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J 11
, Motor Enthusiasts Find Plenty of Attractions to Maintain Their Interest Day After Day at Palace
r Gimnt Kept on the .lump
Shooing Curious From
(ilitterlng Exhibit.
niidrr Coinimny, "All that icara ure for
Htiyhow." lie rcintomlc, "I to give a car
innri' power on the lutrrt pull and to
make It posslbjr for the car to (to more
slowly In roiiKr!i.l tralllc. Multiple
( Uniterm l Ihp answer.
"Wllh a inr like the I'atlillnder tnelv
iu c.iri top the, wont hills on hlttli, and
uu cm ko no slowly In lilgli that you
are nlmost Knlnir Imrlrward. I'll bet
every New Vorlt tralllc mini wishes that
all the mm on llroadway were Path
finder twelve - nnd no do I. for that
nmlter It would certainly make both
of our Jobs a cinch."
Thete is ouch a thing aa belli; too In
lir'ste'l In mcclianlca, and n number of
tifople Iio are mechanically Incllneil
liavn almost conic to Krlef lcu of
their Infinite Interest In Ilia Studrlmker
aold chants at the Palace Automobile
Show. The f'lnkerton iiiup whose duty
i l to "shoo" such folks away ha been
kept busy since thn hnw opened.
On .in averace of ten times n day at
lt the Riiardlitn of this koUI chaesls
h cuipht tnechanlcal fanatics In the
t .....tiL.iil.ltitr HnMtA ft..! f
ilie chassis Just to eo how It Is con-
ttrur-teu and dcslKned.
The Studeb.tker Bold chussls Is attract
vg the largest crowd at the motor car
ejhlbtt It U mounted on a platform
cmeied with luxurious purple ehct
with a velvet fence around It
More tli.ln 3,000 part of this chassis
ure finished In pure sold, JSO ounces of
the precious metal being used for thl
purpose. It Is the moit expensive chas
sis ever exhibited at an automobile how.
It Is far more costly than the highest
jrlrcd automobllu ever on view
llrlnKinc this chassla to Nes- York for
. the show seemed much on the order of
' the old fashioned stage coach days. The
Plnkerton man who miin'.s the cliissi
t the show and vrho -was with It while
the work of gold plating it was being
done at the Yale Towne factorle In
Stamford, Conn., rode on the neat of a
motor truck from Stamfoi-J to New
Torlt, much after the fashion of the
heavily armed cowboys of mild west
iNeither the Studebaker officials nor
the Yale & Towne Company would mi
tnjtt the ohasst to a railroad for de
livery to New York. It oi loaded on
abler motor truck and shipped owrland
to the Orsnd Central Palace, loth be
cause of the great value which this piece
of mechanism represents and because of
the rieclalon to keep It presentation an
absolute eecret until the hour of opening
of the show.
The arrangements for the gold finish
ing of this chassis were made with Vale
Towne by A. It. Ersklne, president,
and R. T. Hod irk I in, general sates man
ager of the fitudebakcr Corporation,
8aeclaJ equipment, including fifteen teet
ats, -aa required to make possible this
creation, which Is Judged on all fides to
be the most sensational attraction In the
History of automobile shows.
lUtfi Power With Low (Jnso
Ji'im Hill Oofil of En-iduccrH.
Crae for Novelties Is (Slvliijr
Vny to SpeeinHzntioii,
Snys Drake.
American "Marhlnr Must llnstle
t Keep Ahead.
"Some peorle Jump at the conclusion
that because an American made car now
olds the world's race championship
the reipc.n which we have held for
Me foielgn car has ben unwarranted."
said Harry C. Stutz. president of the
.Stutz Motor Car Company, nt the auto
mobile show yesterday. "Nothing could
be further from the truth, However
much we would like to minimize the
ort!i of the foreign car, the fact ro
nuins that It kept the best of Ameri
can cars In the background for jearn.
In fact It was only this year that
e wer able to show an American rear
xle to the flying Itiwidei. and then
t ie margin was never mire until thn
last big competitive race of the season.
It was simply a case of Axcr1 -a beat
'r.g Kuiope at her own game b all
orbing the best fentutrf of European
ars and by then adding a few of the
iest American features, notably that of
stamina. Wo have had sturdier car
r.ght along, but our earn have never
bn as fast. This ear wi- acqulnd
tre speMl.
"This does not mean that the differ
ence will alwa8 continue In favor of
Tie American cars, What a man or a
'ictory or a nation did yesterday In
mwlse excuses It from doing better
o-morrow, and It Is up to the HtuU
lompany to kep abreast of the devel
opment of motor car engineering as as
siduously aa If every day In Its yar
were race eve. This they are doing."
The Imgie of n possible gasolene fam
ine Is iiipviinost to-day In the minds,
of American motorists. All inotordom
Is wailing c p'i'.unlly for the ivsults of
the Investigation now in piogiess In
Washington. The wholesale exportation
of gasoleno fiom this country threatens
to send tile price of automobile fuel
soaring to heights never before attained.
Producing high power and hlah meed
at thn cost of foniur low power and I
low npefMl to-day Is the ln of most 1
runoun eiuilnterlng contention, nocord
ItiK Ui Paul Smith, vice-president of the
ChsJmeiN Motor Company, in rhargo
of lh r. i'lng ill- .ilon. who urrtved yes
terilay ill Ni w York for th show.
"Chalmers eiiKlneerlng." declares Mr.
Niillh, "ha siicv.ded notably In knp
lug Itself fiom being dmwn into the
nhlrlo of high Kpecd and h:h power
nt '.lie otf. of operating econon our
enit'ne"T haw ket high power and '
high mileage per Kallon of fuel lar e.l
securly togtther. Clialmers engine ers 1
hav ajiproacliecl lie wjiolv M'eed uml
loer matter with their eye evtrlnst
Inply on vc.inomy of oiieratlon
"Agalnt low nillnage per gallon of
gasolene It Js Interesting to otwene thai
the Ctmlmer hlhh M'eed engines de
liver far more mlltHKe in case of both
Hlx-.IO and Uio Hix-tt). Our owners tell
us that the Sl.x-40 ileliveis from sixteen
to eighteen miles ier gallon of gaso
lene consumption v.'hlic the n.w Slx-10;
Chalmers 3, too rcolution per minute
er?1ne gets from eighteen to twenty-one
mile,' out of every gallon of gnsoletie
"Tho new Hnalmors high speed high
Dower engines In other words attain
from to horee-power Bt the foime' .
cot of 2l to 2'. horse-ioe !
"Th l enpeclally signltKant o the
purchaser of motor ihih in Mew of fn
upward trend of gasolene prices, We
have applied ourselves Intensely In the
CnalmcrH organization to the task of
jiroducing high power and high engine
ied without Jeopardizing for a mo
ment the Imitative matter of operating
We are glad to announce that we
havtt wrung high s-peed out of our en
gines and at the same time cut down
gasolene consumption one-third. Hurtl
ing up twice the necessary amount of
gasolene for the sake of power and
speed that cannot be used has no place
In sensible enclnrering '
H.t .1. WAI.TKK DHAKi:.
President of the llnpp Motor Car
This Ia an age of specialization ajid
eftlclency, nnd specialization has become
a particular titceseity In tho motor car
Industry, which found Itself In a Pe
culiar situation after lt sjiect;;ular
rise from an Infant to a giant. The
motor cjir sprung Into tiromlntnce so
intildly and mndn such gigantic etrldes
that even those peaiest to the scenes
could not realize what was happening.
Motor companies sprung up over night,
sold their outputs before they had devel
oped more than a blue print and busi
ness wan great. The most daring wcru
the most successful, The little con
cerns followed the lea1 of the U oiie,s.
An Innovation for spectacular advertis
ing purposes' on the part of these big
conw.tnlfH was Immediately adopted by
the others,
If one of thec larger companies found
e.ilc were falling off the oncineeia weio
called In and ordered to produce some,
thing new, Perhaps they (hanged the
type of motor or the liody lines, or the
transmission or the ihussU design, but
,ilwas something hud to be done to
give the public something new. To tlwet
this highly advertised new sensation
other companies were coi.ipellcd to fol
low suit and engineer: nt all concern"
were driven for new pensatlotis.
In making the new developments the
engineers had no opportunity t Improve
that whl h they had Inventhed f'Jtil
knew to be mechanically right The
public demanded something new It
was not what the public wonted, bill
what the manufacturer made the pub
lic believe was the Ptteet thing
A mote ober suiko. has iirrlved.
however, and englnters have been en
gazed to work on one ejHclaltv, improve
It and make It the lest possible.
It Is this socialization work which
Is cati'lng the more substintlal com
panies to-day to adopt the same meth
od I know at my own plant we ok
woiklng along specialization lini- We
want every part whlrh poe." into the
making of n llu;)moblle to be u Ui
best All eiiKineers are devotiiig iheir
attention to linpiovmg In eveiy way jios
s'ble that which ue itlreail'- lae--md
wli'eh we have (nove l fu'i Jam -i '.aily
oirect and sound
nifr-li Motor rrn si Miov.
A Super-Six motor, ea. i the eaine
as the one used In tae teven passengtr
lluilwn stock car that created nearly
100 new records for speed nod aiveli ra
tion at the Sheepshetd llav Speedway,
arrived yesterday at toe ,'iii:omobile
show. Hundreds of motorl-ts and
of engineering abilit viewed .t. and a'l
asked the same question "How i.k
It develop 71 horse-isiwer '" All got tin
same answer "The patented motot
ellmlnateH vibration to such a great de
gree that the I'liergj ffirin. rly wasted !
now convened into p opulsive power"
Mule t olled f I ,.!. I nil III lileveil
Vlonllis of Iteglslrstlon.
A ,bant, Jan, 4 --Kleven months of
automobile regli-trntton In this State
ended December .11 have brought re
ceipts amounting to fl.flflfp.lOS to the
officii of Secietary of Statu Hugo, ns
computed wllh 1,6IS,0fi0.3C for the
twelve mouths of 1014. Willi one
month's receipts still to como In, tho
total will Umolllit to several thousand
dollars more, but will be under the two
million mark, which ut one tlmo during
the summer's rush neetned iKwslble.
Motor (.'iir Mi'ii's Cliiimbi'i' of
Commi'ivc Holds Its An
nual I!iiiiiii('t.
Year Hound Cars of Graceful
Design Attract Much
Ti'ree hundred rival hendllner of ihe
motor car tndto-try dined fratenally In
the Astor (lallerj of tan Waldoif last
nlgl' It was the annual banquet of the
Nutlon.it Automobile Chamber of Com
merce. Manufacturers from all tho
centres of niotordom, plmiceiH nnd na
lbs of the trade, as well ns preldai ts
of tledglllig compiilllcs that A 'II he satis
fied If they market only a million cits
this er. with distributed among thlr'.y
sl round tallies mid the Kuet table III
tho friendliest of groups.
I'lilttd Slates Senator Thomas I'
(ion. made tl.v onl set spun n. He vvus
Inti'duced be W.Ifred v' le'land. Mw
I. asttiiaMer The others at the stieakers'
table wen Wll'iam !'. Metger. Thomas
llei lcr:i Windso-T Wlutc W II Van
I'ervoxrt. Alvnn Maraiiley. Jlitgh Chal
mers, .lolin A. Wllon. c C H.ir.ch,
John N Wlll.vs. 'icirge P.'pe. 1'. Hall, tt
Uive'l, A. "1. Hater), liter, 1!. U Chapln,
II. i: ()ld. John C Weitl'ore. Herbert
H. Itle.. .1 Walur 1' .ike and C W.
Senator ioie said that the general
itovvnimeiit should oo.'rat with the
States. With imylnir do'lar for dollar In
Miis:rti''ti')g a national htghvvav y
tern. Jle said there lO'lid be little oh
Jet lion to a I Vdcral Inhei ltance tac :f
the revenue welt- ilevoteil 10 good toads.
"Alrrad.v." he adiled. "Automobile and
Improved iilghwa have been the cause
and efTict of tacit other It lias come
to pass that only two t lases of our cltl
Ziik do not own automobile Tin one
(lass for reason too dell- ate to mention
-I do not lu lling to It The other class,
to whli h I do belong, ha never been
able to decide whli h is the best a. id
most deslr.vbb machine "
Mr C.oie wild he was opposed to any
proMisal by Congress of n tax on auto-
! mobller. gasolene or fabricated steel or
uuv otlo-r form of power or Industry.
j Some if the ill"t."s nt the round tablra
were 1-e Anderson, Henjiimln llrlscoe.
J .1. Colt. Ilor.i e l)e Lister, Horace 11.
1 IVidge. John Doitge. W. C. Darant.
A I: E.t,;ne, Harrv W I'oril. Hlwood
llavnes l".n'l."T .I.-ffxiy, II. M Jewell.
i: S. Jord.ii'. H. A. Klss.. H k xje.
Claien. H. .Mi llweii. Charles W. .Mears,
! C W Nash. H ! it ,- pelletler, Al-
fitsl l!it-s, It. C 1! it-sfhaw. I'.tul
Smith. Harrv C Sut. Charles Tiad-
dell' Tern, Artem.is W a- 1. ,!r
Visitors to the Automobile Haloii held
Uils week In the grand ballroom of tho
Ator say that thl exhibition has the
finest collection of motor cars dc luxe
and tho most beautiful array of custom
made, bodies of exclusive design over as
sembled In this country, Itlvalllng tho
handsome cam and olioefes Is tho brill
iance of the nltcndunco to he found
there all day and evening.
TJie list of those present yentrday
would read like pages from the Social
Register. Mr. and Mm. WIUIhiii K.
Vanderbllt attended In the morning, ns
did William Itockefcller. The ovenlng
session wivs especially brilliant from a
social standpoint.
Much Interent I being shown In the
excellent chisees on exhibition, both nt
foreign and domestic design atxl con
etruction, nrd of course such feature
as multif yllndcr motors, of wlilcli there
are cIrMk and twelves aa well art sixes
The luliifipal attention, however. Is iiild
to th coiuhwork. Tliere are soma
Silxtv isimpiete ivurs, each with a custom
made body of distinctive design, with no
two alike, even In general outward up.
line of the new tendenolew In high
glade nuto'noblle txj.ichwork, us dls
e'.owil hv the salon, pertains to th
upholstery and fittings of all types of
Indies, rtsiehltrg Its best effects In the.
elneed types. It Is that of combining
colors und materia', nnd the result
aciiieved are both novel and highly !
pleasing. Kwn tlie choice of material
in the combination tendency Is wide,
and incudes tapestries, velvets, cordu
roys, broadcloths whipcords, Btictb)
letitliers, cc, rearly all being Imported
material. There Is alto a marked ten
I dency to upholster open touring car at
, well ns convertible type 1n cloth com
bination Instead of leather, heretofore.
Two very Interesting body Job at the
Automobile Salon arn to be found at the
Sinner exhibit, both mounted on a CO
horse-power chassis. One la a etiecial
runabout, convorUblo to a four pas
senger roadster, In cream color, with
l enamel wiro -wheel atvl btcyoie mini
guards. It In upholstered In bluo
leather, ha double oowks and wind
Mhlelds nnd a tml'nti set of mahogany
cablr.rts. The other 1. a Sedan of steel
gray and upbolatoroU In dark brown
pluah. with gold plated fitting.
Visitor aleo xhow much Interest In
the exhibit of locomolillo cars mlUi
ouatom dislgited bodies, (hut la a semi
touring car, convertible from a com
pletely enclose! landaulet by one man
in aliout two minute, with no part de
tachable. It Is Jlnlslied In cretn, with
red wheel. Tho growing tendet.;y
toward convertible tyiie of budle
whic!i adapt a comilete car to jear
rouml service. Introduced at last year'
salon, l found ut Its highest develop
ment In the exhibition.
Poor Ice, .o William Team Mar
II lllsnppolntrd a l.aat War.
The chance of Columbia opening Its
outdoor rkatlng rink on Last Meld to
day with Williams In a hockey game tip
pear slim. Lust ear the Now England
seven was scheduled to christen thu rink
on thn half million dollar trnnl courts,
Imt sfler n hour of preliminary work
the g.nne had to bo cancelled, l.t wa
eected Monday night that the tlnli
would be in ptulng tdi.ipe. but ester
day's lhaw killed thn chances of good
A the rlnlt Is built It cannot b
filled with water and then be allowed
to freeze, but must be Hooded In lrr.
The first layer Is les than an Inch
thick nnd w,tu a vvatm spe.l melts mo
tint the ttirf appear on the surface in
many places. The Columbia team Is In
fall hat"- 1'n.iih Itufus Trlmblti having
worked hi men out at the Si. Nicholas
Hlnls and Van Cortlundt Park last week.
Advihod to Oct Heady for I'n
usual European Demand
When War ttnds.
A warning to be prepared for the
demand that seems Inevitable after the
war for pure poultry atralna has) been
Secretary Cloveland' advice during tha
week to all exhibitor In the poultry
how at Madison Siiuarn (lard". In
formation lei has received Indicate a
poultry famine ubroud. ns the visible
stock has been used up u.t food for the
votdlem. while- the great breeding yard
of many famous continental nnd tlrlt
lh chicken, duck und gcose breed have
been destroyed entirely. To replenish
the stock recourso must be made to tho
poultry breeders of the United Slates.
A temporary nrgonlnaUon wa ef
fected nt a meeting held during the
afternoon by the delegates of many New
York State poultry rlulsi und breeding
organization", with a view of forming
a State federation of such association
for mutual uctton tn advocating the In
terest of the professional and amateur
"A survey of poultry organizations In
the Umpire, State," said Jame K, A
of Cornell Cnlverslty, "lei-calu that there
are In existence nearly 100 fsjultry or
ganizations, which until now have been
working Independently. Tho federation
admit to unite them for mutunl effective
lie and to do missionary work In the
formation of new clubs on these line
throughout the Stale,
The permanent organization will b
effected nt a meeting of tho Stat Col
lege of Agriculture, Ithuca, during farm
ers' week In l'bruury. The temporary
oftlcers elected wore: President, Robert
Seaman. Jericho, S. Y.: secretary
Treasurer, Jame K. nice, Ithaca, N. Y.(
vice-president, W. II, Manning, Sara
toga, N, Y. ; dltectors, Theodoro Houck.
Uuffaloj Oram M. Curtta. Buffalo;
Henry Trnfford, Hlnghamton: T, S.
Hewke. Middletown ; II, I'. Schwab,
Irondcquolt. nnd Valentine Thompson,
The title selected was New York
Slate roultry Ked.i.atlon. The commit
tee on constitution und by-laws, to re
port at the meeting to lie held during
farmers' week. I made up of 1). Lincoln
Orr. Orr'a Mills: K. II. Thommon.
Amtnla, and Jam 10. Hire, Ilhaca,
Thl will be getaway day, after a week
of suooesa U the. twenty-mveiith annual
exhibition, which la under the ausploei
of the New York Poultry nnd Pigeon As
sociation. Whoa the doors cTom to
night the bird will be whipped througlt
out the United Slates, to point In Cati
nda, and to new homes In Cuba and South
America. New cloelng day feature -will
be added tn thn exhibits of th United
State Department of Agriculture and
tho of tha agricultural colleges and
farm unlvorslty course of New York.
New Jersey, Connecticut and Ma-chusotts.
We wilt flnsnco tour credit
sslcs nd handle all legal and
clerical work la connectioa
with them t a nominal cost
to you.
our proposition mt you
time snf will Increase your
Mies. For detail writ or
Auto Brokerage Ca. Ine.
S3 West Pnrty-sveond HtrMl
.iw lark
Tnlobous Ilryant T(7
Under Every
Condition of Service
ln the
deepest snow
PEERLESS SALES $11,458,513.
Motor Company KSpeel fireat Or
lers from Abroad.
In a statement sent to .shareholders
President Frederick llllbart of the Peer
's Truck and Motor Corporation says
that the aggregate sales by the ompany
in the eleven months ended November 10,
1 1 G. were f 1 1.4f8,51 .1.
"I'urther cotrtiacts for truclut are
W-1 ........ ...t.l. . 17 . . 1 1 .. V.
".ina lirBOVlAtu tut tt.iu tin- (.nbiic-i..
ttuesisn and Krench Governments," says i
Mr Ollhart. "and It Is confidently ex- i
pected that orders will be iocurt-d In the
iar future which will Insure the enpac
y of the I'eerless factory for the pro
duction of this class of vehicle being
fully occupied during the entlro year
Jl, the estimated output being !" (
rucks a week,
"The new eight cylinder pleasure car
ef the Peerless rompany has met with
great favor among the agents of tlie
company and the sale of this model
will t,e limited only by th capacity of
fie factory to produce them,
"An arrangement has been entered
Into with one of the largest manufac
turers of medium priced automobile In
tie lountry providing for cooperation
with th Peerless company In nspect to
di-signiiig, engineering, manufacturing
and commercial matters. Thla nrrange
Mfnt contemplates the development of a
tew type of car by the Peerless company
ef a grade to compete successfully with
tne h Fhe.ii grade ears on the market."
.lnlllil.- Cylinders the newer,
n St. t'lnlr I nuinii,
1 gearless automobile, is on its way
" ihe opinion of St. Clair Cotirens,
ce.e v held representative for the Path-
ALTHOUGH attracting much notice at last year'?
show, Scripps-Booth was regarded witli that
-speculative interest granted the newcomer.
But its summer t Newport and Bar Harbor,
and the fall months along the Avenue and at the
country clubs, has quite changed this altitude.
Scrippt' Booth has now gained such prestige
and respect that its part in individual social activ
ities is unique and intimate. It is thoroughly at
home with those most accustomed to the extreme
comfort and refinement it affords.
Space B-14
Especially interMtins will be. an ad
ditional bcripjpS'Bootn larger, tnorr
powerful, with an eight cylinder
motor, andpriced at (1200. Itstlehut
will be mane December Thirty-first.
2 West 57th Street Neio York
Roadutr for thrrr, f 75
Coupe, 114.10
On the 9H
steepest hills. wKM& B
-; if I
1 bSV I iH
fi fiX' ct
' JB
Those who saw the Dort at the New York Automobile
Show last year
those who have seen the Dort this year.
those astute judges of motor cars who predicted suc
cess for the Dort because of its many features of
mechanical excellence,
those who were sceptical that a manufacturer could
continue to give, at the Dort price, the remarkable
values offered in the Dort,
All Have Their
Answer Now
1.500 Dort cars a month are required to satisfy the
demands of those who want to own Dorts.
The 1916 Dort, a better car. with additional equip
ment and many new refinements; sturdily built for
every condition of motor car service, will be found at
Space C-7, Grand Central Palace.
Exhibit in chart of Mr. A. B.
ChrUtie and factory official.
Don't miss the Dort. No motor car on the American
market today has made such rapid strides in the favor
of the buying public as well as the technical men of
the industry and no motor car gives as much for the
money as the Dort.
Flint, Michigan
S ITlirnnnh
Mud and slush.
Complete f. o, b. Flint, Mich,
ii a
A New Roadster
of Highest Quality
at a Price Every
One Can Afford
' Booth C-IO
' Ai tho Show
New York

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