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friers Decline on Reports of
Mlirril Spot Snlcs, but
Jtully Later.
(. tin mtved yesterday the Irreeu
a I iltitncMi vcliloh lias eli.u-nr-UhimI
it fir tlio p.i.'t month or bo. The
t,l clMiiR represented a toss of 6 to
j iitit l'.irliiB tli early part of the
,,.ton '0tnideraM cotton was offering.
Tt dttimil on tho break of aliout a
jKtn p'itit- from Monday's cloMu
,rvl partial mliy and the under
tr later i-i ttii day wan rnther Me.tdy.
There n fome hc.irih news hi dp
relation yrstcnlii, but It fulled to have
iru'Si 'A1 tip-m prli'fj. A Texas spot
flrw ir(d follows: "Cotton ecllliif
frHy fry day at 1'.' cents and above
tiJclif'P frcteht enp;umenLi rapidly
htlrg fiMol tip. .'hip agents anklns t'i
lnj: for Marvh ami April. Uveriiwil i
pirlty must widen further or t.pots must
cheapen f Present freight rates cajiitlnue, J
rn and Tiot eo keen as It was. Looks
, a. ie.ii would b Increased ma
t'rW'.ly r''t I" Texas and Oklahoma,
al tie ! sli price of eecl, hulls and
njttm Hfi -d Kre-it enoourucenient to
th' fame'
"there as a further narrowtp of
th il fferenrx between New York and
Liverpool UnglMi ho-uncs traded both
iy. but bought conrildeMbl ootton
in tu'anc" This buying represented
t)i chief demand of the first flour.
The antuili Cotton Kxchnnca, ae-
fording to press advices reaching rwre
rro.n tnai pon, una auopieo rewiunons
nklns O'orgta Congresalonnl delegates
to use their efforts to have section 11
f the fo-called Lexer cotton Uw re
ttaled. Stress Is laid upon the advan-'
uce given to European cotton merchants I
through their Inability to make nedsc,
ales m the Liverpool market.
Th Teias traveller of a local ipot
8rru writes that pleklnc and sinning aje
practically completed over Texas except
(or the cle-inlr.K up of some fields In
& tresteni and northern sections.
Market chased tady.
Opcn-Hlgh-Iaiw. Cloa- Pre,
mr est et tug .jo-
itnej. i.' o t:.B us i:j.'u-i:,i" ' mhiim
lares.. 12M ii.4 iim.m- i l an;)
y :. itt i:m i2.T4.ii: t siui- s
to.. . izn u.f uvi iint.,.,i umui;,
v-trb-r .? nr. ir,tuis i:.c.tfi.7
Cereinber 1. 72 lC.TJ K.T9 n;iui:.;. i: ;tfi: n
Th I'1 market for pnt cotton wa qulrl,
point decline, middling. i:.v Southern
l?m mark! u officially reported were tin'
ei:M New Orlean 13 mit adTance.
5w Orletn. Civ (Salveaton. i:xv.: S
nsiih. IV'.e : Memphis, l.lv; Auruita.
'J'-' , Houston, l: r-v
Stw Orleans market ilond tlcidy:
Opeil'llirh-Ioiw Clo lreT.
Icf. eit et. tin iloe.
Jmau-j, . t:.o.Mit: tn j: i-jqu.h
HvcS . ' i:m"'. i Mi". r 1: nn. '
Vi . . '.Ml . 1 .wi ti"ni:: K.Tl.i!'.
JUjr, :.V, !'.'... 1. M 1 .1ll; t 1?
CroVr uia l: ct ij.ok 1: v.p i. u.yii i. i
T. Liverpool mirl.1 cipeiieil ouiet There
t tt1 rtmiinl In fottoii tlh mid
C::r ) points ilei'ltne. t ?.:id. Siile, 10f
U'- r"-ipt. 4'i.X) balei Amrrivan, ."9,'
Closed ouiet.
0n- ltuh
ins. e-i
Executor Trustea
Charterer 182?
The Farmers' loan and Trust Company
Nos. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Street
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
New York.
10HD0N, 15 Cockspnr St., B. W. 20 Old Broad 8treet, fi 0
PARIS, 41 BonlsTard Haniimann BERLIN, 66 Unter dm llnde X. W. 7
Travelers' Letters of Credit. Foreign Exchangb
Administrator Guardlai
A majority of the outstanding shares of Common Stock of
the above named Company has been deposited with United
State Mortgage & Trust Company as Depositary under a
Deposit Agreement dated November 22. 1915.
In order to comply with the rules of Tha New York Stock
Exchange, which has listed the Certificates Issued by the De
positary, the time to deposit shares under said Agreement has
keen extended TO AND INCLUDING JANUARY 27, 1918.
As ample notice has been given by the Committee that the
rights of the holders of Common Stock can best be safeguarded
by united action, the Committee states that It will not accept
the deposit of shares after January 27, 1916, without penalty,
unless in Its discretion the Committee Is warranted In waiving
the same.
Holders of Common Stock should understand that the Com.
mittee Is under no obligation of any kind to those who withhold
their co-operation and fail to deposit their shares and become
parties to the Agreement.
Dated, New York. January 8, ni6.
CnAt'M'KV II Mt'ltPIIK.?e.r't)irj'.
M VnUr street. New Vi-rk,
JOHN W. i.trTr.V. chilnnftn.
I.KWIH I.. t'l.tKKK. I
IIONAI.D ;. tiEDIir.H.
. II. X. t'ONT.
nrtc- c. ki HMONn.
willi im c. vn vrwr.itr,
commit rrr..
Income Tax Rulings
We hare prepared a booklet containing the (nil text
el the Income Tax Law, annotated and Indexed, together
with a thoroughly indexed tjnopsis of the Trtainry De
partment rulings affecting individuals and fiduciaries.
Our Income Tax Department will be glad to supply
, copies of this booklet upon request
Ask for booklet Rt6U
Guaranty Trust Company of New York
140 Broadway
Leaeea OaVa.
11 Leaheri 3t7t C
Capital and Surplus, - . $40,000,000
Afeaat OaVa,
M Am. 4M St
The Mechanics and Metals National Bank
Condenieil lleport of Condition the CIom of nuilneM December 31, ISIS.
Loam ind Diirotinti $105, 509, 9M. 47
Cuitomen' Liability under Lettert of
Credit indAccepttncet 9,300,723.71
Overdraft! (lecured tnd uniecured) 382.83
U. S. Bondi to itcire circulation 5,000,000.00
U. S. and other bondi to tecure Postal
Savinis Depoiiu 1,445,714.89
Bondi, Securities etc 12,138,828.32
Banking Houie and other Real Eatate, . 4,460,342.85
Caih and Due from Banki 94,844,324.24
Capital ttock. paid tn.
Surpluj and Undivided Profits.
National Bank Notta Outstanding
Bondi Borrowed , , .
Lctteri of Credit and Tims Acceptances
(Foreign Dept.)
Individual $121,769,468.82
Banks 81,297,884.49 203,67,353.3I
CJATEH W. MrOABRAn, rreildent.
.an Feb
01 AlliUstl..
On.'Nor. . .
u3 . v
lli rloe
: !, "i,
t y: t.?i
7 7 :
;.7-.i, . s.
7.:; 7.S)
7.H ;:i
Th li A M Mil to t.ivrritnnl wir: Jan
orr i- nv.. Min-li. ur,',: .M.i.v. i.-tso:
'. . 0.1tr. i el.' 'I lie niarkri
rt.- li du to ojen to .ay unrh.iiisM to 0114
fi 'i ailranre
Ten reiit3 and hlorkji
I.i l
v, i:
1 till
t'rior rrrrlpts and fioi'lta.
Ke l.al
B7 S."!31
l.T: : .11
41 s.i.r
in: rt.oi
r.ntinist! iort
mit lo-Jar
O.-.f u, 10
rjrepn ierday were '.1 ir.l Kili
ibn- fir ihiA nmi, S.4T6.v bale
o'i. ;,9J.n4
Wl'l'nit 14,;i'
V Orlein 7 'v.
VcV 1
'rinnah 7
Oiir'fi")! 1 t'.'4
1 Hon III
Nr-t t 1 Mt
:.. 1 7'
:'. -el
17 Wl
hi, 111
741 Ml
ir. 4j
Hark anil Kronen .lo AflTaic
1'rnnea Mroiiaer.
(-Mri; exd.ianjre danced rharply
f erdav, n:ilnil nearly a cent In the
tom.,t McwriR )er the previous do
rp.- 1; i fxi'natuc hrokerk said that the
rj. t r th' rl wern that London
1 ut the pric" ui u r?nt In
th you'll over uiKht mid that tho
" ' .1 ..' ivithI lip from Oreat
Vr.U and l'rani'x ye.stenUr r.ith
Atii'i- a eecurltles ll(iildated III thn.
euii'i.e uad ,iueil buylnit of exctianee
(or i jiicm MKaintit the niiles.
'.eri.nc clueed at 4.7tt fur demand
.-' ( TC 15. 10 for cables, lis compared
T a O'evious cloao of 4.75 'i for de
m.' a 1 4 7, for cables. FrancK con
' .e '. can, udvaticlliq to 5.S4 ' for
"b'. .- i J ?,t., for cable. Tht-y were
oij'Uf. Monday at D.M'-j und S.93
' Italian Urn dropped to
"j aK.i i.t ,1 jireN'Jous rloie of 6.07.
til. I , ... n , hallRCHl ut 25 ,
'' ik ,,td Itroncn were rtronner.
!irji vi ,it "S' for c'.trht draft.s
M . t r aiblvd. airaliist a previous
'I-" ' t j for dniftK and T 4 "i for
'an, v tie,, adianred from 1 U.CS to
lllil.l llnlly ml Close Opeillnar
iKi llnr f 10 tn II PolnU.
T if inarUl nind eay at a ,1e
" 11 iminia, and alter a!ioln-
' ' U- rallle'd ullshlly at
V l iiiioiatioii ere I l I
er 'I'oial "alu (or the day
v,a Th're wm .1 lr a'-live
, i,li, account anil aonie of
i i'h were diimsiil In liijunhile
r' ' v l..t ftrn. hul hen advanced
.1 11 thai tlio market had lien
.'er than the reivnt wlrame
. jii'tltIM Cinl and frnicht
llra'l r" aaain iHaved. and
t of adi'lee tlie market waa
i' in! hu,n' done only
tn tn limn. Th' local ipot ile
ii unproved materiallr nu tlie
' ' and tradiiir aa iimet al'
ar,. atradilr held on a baia
foi Itio No 7
at ..ihir (roru Ilraiil renorted a
rri in thn Itlo mark't and
Sanlo H10 earhanae 011 lain-
.'."I 1 s: and wa nilnled at
li eipl at III two porta were
" 'ininnred wllh 7I.IW) I ut year
Tilt- Wnr llrlflra.
For weeks, even months, the un
healthy. If not d.iin;'rous,poiltlon,broui:ht
about by thn terrUlc rlee In tho war
j'tofk'" has been Itiprewed upon the.
tlr1.1nol.1l community. The nrirket tn the
lint few days had ehown for the first
tlmo u tendency to reepond tn tliee
ttatnliitfs wllh Mine ileereo of unanimity.
There wern other violent uirudioM In
tlio war etcks croup, but these wero
ilii to outside caused or to the me
chanics of market iiiovctiienti rather
than to any pener.il coollni? dnn of
tho speculative Imagination of the pub
He An ulllcl.it of on of Jhe blR banks
fcCm liothlni; remarkable In the latett
market developments- A ntle bull ac
count had cnlhti',1 In the "war bride"
market for weeks, l-o vays. und It has
bti'ti obvious that tha war brhles moved
up:ird with dltllculty whomever the rent
of Ihe I'M fhi --l a tendency to do bet
id This account a. howuver. well
maririne.1 and It thus withetoo-l suc-cs-slvn
ehwks to the m irket from 11i out
side. Hut when holders tried to l.ipiMate
they found 11 wr market und the de.
dine has frnuliially become b'ir enomth
to make Hie --llirin fairly irenerat. The
b inker sas tluit contrary to 11 Kenir.il
ttnpremlon theic li.m been 110 c.ill'tiK of
loati". HioKers" loins enrried by h! bank
are In excellent .-hapfi and no such action
ha.s liei'n ne'eMiry V ir storks In
cluded In these loans hae not Imn too
uumerous and those that were theie have
been marker! down to an ntmolutely Kit
''10 1;
" I . .v
1 in-
l 1 .
rri.f. (u
Jr" if,
.Vr h
'tl. l.
Oli'H nishdxiw. Cloa- Prer.
in; eat eat, I Mr I loaa
, B.HJlCM i'iO
Mf7nl 7 0S
7 11 71 7, 7.'i!l7.0 7 IS
. . 7 IS'fl T.14 7 il
Tir, 7 in 7 IS 7.Hfi7.S 7 71
'It 7 1 7.K '.iSTlTS 7 33
' 74 7 30 7.S5 7.ni7. 7 37
7 11(17 3.'. 7 41
: S. 7 31 7.W 7.ti)7 40 7 11
7 4 7 7.4 7.4TH7.41 7 SI
7 4i7.Wl ;tt
tH 7M 7(5 7r.lfj7Sl 7,tl
"am llo'heatar and IMttuhnrar;
!.., "I Oianaea.
!'( 'V Jan. . t:01.7J: Inc. UI.'JJI
Can,,,,.,, ,.,,lnrl
rirtt ., , .ju 11,1:4,000 Ini' D5l,i)0D
a-ro-n J'j.y (, .. n.sjj.ooo inc II.OSS.OOO
RMInntapoiu and fit. IauUi
rat .lt Jan,. SI5,SJt Ine. It(,a
Jul)' I .. ,Tl.t Ine !7,M
A merlcnii I nn.
American Can Is claesed with th wir
stocks. Nevertlielts". In a d.i of dl
tlnct weakness, coupled with violent de
clines In the war stock jrroup, ian t.ot
only maintained lts-elf uK.ilnxt "'' en
eral trend but actually made headway,
closlntr at a net train for the day (ins.
sip found a ready explanation for th.s
phenomenon In a Uilk of a favorable
decision In the Hnti-trm-t cafe m the near
future. Hut the proUiblllt'.e.s ar that
this talk without buylnu would have
availed little. Incidentally there was
quits a large turnover In the stock
AIm), by coincidence perhnp", estimates
were published of the business that the
company would probably do In the pres.
ent year, althoimh the report for U'13 Is
not yet out The 1P1 statement, it Is
reported, will Include all the profits on
war ordersi taken. Them profit.". In
addition to carnlnK from domeetlo busi
ness ulona umounting to 10 per cent, on
th stock, will mean total net profits this
oar of cloe to 1:5 per cent, on the com
mon. Tills total Is arrived at after milt
Inif allowance for all repuktr chant'"
and Including Sa4 l'''- cent back dividends-
on tho preferred it may be that
the day's istreiiKth In t'sn was ivirtly at
least In response to these hlirhly opti
mistic predictions. Hut it will be ie.
memtx-red that this stock iiiyj-tlrW the
Street by exhibiting a similar contrari
ness a month r two back when th" war
stocks a.s n group were IiIrIi In pecu
lation favor. The bnckwardness of t;an
then was not less conspicuous than Is
Its present ubl'lty to withstand unfavor
able Influences.
The Tire Cnnipnnlr.
11, iit.h, Mtnk wn. nlnred on a 5
n.,.. ,,t linKta tiv the dtclsratlon of a
ntinrterly dividend of t "' a share.
Thin company recently tram over uie
AJax-Clrlcb Ilubber 4!onie.iiiy The
...... I. n.lil), Iimm been on tli- curb for
some' weeks, sold hlulier than Goodrich
Itilbber on tho ouhniiKc tor the nrt
time. Kor a Rood tunny weeks past tt
I.iih been stat'il that tlio iloixlrlch 10111
pany would rcMline illviilends on the
iiU month Thin haw been ac-
cfiited as a for'.-.oiie loneluslon, as the)
.1. . ...... 11... t tn fil.. 1,11 .(.'llolli
uloiii? thes-e lines last flctnlier The ex-
pnetnlliui has boon pretty i?etiei-.ii mat
the declaration wnuld be at the rate of
4 per cent, a year, liltlioujh soiuo esti
mated have run as blah 5 per cent.
Tho difference of opinion on Ihls score
is said to extend to the manaiptnent.
rlvldondi on (ioodrlrh commnn were
dlM'ontlnued on Kchruary K, 1313.
Word of ( unllon.
(illbeit Kllol X Co. HHy "I'ompeil.
tlon wllh tho long established and i'ioi
oughly oritanlzed ordnance platitti Is 11
factor for ruiiHlderatliin In connection
with the recent entrance Inlo Ihn otd
imnce Held of many riel orKitnizcd
companies. These Innv romiKimiH Imve
purchased plants for pnuvi'isloii Inlo nril
nance factories or lmu impilred by tin;
Ii.iMiietit of handsome royalties he rlnht
to matiufaclure munitions for a limited
time under various pntenls which are
controlled by old line orKanlz.itlons
These new piojeets rfprcsent forniiduhb
npurepillons of capital which the lnvet
1 UK public l'i beltiK culled llpnii to supply
Adiulttliuf for tho lluie beinif thai llie.r
operations during the war period wld
prove profitable, what oisuroneo has the
Investor that whan war contracts uro
filled these new projects will b able to
1n.1lnt.1ln dividends on their war time
capitalization. It stnnds to reason that
their permanency of operation will de
pend on thlr ability to meet the com
petition of the old line ordnance comp.,
nles. Tho fact that such competition Is
inevitable at the cVise of the war Is
matter for consideration by the Investor
in Ionic established ordnanc companies
an well as by tho speculator in these
new llutatluns. It may bo uri'd thai
these companies will return to their pre
vlous lines of business, und there would
ba comfort f6r the Inventor In this fact
If it were coupled with the assurance
that they also would return to their
previous Imsls of capltiillxation. Rlsrht
here it will be noted that none of th
old line ordnance companies lncreaed
their capital despite tho enormous rx
penscs they were under for plant ex
pansion. This ijueetlon of post hel
ium competition amotu; the ordnance
lompanles Is one that scenw to call for
a word of caution, a do the vlclssltudis
contrnntlnK many of the newer ordraince
companies which aro embaikiliK In new
tlelds of endeavor Among the diffi
culties conlroiit 11K them are the obtain
im: and tmmlnu of necessary labor, of
obt.iinuti,- iciiult supplies of steel and
other melius which are now isith hlc 1
luicid and niMrce, of aecurihK dellterles
of machinery und muchltie tools from
manufactuiers who aro hooked far
uheiid Ktirtheriuore, the physical dllt,.
ultiea of adapting manufacturing plants
to new puriHises and of coordinating sev
'inl pkinis of varying inpaclty to wink
111 combination on a highly specialised
Pioduot are by 110 means Inconsiderable."
Trade Balanre for Flral Week la
t asiitNOToN. J.,n 11. Im-rt at
Hie port of New Vork for the woek
winch ended Junuary 8 amount
ed to lit, 55S, 36(1, and exports to 157.
371,445, as ugalnst Imports of $'JI,35n.-OS:-
arid exports of 34,(lS,ra, for th'
wek ended January 1, awordlng to the
stat-ni'nt of tlie bun.ui of foreign and
domettc comtnerve.
Imiwrta at thirteen princlpsjl cus
toms districts. New York Ineluder, for
the wrel; ended January S amounted to
J3S,6IJ,06a, and exporta to 9 1 ,71'5.S63,
as apalnit Imports of I37.8S1.S33 and
eijsirts of t3,534,476 for the week
e.r.ded January 1 These districts do
about S3 per cent, of the Imports and
.I3 .r cent, of the exporta of the
The above figures show a favorable
tulanco on merchandise transactions for
the week ended January 8 of G3,fl;ii,.
Cotton exported durlna; the wrck emled
January s amounted to 110,330 bales,
as against fS414 bales for the week
ended Jai.u.iry I.
Importers' atiornys and the offlca of
Aaslalaut Attnrney.U'nvral II 1111,011. tn
ctiarK' of etietnma litigation, tills city
ar" busl.y 'liti"l In the pr'paratlnn of
brlefa, rui-rlr.K the jiar cent, euatoma
rebate laae, echeiliiied for hearing Lefure
the .supreme Court of the L'nlt'd Mutu on
: nda, I'ehruiiry '.'1 Many Ihoimnnda of
t.lltetfc have tx-en fl'ed bv ttoportera eor
'ilua iht iiii'slion, and tt i now eatlmatrd
hat If the siiireni" Court decWee the e
In fanir of Uie importers the tiovernment
ri-funda amuiitit uuywhero from (10,
0UH 000 to 1:0 ooo.ooo.
Ihiiry blanka, nunlfeatn, t-Iearuncaa and
,i tier ii.tpers uae-1 In cuatoma firocdure,
v hli'b t'oMector Malon' now aells to Im
portera ' I "'it 'aei, will, ufter l'efjruary
1 be sold at '1 cent each. ad'Orillliz to mi
urdrr from Atalatam hecret.iry of the
neiaury riiera. m ine puuuo yrateniay
Various textile concerns Intereated tn
the importation from IJtnnatiy of tsirie.
lain Kuldia iiai-d in textile mi'ls Dirouarll-
1111 no- .niiiiir) wir ne iiiert-sl'O to learn
ib.it th' llritlf.li llmti.ieav ofrtelat" st
WahlnKlon luio favorably reaimtneiideil
Hi. loaii.ine of u pi null 1 uterine the
iioieiotni irotn iioiterii.ini or quite a num.
tier of tlo-au articles ti.nlly iieuled tiers
'I'be permit li" to be. Innl in the name of
1 lie .iniriu'ii lusavn l ompany or una city
It la stated that til' Ktllilea rontalne.1 In
1 Ida ehlpnienl lll be riiflhient tn protiably
tn,n)y all eii"toinera for a year
ccordlnr to en order to rollertora of
euatiiiui, piat iss uetj ny ,apiiataut Neore
larv of tlie Tri-aaury Andrew J. I'rtera.
ee, Milieu flat lire hoae will eon 11 inn 10 be
asiieaaeil sllh duty at the rat' of 3a per
tent ml valorem under the provhlons mf
p.irmruph :S4 of the tariff .ut of I'll.l fur
manufacturer asf riax or other vegMiii,''
tun' not ieeiany provinea mr. tub 110 ini
of I'nlteil Stalea (teiier.il Appr.ileera ile
elileil reientl) that duty ahoillil he tuxe.1
011 thla meretunille' at th' rut' of but
7 eentx per pound na hyilraiilli' hoae under
liarasniph SJ4. The nellon of ilu Treaa
ury IK'partuieut In Hilvlsliin cnllectora of
i-ustnine to illnrrgtrd the lioird'e llndlnxa
due 10 the fact thai the record In the
c.iae tvas. ni a very iiuiitlfaetory nature,
and e new r.ii.' la belnu prepared hv Aa.
alataut Attnruej .llenrr-il llananu. Pending
a Jililliial deterinltiallon of the qiieatlou,
thelefore. the hUliei duty lll lie levied
The Treaaury iep,rtment vrantd
tenliy drawback alloivanres on th' et
portitlou of purtulile miullln' ahnpa inano
faritnvd tiv- th' .1. i. Ilrlll I'ompany of
Philadelphia, wllh the iis of various ar
lb-lea of domestic uianufai'liir' coiilalnlna
liiiported materlala, and on the eRporl.i
tlon of lutirh-alliK oils manufactured tiy
the Hwan eV Klneh Coininiliy of Ihla elly
with Ike use ot importtd rapssaasd ell,
Big Men Predict
for this conntry the frreatat year of prosperity
n its history.
Your business will grow tnd demand increased
banking facilities.
Large resources, progressive organization and onr
ability to meet your banking requirement AT
ALL TIMES, are logical reasons for your con
sideration of the superior banking service offered
by this Company.
fUtonrtf $65,000,000
Metropolitan Trust Company
of the City of New York
George C. Van Tuyl Jr., President
49 Wall Street
NICHOLAS r. PALM KB, Vice-President.
JOHN MeHUUH. Vlre-ITealdent.
FRANK J. IOK, lre-rrealdent.
WALTEB r. ALBEatTMK.N. Vlre-rrealdent.
HABBY H. PONK. Vlee-Prealdenl.
(4AMDEL N. 4'AMPHKI.I., Vlee-Prealdent.
JOSLPH . HOtSE, faihler.
JOHN tOBINMON, Asst. Caihlrr.
EBNEAT W. DAVENPOBT, Asst. raahler.
ARTHUR M. AIKEN. Aat. ( ashler.
NORTH MeLEAN, Mgr. tortlin Dept.
January Investments
We have prepared a circular dweribing stand
ard railroad, municipal and public utility issues
which wt are offering with our recommendation
Yielding from 4.05 to 5.80
Send for Circular S-injt!
33 Pine Street New York
4 Per Cent Gold Bonds
AMOl'NTI.Ni; ri)
Issued In Coupon or Registered Form
Will Be Sold THURSDAY, JANUARY 11 1916, at 1? o'clock, noon
At the State Comptroller's Office, Albany, N. Y.
Thu is the only public tnU of S'eio York Statf bamh that U (ontcmplated
during the preaent cuUmlnr yenr.
These honda hate been segregated Inlo tatn eUaaea, and bidders still he retinlred
slat rlearly In the prnpoaul Ihr rlaaa of hnnda and Hie ainoiint and ptiro fnr earh
l(i bid far, toil pin bonds being laaueil In denominations nf tl.iKMMai and regtatered
bands In denominations of il.ooo.on, m.oho.im. SKi.iaai.iai unit svi.iaw.nn.
Class No. 1. 917,000,000.00 for the Improvement of the Erie, Cham
plain and Oswego canals, dated January 1, 1916, due January 1, 1966;
$5,000,000.00 for the Improvement of Highways, dated September 1,
1916, due September 1, 1966.
As the xmiia trwimtraltd aborf are nil 50-v'ir bnmii, braving 4 per eenl
intrrnst, the Comptrollrr tail rmmr the riaht tn nllnt to Ihr nueetKriul butdrr. hour
of either or both (if the nfxue issues tn Clnss Ao. 1, rioftclAstomiini the tptcific
issue may be itatrn tn ine btff.
Class No. 2. $3,000,000.00 for the construction of Barge Canal
Terminals, dated January 1, 1916, due January 1. 1946.
Temporary receipts will be l.-ued which will hi exchanged for the permanent
bonds when ready lor delivery.
These bonds are Legal Investments for Trust Funds
No bids will be accepted for less tfian the par value; of the bonds nor unless
accompanied by a deposit of money or by a certified check or hank draft upon
a solvent bank or trust company of the cities of Albany or New York, payable
I to the order of the Comptroller of the State of New York, for at least two
j per cent of the par value of the bonds bid for,
f All proposals, together with the security deposits, must be sealed and
endorsed "Loan for Improvement" and cnclo.sed in a sealed envelop directed
to the Comptroller oi the state oi .ew lorK, Albany.
All bids will include accrued interest.
The Comptroller rebervc the right to reject any or all bids which are not
in his oDinion advantageous to the interests of tho State.
Circular descriptive of these bonds and of outstanding State bonds, sinking
Hinds, etc., will be mailed upon application to
, EUGENE M. TRAVIS, State Comptroller, Albany, N. Y.
Albany, January 4, 1916.
rrnns) Itanla Merl land llilrrlabura
Pipe ( i. liaise Them,
Harhisdvri), I'.i , Jan II I";hi
thouc.iiid workere weie li. formed tn-dity
that their p.iy uill he lni're.ie.t
The. I'entieylvalii.i Merl (oiiip.iu.r, em
ploylne li.OOO men at SteeUon, an
nounced that It wt'l pay li tiorkei.a nn
Inereuiie of 10 per cent tieKliin'titr I'eh
ruary t.
The Harrlaliiirr. ripe and BerulInK
Company, employing .'.POP men, nn
ri'ium-ed that It h.is Incre.ieed the war.es
of lt. laborerw 10 per cent., while the
a;M of Kllletl worker." ure, advanced
1j per cent
tilth I'oiiip.inlej have lame nar order?
Corporation Trust
Income Tax Service
is ready for delivery
Tel. HanoTer 6910 for particulars.
m.TTKIt" The heavy arrival of 16,!3
packaaira yeaterdrf)' were oi'cuatnned by tha
receipt nf ittmut c.irlnada from CIiIcmbo.
Intended for eaport The HvallaMe aup-
Ellea were hernial und eufnelent. the mar
at maintaining lla fitrly tettjy tone on
the ton trade. Medium lines w,r alow,
wllh dealer nnxluni to act! even at con
ceaalona. ftPiraKe atook In fairly free
movement lleiiovaie,l niichanifeil . lde,
hrnii picking atook e. area ntnl In demand.
I'rlcea: I'reamerv, extraa. Hi wore, S7ie ;
hlither acorlna:, 31c . Urate. S3 to l'i afore.
I'Sji:;.. reeonda, IJ's 1 STliO , ull.alleil,
tanry, S4(35e p-nie In eholee, 3t'i33e
h!d. extraa, :j1i3ue . hlxher arnrltig, 30
W31c.i ilrat. :7ti:a'jc , ftut. dairy tuba,
fllieat, 30ti31e: Hood to prime, 11 if Sit. ,
tommon to talr, :i(!ijc.. renovated e.
tra. :i',n:3'1'- tlrata, S3 if 34o ; la.llaa.
current make, ilrite. St i ' .S' ec-onil,
SOitJOlie 1'ai'kltlK atin'k. .tune make, rlne,
;'0fri '.'') 'iC. , current make, line :ni , No 2
Mil IS'ae.; loer sruile ICHl'iSc
CllllliHi; Mth'iUKli ipilel all llnea were
firm Kxportera are lmln at lornier
jirhea. ae they ure not wll'tiic t" piy
nnv advance Loral tr.idtiifr iiulet. Taiiey
Mate colored But' tlrm Twn and t'hed.
dara nrm Vounie Amerlrae more freely
rflered. Hklllia llrill I'rl 'ea- State, ilhole
milk, held apeclala, 1 1 8 . Hvern
fah'y, lT4fl?Vac. current make, ape
llala, 1741 "'ae. Htate akllna. held ape.
clala. 13i4 tt 15ac , current make, K,ri'lata.
144 if 14c. choice. 131, if 14 k,i, fair In
food, i: if 13c Wlaennaln twlna ll'ill
ItSc . aloud dalalea, l"4e , ouni; .Mlier
Kaa. ltl, 'ill'.c
KiiOS A 3c decline In freali and 'ie
In atorane occurred sealerday owlna; to
fairly free ruppllia and a.lMcea of fairly
liberal cnllectlona A leport of cold wave
In the U'eat ateadled tltn luarkei soma
whit befiir" the da cloned, and eom
eiuck waa tnkan on the mnrket undir
ahlppera' llinlla Fine refrlit, ratora be
coming acarce Medium and nearby tradea
In iiccumulatlou and alow I'ricih: l-'reah
BHlnered, extraa, line. 3t''l33c, extraa,
llr.ia, .1; 'if 33c. Ilrta 3i3iiac. . aecondr
I't 1, Jf :;Hst . dlrtlea JHlS.'e , r frluernlor
apeilal niarka, fancy. :i'iSSc , tlrrt atnr
age, 234tfJlc . riconila .;i!;3r liennorv
wlillea. nne to fan i. 41ll4i' btowlia.
SSS37C' mixed i.lnra. 3lt.1ur.
IilllSS.-'nii I'nl I.TItV Turkeja nrm
under light auppl). but the fill la 11 k til
I'.ilicy eoft me-ilMl'rnn.l.nil chickens ahow
fair movement bui aiiaiuy ahlpnunia ure
negleeted Medhini eieii chlrkeua w inted
fft export l-'nwla Hlld old inorttira 'n
tlitht aupply Hiid flint Iiucka and (i.
llrtnly lield for lop gradea under llinp-ii
demand Sipiaba acarre and higher
Plump brenaleri aprlng gulneaa In f I r de
mand and firm. Off linen alow. Prl.-.a
Turkea. Weaiern. aprliig, fair to gnod.
ll J3C . abided, f.iliij I'-IJ.-r. pnor 1(,
Hi , Texna. fair In gonrl, SC'l 23c l''owta,
fn li, Wealern. dr pb ked bused nn 1i
lid over, I7'v, Wclein calie, lalge,
ldc I'lllckelie, frefch nearby. 3 all ! 4 Ilia
to pair, ja.fi Me . Virginia, milk imia-; and
i 'b.a . Mi- dry pi.-ked, inm fed, and rt
Iba li17i Hid rnnatera. 13e,
prime whlfe. in Iha tn dozen,
lh . lbs . 14 SO
. eijti.i ti
Tltf t"U i.t CllTHllv (Ini
fllllir W .i lint 4Tiii 1 1 tt i KitiM rni(tL4(li.
iiiiHnl nf fmr o J ii in I'licmir.tRfil
bv Mi' iirlv.ilfi .nut htitiiK'll of -Tiiilr
oil, wJilih rtM ut rlnp in ,riW t.viiort
blivlnr f iot!nn nil Im mIU! repnrtfil. but
ijlfflculty In Hrranplnc frfttthH . b.' k for
t Un biiMlui sh Nn t iM, nn January
f'CHt iS A hi"- A ncmrift l!f IMitni
ullatii for nianufncturtn gn tuhlmc
uii for amtJiunHtf-ti purponfi. 1HI- ('u
I tipper fnr 'erby f4hlpraent Held
firmly at '24 Crnii.
Copper producers continue to hold elec
trolrtn lirnily at .' lor nearby itupuient
and rlightly leaa lor future delivery lluyinj
l litln temporarily, and aecund handa axt
anxioua to aeli for prompt adnpruent Ini
Iota oi M tona at V, to :tc. The Itritiali
(inrernnient aeema to have teinporanly effr, '
tually checked the huyinr f the American 1
ele-nrulytlc at Iximiou: but producing in i
lereata iiintlniie to ak (114 The Rngliah
Goieriinieni maximum la flu) without per
lilia.inn The lutlallcal altuallnn la hut
regarded aa alrong aa laal year. At the aamc
lime, even with eincUa of :?o,vv(iia nouuda ,
Ihe producing Intereat are in alrong poi i
lion tiecaiiae of the preiioua heavv aalra
made ar Into the future The Ixndon
market for aiundard waa again heavy, with
a drop of 11 nn epot and fulnrea Ex
Kirta from New York reported ycaterday were
j ion., numr; a nnai oi t,M, tons aJnce
January 1
Tin waa unlet and eaaler, with price
largely nominal The American trade hat
i-erti haraee, ir iha ,enanrlug of table
aonie nf whleh nwne through wlllinut anv
daiea. and heeke.l trading here fnr future
pniiloua Small lola of apo4 tin yraterdaa
ere minted at 41 and 4i,e February at
li, tu 40i,c Strait llu at Tendon waa tin
changed at (177 for apol, while atandard
droppe.1 (1 ir.a, on apol and (I fa on fill urea.
The Mnrapore market waa up lv , to htj ja.
for apol. Una la premium of c I0a oier
ibc laindnn market Tiia ateamahlp City of
f.incolii h la dte-'harreii 7i tona of tin at
lioion unl will later eome to New York
Willi tuna
i.'lier wn in trvod demand and aleady al
l,i, fnr uil. I tn i;i, for January, lev,
for rcbni.u-v ir,it fnr M'ltvh and IS", lo 11
for aecond nuirter l.nndon waa up (j on
apol and iluwti c on future
lwid w., unlet ami eaaur aeeond liaml
nil ahadiui the trual priiT. f. iiltia. apot
Ik Iiii held at r, . and Tlxat Ml Ixnila waa
ii'inlxble at 1,76 fnr January, February and
Qnlef Heflned l.oarer
tare Kuater.
Maroh. . ,
a o.i
iiiii nn
, a anirft av
. , H.'i 4,93
,.t.oi :
The market foe raw eugar wia o,nit total
aale. lor Hie day amounting to moderai
iliiairtllica nf full dulr augir Irn'Judiug
".iiiln lliiiulnin and Veneruelaa al "..
Nn hiiine waa rcNrle.1 In either Pnrln
llim or Cuba, and (irnie remained un
cli itiged al IS.V fnr I'nrlii Ulcoa aihl 4 f.M
inr Cuba b.il cenirllugaJ S teat, duly
In Ihe nnrlicl for refined atuar irl,-
ai-ri lowere,i y polnte lo a baaia of .i7te
lur fill" .inual-l. atal bualneaa waa a lllile
more ndiie. aa Iniyria had been waiting for
i-erluced fglirea
III Ihe mnrkei fnr ur.ir fulure there waa
MUile aitlre hnindatlon nf tha near poltlnn.
eapcially Jamrirr. and aa a reaull the market
nun eaaier clnainy at f, to II pnlnta net lnwer
Tnl.il aah a for the day were) t H lone Prion
Onendllgh'tiw flop Pre?
' Inc eal l lur ulna.,
anuarr . . , J t.7 3r,7 !l ta .14t.i3m lit
ebnnry 3 JJ 3.11 3SO nvfis.i; .1X7
.1 n t t 3 ) 3 4 331 SanasK s 37
Atirll .1 H.'WX a 11,
I'rev Mu SIS 3 48 1.4 S 4?.fJ 14 t 17
''ln .bin I 4.V.IS 47 S VI
H'd- Jtl'r 3 4'ifl.lfl 351
.l.' Allcilut SlUiJ.,: 3..H
1 ' b'pleiulier a 4Ti I. an JMajy, - it
o n.'inbT ft :..ii3 .,; .iei
. 1 November . . jl,7it3M 1 01
7 la'einb S.M SS40 SMflU S II
TO HOLDERS of Certificates of Deposit issued by or
in behalf of United States Mortgage and Trust
Company, of New York, or Olyn, Mills, Currie &
Co., of London, under Stockholders' Deposit
Agreement dated March 13, 1912, for stock in the
International Construction Company or Union
Construction Company:
Referring to tho above mentioned Stockholilpr?' Deposit Agree
ment, the ttndersiKned Committee hereby elves notice that, pursuant
to the provisions of artlclp Fifth thereof it has prepared and adopted
a Plan and Agreement of Readjustment, and has filed copies
thereof with the Depositaries of the Committee, United States
Mortgage and Trust Company, at its office, No. 56 Cedar Street,
New York City, and Olyn, Mills, Currin & Co., at their office,
No. 67 Lombard Street, London, E. C.
Stockholders who have not deposited their stork under th
Deposit Agreement and who desire to become parties to the Plan
nnti Agreement must deposit same with one of the Depositaries on
or before January 'J6, 191ti.
The transfer books for Certificates of Deposit shall be closed
at the close of business on January 17th, 1916, ami shall remain
closed until the opening of business on February 17th, 1916.
Copies of the Plan and Agreement may be obtained from
either of the Depositaries, the Secretary of the Committee, or at the
office of Charles H. Jones & Company, No. 20 Broad Street, New
York City.
Dated, New York, January 6th. 1016.
JOHN' W. rl, ATTICS', Chairman.
I MAItl.Ks v. WKIl. '
I. HI Kit (. Ill K II.
i.i;wh I.. ri.tHht,
4,hi:i:n(ii i.ii ,v iav. ikkiikhii ii j. i.isman.
t'ounai'l. I'HII.IH II. TI'I'KKTT.
CALVKHT llUKWKIt. fiecretare IHTIH K Tl It.NHI 1,1,.
&& Cialar ftreet, NVw York COM MITTRR.
at the t'liiao of hualneaa un Ihe .ilat daa nf
iie.'eiuier, mia
Stock and Nrndlntealuienta. l
rniilie a,Mtrltlca itmok value,
12 :hi;,4UMMi, market a!u $2.nll .4 M
Prltale e.urlilca ilawik value.
.,.'J.M.U7a 3111. market valua
Iteal eatainttwncd
Mortgagna owneil
lawn and dla,'faiuU aeciire,! he
IkiiiiI ami morlgage. deetl or
,,lher real eatate rollateral .
I.uana and dlacmints teriired hy
til her collateral,
laiaua, dlai'iiunla and hill pur.
rtiaaci not. r,'urQ ny collateral
line rroru approved
reserve ,fea
tartrvlca amniilil
of olfecla g 174 1l 11
lluefrunilruat com
nanlea, bankaand
hanker nnt In
cluded In prei'e.1
lugltem 2.0.M.3I3I1
77.024 77
773.05S 09
fl,79'l-,t 7
2 724.fl.tO JJ
t 141 IM
'nec .
lulled Slate legal tender not
aim uoiCHtit national nana
Federal Iteaerre nolea
4'aati Hem
Other awela, U.
AUtauceil to
tniata, nr. S7X.tlS.l7
Furniture and
flittire an new) itn
Accnicl totarast
eniere.1 on
honk at cloaa
of bualueaa on
above dale. 203,124, til
n.'J3. 7no 113
I..IH7.04I St
27.V340 Pe
.'17,20 00
tl am ll
Capital ti-k
nurpiua on market value
Surpluifuml ll.l.vi.ooo.oo
t lldla Ideal proflla 22A.IM,7
Purnlu on iKxik
aaluea SI ,S4ft,19S.7A
Preferre.1, aa fol
low Duo New Vork
Male Saving
Hin.a l,Aan4l7H4
Olher depoalla
dun aa eiecu
tor, adinlnla
tratur, guar
dian, receiier
truatee, com
mittee) or da
poaltary 1.147,161
llepmlta by tha
Mat of Naw
York uoeeee
Depnatta by th
of Hank or
Htata of Nw
orit s:n nt
other depoalla
Poatat Sav
Ing) aei-ured
by a pledga or
aaeta 32. fit IS
rnt preferreii. aa
DeiHwIi tutdft
ttit'heek 19 asn.toi 10
Time depoalta.
ceillflcalca and
oilier depoalta
the payment of
which cannot
legally Im re
iiulred vilthlo
thirty dan A 441 791,1
demand ccrtlfl-
calianf dep.ll M7 tllT.la
Other certificate
ofdepoait S3 9ISSS
( 'aahler a check
outstanding In-
eluding lmltar
cbe.l,a of nlhar
ofiicer 7.414 67
wue trim com-
panlea. tianka
and bankers 4 440 15 9
1,a7.1l 7
llltend total depulla
Other llahltlilea.tlr
Kcaertea for
tatea expenaea,
111 a77.j7l.ll
Accruel Interest
enterH on
book at cli
of bualneaa on
III 427 :
,1A eta 44
71.114 14
S.'lt S2S 177 12
Ta the lloldera of I'rrferred MiM'k In
Tha Yt Illya-Oterland Companyi
Notice ta hereby alien that In the emr-
elae nf the power reeerve.l by The Wnlia
Overland Company In lla article uf In
corporation al.u in ma aiuca i-t rum jit,,
l,l Company haa duly deiennlned h
retoliitlnn of the IMard of Dlreeiora duly
adopted at a meeting of aald Hnaid, lo re
deani tlie whole of Ite preferred nock at
one hundred and en per cent. ill0ri nf
the par va.ue lllertuf. pnia accrueu ini
denda Tha Hoard of Inractma at ald
meeiimr i,y reanlullou du'v a 1 pie, I the
folninliig method fnr aueh rede-iiptlun
Kaeh and eier holder uf preferred
aloik I notlltad to preaetit and eutremler
111 eertlflcata fur audi preferred Muck at
Ihe ufflce of William Salomon . l' N !"
Ilroad Htreet. In the flty of New Vork. m
the 11th day nf January, t?l. and tipmi
'ieh aurrender each auch holder l l re
celta pament In caah of a auiii euuil io
116", of lha par lallia thereof tugnlhi'l .
lth a proportionate amount of the ,u.,r
terly dividend thereon al th" ra-e of aeten I
per cent per annum from JamiiM I MS
to January 111, lulu, Such panuetit aa ill b
made tn thnaa who aha'l b lh alockhn ,1
era of record namel In lha aim k cerMIt
calea. reapn lively, ao aurrendered. im I
tha alock carllllcalea an aurrelutei e 1 be at
is proper ventilation. The grip
perm hates frvsh air Ventilate
otir office, f.icor. homo, with
the Automatic
Van Zile Air Deflectors
N'o dure? for rnciiieeriiiK ir
si'v ami estimate
( .ortlandt St t,.m7 rorll.tmit
ciTizr.v.s i.t ro. or iviu vfoi,ih
tlral and Kef uniting Morlgage
.voTin: l.s iir.iimiv iwvrv t ' n,,i,k
era Truat t'oiupaii), Primary rrtuie under
the rtrat Hiid ItafunJIna- Mnrtgaga of a -1 I
aena tiH I'ompMiy of Indlaiiapolla, dated
July 1. 19K. to llankara f ruat romputiy and
ihe I. iilun Trual Comiuuy of lnr!lMti.ipi,lla.
Truatee, liitemla In apply the pro.ee of
th alnklnir fund Inataflment due t)i din lit
prntl.Jiai.t of eal.l morlgage on .lanuirt I,
15li, tie purchare uf I'lret an . Ilefunl
ins S't kl'.j I'ur. 1 un 1 Hun : nf i.t
tiaa 'impany of Ind'an ipn'i.s '.,!, undr
eit'll limitgiigp. nt a prue nit . e.Htig
par a r i' I Intareat an i , iirtn un. an I
to thn' ind Invltej off-rs i . ti.u,Urru Teua
Cnmpaliv uf UCh b"H I at a prfe tint ti
etieed par accrue, 1 Interest A 11 t V pre
inlutn, whli h oftere alu.l be fnr a. or any
trt of the bond an ufferej
Al offer inui lie made In a!1 en
valop, a and deliver i in jtatikera Tr' at cnni
panv a a rrlmtrv 1rnte, at It off I , Nn
1 h Mreet, Net, ork i-1'' on ,,r befora
l.oci k i.jnii, mi I'enriiiri Ilh lflH, and
aria , be for the mi ! nf a,, h bnn-i a
of February 15tli, 1'Jlil So offer mil' b
accepted fthhh ahfa, be fur a a.ini tn ei.;a
of par a rtie.1 ntret hii1 S', pftinun
Hanker rruat t ompnny.
I'rlii.ury rruat
B II K WIUSON Jll A-l r.larr
Dnied Jami.uy 12th 1 9 1
Edison Electric Company of New Orleans
First Mortgage 5" Bnntlh
"I"- Atneri an Tru' t "inpai. f. i i r y
Vtn- an I 'ati and 'feu! I'lrnp.i i lln,-
II M ,.ti 1 uaelta Tr i'e under at, H, let .
i ir, 'f T' -' w It I, II. a l..li- .1 I. r -1
, pt r i iir-'.na -i.ticj in
' .', ' I,, 1 e i gl . e ti ' ' 'e hn I I
of 'I a en' tu e I h.t
ii i:u
t .!.' r
Mir c u
, t iili.ii
r '
' hi
nd II
pur, I.
I l'i
, l. 1,1
. lb.
II 1
111. 1
Railroad Company
f.o;:',:i,un.y,,.xb.)cup.r.':f",:!in t i .r ivr ent. i.,k
venl auch pajmant will ba mad tn thai . i. 1
reaneetlie tranaferei I'bn regular nutr ; "" nruary 1, u...
tarly dividend of one .111.1 ihue .lilil if r M.AI 1 -1 I KuI'lJiaA I.M addrred In lha
par rent US'ei "Id he pild on January ' underli:iiei i.t In nnh e 13; Hetnnhli
1, to holder of preferred alock of .Ureal, llnttnu. Mi., aiiletiilora.il iiiiinm
record on Dcmner 51 lam lde of eme prop, t.. ri, , n
On January 1J. 191 dividend will . V It II i'o timver llkieini,, ii
reaaa upon ald alnck and nn holder nf i llonda" Wild. Ill' llllt'ni Villi f.S'TII.
... .v... . i r i , i , i ' , i mm a ii t i i :i
fur tha eaie nr ,i,, I , bun u, .l4
lirsiiltnn iiirvsisi: tiioi xsn
AMI KIM'! linl.l PS AMI Mn
rpillT FV'p. . Kill, H4i (III ANY
I'AHT Tlll:it1 In a urdau. e with lha
ngreemeni dated liecember I mil
preferred alock or of anv cartincal Iner-
for ahill have any right after aald dale,
aa a aiockhnliler of ihe Ciimpiny, nor anv
claim agalnal th (Nimpativ except In i
calve payment and aal I redemption prb e
of U0 of the p.il valun llierenr, wllh Hie
dividend accrue! on aald .1nuuHr 13, upon
the aurrender of the lerlltlrate
Th Cnmpam Hill depoall with aitd
William ralnmon A i n upnti aald January
U. 101B, a autn eipinl in 1I0". of the par
value nf any etntk cerilfliata nnt an aur
randerad and paid befule lh clnaa nf
bualneaa on aald dale together Hh tha
accrued dlvldenda thereon in ald date, in
truat for payment, but withou' Ititeraat
tharenn, In Ibe hnl.lera threnf, upuli praa
entailnii and aurrender from lima in Ume
of uch loek rertlflcalaa reapctlely
By erdr of th Hoard nf rilractor
ROTAL a BCOTT, flaoratvr.
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lid .l..ini-1'l .laialurt i., lulu mi s
be opened and aucceaafjl
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t'lMitT. -I lioiHl M.-rtpuKP lo lh' I DIM
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lull l.it- 'lit I'f r('i "i Hi Ml Ofllc nf
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