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ARMY OF 4,000,000
New Kslhn.itcs Provide for
Dully KxiuMitllturp of
Special (able Despatch In Tlir. Si-.
1xNDON. March 14. Haloid J. Ten
nanl, Under Secretary for War, Intro
duced tlie army estimates bill In the
House of Commons to-day. The meas
ure calls for an army of I.OOvi.non men.
at an expense. Including munition!, of
13.000,000 ($15,000,000) dally.
Mr. Tennant said that It was not In
the public Interna t Klve tho number
of men now serving In the army or In
. .,ini.. it. u tribute to thc-won-
elcrful discipline of the men, considering
their short ti allium period, ami nam "v
the success of the recruiting scheme was
lit, uiiiriiri- nf vlc-tolv.
The tlovcrnmelit and the Minister of
Munitions, he said, were considering the
question of single nun ctiteilliR the
munition factories to escape military
service. It was Impossible, he e.ild, to
undertake that every single man In the
munition factories should be taken be
fore any married man
"Knergetic steps arc being taken,
Mr. 'Pennant said, "to revise the lists
nf those In 'tesorved occupations.1 The
lists of those In starred' and reserved
occupations are being revised and the
tlovcrnment's pledge will be faithfully
carried out. Lord Del by will not let
married men down. Olllccrs would be
selected from the rank, licfore they
nie gaietted they will receive four
months training In a special corp.
Purlin the piesent limit. rial ear, he
alii. Ii;,000,o0o army garments unci
1,000,000 goat skins had been prcpaied
for tin. men In the trenches.
Mr. Tennant lead a message from Sir
Douglas llalg, commander In chief of the
llrltlsh army In l-'ruiice, testliying to tue
excellent provision made for the army.
Kir Douulas llalg ad. led :
"All are In good health and good nuirt
and are confident of victory
The Under Secretary for War proposed
to apply the scale of air defence agreed
upon for Loudon to tne unoi- cuunirj
:n,t llrltaln. he said, was now uroduc
lng monthly as many uuallllcd air pilots
u she was able to mobilize from all her
icsouices In August. 1914. This output.
Iip 1..1IH. would be largely lncreacd In
the near future. The supply of aero.
planes. In. said, whs now satlsiueiory
and was ahead of the supply of engines
and idiots.
Noel I'emhertoii Hilling, the former
mtmbei of the I loyal Flying Servlre who
won i lection to I'aillument on un "air
defence" platform, made his maiden
speech In the course of the estimates
debate. Ilc'iugid a more aggressive air
policy and argued that the. Admiralty
should order that all existing material
be employed in raiding Herman territory.
I'o lift mere from First 'opr.
particularly In the necliii of l.ix, but
otherwise there Is nothing of Import
ance 'to report In this section,
In the forest of I.e I'retre a detach
ment of Hermans, who endeavored to
surprise our trenches at Croix des
t'armcs, was received by a fusillade
and compelled to disperse, leaving sev
eral dead on the Held.
The night passed quietly on the re
mainder of the front. ,
(irrmann llrpnrt Vlcnrle la Air.
The hernial) o'fllelal statement Is as
follows :
Generally speaking there wu no
cliuuge. A tunull engagement near
WieltJv, northeast f Ypres, ended In
the llrltlsh being driven back,
A llrltlsh aeroplane was shot down
by I. lent, tmtnelinami east of Arras
and one west of Uapuume, The occu
pants were dead.
l.leut, Uoelke brought down two
enemy 'aeroplanes, which fell behind
the French" lines over Fort Marre and
near Motaurourt.Miorthwest of Verdun.
The latter was destroyed by out ar
tillery.. Hy these achievements these
olflrers he pul horn de combat their
tenth, ajid eleventh enemy aeioplanes
A llrltlsh biplane whs compelled to
land west of (.'umbra I after an aerial
Hrllln.li fheJI (iernian Trriirhre.
The following repot t from llrltlsh
headquarters In r'tunee was Issued lo-
I night by the olllclal press bureau.
TJin finomv eitilntlni Inn mines till'
morning, one south of Ua Uiisse canal,
the other near Neuve Ch.ipiiellu, In
one case some damage was done lo u
small salient of our trenches,
North of Ypres c carried out a
successful bombardment of the etiein.i s
tienrhes. loist night near the Ypres
ttoulers railway our gieniidlerH and
machine guns drove off enemy working
parties, who attempted work In a mine
There was considerable hostile in
tlllety activity to-day west of lams.
Thtw wh havt much haul!
mN tht cart-frM Mturtty
f eur
m Luxury.
The vhe havt Itttto at a Nt-
W will Mil yu
SIM er $1,H, t
Caaltal.Surplus A Ft. $S,9tftf
.VI l.llrlr SI..N T. 1st M,DtsiiieRt.,llkn
Anierleii Stioiild Profit by Kx
lipricncc. Declares' Count
Trail n.
Verdun Drive I'la lined to linel It,
Maya .Neutral Olirrrr.
Special Cable, ttetpatcl. to Tn St
taNHON, March IS. The Itottetdam
correspondent of the Dally Telegraph
quotes a neutral Just returned fiom u
long visit to llerlln as saying thut the ,
attack on Verdun Is regarded as an at-'
tempt to end the war. weariness of
which Is expressed by everybody, ex en '
the military classes. 1
The neutral ascribes t officers the
statement that the Hermans will le tin ;
able to continue the conflict much longer
unless they are able to end the trench
warfare, but that If the) can leslore
matieeuvre warfare they believe they can
beat the Krltlsh and French.
Tlie trnveller sas there Is much de
spondency and suffering as a result of
food shortage.
.ViiMiliii Strict While Ihoii
zo l-'iirlitiiitt (Joes On
Artillery in Action.
llr. Hela Hekrly, acting as correspondent
for Til f. nvy, has Just returned from his
second trip through Enrope slnee the nien
Ing of the war. In hi. rapacity as Held
retirmrntatlTe nf the National Immigration
League he has hern In Kurope many limes
and Is In Hose fourh with affairs and of.
nclaU. He has nflen appeared liefore com
mittee In t'ongress as an authority on
Immigration matters, ,snd U a writer of
wide note on economics. This Is the fourth
of a series of seven articles by llr. Hela
Hekely which will appear In TIIK ML'N.
Expect Enemy Will Attempt! Entire Coiistiil Heyioii Is
to ileueh Verdun by West
ern Route.
FRANCE NEEDS $1,560,000,000.
Cost air the Wnr In Increasing; nt
n Itaplil llnte.
Pahis. March 14. Credits nmountlng
to ".S00.nfifl.0Mii frolic (Jl,r.60.O00,p00)
ale neeleil for the lecond quarter of
1916. Itaoul IVrct. reporter of the budget
committee of the 'lumber of Deputies,
.mnouiued jesti-rday In the Chamber
Tho increasing lost of the war to
Fiance and also to all the other nations
Is shown by the fact tlvit for the entire
ear of 111.1 the total expenses . were
I'LMiOO.U'i'J.iMKi francs I $4,400,000,0(10),
while fur the tlrst hair of 19th the
"sum of ir..:ni,n0".000 francs ( ! 3,1 00,
(100,000 ) in reqiliiid.
Fmlue-- t'.t.il epenes slni e August
1 lull, li I" .In ' 1. 191'", will le
ulmui" iT.iimi oiirt.i'iin francs. ( 59,400,
eiMi.OoO), ,,i w i. ) al". but la.noo.
(Kiii.noii flatus i?i noi'.Oi'O.oao) Is Un
tnc w-.u
ivecial Cable Deepatcb to Tm 8c.
London. March 14 The I'arls con
pondent of the Dolly .Veil! telegraphs:
"There Is little doUDt that the strug
gle for Vet dun Is at the point of being
renewed after ic reoplte of thme days.
For more than forty-eight hours the
Ormau heavy butteries west of Jho
Mcajse have lann raining high explosive
shell- with merciless profusion on the
whole area from llethlncourt to Uourrus
wood. ,
"llehlud the lines (lerman regiments
are already marshalling for attuek. The
Kaiser's war marhlne still works well
enough for a lapse of three days to be
stifllClmiL to send the exhausted to the
rear and replace them by troops from
the home:deiots stiffened by officers and
iinn-.onimissloned officers drawn from
Cleared of Seiiussi
fecial fuMe lietpatch to Tnr. Sn
Idndox, Mulch 15 (Wednesday)
Complete mastery by the Hiltlsh of the
Senussl and lledoulu forces In lgypt
Is Indicated hy a despatch from llrltlsh
headquarters at Cairo, made public by
the War OITIce last night
' The official despatua sas thai Hen
l'e ton's force, which hai been ois-rathu
In the coastal region to diic the iebe!s
back oxer the western fiomler, "lll to
day occupy Solium " This is a port at
the head of the guif of t.!; same iiamv
at tho northernmost- point of the Umler
line. It was occupied by Senussl In the
first part of lVbruary, according to a
tecent llerlln despatch, which was not
denied here. To-day's statement Indi
cates that the llrltlsh have cleared the
whole coastal region of the rebels, m
.-prcml Cable lietpntib lo Tiik h.v
ItoJlt:. Maich 14. Telegra-.ns from tlie ( nlng of the war
Italian front have been provisionally
suspended since midnight. The suspen
sion, It is announced, Is to be very shott
and wus caused by military exigencies.
Meanwhile the preliminary pluse of
a new Itallnn offensive Is being success
fullv Initiated on the lsonto. when; the
Austrian reenforccments are unablo to
reach the tlrst line positions which the
Italians arc shelling. The Italian ar
iillrrv lire Is Intense.
1 T.i!' latest official report given out
lieie tells of victories for the Italian' on
the Isonzo fiont, and add
The best I exults were obtained III
the San Martlno r.one. where, after
sl-veie artillery pieiaiatlon, an In
fault v bilnade stormed with the bajo
net and capttlted a sttong redoubt,
making the occupants prisoners tin
their left other detachments entered
and destroyed enemy lines III the
neighborhood of ihe San Maitlno
Southeast of San Martlno we took
Dante del Crovlgllo, which Is the pivot
of the enemy's defenoe".
Altogether we took llfty-four pris
oner", Including five officers, and also
i iinitireil two maeltlrrt- guns.
Mam- neonle have been killed and
houses covered III avalunchea In the
Italian iirovlnces of Ilergamo. Vlncenza
and llelluino. Sixteen bodies have been
Traffic on the railway between CY.neo
and Tend,!, which, with the exc-piun
nf Hi.. Mount Cetils roJte. Is the must
lr lleffinT OrgiinUed 'r "il'iel.-
hiilm. It Is lleported.
Corr.NHAdi.N. March 1 1. Ileports have
teached bi-re that Sweden Is nuking
liicnar.illonc for .r It is staled thst
,tri7:inl7..ctiolls oac
sanction of the ciou'i nuiciit, Tuo,i001
kroner 1 1 J.tfift j tor the defence of
Stockholm agalnM air raids. ' ..
Antl-alicraft guns, it U said, are De
oilier parts of the front.
,.i- ,..w...m r uiromlv In line. One
division ciosslng the open ground south (three months ago udvun. e, .is far as tin.
of Korges to take up positions on the J seaport of Mersa Matruh, l..n miles
fringe of the Crows wooci inois
Corbeaux) suddenly round Itself th mark
of a doteii batteries, of French six Inch
guns'. The Germans hurriedly wunurcw.
' .. . ..I.aat "lKr of Battle. ,
"It seems probable'that this new bat-1
tie will prove the last phase of the Ver-1
dun effoat. It Is significant that the
furious bombarument wnicn is iib.i ,
as.a prelude to un Infantry attack, has
l...n contlned to the west bank or the
Meuse. Iimiaumont nud Vaux were left (
almost entirely alone.
"Th conclusion drawn by the trench
military .exports and start officers whom
I-have Keen) Is that the effort the Her
mans aie preparing for will rage with
the greatest fury from llethlncourt to
(ioo.-. JIill tCotc de I'Ole)
"If tlii'N stneeed In forcing tho-e posi
tions,' tho next point of attack will be
.the Jlols lloutrus. to and one-half m net
.Yihu.,si. anil ina n, inree iiiu:.-
"The American Tied Cross has won
the love and everlasting gratitude of the
Austrian lied Cross fiom the very begin-
lu icturn I want to
send a message to the American people.
It Is this: 'Lose no time In so organlilng
aiiu specializing the service of the Amer
ican Ited Cross as to enable It effectually
to meet the strain and disorganization
of war.' I know whereof I am speaking.
I went through all the sorrow, the dis
tress, the horror of unpreparedness. For
the Austrian lied Cross, lu contrast to
the Herman Ited Cross, vwis not prepared
for war Nobody In Austria-Hungary
believed that It was probable, or even
possible. Then all of a sudden the con
flagration burst upon us anil we knew,
the Austrian Ited Cross knew, that we
had been caught napping. Let not the
American people iiermlt their Ited Cross
lo go through the same experience. I
Efficiency of Organization Im
to Be Maintained in
TlniCH of Peace.
Recent fiction
does not supply two
characters having more in
them of the riul, worth-while
tuff of life than the hero and
heroine of Tht Real Adventurt,
tayt Tht Bookman.
Best telling novel in America..
Buy it today, reed it tonight.
compactness, lightness and accessibility
tasked to the utmost the Ingenuity of the .
Inventors, who had lo leave out a good ,
deal of the usual hospital equipment.
These sanitary motor truck outfits have
proved so successful that the Herman
tied Cross soon ordered similar ones
constructed for Its use. Needless (o add,
they ate standardized lo (he loll detail.
Train Made Into Hospitals.
Henry Kitchell Webiter't
Brilliant New Novel
Count Rudolf Traun,
President of the Austrian
hope, America will have no war. I hope depots, which occupy six large buildings,
this great country will be spared lli eceu- stocked to the ceilings, People
trnged and misery through which, the ' shook their heads and thought tne reck
countries of Kurope must now pass. Hut less. They uld thai the war never
I trust. Just the same, that the Amerl- i could last long enough to need $1,500,000
I . t. - . I l ' t. . - 1lnu Titnt Clilu
Cilll ll.-ii c russ unit inr suin iiiu fitruic , nuieu in b.iiiiiui, mi,iiir.'.
will profit from our experience and pre
pare In time of peace for like emergencies
of war."
Count Rudolph Traun. pieshlent of the
Austrian lied Cross aid a hereditary
member of the Austrian lloue of Ixrd,
That this
provision was justified has bern shown
by the necessity which has arisen since
then to replenish these stores In order
to meet the awful demand for these
inenas of relieving suffering, while some
nf the thing-" which we had purchased
abundantly are now priceless and cannot
s.iiil this to me. Then he continued
"When tlie war broke nut the Alls- I be replace.! as they cannot ne procureci
trlan Ited Cros had no hospitals, only 1 anywhere In Kurope for any amount of
i h, i iin nf rommunlcatlon I a handful of physicians and hardly anv money.-
etwee Ita y and Fint.ce. has been professional nurses, lx.okl.ig upon tho 1 "Thanks to Ills fottunate PU.cliase we
Wed bv a huge avalanche. 'lied Cross something symlMillcal of bay been able o organize effectively
halted b) a nuge (i bolherh0O(, )f ,,,, ,aM.r ,,all I and to supply fully ..ur mobile material
Ma KATTIE DEVELOPING, practical organization to deal with ac- depots And whenever t ie field or base
nlf U.'ll l liCs Lilt j.'cj. "n.i... ...i,,. i,,i i,. hospitals mid base depots of the army
a small number of incnibeib. and conse- , nieill.-al service aie out of i, ny Mud of
uest of Alexandria.
tiencral drmoiallzatlnn, suffering from
hunger and deertlon of part of tin- rebel
Uedouins Into the llrltlsh camp also are
e-ported In the Cairo despatch, which
lien. I'eyton's force will occupy
Soltum to-day. The c-.inip of the Se
nussl at Msead Is reported to U- un
ociuplcd. No opposition Is expected
The Uecloulns who Jiiinecl Saed .Vlimed
ore demoralized and suffering finm
hunger and dlsaiipolntment. The Sheiks
of Jlarun and awlet I t.trim. e-ast of
Mersa Matruh, have stu rendeied.
The headmen of the- Aiilad All trllw
are asking for pardon. Stanlng Hi-d-oulns
with their families are Hocking
to our lines seeking food ain teller
They re'mrt having been III ttvaied hv
the Trtpolltan He-doiiliis.
1'he .Uoriitiif; I'ont publishes an aiticle
by "a well Informed military c orresnnnil-
ent" In which it In .iguely hinted that
..nrMi of Verdun Were tho Hermans to ine iiruisn army in r;gypt imii attack
bre ili through to- Verdun by Uouauiuont the Turks at an unnamed point' where,
mfl'Vnux. It would be a baricn victory according to the writer, It will b.t pns
',.i ii.- uoirtrf Tuse 3ii0.yn men more , slble to give tlie ottomans a knockout
for wa- It is staled that . - ; K(. o cmt. .h0!,k; ,ch blow.
'.tZ'"TSL o,ls..H.that Verdun Is I
"Succe-! on tm- oppoHiie -nie- in.- iiiiuir iii-9iaie-o iiiiiicucs an mi-
river, via lioose Hill, mlghttie much more poriant llrltlsh success in inetlip.
nuli.-tantlal. l-'riiicii forces are holding crn Kg)iit, where the invasion if Im-tile
,the lrtalne fiont. All (heir heavy giina , tribes was tlrst Initiated ;nnl where the
and in'aleriul ,oud thcnV'run .the risk of rcbels in one time presented a n-.il men-
tlng cvl off and, encircieo, s,s ire ace to Hntish preMlge m the Nile Val
liildaes suanilinK tne Mouse ,wouia
e.ouuaild by" the"' foe.
ing placed on the hills about snwkholm
and aeroplane have isicn purchased
Iluinor.s that Swudcn would Join ()cr-
many to tight against ltu-sl.i have heenj
published several times, nui inesc ry
ports have always been ilc-nled. T!iw
vmpathy of the Swedish pe-ople for tho
I'lnns under tlie Itns'l.tn ' ?overliment
and tlie fear that Russia would encroach
on Sweden ,-ne th" lea-ons for the feel
ing existing between Swe-ilen and llussla.
llUfnsses Ottoman Situation
lirrmiin ilttli'lnls.
Special Cable l)4titch lu The Si
Lonpon, Marcli "1 1, Tim lie i n e-or-
reipjiiilcnt or the nuilp Mail teie-grapns: ( fjj0 ,)( ),,,,.
"n;-,1,i lt'C frirnie-r Turkisli Anibaa- 1 .. . , e
sador to Italy, who now; re-sides at Lau
sanne, Is re pot tul to be in llerlln ells
cussing ihe Turkish situation with the
German tinvernmerit It is stated that
he tlrst talked over the situation with
Prince von llueinw, the former tlennun
Imperial Chancellor, when tho latter was
at Ian-erne.
"The rumor that the Turkish states,
man Is instructed to notify Uennany
that Turkey will conclude peacij unless
four Herman nrmy corps are t-ent to
Turkey Is probably untrue-."
A IliK h.iieU lb-spate h says that the
German Minister to Ituniiiiila, llaron von
dem Ilusche-Haddcnhauten, left to-ilay
for Berlin.
..- . V'oaw i 'I'flif r r ' ha oaed Plan.
' '.tiKiVii1 AilM "-Jiehe- 'wu-sMhe. pllh tlrst
drawn.- lui.tif:iHRfi-ny- nm ihif' aween tne eastern aim western
thrown rmice iiuu ,i",,.-,
itlie Meuse' ridge. ' Tito- rYehch staff IS
uovr fuHV- aware" erf'tirta Iritentlotis of the
cirmfty. ! .Thir.prwailtlonsitaken by tlen.
retain av n' tfuAMnte-c aTMnst a sur--.x.ii'.,
'mn Ciniian divisions may -lie e-
pecuci .io;r"pc-i".'if.'"-: scck rcruge witu tne Hrltisli in ptefet
rkonalriiumt and mivi "v cin e to lighting in their weakened slate
masses ncauisi cue ii jsn- Wt, t. weHern Iti-dniiins.
Man's Hill and (loose "i". ,
"The l-'iench OlIKel-a in a" iwsltlem to
know, are convinced mat tuey win,
ley. The imsl Importgnt success of the
lehels had been the occupation of Marsa
The eiuelllng eif the Bedouin -edition
i apisirent due to the hostilitv l,e-
wlio ate licieditaiy enemies. floth
groups Joined In the righting against the
llrltlsh about the beginning of t. vear,
hut have been fieiuently leported to
hae sliffeied seve-re losse". The eastern
tnue'inen iieg.in e-,ni in l-i-luu.i-s to
leilrlnn llnmrt Imiiortanl lier.
linn mi Italian front.
Vir.NNA. Ma llerlln. Match II. The
ustrlaii War Otitic- to-day Issued the
following rejMirt of operations on the
Italian front
Great combats aie eleeloping on
the l-oiio front 'Ihe Italians have
attacked e.tli strong fences, being re
pulsed everywhere.
t the- Toliiiino bridgehead the
i-neiii's activity w.u. limited to lliely
lire. In tin" I'luva section the enemy's
attempts to destiny our obstacles
At the Goiit7. bridgehead two at
tacks against tile lioherdo position
and one attack against the Intrenched
bridge of l.uclmlco failed, as did sev
eral attacks against the Doberelo
Near San Martlno del Caiso the
Italians stormed seven time.'. They
were repulsed with heavy losses by
Infantry regiment No. 4",
.n lleliises to Tell Conditions nf
Purl With Allies.
Ip'CHlt ( it')'' Heipatch tn TlllSlv
I,osin. .March II. In leply to a
nm-ntlnn ill the House of Commons to
elav Sir IMwanI eiley. the l-'orelgn Se--letaiv.
decllneil to state what special
tenia Italy Had ie-,iuri-ii iie.ore agin
Ine with the Ctilente Miles not to make
a sepaiate peace. It was not In accord
Willi tlie public lute-rest to make such a
statement, he Mild
Italy did not glw hei aelherence to the
Allies'" aei l enient nut to make a separate
p.-.ii-c until l ist fall . tho agreement was
aiinouiiii'il In Ihe Italian press on .So
umber I. Tlii-H- never has been u dec
laratlon "f wa between Italy and tier
iiiiny. although such declarations cvist
between Italy and three eif Germany's
allli". Austria. Tutkev and llulgarla.
Ileports that Italy and Austria might
iiuently a llniatiil In, omc.
' All of a sudden I faced a condition
which none of us dared to think likely
to confront u- In our own day Over
night our woik assumeil proportions we
had never dreamed of Wouneled sol
illei e-aine rrowillng back from the
hupplles their ni-eil is lmmeillalel np't
by these mobile depots On my last trip
to the front I counted lii one "f these
mobile depots ami different kinds of
articles, costly and rare medicaments,
ilrcsslngs, fresh linen, refreshing drinks.
also simple tilings like canes, sllppeis
inn s I itinv i , ,, 'if. , ... , ...
front The military hospitals were rilled ' and playing cards and other games
. . . . ., ,.. it 1,1,-1, f Ve toll, 1l Inv In lite uitlrl .r
almost before we knew it and thousands
of other wounded men had to be taken
care of Tills duty fell upon our shoul
ders and ours alone. So we Improvised
hospitals in cities, using for this pur
pose public buildings, schoolhouses. bar
tacks ami private homes These were
all, of e-ourse, put at our dlpoKil free of
cost. We finished them and organized
the medical stuffs. You may get ah idea
of the magnitude of our task from the
fact that at times we hail as many as
ns.ijno beds In these Impiovlseil Ited
Cross hospitals,
irarHlr of nrse.
which give so tittle It Joy tn the soldiers
in -the hospitals These mobile depots
also keep on le-pleulshing the flxe-d mn-
teilal depots which we have estnbllshiil
at Important ra Iruad centres near ih
from l-'roin these flve-d elepots paaslng
hospital tiains and trams conveying; the
sick and wounded, whlili are often Im
provised, are supplied with dressings,
medicaments and other necessities.
"Two lieel e'loss phisle-laus have also
designed special sanitary motor ttucl,
outfits, which ioust of three trucks,
each ni.e containing a carefully selected
assortment of sanitary mateilal. These
(hale been wonilei fully designed There
!i lit. tee f.ir ... u. 1 1, 1 . . .....I .t.i
'ILTZJZ ;'vs in its place The ,n..de rVmlnd,
in iiiiJiii .i,jii.., j wu,..,..... - , . one- or a wan lo be itunk. in. better still
purposes, but how and where to get the i . i, , V, .i , ,
i .L Ml- r.. Ihere were , '". 1 '"ndensed llospl ,tnck lnom
r .fss n l niirs.-- obehad. ) I I'"'" 'bev Mrtuall, a.e. No essential
n view of the thousands of wounded " although the . ec,irernenls of
bank, be bt ought to
whose condition rcipillcd immediate ami
careful attention their number was ap- ,
palllngly lliadeuuate We orgHlilfil
special touises for nurses and wnnn-n
and girls of all classes voluntarily
rushed to e-iulp themsehes for their
task of niercv Meanwhile we did th"
tiest we could, but It was not the best
that should have been elone Lack o'
prep.etatloii and foresiglit took Its awful ,
loll in surteilng, Infection and prevent
able death. It Is better nm to think of
tliohe call d,is of tiial, except to elrawi
tlie lesson the efroni.
"Thanks to the splendid tepnns..
which the nation gave espcciallv tin-1
womenconditions gradually liiiproced
After a while we managed to supply
voluntai nurses for all our hospital"
and home for tin- convalescent With ,
the single exception of the sanitary pe r
sniiiiel placed at our disposal by the'
armv we hale availed ouisehes almost
make a sipeiate pe.ei e .e ml Italy might 1 ecluse! of tlie services of women
These sanltaiy truck outfits are sta
tioned at (he terminals of the lallroail
nearest lo Ihe balllefronl. With the eon-
tents of on of these Ihtee truck outfits
a common freight tialn of fifty box cars
ran In a short lime be transformed Into
a well appointed hospital train. Besides
medical and sutflral sppaiatus. they
contain tots, stretchetf, covers, pillows,
crutches, Ac. When a fielght tialu has
thus been transformed Into a provisional
hospital train the three truck outfit Is
loaded on It at Its rear, and as soon as
the train Is filled with sick and wounded
ll Is rushed back to Die nearest connec
tions with an available regular hospital
train. When this Is done the motor
trucks ,nre separated from the train,
their contents repacked shipshape, so
thai the outfit can Immediately be sent
back lo Ihe terminal near the front,
while the now empty box cars can be
loaded with ammunition or food or used
otherwise Independently. And the piocess
s repealed over and oei.
"While visiting last summer at the
Gsllcliin ft out I saw our poor soldlets.
who had been inarching for hours in
the scoi dilng heat, Just dying for n
cooling drink or else for a cup of coffee.
Koretd marches do not permit or niucn
rest or catering to the needs of Ihe
troops. They simply have to get to it
certain place as quickly as possible.
Thete Is not ex en lime to look out for
the sick. Seeing how much human suf
fering resulted from this, I orguulied
mobile lefreshment stations, which, pio
vldvd with poi table Kitchens and ac
cessories, were placed at street crossings
and other points along the mute of the
marching hi my. Our piesetire there
was the occasion fot a few minutes of
blessed rest, iluilng which Ihe weary
marcheis were refreshed.
A similar service was organized cov
ering all the Important rallioad station.)
throughout the Dual Mnuutchy. Truths
cat tying soldiers to the front or bring
ing back wounded men stop at these
stations and the men aiu setceel with
socii. sandwiches, buttered bread, choco
lates, clgatettes, and so on. Young ladles
belonging to the best families In the
mouurchy rtiiow pluck and devotion In
keeping up lhl service both day unit
"In addition to the anitaty organi
zation and to the tefieshment seivlce I
have been describing we have niganlzed
several other departments, which aie
dolns excellent wurk. Among toon are
the news department, which searches out
Intelligence of prisoners and Informs
tht-il families. This department has
ulso tlie privilege of making Inquiries hy
telegraph about soldiers at the front
who have glTcn no sign of life for a Ion
pc-ilod of time. In onler to allay the
uiixioui suspense of their relatives, An
cjther department takes charge, of loric
sjiondence between the prisoners and
their families, and with the assistance
of tlie Swiss !td Cross manages to rend
money ordeis to prisoneis of war.
Thus we have reached a point where
the admirable work of our volunteers
and the efficiency ef our organization
has effaced the last trace of the night
mare of our early ela", wthtn we knew
men were dying for lack of an adequate
Large I2m, cloth, SI 50 net, ettllthm
national tuganizatlon, and we e cm
polled to build up our oiganu.c n hi
nt the spine time lalsing tin- 'mn.
do so.
"When the wri ow i the work o;
reorganizing oui Hi d Cross w ,1 S n
Then we will have lo sla i mtMii j'-.
for the futute and appliiig l, l-snr
of tills wur. I have derided to clemt
my entire life to this woik The idea
have In mltiil Is lo form skleto- i
gunlzallons with trained iwpk
win nt a moment's notice lie taken fni
their e-lvlllati occupations
"The first tlilnu to do w r , f.
together our c-xpeiieiucd pc-i- it)',' rre
and women. It would not do. I' cw
to keep them Idle, so the most ,. V.
tiling for the Ited Cross ti de ,1 tn
found a number of houpda's f r cs
medical and sin gi'-al servi, i' I . h
pltals Will be the eenttes tm i.i tied r
footing skeleton org.inizaliot -
"Then we will lime tu on f.e-s or
membership lo a laiae e-Mei.t .
the war we have eiuadrupled t nil ,ke
of our membeis, but that s! I ,
enough Not counting ti"' ex.-e-iui ture
of our new war branches tltmugl ml th'
cotintrv. tlie Vienna Central I mn et"
of the' Aiisttlati Ited Cross ms xttt' i
far about nftien irill.on krore i!
fiOO.OOOI. This money calm- n dart:
the last eighteen month" t. the fc -i
dcmutlons. much of It from the rn,'f'
Rtutes. which I heieb. gateful. e
knowledge. We alo tcfi-lceel ipunt 'l
of sanitary material from nier ,e, a
coiuslderlnc thut somo nf the aitflev 4
h gotten only with dlflie-ulty m l urii'
or not at all. the Amere an a f- '
crttalnly a lirecloiis Ikioii Ij c. i saffr
Ins soldiers.
"We have oigan'zed u'o -n I
dcpaltment which s A' ,g '
recommeiidatloiis rm' toe fu' i" J
on the leesons of the pieseit v ,er
Intend nUo to keep our c-ir.il deta
in Vienna fully Hoc kid with sin .
all kinds, so as not to be pla e, ,- tv
distressing situation In wlr-h w- ' u
outselves at the outbreak of the w ir '
short, we are going I" orgaum f
members, and make our lied Cro- f
clent Hi tune of peace Till at t
. ,.. ..i.a..!.i .1 . tf
American pc-opie envum
part "
Third tierniMii CiiminMiiiler mi Hull
nf ll Mimic W ei'U.
IlKiti.is' vis leind'in. March
eieatli was aiiuaiincesl lure t
Gen. von Mtnges of Wu. rtti-rtii
succumbed to heart disease
Tills l the thlnl death o,
General to be aliiioiiinisl wit ,
The others, both of whom fell
are l.leut -Gen, l-Muaid im '
Itavatian iirniv send Majm-'o
on Isittererof Wnel He.nbi i a
withdraw ftoni the cotitllit weie set at
lest ley tne oilleial aniiouiicetnent of
Italy's adherence to the entente agiee
nii'iil )m-iissioii of Italy's attitude was in-e-te.esiil
hy her appal ent abaiidonmeut
nl .Mniiiiuigio and the ports of liulclgno
and luiia.zo.
In order to make up fot the shortage in
nrofessional nurses. They gave so good
an account of themselves and proved so
reliable In any emergency so ilependabl
lu spite of tlie hardships tin J under.
,( n.,e i li a e l, ,iiu, of our larire liospl.
, tals. ' accommodating l.fifli) elangeiousl
evoundeil soldn-ls, there is not a person
Increase- I
i American TnnnHurr
t inerlcuie lluanless.
Commenting on the Incn-asc nf Ameri
can tonnage in the South American
trade, an American shipping man sulci
yesteiday that fotelgn on lied vessels
which formerly did lie-ally all the- trans
portation between the Tinted State-s and
South Allie-tlea wile- gradually ellsap
peat Ing, and that now "n per cent, of
the trade is cuirleil In Aini-ilcan, lira
zillau and Argentine bottoms ; about 1.1
pe-r cent, belongs to neutral countries and
If, per cent, to the nations, at war, ex
cept Germany.
Thus, the shipping man said, natuial
enrnlltloiiH were autielp itlllg til" pnsl
Hon outllniil in the Alexander shipping
John I. Harris na Hcoiiomlc f'on
Ultieili In lii-rmiiii) Is lieinil.
.Iniiil I II.iiiis. banket, of if, WalS
slive-t, wlio art1 veil ) e-ste relay by the
Ann-ill an Inn i SI liul, said that tlie
Gel-man e.-eiiion. situation, being fairly
satlsf.i' to, una pioliitigatinii of the
war and Hit' f ' li-riuaiiy was siic-c-essful
we weiuiil ue llie next i-olllltl to fl-cl
the heil of I'liisMap militarism. ...
IhiRl.inil, in said, was iiriiiiM-tl, I-'fancc-supc-rli
and Kussla I'roiu liow em 'Siculel
be eminently satisfactory tn her AfllM.
llnsslniis Itepurt Arllllerj ctlvlt
siorm Trrnrh. naniirl Germans,
yoecial Cable Dtepalch to Tin: Sl.
f.o!.-poK, March H V'''-''w,'li artillery
artlvltv on the Htga sector of the east
ern fteiiit is repot lid by the Itusslan War
Olllce hl'a stiiti-inont Isittieil to-day. The
statement follows
Thetv has been heavy lighting south-w-.bt-of
'Lake Habit", 'on the Hlga ftont.
On a sector of till" front one of our
detachmciiti entiled an enemy tiendi.
bayoneted Ihe escupants anil retuined
wlti'.oUt los'fc.
Southeast of the village of I'oelka
nilwj and cm tlie middle Strjp.i sector
of Gallcla our patrols cuntlnile their
operations with success against enemy
posts and have made further pi ogre ss.
In the Caucasus our troops continue
to fori e back tlie Tiltks.
The German statement Issued to-day
On the Inilester and on Hie lies
niuraiiUii ftpul Ituiuilaii atla'lis hae
been repul"i;rt.
The Colin de-spatch .ix nothing eon-
ci-.nliig the status of ,e (Talis lurthei
southeast of the frontier, where Sciuism
fone" last month were leported m Iter
III! desvatelies to h.iac mule lie-ailwa
against the llrillsh On I'lhruary
Coiistiintinople iitlMces said tlie rebels
had token, besides Soltum, also Siva,
the most westetly Kgyptian oasis, mil)
j twenty days march from tlie Nile Val
ley, anil Said llerud. Itee-e-iit ilesp.iicliis
gave the impression that it is in tilts.
region that Senussj toice? tire now con-1
centiatlng Iheli effoits against thi
With (ioviTiiincnf.s He,,
iri'lll'l' A 1)011 1 Wnr.
A. Msi nun ji. March 11 As
iliness of Ailm.ral vnu Tiiplu, tin
' l.erntnns tiiirrlsnnliiu Vllinj TimVii
and I nrrensl im l-'nrres,
Amstkiiiiam. via London. Match ll
Information rciiclnug Atiisteiil.ini sho-.vs
that Germany Is tightening Its grip almu
Ihe Holland frontier Many Gentian
places that never be-fon, had a gairimn
Hie now being pioiiioted to b. kiiiiI-i.Ii
j towns. Gelili-iti, Ihiimeiicli ami lloi-holi
aie being gaillsoiied. In other towns
like Ch-ves, which have- long been garn
son towns, tlie coiitlngeiiis of Irniips hi,V(.
been gieatly Incieased.
Soldleis In the Dutch aim.v whose
! families live In i lit mini bm dm- pl.ireH ui
, In any other towns in Oeimuny aie no
i longer permitted to visit their relatives.
This onler lias been In force fot two
llrltaln sflr l-curUlr tines .No j
I'nrlher, tearing ( Hne-ellat Ion,
LosnoS, March II. The value, of the
Hcctirtties Vel7.ed' tiy the Hntlsli ail
ihorllles from the . steamship Nooidam
nt l-aimouin is ,um,iii .ihh.ihii,, nun
It is .be-lli'Vejd that thosei, liilieo from
the lldtterilam wilf amount to about Ihe
In view of the many sMzures of securities.-bv
the, Hiitlsli rrcqntly, suriirlfle ks
expiessed In ' tlnanclal circles that 'the
Government eloel hot (ilace eei-mltles
on the list of absolute contraband, The
nVlninn Is advanced that tlie Govern
nieiil hesitate, to do co heeuusi.1 of a
piojef tet.1 plau,.iinojig Aim-rli'iiu Inves
ting t ctiipn(hf lt)ilH 'ale shipped lo
lu'ive .(.'tfi "nefiotl i .bomb, cuucelltd by
:nsnt0tii(mDilainu.priKdlitia'.aM tti
ieplee Ihrfn by Bcrtji.
same Mtiem Mnf lie I ed for
tlrat lllstrllinll
Hhlil.lN, via London, .March It - Mote
rigid rules governing food ilNti iLittlem
have been Instituted this week by the
extension of the mid system to eeiver
buller. Hereafter butter cards will be
Issued on tho basis nf a virtual gu.ii
nntee to evory card hohler tti a iiiar
tor of a pound wcckl
It Is roii-shadow ed that llieie will
soon lie meat ililil.s Ihioughniit Ihe em
pire sii'-li as weie iuli odiii-i-il in llivana
lUHt week, The ailllioiitles Hud the ivirel
system lliiillgli lltilllpeli-el by u-i tape,
the best method of insurltig eijuiil dls
trlbutlon to all.
i In attendance who was n proressloii.il
I nurse at Hie outbreak of th" war
I No one in the service of tlie Austrian
1 f.ct rrnss hospital receives any pay
nil j xtnri ion nnritnitr Hie gentlemen In charge of administra- r
li7iJTCCtiL.ln lC 1 UmiO' inf dtitle vviil a" civilian pnysician"
I imii nuises work voluntarily and gr.itiut-
niisly Tlie only e-xci-pllnn" are the mod-
leal 'olllers of Hie army, who naturally
(il'l'IIUIII Stllti" I liSMlt isf ll'tl draw their regular pu whether serving
, In ilie Held or ill our hospitals
i "Hut let me tell you. as briefly a" po"
i slide, of other things than hospital wor.N.
In the midst of the war our task Ini"
I crown and expanded To begin with
there Is a lied Cross delegate Willi each
'of our aim corps It Is his duty to
teslllt of eibseive, to suggest impinvements and
Mill- Klve us new ideas. in ine nisi niijiieiii.
..t ,1... ... .- iiri.ti n !, I mnlille imili.rl.il
Islet- of Marine, i.iianicllor von llclh- j ()l aM ., 1.,.ht,1, nf lhl. reconimeiiela.
niaiin-llollweg has u-turueil liom Hie Unnn of our delegate",
geneial lic-ailiiliii ti ls, iic'i-oidlng to Gi'i- "Ilefore hpeaklug of these mobile ma
man newspapeis The' papers add that , p.nal depots 1 want to mention tli.it
Hie illness ot Admii.il von Tliiiilz at (Ins nheti war broke nut I at once on my
tnue lias caused a seiisatiuu In both rwu respouslbllily gave onlers to buy
e .villan and olllclal cii'iic" In Gennany. irrnr.-ncloiis qu.iulIlK i of medical and
It is st.iti-l that the Coiiiiiilllie on faultat supplies, In a few wce-ks our
I'liteigli A ti .1 1 1 r- of the German '-'-'eiil I
Stales will meet to-liiollow witli thel
llavarlan liemiei as president Since
neulier litissn nor chain ellor von'
lletliiiiaiin-l lollweg Is repicscuted on the'
i-oiiiin.l tee tile iiuetltii; Is I e-crillileil its'
Co-nig Hi i iihiiiil. wilting in the
ToislM'ie cituiltl, asset I h lll.lt tile di
is on ol this c niuuiittcn to hold a meet
ing al the pi cent time is re-gaitlcd un a
siun that tin- i;eim. in states an- ills,
satlsllcil wltli Hie pteseiii lonilltlnn of
affalis conccinlng tin- war He also
Intimates laat one leasnii for the meet
Ilit! is Hie ileslrn of tin- committee for a
roniVtcnce with Ur. on llethmann
llollweg mi toieigu iiffairs, iniiuillng the
dlllli'iiltles w-llli tlie l'iiii-l States,
Heir lleruliaiil' sa.vs llie (leriiian
people nie kept In the dirk regarding
loiiign ii'laus mid cxprii'M-s the oplnlnu
that this ntli ence on the pan of the
i iov e-i nnieiil must lie leniove-il
Cruiser (ioelien linnris lien anil
I.IIIIM til tllIO. Iliissliins,
Loniion, .Match II. The Athens rnr
responili iit of Hie linlly Mull says in a
message lileil ) etrn.l '
"Tile .Vl ffeifei stiite" that the Till It
st cruiser (Ioelien, eludlnu the Itusslan
fleet, imetnlly laiided a number of Ger
man olTieeis and huiiui guns at Trehl-ond."
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