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At The American Art .Galleries
The Blakeilee Galleries Collection
Vvii7. KivisliT anil Pablo I'a-
niI". Heard in Uriiliins's
Double Coneciio.
DllHnjrlinm nnd Zlcjrfeld to Bo
in Control Musical
Farce the Plan.
Wise Men Now Make Sine and
Take Their Invitations
With Them.
The sale will be conducted ti) MR. OTTO nt.KNCT, of
Madlion siq. Month, Kntrsnrt a K. 2:14 Mtreet, New York
lb rcnii.l of the special concerts ofj
the Minphuny Society took place ycstcr
day afternoon In Vnrnegle Unit. Tlie
proicr.iiittiK' consisted of the bacchanal
from "T.intiliaetiser," Stratum's tone
.r.cm. "1 tralli ""d Tianstlgurtttlon," and
the itrahms concerto for violin ami vlo
lorn '.Id. Tin- f"lo players were Frlti
Krrlrlcr ami Pablo Casals.
H was ii xcry well unanged pro
lamine. The two orchestral numbers
med I" publish 'lie whole merit of Mr.
Ii.imroKh's organisation, and at I lie
imr time were of a nature which af
forded a Rood contrast to the concerto.
Tin' work wan In no way dimmed by the
splendors of the Strnuss tone poem
nhlch piecedcil It. Indeed, It seemed an
I' tlie gorgeous colors of the dellnenllve
rompo.Mon caused the clear and sculp
turesque outlines of the Brahms con
certo to Mand out more sharply.
The performance of Messrs. Krelsler
n.l Casals wan one of extraordinary
iixillty It I rare that two players of
i h strongly marked Individuality co
rperate with such artistic ensemble,
tlach of these masters has trail? of style
which differentiate him from the other,
and these were disclosed most piquant!)
In their delivery of the prlnclp.il theme
e( the lad movement. Mr. Krelsler'a
igicielve accentuation of It wait com
nlemented by Mr. Casals's elegant fluency.
The general result xvas most stimulating
to the hearer. In playing together the
tup artists reduced their personal equa
tion mo"t successfully. The concerto
I o beautiful In Itself that It can be
mjoxed even when performed with or
.Unary skill ; but It becomes a real joy
when' It Is Interpreted with nympathy
ttnd enthusiasm ns well as great technic,
.is It was yesterday.
The orchestral achievement In the
bacrhanatc was no more than com
mendahle. In the eitrauss numler the
performance rose to a very high level of
flnlsn. Dounurss some listeners wno in
iecnt seasons have heard from x-arlous
orelietras too much coarse and blatant
nr felt the abence of that tremendous
pture which they fondly believe Is
'emperamental. Hut those to whom
n'lre beauty of orchestral song Is dear
tnut nave rejoiced In the manifest
growth In grace of Mr. Damroch and
men. The tone poem was performed
slth uncommon opulence of tonal qual
x. with beautiful balance and with
srltv Mr 1t.imros.rh had evidently
even the score new study and had re
e.irsed the wn-k carefully.
operatic nirsju slum Taste and
Judgment In Sonus.
I. ii y Lee fall, soprano, who for a
t i e iv.ii with the Metropolitan Opera
P 'iv pave n tlrst song recital here
:erl.i afternoon I. the Princess
Her programme, whlrh was of
Merest tlirnughnut, comprised old
' n airs beginning with (-'aidant's
't. nmtrhe, ombrose pimte," modern
f-ch -one;., ltlnily-Kor.akov's "Le
stz ol." Herman song by Krlch
" f Straus nnd Hugo Wolf and In
iKi. h llorsman's new song. "The Yel
Dtt!." and numbers by Hlbb and
' arpi titer.
T in tinner's woik disclosed no un
.il nhl'ICc, In e Hit xocal equipment
iterpretatio. . bit through a seem
sly wle sense of natural limitation It
.i always carefully guided by the
ndards of .good taste and desirable In
'',eire. Having a voice of good
i.'iillty especially In the mldle range.
ve ii'ed It with no little skill. A lack
' "Pagination ard vocal coloring lent
. Mime of monotony to some of the ngs
V sang, but not wlthstiindlng this de
' her performance claimed praise for
c. I diction, rarrful phrasing and musl
m' feeling. Catnllle Decreus plaed the
e o:rpa Iments well.
lime Kurt Heard (or the First
Time I'rlMrras.
p. (.Hnkaallei" was ung at the
trrinpil;an Opera House last evening.
leiwtttlon or the ramlliar work
i il ' not rail for mention were It not
' a change In the cast. Mme. Hem-
' h i ng completed her engeganu'M
d departed In quest of concert juurels,
Mre Kurt was entrusted with the role
of thr ;v(nrr.s. Of course there may
ive heeti pressing leasons why the
r.i hhould lie gleii again, but It
a pity that It could not have been
ad awn for the ret of the season,
s rce Mme Hi'iiipel'.s Impersonation was
s hie f charm.
Mme. Kurt Is an Intelligent and pains-
ikliig Mnser, who Is at her best In
tk heto.e roles; of the Wagnerian
f'r-ma It muld hardly he expected
hat v'ue wuulil bring to her tack last
'lenmr the lightness of voice, the deft
i""" of utterance and the clelrc of
xprekion esi-entlal to a realization of
'he r ira"er Much of the muhlc lay
well for her voice, since the tessitura
of the part s low; hut the absence' of
jMIm In the delivery of the llnea
!prrd her mipi-reonutlnn of much of
lei l.su-holog.cal nfeot whlrh It could
'e seen hh had well enough conceived.
Ihit on th" w'lole she deserves praise
"r t'le iMi'llencc and Jut-tlce of her
-1st - purpoe.w and for much that
..nt toward their realization,
Th other members of the enst were
"' i "nie as heretnfor'. Mr. Ilodanzky
duned and tlu general level of the
e fortiiare a ono of meritorious
a hlewmvnt.
xeix Ormiiilnilini t'onrlndrs I'lrst
stu'cessf ill SeHsnn,
n v. A oil Chamber Music Society
' n . (inn rt of Its llr.-'t season
' ' . n A.-olUli ll.ill. The pro
t'rimni. on i.ris.sl Schubert's oclet In
I ..pus ic for two violins, viola, violon
" i d 'i !. b.i-". clarinet, l-Yench 'horn
and l',ison, llrahms's sonata In E
oiu i I'd, sn. -', for clarinet and
rid ir, l,.,(ill. I'm iliai.sody "1,'Klang" In
'' in in r for dm., viola and piano, and
''ml Ju.in s "ICaimnersinfonlB" In It
ifii opus J7. fo: piano, violin, viola, vl
oioi'..., niiiji.. clarinet, rnvioli hoin
ai' Im -MKiit
Tli."- mji'isit ions, xvhlle utfording no
" i strict novelty, yet provided an
excel,,.,, variety Isith III stvles and the
' ."':Jh. Tin. work
iiimt rain .iimn . wno
1X7.. In Moscow, but since
I'".-. ...i, u-n rettled In Herlln l tho
i ji l-Ii Si'iicini for Music hh a
.-r nf .'nmpcisltlon) was perhaps
' ' .' in tlin list In which chief Intel -
' id. though each number In turn
v ' d with Keen attention ntld ItH
1 1 " i 1 i. win inly applauded,
Tie i . 1 1 i 1 1 1 , . ) ,ii i i.i.-f for v lilcli tb"
i w Ch.iinlier MuMo Society wfci,i.I,J, ,w, those who have done me the
v.i' ul, namely, Hint of offurlUK pro- J ' ' . , noclats. themselves with me,
"es nu Hie pattern or tlio one
mi .1 .' i venlin.', Is evldeiilly meeting
In r.i i .it leriHt uiih Du, nrtluilt! sin .
ii ., ,,i il. Mail, and r. rttilnly mm. Klaw Kilangee have from the
H re tors, who me Hie phinlst Clip.. jirt given their eiitliuslastlc support to
' 'I.,,,, and tjust.n.' Langenus, the tin. project ; that tlssy and I are largely
inei-t Mve raiiMi for receiving con-r,.HpoiiHlh!o for the enterprise, find In
l iMl.iuon ni.oii tho .ipparent achieve. I tend to leave no stono unturned to make
r-i iiireaily uttaiucu ol uieir unuer
When It s decided what In to become
of the Century Theatre It will be con
trolled by Charles B. Dillingham and
Florence Zlegfeld. who will hava .
fiual Interest In the auoreu of the new
Bcneine. which looks to the performance
tlwre of musical plays, with Derhana at.
tractions of another character. Florence
ieicw, when lie was amiroaclied bv
one of the directors of this artistic white
elephant of such unprecedented propor
llotlH. IIMhn.1 1 . . . ..
. ...,.oVU i run Ilm tneatre as a
eaatina; rink. This eutncestlon was not
ultnrsfliM ..
-i"..iury una tneie was a
suggestion from the other side with the
request that Mr. Zlegfeld and Mr. Ull-
imgiiam unite In the control of the the
MUDlcal farce of the kind tliev tire
associated with was of course the scHeme
of the directors when they selected two
men 0 eminent In that field aa Messrs.
J5lefeld and Dillingham. These men
have outlined a plan Which will be sub
mitted to the directors of the Century
- to nuun i uuo ii. Kann n
turns from the Mouth.
When the new firm assumes control of
... v.cmur- i-nearre iney will be as patt
tiers, each exercising ih .
bl 'y'n Ihe direction of the theatre. It
will be Interesting to ohserv. ii.
come of their efforts, since neither has
er Deen associated nctlvely with
partner. Uoth 'have close business uulll
Hiuiin mm iv mw Krlanger. but with
. xc'p,ln of bis term of partnership
with Joe Weber after he left Uw Fleicis.
Florence Zlegfeld has always been
ulone in his enterprises. Charles Dil
lingham has been the partner of Charles
Frohman in many separate enterprises
and he was for a while In partnership,
so far as certain of his enterprises are
invoiveo. with William Connor. Hut
a rule he lias been as much alone in his
many Important undertakings as Mr.
Zlejrfeld. So soon as Mr. Kahn returns
from I'alm Ueach there will be a detl
nlle announcement concerning the man
agement of the theatre on Central I'atk
xi rsi.
Is the opera claque hired altogether
j me arusts; Tlie oung man who
returned this fall from l'arls after sev
Ing u year In the French armv and nxre
more revived this industry as flourish
ingly iih It hud ever existed In the palmv
days of two opera houses has hitherto
drawn his Income altogether from II.
slngerH xvho gave him a certain amount
of money presumably to buy tickets that
applaiii-e might be forthcoming at the
pioper Juncture. There had never bean
the slightest Implication that any but
the hlfigers were responsible for the en
gagement of these enthusiastic tall and
gallery birds.
The enjoyment of the audlrne at the
Metropolitan Opera House has been srrl
ously Impaired this spring by the ictlvl-
nes oi me conorts or the young Russian
provider of commercial enthusiasm. Such
arias as "Caro Nome" are Interrupted
in ine miuuie oy tne ignorant merce
nnrles of music who continue to appli.u!
until the number s at an end. Hut of
course the latter part of It is altogether
lot to the audience, who can hear noth
ing hut the handclapplng and the huzzas.
Of course this is of the greatest dls
advantage to any artist If she only
understands It.
"There Is a method always In the
hands of the audience." said one of the
officers of the Metropolitan Opera House.
who has been there since the conrulshlp
of Maurice Urau, "by which the claque
could be put out of business after two
nights. All the listeners nerd do v!in
their enjoyment Is destroyed Is to hiss
Just as vociferously as the claque ap.
plauds. That would soon prove to the
artist that the public did not propose to
be sacrificed for the vanity of the singer
xvho xx anted to make It seem thtil !ie
w.'ih an overwhelming success."
The Washington Square Players hive
postponed their new programme at the
Bandbox Theatre. It will not be hcun
for h week from Monday.
When Maude Adams produces here the
new play by James M. Barrle Uerald du
Mauiler will give It simultaneously In
As an evidence of the number of Vi g
gllsh actors now on the stage In this
eotintry the cast of "The (ireat I'unsu'V
Haddon Chambers's latrst version of
The Idler," Is submitted. Out of eight
actors announced in the cast six are
"Kultur" Is the name of a new play
soon to be acted In London. The story
deals with the love of an Kngllsh girl
and a German officer. It is hoped that
It may share the fate of "The Man Who
Stayed at Home," which Is so far the
single Ungllsh war pliy that has met
with success.
Charles II. T)llllngham Is the latest
man of the hour to be named for the
Presidency, t.'omplete confidence may be
felt In this announcement, because It
comes from the Hippodrome. Concern
ing the visit of the Hartford delegates to
the Hippodrome, these words are com
municated: "The party from Mr. Dillingham's
birthplace numbered BOO, and Included
the Mayor, the Congressman from that
district nd many other men prominent
In the business and political life of that
section. On thxi return trip they sent Mr.
!lll!ngham a telegram which thanked
him for the delightful afternoon and
concluded by haying, 'a man who can
work such wonders should be made
President of tho United States.' "
Adolpli Phillips, who was In the habll of
concealing his Identity under the French
sobriquet of llcrve and Briquet, has
called the new musical piece In which
he will be seen "Tlie Masked Marvel."
Hetty Calllsh Is acting th leading
role In "The Great l.over'1 with Leo
Ultrlchsteln at the Ixmgacre Theatre.
Miss Brooks Is 111 with the measles.
Sir Herbert Tree wants to make it
clear that he, and not his "angels," Is
responsible for his Shakespearian season
nt thn New Amsterdam Theatre. He
(11, VH .
'The Idea of giving a New York
ununn nf Shakespeare during the tcr-
; centenary was -'
, ,i,im iimlnrtnklnz fill nnmi
end ljnl . of '"V , t,mt U woulVl b
" " S '' markm h.JS
iicsiraiJi'" "vv - . ,
... .... iiml..rtaklng of such large pro-
iiortluns. and accordingly several gentle-
...,. r wet! known for thele
aiiillo spirited suiiport of the arts came
..tt.'ii.,',..-li I do not regard this under
...,.i.. ,.u niiielv eornmerclal, any more
I M) ,,1 r,.j(,ice If the enterprise biiouiu lie
'm n a rnmmirclal as well as In
' .. ...timii sense, I may add that
tne ..iw. ." , -
Icaslon and ol the New York public.
Portrait of Joseph Wright by
"Marker of Hath" Bought
by Ehrieh.
The aale of the Blakeflee io'.lertlon
was continued last evening by tUe Amtr
lc.n Art As.'ociutlon with a session llifit
totalled $7,704. The grand total for
the sale to date Is tti,22t.
The leudlng price of the evening was
1130, pild by Hlirlch (lalleries for No.
341. a poitratt of Joseph Wright, the
artist, by the painter who was known .is
Marker of Bath, and who died In ls47.
The lift of pictures selling for I20P
and over nd their purchai.erti follows:
103 fra Angedra School, "The An-
nunrUtlba." ll-ome Ory llsr
nard : :tt
ItC Krancls Coirs. "Portrait nr l.iiiy
Oilve." A. I.. Kramer....
Ill English "ehool, "Portnll of ..
0ntleman." A. I- Kram-r.. .
gt Sir William lUerhty. "I'orlr-lt
of a Child." A. M. Ilnry. ... .
130 Thomis Phillips. "Sir John
Itoss. the Explorer," A
83$ Flemish Srhool. "Madonna
Child." A. M. lUnry. .... ...
141 Murker of Hth. "Cortialt of
Jti-rph Wrlnlil." r.lirlch Usl-lrle-
; CtrW A. Van Loo. "The Minia
ture." A. M. MuelJorirtld
J48 !,u4olf lliekhuysen. "The Hhlp-wi-(k,"
A Xt. Msrl'o'iaid . . . .
141 Frs-neli School. "Woman With
lsjk." Henry HUub
S(5 Twqll" Srihool, "I'drtrslt ul
L,udv. cupd uransm
The sale of the Blakesiee collections
will be concluded to-night In the gal
leries of tlie American At Association.
Leads In Hale of Sato Art Cller-
llon at Anderson (.allerlea.
A .Innanese color nrlnt brought th
leading prire In the sale of the Oriental
art collection lielongtng to ShoUro
Sato which began jeaterday In the
Anderson Oallerlos.
Tills waa No. a09. a triptych ly 1 eisni
showing the Interior of a nobleman's
palace with girls entertaining a feudal
lord. It xras sold to C. A. Mason for
1160. Mr. Mason also gave no ror
No. 311, Yeishl's "1'rlnce C3engi." and
$140 for No. 102, a piece of a kimono
used by a feudal lord.
O. O. Smith paid nu ror ,-vo. a
Cliln-se brocade; Mrs. . T. Kiddie
bought No. 45. a "Nlshlkl Kewi," for
1,5; T. J. Jonnsoil guxe i.u ior .-.
89. a Japanese tapestry; N, Pack paid
$90 for No. 107, a ffamarcand rug;
H. W. Oland bought No. l.'.ri. a Chlnene
kakemono, for and no. jtwa. a
Chinese painting, for 175 ; and II, Mar
shall gave $7r. for No. 24S, a print by
Hunin.ibu, and 7. tor ,-x.o. i,
print by Kumlnobu.
Tll toiai tor ine aiierntsiii .itiu wi
lling ncssions was I5.67S.50. Tlie sale
continues this evening.
Turn Merrr Take a Moment to
Tom Merry and Dick Bright, In charge
of TllK Sli.v free hreafl dopot at J Prince
street, gaxv away 1,000 loax'es of bread
yesterday as usual.
"rvery time I give a man or woman
In that line a loaf of bread I glx-e win
ter an upperctit," said Tom In an ex
clusive Interview with a Sun reporter.
"And even' time I hand out a loar or
bread 1 bring spring Just o much
nearer neuter to the hearts of hungry
folk who haven't the price of a loaf;
In fact. I'm more reliable than the
Weather Bureau."
He announced that another thousand
loaves will lie distributed to-day. be.
ginning at 2P. M.
Cohnlnn IHetie.
Announcement was made yesterday of
tlie marriage on Tuesday night of Ml
cliael J. Cohalan, brother of Supreme
Court Justice Ihinlel F, Cohalan und
Surrogate John P. Cohalan, to Miss
Kmma Dorothea incite.
Mr. Cohalan, who Is Ihe second of the
nee brothers. Is in me legal uepartment
of the Now Vork Telephone Company
nnd his hrlde nas neen sienogrnpiier in
that office. She Is the daughter of
nsliar Hlotte of 3:5 Hiist Fifty-second
street. Tim ceiemoiiy was performed
at the Paullst Fathers' church by the
Hev. Father Casserly. Tlie only wit
nesses were the bridesmaid, Adelaide
inthv. and best man. Timothy 13. Co
halan, brother oi mo oriacgroom.
white suirarocouiisE opens,
,rw torkrra Play I'lrst Itiin.id of I
Spring (i.ilf.
WllITB Sri.l'ttft; St'lilNUs, W Va .
March 5 Arrlxuls to-day nl the (irctu
brier Include Olto II Kahn, llemv Hog
ers Wlnlhtop. .la'mes A Stillmnn. Will
lam Forbes Morgan. .Ii , and Hubert
ISoelet. The paitx lame It a private
ear from New Orleans, where they have
been intending the Mai.ll Urns. The
new eighteen hole golf course uan
thrown open to-da for the spring sea
sun, Mr. Kahn and his friends p!n!ug
tlie tit st round. Oscur I.. Itlrhard,
James O. Hinckley, Owen Johnson and
Dr. (J. II. Cnplto wete among the other
Mrs. Fiejetlck l.ewlsnhn returned In
New York to-night.
Kdwntil Mouls, .Ii , lias an guests
Mrs. IMis'atd Pcauall Field and Miss
llelen Comix er.
Sunet 5ap was u fax'orite dcstlua
linn for the riders; Hie Mlcs O.
ii ud C .1 AuehliK loss ami MI.-k Marian
K lliffinan going theie. Mr and Mis
Jacob V.. Itldgwav. Mls Helen llia.er
and Miss ll'leii M. Flake lode to the
(reenbtler Ittxer. Mis. C W. Aniliews
rude tliiougli Montagiia Park
Among the airlvnl" were Mi. and
Mrs. tliimville Vlilttlee. New York:
Ml. an I Mrs, Aithui J. I.loyd and Mi.
and Mis. P. T, White. Chicago, and Mr.
and Mis. A. J. Porter nnd Mls Julia
it, Porter of Niagara Falls.
M!hs M.uguerlte Kennelly has re.
turned fiom Cuba, where sin- xvns the
guest for some time of Mrs iilinn
Stew ait
The first of a merles of four morning
musicales was held xcsteiilay at tlie
home of Mrs. Benjamin Ni. oil, tf. West
Flfty.fourth street,
Alts. Joseph Palmer Knapp will Klve
dinner to-night at 247 Fifth iiveiiue.
Mr. and Mrs. Knapp will leave for Hot
Springs on Mai eh 20 to remain until
the latter part of April
At the Friday livening Dunce in the
Delia Itohbia Boom of tlie Vatiilerbllt
to-night Mme, ft anna Wuli-ka of Petro.
gind will sing Ilusslan songs. The pro
ceeds will be devoted In the American
Hospital and Ambulance in liiissiu.
Ml. an.) Mrs. IMwnrd A
glx-e n dinner to-night
Has Sixty-fourth fil
ter. Miss Dorothy
they will take their
nnd later to the lliltni
and supper.
Mrs. Horatio N Slater and her daugh
ter. Miss Hay Slater, who have been
passing some time in California, have
sailed for Toklo. Jiip.ui. to vl-lt Mrs
Slater's sondiidaw and daughter. Mr.
and Mrs. B. Sumner Welles. Mr. Welles
Is an attache at the American llmbas.sy
Two sewing classes assembled yester
day for their usual weeklv meetings 111
Lent. Miss J,eiiry'H clasi for the Ma.
donna Day Nursery met nt her home.
I'M.- I-mil avenue, nun 10c ciats 01 ine
Colonial Dames, which sews for the Sea-
men's Institute, met at the home nf Mrs
J. Muhlenberg Bailey, 101.'. Park iiyeuiie.
Tho Junior Auxiliary of the ('hutch
of St, Nicholas will give a ptegiamme
of tableaux vlx.ints nnd pantoinlme till
afternoon and to-night for Hie b-nellt of
the suxlllnry
fund at 1 West Fortv.
elichth sir- Among those
who will
take tin entertii.niu.' ,ne the brewing company estlinati-d Hm value
Misses Mary Ciishman, Auiie Wlmlies. only 1 2 per cent. The appraiser
ter, Louise llerrjck, Helen Lnmberl, -.'l'l Hint In his opinion wlill. the earn
Anna Ballard. Marguerite Knit. Hteanor 1 Ings of the isnupatiy Imvo lcn large,
Powers, Hugene Fuller, Jeim Stewart the exldeucc "e!npliiil7.ei thr gronlh of
und Marjorle Stewnit. the prolilhltloi, inuxement and lo.nl op-
An Interesting class which will meet ' IJ"" ""a'! '1',? " '"
during Lent Is the Junior Colonial Dames'""" ," .1 1 , ,n,w:,r
of Anifrlcii. org.itil7.el under the uus- nIf,',:t '" a I'TKeMent the future pmilta
pices onhe British American Wnr Belief nt ""' I- "j
Fund, at the home of Mrs-, IMward II -. . . . .
Slettlnlus. 16 Hast .S.-vi-iity-llilnl street WILLS AND APPRAISALS.
At the next meeting on Tuesday lifter-
110011 ('apt. liny (iiiunt, nax-al nttaihe at
tlie British 1 ;mnusy in xx asnington, will
spenl. Among tl,,. inenibeii' of the -lass
ivre the Misses Margaiet Montgomery,
Isabel StettllilU", ('onstniici Cluippell,
Mary l'r.incke, Dorothy (irecr. Julia
Ziibrtsklr, Kllnibeth llaldiine, Itlta Nor
rie, KlIZHbeth SurUley, Margaret Si hroe.
iler, Alice Lawrence. ( jiint(iiiri Lord,
Annette Moraii. Alice Warren, Sheila
Byrne, Kmlly Delatleld, Katlierlne Pur
sous nnd ilraoe Brlsled.
CitHfrreiiee on llnl.les To-dii.
Commlssloucr of Cha-ltles Kingsbury
sill speak on "institutional Care of the
Child" at the conlrienir on babies to be
Iili4 bv Ibn New xork ( ttv F.slerat on
of Women's Clubs at Hie Hotel Astor to.
day. The conference will begin lit 10:30
A. M, Commissioner Klngcbury will
speak at ISitO.
KsJtatf Appraisal Shows Social
Worker Hail $79,039,
Owed $M0.5G.
The fad that t.eonnr.l H. Opdvcke,
lawyer, social serxiee worker and man
ager of 1 l.o Asoi latiiin for Improving
the Condition of the Pool, was Insolvent
at Ihe time he killed himself at his
summer notne. Bar Harbor, Me, on
September ,1, IM t, was dliloed yes
terday when the transfer tax appralsil
of his estate was tiled.
The rcpott showa that Mr OpdycKe
owned no ie.il estate In New Yull., but
had perroual property wortli I70.03S.
Ills debts amounted to S0,25!. I'ndor
his will his estate was to go In trust
to his wife. IMlth Opilyrke. ami hit,
mother, I.iuy opdcle. In equal share
and the principal was to go to his chil
dren. I.eon.ud and Mary Kills Opdycke.
Mr -ipdyckn owed the Farmers Loan
and Trn-t Company f 1.17.S5 fur loans
made In April, May. June nnd August.
iH, and his stork deposited as col
lateral amounted to only I57.M4. The
trust company was piutevted against
th nVIl Ii .- in llt. s lioirownl
by Mr. Opd) eke from his wife and
m. .ther.
Mali) securities held by Mi. opdycke
were i.f no x-.ilue Among them weie
l.imu shares of 'ahler .Mining Company,
$2,fi par. J.onii shares of Hector Min
ing Company, K'n.O.Hi par, and 200
shaies of the Homer Mining anil Mill
ing Company, par value J2O.00U. The
clil. f asset was 1 ,1.0.1 shares of the
Hooker i:ie.:tio.i 'hemlcal Company,
xx-orth Ji'Vh"). His books and personal
effect!- weie valued at x.'i2.
Mr. upd)ckc was a classmate of Col
Itmisevelt In ll.livalil ISSo,
l.lel.lliniill Left (llll 1 ,4:i.1,r,nti
Prohlbll on Cause laned.
lug i-c.mnan He owned leal estate ap.
prill-ei at XU.tiJJ.
Mr ' iebnunn ir.ixe bequests of cash
r..-.v ...,..., , ji....-
each f.sr his daughter. Sadie L.
Stelner and Ida D. ( 'ppenhelmer, ntld
$.H17, ilss each to his eons, D.ivid and
Adolpli lXhmann, He left $2,110(1 each
to the Herman Hospital. Hebrew- Orphan
Asvlum and Society for Kthlcal Culture
and $1,000 each to four other Institu
tions Appraiser ll.irrv Kopp fixed the x-alue
01 ine nrcweix sio.-k, worth lion n.ir.
at ei'2 .1 share The testimony shoved
'that the assets of the coriKirntion on
, DccemlsT 31, 1912. wen1 S7.732.35i!, but
t'1" estate claimed a deduction or :,.
630.."..17 for deptecliitlon, loss 011 chattel
moitgiues ,,i,. the license account
The appraiser valunl the chattel nmrt
Manlee xvii: , land to think of haxlng imid fii.".i for ,i xir. Daxls nude their home In
at their home. 100 '"'::'; '.. . " ,ul " ""', orchids for the bild.," he remarked ...nil . , v,,ort the greater pari of each x.-n-.
vet, for their daugh- "' 1 1 , 11 .'. , . o ' "."id then to be left i the lurch bvlTbev bad Pent the Inst f. xv winters
M.mlce. Afterward ' "'"""-, " , '7 '' , t iein both after the) had promt. ed to!,,, ,i..,i. i,oine 111 lietliesla
guests to the theatre ',""''s. "r ,M' "f -s. I.l.mi.nii 'a ! M . t,.,r r-1, ,',. .,.'.' '" " """".'"..'J
ore for WX briwl T'l 5 "' Mr.. Idrl... M. F,.rr.u...n.
gapes, .imountlncr to I7lf:,7(iii. at 20 pir,"ii SI Charles aienue, but to hive his
,fen'. of their face xalue, althougli the'
loM! Illiltlli! KINH, who
o died .Xnrtl
. 'jj, inin.
eft a in'r-niiiil es; i'e vaitie.t at
, jTr.lo.7o-' ; .v l"-r- '-'
,,n",r, King A Co stiek, worth 14(10.000
, J, ,r', inn upiirul ed at I lolls 1,1 .on
bknbv (II.Ash. he.ui nf Henr disss
, .... I menu. '. iiiuin sireei. u no oieil
V'rliru'.r '-' '""t ""'I wa brother of
XlnlltlRU" lll.es, ill" "flier, ett u will il!
posing "'
esinte "tmn's,l at timre
lie e ll.llllll t,i pie
Urbrntt ihsrllles, I..OO In seven und liT.o
in elslu Forty i-inidn) e.s nf hln concern
Kin -' ""'I tieitii.t. nf fn.in I2..M.O
v.. lion.... Here left In IrleiiilH and rein
Ji,,, To Ills Mo. 1-nli'lli. UI.I.B, he left
l ie hull".' ' West 1'Jlnt street ,,n.l lis
inlllellll. l''".'"MI I" rush in. I llllil.OOO of
mml'. Iii bis iiiinimii) Ills dsugMer Mrs.
u.li. ecu Lent., icot Jno.o.Hi in ineli ami
hiii. ther iliinr 1'ier, -xirs i inutne iieriiiun
1 the run" .ininiuit In tr.i-t. Ills
...n. Israel II Oliiss r reived JU.VOOii nf
.i.,.'w In the eiimiuuiy In Iron uulll he I.
'n, nhi'it hi) will get Ihe prlnilpsl. The
widow and tbrae I'UliJrca divide the
One of the nreeaullons developed
I dining the past social season has led
.. .. I. .11. ...,uii..
the young men to rarry their Invita
tions xa 1th them This has risen from
the natural reluctance of hostesses to
liui.. ln.lr iiiil.iHqlniM-til- InX'Hlleil llV
horde of .he un.nvl.ed. There ha. been
less comii'.ulnt of this ort of social
brigandage during the last two years
largely owing to the vigilance of the
women who havo' entertained at restau
rants nnd hotels. .
Hut this zeal has In more than on
. ...
case proven excess.ve. ,. .... w
one party was refused by the hostess to
n young man whom her daughter had
Invited vrrtMllv. This was the result
of a long discussion ul the door In which ,
h... was compelled to explain his pieeenie.!
and In .nit., of the nr otosls of the hos-
tesVs .U iaMcr he n tired.
tesss luugmer nc retired.
More disconcerting was the experience ,
of n young man who recently entered a ,
ballroom only to meet the puttied face roiiowmg a long '"" n""..;"
of the hostess when he held out his years old. Ills son r-arnham 'lardle
bund. She repeated his name with n Is Mayor o West Orange. Hau M..
note of Inquiry He repeated It In turn , V.ird ley lived until April I S be al.d Mrs
ami the hostess showed elgns ofiYanlley would have l'tal il
recognition. It was plain that she ev- golden wedding. He was Horn In Bucks
pected him to retire. He did, but had (county. Feiinsx vanl.i. nr.d when a
the satisfaction of sliding her the next I youth entered the dry goods bu.4 .ess.
k -ii 1....1, hi ,.i He xvii s ii member of I-arnham, (Jlloert
U.I. 113 III. Ill 1 1 1-- III ,,n, IV,, nun i.n..
i,i i i,.. ,. i... , ,i. i,n
It Is to avoid such unpleaeantvncl-
dents at the Imllioom door that the pre
caution of taking the Invitation has been
so generally adopted.
The block nf Flfly-flfth stteet he.
twen Sltli fclid seventh avenues used
to be ti perfectly decorous and entirely
ordinary titreet on which one might
parade for moiiths without xxittimidng
sny striking sight Hut now It Is dif
ferent. The mox-ii) actors have settled
In the old riding school and they ate
re.sponslble for many strange sights.
One mpy witness two men attWed a
fannluiuds. their faee painted a ghastly
white, stsndlng on the sixlewalk smoking
clgarette while n few hours later a
group of soldiers In French uniforms will
be at the hame trlrk, So far the most
lmpresslx-e sij-in seen In the neighbor
hood was John Hal r more dressed as a
king with nil the appurtenances "f I apparatus used by the covcriinietu oe
rox.ilty in dr'.s nnd t'e.irii. barring forf. electricity came Into ue. He wotked
the cigiirette. which did not seem to goi,n rnf, Heniy A itowland on the
with the crown, From an entirely oriil-1 i.0,vjnd inultlpl.'x telegrniili, and aided
nary nnd unx-eiitful thoroughfare xxesl
l'lfty.flfth street has suddenly become a
mot Inter.-etlng block. One is likely to
sen almost anything tlietc in the course
of a walk.
The great Increase In the number of
laige apartment houses on Park avenue
lias proved a benefit not only to their
owners but to a class of men xcho had
the right to think that their usefulness
had c.,me to an end. Hver since the
first of these xxas built there has been
a demand tor i ldetl.x men to act as hall
men, elevator and door men There has
always been a greater demand for the.
men than for xoungster". who might lie
thought more capable of hard work.
But they do not add the atmospheie of
elegitire and the dlgnitv that com"
from the presence, of the old men
"I called up the place I u-uall) get
them " h.i d an u.-nt who was
recently supj.lxlng a house nidi attend
nut" ; "that is. the old men's home, and
ws" told that there were mi more to be
had. Then I tried another institution for
old men and learned that they were also
out of possible hall men So In nt least
one branch of work there l plenty of
demand now for the old man."
Haberdasher have Imported from
France till spring materials for summer
shirts of unusual gaxety and richness of
color. Were these designs Intended for
aiix other kind of user, it might be nald
that they weie influenced by the art of
i?on nasM. iiuc ii l scarcely possiriie
to link seriously the Ilusslan designer
and men's wear. Bui rosebuds m blue
green and red, and other Mower show
ing similar cciiiiblniitli.ns of eoloi cer
tainly suggest tlie hi illi. ml I 'liiililn.Hlniis-
of the s-bc,0l of B.llls't. These ir.lllilv
niaterials are f.'i summer wear and areleli i!ln.-s "' a
of COIire to be worn only ill lll.Ht.irrlieil
negligee shirts Tlie 1moins are plain,
tnoreovii, anil al not pie.iteu. fin.-e In
this fashion nim or the bright color
might b- lost.
Thniupsoit-Unrrra WciIiIIiim Wnlls ,
ami Orchid Wilt.
O.c.iv Shaw w.m dlso.1ns.-1l.1te last night
in his .lteslm: iv cm at the Pi inces
"To think of having been Invited lo
be the best man at a friend's weddim-
Thv uUnjtl hrllr B.HJ4 --ances nUrres
r il, 7.l,.Efel.t Fro!!., no.! (he brl.l
j v c.h,.-!er Thompson, an ..n'mau.
Ti.y held .111 iiiciigemnt partv at the
Cafe des Beaux Arts Wednesday evening
.n.l b.nt i.lunte.l to net lllarrli..! ..!...
da noon in Jcrsoy City Miss Buries
refused laM night to say why the wed
tllng did u take place, but said It
xvould take p ue ill 1, day or two.
nun 111.11 .(. iiiiniiiiu 1
Wxsii.x.iT'N. Mar h '. Itepresent.i
Presere on MUslsslppl, (kV V.m,im (; 11, mn of W'et Vlr-
Nkxx' Or.i.KAS's, March 1 Joseph 1 g-nla died U.d.i after 11 brief nines,
letter. Hie Chl-ani gmln m.-in, after ! He w-as 50 yeure of age. Ill" House
sp-ndlng several w...),s In this s.ctlon.
has derided to not only build a home
own huntltu. prcseivo at the inoiitli of
the Mississippi Hlier
He has arranged for the purduco of
.'..n.io acres of rich hunting luml at
Cubit's Clap, on Main Pass.
Plajs nnd PlHera.
mi sun
A Brl.inrer will i.r.i.liire net
operetta by l-'.innierli'ti K.ilm.iti, rump
...ii.ie ... -s . .-.i.rnuriiine."
vi run, "." '..I .11 in s iitlxlfinl
form It whs presented In Vienna under Un
title "Miss llubt.lt Pact " r 1,1
! Illrhsrd Lambert prtene 'The Hln..
I i;nvelnl." ill tlie Cert The.ili.. ,i,.... .
r-Ov la.t nlelil urenir ilnrv 1,1 ou v
neiilng nt the Curt Thentre Mi.ii.la- ..
rilllg I "e i i" " nr..nrii 11V ll,!.f J(,n,
and Carrie Itei'innds
Hpeclsl fenturcs will be Intro. In, ,., a(
"llli. Blp liojrux" at Hie lllppcir,,., .
,t. Patrick's .piy rharlfiti" n Rp ,,
ne minit.er uilbvl "The Iiiim- nf j,ri,i
.. ....... I ev.'lllel hV 4k.illr, 1.. . .."'.'
I in' ' . . ".. . uriwif
islvleen candles pin e, in rmtr ,ura . ' .nrp
"ttrtt iXll. Prepsreil" WHS the t lie ,,f ,,
. M,tl,iii picture shmvn List ey,
1 vurlllr Fine .Xris Hull to
, H,,.tence, It reviewed thn set
vening III the
an l.iviteil
sullence, It reMei-i thn S.MIlllles nf the
naxal slid military forces of Ureal Hrltnln
..-.l ivii ile.llelliil to sltttllll.ite fiis.l,,. .1...
ngltntbui natlciisl prrparednesn In this J
Aiinuig those hn will tuke pari In tlie
vaudeville lieiietlt for the Actors Fund "t
the Century Theatre mi March 19 aie
MIUl BbJiis. Nor. He. Kitty Harden
and Jsrk Wilson. Juseiih Snntlsy, the
pnlly Sisters, Nat Wills. Will llngeu, iervi1
Hlblo. Belle Hlurey, Henry Lewis. Jack
ttaitrd and Tsui (Jordon,
Win Well Knoxxn aa a Writer on
.aral Mubjeets.
1.0NIK1N. March 9 -Kred T. .Tune, well I
imiwn as a writer on naval subjects and
of J-'SJ "'"i I
age of 45.
Kml T, Jane was the son of tin1 P
John Jane, vicar of U pott pry, Uex-on.
Hi, was educated .it Uxeler. In 1906
i li kh :i contestant ill Portsmouth (is
a candidate of the navy Interests. He-
!,!.. t.nlill.hltir nmnv works of tic-
j",,; ,lllVlll toplM Mr.'
,()(( WH n lV(t, ,,()rrw,0,iHit f0r the .
crritlr .tmirlcaii, the Sfonrfurd and!
the Knplncu. '
( liarle. Ilurlelgh lnrdlex. .
. . .
O.ian-ik. N. J.. Marcn
.. . , . ,, ,, n ,. ..i-t,, v,i.
H.irleig i .ir.lley died I. f "' ls
b-'ine. 332 William street. Last Or.inge.
& c,,.. which concern removed to New ,
'York. lr. Yardley was later Interested
it.'i.ii. i. ui.,.',,ff A.- C.i unit Cliailes I
xx- innei c-iimnunv hoth of New York. I
i... .u.,ie u-.r.li n nf Christ Church. I
ti.wi.i xi,.v..r V-nllev two ..ther ehll- I
dren, C II. Y.irdley, Jr.. and Mrs. James
i-; ' - - '
Chlttlck, survive,
" r.eillllir in S'.lkerii t.eilllUe Hireling,
.lullen 1. Fries. 41 xt Thlrty-ntiilli i-tr.-ei, x p y
i n i. .11 ., 11 ivi, ' lectir en tf'""" bv Prnf iinwald
Hxi.TtxtoKK. March ! lulled P. 1 rlet. Metiiipiiicji. Uu-euin. 4 it, xt
manufacturer of meteorological Instru-, N. Vi)rk t.y ,-,.,., nf Wnnl,n.,
inelits, died here tu-day. Mr. V riez was . ciuliv rotii intl.ni, lintel Amur ml il.u
French by hlr'.h. lie was gr.ulu.cted, v,.(, vnrk Heii-uiaciiiil .irleiv meeilug.
from ew uiik I nixersuy an.i men ..--
voted himself lo scientific devices. He'
..in, ih fle.ieral Electric Ciiinn.niv
for a number of .Jllj.
first key and nun.ler for telegraph ser-
x-lcii for the company .xir. erie. n-
vented the musical telephone, a device .
now out of existence. He wn a pioneer
in Hie manufacture of heliograph signal i
1 ,, . rf .....itiK th" Meigentlnler llnot.xpe.
Charles F. tioilsliall,
pnti..xm:u'ti!A. March ?. ch-iri.s P
oilsh.il.. second vlce-prisldent and
treasutir of the Westmoreland Coal
Company, died here to-day. Mr. Clods-hall,
who w.i fll xes of age, had
been i-oniiecle.l with th- Westmoreland
C....1 Couipuix for thtity-slx jears. 1-or
u-er of H e cnncerii. and for the past ,
rhiht xears was vice-president and,
'e iurer. He also bad I n second!
ce-pu-sl lent ami treasurer of the,
Mam O.s and Coil Company and sic-
i,.iv.e.ht v.ars he serxcu as cn-.i-
.... .inn nf the Prims.vlvanla
lias and Co.. i c...np..n A lf and
two children sutx.xe hi.-. .
Xlr.. Ilenr Plnss.
DETI.01T March " -Mr- Heniy Pl.
w.fe of Henri l'!.. ,V,'1,"l.V ho.,
died x..s;-rdax evening In a local l.o-
wile mill neen ..ine -
n.l.l.io nf tiel'oll 11 il -laie.i ni
laceii i.ei .,n-
tec iii direct descent to Mai':li.i
xi-.i-hinutoii wh-i was her great-
drea -'lan iin.thet. Dandrldge a
tut m!;i.lei. .......e of Mrs PUes -
forcl.e.i'e. Mrs. Pits was an "
e.nl.er Of eiet.ll Detts.lt Clllb-
nnd a Daughter of the Ainorii.in Bexolu-
Sh,. is surxixeu
,iml nvc ..jiUdien
.lnh.i llliiirn.
John (Nbom. nel , leu, !
of the IMlollh prosi.. n-. "i . . - . I
died earlv this mm u a'-' I"" .
v.ri lLilbL-llt.. .Helllle. I II" IIIOIIN. .Il""'
.xir. i .sis.ni uau
,-h1. f i If ill s t "e 1 -r'1-, ,
know n im 1 lemoi iatlc ,
held tile i-ftt
. nnd wis wnlel
. iiniiiiie n
I. iv ' e.ir "'I'! ."ei .i .
l former president of the ,shti r ''liib.
a.s xx ell a ,,.,t tiiaMi i- of the ..uldln-
I Pta:
l.odse. r
. M
wife and
Hire i
sons mux- ve
Mrs, Xlinle
Drl Is.
I ... , I. u l,-rf Xniile
xx x-iiinht. .n . " " , ',
It Davis, xxi.low of rb'Oiloie .xt I'.IXI.
j ,n,.,i m Bethed.c, Md , on Tm "day nigh',
! jr ii.ui wns In l.er eightx-tlrst .xe.r.
j j(r j,;,,.i ,,.(l a llt'.'i inor.' than .1
, v,,!it al-o He w-ns u primlneiit l.nvyr
...... , lf,r of ligx pti.m art works. Mi
! 1 i.iKrsw icii. Conn . March ..-Mis.
1 l.LII.. Me.ul F.irrll gton, d.ed ill ller
i home here this morning m her ntncti.tu 1
1 year She xva the .i.iugiuer 01 u.e
bite C.ilv.n I'unlx and llunii.ili iiiies.
.l-.i. was married three times. In r last
osienid. the late B.irtlvtt F.irrmgtim.
.. ng .1 rlxtl war ve'"r:in and piomliu III j
tlten "f tin town (Hie sou nnd .11
I granddaughter survive The funeral
servl. 1 xvi.l be held at her home ,
1 fiatutda iifteinnon Jt " o'clock.
xx-iiiii.iu ;
llroii n.
adjourned late thN afteiiioon out 01
iesvt to his iueni..i. Mr. Brown was
for ai pnuniiiei 1 .1-
1 .-ioo 1 ,u li
leader in xx esi ir.nn.i
.Innii's llrnxxii.
iiin..Nw it'll. Conn. March f limes
llrnwii. 71 eai:. old. died .It his home
In re this morning following a stroke
ol p.iralys's lie w.i "tie of the lead
ing mntruettir of the .'iiiiinuulty. Be-
side. n xx-ifi, tlui'. son and txxo (laugh
r'trrs survlxe linn.
Mrs. XI a Buret A. Brush.
SAYVII.ir. N V, March f -Mrs M.u
y.nel Aim Brush, widow of Dr. cleorge
It. HlU-h, F S N, died bete to-ilax.
Sin was 7f. eill n old. Mir was the
laigist p;. pet lx ownci in Sayville She.
w.i a ibiuitliter ol' the late Jacob Smith j
llenrx C. ni.lnl.rl.l4t... j
llilil'.v C lliiinl'l ulge, lit1, a lii.iiiiii.ii - I
tilling 'statioiiei', died yestetdae at his !
Inline, jr. i union. iko piino, in iiokij n
lie was a ineinbi'i ul tin- Cnm-enl Alio
btlc Club.
I'riink Bi.Iiii,
I'l'llllU Ullllll. Villi. l.'Vllle lioni.lni; itaelll.
witli oil lie" at 140.1 III i.inlxx itx . died ..I
a complication "f diseases estei day p
Hie Bed Cross Hi.splliil, Central Pill.
i inriii, u i,
i-n i,i, .-...v, ,., , ,,
III several weeks.
Mr. Uohii wus 33 years old. He xvua
a member of the I.nmlx, the I'rlars, tho
Strollers flub of Chicago, the Duqucsna
L'lub of I'illsburg. the Vuuilex llln Com-
eily Club, the Khst Aid Hungarian So
ciety anil the Mn-onlr order. He leaves
" "
Charles Dickinson MlrUncx.
Charles lli 111 n son Hllcknex died on
Wednsi!.iy night. lie lid nt Ihe
Hotel Itenalssanre Me mis a m'niber
of the Haltusml, Sleepy Hollow Country
and Church clubs.
l.oiils Warner.
MiiS'TOHin. N. . Meieh I'. (.mil
fVnrner. '1 .veals old. d ,,.t night t
hh Voin. find rpp.-r .Mi.iin l.ilr avenue,
from n complication "f iillm.nls, M
Watiitn was born In llaln. Ille and li.nl
made b Imnie line for !,. ears He
W Mirvlved by two sisters. .Mr-. It, S.
S"g and Mrs. H-ul.ni Duiieaii. I.th of
I In exv X. ork To-ilnx.
Kxn!nlve Mjkr, meeting. Hunt ,xtor,
to A M
lilnner to (' Dunlel April. 'on, llntsl
AKi.r, T P. M.
Century Theatre Ciuli, ti.ret I n jc Hotel
Astur, 1 M
Artiir. Kqulty As-ooiutloii,
lli.te! .-tnr. .1 P. M
Hi" r 1 1 il
3') liJtt
Wenn n s li-ino. rjlU- C'.u't.
(, .
Aslnr. .' P. II.
interenliegl i' Vni itl.iiuil It
Twent n,l utreei. I
Sorleix i.f lllii-lnit'irs.
I HE miiUer.
irlv f., inh r rl. !i V .l.
..'.'. i'""'!!nK to urge nnaiiil.il relief for
Ne Y'irK, l .irnegl" lis I. 5 l j
Meetliiu t.i,llMU teicliers Lrilnii, Wash
Iniit'm I rx ll.K HlKil Sehm.t. P. M
nr'ini'n -w..'i. a.di. r. .m
Inetltute of lileetrlijl lltigimers.
Int. 33 West TJilri -ultuli street, SilS
P. M.
, Wl ,jV.
j, (
A,i,ir,.,. bi prnf Itnti.r' S.l ,n "Ths
jj10ry nf Cm.per Pnlnn.' Cooper t'nlon. I
P l
.xieeung m n... mr i. C Miirn' aci.i
emy r.f .Mnltr.iie,
17 VVst Periy-thlrd
street, ;jn p !.
BArcilltCII ,li:ssri' - .xtondm .xi.ir h s.
fh-ir.-h TrsiiMlcur.iili.n, ll.ni)s .Man. I
Je.ip. rtansnter nf Mr Tlnxiu.is M
cSaliiUilei. and Henry ll.uhri. h. .Stam
ford and l.ui Ancels psper please
BAl.NnHltiOi; ll.nry C ,enly ,u,,h
b'l'-d luMb.ind .,f , olulf, , h
rixty-third ,-...
"-r-. from Ute le.idcnte. M Cambria,.
r Prn,d. yn io ... , eaWTi
- i"'...ir
CAL'I.UXVi:i,l,c,T1 .x;,,,,,, H- ,rr , ,hor(
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I no drultis. AddrtM L. 8 , bu lw sun ortlct,

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