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Engineers Report on Ventila
tion Flans Says Bacteria
Keep Out of Tnbe.
A rtjeort ls.ias.lin Ota continuant of
taewftlk gratlnf a the nioit afflclent
Ml aotraorniasj mathorl of ventilating
the ptaaant nbnn and tnoM now be
lnar oorwtrooUd ni made to the PuDUc
Service Oonnntaalon yesterday toy the
conaultrns; antfnaers of the Interborounh
Rapid T remit Company and the New
Tork Munrotjxtf Railway Corporation.
who, with a W. Murdock aa the repre
sanUttv of Alfred Craven, chief en
Vtaear of the commtalon, have had the
matter radar consideration alnce lart
la a printed pamphlet of twelve panes
the tocerd goes trrto the whole matter of
ubway ventilation from the Invention-
Oca cf the eutojeet made during the first
of aviation down to recent eiprl
Two points are disposed of Im-
imiiltasalr The first la that numerous
teata prove that the air in the aubwaya
a hows a eilcM Increase in the percent
f esrtxmJo add taa over what it waa hi
Oie first yearn of operation.
Thle ia aaid to be due to Inoreaaed
troflta, and the percentage atiU falls
below the normal percentage In office
hntlrtinn. Of bacteria the report naya
"Wi have submitted many samples of
Sir. both in the mibway ana the street,
to almtlar bacterlolojclcat examination.
Whllt tndhrldual testa ehowed. naturally.
qoisaMsrsM variation, averaging all the
teata that we have made we have found
QiaC thera were 219 bacteria In the Fub--v
air and !B5 In the street nlr per
cubta Truster, and Uiat the bacteria In thr
eubar&y atr were ncrunlly leu man tnoe
In the air In the atreeti-. probably due to
the fact that the drier air of the subway
la not conducive to bacterioioitic.u nre.
aearrtoB of Hot Atr.
"These mrttrea simply confirm the sen
eatkma of those ufrtn the subway, that
it la only at tlmea, when the air In the
street la hot. that the temperature con
ditions in the eubwny are disagreeable.
There Is no cause for complaint of either
the chemical or bacterlolofrtcal condition
of tho air at any time of the year."
The engineers say that they have enre
fully considered suggestions nmdo for
the ventilation of the aubTrays. The first
of theso wns that the air be chemically
treated. Thla suggestion Is disposed of
by the proof that the trouble tvlth tho
iihwav air la not Its Impurity but Its
heat, and that the conditions call for no
chemical treatment. Tne suKnesuon mai
currents of air in the subway beacon
trolled by the use of revolving doors at
mibway entranoea Is declared to be Im
practical and dangeroue because of the
l.trgp crowds..
A third suggestion waa that openings
for ventilation In places other than the
sidewalk be made, especially that chim
neys In bufldlnga be used for forced
draft exhaust. It la found by the board
that to introduce forced draft ventlln
llon In the section of the subwny between
Brooklyn Bridge and Ninety-sixth
etreet would coat $4,000,000. and that
the operation of such a ayatem would
entail, with the Installation, a total cap
italized cost or 114.000,000, or about
12.000,000 a mile of four track subway.
Numerous physical and engineering ob
jections to the chimney suggestion are
set forth In the report.
The plan of cooling subway air by re
frigeration, which admittedly goes to
the root of the problem. Is rejected be
cause of the practical difficulties to be
overcome and the cost.
Coming to the present ayatem of side
walk gratings the board points out
that a typical subwny sidewalk grating
discharged air at much less velocity and
at a much lower temperature than do
many of the sidewalk gratings owned by
persona who haw raised objections to
thle scheme of ventilation for the sub
ways. Fntia for Rmersrency Use.
Tha final conclusions reached are:
"That In the opinion of your commit
tee tne natural method of ventilation by
the piston action of trains, with Intake
and discharge openings of large area,
and supplemented by fans for emergency
use. Is the most effective method which
can be applld at prnctlwiblo cost, and
providee the maximum degree of safety
against unforeseen effects of Interruption
of traffic due to accident .
"That In subways constructed with
more or less continuous grating open
ings along the length of the structure,
the natural method of ventilation Is tule
filiate without auxiliary mechanical in
Ktallatton. That In the application of
this natural method thii locution of tho
Kratlnga required should bn clowly stud
ied, in order to minimize their occupa
tion of sllewnllc area at any point, and
that when care hus been exercised In
this matter such gratings are less ob
jectionable than any practicable method
of ventilation which would secure for
tha public using the subways equal
safety and comfort.
"Finally, the recommendation of our
committee, therefore, Is that tho plans
adopted by your commission and now
under construction In tho subways of the
dual system be adhered to, with such
modifications In detail as may be sug
gested by further consideration of op
erating conditions and necessities."
The members of the bonrd were Will
iam Barclay Parsons, S. F. U Dcyo, J,
Vlpond Davtes and Lewis II. Htlllwcll,
The position taken by these engineers
Is tha same as that tAkrn by Chief En
gineer Craven of the commission pre
vious to the demand for a more thor
ough Investigation of the subject.
iam P. Malbuni, Assistant Seeretary of th
Treasury Unpartmant. bo reque.trd Ar
sUtant Attorny-u-neraU Hanson. In charo
of customs llttratlon, to nia an application
with Uie Cnlte-1 States Court or Customs
Appeals for a re-vlew of a recent decision
by the Board of United States General Ap
praisers Involving tha dutiable classifica
tion, undsr the tariff act of KM 3. nf ie.
natured tea sweepings. Tha board held
that these sweepings were properly du
ttarbl upon tha weight of the commodity
leaa ths quantity of lime shown therein by
the report of the analyst and that the
lrma should be tuuesse-u separately as siirh.
The Oovernmont will urgua in support of
the . Collector's classnicntlon undir pari-sra-ph
It, avlth Outy at tha rata nf 1 cent
per pound on tha total weight of the com
modity. HHHWENTH OF HIDR8 Customs col
lectors hare been ndvlaeil as to tho proce
dure when hides requiring dlslnf'etion cer
tificates arrive, hern without such lertlll
cates, a fnllo-wa: "In future when n thii"
ment of hides whlih r-qulrt , under the
regulatlona In T. IJ. BOSfca icircular 231, of
May S. mo, a rertltlcaln nf disinfection,
arrive wltbout Hur It certllieat tho im
Irter may make application to the ill part
ment for permission to disinfect the hlil'-s
at his tannery, If the Importer Ins the
proper facilities thn Uepirtmenl of Aurl
culture will permit aui h dlrlnfei-tluii uii.l, r
the supervision ,,f an Inspeetm of tho llu
reau of Animal Industry and the Collector
ot Cintmns, upon lieinj so ntUlsed, -lull
pennlt the Mdea to to fnm-HMl rroiii Hn
port of entrj tn the tannery under at.
tomi seals, notlii-u'.or. t rmh ... il.m i
lit tent to the Inspn !Or of tli r lluteau o
Anlm-I Ind-atry Ccslanuttd lo suparvla
tka 4UslafacUn."
Manufacturers Promise in Re
turn to Supply All Nitro
gen Needed for War.
Manufacturers of hydro-electrio ma
chinery, representing an Investment of
at least 1200,000,000 and employing SO,
000 workmen, are perfecting an or
ganisation which will urge upon Con
gress the lifting of the oan against the
development of the nation's water power
Imposed In 1913.
Primarily they are to urge the passage
of the Shields bill, which has already
passed the Senate, and of the Ferris bill,
which has passed the House, whereby
the Secretaries of War and Interior re
spectively may resumo tho granting of
permits of franchises for the use of the
water power In navigable streams or
upon the public domain. They are not
committed to these measures, however,
declaring that they will favor anything
that will bring about the resumption of
an Important Industry
In return the manufacturers promise
to make provision that will enable the
united .States to produce all tho nitrogen
It might need for any war out of the
Although many of the manufacturers
Intere.sted now aro prospering more than
ever before In their history. It Is because
of the European war, which cannot last
forever. Many of them have greatly In
creased tho capacity of their plants and
multiplied the number of men employed,
but they know that soon there will be
no contracts for tho plants nor work for
the men from tho source at present most
profitable to them ; therefore they nre
looking to the future.
Organisation KnTrcted.
Preliminary organization of the aso
clatlon was cfroti-d yesterday at the
ofllce of the I. 1. Morris Company, a sub
sidiary of the Cramps Shipyard Com
pany, at 100 Uroadway. Present were rep
restntatlves of between thirty and forty
companies, through whom wont came
that between S0O and 600 more coin
panics will Join the movement.
Among those present yesterday were
representatives of the Allls-Ohalmers
Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee,
American Rolling Mill Company of Mans
field, Ohio; American Smelting and lie
fining Company, Anaconda Copper Com
pany, Archbold-Hrady Company, Syra
cuse ; Buffalo Foundry and Machine Com
pany, tlould Manufacturing Com
pnny of fleneca Falls, James Leffel
Co., Springfield, Ohio; Locke Insulator
Manufacturing Company, Victor, N. Y. ;
f.enenil Klectrlu Company, Ohio Brass
Company, Sprlnclleld. Ohiei Pelt on
Water Wheel Company, Han Francisco ;
Pittsburg High Voltage Insulator Corn
pany. Piatt iron Works, Dayton. Ohio; I
Morgan Smith Company. York. Pa.
Standard Underground Cable Company,
Pittsburg: It. Thomas tc Sons Company,
Wcllman, fc'caver, Morgan Company, !
Knst Liverpool, Ohio; Westlnghouse
Klectrlo Manufacturing Company.
An pxertitlvA committee waa chosen to
perfect the organization, which consists
of ll. W. Hand of the I. P. Morris Com
pany, chairman : Calvert Townley of the
Westlnghmise company, -lce-ch.ilrman :
W. W. NMchols of the Allls-Chalmers
Comirany. treasurer, and Chester W.
Lamer of the Wellman. Seaver, Morgan
Company and J. K. Wcy of the It.
Thomas A Sons Company as members.
The committee later will be enlarged.
Parpoae of Organisation.
"The purpose of this association Is to
provide for the future and to permit a
great Industry to resume work." said Mr.
Hand after tho meeting. "It is not a
propanajidi In favor of any man, men
or associations who may wunt to utilize
tho potential water power of tills coun
try. This association does not cure who
may una the water power nor what re
strictions the Oovernment nnd the States
may placo upon Its use It only wants
something done nnd work resumed In
an Industry which has been paralyzed
for nearly three years."
Mr. Hand went on to explain that up
t IMS tho rapid development of hydro
electricity had created the Industry,
which directly employed between 40,000
and iO.OUO men, but 1ti reality affected
more than iOo.OOO workmen, for
them wcro cono-rnrd tho Iron and steel
Industries, tho cement men, the dam
builders, the hydraulic machinery men,
the tower builders, eb-rtrle transmission
men and a host of other.
All these expensive plants had besn
established as the Industry developed In thorlafe ble Hour mills at several fin
the face of the opposition of conserva- tarlo points cpisi d to-day, .i !t'ir,ijc;li they
tltn throughout tho country whu were 1 have espjrt orders that would It. ep them
cryiirs; th.it the water powers were being busy lor several tnon'hs Ot'iei- in'll
relzed, the forests dotroyed. the i oal may follow i-uit.
wuMed and tho like It continued until. ' -.-
In iespiiii-.o to pre.-mro in mis, tho
Si-detailes of War ilul Interior, who
have chaiirn nf the navigable rivers and
the public lands respectively, nntioimct-j
that thereafter they wou'al Ivsue no per-
Hilts for water power developments. The
snnoimcement iir.il":ed the entire In-
duKtry. II udlv mote than rt half dozen
permits or franchises havn since la-en
It will be remembered," said Mr
Han-i, "tint Jut before the mitbreak uf
the war tluro was great ul.trtn through -
out the country over tho biisinesa ilc-
presslon over Idle plants and Idle men.
A rppn-sentutlve cf the Department nf
the Interior called on us and asked us
the cause for our depres.slon and we told
him frankly The result was that the
Administration at Washington saw that
we could sive coil nnd forests by de
veloplng tile water power, which can
never be iiqed up, and came mound to
our side. Then came th war mu! plant
l.o..,. t,n. Il. e
Iic-caine hu-y on tho new lino of orders
Now we are taking a thought to the
It was at this stnie that Mr. Hand 1
showed where the development of the
hydro-electric Industry will nld In pre-1
I lie 1 niieu Males now Imports Its
iii.iaii-n t rum irfnne aiei i.i3 a outj or
ml pays a duty of 1
," ho said. "Orr-I
the nioee, of ,v.,
,u 1 t, ,. .
20 per cent, thereon,
many has perfected tl
tntctirrs nltrocen from the nlr by elec-
ady started or Is about to ttart to
"Tli Naval Consulting ltoatd, tin
cording to ti-'la's newsinpem, has
pointed out that there Ih urgent neces
sity for something like this, Wo can do
It If wo ar ulvin the chant 0 In do it,
Headquarters of the nsxielatlim nre
to h opened In Washington at once nnd
a i iinpalgn of publicity nnd (-duration
will bo stfir'ed. Vo far as the members,
of tho nr-roclatlnn can pee, It wiih said,
thero 1.H no teison whv any conserva
tislrt cin object to tho Idea, The nsso
elation will take anything, that will put
mom in business again
Opposition to tho Shields bill nrrl the
Irrls b,ll. it I, thomt!,,. will be stro,,,-
Wektern Senators and Congressmen flic
npposlng tho hi, Is becauso of a difference
of oplnliiti about tint right:) of tho respec
tive States.
The I'nltctl States fieolnglnil Survey
llirati-s that potentl illy there Is fil,.
(Ts.Oiiii wite-- lior-e-pow er In the coun
try, of vhi h o.non.f.nn horso-powci- mt
been vc up t). Seventy-one per cent,
of t 'us is 1 - lined 1 1 the Statin of Wnb.
..iiciii. Oitiiuii, ,M. ntan.i. Iilnhn. Colo.
rail. 1, Ptiili mm 1 1 1,1 where only 3,S I
rt'.t l.a. .1.......
inciiy. i'ovenqi too waier power or i- "i'i 'ti'iy t-or" r ionMh!e for much
America and we can supply the routurv 1 , l"h"r,ri-'' ' proiij.-n.in u upp.,e.i
with nil tho nitrogen It will ever need. , ,? 1 .n.ummi,.. "in.Ml eroportions
It will he safe and sure. One company, 1 Price., ivh'i.h. n.:ir'L "V V?'
tit Southern Chemical Company, has 1 JJr.-.s, firsts .,14 . .p. .. , Vms. ::isi
Congestion Fills Railroad Sid
ings as Far West as
Tift av aiTTTlC f I'cV
JiALirV Vt oil II 8 aft
The congestion of export freight on
the trunk line, railroads running Into
New Tork has nsumed such propor
tions, according to shippers, that It Is
not possible to count on getting carload
lots at any dellnlto tlmo to connect with
outgoing steamships. Tho samo condi
tion exists at other Atlantic ports.
Thousands of dollars worth of export
goods. Including munitions of war, steel
rails, machinery and automobiles aro tied
up. it Is said that there Is hardly a
big siding or storage yard between Chi
cago and this city that la not crowded
with delayed freight.
Railroad officials say that the scarcity
of ocean vessels Is tho real cause for
the present congestion.
At Savannah an embargo has been
pluced on alt shipments to Philadelphia
with the exception of perishable freight.
Tho congestion of freight of tho Mer
chants and Miners Transportation Com
pany, Philadelphia district. Is the rea
son for the embargo. Shipments al
ready In the hands of the company will
be delivered without regard to order.
The White Star Steamship Company,
It was said yesterday, will move Its ves
sels in the future practically In ac
cordance with tho wishes of tho British
Government, which has asked that the
fleet be used chiefly for munitions and
It was denied at the offices of the
company yesterday that the action of
the line in suspending passenger sail
ings during thw present month was the
result of action on the part of the
British Admiralty. The suspending of
sailing. It was explained, USSs to avoid
the necessity of having set times for
sailing and to facilitate the company
In Its handling of freight. The pas
senger trade pays little. It was said,
and a great gain Is obtained If the ships
can sail without delay when they arc
Circulars are out at present announc
ing pHssnngor sailings after April I.
Officers of the company say that there
will be no chnngo In the plans outlined
In the circulars.
lucreaaed Hrnla line Iteaaon They
Want More W get.
" ... v-" i
atora resumed their wage conference es-1
tnt iv -.t tlm fiiiim I-imn Club The
lenia at me Lmuii iA-.igue i.iuu. int
afternoon wns sent by the miners In ar-
guments respcctE.n the demanded wage
Increase of SO per cent, which. If granted. '
will tncre:Le the output cost of coal ,
some i2S.fHrt,oaii u sear. Ilvsldcv In
ercHsvd age tht miners ar- asking
for recognition of their union, the l.'nlted
Mlno Workers of America, and for iirl
ous reforms In labor conditions.
Th conforenoe was begun with a de-
elded air of optimism on bolh sldis.
John P. White. pn-!donl of tlm fnlted
Mine Workers, said that ho had every
rcdumi lu ii'jiv lur a i.vi.-uiui eeiuu.m-UL
and a number of the operators said the
It Is st forth by the miners that the
cost of UIiir in the anthracite field has i ae n-.i uai.a- ;m ,k ,i oni
luoreaseil Uurlnu tho laet ten yea,, out I 'lT ulrViY'aT,,?
or an proportion to me increao in i
wages." Thev say. for Itistnnce. that :
hou-e rentals havn been ndvanoil In
that period from If. to 33 per cent.. ,
w'nereas w.isia nave ucvn aovariceu mil
o per oent.
The conference will probably b In
progress for two ,iud possibly three
weeks. It Is held lahlnd closed doors.
The-ro seems to be lltt lo apprehension of
a Htrlkn on either hide.
lnlncy .llntna Profits .In in p.
The Qu'.ncy Mlnlnc Company reports
for the year i tided December SI. 1015.
mlnltig prottti amounting to .M.iT.ViTJ.
wnlch Is equivalent to SIT a share, as
compared with ? 20 j,r.3 J In the preceding
year and JII.HO In 1!13. The coniptny
produced during tho year 22,("1,fl3
leiiinds of copp-jr, which was s'i!d for
13,'jT2.rji). An additional print was
realized from tlm sab- of Sli.sjs worth
of sllv-r, as compared -villi !12'5.ii1 In
Sa Cn ra, fnnailn I'lmir IIII ftop.
Winkipec. March !. H'iu,e uf car
ni'Tinr' ...m tie: t it. u i v-i
ter.inv ; n , ,. v L. f , ,.
',,nT',U' l.,., ' It e ''.-' '-,.'r-
in. ind-a mi. i . i: . tr ., '. , ,
' eiprit tti .d'nn m t .r '
muni. ic-h.. ,) . .-. civ it, t.v .
?''"'',r -go pr.. 7'. hU-lv I l:ne A-, ,
' ft ,?"'"' .ftV,!,.1": -V
, oriuc -i7'j -.i;-. n- ta. sr. .'; .;' .i ' .
! !:'- tS.' '' a l- . un-. i
ii',''" '"let jc,
; i'nV.' sjw'fi : -.V-1 :t o , ii ..r"L on-,.
:n ie... n,!,,,., . ' 'state' .i'.ll Iv s '
; prim... 8i r-; uvai. d itr.is
- jr. '-rst. '. . 'i.l!e. M'i :t
pai-klnr .-t.ici., ; . ' i
ci!i:i'-1"1- M i-lii i . entMio iirm r,n it
ttvi lju.le r-i : uve no,) evp ,rt. Liver-
lino! inrtrl'., n ......... ,i ... i.i.. t. .. , . ,
and 'St for w,."i- .,n.i .....i... 1
I roods sold r , t.r.i.iy a'I itr.ule. j,el.
LT"1 ',,"rl ' ":'li Wist-m advl.es
I"'"" ;"' inn r
tit I.AU t.,1 It,
ir ' -penair. sc , avert.-, run-)-.
1 1 "t ' '. i'.-1 I "rr'"" tn.lke. 174MIitc .
,.i V,Uro'"'" l?'i !' ilalslen
l.,t:c; Aiuerli-'is I'.i.. . ;nt. ,i,.
l'"' ,ll",M,p.'',,"iK '"' current
in.iK", Ir.i4rt1.it.., , , h..!r 14',1ii.i.
KtltIS- T,.MTll I ...-I. . .
, freight and evpre supple wns (indeqiuto
V.i V. r out eeiCI
'imnii and .. 'lei i.r out elmeh
I1.'1'!, fV.W VM'C further .le!v.r.f
,W r'!t' ' ' V w ' ''lpped Mi out nr
".',7" '" ' "biirtiii,- la "Iher
title ie'nv",i
unt ..'
SO 'i..e
lie irby hennery
willies. .IfKfStv
brnw n,
11 3le ; lulxiej.
1 i 1. rui.'l.TltY A I'.izen cars were un
loaded yestardtv mid .1l10.1t ns ni.tiiy more
held nn trai k. r.tnl.l .n.-riement anions
slrilsers In uptown markets restoied trad
lug iher to a more nearly normal ..u-l,
! "u , " ' " ;!.V ' ' ""l" . ""!'"';-,llv.'1'
low.s, u'isi,. 1 lin-hens, J.W17c
liroli.iit, iiiL'i'i. , toostirf., Itiji-.. du. k,
lie . Keen-, 14'. 15c ; j;ulneiH, C0c, pci pan
I.lKeom, !V. pair.
DllllSMJIl I'OL'I.TIiV Suppllea ronll .11
verv Ibtht Ib'iiiand was suflk unit to ,
snrli tin- 1 111. ill amount coiiihu; , Is pit,. u-p
P'lei Pi lees lllioh.'i luied i nil di scrii!lni,
r-. 1 11 k niiKiTnii'n i urKCl s so scarce
1 "J'u J.'1""1! '"""'nut. -Mmincnt nl Imi'ii
IVraiirn, fancy, :t"'.-. : lair to rood. :'i.W
Vt . rhli ael.s. .o iiai-k.-.l. V..Mir ,,,11!.
fed, lirutnns, j;. , kmihii, v;i, , m ,m
111 i .'in.. InrKe, i'lsjSie. eiiiu fed 1 ...V
1-ss I'lilliiilolphl i rlil. kens, lu btrrels
larae. lo.l.c in.-dlum. ;'t,i30c. , rnasiirs
?"i4;i:c; Wesleill. Iiarielte.l -link, unit,
fed, I T ,r r0" rum lid ' leei.- fowls,
l IN, ll.IV h.ll-ke.l 1110.11 I to liiic' 171
. 19C . r,u.iil, I .file, lu Inirrels. less,
I p-aldcd, 1'iij4ivi . Im J'-T.i ii.iwn
j .n lii slse frn.-a liifke - itni.-ii,. mil:
I ted l.rnllir.' i i'ji . 1 1 rn fi,' i: i.
i. illl: fid eliliki-n, ls'i'.Mi , inrn fed. 17(
.U : fnwi 15iil9u.: ruuMltra. uu.,-
.1. c. . S'0TliU .HrI..J t 1 ..
Plan In liefer Action on Applies
tlnna 1'ntll HenrgnnUatlnn,
After a meeting of the special com
mittee of tho Now York Curb Market
Association a resolution was recom
mended to the hoard of representatives
lh.it In view of the steps being taken to
reorgnnlzc the. outside market no new
applications fur membership should be
considered until the plans now pending
are IksuvjI and acted Upon.
A member of the special committee
wnlefi was formed for the purpose of re-
organizing the curb and moving the mar.
k,.t 11(oors. here a ticker service rouM
Im established, said that some eighty ap
plications for membership had been re-
crntlv flliil and that the resolution was
drawn up In fairness to the present
members of the association.
Demand for Semi-Finished Prod
nets Still Moat I'rsjent.
The demand for aeml-flnlsried steel con
tinues most urteni bolh for nearby and fu
ture delivery One contract lor about t f0
Ions of open hearth billet Is reported to have
lieen nlaeud at U2 base mill for dells-err at
llrt eland. Ohio. Eastern nuns are asking I
hlsrli as f,v per Ion for epeil.il open hearth
billet, aim one lot of J.roo mm of forslnir
t.tt1, K ntt ft.it. I hv uti .nit.rn rnttvt.
vanla mill lo a msnfifaeturer of locomotives
at t5 ner ton Another i-ontraet for about
l.f") ton of open hearth billets hat been told
for export at 114 per ton These aales tnttl
eate ttie initiative neeila of both tfnmeptlc
ami foirlrn consumers
The demand for heary steel melltnf scrap
from the steel companies Is unprecedented
The Pnlteil State Steel Corporation, in addi
tion to the I'O.CU tons reported taat veek, has
eeureil tcooo tons more orap lor delivery al
the Oary "orlt, Independent steel manufac
turers are urgently In the market tor crop
ends and for to-emcr aa well aa for baalc
Iron ft Is estimated that about IW.'O) tons
of steel maklnt Mff Iron Is "till under neto.
ttation In the central Wet.
Several new Inquiries for round tleel bar,
hare come from manufacturers of war muni
tions. About fVW tons nerc reported jester
day In the Kastern territory and IVert tuns
sre wanted for delivery at Cleveland duriUK
the latter part ol thla tear.
Tli anru.il eonxentlon nf ths New York
Stute lunktra AtsucUllon will he hM at
Atlantic City on June ami .
standard .cre-v Company lias declared
an extra dividend of per renit on the
t-nimnoii stoik, payable April 1 to stock of
record Manh J".
IJulney Hent, who lias been asstitant
to President K W. Wrv of the Maryland
Steel Company, ha- been made tnerl
tninaer of the !teclton and lebanon
fl. Perry. .Ir.. IWcher Wlmkler. Wlnfleld
P h'lemlnc atd Frederick II. Mlehe. hi
formed a copartnership under th Mrm
name of Perry. Wlnckler 4- C'i. tr. trun
ari a aeneral hu-tness In Investment ee.
eurlties and curb stocks, ltli oSTlce- at
2 Hroadwa)'.
At the annual r.ieetlnB -if the stock
ho ler- at Hi- Lackawanna mi el c.imititnv
at lxickaua-imi, N Y. a,: of th- director
nere rero-ed There t,i one vacancy,
,'H-j.e.M,y the death of John tl. Mcti!iouich.
,, M.r!i to SUCCeeU JIT. 31' VUUOUKll.
. .... . .
Hlal""'n 4 Co. the Guaranty
TruuCo-npiiiy nd th Nub-ml Cltv limit
i,av lu-d a circular in regard to the
Ml.lv.ile t-tl and Ordnane Co-npany 1 per
';"?,,"; ''r. f"'tui,!n l.V-TlmrV.m'
! V'orni-t' .lollre that the reA.!jui.ttnent pl;,rt
nf th- MlmteipalU und t li'il It.iiIreHd
i h..- ireii.me npirulv,- with the r,cU' "f
. illi, re ll !i n per tent ,if th- tv I -md a
I hrt'f r not", which ar- to be r-tind f.ir
i r. nu-al ban l.-'n vtit lo .,n hoMers of the
,mi-. T!u- mi-i.-" atim-tuii e.- that not"-
holder who !iae no- tlepi Ited far ent,n-
'"' b'rom
Tru'r Vmpany.'
ti.irt es to the agreement
their t.otis at the Central
. .... .
'"Jjji,; - ;",. ZvllZt ,'i'e
Interest due oa the varlou ee. url'lej In-
the various re. url-le In -
In the plan "f renrsaaUitl'm fur
,,fiie of the New York Trust compan.
On that day there will t dl-hurej ,.i.o the
im January 1. 191. on the new
I re, urllie-
fl, ,,,,.,., f .l sevurltles
lsuiMe under tne plan to tne.iiprr. income...
Katra I'hclpa
lliidae Dividend.
P'lelps, Dodge Co. h.ie declared an
extra dividend of $3 .'0 u snare In addi
tion to the regular ((Uirterly dlvlde-.il of
12 so. In the last three quarters an
extro dividend of !3 has been disbursed.
Tin dividend Is payable March 31 to
holders of rei-)Ul March 20
Sir Edward Carson
Appeals to Irish in America
Former British Cabinet officer in a remarkable interview given to
THE SUN urges his countrymen to bury past differences and remain
loyal to England.
The Big Salary Peril
As Played in Movies
Is the business staging a drama of reckless extravagance in the pay
ment of film stars that will end in a big crash? Read the views of
leading motion picture men in next Sunday's SUN.
"Reserved for Ladies"
at the Big Fight
In her characteristically humorous vein Jane Dixon will discuss the
propriety of her sex being present to witness the forthcoming battle
between Willard and Moran. Don't miss this in THE SUN next
Another story of THE GREAT LEADERS OF TAMMANY, William T.
Martin writes of life in a French city at the front, O'Malley
and Cesare will have another screamingly funny "Dramalogue" and
those sterling Humans Dana Burnet, Don Marquis and Tom Masson
will be just as human as ever.
Better Order From Your Newsdealer
To-Day and Save Bother
Sugar Train Sent Across Con
tinent, While Vessels
Make Money.
Announcement was made here yester
day of the arrival In Philadelphia of
fifty carloads of raw Hawaiian cane
sugar shipped by the American-Hawaiian
Steamship Company from Han Fran
cliico. This Is the first shipment of the
company brought about by tha great
advances In ocean freight rates, which
make It more profitable to send sugar
across the continent by rail than to use
ships for the long voyage to the Atlan
tic. It Is the first trnlnload of Hawaiian
sugar ever to make the transcontinental
4 ,
After the closing of the Panama Canal
the American-Hawaiian company, which '
Is under contract for the delivery of a
Inrge amount of sugar In Philadelphia,
decided on transcontinental shipment.
The company can now fulfil Ita contract.
using to steamships between Hawaii
and San Francisco. It Is estimated that
from twelve to fifteen vessels would be
required to get the sugar to tha Atlantic
by way of the Strait of Magellan. The
ships released for other service will
leld at the prevailing charter ratea
enough to enable the company to meet
easily the railroad charges.
The Ohloan. which born the first ship
ment under the new plan, left Honolulu
on February 10. As the train reached
Philadelphia on Wednesday, the Journey
took twenty-seven days. Thla Is some
what less thrui Is counted on by the
Panama Canal route, where twenty-six
days and the additional time for dis
charging of the cargo are usually re
quired. The sugar tmln made th trip
across the continent In the very fast
time for non-perishable freight of four
teen days. It Is said that the 21,000
tons of sugar 1ti the fifty cars made the
largest single transcontinental shipment
of any one commodity every handled.
The shipments will be continued regu
larly until the reopening of the Panama
Within a short time the two sugar
carrying ships between Honolulu and
San lVanclsco will be the only vessels
of the American-Hawaiian fleet of
twenty-eight to be operated on regular
lines. Two ships have been sold. The
others will be used In reaping the great
harvest offered In the high freight rates
duo to the pressure for vessels owing
to the war.
The Itickenbach .Steamship Company
Is In a position similar to that of the
American-Hawaiian Line, naving re
cently withdrawn 1U Ileet from
Panama trade.
Th Delunnre and Hudson Company
rftltrf,.tit denartment reports to the inter
ta'.e Cominerie i.t.iui:oUlou for January:
IMC i.".ianse
Total opr rev . :.Mii,j4 Im . IJi4
Tola! nper. exp. ! . 3 :. !-. J Inc. ,c:4
N'et up'r rev
I Iper tuciinie . .
T::.0CS Inc.
V'roni July 1.
Total oper. r-v . tl5.-M.ssi In'. II. J,f.:
Tola. oper. exp.. v.9l.tit Inc. 1!.;r.S
Net "per. rev.. ST. 4ST Inc l,43i.:04
tip-r. Income. .i-n,!,, inc i.ii-p.::
i si'iiKAM:. 1'OltTI.AMi AM) MKATTl.n.
The Spokane, Portland nnd Seattle Hall
way reports to the Interstate Commerce
'umni-lon for .l.ntiuar"
IM Changes.
To'al oper. rev
IJin.tii5 ine
lM.irn Inc
6".S; Inc.
Net oper. rev..
1 rom auiy i;
Total oper. rav.
.Vet oper. rev. . .
194, t:
l.f.5,iJl tne
1.254.3 1 tne
op-r Income. ,
ISli! Changer
Month l"ebruar. l5.TM.-a9 Ine l,0i!.n4
rrntu July l .. 4t 70l.:5: Inc 3,i:.?o;
ISIii. Chtneer.
Monfh 1-V!,ptjarv. 79T Ir t
1 Krom Ju'y 1. . t'.MJ.HS Inc l.IIS.Slo
IS CUT $2,600,000
Extravagant Features Left
Out, but Lowell's Idea
Kept Outwardly.
It waa made known yesterday through
the publication of the calendar for the
Board of Estimate's meeting to-day that
the Court House Board has modified Its
original plans of a new County Court
House and will submit to-day a plan
calling for an expenditure less by 12,
600,000 than waa asked for when the
matter was first discussed.
For several weeks conferences of those
representing the board and the city ofil-
claln have been held with the view of
finding some way out of the difficulty
"' wnicn tne prospect or building a
new court house at a ilme when the
city's finances sre badly strained has
projected the Mttchel administration.
The proposal to abandon the project waa
quickly rejected because of the large
amounts invested In real estate and the
meagreness of the chance of getting
back anything like what was paid ror
the site. To mark time and do nothing
while holding the land was equally dis
advantageous because of the heaviness
or the carrying charges.
A critical study of the plans made by
C.uy Lowell raised the possibility of so
modifying them as to cut the price ma
terially without altering essentially the
new building. A communication to the
Hoard of Kstlmate on Tuesday last Indi
cated that the Court House Hoard
thought It unwise to proceed with tho
building as originally planned, and stated
that the suggested modifications would
reduce the cost from about $10,000,0hi
to $7.r.00,000.
while the modifications have not been
made public. It is understood that they
Involve the elimination of certain deco
rative features and other Interior speci
fications to which objections have leen
raised on the ground of extravagance
The lionrd of F.stlmate will be asked
to-day to approve the modified plans and
specifications and to authorlie the Issue
of $7,100,000 of corporate stock to meet
the cost of the new building. Complete
plans will be filed with the board anil
the whole matter will be referred to the
Corporate Stock Iludget Committee for
detailed consideration.
It Is expected that In the event of no
bids hs low as t7.S00.0O0 am received,
provision will have been made for a re
consideration. PUBLIC UTTIITIES.
The lener.i! (. and r.lectrle Cnmpant'a
rirt for the rrwn months endtd Jnnua'ry
31, ll. discloses ro e.irnlnaa of II, 521,
?TJ, total Income nf ls;.i4, and a -or-plus
of tl3V:t The isross nrnlns fer
the subsidiaries for Pehruar) were :4. !:.,
or an Increase of HMtl oer rchrunry,
The tt.nemnt of oarnlnrt of the I'nlted
tias Improvement Company for the vear
ending D-iemher II. 1JIS. dlaro,ei total
earnings of M.OTI.ja), a decrease of 113..
1S3 from rhe preii.ut enr rtitures .Ve
linflt were IT.SIC.S.'I. an lnrreae of I10U,
30 over 1 SI 4. and l:,7l:-,nt was carried
In the urdlvldd pr,nts artount, uhkh Ir
1104, J!0 more than In 1914.
The January report nf the j;,it fit l.nul 1
j and Suburban enrupany Iiowm vro-. earn-
I... nf I,- fC.fi an ...-.-.. a. t. tit.
January, 1515: net earning of 131, 310. ti
Increase ut 14.03. and a s i-plu- of l.'9,S33,
or an Increaae nf tln.33 oier correspond ,
lilt month In 19U. Kor the -ra- cr ied I
January 31. tlu mmp.ny rhov s srosr ,.. rn-
irxs or :4o,:iii, a iwreaa.- of iiOTdj
ever the previous ver's faur a n-t er.rn-tnsi-
of l!.no3.:ll. k decrease of I. 14i'. in-1
urplus of I34T. 3J. nr a deenn-e of 4l,.
t oer the preceding twelte months.
The Wt I'nn Trsctlnn Company re.
pcrts U-c-mbar grosa earning' of !ii:,l.
"'r'r ' I.--.,- o.rr i,eeemiT,
of ln:.o;i, and a aurplu- of I13:,jii:, or
an Increase of ta!,.Ml ner the correspond
Ing menth In 1S14. For the ear in-lel
rec ember 31, 1P16. th- rrors earnlncs were
45. '.'';, an Increase of f ; a . 4 r ove- th
prf,us yoar Net enrnlnira were a 2. A00..
VII, an lncraa nf 1401. 'Jtl. and a surplus
was t:s,TsO. or an Increase of ;"j;,i;o
over 1914. ,
' llll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllBl I IIMIIIII1 BBSBBBBeBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBI
I ssssssssssssssl III 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 sa i i "T . ssk4i III 1 1 I i 1
Only 15 Days
to China
See the Forbidden City t Peking,
the Summer I'nl.iceol ' the K.nperort,
the Orent Wall, the Land of Sam
pans and Pagodas.
The Orient Is Open
Though Europe Ctofd
Travel by Loxarlooa Cer.aalan raciaa
Empress of Russia
Empress of Asia
ajalcairt Tbm Herat! taa Pacific
TCr M Klletet. IM go!4 astra.
Ourafficeaat a eert slt ratti
vrr atshtinc In r-lannfnc Itlaerariw
and saeurira rtilahle guides.
Pull Information ebearfally gleea.
Paooa. tall or wtita.
V. R. I'KBKY, General ABnt.
l'as'cngcr Dcpirtment.
1S31 nroidway. New York City.
sim vices
Winter Cruises
Ta IsaAsMfieas Mtsittrraaaaa, taaaittiaf
al Maar at ar cmMata1 tsart
i 1 la 23 itju
and pelnta In Cuba
Excellent golf on the noted
Havana Country Club course;
splendid surf bathing at gay
fortable hotels.
In the Bahamas
A wonderful climate. Soft
breezes and balmy nir. Tennis,
motoring, golf, pony racing.
The finest game-fishing -on
the Atlantic.
5a.1m etch TWidar at neen and Satytdty
mornint st II o' clerk Laig Ajrienran rm
Klrw U'sredui. I0.CO0 I'M daplatverl. Milnn
undu tKe Anterior. Dtcai decks, latf "O
Incmt and tplsedid cuisine ,
Low ratea of pauage, including meala
ad atateroom accotnmexjationj-
H'rif.r Irjlimmllen
fur 14, l. (aiaoint) On Till
Or tar authrxued ticket (kCT of toui bureau
tti.NTiiii urstmr-.
KKtt Jt.liM:V All.nllr fltf.
Uerup) inc ,nti e hi j k f ocin fror.t. in '
the fi.e.ujimtiHr .'hi-Uea eetlun, 3C(i bed
cbk.-iil.r ultn vtitate tu'.hii ilre.h an,l
ea tr). llicli i l.i.u in he.lra, cafe,
grill, Af rreriih ,-iN tio t prlWIegrj,
Autds meet i Mr,t H 'k et U " u m II n r.
Wwr m ATI MMTir rr
i auDerior location twith
undbstructud viriw of bccich
and boardwalk . A recognized
standard of excellence .
1 Canary 600 ' WAtTFO.I RIT7BV
owistaaNia MartaacucNT
anu e.i j,er uatlia. runn waiar in
looms, elevator, auptrlor tab'e KeJuetil
lii .?';'..v'.'..i;:,!r" '' t".ina
A 2 WAtiMJIt, i'ro,r W K LAVTON, Mir
SKW t OKI I tine l-liind.
I he Most Attrartlte rnimtrt tlntrl
tdlateiit in .New t nrl. tin.
One nf file n.rn.t fieliilt. fit'imp.- l,r.t..u in
Amerlr. A I'liinlilnall.in nf i-inimry lu , .in.i
rii'tri.tHilltaii liniel luxury -1 11I11111 luutiil fi.ii
diKtril un tin- A iiii-rii-.il! 1'l.in,
There l alsii fur the nun i nli nco nf motorists
A Uandsimw a la Carte Rvntaurant
t'ul'liie ami M-rlri UMvurp.-si-l. .Mmlirale
irlre. l!i milts frimi .t York, rrt.i.ioit
rli-ttiic- tralna truiti IViui:. Maiiim
J. J l.AN.MN fit., I'ruiis
IN l,UUUAN('i: ef an order of Hono?.'
abla John P. CohaUn, u fturriRita of taa
Count) of New York, notice Ik liercks- cn
to all pciMiim li.iilr.i! ii,ilm ite.ilnsi UenrKt
Naah. lata of the Counts- of ?e.v York, de
itai-eil, tu presint the e.una wlih voui'.ia
thereof to tha Hiil."ilrera ut their p.i.'e of
tranasotlnB t'lialnesa, nt the ulfli-o of Tha
luiiture i,-.m eml 1'r.ist I'nn pnn No 44
tvilllajn Street, 1:1 the Horouati of M.iiaiat
tan. fltv of New York, un or hefore Ilia 1st
dav of July next
Dated, .New York, the !th day of D.
criut-trr. 19 IS.
i V BDWIN III111IF, Asst. User.
1 WALTUH II. IIUI'I'I.NU, Kitcutora.
l service. cornriiM ejMitv
Kiniftiih, bluefish, yrllow Jack, amber,
juck, bsrmcud i they're all here. PUa
your trip nut to
Palm Beach, Miami, Havana,
Tampa, St. Petersburg
Best re.'u lieil by Mallnry Steamship Ferelea
rrntn New Vnrk, with connect ion at Est
West for Miami antl Palm Beach ria it
wonilerful "0cr-ea" Railway. Also steamer
connection for Havana. Connections at Tanr
for the famoua Tarpon aectlon of the Oolf
Coast, St. retersburf. rajs-a-llrllle, Tarpoa
Springs, etc.
Through service also to and from GalTettaaiar!
t he resorts of the Southwest. Passage, meali tad
berth on steamer Included in one low rate.
Clyde -Mallory Lines
290 and 958 Broadway, New York
or address
Arthur W. Pe. Paaaenier Traffic Mtnataf
Piar J6, North Rier, New York
Special Toura to thla delightful
Island reaort by fine Steamships
t'nrfer mencon Flxj.
Nasi Balllnis .March II. it, la.
ftalllna Kry Mednesdar.
nre day or I inner. Incl.idlna tlckti
stateroom, berlti, Hotel, drive, etc
Inclusive feOQ and
Fsrea PaSiO up.
Make rowrvatlunt no and atold Uv
Ticketa and Toura Everywhere
its Hroadssa, 'fill Hftli tenus,
Ml rilth At., '.'Oal ltroada, .. I.
IKstaMlshe.1 ista.
iOKDL'NA. .Sat.. Mnr. 'jr., 10 A. M.
'IKUMA, . . .-'AT AlMt. 1. '0 A. 11.
' ('.!!. It illlMA ;-.r.,M'H a V w
'(.ASIKitli.VIl . .-Ml.AlIt . 1 'i
I klu Houia to Uiaagav.
I PAN.SdMA .-.vr, MAtt l. lu at
1A.MJAMA .... Till It At It ,. .0 A it.
I tCaiill.C at ILtllfux,
ROl'Ml Till. MOltl.ll TOl'Hi.
Throuk'ti bu'aliif-v to a pi!.icl;.tl porta )l
tb worlo.
COMI'.N'! lllHI'i:. Xl.it Mala at.. X. 1.
I American Line
. Under the American Flag
N.Y. Liter-pool. Pier 62, N. R.. iooi
Neu VorU
Mar. 1 1 -t. I.oula
Mar. II
White Star Line
N. V. -Lterpool, rier 60. N. k.. Noon
' lai.land. . tpr. II llultle .. Apr II
i Azores Gibraltar- Naples- Genoi
Crelle .tpr. "iCaniipli pr. II
I OrrlCE. U R'tTA V. N. V. Tel. C00II I lee Is.
Ceaipafnle (ienerale Trnsatlanlla
POTAL ttKltt'll'E
Sailings fur BORDEAUX
CHICAGO l!ar. 1-1. o P. M
LA TOURAINE. . ..Mar. 18, 3 P. M.
LAFAYETTE Mar. 25. 3 P M.
Kin: . in. M VI UN Al'I'Lr
l,i:tll(t,lt mill IKIHII1V HI.HUI
i nl '1 r p ir i V , J i t t !
'KS .-.TKsiIIII' Cn tli N V
aTtAMMIir llt hKr in an? pert,
Ofllcta Scent a. llt'i
arninn.1 A' t lilt- unib t'u.. iii .Mil At., N, T.
Ntirll. Mi-llefl, Ileum irl,
S K ..nlir, on ft Vo Ir. A;t ' lln N r
mmli ami W . Ilvr ) ' I M
rier ..' Niirth UU er '', 3 t. , t in.
(JO Tit HKIiMt I) "!
Ftrs lv I'ler 11, s K , :t. Hon st.
dallv at t 00 M M.,1
Ni Ivun.l.in iNoit.idil tine.
Plr 40, ,S' i fl lie imuii - k in
only, h P M I'ler ,0. K 1.. ft t. ..1
Ft W P M
eti llnien I Ine, trn v I'lr K. R
ft C ll 11 tie werj, ,,i va n i J f
Plr ,1 fl P : 1 St. ; 1 P M
llrlilci'liorl Line, ttet-k i.i) r. , t f
I'ler .;, ll It 11 00 A 1 , 1 im- u ft
:.il St . llsU A M.
I "nir rtntir nr rinvrn-
BOSTON $2.65
I'tio vide: ice 'y,'"' $1.3)
Ol'TMDK oTtTRI'ilotia, si at.
sVatk uaa and butitU at i P a '.I'm
risr si. .-. it., tavi .i llauiios it
'rfesnt. prlnf-aiti.
tt'nreeater, a.' r,n. Prosldenee illrei t 1 ;
tuiiMDi-: oi'.ti'i:iiiMit, sim
Hall), lui-'uilli.a Miinliij, A.iHi P M.
From Pier l. U. u Phoiis ::oj lli-kints
Pity Tliket omre. las llrjday -. V
ttpioe n 'lu-1. i o.stia II a Ml st
S3 Dlreel, M.tlNK hTK.t MMUP MM
Redmed 1 are-All Pi.lnl. l'li.,oel'-w
Iile.il iruli-s and to-i
v Ice a. ill rairs to i( r
MAHSTtHS, IJso (..,'. .a
DCPUIinAviilirlsliul)' lots rite' llivian1 . 1
DCnfflUUAiMUtie's limrs. IWJ ll'nay N t

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