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Apiiinxl Volt's for Women, lint
Wiinl Women's AM In
I'lTpiii'eiliiess Work.
New Protest to Aldermen Against .$2,500,000 Riker's
Island Plan Points to Danger in Odor Laden Air
Property Loss Dreaded, Too.
Concert by Combined Musical
Clubs' rreccdes 'Proni"
Held in Gymnasium.'
Poisoner's Pursuers Lured l'
own by Culls, but I'luixe
Is Futile.
Selected for Heroine iu Oper
n tie Contribution to Slmkc
spcnritin Fete.
Eliln K"t ."i"' Hobcrt Bacon do not,
ltcnnliri to Mim. Norman de 11. White
frxt. Ui,cvo that "turn about Ik fair
fla)." -vl " luncheon given yesterday
,t the IliU-Carlton liy Mm. John. Hum-
!irry N .ttkliif. KialTr.ifte leader of West-che-trr
county, for Mrs. Carrie Chap
run Ciit.i. 1 Mrs. Whltehouse, the chair
B.n of the Ne' York State Woman Suf-
Irtf Nf' ,"m h"w laHl ""Ura.iy
,i.Sn.itir and the ex-Ambassador cune
. . .I.. -I r I till.
t Ilr v' Aft. M.u sul'l"'.. v. hiw om-
ltt'tt tor llltlr preparedness pro-
And tliej" arc botn eiiierniiticii ami-
iufr.ik-.ft." ; sue said. "Menator 11001
nj Mr. U-ui-n lioth said that they dlilivi
ra shout the altitude of Congress
.'it they were concerned about was tho
Mlrr -, they wished to wake the voters
a mum f Hie iiccesmlty ror prepared-
. . . .1 .1 V. . . . .uAU tl
nr54. 1 assei. men. -.iji i ku-kj ui'oiw
e voters mane kjiiciv, iocj wo uvi
Hunt to give us women uio weapon
llch would enable us to help thorn ef-
eitiel. but thcro wasn't any answer
Ihe'v wore right In one thing," Mr,
iiii.houre added. "11 In the voters
-o mmUc iotli-lff. and that Is why the
New York State Woman Suffrage party
uvtk.ug Mr tne reivrcnuiim. i wrc is
mffrate orgmUatlon which thinks the
ot"-s iion i uiaucr, in.ii vuiikicw
wul.l and win chirnticmsc women, nut
...neve wc must appeal to ine
s.u r.tv-tlve women sat down to tin.
Inn -Wii which Mrs. Wntklns gave for
v purpose of bringing Westchester sur-
licUts and city leaders togeiuer.
A-n..',g Westchester women there were
Mrs Arthur .. i.iveiniore 01 eou-
r. leader of the First Assemmy ns-
.'m. Mrs. K. II. Iiellien 01 arsaaie.
j.ler of the Second Assembly district.
nl Mrs. Marshall S. Ilacon of Tarry
to n. leader of the Third.
1,.e table" were set in tne crysuu
o.n and niases of red roses and white
TMaiit'iemiinw made, a pretty scene
iwlallv when the blue smoke of the
ir.ir.tt. s was wafted upward. No, the
Jgt illd not smoke. The cigarettes that
lie tin bin haze were between tne
jil.t bus of Mile. Tengltn, an Argen
n. woman, who used them to help out
, effect of some symbolic dances she
1 with Slgnor Alne at the etui of tho
,n. hton.
M'J Og.len MHli Held, treasurer of
New York State Woman Suffrage
;rt). Issued u call for M00.U0O a year
ill ue vote Is won.
"We could win It with JlOOjioo. sue
m!L "Hut It s very disheartening to see
ie statL i,f our treasury, we want
111. , for press wotk, $10. for or-
r.n.ers. fl'.'.UUU tor auss .miiij ...
Prt.fi a committee tu work among moor
conization and so on. An I we women
I't raise the money The last campaign
The nuance committee, of the Hoard
of Aldermen received yesterday from
David Welch, representing real estate,
manufacturing and other Interests allied
with the Bronx Hoard of Trade, a long
brief protesting against tho proposed
erection of a I2.S0O.000 garbage disposal
plant on Hiker's Island, half a mile from
tho Bronx shore line on one side and
less than a mile from the shore lino ot
Queens on the other. The committee Is
expected to report on the projected plant
at the meeting ot the Board of Alder
men to-morrow.
The Hoard ot Kstlmate and Apportion
ment some time ago awarded a con
tract for the disposal of the garbago of
the boroughs of Manhattan, Kings and
Bronx to a recently formed company,
Oaffney, Uahagan & Van Kttcn, whoso
purpose It Is to erect on eight acres of
land on Hiker's Island the 12,500,000
garbage disposal plant. The company,
according to the terms of the contract
outlined yesterday by Mr. Welch, Is to
dispose ot the refuse ot these boroughs
ror nvc years, nml at the end of the five
years turn the plant over to the city
for 1,500,000.
In IMac-r of Barren Island Plant.
The proposed Dlnnt. It Is understood.
wilt take the place of the plant on Bar
ren Island of tho New York Sanitation
ltlllzatln Company, which Is now Im
volved In litigation with the city re
gardlng Its own business and the pro
Jected enterprise. The whole proposi
tion will come before the Hjard of Al
dermen In the application for the li
suauce of !,!io0,000 corporate stock In
connection with the work. Residents.
real estate Interests, manufacturers and
others In The Bronx and Cjueens have
already protested against the proposed
plant, and the brief .Just submitted cm-
tKslles their pleas.
The brief sets forth that If the plant Is
built on Hiker s Island, with an Intended
rapidly of 2,r.ou tons of garbage u day,
southeast winds, prevalent especially In
the summer months, cannot fall to bring
uhout the most offensive, obnoxious and
disagreeable smells and fumes that
could possibly be Inflicted on a commu
nity. U Is nrgued that properly values
would be affected to the extent of about
50 per cet.t. and that the plant would
be detrimental to tho health and Inter
est of people In both Bronx and Queens.
VMicn The Bronx and Uueens people
first protested the city authorities argued
mat the pronosed Want, modelled on the
Cobwcll disposal plant at New Bedford,
M.tss., would not send forth any objec
tionable odor?. Thereupon Mr. Welch,
several engineers and others visited the
acw Bedford plant and found, accord
ing to allldavlts, photographs, &c, pre
sented In the brief, that not only was
the "model" plant at New Bedford situ
ated In an Isolated and desolated sec
tion, a mtln to a mile and a half from
the nearest house, but thai It was con
demned by New Bedford residents,
property owners, &c as a nuisance.
The Btonx and (Jueens brief also con
tends that the erection the plant on
Biker's Island would mean a proces
sion of no less than twenty-two scows
tilled with stench laden refuse through
the Kast ltlver every day, to the offence
of and detriment to the health not only of
The uronx but to users or ferryboats,
coastwise craft and yachts and to In
terests along both sides of the Kast
ltlver, especially in the hot days of the
summer. Tho brief says that an epi
demic nmy be caused which would have
a disastrous result upon the health of
the city.
It It contended that, while the In
tended election of the plant at Biker's
Island would replace the works of the
New York Sanitation L'tillzatloti Com
pany, on Barren Island, seven oilier
refuse disposal plants would remain In
operation to annoy the residents of
ltockaway, Neponslt and other seaslds
resorts, wli'le the new plant presented
a nuisance to The Bronx and Queens.
The Interests lighting the plan fear too
thai If nn disposal plautttalns a foot
hold on the Island others will follow.
Mr. WeMi said Jestetday that every
enterprise, private and public. In The
Bronx was opposed to the plan and that
business Investment approximating
J'JflO.noo.ooo In Tim Bronx would be
affected by It execution,
deprecated the fact that the contract
hint been awarded without notice to the
affected Interests and residents. The
people of The Bronx Iind the affected
portion of Unions, lie said, are aroused
as never before "to oppose this Impend
ing and dangerous nuisance."
rr.iNeinvv, N. .1., Feb. 21. Prince
Ion's Junior class began the spring term
social season here to-night with Its
annual promenade dance In the univer
sity gymnasium.
More than 300 guests came to Prince
ton for Uie "prom." some, of them as
early as yesterday morning. There has
been a continual round of parties at
the different upper class clubs and the
"prom" and concert of ttie musical
dubs to-night proved a fitting climax
to a season of unusual gaycty. Con
trary to the usual custom, there were
no athletic contests to afford enter
tainment to tho visitors and as u con
sequence the smaller parties wero em
phasized more than ever before. The
l'e.tms) Ivanla basketball game, which
wouM have been a feature, comes a day
too late.
The "prom" opened at 10 :30 P. M. and
was preceded by a concert Klven by the
combined musical clubs In Alexander
Hall. The gymnasium was beautifully
decorated for the "nrom" In an attrac
tive color scheme of canary' yellow and j
wmte similar to mat empioyeu iu n
sophomore "pra.n" last spring, supper
was served at the end of the thirteenth
dance at small tables In the southern
end of the gmnaslum. The following
acted as patronesses:
Mrs. N, P. Bevln, Jamaica, N. Y. :
Mrs. W. H. Donner. Hryn Mawr. Pa. !
Mrs. R K. Kberstadt. Newark, N. J..
Mis. c T. Krnmons. Princeton; Mrs.
I. W. I'oster, New York: Mrs. 11. B.
Vine. Princeton: Mrs. J. O. Illbben.
Princeton. Mrs, o. II. Jennings, New
York; Mrs. William Mbbey. Princeton;
Mrs. W. V. Magle. Princeton : Mrs. J.
I. Moore, New York ; Mrs. A. C Oil
pliant. Trenton: Mrs. W. P. Pool. New
Vnrl : Mm. M. T. I'uie. Princeton! Mrs.
.Mr. Welch W, K. Iteynolds. New Hoehelle. N. V. '.
Jean Crones, or a man repicteiillng
him, kept the police on the Jump yes
terday. The Chicago poisoner, or his
Impersonator, persisted In telephoning
to Police Headquarters and twitting
them. But frantic search at the source
tllullo liuttl-CasazM has decided that
tho heroine of "The Taming of the
Sinew" by (Infix, which Is to be
tin' contribution of the opera house
to the celebration of tho Shake
sne.irian tercentenary, will be Mar-
of the telephone calls failed in reveal garde uber, Shu will sing Knffterlne,
Mr. A li. Itnssell. Princeton: Mrs. J
T Scull v. New York: Mrs. S, P. Sturges.
New York, and Mrs. II. K. Tlbbott.
The musical club's concert which pre
ceded the Junior promenade was featured
bv the glee club's rendition of "The
Skippers at St. Ives." and "The Shoogy
Slio..." bv the I'niwrslt.v ouartet S. I..
.. .... . ,,iti.i
llpess ceno solo, emiurii
any person of Crones's description
About noon a voice, talking to Head
quarters, announced :
"This Is Jean Clones. 1 am at a
restaurant uptown having my lunch.
Come up and dine with me."
Straightway through the telephoiui ex
change tho number of the phone from
which tho man was talking was found
to be a restaurant at Plfty-elghth sticct
and Third avenue. Detectives ch.ised to
the snot, scrutinized every person In the
restaurant and made Inquiries, but did
not get Crones.
Presently nnother telephone call was
received. This time Crones announced
he was at the Grand Central Station.
Again the detectives were In eager pur
suit; again they wen; disappointed.
third call was received from
section of the city.
Arrest Two Men, lint Not ( rone.
while the I'clrurUio will be the American
basso (i.iietic, Whltehlll. Tho revival
of iloetz's opera will be the next novelty
of the season.
The work H not altogether now here,
It was plnved at the Academy of Mil
s in Hngllsh, and had live represetiln
lions during the. seoson of I486, when It
was. sung thl on January 4 of that
ear. The peiformalicc will take place
In about three weeks.
Tjrono Tower will organize a testi
monial Mr William Winter In 1-os An
geles to take place on the same day tho
peiformalicc Is held at the Century The
dtie. - All the well known actors posing
In the movies there will take part.
Onu of tho next operettas) to lie heard
tu New York will be "Princess Tra-la-la,"
which And! cas Dlppel Is preparing
for New Yoik use. It will be seen here
within ii few weeks.
Connie IMIss Is playing in Australia
Some one notified Police ltra,.M,...,e:s '-'!'!. '" , b, tfi'V 'by
colllll i.im wine.! o..n - -
( h. H lotto itreenwoou, nu is i" ' --
.uires- for rvr height on Ihc Mage. This
,s the mtiilc.il Play made by Oliver
Morosco from Kltmr Harris's Thy
Neighbor's Wife." It Is tald .to be lm-
The Dolly sisters are to be nmdc Into
aetiesses bv Uivvrence lining, ami -x.
Woods will produce "The Stolm Honey
moon." In which they am to be thus
transformed. TUo Do'.ly Msins, vvlio uie
now appearing at the Palace and the
Xiegfeld Midnight Krollc. have agreed
to resign from one or the other lfore
thev enter the dramatic Held.
I'einalido Perlquet. author of the II
Iir.it. for Oo.v.scs." who has Just
Killed for home, will leium next winter
with a new comedy of Spanish life to
last idirht that Jean Crones
found in a furnished loom hou-e at
213 West Kurt) -ninth strict. Detec
tives Hughes and Conway of l.leiit.
Sherb's) drug squad weie despatched to
They broke Into two rooms, but did
not find Crones. However, they arrested
two men for having revolvers. In the
room of Krank Antbc ears old. be
sides a gun a lame quantity of white
powder was found. The detectives said
It was heroin. The other man arrested
wus Benjamin Demareo, 2j years old.
A revolver was found In a bun-ail
drawer of his room.
Deputy Police I'ominK-lnncr Scull,
who has direct charge of tho hunt for
Crones, was silent yesterday. He said
that n tbotoiigh search was going on,
hiu ilecllned to Klve out any Information
u to ibe i lues. Inst tor Crn. noting
Note that this
3-piece Alumi
num body bolts directly to
the 10-inch-deep frame. That is a
master stroke in motor car design.
It docs away with
wood sills. Permits
the floorof thebody
to be eight inches
lower than you'll
find it in most cars.
That means a low
center of gravity
an easy riding and
smartly stylish car.
The new Marmon
in several important
features one of
which is Lynite alu
minum pistons
marks a distinct ad
vance in construc
tion. One has not
seen the strictly
modern car until
he has seen this re
markable new 34.
ISS5 Itroadway at Glut Street, Vew Yolk City
Telephone ISSt ColumbUi
l'ifrrt L. Smith Co., 254 Central Ave., Newark, N. J.
Auto Shop Co., 10 Croby Place, Patfrvjn, N. J.
Kirk' Girace. 213 Crown St., New Haven. Conn.
Harold T. Birnie. 57 Notth Ave., New Rorhrlle, N. .
by Popper, was well lecelveO. toget nor , detective bureau, and ''apt.
w'th the club's singing ''" " .Thomas J. Tuunev of the
Coiifliuird from First Pagt.
dogma or political or social belief. It
represents a wide range of opinion,
nrrli n.,t I , il.L.U of alt memlters of
the board who not only are not social- )
Ists but avowedly antl-soclallstH." '
An article condemning the Barnard
Snys Nut liiuir Could lliirm
Country More Tlmn tSov
criiiiicnt Ownership.
ft raise the money inc i;im ramiMimi : vm.n.......p. .,...,. ,v , . .. ,. v . , ., t. .
ovtd that we can't depend on men for course of study for Ignoring what two- H?A K I . I'r.l I..M r. I l.r.A
coi.trlhutions. They can t be exacted lo
(-'. this thing. It doesn't get under their
Mre. Catt could not be present, tne
f. , on the. Ice recently and was riignuy
trustor In vitrei to 1'ori v nrsee-r
MeeiltiK to Sample Wrath.
rri.n.ty of Senator (.leorgc A. Slater's
kit framing Pr.sldentlal suffrage to the
xot.cn of the State are sending oui an
t-jtnt S (i S call, for they fear It Is
!- The I'nlon League Club. In solemn
.frriiiec assembled, has voted to op-
Aj if this were not enougli ma mil
is th, .liitl-suffa of Westchester county
4-mwiI against It They have rented
t M:t Hall. Port Chester, for tne
evening f l-vhtuary "S and have In-
itt'l tin seuator to appear and tell his
ist hi. "is what bo menus by Intro-
t. liu: inh measures In tho Legislature.
There are rumors that the Senator has
'ttur iint.ortaiil engagement for that
orr.ine and will not be able to attend.
If In' in t there the meeting will not
'rlt tor the stiffs have Induced
he -tt.'Is to Ut thoni put In a few words
1 1 . avily '1,1. ile l expected
b.'i us' a hearing before the Senate
Is! irv I'ommlttee to-day. Mrs. Illatch.
". II c ll.ivemeyer. Mrs. Helen Hoy
ir-el, v and Ms Irene Bull will speak
!ir th measure.
thirds of Its graduates take up as a
life vocation motherhood Is expected
to cause a hostile attitude by the Bar
nard faculty toward the magazine. Miss
Ksthcr K. Norton, the writer, rreeiy
expressed herself In avor of Intelligent
"No onu except a eouflrmed Socialist
can look upon the proos.il for (Sov em
inent ownership of railroads as n rea-
courses In sex problems for college gins. , ,, lbll. owr wM rN.'rt.s,ent Taft In
mi address to the members of tho Traffic
club at tlulr tenth annual dinner last
She eald In one part of her article:
To-day we believe a woman s' duty
Is anything she can do well, but among
other duties the majority of women
and the majority of college women
look forward to the duty of mother
hood. In college an adeipiate amount
of time should be given to the study of
child hygiene, physiology and child
psychology In order to produce trained
mothers; a mother who can care for
and rear a child Intelligently. Kven
If a mother wishes to hire Hit- care
she should have sultlclent knowledge
to know whom to biro and how to
The women who do not look forward
to motherhood cannot escape thin re
sponsibility. Any "socially conscious"
woman must study these fundamental
tnatteis and must do her part to rear
healthier, happier children. If she does
not exjiect to have children of her own,
there arc still many children who need
her. She can h. Ip them perhaps by
furthering the work of district nurses
or bv the establishment of day nttrscr-
The I lew and playgrounds or by Instituting
tin:ht In tu- Waldorf.
Mr. Taft blamed only the radio ids for
tile h:iin-rl!ig regulations with which
they tlnd thein-elves enmeshed, because
lt..ilonln lKive Song." and "Old Jxas
sail," Among the guests wero:
Cap and down Club H. Arm
. v...b Ml.. lllii Itvrne:
I-IIIMIS.. " ...... .
J. D. Ilaker. Houston. Tex.. Miss Mat-
thai . A. W. Bevln. Houston. Tex., Miss
l.a Ban, It. Bullock '.'d. Ardmore. Pa..
.Miss l.llv; N. Plllebrown. Chicago. Miss
Dlamout. D. Knight. Miss Stanard : I..
O. Pavson. Knglewood. N. J.. Miss
Dickinson. K. Itoberts. Wynnewood. Pa..
Miss Miller. ,
Campus ClulsD. Burn. New Aork.
M'ss Kltcb. II. II. Iludnut. Voutigstown.
'nhlo. Miss Sheppard. S. C Iteynolds.
New Hoehelle. N. V. Miss Paton i C.
Snow. Cleveland. MNs Staples.
Charter Club S. Coowr, PhlladelphU,
' .Mlsg Simmons; It. C Crawford. New
York, Miss Jameson ; D. Delaney. Phila
delphia, Miss Biggs; M. Oates. Constan
tinople. Miss Howell: I".. Harris. Koches-
' ter. Miss Anne llolll; B. C Heyl.
Wjiinewood. Pa.. Miss oberteilffer: II II.
Ilosk n. llelriill. Srla. Miss Baldwin;
C. P. .Vlfi'niuas. P.oland Park. Md.. Miss
Harriet Pemilniau. U. K. McNIchall.
Toledo, nhlo. .Miss I'oster; J. K. (ismun.
Kast ciange. Miss Colby; (!. W. Perkins.
New York. Ml Kalherlne Trowbridge:
S. Sevmour. South drangc. .Miss s.e
inour: H. It. Spencer. Crie. Pa., Miss
,1. P. Twadilell. I'evou. ra., .insii
bomb sipim!
hme eharue of tho detectives and are
working In harmony In a plan to e ip
turo the taunting poisoner.
Vnln limit iuoiiK r..(MMi.(in.
Th" situation that confronts the po
lice I- that of picking from :..ih1ii,hi'is
on. person, dangeious to the community.
through a pnoiosrapii iwo je.ui. "in
be played here In the. fall.
When Charles Dillingham arrives fioiu
Pilm lie.ioli within a few days bo will
announce that lie is to be the manager
next season of three theatres devoted to
musical peiformanccs. 'Hie Century
The.itle will be added to the Dillingham
dteiiit. which already includes the HIP-,s.drom.-
and the Ctobc. Muslca shows
will be tho programme at all three
""u Villain II. Crane will not travel aw-ay
Hesi.ies ims inmoKi... .-mm . ...... , , .V, h's borne In this clt.v and , the I'orty-eiglitli strfet Theatre, ap
h bits and bis mental . hara, terW.les. U.ll take part only In X,rl
Thev have no knowledge of Irs haunt I ance, of plays to be given here.
.luliii Hen n in War Plnylel ut
Viiliue .Mrs. Whiffcii
ut Colonial.
Julia Dean, who nan last seen on the
local stage In "The Uiw of the Ivind" at
thorough has been the bunt that
every hotel, restaurant mid cum uas
been searched for a man lesonibbug
Crones. The hunt has extended outside
the city to various sllbuih.
The police arc convinced that Crones
Is still In the city and are eontldent they
will eventually get blin. Some persons
think, however, that he has moved to
sonic other place where, bee .nisi of hi
propensity for letter wilting, he will an
nounce his presence.
The Metropolitan 'pet-a House will be
-veil over on March ::s lo the f.erman
theatre s contribution to the tercentenary
of Shakespeare. Then the- actor- of the.
Irving Place Theatre, headed b.v Arnold
KollT. will move up to act Shaspe-re K
'Julius Cesar." P.udolf Christians will
also be in the jierfot malice.
William Klliott and his deferred pro
duction of 'The Ceatest Nation. bN
Marlon Crclghtmi, will be acted at li e
Booth Th.atie on Monday night. Olive
Wvndliaui will have the leading role.
, . ... ....i...ll.u.. 1 V,ttln
UIVJ' ICIll IIIVlllet'S; IU till; UUUII'llllh '- - ; - . . Vr.rl- XIU.
of Industrial monoplles by the grautiiiK Tabcr '' '
of unlawful re-bates, becauso they took Sophomore S. W. Armstrong. Middle
palt 111 politics and corrupted ounclls ton. c,,nn.. Miss Vernier: B. II. Cory.
-' -.'.-"-. I use .they formed TZJ. 'uK
one of the leli.ellls WHICH threatened . I. ,. ,,,, ,.,.,. T f Ireland
t ,l'W ioir, ..nr. . . -
Denver. Col.. Miss Seeley : F. Jiike. On
i clnnatl. Miss Tavlor: K. W Kane. New
xUnrter. Now In l.oierr l'rt of
viiull.oo Avenue.
Ws'.r iuy was innv Ing di.y for the Na-
tlo; a I Woiimii Suffniiic Association. Tho
hi '.mr .I. s n h, i used to be Dr. Anna.
.iri sImw s anil are now Mrs. Carrie
'1st ill's ihe volumes of "Life of
'(" l itiinnj" nml "History of
"' .( Sufii-.H-e'1 and the rest of the
lb .i ll . i.ittils of the association
xirs i ;, r,i i,.i finm ."(15 Fifth avenue
' ! iri.ll llullilliig, at 171 Madison
te in-
The , . . juartfis are much more
I eyn iniiiM, , W plenty of room for the
eetimis of the organization,
being put Iu applo pie order
rs .4ii painters, who have a
aui of the stiffs, Judging by
of them said .vesterday.
"U' b iinin.'iniled his as-
"II. .
.III u
'If ,
teroltv benefits and mothers' pen
sions. Women's broader sphero Is in
the greater home.
What Is to determine our attltudo
toward eugenics, birth control, the
Moutcssoii system, twilight sleep. In
fant mortality and the many modern
studies made, on these subjects If we
have had but a meagre education
along these lines'.' How can we do our
part unless .vve adeiiuately preparn
ourselves to do It wbllu wo are girls?
Preston W. Slosson, In an article on
'The Cynicism of the flood." sas:
New York Is not really so wicked as
she likes to believe and her chief wick
edness Is the i-oinplacetici: with which
she bugs her drltrdon. In this respect
the greatest and the least American ot
our cities is entirely typical of the na
tlon. The. average American Is honest, hut
he talks and arts as though no ono
else were. He will not swindle you,
but he expects you to swindle him.
He does not sell his vote, but he knows
that "every man has bis price" and
that "those politicians are all In It for
what they can gel out of It" and that
"all those reformers want Is the ad
vert Isenient."
Tim editors say that they liave sixty
tl.ia country with plutocracy. In
fore, li conte-dcd. ustilctlve nie.isuita
. became necs.-ary to regulate them.
"The period of lawlessness has now
passed," eontliiued the speaker, "and
i the tailroads are willing to submit to
1 regulation, but the pendulum has swung
too far 111 tin! other direction. Tlieie Is
too much itgulatlon of the rallioad.'.
The conflict resulting from the control
over the roads cxeiclsi-d by the Inter
st.tlo Commerce Commission and the
fortv-eight separate Stale commission
Is Injurious to the nation."
As a remedy for the present handicaps
1 under which the rat I mails ale struggling
Mr Taft offered the following:
"I think ll practicable to draw in
amendment to tho Interstate cummer -e
law practically eliminating much of the
1 pie-sent busjbody legislation of the
States and defeatlnc the III digested latt
"f .i hiejH-.'
"L'et llin iiiillu .ml nf Hint lli.iie
sun raglsts has sharp eyes five representatives In as mail) eonegts
knot holo on the other In various parts or urn couin.j win. ..-
.... ... i.,,.. l, tn.ni (n tit a 1 1 tlfht for
free speech. Those on Challcno -I..IT for the Int.-rhoro.wl
York. Miss Harrison: .M. II. .xiciiugn
tln. tiennantovvn. Pa.. Miss flllbert; 11.
MacPougal, Riverside. 111.. Miss Bliilney:
M. Mcfagtie. Sewlckley. Pa.. Miss
Cronse (J S. Thompson. Hast Liverpool.
Oh'o. Miss Adams. It. Thompson, Ben
Avon, Ph.. Mis- Ilvans ; D. Wlnans,
Princeton, Miss (Ireeii.
Freshman--W. S. Humphrey. Pitts
burg. Miss Humphrey. J. Jennings. New
Tork, .Miss Alexandre; O. P.. McCor
inlek. Chicago, Miss Marsh: W. P.
Water". Brooklyn. Mls Jenkins.
About SO(! finest Attend Affair la
lemilatlon of State rallioad iiininib- The class of 1!'17 or Barnsnl t.ciiege
flnns." held Its Junior promenade In the HIU-
Mr. Taft epresieil tho l lief tli.it Carlton Hotel last evening. About UOO
nothing could be nicie destructive to tho Junior-, seniors and alumme enjoyed
best luleicsts of this country than (lov- i the affair Iu the blue and white drain d
I'lnuient owaersliip of laHio.nls. lie b-iioom from S :30 o'clock until carle
pointed to the fact that the history of In tho morning.
such experiments all uver the world has i The favors for the women w;ere green
demonstrated the lack of wisdom In the
pl'iu. 1
Following Mr. T.iff- address T. A.
anil. pn-Vldent of the Tralllc Club of
New Vol I:, Introduced James M. Beck.
Mr. Bid; made a plea lor piepaiedness,
but also said that he "Infinitely pre- .
fiired war to dishonorable pe n e." He1
said that the I'liln-d States Invllis at
tack from a foreign Power by lis wealth t
ami that It Is ever iu great dasiavr of'
invasion. In pajing u tribute to lieorge
'Washington Mr. Beck diew applause
when he said :
"When Washington took Ills place at
Ihe hiad of our army he .in. .nun I tint
lm would render strict account of every
penny spent by hliu. That showed that '
he would have nuide a. poor president
paired estinlay at the I'.il.ue Tlieatie
ll. a war plavlet called "Marle-Ilofe." by
John Willar.I. Miss Dtan'si debut In the
varletlivs was warmly welcomed. Among
others down on the programme this week
aie the Dolly Sisters In a return engage
tr.ent. Ball ami Weed, Tiv'he and Jason,
Alan Brooks iind company, Augusta
!loe, the Six Amirlc.in Dancers iitnl
O'ilv.i. and her trained sea lions and
si air.
The p.ntlcular altr.otion at t'ie
Ionia Thealie ihis wi.k is Mt
S. Court Approves Dircc
t(.r Si-ttleiiient With
.Malls rloeil to "The Hp. oil." j V li'lli.iin w 111 nave inc iiaoios. Thomas WliUfen 111 an lalgar Allan Woll
n-,.. I. VI... I. ......,,,! f.irl.nlr .. Pla.V let Called "Till' (.OUlcll .Mgllt.
, , . ,ir .o.ii.T, hV. MI..II ,,r iha Chailotte ciiiirpenutiig - wuai a oo" . iisj.1,11,. the columns nml columns of
',.M,T;'-'L li .se for s won,..,, d-.-iallM' -who wrote "Be-lckmlnK lm.,mi.W!( Mls. tviilfM,
l!, i olt an anarchist i U , ; " '" ;;,,. tlu. i,e... ' has Invented a new M, ,.re ,,, , .,,,, ,,,. nu
oftlce. Is In the Tranclseo l.rier . sso- " 'f,u Uv ,.,y m.,ke Khner .dt;ll.,. vaudeville.- it was not her
elation anaichlt head.,, , iters, at .J',,, oM frfMiloned. In this ,', rfi... ,.,.-.. Mis. Whlften tlrst
Hast lOTth street. '1 he action w as taken .'.' " howl, ,wo liarrts K . luo ., ,,, v t ,.loai.K ,.,
tv-c.iuse 01 an euiioriai iii.n w.n. 10 .... .... , v. 1 rt -tl f til annlvers-iry Avenue Theatre last November
of th
amri.i. 11m inwn i'-i-- ..,,,..,,.. ariioe and lamenting tne an- sketch called "Tw .light.- others on co
pra u-d Jean Crones for attempting
bill wero Charles tir.ipew.-i.
poison Archbishop Mtindelcm Mid inner p,,K,,nd home to celebrate Mauilce Hrieiei- and (ir.ne King. Mevvtis
sen. e of tli. If children, who arc not In t, r,l...v'
.1...1.. v... i:.nrl.mil home to celebrate Mauilce
..... ...... . i.i. 11. em This Is the prologue, and Marshall, the Chung llwa Four, tin
i.-.. ..iu..,..u vtiiiu-lnff these K.intinan Brothels and L iti.liIin'.H
Isstio of the .c olt which came from ', , ,'',., r ,ir011. homes. comedy . .-.nines.
but Iiosl OHIO.' oi'-"- ,.it..- In stnnbve Barnaul. Willi. m, Moir.s .mil
Inspectors learned of It and warned the , ..'if .m' mi ong ' enough through his ('hallos' 11. F.v.uis ale stiivins lor tlist
nubllshers not to mai' It until ll had "'' '....,.' , y,r...,u fik-nd who honors at tin Alh.inibra Theatre -his
been referred to Washington, fester- ""'7 ., . .. ,mllt of n,,,,, f his we h. Others Include Loney Haskell,
day wotd came from Washington ''',,.!'" ! ,,,,, ,i.,,v t r.bmse Into Beatrice Morrell. Togan and tiineva,
tefuse the ;.'e,l( aon.isMon 10 in- mans ;- :,.,.,,.. T1. M..ond show
, in'
nrominent men.
Tlie editorial was to appear in toe
tlie press last 1'rlila.v.
Judge .Inline M Mayer of the Cnlfed
States District Court ratified vesterday
tlie agreement when by Daniel O. Reld,
William II Mo , Huberts Walker,
Francis L. I line and lldward S. Moore,
directors of the Chicago, Uoe'l; Island
and 1'aeilL: ltallroad Company, are to
pay Waller '. Noyes. receiver for that
company, T.'.'i.oo,'
The p.ivmint lele.ises the directors
Iron, any fuither 11 iblllty tor Ioss.h suf
feted by Ibr rallioad fioni the purchase
and vale of the Frisco load and the. pay
mi nl of J.'it."'. worth of contisti'd dlvl-
j deiidh li.tw.en IMo and F.'tfl. In ths
I-1 Isco ileal III' ios-i, isiami eoi,iauj
1- said to have lost J3J. .('O". and it
was toiitended that Imiim of this loss
the 10 id was In no condition to pay th
i-niiti.'stcii div idends
Messrs. IP id and Moure and the others
have ,.l along ma'utallied that thry
were not liable ror time losv,.ji lltii only
iiinselilid t. discuss the sittlenullt prop
os, Hon iu older to avoid litigation. The
sum tin. illy agreed upon was considered
eiu'iicntly allslactory by Receiver
Niivev, . M.e, l.r.ly In view of the admitted
lillli-iih.v of proving the claims against
ml I',. Iks. I. Idle I'll.er ,
' I'ui'o-ii.-i e..., . - . , i v,.. vniK annul 10 einoais. 1 -.. - : 1 m 1 riciois .ir .xnyrr. inrougn ins 111-
.1 ... .1... in .... n-in. 111, hi. .1 i'n- ii... iii.iii ,11 in., ii.iii ..
an injuiicuon lo-u.ij. . ithtatlon with an actor w in a .. . ioin-y. .iiar cs 1:. r.uslimore, strong y
meeting was hel, last n.gnt .0 plan I ' , '.m by tho memories of wlmt Tun X ,7. , Th K ,,I 'V'"-"1 M''-V, r l" -"",ru '-
HIV lltiun . -.r..l 1 tl llT llOIIIP. Ill UW llH.tl I'lUMH.' ' !. ... 1.1' ' T''i' " ' ll I 1 1 1 'I I UDIUKIII
.tlr,a with the same tide.,.; llie , " , frut ,,.,, iMtM . K, t T" ' 'on o v W ' -" '- llr.m. as
torlal Is report. d as saying, "and ' . . .,.,,,, wll. tnu l' , " ' . : I! ,v. No.v.s h.,. 11-x. r started any
will 1111 by mall all orders for sun- ''': f ,,, ..iienie Is too much , ?. " ' . V. ' ' ...... , s i h lii.irati.m. The .lodge also coin-
... II,.. .Tl ol from SUISCii. CIS, ... l-usiri. ..Illiliu ....noun, f .' .nil. ,., ,, ,., . ,,..,, ,,( ,,..,,...
1 lMlton, -Thonias H. Black. William P.
I Brown, Irwin Rdninn. Calm M. Hoke,
Dorothy Metiger, Ksthcr K. Norton,
IPhjIllH Pcilniaii. Charles !" Phillips,
I vinrria TtvsWInd. Albert B. Seadler. Silas
11 I't -Two slander Milts, ... u.3ai.r Preston W. Slosson. fleorge
ia ...gey of UTi.ikio, have Wtu - Sokolsky, Donald M. Stern ami Wayne foit.v -sixth annual .onveiillon of
"Iu I'roetor ..I Himlnn Uefendnul
In .-.o,ooo Mnnder fairs.
fl 5T'
h f .r
fl'Sj '1,
ir.liiM '
'"ii-ii ,
Last Camblidgo Couit
I Vdei.ild. Pns-lor of Water-
cut as ji antl-kiiffraKP
'1 suits were brought by Mrs.
ll..rir.ii,l .11, .1 Alien I'rulr lintl,
(f w'..triiwTi
Hi v He n. k- r.ond, Miss Proctor'n
''iii'- hi 1 1 feeling developed liter
s' P" .if -,., compalgn was respon
I 1 ' in inking of the HiHts.
nislness Boaid-Marshall D. Beulck. National lMucallon Asfoclallon passed prevent the removal of the statue of
Milt ,n Dleti luls iarf Jerome the ll.uoo mark at noon to y and I Horace Creeley. IU .first pres dent, from
?c. nbridn Sydney Marcuse. jimes amdher Ihoiaeand ...e on the way. Many ' hi .fmnt of the Tr Imm I till, Ing to
School Superintendent In l.earn
.Np.vr Vurkern' Idea,
Dr.rtion. Feb. '.'I ltfglstr.-itloiis forthe
Detiariment of Supeiiiileiiileiitt. of
leather picture flames with the college
seal and .las. numerals on them an I
the men received bill I'nlds of h corre
sponding design. A bulldog head, tic
class mascot, decorated th" front of the
dance ordeis.
Tin- committee was composed of Miss
Lucille Taylor, chairman ; Miss Kiither
hie Quackenbos. Miss Hilda Bau, Mist
Irnia Meyer and Miss Claire Patterson.
The pntrone.si'H were: Miss Vlrglnl-i
C (llldeislieve, Mrs, Jacob Tavlor, Mrs.
Jonas MeM-r. Mis, ijeoige II. I Ie.tr p.
Mrs, F. N, llnlbrook, Mrs. (Seorge A
Staler. Mrs. W'lshnieff, Mrs. Caroline
Qiiaekenbos, Mrs. F. Kuiuiofsky, Mis
(iertrude M- Hearst. Mrs. liuctav Ban.
Miss Mabel 1,'oote Weeks, Mrs. Alfred
iluni,hre, Mrs. M. Slelnllial, Mrs. O
Mayer. Mis iliorgc T. Curnmv and
Mr. John It. Pelers.
I'rlnlrm Srrk I'M belt Wlird'n Aid for
lily Hall Park Location.
The committee representing Typo
graphical I'nlon No. i In the, effort to
Lachenbruch. Sydney
li. .
J-.ln,e.t. II
Y" !' '!
'nil .
' II. ',
I C' I...
"IJ. ,
ll.. ii
'l-.- s .
' f.
:.,k. ,
l r.
him sitei.ileil Hi" dinner nf
ririMtilzfi Mnrgue Club at
siiii.tnii, lust night At
,..!ii were Ciiron r .l.tinen
V e ori.py Knell, County Judge
Minn Slterllf Spire litou, Jr.,
'', l,--sler, Alilsiinan .f. J
lerinuii VVHIUm K. WhIhI,
i ''iir.ol
u.iitji.l iiiusiiui nole lmll of
" Mi.rt t ciuli V.IH Klven
' ' lierill.ll! ClUli. Tlio-e n
..ill In. Iti.lnl Daniel Hers,
e i' .Vilnri T .oui, Henry
e' i - liefer
.ii iri p.iii dues,, will be hsld
I l Stiiiilrtim, I III" utter
w hi. i tu., J, llrlsben
ie V It'sxe will (treiienl
', i.t Hi imiitlsts, HtiiiiMood
.Mii .if the Na I ti.nH I Security
I .1 ' .pi'.ik fur a lurger urmy
Mrs...in. ...e-ao . '. ; .e.r nddiessea durilm the week I coiniulsslon and to
Frederic P " K "wn if Colum- "mmig them being Dr. Nicholas M.nray Commissioner fo. a
l.la College acted ! Vpn kes iia . f r Ihc nMvr. president of Columbia Fnlvertdty ; f n location for the
dvpr 'l-.sl night egar . ho Thomas W. Churchill, ox-presldct of the Pak. ,
lllllversll last '''ki t III likani to ino lv,.il of '.ilucatlon : Ctiarles Oscar S. Straus,
new nub lea ion niter r.c mm seen ... .. . J.. . ...... t...i.u.. vj..r.i.... ,,
.. . I ii.tiirv K.i'..v i-iii :iiiikii : .linen nnm I I ui.iiv , ..v, .
Pari; has applied to the art
Cabot Ward, Park
hearing In behalf
Htatuo In City Hall
nrnnf nf the llll! ITU Zl llC.
'Chnllrnpr Is edited by ll board of
editors of which tin, majority am Colum
bia University students, but appireutly
not acting specifically as Columbia stu
dents. If tlie university should desire
to take any olllclal cognUaiico of tne
publication It would naturally Is- thiough
tin- committee on student organisations,
of which I am not a member.
"My peisnuul Inipicssl'in of the Initial
Issue Is that tlie most striking thing
about It I ! literary 'pnllty
My one iinfavoialile criticism would bo
that here and them u youthful amateur
ishness Is displayed by what seems to
tu- a desire I" shock tho sctislbllltler
of the old faKhtotirrl. Thin not onlv de
tracts the attention of the reader In
stead of focussing II on what the writer
has to say, but II brings Into iii"llnii
the literary Blnccrlly of thu writer."
New Yoii; ! Leopold P, A.vels, Now- Vorli
Fledeiick It. liieen, New- York: M, It,
Trabue and Helen Kenim of Columbia
I Tim Hary plan of school .iilnilnUlratlon
in n subject nf much discussion among
Ihe delegates
I'nclHc Telephone snrplus I. cm.
Tin, Paclllc Telephone and Telegraph
Company reports for the year ended De.
leniber HI, I'.Mfi, uel earnings of f 1,7'jv,
"ml, as against l,x23,ini in Ihc year
pleicdlug. After llio p.ijmenl of hi
teres! and pteferrid dividends Ihe sur-
I plus was HOI, Hun, an against a t f , 1 7 .".
In tall. This Is e'iiivi,eiii to an per
l ent, on the e-eiiiinv.il stock, as compared
Willi IM per cent. In 1914, The com
Puiiv'h gross earnliigH for the ear were
:n,'iii,tuS, an iigulust II9,2.1,02.
for bis Letter juiignieni. .:,, Simmons. i
Afler the thiec nave neen reveaie.i ,o , Th r.,,;11.,,t i-,r, r,n0 ( the standard
the parents as still under their old time h,lr,.wp Wh f the Columbia cliciilt,
InthKiicp th. ic is a last act In which i,e s,,. thi.. week at tin, Yorkvlllc
tlnee letters arrive from the three chll- r;UMtre Tin- conipan;. is hi-.nlel by
dicn. They arc lead, and only the km- ,K j, k. IIv .
dicmc sc.-s how the .hlldreli In the'
one ad ijlavs they have witnessed still j Killed li I i 1 1 In Miln.il.
obey the principles of their family tialn- j . . ,,-,.,. - ,,,
The Cort Theatre will reopen Satur
.lav evening when the Shubeits will pre
sent a pla.v called "Pay Day." bv IsMtle
M MeaniiV and Oliver D. Bailey. The
of the .Worm."
Tho editorial furthel more upholds the I
.Worm iu what It said alut Crotics, and
also says kind notds of the ;. oriienifloii,
a Los Angeles publication ot similar!
type that was suppressed last I'rlil.il. i
Special Performance I lleillesled
In Name of fTcclleni.
A number of persons prouiltn lit in the
dramatic vvolld presented Mis Fiske
with a petition yesterday n-.l,lug her to , Impm taut players In the company arc
,,, . , ii,.iii. Feiiwtck, Vincent Serrano, Siuannu
give a spe.ial performance some sui.d.v , 1 V' t . ,...11.., I '..nllne Duf-
night of her latest pla.v, 'Ihstwhllc j,;,,,, ,', j,,,,,, stoltcs. "The Blue F.n
Susan." She will comply with tin, re-) ,..ipi.,M announced for March i at the
iiucst at a dalo to be announced later. I Cort. lias In on postponed.
Tlie letter lollows. I "The F.-a Market." Amelle Itlves's
r,. . ... , . i , ' drama at the Booth Theatre, will move
Mv i.i" ie Mits. I I'M. ll 's the wish , Conudv on Monday, replacing
of your associate.. In the the.tr.- ..t,i '..11()h!., ,.f, ,0lll.n Xu ,c
those who find In Ihc tlu-nlie lliti lllgmil , . i
recreation and Mlmulatlol. that . ,, ,e-ir '.,,.,, j,,,,,,,. a,.,r,vy ,.(,I1S
turn to the stage shall be m.iik-il In a v.w- V.,rk i.lav wished t. be-'
o7;.,r,,' '"" ; ';ic!b.ck:J1-!iub,,e!
or sin n ictuin. ..i. .. ... ,i,., I,,,, e.i .,f -,iifi.ii,.rM ii. it'
...lies l" li" p.........
Ill '
although she "realizes thai pub
licity must attend negotiations leading
to the desired result she has "no am- ,
bltloii In that dlie. Hon and will avoid
all lefereuco to same and appreciate all j
silence from any other source."
This bitter by some cnlncldeiice was ,
sent broadcast to the pi ess. But so tin
crt.iln .voiing actress's secret will b
kept Inviolate and iu accordance with
her expressed desire "all silence" will
be maintained as ngards h.-r identity 1
ca rs
tripped ..lid fell half way down tin
stairs to the Dck,nan strict subway
station .vesterday atternooi, and fr.ie
tiiied his skull, lie ill.il two hours later
at Washington Heights llo-plt.il Mr
French llvnl nt 21 Manhattan avium
and conducted an advertising bus'inss
from Park Bow.
for then- wot 1.
Judge Charles M. Hough, ill the same
curt, also sljn.d an older jesterday
allow lug Jacob M. Dickinson, receiver
In tin- creditor' e'luity suit ..gainst tho
, Chicago, lioi k Island and P.i.ifh.' Cell
, w.tv Co runny, to pay IVom the funds in
hi.- pusses.' ion the Ji'iii.nnu necessary to
ii.vi-r the annual interest due February
Id oil 111' 7,.'.e"."l" l-sue of two year
li. i li nt iollatei.il gold bonds
i ll. r. nivei- i- al.-o peruiitted to ent'r
mio ,i,i agree- n ut with tin Bankers
Trust Cninp.inv winch holds the niort-L-.ige
. e. tiring these bonds, to extend th
time lm- tin pme,.t of the pr.nclp il
an I n t. re-t to August lfl
"The Keiie. il nulilli has ami is .ill. si- I writes fo inc oo.ini oi governors mai
ing its ga'lnhMtlon !,t ,,u, r. trn,, We 1 '""' "ih.-lrl.-i connection woul,
have hoped that we might show our . '"' " suspicions id press ageiiej. am
chairman of the'
mmission, Is giving
the cominllleo his heartiest support, and
one of tlie last acts of Mr, McAneny's
ofllclal connection with the city govern
ment was to Indorse the City Hall Paik
stt.i for th., (.reeiey alatue, Henry
Watteisoii and Henry W, Sackett, both
members of the original committee that
ens-ted the statue, favor tho s.inio loca
Hub' lllra ti Way to lloelor,
Mrs. Itelniulh Floret of I (Ireenoak
stieel, Long Island City, walked Into
St. John's Hospital i-leiday afternoon
catrylng her slx-months-old daughter In
her arniH. She said the baby had been
III for several days. Dr. Herri took
the little one from its mother's arms,
gave one look and I old the mother It
had died wbllo being carried lo the
appreciation of the cv.nl In sonic way 'J1'1'
more particular and intimate.
"It has been suggested that nu
might sec your way clear to give a per
forniiinc, when the audience should con
tain only those who ate nur comiailes
in the art of drama and those wintse In.
tr rest, professional or uiiprofessloii.il. in
the drama has owed much of its pi in
sistence to your genius.
"Your consent tt such perfm inancc
will ag-aln make us oiir delaiii. and eat
able u to express as a family our i.
speedful iifTVcttim."
Among tho elgnci id iho biler weie
Brander Matthews, llthel B.i. rymoiv,
Flhli, Ferguson, x. la Allen, Alia Nazi
mova, (Iracc (I. urge-, Julia Sanderson,
F.mlly Stevens, Otis Skinner, John Mason,
Ann Murdock, Jiitues K. llackelt, Walter
P. Fatoli, James Metcalfe, Louis Slier
win, Charles. Daruton, Chailea Milt.er,
Louis De Foe, Benin. hi Wolf, Comic
Niist, Miilhew White, ,li and William
XI r, lloiiuell Slit rl I'iiiiiI for s.
I'nlrlck'i. I til) Vliirsluil
loliniclloli lief used Iu Knlclser. j
boeUer 'I hentr.- 4 Hur. i
.lustlie Cohalan iu the Supionie Court
jeslcrday denied the application of
lliihi-it iloeh t foe a limpui'.iry Injun.--
Hon restraining the Tilanglc Film Cor-,
poriitloti, Chailes Flohniaii and Kl.iw ,
v Ihhitigei' from coutlnuliig In prihcut i
uiollon pliiures In the Klilcketim, ker
Th. Mt re iu what tin- plaintiff contend. .1 1
was a violation of tlie terms of the lease.
Tills was taken a a vlctoiy for the
iiiovuig picture Interest!! ,i;i It Involved
Hie right of the Tr'angle company to
, ..i ..in, .... ...I, .... i
M,s. Mary A. Donnelly of Hi:. M '. T' : , .V.'V "":.. V . "i'l :
uni titMdillit li .U klliPl.i.l . i ft 1 1 1. 1 u IHi i " "
will, ll to purchase a gal eaim Isoiicl
horse for Coroner Timothy llealy I'm
his duties as grand maishat of Die St
piittlck's diey parade
Sin, has nominated Commissioner
Jo-epli ll.utigaii of the bureau of
weights and mvattUlU! . cUHtodiau of
tho fund.
Incidental muslo and other features sim
ilar to those al Ibe Strand Theatre. The
decision also gave them tho right to
carry on the cntrrtnlnmrnt at prlrrr.
laiiglng from "a to SU cents, which Mr.
lioelet nsei'teil tended to reduce the value
of ihe I In. it re for legitimate dramatic
You Should
Drink More Milk
and be Very Sure that it is
Good Milk
The more pood milk you drink the more
it makes for a balanced diet. Good milk
contains everything required to build
healthy bodies and is rich in the vital
mineral salts needed for red blood and
sound teeth.
Much of the food on the modern table Is
refined to the point of being foodless.
Milk helps to make up these deficiencies
which exist chiefly in the diet of grow
ing children.
Use plenty of milk but be sure it's
Fresh, clean and wholesome.
Delivered every day by Borden's salesmen who are
anxious to serve you.' When buying milk or milk
products be sure they are Borden's.

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