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JUMP $34,027,222
Biff Inrreaso In Net Earnings
of Knllronrt System lu
Past Yonr.
one imncrr wiped orr
Net earnlm. of the New York (Vntr-il
nyMem Inereiieed J34,027.222 Iti IMS.
Tlii net nfter txin In tlie twelve nmnlhn
ended on nercmber III, 1515, wiia JS7,
Mit.lM, hh compare'! with $.".!, M'.i.l 41
In 1914. Tlii" Kress- carnltiRs of the ny.l
trm In IMS were SnH,niri,H"fi, itKiilnit
t2Xt,33M61. Til" Hcccinlicr kicim-i of the
entire Hyftetn vviin 3f.OT l.lti", im nun
pared with Tin- net after
taxes for tli.it month wan l'.i,f,n(i,7;,
Bh'altiet U.I 1.1.
The IWeinl-ci- kio-k of the New York
Central. rlii(llni! the Boston ami Al
hnny. wan $1 I.M v. an continued with
JI2.01x.tinl In I co mlier, 1914. while I Iin
net after tuxes amounted to t fi.nl ii.il" 7,
nKuhiPt I . n ! 1 . -t I Tin- uriiliii- after
cluiriteH for l mlmr wiih :i.Vi'';. u
ciiinpaicd with i:i.".."".", Tin- twelve
months' Rrof-t of th"' New- York Vntril.
exchidliiK Hi" llosion ami Alhany.
Mlnounteil to $ltiT.V.t4,rtlS. im compared
with JIM, Ml. 7'.'!' In It'll, with a net
lifter timet of I'.i.'.is7,l . aitulii'U Jao,.
7.11,414 The Mirpltix after cIuukcm w.i
i,?;!,tsa. .. ei'iiiparcd with Jl't.-tt.-604
The tlitine Indicate that the .New
York fVmr.il rained In l'.'ir. iipptnM
Itiutely II 1" pel- c. lit. oil Its- $1M,.',.V.iI'.IIiiii
Muck, Tin In t income of the New York
I'entral rliovicd an Iiu-icim' of Sli'i.'iilo.
X73 oer th.r. of the privloiii twelve
months. To tltl- must he mhled the ti-t
Income of tlio Huston and Alti.uiy, vvhl'h
was I'M.PHI. :if eomp.ired with a dctlclt
of l".l: in I'.'ll. The imillilneil Itl
rnmrg of the New Vork Tentral .Hid the
Huston and Alli.in tlietcfi'i" leave alxnit
1:7,711.47.1 .tppllciililc to dividends and
Improvements, or upproxm'.ilily 111'1
per eent. i allied on tlie i-apu,il i-tock of
the New Ynik iVn'lal.
The follow iiiu lalilei Illustrate the tre-
111011110111 Increase 111 tlie revenues of the
New . ork iVmi.i and tli- New York
fVlilral -M-t.-ni diuiiiK 1915 over those
of 1!1I
'Ei lie'. ii. Iln-uni a" 1 Alb my
Reports of Forty-five
Slinw Siniill DecreiiM'
Sharps Alirnml.
I'lKlires from the, stock lepmls of
forty-live rallm-ids, collected by l'ow,
Joiiih At IV,., chow ii HiirprlnltiKly ein.ill
decrease, In tho tnmitier of Ktiropean
sh.ucholilers .mil the. number of shares
held nbioad. The tables show that of
tho Issues of the furly-llve, rallro.ids
thin- wcro 3.775,63 1 shares held In lln
rop,. on .latni.iry 1. Il'lfi, us compared
with :i.-71.:iol on .luno Ho. 1918, ami
4.IHK.7L"! ru .lime .1", 1911. The de
crease In the number of shares hi Id In
Kiiropo ln-tween June ?., 191 4, and Jami
my I, ll'IS. was J.s per cent. Thin rep
resents the Hipilil.ithm of the List -IkIi-tern
months, nf the total number of
stoikholilers of the forty.lv lints, 12
per rent were l-.uiope.in investors on
INCREASES $1,411,702
I.iilnnee of Net, Tncome Grows
From 8201,110 to $1,70.",,
nrl in a Yenr.
The Atlas Powder Company reports for
the e,ir elided llecelllber 31, 101.",, H.
lial.iiii'c nf net Income for that period
of tl.'nrt.sril, as inmiurcd with J.0I,H9
In 1911. This, less dividends on the
preferred stock and Interest on the pre
felled temporary receipts, was cctllvii
lent to 35 SO per cent, earned on tho
$4,l(is,70U common stock, as compared
with so per rent, earned on thn stork
In the )r.ir previous. (Imss sales In lSlTi
amounted to 19,'J9.!!'1. lis compared
with $.',,133,307 In 1914, with a net
oprr.itlnir protlt of Jt,37.oo, air.ilnst
$4fi8,40(i. The h.ilnnce of net Income)
for the year after appropriations was
$l,7ur,,sril, as conitiared with 1294,149.
This, added to the undistributed protlts
January I, 1 : 1 ., as compared with Mint the bccimiliu; of tho year, left $2
TVcmter :to
Nel -itlir live.
siirplu iilti li.irje
Twelf ni nth- tri-"-Sn
.Ulrr t.ive- '
SUrplU .liter ll II we. .
ll v-...'t?
per -nl. on .lune J". i;ui. inus, winie
the total iiuinlicr of stockholders has
liK-riMi-cl from 251, sit to Wi.i'A, or
. per cent., the iiuinbrr of Kuropeiii
stoi kholiler( ha.s ilecri.iM-d a per cent.
The follow Ins table fives tlf sum
mar) of the number of stockholders of
the fnrlv-tUe Ami rb an r.uhoads. the
ntiinber of women lu the list, the num
ber of Kuropiaiis and shares held In
liurnpe ;
Jan I.
NunibT lo'I.liiiltlfr t'-.;.rt
Woimoii "lot ithiild, r. 1(1.
Kurope in tiwUlioMeri
Mi in-i lielii in Kurnpe 3,
Air nuiiiN-r .Imres
to a Kuropi .in
Imklinld, r II
.linw 3". Jim" :r.
:-. i.;
ji -m
4.w i
097,9119 available for dividends. n com-na-ed
with $ri72.01;i In 1914 Tim Ull-
dllrlbiilcd protlls after the payment of
?i-..',ii,:i;r. III ll Mends, as compared with
$179.t;i illshu-sed for that account III
1914, was M, 447,344, mnilnst J392.05S.
The amount paid In common dividends
durliut 1915 totalled 11 "j rr cent., as
ciimiured with C percent. In 1914- and
1 1... per cent, in 1913.
I'rei.ilent VV. .1. Webster, addreslnc
stoi kholilers, sa'h "While the Inciease
(rent New business This
Month Tndientos Kelipse of
All Pnst Flfrures.
Tlis Hulled States Steel Corvor.itlnn
reported yestenl.iy unlllled orders on the
books of tho subsidiary compntileH on
January 31 nmountliitr to 7.922.7B7 tons.
With the exception of December, 1912,
this Is the largest iinllllod tonnage ever
reported. The Inrreusn last inoiiih was
ll(l,ii47 tons, or within 31,000 tons of
the trade estimate.
The nrodiictlon of steel Ingots lu
.Inmiary was sIlKhtly let than lu De
cemlur, the total belnc n little mole
1 1 in ii l.fiiin.oun tuns, which Is at the
rits of fil.uiiil tons daily duitnir the
twcut)-tlve active days of Hie month.
This Indicates on output of 1,300,000
tons of rolled products, which Is at the
rato of 51.000 tons per il:t. As the
new" orders booked were llti.Oni) tuns
Kieatu- than the shipments n , lvwn
thai tjie new- orders t iken amounted to
l,:r.i;,5IV tona, as the ehlpments nrc
underslood to have been a iiroxmiate.y
1.2i0,000 tons; that is, shipments nele
.it tl.n rate of fio.ooo tons and new or
ileis vvcie t tho rate of Jl.flr.2 tons per
In January, 131.1, the Steel Corpora
tion was operating at the rate of 13
per cent, of totm cip.uit). I'l-i'ductinu
In gloss biilin-es Is over M' per of step) limols at that time w as appi i
-tit., a i onulderablK proportion oi same
The liquidation of New York iVnli.il
shares b lluiope.m Invei-toiM was faith
heavy, ainoimtlng to 1) per cent, .is
comp.irnl with an avirai!" of s per
cent, lor the forty-live railroad" P -polling
Liquidation In tin AtchlMHi
was he.iv.ri, however, aliviliiilng to
21 s r . i nt.
.hares In He I'm llncli li ll I'nr
Mlni Nuv
ling of the sli hlmlil
Pe(nitwr .ni"
Net atlei iiivi
1 inoi - -
Net slier I..M- - '-I i
The 191 : iigur.s r.,'- all
lower Ih in Ih.i-, f"r 1912
than I a -i for 191 1.
.i i
: it"
i v:i in:.
"I ten j., v, ::..tv.i r ;
,,i i t...i -ii?
:' iT't -j"!...-! ii J-' .v:.'-M
in :i.
line, were
but hlgher
A sprcial mi
of the I'liiled figir Stores Compiiliv ol
Aiiuiic.i has bi.n i.ilhd ' "I Manh 3.
tor Hie plirpo-i' lit M'lllllllg Hie lOII-etlt
of the st"l khoblers to i h.ltige the p.ll
value of the rb.ires from $1" to $lnO. !
A little mole than Ii vcar ago the par
value v.-a changed irom loo to $lu
but there has b.en general dissatisfac
tion wllh llii-. Onlv about one-hiilf of
the stockholders agreed In the tedilitloli
ill the lull value of the spates a vcat
ago mid i vi n fuse have been complain
ing I'tidci the rules of the Slock ex
change II i o.tH jiil as nun Ii In i-oniiius-Mini-
to ti.-nle in a stock which m Us
at 1 10 a shite as It dots In lla'le III .1
i is due to eales In the latter part of tli
-.ear uf Various chemical products not
ordinarily a large factor In our busl-
' iicss. but . Mowing for such siles there
still has bien a very inatir'..il Incieaso
t in our leuul.ir lomtnerclal lines of ex-
plosivis and this Incie.ise gives every
prom se of continuing.
"Durimt the last six months of the
viar !t has been necessarj to operate
iill high lAploMvrs I'lants t capacity,
ami we have bien ennfronted wllh th'
feiessily of starling additional con
struction work In order to establish n
larger margin of reserve capacitv.
"iiivlng to the n iiuliements for erpilp
mi'iit ltd to lln iti.e .nldltlon.il enn-truc-Hon
work and lo ptovlde Increased
v.oil.ing i ip l.il the iKi.ird of dlrn-tor
w'll lake the lie. eseary slips In the neir
filtuie !m- a fuither Increass of
. apli.il stock of i lie lonipmy and make
an olliring In sto. kholilers
New ('luirjje Mnde Affninst Au
thorities of flermnn Odd
Fellows' Home.
Two nirmhetn of the orlclnn! commit
leo which revenlcd startling conditions
amotiK the Htato orphan asylums, lestl
lied .vesterdny before t'ommlssloner
I'harlcs II, SlrnnR at the liar Associa
tion. Iir. R. It Itee.ler. head of tlm New
York Orphaimge at llastlngs-oti-lludsoii,
mi authority on the care of children; said
that the ilertimti Odd 1-Vllows' llonin at
Yonkers had no eilucntlonal system at
all when the Itivi stlg.itltig committee
llrst visited It, but that later'two teach
ers were empIo)ed who kept thn children
In sihool about two bourn a day. On
the third visit the lonunlttce found four
teachers employid.
William II Itotchklfs, counsel for
fommlhsioner Kingsbury of the I'harltles
Hepaitini-nt, whose charges against the
Stale Hoard of 1'harltlen resulted In the
present Investigation, said he would
prove that the odd l-'ellows' Hmne rented
out their grounds on Sundays for picnics.
The orphans were made to set as wait
ers and sei-v beer to the picnickers, he
s.i cl
A "policy i r frlghtfulness" by the
Stale Hoard toward members of the rum
iiilllie was ihatgcd by Mr. l!oUhkls
Hr. I.iidwig It ll-riisteln, another tiu-m
H, Tribune ttldf I15.0D0
.1 th sr. jo v, s i. :so w 5th v, :ox
Hid r,.h I. i9J--(lso M Hslft In 1 rv-
I' VValkeri utty, Jos II llray, 71 WnP I
15S.O0" :
t.l It JT - . t.r. . l,k n- 1lllll '. '
.Vmnd.i lion H- lo Ahr JicoM. ll)'. I' A
."-HUM. I , Wall st IJ.MO
I'llNVIlNT W. 81, w s. !0 UMIl St,
i-'ixil, Jiiti 3rt, l?rto--lly W A lli-len A
lliiihigliin to th Dry Iiork Snv Itwi'ii.
ally, li T &. T Co. HO Hny . . . . li.noo
mately ti72,0i10 tons ami shipments ,,r b.-r ol Ihe commute-, im.l superlnletiib lit
rolled piodncls were f.OO.nnii ions, whib- of the II, brew Sheltering i.uaiill.in o-
new business was token aggregating ''lety of rie.inutvllli-, -i l ne nan
itsiut 912,oiio toiji. To-d:i) Ihe cnrvon-i grievance against the Sl.i'e Iti.ird smc-
Hon euhsid'.iries an- op.-iattng pr.i.'tl-J '" ' "' a iiii-nii"-r ot uic i ommiu.-e.
uillyut full cap.icli.v, but time h.i- b I I'r. Hcnisleln was ,,n the wnti. -is siimd
an im-oase in plant capaci: ,u the l.i-t,"" ii'ie'imnii ati-v.irmg a report in.i.b
e.ir. so that op.-ritl.ins lo-iiav .ii-.- m-ii, iura "st Ins administration of tin- Hebrew
than ino per cent., based upon the I..I..1 Slicteflng liiardl.ni Socb tv by a Stale
c.m.icltv i vmr neo liisii-etiir. Maiy A. S'eer, who -'iveil at
t.l4 I'lIMIKNS.
UT.ST ST s. bet Perry stid Wst 11th
sis, it ;. Nik-in Hickman Inve-iltig
li ngt .Tiillll Mf.olliin t al I fnr. closure i
of tr.umftr nf M ili-nl; fittys, lUnt, i
Uiv:. A IVNelll.
lll l-ll .IT, li s. .75 Srt nv, JSxinn Mnv
lew -o, Inc. Mgt Mtlle llii) llially i'h
el nl (foreclofure nf tr.itisfr of tax
Item, stty, II Schwartzinu.il.
109TII ST, 10 I: llutltiA Kritnnr nut Sn
.1 lesIer et si (foreclosure of iiitpi,
Httv. i: t iiottiifh.
1STH ST, Il.l tt Kntharlns T. tlucklev
Kt tlllTOlifth rrrnb-toher et si (fore
elomrs of mtgeii attj-s. Ilwers .
AVl'Afi: A, 117 Lincoln Trim V ngt
't'hs lirettn Corn, st nl (forp, insure ot
llltgsl. sttys. Hewers Ac Silid.
Cdlt.MH.t.V ST. II ,lollll M ll.wrT SB'
lll.ike A Wllllsnis et si i forec.osure of I
nits-' )! ally, M S Hnr.iin.l ' I
Itrtint. I
TIS'TON AV, ti w cor 141th t, tlvttn-. j
U'liium ll.iliUIn nut rinalii lers lln.i'iv l
"o et nl (forei!!ilTH of mice), Httv. V
11 Aito Ills
I.' IT HI i part ofl, imp nf fin"! Mir
rlf.uiln VV I llatti llankiti agt riiiamlirs
Ilaltv fa et al (foreclosure nf inigii.
utty. W II Adams
TIMI'slO.V l'I - e rnr 14Mh st. 3Stn1 3--vvi..tm
Hunkln g. rinamlen lie.iitv
'o ei s! i farcc.!eur of mtg--i. a't). VV
ll .V.Iain-
l.uT 3'tV. i.iin of H7 chops. In'n krnwi n
the M-drnv ftai--Priterleii i iel.ln n 1 1
Att Ti! M StXillfr et h! l fn. c nsilt i- ,,f
iiiIb- i . ally, M J Sa.ilv-sn
xn:riT.NTt s- i.i i:nsi,
IUTII ST. o; VV II n- f !.it '-t-ln t
- tut lint i-n s-li-'"-r r n m
4TH ST. If. tn 19 YV'. I. O Itoase Enirtnter-
I tig iv. Inc. net N V Life Ins Trust
fn, owner l.i-etie Murphy, eontrac
tnt J7vl
VV ASIIINdTClN l'l S-t. l Hours l.nisl
tiseiliig I'n. Inc, ant Is.mcj Clothier,
ownsi. to-ftli Murphy, cnniraj
t,,ra 1781 o'i
SIST STi'ilS Vv Jnhn .McCilun mil : Or
veti Its.ilty Co, ownsri Warren C
cotilrai-tnr l."tn
:ii A. 1597 Jnrob Oeseh'ldt nst Mary
riut.lit.iii. owner. John Nenielh, owner
and contrictor; Cred Zach.irlas, contrac.
lr 1..1.1
nun "in- k v ir.Ma-T,,hn V Keritlisnli ugl
V V Thejlr. Co. owhr! Klfteen Twenty
Hfnjdwny ;o
I or
... ow-h.r: Klfteen Twenty -.
I ttlelsltl llfs.-l'lt.l
STIMtlllVS AV. w s, 100 n l5'l at, 7x
l.-P t II W I' lien's Sons, net Sln il Con
gr-Kitleo nf tho Hrotix, owners, Jardln
SAMi: T'nop'Kl'lTV'-WllllVm' A ' Timmii
n ct f.i in.-. s.niie conir.ictor .. i.ni'"
S.VXII", I'ltnl'IMl rv VVIIIIain 1 Voutig
llro-, .lit ".1111'. same cenlrartnj Jfjl
jmKcrmriiK i,i.
SL'I'ltKMi: COl ItT, fill X, .
TOHK Tim St VlhifiilH II
Cliy of New York, I'l.im n
leaac Kli.hoii.iu Tn
Afsnolalloii mill mil' - Ii
In purriiiiiiis lit i i v
Closure sllil S'lte .lu (
the above en.it,,' I n t .
th 11th daj of I in
undsralinsil, tlie r - ,-
naiiieii, will se i a. put,:, n
I lx, hMlire Sale i S I
Street, in dm I lor i .h i r .M .
of N'ew- Vnrk, mi the ii-m 1.1 , ,
lii, at W nilo It I i oil
Am In" , ,.
I Mil ' ' ' i ,
lie ! t
All Hint certain I ( g , '
biilldltiK "Hi I up- . . it
Hl"il, Ivlim nn. I hi-ii a i i
nf lli I'llc nf N. v V 'k 1
liattiinl mi Ihe Mint't ji
HliO know li mi a t i i p ', '
of lliiitj Itti i K"r. 'li- .i
Hrliles, ii,,!. ,m ,.
ilrnl mil thirlv hi,i
III" llettlMer of ll,e ' -l
New Ynlk as Slilfler ... I,
frlv lii trout hv II en s-i, i ,
olio tide by lot liii-l.t r I
tweiity-flve. snllllii-r n ,,
tiiitiiber s-veu liuitiiri 1 iii i i
s .
ll -I
V T. , I'
, n.iii-r
Mi 1 .11. iiK
Murpli f.
stisiiki M.'ll.tts, i.ikns.
i..l...i.. n
VITII ST. :5 W tiillll" I. t.nei t l "- nt, iiuml.'t. seven h ,i,,i-.
VV nhlf.irtli llealty Co et al, Api i .,,,, fl.V(.M him lr i
li'lj ,. S'VSII llllllllSil hi ln.litv
I5TII ST. IK to f t W C. I Ke.cliiK 'I hunilre.l uiiil ihirn. in
ut St Vlnretits llnspltal et al, I'"' 'Ji front sn.l int inn-. -
I'M-. . .. "; and In lenit'h nn -i li
in.'.TII ST, S W Nevvinsti Mf ant f,., ), n,. ,.. ,hmri,.--i
Alexander J Ilium et a, Io v mi, pr.-nu ti.i g
11'. .'... ' 1 i , th" street liillnlisl nn Inn
I7TII ST. 14 nn I 50 VV- Mi" lunilll"h et ,l l..nry stis.t, In i lie Ii
III iigt lllipo I ll 11 in t li l ll ii i ei in, i'' . iiaiisn, i in oi ioik
IM-, in ('J
li;, ril ST '-15 H Kdward K Amlerlan net
Umpire llirnnlli: et ol. IVli 1, lsd. I..
SVMl: I'lI'll'KIITV--Anm Stenipler ngt
-line, r.-.i I. I-Jl't I'',J
SVMl: 1'TC" fi:liT Cre-eent Melat C .'
lr i-,, i-i mi siime. I'eh 1. lHI-'i SS.a
s.v.vn: I'll' iri:ilTV - I'nlted Itontlne
VVi rks In- ig'. .ime. 1'el, I. Ult, fimi
svvti: I'ln il I.i. TV .I.icnb Slivirman art
. ,-ii. , r ' -.- ii . . .i "'' i
niK I'llnrCHTV -Marks llros ami
. ,. I-..-., -i fill . ... JI--' I
s-vil. 'I'l.'tTV tiralinni S.ln-llr sit1
r-i. I I otc jiu
sMl: l'l!ul'i:l!TV Kill. Hilling Sale Co
ik- ..in. . I -b V : M 11
ll t - ! pi,
The lireml"es liliove .1... rll.e!
In section 1, 11 k Vutiie-
"f.and Man of the i-ti r v. k
Hated. Sew Vnrk .Ininiar. -h i i
IIAUI.KS Ii DuNnlll r l .(,.
The fo.lowltig table gives the uii!t'le.
I T o- Atlas company .it present lias i
I I, '.'.I.I stockholder.-, of whom II1'. ! j
' eiiu'l ive, s Tu s is more than tw. e the 1
i number ll eir ago. ll Is noted in tiiel
report Cat during th year mere were
, no explos.otis or fatal tics at an) of the
1 Alias plants
tonnage on th" bonks of
companies n( the rlue
Ml" e .laiiuai)-, If' 11 .
.1.11111 try ....
February.. .
Mari h . . ..
the (':"
'II ,
A.isilt ....
t)i' Hiiti.itluir
t PH v h MHitith
Tr S'evv V
rite w r-' I t" i
dae lit! i ie
iilien inn i k i -I
mHtuiiiig up to
-isinii' r- .i paper rn'es
..lral It. rv H-iiik
i.i. t ii tliim to ninety
ii f.ir long- r bl'le.
mt p-liiii' it. "i iitatii-es
.- diie S' l.-i I'r
i nil f"f
t'lr four
jSr -ii-
i - n
ill-lis I,--
3-l3'4 tier
I l) till!- HO l
n:iMl-e, J'j -I I
i.i ii- r-
il" I
I II 11. 'll'
IJv hange i .
bin, 1 ,. pr , lit. :
Sier'i'ig , i li'in
re I It I'fs ere
f,it .'M. ils-. .-l4 ' 1 p--r
i i 1 i 2 per , en' f-ir
t Itli'lllltS.
nn (lie llnnr nf Ihe Slink
t. III. ll ruled Si I , p,T elU .
,-itt - hluh. .' tier sent.
I'.IM lliel.-r I'lll-ll
sio.-k oi $lnu par value l ol this tea
coil II Is l-clievi-d that llu-ic will be a
better trailing niatket for the Moil. If
lis n.ir value is t hiingeil to $n0. Mole-
over the Imnks that an
tnotiev on rnlted ('igar
collanral pi.-ierrii.l llo-
si l loos lllli-h Vliollt nrreiil nii.
Iiilloiis In VlnrUcI Here.
Ciil.dltlolis in Cie live poll'.tiy III irket
this w.ck an the most peculiar ever
V.IOWU in Hie ir.oli It.celvers h.ive al
vv.i.vs M'lileil '. "i- -tuck on a basis n' t-.e
. ., ... ... i i iM"l.n oils mane ill Hie iriu ii. on ik. ti
sitoiiN ulin k ll- i n"- niiilllinila' ion of t In--"- pll.i
t'n, i .aiis.d a l,'iil"ial liivistlcatlon
iWh.ch i.'Mil'.-.l .ibinit four veats ago In
the Unlit tiiii nt .nut i-oiivli-tlon of ,x nuin-li.i-
of th live iNHiltiy lecciv.rs After
an I li v sst iiT.it b.v
Net In Cast eMr IMI.rtllli.il IT. . ,),,. ,,,
Were siii. i!Hi.-:t I I" It . l-rncs irom
; in- in iiiy .i
pare at
June 3,
115 . . .
1--I . ..
'. -.1 . .
the clos
I'm-.-, tn date
. ,'"f
" i o.-i ' " i-'i ' ' '
I.. in .TI ..1.1 : sMi 's
i..'r..,iTt .'..i-.ii in ; i.-.i. ,:i
i.-v. ;n T.n
i n-..u ,-.
I.iai.- i .- 'i-i Mi . I
i f.is.i .. i nj. -.: : : -.:
i.c.m-i i. tc -.'l - -e- i
I. '.!! 4 JI 1 .1! . . I'.
.'..u47ti r. J. .-H7 ..."'i:
4.ICU .:.! -si? 4 i.--;:
T i''.t.l S.3S4 : 4 !.,. IT
7.-v;.j.i .-...K.mi i -.
gives the unn '.e'i tot .
of each itiaii'- f loi
viar- h
4 J... -4.
-. 'l -11
. 4i;.ii
u: .'ii
.1 ii: :.-'.
T.-. il :
"IJ s-
;. Vii
I IJ.'sil
4 ilTvl
4.iR. .T
'. sot 'is
artel u.s
i " T
.- -i1
: -it
a :;.'T
-.ki:i :..
i vi .i;
.-111 1IT
. r. iij;
4.'s,. 1
H I. . ills
T IT'. l
Ihe Inslltiitlnii from tiecrh'ber .i last to
.Tn mi i r y " This was the llrst time an
iiispi'.-ior had temalned more than two
davs 'at the Ui-itlliiHon, Or. Hernsteln
j said.
Mr llolihkls-i broiiEht cut the fact
I that the liistniitlon wis highly com
lllelldi d b.v Hubert Hi tib-rd, M-. H l.n y of '
tin- siaie Ito.inl In inn ami I'll In,
letters to Adolph I.vwlsohii. presldei.t of
1 the boaid ol' matiligersi. 'an. I Hint In 1 f I ". '
it also I. ivi-d lop rating The last
lepoil gives Hi, aitm'tilitratlnn n' Hie
institution srcoml rale. Mr. HeriistHn,
.who has bi't-ii siip'rlnti tidetit f-T twelve i
.vents ailinitti-it iniiie of Cl-' trivia
' cliargi-s mi h as sptug pllke', by in,'ii
lend l'l s. Who i-r s.i- 1. Wit-' i-i'lige
graduates, leu iAplaini'd 'n .iMs-a.r P,
other st it, -hi. -Hi- 111 Hie tep'il-t "ll Hint.'
.it. than 2" i-h.ldieii wen- III v. 'h gr.p at .
t. '.ne tittll of the llispi'i lint I
' The I'Millllll'l Wll gn on nt lo
Vint k lo-iliu at Hit- Hir .ss,H-lat,,ti
4 t I.
thul j
quit, it !.ii.
1 .i I
re lit
limn '
hi in t i
l.ou - t r
1) i:tii
Thr "
KlfKi I
l't . r .
VT 1
crm i-' -i
I TPf i
r. i- t
Ulc )i.i-
to h,
23 " I
h t
li- i
' . Do I I 01 1
m I'm ii it,
I mi ).r. ii.h m ,
.iiiwil Mr, M
4 i, i I 'iior
ork: i't.
I'M'rtpi. It
.iiin-Hl S U
!trnMil nf tli Hoi nk f
V I.i. ' tM m inC i rlTic:
tin rt- ! . t J ''ii . i )r ii
.i . t ri .ti.A huuimi in
' i 'i .-4". iirluci. nt -
I. (''. Kill r 4PHit 1T
M.'Mlll. fllllltl l-4l'ltlK 111
,.Mn, i.i rntn' ni i -.irittv
. I I" p.
r i cut ,
.it- liI'M ,
P J.l't
I-i I. Ill t,
BI'TTJ'-II Msrkri i-nnili'ir.i m .ctimi
veiler 1 . tn. I for lh flr-i f-.iir -!.,. nf
ll week Hie prl. e , ir. up t',,,,
sel liliili-e nf lesti-rdni wis lB. Tl
insk.s H," hlgtn-r s-"ilng I utter r-.,. frm
l'''l lun-l -siiip .i.titliiu.s to l. IIkIm
i ilMd h.v n fulling off or tin. make ii.
f as ieli- in tratisjiorl.il Ion Th.-re
wii a 1U.I--I m nil M nf fre.ji ,t-i. I; for
I'M" put pose., whl. h bus l.eea feilu-e
nf lh lll.irki .Mi .k Tills for. e.t Ihe
lie. nf slnnge Mi.. l, Til- il lllo wss
tniersl mid Ihe in.irkel t nse, .U.I v
slrnng 1'rl'ns. I'reuiti. r, rtr.l, '-;' 'iiiu
Is u5P . high, r scoring, ,11 la li 3.-.,. ,
nres, ;u -1'i.i.ji' , -eiiiids. ;i;i .-si mi.
a tn! faint , ., i.i. prline to ,1ml, ,'.
SSlllc heil ,-ri VVljll.'-i, . IiUher
e ."ei inti,, .''il.-'-.s,-' p.
.-. :r ,,. ., ,,,-v, "iui... iin.-t.
gnoil on ne, j ., i, remit ie-.
Vr's :'l ' . . lost-. .' ., ..'.ij, .
gni.pa .n .... nn- . i .,n i re. i rum j , tlr.t..
''A' "'' I'luu nnilo, nrts
1 " ,' VOsjC. pllkltlC Slllik.
.In miike Hi,. : n. i ;'e . , urr.-nt ii, ,ke
" " .. I 1r "in- : lnti, r
I . .... - .1.- ... .i - . .... ....l.l;ut,. . ..
Tmnl Nel III I'asl I'm' sll,.tlin,ii I.. ; t,. ,),,. ,1.4 1 1 x p. have tried lo uunte
in I il. il sales As ling .M
ilulU ailt-llnn nl ll'.e 1111111-
rhe N.v.i'l.i I'niis.iii.i iteii I iiy"t , in.i,.. nerv da), but for
I'oiupaiiy upoits for tin n i.uier iii lnl ,.,,, , ,v monilis lb,, ns-.-lvirs lu.v-li.c.-iiili.
r 31, r.'ll. in-i in lugs of .-'.- t,ltl,. ' ,,., ,,, i.e old w.iv ..f i -llii.tr to
TJl'.l'.'i.. is .oitipaii-d with 1 1 .','.'n,0': I " lw, j t , jl,l..is ,-n arrival, to b.- pa.d
Ihe coi-rcspoudliig uu-irti-r ,n I'.'ll. vvihjf ,,. ,,,,,.,..,1 , i, ti- past
.1 balance after dividends of l.TJ'.i. I. 1 f,
w w.'eks .'i ctv i'i s, as nn linlu -.-uo-ut
against vi.v::,, The surplus for ""' , fr iupjM-s. have nv.-n-.-il with Hi.- ship.
ipiaiter l.s H.r.ll.r.l i, as .-ompareii wnn , . 4 ,,.,.i!f a .m:, and in
The report for tin- ar for the com
p.inv. .is coniplli-il fioiii the four ipi.-.r-terlv
lepnits, shows int earnings of f'"-.-Il'.'-J.'.
I.'i, a- computed wllh '.'.Jnn.eSI.
wllh a lulatii-e after dlv lileinls of 5 1.
H"i.ii". against i ib licit of ?:ili,3;s In
1 ;i 1 1 . Tin- stiiplus lor tin viar Is .".
r.r.s.'illl . as compared with h di-ll'-it of
J 7 7 "IT a vcar ago. The ii.-t tainirgs
of i;.;:'.i'i.iii-, vvre e-iii.il to '.'.i p- r
sbati- allei didii. Img di pi et latioii on
Si. titoi- plant, against $" si; p, t sui,.
1 ii I'.'ll
l'l ti'
lllplt I-Kiilin
I ii.i r
: i
ill..- lu lu
M ml, i'' ,i,
s, h I,
i iitnlti.
grades 17
lll.lllil Hid
"1 rjuct.i t ic.i,
linn Hint
s lee nf .
hi nun
'Upplies M
ei . se
I lA
I.i f.
: V'ii.
I M ,
f '
' lilllple for de-
no niii.rl.il ch nun
nf go. 1 1 stnt k are
el! lilioVc a linrill'll
There , re u f, w
- it ,0i ., idt mi-li g
Vl.irkU i lose I llrui
in. k. ll- ' I .m i i,.,
" K . u u, , ,.r
IT' .. I'J,. SI ,'e
I'- 'i , tier, in
1 1 1 1 1, . :
Is, nil-Ill t tt Ills
'. I Ml I V ', .
skims, h. .i , . i ,
.tlie .... . ,-. ,, , ,,,
l ir in j ..,. i .- i,.
Hie -I
V n-llig ll.ei . , ' ,,
ni,r,.s s'lpp ie- ..i.. .inn.,,,) (r ii,,.
tlChl ex eedi- I . f ,,,. ,,.,
Ihe s,ini. riit. I,. ;., ii,,,, ,Hn, .-r,h
tin k I. . ..nous fi-.-i,, .,. f,,r ,s,ir h
northern 'Mil I p, i ,. ,
fresh stm k fr I s , .
"".I,", ,,r' " I"'" ' '"Ulilll' lie ll th Hill
until i'n. i'l(r., , i t V, nl, Th-r. n i.
II il.. 111. ,.f ., te.le, ,. , in.klnt- t.,..
fie.h llil.le ., k null .' (r-.tll tlr.t ll.ili ls
nil s 11 in it lot, -I i. . I,.,. e,,,l r"l.l-, ..,n.
''Ilieiiln .,,.,. ,, ,, , uinul.m,,,, -i-,
in- iiue.tl.u, I,. "Hi,..' ,KB. rem l,i... il,,
..illnin" I'ri.e- l-'i , -h ii ' here I evlr.i.
line :-i.i.'T. ev r- IP. i. ;' I. .,.-
llrst-, .;.;.l. -e. ..,. .1 . ,,r,..
"Hi- le'-le-iii., i.i' It,, ',, , f.,1,. ,
i i - n. l.neit. ttliltes. lino l..
I.rrntiis :Ji.'i j mined
l ntnrs '-'In I.
1 Inillge rl' lei
Hull. Sllp.'.i.s
lllthutlgll 'tie
rnii.leTs ite-e
i llHIIge In r I-
nils nut .in h
In. risen, i i,
"till Ull-pri-iiiliiin
I i.-e-l s(o
ei-rlins full '
Wesierii, lr
I'' ll 1.1 It V I here tins .
Hi prl, . s nr genenl , .,,,,
f eie 'iu.il I.. i, h di'tnun I
I e 111'. f PI e ,m V , i
1"ll lln re u.i. I,,,
'l'l I'llni; lu f i.xen i.iiiittrt
(Ills j h lust ttiel, ,t.
0 i .il'liifitl. h.it e
i I- I'i ires loiuparn fa viruliii-
I'lun tt I'll (III nt i ilstitli.il
l..r ..piled slink. Vl.irkel
t I'r,. s Tiirket-i. VV'estrrtl.
1 ... j'-.. ,s ire.h.
pi. ked, I. ied. ilu His ,iii'
VV'r.n ril si h, e, lurge
1 lili'kens, rtii t, .1 mid 4 Hi. n tislr. 40.,
4"e West-I u. -iil'k (i I -, ,,m ,; '(,.
He, drv i- ke I. , ..-n tel. 1 ii, r, - ,
litis illlT- nil i i,.r 'ILjUlli Suu.ilis
In I" I i .l.oen. i, -,i,, -,
li- 1'- T-- I'"ii-n mrki i -
l'l' k '"I, seLileil. tillg hen-.
mil. '.'Vi , ex h', di t pi. kt 'I
.-. .1 ;r,i , N-n ;u .-p., ,,i.i
'I mum, -.-:ii : i.r..lerh milk
iniv, i s i-i ii.,- I.. i.im,
'. .hi kens, J t.i linv
n. 'lis I ., ..i.eii 21 u .
' IV li. iui. I nti-i
' " 'i'i lis lu dneri. l.
'i' ill di. mid nn r, 'li
15 t i hn, i 0 Hi., iirnl nier,
. 4-i , 'h, Ml,',(l1c,i
nl.I rnnstors, lliilli.r. .
mid in Western, ISff
i --'I r.lui J Hi,
prime, tin"
'U ''.. V
VVii4rti-rn dr.
' Te , viuii.g
nverace lie.l,
lone 2Hi -i
fev ran. t 1 :
to enr fed
snfl meme.l, at
l.s I
"e ( rnrn fe I.
"He . lift I? he
fi-iwlB, Western. '
drv plrkeil, li
T4: lbs lie
chirks, l.niig I.
Jc gee e e,
llalikriiptl relillitii..
K'HIN Two p '
1 1 1 1 e l.een tl
.p.llig Imslll- -s f s II
i i r, I I' irusn! i '..-
V '1 e . . ,, l el. 1.1 M i
l'l .It inl 1 1"! I'll I , P
IllsT: llnl.-rl I I-
Int. Ii I .l...e.!i I' s.
iin I Hi- riii'H'l Age-i- t .
sn -is-ici.inelit on I'elu.Sir
es. If, nun, nssrts lliinnn .Inlk"
II in I ...i..lnl-d I'h.irlie II Itroi e
i l, r. l'l 11 .1 e nf llgnti l-'eilli', 1,
slgi,. e. i, briulier lli-l.itv nf Ktilin
.sVVISS rllVI.KT M'lli'l VI.I.-TS. INf
A lie 1 1 1 1 tl 111 liatlkrilpli V Illis lie, lile-l
In lleriiitui I'. Silieiliuc. - re. Ill ir fnr
SVMri-ll, IIASKKI.I.. ssle.nmn nf :..
M.-1 li.lll.slde H' . fiirineltt lle.isuii'-- uf
the 1'nlr .iiul l',iriilvhl 4'endlug i Vitiii.im
. nf IIJ l'lltll iitcll'lt. has tiled ii peli
ii hi Iii Ui i si riipi ' t . u it ii leililml, it..
Tie .lid tin us-e-i. ftl-it I tenty .i,i, -s
,,f st.., It nf Ihe uip4li if li- v line
I'llASU- I'l.AI II VI"S SUN', n iMitiieesh i
.mil I nf l-lt-ii-'l f l'l in. 1. 1 -i
Aithur V l.o'iue, iiiiinut.ti Hirers i.f line
.-isllm-e. ,t III V "-1 I'-.iilie'h s-.e ,
list, fin ,1 a p"tltliui in lii.l.kruoli l . ui
I'l 111,- I.'. .I'll Pile I- l-lli-'s. Ill- He'll
est.ilillshe.l Inrtv sl oil,
.1. VV I'l.AIIKi: -V '' A pelllluli In l-.iuk
rilt-l l ll-ls lie.11 'ileil iiititln.l VV IlilH III .1
i-lurke in, I II'-iim K UP lie I ,1'liig
l.u.lin ss a. .1 VV t'l.irk' A '!.. ftiNiiiuie
lle.ile-s ll I'lTj Third .ltell-ie. lit iMtld
I ,.l. he'll !-'-. IPlgelie sjn,.,,,,, .j v, , .
than Vil'iu.ili. I.--3. mid llivld KhiiI hi,
l'l l.lill.ill'les IT.'inn, .issels .-nil
Al.lllllll' II W'll V HIP iVV , p.u-irer im.l de
i r.ilni lv;l W .isliiioiii-li ..tciiiie, his
11" I i ei'tl"i in hut kl'iiP ' 'l-il-l ,'les
I. ..113. nn Is
Huiikrupti s,, heilul...,
I.STKC'ii'llVN TIlVSSI-iillT.VTIii.N i nVI.
I'VS ill-' .WIIlp.li'V lc, ..f 41 VV.i.le
h.ll -".. Illi- 'lied h-'lu'-.. ilnit.llic
il.lhiltl - Is; I'oi ,,n, ,,.1 mini! .I..U.
I l.'l'..l .1. uf wllh ll ViT-i '."0 le linlm.
.iKji-s' the lliiiish to v .-1 It mi-li t f-ir toe
s e.iaiship 1. 111). u ml i-liters, h-illllig
in. i.irgue- .i nil ileiniirr ige i h.irges
I It lit r assets lire ,i iitlllts "."I.V1, i, fin I.
ttiriiliurt'. 1 Miu. .-.ih iii hink. I.M,
ca.h mi llillld I.Tii l'r-idlt JlMhniige
tiieniiiersiiip t"Ti. mid i.n p-r 1 1 iii ii
teiest Iti the lie-ill. - site unship I'm. i
tli f I V ll.ue Hit t li- tt u
I'l-I.l.l'llt'ls K.sl'lllls'S I'nMI'VNV ill- Ull
I'll.irlt.lll Street l.. Ulell -I hi dUll's. SllOM ,
lug I lit i.j i ii t. i;i,.;:t. hh. i vi', I
1.3;, tult.lslilig nf il .li-ini lot'ile- -,
dun, Inir.is in. I Irilik-. Sli 111, ii. '
iint si, ) i villi, .in. i , .i, in i. ink. It !
lln.. Atnutig the itntiiinrs ,me ,tt I
lllo.. Hi-inn. tn l. ii iliiu. .mil VVuiiii-er
.V '" . II nun hoi h . in ...
-MAN VV MIS'TII Vfll ;. , t I
lures ,i' til.'i I,,,, i, -ii IPoilet ii- I
llr.i i. .11-1 SI V.iitkif. Ill- 111.' I s. lie I
ll'. S -lllltt'.lg ll.llu'l'l.s SS .in ,.
iet Il.l ii-i. inu ii' . ... k. Ill 'in.
liv ' 'It "s. 1 1 I mo iiinl .'III t ,'. ot Stl i I, lllo
IpiHIlllT iil'IlllM'II.VI.Illl of :tf, We. I
MleV fn'irl'i .feet tl 1 1 i Iin. sl.ite. it
llllfie rr'-elr. Vlnh, nl. Anil Tsui, 1 11
f.ir tunnell s ilipill'e' hi. tile I si Ill-'lUic-Sllnttllig
I ILL II"- ll'.'I'iii , ., ., .
I lllssl lllg nf iinl,., 111. son Hints,
HO-. Ill'l Sim k Hit. I llxlure-. villi" lilt-
kti'itt ii
CIIIS-.'IIST I'ltlls-s- c.iVII-VSV. INl', .,f
10 West TttenlN .e. ,in . i ,, h,,- ip, .)
e. ll" l'l'- ,,,,1. tig 11 I li.lll le- l.'l.r.O .ii,.
ill 'tin ll.s- 1- llins, i.isll l.'ilu., In, ii,
gun.' s suit,
llrri'licrs Appiiinteil,
(.VMI'III. Illlll'l.l'.ll 1 u.i i-..
p.illlle I I t"li rl k VV Sit '. in
snnl Itiiili'i. lining iii.i,iis
lnilllkeesi, l,s mid I lie. it
I 'ulllli.lliv , s'l'l he Tti.it ...nl'ii i
lot til.' t V il.lt' 1,1 limit" s ,
11 lid Hsti Is II .'.oil
iv i .n- i - p inins' a
.linlk'i- Hinl ha. iiip.i'iit,-. llr rii t. .i
Itiitiiitll "f V." " 1 1 I Vt k i ' 1 1 illilll leiiipnt
fur t lie pr ipl lit III lis ifi nf I
Il.l 111 - Mini g .V i t , I V tt Irrsii-, , m t i
inn. in 1 r. r iii pi ..in . in. i trim - u
In.'t tori M irriiv slreni ,hl- ll, ind ".',
1nlilgnllter street, ,li-ie I'llj In, ml
Id. mm, AVisete here me 111, Olio
MAfD.VNKKY CO. INC. iiinll order
husltiesi. ISO Kei-onil avenue. Im. Mis,l,t
mi asslenttifiit u llernhartl lilnzliurg.
i'lsl.l' i one !. 'Is've tlie lll.llltel
i ., it,,t. ill, in a ii premium When the
! i,iil.llli,-r. of the daily plies learned of !
tl .-s. i olidilloiis this week the) tefUscd'
Iii ( il - pines Ins'aiise th'-v could li"l
,1 'nun a. Dial sales, and If they do I
not do tu.r the) v.ol.ile Ihe I ivv.
V I mi, In-i ' lli'i l.ilg Ivi-rs tried
)esterda), on tin sticiislh "f the sale of
a i a - or two. In est ibllsh i limitation
The publishc s ilioug'U ih-it Ibis was n
ttnk. a iti'iit '"Ilk of 111" t-lis-k
had been sold ..I a premium above the
-IU.1atli.il. In in" ll"') icfu-ed to llllllli'
pri. ci
Tin- re. eli.ts this week VV lit t-e lDi
.all a Is. valued a' ' I I" "l,n. I ' Hrl
i. Tin. t . hi 1 t v wi.l cost the cm.
.sun- - ' . '
.old .ii- have ill sc un
lit, p.tti'-i v in ,tli ll"'' 1 f"' .
-., ."i V- 'I- 'u v' ll and I
s -ill
I'-ii i Uts.'ssi . : -. ." . ii.;.i.
i is. . - ;i;
f."! ... .... 4.T-4I : l.slJioT
The iiiormoiis onl.-is Is.ukeil
,'.irpor"it.ot''s stih-ldiarii-s siitc
aiv 1 f.i iti cv.-ss- of cttiiac ;
title tho l the tniillliil loin, i.'i- I
t ir greiti- tluiti -it ativ pti't'nii-
the lit-iorv of the .-orp ira. on. I! vi 11
be utillsti.il'v dilfn-ult to make ,m cs.
male of the l-iiii lit unlllled lonnagr 'his
ni.itii i, liovvver i inly nlf,.-ii ic-ii-ns
, in I-i- l-'llid ilpntl lo g'V' '- !! .ip
plilVllllle cs"lrfltl- of It'- I I. tigs
MORSE SUED FOR $1,153,000.
Mel iirlh I iii-luilcil In t I lint l
Hudson Co. sstm-U lilit-r
'Ihe f .ft tli..l I'liarles VV Morse, as
. -T If.
.-...n: .-
I. Ih,
dllV is
lime It- i oif trm
Nevi I iilerboroim h sprilre.
The I'i, 1-1 .- Scrv .-e l- nlsislnri ti.
i-rdat de. 1 ml a ikiii the ij-ir,,--
b it'o rVli-liS.ul, frol'.l .l.li-l-eoli -Vi U,
llunler'.s I'olit Hvenui- lo b- --.It to
operation aiut atithoe , ,l ih,- Itttirlsir
ouch lo begin nperalioiis M.-r-- next
Tllisiliil Th,. oper-ltho t'is pa'-t.'-ular
exte.is oti win cti., ,!,. i-niii'i'rrs
Using th, l.iig l.sliuiii l:,ii '..,i I t., g, -
It Milliter's I'ltltl' ,lV.",'e .i. ;
f i oin tip
wa) tl ii I-
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Illet l!!ter
i i-i iiin
. nti-l
(-e. .lent of tin lliplsoii Navigation
''tir,itiv, eld 1'cti"- Mis -.ut i-j , , ,i-.i-i-i-.
I, a e P.- i sn.. 1 foe S1.ri-;oiiu n,
int, lirinih' l-t ilsl.ive I.eU-f,
tt tcti shut, s i! 'h,. t'Oiupai'V s
iKi.lllle kl.oWli v.sl.rdav tlilolis'.
illoiis mail.. 1.. foi e Supis-ii,- I'm,
Ivai'M in Hr-sik'vn I., u-tt i
,1 Jipl'.tliei.l, ami tiitlll.el foi
Hekd Hial a d.-uuit ivi be sas
llec'Silltl Was l.'sel-V.'d.
. I H
ll i
II t
-.Tl vi
.lit l
I. est 11-sjn.lf
I x I
. II-
I'M - I
till) ll g o
sVpntt i.'
I e
III). ill- si
1 1. nun
Profits of .-.,r.1i-. l-r. In Place nf
isiiin.ini: llcll.-ll.
Tli- i. p.o! -if tin- Atlantic Itelli. g
i'oiiiImiiv for the viar ended I mills
111 11. shows to'al piollLs of $,.:'-I-:':..
agaiOM a ib ll.lt "f :' I -1"- u 1"U
.mil ii surplus of J l.r.'-.-u, as coinpa-i d
with a ibtl'H of l..ll.l'.' In ll p c
xloiis vi.ii. The piolll and l"es uipu
I.n tin-v-ai amounted lo f.'".. "IT. 'i.i I'
wis .'","" i.M" at the end of tin p -
iots xi.ir
In a stalenieiil to siocklio-ip-r .1 W
Van liyke. pn -nb-iii of :l mi i
s-ial --.-shol li lifter the lUllhle.lIt of 'n
lllltiipeill w.ll )i'll IP HI In g I' '
oxp". li ip c i-mliaii-:issti..t.i in ih. -.' iii
of lt. business b) i-.-iMin of the p 1 1 a
ng scan It) -if vcs.stl-. i.sp.i al'v -a' k
s'--llllsll'S. TliN colnlllloll lll'erfel-. d
both with Ih" supply of . ruil. '-. i i
In. .ll.iio. il of lil.llllll'-ictllreil proline's
" s llins- dllll' llltlesi pave tin lea I
with the pi -s-ige of Hum .voiir dii-c-lors
ileclilcd some months elm th.it d was
lli'l ess.it y to have ollp' ships lltii r oil)
mvii coh-nl. and nccoi-ilinglv ni-g -'l m il
con riots Im vessels. Hie llrst of vvli'' ll
wll be In i oiniiiiss on luifore tin- enil of
tip' illl'C'l .vac I l IIICIII or lliese is
pint .di il lor b) lln leseive fund Indi
i il.-il a- Ihe M-iiind Hem of assets, as
ah-. v.-'
I.ahis uf si'.', I1III, I us In. lend nt
IUI I llellcll of s l,ll,-,'J, I ir..
Tin- I. . n l.. iw. inii. i St.-. I
nnris for the .veil- iiiib"!
l'.i ITi. a surplus available for dividends
of "l'. Iii'i, ls. as iiuiii.i 1 1 il wllh a dill it
of i.i;: 'j.l l.. In I'.ill. Thu suiphis for
IIiKi wa. iMU.il lo i;.'.i;i per cent eat nod
on Ibt olltsl-llnllliK coiniipili slot-It
The prnllls of lln company In the
f i m l lit iii:ii'li i- of the ji'.ir, atlei- -ill tlc-
1 1 lift Inn:-, vvcii- 1 1 .T'.'-'i, i '.'--. which was at
the i.ite of -J n Ml per cut. per annum
on iin- I., in-., inn common moi it mil
ht.iliilllig ilmss sales ainoiinleil lo ?JT.-
T'.iJ,!'.'!.'', us i-i Mii i.i i iii wllh tl'!. -si. "'I'1
In I'.'l I. with mt ".linings of "'.'.'77. 1 1"
against $l,.'il,:i:s.
Tin- surplus nfier Interest aim ictital
th. 1 1 U".-. was J .'.il 1 1,7 l'.i. as i-'impan I
with a ilcllul of Kit.".siis In 11UI, while
Ih" siiiphis tor the )c.!- wan $.' IUI) lux.
.igalnsi a hu-s of f l.i: "ij, 1 a )i.ir ,ig i
This, ailili-d In the pit vious siii-plus, gave
lln- i tiiiiiiany a total pmllt and ...s sin
pliis of $ ", I :i. ." as comp.iicd will
i:.,;7iM'.T In ll'l I.
Iliii1.il- I iiliilc iillniuill liiillit,
I'elii -I .M.llolie) , rllock llM-ll.inge 11 mi
III! Ilihel- of I 'llllet II. It'll II I'll, W i
l in "I lei linn all) guilt) yi-Hii-ril.i) by tin
govi ruin - of lln- i . hatige of doing bin .
in is Willi a bin lti t shop As ll was evi
dent that ll ricnce vviih mil liileiitloii.il
and lis Hut Mini hud lu.iilo every possiliic
rcp.irallon for tho olTeiico thn usual pen-
ally or uspetiHlon w.ut nut onlcied by
an ic
tiw lie
si" K
I" tl,
.1 l-d. i
tli II .1.
Mo' se
an-", I
lylsett allegi s ti nt Moise anil M.
I'a'lb) caiirs-id a lsirid lssp.- of 5t.i.nti. '
' . Isi tloatcd Pi r.'iiil and t''"7, and thin '
. les.-nt l.f fl.'MUl In tl'W St. nk WIS
d.- to -vcrv puii'iiaser .u i.iuiu wmt'i i
t bolide He s.i that Mo se s-'cuti'd '
I 'n slnwii of tre.lMIt) slink, an I Mi'.'
i-i T.Mm shatis. wiihoul i.i)lng Hie
. iiip.it for th" slnitcs. 'fie icin t, of
'llk s,i, ;,ni .ni a,-". miiting nn the
Is and stock issi.e ,ite ib-m.iniled. 'I li" 1
llliou-tl sued tor 1 i'p esi nl k the e.i.
ii i'ciI ixss "f t'e .otiipativ through 'h
l'!i gel tltiotis .if Morse lilil.M-
I i- Kli. v :
S V ! I i n II".
Tl! VNSI'KII uf tax
1 .1 1" - . I- 1.
Ill 'X If it, li .' it
ll'-1 1 .. I-. ...I.
Tl! 111: . f
i. k . . I st - I
TltASsr-! ' l -
i.lk - i
m line
-.TTII s I tt
Everybody Likes
This Low-cost Trip
The cnt of n spa trip to the South
ii small i'(iiiipnrcil veith other routes
of travel. All expenses of tran
portation, meals ami stateroom licrth
arc inrliiiled in the fare.
New York to Florida
(To JicViooTillc, direct without cbingt)
ei ) 1 1 1 1 jr nt Cli.-irlestnn, S. C
C'onni'etions for Carolina
sind I'loridn liesnrts as well
as other Southern points.
Exclusive "One Class"
Cabin Service
CllllnHllll"rii esrseif t lie highest
staudtrd i-reicMeii, e l.ucc mstih!
hslls. comfnrt.-ilile l.illllges pfo-i'l-s
wllh the lutc-t in.igiitie.. siute
rcsittis arc tictutifiilly furniihed,
Clyde Steamship Company
I er reervicms and lileratu-e cri at
290 and 958 Broadway New York
er A lilre.s
ARTlim W I'VI I'.ii.enger Traffic Uner
l'ier . Snrlh liner. New orl,
ItATAItll I. I'W'K .Vltisfl,
: I.Pisr-y M es- it ,
hntlsri, .Vw Vork cot
Tho following 1. a -llagri-
orly to h Hill, 111 s'trst v
llenn Slroft.
flnri (
: i "i
e'i o'
"f t'is ft,.
.-'l Is It
tV -ll I HI
I' i A
.11 Vlril. 1-1.
sn. I.tn
Slept" ll-
Hit. I.' n:
HI gi nil
IK . t ill
,1 - P.
d i-
,-1 I
-V ll.ii
i.ts K ,,
I -t- h
I.. Mp- Ilsv
-K'l" 'iir inn
. s K 'ice ..it
4lii 1
i: -p- -k.
inn vv tn
ltd lift'.;"
( tiers a splendid opportunity for a short midwinter vacation
im iii c iiiip in i in- si vv voiii, i,
"a 1 1
II.VII' l.v j. I. si
VV .
Mllllll s V I HII--S. M VV V4IIIK In III 11
I'lllM 4 11111111 1 Ni.rl.dl. nnil Illi him, nit. .i.
I M. divs nlnu 'i ' i v ii . .iti. mi ami a. hore
NI.VV ,lt;lCs'.V Vll.inllr tltj.
M'.tv -ii;ki:v Mianiic ni.
sss mile
all -inner
i '
Other Trips $15 to $24.50
rry wiik iUv at i M from -
J. !,
Krnn n,
Taw. At
Ma. Hair. tr! "
Th IhnrAtlmiila ry- t . ...
ehafK'. to te.tlfy wti
fflbfii property ti r t-i ia n,(.
on theuiiii(l l huril'i nr 'l'",
J 1 IP1) ti:i. 3U11) 1" .ri fS
' ttnfon frotn th ?otti i.v r-i-
l$t torthr wllh tli - nttj .,ti j ,t t
mountliK f Thf Ii ir tr-! i f . r
four 1 I-I no 11314 11 i n - ftM
from January 1 1, 151', t c-th' 'ttt
fnpr'np1' of th- ml i M dV- ?iv,-
amount of th tnx, eti i, - ,n Vt
' rule ft, or otliT lln u li (1 nr i
. loM to th pur har i of -h ; tii
mor.ev, or pull y th" Hfiri v t, -!
rtrd nn-1 Plxty-flve jMj l t
li a lnltret
Dat1. Nw Torlt, .Tunimrv V'i tn
CIIAItr-KS t ItfiSOHt pf'.'.,
MJritHMlI C'OtltT. fU l V i m;w
I tlir, H K P M 1 llfl , if) 111 i. V r
mi.J othft. pfffciLuitt -fit .
I In puff-nan ' of jil(?n.rt
' ClOIUIf UUil Krt.t. dtll. IM rtl . "1 -
tt. O0f 'flittt. I t'"'. .tl i ! it ,
th Mh Why of Jdniftiy, i- , .
1 nni.i,rii(;ni1, th n'ferf iii 1 ! , .s"--,
I iiMine'1, nil ft-ii ftl liub.l , '. -f.
I KxrhatiK S.iinrnom, Nun :
t Mrt, Hi th Hori.i:h "f Mr.iV
I f New VorK, on the - t lay f I
' 1I-H, Ht 13 o -oi k ti id ni, t'n' i
i Hi;iun;nT a mikuman. . t.
, fir(mlr illrrt'il ty m i 1 i :l , t
. uiil, Hi..i ih-rr-lii il- rU. w
I A t.l that Ttnln .nt. i i . 4 r
I Iriiu! ltuut- lu th V. ci. h M . t
1 HurouKh of Mnnl-iittf.il .. T
Hl.'l hOlllt 11 Mi,! tl"' r:'i i t f- t
' Hi:fitSMN. t i pflii on l
' Kit Su. Ui M:r-t. deia ) f i
tt i-outhwnr-lly from ir
toriir of SuMhuii m-l prlll: t-.-, k
I rumitmc th'ii afiw i mt pi .
I Alth prlMK Mrft r.H( t t! . r-.i
I iiil!lin ir I y trl pn- t w .
I MMM fA l.ty tU f" Th' '
iiml i".r.-.l with -pnnc r i
in th Mvr -f - i
tii l thii i.nrthwm i i i.i; in
trrnt Ht fft ta ih pt'lrt t
t'oKt-thT with th ppurtin' 1
th- riKhf miiJ ltirt of ' w ,
th' ti-t- n of !n .Iti-I 'i M "i
s'Ut'J?t i h 'f tit I ll
ur fif M. l MIllM. rt I
n.jil iv 1 r iii' - l-t a
l01, I,M In pn-- i ' tt
CUiTllff i,,m.-h I!i t ' ii) i
IMfMl 111 ptl'
Iht.'-1 N " JiiniHtv ' I
Uoitim for 1'l.tlntiff. 4-j -N
Th fo'Mn!nc ' m ilUcfjti. ' r .
rty tn t; mM, !m Mr't .n '
SutiUhn ret
sprtntf Mr'
L " " h '
TS 0
j Th npproxhuV "mo
cittf-i proprty I t' t
n h l!irst thri'i.
, lK. t-nj;tltT lttl
iiioiintinu t $3:'7 ;-T,
.1 it ii ir I ttti. li". 'oe"
jilltv of t h . '
, iiiount of th ffc
rHtn, or o:h-T l f
lo rt il tot h pn' h
li ''ti'. or pAl 1 h 1
' bwi i ri
Itf1. Nt VM;, Tut
ALRN Nll'l ' '
Ml 11 T'i '
U ejrf.-ln- fHoiV1.(r-.1 -
t iliriur. , 1 l a
J' 4
I'1 NVtt T .-'I t'S
W.r. WlM.li 'r
I 'oinp.inv
I Iccellllier
;nid Hie most olistlti.,1,. croiicli I'oa'ollin s n Winter re-orf Mlnnll.'
(In I. ill Unlit inl. ti ti, us ri il cure Tor ilic l-ltics . tiiiriit,illiil I'onii
iitld revive vnur spirits stretiuilicn vonr mrvt-s nnil re-iln .voiir s!oi"l tcinitr
.tl tills Kcninl rcsorl on Hie shines of iin hlin- Ml.unie
Just the place for a Drlightl'til l.iiwoln'n lllrthdati Week-end
tiii; it'.viiivi. inn m tin: tivitisurrv
And Mill fiirnl-li full liirnrni-iiloii r.iii. etc .on aiiillcailon
. Holt-Is nrc -ill iiierl--.in I'lui mil.-s. otherttis,-notil i
i in lite i ice in Kroni
Vimrti-'in tut Hnmpi-nn
Jos ihWhlle. SonsC'iiiiip.niy
Motel Strand
I in ihe i i.-eii Front
)' II. nit mt. I
II I IMti.irdi
Th Wiltihire
1'inll.ll Near Ihe rteach
fsHiinn I hllis
ViUnilc I'llv ii
'riuoiuh Vi-slllilllc
Hotri Drnnii
1)11 Hie I
IV .ill I
'.III P'-oIll
Tlie Slirlhurne
I III Hie I li -n
r.ti-"i nn
J. W.ll,. I
- I loin
l'l Hi
Hotel Si. Clmrlrs
4 lit lln- I ii-i-.ui IVonl
Si ttlili II. line, l o
onlv llins- lioiiis iiih rrinn
I Ir.iliis vi.i i ciiH.il II It or N
Hotel Chrltea
(111 t lie I lectin l-Tiinl
.1 ll. 'I hi,iiie.nn ., I o.
Cilen Hall
lintel .hi. Sanatorium
I' I. ViiuiiK. Mirr
.SeatiHe Houte
(in the iii-cin rrnnt
I' I'. i'isiU'i Sons
The Holmlnirst
Olllml Ne.if Ihe tlc.-i.
Iletirv I Ml licit
Vew Vork I'll
.1 or I'l lni i It li
American Line
Under the American Flag
N. Y. Liverpool, 1'u-r 62, i. K. .Noon
it. i'ulton St.
l I'.ml
I Hi. Ill I Inhiml
I eh. -.1 l
White Star Line
N. Y. I.impnol. Pier CO, N. II.
V.lll.llli', I'i li. Ill 11 1 -11111.111.1 I el. . i,!l I'.VI,
III 1 in Ste liner V ' ' R
Azores Gibraltar Naples (irnna
Crrllc I rh. III. 1(1 A. M, I nnnpli' I t h, -''I
(II I 1(1. i ll II VV V V , N. V. I el, IKltlll llei let.
' If I t II, S t
a' "II I M Musi.
Neil I on. I. .n (Si.rtilihl l.lne, strs v
I. n il is(,,ii .sit tifik ,t..
tl. U ..I
" I' M
im r .vi
llilteli I llie
! r :n. i:. n.,
M i- "I
llrlilEt'iinrl l.lne,
'ti le
"ll .111)'
I 'nl
l'ier :i, i: it .
1 enl. . Oa I'.
e- . . 1.1 - M
el. i1ms nn'y, ir. Iv
.v m , iier ;o, rt. i:
W T m T am W nir. i i iii ii- nr. ri.i..N-n.'.
RstnMls.1 nn
"t anii'rotiia.Moii., I-'Ii, l l, lo A M.
OKDUNA .-SAT. I-KII. t'J, 10 A U.
riita.M.v . ,si ri.ii ."U, m A m.
C.Vl.ll--HllM,V .s.vl- MVII I. ,0 A .VI
lln Monte tn (llnncnw
Tbrouch toi-kliii-e to n.i iirlialpal parti !
the itorlii
coMi-ANV.s ornci:, si.
in.iiin stti:u(hii, i,n.
V'sk i1h Hnd c'llliilit. ni a l M fr.n,
I'ltr .. .N. II. foot West Houston dt,
'i'hone, fprlnir U4U1.
II MUte St.. y. T,
I'ltni'iosvl.-I inn TV
s 1 rt,., 1.1 Ii .
-4pi(es Mi. -el f.ppe'. i'r
I'lps Sheet l,rt. I. ..tip S I
lll.l. kstlll'l I' lln li
Hnd Villi ' 'utter-. Ilini.. -. 1
HUnki. (tri'i-i --.u
Hrn-.-'is, 1. 1. in. r.. 1 1 k ll .
rlp-'Kis. ntll'hei Tin - su i
lints .., llt.i . It. Kt
M-inlU Iinl". T'ne VV
h-i !!. le Ic- ll" I.- . .
VI ci. i T.ii.-.. -'.I 1 -Vili
'i l i VV hi-. I.. .
iirf ie e ,,tl . Ye '..tt . - '
l.miih- i se.il, , j,r , - ,
At tl.n I'thre nf th. i,, .
Ode r, Tli" 1'.lii..'il.. '.i. .
c until in an -. . vi
I It 1 1 -ll time tin tt , i
. f -r f uriil.hlni: tli ih '"--i
Ii ink- nt. I i--s"..r il -I-'"- -
I it i ' ! ri u ii r i Si i. tn . .
1 f .i ii "il, nt'l.'. nr 'h' "' - -,
' ii-. li isinc Aitente : i -
' k ! . I-.I I VV hr -.
Sett (If ins, I.i, , , , '
.' IsilS. I'.lt 'S" '-
B i "' (Ifl.-r. I-i t
s e, VV islt ' I,. t l-
I.I I'hl, . le ,
' a lli.s'.in, Vts- ' .'
-,i I. llhl.i. I'lne.i.'i ," '
s Illlls, .t l. i - t'
VV - 'l l-Hil! lf
oil st I". Kt VI .
in. Te i -iniinn - i , i
VI- i I., ti i- r nf ..
,ltnl l 'niniiieti M I'll,
1 CC-, VI I .1-. I
A .suet i I'ur- h i-i i i
0 tipMiti; Hiitiro Ho.4t of mt ii n front In h
jfihliiiiniitile (.li-ii-iM mi ton ;iifu hi-tl nam
lift vwth pii.tn hitin ifu')i aixl
u(ii r filch ' t-i or hi'ntr-t. .1 1 grill.
A Kr-Mii li i iifh (iuf prlv i i'kci. Autui
meet nun JlM..k t npti a yt-tir
ls.s net a iicw,s,ieirttiara of
aer.icc. 4 iiintLtpi .,ibt.riutv
lAneesT rinci-noor utyonT hotil
in Tiir.woiu.n
t'inpnle (Irnernle Trnnsnllitiilliu
riM'.tL M-.IIV II F.
SailinR9 for BORDEAUX
l ull i M .1 VI v
Feb. 12, 3 P. M.
.Feb. 19, 3 P. M.
.Feb. 26, 3 P. M.
Mnr. 4,3 P.M.
i li'S' A I'i I V
III Mule Ml,, .N. V.
I'linne llrii.nl tiillll.
linn islet jiii l-r. n hi, nindlre. l.l..0
til si s I.HiiiiMs, .im,
Ulllll. I Ml ) 11,1 111 i: Sioillllt. , ;4 !,
I " ' I n ml lis. . I,,, , ,
i V I It ell Id i.,ttd,
I 1' '' I- ' 'I' H tviiv .'3.1 j-t
Ml VI.I ll HII's ,
Suaro nt VV.itft s
l it en j .e .mil l-.i.i'-1'Hlk
It'itt, I'enl'e ni
N w V It it i . tin i
day I elu ii i'v .1. li
Im in.t s; vt li h ht l it
1 11" I . ' I lett Illi II'
tit. 1 I he oitl I mil '
I I 1 1 til I i in' lie'
. .te I In tin- I'.tt 'i '
i .i s'r- ..ll'i T V . S'et '
V' Ihe ii Im te ti ' '
, rt t lie ,il. lit j. .
lei- -i .mini; 1 1 1 t
I. He
,inil i
li t ii t 1 1 ... - i
i ut r lu lu t unn iik t
i- '.('IT, Ui-l luf -ut t K. .1
1 " ' i ' t im ii 'it rii in
W M.NKIt Pict.r W It ,VrN
TK.Mllir TH'KKI"! In nn pnrt.
Illtlrl I' .Veent nil 'llie.
Ilnjmnnil . VV hill titnh I'n., -.-.'. Mil ,v N,
Superior location with an I
Unob.stfllf't I'fl view nf It.toehl
and boardwalk . A r-acognized
aiaiiuciiKi oi cxi:oneiC(i.
wwvon-ioriict I hi srtnv ivi l rujutAu 5H9iiim vr.
tlio governors.
Tlir HADING RIS0RI 110 111 Of Tilt WORLD
ATliANTIt; On Yi . J.
jmmH" I"."" i"cOM PAW V
Highland Tlrk Hotel
. IK h.v, s. r.
now tii'HM. AMnmcAS ri.AN.
,Vnt linlel, nil liimlern i-un. i'., .iiines, ilnif,
trtint, pnln, itrllltn; lilnl hursehuL-k, .1 ii
ellnnite ,l,.l. Mt r.KMlt , Mk-r . Alk. n, s. u,
niiininrr VV hlli'I.n e Inn. I.iikn I'liii lil,
lit II. VI A IsUlNUS.
Ideal Tropic Winter Haven
Write for liuuklcU. llulimuat liuvaru
mint Afcut, till fr'ourlh Anuu, .S- Vein
I City.
lillllKil iiml
V . i . u - .1 .i
iii i s rnvi-.iiiiM ii
riiiiiiii itixiiiis.
-Mil .Illi v.. S. '
t-.'l lllreil. VSI s VVs- im;
m,v",.;;,,4 . PORTLAND
lie. Iui I'll I lire. iiiti.. iiniM i!iMiiCiirt.
i:silr IIS s i i VVIsini- UNI,
Mill' VVAMIlll VIAI.n.
H In.t '
1 tut t I
I till..
.1. ii
' I B
i .
elin t r .i i - in nli -t
l II Vl'.l.l - s
' .lulls I '.
I Ocnilllls.iolier nf Ihe 11 .
il' uii.i- i-'i: vim i'-
.ii i PI II' lt1l'l V
itiinl,!. Is l)uehi
, I'll.,
f lln- li,i n in en t
l.ld.,3. II ti.o N V
l.ll. ss
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