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terad at tlio IVtfl Ofilce at New York aa
Second 0lh Mall Matter.
Stibtrrlptlnii" liy Mull, 1'o.tiiald.
DAILY, Per Month MO SO
DAILY, I'or lear 6 UO
HU.S'HAY. Per .Month 25
SUNDAY (to Can.Ua), Per Month. .. . All
SUNDAY. Per .ir !M
DAILY ASH Sl'NUAY, Per Yciir.... B Ml
DAILY AND SUNDAY, Per Month... 7ft
DAILY, Per Month 1 3ft
HUNUAY, Pet .Month OA
DAILY AND HUNUAY, Per Month... 1 W
TUB KVP.N1NH fit'.V, l'er Month
TIIH KVKNIMI sl'.V, Per 1 ear
THBUVUX1.NU f.V( Foreign), Per Mo,
2 AO
1 03
All ehet ks. uiunoy orders. Ac. to be
made pa j able to Tnr His,
Published dally, im-Uidlng Sunday, by the
Sun Printing ami Publishing Association at
1(0 Nassau stretst. lit the Uorough of Man
hattan. New York President nd Treaa
urer, William C llalck. Ho Njmiu atrMtj
Vlce-Pre-liiint, IMward P Mitchell. ISO
Naaxau rtre't, t-ecreuxy, (.'. 15. 1uxlun, 1(0
Naasau atruct,
IOndon oflUe, llmngtiani llouts, 1 Arun
del Mreet, Slr.uul
ParU utile, 6 Itun .l-i la Mlchodlen, aft
Ave du (Jiiaire tflembre
Wanhington ornce, llilibs HuiMln.
Urookln uttlce, IDS Livingston street.
our fnruda uho faior un irlA manu
tcrtpti anil Wturriiliitnp for pubtirntion ti-laA
to haie reltcttd urues rrturntd thty mu$t
in all ca&ti tetid eMeinj for that purpoit.
So far us the public knows, tho
proof of the Herman allegations uboiit
what are called the Hill-along mur
ders Is not of the most conclusive
charnctcr. Sir Kiiwaiiii Gkky'h offer I
to submit the facts to the arbitration I
of a neutral board of American naval '
officers, together with the facts In cer-
tain other eases of alleged brutal
violation of the rules of naval war
fare, does not Indicate that the nflldu
vlts of the American muleteers are
credited by him.
The cry for "vengeance for the liar
along murder" by mcan.s of swift and
Impressive reprlal comes from the
(Jerman newspapers and from Indi
vidual members of the ItelchMag. The
nearest approach to an otllclnl threat
ikf rnnrlh.nl Iw ,'m t ,i I (tin! III tint ilttor.
. . .i.
nnce of the Under Secretary of the
Foreign Olllce, In the llelchstag on
Saturday. "Thu Government." m1U
a , ,
xicir ,iMut.iu.i, lis irioiitni nil '
of Amsterdam, "will tlnd thu right i"""1'" u,,r "" u "'.' power conferred by legislation to tlx It now appears that Urtan's attl
maona ,,.i'i, .1... r.,.-,ii i.,r, ,1,-wi ,,vnl11 nn' teP o"-ard rolM tor the ' tariff rntes within maximum and mln-1 tudo toward Wilson Is to be one of
shandy nnd Impressively.'
Let every friend of Germany and
of humanity hope that the reprisal
now in contemplation nt TSerlln may
fall short of the butchery of prisoners
Innocent of the remotest connection
wtth the Iluraloiig affair,
Whatever may be the
technical !
right of reprisal, the quality of the
evidence In this case docs not war-
rant the ruthless application of the
left (ns who
regard for
neutral wo
not less forcibly Hum Immunity to
the men at Ilcrlin who are to dictate
the method of reprisal.
Montenegro's .Separate Fence.
Thc agreement of the Montoiiegrin
King nnd people to t-lsn terms of a
ttenarate peace, as announced yester
day In the Hungarian raiilauieiit by
Count Tis.a, constitutes the tirst .
brenli in the ranks of the Allies.
This action of Moutem-cro follows
closely upon her los of the I.oveen,
lier greatest stronghold, and the sur
render to the Austiians of her entire
iirmy. Montenegro Issued her dis'luru
Hon of war against Au-trlu soon after
the Austrian attack iisin llelgrade
und followed il a few days afterward
by a declaration "f hostilities against
ficnnauy. The -mill and poorly
equipped for
fur modern warfare
that she was able t-i put into the Held
wag not of gniit talue even to the
.Serbian army, with which It Usunllyl
of life for life. If there Is dres and the nrtlcle should be read stand that they are to be given power i IhIWo that his attitude toward heat- "T, l th.-.V ib.V I ritflh i ...llf".'" ' ., ...V!, J'iwr,'.n?"r ' is that It leaves the ..im w-ike of bub-
iintii t.n.a i. tnm.tiw - ,u.. 'lni? iiuorMa ommoir cany owm as ",M i uiov ,uA ,mi.w.
xn-Hiil- tin i- - , rwiiH Hi' ii 1U IIA rlCJ 1 kill II tTn.UU ilUIIUiraiH .... ' . tl ... i . t i l ItlO airKri'P'OrsJ 111 mu ' llrr o vn miu run.ur unit lion uinviur,-,
the opltiloii of thi-chllized' Mr. Koor presumes that his conn-' and maximum figures? ' I, r " " , .,. i, ''"'iticlan-s ami hen.-htnen of ,ntl-i Wlat not ,mWsl,ed acreir.ents the track of i, ; nitehead torpedo, and
' iiiuaimiu " k ' v ' ,1t (iPillTII I 1'VRTi. W.1R nil irnniirtfl nt -1 . i t . t. . i ....... . . . I tfLTlM tts nf t n A tnnut I hiimiH rt tit u,iiir.eu i
rl.l. iK,lc.v.shl,l pp,...,l trymen will luvd the appeal he makes ..Mr. owks No. . factor In In.luencii g wntchfu seals Z .. e" AV, . , -a hole. . !..... 'i . .iiV. Z' .' " '0 ' of ..rotation to the submarine is lo-t
cooperated. Its defeat by the over-'we
whelming Austrian arms, splendidly
.siiilnneit .villi urililerv f.ir innimtntn
tlghtlnj, was from the hrst almost a
foregone conclusion. j
In making a separate peace Monte-!
negro evidently did not break atiy
iigreement with Hie Allies, for there (
13 nothing to liidlcn.e that she was
bound by the eoinpact euiur.il into by
tho Kntentu Powers. treat lirltnln.
l-'rance and Kit ia. She was really
such an iiiriiii-'ii-iiiiit uieiiiliei' of the
alliance and via- in pn-ltlnn to fur
nish such a sin i 'I nld tn the general
success that her retlivnietit from
active participation will tin v little
military eflVet.
Duello hy Kiiltur In Clilcugo.
There may be -otne eviiggi'l'iillon,
literary pol,-li, in the icpoits of a
Chicago pli siclan's i-hallenge in n
fellow prnl't'sslniinl tn light a duel
with germ cultures n- weapon- in
settlement of a quarrel involving the
disputant.-' rclmho attainments in
bacteriological knnwleilue. Ilul the
challenge i- quoted with a show of
verbal accuracy, lly lis terms each
contestant is in piepiiie live culture,
of which three tire harmless two
deadly; in eoiiuii:o, "through a ref
eree mutually -elecieil," his cultures
for those of the oilier doctor; to In
oculate himself with the three cul
tures whirl, he inuv select as the, Oerman universal military service be
Mlfu ones. Thus the contestant's skill cam" u rigorously demanded a sacrifice
to I.,. .i,i..,.i.i ,n 1...1 i ,bib from over)' man. from which sacrifice
his life 1- put In peril.
In the sniiie day's news that car
ried this story was another of simi
lar sort f i-oiii ptthurg, Two litis
slans foiliilu a whiskey duel. Instead,
however, nf a fnrtual challenge, tho
Joining of buttle was done by a
wager, each mail pledging himself, if
defeated, tn enlist in the war. One
of the men iiieil n few minutes after
beginning u In- tinli ipiari; the
other Ingurgitated throo-quiirtors of a
gallon nf anient spirits., collapsed,
ami I- now In the doctor".- care. The
brand of poison I- not sppcllled,
To iii'einii . 'noiiKis, whatever
the conditions nnd weapons of com- for the public Intercuts; In the Htnnd-j Tork'n neighbor to the. west of the
bnt, these notes mny bn of Interest: itrd of nrt, which Is set by tho price I'nssalc Hlvcr. We have wondered what
To chnllenge to n duel Is to Inclto to' of n painting or statue, not by the ex- ""nospherlc conditions peculiar to the
breach of tho W. nnd is therefore cenenco of It; even In the notice I f.e'lnu!!! taS'ta'SSLw
nn ofTence considerable by thc officers ( served on society by the "modern Mt the first convenient opportunity,
of Inw. To engage In n duel Is to womim" Hint the "fuller life" conies Wo now learn that It Is not a natural
commit nn assault with deadly wenp'1 before her duty ns wife nnd mother. ' Phenomenon, but that tho air Is ob
ons. To wound your adversary Is. Continuing bis speculations, ir. c'red by tho dust kicked up In a
nttempt to murder. Killing In n duel
Is homicide. Seconds nhnro the guilt
of the principals.
Tho Pittsburg duellists chose weap
ons deadly Indeed ; one of the men l
beyond capacity to plead In extenti-
ntlon his Ignorance of tho law, the
other mny soon be. Hut the bold'army htcMf0 thc money MlA tno -
Isetilnplnns of the Windy City hud
better beware i They are warned,
Two Pollclem No Beform.
Govenior Whitman's brand of econ
omy In State administration hits been
rejected by thc statesmen whoMi np
provul Is essential to Its adoption.
They hnve examined It with scrupu
lous euro nnd Impartiality, and have
reluctantly condemned it ns inappro
priate to the needs of the public.
In Its place they propose n reform
of their own by which $20,000,000
would be saved In tho expenditures
to be authorized by tho Legislature
tills year. This saving will bo ef
fected by tho slmplo device of chang
ing tho opening of tho fiscal year
1017-18 from October 1 to July 1, thus
reducing tho period to nine months,
and abolishing n number of Jobs held
by Democrats and therefore obviously
useless. The simplicity of attaining
economies by altering tho fiscal jenr
appeals; why not cut It down to six
months, and thus save half tho cost of
government? Nor should we overlook
the gain to the taxpayers derivable
from abandoning the Democratic "In
dustrial Colony for Tramps," and or
ganizing, sny, the Republican "Voca
tional Itetreat for Vagrants."
i How deep Is Governor Whitman's
i attachment to financial reform, n seri
ous and entertaining subject, we have
no menns of knowing. The feeling of
the legislators toward It is notorious,
,.,. ,
What Is now plnuned at Albnny is n
. 41..I. ........ M, .n..Al.n.An, ,1
signed to obscure the renl Isstio In
, . i .. i . i .. i
burdened taxpayer.
American Democracy To-day
Ux-Senator Hoot's stlrrlnc anneal
to his countrymen to renew their de-.lis
votlon to "the principles of American
was optimistic compnred
with the views advanced by Mr.
Hiuioks Adams In his nrtlcle "The
American Democratic Ideal" In the
idle Hcvtcw for January. The ad-
it they Ilstcu to lilm; Mr. Ahams
doubts whether the American people
will pay any attention to his exhorta-
tion to merge their ludlvldunllsm In
the duty which the State requires of
them If the State Is to endure, lly
Individualism Mr. Apams does not
mean tne principle oi inuiviuuni uu-
erty. Individualism, ns he sees It In
tnt' American nation. Is u perversion
of and n falling away from thc true
democrat le Ideal. He would agree
with Mr. Hoot that the basic prin
ciple of our republic Is "that nit men
are created with Inalienable rights
which governments nre created to
preserve." Mr. Adam would not put
the State above tho Individual In tho
-ense that bo Is the pawn of tllL. ,
State to be moved about as It wills;
but, on the other hand, he would not
hnve the Individual set his personal j
Interests above the welfare and
curlty or the Mate:
"No organized eooi.il system, such ns
commonly call a national civlllza-
Hon. can cohere aralist those enemies .
.v.i.,. ,.i... i. -v..,,.i ..
tn to recognize as Us primary standard
or duty rj,,, obligation of the individual
min and woman to sacrifice themselves
for the whole community in time of
hmmU fun(llimPlltn, . blIt ln
.,. , ,,,.,,,, ,a ,Iinnn., .
set himself up ns the Judge of.
iibntbi.r ho cbonbl flvo blu services
to the State In the hour of Its ex
tremity. Says Mr. Auuis: "Tho
power to determine when the moment
of need has arisen lies not with the
individual but with society In lis cor- routes with men c.rrjing mails day
nornte cnnacltv " He has never been "'"'r d:,y' wo(,k "f,cr nwk' w"
porate capacit). in. ims iiu r nun yoQn hlve n v;ih( numupr nf lralr,.d nvl.
nn ndmlrer of Germany, but he does , ,ltors accustomed to iljlng nnd ititl
liot tlllllerstand how UlllverMll mill-1 mately fnmlllnr with the appearance of
.i.. ...ii. .,1,1, i. ,, I the land over which they pass"
llll r.ltl.. luiiiiiiir, iiii ,11, ll u. i
democratic Ideal. Hostility ln thlst
, count rj' 1" the principle of the der -
man system "which Americans dl - s -
gulsed under the phrase of faith In
democratic ideals'" puzzled him
... rntnrnlnr- t.flor ll.n .li.cl.l rn I Ion
' . . ' i i i
of wnr from Frnnre, whom ho had
seen the "whole manhood" of tho re
public mnrchlng to the frontier "with
out a murmur and without n quaver."
He reluctantly formed this opinion;
"The real tyranny against which my
countrymen revolti-d was the tyranny of
universal self-sarrlrlce, and they hated
they personally shrank."
Therefore Mr. Apims concluded
that the democratic Ideal of this gen-
iTiiiuin loiinsieu in un- iniin-ipi. -
that nn man or woman should be
forced to conform to nny standard of,
duty against their will, or, In short,!
In the principle of universal selfish-
nessv Ho sees ,,s point of vlewj
working out In legislation by Con-
gross In the interest of Individuals
and localities with no thought of the
common welfure; he sees It In Hie
strife between capital and labor, boih '
t iv.ni , i
sides often exhibiting greed and
tyranny, with little or no regard (
AtiAMs snys: , of N-ewurk taTCIiA llpon the mllltnnt
"An n tmlflctl organism we, are ne.trly librarian, John Cottov Dana. Wo
lne.ip.iblo of sustained collective thought, h,l,Vn 1,1,1 ',ft MB(l iim to Inform our
. , , . , . selves on tho details of this affair and
cxt at long Intervals under tho vt.,lllm, on m
verreit tension. Ordinarily, we. j We fed at perfect liberty to say, how
eannot think except Individually or to- over, that the fellows who picked on
cally. We can organize no effective Mr. IHva will know, when the trouble
needod to construct tin effective Army
must bo frittered an ay to sratlfy local!
tin, nor can we have, u well udjusted
navy because wo can persevere In no uni
fied plan developed by n central mind."
With much of this we believe that
Mr. Koor would ngree ns n veteran
legislator nnd Cabinet Minister,
I it
tho end Mr. Apams utters the .solemn
warning that If the American people
... , ,
do not come to their senses and adopt
nnd practise team work, "the hour
cannot be far distant when some su-
perlor because more cohesive and In-
telllgent organism, such as nature has
decreed shall always lie In wait for
. . . .. . .
lts victim, shall spring upon us nnd
rend tis as the strong have always
rent those wretched because feeble
creatures who are cursed with an
aborted development."
Atavistic I.aronlsm.
ltonr.nT Latham Owen, Junior
United States Senator from Okla
homa, Is of Indian descent, his mother,
as the Senator relates In his biograph
Icnl sketch printed In the emigres- j
slonal Ilrectory, having been "Nsu- i
cissa CiitsiioLM of the Cherokee
The American Indians, If their
speech has been accurately recorded
In history and fiction, were brief In
talk, never lacking terminal facilities,
seldom adding ornamentnl tags to an-
swers when meaning hnd nl ready been 1
made clear. i
Recently Senntor Owr.v wns advo-!
eating n tnrlff commission to advls..
the President, the latter to have
lmum points. ,
Senator Owkn yielded to Senator I
SuTiir.RijkND of Utah, and tho Con-1
,prctonal Record reports the colloquy
"Mr. Suthfuland Do 1 understand
the Senator to be In favor of creating ,
a tariff commission with power to tu
tariff rates?
".Mr. Owen No.
"Mr. Sum et.land Well, do I under
"Mr. SfTiiKnusn Well, if it will not
annoy the Senator, may I ask him what
is the proposal?
-Mr. Owr.s- That the President
mtght make reciprocal agreements fixing
rates between maximum nml minimum
.-Mr. Sctheslanp Tlien. the real
WOP ,lnir . senator's o.-ooositmn 1
to ,)e conferred upon the resident?
"Mr. Owen Yes" I
The experienced and artful debater
rejoices when his opponent answers
wlt,h mnn "'or,,W:, hH 11,1,1
smiles encouragingly to induce a
longer answer; he Is never so sorely
tried n when lie Is answered la ono
ord, and that a ini.tiosyllahle.
Representative Kncinv. chairman
of the Wars anil Means Committee.
anJ Uepresentatlve I'itzueiulp, chair-
m.in of the Appropriations Committee,
were unable to attend Secretary Mo
Anoo'8 dinner -where "national finances
were discussed when cigars were
lighted." Jlamlet and J.acitci out of
the bill but ftojcncranfc nnd (itilMrn-
Ufcrn right In the spotlight!
T.n , n ri.. mn , ri,..
IVace at nny price means a price
tor nny peace,
If Hen Fkanklin'S spirit could have
nimninl bis stniin. i, v.irtf n-
vesterd.iv. his 210tb bt-rtlidav. what
words of counsel nlmonltlon and re-
,, , V t, ,j i ,... ,i,i,-1,i , ,
"""" "'-"
statesmen who
.penii tneir umn in
r tho shadow of his
f Utile talk Under
dlgnitled bronze toes!
Pnifessor Alrxanpek CiRsIIA.m llni.t
In proposing It. I. aviation, says:
"if w. have hundieds of postal air
PiepaTodncss would of eourso gain
lm,nr,ni.iiU- Itllt II vvmihl tllsl lie liec.
. PSHir. ti; m tl Uri(l, ,,,,,., latKm
' from Congress tn pay the new it. p. I),
carriers u good ileal more than Is now
expended for aiitoiiinbilo nnd stage
SeJCjCC. TIlC appropriation OIICO ill
hand the engaging nf awatorn would
be quite a problem. Pew airmen
would cure to risk their bones twice a
day between Albany nnd l.iko Placid
or u watery grave between Sag Harbor
and New London, two of tho routes
The iJernocintlc party lculcin will
piobubly tlnd that what tho President
lias In mind is consultation without
All egg of the extinct n-pyornis .soils
for ? 1,000, but If a Htirvtvlng colony
of rocs, dodoes nr gnat auks eliould
lie discovered in snnie nut nf Hie way
corner nf the wmld, their eggs would
ml lM V()rtll n ,,t,nl ;l thousand. Will
tho chicken ever become extinct and
the lay nf the Inst hen a treasure of
the museums?
, ' "
Xlu .X
y,)Wnii f h.ing a g I tunned inn,
mity pnt lnn been living tn steal a
base, but living tn draw a thmw to
ll,,f" to help n runn. r on third
l or snino time we have been puz.leil
to a,,.ount fnr wliat np,K.lirfrt t0 hn a
heavy fog hanging over ono of New
subsides, that they have been present
J at a fight.
Time may show that the foes of pre
paredness to-day will prove to be the
friends of the enemy to-morrow.
With tho merger of the First and
Hecond, New York and Brooklyn, Na
tional Guard regiments of field artll-
lory Into brigade organization one tep
'"ere !s takfii In the direction In which
'Ur, Htato mllltla ho been truvelling
fast and far toward readiness to fit
9moothlv lllto ,llo n,che wnere UncIe
,-um mav sometime possibly be mighty
glnd to have it. Our boys are fretting
t0 bn regular Itegul.irs.
. . '
,Z,rm7!L S!
I'. uooKkFEt.t.isn, Jr., as a possible Bec-
,0tary of Labor Is somewhat startlln.
It will stand a good deal of serious
A resolution Introduced try Mr. Goaa
.n tho fenoto authorizes the lYcsl
.lent In nnr Into nn D,nmi,l H,I, I
General cakuanza for tho employment ,
to restore order and make llfo secure
in n zone running along the border on
thu Mexican side. The resolution was
rpfnrril tn tho I-'nrelrrn Helnttnn,, Cnm.
inlttee. General CAmuNzA's responsl-
'ullty extends to the confines of his
Moreover, he had already
given notice that he has no power
under the Mexican Constitution to al
low American troops to cross tho bor
der. Mr, GoitK's resolution was a waste
of his own time and the Senate's.
The recent past has produced a lot
of nlil rntitindrnm In new fnrmi!
When Is a treaty not a treaty? When
U a blockade not a blockade? When Is
a Viu. not a villain? When is a one i
,,n .,!,..,!, ,... . . ninnv a -.i I
" "'"'',""
others equally unanswerable.
watchful kilting.
A year's study may be necessary,
Ton! peace leaders admitted to-day, be-1
fore they submit their peace programme
to the Kuropean belligerents. Dr'patcn
from The llayuc.
Hut will the belligerent nations con-
",cn l" "K',t "ntl1 the P'rin has bw'n
Mr. Wilson's protece Mr. Carranza
has prohibited the manufacture and phrase making professor for a Prsl- tho characters nt .,-ne of the Admin 1 "mu ork has leeu done !n this dl
salo of riiiloue In Mexico Im It not dent Is Identical with Unit of the Ger-I .t ration's "CoimtitntlniiaHet" favorites I reel Ion In this country by using com-
.ng toward his support
Germany has contribute,) to Atnrloa.
bltod, brains, brawn and buoyancy.
llrrr 'rorior 1'avst.
And somo bunk.
I'rnsperlly. -Not rrohlhltlon. the Cane
of the I. ii" Death Hate.
To Tlir rnrnm ok TllK SfN- Mr An
arm !.. published In THE Sl'.S' of .Ian-
uarv II contains some extravagant
clillllM ua to the alleged beneficial re
Milts of prohibition In tho State of Kan
sas made by W .1 V. Deacon, registrar
of the Kaiui.Ls Vital SLitlstlcs Hureau.
Mr. Deacon jerts that the low
death rate of hi. State Is due to prohi
bition. Kansas has a very low death
rat' Kans.is prohibits the sale of 1.
qtiors Tin refore . prohibition must be
tlie ciiu.se of the low death rate.
Viifoitunately for this kind of reason-
lug -wo thai on turning to the mortality
1 stnibtlcs of Maine, a State that ha en-
Joje.i the farce of prohibition for more This plan to Increase national patronage
than fifty jenra. that tho death rate and tn place the hen !th of K.OOO.onO peo
In that State Is 15.3 per rent. The rate P under a general and complicated
In wet Ohio Is only 13 per cent., in wet
Missouri only 12,i per cent, and In wet
Montana only 10 per cent Applying Mr.
, Deacon's logic we find: Maine has pro.
hlbltlnn. Muliii- has a high death rate
Therefore: nrohlhltlnn Is tho cause of
the high death rate in Maine.
, Th(, l(,a, M1,HI1,lto of t3, ,w dMth
i rat( )n Kllllil, to ue found In another
, paragraph of Mr. Deacon's report to
' the Cn.ied States Census Hure.iu. where
1 he snvs : "Kansas is rich, nnd the neo-
' P'e are enabled tn live well, to clothe
l''m.otves properly, to have comfort-
I Homes una lioumninc food," Olven
i conditions that enable the bulk of the
population to live in comfort the aver-
i i,c, death late will be low.
i- iivwiui lam "ill it M'i
Anticipating tho prohibitionist reply
it the nrosneritv of Kansnj. Is due to
nroldbltion. lnstelld of to the fre.lt nflt
.i.i,..., . . .,. . . .
Ural resources and the energetic cliar- newspapers i scrinusiy onjeci 10 ami pro
uder of her people, I wish to point out test against utterly Incorie t statements
tint the report of the Comptroller of regaullng the niannei hi which the
the Currency for l HI 3 shows that Kan- dreadful cholera menace of I was
sas had l,Hs savings bank depositors bandl.-d at this m. ! was Health
In mutual and stock savings banks for Ofllcer at the Utile liven these critics
each inn. 000 population. Thirty-two
lliense States have n greater number of
depositors In proportion to imputation
than Kansas. The average sa!ngH of
each desltor In all the savings bunks
of the Culled States Is M3D.07 The
morage suvliig.s Jn Kansas 1s only
JJ3t.r.'). The average flyings in wet
llhodn Island Is jt4.3 nnd In wet
New Yoik If SIS. 00. This effectually
itislioles of 111., ct.-llin fh.if t.rnhlhll Inn
In the cause of Kansan prosperity
iim i J.r
Nr.w Yoiik, January 14.
The Watt of Jinks.
ud (.'eneressnian Jinks ! feetlni qutu
And el,th for the flays when the world
a' Pi-ife.
"wnen i inn came to w t ninirion vfi
body kiien-
Wh.it worried the hinarJ. of Tnrk or
"V f.-v.r liearn talk of Mrrln.r. then, ' n'i-j,, " " " rf, "." , '. V .
And map. of the world didn't .ur-, 1 " 91 lrn T, "e ' ' " 0,l"l,,e'1 to
' wrest the custody of the Interned pas-
W.'d swap will, e.c), other nnd then er from the custody of the State,
swap nraln "lOovernor Klowrr advanced jr.O.non from
And net what w. wanted In .ny old
now they
)ty ileestrbi It not on the mapa. I ran
nee ;
There alni nny 11rkerln', dr.Un' nor
Th pork that I'm after nln't eomln'
In me
,"Tiii"' mxi. ii itermany, llnnland an I
flili.. i Japan -.ma Miey talk nf 'eni n'd,
'ihe -in for mv de.ti n i' iccii nttry r.
i hi.ni-e.
I ni Cnngreiianian Jlnk, but,
I malll
a"nh, ain't
T. Joust.
All Things to All Men, He Is
Human Heat and Worst.
To tub BoiTon of The Hun Nlr: Mr.
ItooBovelt is tho most spectacular fltture
this generation has seen. Ho revels and
goes Into Interminable rhapsodies over
popular applauxe and consideration. Of
tremendous mental and physical activ
ity, ho Is Irrepressible, audacious, fear
less, optimistic. Ho Ukes defeat with
philosophical realirnatlon and slKnnl trl-
umphs without superfluous boosting. He
Is Kencroua to a fou and loyal to a ,
triiMid. Like tho great Napoleon, ho Is
never tooproud to recognize a poor friend. 1
With all that, ho curries himself with i
a dlRnlty that Is actually Infatuating .
and again ho Indulges In side steps,
when his higher and nobler self seems
to bo Hmrled.
People Uko a man who will roll up 1
his sleeves and get to work, use strong
language nnd coin a few unusual
phrases. If 1 loose velt did not have a
good education, a tittle Dutch common
tense and nn Idea of responsibility he
would make a first claws socialistic
ranter. Nobody knows what he Is going
to do or say next. When people think
he Is dead nnd completely forgotten he
reappears with a cheerful nnd capti
vating smile. With nit his ceaseless ac
tivity ho knows enough to rest, or he
would have fallen to pieces long ago.
When he Is attacked he can strlko back
at his adversary with telling effect.
He Is not a mero demagogue clamor
ing for tho destruction of everything ex
cept what appeals to his fertllo brain.
He In no". io conauiiw-d with seltlness
and presumption as to Imagine that all
the political wisdom of the ages Is locked
up In himself. He knows more than
most Americans of to-day of the prob
lems that aro clamoring for solution
because he has made them his life I
study. All his public life ho has heen h
cloeo anil conscientious student of
humn affairs. Oil Bn.V miestli
"I'1?',0" ''ring.
Hooseveit when uenotinclng wrong
and defending rirht has used strong and
emphatic language because the occasion
required It. When a dlea. enters so
ciety and threatens tho disintegration
of tho state tho most strenuous and
drastic measures muit be uel for Us
eradication. There s too much fate
and dangerous optimism going In this
country now. There are ronie who think
that no matter what happens things
will bo oil right In the end
Some think that If he w.-re President
now w. should be plunged Into war.
If he wore President the country would
be Just as safe as It la now and the n.i
tlon's honor would not suffer, He is
not a man who says things Just to hear
himself talk. The peoplo trusted him
before and they can trust him again.
Tho coming rresldentl.il election will
b" an exciting one and few can nronhesy
b" an exciting one and few can prophesy
the re-suit. I bono for the good of the
country tint Hooseveit, with nil his
faults, will be returned to the White
House. (lran questions will nrlsn de
manding Immediate solution nnd h is
the one man with his experience, knowl
edge, ability, ht.itenianhlp and p.trlot
lm to solve them In a manner that will
bring glory and honor to the country.
J M K.
Hoosick Falls, January
The "Damnedest Hot."
To tiik neiTon or Tin: sc.v Sir Th
'process of reasoning by which "Amml
I Wright'' and Alitor I'-etts blame Theo- ,
' dore Hoj.eelt for the lnlllitinn utm i
i thU countrv of a mouthing, mincing.
some .ireed of nlmli th.s nation must
rid Itself and will rid Pelf us Havana
was rid of yellow fever, they are the
only ones who can deliberately and un-
derstandlngly agree with this conclusion
of Teutonic logic.
"Amml Wright" atid the dups of I j.rices wos it obtained" Were any or
politicians are the ones that elected Wil- mr.gemenLs mads with th same con"
son. It was not Hooseveit. They hnd a rations to tlnano; the Carranz.i "Govern-
chance to vote for Hooseveit Why did
tliev throw their votes away
This talk n'.oit a viol He.1 pledge Is
rot. the damnedest rot tint ever was
uttired", when It is utte-ed ngali st
Thtod.ire llno-eelt In connection with
his Ust candidacy for the Presidency of
the fnitid States
TnEonoRr. ST.utnr.TT.
Nrw VoRK, January 15.
termer Health Oftlcer W. T. .leiikln-Argue-
Against the Transfer,
To Tlir KniTon or Tin: St v -Sir
cil.c,rll scheme -s again ievied to
transfer Quarantine it t t.ie jnirt of New
York from State to national control
supervision Is chiefly bafe.1 iiin the al
legation that the milntenanro of our '
slusrantlnn entails a loss of IIOO.OOH a
ear to the taxpayers of this State.
This argument Is for New York ut-e only, ,
, and is absolutely Imcurate. IHirlng
, the years of mv Incumbency ns Health
Oflleer there was nlwavs a balance to ;
i credit, Tho effect of the present nunc- I
j ment Is to relieve the steamship com-.
panics of the burden of payment, which I
muis that It b saddled upon the (lov-I
eminent. Nine-tenths of our Immigrant
passengers, miner normal conditions -. are
. minei in l irt sn -.u-aiiisnqie .
i mereiore a release oi mcse corpornimns
from support or in yuarannnn station
would be chiefly for tho benefit of for-
I - -
' elgn stockholders and at tlio e.vpcnsn of
. the Culted States Treasure
1 Te flm ii.nn i i ,11' 1 rnt.iln,,.! In ,!,
do not deny the gravity of the sltiu
tion. In a "report" to the New York
Academy of Medicine one 15 II. l,ewin-skl-CtirwIn
make at least two misstate
ments when Im asserts that ".New Yoik
SUito was unable to enpn with the
cnoiern sm auou in is; .-. ,,n.i huh
"l ederal nlUcem had to be sent to as-
slst the State otllcers." He Is cfll.illj
Inaccurate when he alleges that "on nc
COIHlt Of till) double Set of authorities
conflicts miner nes o-ciir that may In-
f I aught with serious conseuntiieis to
ine piiuuc weiuiie. a i-olllllct took
place In li!i2, when the Health Ofllcer
declined to recognize tho risht of I'resl
dent Ilarrlsnn to lmnosc a tw-enlv ilav
, quarantine " This sutement Is im utter
perversion of farts Thu Health Ofllcer
of this port, entrusted with the duty of
keening cholera nut nf this irieat i-ilv.
I with Its slum ceuties I,, w hich ihc uls -
'easo would beconu. epidemic had a rln -
..i ...... 1. 1.. ' i .... .. .', . .
,ii i i. .j "'"""'l "'" V.
......... .. is... ...... i, .. ,..-,,,,, i,n
"r " 1" "' " '""; "".: ' , 1., ' ... ' '
.. . ,., ,., i.nii ,i.ii,-i 11(1 a - ' - - . -in,
detention tamp In twent) -four bonis. i To urn IIimtob nr Tur His .ir.- Oiu of
Iti-spoiislblllty f ir the health of the the caiitrthatlor.a ltu:J,U I.m nude l the
greatest city of tilts hind cannot br i literature of the wmld ! the up of tho
divided. New York is the proudest pos- en-cilli-d "elhlr.ll hero," the man no nh
suasion of the American people. The I sorlu-d In the purmilt of a nplrliu.il ide.il
New York Legislature ought to appoint that lie is totally unable to devote nn
a special committee nt once, tn tnvestl- time or enerav 'u the rUhtlng of mercy
gate recent etatements made by Dr. C mundane stimn Alnusit three wire nf
I,. Dana, on the authority of Mr i Wondrow WlUon nnd Ida eplrllual mem
Iewltiskl-Cnr ln, In which eusn I w ill ! derlnisa, his "Ne-v Kreedoin," hln "ai,h
unilerlake tn place befnrn It Irrefutable 'ul nattlim" mid "'on proud to tlEhi"
reasons why New York Stnlo should i policy tempi one in pit him Into the In
retain supervision over tin health of
all Immigrants entering this pnit The
j responsibility Is glgnntlc , It should be
nunniiu mm nam,
Nbw Yohk, January IB,
The Knllllty of the Administration's AVIth This Warning to Pnrents an
Policy Is Already Mniilfet. Unpleasant Subject Is Dismissed.
To Tim IlniTon or Tin: Sex Sir: The To Tiin Himtoii or Tin: Kpn fir; Un
Wilson Administration propose In un-' der tho heading 'Vuppresslttg l a.te
exceptionable diction to do something Vice" you ask certain question, n-liloli
to Carranza unless tho latter now , I am dlMised to answer, not as nil
shows ho can keep order. Hasn't he at- Individual but as the leprcsentalltc of
ready given amplo evidence that he can- an organization ami of a work. Our
not? That ho In entirely rtitiio ana in.u
our Administration known It and is help-
lug him cover up the fact Is proved by
tho following deeds! Carranza's second
mont Important adherent, real or pre-
tended, Is General Uleguez, In command
of the west coast of 'Mexico, with head-
quarters tn Mazatlan. I have In my
po.vesnlon a proclamation by General
Diogucz levying contributions on a grj-at
many people In that vicinity. Inr udlnjs
J1U0.OOO uion tho Iliincn Occidental,
which happens to be mostly owned by
foreigners. Only a few weeks alter
Uarranza hau oeen lonuauy rmsiiu"irnuue rmi i n., i-,-,, mo -
tlm vnnii Ailm n stmt on tniegra pneu
direct tn our Consul at Mazatlan. Mr.
Alger, to "make Dlegucz rewind the
order" about the llanco Occidental.
That was Just as If Mr lvdward Grey
should wire direct to the llrltlfh Consul
In New, York to "make Geticnl Istmard
Wood rescind" i-omn action he hud taken.
It was currently reported In Mazatlan
that this remarkable demand Uion
DIcKUer. was actually made at Car
ranza's request, which shows his own
estltnato of hl alleged control over his
followers. There was no dlturultr at
the tlmo In communicating direct from
Vera Cruz to Mazatlan. If Carranzi
eiuinot control his own followers why
expect him to do nnythlng nlwut this
most recent massacre? This Is only an
other sample of tho long series of con
cealments, evasions and downright mis
leading acts nnd statements or the coun-
try by the Wilson Admlnlstratloti i as to
Its dealings with .Mexico, It Is time the
lid wan ripped off ami the truth let out.
How many Americans have been
foully murdered In Mexico and the re
ports of their deaths burled In the
ttt.itn lieojirtment? A gentleman with
whom I spent several days in Car-'
lart w- a So,,; murder., la' I..
be,, by Mexican, a few d,s after
ranz.i territory aiout .oemo-r i i
I left him. I know It was piomptly
reported to our Consul nt Muzail.in, but
never a word of It has appeared In our
papers so far as I have eeen. He was I
W. S. Windham of t.os Angeles nnd was j
a hlghlv cultivated gentleman. Though '
almost an Invalid he ould not accept
Wilson's solicit. iis Invitation to "get out
of Mexico." He had to stay thetc and
work Ills ranch or let his family In I.os
AiircIch go hungry while "watchful
waiting" continued Its placid way.
How many more nu-!i cases are there
on rc-otd in tho State Department,'
Tf..... -.i,... ...r..., f .,,.( r, i..,,l A ni..rl
can women? How mon o .Mexican."- ,,' "-""" , ' 7 V .
nuns? Mr. Tumulty denies there rc of getting rid of storage batteries.
unv. ITomlnent chuioli otllclals say he sum,,,,.,- when Mr. IVrd rpoke of his
testifies fnlf-lv or Ignorantl:. It Is Jley submarine, whl.h was to run
time we knew the truth. without Morage batteries, you wero good
Will Congress make a real n.vestlga- enough to publish a paragraph of mine
tion or will, some noeterious long o!iy ' t 'e subject. At that time I sap
arm reach out and quietly stop It .' ! l-osed that Mr Kord m glit have eolved
Wat..b and see. Senator Kail Intro-I the problem of nn engine which would
duced a resolution calling for an lnves.
ligation, and It was adopted. Where
Is the investigation? The Administra
tion sent a warship to bring the lira
zlllan Minister from Mexico to Galves
ton nnd then smothered his rert.
Where Is this report now und what
docs It tell?
If nn investigation Is really made 1
suggest the following.
What If any n ports of army orncr.s
I . .... ..,.. m.,n1u ron.-iine, nn
..l.l.o " L'n 1 itli' .,.. ,.mr.. .HI' ',f-r.v
meni ns to ted.cnptlon nt it .'.ire value
of the vast quiint"v of His urrrm v hn
had printed, and If nne huge corpora-
tmns in the l'nltrsl Mates Interested
heavily in Mexican properties hold large
quantities of this iiirrcwy. nnd at what
And I also respectfully move that no
report of Carrarz.i au to the iiptute or
killing of the nuthors of the recent mas
sacre 1-e ncci pled without collateral
proo' That wily "diplomat" !e capable
of having forty or tlfty j.oor peons 'iiur-
dered to itfy the Administration
without the slightest proof of their con
liistlon with the outrage.
Scnor Arredondo. Carr.ijiza s repre
heiitative nt Washington, characterizes
the murderers ns Villa tnwips nnd a lo.v
1hss of reopb Villa's tn.ps are e
ncih the same ns Carranza's, thousands
of Hum having ch.ingel from nil,, t
fri.ii Mile t,i
of the orgy of
, Wilson Ad-
side ilunng the progress
livit and rapine that the.
mini-tratlon has palmed off on ne pro
pie of tli V dted Stati-s as a real re
.ution dfslgned to set up a ismtitu
'ion.il goertiment with real elections
"In which all should agree to take pan. '
ns President Wilson put It ln tho pre
posterous demands John J.lnd first pre
sented to Huctta
Cissies II CSillitte.
Pnil.ADr.i.rtlt. Jinuarv 17
The t'sse of Thnmus l.ce. Who Was
Keruted for Ilurglarj.
To the llturor. or The Si n so- What
, ,Vlr m:ly ,,1V(. i,0 ,. ,.,.ti, ,. in Hug
i,ini , hen the rop.. refus'si to tarry out
Ulfl ,IW tll ci.n.leilllll-d, the tul.it.
Ing extract from an old New Yoik news
paper shows Hut hero Justice continued
on the Job until It was finished
Yesterday wsji eei uted, purmian' rr
ten -o fur burnlaiy, Th.-mfiH t-e, u hirt k
ni.in Uurtng the exct-ii'Mn th isipe
sllpp.vl nnd c.iuulu bin. by th hln, In
whit b situation he was Mitpendeil f r
n-nr two minutes He th-ti rpoke, "hvI-ir.
"It doiss not choke me," on w-hb-h tin
plitfenn w.-is nils'"-! and the rnpe projur'i
fined, when he was launched Into :ertipv
He eppearel m hive llule concern ft- h'i
unhappy Itua-Mon nd hut sn imperfect
Idea of the future tmt
Interesting too It Is to notice ilia'
executions tecnied no certain detenent
tll ,m,r., than now Th
,,, , i.,,.,,.,!.,!,, n,.,. .
new spa per
1 Nitwlthian,Ung the imf il -p,-ia !e i
number of ll nr.1.-ll"d WllMtlS llm S.IM1'
"txht broke epa ih store nf Mr llhi.ie-
! hiiub'i llirlliig Slip iid rarrini fr an
i i'"" -nrpi I . .,rn i, inn inn. .inn
nf 10O iMiunds The they crttl e e 1
the ehli'S-.irds, but being unah'-i t,i for -e
It npen. tliey broke Into n 1,1,1'ksiulli
idiop end ttriteiiied the tieie,ui ,nipl
' nients f-r the purpoe
In Sir Hllbert Pother's now!
i- ie
Hattlii of the Strong" tlnie is an
, ,.,;, of an 1,('.t ,, ,',
, .I(,,.sev ,,,, smuggler nnd plr.iu
' 11 -'eisey isl.iii.l smuggler nml plr.ile
This man was released Whether the
,l0ijrIlt t, jiiaturlc.il or not l do
know ; but thu story purports to h..
ouo uescrtumg unannel Island conill
Hons. JI, 11. (locThi'ii irs.
HsCKitNSACK, N. J , January IT.
I -s.,.i.f..i im.
ginrlotie categor of ihc 'i-tiiUal her.
Certainly Ihe Aiiiiiliiletrntlon cm ahovv
onlv a itiHXliuum nf vapid Idrullsni lih
a minimum of poaltlve uclileveiueni
CiimalM.t, )tat, January 17.
j-oiwik emus aim uiuKiunn mm, n
Mrgo percentage of tho element r r
Whose benent iui promumvo i.iw nit
enacled. Tlirso in a few yeats will i"
the. men and women, the fathers mm
mothers of our country. These will ni
supplanted after not so many pans i
, their offspring, derMng their moriil
'cal hre from theJr parents, tho s mi
girls of to-day. Isn t It worth while
In tho Interest of coming general oi s to
KifeKuarl tho morals of the children ol
it is oniy wunin recem
. tromiscuoim tranic in nan'oiiu
because- of their harmful effirt upon thc
minds and bodies of those Indulging In
their use. The Insidious effect of vicious
literature upon the Immature is ten times
mote wldespiead because In the gulie
of current fiction magazines vicious
! literature Is so easily obtainable.
1 And so, when you say, "If they, vicious
magazines, have nny sie.iuy rc.io
ers, can such Muptd gulls be really
worth the vice suppressor's too much
heralded attention?" 1 toko It that Jou
write of gullible men, not of the young
people whose welfare Is affected by Just
such publications. If that which harms
flie younger generation Is not worthy of
a ntippre.or's attention, nothing In the
world Is worthy of attention. If we are
so Immoral as to bo oblivious to tin
umnorallty of our own children, the
sooner the race dies out the better.
Tho Morlrs In suili publications may
be terribly dull, but thvso stories of so
lulled high life, racy life, fast life, bo
hemlnn life, may be terribly exciting
to the poling Imaginative. Impression
able gill, whose life Is otherwise dull
and unattractive.
qhi. editions of some of these vicious
macazlnea nre enormous. A certain
' n-ler remarked more than a month
. h" M ''
mand for a certain magazine such n
' nro dltcuselng on the part of roung
g.rls, .Inns- S. SfM.vrn.
Secretnr)'. the New York Society for
the Suppression " Vice,
Nr.w Yoiik, January 17.
Elimination of Storage Batteries n
Problem for Inventors.
T.i TUP. KlUTOli ok THE Scn 4'liV The
evplos.on on Imard tho nibmarlne IJ-;
exhaust under th" pressuro due to dlf
ferei.t dept'is of water, but 1 have
sinte lean.ed that his Idea was to have
the submarine travel nt only a few feet
down, so that the engine could exhaut
through a plpo rvicldng the surface.
A boat of this sort would not meet ll
th conditions of a modem submarine :
but Mr. Ford is a clever engineer and
has millions of money which might be
succesfully applied to colvlug this im-
' isirtant problem
' "ero is aiso u i rcn.-'i invention umT ,
oxygen, but I have been told tluit it
makes too muc-h noise. Neither systejn
nas, However, Deen tried out yet
F. M. lUiuiKn,
Captain t'nlted States Navy, retired
Washington, D. C Januury 17
Inferior In ltcsnurcefulness, The) Are
I'lisurpiissed In Technique.
To the Hpitoii of Tut: Si n s,r.- The
explanation In Tin: Sr.v of Jnnuaiy ti'. in
rep.y to '.-. li." of the w.t; In which In
. dian Jugglers cause u bo npparentb to
disappear after climbing a rono thrown
Into the air s, i tear, more Ingenious
than true. 'I'he llr 111,0.0,1 11.1...
son, secretary of tho American branch
of tho Society tor I'sjchk-al Hf- arch i
mad.- a spec.nl etudv of Icgei dcinaln, 1
, , " '" """;l
lH.;,r""1' f""' the Ji
V,f l'r,(?r-u " "
ami wliile In India in the early 'sOs .
Jugglers the imlhiuis .
most famous tricks .
Jte told ine about tw.rty M-ar.s nuo that 1
there is in. vnU.ee wonh copsiderii!!
for the performance of th tilclt about ,
which "S H." tt. quires, ami that he had
siieivf ded III tiiiclng the stilly to Its
souriv, a report, r mi a HiooMmi news
paperwho told him frmklv that he had
n-.M-iiled it to make "ropy."
I regret er much that, after the
hips- of so many t-ais, I cannot tecall
i" ib tail his discussion nf the evidence,
his le.isons for regarding it as worth
less, and the amusing particulars of his
long search for the man who flist gave
the story cunenex.
I may mid that he thought the abill
tics of the Indian Jugglers iiuiili xug-'tlu' last Us. al c.,i i c c
Berated and fur Inferior to those of the niution ,ird statist .
b.-st iirestldigltntors of tho Wist In In- 10 the fa- mrs of t ie s
gcnuiiy and rcsoiirn fiilness. Pen- could hands iinliullng Ml i.im.
perfoim more than nx or sevin trickn, i ine " j atiomilltim.
imt tn lecliniiiue ho thought tin m uu- An r !i aotdliurv i
surpassed. II.. told me tlmt after he ' Ing t i JTt,2M. for e uet
had seen In detail the method of per
funning the famous 'ieanso trick" he
witncssid Its per form, i in o In blight sun
light by the same Juggler, and was iiuil.i
us unable to "see how it was dune" .is he
had been bifore he Kr.-w the seciet.
I'm ii. iiiLi.i'iUA, January IT.
lr. liana und "Sinn" Henry,
To nit- P.tuToi! nr Tnr. Scv Sir.
Tliom.is S, Weaver, Superintendent of
School of Hartford, who worked w.ii
lllijah Munn Itevvcy on thc Wm, ester
Hntlu 'icss, sas of him.
"'Sam' llewey, as he was known, was
n tho Worrcslci I'usi wit'i iii.iric
ltus.sell, nftrrw.inl C .ugiessmau finm
il.e old 'Third' w,th Kdg.ir K. Aegar.
a brilliant writer, aid ni'i. s. 1 w.in
I'lHeniini of Ihc i-veiihi eil.ll.ii o' thlt
eViinesceiii nrgnn of iIc-iuki.i, j and with
lln.ssi-ll scattered tho dust of ashes npo
its grave, and returned to the ia.se, inch
lip ' Nut long after I. tlle-.",lge c.ltlln
finm Sam licwev th;it I -was wimted u .
the staff nf the New Haven ,Vifncr,
which Im was leaving for Tm: Si . In
short, he !nn.i.l tucmnutcil me in t.i-l-'nllltll
"I was icport.nu ('hurlesA 1 'ana's ad
diess nn I.liu-olii lot the Ilaitfoid Con
rmif dim n In New Haven one r veiling,
and 1 said to Mr ll.ina that 1 w is .
uuainti-d with Itewej,
i ill, he raid, 'lie s u gnn fellow,'
witii a eplciiillil emphasis on the 'good
And si) he was. Itewcy was Imniei .e.y
pie.iseii nun nay ai woriung a pun Into
Tnr St'N. puns being the abhorrence nf
Dana A flic in tin I5ast Si le nun-eiim
I'.ailsis the les nf uu ed',-im I teg,
Toh).' In writing It up Sam hm-.u
Toby or not Toby, that Is the question,'
and 't went and Dana sent down a
"Well, that was t plc.il of f.ytu 'u
i , i i 1 1 1 . "uscripi was like
I .nt.,,.. ilirj, linn ll, in,'
pmiit, Ids I'ump, mini, ship fh.irmlng. nl-
quant, bright and commnu scns.i u o
Hen his spirit " ii i; H.
Haiiitoiip, Conn, .latiuury 17.
I lis r,-K n nl I n a: the OI
Kill, krr- Hid he In. k in
a'irr 'he hnrte wis Fiine"
p.i. ker iVrialn , ha
the autnmnlil'e .ife.
IS NOW 5,047,221
Oi'Piitoi' New York I Ins ,V2 per
Out. of Slate's Total of
!),(' 7, 741. riilmliilaiiK
ALBA ST, Jan. IT. New
has a population of O.RiT.Ttl
of S,0."!,r.l5 citizens and l.Cl'S .
according tn the census t,i
State last June,
The report of th ei.iitn, e
made to the Leglslatine t .
Secietnry of Slate Francis
under whose direction the
taken. Gl eater New York 1 i n
reslilenis, or 12 per cent of .
total population.
Hlghty-three and two-ieni t
of the State's population on Ju-
were citizens. In the St
liopulatlon was S,(n'.T,3"s. c
".CfiL'.'t'S. or ST. per cent , we e
nml l.uiil.riZO, or 1 si ,, ,
aliens. These figures sl.ow r
niniber of Inhabitants of h
State has Increneed "O.StJ per ci ,i
lug thu past ten years, the n ,k
citizens Increasing 14 1 pi, i t
the number of aliens ti" I ner ,r
dn ten years New Vnk .s't,e
gaued ro less than l.KSP.Ijt! I' i ,
or atioiit 11.2,0(10 a ear Du- r
balne ten e,ira Greater New
gone forward by Imps re J '
Fnlher Knickerbocker's sons .r 1 n
ters 'ncre.islng fro-n 4,01.1 Tm i
to 5,04 T.'S I In 19IS, d tiutl.e .
per cent.
MleiK In the Cities.
T..n cities of New York Stat .
I:,g Saratoga Springs and White I',,. ,
represented a total pnpulat.on la. .'
of 7,24'i.i'.02, in Tt 5 per cent n' .
entire Slap Cif t-.'. i ,i nlur f ; i
were citizens, figures r- reeniii
per irjtt of the total cltlen p ,u,.it on
of the State Aliens ,lirg In th, , 1M
totalled 1.4.'.2,3ls, or S' 1 p.ri
tho toul alien population of tne -.t
On Junu 1 the Incorporated Mig.s f
the Statu claimed a. total pi pul ,t , t
S13.SS4, consisting of Tlt."..TS. t ,
and ti.1,112 aliens, the percei '. g of i
habitants of Incorporated Mllatc l, j.
S.9 per cent., the number of r-
per cent., the number of a nets 4. i.
The rural communities . f he su(,
are credited with a leipultt 1
32T, of whom l,41iti,llS2 ii'e ci.ie -111.065
aliens, the rural pop ilat r. V.p t
10.5 per cent, of the State.-- lit.il
of the total residents of ti, ru-.i!
Hons the citizens were lS.j pr e
the total citizen population of t ie ,
and the aliens ti.7 per cent, of the t .
lmllnns rVuniber les.
Within the boundaries of fie s ,-e
, th"ie are now tlfty-seven citie .t A.
! tog Springs, siiito l'l.ilns Mini Me
chanlcsville liavlng inoie.l Into ti i tnn
'column nine l!Hu. Tlio ii. ,r, .r.'e
villages of tho State now tut nb -as
tolniial'eil to 4IC Wlirri tie ,
Was taken ill 1 1) 0 .1
Within the eight Indian leeerva
of the State thete was a pc i.iue i
skin population last June of IM
compared with .".Out; pi lim;,, a ii
of I til during the ten cars
The eiTeit to this State of pr?e
conditions in Kurope is hIiowh b. ,
port Ju-t issued K the Cnltel
Depirtment of Commerce, rew
decrease In Immigration of nl c
lined to points In New York S- ,
lug the past live years of :'4'' r
(MTiqiared with the tlvn years pi
1'JIO During the Hse.il yc.ir e.d- 1 ,
30. nil, 15.028 aliens passed
I.'nlted States jmlnts bound fc
Yoik State points as co-npan-1
3t4.i',tl3 In the previous year, a u
of 2 Hi, 03,-,.
The etiutuer I'.on of 1 is J
taken hy election districts, the -,
the illstr-.cts tn Hronv New Ye
j Kings counties and
Kochester, Iluffnlo, Ton.iwn
lekawanna by blocks
' -
FARJtERS EARN $475,000 OiK'
.ust Venp' troiis In . 1. Mm-
j tloiie Worlli .-Jilil.iHiii.ooii
' A' IM. r , J.i f 1 . N , ,
It rep- top the ; e,l fli,', J Sc, '
' lsl."i. HCRT. Jat.sl ,1 ,n ie J.i
' t'ici oril.ng to the wiiipial r ,-ui
J Department of ARn ii.'-. s li
the legislature ir',il ,- T
' n':,,y n','1,,''l ,,h
t'lpls f.i"
.inlmal product--, wl.i, h bungs
to about $47.'i, Hi'". mm f,c- ii-
Calling auction to the ' ,,,
tur.it wealth of t! S'ai.- . -by
these figures, I'n-i'm .
S. Wilson, iiiaKiiig hl tl-.--
head of Hie Agriciillu-al I";
declared Indli-atloi.s p,m t i
- scarcity or farm lab.
t r !
tic atntcted wrh the f,.,,.
d'scu.se and tubcii ulnsis. .,
suffering fiom i!lai.,!crs, ',, .
lui-M'iit infe.itnn and fpn.il .
eases, is reported.
"The o,it und mouth cp :
the iciioll. "ihe liuiet e, ,
plague that tl.ir. visited 11 . V
continent, mused n , , t ' .-
OI k Stale of .ipplOMM !' '
one-half of which was Me ' ,
the State, the other h :r I- k
the IVileial ij(iernmcnt I
loss f uiu th s dl: , j ,
lllli 'fi ici , ,. ol live s',, i
lint be i-.t,m,.tr, .i no: ,
lies' i ii) I'll New Yol,. S
the S He.., i,f ll nils ,,. I
pal tn ill. ii lv ihe fni 'i - i
l.ir in e, cs, ,,f ti, ,. s,
New- Vm l St.n,
Hi-eni I'r.icri-ii In Vihlcil, I
Ing fur I'litriitiiicn
I, . in lis l in ,h ,, i d 'i i el .i '
been ,i,st dh ,1 .., i , , ,
t.nll 1 11 ,11 1- r . lliKIMilfh t'i i t
wmk n ll'l.i oi tl, c
nil athletic-. Mihinltt, I i
Wiiilds I elCI d,i I, ,
tl'Hi ii ii.
The win it nf Imp! ,n ,.g
houses and Installing g;. n.i
the i cp"t t. he can sonic l-M
nc, The equipment w ,.
"At tegular inten.i'-. '
'Instructors trmti tne
visit the slat Ion hoiis, ,
nn-.n In calisthenics, b -Ac
, ii nrt a patrolman l -
l.oisi, in which a kmihi.i
hlis ie,cti'il ,i coui-M. i
alldi'tics ill the tral-.li a
,,,,. miu in t, ,,m
xy tlUH-'l,, t
-nfel I'lrsl" In Un- I id
Tne Hudson ami u
las ,,iste 1 lint , c.
railing us f,,llmv
Tin ie i iv i 1 1 few
th s load, I- it , i , a-,
i level he in ami n i.
allied te krepjuiin iiiv i,iicl Kelp u
I aguinsi ,n i idem "

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