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Metropolitan Golf Tournament Courses and Dales Announced Shafer, Once of Giants, Plays as Amateur
jfofrnpolitnn Amntcm Will lie
J'laycd Tlirrc Open at
Garden City.
C'!i"""i and dates for the various mt
ropl.: ohutntilom lilK of 1016 were et
c tel !'y the exccullvo committee of the
Hk'ir-'.-uii-1" Jlf Association lost night.
nt f" mbcin ot. tho cominlttco illlieil at
i 1 i,u ("inn a i tho gut'xt of J, IS. Coliti
TuiV'li ' N.imuu. tho newly tlicleil
prrr. Irtit of thr nWoclatloii.
The inetroinilltaii untatcur champion
hl "III be iliil this r.ir on tho
Mm. 4 Him N.unMUtCountry Club, UIpii
Cove. I,, 1 . on Juno ,, X, 9 and 10, about
u viivk later In the sc:ihoh than laat
. riar Tho Nassau course lias been remod
elled In the last yoar or two and now
miurca C.4US yards. Tar in 71. Nas
liti a.ways has been one, of tho leading
tnetn-pollun clubs and held tho M. (1.
A. amateur In l'JOO nnd 1j07.
i It "ill ot mure to play for tlio
UTO.it'-ur title th year, far the entran v
ttt ralsed last nlRht from IS to J3,
The ilcld waa a iIb lt year that the
executive committee will not be over
come with recrit If the Increased fee
j-eiuIU In a reduction In the number oi
entrants. The fee for the club pair
competition which always la played dur
In the progress of the amateur chain-
, plonshlp waa reduced from 12 per play.r
to Jl per player. Tho committee, would
ike to see an Increase In the number
of club palm.
Garden City was selected for the met
ropolitan open cnampionsnip, wnicn win
be plated on July C and 7. Clardcn
CIty'r course ts no well known and ha
been the scene, of so many champion
ihlps tli.it no description of It Is needoJ.
The Junior metropolitan championship
sent to the Englowood Country Club
and the scramble for the title which
I'htllp Carter must relinquish because he
I. as paired the ace limit, will take place
on Juru 27 and 21.
The fourth tournament arranged at
rt nleht's moetinc waa the Pater et
F1I1U competition, which waa held last
xrear for the fln time by the Sleepy
Hollow Country Club. An earnest re
quet to bo aliened to hold the tourney
acaln was received from Sleopy Hollow
and the request wni granted. The Kolf
lae fMhers and eons will gather on the
hilly Scarborough links on June 19.
, In addition to selecting courses, set
tine dates and raising and lowering en
trance fees, the executlvo committee
performed . an net last night that Is
retting to be an annual custom. It np
polntftd Flndlay 8. Douglas of Apa-waml9-Nassru,
captain of th Metro
pelltan Lesley cup team cf 191C, nnd
tt.e former national and Metropolitan
fhamplon will lead the New Torkers
to Uostin next fall to defend tho fa
irous trophy.
Hell Sace Kid Frederick.
Larry Miflttha outpointed Kid Pred-
er!e'f it tho Tjroadway Sporting Club,
r.rools'yn. t";rday afternoon. Tho bell
iwei Kmlerlck In tho last round.
I .-L -I-.
t.'haniplunahln Course for I till! Will
He t'hosrn on Jnn. SS,.
The New Jersey Stalo Oolf Association
will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday,
January 25, at 4 o'clock In tho after
noon nt the olllco of Frederick II.
Thomus. 71 Hroadway. New York city.
Tho call for the meeting was sent out
yesterday by Nathan 8. Schrocder of
I.'iik'lewoinl, tho rcorctary.
The main business of the meeting will
bo the election of a president William
WUtson of ll.iltusrol Is the present
holder of tlte otllcc and the selection of
tho course und dates for tho associa
tion's annual amateur championship, the
enly tourney which tho association holds.
Kach active club Is entitled to tm repre
sented by olio voting delegate, whoso Up
polnlment must bo certified by his club
Art Sliafer of Glnnts and Jirc
deinns, Who Vaulted for
Money, in Tourneys.
Three Cnpe for Mrs. Fruer,
Thre reason cuiw for women nt Ual
tusrol have been won by Mr. C. J, 8.
I'rawr. Her mont notublo performanca
iu her victory In tho ringer cup com
petition, which bIio won Willi a selected
score of 37 .15, 72. Louis Keller was
the donor of the trophy. Tho presl-1
dent's cup, given by IO ui l ll.iyaid, ,
for a season lonu competition on the
point system, iiluo waa wbn by Mih.
FYaer, an waa a cup for VuttlnK given
by Mm. C. 8. Mape.t
DoxIiib la Hrrlvcd at Harvard.
P, t.nntnp Milan Ten 1 .lln.i.ap.l'.
revival of boxing began to-day when j
the Instructors worked with u squad of
mora tlian twenty men. Arclilo Itoosc
velt, son of former I'resldcnt ltoosevelt,
who wan one of the beat sparrera at
Harvard In his day, was one of the
candidates and boxed for a few moments
with Charley White, the lightweight. The
football squad waa well represented by
Soucy, Parsons, Wentherhead, Harto and
Whitney. Thero will be an open box
ing tournament early next month.
Ilaltnsrol 4U-tm Tmpebontlnir Can.
A. cup which will go to tho trapMioot
Ing champion of Uio Haltusrol Coif Club
at tho end of tho season ha ton given
to tho club by Sidney 1L Urowno nnd
Edward 11. Rcnwlrk.
Oaaalscnol Makri Itnn of 207.
Flrtnln Caaslgnol defeated .W. Qernhel
In the afternoon. 250 to 20, nnd D. Todd
In tho cvenlnv, .250 to 25, nt Daly's yes
terday. Ills nfternoon high run was
207, and he averaged 41 4-6. At night
iu ran t2, and averaged 27 7-9,
MtranKler and Marvel Drarr.
Strnrujler Leiwla held tho Masked
Man-el to a draw after 2 hours 31
minutes of actual WTrstllng at tho Man
hattan Opera House Last night In their
catch na catch can match to a finish.
Griffin DeCrata Barton.
Dnrkey Grlllln outpointed Pallor nur
ton In the main bout nt tho Vandcrbllt
A. C Hrooklyn, last night
Throngs Surround Cndlllnc.
Numerous expressions of disappoint
ment are heard from persons who are
unable to get within seeing distance of
the Cadillac cut open chassis with Its
eight cylinder V type engine. From the
opening until the close of the show tho
exhibit la thronged, otttlmea three to
six deep.
Loach fr nodus
Dealer In Dodge tirothers corn In
tho Beat will be entertained at n lunch
eon at the nilx-Cnrleton to-day. The
affair Is In tho nature of a celebration
of the success achieved by Dodge llroth-
era In their first 'year aa car manu
facturers. While no production figure
have been arlvon out, the statement la
mado that the public haa "bought more
than $85,000,000 of these oars."
Among thoao who will be present at
tha luncheon la A. T. Stanton, British
representative of Dodge Brothers, who
came over from Londcm. Mr, titanton
"The economy wave and the new Im
port tax liavo both Injured tho motor
car huslncas. Of tho two, It Is my
opinion that economy Is morn the raa-e
of the fulling olT of s.ili!.i than the Im
port tax. Hut divtpltii the irt'tierul slump
Dodge. Brothers' c.iix are very popular."
A. I. Thllp, general sales manager for
Dodgo Brothers.; Oocrgo C. Ilubbs, as
nlstont tetiernl sales manager. an4
Theodore F Mar.Mnnus. vleo-praBtaewt
of tho Jtrwln Ac Wnsey Company, ad
vertising agents, will address the lit
dealers at tho luncheon.
Pome work Is nil ready for the execu
tlvo committee of tho United States Golf
Association If It wants to enforce Its
amateur rule. There arc at lean two
golfers playing In tournaments held by
V. H. Q, A. clubs who hardly can bo
called nmateurs because of their profes
sional experiences In other lines of nth
letlc endeavor. They are ' rthur Shafcr,
who has been u fiequent competitor In
tournaments on tbo Pacific coast during
1915, nnd John Uredcmus of tho New
York Oolf Club.
8hafer Is tho young athlete who played
In tho Giants' Infield for several years
and left tho team after tho 1913 reason
aylng that he had other sulllctcnt and
more attractive menns of support In fact
all during the time that he was with the
Olants It n understood genernlly that
he possessed Independent means and did
not need to play baseball to malti; tils
living. Ncvorthtleos ho received a good
salary for his services, and without a
doubt Is a professional athlete.
Hlnce his retirement from baseball he
has bien playlrt? golf, ami nlthouirh the
fnlted Stntis Oolf As-oclnxlon has ts
announ ed his relnta.tccncnt as anu'm.iteur
the California cluba i-ccm to have trvated
him us such. In tho handicap list of
tho Southern California Oolf Asjoclatlon
Issued recently he Is rated nt six and
less than.two wecko ago wo.i two cups
In a club "tourney.
Theru seems to bo little If any doubt
that the John Bredemus who took part
In the nmatcur'tourr.ntnent at I'lii'hurst
last week Is tho same John Bredemus
that uon tho all round championship of
the Amateur AthVtle Union In 190S and
1912, reprrwentlng l'rlnceton Unlv rslty
on the llrst occasion and plain l'rlrceton
on tho second. If that wt re all that
could be charged ngalnat this John
Bredemus there would be no r ason why
ho should not be welcomed :in un
amateur golfer, but since scoring theM
notable victories the former l'rlnceton
golfer has crossed the line into pro
fessionalism. Bredemus accented a position as coach
at Stamford, Conn., and later nt Horace
Mann School. Ho deviated ccn fur
ther from tho rnndut that tho recent
amateur conference out II mil aa correct
when he competed In the gajnes'of tho
Caledonian Club last Labor luy. The
Scots games are entirely mado up of
professional events and Bredemus vio
lated more than ono of the canons laid
down at tho conference. Besides com
peting for money he competed under an
n-oumed n' me o'ioos ng for the n aslon
the non de track of "Al Copland." At
the Ca.edom.in meet llreflemus tied for
first ptace In the polo vault and divided
tho llrst and second money, umountlng
to $11. Aa Bredemus no longer holds
a registration card In tho Amateur Ath
letic Union, that body did not havo
to tako any steps to show that he had
placed luuisolf outsldo the palo of amateurism.
I XeS now $1595
I Bigger and Better'
A New Achievement in
The Proven Eight
THE MODEL 860 Cole Eight, at $1595, turns
another page in multiple-cylinder history. 1 1 is
a tremendous money value. It gives you twenty
five per cent more power than any other year-proven
high-grade Eight with four hundred pounds less
weight. That means lighter cost of upkeep and in
creased tire mileage.
The more you know about a motor car, the more this new
Cole achievement' will appeal to you. The more you study its
light, sturdy structure, its improved engine and its perfected
lines, the more you want to own it. And when you ride in it
and see it perform as no other car can perform, you'll settle the
matter of its superiority for good and all.
You'll go up the steepest hills without a
thought of them. The rough roads won't
impress you. Driving yourself, you will
know that no other car picks up like it,
that it will stick to the road as a train fol
lows the tracks. You will drive without
gear shifting, silently, without vibration.
You'll accelerate from ten fo fifty miles
an hour in les than twenty seconds.
And you'll get this maximum perform
ance permanently. See this superb car
at Grand Central Palace and then let us
prove our claims by a demonstration.
All prices f. o. b. Indianapolis.
Colt-Stratton Company
Broadway at 57th Street
Space A-9, Grand Central Palace
THE Standard "Eight" has not only attracted a great deal of favorable comment from users, but after X
year's service has proved to be in every respect a thoroughly practical and efficient "Eight."
We have had absolutely no structural difficulties whatsoever and the Standard Steel Car Com
pany is now entering its second year with many enthusiastic owners in the larger cities.
We think that their success the first year was possibly
quite largely clue, not only to the excellent construction of the
"Eight," but also to the national reputation and unquestioned
standing of the manufacturing company, which in itself is a
guarantee of the integrity of their products.
The Standard Steel Car Company, as you may know, is
one of the largest industrial concerns in the world, and
possesses facilities for the production of automobiles enjoyed
by no other company in existence.
We realize that this is a very remarkable statement to
make, but when you stop to think that the Standard Steel Car
Company is in a position to make practically all their own
parts and make them from Standard Steel produced by their
own furnaces, these furnaces having a capacity of 1000 tons
a day, you will agree with us that we are right.
Their rolling mill alone represents an investment of
many million dollars, and when you reflect that more than
Bo'o of the material entering into the modern automobile is
steel, or its kindred products, we feel sure that you will appre
ciate that this equipment is of the greatest importance to
owners and to our dealers as well as to ourselves.
When the Standard Steel Car Company first undertook
the manufacture of automobiles nearly four years ago, they
went about the work in a most thorough manner. They were
in no hurry, and it was nearly three years before they offered
their first car to the motor trade or public. Their engineers,
chemists and machinists were all under instructions to take
their time, and to make their experiments at the company's
expense and not at the buyer's. The result was that this first
c ar was right
Their unique facilities enable them to use their own
special alloys for the different parts manufactured, these al
loys being tested by the engineering and chemical experts of
the Company, and' proved to be the best for the particular
uses for which they are designed.
The result is that the Standard Eight has been a trouble
less car, and we cannot make this too strong. We have never
had a motor freeze in test or in service. In fact, motor
troubles have been absolutely unknown to us during the en
tire year. Our staggered cylinders and our force feed oiling
system through hollowed crank shaft, together with the care
ful inspection and thorough tests to which all our motors are
subjected, are some of the features of construction that have
been responsible for this gratifying result.
Other features of our car include the light weight wedge
shape frame, which prevents side swaying, gives greater
strength pound for pound and makes for easier riding, and
the improved Hotchkiss (anti-skid) Drive of the double uni
versal type.
In fact, the more carefully you study our car the more
likely you are to believe that our claims for excellence arc
justified. We are acquainted with the specifications of every
"Eight" on the market, and we feel that any unbiased and
open-minded judge of automobiles will agree with us, that our
car possesses niore features of proved mechanical excellence
than any of the others. If this is not so, we have no right to
your support if it is, we believe you will be glad to know it.
In presenting the 1016 Standard Eight we can state that it has been born of thorough and extensive experience, under
all-varying conditions and with the happy conclusion that no changes have been indicated as necessary in the mechanical
features, and only such changes in body construction as are required to meet the latest demands.
Tho purpose of this advertisement is to say that this looks to us like a good time for you to get in touch with what
we are doing and for us to make your acquaintance.
You are cordially invited to inspect our now open and closed models.
Factory DiHtributors in New York. New Jersey and Connecticut.
1895 Broadway, S. W. Corner 63rd Street, New York City
Application for Unoccupied Territory
Will Receive Prompt Attention
Exhibitors at the New York Automobile Show.
Cabinet Slzrd Photograph and a Completely
Deuiriplivn Folio Will Be Sent Upon Request
ColoMof or Car Company
dorr of the Standardized
Indianapolis, U.S.A.

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