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Snterod 4 th Poel Officii t New York a
Seoond Claaa U4I Matter.
Suberriptlooa by Mail, VaatpaM.
gAILV, Per Month 2
AJLY. Per x.ear
BUNDAT. Per Mnth. ...... ........ SJ
SUNDAY (to Canada), Par Month.... 80
HUNDAT. Per Year flj
DAJL.Y AND M'NDAT, Pit TtU...! 6
DAILY AND fcUNDAY, rer Month... 78
Furcion rUTIS.
DA1LT, Par Month 1
SUNDAY, Per M on Ih . M
DAILY AND SUNDAY, Tor Month ,. 1 00
clear, cold water, while scrawled on
the wall. In both French nnd Turkish,
was the direction, 'For the Wounded.' "
Tho British-Indians, ns the Turks
probably know, had been out of water
for hours tinder n blazing sun.
F snve other Instances of Turk
ish forbearance and humanity. One
bad It humorous bide. While a
llrltlsh-Indlan contingent wn under
fire In a garden nt Ezra's: Tomb a
t-ouple of hives were knocked off a
wall, and the bees, Issuing In cloud.,
stung the Infidel In every exposed
place and would have driven them
from the position If a "little pink
cheeked, bnrefooled nngel of a Jew-
the bvxnino sun. per . Monti M Isb lrl, evidently the 'shepherd of
THE EVfcMNU su.N, rer year ..... a no
TMB EVEN1NO SUN ( Foreign, I'rr Mo. 1 U3
All check, money or J era. A-., to be
mid parable to Tn Srs
the bees,'" had not run out from
olcnt foe the people of the Atlantic
seaboard might retire behind the ram
parts of tho Allrghnnlea nnd thoso of
the 1'nrltlc seek the fastnesses of the
llochlcs. Why preparedness? We do
not laugh, tillhotiKh Mr. Conm:ma
has been stiperlntemlent of schools In
Thomas and Is owner and editor of
the Colby I'trc Pre. To blm and his
neighbors navies menu nothing but
appropriations that should be ex
pended upon Irrigation, thn extermi
nation of grasshoppers, nnd Federal
buildings for the neglected Interior.
And only In degree Is Mr. Connelly
less lanorant nnd old of understand
ing than members of Congress from
lnricer plnces than Colby who see no
necessity for national defence. We
somewhere, set up the fallen hives 1 bespeak for him sympathy nnd In
nnd herded the enraged bees Into
them. The "rnspeaknble" Turks
saw the enemy running about helter
skelter before the stinging Insects,
PnbUehed dJ!r. Including Sunday, by the
Bun Printing and PublUhlng Association at
HO N tin J etreet. la th Itorourh of Man-
SSrrwYufam 6.t,TO.KS i but suspended their fire lest a stray
VIM-PrMldent. Edward V. Mtlohll. ISO 1 1.,,,,-, it. t,l tha ".hAnhorH nt tha
bees." We thluk that the gallant
Nmtu atreet. Scret.vry. i" V. tixtnn. 160
Namau ttreot
London ofnte. ElT.c.1.vni Houte. 1 Aran
dl atreot, strand . .
Pari office. Hue de It Mlchodlerev oR
Hue du Quatre Stpten-.bre
Wnalnf.on office. Hlbbe Building
Brooklyn office, jo idvlagaton rt.
one frt""i irho Alt or n triA manu.
tcripti and tll'tn'rn'tom tor riublicnttp iff
ro hat relectnf nrtlclri rtturntd thtv mul
la all eattt ttni .Mmi. for IA.it purjajie.
The Call to the Majority.
The call of the "Uou. Claupe
EiTCHiN, majority leader of the
House," to the Democratic Represen
tatives to be on the floor and attend to
the public business was no doubt nn
dulcence. He mny yet lenrn the
truth nnd vote right.
The Big Man In City Hall Park.
To tho tall, strong looking gentle
man whose unheralded appearance In
through tho decisions of men claim
ing divine right to rulo the destinies
of nations has come gradually to the
minds of millions of Europeans of all
nationalities, and there nre growing
Indications thai when tho war ends
men who hnvo been out for u year or
more killing their neighbors across
the border tuny have something pro
testing to siiy to the governmental
powers Hint forced them into this
savage occupation.
History Illustrates this fact thut
war and democracy are Inherently
antagonistic. The nntldote to mili
tarism must be Increasing nnd over
Increasing doses of democracy to tho
body politic. The reaction against
German slaughter as a method of set
tling International quarrels will be
an overwhelming force In Europe
presently, and Its effects bid fnlr to bo
sweeplngly Iconoclastic. It will In all
probability destroy n part If not all
Is America to a tin oM and Lose
tts Honl?
To Titr tSiiTOR or Tin: sr.v Rr. It
1.4 nn almost universally accepted opin
ion that this country will "!' t,r,,u
by the war. tint there are not lucking
hIkiis which hint that thn contrary may
1... Hit ..l.li. truth, that wo Will
Desire for Selllsh Ease Has Wrecked
the Wilson Administration.
To tmi: Fnnon or Tin: Siw-.-S'tr.' Per
mit inn to eotigtnltilnto The Sl'N upon
Its editorial nrtlcln "War and IViice."
It was imistcrly, logical, crisp, and It
went strident In lt target It left no
doubt as to Urn Htaud of tho Iti publlcuu
Iwtio. proved clentlv that It w4 pence, i ,i.,n i, , Pp.,tMt lo.crH
not war, and that Mr WIIhoiiV policies pj, lowa of the Kuropcatt lighters
nro the war pnllclen Voiir detrtii'tloii . nre heavy Indeed. Men In their prime
of th! Wuihl'n Hilly urxtinx'tit. If to' ,,ri", wjMi (,ut by hundreds of thoiM.inds.
baseless, contradl.'tnry nnd olilldlMi n ivhtt srmv nnd srow tlkn nlBhtmares,
chume can b culled iiriniment, iim oiilyjmt iddcously real. The, productivity of
an Incident The H'nrM'a denperato ' (nn tlfchtlrtar nations Is Impaired In many
ftrtttjKle to llnd a straw to ellnc to Is the. ,rnne.lieH of Industry. Theso nro tho
bet evldeneo of the In.ihlllty of Mr. J nHVP!l f tnc nations flKhtlnir. physloal
Wilson's followers to llnd nay defotive1 ((,i terrlllc, vlslbln, measurable,
for his Hcts. The nvuhinchc. of tincon-, ,,.oply Imprenslve.
tradlctnhlo facta iroe hi conclusively ononr- Hide nppears nothlne but phy sl
it r. Hoot's chnrBea that to defend the r(t Kllla,t ,, expansion of tndtistrlal
present Administration one must belni.(vty Htinmiir in Its proportions, an
classed h a disloyal vltUen. The Warht' ,nv 0f rold unprecedented, no losses
excuao is that Mr. Wllnon did nil 1'iei-e ' that are not compensated by hundred
(llnhonorablo thlncs for pence, hence. fnj Kntw of a miterlnl nature. io far
thoso who opposn his nets mtit bo (ht, h;,nrp H wholly In our favor,
desirous for war i tul t, ndd of losses and nalnn
tn fact. In sour able nrtlele you Rlve',hn. ,.h..i..nt. iniitetinl: In the.
proof that Mr WllsonV attack on Vera immensiiraMi. 'tield of the spirit, tho
viAj til,. ,lt, ,i w ftirtl . . i ... . ..l,u ne untf.
of those pernicious survivals from an t,, flrst war our nation has entered' H',"rince, loTllV. devotion to Ideals nnd
unenlightened past that block the, upon In the twentieth centni. and the (n ,,,. w,at n,ahe the nations of
way In many European countries to wnrfllljkan1?1 ,mf ,"nli'1'. TO"M to-morrow, of the immediate -morr"w-
now gone over to tho majority, ! c,t-v IIn" Pnrk has Riven n momen-; the reglsterlnK of tho people's wlll.w(m hUh wltn ,,,poll ,.iniN ,) up- lt'r r,p t bankruptcy, tMropo that in
proved that tho Turkish soldiers are,,arlI' Increased est to life for the That a repuhllcnn pnrty has eprung r'.TT.-WiUJt u'tw'f l''miir rl''1' "ml M
not always ns black ns they have been 1 rregulnr army thHt dally marches to life In Germany Is not strange. H!
derers ues all the va-t resources of the .-..Jj"'.'- W,
n..i,. t i. Him.tt tr. M,i.,t, of' and countormarches ncnis the rdnza I "its Innitnb1e, and in:rhap4 thern are , country to punish a weaker man for .i ,'.,. ,
over which for mnnv eart we have ' other nntlon ncross tin1 water ies- woun.i to im personal vai m. .-ir . u- , "hyphenated citizenship" cnieiiy one
enjojed an outlook never dull, we ev-' lined to ultness Hke movement j .."..'jri lof'nS .XVuch
lend n cordial greeting and sincere within their bonier. ; nation's honor did not appeil 1 sentlm'-nu ns we allow to bo uttered
the butchers of the Armenlons ns
hnvlng any redeeming nnnlltles.
HrutnlUcd by rarlnl hate nntl bigotry
the Turk is a repulsive figure. Hut
In battle with a civilized foo bo enn
tlNplny military virtues of a high
stronir nnd powerful.
e have been (rrowtnc
iiKi.i" im.lre ant leanersatp.
mie astonished and frlshtenid
What manner of man Is till" who, the . name Into tho reKlon of trreat
repori 11 i:i'J f.i.'
The Plan Wanlrf tllve the Country a
Heal Citizen Army.
To rut: KniTott ov Tin: St'N -S f t
have read the summarized views of the
experts, us you call them, printed on the
nrst p.ibc of THE HUN of February 13,
In relation to the shortcomings of the
mllltl.1. I itather from the views
therein set forth that these Rftntlemen
have In mind the militia of olden
days. Evidently they arc not banlns
their expert opinion on the uso of the
mllltla or National Utiard proponed to
Congress by the National Guard of the
United States through the executive
committee of the National Guard Asso
ciation. If so, then their conclusions
nro wror.jf.
No guardsman of Ion years of ex
perletrcn will dehato the nuentton of past
Inefficiency and defects In certain Htates
of the Union. Tho Nntlonal Guard Is
fully nllvo to past failures, but, mark
you, thi National (luard of the United
Htates has unceasingly naked t'ontrress
for the past twelve years to do those
things which In an enlarged ttense It Is
now asking and which the committees.
of Congress now nte constrained to do
under the force of public opinion. It l
acknowledged, f am Informed, that the
military committees of Congress frankly
admit that tho only sensible plan of
fered to Congress for the creation of a
cltlren army has come from the National
Ouard. Let It be borne In mind that
the very sensible plan now offered to
Congress Is only the perfection of plans
which the officers of the Ouard hae
been urging for the past decade.
A good many wxnlled experta are
trying to rntifuse the situation, It !
therefore not surprising that when
within the past ten days thern was pre
sented to the committee of Congress
Dozo.n Measures lo lie lnirr,.
(Illrptl in Semite o Smp
X. Y. 912,000.000.
The Colonel and Ills Old Friend.
WlOlOU C,IP I, flltilt-,, ll.nl LK..ll ..1
O.nrt,.,,.,. .,.,,1... I""'rr ' , W 1, .'1 o the lerm..P '',K' '' 'rP.,rH' ""i'l.nl " .J I Xslntlon of the t't.lted State
l"v-".,-.. iiiiu IIII.iiiu'I i(,.
i.i... ,i....i.i .. ... .. . After i
i. iii.-i noon., or i-iivy t rocK- Whlt Houso for tho American bird,
ett, nnd fondly traced In bis llgmms
outline a coon.;ln cap. nn old fnh- tn becoming a party to the agree
' i'1 " ; or n .ison to our taiiiiiiK. wiiiih iim: ni" , , . .
.iier nil, ineru is not room in tne tjovernineiit, thn violator of the law or ,ir,.,ifui u-rlm ilolmr the human race
nations and the murderer of American
citizens on the high seas:
Recalling the litiaune and enlightened
attltudo hitherto iL-xuined by the !frmn
has ever enacted has tried out Kuropo
to tho naked soul. We. ofter a year
nnd a half uf war In which practically
nil the rest of tho civilized world Is
loned flintlock nnd -po4 of the eline. ' tnent of Great Hrltaln and her nilles
The discovery of tho trusted friend Hut Mlhouettes nre deceptive, mid we ,u r,lori' i.cikiiim ma not jnpan , r(;h h)() parl,ru,srly with r,Kr, to,01,clt ,,, rm for the future or stand
floverntnent nn inntteri .f lntrn,ttlnn-il involved don't even know whether we
who carried to Mr. Hoot a message nre now Informed that be l Mr.
Inspiration of the President, but can from Colonel Hooskvtxt pledging the MacMonmeVs first tentative atluin
they be censured for not gettttig to- f ex-l'resldent's support If the ex-Sena- brntlon of u "tllnulc," not merely
getber to translate his policies Into, tor should be nominated for Presl-' heroic, Civic Virtue. The cup be
legUlntlon ulicn the Presidential dent by the Republican convention nt1 comes a helmet, the flintlock u great
l .,Ktnn .1 o ,i i.. i i l ' ...1 .. i.. ..... lUlletl IO ItlllO
uauu is ruujix, iiin.iuiiiiuii.1 t,uv, i. iiilo' l" lr.TllllllK muic llliu iiu'll- s-..',., ,iv i,ni inn iiiiii.iiii,'u ii II, I I ItOOT It WHS because t ho UOU
evrg to reiersnis ; .iir. imiciiit i-nii
take orders nnd give orders but can
he mobilize his followers lu support
of any Important measure! He him
aelf Is nn insurrecto in spirit. When
Mr HcNiir Allcn of Kansas City,
ilesi'rlbcd as "the nolcd Kans.ia dllor
and politician," saya that "when tho
Hepuhllcan convniMon lu New York
fulled lo Indorse the candidacy ct
dltlicult, In fact a test of political rendy lor ue. and the my-terloux ob- .Jlt!on tjt,.v,.,i timt ho was not
telepathy. The Colonel's tribute to Mr. Ject In the lelt hand a net. ' young cnoutth and not na experienced
Hoot's superlative Illness to admin- Is there mi) M'"t f earth tiiually Mr. Hoosmixt' if Mr. Aixkn win
Ister the affairs of the nutlon-a finer' limited In nren Hint so appeal" to the ' ac:l" lhV ,-'u" fur iclegat..4 ut large
. . , . . - , ... proposiHl by the convention there Will
freeduru uf the fa. hnvlng le.irnl to i ,iri.niele.i to our fate. Wo haven t
recegnlae the (ler'nan viw iiti l the tier- ( made up our minds as to what
man Inlbi-n In b a- d n? Internatlotial ought to be done. More "hyphenates"
obllgatlonii npisys engared upen the i ttian those of (Jerm.in blood have fallen
tide of Jintlre nd hiimanii, away ftom this Oo eminent In disgust
Is there any man who will contend ' at futility phrased as "watchful Malt
that them expression" of Mr. Wilson ; Ing" and the like. The loyalty of no
were slnceto hi the f ice of the evldeivn1 American has Increased under the blight
uncontradicted by Ctermany of Uf, ruth-, of Vilsonlm
less violation or IScIgium'o neutrality I Wealth has never ict-tcd permanently
and the evidence of violation of h.nor, lit' soft hands. "Vour gold belongs to
justice and humanity and disregard of him wttli the rtrongost Iron," Cnesus
International law shown in the murder I was told And so It has alwa been
nf M. ntr.il Atnerl vims? IVie the tl'iirdf and will nlwaye be. Whether the
eillOgium was never prononncM by lover Of buy limtlklnd as our Ity , , ; f nnivlni- to the lion, i believe that this humiliating nnd sick- .trnnger Iron is of the ewnrd or In the
the present Speaker was leader of the I one man iion another has been Hnll Park? Henm v It has. tluitmli Wii.uvm IUiinkh to learn that Hastening methoii of defending a nation's, spirit nnd character, he who has it al
minority he aecomplN.ed the task cited to loud plausibility to (he story rather lu sugcestlvo outline than In Oolonei'a friends were not m control. ! mX il"Hu nmZ 2 ' T leeTbolmd tn choose not to bear
that Mr. Klicni.v finds so difficult ' that the IilCs-aKe vas carried. Hut the renlled presepoo, wherein It re- i - - ' ,.rhihitionn ,,f weiUneif. make form i lrnn In our hand", not even lor defence.
with a numerical majority behind the messencer cannot be found. r he omhIe the gentlemnti who now1 " 'he Hon. Jamcs Hamilton I.kwis , the hves ef men? Would any nlf- Nothing indicates that we have equipped n, rVery militiaman J'jlns the Ouard
federalizing within reasonable bounds
the mllltla of the United States tlut
plan appealed to Congresei. The Ideas
thus presented and fathered by the offi
cers of the National (Itfard have lu mind
n mllltla syistem under 1'eilera.I control,
and still a State force for State pur
puses, which will give the United States
a citizen army capable of being used In
a constitutional sense, and provide u
citizen nrtny whrch will offset the neces
sity of a large stnndltig army,
A gteat many spurious and nonsensi
cal reason have been utilized In trying
to fix the fact that the National Ouard
of the several States li composed of forty-eight
different units and under a aep
nnite control of forty-eight frovcrnors.
All this s besldn the lesue, Hix-ause a
militiaman lives In New York. Pennsyl
vania. Ohio. Indiana or California doeet
not lessen his patlona.1 character, and he
hns ultvuys been led to liellcve, and still
believes, that State lines do not en
compass and define his patriotism as
being any less national In character;
him, even when the Hon. Champ
Clash comes down from the Speak
er's chair to rally'the disaffected.
Those old war horses Minority
st.ni.ls r.mr.l ,nr .bo ,lrv .v.nic.1 persist m tne ueiunon mat lie is ny respecting man .tu.ire.t ..
I rl,rl, ,.r,H ..l..,.,..,i fl... lTf,Mlfltit'. Ell It V Of h S ll 1 11 B itl T S (1 1 SllOMOr UOeM .NltlllUO.l iltnl Stre
, fountain. When he takes pi'nnnnent i ,,.,,, , ,h .., w .,n i,.rt, any self-n-Miectlitg man indorse sinli that so ewiftly w
!form In hard stone, wo trust the .ooner or later how the Hon. Wuxum , ejiwardlce and his.or.sy : . ne ..-hi oi mo w urong
nark may have regained Its pristine , .Torx Stone came by his title of "Gum- -.,.,,..,, ..rueiv bv the sain.- crde. ' men of better Ir
will not come forward.
General Leonard Wood Is naturally
surprised that any one should suspect
him. He l "promoting" prepared
Leader Mann and Uncle .lou will be ness. but is not In politics: and since loveliness, now marred by the tin-; shoe" hiu,
highly amused nt Mr. Kiiciiin's re- tno pinttsburg reprimnnd It Is cruel gnlnly mass of the Federal bulldlns. , "
minder that "we hnve but a small ma-1 to attempt to compromise him. .hit-1 The City Hull bus dignity ami not a , "j'"wi tor
Jorlty, and the Hepubllcans arc on . MV fiARKir.t n Is discreetly mute. The. little urnce wheu the Kind blasters . mini New Year s dinner to the animals
the, alert nt nil Omen." That the ma- ttn nn..n T t.?rs. ,L.ln the hum i.ni nel. i-i,hbe,t num. tlu In the Home of Itest for Horses. Crick-
At, RANT. Feb. 50. Senator '"i. n
Hrown, chairman nf the rpeel,i Ut i
tlve cnmmltlee wlilch lmet'cit, ) t r
flnancen of New Vork elty, wl" r - i ,
th's week In tho t-'enate the 0"' Y -Intended
to carry nut th ri nmri''r i
lions of tho committee and i-t" 'sl i
rmull lu h saving of $r.',pift i ,
tax levy of the elty next yr.ir
Included In tho reforms to t,
ate a "pay iim you go p ! . m .
referendum to the people i.r t.
themielves on the question f . .
the State or tbu city shall IW f,
of city etnploei;s, In lul' i;
As suggested lu the r pnr nf i . n
inltter the measures are ipv m. ,i
claspek, one vesting In ih- i.
mediate control of lt Vs.ii i
the other an nssiimplloii In t n
expelijeti not properly el vg, . . ',
city. In the llrst class c, i
eluded these .
The constitutional aniendtuni -n .
county bills affecting Mie r n- t
!iTalrH or government "i t . - ,.
counties Included lu thi , . . i
und requiring their suli ts. , , ,,
Mayor for approval alter 1 1-.
Vmy mn Ymi t.o loll,,i
A bill enacting th "p,i s
liolloy" Into law This ie i, i
whlcli was adopted by the pi -'
nilnlstratloii or the ,'ltv al t' ' ,
the bankers who atrangul
dred iiilllloii dollar loan U, '" ,1 I nro
vldea that .ill piibh linpti ,'i ,. ,
self-supporting shall I"' P' d t - ' 11
current revenues unle-h tn. I,l
shall otherwise specially pro
A bill changing the '. f i
lection of taxes 'from Miv .i-.-l
to J.inu.ny and Job T . - v '
It Is claimed, In a l.itge n e s
terest charges pending tin t,. i,
Two hills providing lot !'
the votets of the itv tinmi, m'f "
Izlmg the local authorit '
fix the salaries of M
brute our eharaeteri with the stern metal of I ...m, the'rteslre or nltlmntelv. If noeos
ngtn inose ncn-r-fKy demntsts. being a soldier of the
Inged from Kumpe ; t;non.
Imixcs can as swiftly With Peder.it nav tustK- fleslred. with emnlovees. except bid ci.il
Into the coffers of the rnnper.itlon and Federal control when ofllcerH and employees, c vpt
on. made and 111 the n,, times demand It nnd w ith eonnera. '. Judicial ollleers. and of n I .
There Is no double standard nf right, making, on the b tttlefleldx nnd tn the flon ,in, instruction hy ottlcers of the.pens( The effect o' t' - if
There Is no evading ilut.v .Mr ltooi trenenea or i-.urope. - n.u goui gone, regular army, the federalized National I If ailopten, win ! to esi i
has pointed out the otilv tviad to he tol- what have we of prnllt from the war
lowed and has thrown .1 siatciiiigtu ( left ARTtlfn Moor.B,
upon Mr, Wilson s avoidance nf it. , Or.l.K.vw!e!!. Conn.. February 19.
To defend .Mr. vvileoti is to insuu tne ,
On ird. with a proper amendment to the
Constitution giving the power to the
President to send It anywhere It may
te desired to send It, will give the
t'nlted State a real citizen army that
- hmnrti. nn iiim it eii. navine iteen an. intt'inucnro anu ii,or.i ny in li e .mcri
Jorltj- Is alert at no time has beenjft Impeachment, but is particular mellow tone of time. Hut the dls- ltim.ll(. of ,i. institution since u3. can p.opie Mr. w .is,,,,, m perfect ac HAMLETS "TO BE OR NO T." ) can be increased to t.re extent that .-on-painfully
evident to Mr. Wilson, who i0 K(,v that there mnv hnvo been a tlnctlve charm of our park Is Its set-1 London rim", curd with his i ullar ale is of right,, I dltlons warrant. It Is n good deal bet-
hlmself must have reminded his frnc-1 niessage and that tho other Presl-1 ting In the tnidsi of the busiest life In ) It is a pathetic reflection that Max
tlous lieutenant In the Hou.e that, to! ,iPnts hon ns possibly the conlldnnt. j the world, and lt perfect openness 11 r' ol' 1,n" tol11'iI "Hy"
quote from the call. "this, as you it Is not astonishing that' the Colonel's , to the people. Where else, can twoj,,"1,, ),rrouRtitfced.'and for'yirs be"
know, is a Presidential xear." Are friends sidestep the dancer of pro-pnmlns on one pair of roller skates fore he ceasisl to' be nn Institution
3Ir. Wilson's political fortunes to be( yoking him to disclaimer. If neither scoot between the legs of gentlemen htniseif he could not have, enjoyed the
Imperilled by disunion nnd cross pur- Colonel nor Mr. Hoot will speak,, weighted with the responsibility of New Year's dinner.
poses? The apprehension gives him , conjecture therefore seems Idle.
goosenesh. In the worth ot well or
directing live inlllioii persons' destiny. ..... .
I 1 i If at... I.1,, MnrtA V. I A Vilnliee than
Piider the circumstances the Pro- and the Sons of Host refresh them-1 , ',' " "iV" , ' . Ta-i L. ..nAre
tjeorgia, tne iemocrauc winp. no- gre-slves could not tie e.sviel to Keep solves In the sillililne lioodetl uoor-! (jreat Hrltaln and her nlllea are Jnstl
members must keep to their knitting,
or all may be lost.
in Missouri in an endeavor to prove eiiinlng. His history bus been'full nf l",tl1''
Junction to himself. Let him prove tMt th0J. imN(, ,, first mortgage on vicissitudes, dlthYtiltles mid delays.
W capacity for leadership by getting ,,Pir old leader. To "My deur Mr. without withholding fin Iota of the
tlie Democrats of the Houe Into line j.-KAB the Colonel writes In the mid- respectful admiration due to Mr.
for a practical measure of national de- of peCember last t say that he Wkinman'p civic Fume nioiinteil mi
fence that will pass muster with the hl mvl so nus. ..for MP llst fevvl(n,. loftiest pinnacle of the Municipal
of Aldermen on reinmmn"la' 1
Hoird of Kstlmale al 1 A -it
power to fix the salaries of te ,
It Is III rirpeel tn tl f i
propos'tloo tti.it the nm. t
traverse will arise.
A bill to turn the Sheriff
Issued his neutrality niess.1K in which virs Annronrlato lo Hip ShaUesneare ter that thla country shall have this , ' orK 'Ount into nn
I... lr .v..rlP,l Hi,, llulil ,,,,il .Intv of l,l..j.e ....... .h-i -I...II These HlllOUIlt IO al'OIII f
. ri.ri.i,nfimir. f elnhpullnn 1 " iiimi ""v .,... ... i. ,
man to select good from evil; Ilgura- ........ ... Mn :i sense tie built up by the
lively, tii- inal no nistm. tion oeuwin xo Tin: Kpitop or Tm: MN Sir.- The Oovertimcnt ;
good and bid. II" tlius revctses every toi rentenarv of the deatli of Shakets..ifn which carrier
Chrlstim law. We must ! neutral In i mclli,.. sumo of our readers to jet nut thndght of Itl the Ideals of this
thoni'lit ..ml n rl .,,,,1 Inllr-t Til. lee ttllir- l...,di. .... l...i ..,.,ltn ..e ,,.,r
derer ana vi -tmi upon trie same ieei ,r ,, ;,,t.ted that there 1 a The mllltla of the future as planned. ; :'',,. ,., , ,i. ,
Will such lei,i,'ntf, h-lnc p"'e and ,..f,r,.r.p t the fam!ef' of Shake-. with Its iisplrations and IIn patTioti.-1 ' ',' ' ' , ' " , r, I'
good will- It were .etti-r, one noutd H;,o:ir , r.,r) lt ,,IV n. ,n. Impulses, and Its devotion to Ideal- fori ' , ' "'. ' !. , ,
think, to follow the Christian tea hlng jorture,1 that Shakespearn was Inter- u cltUen anny. will not be the miKh u"'n', ' imi the Klrsl'n si '
..i..u. 1 nnil are now allowed in th. -
it Washington to a, point ""''tl"';' '', "',,',r, "f V,
with It dangers and power L,,,V h, ' 'T'u ' ?, n .
ri.i nr , is. iHaiu ..V n.u bill will nbollsh t n l.udlow
In which the Alimony
OIe SMiipalhy and help tn the weak , i be subject of Hamlet as early' abused force of the days of the Itevolu
Hlltl ilnu-ntroihtctl. allll ill, OUT UttermiVt ,,u ,.IS ,i.,.l ,t.,.f ,l.n .....!.. ..r l.lu lli.t. 1C1f una fSAI nt u'ltliutanHlnL
quiet. They have produced ll letter ynrd of Hinernment? died lu believing that when Itumanla , to destroy evil The p0,ec t a nation Min Hamnet waa n turning after one that some ollleers of the army and
from the Colonel to one of themselves flvlc Virtue has been a long time takes the plunge It will ie on their ; following a pniir-v or hiiwi . nnu t.aglc ih.incter, as the naming of the, others attempt In their way so lo de-
.n,i;ii.imc o. uw) ..,. t ...., tinm-iiter .luuitn was after an- serine it i . is. i 'oruiiEiiTT.
enrnot endure people'wh,) are de-tl-
othei lie this as It may. the difference Major-Oeneml, National Ouard of t'enn-
between the "To be" rolllisiuy In thoi sylvanla, Itetlred.
first qriarto nnd In the second Indicates WiLKnsnAitRR. Pa.. Fehniary 19.
i il.flerent point of view, such as we
country- That Is the really great m(mths" with "the (iiestion nf na- ltillldliig. w amend the expected more than four ounces The serving ; , f- f lom ,:rry ,'nVil, A.rl
.. . ., . ... . . ' ,1fI1.. "irii,li,nteil" irl.lKses such .... . . ...
tute of desire and w'Mlnirnejs to take
A Massachusetts legislator has pre-1 ul, rms to defend freedom will not
seated ri bill requiring bartenders. ' remain a free people
when red nr hard liquor Is ordered.' The fruits of freed,, in th it this conn- lU),t 0pe.'t to fl-id only after lapse, of
. . nrn Ihn customer's drlnlt. try enjnvs to-d iv Were In.ldfi possible .,..,rv
which is m be not less than two nor I'-cause our forefather were ready at " Tlir ,lr.s, soliloquy has twenty-otii . ,,.,. TlH," M,.h( . -.,. nf
m m thin four ounces The serving '' 1 ,lm" lo s-'crttl.e their a.i upon the ;.., tlm heinA t!lir,y.follr. Ah the 1 ""age That .Might He Written of
sue of the session. If the majority tonal defence anil nntlonal prepared- newcomer's choice of a sex. We are
falters nnd falls the fat Is In the lire. ,.ss t ,,.fend our honor and Interest not hostile to the Idealism w hlcb his
- , abroad and In the even greater qiles- creator ln-l-ts he shall pos-a., That
Hon of real Americanism In this He- . s to be u lighter Is a source of
The Klchtlng Turk.
There is
anxiety lu Kngl
the hands of th Turks In the Me.-o
potamlnn campaign. On the author
ity of a British officer who speaks
from a grave In Mesopotamia, there j
if drinks in "graduated" glasses such
us a pharmacist uses In compounding
prescriptions, or a nurse In preparing
an Infant's milk, i a potent dlseour-
mcr ol the irci and easy good fellow-
adilltinns nre all good the ratio of ex-,
' C, .?K "r .' . , . I public" that he has hnd tm time to positive Jo). He Is big. His attitude -lii of the brass mil. the iletnon'sj
no drtlll't a good ileal of , , . ... .., ,..,,,,, , . , , , . favorite atmosphere. The law would'
- , . . . , , . , think ot other matters. Hut na re s ,0 d, but balanced. And he fnce ""' ' '
England about the fate of i . ... ' counteract the evil of the too oily
an soldiers who full lnto,?"r(ls 'f'-'r"lv'' l,!,rl-v "n'1 ,,ls straight toward the hull where the UUwA ,,.. nut tno ono ,WK
, ,,' ... I ,i , m 1 relation to it. well, the writer refers ,.vle v Irtue w hlch he personifies ought drinker t. Ih? compelled to doublo his
his-correspondent to a long IKt of tho to dwell, dose?
faithful. Including Ht:on(,r. W. Pi:r- The snntier his existence grndttnte
ean to-d.iv his the s mie spirit and the ,.,.:,.l)r much cxcosls 34,'JI
same wiui'igiiess, ano any man wim .u
tempts to avoid in word o:' act that
duty Is nelthr- ho-, irab e nor lojal.
New Yoiik. I i'. ra.iry 1? W H
To the Kuitoh ok Tub Si :; Sir: Ton.
grntulations on oiir "War and I'caci"
edlturi.il article W I.. I.. IIcapivi.o.
Nkw Yoiik, 1'ebru.iry 1!'.
kins, Hiram Johnson. Victor Mpr- fr, the perlsliubln product of the The much admired laughter of Mr.
n.l XV,.tx, AttK IVinnV, , , .ho .n,lostecllblo hiNWPS TlMOTHT TliKnlTSClt l.tNCXILN
Is not much hazurd In predicting that, ' ' ' . " . WI, nntlnp fnr, ' ' ' ,'. , ,. must liyo lost some of its mirthful
the Turks take In ' . . '. T. . . " . ' ... . .. . , Tontunelty
Sltllsueil sunn we ne.
the prisoners whom
battle will Und their cuptors humane
nnd even sympathetic In the .lffan
1lc Monthly recently Mr I.kwis, It.
FntEMAN. an Kngllsh Journalist, who
knows his Palestine and Arabia by
contact with their people, tells the
story of the fight for the Garden of
Eden as It was told lilm by his cor
respondent F . one of those re
markable British olhcers who Identify
themselves closely with the Kast
by years of exile that they speak the
dialects, make strange nnd useful
friends, ami by dNguMng themselves,
can pass for natives. Persia and
Mesopotamia were F 's Held of
If any Englishman knew the Turk
ish soldier well it was this intelli
gence officer whose name lms recently
appeared In the llt of Indian expedi
tion's dead. In more than one letter
written from the British trenches he
testified to the chivalry and humanity
of the Turkish soldiers, and In no
partial spirit, for UN political ac
tivities In Mesopotamia before the
wnr had mnde him n tmtrkt-d man.
"The Turks." he once wrote, "are
perfectly frank In saying that they
will send me 'on the long pilgrimage'
If ever a chance offers." In the cam
paign for which F as nn am
bitious officer hud longed lie dis
covered that the Turk hnd no pro
gramme of "frlglitfulness,"
At Shulbu some British-Indians
out of touch with their ollleers, tried
to rush a Turkish output, nnd all
were shot down. When several Tom
mies volunteered to brine In one sol
dier who whs seen to move u hand j
there was the vimo result; hut when
the Turks understood that u wounded
man wn-i creeping up to rescue the
sole survivor of the llrst pnrty they
stopped firing altogether, nor did they
discharge a single cartridge at four
soldiers who rushed from the British
lines to help tho wounded hero pnin-
fully dragging his Inert conirndn
along, l.ntcr the Invaders captured
n Turkish position In n ravine anil
found "hung cnrefully In n thick
walled crypt, well beyond all dancer
.frnm nn rill,. 11. . ,l..,... ,r.i.. .
four years and with whom I Intend
to act."
This letter was composed more than
two months ago, and while the Pro
gressives may read It with satisfac
tion, what else could the folonel have J
A Uortiir I'rges Study of Cause of
Drink ami Drug Habits
To Tilt: I.P!tx,r or Tltn Si-.v .Sir:
II It Submarine Controversy.
To Tin: KniTor. ok Tiik Scn Sir: A
cursory glance through Woorirow Wil
son's "History of the American People"
was to-day rewarded by tho discovery,
on page 231! of the third volume, of tho
following dictum concerning the lamen
table and ludlcrouft war of IS!::
Thi vry war Itself hint come because
Mr Ma.llfon und hie Cabinet, like Mr.
.lerferaon and thoe who onune.eisd hhn. '
ilann'd j "0"""s i" suggest, wnaiever wrong
llui for tide, the jnyful hope nf thin. "i" "on,, u'on l"M1' except to withdraw
i,n'!,i l.-ir lho worm ud rlmterv f th. from th- cloi-e tho h.irhnrs and wait
To b or not to be. e, lh-re'e the point. I
Tn ill-, to el'ep, le tlmt nil? Aye,
I No. to ele, p to rtreani. ye marry there it
. roe,
J'or In thnt lrem of death, when we
i o.witke.
j A'el birno lefore nn everieetlng Judge, j
i I'rnm hMio no pneeenger ev-r returned,!
' T lie uiiille. overe.1 ,ountry, st whnee eight
! The happy s'nlle, and the nccureed
until the !ni liable ehniild be Rt hand.
While they waited every condition nf na
tlonil politics shifted and wi altered, nnd
watchful men who w Inlud for action hsd
s-corne.1 by the right rich, the rich cured
nf the poor?
who w-iMild thle endure
Health boards, life Insurance companies' nut (or a hope of something ftersrown deeply uneiey.
and vital statistical studies have shown' ,raih? Is It not a great pity that Mr. Wilson
mar. aicuiini ui'iinj' u,iin .inn iii-i,Ve. th.it. ' thli consrtenee makes ,
War and Heniocrar) .
Humors haw- reached this country
recent!) by wii) of Switzerland that
A Flippant Suggestion That Ceorge 1 ' th-1 llJ'TT, ,'!", J,01r.,y,l ' dlvrrne from my m U.i point it,
creases ilise.ise and mor' lllty State-
urdi, nf
V. Should He Perorated.
To tiik KPlTon ov TllK Sl'N- S'lr-
i should have omitted to reread Ills own
the sub-
M irecu, ,.r i -n, ...... i. e.,..., ,.,, I)f , fi.(, rowrnK or , indeed that the fictH of that contio
history before entering upon
ad- marine controveisy? It Is t
drtn-'s an- aiiiply ciillninil and enns'd
f . ered by in iny as ,i minimum estlm ite
written Ht till singe of the game? ,. , , i,mi,iv tall attention to the fact that and set theie Is little or nothing known
spet.h In soum of the other speeches very bardly admit tile use or the word
the advantage remains with thn llrst "policy" in connection witn our unvenv
version, or something Is lost.
Don't Laugh at Hint.
The linger nf ridicule Is pointed at
Hepreentuilw! John H. Consei.lv of
Kansas because nt a hearing by the
House Naval Committee In Washing
ton Thursday he asked Admiral
lira st of the submarine tlotllla
utietnvr the fundi... of destroyers
was to destroy torpedoes. We dri not
J. .. In this levity. Look nt a map of
Thomas county In Western Kansas
where Mr. Cos-m:li.y lives between
sessions of Congress Wntered, ex
cept In summer, by the North and
South Forks of the Hepuhllcan Hlver
and by various nameless tributaries
of thn Kansas Hlver, It Is "far from
the, madding crowd" and Innocent
In tnot parts of settlements. Hound
the. court house nt Colby some WW
people live In ulmost primeval blm-
plb Ity. Par scattered Kuku, Mingo,
iem, Menlo and (Irony of nomencla
ture) Qulckvllle speak for themselves.
What can their homespun Inhabitants
know of thn navy V Not all the year run
a small boy launch it pnper boat on lho
ripples of the shallow North nnd .South
I'urks. That N why Mr. Cosskm.v
was put on the Irrigation of Arid
Lands Committee when he enmo to
Congress. Ho Is nn authority on
grasshoppers, I ut known nothing
about the hornets of the navy.
It hns been snld, but It mny be
banter, that Mr. Conkeua' lately
wrote to n prnlrle constituent to say
Unit in caso ot Invasion by, un In-
organization Is not Improbable. The iclgnlng sovereigns engaged lu the war
enthusiasm of naturally peace lov- "' jn'n aio friend who Irtever
Ing, domestic, coiiiiiieriinl people, am- ,,tly suggests, the King lias Win In a
l.m.nw t,, i.m'i.I In the arts, sciences blue funk ever since the war started, and
thai on inai iin'iiiwrnin" iici.ishiii wiit-n j
nAMltuiPdK. Mki,, l'Vhruary 1?,
meal's share In It And while on the
It has no bearing upon the question , , ,, ,, the powers .y oh.rf VnToThuJ' "are Xd wi'ih" oZZ? rltt-n Hubje,:, W'Jj';-
whether the Colonel sent he mes- ,,,.,,. , numerical ocorge " ir Inland tor the InJurleVhe1 hut no clen,,,b' stud e. have i,cn tnade, ..t,. wo.h
sage to Mr. Hoot, nnd certainly none, h h ,,rnlnni:ll,lol. of r.seived from falling off his, horse This, upon ptok-U .'-' '''. '''-' ,I1': ,,",.".. rmB. ,s. ra I Surely, "watchful waiting" has nothing
on the point whether the Colonel . ,.,.., event gains in importance wen we con- uo.m m i . e ., , ,..,..., , ,,,...,..-" to hide. ltAnvAsn fiquAr.g,
..... . l-l- -l.l .,lmll,n,l " "".''" ," . .
wouiii supi'ori ins i, ni .....I iiuiiiii",.
friend for President If the Itepuhll
cans should nomtnnte him. Hut. after
all, no one can he a prophet about
the Colonel's political Intentions and
All the gteat reform movements of is superior, yet ! the "proud man's
to-day aro based on assumptions of , contumely" that which he feels toward
what the cau.-ea uf the drink evil are, ns. or Is lt the curses cf the poor
and these conclusion1- are disputed, con- ag.iln-t him" In both tets lt will he
tradlcted and often miv erlll.ihle. , uot'eed that conscience Is consciousness
lloctorK nnd M.cl.iliMH t.illt vilselv or loiovv ledee. not moral sen.e
and other Ileitis of praiseworthy ell- lMt1(I K'tarlr,i t0 p,y i,u thought It' and learnedly of this ., nl tint netlvi- No one in Shakespeare except 'ol-
deuvor, fur tilllltnrv lltlventlire was wns the enemv and tumbled from hla. predlspo-lng ciii-e, wlildi when r,i solved Kofi prm'l.iims the Joys of life, and
lest Ined to wiuie miller the "tress of steed In a panic. Itut we who know to the last an.il. sis U found to l gues- ,,c. online to f.im. t the ills are such
lle-lllleil to want Ullllt 1 III! sirtss oi ,. . , . . . ,..,ri,. ., ,,s or t hi nru-M nr mviii.. nnn ll. .1 nn nne mill d rnilllr,. Ilicin lint
IMS UUP,, ...1' I, ,,!,...- .11,,. II. ,,..T II..,. , - -
witn a umueii expenence i nils a man wouiii commit suicnie, except tor some-
in a linspltal, who his een and tabu- thing In the first speech, till. deter- ing some badness you may save thou
lated the names and ages and a few1 ring force is a Joyful hope, such as a sands from harm See whit the llev
little details of in my bundled or a believer might speak nf with the Collect lVstus Foster has accomplished for the
thuusand cases, conclinles at once, that for KiHer liven before him: the second morals of Kansas hy know Ing that it
n long and cosily war, a war doiiiiuid- llttIo u;nft , f,niiiar,.,'. himself' with
lug the unieasliu; iu'iitice of life and equine ldlosncrales, and It may be
wea.lh and the minor comforts that ZVTX
make existence endurable. "hen .tll as,llr.ince that the animal was
food In a country ruled by u hereill-1 sound nnd kind. Auuo.v.
tary autocrat grows scarce and high i:u2A"l:T"' N' J-
priced there nie always those umong;
the people who advocate a change In
the form nf government as a pannceii
for existing Ills. The Trench Invo
lution was a hunger strike.
It uiay be said, wlih certnln res
ervations thut the present war In
r.tirope Is' a struggle between autoc
racy und democracy, between reac
tion, ns represented by despotic rul
ers, and progress, a represented by
peoples devoled to Individualism, It
Is a combat to the death between
man and a liuuiiltie. (Jut of tho
chaotic, colossal strife that this clash
between antagonistic Ideals of gov-
eminent bus engendered must emerge
The Triumph of a Film Censor.
To Titf l'niTim or Tiik Spn Sir; 1
l.otice that the lSov. Fes t us Foster, film
censor of Kansas, In condemning Mine,
lleld's "movie play" as Immoral and
unfit for exhibition in Kansas, suys. "A
person would be better off If he knew
nothing of badness "
Not when joii consider that by know-
Private Kluht Should lie Itesperted, but
Smlet) .Mut He Protected.
To Tlir lJsirnn nf Tiik Mrs, bin The
educational crusade against overindulgence
In intoxicants has very properly received a
letback from tin Mayor. A man' club, like
his home, In hU i untie. Tho less this ad
ministration nr liny uther Interferes with
private rlKhti, the better chance has It of
returning tn ottlce, lt won't be long be.
fore tomehody will preterlbe tho number
of times a minute we run breathe. The
legal eiliH'allnn.il liiMltiitlntni ar grinding
nut and dumping upua tin. community ton
nuii'li -r.l.fid talent The amiolinii ranees
these voting inlndi tn et-ek advertisement,
untnrletv and absurd restriction nf per
ona.l ilbert. .Mrs. i" D. I.k Vtj.
New Ymik, I'ebriiury tn.
An I Host rloua Precedent.
Tn Tiic Hl'irue. nr Tlir. Crs fir. Over
a tnb.ii'conlel'" hop I observed the sign!
"Col, Waring. "' tent clg.ir." If the pre
eat rmnnU-eloner will stop talking ml
clean the Mtocts perhape pmlerlty may pay
a like honor to hie itieinorv. I.' r. fi.
S'nw York, I'ehrmry It'.
eventuully either an Increase lu the
power of hereditary autocracy or a
mighty lniK'his to the forces that
ninko for deniocrnc).
If ii pence between the warring
nation should be patched up lo nior
row thn prospect, of an lininedlalo
Kiiropean return to the calm wn.vs
of civilization would not be especi
ally bright. Inieriml disorders Irr
many countries are sure to follow the , "
cessation Of tne general Strife. llieThe llncky .MnunHliie at our tmcke,
renllz.ntlon Hint the most gigantic
of all wars was precipitated not hy
the will of tho peonies Involved but
YtllJ He 1'rrpiir.sl?
Why feiu the Vandal nr I he Ilun?
Tin re's loin nf room in which to run
Why be prepared? (If what avail?
If trouble roin.-e, Just hit the trsll
We'd take our stand iult making tracke.
"Coma one, come alll Thla rock ahall r
From IU firm baeo a toon wal"
this or that is an exact came. Such, speech s of a timorous agnostic of our
conclusions arc not verillatile lu another i own day somewhat in doubt of his own
part of the countiy and cmiiot be Hiip- iigpnstlclsm, amounting tn fact to a
ported In peisons who have not reached, dread without any suggestion whatever
the tetmlnal ilrlnk stage. Uiesn arn the, of .ir.v hope.
data that appr .nh exactness, and et I think that you will agree with 111"
are far olf from the real facts that this ciianged way or looking argues
The spirit of the age cilia fur a i a considerable lapse of lime between
scletilltli! study of drink and drug ad
dicts befme the causes an be .uvuritclj
ascertained and tin- proper and practi
cal means fur .'uio and prevention du.
terinlncd, W ,uo doing In-day what
our forefathers ld in tMihnld and ,v el
low fever, tliberenlosl . and a host nf
other g'eit madalles: treating symp
toms and giiessin.. nt th" causes Thn
dlteiiscH continued Just tho same, hut
when science cam", and called for an
exact stud) of llie fads and all tho
conditions about them, then a new era
began. Yellow and tjphold fever urn
piacllcally stampid out and many other
(llseasen are treated successfully.
A research hospital where patients lu
the early ttages can he examined,
studied and treated, where the hUtniles
from Innumerable ouiccn can 1 tabu
lated ntjd verlthd, Is the urgent, prac
cal need nf the hoiir
T D. I'DOTItrilb, M 11.
ItAnTror.D, Conn. Fcbruar I'.l
An Aerompllshi d llllaiile Con,
I'ront ttit Lincoln .vfiir
The Alton employees report that llarrv
.Mahan nf I'nvel has bought a cow. Mahan
I.i thn agent at that place lie In nnsi sup.
plvlnu- the mm on the went end with duller
and egm
Snail l.nhl Seeks Advice,
from IIn MeClurt ',.( a Urnlrr
Pr. W'hlffen waecilled In on Saturdav to
attend Noah t.oht, who h threatened with
(ftpp complication
the llrst wilting and the second
John Ft. (Jt.tusov
Ni:w Yohk, February IP.
'I'he t'repesed redernllfiilinn ef the Sa
llunivl (iuard,
Tn i m; l.mrnu or Tlir ,Sr,-n While
readliiK an nrllcie in Tin; Sun deallnir nlili
lho hiiow ledge and training vvlil -li a
I lleneriil in th" ""Id should have I ui
! rirrled l.,i,'k to the eirly days nf ,nir civil
w.,r. when I'nlonele, llrlgaillcrn and Major-
(Tenerali ere created overnight while
the reet nf elept lu ihoen ,.ir'y days
lualllV .itlone were untieeessart,
At present there le a hill tiefor" rongreM
tn federalize the National iluxrd Should
It beenma a law all officers of the Na
tional lillird would tn cnmmbeliuieil bv
lite I'reelilent aller evuminiiiinn by a
board of regular iirmy officer-. It has
often been ail that It vena a crime to
oritrr men Into action without prevlona
training. Ilnvv ninth greater t- the crime
nf placing Inexperienced uihVers In coin
111,111 1 nf such troop."
1'ivu, w i Vi.inuv,
llosTus, rebru'irj' IP
Sot Standard limine?
To rite. llriTo,. nr Tim Sis w
hsve aP ftloliR ben .lceiieto,ll,sl to view the
Preeldem'e nienlal sunt l.y what ha Imif
been, perhnpi, peiire,pieii and bei ,),.
aerlbed an a "one truck mind, ' lt.it has
It ever bean euigeeled that It In a "nr
row gauge traek"? Tiuotmt taai.
HoiTon, rebniary 1.
Is "badness" fnr Mme Held to show
her shoulder and some of her lingerie In
"Madamo la l'resldcme." He may also
have saved the Hon. William Allen White
from any suht'e imputation' of the p!uy
that man Is not in he trusted.
Jamks l, Pkwfm,. Jr.
Nr.w Havhn. Cotni., February 11'.
Whichever t'tinses I.ihim liieniiirnleiii-e,
Tn nn; J'iiiiuh nr The i' ,r.' "S '
sta when a nun paK,s In front of peo.
pe tcated In a then, re he should f.ics
them, that It Is impolite and rude tn jiai
with hie I'.u'k tn theiu "S " eo pases
them "fl " e.l the f me tiouh he to
ward the stage lu pacing, that It le lees
fanilllir. and one's nine should not come
eo eloee'y to Ihoee staie'lnt; tn b p.leie,1,
that the knees ate forced elr.ilght ihbi
vvaj, thereby crowding thoe persons more
eloeel). thxt It l Incorrect Which wa is
right" Sisi ntrtEn.
Nrw Yoss, February 111
A Vrterna' Opinion nf Watchful Halting.
To Tlir. Ih'imii nr Tlir St - ir.' One ot
Slierldan'n old vet, rune was In my orhVe
thn other day and I ald tu hlmi "Fnde
till : . what do ou think nf President
'What do I think of him' W'h. 1 t'
'cm all that Wilson l going to 'lluchanui,
Ire" the itoveriiiiient "
Amsotns II I'tnmN
PiTeio,rr, t I . rebru.irv M
The Preelilcnt'e I'ollev Analred,
To Tiie KpiTnn or Tlir. srs .sir.' Piesi
ileiit Wilson's poll,-y Is tlmld and unnable.
h- nileKikts ll reei.lu'lon lor prud-nce and
IneonHancv tor ilevlerlty ,i falal s strui.
rinderlng llie Pulled M iles n ueelrsa allj,
an uncertain friend and a deaplmhle iM
Tinoiis W l.ii'Tir.rooss
i:si OniNQl, N. J , February la.
House Itnard and the l-'lrel
llo Service Commission
second lns IIIII-.
Of the second class of Plu
to are the following
A bill providing thai '
expenses of the Public Sv v
mission of the First Ills'' '
paid by the State Tudor
law only the salaries of t1
sloners, the counsel to th-
and the secretary are paid I v -
A bill prohibiting fur 'o -tlon
bv the State of road'- ,
prohibiting any contribut e or
oT the State to thn mil' '
county roads. Fnder tic n i
thn State contribute ,n f--the
amount appeopr ate lb- "
A bill dividing the n .'
eipially with the cnurtle. r '
collected, subject Hi' I' "
tho money so renif "I -l.ended
on road". I n's w !
return bv the s,.s reiar - '
city of New Vi rk nt ' '
dollar iinnuallv.
A bill whereby H e M..'. -expense
Htid tna nte'-.u, ',- '
normal school, In the '
other normal sellouts or th' s
The report also recu, -i ' I
anv additional excise tax
shall be divided eipciCv t
Slate and localities Tin t
of last year Increasing 'be iv
centum provided tba' tb, '
of Increase should go to
Dr. Bntlrr llrnda s.neli. Ho"
liitrrneillonnl ( oiicllli'li""
Nicholas Murra li'iilc ' ' -Columbia
Fnlversitv 1 ,i '
chairman of the .Vic
for International '
! (Jrace, president f 'A
Co.. and nalio Dm.'
White .1 Co.. were e e ' .
It was diilded to nr '
Insttui'Uon In Span. so. '
afT.ili's and liiteru.nl"" '
sunimci sessions of v.
sltles, colleges and ' "" 11
assoi ..ittun vv 111 coi.tb 'e '
pamphlets on Inten ''
The following w.re r
Pr. Illlller. Stephf a I'-" '
A Franks, s.ih I.w
tleorgo lllutnct.th.il n- 1 '
James I. Sladen f Tex
ALUMNI FUND FOrx l'01';vr.:
Plan tn Help 1 nlv eisln M- '
rent llvpeiiscs
A pi in t establish . '
verslty aliincii fund
devoted to helping n.v
curtelit expens. . b , I
the Miitnnl Feder.," i 1 I
president of the Mu I
liiemlstl ."luii ni ;
backing of I'resnli '
Thn Mtuee As-, ,i '
present to the nib. ' '
raise sip h a fund bv ,
class funds ,.,piests ..- i '
of trustees, one tepleeei '
liv e aliliiun as.su d it '
charge nf II e f unite ,'t
President Illlller
Will uther hi tlnrllnoin
Wrrl I'rntn In-iili-h'
Tor Si . 4' in
have lt tvvi !ft , a"i . '
from to-n.ght at v
llrst r'i'x il i 'i ' w
Lord lue in,.' v v r.r - ' .
nt Till: St-., Wl tin !
now president of t', ,.l
The onlv spe. lies '
i-onversat, .it's over th. 1
telephone w th oihei ' i
I,, Chicago and S,n I t
there will be moving pir .
national parka.

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