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jjctrcatinjr in Disorder on the
Wholo Front, Says retro
prrad Despatch.
! r a r nrk ji nn 4 ntr mk nnnurn
The Cold Wave
Has No Effect
sm 11(11(11 IIIIMr IIIMMM'H II'
r v M
Step Into the Nearest Place
and "Warm Up"
An Tan t Reitnurants, Sutooiu,
Un 13 P Oyster nnd Chop Houses
Increase of the National Debt to $500,000,000 Is Borne
Calmly Throughout the Dominion Recruit
ing Is Steadily Maintained. '
Point Out That tho Imports
Asked Por Would Ho Seized
by Germans.
Ottawa, Feb. !0. Not since the bat
11' of St. Jullen lart spring, when
10,000 Canadians paid the supreme sac
rifice, has the war been so strongly
brought home to the Dominion u In
the past week.
Sir Thomas White's budget calling
for an expenditure of, 2i0, 000,000 dur-
!iMlVablt lftptch IbTdiScm. Inr the coming year, showing that the
,x-ios, Fen. (-lie reports iroiuiii.tiiun.il oem nan oeen increasea irom
t;-j.-.aii t aucasus unity ten 01 mo ?jju,uoo,ooo at the outbreak of tlie wur
, o ..f 'orty-slx officers and 1,500 to J.'50,000,0o0 at the present time, and
I f n th x guns and n law- qunntlty ,,,osltig nn additional heavy tax on
l ,..r materia. No dotal s. hKr. d c,irm,alm rclll,lc
'"l ' J mtS ,,mt onljr at the beginning
. .. u.h'.nB toward Trtb son , f ,he ftnltgl. ,, arf , )u. ,.aiied
1 ' ,,m ' i livMriS sacrifice everything In blood
Tt-blrond ami lave idvi aiul tr,aeure ,(rfor(, , , , neiir.
Mr.n ten aiHl twlve ille. estwd , wh h , dl,Kislllon In
.., point of lauding. press and Parliament to criticise the
. r n i 'i- 1 details of the Oovernmenfs latest tax
(n mi,...., .v ........ proposals wlille It Is felt that the new
. taxes nliould have fallen more heavily
upon wealth and less heavily upon
'uipctlod the retreat of the Turks
miing several shore batteries
intlit base usilsted them and
Win "P ronpuim ...u...... .......... .,. . bu,,!,,,, that ordinary business should
. .o. .; iiosillnns. So clwc to the , navl ,wfn e(RrrK.lted from m,mltlon
,. i tv warhlp operate that the .manufacturer,, n tne ttuposltlon of the
,,, h,,-, reached by Turkish rltle tire. ,aNi aI, tl)a, thf retroactive clause
, , ,v.i! gims, on the other hand, t if,atlon will work an Injus--,
n.ivoc In the TurKls.li lines, tke. there Is on the whole a universal
Dl,ir .e,r, south of hrzerum. is oe- i sentlnient from one end of the country
to the other that Canada will sacrifice
her Inst mln nnd her last dollar.
objective of the i
up their victory ;
1... the next
I, i-. .r - following
T Tu k 1 troops Hot from Muli
r. li - d.r. t(.in. IHarbekr l only tlf t
if r-.itn thi' line of the Haudait rail-
. t te only remaining T!no of retreat
to . i-i
... - .I'.lien from the ('aucasus front
im .1 brought an explanation of the
, the Thirty-fourth Division of
, T. Turkish Army Corps, which
it t-. pi. ccs by the Russian. This
t'nnitda !.
war means to
strong public agltntlon fm a sharper
fatten on tlermatis In Canada. The os
of the Parliament buildings, the sus
picion that the American Club In Toronto
was set on tire by dormant, and n series
of nres In munition factories have
aroused the Cabinet to action and :i
straight warning has ben Issued that
treason, disloyalty and sedition wilt no
longer be tolerated.
During the past six months there had
been signs that despite official assur
ances things were not ns might be de
sired In llerlln, Waterloo and other
Oermnri localities In Ontario. AtteinptH
at recruiting were mostly fallutes and
while the majority of the ilerman Cana
dians at least maintained silence a few
of the bolder spirits were outrpokin In
their defence of the Kaiser.
Oerntnn Place Raided.
On Tuesday night last a party of
soldiers heaid that Hermans ere
secretly meeting In n hall which they
had reported to the authorities as closed
at the beginning of the war. The place
was raided, the Hermans dispersed and
furniture and other Interior belongings
Proof of sedition was found In tho
framed picture, of King C.eorge draped
with a Herman (lag. while Herman colors
were everywhere displayed. This In
furiated the soldiers: a bust of tho
Kaiser was draggtd through the streets
i and a generally dangerous situation was
Federal Agents Cotnl ticl i nu
lniiir.v Into Ksenpe Which
May Lead to Arrests.
id b en ordered by the Turk-
i iLi'ide- 1 1 hasten from oltl to
. i. rl. f Hardly hail It started
ii.. r .i ulicii the Russians, by that
partial po.!ou of the great
in fortress, had cut all tele-
eonunuiilcitlou out of Kriesum.
ire of the fall or the stronghold
t r- were to rttlevc. the Turks
i), . I o" tlie'r way by forced
Tin- iic surprised by Itus-
,ia r
Or. id Puke Nicholas has lift Titlls
for i rei jiii
' I'ririurnl loru-spondcnt of the
i. .f sa s .
upil.on o. the city of .Mush t
l!u-. ans Is of the greitet Itu
. t.ecially wiien .Mnffdercd In
una our ."iiccixses In the
gum. viiic tiveady we ire
l,. i. I, enemy uvon licb.-l
T iu we haw- the s'tuation well
..it.l ll'lllks.
uhjle from the Tur!. arc
it , disorder. Armenia is lost
i Tie .iptur' of Mu-'.i Is es-
v.ilua'jh l.ecaue It Is an tm
t r Mil Junction and al'o because
s i. ii utely ui-ed by the Turks as
e tin ot and tralnin; station
The Incident convinced the C.overn-
tlnances Is strikingly illustrated 1 the tuoitl that Its apathetic policy should be
figures given the Mouse by Finance
Minister White For the fiscal year
191."., which In Canada ends on
March 31, revenue totalled 1133,000,000.
Against this there was expenditure on
cnpltal, ordinary and war account, of
l23;,7:i.O0J, leaving a total deficit of
For the fiscal jcar 1?1, which will
end this coining March, the revenue
will x, about tKO.nOo.floo. but ordinary
capital and war expenditure wjll reach
:D.",iiii0.00(i, leaving a deficit of
JIJS.OOO.OOO. Forthe fls.al ear 1!1
Finance Minister While estimates rev
enue at 5170.000.000, ordinary, capital
jr(i'il CabU rnpttrh In Tar. Sl-v
Ui.sooN. Feb. 'JO. The Foreign Olllcc
Issued to-.lay a ineinoratidum forwarded
to M. llymnns, the Hetgl.ui Minister to
Hre.it Hrltatn. on the subject of Import
of raw material by Hclgluni for the pur
pose of malntalnlug the latter country's
Industries. The proposition was made
four months ago by the American coin
mission to the Herman aulhorltl", and
the Hrltlsh Hovernm. nt through the
llelglan Minister In London, wa In-
I formed. It was accepted by Hroat llrit-
aln provided Herman.v would ngree not
to selie either the raw materials or the
munufaotuir.l goods. Tl.e Cerman i.ov
erntnent was asked to gle guarantee
to that effect, but some time hin now
(lapsed and no answer has been re
ceived. Sir lMward Hre. the Foreign Secre
tin v. states III n letter that the ques
tion Is distinct from the Importation of
foodstuffs In the American Coiiiinl"
slon for Relief In Helglum. which the
(Internment will continue to ra.llltate
under neutral supervMnti and Indepen
lent from i lei man control.
The memorandum referred to ays:
It Is understood there Is a strong feel
inc among the Relglaiis that the Indus
trial dlstres" of Helglum Is to be at
tl United solelv to the action of the allied
lioxernments'ln presenting Imports, and
It Is often contended that this action
docs not appreciably harm Hennaiiy.
while It lnM'lvs a mot painful toss to
the people of our ally."
Mysterious Rescue of Refugees in Tokio Comes When
Government, England's Ally, Orders Deportation
on Ship Bound to British Port.
and war expenditure
leaving an estimated
t Ion to
will be
end "f
at JllS.OOn.ono,
ilclb it of lit:..-
quickly abandoned and sterner measures
adopted Itrlg.-Hen. Otter, a vetci.ni of
the South African war and head of the
Canadian Internment camp'. Is now In
Herlln taking n teglMcr nnd a score of
Internments will likely result.
Herlln. which has a population of 20,.
eon. H more than n per cent Her
man and Is one of tin- nmt properou
lowiw lii.liistrlally In (intuitu. Ii i the
liea.l.iiiarte-s of the Lutheran Chur.1, In
Canada and in my of Its Inhabitants
Mteak Herman.
.. . I...... 'verv
..,nrr': V.1?.., ..... ......:,u' t:,ii..iii- .i,emles and without imnlvl.ig
Zee Mani" nf' , I USM..;; who n , .Memcm of llelglan In.le.K njl-nce
. ....v. . .1,1 i ..... 1 1 l,v in.. Itrlllsli I Win ilw (lovcriinieut. II rajs, t
lgii.it. us T. T. Lincoln, who calls him
self an International spy, rested In soli
tary conllnenicnt yesterday In the Ray
mond street Jail. Hrooklyn. thinking (iter
the snappy things he had written prior
to his capture twitting the Federal au
thorities about his luslrnes.
Orders erc glon by Fllst Deputy
Marsha! I'arr.v and Joseph A. Ilaker,
acting bead of the lo.al oltice of the
npecl.il investigators of the Department
of .lu-tico. not to permit Lincoln to re
ceive or (-end out any messages or to
hold coin eric with .ttrtbud. Hut
pris I'er was parti contilil. for the
authorities had g.en him back his JT.S
the amount hi had when grabbed by
ic.icrai .gni irgiirewcn m " i
on Saturday night and ho saw no need
of facing a hunger strike, his thieat it ,
he could not hale his nionc back.
While Lincoln, thus confined, w.m
wMitlig he had not written the long
letter to a newspaper excerpts of which
wele found 111 his luggage- t. lllltg how
he had foob.l his pursuers. Federal
agents un.li.r .Mr. H.ilier w.rc enntlnuliis
their Imiulry alocg tlins that may bring
further at rcsl In conn.rtlon with Lin
coln's escape and ecluiii Hi various
111 tlnee fiscal ;eais the addl-1
the public debt owing to war I
n the tielghlrhood of $r0.. i
making a total drbt at the
March. tOtT. of about J!5.
whlch Is over 1100 for every
man. woniar and eliild In the country
Confronted with these eimrnwiis llg
ure. the coi'irry i beginning to real
ise Hint only the nirleto-t private and
national conomy will suffice to bear the
burdn without taxing the nation' re
sources to ttu; breaking point. And
while Government estimates have been
:uthles.slv purged of everything not ab
solutely ncefsar for tho carrying on
of i lie ordinary business of the country
thTe Ii strong agitation In the
still greater economy
Iter., II.
and Inn
alo pretloniiiiaii'l.v
a population of about .
Prrfrrc nee
Amcig the
will come to them i
war .s an Intp. r.al trail,
object of all Cai.adlan
past, 1 at l,i"t l.;.ecd
aiiadialis speot
a rouli of the
p, efereii. The
. in es for ye.it
.. i h n "gilt.
i Tin 1' s i d; Is tons
ma i..t of :ii
c id ..f Jatiu.il
They aie now b-lng furthe:
,p iv lili. rtcelng snut.1 in the hope
lining the Twelfth Army Corps.
,s lcisiried to be marching from
lor C.r
' Mr White hinted In the course of his
vcie cut "ff I Imi c-t spevch that the Hovernmetit was
Third army J yen prepared to cloee dow n work on
.1 rt.-cated
ceeiai inn'oriaiu iiaii.'oai nun im ,
and It l altogether probable that the
coming year will see the cessation of
i oii'tructlon of the Hudson Hay R ill
way, ar vell as several Important har
bor work, cn the vttantlc and Pacific
Meantime lecrultliig throughout th
I country Is being steadily maintained
Figures compiled by the repartition of
lr niiiiilriiii Drop Bninlis .villtla and Defence show that since the
l.glnning or ine new ear men inm
been enll-ted at the rate of 1,000 a day.
which h faster than they can be trained
Vu.frliiti llendiiinrter.
cm MW' tmiiiuh to Thi Sen.
F b. SO.--The Italian War
sied !he follow, ng statement
t .
. were artillery duels along
fiont. with occutlonal re-
'or bolllKlI'dlllellt of tOWTIS.
.piv in nu.iiberlcss cases of vio
, t i iiiiernatlonal laws which
i i ms perpetrated since the
g o' ti war one of our a!r
- n ile.l the town in Lai
s' i if. siandiiig the fro of
i in.- ba leries and attack by
i -ri.i aeroin.iiies mir nuad
r ,i ed l.i bach, on whlc i town
a? .'ilea s.vcral doren
.. i ii i.' our mac 'i'.ii ,-s of the
i lie was attacked and sur-
i rc s, Vust.ian
w is aptuicl. The
i lei.
le- s-.lteuil 111 Said
i. I VII. i Milley we
's UWo and one-
VI 1 1 ...rghctloi.
tl IO"ps Vtl'
Thus during the last w ok the t,oy
ei nnvtit rej.cted h L'i.eral t soliltlot,
urging Put anient to tal.. advantage of
the clause in the S'.iuiiions-l'n.lerwo.Ml
tartIT which would make free the inter
change of wheat between Canada and
the l'i lle.1 Slat.. nn the ground (hat
3uc'j ariaugenieiit would uileifere ami
pres" be Incompatible w tb all imperial pref
erence aurr ine war.
This desire for and hel rf m .vouoiinc
union of Hie tinplrc wu fuither c-prt.--.tl
by Sir Henrge Foster. Minister
i of Trad.- and 'oinin. ". In the Itoroen
Caliillet. In ,111 address to the t omuiotls
yesleiili. Sir Hemge. woo ha- held
the ...rifollo of Finance In four i 'an nlla-'l
.Mill! tries and win. went to I Ins-land m
Ktoi to aid .M- i "lamlierlatii iti h.- tariff
reform fight. - well ,n touch with Hrit
th utnoi t I'im.n. and his untds
tari; ,.,ii-d.,abl. 'Might lie ,inli
"line lesion of .ual'-'llMl.!' value that
has been liMine.l from this war Is the
Its--. n of tin n.. for .nomti , o.irilt.
liatiou and union of the uh.de Hrl-ish
niuplro (in- of the tirst things iiu:
will take place after the war al'l lie a
revls-,,n of ticatiHs and taiilt winch
govern trade. rhe old tle.tties h.-ne
ttrit ij-Ii
"It will s(v that tis own ran mate
ria!., tn nil part of the empire, are
utilized and developed, tlist. for the pur
poses nf the empire ami. afterward for
the puiposes of Its allies mi i
this wise it w.ll he isissihlt for the Hrit-
Ifh l-.niplre t uiobnllzr it,s fnre
good of nil t's i.irts, for the
advantage and development "
tlie ihautfeiir who. driving a seven pas
sing! i- ii iiruig car. stepped in front of
the Hotluaii ll.m, at ltro.1ilw.iy and
iiiirt.et i ieet S itur.la.v iug.it and was
h.indl g Lin. oln several ...iggage checks
wlit a Hie latter felt a revolver boring
u. r , li s .ls
Tint tne a: rest was made at a critical
in. cn. i i is shewn 1ij Lincoln's own -tale.
ill. "It flat le lull ll.IIill.il to leaVt til.
cit.v within an o .ii' . siart lor tin l'ac.tlc
oa-t a'ul go Hi. li. e to tne Far ISast
"(U, e hour in. re and ou never would
have got inc." he ,s lepnrt.d to have
said 1. Agent .iigiirev'.ii
"Well. 1 llll-eil Jim I -ltc, n in tllltes
last w.ek.'" r-plle.l i irgiircvieh. "but tine
time I was on the spot before you."
I o
Uiiesllnn ( liniirTenr.
named eh.iuttt nr W'.i i. qui .--
it elig.li lo-,la Lll.cwi-e, tur
tuirv will ni.de .f .he per
ms u. i wrc.in 1. n oiii 1 t i an. I
..rl.ed. aiipcrtit . ,is i fa in hai 1. lie II
'ml enllltmed for Hie present.
In ilw city of Toronto alone one day I
l(st week over one tnnusano. mrn jo u'-.i ,Mss,,i aWl4. .he war. Til
ine eoiors. .xnu n.n ... w"". nipire win kiiii tisoir togetiier .
1 recruiting lias not neen as raiuu as in
.mat of the other provinces, little dlffl-
j cutty Is being experienced In filling up
French-Canadian battalions. Men are
'bring sent overseas at the rate of son
h day and If tlie present level of recruit-
' lug Is maintained ihroughout the coming
vear there will be little difficulty In se
curing the 500,000 men reuulred.
The Hovernment has bowed before
others rc-
-half miles
wli. re move-
reported. An
i onl it :
i- i ;,i i d 1 1
boiiilijrded Ala
I a
:t .
limit e city, the mll
V - Mm I'.in s on tlie tsoui'o
. a begun, ng of the Aus
. . th - Misirlau lieneial
tipiat'ers have been located
I'tiotfieial Meeting of
Coiiferenee Is Held
.. r m it llli.ck liniise llinlrnjeH I
I like snenlon District.
es.jf.-A fn Tin: Si
' I'.- , Jo The follow inr Swiss
V . ...i.pie w is issued ley the 0,
II'' v . "tlce to-id.iil :
.. ,,pi..ieP iniiuba: uetl liiua
. - . In dl.-t: cl to the nnrth of
I c T" Hie noiih i.r livvinsk
i 1 ,.s il.n over Mlshtel In
' I . tkt Sun Ion w e .le-
h a. li.tmaii bio. kiiouses.
'Hiister. mar Mlkh.illt.iie.
...led i mine. .Ielriilng tlie
' ,ii:it inent-. and d imagine
es ll (lietllV .lllempt to
hi ..f Hie crater was un-
i -'it
., in. HepiiUe lliis.lans Near
ni Itsehe-llereslim.
l '.oilllotl,
l 'cb i'o - Arm
isMieil Hi,- following state,
.-aiding oi.eialloi In the
tschc-Herieinn, isl of
Russian ,itt.ni( broke .lowu
lines under the ili'iin.ill
Tut sirs received vesterd.i.v
arani from the press burcfu of the Ford
pe-.ee Ctnferencc at Stockholm .immune
Dig the election of the following twelve
delegates, from Switzerland l th' con-
fcieiir.?. ,
,1. Sdierier Fulletiiaii president nt the
-roup "f the luierpiiriiameniar
Dr. Frltr. Sludor. president of Hie
lss s.,,',1 leinocrauc ni...
t,,tliiili. Judge of th
; lliull Hoelteshelni
I . . . I I Art, is. Ill,
l.l.lit of the -.illien ..i.ii.....i-...
V lam IUipp:ird. professor of political
econo. v In he Fnlv.-rslty f Hen.-va.
,? professor for two years at liar-
val d V Marguerite Hohat. a well k inwn
1 ne. ee ivorker: Dr. Horel. professor of In
Ter atlot.al law In the University of
' . n.ineieii Sc herrer. president of
LTV .'...Vnatlonal Committee for tin- Pro
lertlon of uanor
pieslilvit of the
Hon: Mrs. Cluia
executive board
' : atlonat
Peace, and Otto
The line nf lniulr.
The 1'iie of imiulry is dlrecttd in four
different .is; First, Into the ih tails
of his esiap. . second, the persons who
gave .a. 1 dglng or Ii. Iped hint during
hi" fro .loin : third, whether he had any
. ,. .direct coimiiuuicitloii with the news-
Menem H t.rrnmio. ,,,,..- that lecelvtd Utters from him
Tae memorandum then explains t i it .mil whether he nielved nion. from llic
tli Hi itl.-b Hovernimtit camml agr. i(ior . tourth, whether any money from
tint Itclgion In.lusli .an l" mnlntalnetl the publishers got uto his hands aftei
in the p-esotK .ircu'niet.incfs without a I tils e.c.ipc.
conl.t.'i.iblc benefit tw i.re.nj Lincoln, w no n.'1'ii " ......
.itnoil I oi cu.tgnn e-((ioa n i'..in..
Marshal Parry, i .. nti. .um I that lie
f,.tu i,,,. I Is ready to l.ll all. u na- no. linen
... ii, i one it ine a rr...i i i. ..., i,"t. in, -.-,, .,- . ..... i....
Tt .. nf V'jt..rt.k, uhl. tl .tlliolll.s ' It,., Itelcl.m lhlllUl.ltlOtl.
l oi this reason it nas upi'on..i "
Comnnss,.,r for Reh, f ,n H. Iglum '.ml
permltttil exilt trade fiom Helglum
under certain conditions. Al-t fn. t'd-r.-ason.
the tncinot.iii.lnni add" ihe Hnv
ertiinent somt iiiolith" asn a-s.rted its
willingness to consider pt..p.al- foi the
importation of raw in.iteiiuls nto Hti
glum through the ag.-n.y and it d't the
guaiaiitet- of the -ellef comml-s on.
"Tne in dt-rtaklng- .blll.ill.b d Iron
th. Henn. lis m nnicutinu "'th thts
s.-lleme.'' the tne iioraii.lum conl'Mles.
"were simple Tl'.-.v e."i to p. rmit the
free imis.rt.ition of raw nial'Vlals and
tb. .xpor: of maniit fir.d g I" in.de
1'rnin -iich nateiiiiN tlnnugh tlw tele f
cnminls-lon. They wen to ic.piet ind
make free fi ill embargo or ie.iilsl-
In. ii an st, 'is of similar nu m it. ruil"
,, ...in .. lur. ,1 ltiii.U still t-.mitilng
m ihe i-.tinitrv. Tiie w !n m "er.it. i iher
to treat an fadorv thus sii.,'tol l
the eoiimiisioii a- t :ijnv tig the same
privileges and Inruuniti. s as one of the
loiniiils-lon's waiehou-.
The iiiciiioiaii.liini. after exph.lnii'g
that H had be. n ll.... d the vl.ili woll'd
tedn. ui'fint.toi ni-nt lid nlitve tie
i..,i,il..-,oii oi mil. h of i. illtr.-s wli.-p
ii ir.-eimi-able from Itclkluu. s in.ft.r-1 from
lunale 1" ."llh n sav- l "is siilini ' led ; n
I by the i-rmaii aullmi ."es at llru-e. Is
b the Relief I nil in'.--"11 tout l'e-
I ..an. hut although iniUliie were i I.
no lepl of ah MIIU "as ICtei. 1 limn
th. licrmatu-.
The memorandum then accuses the
Hoi mans nt a tit '.bt ra.e plan not to
fillet Into nil agiieiiieiu of the km I
until ihtv luive take, "fn last ounce
nf native stn. ks nf i w ni.it. rials or
m.inufactiiie.l goods u.i.h in l oi
nn use to them and iiu'il t i y have
1 en able to create Mien uidespi.ad
destitution as to foi.. .. t'.illsite
ainniint nf Helglan lab.'i em, grate
to lii'i inatiy or take .-nip!... me nt .li He.
Kian wnrks cnntinlltd by Hi. tu for their
own put p."ts.
"When th.-c objects, hive '.eon gnned
so far a- the firmness and p.itr'i.tlsin nf
II. Uian manufacturers aim ,"rh'" " I Ins ir edani t:.. i. va- ., v." ,lal
will ever permit sue! Jc.is m i- t.,,.tf., Ih,.
gained." contlinies tlie ineiii..r..'..l'ltn ,....,:, .ignr. vi
"I MtH Mill (Kill... lee.s .-,,,.-.- . - , , , ,
make an arrangement '"n "i"'
smtUr. on. e It Is tui:y n-.tin.u oi li
re.. mi.es. mav no ie-nics.-.i i.. ...
I that time has arrived this Hertn.it. p"l!i
-hnlll.l. Ihetef be flllly exposed"
,, , ,,. , The nitiiioratiduni then .-Ives llguita
llllllllllHIKl. i ll'V. I. H til fit' .,)ring p, stow that In one lnonili
111, .III I'll :e Welt exp.oted r-inll II. I. .11111
l i ilenniiin 71.' tons of io.il. .I.lo'i
t.eis ,. p'losp'iates, to" tons ..f le.iil,
1,:i:..i t t'i nf nre, :'. I" t .ns nf p't prop-,
l.'.'no t ins of guano and t.i'.'U' oils of
I to lunettes. The pi ceding innnt.i Is ile-
lis 1 ctari .1 to show, he-hies Luge . xpnrt.s
... ... .. . ... i.a.. ...
, ... ... ... ...... i is ii"..' ,i -, '
i,. i-rice, pasior oi ine ii asmngion I : i .,,,,.,,i,ii
Heights Meilmdlst Rplsenpil Church. - t ' J." . i. nil. I. r and ...i.il
l.'.'l.l street and Amsterdam iviinie. tli.it' I: i- 'veil knnuti, t .. ii.in
M- roil II ( IIINO,
"The "iiin'a" Japaneee Corre
Tukki, Jan. 15. Some of the Indian
revolutionists who recently attempted to
overthrow the Hrltlsh Hovernmetit of,
India sought refuge In Japan after their
plan .liiled abortive. Among them wete
most distinguished two Indian ot the
names of Thakur mid Gupta, both re
puted to be the leaders of the t evolu
tionary cnmpaliin.
They came In fact trusting to the
magnanimity and the chivalrous spirit 'f
the Japanese Hov mmelit to afford them ,
safe protection from the persecution of
the I the Hrltl-h authorities. Also the special
Hciitment grunted to the twlltlc.il crime,
by the International law, not to speak I
nf the .ilni.ce of extradition treaty be-
Hroidway ! tween Jap in and (treat llrlUln, seems to
have led them tn the belief that Japan,
the country of Ituahldo spirit, would not
perpetrate tlie mercllessnoss of deliver
ing them to the Hrltlsh Hovenmient even
tf the. latter should come to demand It.
That they had no Intention to act for
the Heruvili Interests appear to be
in atly certain III view of the fact that
shoitl after tlielr arrival here they put
an adVftttsemi nt m the .upuit .tdiir
(.ft i to tlie effect that they wanted a
.1. ipan.se secret.uy and a translator to
help Hi. m III their various actlvitit s.
It tuei had bad .my malicious llitetifln i
against the Japanese Interests they could
not have proposed to hire a Japanese
to. thill private secretary and trans
I ito,'
Sitae their arrival here, however, tlie
.liipaneee Hiivvriimeiit was nn! so lenient
to ttiten as tlie at lift expected, Police
di teethes were de-ip.lt-iieil to kiep a
vigilant uatch nvor their evety move
ment. They wele followed everyw livlu
the in t livery visitor to their risi
di licit, had his name not. si down In the
pockeitsmk of the watching official. On
til. utile! hand, such a policy pursued by
the Japanese authorities, aroused the
healed sympathy of the public for their
lnlpless- situation. Some of Hit papers
and olit.cit in m.izlties scveretv took Ihe
liuveniini in to task for uselessly annoy
ing tin- liitll.tr. patrlnts, who are unite
harmless to pie
with bewilderment, not knowing what
to do, facing such all Impossible tiling
The police now bad to explain with all
their might that they tiad never noted
III concert, as might Vet) llkel bt sun
pected, ami thai the would do then- ut
most to arrest them, although they l
lleved It not ipilli ill"), as the two
exiles app'ar to lie under tlie slhp.i
thetlc protection of mlliientliil person,
Nothing Is known about them since
then. Mow- they escaped nnd wheie they
are to be found no one but Uod knows.
Hut It is not dllhrult to "Urmlse wha"
has become of them when one considers
the pii"t careers and the personal char
acter" of that Toyamii In whose bouse
the final disposition look place, not
withstanding tho hawk i .veil vigil. inc.
of the officials nn watch.
In Fukuoka, Kyushu (the southern
large island where Nagasaki Is), there Is
ii villtlc.il association (not a political
party) known as Hen-Yn-Sha. The very
name would be h great curse to Count
Okuma. It Is composed of men Jingo
istic, patriotic, courageous, heroic, toady
to defy dentil and State laws If only
there needs lie. In every political agi
tation of the past In Japan It has played
such nn lmportunt role that
man however influential, could ever
safely overlook It Its activities have
not been limited to Japan alone. Many
of the members of the association have
taken an active part 111 the recent Chi
nese revolution, rpholdlng the tradi
tional s-jlrlt (lf Hu-hldo as their guiding
prlncple, they have alwas stood and
fought for the taue of the weak and
tlie helpless.
A member or this asso laHon nn. e ' Frrmlor
saved Japan from a serious hum llatlon. ,aflrr th
flelulnn "iiclnllsl Lender Vim Ml"
I'H-r if Munition,
;.ti( ' nl h irfmfeA lo Tor fli-"'.
Il.vvi.s., Feb 'Jo. Hnillo Vandervclite
has l.ein named Helguin Minister of
llmlle im.lei veltle. leader nf Ibe He.
glim s-.i.'i.i t piny and a proiiiltient
fiBiirc in the S... I .p -' muveiuenl through
out lllltopc, l... iiui.le a member of the
Relglnu nnverioiieii: is Minister nf State
hnrl!y ii fi. t i' iithie.ik of Hie war.
In the earl month- of the fighting he
was at Ihe flout, distinguishing himself
througli Ihe pan he lonk In eticnuiaglug
no states-1 the H-lgliui to light lo the last. In
States as a
sloti to Pie
With tlx
V'elde all .
now- hav
Hons wnii.
I '.'I I. he came In the t lilted
inember of the Helglan mis-
i. lent Wilson.
appointment of M Vander-
if the lltitonlo Hovel nmenta
a -p. il minister for muni-
The Hist .Munition Minister
Twenty-seven '.irs ago, when Japan
began her attempt" to secure the revi
sion of her treaties and to regain the
rights of sovereignty which she had been
forced to sign away. Just like the ores,
out China, a premature disclosure of the
dlaft of the treaties tllscloed the fact
that provision had been made for Hi
appo'nttnent nf forden .fudges in the
Supieme Court
lltsi'k nn Okamn.
was Albei t I nomas, i-reticn i tmer
Secretin y fm War. ppolnlt-d to Hint
..111..- wli.oi the Coalition Cabinet under
Vivlaiil was form, it shortly
outbreak of the war, Rug-
elfare of th.'
Red H ,'.
I m id ' to
1 '! l I
ti.it pi..
, N
. -d'
tllol-t '
lor Hi.
.1 A. I i,. I ! I. .-It Hill Is'
iMoin'ng holt-.- ' ' i West
wlt.ie Liuco'ii iiv.,1 to.
r , In- c.,p ii , I 't oui
i. -.I i it nf I. '" oh, -'
s ,, h i'. ,-d ami
I ill. J..-" Che, (. ,1 ,.t th.
tiln Stit.'.n iii.tre el.c.'iss aid
j'sM.n.iellCe a.'O .lllL "lit.
1 1 pirltno-c .," .Iiisi hum.
ill"-! a'loUt Lincoln ii. 'I .e .ih -.Is i t in
, I n ho.islfu p l is l'" n iii.i ' A'--.
nr.tiug In .nfnr.ii itlon ohi.ilt-id .veslcf.
day i In- l-'e. Ic.i! iirlli.i i:i - do not place
' much cn dec in l.incol' .. Ib.it nn
Ifort to hold .inn up .oi J..o lor lu
iruteetl..ii a.iB tiu.L It a ceruiln Jei-se;.
' man, but a-sen mat Hie cap ire of I.. -'
colli was due to . Ill.st l'..ng. .'a.tflll ill.. I
.ersisteiit d.'lec'.l'. e w.ili
j In ilw isiutsc .1 w u.j and nights of
I s,..,r, h iv Fede o .is.i.i- 'opt unto,
i un mall of L.ll.o I V fl lends, vv.u litVeo
J have b en li.iiii.'.l n pul.lls r v 1m u.
no. known, ex.cpt ..c. ..r n p. -sons,
to have hid an dialings uit'i
Im .o So thorough wa. ihi- e-p.onag.
I 1. 1 it ,ui.:is ill. . is; foul ot live .l.ivn .,
I Ins r edaiii ll.ei. v.i- a ve'.l.ibie .in
I i !...!, and - ek Intwee'i the F.-ilt-. ..
r d
Sov.ial tui. t- the ag. nls .nit
f -u iiiliiii.s I.i:. in git: ng to
.' at.p'.n iiiKi..'- inao. I. L..i
It was then Count Okuma. the Fme.gn
Minister, who handled the negotiation
with foreign Powers. The national in
dignation over such a spiritless attitude
of tlie Hovernment reached Its bo'llrg
point tuie day as nkuma was rld ng
out of tho sate of the Foreign Dop.i'l
lent a man with determinate a,.,e.ii--anee
suddenly sprang from behind the
iIihii-s of the entrance anil hurled a Immb
at him w.th a loud shout of "Trait-.
Then tl.e assassin, with a.biilrablt s, u
collection, seated himself down on the
untied Ills gi.rmeut. took out a
and dlsenibowled lumst-if as a
title Saurir.it should. The bo i;b i,il.
mber ?. This w is to them pr.u t tcally "i en oie o: i.Kiiinas itgs s,, i.rni.i
a sent'li-.e of capital punishment, for the - that It was subsequently ampiit-iiel
two si. -amors that leave Jap in on or. The assassin was aflerwaul f.m ,d tn
before the nppointnl .lit. are bound for i. ,,,. KurtisMma Tsunekl. .1 iii. ino,-r
-iharghal and Hongkong, where It le a ,,f th,. Cen-Vu-Sha Assisiallon. uln.-h
niatti r of aJcsnliite certal.ity for them to i was then siipi rlnteiid. .1 by none oiln r
fall in the hand- nf the Hrltlsh officers than Toyama himself. He Ins alv is
Deportation llrtlereil.
Dn November 2? a terrible thur der
u.!t struck them, (in the s tine day Mr.
Nishlkulsi. .-jponiitend.-nt nf the Central1 grnuinl
M.tronoltt.iii Pol i ifflce. served them d.i.'ger
i.iil.rs tn have Japan mi or before De
limit soon followed the Pi ctuli example
I and LI. .id He.ug. was chosen for the
p..-' iiu-" m and Italy also have
treated "i inil.tr posls In Hi" cabinet
llllllllg tll past cat,
' A merlon M I nmiii Issimi "..ih llefn
gee" in I iirfii mill llrlnill!.
.l'r,nl C j.f.' ir.stfcA to Tnr MX
R-tvir. Feb. J" The wnik of the
Ann ri-'iiti i '..tnnii-sion for R'tlef In Ser
bia, which Int. 1 has ilatisfert'cd Its ne.
tlvitl.s t Mbaina. has now In n sue-'ces-fll!
coll. '.u I. .1. The last 1 itch of
t.r.i.o Sell. inn i.riige.s was aided In the
lllEht fiom Albiiii.a. now for the greater
pit' oviiii'i In il" Xustiian and Hut
garl.iii anno . (if tins b.ilili. '.mil were
s. nt to .'otfu . nil Ii"1 to Hrln.lKI.
T' .1 it, mid, n.us r-oni Albania
l tlui! the Hiee'. rip-er lb III ha." ar
lived ..fi' I .iii.i.... lot ih. tvtiitual pro-
te. -Ii.ii "f ll ' I- eltlrt .I' It s tint likely
th.il i - pi ..u i I ion will be noctli d as It
Is .impi ai1"iil.tl b il" iillltil warships
oft I'm.'.:..'
ml a
p.lli t s
and Hill Spi'iik in Wtpshiii"
ton lli'ioil Clniicli.
The annoir.ic. in.-nt by the Rev.
Islleil Ills llrnllicr
"lifnl Ul.ltloll g V . n it 1
-telle ! at In -bid
i.-.ii.l ..:
t. I. .1 l.ic
III limne
s llg I
i .xp..rt of pyrllts,
M. Win-
High Court : Dr.
Judge of the Federal
liroullch, twice presl.
Dr F Huctier Holler.
Swiss Peace Assntia
Itiigaz. niomber of thu
if the Woman's Inter-
Committee mi i.-i t,... ......
V ilkart, presiiieni oi un-
rincn .r'ai-k!!
on at Tarnopol
nlrliin" Tnkr Piislllnn Mne Mllca
lliinl nf I'nrl,
n fit.lf !, A tn Tlir. His
.....-..I ...Hum Win TtV.
1 The despatch mbh.l that utiottlclal
meeting of the I'.i'U i-eii..- ' ..,.- . . .-
Oiei I. lis. " ..i.. I,, I.. sltr...l.biihn
Malum ij no....
cliHlnnanship oi itu, "
nf the I 'diversity
C.lelevik. prnfe's .r nf Interna
tional Jurisprudence ti th" I'mvers ty ni
"h i, , legal adviser nu Inter-
natln. .1 lw lo tl.e Nobel l.istltule. ad
dressed the conference on the causes of
the war. "
' was hem
I under the
Nikola us
disliiigiilsli. il ypi akirs would m ikt .id
dresses Hieie last night at ,i s.. cial p-ace i
sen Ice leMilied in the i liur, h being
crow. I'd to the doors
The Rev. Dr. Price pr. solid at the
meeting ami when In had oiitl n.d the
objects nf Hie new World's Court ot
Peace, an ot g inlz.illon which Imp"- !.
Judicial until. "I.- to settle futiln .IllT.'r
eines among Ihe nations, Dr Prie, in
trodu.e.l tho speakc is of tin- oveiilng,
Iletuy Clews. Dr. William II. Huthrle,
professor nf lutirii.itlnn.il l.iu in the i'.ii
lege nf the City nl New York . J.din Wes
ley Hill of the lllloniallon.il I'eaei)
Forum and John ll.is I lauimotnl, ptesl-ilr-ut
of the World's Court oi Peace.
Mr Clews dwelt upon tho im'iorlanoe
nl pulili, I'isoii.sloii at this p irtb ul.ir I for
Hint, ubeii c!v I . 1 1 ii hi Is tn nl.llng In I Hi
the li.ll.Uicc. Thi v orl.I M I Oll't will not
bf Iliad.' UP ot oi -.ini"s, s.i'il Mi liew-s,
lull uracil. 'nl in. n wlm lmie in have a
Judicial m.iiiilni In winking tinier h Hie
time ihe war u on
Dr. Hitthrle .'aid thai Hi. I'liueil States
."III liest serve the u mill Jan now liv I
lining "Judicial tilings," such as l he
Wm Id's Court hnp.-s lo biing nh.nit In In-)
ernulhiii.il illsputes. Jnlin llav s Ham-,
liiunil siitl I lt.it lii.isiiiii.'.i as- liiplnmacy
bus u'lorl t'.illel a" an arbiter of In
teiliatlon.il d I ff e i o in es diplomacy must
be -ucec'lcd l .Ind'. ' ll ..'lint.- John
Wesle.v Hill brought ilio peaking to n
c(ie wltli n talk Hi.it pill Ills lioirers In
rmlllnv Bo.l hi'inor, whereupon lie look
up Hie more serious miller of American
standards of i 'ilreusiiip
It. lui in
' t'ldtnn
'ial at l.-.-t half Hi" luo.I.iois nf
It xtlle nulls h ive lie- n mi'.i-
Hatiut-r nf
the gt at
indte-l.' n
nf lb. ii rim. li- . ii in.l b. Pel I
I Hated than In tin guar inlet
um ii l.v theni i. ..ctiincn1
ht, In, ss men, inn I, 1 1 tl.iug lo i. s
t in metals, " a- ' el oinl
I p.. In
e Plus
cd mil
Itelgian eel . . r
. nppel.
wlll.il wele esscnllal lo Hi. ' i u. 1 1 1 1 ilil. ' ii '
nl one nf 111.' all'.. Il.'glatl Hl.lll-11 1-.
Il.,.i III.- plodll. IL I. i.l plool that these
,ii tiilos lia.l I.e. n iiiip.-i led Tin- In
fill I was nliviniis Hull nuv llelglan
sli.cl.s nf such .lltl- It's wnlllll be se?eil."
Alter explaining :hat If the Hilt'sh
n.ivirnin.-ul nttemi'lcl tn pinvlde nilof
the llelglan Indus', lies. Ill ..pile nf
relief 'nptii i iii . i , ami even iiinli r
the snl'i guards ,on I. it would ic.
mlt In siile.tiinli.il boiiellt to the iler
n.aus, tlie nu in -r i'i-luiii .tciilnucs:
"The 'in man .inioorUii's must In- pie
Minieil fro'i. In. -it sil.-ii. e to have 10
fied to consent t,, the solieme put tor
w.ii.l lo Hi. Holier i 'n i mission. Their
Used pdl-v of linp.iv. shiim Hi mi
ni and ilrlilng the woikuiin 'ntn their
1 . ni,"'n i in. ut nun stands i-.eale.l, Ills
' M.Icsi.v'h t ii.voriinieiit tnu-t 1 1 sx I inn ail
ot sio.siidll toward the lleljlan pi o
ie for Hii ovil.s which the eneni both
I 'i. is cut ill nnd toftiKd in roinnvo."
(i The foil tulng Aus-1
(iillic staieuicnt with rcgnid
'limns In Albanl'i was rerolvetl
i ma to-night .
iptiirf.l IMxrir Slnjak (nine
I of Ihnawil and lite closely
g the hostile lines south.
I f Dura.o, The Albanians
ng with us have occupied
VVe iioriipled JJushlila Peklnye,
g "'ni of Krsad Pasha's gen-
I, alter ro llorder and Are
Driven Unci. Two Killed. '
r ns-r,.-,..'. Feb. :o. - A sharp engage-
Iment between Hreek nnd Hulguiian
patrulH In Ihe region of Lake IVilran. In
vi,.,innlii. is reported from Salonlca
ti.m t4htlnc was caused by th" Hulgnr
I " '.is . . .. .. . I. .1...
Itntuiimnsler Mux Ml III Held,
' , .',, ;
"i r pondent
' It 111
I.- neuter's Amsler
says Unit It has been
i (port
that Adolpho
'ormer Hurgnmuster if HrusselH.
.ui., th., b.inler. the iiesp.noiioa tsi.
Thcv were force-l to retire, leaving two
I mm killed. One Urctk soldl-r wad
I wounded, , ,. .
I ,n audience for Hen, sarrail, the
French icmmnmlcr In chiel In the nisi,
with King Constant I ne of Hieeoe, la re
ported In have been hi ranged- "
tsarrall already has left for Athens, dee
patchea say. Tlie interview is .-.
by i-orreapondents lo mark slgnlflcunt
Has ( (inference Willi Lender",
sill?" lenilll Desialcli,
.ipn til t'alilt tinimtcli (nTiir. its.
Pvilis, l-'cli .'('. Tin l.iiiMiimn im-
tespuuilent o , raiiriiiirini rep. tils
Vienna despatch
Mmgenthau, the
to Turkey, hid
with the chiefs
Hilling 1'i.it lleiii'
A I net it-au Amhiissiidni
lenglh consiiltalliins
f Un i Ii i v cm luetit s n
h i'- n rei.astil by Ilio Hermans and i developments In Ihe relation
"m to Suiizerland Is unfounded. jtirccce (ind (lie Allies).
Hie lVlitf.il Liupiieh and Willi he i i.
KUCnlllllves of sunn liellMM 'lllUllleh
ami Hint he had dt ', oil to would ,c
turn to Rlirope '.It the end of April.
According to the despatch, Vienna
appears to attach significance In Am
I bassudor .Morgciithau's "negotiations."
II il m III il ( iimnilsslnn Wan " Hull,
rioiil Itolllnu ".lock In lledirn.
"Itsefii; ,.',' Ir.l tlft A In Till. !s.
, I,-.mi..s, Feb "0 The i Moss, t enrre.
spoi. dent of Ilio Dulli Wuil telegraphs:
"Tin. Ruin.H'iiin Corn i 'nnunisslon has
t-1 1 to sell to Hcrmany Inn, nun
wagons of grain on the condition that
Hcrmany execute the unfulfilled enntraot
tn supply Rumania with looumullves and
' lallni.id cars."
, -The Huoharest . orreppnnitont of tlie
, funis idegraplis.
i "The lliimanlaii i lovenimont has asked
1 I'ailiniiietit I" pass u law forbidding th
exportation of nit cereals In i suit- Hie
limne neeilx, Ihigland's purcliasc nt'
Mio.noo tons and Herman V purchase nl
l.fiOO.ooo tcia will not be uffciicd by the
law If It Is pissed,"
li. nlu :
avv.i.v tl-.-in ili
Kin. 1 nl Hotel, fl.-
subway and rod. up town t .
of hl broth. I. Joseph .-'chics-
11 All. lull ni av. nil.-. Lincoln
It 111- '- lo s.( WO. Hi I 1. I'- 'll.llt
llici'. an lioui oi a d.i
VI nn rat., i w.i- I- inii.l that he
ail i lie . i.il.i'i- in- bad III his
tonus ,n iipi" i Man' itt hi prior to his
Illicit ill"! tblt ;" p'WIl.il one suit
,.t a .tutislnti n oi i .'il.i.u aviinii,
ii.ii- lt.s.n s.i-t.-., lor . that In had
.aids i-i-i ' i- I bo.ittig .in- tiaine o
.lain, s I. nti oiiel . i'hit Is 111' II. line III Is
lllili"-i d to hat. ll '! ll' .1' Is.
1,111. oh. Weill in III.' farm 111 .lelsei j
ami tin it lilcli ltd' ) to work I .at i
lid . ng ii- ii hud .x.-'cis. is shown
hi Hie tact Hill los girth has I'.etl
gie.ttl' .llni'liisbi il ; Ins I nc s thinner
in. I i.iiic'i In,"'. 'I tw. "alls ,im rough
.ind-i-ctothi.ig win f..i...l in his uiip,
It ua lo.mi.il that wln-i Lincoln
mad. a trp in Soiilii vmbo. X. .1, in
mall .. lo.r in a ncc-papci I"- gave
a clue to the Federal agnits In that
I ... : 1 1 it lotto' In I'm "islicil iiil'.ir'ii itlon
H at I'tl tn hi" t Ip III"'. lie liNn 's
.aid to ii.vo us-d the n tine of iiscar
Ho. bet
Demit VI H sb ll 'I'll I' -.1 ill .Vesldilay
he has leasoii to bell. v.- that Lincoln's
s aii-ni. nt about osi.ip'iig from the
KiinioT'.".. k"l' ll"t.i sal-slat be trip
loluis-c. li" t. 'liner tleputi iii.iish.il
tn on whom Lincoln gnt M'D, s' .,.
hoi-e-. lo tin- stori of the g.-iawai from
I,,, -s ii-siaiii-int In lli-niikl.vii
.I,, isi.ni in I ,'n. olu's c,t .i
ro.t t In wh.'illi I lie -HUM go
bind in s and tn "I for foigei i
l.'ct.ll t" be 'icnil'll il'"!'! llfdlll
I'liltc.l S.at.s -ni n .in, Curt i
A Hrooklyn d l cl'v i .ifelici s.-ud i os.
Krd.i that .me "I' is ui' ii bad to tied
Lincoln on Fchru.ii.i I ivlnn ,n was liv
ing Uliiler an asstlilinl naiui nt UM I'.ast
Fourteenth strrn' and. .leslilng tu make
some iiioni, of. 'oil to 'land over Lin
coin to III"' Department nf Justice Tlie
'agency was nff. r. 1 tl'1" 'or tlie Inforuia
Hon. Then the he .1 "f tin ng lie wtiil
to the H'ltlsh Cnsillale. tl.-n i.i inl I lie
lloiiii. but was told thai Hie lirulsli
t inv i l i mcl't wnlllll ot p.l $.'"" fur
I, u. n'n "dcail nr llllct
s I ( iiiiniHiiii Ciininiiiiiiler In-
tureil W 1 1 ti I ll n Weel.,
i irrvw.i i hit . Fob " Wnril was re.
iv.nl tonight Hull llrlg -Hill l.eckle of
,ii . i nmmi.i'.l'l' nf ilio Sei'iinil
Cauioliao llrlg'ide. wa- iniundeil n I lie
I'ulliuig mill- Vpit" es, lil.lj
Till inalii'N ihe coo ml Cilia. II in Hrig.
atllt i-Hi'ti"iii hi be wuuii.ltil within a
week, luillontlng that the lighting. Is of a
1 In nvy character.
.tint men their tlti-il destiny
They bewailed their III luck and en
treated special favor 011 the Part of the
Hot eminent to allow Hu m a few dajs
of grace, for then liny would be able
lo go over tn Atm-iiea, the land of liberty
and fue.l- oi. chore tlierc would be nu
more embarrassing Interference, no
111011 ..ppiessioti. tin more danger to be
tleliviretl 10 Hie cruel oxoeuHoiiers, The
iiithoi 'M, s. however, were as haul as
ron in their attitude. They replied It
w-.-ild onipromlse the prestige of the
1.. .-h.mee Ibe oril' r otic-
i.-u.-i. which is .ihsoltit.' and irrevocable.
II the Indians should not act III strict
, .-,1 t ti nb-r I"'- pol.. e would
b. nailv mi use fore ami take them
on hoard th" steamer w.th lions nn the'r
ivr's!.- I leu upon a x intent storm of
..plHi.it. un was amused throughout the
.l.....iie-c public. leading papers of
Tot '.. one and all attacked Ibe Htivern
on nt im staining tlie hatinn.il honor bv
tb. ll .li-i.giiiil of th- -.H It of Htlshldo.
V gioiip ot Tokio .ie,.s,,oi t.l i us o
vleil the two utifnrtuiiatc exit- s tn 11
b.ii,.ii.i 11 1 - l i'l'i'l-ia'. Hoi I d 0 -I'll
Rom if tin- wire le.nly to make an
. ,th -11 the loiiot ot a gentloin.ii nit
Ihev never noted for th" b. tl. lit of the
Herman interests.
T '. a. le 11,1, til . .1 ' - " -'! 0 '
tlou of bniniiig s.vni.alb and solemniy
.wore in the name of Hod Iliat they were
pure ami -Imple Indian rcvohltinnisis.
sad. 1 intent upon f li--ving Hn-lr inotln r
land' fiom the op siVc nke ef lb"
Hrltisli Hove'iuuent. that they liave not.
n nl done .111 Hilng to Injure the
Japanese Inti tests, but Impllcitlv relit .1
nn tin- clilvalinils .,rlt of 1I1.. lmpetlnl
1 iovei iilii.ul nl .lap.n In tak" Hum
Ulidel plolec'l.ili Inl'.owmg III. llsagis
..I" Hie ireriiallniial l..w wh .Ii places the
sti-'.ilii-.l political crime niilsnle Hie ap
pli.atlon nl Ihe extradition treaty that.
1111. louver, do not exist between RiiBland
and -l.ipaii
Having scoured 'heit oaths, the gnmp
nf the ttlitnls Weill to Ihe t Inllio I '-p.n l
incut 1111. 1 Hi. .Moll. .... III. ill Police 1 Utl. e
in obtain then- permission lor .1 few
da" il. I: Th"' ailihor.tio.s u rc as
inti-'Xibi. .I- iv.r, '..nt. mi. ling Unit the
w.e III pns.es-.mn of posittvi t V lllellt t -
Hint Hie two Hull. ins -ntn! as Herman
;Sp. keeping secret . Illll . I 111 1 1 ll. II t lull Willi
certain ibrtn.,11 nilicials slalng 111 some
llilid I'nw.r.
m. ilio .I nn Itnpoitant figure In tin sin-.
cisslM- pot I Hi ,H agitation" of Shi- .011:1-
tr. In the past the Henroes I ..Iln-r
bt.reaucratl. slat.-suieu more ili." .1 e
rellnl nn Ills powt-rtul "tipiorl when tne
situations p'rmltli.l mliher the u-c of
public force nor other legal mean- Il.
wiirm friendship -ind Infinite broad nliul.
e.lness, is il.irlng ntrvt -iml ilit-i-nl-tint"
mind have enahtnl hit- to t. .. -..
the lord of a croUt of men who w.iild
willingly obi y his command .-mil s:i -r'H. e
themselves tn the greater li.tfr.sis ot the
ll.lllfitl. in d. flaee ot th ',.! I. g.il e. g.
U1. ll oil" ,,r IM. 1 11, if. .11. ii ohilgfitini-s
'i hi. h some im. s 111 .k. an .itii.trc'itl.i
merciless ,i'i.l old Id ltd poll t .1 i.t-
tioiinl iiectsiiy laud a mi;- .1. pl-.r.tble
II lty it i-l.
ll lias It. en t "i is- To.i.una win. Ii. ve
privately and publicly siipportetl Sun
Yat-sen and utile Cnuit.e rai.tliitmii.st
It .ob who arc now rt'kl-sg sln ltt r ill
Jap in. .ind aga'-i It seen,,, to be tins
Ti'i .ili'il "ill" In.'', up Ml. -largo nils l.isl,
el .rote '1 -if t ic e',i'. - 1. I f-.
III. persi I' ,11, .i t,i, .1 i. 1 1
nient. li oh. It Is i g'o'.l .' j ici the
precepts of llu-hld i to th. . i-. . ' '.e
Hrit sh - tm-t
Tlllrleeil ("(
. ell i 'I' i
Pints. I'e. .
oti I ot
10. . .."'. W "I'l ll
t.ln- st. aiiiship
"It i.tsit were s
.lull I i-rni. for Pearl
nu llocliiiniliciiu.
In .ii.Hi I. In Tl't J-LX
" lini-ii cp per- ins con-
re s- nt
r il -t t
I foin
ii i ho inert or
. .ii s f .-oui th( French
. i iiuceati on October
n. ed at Rnr.le.iux- to
" .lefciul.tii'. ricetved
e.l s
t 1.
T it- pi
was -lis
, I'Hi' 'I ti
t mill. I.
p,,-'is lit I g
SO.I.l'llill.' tit'
Jt w cl- ind Oi
I ..ii ll'.!.'.-.
w.ii. I n : ,.g- i
w n-iiPu ng. ii
t.it- i i i sor's -i
. i.nt.t'i'.-il in.
. . -.ii t '.
sl..' ... Il l
I.., I, l.ll '
- .mug ..'
i ...ii the :- ;
p- ,ti ts and
II s Uppi d h.N
i lie ves.el
it.mtt.-r 3
, r i loose
T'lf parcel
.cn oilier
p. Amerl-
I -
t 't"iiiaio . flirt 's f 01 -
for .leu tl tis i ml for
oi Jt in lit r- nit) oi ter fo--hot
. T " lux 'i '.Id. hud
n-.i'is i. -.s tu in i nvor to
- iii:,i,i t". ,.ri N'.tv tuber
,il .i.tis ot so . b
-o. Vllllin
, Ii . ...
I ' l-
V Icllnis.
Ti. -it
It. ..I hsi
i i - -l nt tho
vi '
'oadwav at J-th Sir
- W ill
.. Hi".-.
Is ex
b the
VI s.'lloll llesi'lle.
ti,, tie ,-linr h-iiitl tin Icidots ol tiic
tii.,i .1 ion p.n li. s, liiukai nl tb.' I'"l, ll
ii. nil., pa't.'. Mr Tokouanu nl' the S.iii-I
kai Mi- To. una and ni iu others
, O.'lie.l ,t in got 1 II ton Willi Ilio Depart
i ,-nt nl tin Fine .'ti Minns, asking
.Minister Ishliloltki a ui-it -v mpatlielic
Men f the sitiitll-tn and not to oolli
ii.it an iici ol uti le, ss.ii) trti lti lty di.
hv ring t le.n in i It I Iriitsli. whit an
I ...Illy t,i c.oil. Inclil .is ...ll as Hie
learners airlietl at Slianghai nr Hong,
knng. Tu tills tho Foreign Minister lo
pped that ""' twn liull.ins were '.
vulvliig a sc ions Iniiigtie against I'-e
i lovei iiint in of out all, whose interests
mil. I Po Idclitlthd wltli those ol .lnp.it,
In is. If. and lh.it ho approorati tl none
tl,. , ss Hloy did tint .lltllll. In til
notll llljllle Hie ll.ll'iill.ll OMStelne if
.l.ll'.lll. ,
III the altenioon of Is-ninher I Htipti
i.i lis pillule reslddic' In Sii.i-ok.iue
Saul oclin, Tiikio, In all iiulomolill -.
ciM.-d on his rrl'inl Thakur, living in
As.ibu ICogalclio, m the same cliv, and
llioii Hie two together el'-eded tu the'
mansion of Mr. Tuyamii. The detectives '
followed them on their liools After the
had entered Tovama'r tesldeut'o tlie tie.'
tectlves ttiejvhoned the fact to tin Cen
tral Metinpolltan Police IMlli-t, whioli
thereupon sent a large roeiiforoomont lo
surrmmd the place, as the prestige nr the
police nutlnrllles must lie coiuprulnlsod
ir Hie Indian" successfully slipped out of
t'leir hands
Vigilant watch bad l'en lupt .luting
tne 'iliole tr ting iilg-'it. Next morning
in . o'clock, the apiHilnleil moment for
the Indians In leave, the detective..,
knocking on the dour of the house, de
manded To.iam.i to tlellvi-i ilin men in
stantly 'I'.o nlil.i, with li c.vnlcal smile
'wti.lo stn. Itig lila white hoard, asked
Hie ileti'i Huh whom they wanted lu have
it liven il, hen Hie anuiilv teferied
, ,n tin IiiiIiiiiik ToMiniii I -1 u 1 1 1 1 i . .1 1 . I
' "Tlie I-fl last uislil. I don't menu lo
ontieea I Ii .'ii. If .v on cannot believe inn
ve.ir.-li evoi nook and enrner of my
bouse In inn- heuH's itinletil."
The detectives toei, open moulhrd
Concluding today at 6 P. ..
The Sale of Saks
Mixture Suits
i $21
Former prices S2S i -S'M
IVesent values $2S to !5:r
Mighty liberal ri'ductiuns. hvi niurc lib
eral still when i'(in.-i(UM'c(l in conjunction
with tho present unpiecefK utcii .-careity
and cost of line woo'ens. These Suits
are of the liner woolens vaiiety. and we
are hittiny; the tariret clean and true
when we tell you that these same grades
of Suits are jroinir to eost more next
Fall. Thus, the man who buys his next
Kali's Suits in this sale leaps a splendid
advantage now and has a further advan
tage in store.
(A xinitll rhtt'iit "' "'((''"'".'
I i i.iirtl.uidt V', .'... t i-.ii s:tr..et
Kourlli Avenue, cor. J 'Hi sin-ei. niiiiokl v
' Kltlrldse Hlroel cor lie, iiutoii n Hiiilih -i ,., u ,,'ir.i ,11 -i
Sevontli Ave., bet, sth nml l"ili " tirthuo V " I n h i ni.e -It
Uzlngton Ave., ror I'Jilli "tr-o, I'tik- t v I... k.m
lira ml hi reel, cor. ( linion Mic.-t mi i'i I (INI ill ii..li us
Fsat "id St.. I'd. M-tlnglim .X. II to- inVt- HPPMIl MIMILS
! i;t IMistun 1,1.. u Lssexs; 2 iMi I lllii. I'ltdM DA Hi

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