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TiOtter, Which Is In Different
Handwriting, Tells of
Leaving the City.
rlforou search by every member
ef tha Police Department for Jean
CrooM, tha polioner from Chieo. I.
Mnt continued without any tangible
Ytatarday wa the. day for Crone to
kMp hU vow to leave the city. ana In
Una with that decltlon a letter, written
en a oabla meensse blank, wn dropped
Mo a mmll box at Grand Central tta
tlon. addreaMd to the poltoe, announcing
that Crone would leave the city.
The letter, which was not enclosed
in an envelope and which waa not
ataneed, waa forwarded by the courtesy
af the poatal authorities to Inspector
Cray at Police Headquarter. Neither
Mte Inspector nor Gipt Tunney of the
hecnb aquad believed that It cntne from
Cronea, for It wa not written by him.
Tha handwriting vv.ih by h man uc
ouatoraed to do much vvrllinp. The let
tar was correctly pclled nnd punctuated.
Nona of these ni.irhs Crone?', chlrog
raphy. Letter from Crone.
The letter eatd :
0e worry to be obliged to leave the
good city of New York. But for my
aafaty I like better that you're really
not clever at all. Your detective are
lookliur for inn nnd no one can catch
ma. I waa .it CJrand Central Station
da night aturd.iy at 38 past 11
P. M. TtiankK for your kindness.
Jean Cronis.
11m letter was iiildrced "To Chief
FeMca, New York t'lty," and was
atanped 12 1' M., I'Vbrimry 13.
Another letter vvhh received from
TVaahltmton ulitiml Jcun Crone, but It
also waa u fake.
Bvery putrultnan. vvlicn on Ills poet,
M directed to keep a !- vvntch for
Grone. Kach li.nl n picture of tlio
hunted man mid liitruclioti.s to make In
QalrtoH In every restaurant for cooka or
waMors recently lilrrd to Intirvlew audi
IPaitrolnian Gcotce 1" lt.i it.-v of the
Charted treet Htatlon. o.irvin.: out his
order, found a mini in u r. -umrant at
401 Hudson ctreet who had been em
ployed recently ami who vv.i. quitting
last night. 11m iitilKr.-il Mm .it leriR-.h.
arched his iwmi, which v.i! In the
aama tMilhllits, and f-iuiid a revolver nnd
a gun. He placed tin man under arreat.
The prisoner enld he ,ii Victor Os
wald, 31 years old. lie vv..s doacted
with Capt. Tunney and Inept, tor Cray,
but convinced both that he whs not
Cronea. Oswald was locked up ami
Ilalley was commended for his careful
Meniber.i of Capt. Tutmov v miu.-ad. as
ell ns other dr .vtlvei-. vv.it. -Iilng at
railroad illation, post oill.-e branches,
miaVrchlst Ilea diU;.i lorn and ! I.e placix,
kept up their vljihimc all Saturd.15 nlRtit
and yesterday.
Clara Follimrd I n.
Clue were due uu a. at followed out.
but With IIO fruitful l-.l ' l-Vetula of
Crones ern Interv lene.1. but in Infor
mation rcijardlnK II i'i" it where
abouts v;ib obtained. Varan1- "Id haunts
of Crone were v Mud t: urt ucce.
It wan learned ctrli, ..u.t I'rone.".
who Is supposed 1 1 have ..rnrlnally
landed here In New Vnr'.. ha". 110 record
at Ellis IfhitHl. Tile rot-on for that Is
believed tj be the fa. ' tn i tin left Ills
Job as chef o' a t i:naii without (.'a
Int; throuKli the fo..n.i';t o' w'sterltiir
his entry Into t'l o'ii.ij Ho N said
to have applied hi ilrni papers In
this city
No i-tic'i tliu.ms!i aril pa'n.:ak'.nc
hunt for an man ever was undertaken
hi tln.- cit, I I" ml. T e lei.-un i
tllit .'rone, who 'tel.ved to posse
a mania for po -0 '! te s. inlisht at-
ll'lip! llCfi! !l J 1 1 t.'ll. o!
ltvctn'. of :, - ::'! x
both I'oi ,i C ,o ii, f,,on
Deputy i 'Siiiiiii.r..,!
staiilly in touch w Hi '.
ft om tlnlr 'lour-' .!
celvltiK ivp'jri and in...
to h.s Chicago
DC- po.s.s.tllllty
U nod- Hlld !
u',1 Kept con- '
i :n c-'n;.itloii
: tie- da," , re
i'K ris.-thiti
to the men In chili; o l ie tan;..
Wlnlt the hiri! u,i olnv on aii.treli'ft
lenders hi tip i-'ty t .tn'ii.-i-'-d i-lf.c'ul
lilant foi the il-'.c;iei l tlie Clii-.u-o
poison piul in!ii,'",i o's Th . itement
I'hlllHej, t'.iat 'le.it i I i p i.- is beltiu
framed to r.i il; , I an.i ill. ... lo pils'in.
A iikiii wnii said he ictur Kr.itt
of "111 West llft.--foui"!i sl-.c.t ivnlked
llitu tho West Korty-sf .-iit.i street po.
lire Htatlun lust in.'li: and told l.lilil.
Kiye Ii" Knew eotn iIioik about Crones
lie uasescurt.il t I'ol .- teadipnn lei .
where c.pl. Tumi. . ' ', ' to and sit
no Infoi mation o' on . . i mn h i.
Rraidriif or I nroeitle, I'n..
Milrineil .Her Timi I iielilen I a.
Pn Tcnf nu, l'rli -ii. Ipshlents of
Carnegie arc iilaimed mer two church
in-oulnEs '.I'thln week, the iati-t vic
tims belli;.' pe'siti- wlm attended a
.hlcken and watlle supper m the Metho
dist Kplscopal 4 'Ii lit -li i'lld.iy lilkii'.
Oub week eailiei- ittous of a supper
lit the 1'rotistiint Kps.-ip.il Chu.eli were
similarly Ml liken. Non,' eh., atleiided
tile .Metlliiilisl .-llliper fi :t ill at the
time, lijit el..ilj pliysh'Iiuis wii,.
kept bu- atteiidliu- lo t ails, 't i, u,--tltilH
loiuplalned ul' vloletr nausea nnd
wealinesh. foi, of the i-.,m-s an- seri
ous, hU all lire l'p!tel ti Cil-oier.
Dr. .1. A. Iliiunn.i Mi.d iue siinploms
pointed lo ai'M'Mi'.il ii'ioinni; lluiues
FI. J, 1 1 11 l',l, Is oil.' of tile tullelil-. I'ul
lonin chisel; up, m the I'pls, npil
Church case and llh stories of ihe Chi
CHh'.i HOUp plot fles'n m tin r Ulillds. Hie
elrickeii patrons of the -upper were ter
rified. I'lijhlet.HH of t k hMoii-di dllfer
as to the piolulile i'iii-c of tli. itlnesM.
rteiolnllon raeil If I
In I oufllcl
Atl.irclnvts .11 till,- civ .ne being in
cited to stall a levollltliiii It III, I lilted
Slates r niiilil lie, nine .iivulve.l in win.
A C.lrcUl.1.' bun l'.. .ten l.iaielllM- liele
I rum tlir he..iii il ,e., ,11 I'. ill. nielli':,, i
id l. Anaieliiit I'i mi i-.i m' . iliou
"III ca -e 1'iev lie, n a, ii imi i il
iu the ni.ijnr .) o' the people to del. ul
thlliKS Hie) lave t i-.i.; th n w. nine
111., wnikeif to be iiaily nnd il-e siieh an
oppiirtunltv to stint t a revolution,
allien Is the onlv I'linc thai wll hrlnu
ahsolut't freeilom. where all who live
shall hive all hev m e,l and . njov life
ltisle.nl ,if ' i in in 'iv in lavi-i,
fear, inisfi) h 1 1 1 1 w i it i- i
l,eri.nii I. Mihoti ,u .1 a hhk
llient ol l,s ovv ve eri v in ieeuer
nf llillli.i Uolilma i who vv in inrritnl
for dallxerliiK ,i la t,, coniioi lecture.
"Her cause is that nf even llbnrly
Vivlnit mn and n.niMii," he laid, iiinoni;
olh' i th'.nss
Eight Brass Bands Required for Dancers as Joe
Humphreys's Voice Registers an Announce
mentAll Camera World at the Garden.
IvOtl Tellegen and the mlsstia were not
on hand, but outside of these backslid
ers there waan't a eout In the entire
world mltslng from the flrst annual
"Movie Costume and Civic Halt," which
waa started under the auptcM of the
Screen Club and the Motion Picture Kx
hlbltore iajrue in Madtcon Square Gar
den late on Saturday night, waa still
going yesterday and probably wilt sag
from exhaustion pome time to-day,
The momontous ecstasy of the affair
can best be gue.scd when the fact la re
vealed that even Charlie Chaptln and
Mlas Mary Plckforil were overlooked In
the jam, conscientious reporter not re- 1
memberlng until hours after they left
the ball at high noon yesterday that
they had forpotten to look up Charlie
and Mary In their respective boxes ow
ing to the overflow of other celebrities
all around tho side Hues.
In a maimer of ewaklnu tli ball was
a sort of goliur away party for the Hon.
Hilly llulrk. president of the Kcreen
Club, and the Mdwlii llootli of the Mir
ror Mini Company, President Quirk
had had It framed up to uu straight
from the ball yetrnluy to the Pennsjl
ranla station and head for l'lorlda with
the Mirror-Nat tloodaln Company.
"Well. 1 guess 1 gotta ls going, fel
lows and girls," the Hon, Quirk, re
marked eight or nlno times esterd.ty.
"Me for tho station and hop onto the
Snore Delays Drpartnrr.
But every time rresldent Quirk and
the rest of the Imys and Klrls peeked out
the Mndlson nvenue dor of the Garden
they v that It was knowing. So the
only thing to do was to return to the
dancing floor and beu-lu the partv over
again, rresldent Qulik did finally make
a dnsh for the 4:17 Klnrlda local estet
dny afternoon, but he Just missed It.
Thereupon ho and the H'luloff party
that had accompanied him to the local
deepo to say cuod-by had to return to
the Garden and open it up aualn.
A prepossessing young person handed
out cards steadily ut the door when
the press gallery began to atrlc, tli
cards announcing that the filing per
son was none other than .!w Oleaxm.
leading man in the "Tlianhouser" com
pany of New Kochelle "Thanhou r,"
tt Is scarcely necessary to add, Is a
German opera by ltldrird Wagner. Joe,
according to Hie statement under hl
(picture In evening dre on hi cards,
Play, the trading role in "Thanhouser."
And right beside Joe Gleason was Nat
HioodMln himself. Nat w;is wearing tils I
ueililllig suit. lie Kild contidentlally
, later wlirn congratulated upon the way
I his suit has withstood pcislMent wear
. that tt pays to hand out five or ten
I bucks extra when bulng clothes ami
j thus set real sen Ice out of them.
Onr Inside the hall one, came upon
I Prod let r Arch Selwyn seated In a bo
deem at, d modestly with a banner.
n t- i'o.'s Tour nig lilts." All four
i ucre then- I'dgar, Arch and Mlko Sel-
' I A I . t.. . . ,
t, ' oi two beoiid was Mls TIthel i
n.irritmiie, who admitted th.it he was
first tate of snappv blub 1
life I" K.clefi.
i: dently ii lot of banners which had
de.-iir.ited some previous nutoinolillc show i
at til, Harden had been left In plac.
I -rower- SIN ' r,:.d ot.o banner lloai-
ii.j cm Usl,. "Metro Wins." ran another '
ai.tomob.l. banner, not to iiientlon count-I
bss other idertislne streamers nn- I
noun -imr the merits of such cars
the "Powers
and mi on,
.-M 15," the "Selw-yn l-'ntir"
Mr. tlrnni Has n I'rohlrm.
Joe Drum, publicity man for the new
Cl tra Kimball Viiumr 1 iltu I'orporatlun,
Hii Slrnre I'rirrlit nt Hippo-
ilrnnip. Imi I Crowds Applaiul
Sri.onn for Actors Fund.
The TTInpodrotne -an packed to the
Ii. if with anfl jirrsons seated on the
stuue -thoiu-alids were turncil away
last nlcht to sec Charlie Chaplin in tho
lleMi. The receipts were more than $ 10.
uuil. half of which will no to tho Actors'
I'uud. Without the funny little mils-
tiiehe nnd 'he crooked little cane and
the black ImkK)' trou-ers. wearltut In
st, .ul a dinner coat. Chaplin walked on
1 a- -'.ikc nnd altliouuli, a ho snhl, he
"t nil to I.e serioll.-." he WilS 11 tUlltl)' US
ii :. atnl bronchi down the houe what
evi r he did.
Tom Wise Introduced lilm nnd forroi
ill- name, ano nan 10 nuni an over him
eM'anslc Aalstat before he could find
. ' .'. . .. 1
It. Then ihe inovlo comedian came out
and put Soinia's b.ind throush "Die I'oot
and rcasant" otertum In spirited
faslilou, and followed It up with u com- 1
position of his own called "The IVacc I
Patrol" lie w.m vocireroust) up-
pliiiuh-.l for nci rl) flic rnlmiirti, with
wr 111,111 in tin- hand joining, and Ihen
he 111 ide a little speech.
"Thank )ou." said Chaplin. "If I
could talk UK. Tom Wish I'd kImi up
motion pictures at once, but I can't, and
rir s -aieil to death at this wr minute
with stiik'o frluht"
That was all tliero was to it, )et
ever) body was satlsthil.
To complete tho it ii'i amnie. fso
iini-tein. idatdst, play.-d, and .enia I
Ma.di .oMi. formerly of the DlauhllelT
Itii's.an Hallet. danced. Sousa brokn
all his oscillatory words by acceptint! ,
with no little show of eiuharassment a
Mss from the pretty littlo Itusslan
d.ine. r.
lllher-ln-laT of l.rw Kellj-,
ctor. nr Heath.
bfiBKl out, I.. I. Keb. 'JO.--Mrs. Von
ilerhldo. niothei-lii.law of l.ew Kelly.,
I the jc'or, was s.i badly burned -at her1
I Inane this afternoon whcji her Imi
' WKlit life In a tnyslcrlou'i way Hint
it is teared idle will die
i !is Voudeihliln llv.n with lier dainjli.
Iter. Mrs. K.lly. at .Nassau and Atlantic
ii.Nenu.s. In tho Hay View siclloii. The'
daiiithler wni iitt r.i.'t.-l by scuunis
from tier mother's room In th afternoon, '
and tiinnliiK In found .Mia Votulei hide ,
(neojid In flanie'i on tlio bed. Mrs.
Well) fUi I lo cMIIIKUlsh the l.lll.p alld
wii" badly but in d In It-elf brtnie she
itiiv, up ami inn lo alarm u.-luhhors
'I'tiev iii.m n;i'il to vvi,ii hlauketH nlioil!
Mrs V" iilerhld" mid smother tint lire,
Dr William Ituticht hurried her to the
Nassau Hospital In his automolilln and
firemen put out tho blaze, which had
spread In the iiiuin, causing .liiiiuiKo of
about II DO.
undecided up In the last minute,
airnrdlng to IiIh advance dope, whether
or not to bring rresldent Wilson, Oov.
Whitman or Mayor Mltchel along to
lead the grand march. Whereupon
everybody told Joe to forget thoae lad
and bring Miss Clara Kimball Young.
Joe Drum did so and ho gave out a
lengthy statement from Miss Toung In
which ahe said that ahe had Just re
turned from Cuba nnd after looking the
happy government of the Island over had
lei'lded that we should not haul down
the flag In the Philippines. The Presi
dent and Congress therefore will de
cide, probably to-day, to do as Mlaa
Young aska and keep the Philippines,
even though Miss Young or Joe brum
1 t, excitement of the moment mlm-
engraphcil "Philippine" with one 1. too
many and one I' too few.
Miss Jane Uall, who opened up a new.
Meld for movie queens when It dawned
upon her that idle could Jump overboar1 '
In tropic waters and tight shar'ts fear-
le.ly, because sharks are merely man
eating sharks that eat only mere man. i
waa present wearing a peacock feather
headilress that would have caused Miss
aby Deslys to leavn tliestiigetlatthrotigh
sheer envy. Accompanying Miss Gall
In the altractlM- tiuartet well up toward
the bead of tho procession were Gard- evangelistic career. It set another inaik
tier Voutigmaii. lending man In the I'uslc, after that when a check for $,1l.!it.n:l
Film Corporation WU- forme t'ztell, was handed to the evangelist u the
pioinlnent In the .Mirror-Nat Goodwin "free will" offering of the olt. delated
comtnny. and Ml Rinny Hess, one of contributions aggieg.itlng .1"T more
tho new .Mirror stars and she U. 'came before Mr. Sunday got away from
And there were Miss Kitty Gordon, ii- tl. olty. nnd a check for this amount
rompaitlcd by tt mlnent tnigedlaii nnd nuMhliig else received will he
Jack WIK111 i Mies Grace Valentine of mailed to him. To dato therefore Trcn
thu Metro, la-o A Oei. iresident of the I ton's contributions amount to 3:'.ar.S.h:i
Motion Picture Inhibitors League: MlsHforihe evangelist.
France Demon-!. Itnrr Mcintosh, the This sum Is about 50,000 less than
mtehty King Hagot. Miss Anita Stewurt, , ti,0 high water mark reached In I'lilla
Mlss Margaret Green, leading woman III delphia, which him a population about
the Nat Goodwin pictures: Mint Alice , nfteen tlmee that of Tranton. where thu
Joyce, Miss Mahe. Normal!. Mien Gall tabernacle was a third larger airl tho
Kane, Mr. and M s Sidney Drew, Jtm ' campaign eleven weeks Instead of sevi u
l.ickaye's brother. Uihon; Freddie 1..I- weeks, as In Trenton. In addition to the
die McKay. Miss Mm lei Osttlch and personal offering to Mr, Sunday $:is. .':....;:
feathers. Playwrlg it Gus Macllugh iinilim,, contributed at the collections for
his brother. Otto, Harrison Fisher and building the tabernacle and current o..
his brother. Hud. .loini A. Uougland ofi, ,.usc pf the campaign, which. there
New York. London. I'a'ls, Petrogr.nl. fore, co-t Trenton ja.eiti.i'i.. or mote
Nlh. Scr.inton, WllUesbarie and all I nlan $?, 000 a week.
points wet . Illustrator Al Uverlng. Mr. Tht, ,,. attendance during th. -even
and Mi- George Hetts ami Joe .weeks campaign was morn tlum '.oio.nilO.
ll'Gee llinnphies. ot includlnR the scores of special meet-
. . i Ings In churche. theatres, factories and
lliiiiiplire,' oler on the .fob. homes. The number of "trail hitters"
Joe Miln w he announcer, hence '"as nearly 17,00i, and of these l.aOO
the eight bras" bands necessary lo get t the "sawdust path" to-day Three
the noise of the dano music out to the were .ome of the records win. h ihe
dancers while Joe H Gee was announcing, (evangelist sall Trenton had estald'sned
which was ste.idl!) Joe H'Gee would t for communities of Its approximate ,ae
announce " a haudsoine prize of J100 for 'He was hlghl pleasetl oer the r.eult
the iuot lianilMiine.t costume on this I Newton Wylle. general secretin y of 'lis
here floor," and would wind Up this committee of 109 of Toronto, pr.-rntrd
statement by announcing that In a few," case of silverware to Mr. Sun-la a'
seconds he Intended to make another an-
li-fifl llnrth Ills til e. for
.lor HCce
mi- i.r Hie .I.iiirru iiiion leavlrvT the
Garlen for a snack at Jack's would hear Canada he cutlon.d them to n uirmbo
Joo H'Gie make -till another Interest-, that this Is -,, neutral nation. He pre.
ing unnntinciMiient down at the Garden. , dieted national piolilaltlon in atnda
Thereupon thev'd hastily call for their befote the close of 1 ! I as the probable
diecNs at .tack's n u! race luck to the ' outcome of Sunday's campaign Mr.
Garden to hear at close range what Joe Suiubo ha- promised to visit Toronto
had o f.i. T.ic result wuh that Han- ' again about K.ister to help In the pro-Stevr-is.
the -.indic'.i king, had to be-Ihlbltlon movement
!4Mi to sl'ce tlie other half of his ham Mr. SimdayV dosing sermon wajt an
toward d.ivllglit when Miss Pauline J appeal for repentance. He liege-i m
M.iurlce fo'tello. Jim
Kenn.i of 'ti.velde. M.itt Jloore of tlie ,
rnHersal and rountles otliers be nan toTreuton Kcner.u.y linn .hi tu.n n.ui l
.Hoop lnek from x.tllnus p.irts of ton n '
! In answer to Joe lfiiee's calls.
And so It went, because when It wasn't I
.mo IMnir 't w- notl.er. rresldent Mlllv j
J II ' rl.. owl' s to ITe'ldent Wo.rlr.iw WIN j
sons fallu.e to re.di t...- ball on time.
le-l e'r.in l nmrc'i with Ml, riara
Mtululi lo'ji": .M's finice Hientltie
.nil js'ivuir o Writer Dlde Mudly walhin?
unV Til. in.i-!ie:s ;;ot oil! of step once
or twice, wli.it w !t!i only the Twenty
second Ui'tlnien! band, flf" and drum
corps Plalmr ut the time uu.lnl Joe
It'iiee IIimoi!ire 's nnnouncenien-. And
then for louutics l, U's !ierH was (ten
el a' daii'' nv -d Mrobably still Is
WocUimhii Who Wimii Safclv
I'liiitiiiili .Mini. Wator anil Air
''l Out of Hospital.
Ni ne the worse fo his expo, leui e In
Pe,.i - lt .t tl lollilh twcntv-llle feet of
mud mid twenty feet of rher. .Marshall
.Maliey, Is, lelt Hi,
I-, h it the lirooklyu Hospital
.terday afternoon for his home at 8i
Theodore sticet. Astoria. I.. I.. Ih.r.
to tell, mo-t likely. Imw it fe.Ms to ride
Hew Ise
thtoush iniiil, water and
1 air
Malic) was one of four "ei'ndlms"
who wii,- . -,i nu t In a Idowout Inst
s.itui'.la) ,'ifti i n 1 1, ni in tiu- north luhe of
the Whlieliall-Miintasue street tunnel,
now P. inir ciipstriictisi for the new
1 Itiooki) 11 li.iiini Transit siibwnv.
II.. bod) of 0110 Ulan was nlcl.cd 1111
I in tn,. ilwr m,!i after the hlowout.
..nom... ovm,., wiai .n .luuu .ucwartny
J7''" """ f""t'1 J'e-
tenia). Ihe other man saved himself
fl,im i,elll ..an-i... off he the foree ,.f
tomprcssed air by clinging to an lion
Mahe) bad no chance lo combat the
coiiuuessed air, He went through, tin
mud and Icy waler with the two who
died, but almost miraculously suffered
scarcely a scralrh, "Shock," was the
illauuo-ls nt ihe hospital,
.lust ivh.it caiKi-il tli blowout has not
sin il-tei lilli.e I. Col'.IIMCtor O'ltolll'lit!
of ihe llrm of l-'llim-u'ltoiirke s.ild yos
lirda) that I' was piobahly duo to ,1
weak spot In I le river bed. The damaiie
Is elinht, he Mid. Water bus aceuniu
i.iii-o 01 101 111111. 11011 till n r vu jiiiiia
y,.HU ,,1,,. ,t .ir. irituiirliv said flint
a wu, ..ul. take two or tlueo das to
,,. .., t,;, ,,.M1tH of Ihe iiccldelil.
't' in water in tin tube Is Hhout llftccil
f,.,,t d-ep at tlm point of the hlnnout and
t.xtf iiilst back l.maiil lliookl)U lor about
, Willi Ihe aid of co utircssed air
II will be an cas.v hi. liter, It is sard, to
' CMH I lllN.
Trails II. Wlnliiev, secrclary to the
I'uhln- Sen leu Coiuinlssliiii, passed two
' hours III Ihe tube iMrrday without
' tltJ'llin.' ,ili)tlillit.- whlcli would iudicMte
, that the iiiiiliarlors were at fault . Ills
1 oliservatlotm corrcsiiouded with those
ii, ul.- h) Mr i liniirkr.
Went her Prophets Who I'm I led to
..... , ,. .. ...
"'.L't "fnll ll-IIHIr- It.
Tue snow Mono .veslerday nun u me-
t. ornlnijlciil hluff, not hlKhly fiKardnl
In the weiillier prophet., maybe becaipio
the) omitted It from tliclr forecast of
t.n i mht before. Aid how, what la only
one nnd twii'liimdirdtha inches of the
"beautiful he.wceti weather plophels
uatnniiil and local'1
T.ic snow did not fall as If it bad
any liei.tl l.'i Iue Ki.inc, and there raa
tin wind woi th iiirnttoiiinK and no leni
IKralure" t hat was noticeably wintry. It
was Just an accident.
To-day, tmrrlna accidents, should be
fair and .-older, and to-morrow likewise.
$32,358 IN TRENTON
Attendance at Seven Weeks
Campaign 000,000, With
17,000 Trail Hitters.
Tmkton. FM. SO. If the rtev rtllly
Sunday's tabernacle In Trenton had
been built to accommodate 30.000 per
sons Instead of 14,000, It would proliahly
have bean Insufficient to hold the crowds
which flocked to hear the evangelist to
day, his last appearance In the city.
Prom the time Mr. Sunday appeared
at the morning services until he nald his
last good-byes at 9 o'clock, the tahci
nacle was the scene of almost continu
ous aervices. When the evangelist
wasn't there to preach the choir ami
the crowds were there to slug, and no
sooner was one service ended than the
tabernacle began to till for another.
Many persons spent hours seeking to
gain admission, and thousands were
turned away, while some camped at the
taliernacle from morning until nltlit.
.Mr. Sunday told thu audience at the
night meeting that Trenton had broken
several records, and for a place of Its
size had ecllived atiythlii- In his
lo-mgni s service. i ne m i o.
was covered witu a nn;iii imb uni
the audience broke into aiipl.ni'e as Mi.
Wylle announced that he was fiom
tu-arers lo ueiay no ioi.er. nc nuf
tho evuncellst ttiiiliUed tlie people
ticip.ue.1 in hii.n .if m n- '"is"
specifically I-roin the tal.ern.iele Sir
Mliway iiroir iurecn inim . .o o
P-ired for 1.1- Journey to noli! I-''"-
hiJ. A tl.FiitiKli . '''J
Trenton at :.;u0 o clo. k w s stop.-d b
tbe ,emisJ vn il.i lL.llr.ru! to take him
aoo m i"" .
('oninilaaloner of llilnenllon WaaH
I'oplla Tnnabt Trnlh.
At a sveclal service for college men
tiul wonen in the Central lresbyte rl.in
..'hut.li. Madison ave-iue ami Klfty
seventh street. cterday Mtate Commis
sioner of IM'icition John II. 1'lnley
illd that he bee ! more nnd mots
in tflvliu: rellslous i istructson in the
nubile scluol. He .n!dl that cat
'should be taken not to arouse prejudl.
mil di.-cord in iinpaitltiK tue cri.il
tttitlis of the Mililc.
"1 believe the H'.ble should 1 : read
read five imucv a ila. It Is my carin-t
(hope that men of ull faiths may luns
and i ..mo to some understiuidlui: ll'il
a reiuliui; of the M.-iiptures in tho
public schools-. 1 crant that such read-
1 Iiik will be crlll-ed and make, for much
discord, but ut th same time I l,e., c
that a Iiav sulutlou of the piolileni
can be made m that our children will
Ii.ivk a l...ll.r iniiler.-tioiittli of tt ft
1 "The tunc has come for all of us, no
I "!Hl'" rm 'T1'" we,
hold, lo oooperalo
1 ui iue .iiKir o, our sel
schools. The State
cannot do everyllilii(r, and it Is useless
to think that the schools can accom
plish everythinc in the way of moral
traliilntr, 'Die church and th home must
do tltsir part."
vnto In Collision I'sssen
er I'll t and llrnl'eil.
l-'ive pers us were sIlEhlly Injured
)tstcr.liiy when two talc,.li-
Miiashc.l toKether at Thirty-sith stieet
and Sixth avenue. The Injured, who
tveia tteated by Drs. Johnson nd Tay
lor of the New York Hospital for
lacerations and bruises, were Dr. Italph
1', Itlelmiond, .'It years old, and Ids wile,
SI, of S.I Sip avenue, Jersey City ; Will
iam Holtz, 4.'l, a broker, and his wife,
43, of 79 lMffewond slreet, Hartford,
Conn., and the chauffeur, Ihkic Hiiiiioii
of SAO MonlKomcry slreel, Jersey City,
Hatilion was Kuliik' south In Sistli ae
11 vj tt with Ids four passeiiKcrH when h
saw the aiitonubile driven b) Andrew
Mct'artliy uf II! West l-'ill.et, slnet
.'ihout lo cross the street. He Intended
to pass to the rear of the chleh, hut
McCarthy suddenly decreased the spml
of Ills cur. After NlllklnK the tUMiao
Himiup'H car sweicd to the side and
struck an . elevated pillar. I'ollceinaii
Tetiner and Detective Trojan exit Icalnl
the passciiKcra from tho wreckage.
Mlnlaler May )lve I'n I'uliill Hc
nanar of t'oat of I nnteal,
Puif.AtiK.i.riitA, l'eh. 'jo. liurdened bv
t lie. financial elr.iln of imvIiik Invvers'
feeH for ever rrctirrliiB church trl.iln ,hi,i
I'O.iiliatlnir I iijuiut Ions in the civil
courlH, tin. Kev. (leorsc 1 )i.iliiirt-n lllcli
mond la iilniost ready to hun-ender,
Mr. Itlclnnond did not i.piie.tr in Ihe
itllilt of H ilolin'H 1.'.Imiii.iI i'Ihii'i'Ii
lo-dny nnd hoii'e of Ills ti iciiib. Iiillinni.il
Unit he would never ile,ic!l III the chill Ch
iisr.tlh. .Mr. 1 1 ifti n ii mm I vvill Imld a .-..ii-fereiien
wllh hi.s i.irlshlnnern in ,t.
Jolill's i:iibi lioiihe ne.M eileiHd,iy
iiIkIiI, when an liniottuiit iiutioiiuceiiietit
uffectlni; the future of SI. .IuIui'h ',irlhh
ni.iy lie forlhciiiiiliiK,
Mr. Itlchiniind will ,iirai' befure
I'lMitcellor Itttdd lo-tnoiTow ufti riiouii
alio iim iiiiii inn iiioiexe in riiitiKvi
viii.ii. nrovhle n lawyer to defe in
in inc new cccicHiasiiejii u iai. .vn iticu
mniiil will tell the chuicchoi ihai the
litlineroilN ei-cli Hl.tHllcal trlnlH ..tut civil
proceedlnxH have about exhausted Ills
flnaticliil reourcrH. There In h oosi-i
Ulllty that Mr, lludd will refer Hio
matter to Ihe diocesan convention,
Early Reports From the First Line Irrigating
Trenches Persist in Use of the Code Word
"I'livver" Pamphlet Bombs Fired.
The drat dlslnnt rumblings of the great
spring drive across the outer edges of
that well Irrlgatnl teirltory known con
tivlally as the highball belt sounded
strikingly more like a chorus of pop
guns than the expected 42 centi
meter Herthna that were Intended by the
Health Department to transform the
enemy's country Into an arid desert. In
fact the early reports filtering through
the Hue esterday persisted in the use of
the code word "flivver" as applied to
the attack of the Croton cohorts.
I The neutral observer could not tell
definitely whether tho aforesaid poplike
I revorbeintlons really weru to bo at
'trlbuled to the beslegera or the heuleged.
A certain similarity was to be noted
I between the repeated popping nlul the
j noise that accompanies the violent and
succes-lul extraction of the null-porous
stopper from usually dark gn-en gloss
jeesels containing h fluUl HUbstunre
labelled "Kxtra Dry" Put. im stated,
I the observer was not able, to ilctomilne
the slgiilllciiico of Gils olwervatlon.
1 For the sake of accuracy, however, the
: following Is recordnl ,m having a sr-
tti nl.ir heat'ltitt uiion the combat, the
.alane rucnt nun! !'ctillar and partially
1 Identified sound-, the "flivver" reports
and the confident optimism of the enemy.
I The attacking forcie under Dr. I'harlea
F llolilu.'in. chief of the bureau of public
health education of the Health Depart
ment, laid elaborate plHIir. to disorganize
the enemy, sprinkle clear, cold water
iocr him and ultimately lead him ami his
'rexeltets to Hie I'mtim dam chanting
I Hie most popular musical hits of the Itv.
W . Hi, im Sunday.
Itobbed of All Pep.
I Then came dissension that disrupter
of campnlKti- and took all the pep
right out of the great spring drive, leav
ing It Hat and ameuilc. While every
' body in the highball belt wns preparing
'for a diotight by storing up sufllclent
supplies of lubricants to relieve parch -neM
and M-Ming up will power enough
to .-'and by thr,r slogan, " drinkers
J must st'il. together." against the lie.
gaining of hostilities, di-cord.iht things
i wets bappen-iig at the heai!iiiaiters and
attiu,ttnt:ioti !-"iio of the besiegers,
i Mayor M tclie' l,e a regular two
tli-ted neutral, I s.sted that this warfare
I must he car'ied on according to estab
Ito.x IiimmI (iaiiipx l.ntfpr Than
j Culf or skul ill":. Says
i l'liii'iil Dirct'lor.
New V.iik men ouzht to play more
sitms Much a- tas. hop-scntch or pris
on, r's In.-... for In-tatice, arcorilltif: to
Dr. Iuiis I!. W.lzmiller, physical dl
rfi'l.ir nf the We-t Sldo V. M. C. A., who
know- .. -mod dial alsnit the physique
jf tin. oiiiii.ii- tir-d business man.
Those who tlml fun in poker, hridrre
or kiti.lied ituloor sisirts, tho doctor
sas, nic like the Niys who piny miir-hl.-.
they jjet no exercise and so no
real play.
"Si.ott lialllnc, 'follow my leader' and
sin-h bo sports neM-r turmHl out sis
sies." m.js Dr, Welzmlller, "and they
would be better for men to-lay than
Kulf. skatlnc or tramplnc lsr.ni-e they
briinr mote muscles into action. Tiki
many men to-day do their bill climb-itm-
by auto and wonder why their
breath is short. A lot of them are liv
ing on tin- physical legacies of their
alio tor
"V ni take a l"oy off the street and
u t Ii' n to pl.mni; tin- piano every day,
and I" will luve uiusii' all rich' . but
he won't lie a man I'lay Is natural to
boy and 'nan Take has'htll. men had
to throw stores oi.ii! to kill animals for
food, hid to wield a club on their ene
mies, human ..ml animal, had to run
and !' tb. oriK'i.al artful dodpers. that's
how baseball develop.!.
".Man crows old only ns lie ceases
to pla. I'lnv Is the best Insurance pol
ley a man can take out. The premium
urous easier to pa as one prows old.
and health and strength are the dally
rlli blends "
3 MT
VVheii did (leorne take his first rarrlaire
hen In, toek a back at the tree.
Maybt it's hackneyed but
if it serves to remind you
that we. too. have done a
little hacking at prices on
both suits and overcoats -I
who knows but what 'twill ,
drive you into one of our,
four stores! '
More . lose. I In. morrow.
Rogkrs Pert Company
ut l.lth St.
Ht :14th St.
Fifth Avr.
nt 41 st St.
j BroiiilwHV
, nt Wiirtcn
wii m;vik.m,
A I A"F MMI.IIN.V JeiinS.hwarl,
... -v'"-' III II Klhllt lt. ,N
It via v . 171 II ,si llltllllKH , .'.I , Olll V V.
Iall.i : Vl.it -..'In I II Milt V TltillK. others.
n.rn ii .i-n u, m i . .
GAT D H ll' .1 VnvV WnVrv''l:
,-. s 1 1 .11 1 iiiiii n 0 i-ii Asa 1 -.- 1 j,
xx r.t.K
ll'aav ITnlce D.1II.V ll'oi.iilar
. Itlll.l'J la A s I .-, ITIii
HKIt t nxtsi.u
RnNlTHMC HlthHabe
. luorxi.H
""""'" l lour
lished iirlnrlples and so directed a flnn
notification lo Health (.'omnils'loncr
Haven Kmerenn and his own Von lliu
denhurg. Mr. Holduaii. Itesult some
body opened the safety valve of the prin
cipal war engine, let all the water out .
of the water wagon Intended for the
aforesaid sprinkling and uncriemonl
iiusly busted Its axles. That was an
awful setback, but It was not all by a
long shot.
Word went out that Dr. Holduun's
chief aids had prepared merciless pam
phlet gas bombs Intended to make the
aridity complete. Again Mayor Mltchel's
firm note to the warring faction was a
fistic affair and not u linger pointing
thing, and again somebody let all the
gas out of the pamphlets. Well, what
could n regular belligerent do under
those circumstances'.' I .very body In thu
highball belt was shouting "Attn boy" at
tho Mayor and reaching out for th
opener, absolutely certain there wa-ti t
going to lie any drought at all.
Won't Br Downed.
But perseverance won't be downed.
Dr. Hohluan nnd his froton cohorts nl
readv had started things ami a Int of
the pamphlet bombs had been sen! out
to the tiring lines still filled with the
wordy stuff. The water wagon might
he a wreck nnd the powder wet In the
42 centlmeteiH and cold water clashed
on everything that wasn't Intended to be
so dashed, but, by gum, said Dr. Hol
duaii last night, his campaign was going
on even If It did not hao a pinch u' pep
in tt.
Dr. Bolduan wanted It understood that
the Health Department was not for
coercing anylKsly to quit his f.norite
cafe or club: that this warfare was an
educational affair primarily nnd not one
of extermination. Therefore, on with
the education. Yesterday clergymen
who had received the Health Depart
ment's temperance pamphlets were to
preach moderation from the pulpit. To
day moving picture houses will display
on their screens a slide reading: "The
Intemperate us- of alrohol Is tilling our
asylums, J.ills, hospitals and cemeteries.
These are facts vouched for by the De
partment of Health." .
Tho water wngor won't do any travel-'
ling. To-morrow Is u holiday, even In
the present warfare. Wednesday is
Croton day and the rhoola will he'u-cd
to impress upon people the value of
drinking waler instead of Ihjuor.
Makes Home Fin n Hit as Mr
JJroaks Into tho "fJnspcl
Team liPapuo" in .Ti'i'-rv.
PaXMTIIA, N. J.. Teh. 2P labile
Collins, star second baseman of the Ci.
oaaro White Sox and formerly . member
of the l'hlladelphla Athletics" 5100, '
infield, mads a home tun lilt l fore ,"110
persons who heard hl-n break Into the
"(Jospel Team 1 urue" this aftentoor
In Ilia tlrst M-nture s n pl.itforn
speaker. The. audience applauded like
world's series fan when he handed
"liooe" some wallops that would hae
done crullt to Hilly Sunday.
That Hilly himself could not be pres
ent to cheer for Kddle as n keen dis
appointment to the ev.tnirellst. who sent
n messar throuirh tho lev S. Monroe
Vans.int, pastor of tho Kpworth Metho
dist Church, expressltiB his .leliimt at
the fact that (treat baseball players like
Collins will come out as public exponents
of "clean llvlnc."
"The day is none when a man can
hit the lsioze, and be ti touch and sllll
make good In baseball," said t e Stmd.i
irra'i "The way to make the 1rre.1t
I (Tallin respectable I for every player to
be respectable himself Any baseball
, plaxer who addrefes a ltlble school
! boosts tlie irame.
iS 4
) The W.lmlns1er Kinil Chih'a
;Dog Show
Feb. 22, 23, 24, 25
I-rum 10 A. M. to 1 1 1. M.
n- .ik mi 1 1. tries l III II nillllk til
ir.v n i , .sal .M..I '.'.ii-loll .Ml
l1IKiV -ens.il i.illHl fie.ila' ,
OUUOAnvM) ielili,.t. , Xprs 1
Slmin.l I.,- II II l , 1
M'XII t fur Hebrew Infant Asylum
I. i.rsiirilln.ire I III! .HI.
" v "'in r.ii lsj,
Medal-Winning Exhibit and
Features from the JOY ZONE
San Francisco Exposition
Admission - - 50 Cents
T J M XT XT t I ivilll.t'll 1111
foDaynVrvii: exposition
rori'i.xit run i s- .',i.;.ii, mam, i,.vi,
I BROADWAY IVr.vnt.; v.; ..,s r vr
I'XMOI'h I'I. . I. ItS I II.M I'll. ite..ll
MARY PICKFORD ",,Sfi,V..KV-,.,-,:
I Xso I'ariinioiinl lliirlon llohnis. I'mviI I'lelure,
"X Hay vtlili Hie Mrl I'nlnl t'u.lei,"
B million. .''A M Vv I'vi. i.-. VII. I'oiii vv.XM it
M 'lti.1, ItiMillmifi , I hf IVniM Mi I ''('tlt
Punch tJud-aVvriVMU'ilV V,,rV?r..,.!LTl.,,
lii.h.::o..MlToui',l''ri..l.i' JO.Tal.l.iiira 11,
m;w tork'n t.KAnisu
Plf DIDC H'r & 40th flt. Kvgs. at ffJO.
.mrinC Mt.Tnm'w.Wed.& Ht.3:2(l.
I'-' I .Mil, NtlllHRAY. MAK. la.
Hesls for cmtj performance now on sle.
.ri iit nrr; iM-norin
Maude Adams
in a. . iisrne
I VPCIIM West 4.1th Ht. Kts. at g:J0.
LTLCUlTl Mts.To-ni'w, Thuri. Sat.
"t It MHf4. McCHKHMRT."
IlllsilUV. VT.n. W-tm Tbun.
Charles l rehinn A David llelsseo present
Ororge Scurhorouirh's New American Plsy.
I IRFDTV West 4 2d St. Eras, ft flharp.
LIDCIfl I Mts.To-m w,Wed.St tf IS.
4ii.it inuNAi.n
t jnar.pn
In the Trlmnphant C V
.Musical Comedy, 9 a
tiF.O, CnilAU'C TRRATRE, B'vay.esdaf
M. bUrlAtl 0 M,ta. To-m'w, Wed. ft Baf
"Cocko'thi Wilk"
Startina .Vexl Honda .Seals Thurn.
Mitzi HajoH in "Pom-Pom"
41 Ht., rmmVI Phone
Westor I J II 1 . I "IM1
II way i-SaV J-Tl aV jl k I liryant.
Krs. 8 t:.. Mats. Wed, (l'op.)Asat.. a i,1.
F.tlra Mat. Washlnitnn's Hlrthday.
"It la Indeed a true 'Irish
Melodi.' tull of the barm. Ihe
humor, the pa I hot of sn Irish
mrlndt, and It' lieaullfullt
plated. New fork must tome
under II pell aa I illd,"
MY HEARr') y:
"I tiers' nnthlnc Ilk an Irish
play! The Melady of Yauth' Is
Ihe bent one tielt to the lery
liet ne, and shure, that's the
one I played In."
Kin. s:l.'..
'.lV.,l,i,1l 2 1,1
UlinCnil H' KMT 44th SI. F.l-s. at H 211
nUUdUn Mats. To-m'w. Wed. A Sat 2.211
Het Komsiitle Play In Years," Kv. World
The Cinderella Man
A Ni w Cuiiiedy li Kdnard t'hliils t'arpcnlcr
jaikCT rilK.A..Kastoflfwy. Kvs.H I.;
)I1I Mats.To-in'w.Thurs.ASat J I
Ht Kt'.lKNK W t.TKK. author of
Tll KHIKiT IVA' A 't'AIII IN Kl'1,1.
"II Tltllll l.I.IKK. A HAHI.EMHU fl"
vnllCnV lt. K. of ll'wav. Krir- H I".
wUMtlll Mali, To-m'w Thurs.st Sat.S'1.1.
IKilh lime, t.nod Sn-ats- ,VSr. and 75c.
No more eiitertalnln comedy has been i
evnlve.1 In ear. I renatnly llkisl llobson a
Choice better than any other play I nave
hrril llirs ww-, -u.
44th St.
Thea.. nr tl'way. Ke. H-SO.
Mat. To-m'w,
Wed A Sat
VDir'-'!, W.oril'way. Evirs.R.in.
a T nIv.Miu, To-ra'w.'vVed. A Sat :20
DnflTtl 4Mb St.. W otll'way. Kvs.s tr..
DUUIn Mats. To-in' v.. Wist. A Sat. U.lfl.
Hy Amello
MIMPCCC -I'Mh. near ll'vsay. Kv f. S 20.
rnlHllCa M.la.To-m'w.Wist A Sat '.' 2(1.
A .Sen Mualial t'omeily That la Different.
Manhallan tii.llo.Mata.Tom'w,Visl A Sat.
JOtSKf M'KAMskr. COMIIX'TIIH Siirlrl 1 or New nil
Xevi tbiir. I'.v. Mli. .t fr'rl. Alt. 'J:3U. WAI.int Iiwikiisi n. M,, io,
otntsi . ii r i ai r I M Mt ai I . I I it t n i
KIINI ST SCHELLING - l'rnur..,o l)e.,,i,,t i
I-roaTain lnehid. .Mahler', llhNymphony. ORCHESTRAL CHAMBER MUSIC
CAHNKuif. 1IA1.1.. ' Ticket al Ilex Offlra.
Neit Sat. Aft.. Feb. '-'.I. :i. Aeolian Hall.
a ctiM-r.itT rtiit
A Piano Afternoon
PERCY GRAINGER!,, 'r',i")''i1 ,.
Tkta .Mk'tnll.Mlnim at AeulUn Hall Hot llfrli-e
lloii:i. lill.l miihi:. Vl'.ll't '.'t, at It.
iiiii HEMPEL
ssssjs 8EGUR0LA
, I rrlit'li ).t'UM' I
I'ri'llllili' D ills' use of tli-i Mel rot, l,nri llnilse
tr i im-i-II A lnlerelln I'mKrain,
H.-s Se.lts. J.l llmi-s siMtlliK II , $ III Now
.it lllliniore llnv (Mttie. Mm II, II. Jnhiislon.
Kll.ibe i'luio.
aiiM.i.ii; ii t.i.1 . s..i.i:v.
l eli. '.'ll. at Nil.V
IMII. Illll ltlllll IT.lt. t'midii. Dir.
Soloist Jl lit 'l.l's,K.N, 'iiiralli.
S1..-1H. ,;.i' to ('.' Itoves '.', tl.i, .ll ll. Oftlcr.
st.iil.ivN 11 vi.i,. I mr ai--i:hmmhi a.
IUill.ll b
Mfct l.ouiloii 1'harlton Hlelnn.iy I'lano,
Aeolian II11II, loiniirroH I lles.f.vii.at s;l.1.
iiiiiieri ABALVI A rAC
nv Miaiara mm mmu.m j
I. Ill I. III.'
Xs.l.tr.l hv XX
.Mkiih-iii Viiiiiiiii Mwcr
I I I II .
I'I... 10
Xenllan I
be. Hal
J x M IN
I il-Ml.ll I
iiiois ,.i ii.iv nun.
ill, I'rl, XII.. I'eli. ;,X, al :i.
VrnHuii Hull
I III. k. lIlIB I'l.llll Mk.1
s..ilr..rl Mil --II In ItUoli lt.i " ,X ( tiiiicu .
IM'I'ltX 1 lliiiee si-.ils (or all oini.i.i hiiiI
III hi. IS, llll'.llles 4 VI IIIIS' IIIKtl
I'llllM. lit I III. SoriiiHiiUie Hull I.
Ilsii 1 ;.,.r Ir.v llro.nna ami ,isib street
STANDARD " "', TW:fW'!,V
Ml 'lui..'j,v .Ml,-, " Thu Ulrl XV lio SiiiIIim.''
tiikatrf.n ami Nt;c;i;,Mr.s.
After ths PUt Mlt TUP.
mrrtinii ri,Arr. r i nr. Aiiiii.n.
HUssslI T
The .Msrellnus I
UKICI I Mts.Tm'n.tted ,vsn .
Kitrn .Mat. lii.itHirrnu
In a Dellclnusly tfuinnnm 'nmi-tt
almut Ihe l'enn.iltania liiiteli,
crstwniie Susan
Mai. I hi Week lii-inurriKi A V,t us
"MK, IIAI'kF.ri W I M' mVu
M4fBF.TII." Ti liitriini '
JAMK.N K. m Mill
Hagkett Allen
in Mi.ikt.Ni'r.iiit.' mm mill
CMPLERM'i;TO,V,A,.':,0;TB ',,
.larj lliun A Tlie irel Ml :, , i vl
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Tue., Mar. 7. 'J
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Mill Strvvl, lu-ar I'oii
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