'olgglbgS of Columbus. Ohio.
To rill Khitoh or THS Scs--Sir: Smro
the public seems so Interested in Mr
Barber's name, allow ms to correct un I
error Ida middle initial is not "O,"
hut "C. 11.- allies the capital as well
as tne ,-tate m nil signature, Ohio c
lumbus Barber, p. m,'..
akro-. ohio. D Be ember
The SlUer Seeril nf Hsnall
'i"l lAl Honolulu .Slur tulltlut
iint of i. in most DurlSUI p ains in ins
, aerldi sad w r tha grs.uai niters-'
sll hiusnists. Is the Slice; .sivo.fi lets
, ascstdlagl) rare plant w It si I a inagrria.
cam silver splais and handanros craat
J ma Btlll be fnmid hi prefuilsn In tha up
per pari 't Kanp.. gap. ma aoutharn out.
!ei "I ihe vast ex'ln-'t i-ratsr nf lltileaka's
a. i -he Island .if Haul. I- gas-ars frnm
Jul) 1. 1 O. tniis- and aeotira ksrdlv any.
altera ess in the oer't f.vei, stranger
Is the larlet! kniian as llo losen asssi
All. i I aaeuss i.u In 1 1 . . i. . . ...
la uiini.aa ta (U eieewhsrs
Ifi't in rtlile PffWlts XX 1 1 1 '
hl'illli'il I" i" X e ,i .
In New Iti 1 1
BSSMlBOTOa, fie. 2J l
I rat Ion lull providing f,.r the ,.
lie lands aid national forest a '
Power development has bed
snd wilt be Introduced si',,
reassemble-, on JBauBn I
llrsl of a series of .-onoe i ,
urea that the AdttalBlatrat!
desvor to have enacted
session. It was drafted by ':
live Ferris of OklaJiomo, . .
the House lommlttee on I'm. .
and has been Indorsed on behalf
Administration by Secreta'-y f t
terlor lBtie
The bill proposes the Bubal : i
a definite Rfly ?enr tenu
the revocable permit nut) u .
latlng law. The right is
take over the properties a- , .
fifty eara and on nor e-. ,.,
eare notice with due enmpetu
Itenewal mav be made or Ihs .
transferred to ano'her. Pe, nit
Irrevocable except on hiesn-n nf
ed t .
nd of
I sr.
Slates Hrtaln CSBteol,
The regulation end control .
vice aiul chsrges to consumer, as
aa tile supervision of BtO k ami n,.m
issues, are left to Ihe State where th.
plant la located, and assumed i,.
Kedernl Hovemment onh- Bhara
plant Is 1n Territory oi wh..re it. p
VolveS an Interstate nan of tne poasi
Where ths development .a n, a .vat.
whloh lies not provided i, oamn srlot
or other authority to reguiato rates a a
service authority ts retained I.
Uovernmem until such tuns a. tha
State may create a regulator..-
Individuals and saMaHMMM I
n-msiiic iirimns unnsr Tlie pretot,, nvt
are given option to exchange them for
fifty year tenure under the propyl H,,
TIhs hill In no way Interferes with laai
and regulations of the Siato relstirg t
appropriations, use or dtotributrftn a
The bill authorlies the fsKPatary i
the Interior to fix in the !eae si 1 :
.v . . . .. w. fuinii.- mmif, r nea -'. e.
ny the power developed, the pre eis
be used na nsrl of n fim.l foe il I
gatlon of arid lands In Weetem States
Demand Is I rgent
in n letter oommenllng on tha Plar .
bill Secretary Laine says thai ' t
urgent demand for BJUCh lema! ,-
"The failure to use t IW wata pftBrSt
resoim es of tlie counti y I-- a- econoni
waste." he writes. "Coal, oi' (l
timber which could be conserved for On
future or for use Ir localities
power is not. a,vailub!e are i me ii,
Consumed In places Where 'i SXl la
water power could be had
"lahda which would produce ab .
dant crops under Irrigation a i .
arid and unproductive because
failure to develop hydroell
which would pump water to .
ni'rates in the atmoephere, a SOUI -wealth
ntnl means of provldll I for ths
rejuvenation of existing so la .
providing an available BUPpl of tn '
aar- matStiale for war or prspa .
for war, continue unusci rjeoausi -
lack of cheap and extensive powe
velopment. Available capita' :
liecause 1f will not he bastard I
the praaent revocable penn't is
of these condttiona and tr.ir . .
whloh might he act out Jus'"
for the reenactment of the c
proposed "
The Ferris bill 1s to ha called h '
Iloue early In January, Will d I'la
that It will be Bpesdtl) passed
Delesales and Families I ater
rained at Hotel later
The forty odd South md -American
delegates to the Pat .
BctentlAc Congress wl lei
It. Washitigtor beginning : . v
were entertauted with the meinbeis o'
their fajrHHes yeeterday afternoon at
reception i the Hotel Astor g,vr. '
ihe special mi ilrtee appointed h its
Secrete i of State
Joseph H Choats was 'he prln
guest Invited by the coinn-ittee to asslt
in tho reOSpl 01 'I'.ie -.presents- -the
state and Treasury deprtniC"-ts a'
a epe-lal military attache also alter la
as well as li c Breokenrldge, c si
of the oommlttes at d Attii i' Ba n
There were sibouf mti present in .ii:
Henry Fairfield ''sewn, prtatdi I
the hoard of trustees of t 6 AmerivtS
Museum of Natural itlBtorv, extandSC
an Irrvitatlon to nil the delegateB to v a '
the Natural History Museum
Metropolitan Museum of ATI . -nounoad
that a special rsceptt
he given for the delegate
k-a-ii Museum on their retun i
Inaton They will go m : ' .
" t V
Hoard io Belnetate Kachai i
Iri-m h I hair If He Hetsrsa
.lean R Zarharie. g tea I
In the lie Witt Cllnto 1 1 t
dlSntliaed from tne servl .. t'.f I
of ESdUOatVOtt at i'a meet t vie
after Mr. Baoharle hud bea i -over
e year. At the beg 1 1
Hiii gehooi term m -
report for dut) and n- Invca
begu i io attempt t-- it
NO Word was tec , : t
tlie Invagtigatlun 'a;
centlv It was lea -el that
France ai tlie outbreak of '
on August 1. Ill I ' vv is
Hat In the French arm-. I
fulled to locate him and '
elded that big name s
from the payrolls of tin
missal was in, on liowevel w
vision that if he lias no
If In t lie fulUI c 1 Bl
duty he will he f III i
RdnOBIlOB Hoar, I lllllca W '
a to, i of iii iial
Tiie Board of Edu si t
its meeting yestardii) ' n
mate it the spe Bl comii
my for the lnlS h i Igel
to the Una iil of liStill ! h
The Ural sstlmats ssed f
117,11, While the atliounl lo
was only l,&6S.a 1111
The -pe, ...1 ooi 1 1 1 u 1 1 . 1 ' p
Buooswlsd in bringing ihn -33,
ill. II of the atnouni i ha
but at tli- llavStillg I '
w as added for a tin itliis
and 14. "ii" f M a iliia ' i
ghlldren whose sueeoli is '
nr. pamerey iirada Kings
cla iis.
in- Ralph II IBomeroi
eleeied presidani of ths K -Medical
Society far Ills, sue ee
Russell S. siwler who pec is
.f ihe aootety, which a-as "iv

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