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ir and northwest gales to-day; fair
" and warmer to-morrow.
JL"v, .
(temperature yesterday, 35; lowest, 29,
Wf.it lie r, 111.1II 11111 marine icpurli! on page U'
VOL. LXXXin. NO. 191.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1916. CO,i.W'f.iylfi,01 Hc Sun frl-fbir; mnl I'uuUshlno Aoclotion.
I. faBK
Wilson Said to Be Im
pressed With Germany's
'Secret Orders' Evidence.
.May Be Told Vessels In
dtnu'tcd to Attack Are
Not on Defensive.
tVi'iiliw's Supreme Wish
l to Avoid War. Says
senator Stone.
P. S. Nominations Stilt
Held Up by the Senate
Governor Says He Will Not Withdraw Names of Whit
ney and Hervey Thompson Firm
Against Confirming Them.
Wolimls Inflicted by Assassin
Fntul. According; to I n
confirmed Ilpport.
Admiralty Chief Says Critic.
I'olicy. Not His Own.
Ilaiiiercd Fleet.
Unprecedented Siorm of FRENCH CHECK
Fire Heralds Attacks BIG DRIVE WEST
As Battle of Verdun Enters Third Phase 100,000 Shells
Fall in Twelve Hours on French Trenches
in Forges Region.
W .su.M.ni.s. Muich S Tiif United
i.ilet Hovernment, it wa le-urned to-
t.is'i.t on high authority. is consider-.
.n; the advisability or questioniuE ure
.ruraiter of armament used on
th merchantmen.
Such action It MUt n
e nature ui me
Ai.bant. Match S, Tnc Sriiatn Finance
Committee, to-day did not teport the
nominations of Travis II Whitney and
Charles S. Hervey as mcmbcts of the
New Yorl; city I'ulillc Service Cotnmls
slon. Neither did It take any action on
nominations of tlie. five State Industrial
Commissioners, which have been bottled
up In the committee ever glnce they were
sent to the Senate by (Jov. Whitman.
To show that there n no III feeling
toward the Hull Moose party, however,
the committee voted to report favorably
the nomination of Hcorge W. Perkins.
Hhnin riov. Whitman named "recently an
u member of the Interstate Palisade
I 'a ik Commission, The committee a'.o
voted to report favorably the nomination
of William W. Wehb of P,ocheter n
a nieiiiboi (if the State Hoard of Claims
to succeed Adolph .1. Ilodenbeck.
Tilt rnmmlttee did not even lonsider
the Public Srrvlcu and Industrial Com
mission nominations to-day. It termed
to be Scnataor Thompson's desire that
, the nuance Committee would not act
hmrledly In order to give the member!, of
I the committee time In which to ponder
over the objection he nnd Senator Liw.
son made yesterday to the rontlrmatloii
of the nominatlorie
will be based
secret orders"
ssucd i.y the Hrititli Admiralty to
.rtjlls't tneiehantnicn directing; them
. fire on Ccriuan and Austrian sub
marines on lsht.
Washington olilcials heard to-day.
he-tig., not from the Htitlsh Oove-rn-went
direct, that Oreat Htltaln has
decdrd to disarm nil passenger ships,
i ie report could not be confirmed at
he llrltlsh Kmbassy
While no ileusloii ha lvvn i cached
jt .t is said that dose examination
f the "secret order"." together with
iher data submitted bv the German
(rovcrnmciu in the appendices to the
German submarine declaration of
llarch 1. ha impressed Administra
tion officials to tome extent with the
reaaoiutfahuiedH of the licrman conten
tion thut the British merchantmen are
tot armed for defensive but for offen
ive purposes.
Uecausc of this Impression It ts the
in'Mitlon of tho State Department to
fjbmlt the appendices to the Urltleh
'ioernmcnt for verification and com
ment. Should the impresMon bo conllrmed.
It is probablo that the L'nltcd States
will send a formal note to the UritUdi
Government notifying it that from the
American standpoint Urltlsh mer
ihant venxels operatlns under these
6cre: orders" cannot properly be rc
l.rded as armed for defence.
I Will Xot Warn Amerleau.
AUhough this may he done, it la
(uaitlvely asserted that tinder no cir
omstaiicoa will the United States
arn American citizens to Keep off
irmf J merchant vessel.
The purpose of the United States In
i-tklin; a final determination nf the
;atm of lirltLsli tuercliantmen, It was
xplaiiicd. was not to enable the Ad-oiin'J-tratlnn
to decide whether or not
to warn Americans off armed hel
Liferent merchant Milps, hut In order
u Mfivuard itself from violation of
l." neutrality laws of tho I'nlted
sires jirohlbitlni; offensively urmed
nhijis jf a lelllneioiit nation from
aarn from fin American port as a
R'"'f il i-hlp of trade.
In iis connection It was learned
that the State Dep-irimeiit has re
cei.My received hints that the llrltlsh
Qove.-imient, In view of the new t!er
mm Miimarlne cainpalKii. may reas
sert us nuhl to arm its merchant
nipt, entering American ports. This
rlzlv wus wulved at the request of tho
arm-n an (lovfrnmont in the fall of
lUt tut never surrendeted, and since
then none of the llrltlsh ships cnter
ttiK American purt has carried arma
mcn' Convlni ed apparently that Congress
by h r. etit action Is prcpaied to leave
'!. fm'her development of the sub
marine, ih.sue in the hands of the Presi
dent, th ;rnian ioverninent, throush
' Cou it von llernstorff. laid before Secre
'rv t.-i rivtntr to-day a new note, settliut
'ort'i i hi'toncal ceqiieiice the elrcum-U-
i-t h.m.ng up to and, from the ikr
'nan 'a dpedut, iutlfylns the new sub
mar, .c . ampaifn airalns-t enemy mer-
nrirlc Over .Note.
'n of the State Department con
f"t. i onui surprisii over the new
"t 'i ii ! anon. Whether It was to be ac-
llenlr l'ufr Hill luelilrnl.
Senator Thompson denn-il that lie op
poed .Mr. Whitney s aiipointmeiit lie
cause the litter, while representliiR the
Citizens Vnli'tl (it Albany, had suc
ceeded In killing ii Xliiiriirii poer bill
Introduced In the Assembly in when I
tile Senator was a iiieint":!'
"I rev.-r knew Mr Wliline (pioid
this power bill." said Senator Thomp
son, 'but If he did It was one of the few
Rood thins I have heard about it. 1
introduced ,i bill to help thli power com
pany which was controlled by I.nkport
peoplo In my district and It passed the
leclslatute, but was eto.d by Gov.
Odetl In 1!"M. In ll'Or, tbe bill was In
tioduced iiRam, but not by me, and lo
calise I lie uwi.ership had shifted from
l.iH-kport to lliiffalo, outside of my dis
trict, I Opp"Ped tile bill ami killed it in
the Assembly, so It did not pass that
Senator Thompson Inili-tfd to-day
that the Finance Committee oiiBht to
name a sub-coiumlttee to "k down
stairs and advise the Uovtrnor to with
draw Hih nominations of Whltrey and
Hervey." lie. said the report which
reached heie to-day that Chairman
Straus would rcstim from the commis
sion If Mr. Whitney was not continued
did not chance tae situ.i 101 In ti.e least,
so far as lie was cunremed.
The report that Mr. Straus will re
Inn If we do not lonllrm Whltnev,"
said the Senator, "merely verifies u.y
stute.nciit made to tlu rh'.atue Com
mittee yesterday that Whltnev Is power
ful enough In the position he holds to
hypnotize Chairman Straus
"If Mr. Strjti. feels t;:.u ,ie ought
to res.gn 1 would .Missest that ,f he
Rot a new secretary In Whitney's place
he would be hotter plea-id. He cer
talnl would b In my Judgment."
When (inv. Whlttr.at. w,n lnfor:r.ed
thst Senator Tlioninson had uiced n
aub-ioininlttee from the Senate Pittance
Committee to lenuesi him to withdraw
the nominations he said frankly 'hat
he would dec-Ill." 'o do so If sach a re
Htlest were made
"When '. tdnsideird lliee li.er. for
uPlMilntmer.ts." s.i.d the Uoveiiur, "I
went thorouuhl.i 'ntn their tecord. I
ra e to t'i rnnc.itslon that they wete
lecullail. ne'.l fltte.l to rve as mem
bers of tae Public Service Comm!.lon.
Nothing that has beep brouirnt out so
fsr has led me to alter :? opinion In
the slightest degree.
"1 cettalnly hope t'.ia' nothhig w.ll
happen which will pi event Mr Straus
from letiiainln; In tie publlo service. I
tallied over eevrral times with hlai the
iipipolntinent of Mr WhitiiHy, which he
stiongly faeoied. 1 talked over that ap
pointment also w It 1 1 some of the mw
illK'U'igei.t, i,erteli ed and responsible
person in New York--mc:i on who'e
juilgiiient in tne.e .natters ! know I cait
icly Thev e.e ununi ". ois l.i s'ipfo"
of .Mr Vhlti.e ard 1 h1; ic s tlnnly
a ever that he l.i th" u.ao foi th- po't '
Wiir .Minister rniopului,l
Anion;' Those Wlm leeiited ;
Teuton Pominiitinii.
Coiilil .Mnke lltinlei' Thrift,
He TelN Coihiiioiin Nnv.v
Increase Vdteil.
r's I' i 'th ' i;.ar'. ) Tim i
Ixinpo.v. Maroh s An Athcr.s de
patch to the Kxchatige Tvle,rr,i:i Corn
pan s.i :hat unronrtrmed repnrN aie
clrculatlnn !r. (Iresi e of the death o'
Kemcr Pasha, t'.ie Tiukl-h War Min
ister. A despatci from lio.r.e estenlt -alo
that Unver Pasha had been wounded !'i
Constantinople In a t evolutionary out
break in wlilca tSrrnians were kllad.
Atnvt ler lepor: w.is t. .m ctfec: that mi
attempt at Ihnor I'.i.'.i.is l.!c wjs nladt
at .fel lis.llt'lil.
Tie luii!, te.. ) .Mheiii i Oi letpoi.d
ent "a.v .
'The Titrkisn legation n"ie denies the
slur-, oil' lettels flout Constantinople
reter to Hie iittempl a an .icigiiipllslieil
la. t .Uioido.a to d talis obtained fiom mliiisttatloii of
a Kooti sum .t i;niei I'acha win. shot at
the W.u Mli,:r and .ij mtIouI
wour.ueo in oi'.i L.I. inortallj. b
Hie., wini initnedtateiv trlid tu cornmit i whom
Mi.' id". mt was almot pun to piic by l,,ini, w.i
th" War Minister'' K Jaros l fore l.i pew spapel
coa'd ue in ivilvt-r against li,melf. i llrl,i mi c.
r i" -iii'e soiine as-ert thsi the.-i- uppe,n t' .
j i- -mate-- "o.'t marked bv iint x'iul.n it
In Coristm'itiop'. Tin i!ei uai - tiore;
' 1 -l ' ' .oa ,rg a -ipuet
'pf-tn' (n,U Hrtwlrh tv Tim il
1 I.ospon, Mar. li s. -Arthur J. H.tlfour,
, First Lord of the Admiralty, replied to-
day in the House of Commons to Col.
, Winston Spencer Churchill's criticism
nf the pient administration of the Ad
miralty Mr. H.ilfour said that Col. Churchill's
' speech was e-aleulated to utoUSC doubts
land misgiving- and suspicion. He ds
; hied that thftc had been any breach In
continuity hetw.cn the pieccdltig and
the prc.-ent bo.ud. and s.ild that the Ad
niiralO wa ,iuim nil thai It could 'o
alleviate the shoit.ige of blmi
The letutii ttoni ine fruit f Col.
'Chur.'hlll. who jir led .Mr Halfoiir as
Firs: Loid. in oril'r to rilllcise the ad-
his successor c.iusd a
I pul.tK.,1 sviieatioi.. His demand for the
I tecall of Adi il Lord Hh'l with
I .iieeml ',tbi' liffalrh tu Tnr. Si I the position of Cuuin
I I.O.MWX. Match S The Dallu .Uinr.i , so'ilhw esteru i Melislo
Purls coiispondent telegraihs to-ila
' "Tie third phnse of the battle of Ver
dun beieaii on. Sunda), when tae e.er
Ifiir.s einerged fivin tot positions
around Forges and began
expected flank often. vc It was
I'e h.to ipiarrelle.l. - Fnt Sea
1, ss ,i set si.ttioij I'liC
I'toit nun h advetse ru.'.l.
l ciiiirchlir .utlon. and It
ee had i"t lt'ereavd ill'
es imolO s ios
of tho uum lull
.Meanwhile lit two olltT points of'
the tw.!tl live mile front the tterinan
legions were being itmssacr. it b 'h"
lire of French artillery and it.acblne
guns. At Huudioniont. b"twien PitMier
tlmlr long; mil Hhe I'ote ilu I'olxre) h.mi iiouiu-
about uioni. toe enemy tnnne a vioiiti iissuuu
, mi .i Kiti:ill .'r..irli til, 'lf hti'in i't the
s o'clock In t..e morning when tho gray ,n,lri ,,f ,V(1,j ., ptlitlini which. ,
clad columns started from the Forges . aivordlng to the lerm.ui WolIT llureMti,
wood and the village of Drlllaucourt i had belonged to the Hermans for ten
towaid Forges. I nays, wave litter wavo ot the Kaisers
iniantry nroke against ut iosiuon iiioi
Hill 243.
and the
(west of the wood)
"The Hermans already held
which donilnatis the vlllsse
road through the wood.
"The French artillery rite was so f
frsthe that the enemy wa toned to
nt.irli tune all day riund.n Whenever
the Plilssi'iti leKUiienis di boucilcd from
tnc toner angle nf In hill and the
shelter of the wood they were met wltn
ll. rce mai'hii'.e gun and rllle lire from the
bi ook
lit last thej it a footing In the redoubt
"Their .o rl!bes wite ttnav.illltiR. to!
I an hour later they were expelled by a
1 dashing att.iik by French ihasseurs who
I chased them b.n I; to their foitnet
I loti at the edge of tae wood
"Prisoners -talc II at mot or tin i,
man tcMuiu'its were bloiigbt tin to ihe.i
' full strength by ilr.fs- In elermany l
t fore tile on"enlee b.giti These regi
ment or" now rr.liiieil in skeleton
and pnsifon along the I-oiges , formations, having lo.-i most of their
i ney were .uso -uej. uieu m me , (.rr.,., i two. third of the '- men
No .tutu ' rl.ow Ju i 0' - C'H t. .1.
TV iijn.i iiustniv .in ! .nlhiei,,.' i t : ,ie i
elt'otu.' Il'i'iilip i!ia:i eipiiilrm.iiion of
ti d''.tt. i ' Lhuer Pitslia. T'aorouxu'
ti'tdled wltv eietm.in teachings, 'd.'isi
ill, I ideals, wh.cn he 'iai ,u(i i.'d i ce
mutili tons eiihhuliiig saHos i.f mi .
Fietuli Held guns from llethlmourt and
Dead Mar.'s 1 1 1 1 1 il.c Mort Homme). ;
"Co t mail prisoners anil wounded agiec
lluil tl. Fntieh nrtilli r. rile has i.evirj
been s.i deintle Verdun will ever be le-
tneinbeted .s having been the scene ot i
the gte ,test ait.llei.v iluel id tins v.. it
linagitie batteries ranging from the I
Flepili trout t.uti guns to the tnonlel
Cif'isiit iii.it Shoii.i and 1J itiiheis, n'.l
at o.ae i.t.dliij the air with a ttrilblo
i Inn.. I. i. ill. ii g tlioiis.itids of shells t.pon
ei'. .ii i 'I i l'"'nl. ,o il liellil.lll
l.enernl. In xi'tlon.
It'elake Pois dps Cuilipauv
Mini li'epiilx' Attiick on
The iliii'iliimiiDiit lleiluuht.
Kast of Koi't. Won Ity
l he Invader's.
If K(JXK iijj: n IN
AihaiiH' Nearly Two Miles
Alonu' l-'orires Hronk mi
Wide Front.
rlinlriniiii Hit). Wtiltui'..'. IliirUnea
mill Turner re IS.entlMl.
Usiar S. Straus, l iialimau of the Pub-'
lie Service Comni.ssion, wlio took In
plesetn olllce only after ilov. Whitman
had icpenti'dly utged him to do so, said
.M'stcid.iy that he would resign If the
plan of Senator (ieorge F. Thompson and j
some of his colleagues to iletulve the
I'oinmlssiuti of the services of Travis II. '
Wliltne.v, l.e Hoy T Darkness and D.inle,
1.. Turner Is sin crssfni
"I see fiom teports in Hie press," said
.Mr Straus, "that Senator Thompson ,
credits me with being an able man and
in the same breath he seems to deny i
my capacity by the statement that I !
am In the hands of a clique heie who
hold me in the hollow of their hands. I
Continued o" hail I'uut.
h.s outo. and pjrtieul.il . !.
age, as Mitilli Att.lc.le at ' i.isli
Kuiu.i-s: i. Ilitliu. 'or Tu. . War
M. luster might will I.- i ilavi Kai
ser s strongc-' filei.il .n Tut i; .
" to IVIi Mur.li.tl tot. d" 'ii'.t.
the "lejuvei.iit 'r of t.ie Turliisu nimy.'
.t is K'.c- Pas. .i who with untiling
eiii'tgy at.d !ii'.!ni..iisiu has icnrga'iUeil
ami stti'i gtn-ned the Tiirl.inl. mt.liari
forces with th- cmli.tvor to luing them
as licit! as pOr.-.i) ta the stillld.lld ef
t.e liein.iil. inn. Ill the detetio- of
Calllpoll pi mi. -u i .out '.'.. Iln.ii with
dt.iwnl of :'. Allies l.e saw the iowii
.ng lew.uil f . '.il i.i 'itr.
There hate been f equeu', repoil- '
kite (if Up!. lll','s in Tlllkl'V egll.US till:
(lermatis due, it a: leporled, cii.eil
to IjetUlall h ' h'lttllllK up' Ul Tlllkl" s
fooiistutis 'I'm oppo-'.tioii necess.r.l
cenireil' nionnrt-t'ie- ier"1
li llremliionalils i i' llelioed.
air Hultoui made Ins iepl ,o 'ol. I
'hurhll. in ihe debate on tin naval j
estimate. T..e cause of the ib'la' It,
loinpletini.' tlitadi.oiights. he said, was
the lellllilelll' irs for the lolistl lctloll of
"I am I."' i.'sinilsi.i as lo i.ir
stieugth of the llis-t." Mr. Halfoiir -aid
"! .- now nioie ii.iwettul Hun when
i'oI i "uncivil hit the Admli.il. and
.,s ue tinnitus ptouress i' will b"
moie piiw.'ilul s'..l The delu) in the
minn'elloti .it tli driadnoughts .s due
to the ta. t that gun- :u.d gun mountings i had been
deslkiied furtaplta. ships weie ueu lorithlltv teet j
imuiltots." 1 "llitween Mitid.t n.glii aim Mondav j
ttiun lla-.l .MarUh.ini. I. O' r.i1 I nun lin g Ihe Cetmnts tllteied thlougll
ir.enil'ei' rot ne .iiansiieiu ciosi the estleit.e i ml ot tlic I'lttich lell w lug
Air ii.ti-'.,,, ii,, i,i,L ,,r il,.. Mem,. Mini i rent
I I no, noil shell. n Tireltr Honrs.
' ".Mailt sei'toi" or tlie I'lemh I'tort re
lulled on Mitiiiay nnd Mondav an met-
llg" of 100, (mil shellj it, twelve llOU's
T'i,e woi.ls Wete levelled to the gtiemo.
, Tin- l'oiges htook had dls.'ip.'at'i, hav
i tug Imli il.iiuui.'il in hall a dozen places,
and lite i el ol 1 1 ill '.'t.t. t.ear Forges.
blow ti i.vv-tv to a deptii of
"'I lie gt lit I Mlllb' I nf losses jo o !i. ' I.'
"til.ilneil by Pie fiet that fir th
lli"t t ine in i.i.in;. moiiths ileritiiiii otll
i .'is up in tlie tan!, of giui'tat had on
tie K.nsel 's orib i led the men In'"
aitlnn Ins'i'.nl of following then.
"The I'rein h ttoops at l'rntei lis.il
I b-eii f'.r Ihe past week evposeu tu rioss
I lite lioni the '.e' oi., at ?.anlieulh's ,
1 and 'I ainploi!
j "yesterday afternoon a couple of lia-
' vai Ian ngiiiients attic kid Pre-ius tiom
' bolli slilei- with gte.it violence. Iie.plle
the tomtit of lire from the Frcruh on i reta'.nlnr; onl
ir.e iieignis tne i.eiuian. rougni their
j way to ttte tlr-t Iioii.ii nf the village.
vvincii w .i cv euiiia ay anaiiooneii ny ine
. All last night the
tnereil at the new I'Vetuli lines, lieu.
I I'liiin .illllli'l.v eilt-.I liilaiu-ll Ul , ..... t I... .,, m
the Herman cun and bombarded the , critics point out inai mo .v...v
Herman line of i oinmunicatloti-i and tin..,, two heights. In which the ner
roads and Held railways between Mont- ....,, ..tempted to establish them-elcc
laiicoit au.l tho .M. Use tour and Ilv. :nll"s . i ,t,., ,t,n helchts
.o '' .( '" Tur -Isi.ttoosj.
Marcn k --An Irnpnitant
heett was delivered by the IVen. h to.
riav In the Hermm pro.-t. ss we-i ni me
Meii" when the greatei part
Itnis dss C.rh".inx, loutheast
remit, which the Hermans
ti.si.-r.lnv. was recovered, the
the eastern part nf the
! wood
It is t this point that the Hi'iman
1 attack ot esteidny drive a wedge imo
Her.nat. guns i,i,ti- . ,, i'rpneh line betwien !. Mort llommo
, 1 nnd the Cote de I'Oie.
nf the
if Ib'thln-
French military
N'o'tlm.h.1 t'sh.ie. .uteri feted
fotn 1. stating that inon.toi .un : I :tloni; the lallwav riiib.iiil.ment toward
lonn fr..u Amen. . i ' ol ' huiiliill s i.,..,,,.!!,. This small village w as ik e u
ten! c'.ia ce. he said. Ii.id not Is-cn met. l)1M, hl ll( u ,., ,.(.1,,,,,., nf
lie -j.d tnat h- Kn.'W th it ,- ed in con- wllu; , ),, M,,HHd pusillon.
situci.oii con.. I I- ace elf r.ite.i and he I -,),, lt t)l vlM iH it,ipo vaids
loinpiiin.ed .u.it tne Hotei . nsetil had Ull , ,tU,ul impossible to lord
owing to lis ewollcit state Tho bridge
jvias blown up dining the Hist tttink.
j "iu Monday uftcrmsui, after a furious
; lsioio.it linn-lit, t'.'.e Hernials ciitcied
I'Vitke iii.d deinte i..t.n..I I'rM.ih
ii.int." att. nils puslud fuivvniil lictwcMi
la ked it i el ,
Mr I l.i I Km,
lien' lhao on
in slr,i.
ie-,l.,i titai there was
monitor Takltij; .-liiif
o KrTCer'l'rTo;TT' 'i-rTpTthl rt'fi"r-irnTrnTITor.. he
.iddxl iiiunt .i.ite been i .is:.: wrong,
nut r .lil.lieinte! pri'veutfd tho
-:ie..tli.-.i.l,g ol t..e tai i " lie
ii.l.h d .
1 :..eie:oi ."e- t. "i e . . . u'.!o
ol !io.-. Who Weakered tile !lt . t . .1 lie.
Ittllls: ttlOlii'.OIS .11 s.l to till'.' .L.-lCSs-
Civilians .luin Soldiers When , !ill.lill0 Diamond Necklncc Is
Toronto I'roliiliitioni.sis
Trv to 3Iareli.
Seized iiml .Mexican
d, ' , ,
'o .,t
l... i
"It Cl,
in i
f , i.
fa- i
nits .
f .
"i i
Tv .
e i
o, .
Toronto. Out. Maich S. Itloting by
soldiers and civilians opposed to temper,
nnre marked the prom ess through the
streets to-day of 13.000 prohibitionists
who waited on the Ontario Cabinet with
petitions for a prohibitory law signed
by :14S,000 voters.
A gigantic banner half a mile long
bearing a 250 word message to be read
nf f.ii men nnd call led by hundreds of
processionists was the chief object of at- ,
tack. Opposite the armoiles in I'nlver- luoney
sity avenue a mown or somieis an"
Chilians set upon It nnd tine It fiom
the poles and Ipto silicon
The prnccsflon was halted while Ihe
' ... ft l,u,.rd stooil lii'lll-
,l,,r,, o . . . ,,.,.... ,h.1. . hall each for a hearing Thev were
.;... .1... ,.us..ml,lv" from the bugles Uluibli1
ilieil in'- s . - , , .
...ii.... it,. .iniiiierH back to tbe ranks aiiil tn
tllll.ll l" t-w.... -
the disturbance nt that point, which had
been marked by many personal encount
ers, ceased.
Previously the trouble had broken out
I Ce.-lllo o.oii. a blight e.ved .ittie Mex
i lea 1 1 who studil high in the couni lis of
! Porllrlo Diaz, was ,n rested yesterday by
.Customs luspeclnis II, S. Kyle and llltnei
'.I. Lewis on a chitge of conspii Iiik with
' Pablo A, Lopez to -niuggle a diamond
i necklace Into this tountr.v. Th.i neck
lace, made up of lift -seven diamonds,
Is valued at about Ss.noo In American
or about llfi.uiiu In Mevlcan eur-
retii'v. It ts now in urn nanus oi tne
customs autlioiltles,
i icon and l.oie. weie aiialgiie.l be
fore I'll. ted States Commissioner clar
ence S. Iloughloii mid held In tl.nnrt
I'lVl .1 .TIVIil il ...I I.. till., .Mjl...
-The Tu-.l. 'i W.i' :f. sj.it,. I to-
da, t .e o '.owl. nf s.atetini"
ietnoiis:i.itioi.s i.f .:n m v..u u--els
iigiun-i Hie c. lists of the In il..
tlciles, assl-ted lit ae npl.ities, win,,
leinlered Inelfi , tive ..) our .iriil'ei;
Two eitetn inin's Wete h.t The
activity of out mi tr.cn u e . :i1il an
itiein.v ie. onn.u-.-ani e , the D'.mla-
111 'll'S
ll.ik flout Ml effi'ts of l e en toy
III llllO.H'il Olll llOSItlOIW III till' S'""t,tll
of F .a I lie failed Near Kut-el-Alil.i!.i
no chiitigc has net at i ol
Caucasian Ironl- Tne lighting of
the last few dtis mis decria-ed in
violetiie. Thcie is calm on Isith sales.
t. c liuildiug
i "mi. .nil ':
'killed snip-
.' Jon. (he
'..:. ale of
a ue ship bit. 1.1
vi. t .e i tncer.i'
ki eptng abn ast
I'O-llHt .
o . , i. . dela ell
of c.ipll.il SIIICS
M. Il.ilfout bl.rit. o O
depU'inii the ranks o
Allg'.ts 1 lllllVt ,11k 111
ar. u. .luring t'nil.. il
oft . e. t i, :s biit.ii i i.ic l..i
It g p'a' w !..i . . how 'l
III.' u '1 '. e.l' el ui'il i.j
w ith t".' r i oe
"A test " .'tween M....s.e!s
lllli' lie. 1 tile s,,le if. e, - H.l'fl'ir
wen! on, "is l.-.de.'Oiuus ,.pd tibprop .
.... .ill. I ! '.l-cl of .1 dehoera'c d.-
, si'i- 'o siui'.; ilonli ami fears .fion;'
a publi. wit., i .nil. i i.o' ititl n:.i t i knot
I the farts, nit. stl. a itl.ow leilKi would
III till. i ' I1!.' i 1 i'ii ' ll.tllcst.
"i'o'. e'lttin lu'.l's sugsi'stlott for the
' rei a'.: of Vdin.tnl S' .l Mi:i ITs'n r was
listened to I'ii piofoiin.l s'hjm fin tlori.
Col Ciiiichlll neve' astonished the
House more than when he K -11.1:1, 1 1 1
Lord Fisher's tetiiii. Col. I'huii'hi'.l
lieVil maile tlie sljh;,s' concealment
either iii publi or Ii- private of what
he thought of Lot 1 Fishet. Ills two
.opinions i.f l.i.i 1 Fisher ate p.t.illv In
consists!.!, and tuissiblv both ate lemnte
, from t v ti ut 1
to turnlsh nail and weie sent to
tiisitt, during the Diaz regime In Mc
j le'fi, possessed large tracts of laud and
I was worth several millions, Now, ac
cording to his law,ver. John .1. .Me.ua,
,,l the appearance 11 1." 1 " u u Uv n, with bis Mexican wife
veral hundreij siuuen.s. .. " ' , '';. .V.,.ln .,, ,nn,. .,,,,,,
tmi 11 1 itti 1 hit .inn r 1 a. .
.l(-rl.il ItlPltl foi'
liiJuiiil. Hue had Ills
linger bitten by 11 soldier.
The pollco claim to have been taken
by surprise, lis thev made 110 serious
effort to cope with the disturbance. The
military authorities were, at llrst In
clined to make light of the trouble, but
liter they admitted their large part In
the affair, and Hrlg.-Hcn. W. A. Ixigle,
commanding the division, has ordered -a
strict innulrv with a promise to punish
all soldiers found guilty of unbecoming
conduct. ,
The evints of the day followed a great
orRnnlzliig effort, In which 3S,00" volun
teer worker" secured the big petition lire,
sented to the fiovernnient Autl-pl ohlhl-
llsl'll III w S iei lil.ll'e
MorHeiillimi In I. It e
lu I're.ldenl
WthiiiMiTov. Martli --A tepoii of
1 conditions lu Tutket will be laid before
. President Wllon to-mortow by llenty
.Morgenthau. I'nlted States Ambassador
i tu Tuikf.i, wlio has icturmd to litis
country on leave of ahsen.e.
Although the Ambassador il.-.lm.il to
cotiimeiit on teports coming from Lon
don that the iittom.ui Hovel nnient has
made iiveltutes to P.llssl.l f.'l II seiallti!
peace It Is believed he will liifotm the
Ptesldeut to-inoitovv that food cotidl.
linns tliioiighout Tut key and Asia .Minor . fa,.t,, ,js explained.
are sci in 1 .. . ok V'"' to Indnise, Col. Chlltchlll's
Lord Fisher then 01 now.
He said t.i.'it lu MinsiiU'ieil Col
Chiirchlirs reli em e to Isnd I'Tslur 11
lloolils I lioii'llill's .lliiluinellt,
.Mr U.ilfnui' lefciie.i in To; iTntiihlU's
sl.itetiient of six months ago that Isird
ITshcr had not given bin. ilea: guidance
and linn suiiiiott
'Col. 1 Tlllicllill's preneut position." he
eniitinue'd, "Is iiindciiiatciy nnd unsatls-
I am not prepared
at 20.1 Columbus avenue, it was tnere
that the customs men arrested him and
found the necklace, It Is said
According to Attorney Meara. ocoti
remained In Mexico after Mndero had
replaced Diaz, but was couth timed to
death by Huerta. After the American
occupation of Vera Cruz, however, (icon
was sent to Havana with other refugees.
Although most of his property was
confiscated by Huerta, Ocon, It Is said,
managed lo retain title to dock conces
sions In Tainplco, which, according to
his lawyer, he was endeavoring to sell
to a group of financiers here for Jii.onn,.
lion when he was placed under arrest.
The llnaticlers, Mr. Meara said, had
made a Hat offer of $1,(1(10,000 for the
inltlscd that food prices n Cotistantl.
liople have lutreased ISC per cent. He-J
II. .1.1 lL ..1,1. I, I...... ,l.,..t If. I
I.: ,, , . ii,., m V... , i , 11 " . ' oVep '"'"It 'f h "Pi.ll.'.l to himself (Mr. 1
.1.?.. f 'c, Li.i, ..(Ti. i ,is ni'.n 1,.... I llalfourl. The Hist Loid of tlie Ad-
lieied the available food supply and nro
I'.ig. s a. 'I It. gl.cv llli' ,. tlie giaesy
'mo;,, of 1 1 1" l 2"..'i. Five legitiients were
'o tile assault. Th. were lepulstd
tvvi wt'.li '.le.it losses, but tie tlnld lit
jt.uk Was slKcessfut. H'l'lllg Lie top.
Tlic maintained their position tln'ie. At
! ti.e close of the day the I'rilich still hold
tho upper heights, of (inns' 1 1111 (Cote
j sis lthej ami the aiiioa.'hes to the
road f otn Forbes to Cumleic.
sloroi of Meet,
"T'lle -1L1.V tnollllllg tlie I hi lll.il. tile
iseitl'eii to be llkel to in le.lse III ,.
Meti-i'v. Tne guns' were 1:0 longer .on.
I it. tinted on Hons,. 1 111. nut on the
wliiiii' we-uiu front 11. thlniourt and
the 1 -. in 1 tl'cUilll s lending to lililW
II II were siia.tlii-l.il by a stoini of etce,
.fill -IX In ll I . at tbe I n. I of winch tie
i Herman battalions advanced fiom Forges
1 and ileal ly bo'ltiit the sloics of Hill 2'.
j "Freitih oitii i i s istluiiiie the ntt.n king
forces at not less than '.'o.iion. Mote
I tliali llfte. 'ii dilTetenl battalions hale
b. Mi Idcntllleil. All day the nettn.iii
' toiigbt to gain a footing In the Important
village of Ib'thliiiourt. which lies In a
lloliow, ovetl'.oked by both ciilltb.ll.llltlt
"When night fell tlnir last milium-,
weie b, Ing tin own back by the Flench,
who foii'siit with liiiliimltuhlc tetnuity
against n enemy twice their strength.
(Mi the hillocks uf (In..-,. Hill the position
, was vet similar, the Hermans i.eiiig
1 held lu check n long ns daylight lastid
' "In the ceiitte, how ever, the Flinch
line fiom Hethlncouit o H..o. Hill is
inti I'secte l bv an Iriegularly sh.i'.l
wisid rutiuli.g down the pliuiiu to wlilun
I too yards of th" Fo'gis ltiook, Tile
lluwcr slopes ale known as Crows' W ood
.(.Hols ies Corls'.iux), while the rrill
I which links the Hon-e simr to Dead .Mau
behind the Hot man front
"The Crown Prliee nems to have
made a bad blunder nt allowing his de
ti rmlnatioti to rap1 ure Doiiautnont at
any cost to intliieu bis general plan nf
battle Tin re l little doubt that the
Hermans primarily Intended a frontal
attack on Verdun to be accompanied by
two tlatik attacks, one in the W'nevie
plain, which was not meant to be pushed
home, and the seiond on the west bank
ot the Mcusn, which might develop into
the ma, it atta.'k
iron ii I'rlnce llli.tlniile,
1 11" kt imot.zed bt I loiiaiimotit i..d
the disJre to JllStlfl tile pi e.lliit Ut Her-
m in . o:nimi'il'iii'. tltat tlie Hetmans h.ul
taken Douiunnitu tip. Cro.iu Pi line
1 : iii.nuo men on the plateau airaltst
t.ltice iif his Heiierals, who urged 1 t'lati
me. i.oiii.i ue iinii'II Ol'llll' Olll
a supplement to tho Herman
. f March 1 or was designed
1'ii'e jin new move by the
s' lies. Count von llernstorff did
' n to Ml Lansing. He sub-
iioi unii'iit to the Sccrelaiy, It
ood, without comuicnt.
ipgnrded as somewhat slgnlfl
..' ho closing paiagraph of the
i isse.l the hope that "the people
' til Suites." rathir than "tho
of the I'nlted Statfti'' would
i. ihe i id i mi it viewpoint, re
g tne frieiidl relations that for
limited e,irs have existed be-
two nations.
a a r developments of the day
'ed toward relieving the sltua-
in ori that might have been
" 'o exist, following .leslerilay's
'nrng vote In the House lu fiivor
. i bt the president.
d n pp.i rent ly as an answer to
ni.il statement ui the floor
te last week by Senator Hore,
. '.ii tin President was willing
1 tid States should enter the
means of Instilling Its end,
,. stone nf the Semite Foreign
Curnmlttee lu u brief address
.i,,uis have
freely in esimoittiiiot hip oiw.etn.-in, 1 1 ...... .e..v,..
a goes I deal of public feeling bus been Shortly after hH arrival In Havana
aroued The promoters of the agitation. (Icon, with his family, sailed for this
the Committee, of One Hundred ('lllieti. I city i in December 1 last, according
i...i' winked so effei'tlvely that Premier ! lo Assistant United States Attorney
ile irst forestalled their visit by aunounc-j Frank K. Carstnrphen, (icon proposed
' ing last week that a prohibition measure I lo Lopez, whom he hart known lu Mex
! tJl .h iinr.-itlon of tin war would be In-1 Ico, that the latter go back lo Mexico
irnduccd ut the pteseitt session of the ' city and get a necklace which be hart
II 11 . . .... .1... t... ...I.I tl... .1.1 1 ft. I .1 .1 m. ..tP., l.l l.-.lni. I,. U'l.',. I ...
I .vlsl.lltire. lo-oai II' H'l'i .lie ueiriiit- iiiuui-u .oil'- ,o ...oi. ... ,i .iwin
tlon that this would become effective by confiscation
n ban majority i ine i" ".i" on .i n iui-
C"i.(ntiiril on Hecond Page,
IteapiiorllorniiriiC IMan Decided On
by ClllllllllUee.
At.liANV, March s. The Senate Ho
npisiitlontnent Commltteii voted dually
to-night for a plan providing for ilfty
one Stale Senators, twenty-thtee foi
New York city.
The action was taken follmvlng Ihe
lecclpt of an eiplnlem by Attoi tie -den-cr.il
Woodbuty that a re.ippot tiouuicnt
witli llfty-one Senators would not he un
constitutional TIICHIailiKil'H MilttNTAINsnr Vi.
ii? THi: HKV." Ileiii heil via Sill'THIIIt.N
IiAl .WAV. I.v. New York dully litis P. M.
liruwliic nnd HiHternniii slreplng ears NVtv
Vo?k I" A.h.vllle. Klsgunl' hotel., (btlf.
Inr and ether outdoor iporU. N. T, Oltlre,
l" l-Tfth Ave. Adv.
Lopez, arrived here on the Ward liner
Saratoga, but, according In Customs
Agent Patrick .1, Farley, failed to de
clare tho necklace, which he later de
livered to Ocou, Then, on Ihe hitler's
Instructions, it Is alleged, Lopez tried
lo sell tho necklace at two prominent
Jewelry establishments on Fifth avenue,
but was unsuccessful oecatisii his price
was too high. Ills efforts In this Hue
reached the ears of Agent Farley,
who, Mr. Halfoiir said, w.n admirably
llttisl for tne post in the op'nlon of con -petcnt
Judges. He said that he would
regard himself as contemptible beyond
expression If he yielded to Col, Church
Ill's demand.
In loiicluston Mr H.ilfour said that
he was rotilldellt that the licet was far
stronger than It had ever been.
Col. Churchill, icplylng lo Mr Hil
four. agreed that there was no reason
for alarm regnilltig the strength and
readiness of the navy.
"The wvrnltig." he said, "has been
moideil 111 time "
Moreen. t. n,
thau admlttid to-day that Mends had Mouse totnl 3..0.000 nddltlon.il men for
urged him to resign the Ambassador. .j,H 1x
ship lu order to participate iti the Wilson i i,', FNIier was present bv litvltn
campaign. He has. luforiued these , .ion ;il pi-dav's nieetlng .if the War
friends that he would resign If he were ' ,'ni.ii, This Invitation had heen ex.
convinced that he could render the i-resi-1 ,.,, t. :ltt,(L.k in Col.
dent service In the coming contest. He Churchill on the present administration
has not reached a decision, howeter. , ,,, Admlr.iltt Althiuigh It was un-
The matter may be discuss,.,) t .r iWm , h l( ,,,.,, .-Hll0r ., . ..il.-.l
i Morgenthuus confcteiice with the Prcsl- , , rilor ,l; ,,i. War Cominlttee might
dent to-morrow. i i,. n. bemllt of Ids advlie on cer.
r... ...... ...... ... " '," "'" "'"," j tain
Die I'lcsiiient iu-ii.i iu itiioini nit ,se
son Morris, the tueseut Minister to Nor
selling It to the populace at exorbitant
Because of tills situation and the
steadily Increasing menace from the
Itusslan fotces which are driving west
ward through Asia Minor toward the
Hosporus there Is n growing panic
among the people, which has spread to
some extent to the army.
ny He Vt'onld llc.lmi ir Me
ThouKlit Mr Could Help WILoii, 1
W-asiiiniiton', March S. Mr.
I Hill is called Cumlcres Wood.
I "Tow. nil the i lose of tin di.v t'te, Her
mans shelter lug in the i.iviiies of this
wood managed to fnrci tu'ir vtn.v up a
narmw lane load'i.g to tne t m of the
rl.lgc This move resulted In Joopardiz-
. . . i . o . . .., , liugc i his move resiiiu'ii in jeopari
paid a high trlbi i e o sir 1 ci.rv , , ,,ri f h '.xlI,.m rl(., 0.,
' "i,',f,'!','.!",U,,1 T' P,'' i "il! i I 'HI. hut tin. French still hold unbro
way, lo sneered air. .Morgenthau at Cuu
stunllunple In the event of a vacancy In
the Turkish post.
lit-llriid nf Cnriieiile Trust Co.
I.elltes I'risoii Soon, II Is Snlil,
VoNKiats, March s, - Pilson olllcers
riciived a rrpoti to-night that William
,1 Cummins, former bend of the Carne
kIi Trust Comtiany of New York rlty
and one lime Mutual Welfare Mayor of
Sing Slug, Is to be pardoned within
forty-eight hours from Ortt Meadow
prleon at Comstock.
loples rumors which have galnul
cuirenc) In the past few days that lie
was. about lo be tecilled lo some posi
tion of Importance increased In Interest,
Some exprtssed th" opinion that Lord
Fisher might be called to succeed his
'successor, Sir Henry J.n l.son.
releurnpbeiK llnke DciiihiiiU on -
CenlrnI nml Mekel IMalr. l'relileiil Is lll led to tppolut
I'oslioaslcr lid. Week,
plo. ed on the western ban
"Now ilt.it tii" Heriiinns have itntlat.il
their think ntrerisive Flench cr.tiiK .on
tetid tint It is ten dnvs too late. The
battle in tills eettor his not vet ten. bed
its .'Ulmlnatlng point. iMIhial leporls
to-duv give only tne.ll.ie det ills of tth it
Is hnppenlnc on Cie west bank or th,.
Mellse, hilt there ,',iil lie lit'., dottbl tMt
nt the pie-ent n-o'iii til tlie H. iniatis ,n.
iitepaiim; .,1, niiit.ttit ' nf.itit r. mot..
HK'iit . ! inilied 0 is not a.ie.idt in
priui ess
'How tne Fientii woiindi'd a e In.ii.
I'U themseltes e loid ,y a coinbaia'.t
Injiii.'d in Hi,. Dotiaumoii' light whom 1
saw among those walking b.n I; to th,
ambulance, and an oltlier leaning oi a
servianl, wlio l.if.i ,. the win was a mill-
lllllt Soi i.illst 1 .1 it 11 men Wite Cltl'slrii;
ihilr link at Islng put out nf action in
so Intel. sting a iiionieti:. but liny turn
Inn be up by tlie lontiction that thev
would bate them lu the . ml.'
"Th" soldi, i on the any to ihe fmnt
lii.d cl.. il sinning. Tin v want to tot
through. An llif.intiv Captain Inv.ilal d
home was oskul he had f. It 'inv
fi.l- dtltil.g Pa .!.tlng He rili d
"I do ," kin' t I oil felt an
extr.iotil i.i r'- ii d.lin. ss din lus the
ch.irgis on the .Mens,.. Th. cannonade
was ltiecstitit and f e ilir ilioti of evet v -thing
around me was sliopl.v stupi.ft i,e.
The ludesci th ilile not ol uiie pui on. 's
liM'ies on edge 1'rnler tlie stoi in of
Silt Us Olie'S lll'.llll be otliis luite IllllUii.
During the hottest pei'mi of the atti.k
I'll 1 'oU.HiniolIt I i.'llem'iel olel ill llollt
buir.'i ing a f.ioli-n . liorus of "La ivt'te
TollklllOlse 1 I illkl lint get I .ill! of
tv he.nl mil h'd to in ike nt effnit
when tic ss.i' ti gtc "ie orde !,.
. tilt" "
weie o.i lo.tcr gtolllld
then'j-elves. ar.d so far from endangcrlnt
the French position on the heights, were
themselves under the fire of the French
batteries on either Hank.
To th" eist cf the Meuse the Fiencll
lost the Il.irdatimont redoubt, winch is
Jut east of the Douautmnt foit. Thi
redoubt was taken by the French estel
day nnd was recaptured by assault bt
the Hermans to-day.
'xllnel. Ami!" " Ioiiiiiiiiii'.
diversion ot tne cenn.- 'i o.
the region to th" west of the
Gerni.uu- resunien a iiuno.
ig.iln-t tin Ii.uiiuuioui
.,,1 to-day. Th" iittii.K wn.. "
1 in tne letiikiur, of the II ndaumout
. .. f..o. ....-..! i tlie same i nn' mo
i nn.ii oil i"i."
Hern. an- Ittempteil
fanny attacks
lite beto
I liattl
A ftcl a
tll.st to
liver the
Fiem '.
to e-U'lie tne
on tne pi.ue iu
Il n.tl.itl d b Ii "
they had got under way.
,i....... ...iitn.i-t tiftiui ins. .s .i. ."..'
n ...l.s of the ext. tide
on mini ,i..,,.. ,,,,n,l
i;pil ol Hie ' o.-l'l'.'
i.Ti. tan. in . in me .m
line in the
.,,.1 l..i Haute
pinnc. and in the Wo. tic
In Al-ace th" Frni. b ti.otei.d i i
h Ig.M.ade a.ta.ks ..,,.. oi -he trench
positions taken bv the CeiiiMi.s .n th-
,1s si ctor on i -
I orbeiilix.
bv the
it.. ..oter II. at des
ii... (iii.ht coniinun.oii'.' I'-ued
I't.n.b War office I- a- f"-
Noith of th.' AWne tt
n destitt' live llf' against
on tin- Cl.ionne d.i
tit on-' ot I
In th.
cartu'tl out
.licit winks
all anil tne cu
lt, ninth of Miissotis
lg..'.lic We slieueo oi .
.. ,i..,l lire the H.'l'nllltl olgm
l.d posinotis on I.i II Kite fhev.iucli.e
i I., tne Chi ppi wood
Wl'St Of the MellsO
tin..l"h 'Oidif .oti't
the cm-Ill a'
of iiu intense
..pint .ii if in. mam- ii I-V-..S .
Vi attuik in tvnicn a lain-- o.o......
iroops pirticlpno'l dir.. 'ted ..gains,
I!, tlulicouri i 1 1 1 1 "" "
I roitnler att.o'k deltvcied bt
the Hols ni s , in in ,ui.
etieiu nail o ao.e o-
t eStei'i .!''. inii'M iiu
f most of nil- w oo.i.
. . .. Ul. I, I... .....ft
in, ,1,.. i wl.t bank of Ho M. u-" th"
i.nb.ii.ln.ilit has be. n i. ship. . 1 with
b ui c in tne 1 cgion oi i ".u m-
tlie tiennans tai'.it ,n-
lln. s Last or
lis .lgrliest
W ere lb"
Olll'.' Ihe
Wive, of Pan-Aincriea.il Coin
niission (io on t lit Tennessee
Had Luck, Say Sailors.
French Captives Tell nf Ter
rific F.ffects. of Teutons'
Iti ii" (ill us.
.mint, where
(....Kited to iltt.l'il oUf
,, ,it. uficr an Inf.mtrv
i t th icmy was able to t upv
the llai'd.Hinioiit teilnubt. w Inch we
. dptUlcd ) i steiday.
In th" Wocvi- thin, has heeii a
htilt at tlllcry engagement Our bat.
,,r,V n both side- ol Ho- Mcn-e in id
., vlsoious nidv to tne -ma i
le ry , ,
i.. f......i- Alsnee WC M i re nln
means of a linud gr. tiade attack to
re... cups untie elements ot trin.lus
taken by tin' Hermans on IMititarv
1 east 'of Sippoif
Met Mnllon HiipibDI'lleit.
in i our liomhardiin nt
gi .
i pa.
I'l.KVIIl.ANIi, March S -A sllil.e of
1,300 rallroiid tiiegraphers threatens tlio
New York Central and Nickel Plate lines
between lluffnlo and Chicago, according
lo olllcials of the order now In Cleveland
II was barucil to-day that a secret
strike vote, taken III January and Feb'
rtiaiy. was overwhelmingly In favor of
an Increase lu wanes ami belter winking
conditions tttul authorizes the olllcers In
call a strike unless the railroads con
cede Ihe demands. ,n Incruunc ot 10 to
0 per cent. Is usked.
WAsiiiNinoN, Marih , President
Wilson Is expected lo appoint a pict.
muster for New Voik Ibis week, (iffl-
litis- believe .Inseph Johnson will gel
Ihe pirn e
Johnsons appointment was- virtually
decided on b the President and Post.
niasler-Heneial lluileson several weeks
ago, The Pieshletil went so far as to
sign Ihe nomination A slnrm of pro
test ii rose lu New Yolk, which caiUMtl
Ihe President to defer action.
NVnint.t;, Va. March S. W.th i-erre.
tary McAdoo and a parly of twenty rep.
resenting tin' Fluted Slates scMlon of
the Paii-Atnerlian Intern, illnnal High
Commission on board the crti.sei' Ti n
ncssee sailed from Hampton Loads ut
T. o'clock this mm Hills' f o- IlliellOs
A ics and otlnr South American port.
I'or the lit si tunc in the hlstorv uf Ihe
tniv.v women wete peitulttcd to go to i
sea ti a warship, Several of lhoi. In
the p.nty U'ii vIiik on tin' Tennessee went
accompanied b I heir wive-, including
Mr- McAdoo and Mrs Samuel Cuter.
iuer of New Yo'k.
Sailors don't like to go to s.m on n
ship Willi women. They claim II Is an
omen of bad luck. It has been an un-j
written rule heretofori. to penult no'
women on board a warship except at,
social affalls when tbe ship is In pnti.
It was repnrtoil that tlie T'eiinessio
cinieil lliiunr mi hnatil, coutrai m Die
orders of Scctetar Danbis, who li.in
I Islicd luloxli'iints fiom un t id tessels ot. a
Mi .tear ago. Til" reiort could not In
'i..il(riiinil fifth ITS (III tin, slllli Saul thev
knew nothing of an Intoxicants being
on hoard II was said, liowevct Unit
tit" passengers lulghl have a small iU.iu
Hi In Ihuli luub'asc for medical purposes.
('now s liuvi r. s ,x ii .ti v o.v
Fit int. March it I by courier
Hid ti b graph lo London.
iiiitnbei of French ntis
the Hei'iitans In the ac
inuind Verdun now is iipiiro.iciiitin
W i r 1 1 tit
Tin: Vriipp
to Pet tin
Man u x t 'J'h
on. -is taken In
The chief Impics-inu t died tiom all
of (belli Is nf the U'tlltl.. effects of tlie
Cicniinn artllli't, i-spicl illi ihe I2.etitl
meter i lit X inch) mnit.n ami Ihe new
gill's, which . 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lite even Ui'il.'
di'sti lU tiv i than the faiuniis l's. t'.ip.
tilled Tuicns me found ,, . n.i.t
l.ar.ilvzel li Ibis .utlllerv tlte Till,
helps to explain win tlie H.iniin ln.se.
in tit's kick lotion inti. ben f. wei than
A its I xpi'i'lcd
The stories .iil b Fiemii prison," -of
the havoc caused bv tlie attilleiy bom.
b.irilllletlts ate e isil) V. Idled Ii) w ll.H
I he nil t cspiiuih 111 has m en id tin I'ici..1i
notches lie saw units ,i mcni ... ,,u.
Vi'i'ii'd to.it on iMllli'lll ll.. colli, 1 i.,,.
rncil (hem tuoii Iho'oiiglili Tiein'i.
Iiomhpioof dnginits ml I. u I.. .1 n in i.n
llcinli's ac inn nidi si'i di.ilil. mass
(til CAT IIKVIl spitlNfi tVXTKIl.
IDs th" ins Ol six Ilurs sliipiitisj bnllln
Air, -I.
stale rl
it. i The
on...tl Ol to.xiei n
.i,-..,,i,...i I CI bombs iif nil i lb'"
.lie M, tz Sabloiis rillw.it
it here tln't" Wi fe scVCI.ll tf,
bombs icacbi'd ihi ir titaik.
An aeroplani' iU olfoti of ''n en ..
tiled tn give liiaso In our aviators.
1,111 the killer tctutiicil lo thill i inn
v, ni, tin. ,x. -option of o. " mo lib c
tvhl' h was fnried to di-icnd nttitig to
miitor troubl"
Hi, Hit man off., la I si.tieni, t, i-siml
tins aitiinnnii aiuiouni(s Unit the Her
ui-iii. liavi adviiiici'd on both m.Ics of
i'otvi-i lltoiik. I" Un I'ast "f I 'fill':.
coiiii. ov,,r " nr"" "r hlN hl.oiicters
Millie anil tht'ced'oiinlfi miles i ami lo
a ihpth i'l nunc th in lime kilometer
'limn and set i n-ctghlhs inibsi. Ihuiu
till,, bus I'.li'U liil.t n I') th' Herinaiis ad
lancing mull along the ladwai ftoni
Hid 111" staicmcni ciainn in
,41 .11 O
f the ll.
'nniii 1 1'
lulus of
. 'Voods,
I '.l
I.. ,nv .11 ii
,,i which top in nilt is muddled '. :.
w - lu. m t'-'i bt tt" "U ' ..'
o. nod io tt rht in I'. ii is
1,1-.. of tbe .M.I'Mil-de l n..
i i TidinpjKiic Hie I'len. h j
d lad iiig'it to ie. , i ii i , pnv
talon I'V Ihe Hi'i'ttiMli
the Hcrlln statiiiuni says,
111 11' "I'l
1'.. t'
p IK
ii in
tlon 1 1 ci civ
This sttciupt
i i.

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