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Baseball Treaty of Cincinnati, Signed by Three Leagues, Makes All of the Federal Players Eligible
pi :n i this Make Wwffh
in iii mid Ball Real Major ;
League Magnates,
Owner of Braces
Is Congratulated
j Atttfl K (i All N'KY. owner of
J the Hnstnn Hraves, received
the following tep(rrm Inst night
Ht hi? Long Inland home from
Harry N. Hempstead of the
(iiants, who has been attending
the peace conference at Cincin
nati: "t'nnirratulations on final
outcome. Negotiations settled
satisfactorily. You are to be con
gratulated. " Gaffney said he did
not know on what particular
phase of the peace pact he was to
be congratulated.
Ts SiTIT T IV nOTTHT 5r movJ back to Newark. Ae a conces-
!11IjIj 111 WJ Dl .Ion the Newark rlub will plsy In 8ln-
cUlr's ball nark and nsv him'
for II
a rental
,- , -n'.'.t:. fhlo. Dec II. Tha Inst
Mrt ' rompletlnf tlM peae aOreemenl
,n btirball, which put an end to the mr
DH.! haa been ffoina on for more than
ISO WM accomplished In parlor
X ef the Blnton Hotel at !t oVKck to
righ: At thai time John K. Tener. Uan
i Johnaotli ukusi Herrmann, Harry
I llnelalf nd lame IHI more attached
lf;r ;4.n.itu:e to a net of articles
,t officially effet ted pea.-.
,o C" P M of the exact terms of the
K reemei ' were given out, tut the tnw
,,.'. peitlemem were set forth In a iren -rsl
way by Garry Herrmann at (ha con
daeJOII f the meeting.
The Federal lcsaue passed out of ex
Hltncl with the signing of the are
r."t and on 'hed any tears. Th.
feds themselves were apparently gla I
mmigh to got out of their hopeless sltu
ition, even IhoiiKh they pmid heavily for
pace. Immediately following the slgn
laj of thl peace, treaty, which was wlt
: es.. by a few newspaper men. thj
baseba.l men beaan leaving town
CfcrttmaJ Had! peace In baseb.il
As n result of the meetlna efforts are
no under way n strengthen the Yan
kees In New Ynrk. President Han John--on
is using his offices to get several
players f,,r the club so that the Ameri
can League will be strengthened In the
beet elty on the circuit.
City. Bt Rftltgl Hint Its
Hope Must Be llr-nii-il.
'I.I Rivals Win In Plrat Hound f
otleae he. lonrnei
' olutnb a and Harvnrd. anrlent rivals
over ttie i-lwsrdioard, Itir former havlne,
n and the latter nine vn tones to date I
In the annual InterrollealBte chess tour-i
U'hiiIx In Rp n Major l,tnjrtiP! nmnta, Mtrrltd off the honors, in the FJH.I Goal in Last Mintilo of
'ti s' rontul f the i wentv -foiirtti meetlna
iw.th Princeton and Vale at the Murray PlgV (HVp.8 ViftorV to
;lllll Hotel yesterdsv Columbia, win
ner last year, scored a win by 3 to I, at f tlP TlfffTB.
IHie expenne of Princeton Harvard beat "
I Yule by ;i 4 to 'j The winning teams
meet in t ha second round to-dav.
ri-iiin nnp in- wirmern till HIV i.ium-
I hla quartet, while f'apt. B. K Korku".
; who was the last to flnleh after long
ft ai.ti Mori;, Mil. Hec. II .--The direr- drawn out ending, In which he wax a
tore of the local F.-dernl league baseball ',:,w n ''ow n. lost to I 1arr. If., of
i rinc njii. riarvarn e nnvn i i.
Johnson, L La Kevre and E. T. King,
i while A. P. Kllenherger, at the ton lioard.
held I". A. IJuarlna of Yale safe to the
end and drew bis game.
When plav began Ibis morning Yale's
amp was I lirown Into confusion by the
.ihsence of H. C, Levlnson. who waa to
plav at board 2. Ivlnson. It was said,
tt.is on his way here front Chicago on a
'.rain due to arr've about noon. Yale de-
Ided nor to put In
club, who met to-day, practical! 1 gave
up all hope Dl keeping the Federals
Intact They rallel attention to the wray
t-Mlmore and YVccghman have gone back
on their stand and Intimated tliat If the
stockholders of the club so desired the
club would la-gin Injunction proocedtfMJ.
to prevent a p'a4e agn cment unless the
rights of Halt i mo re stockholders are
thorvughly proticted.
It Is now generally conceded by the
local owners that H.vKlmorr will have
to gt back into th" International
Princeton defeated the Presoent A. C.
In a heirtbreaktng basketball gsme at
Oie Se ond Signal Corps Armory. Brook
lyn, last night bv a score of 18 to 26.
The Crescents led at the end of the flra
half, IS to 10. only to have the Tigers
speedily take this advantage away at
the atart of the final period
The Crescents tied It up and took a
I ama.ll lead, only to have Trlnceton come
-nhstitnte and I MCM and one more even the count. A
finally l.evli son put In an appearance I score h r Haas from the foul line tied
Hunts Frequent tn
national Tourney.
St. John s ! Victor Thl. Time by
Score of to IB.
Georgetown's Chrlstmss hasl.etball
I rip ran Into more trouble In the St.
John s College gymnasium In Mmnktvti
last night when tlie St. John's ve hem i Ion In the first lxot bj wrestling 20 inln
u.r isuors irom Washington, 26 to 16. '" wtrnout a nec.eioi
The flrat half was a good even struggle' "e others followed m:
laraeiy 10 me worK of Kelly,
in- uiMirgetown guards. He arni-t n i
P"lnu during the half and when the hru" f?1
iiuue niew the score was 10 to In
favor of St. John's. Shortly before the
period ended Kelly put hla team ahead
at D to H by making two baskets In
4um-k succession
and took his pla -e. The stimmarv
Rjs Marvard I Ynle
I- A S Kllenherger mi A gusrles
'.' H Johnson 1 ft. C lvlnson
I I. 1 Fevie.. t R S Hartlett
IK T King 1 J. C Kunkel
Harvard j-layed whit
hoards The npenirifs
IS Total H
cm the odil numblfM
I. Oluoca Piano:
Falkteei CountiT Caruhlt; 4
There wTe BlattiV of draw c bouts in
the aiia-t-i-ff tournament at the Mm- 1 Rut !.oiw
hnittno rmeee llnu. laat nUthl lr. ! French defenri
Holler ami Helmar Jnhnann sot the fneh- PItINt ETON VI COLtTMBlA
Bdl Princeton I Coliinitita
leclslon and several of 1 6 E I t arter " U Lstds
ilt Rernsr and 0 J " 1 papnoariain u a awofii
up the tame, and a neld goal by Ferree,
all In the last m'nuta of play, gave
BrtuOOtOI Its two point advantage
Ronton inn ffetplosi Half h
Iiozpii Tiint's. but t'orhplt's j
Protpjrp is Cmitloiiii
Tom Celer. the heAVyWelsYtn proleffe
of .Tames J. Corhett. OUtpotntad BtOtOn
Ian (Pirky) Flytin !m the ten round
feature o' the American Sporting ' lub
lass night Flynn WM scarcely 'able to
stand up at the final coag li, beating j
Flynn Cowler did hot illsplay class
enough to make MMOM claim to cham
pionship rating He outhpgod and Out
fougl.t the awkward nppeUring Flynn
front atari to fli.ish. but ha Licked a cer
tain polish, the ability io press home a
good advantage
Half a dozen times the Tiostnnlan wag
halplCM, awaiting only ol e well directed
Pill Player, Hurt
Two Years Ago, Dies
piTTSHnRC, Dec. Tl.- Harry
Shof, 98 years old, of Htf
ttlinlo, Ph., former Itlf end on the
Plttlbnrg foothnll team, died last
nigh I at the West I'onn Hospital
from RI0nlnltit Which developed
I the result of an injury suf
fered in the annual Pittsburj?-W.
& J. pnme of 1919, nt Forbes
Field. Shof is the first Univer
sity of Pitttburg player to die
from football injuries. He was a
medical .student and had been
helpless in the hospital lor nearly
a year. On Thanksgiving; Day at
the I'ittsburg-Penn State (MM
the students held a tag sale for
the benefit of the crippled player,
raising in it c a large sum of
l!t';il 1'iirlmnl PfWhOOfPri
i to . Sroro in Ooorl
Th. It. IfoTd Palo Club team pl.Mst
the Imrlmd Polo Club Freebo.ce. i
the former's quurterx last night. Ihi
gunir starting at S:30, with 0Ofg( ''
htrman, n it Ougganholtn aa.i Di
K Hier in silks for the vlsltots gM
Chariot !ang, Brnesl and August Vnet
The Timers' auece-ss in the seivnid half pinch to go down fur keepg, Half the
was mainly due to the accuracy of time during the elating roundi Pork)
Haas in c uring the hall from the foul etood In Ipless, badly covered tor taeonda
; T-I Siarr If
1 F. F KorUus
one of , i wu rraaaun, jr. in w aempi
on tn phi ami aav i .,i i .i-ui .
nut a nrniiMi It,.,
.uaias gnoi a goal and put the home
team ahead again.
In the aacond half the St. John's team
began with a rush and the tired George
town players soon were out of it. Kelly
wss the best player on the floor, but
B) tie teraia of peace only two major 1 V7" "a could not stand the pace. Fvery-
t,ie rlnos passed Into the hand of ,.' 7 ' V .. . M "'ne !rwl
"is iwui eiKHu.ng, tor h
Mti- owners
Total ! 1 Total I
The big bout of the session between rolumhle nlared white on the odd num
Htrangler LtWli aud the Masked Mar-1 herw! boards The operunas: (.. Petroft de-
was a draw because. It lasted so long
tir Tnr- I,.. ....I.. 1 1 1 - iitliim,.-
Charles Weeirhrmin pur- I of the . Zi ' downml Furst
- ., ... - - null v
fence: u. Queen's namblt declined
that the time for closing up the estab- J BSoSH found to'Ti plsre.1 st the
llshment arrlverl. The men had been j Murray Hill Hotel tins morning and allernoon
wreatllng for 1 hour and S9 minutes ' the nalrlnt will be Yale ri Princeton and
when the bout was stopped. For the i Columbia vs Harvard
first fortv minutes u was doing the I
hardest work, but after that he was TO SELL YEARLINGS TO-NIGHT.
kept on the defensive practically ali of
the time. lllghl Hred Markav Vnnnaslera
Bavlee, won his noui again-' uonm
by throwing the latter with a body hold
One of (he most ImpOrtgtlt blood at
line He succeeded in eight out of nine
attempt.-, as at air it hla showing of
only two In the first half, with almost
i as mi:ii opportunities,
i Itavison, who took Beaver's p. ace for
r the Crescents In the middle of the second
0 half, proved a star. Ke caged three field
1 goals In rauM succession, lie Old the
aame thing In the Crescents' recent game
with Yale.
In the first half the guarding was so
close on both aides, that the scores made
snare all of an exceptional variety. Heath.
Calder and ltaJstead aoored for Orescent
In the flrat half and Ferree and McTlgue
for Princeton. The lineup :
McTlehue ...
leaflet . . . .
. t.sft forward . .
.night forward.
I'ent r,
Left luirtl
Itlght guard.
. . .binges
to lie Offered al norland's.
nd 4s seconds. LAI fit li
In S is and t.e Colosse
jed 'h- C'lilcairo Cubs for
aid to be tl-5.000, which d
a price
not lt.-
granted him during the game
i tie lineup
vale t e Wear bide gnmnoa. RM club i Ntokmm
won from Vogel In 3.t7.
round wirl begin next Monday, whan
-eight of these oontrAotg L the thirty-two lurvivora win be druw-n.
ar to run and thlrty-iix
sii. i'i-. at WViv-bmnn's now pa.rk.
VI I li.-.'.l and dtto iStcifel. ftmner
rgatfl t.f the St. Ieuui Federals, be-
,-' the owii-rs of the St. Louis ,
BroT. bha price for whh'h wa.s
Uit.OOO, which, however, Includes the
b.os'tis DaaabaU plant.
Illockll.l la Lifted.
According to the settlement orgnnlzcil I
laWball got t.ear'.- every concession !t
l T.c blacklist haa been lifte I.
-fth moana that all flayers m the
eafMl Ltagui are eligible to play on
Igba of organised ball, This Includd
Hi' I'na-e and other notoHoUl run
raci umpera whom Ban Johnson Mid
ntter could play again.
i - rVdera1 LetagUa players lemaln i
h pro pert) of the -lubs With which
try ft;, -iied the season and are to lie '
c ! d -posed of In any way that
Itlf s lent see 111. Organized liase
... afraed t.. surrender ail prior rights
t I players Who Jumped contracts
so p. avers whose contracts expired
it th ! 'of the 1918 season remain the
rgpert! of the FeiietHl I itagllr owners ;
something more than 100 players .
- ct t t with the Federal League,
".&!:'-:, ,,f them hgVi Ifonclgd con-.
'Sicti; fort
'e ore I
. et rxp re until the close of 11)17.
I t Kansas City and Buffalo Fed
!ru were forfeited, out Harry F.
'It t , the moving snlrit of the Fed
laflH, i .l one of the most Important
kaUrM it. the ieaca lonferenct. tuia 1
luafahteed tin fulillment of ihe con- ,
'Kt t rilaytra with ih.se oluba. in,
lemea- tin hs w :ll endeavor to dispose
of them i the higheat bidders. Slnebtlr
id the Nat onal Counnlaalon will over
- tr.' affairs nt these clubs and the
battues ,if-f- sides have been made will
fO to t e former owuerh of the clubs.
Trie KationaJ t'ommlssion was cmpow
red to settle s'.l disputes in the cases
tfaalei ,f -tir. Ked league players
Sinclair Hacks l ubsf
h i -I'tdep-trs! that Harry Sinclair .
iaUM real Iracker of the Culs. although
its hai not feen oRVtMlly itmiiected with
' e dub So far tio place has been found
Jai'.es QlbnofO, the man who rounded
ip tne mtlllorsalraa who gae orgarnzed
tiisebal! two yeanj of bitter fighting. It
be'.iel ;hat QlhnorO w-111 bob uri wit.li
Into mat et-unewhere.
Another renort had it that 8in lau .
fid prat tl ally concluded negotiations t i .
rurchase controlling interest In the
Hints, only a different o in Ihe price:
lU&rlini ! tnr wa-. It was untJerstooo !
"tat II rry X Hempstead and Asnley
Uayd, ths largest stm kholders In the
Ilrrlelon Over
T'lsltlani aawMunts
ta-ft forward CI I. one I " '
High! forwarj Currv. I.ntldl ; .luilaes'
Hera, line '
l.efi guard DonaeUvl Kaunrtnan al re seen!
It Slit vtiura W.t.. '
joim i iitiifii oi ine ?i. mi 1 1 niiioiio
A. Cm ltS pound metropolitan boxing
champion, gained the Judges' decision
over A. Kauffman of the Trinity club.
the national champion, last night at the
Crescent A C in three rounds The
final bout In the I tO pound class went
to .1. Maloney of Philadelphia on a de
cision of the judges, P. Vatlan of Boston
being Ins victim
1.. B. Nelson of the Norwegian Amer
ican a. c.i metropolitan wrestling cham
pion at MB pounds, gained a decision
over i ' Cgftoon of the .Ww York A C
after the pair had grappled If. minutes
without a fall
M a rah
t ' arke
2JSJ2 ,r?m ' John's. Nloklaa, i
isrke ji Wales Usorgetewn Keiiy. t
O I.one. Kulahlne Itoal. from foul 8t
Johns, Nick las, is. Georgetown, Kelly,
uoetUutea Ot John s. Weiss for Uurpki
Oenrgstosrn, Hulllvaa for furry. 8ciu for
S.i. Ivan KUlablnS for Bersdlne. IW,.re
E Thorpe. Time of halves 110 minutes
tinldherg Foola llandleappero .
Four games were played In the news-
paparman'a golf pool tournamant at
DoylO'a yesterda'. af:inioon. The first
.iffa.ir brought together the rival car
toonists, R, I.. Ooldbarg and It K Rlp-
. the former winning by a score of
3f. to 131 ii. 131. Goldltoig's
16 came as a sort of shock to the handi
capping committee, as he has been con
sidered all along a "brtixile " l.ou.s de I
Casanova anil urani H nice played 0
nuind which was decided on the '.aat
holt, Byrnes winning 9t to 101 Charles
I'lrlch won from A c. Cavagnara. the j
score bolng 11 tt, to g 0, Pit.
.lack Fa:'- suffered in the nOUdlcapptng
in his match With Willie Abbott, the
latter w inning eaalh . the .score being '
10s 0. lit to ii 30. 139. The second
-PlirM, I 400 ! M oS - Id
fUftoltgl Trl nMllOfli
Firm Rcf
nir I'.U na . Hi v
102 il,rt Pm II, o l. 4 t" HI. I in
won. Dam-lnit tar, ifrrlnctont, -
to i. i to i hihI 34 t I. Mcond; mllftx.
u j iJcbuttlnt r. IS to id, t t. i I 1
ti 4. thirti Time 1 h rVryumtnt. Nmlrk
lf. Ktntly U .ii. -.r. irtl" ftlfta rn
h nn. i Hmc -PiiFM) . I m
MlHnfi nvr M,1 hi f rut ..UK- tju'-'p
Appi-. iIm P-tM), to 1 S to I hi.'I
to n won. Sonny Boy, IM (Tfcplln)
fVMi - to B atvi i to ., Mi on. I Bntrstli
llfc (Milliroi. IS to '. i n n'l : t j.
thim Tin.''. 1 ' llaiffold, Wj
Inrir. Bllt Urk uiul iulsc May ; rati
Tnir i Hi' - Pura. I4 i th ry erold
ni up . to inn . 'ix furlony KopJ.
I lsriinttion. s to j. i 10 2 nri 1 ! 4.
v.. in Luthr 1 f h 1 '1 " '. 1 .v 1 1 .. to 1. n
"Will ci-orff OouMInf b out nf th J to 1 titi.i ;t to I, - 010 , Dinah Do, mi
tranche h- chvntmu " wp the n-irntton I (Troxler), 11 to .. t to r- : t f. third
Hk"l yaterii) , tut 'hAlrniaii MAtAOWl Time ' 1 'i " fallow Bvet, l-Aiim util
or tha reirLoTntlon i nmmi:: had hmhtnc bnver Be ran,
uri Btotamant gin oui 00 j i-. irth Hu Pira, Hoo, three -
m! rvpr ht-jd m thle our.try will ht
I rondtKted io-nlirht nt PurUnd'e. when
, the tborou4Thbrtd yearling of ClarotHsi
H. M.i'kav, from the ll.rs de Fre;: flv
I stud. Mormandy, France, will he fferr'1
j at AUctlot) und r the manament of
' the Powe pH-iiunter Company.
Thon arc thirteen yonrtinni t if old.
' Since they armed in this country they
hav. heetn li.rtrtrd hy thO leading
OWnotl ati.l tralr erK. who realize that
thoy have .1 chance tn add to their "fri-ir
aomo very valuable Pacins i'rop.'t".
The nines r 'jirfnent ,1 nrm Meddler. Rock
Sand. Snndrldj;', Oir.n.!. Mordant. 1'hrr
nlx and lni'!', White the iamn wr
Carefully selected
Many of the yotmanteis have elRai;',-
merit 1 France and FriKlar.d ft well s
in Amor!. The' have Ueen nominated
fur th principal Juvenile tak" In this
Country and Bhoutd they priive sucreii
ful would he eliflble to cra the waUr
np.iin for BUch claealCi a the Derby.
t"';ik!i end Ht !..'B;er In their three-year-old
year The -r1- win hcum t I: SO
i wnh Oeorae Bain ai euotloneer,
ecort-Pnncetoe, 11 ; creecent - uoeii
rrom rhe n-7Ni--l'rir4'to:i. lrre, MTtgue,
S: Poster. Davlee i'rtm-rrt. Hth,
Colder. . Hi toad, U, Haleteod, Davl
on. s. Beton. Tuttitn. cioft'a from foul
Prtnroton, n". 1 6 . He.eteed,4. s .iit!
tutr-s Princeton. I for Hoei Haai
lor Poeter' ('rrer., Brnvfri fo-- Hath,
Re ton f"r Calder Tuthll rr lte4iioaa,
peveen for Bort.in, 11 1 1 n 1 1 f' Rutltr,
ltf-r-f Tom Thorp roiumhli. I'nipir
I n Rnefte, n H. s Tin.-? of b el vea -I'rt
at time. Instead of wading i" and bat"
teiint down lynn'a fuard "'Mier would
wait far vvu tin the fellow .a:iei
Fool ha 1 1 Srhednle liitck tin
hi 11
is, painfully so
c opeiilngi cao
1 i-eiience, Cer
t' wler did not
a mis Rghl
1 Knrl.v Spmoii
"k rontpt.
out of nig t panes
Cowlar e. ,1 ovgl i I ut
utilaga uis fatinirt 10 a.
ie exrlalni'd ! In ; ..!'
talnlv last tilclit Tom
h!iiw the leas! cvl.len ; a t me light u 'i-alk. lulu. iec. -- 1 i.e Penn
lux Ingtlnet., Cowlar out boxed Hynn at footbgll schedule, for till announced tttti
nil times. He shifted aoslly, feinted well ruornltie bv Minuu rskaelaa TM la
arid popped a snappy strulirlit left lilts I...IUUM ,
riyntva faoo abnoad at will I tha shortest that tha Quaker team haa had
lor many years Tliere are onlv nlu
Tom supplemented the left with right
hooks to the hody nml ewlngl to the
head He m.nie a mistake in atarftng
too fast. He appeared t't he nrm far'
In the last few rounds
Plynn fought one of his noorcsi bat-
tles. He was slow in,.! wild and on r
every occasion was ready in drop into
a clinch lie grew desperate us Cowlei
continued lo outpoint him and tried to
score a knopkoul with u aweeplng oer
hnrtd haymaker Th' he always teie.
graphed se onda before he tried it, ,ie.
liver After the close t.f the ninth
round Klvrm whs en exasperated Hint
he till Tom in Ihe back
l'nwr should have won as early ss
the second round, in thle iwrirt,! he
dropped Flyrn with a rlghl in the jaw.
Tom d'ove l'.irk al. around the ru g.
I Hut couldn't ennneet properly. In 'he
(fifth Cowler hpd rlyr.:i helpless
I the ropes, but agatln lie failed The last
tnr-e nniiids were alow bui Oowksi had
all the advantage In then:. I'Tvnn could
barely drag hlmaelf ti i.i- nnrner. lie
v.ie go hg weary he wn-iid nut hare
been aide to get up if Cowler had pushed
ineiin up for the riedturua. nentor 1
WOP, li to ;. Ther wui glao plant '
enjoyment in Wlala between the iui
land first learn. Arch. Kinney. W I
Unnei am) ,. , ailm in, ami Pie I' u
Pol t Ctuh trio, A Colmgn, Jogeph Breen
a'ifi Jamei Hchwelger, which heg.u; i 1
Durland s after the music ride, tin I hi
tween the I'm Club nine H.rds ,i 1 ,.
i Brooklyn Riding und Iirmg Club t't
I i ires. i li i h also It, iiH'i Isle f,t i '
Vtiimi I'ark a 'iidemv.
The guinea were praet cs off air. .u
tiler lhal the (earns tniglit qualify far
he handicap list of the Indoor Po
tlgociMlon and later take van ' lit 1
..in. dub series, which Will begin on Jan-
ias o
y.r-: g'.il 'ii the RrooMyn game waa
:tiad I". I ,.ll k of the ItCdful'ils, ait
d siiarp mete anil he gained iwo mori
by rushing t ilths and the aid of well
placed supporting hits before the New
xorlt Visitors were able to score Bmesl
Vogt and Ins black mount. The Whip,
at. -I its hrotber were vigorous In bloclv
Ir.g plnin and In hitting up the ball to
their forward, The lirat period closet
with the players massed over the ball. '
Which Waa so hidden In Ihe scrimmage
that none ltd get a trtte stink" a; II
The tail- i.eii was 4 to - i fsA'or of
team always hai played . .t . . L ' " "
games provided for Instead of the usual
ten or eleven. This is due to the fact
that the fool hall comm'ttee deemed It
advisable to omit all Wedneaday games.
Herd. ,f.. re t
ird Bier each getting a goal, bn
With two exceptlone Pvajjia wlll thgj home team, The Anal ro-mt wai
meat ih lante teame thai it did thle a ,v.., f.,r Tf, Bedford! b) I eoali t
peel eeeaott Albriaht : dropped from I The lineup
it- midweek KJinit- end Bwarthmore taktai ,, . . . ., , , .. , v , ,
in "Hi r in iniii.- im ovemoer erneouia
e litip paaiir th Pet ill SIhih mikI litt.
burff aame have reMi moved up .i woe.,.
Pent Will M"t--T State in October 21 at
Krenki. n KiM and will Journey to
ma i
, 1.1 to th.
Tu"'l d'
The nm RftdmM Wm na m U.-r I ronh
for the MI'.lrAHe A. A fain- on Jiiiuarv
tl i a vr lutiuNom i up 3 !ncJie In
helabt ' ! niv-n tor t ht one ana
h'.f rnlle Invltetfen "raca and hi to be!
won threes tioir- by a member of ttto eame
rlub. !M Leella uon rh Rret trophy out (
right for thf l"rie Is'aml A. t 1m -,intr
end i eapeeted lo put up ar Aaht '
avuin: Mika Devennej or thi beme rTub
tor thf new 011,
I i order to alv thr rpertH a chance
to air their vfow- on the fairne- of rhe
jutnptr.K wtylt ot rhemplon Taylor, eno re 1
cently tame out of th Wei, a K tend Of
hroati lumr' ha- been edded to rb pro
remma rer the shvi-A Heme meet in
Madlenn lkUai ' tiuMlrn on January 2ft. ;
Taylor ha u..fitt'l th InvltetlOO to roin-
peta ana i ne oppose. t l moil or me
! earl in R Kaaterti u nip.-rs.
nl.ls. on- ejelif-er. tl ftiiI'..n's Knrore. I
i io. t leriiniton t, IH to i. even end - to
j wen: Impareter. io tttii. t io 11
. e.-en ami 1 to 2. eerond . U ar Lll) I IS I
(Hanover, i 9. i r.. iud l to i. third.
Time, :. : 4-r. ski.- Kiwd. Briar Peth
r and wendi Pltier elee rn.
1 Fifth H. e -Purae, $4 mi . three-) ear -el'le
ami up. eel I Ine; Bva furlonaa Pierrot, iui
(leffertr)i i ' '-i le ft i t . wen
Jane. 111 (Jekaoni. Id to 1, 5 to 1 atir 7
to i. eteond iJ: ot .n.ir i.-.. lot iPerrtnetoni
I 4S le l end to ... third. Time
1 1 01 -- I'hltro. l-nne White. The Uarki
TiKr Jim and laohgeblbbla etao r n
Iteth Race Pu roe, 1100; thret)raareldi
i ii i up tlUna; "r" mil Altamaai IM
Peillet. IS to n an. I t to i. won;
fgeceitel, m;. (Tapllnl. I t i. t II and
I tn 3, eeeend Napier. 110 I Pei Hnaren i.
I 7 10 I. -1 to nnil 1 to 'A. third. Tun.-
j 1:40 i -r. Moeeowe. Afterglow, K.ying
Feet. Cutty hunk ttni autumn ais.i ran.
i"ift Reee etelllna; three year nidi i 1
upward the and a half furlonae -Tordli'o,
i "ji iQreeei. to i . .i t i . 3 m won .
vVasemell. iei iPeoli I to i o i even,
econd; Teper lip. l3 (llbintnf), to I.
- to i. even, third rime. Itof, Uegaety.
Co Rendel Hepabui If . Jollj Ta
llerehe Ttleli maw Pfoaperoue Bab , .
H Kiker. Kavorlte Artl le, King Chilton,
'.-.! and Noiio i ; rami eleo ran.
gecend Race -gel Ingi threa-jreer-eldi end
up" ar. ono :m i Bee le . Its Hoi I
t to ... ?. to i t.. i won. Tllleteen. IM
iM.ir-. n i even, 3 to i eecendi B n
Qlea H it k, U. iMa'tiiewtti. ! to 1. 4 :o 1
I to i. third. Time, 1:41 Th Monk. WTPd
Hnr uman klr in H HIm- k Mi'r
Sr-iovrlti It.nia. Pro Hea l eiJ Arge'it i
Third Rare galling; fouryeer end
ii n a t . . 1 lv ' . i I' , . . II - T.i"l tO',
(eVhemerhorn)a io I, c to v n to ;. won.)
roiiee. io; Cullent, to i. ; to i, i io u. ,
ft on. I . M'i r opo! , : ( ii. I i iron i . to '.. .
to &. l to third Time. 1:11 11
A'tntfe ("nr.. ireo. gtretheern. Willi! an i I
Hi k B Euhenki e ran
Fourth rta-e galling hndleeBi 'hr.e
veernidi and upwerd; ieven furlengje--
i'ur i-ue 1"" ilteriM i . sr.:, to 1 ro 1
i. won. Htar nf l,.e. I Pool I, to I, I
to ;. l to 4. aecond; Kootenay. H1 1
MattbaWtl, '1 to 1. 4 to J to thirl i
Time, i i it Brookfteld end Bonance
alo ran
Klith Rece Se'.lu.g 1'.re.--year o!, nn
upwerd; nve end a hell furionge Bird men .
i igehamerberni. le 1. even, I to :.
A.m. Choctaw, III (Molt) 3 i- T to ' !
a to r.. eecond; Heael ' io; 'Morv', io .
1 4 ro I, . to 1. third. Time. 1:01 ;.
iraie Dot. Muw Hr ush Holler, Veete i
Right, Utile Jake Hu. . Cerondolei
(Slalom Houaa, lU Tina- a M Alan end ,
Pr. Ma- k II ' ' an"
stxth ita- - ?e ting; tbree-yeer-o d enn
upward: 'n mile n.i an elghth-rOoldj
107 it ghtlUngi even, 1 to .. t to wotv
petit Bleu, M tHeyooi, u to I, pven. - to .i.
leeond; Bloom In Poeey. nu (Breee toj
l, :i to 1 I to s. third Tune. i j Iran'
parent. Pater Htelwert. llole Sharp..
Knight end Wennla H De - 'n
Hero of Hnij 4 roaa OBBM Will I. fail
rt Year! BlaraBe
Tho elfi tlon tit tl.e lfl Kordhain IVot-
ball captain v-hi.h was hei.i aaterday, i
reeuueo in a tnree rornenii ngn: m wnicji , hem over.
James J Hutler, u sr-nlor. from WUimng Prankle Brown and
ton. ivi . wag the winner Buttrr lia i drew .'a tit gerni-final
played on ho Marnon rlven for the j -,.
laet three N-i4to!is. bur h broken ankle
and other minor Injuries prevented him
from piii-th'ipatliiK in every contes
(n herluh-'l until the present "ensnn.
Btttler had i hough t of entering th"
tTnlverelty of Penngylvanlg to continue
medical BtUdlea but li decided to enter
Pordham medical ei hool next year when
lie wag elected to the leailerflilp nf rhe
Maiooti eleven. Hu'W niade hlineetf
famnue a Pordham this -r when he
ran through the Holy t'roxa team the
length of the Held for a touchdown nnd
Won th'1 gnnie
i land Preebootere-S . tl 1
Vu ii n Uuggennelmi
i: iiii
S' ra it- ilnrd Pole
I'nti. i i rMuootare, .. i iniivi.iuai all
a Ie4tng, I ! V"g. 1 . 'her mail I liter,
" ' "" ' '- i ,(,r-r- l. I.i. ip and M l.. -M-a-le
managcmeni ponvinceo tne renn r - -t n-i 1 1 or Rami Three ifl iiaui
committee ihat it ould draw : h:-'-1
N I.
Club. t. tiitr'.ind
it Porben Kielil than at Phlledel-
Phe echedule
Raptembti m' Virginia et Ph:ia '
lobar ' -Prenklln and Merehell at
Philadelphia; it gwerthmort at Phlledal
i lite I'enn srat. a PhlledC phla; 7,
I'll t-r. r- tt Plttathura
November 4- Lafayette Phii..t'iihia.
it Dartmouth Philadelphia, II, Hlchl-
(t.it: Afi Art. or 3". Cornell a ' Phi
freneti Raperl Plage imgtewr la
in. Ptral I'M bile Matek,
.1 r si ii ii ii i inn ii Defeats null.
It, McMannlman, III, defeated K A
llsll. lit, lust nlghi in the anoteur I :S
I balktlite handicap al 1 1 Brooklyn Hiii
lard Academy. ISt to IK The winner
averaged I tSlta With high Win of I.'
I M and ii. HR.ii! st mi average .' l
I and clusters nf 'i. v Hiiti ' lot H ill
. hn in itlon It miner Miirrles.
Klrmln Caaalgnol, ii:" Preneh blltlaM
player aim haa been pratlaalng nt Daly's
lines iiis arrival here recently, played
;.! lift mutt h in public Inst 'iinlit
I fair Mned throng or iniiiuiii enthusiasts
jcrowded around tlie uibla al Daly's .md
I Mat hed iaaalgnol licit Julius kima..
Hannes Kolehmalnen, champion dis- io ir.T it took Cnsslgnol only Bf
tance runner, and Alma Johnson were I tssn inning ' complete hi- string, si
married laal ight at the Vlnnlah Evan j lite average wai l 10I8 His besl run
gellral Lutheran Church in jrorty-foorth I aa ss Kllnger averaged lio-u and
tr.el. Brooklyn. The ceremony waalhla high run waa i.
perfurmed by Ih Rev. Nlllo Koehotler, I Uiillaul I'mliusiastK di-cussma
tin itor of the t iiuri ii Miss Msrthii John- ' ihe probe bllli y nt .1 match between 1
M nrril
Ht'.i Mi
1 1
mi 1 .in 1 11 1 s 1 lark.
K lelima if
.f 11...
.II vi
brldeama l
ties! n H'i
xltl Hllll 111''
.11 .11 Fif-
- gnol .1 ud Champtr
1 in Prenyh eaperl
sines lie waa here ,
mi. 1 naldet
w llliant t '. II. ..
Improved greai ;
yeai'H ago. -itiii ''.
I Hoppe'i logics
r; S1 'Packey McFaiiand Declares Neither Ritchie Nor Lewis
iiirgei ' oeived thirty days In whirh to 1 Can Claim Championship Until They Dis-
Interval In a major league . f . n ,
1Mb live , of Which are known to he nflSP OI Him HoXIlltr NfltPS
' the infant. me lis Will dl
layer, on hit hands wherever
rer sal,
HKS nf
Tin . Warda will be taken oarc of
revealed by the following annnunf-
't'S.'lt . t
Hit Ward In tarsals win he relm
iioth major leagues assuuling
hi. : :.,r,klliliH "
Willie Ritchie Hinl Te.i Lewis, wtm
iiiciit at efadlaon Bejuare Garden next
week, will not he allow ei to make eer-;
I ious claim to the welterweight title re
. ganlless of the outcome. Tin- Mailt has
J HI t ,,, as to he dona was nut 'heen advettised as a chamnlonaliip. much
"ads -'.t officially, i m t 'he general ta the dlsaleMure of Paekey MoParlanl
" '-, 1 ,"' '- ,h;;' '""I I'ackey iaaed hlmaelf Into tha weKer
aiional ird American lea rues will pay, ..
of 1400,000 to the Warda In an- weigh! situation yesterday through a
1 of ItO.fsOO a h letter to Jiinnile Johnston, manager of
tt.iitl.. in Hi. iieais- ennferenee .i,. i:u,..in A. (1
rei s convened to-day th tnt," he wrote, "but I've heen boxing
Iieague ifTairs threatened ,g hoya for years Wlien Lewis and
ii i". utile. The trouble dui,u w.ttii. their difference! the wmnoi
rf. fougl
'i rim
ii reje i
receipts. Thai tloes not Uppeal strongly
to him. as Leach is an aatutu bualnaai
man. lie clalma Ihat orlginallj he was
offered 00 with .1 privilege pf 10 per
cent, t.i boa ihe same i otninej a match
thai was postponed in order to Kive th.
dentist a crUt k al Wolgatt,
l-'ive per qent, i ."t per cant. 10 the
battling tooth carpenter 11.' rigurce
that hla preetlge haa auffered terribly
nliea.ly and that In- cannpl arr.nd u re
duce his tenia nf prires iMirefore he
will try 10 conserve his earning capaclt)
hy knocking nut Kommey as promptly
hs poealble.
"Homme; helped force ine
ining, Mini uaacii last n irlit. 'hut lie
i-irst gaes aeihng; lor Ibrae-yeai nit.s anii
upward one nnie
Mian Ipiller., mjiklnnji B M
risk Hi.. 0 ajntart IW
jnii ni Walters " 'Buniif M
gisnler - . ' '''' Louis i"
Cisluranie ... . sfjefJeos .. IW
Mane Cofhlll I Moll Cad...
ganotal itm-e lelliaf; lor lbreeyearoldi
IMl upwardi Br ami one lu.ll furluiws:
l,.l James iaiVelle Kort.v m
Miss Hsdalii hit1 iteiiiiiiioiii ins
rrancis W tlaea Cur:
Hhi M.itii 'situ . 1111 "nasei i imi
iit 1.1ns UP
1 11 sftilbl 11 K ' III.
iMipalma . '.t ,
He. Co
fur 1 lii-es year ohm mil
Old Cross. '
Third Ksce Sellllis
' upw srd : one mile
1 'peuillv lOt'Oann 1ST
i i.iitl.v Bouih liWBermurtiau ., i"'
I 1- Doueherly iflaJAuiru.tus Hf: n 11:
ClakO r'.. Miitleliiie Murn , ! 'i
Kt'iittii ggea islllna: Ihree-yeig-eldl and
I uiiward flu uitti a imir lurlongai
I Virme I'tit MTKenreth IN
, khI Selsoii Cprdovs !s
1 Mi., K eltler :m Make Aneiit 1"T
11 i ih ii.irn nanior "i-
gfilhllff; l w 11 year ill, is, dvs fur
the demaiide of Carroll W.
nn !. ami President Rob
the liuft iltj clubi
r 1111 1 Ii
mil I 1-11 a in I hanged.
Kedaral League ownerg de-
' ' ' iin hl.ee practically for noth
c li ' ! lernatlonal eaguo, Preai
I .ii"l Jack Dunn, owner
tin I: 'Pit. re franchise In Ihe In.
league fought Ihe ieue out
the matter waa placed in the '
nmmlUeo compoaed of the j
1 omtniaaioni .lames Oilmors, 1
u4 n:
U li.
( ii
Is nh
r: .
Il flAt
" .
will have Packey .Mcl'iu l ird on his.
iiands. i w IU tio lit poundi rlngalde for
tne wlnnei .lust assure him Hint he
will have to beat me itefore his ham
pionehip oktlm can stand the aoid test."
Tins .itliiude of Mi Karlaiid is likely t'
renew Inieresl in ihe welter division,
which suffered dry rot for a few seasons
A lot of real welters men like M l'-ai-
w.i.i sini Ritchie have been posing as
tuna ' m oduiuh
i . iImm m aniei
... i Z "Oild Com 1" 'It i- S.i it1 lul
mi he .. .. . 'ti,
will regret It u. hi. dyIH, u,,., nit
....... . iHiouu mi uiinunaie, ; inn-c-
'oiiiinr rrom i 'rino., ,.,, 0f moat I 'Roes garden rn ...-- . m
iimUesi imti gladiators before tha nub- !r ,, a. ft!lny c"! "'If
irrtei weiaht. 1 t,.i , Rn IS .Ruhifsl m
itfti svsrsui se . us
Race 'iimn, ihree-year'Olda aud up
i-serl ion
11''. SUCH H'
'."ii nwisier uuiie naeiy lo have to T.ola
look the doom of IiI.m' Harlem naluoa h... . bim
fore 9 :1I0 this night,
inaae tne niniwiifiii I? wuirai a;u ii
without OhOPPlng off leg Their dicta- a severe cold thai a oatpolienienl Waa
...ii, i.. made It hard for leBlt'-, iieci'ssa r , Rubaaousrilli in,. !..
i .. . . L i eonaa aim' : . i . . . t.i
...a ic iinspinuuvii or uun ui ...,.i., ..r tie . I. ilililile liuntlee anl llaiii liln'i.ilii:, urn l i,
airiie elllhs That , mail iin. "-" " IT'"'
Mike Olbbona and Ifoung Ahearn will
lettle their differences in Ht, I'aill. Minn
the evening r January is. They were
to have boxed ten days aeo Inn nn tha
u l',l
.Bertha v i''n "nsmman
nan. IMI'Moonllghl
Mil. I Sill .. 10" Oner
rimrli'v ItcFerran 1ST Davs Montnonisri
Fairly I IV
fin i
rlngiide I eve of the battle Mi
i olori
. 1 ..'"""'V ... "' .. ? " . 1 . .rrier to k't'l pioperre
nnnina nanuarj una hotn - ,r..' ..,.,,.,. uder their true
' "': LM. ".eUuVd sn3 Hit, -hie have the
win ten wneinei ine ren- i " u.. ulihllh than
tunnies o. . rVJ.V.
.selves in me oswi " ni i-
Biiiwn iightweiKhis iii number! are likely
tn follow i lie "
nlentv of a, lion this winter In "'C lone
'Klc','ted hut once popular division.
tarry out
ti to come mi" Ihi liapue;t
lernatlonal League 1 as been i .
hi tnree changed The Jeraej
- ai to Richmondi Jack rui n's
lull win he transferred io
and the Han liburg club win
lueedayi i.e. 'jsin.
Put omie Nag llpen-
lelepbaoe Mad s,, .,nsj.
i eaiii.i'i'ies ami Paokey Hominey win
set together In grudge mutch lu-nlght
at ihe Harlem Uporllng Club. Croaa had
altemotlve of i.oxihk mii ruunui
nil Hominey or taKUUf a eixiy uaya u--
ainn iioiu ine -si. ue .I,
Ian Leach i iid no ohuni a m dlo-
i iiiun ii al
I at
' croaa la to get 38 par cent, oi the gale
tneir contracts some time near in,, mid
dle or next month, Until yesterday no
definite date had heen named, The
original articles of agreement win cover
the coming match. Warn IlKhler Is lo
receive l&.ono
wiiiic Alley, in" Weal Mlde bantam,
will meet Youna Hose of the Kasi Side
in the ntaln event tit the Olympic -v C
entertainment next Monday nlghi
Koiir ten round DOUla W lie bald
ai : i.e Olympic C paclaj tonlgln
Waller McOIrr vn Jiinm) Kennedy,
Kranl'.lr I 'la ea . i Johnny lluaaell; liiii.
Kell.. vi Tern Adams, Wllllut) laiwii
i. b. U. UlouUk
When oratring say
Molt pUe trvr
it xcluaivgly
.ettlad by-E. A J.BURKE
The Sign of a I
Reliable Dealer 1
Best Gasoline I
Gasologue No. 13
Pimcs are looking up
"Yes? What makes you think
"Oh, I see signs everywhere.
"Signs? What signs?"
"SOCONY signs. I can drive
my car anywhere nowadays
and be sure of getting reliable
fuel wherever I go. All 1 have
to do is to look for the little red,
white and blue SOCONY sign.
The dealer who displays it is
bound to be reliable because
he carries SOCONY Motor
( jasoline
"What kind of gasoline? So"
"That's r i g h t -S O - k O - N Y .
That's the way to say it. SO
CONY Gasoline is a clean,
straight-distilled product, every
drop like every other drop. It's
got plenty of power on the hills,
it's quick-starting in cold or wet
weather, and it's always the
same wherever you buy it. You
can't go wrong if you buy your
gas under the SOCONY sign.
Priocirial Offices
New York Buffalo Albany

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