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1916 Catalogue Ready
1(0 Pages, Illustrated. FKoo
Nv York, Barclay Cor. Church St.
Chteaso, Randolph fir,, near Dearborn.
Ctjolcrit named varieties,
lint lo I" found In America.
Tba best and
lor up to tl.SO each.
10 n selrellen), 81.00.
It higher priced (my etlectten), tl.OO.
Thcec xhn ant very large bulbs vnd tl.JO.
ill lo good xninii, piump li
send for Catalog.
Old Port, N. C.
mm Mil I P' I I i
. . - ............ ,
Maloner Fruit Treea and Ornament ti
far Garden, Ian and Orchard, grown In the
larrtm nnreenre In New York guaranteed
firt rial' Sold direct to you at wholesale
I price- Will Increase the Titftie and beauty
t of jour nl.ictr reud for Mi free cat aloe
I illustrated In colors today. Get better
av ill for miuli le thnn from aginl
It: Main M. Uanatllle,
The Chinese
Woo I flower
Cirtnaead e m mm rev
erarag a mmi mwmm
vftyvlMra aada aMai was
ewfwl flaral aawaaty ll a a
Cakaa cK nj laraa aM aaw
troth naaia tana eat
rona at tniaa kaanna
lallt l OToaaaaaieaa M?
a looc rack. abaaaaariaC
sranamaavaauer a
ImkiTM totiaea
m jut
Itrful iilniaia wiiw Mor
atwwr txrraa batw. aa
an, aara
madaaraat Itt m. IK
II r, UKrtMr alia M-i TRAILING PKTVNU aa
ft MA tMMH. rh- pttl j
InJu w. w tk. f
M l-r-4 I lit. In
, Ratal Pa. N. V
W mhkf a hpfdaity of jrrowlnr vr!etl
f lh a fruit that "lit hrttr quick. Sim of
th Ttm hcrtr nt x Inchm hlfh nU
t.'tr tti hear until frot Thtj' Ip
tat th"- Hm rr Thf very thtn for) our
w ndow or irrnliouif or to plant In pro
Ut p. ' In your urtlen, 1'rlcc, lnflj
(pUntf hr mull, 35c. three fcr It, with full
am. il.ncitnii,
Stephenvillc, Texas.
end Dt.O for thtcitalce
rJjy, Hitrtty utock fure to
v nt on liHtf nurfr?" rent,t
pii lon t Xmy M nu,v rtutl
write tndrt
KochrUr. N. Y.
1 11
wi - I I,
I." 1 "on tht prob-
Ik.' i ivnii, ai your now er
add vsatabla Lnr.
hethr on ure an
i fur or profi'lniiul
I oi, an a i,t 0f Bj tn,
I'anjjnl ami .pcu.itj farm j.nd
vanl n icl ih w-I! m puultrv
ippilc mil h rHtl)- anlat
uu in your Sprli.p pmntlr.u
aifr tH't'ty hi to'jr rot'
ii ' ntt:t.
Hill Ur.t 5Srd Klreel
nctd l-s riHim. Iir.ir
fiuliKrr. an I pnxJii e
r.iif frui Vnij fan '-row
tTiiit-M in u.ii i rrc
The Van Dusen Nurseries
" I. llihjl, I'liip. lto ra, lielie.a.N.V
IW, .1, (OlssVltli. the Wonderful
eill-M.au er ilahllit, liraullMI tumblnatloil
at lotiir-, I., mi. i,hi rm, I'rofune
nlounipr. One liulli .1(1 rU.
I Hull,, fur m.uii If ami enile Ihla
'I "ltd Kl or -n lliat mi -aw Ilia
dr. In th, n, , H,ln, order Now.
alio. I.. TI I.I.MAN'.
Ilalilla .prilaliat,
"r.lrrl.,, (ln.,e I.liand, Hut S-ll,
;ir.r.i, tviMtow imixkh ami plant
''. I'rfteriteii hnttnin (Ivva roota prr
' r-tii. i tc uml plenty nf wuter. Ma, la
'ir.K KHiVBnlinl Irun. enameled itrcan,
u .1 ink and epnll wall. Kanlly Ht
ii a d In till r porch. Ideal for window
' iPup, Plunu thrive In tlieae boiea.
arloue .iiVH lenaiha 12 lo Inctiea. .
KIIIMK CO., BO IV. U'way, N. V.
f MiiitiwVJ4r
r nllV
( f IM .t'
I sttillflklllf
Flower and Vegetable Seed Bargains
,... t 'O ill. paatpaU.
'.Util Kwist Alyuum ...
f.lant llraucblns
omi, Mammoth Perfection
m.-V"'.'!. Branching
i ;r'r'''). Ulant African. .
Zinnia. Ureal riowartoc.
13 lltt Annual, for Heading and Cut Flow,
"v ' i la, poalnald.
."ur, uuis.n of tho Market,.,.
Perennial Flowers. 12 genu
Arnnltum Mnnkahood. Anullearla roTnmhliu
-.mi,, .IIIIUII
r.r.n! "n. nardy.
Iii T aray. iwraopaia, ueipoiniam uantspur, uuntnu uaeaen ran,
l'lflt!U Fouove. Oaiilardla. Hnlfrhaaek rii.iliTiy VaiMIn rjetlUailt colon
William. Kegular price K) cu
r"JI"l'nf Flowera, 0 Yav-
uiani ram
I ant Branching Asian and
Parks of ourtkmous Klof
l tar ail for M eta.
Mart Annual' Climb-'
oinpll. Uahliaa. UttM, Koaas,
nui arary ordar Ami tWs mi.
(Continued from feat Sunday.)
OROEAL'X Mixture la made of
a solution of coppen sulphate,
four pounds; quicklime, four
pounds, and water to make tlfty
Rations. Prepare the copper sul
phate by suspending it In a gunny
sack Just below tho surface of
several gallons of water In a
clean barrel. When tho sulphate
Is dissolved, which require three
or four hours, remove the sack
pending It In a gunny Rack Just below
the surface of several gallons ot
water In a clean barrel. When tho
sulphate Is dissolved, which requires
three or four hours, remove the sack
and Mir Into the tmrrel enough addi
tional water to make exactly tweny
five gallons of the copper solution
Prepare the lime by slaking It slowly
and thoroughly In u clean barrel,
strain, anil add enough additional
water to make exactly twenty-live
gallons of lime milk. Stir thoroughly.
Pour tho two Ingredients together
Into another barrel, or better directly
Into the spray tank. If It will hold
fifty gallons. It Is highly Important
to Btlr tho mixture very thoroughly
and to strain both Ingredients before
they are combined, as otherwise clog
ging of the spray nozzles might re
sult. Use a copper or bronze wire
strainer of eighteen meshes to the
Inch. IX) not put copper sulphate or
tlordoHUx mixturo Into tin or Iron ves- I
sels: use wood or copper contulneis.
Mix the Bordeaux as needed and ap
ply at once. It Is never so good after
It has settled.
Kveryone who uses Bordcuux mix
ture frequently und In quantity will
find It convenient to keep concen-1
trated stock solutions on hand, ns
tnese keep Indefinitely if the watei
which. e-aporates is replaced.
nulld an elevated platform to hold
the barreis. Kuxpend tlfty pounds of
copper sulphate to dissolve In a fifty
gallon barrel of water. Slake fifty
pounds of lime In another barrel. Add
water to make fifty gallons of lime
milk. When Bordeaux mixture Is
needed stir both stock barrels and take
Irom each ns many gallons as the
formula calls for In pounds. Dilute
the copper sulphate In one barrel an6
the llmo milk In another, each with
half the water, and let the two run
together Into the strainer of the spray
Borers, scale, coddling moth, curcu
llo. aphis, &c, attack pear as well as
apple trees and the control Is the same.
Where diluted commercial lime-sul-phur
Is used for summer spraying of
pears It Is advisable to use t part to
50 parts of water.
Pear slug attacks pars, apples,
plums and cherries. 'eletonlr.lng the
leaves by enttng the green out of
them. It Is a small, slimy, black worm
about half an Inch long. Spraying
' with arsenate of lead, SH pounds to
I (0 gallons of water, will kill the larvae.
1 Pir nsvlln n amnll wlnht lnM !
one-tenth of nn Inch long, lives over
' water In the crevices of the bark. It
reiateu to tne p.aiu lice, lays ens (
In the spring, and the young appear
early in the season. The young are
very small, flat and yellowish, suck
i Ing the Juice from the leaves and fruit,
' They secrete a honey dew In which
a black mould grows, giving a sooty
appearance, a good Indication of the
presence of psylla. Spraying the trees
pwnen uormant wltn umc-suipnur, l
part to 8 parts water. Just before
the leaves appear will destroy the
eggs. Mlfclble oil sprays used when
' the tree Is dormant will also be bene-
I fioial
Pear Leaf Blister Mile.
A minute mite causing reddish blis
ters nn the leaves, later turning blnck,
often causing the foliage to drop.
I.lme-sulphur, 1 part to 8 partM water.
i applied while the tree Is dormant will
control this Insect. This Is the same
as for scale. Just before the leaf buds
'open. In Mtrlous attacks spray again
In the autumn us soon as tho leaves
The pear Is subject to the same dis
eases as the apple and the name reme
dies aie used.
rlrr Blluht.
t.(f a ViH ifhl tiltiA HtfunL-o nfhar fruit.
trees, but Is more severe In Its attacks,
I. lu u ltiterl',1 illwnrtue '
ciuoln-' "dark brown or IditckNU i
smooth cankers, which hold the die-
ease over winter. During moist ,
weather In the .spring a' sticky, whitish
-. f ,h .nntr.r .
T.V.I.. -..V.o.o.. 1 Mlla.l villi .
"" "f ........ "
hiacieriu uii.I Inserts liar lt'.na uixin II
. " ' .
carry tile bacteria lo different part. of i
the tree nn.l to other trees. The In- ,
fected leaves and twigs mm bronn. '
The bllLrht is usually on old trees, and
If the dlsose Is watched carefully and
nl It n.e.l nnt hervnie a.erlntia.
Remove u'.l fruiting spurs on trunk
or lower part of main brunches Cut
out all dead IlmbH and cankers, cutting
well back to live wood, seveuil Inches
below the canker. Wash tools after
each cut with corrosive sublimate and
also all wounds one part to 1.000 parts
of water. This can be made by dis
solving one tablet of corrosive subll-
I mate in a pint of water. This Is a
deadly poison and should ! carefully
I labelled poison. Taint large wounds.
Burn nil diseased wood.
Inspect the tr?es every two or three
days In the growing season and do not
let the b'.lgllt get started.
Hrotrn Hot.
This disease attacks cherries, plums,
peaches and other stono fruits. Small
a.niAnia FlnMt Allied. .
CeloaUa, reathara Coaeomb , ,
Camoa, lrgs
Ilalaarn ..,.,., .......
Cavkspur, Tall Doubts Branching , , ,
Uarlfold. African Double
Annual Toppies....
Imperta sweat Sultan.,
Hwmt Paas. Bttra Ohoie
Zlaalaa, Olant Fkawerlrag
for 50c.. postpaid.
nataafiaaula naatarhury Bella.
joT all rilara,
war as4S'aatl
brown spots on the fruit enlarge until
they rot entire fruit. Mo?t serious In
hot, wet weather, sometimes affecting
leaves, twins nnd blossoms. The dis
ease usually enters the fruit through
Injuries madu by Insects such as the
curcullo. Spraying to control curcullo
usually is alt that Is required.
When fruit hangs in clusters It If
more subject to brown rot, beginning
lo decay where the fruits touch.
Peaches should be thinned so that the
fruit will not touch and this Increases
the size of the fruit.
Destroy all rotted fruit and dried up
mummies. Spray with self-boiled lime
sulphur, 8-8-50 with two pounds of
arsenate of leud to fifty gallons of the
solution Just as the calyces or shucks
ar falling from the fruit. Two or
threo weeks later spray ngaln. bate
varieties should have u third
lie,, nlmn. m , k. . . . - ,
.w, Huum ,i iiiuiiui uviuir llli; kl 11, k
ripens, omitting the arsenate of lead.
Vrmvti Leaf Curl.
disease causes light gteen, yel-
,in inn ur rt-uiiiKii, wnnKieii, swollen
leaves which drop early und It also at- I
tacks young twigs. Spray with com-1
lucrum niiio Kuipnur, one part to ill
teen parts of water, or Bordeaux mix
ture. 4-5-50 strength, applied Just be
fore the leaf buds begin to swell In the
spring. Hpraylng for scale, In the I
spring before the leaf buds swell, with '
,lmc sulphur will also control peach
leaf curl.
r. .
Never spray peach trees with Bor-(
deaux or commercial lime sulphur
when the folinge Is on the trees?. Slf-I
tolled lime sulphur, a mixture of lime
i,nu" sulphur, heated by the sinking
' miir, win nui injure me luuage
of the peach. Arsenate of lend Is the
only Insecticide which should be used I
on the peach. If used alone, three or
four pounds of good, fresh Btone lime
should be slaked and added to even'
fifty gallons, to counteract the ten
dency arsenate of lead has on the
tender foliage.
Peaches should be sprayed first dur
ing the dormant season, Just before
the leaf buds swell In the early spring.
Use commercial lime sulphur 1 part to
$ parts of water. This controls scalo
and peach leaf curl.
The second spraying should be given i
when the calyces or shields have
dropped from the growing fruit: use
elf-bolled lime sulphur, 8-g-So, and
arsenate of lead, 2 pounds to SO rat-
Ions of water. This controls brown
rot, peach scab, curcullo. meshes to the Inch. Agitate constantly
The third spraying should be given while spraylns.
two or threo weeks ufter the second Bordeaux mixture In the various
spray, using the same mIMure. formulas of Bordeaux mixture, such
The fourth spray should be given Jus 3450. the first figure Indicates
one month before the fruit ripens, three pounds of copper sulphate or
using "elf-bolled lime sulphur, 8-8-00, Milestone; the second figure. 4. Indl
for brown rot. Icates four pounds of fresh limestone,
. (and the third figure, CO, Indicates fifty
II lieu Knot on rioa. gallons of water.
A black huollen .spot several Inches Bordeaux mixture can be purchased
n length, Cut out and burn all nf- 'In condensed form In tins.
ferted Dana In the nitlnmn muVlnir .
tlo cut , .ilat four incher back of
tho knot.
( laerry.
Give the first spray before the leaf
bud bwell, using commercial lime sul
phur, I part to 8 parts water
The second spray should be given
as soon as the culyx or shucks are
off of the growing fruit. Use com-
mercial lime sulphur, I part to 40
parts water, or Bordeaux mixture
3-4-50 strength, adding 2 pounds of
arsenate of lead to fiO gallons. ,
, On sweet cherries the foliage Is
more lenuer man on tne sour -arteties.
to for sweet cherries use self-bolled I UlinH unictent lime, test the solution,
lime sulphur. S-S-30, for the becond To do thjj, aiBaolve one ounce of yel
nnd third sprnys. )ow prU!(l)ate of potash in a pint of
Let the third spray be two or three water ,nd label It plainly "Poison," and
weeks later; same material as "scond!,, ft jrop oftliLs solution to the Bor-
The grape Is subject to the attack
I of various Insects and diseases, but
If thoroughly cultivated and well fer
tilized, keeping the vines In vigorous
condition, they will resUt these at
tacks. Karly in the spring remove
all mummied fruit from the vines und
clean up generally about the plants.
, " i
un,: .iMn. ,uaiiiuii,n, k:viia:r
-arUoiiHtc Is uspU for late, crupe Hpray-
,n,' UH U iioS not "tain the fmlt.
"rapes shou 1 have the Hrst spray-,
" ",r " "'" ' "
v,. u, I'n.ic, iime-auipnur i teeiea oy a lime in
or 3 pounds of umcnate ,Btrument called the Beaume hydrom-
3-4-a, Willi
,, ,
'. ' "v " V" ".""" .
rilre the kteCin.l
sprny Just before
. "' ''"J
,, ,rT T , . ral,en'
".rtb..h.?.rui Uo ks later.
, ' " " '
W(eKS ailtr IIIC lOUrill Spraj , USing
Bordeaux mixture, 3-4-50, alone. In
wet seasons later applications may be
necesuary. using ammonlcal copper
carbonate, so hj not to stoln the fruit.
Raspberries shdtild be sprayed with
Bordeaux mixture, 3-I-D0. when the
now canes ure 0 to 8 inches high. In
the early spring, with a second spray
ing two weeks later for anthracnouo,
circular or ovul spots, purplish turn
ing to gray, causing dwarfing of canes
nnd drying up of fruit. When disease
uppears cut out and burn diseased
parts after picking,
Gypsy moth, tussock moth, brown-
tall moth and cankerworm, spray with
arsenate of lead when caterpillars first
For elm leaf beetle, spray the under
sides of the leaves as soon as they
have developed.
Arsenate of lend Is the best poison
for chewing insects. Good grades ap
plied In correct amounts will not In
jure the foliage. It Is sold In the
form of a paste containing about 60
per cent, water. Keep the surface of
Promote Good Health tod Happineu
They Succeed Where Other Fail
JOT Tbe beat and biggest Blackberry.
flBltJA a. mm A A Tajfjt Mauaa '
the paste covered with an Inch or two
of water, so It will not dry out.
Arsenate of lead can be procured In
the' form of a dry powder, but In this
case only one-half the quantity will
be required, as the formulas given are
based on the use of paste.
Contact Insecticides used on suck
ing Insects must hit the Insects to kill
them, hence It Is necessary to apply
them liberully, being careful to wet
both the under and upper surfaces of
the foliage.
Whale oil or fish oil soap Is pre
pared by cutting up the soap and dis
solving In hot water, then adding cold
water until desired strength Is reached.
One pound to five or six gallons of
water Is about the right proportion.
Kerosene emulsion Is made by cut
ting up and dissolving one-half pound
nf tinl min li In ftnu mitlf.n tt WdlAI.
. . i, . ,., i..m I. .
buil Mirr li iruamuic, umuiuk ik n
stove. Itemove to a safe distance ,
from lire nnd add two ga'lotiM of kero
sene oil while the ttoap water Is still
hot. Pump the liquid Iwck Into the
i pull with the spray pump until It be-,
comes u creamy mass. This formi the
sttick solution. To make n 10 per
rpnt emulsion add seventeen unions
of witter to three gallons of stock
emulslian, tOVa gallons of water to 3
gallons of water makes a 15 per cent.
gallons of water to 3 gal
solution makes h 20 per
ions stock
cent, emulsion,
Ttiharco extract can be made b!'
i steeping one pound of tobacco stems
In two gallons of water. The commer-
ila) brsI)d. of totMcco extract are
cheap, convenient and effective,
Commercial lime-sulphur Is used at
the strength of 1 Dart to S parts of!
water on dormant trees for sale.
When diluted I part to 10 pan of!
water 11 It used to coniro xungoua
Commercial lime-xulDhur 1 cheaper
to use than the home mixed product.
except where large quantities are used.
Helf-liolllng :ime-sulphur can be
used on peach and plum trees, as it
will not burn the foliage.
Frtsh irtone lime 8 pounds
Flower of sulphur S pounds
Water 50 gallons
Put lime In a bafre'. add a small
quantity of water to start the soaking.
.6ike the Rulphur Into a paste by add
ing water. Add the sulphur paste
slowlv to the slaking lime, which
.i,n!H h rt entered with water, be-
Ing careful not to use so much water,
as to stop the slaKlng. sur constantly
until the lime Is h11 suked. As Mon
a. the time Is all slaked add water to
make JO gallons, stva'ti Into the j
snruv'.n tank, using a sieve of 20
If made at home dissolve one pound
of copper sulphate In each gallon ofjond crab, andromediiis. Japan quince
water. Hold In a sack at tne top oi
the water and It will dissolve quickly. -
This gives one pound to the gallon.
Use fresh limestone and dissolve ,
one pound In each gallon of water,
giving one pound to the gallon.
To make fifty gallons a i on i
strength take three gallons of the cop-
pcr aolutlon ond pour Into th sprav (
tai, Add about thirty gallons of .
water. Then add four gallons of the
Btock nolutlon of lime and stir I
thorouiihlv. Add sufficient water to
make fifty gallons. I
To make sure that the mixture con-1
ileaux mixture. If it turns brown I cut cloe to the trunk. To prevent In
more lime Is needed In the mixture. If jury to the tree, first saw through
It does not turn brown the mixture la large branches from below, six or
riEdt. i eight Inches away from the trunk:
Do not use Bordeaux mixture that! then saw from the top s, few Inches
has stood over night. Use fresh j neiror the trunk until the limb falls,
mlxtuto every day. I Then mnke a new cut c!ore to the
Ammonlral copper caibonate Is ' trunk. This will prevent splitting and
made by using five ounces of copper
carbonate, three pints of ammonia and
Dilute the
ny aona in
gallons of
amrnunia Vkikll kwcilkj
P w&tr. Make the copper carbonate
mto u paste and lU lt to the diluted
ammonia, stirring until dissolved. Use
soon alter mamng.
eier lor ueiermining me uemrea cun-
centratlon. Every user of this spray
. wiouiu nave one or inese insmiments.
H Is simply a hollow glass tube with a
weight In tho bottom and a graduated
scale of degrees mailed on the side.
The hydrometer Is plaeed In the solu
tion and the degree at the water level
is read. The price Is about one dollar.
Thirty-two degrees Is the standard,
while 24 would he too weak for proper
results, tower than 30 degrees Is nut
I suitable to use In the proportions here
stated, Solution at 30 should be used
at the rate of one gallon to seven and
a quarter gallons of water for scale
and one gallon to thirty-six and a
quarter of water for summer spraying
of apples.
So man who hnrbnrs Insects In his
apple trees has any moral right tu
Thero Is short supply of both flower
Jtrvia Rpraylna Compound haa no mporlor.
Duy from tha manufacturer! dire I ami Mate
money. A gallon of Jarvla Spraying Compound 1
makes 16 salloni of spray. Compound ready lo 1
mil with water.
Hold In bhl. lota IM gallons), 30 renti per gal
lon. Kefrrencm J. II. Hate, tha "Peach King."
or ProfJarrU of I ha Connecticut Agricultural 1
College, They will (ell you there l nothing
Utter. The .1. T. Roberlien Co., Dept. 8.
Maanktater, Cans.
all about tbsm sod dascribes trlth
give tetnicUoai for Diantlng asd
away, II Is frts.
and vegetable seeds owing to the cut
ting off of German shipments. Both
the French and Hrltlsh Governments
have stopped the exportation of many
farm und garden seeds and wise
gardeners will do woll to get seed
orders In early. It Is also advisable
tu place orders early for plants and
nursery stock. Kertllliers should be
ordered wlthuut delay, nn the prices
are advancing almost every day. The
case Is the same with Insecticides,
Look over the catalogues with a
view to new introductions to the gar
den. Much pleasure comes from ex
tending ucqualntunre among the va
rieties In the vegrtuble gurden, with
the nnnuuls, perennials, flowering
bulbs. In the flower gurden and new
.fruits, shrubs and trees. The true gar
il.tt. lrivee lu nnl'iip unf lafl.id In ImVn
,i. ... .1.. .1. .......... ..r.-. I
mu khihi'ii t-aiiuii iiii- n.mic- ,h-ui n
Plants run be pruned nnd trained
In uluiusl uti desired from. Fruit
trees sueli as apples, pears, peaches.
plums and apricots can be trained to
cover walls, fene; or the sides of
building. Shrubs that naturally grow
In u bushy form can b trained in
tree like form, but for genernl use ;
shrubs should be kept In pleasing
I !
pro pea
bushy forms with well rounded lines,
preserving the natural habit.
Th ff.ult with nmolmii. nennln nf i
-i,,v,u i rtt.. r .1..
ti,. ri hu tt.iih t, 1
tender consideration for the plant. Th '
upper branches nre the strongest j
growers and bv euttinc awav onlv a
little of the top. new growth Is forced ,
at tne top. maKing tne ousti top
heavy. As long as a number of buds
are allowed to remain on the base of
any branch there Is no danger of prun-
1 Ing too Keverely, s vigorous branches
will start out near the base.
In pruning shrubs it should be re
membered that there are two classes.
One produce the flowers from buds
formed the previous season. Another
class from buds on the new wood of
the present season's growth.
I, lines, syrlnglos, welgella. calycan
thus, golden bell, honeysuckles, deut
7.1as. dogwoods, privets, viburnums.
i rhododendrons, kalmats, azaleas, dph
r.eoa nnd the floerltu currant, neafh
Hnd hytirantcea otkaa are some or
the most generally used shrubs that
Mower on the laM season's wood and
iM pruning any of these nt this season
the flowering buds will be cut away,
Altheas, roses, eunoymus or burn-
irig bush, hj perinum or Rt. John's
o.ort, hydrangeas panlculati and
Krandlflora, amorpha or false Indigo,
genesta or broom bush, colutea or
bladder senna and roblna or hairy
locust all flower on the present season's
growth and In most cases they will
flower more freely If severely cut back.
Climbers need no pruning except
when they become thin and If pruned
freoly will quickly fill up the blank
In pruning be careful to make the
possibly tearing away part of the tree.
In pruning small limbs and shrubs
make the cut Just above the bud.
T.ettucr, cabbage, beet and onion
can be sown In flats, boxes or not-s for
early plant. About all vegetables
may be sown now by forcing under
ooo ooooaBeaoeo
100 Real Dutch filadioli
Bulbs for $2
The flrat pick nf the beat Holland
(lrgwer. Ktery bulh lull lie. full of
life, and truu to Its name. I guaran
tee ihcm.
Here a a chance to gel a Clarden full
of high rlaM liulln tin ery low fut
ure. Compare the price with the
often. ion rolt . ., ,
10 rath of the 10 (iladloll Varietlna
lrlnw for 12. Not inlted all to
gether, but each variety packed by
Itaelf, AIo aold aeparately liy the
100 ur IIXH)' 100 1.000
America, fineat pluU.
large flower Sl.oO tVi
4. erhtte hlaahlnl
with carmine . 1.74
Baron Unlet, beautiful
nclil.lue, . . . 7.00
Krrmhlejeiiaia. brilliant
vermilion, acarlet... . I. SO
Halle), bright Salmon
Pluk . . 00
Mra. Francla, King.
flamingo acarlet. large.. 3.00
Pink neauty. peach blow
pink, early . .
Prlniapa, rich, crtmkon.
Karlot, large and brll-
llant . . 100
Annie Wgrnan. Iwautl-
fill. Mn. jellow '.'.OO
Kami, rich magenta rl.
large . .... .W.
P My catalogue I Thequantl
i . . , ... I 1 tlea are lint tin
idluuirraiiiaL- i,. ,
..rr inl limited. To
Dabllaa andl
' negonlM will
Im wnt alao. 1
arc ii re jour
order aendl
with remit
tame le-de.
Sib)ct lo market ehainyea, we will par
Koonji rer ton NKW YORK for OKRMAK
MtmiATE Or rOTAHH of etandard quality,
honing I1 to HK actual potiah (euual lo
lino per unit of iotaah, tier ton),
We will nay SPOT CASH, or gtre you COM.
PT-rTTX FEnTH.lZRR.4. In eiohange. charging
only It on to l.ro per unit for the potaah the
potaah derived from sulphate end carbo
nate, which Ii romklcird a auperlor form for
n-lriill Ural nnrnnMa
we nave nienty or i-im afui jor ournrrUMI
VEHTH.IZUn TRADE, hm we want I till
MlirtlATE lor a purpoae where no other form
win oo,
OaTlesi M MaU Ht. and It Wstor HI,
New Yawk CUy.
Warfcai Crutsa (Jenry City). N. J.
l4 BrealVwa"'
glass, either In the hothouse or cold
Kliuhurli roots can be forced In the
cellar liy planting In boxes and keep
ing dark. As soon as the snow Is off
the ground, or even liefore, turn a
bnrrel over rhubarb plant In the gar
den and force the growth.
Asparagus can be forced In boxes
In a cellar or under the benches In a
The best seeds cost the most but
usually will be found the cheapest In
the end.
Forcing frames are useful and
hurry the tteason forward wonderfully.
Many of the annuals and perennials
, I.. ..u
can m mimi uinv lur full) iiiuiiin, niuii
as pan.ites, KuglLMh daisies, verbena
und sweet pens, but where tliwe Is no
greeiirmuse or conservatory It v.'lll be
b"t to wait until the last of February
or the tlrst nf March before planting
anything except pnnsli-s and daisies.
Hweet eas lire also somewhat dltllcult
to handle In a wlndiw garden If sown
early In February. .Sweet alysHiim
can be stin ted now In window gardens,
Olovlnla. clnnernrlu. primula ar.d
cyclnmen should be started now for
next year's con.crvatory. also begonias
and Jerusalem cherry.
If ou hav.o b'-en successful in grow
ing (lower", vegetables, small fruits,
fruit or ornamental trees tell your
experience briefly, addressing the let
ter to the Gardening Department, Tub
8cn, New York. Mall the letter uny
time during February for the Feb
ruary prize, or duping March for the
March prize, or during April for the
April prize.
The best letter received eoch month
Titll he awarded ll." wotnh of seeds,
plants or trees, selected nt retail prices
from the catalogue of any dealer ad-
vertlslng In Tiik Srs
The second best letter received each
mont1' w111 be awarded $10, the third
T-i0- he forth an1 fl,th eac.h. '5 'n
the same goous to De selected in inc
same manner.
rt1oajs HeeelTeel.
Vin'.nnts Nurseries, V)ncnnra, Ini
Harly nut tr for northern planting.
P.rana. P-reian or Kma-lNti walnut', ch-si-nun.
hlckorit-i. nalnuta, c
ior t Stlllnmn. -tr!jr. It. I
Dihllai Leading naw varlrtlca and the
olJ etafidaMa.
ivtcr IlerHlernon A Cn , and .ti Cort
landt atret. New Vnrlt. Ilverythlna for
tha rrJn. Ueauttfully lllu-.lmte, n col
or. W. Atlea Burpee A Co , Philadelphia, Pa.
Annual tor 1111 In clor
Andraa- B. Vanderhek, Pateraon. N. J,
Run, slaillolt. dahllaa am) inUi.
Allen I Wood, Uochwter. N. Y. Fruit
and ornamental treea, everireenj. email
frulta. Ac. .
II, II. Bertfr A Ov. "6 Warren atrtat,
Ve York t'lowrr and vffetahla rd",
SlV?U fVVJiolaU Nuraerle. Uamvl'l.
N Y Ttutt und ornamental tref. r
Ktnt Hro , IMnniil. N Y Fruit aifid
onwmeital Ireen. ate.
II..--v A. llunyard rvvrnpan.v. do V, eat
Twnty-lrhth ntret New York Flower
and vecetAhle ee-l. planta Inlib., Ac
Aa Veriellea Par Hale, tllrtutlinar the falPtiear'
Ing rlllllK ur Mll.Mr.llr, t . ine arrrai eariy
berry JOK JOHNSON, the great, late heir)-.
alao Aaparagua roola. Vegetable plant. Kap.
berrr and IJewberry planta. Seed Corn. Ilurse-
rmulin, vow eaa. r.aa ,iei..unia.
Deacrlptlre Catalogue free.
Kbodeidale, Md. Kaula t,
Carders Outfit Complete For 25c
and little favor
Sent Toat Paid by
Caa Plast ,
JO npan
40 vitltsiTiSM.
I w',h lo M.ly Introdurt my Narthern rifon ratbla
Ht. giiarantsl. aral loraalia a nwat rrn-kltle otter
Wnt lor fk.ll eaiticLlaia T. I. WHO, llciSMfnl, Vl.
Hardy Northern Budded Pecan
and Ertfliih Walnut Trees
Bear young, thin ahell, large alta. aplendld
iiuallty. Special Nut Catalogue onrequwf
Vlncennea, Ind.
11 i inr,' I enrr
nal.t i.rleiifed reputable Aar-nta for el
Ing nut tir-lam,.l Nurry lrodncti. Our
blue ptlntr. uor .lealgni aim! epocltloitiona
IurtiM!itl rree or ctmrgr are h grnt a.lkHii
tage for our Kileamen, IluHlni Uatub-
lielird I Mi.
lindarapa Archllecla.
Grnwera Horilculturl'ta Iniportere
1't'IIK ror.VTnV I10NI;t 10 1b bucket,
ei.iv, i. in, jo cinta. ue tvereu imr,
ceN pot, KlJifacllon KUHnar.lerd, l- j,
ci isi i j .ii , i i i.ii a. win; i;i,enburg, I'a
f raukaarrarl'lsnl I-"'1 per ldlKl O.it.i
- j r f ,4,ti,.j. ,t,nn
in. i.iii.imiirr, i r.. la. 11.11.1,, lloi
, aaiiN.aiie, ..an.
20 I'ackMn Hixh
lirAtln I'lowcr tviN
lliilhis. I'lnf TritA
Nurr, 1'rniHqultt, tt
FRUIT and Flower
Collection (T w 1,1,0
aawawaMaraaaamaaawaai Sllrpa. 1 nil
.puva. .1 field grown nnw, hjdran
gea, A auperlor peach treea, all for $1.00
liy npreaa. HK.ND OKIIKKH Now
Lake Shore Nurseries Co. GIRARD, PA,
$J Fruit Tree;
nier, ono
rni i rrTiriM fa. "no
SB ewauaau a a V U ... .. , ,.
applo trees; I Mimmer, 1 fall
peartrrfii; A early medium anil Uli
neaeh tree. Large flrt unallly trees
b'eipreii for II nltli order. Order now
LakeShore Nurseries, Glrard, Pa
KEITH'S $1 Offer
I a A lto-ftsi aeaaaer ef Kritk'l Mintlac a
' ifocial saaker mtt le aaitlewi.
2nd A Mf ceaulalng oa-to-datc deilfM
rA A 6 awih'l nlaacrlxiM la tae anil knoara
Z . V int" J'L'tl'r 'er a aw MUen
Kalth'f Magaaaae, tN a year, 30c eay.
KKITH'S MS McKalfM Bid.,
The Hen that tsyt It
me atn
Inline, carina
aV K raaaV
DR. HESS 4 CLARK, Aaklani, Ohio
TIip Poultry Uaisor Who Takes
Proper Proraiitions Will
Not Kc Troublpd.
Hy If, !,. GOODWIN.
Without :i Rood fouiidutlon no man
would espeet to build nnj thing of pte.n.
value. The health nnd Mtremrth of a
flock of icniltry depend largely upon lti
lounuiiiioii. in hreedlnB or eelKtlnu
the kfntf rr,tn, t.h1H .n iMtlltl ,m n 11,1,
the preateHt eare sliuuld lie tnlien to!
sUirt your utraln from a line of anee.
ton tvhlcli have iV-en physically perfect
nnd free from lllneen. of nny kind. I.IVte
briedn l!l,e, and with ftronu uneentorn
tlwre in no dltllotiliy In ralJnir a flock of
MroiiK .ouiik b-d. Kllth breeda dlK-
easie, and tho reatert care to avoid filth
1r nwessary even from the time the hen
Ik cot or the incubator l Marled.
If one a buying his foundation stock.
whether yotiiiR Wrds or old onew. It If
nie to lie pretty eure there nre no
BernM of dlwae lurking near nnd preat
care should be tiaed In ninklns your ee-
leetlon. If alt Irs clean nbout the place ,
tt'hete the blrde volt nre Inoklni? at nre
kupt he rhanceh are that It Ik a Kod j
place to buy ; but If there .!,. l-rin of J
filth eerstvhere It l better to be rau-
tloun. for where there le tilth there Is
pretty cure to lie dlcease.
IJIiiMse germ do not often pcnetiate
the oviduct nnd a fresh laid egir la usu
ally free from them, though genns may ,
be acquired under a hen. In a short time.
r.fffin nibbed with a dampened cloth
dipped In alcohol will be absolutely flee
from Kernis, and If then placed itt n
clean Incubator or In u clean nest under
a hen that la free frots lice ami mlten
will hatrli chicks that are free from.
dWeasn of any kind, for Inherited dls
Mtis are rare and can b. absolutely
avoided by never unlmc for breeding pur-
po.ves heiin that have ever shown slim
of ilckneH.
In the first days of the chicks' life.
even If they have beep hatched u- der
the jwrfect conditions Just described,
there are two icrent dangers that they
ulll be oveifed and that they will In
come chilled either of which is llkeh
to srove disastrous Although overf.d
Ing Is not .is dangerous as hilling
either l likely to lead iUl '1(1' to h'te
ilurrhoea, nnd the two cond.t.ont con
blned are likely tu result fatul'y ti the
entire flock, or at least the gT.ai.T pit'
or It nut this does r.ot make It hcre-
sary to keep the little birds too warm
or to starve them. tnce is a h:ipp
medium both as to feeding .ri prote t-
Ing Hum from cold, which is pot dun-
cult to rea.h If one u."s Judgment and
A little fo,.d often, nmoved befoie it
can become Mth or sour, ta.iter o ur
mged th it they ennuot g.'! Into it and
eoatter it about, getting it on them-
sehes or the Utter; coarse sand or line
grit for the digestive organs, a uniform
tfmperature of "0 degrees of tli.Ti-
about, and the little fellows hale all
they need to make them thrive and
It Is nut the purpose of this article
to deal with tl; feeding of poitltty, but
It may be said that proper ft-edlng Is
of the utnvMt importance. This means
that the birds should at all tlmc have
balanced latlon stilt-ii to, their ,Re
and condition. With jiuing chl.'kens in
particular It is necessary that they have
ver.Whhg they tired und nothing mote.
for they will often eut all they can get
whether they need It or not It is quite
Important that all food, either aulm.il
or vegetable, which has soured or b"
come pull id be k-it uway from them,
fltul indeed from hens at all ages -or
.ilkastious lesiills are quite likely to
.Near Ornanlmtlon Holds Meeting
at shine), V, Y ,
The tlrsl annual meeting and mnner
of the National White ling American
i 'tub wan held lust week nt Sidney,
N, V, In conjunction with the t'n.idllla
Valley l'oultrv nnd l'et Stock Asporta
tion Show The dinner was civcti In
honor of W. Mhert Augell, Jr., of Uike-
wond, N. "ilginator of the new lined
of poultiy known as, the White ICgg
Anierlcin. Speeches were made by .Mr
Augell, A. M lame. c. II. Horden. M.
I'arkei', Ur riemlng. A. H.ilnl nnd A
M. Shutts "lied Comb" Webb acted a
The While Hag Ani" an is a breed
raleed especially 'o meet ll'e requ're
menta of nn exacting market It com
lilnew all the cnanii'terlstics of the
Medlterr.itiean l,iss of fowl, with won
derful laying ability This fowl l
clnsMOd ns un Amen, an varle'y. It 's
pure wliite and about the i-'ze of a
Ithivix Island I'cil or a Wyandotte, has
a long, wedce shaped body, yellow skin,
rich ,eIlov i.gs, bright led .omb nnd
pointed tail.
1 u n i n.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m i gsr-t n 1 1 1 1 lspti i m i i i i m t m h i i ..--ww :.MiMV.wf
V Vl, VI fff ) "V
Yourheniind mile blrda aboiiM be in tbe pink of
condition, then roll get hcalthr, fertile ettgs for
batching. It wHi pay you to nlve them a count of
lllhl now. Pan a-ta.a It not a (llmuUiit, but conuln. Nut
ooilra and Quaiila, the beat tonlri known tu ci ncf . II pro.
diicn aptwllta, promot.. epilation, mjkt, hrm U. Pan-a ie i
aho contltDt Iron for thd hlotw. Intirail .ilahii,.. (h. J......
irir ha lurLlnv In tli ...tm it ... . hB.i,k
saultrr tlook. iH ll.a . iui I Ibl.. ci n ib. iu.ll!
SoWtif mo,tllr,lcla,ipoiillrrlndind.lorf.
kill! Ilea aa poultry, gprlnklt II In Iba dual bath ver othf r rik and tha
benawtlldolharrat. OrARihTTtD. I lb. tan.zv.; l-lb. can. 10c.
For the right answer to
the important question
U D...hM
a wuiiij
Ouaumntaed or Money Baak
Mild by seeal, feed and poultry
supply dralera everywhere.
MAK11 lin.NH l.AV That's what we aay
I'ONKHY'H l'Ol'I.TKY TONIC will do,
and that's rxnctly what we mean. (lt a
pall at your draJer's and If II doesn't
make Hlddy liy, got your money back.
No filler -Just pure tonic. Nothing tn
It to hurt our hens
DON'T t-OKt: CHICKENS, rioup Is a
contagious dlp-sk-e, but It cup l.e success
fully overcome with OONKEY'S HOUI
ltai.MHDY, Put It In the drinking water
for both sick and nrll birds. A (rood
preventive, too. Mold and guaranteed by
yourdeulrr. list u package.
POUI.Tltr PAPIIU, II-UI page periodi
cal, up to due, tells all you want to know
about care and management nf poultry, for
pleasure or pront fnur mnnih for 10 cents.
I'nultrv A.lkorate, tlept 2. .Syracuse. N. T.
POSITION wanted by mnrrled man la
build and manage large commercial duiat
or duck and chicken plant combined, gen
ttemaii's estnte nr itnck f.iriu, understHnda
agriculture In all Its branrhrs, does not uts
tobacco er llrpior exrellent references.
ltOHKHT lli:H.M.W orchnr.l Park. N. Y.
THIS bureau acts as "Cen
tral" lo connect buyer and
seller. It tella you how, nben
and where to buy stock, aup-
Kile, baby chicks, eggs for
atchlng, 4c.
Timely news or (he poultry
world, special articles of Inter
est, Ac, will be found In The
Sunday Sun.
Helpful bints by an expert
poultrytnan about breeda
adapted lo your wants ana
ways of securing best results.
Personal replies to every In
QUlry. Nochnrge to elthvr parly
for this serrice. Address
New York Sun, V
Tlip.t .Make Kxrolli'iil l'tl.
Ilowovcr, ;i ml Don't
Kut .Miifli.
, Alu 'mm the Ii.'kIihIiMi: i f poulnv
culture there have been faiu.it ri who
sought to establish hreed" of hnntams
modelled on the shjpr. nnd type of the
laivr or standard varieties of fowl.".
The game fowl at one tune ilie meet
popular fowl In Knglaml, heme It i
natural that bantams of this fowl he
among the tit t-t originated.
Slty ears ago the k,uii baniam .,
short legged, loose feathered, tarried h
big spread tall and lor.g drooping wings ,
Mhlch patalleled the standard games rf
, that tune About Is.VJ ihe ilrst garre
bantau.s of good uuulitv were leporled,
and by Im7 considerable progress was
( shown, until now we hae even bet
ter quality in the bantams than in the
larger games They have been brought
to a h uli n.ile of development in Kng
Innd, ami iiiiiny of the best specimens
have been Unpolled b meilcan breed
lers MTU" Imported stock has been most
, successfully haiidlcil, and there Is a spe
' clalty club, the American (iamo and
'lime llantam "luh. devoting its atten
tion to the development and exienslon of
! the breeding of game bantams,
I They arc cxcluslxely a fancier's fowl,
for the eggs nnd can asses are not sal
able on account of their small ize. They
reiiuire but Utile space and small expense
for feid, however, and make excellent
pets for the boy or girl
The lied I'lle game bantam Is one of
the handsomest variety of the breed,
The color of the mule Is while, except
ing tho hcii.l, neck, back, top of wings
and secondary lllght feathers, which aie
red. The"" female Is white, excepting the
, breast, which is salmon red, and the
i neck, where every feather ts edged with
I lemon color The legs, fpet and heak
I of both are yellow.

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