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All Tickets Sold for the Willard-Moran Bout Giants Colts Win; Yankees Are Fast in the Field
Game HHwrn HVgnlnrs and
Colts Furnishes Food for
MarLIK, Tex.. March 23. The linn!
encounter between Mi-draw's coltH and j
regular took place tlilB ufternoon an .
the rcrnilt of h eliaHi-nice. tiy the young"
Mer, who Iiiivm been making belter iteoreM i
ngaliiHt Texas league troma than the
veteraiiH ami have not been defeated
since their opening atno hi Waco, three
weeka ago.
The challenge game wan staged at
Knivrenti t'ark anil both xldes claim
the decision. The regularH were ahead,
1 to 0, when a chnrtage of pitchers
rauxed Manager Mrtirnvv to fend Henry
Wacker, the D.ittmoiith Inirler. to the
mound for them. At the came time Me
draw delegated llarrlo'in, who la an
outfielder, to plti h for the coltH.
Arthur Fletcher, who retired from the
gamo III the clth Inning, declared all 1
bets otf when he saw Wacker In the j
box. Fletcher knew what he was ilolug.
i1.'.'; I
team "blew" with lilm and two costly .
errors tlgured In the M'orlng.
Harris.)!!, on the other hand, proved
sensation as a pitcher, lie shut out
the regulars with two hits In the last
three Innings and fanned the noted
lugger, lieorge Kelly.
The colts were not recruited to their
full strength this afternoon, although
they had IMdle. Itousch In the outfield. I
Herbert Hunter, who Is their best hit- 1 ,.
tor, did not get Into the km me until
Die sixth and then he Joined the reg
ulars. ,
Pa.lnie.-o pitched the llit three In
nings for the ngiil.irs and allowed no
1,1... Opposl to him was Kramer, who j
" "t sioied on or even seriously i
over for thiee inn.nKs a.,lnM S roud. .,. ,.,,, ,,,1,, for general ad
The colts iuuple.1 Hebblhgtoni double I mMn tt.r0 ,.,,0f,w f. These were
and rtousch s sltiKle In tho fourth, but j.oW .,t (?, ;, v..i,. i:.u h ticket
I errltt held on .-team and Killed the : eMUti(. tmlder t" a po!tl"ii In 'he
, . 1
d for tin; fp.t run .
of the L'linu
Jim Thtrt"-' aided his (
dOWIlfal. bv ilriilinh,tr , tlirfeA 1...
oert. Kaun r.me, l...' . i; for the sec-'
onrf out. -t.de sc.., u.l aid counted u ,, w:1l htlltr, unofrJclallv last nluht til it
Merkles f nclf At this point Win her i tui,,i receipts had touched ?l tii.dii".
and ll.iniMin iMiitnled on the box and. This included the sale uf -very .I. !'.
uccorill . g to the rcKUlarx, a iiiora'url'itn jo. 1 and iiO sent. Kicl.aid ha- r
Was ijeeaiel. I i-rved ?S mm worth of 2." -ats. The,.
After llus iume Trainer Ma, 'kail n,n . ,, f tickets at the (.laidci
packed up ,,: ,,f ,,,) uniform'. Saturd nlirht.
as tr,i mm; hi lit will I with hrl. f Ai rati'g-nu ids forming f 'r the va:
inornliiK Id ictice lo. in,, now. i liauts. , throng that will see the vontc '.
young and old, were permitted to dlssi- tttv completid ve-tetilay. K e
pate to-inghi ly i mi lining up until trHm.tfi Xi'A lie uVed to avoid miiKe-
long nCir '11111111011 enjoy the nintn j ,on r!nted instructions on ea ti
annua. f.ir.",.:i Pall at the Arlington tl,.t.t rpv,'i(y the pa.ticul.ir enti.it
Hotel. The Tiger play here to-moirow. . In, ho'iUr is to ti-e. I.'eil! John V
after whleh th-j lili.nts will make their Wnldron of the lire department v. th
getaway for IMllas. H stMff ,,f r!l!l. ,.,. wl t , , r.-r
.Manatee Mo, raw aiinniiined thl af-' it,-,e the building. Insp". tor J"',p
terniHin t'l.n waivers had bem ecurt;d (jtw 0f ti, police ,i..pirtmeiit w U com
on tin' fielder It.lpli Sluinnan. who his mat'i, ., suad of plain clothes dcl "ltvi".
been to the .l.-mplt.- elub, Shar- n.p..ctoe llolau of the Fourth Plstrct
man has h.,d a b.td leg all sprttiK and t will be In charge of I. 0 'imifoi nied po.
P'atl 1 ly a lew games. II- aske.t lct,mell in ,,i,tim there will nc i In
to be seiii to .Memphlr and will leave , regular force of t.arilen ushers and tlfty
for that city uii Saturday morning from i tXperlenced circus employees to iie'p
VuS'1'- . . , look after the bewildered.
Tommy l.ea h, manager of the Itoch
twr club, has put in bnln for outfield- lnn? Xottilile Hoi holders.
rs Jacob-mi and Karml! IJn would. ,. . ,, lr , i ......
'l'V J'-!-. "-.""i ! MIS! ,arl1leylo'.l!n. ttr
' '! vvmi ui i .wi'iiiHv win nu'ii
tii.nt. .it i ... ,i..m .,. .
until after the S'Mahi
Tin batiirg order
and score:
Burns. II
tiojde h
filiert 30
imurf if
f'lerkle n
Kiel e, r
Kelly, rf
Wendell e
Pjlpu-jo l'sriitl
1, a, kir. p.
cm. T.i
Kirrep. r
luhtiitcinn. -.b
l.ini-i tl i I
Tlinr:..'. :li
iHMilisnll. It
PtM'ii ird. ;n
Kn- lier. ,
Ki.itner. -nnud dnd
ii.irriion. p
ll t r .
Itefiilurs . .1 n n o o t 0 0 4-i t i
Colli. i ii 'I ii o a o r. is-; c :,
Two ha-,. Iilt--ll.il,t,in.-tnii Three lue
hit Mi rlili riui'iris linn u.l I'ut h
Thej Rim l lilies (liina
Wbiu tes In I,; nil llnrliur.
Ltn.v. Mas-, ,, ch "J, The Hiiivaid
varsity tight h. ii eil ct'-w's gut on tin
water tlr.s aft. , n To ih, i t ie;,
wero obliged t go more '..mil tin mib's
fiom hotr.e. 1 he found couilltloiiH (;ood
In Lynn Harbor, however, nod tin
lunches wotkol the men for uc:nl two
Ti'- llrsi irsity ciew. In wlilcli were
five of la-t u-.ir's leguhv els'l;'. Lund.
Cabot, M'.iciu anil Slcbbins all aft. ami
Parson u No ". ow-d nlsj'ii six inileii
III two mile ,tleti li,- al'ji.g the wliaivs.
rne .eiotii. i re v ivv.il uln.o.st h Ui.
uonriiee Jier-iiH ,i tin Urtit.tM v.f'i.. in
eliiirifp ul tlir -reiva ,uid i'o.n'iiei tliem
from tho I.iiiiHi.
The l:iillii'll r.Hl into :i r.nnlli.ii- t.itr
the nnlMi iind vviih left IkIiIihI Th-
Jlarvard vreH 111 ,o. here every dv.. I (ill W. 1 1 I r I in.. 11. 1'l.lllp M. I .yd IK.
until the rharlet- lllver at CliinlirlilKe i Sidney SeWerf-Un Sehuyle.. d I Hiik-
rvpen, and within a few d.ivn tlio freMi- 'v.,11. tlelir Haii.ui. Alf Ili,.v.n..ii. Will
anerevvr, :,t,o ,v,ll ,, ,Umu fl 1 .'.mnor. IMn. Kid..,. M.ry .
dally work'. Tne tlist and .leeonil rrewii
loijay were mudo uji an follow
Vtrslty A f! C. l.iiinl, 'It, firoke; tt. n.
oroi, ii, t ii i- viurritn. 'I'i. l i T t:
Kleblilnr. '17. 5. M
Tul'ir, l, . J T.i
toll, 'M. 3. K. H.
Potter, 'li!, bow, M
.. i arnii. l.
I' K relief. Is,
"r " r' ' ' "
Varsity fl .1 i" Whl
:''!, MJ. stroke.
k A-'"'."'"vv- mu'iJ:, I'r ,l,1,,7",f,,r'-'Ii!h
Pope, 'l, I, 1;. U ,s,,u. V. It, S, r '
lluik, 1 '.' llrnfr, '18, nw, a a
Cameron, toner iil i
rUTritavtood llal.ei llluheit Senre
of I'lrit Senlun,
The tenth n.itloii,i howlinu tourn.i
nient cot under way laM nlnht at the
Orand Ceiilr-il I'al.n'u with the lolllni;
of five five men teimit. The first quintet
to takn lo the alleyw vvap tho lldem.l
Club of Il;ilivvay, N J. They rolled :!'.'
jRalnB the Kniplrc'H Sfi.1.
In the other two inatehes Itavermvxood
tolled !'4u, i.KaliiM Mpartan'M s, and
Uelvldero totalled Sll agulnnt a pa-e
ttum. TO'day tlm ioIIihk will he In In-
""" ,","'S """ "v" '"""!
Peiill-Jeraey I.eliKOe (Irunnlieil.
Wahhinhton. N. J , Mari'h I'll.. -The
oriraiiUatlon oi tlm IVni.Jeree.v Ii.iff-
ImII lo'llCllii V-Ati o'linleled to dav at
the Warren lloiiee. I!ev.eie, l,y the
election ot inn p ihivviik; om.ei.1 (or the
..i.... ....... ti,..i.i..,.. it . . .... i..
um.iiiiK jvni . t iki.iviii, it, ... i,mir.
Bnra.l Huperliiteiideiit of the liethleheiul
Stoel Couianj . Mee.ireHlii-iit, Sdinuel
J, ITOinnH, lliiPKnr. feiMef.il v, A. 'I'.
Kverelt, fstioiiiliurir . iimhIkIuiu m-ere
tary, C. I). K.illork, StrtitnltdmrK treati
urer. I.eroy I'mlR lli-lvldeie The olll
M.U Will Klsll S..1V. SIM 1. .SUM ll.lsu,..,, Ih I
MAtlte till Itiiilliirii rli... n,i. v . r.i.i., in. V..,.l., L1,,.U u,..l t .I.'..,, .i. . .., I . .. .1. ......
Torr iiit3 it.iKi.e ui.riiiK ill" heannit n
auii vvlll open May w ami elone tep
toinli-r I'I.
llMoh club will play forty
Crowd Hci'oiiiph Roufjli While'
Trying to Buy Admission
Thofe wlio neglected the oft repented
witrnlnr to ilo their 9-hopplnK mrly will
huve to pay fancy prleei In HperuliitorH
or mlmi the boxing I'lamdc to-inortmv
night. The Ian udmlitdnn wUei fur
thi Jcph Wlllanl-Kruiik .Moron rham
plotiKhlp bout, which will ho held In 1
Madison .Sipiarc Oarden, w.ih xold be-j
fore noon yesterday.
In order to avoid unnecemary confu
sion at the' Harden before anil after
the content the promoter put the un
reserved no-its and standing inom ad
iiiIhvIoiih on t-aln at 9 o'clock ymterdav
morning. Thin action almost caused a
near riot.
As early at 1! o'clock yetetilay morn
ing lines began to form anil before tl.e
bov office had opened the thtoi.g
streamed back from the window in both
directions for two or throe blocks .In it
,PforP , uviock the crowd became
Twenty.Hghtli street station were calhil
to restore order. In the line were
dozens of women. Hundreds had no!
been accommodated when the last of
the "first conic ttrst served" stock had
been exhausted.
roinrrr id unir, .
In the lines were many habitual
rushers" who represent speculators at
ticket sales for world's series ami the
big foothill events. These men trleii to
repeat In Mplle of the prtvaution lliit
? mr Vhin .V on. s Zr !
had In-n taken to prevent puri'lUK-r
-i.. .......i. . I
I More than one Impromptu scrap re.
... "., i.-,.-. ,i
i ....t.i
upper tier. None of the se.ttH Is
s..ew.t. Tliere will be inri standees
a 0tMl b the flic ibp,(rtm. nt ;n
Hie i row s nest.
The cauaclt.v of the iaide:i Is II. Ida,
; . - ... . . , i ... i in in, u
Snr-t'irv of War iutrJM)i. JtMw'4.
bankers, :utors. theatrical men and
ot iers, will be at t e rlng"idc A par
tla 1st of tho-e who have purcllise.l
th'kets follows:
Supreme Court Ju-tlc Krogh, Mary
Pickfoi'd. ileraldine Parrar John Mc.
C. rmack. luvld IPMasc i mid ills ihitigh-
tu f rmer Juitlce Morgan .1. O Itrn'ii,
fi rmer Culled States District Attorney
Henry W. Wise, ileoige M. c.ihin Sam
ll. Harris. Jack Welch. Morris lies'.
j,,),, Philip Sousa, Cnarlen I I'.lllmdiam. "
I. ...... ll..rlln Moses i:lmi,Al .'p.it,t J. I
- . ' . . . . .
ibuhl, Kdwanl L. AUani- or .Norucii
A lanm. J. -M. Amoiy of Anmry .x Sons,
Asicl. lloliett ll. .tt rlmry .
The ido
Shouts, James A. P.akcr. Jr.,
Iknry Haumberger and .hum J Uniett.
Morris Pencil. James Ra-covar. I'harles
1 lliitchlns, August 1-". Knnte iinil C. i:.
Knoiila in ll
Chiirks p. Itrltton. Kr.iuk V.. Iln.nley,
Wln'hrop llurr, N'. I., i 'n: p iter, I'lar
nice IMw.ird Chiipinan. Daub 1 I'haiiu
cey, Hurry Content, Wlllla-ii II. De Hi
veil. Mot gap Davis, ll.'c.-inl Do nlnlck,
U. ); I VrrlH, stiiyv'ei-itiit i-wh. ..r'. Ai'li i
Ai tholiv J. Drexel, ,lr M'i'e.l l.''Ks'e,n
1. r'r.inl.. into 11. ilrnii'M' II.ht II.
ipltli'l-.. Itol t 11. Ilnln, II. II H.il-
lend. I'ulKllte llovt. .If.. Leopold S.
It.ielie, Stevvutt lilt", II. .1. r..ii'tioloin.ie,
limre II. It.ii'liolor, Siillliiir V Umieli,
W.lli.im ,. Ileldep. K llfi.-.n t.m.v.-i
Itlllill'.'.", le. er ItlhlPl-ll. Ileliiv lllo-k.
.;, ni.elli Roenlman. J
I. His..lHV llvt,
V I ti,v ell, ,l
,,,. . f lioiivler. Jinn
ro-re J I .nr.lu. I'. It. U.-.v!., vVintltior.
Hum-, llov.il'.l lt'itehe: . I. v.f.ur I.,
i'uIu., W It'.im T ' '.ill i v. ,iv . I" T. I'linnl.
Lr. 1 ! 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 k i.'liiuiile'i, ithnr rurlh-,
l'rederleli I.. I Minify. T. H. I'oppet.
I'lmrw ll. I'e xvnt. Aiie-rt rrrfiielo-
vv'l 1I..HI A. llraov. KiiL'ene vv..ltel .vial'li
i ...seiiee mil xtliithi itee!
l-1,,.rl..u Xt Weei.1,1 nm, nmif ..f 111..
f'uliH, hun coniii on for tlie limit with!
ILirO Moore, h hotel nmn of Cha'ano.
and Oae l.evvlsohn. who Mtfiied Willaid
for the bout, and Serpt. Mull
Major I'llt'ley of Hm-t
i-ton will have in
party I'aliirl. Meiioveu,. .
lontiai.tor; Uon.ilil Alt I I'liil-i tp i era 1
inaniifre" of tlK Huston hi' Waller
.1. t iiofvenor. eiiN'ra.'tni . and .1. I".
D'i'onnell. a vvliolesal,: ma-oh
In Jiid-.e Mmp.in .1. ii'llilen le.x will
.e liiioinl o'Hrlen, W I'lalt nf Ti'a. e,
Jordan A I'ralt ; .ImlHe illlih'liileevo and
ither JildRCH,
William letter, the liikuiir p'tvvd'r
man. liai teserx'ed a .ox In It he in1.
have A K. llrlaiiKer. William Henr
und Jto'li '"ooper,
Theodore 1. SlionlP. pien.lei t m tl.
llliiM unruuKii, i.tin in vuiiinK in ins
hnlrt for llvketi", and nn a nw'' he
paid $300 for u pair yesterday. Auisuxt
llelnioiu iiliio had to pay .'onMileiahlv
more than the hox oltlee prlrii tor a
r'.nrh Ii on Ilia Krpl nl Coil of
Truth Itoiinil,
Al Iteleh inn" lau I'oikv l-'l.vim Inni-
I. jr.. . I tl Ifjltlll tltll I'litlllttu til !l ill- III'
.,st nlKht at lite openlnir hhow of the
stadium Athletic Huh, llehh inlithl
t . ... ., ,.. , . .
i,ae won ill itin'.i routine oui i e t.eeiiieii
in lack any real rliiK knowledge 'ind
Itepl fuislnic nrountl like nil iininleiir.
twice, once for the fount of nine
l-'or the next two iouihIk l''lyim tlldn'l
i know where he wim nl In tli
I ..a .,., 11 ... ., , 1 1 .1 .. t .. I , . .,.,,'... I
llin flKhtltlK Adonlh. At I lie IIiiInIi Iinil,
wero well UHed lip. Itelcli liuil lo he
llfl trnm lilu enritee ul II.A iluM ...
each of the mat three rounda.
Chief Trainers Have
Different Opinions
WILLIE LEWIS, chief trainer
end advlier of Frank Moran
Tht- big liloinl is in better condi
tion for this fisrlit thitn he ever
wan for any previous one. 1 shall
be the most disappointed man in
America if Frank doesn't win the
title with n knockout. His hands
are in perfect condition. The
championship for him is now only
a iiuestion of hours.
trainer of world's champion
The bijr fellow is rlcrht. 1 think
he is better train he was two days
before he met Jack Johnson, lie
showed it in his final strenuous
workout. Jess has trained down
to 250 pounds. He will enter the
riiiL' Saturday night at about that
I weight. Willtird will stop .Muriin,
v -
The H.llteni Spoiling I'hll
famous by .lolm the ll.it her. will be
the sci'iic of two real championship tights
'o-ttlitht Freddie WeWi. who Is to de
fend his title a week later against Itenny
Leonard at M.hIImiii Square ilnrdeu,
will oppoio Frankle Whitney, the for
mer iMrpenter. In a ten round Unit.
Whitney gave Welsh a good right In At
lanta lat New YmrV Pay.
Johnny Kllli.tne, featherweight cham
pion, who apparently has graduated to
the llghlwe'ght ranks will meet Harry
I Doiiahii of I'eorla In the other ten!
round bout.
''"" " not ,r itii r. e i
;.,. .... r T,"...
lit' H.i!tl ltl iiIkIiT "I liavi' fared liuti I
"""i" ".ru puncners nnii one aim
iln'ln uf li.ml iitiiirhnt'4 '
as . wiih my
"I made a ti.irt!cul..e stn.lv
f I.eoi-
s stjle the night he bused Pundce
ami you may lest ns-iired thit I know
how to anticipate evet move he m.ikes.
I am not holding Leonard ili...iil. Par
from i. lie Is a col king good buj I'ut
I do not caie tu bo bu'ied hi advance.!
I'll be there to the finish."
, 1 f.ot I'li.ugei in i;, u- .:. en. mitiMni"
Jack Plllon ih- liid'.iiiapol'i Xs-ia'sln. la ij op.lllon W'.il.ird Is b tar the
s.t.vs he N coiiig to the tight S.ituiilny 1 -t of the 'ie.i weights. I'latik wl'.l
nlglif. not so much to se Wlll.ird and , hi -k .i list te.i round""
Moral' I'slit, a- to make a clo-e study I ... ,
of lUtMIng Levlnskv. Levlnsky has' '" H''"" MniinR.-r..
fiieii'sh'sl l(.'i -mne of the mo-t In-I I'lmlrmaii l'reil Wenck of the State
ni'isti-.g b.,tt! of hi.-cai eer The pelf ' Atl'i tic C.'inj'.ls-lo'i 'ind the tmlit initi
ate ! 1 .-gain nt Hie 1 1 run, 1 was I "g'"''' aie in imother row Wenck
Sporting i'hll. Tuesday night.
The rilvnp:,' A i of Harlem will
tut on tv.o t.. i i mind bout to-morrow
n ght Ited Allen s Joe Hauon and
illlc Ast.y - Abe l-'reldmatt.
, I
Ih'fl'llt llsi I'dl'lllCI' ('lllllillt'l'lir
in Aniiiti'tir llnvini: Toiii
ihv nt N. Y. A. ('.
W .1 e
llollse t
Smith of the lb mix Church
" . i good stcpg'nward jeciver
i.'t!0iolitan boxing title at 1.15
when ic won lib wax to the
m -lliial las: night In the second night
of the metropolitan championship tour
i. n'iii, wliii h Is helm; hi Id at the New
York A. C.
Then- wen- ipilck lln.shes lii many
lie- bouts, some clued.! Kscmlillug
kouts and in some of Uie piellml-
i, i' es imitators or the whlrilng der
iilies provided no eii, I of fun for the
large crowd or cluli mepilieis. In t.ie
1 and I pound classes, how ever, the
men wete sk'lled exponents of the art
"f l,Mng and til- bouie were as In-
t'"llng .is professional contests.
In ni-iler to tr,.t hit,, tin, tliiiAll'lit
igi n Smiili liiol to bring about a le
vel sai of turtn as Ins opponent last night i
was Walti r Kothe nf the t' nill-t A. '., '
who g. Iliad a decision uvc: him hi four
loun-ls al the Pii.-llme loiiiuey hist
,..e: of tl'hill iln nll.i an.i.w
I mtsil.iv. Mnltii showed a stralghler
hi tli.it cive li . 111 ii It ml :n tlie tlrt-t
" - .i.d I'l the efi'utiil Kullie jot -ive.-Soot
i - .llild 'Vll'i etU r jjlr li.ihdt'.'s
m l :i 'i e III I'' t v H ll up t Hi. s, ,ire.
TJie l.i-i i nun.) ,is o tlin'.lir, .-.nit li
le.lll. I C It lllet Old'. :.t UlVe 'V .IV liel'ole
III" ll, . e lill.l. ! u ICntle In the t'loi'tlB
H.ill' ,,t 'it. luitilil, 'I'll.. J.pld'fH (tlh.
ii- ml. IJ. '.let- iM'lo !''.irli-s ir
to IV eil t ie p liity r i
.lU.ll'llll III. Ii.illt i
ii..' her round
ii. th.
liill'. I'Oii.l 1....H i i. i.'i t t...M,
IPIiil" lllriiM.li ,,f . ie 1 ,1,1,1,1 I.v -
leelllii .l.d l-V.l Ills M. I lull, ill) of lli. .V.(
,, 1. .1 ,,11 tl,,' vv v , , I lo 111 ,. s '
. . ,V ,,f " , ., . ,1 I J
' 1 " J'l'' rowsli ,
I li.2 , T
1 . - '' "' "' ' t '"
i hi- fl.ix iile.i.oii i .'., vr (I tin dei'lklmi
Ills I'l.lVi
A- l,a;l,lll;'i of tl"' Trinity f'l'.ili had .i
" "miinipii lloiy ot i;.tKt
! ''""' I"1"".! r..ni!
ti 'lln.u. mi. iifler Lae'inian had 1m. et,
!.., i-.. iiowi, in the He,.,,,,.! i. .Mi.i.. !
h.iil. i'i tin' 'Ivnl ii'nl stalled lhinj;s hi"'
, wa;. h a loll to Hie nose Ihai tnaih
limy uinviR. 'I'.ie JihIki'.s dlea'JI eed and
in Die extra rnii'd llmv tongiil liltnsi If
to ...x'.i.iimIoi, and fell t II,. lloo, ,.
m'Ioii.i vvlihoill helnc li 1 1 at Iho time h 1
hie opponent.
" ,
lU'Urtl S tlVl srtllfllta UAIUI.
, - . .
l'-ri-l II l' e- M llllli:
two-ve.ii olfli;
I lll'IMll.'s
' vti iinittnii . Ism
.te ., i.i ve ,,. ti..i..
,,,,, .,, 1 1 . i ,t nil eoili ,si.ntil
-K'ni I'nk '; li- Will . ...
1 '' 1 "'
,,"'."1 l:"'' t".'eenr.iiltt
h ',',1'.'t ' i.,,. in. 'i: mini .
, liinirn nt ti'i rnli,v
i I his . H7, P.i ill. ulrr . . ,
Tli'iil Han tselliirj: lliree )f ar olil
ill, vi ,n, .IK flllliiu.s
M.ili-r in- Vswiin . . .
Illllileuli II !" Itlllf ltll.lfi.nl ..
Ill !' I I I Uf
ileiprnj in.
l-'iinith Knee "m'IIiii.', Ihree ve.ir old ami
llliw. It'll nil llllle .ll'il nne llll-liltm:
.Vina, r ! Kill i.it , mi
j';1,',',',' "' s'"l",
I"- .M'IMIV 1111,
,.- I
h'lllli Knee Slllllia- llllee.lelp nl.U 'in. I
TuJ, f in. f ti nils ""'tear old. and
l Chanee
In I'r.iftiiii
i i".i
I j-i ,itili.
PU'llrmvii ,11m ..
' Murt.irel O.
Ill l.tieKy M.'teli
Vord lul
l,v ndni ii
, 'Luiei's' l.nne
I'ljSniiii.) D.i
' sixlli line Slliiu li iti.lltTip; tlirre e.ir-
mil- linn iliw..in nil,' unit.
I"! M'M1l'
ii4-.iini.iMie. its
in. li ,n u.1,.,1, A;
.inim lir.ilnim. . ,, lt:I.M1i tn
llonilwoiiil IJIlllirlta uj
Appranllee allonancc clalmwl.
CliHiiinion Hoars Six Fust
Rounds, While ClinliVnmT
Works for Movit's.
Jrn. Wltlard, world's champion, and
Frank Mornu, challenger foi the title,
who will meet In a ten round bout in
Minllson Sipiare Uiirili ti In-ninriovv nlitlit.
flnls'iied 1 anl training In iheli tespectho , afliTiiooji, which was a clop and brli-t-ginnasla
eslerday nrtei-noon. 'ling combat The second team won, .1
Morati wim in the tinnds of the mow 'to -. and there was not u minute, which
Ir.g picture people, who bought the film j was not stirring. Teiwi A did wine hard
Hunts of the tight from the pugilist and i luck hitting, batting Hhawkey hardci
promoter.-, for Ht'.uOd jestenlay inorulng. ith.in tlie score shows, hut behind Shaw
Morati's Indoor c.xi'i -Im-m Iheivfore w em, key the second team fielded brilliantly
moie or leis sie'!aculai and not en land took iiulck advantage of frciticnt
ln'tn ilcial as the whole hearted pel form- j
I i. n or the ili.iinploii at llw I 'loneer ,
Spoiling Club.
1 ttlllititl will be l In. Ii;iinl of Hi.
made , niov'e i'i emt,i:s lo-d.iy. This v 1 1 1 menu
i rej.e'.itlon o; Ills Indoor naming stunts
and some llitlit M.niiig Willi Hi tuple.
It"del and Mull. ih in.
.le I'llll of lilnuer.
Jest lioei only m iiitind" two will,
e.nh of his M'arrlng par tin Is but he
dl1a,ed initi-ii.it v)iti and Klnger. II"
force, Ills punches with n n'rirper slum
and brushed ii a bit on footwoik. duck
ing and block.m..
I'imip Mule J.tek Hi llllde (he's Hot so
llttl- when the champion Is not a.oiindi
was mtliM loiiKhly u'd ,n Ids two round
essioii. fof'willard kept hint busy a'
tviidipg to his own defence.
Although his corps of handler' arc-
tl..l(le .Motan Is In jeifict physical
coiiiirton I rank aip'ated a little drawn
thl, Ti 1 AlIll,WHi ,,, (.x,..r
'rom Milwaukee, called attention to thl
flll't 11 H Klt.lll 11 N ft it I'IfltltlAlt lit pm ill I t ll.'
a wnmliriil clnit n." ald
Andr. wH. "but I do no! Ilkr th-rhlndiVd
lines tf tills Jaw Me should iect dur-
lug the ! two days. I think he has
lie-n on eike i little tco lon .He'll 'have,
to be careful or he'll go stale.
"Mil" in I- the inst coutlileli! fellow
J eer s rc." Andrevs continued "and
if no e . -nipt.- i' tnav be t peeted to
give Will.i d the Little of til- llf,
:.J!t to the clijlleiiger s .1111:1 ha-
'.tiled on Itiekird at M.icll-,, S-U.tre
liirdi". 1 foie noon esterday and not'
tied the promoter that he would liav.
to put oti two foiii round and one mx
found preliminaries. This, the ehai-
man iiecareu. ua ore o: the mixing
rubs. W.-nck siiggestid that the ten
round sen;.tti:l Is'tween Itattllng Ic-
vlnsky and Jim Pl :in or Jim S ivage '
be cut to s. r- iuds To this ptoposltinu j
It.cks.il objccfetl, bei nise he has inlM r-1
tls.-d the sunl-wlndiip as a ten round
i'ffa.r .
Illck I said the pr, iple are going to
the Liai .Ii n to-morrow mcjit to see.
Mo an and Wlllard. .i ml not a lot of
trine or les Ule-omc piellmlnarles.
He ibclared that he d.-lrcs to gle the
punue me ne-i it,s.siine enitriailliiien
and to minimize the sidelights a much
as possible. Cities Itlekard changes
tin length of the si-ml-w indiip the spec-
la tors will hive to sit through twinty -
1 eight lounili of Isixlng livfore t ie classic
Is started.
Rtckard added that he will put the I
italn bout on not lite than ;i.3n te- '
g.trdless of incoin enn nee. If he niut
add thrte fonts and a six to the twoi
tin louinlers he will open t ho il,-.t s at ;
: n'clo.-k if necessarv and start the ore. I
llmlnalles at T. olf.cials
lllckard. It was slid yesterday after-1 ' h" score by Innings:
iiiMin, was trlng to get In touch with; ..... n ,:
the up-Statc Commissioners. Dwer and. ft" ; J J J J;i j
Pr..n.). to have the pielimili.iry qucs- H.lltr.,slllk,,. ,, -shwsrt
tlon siIUmI by them. .,n i W'.uteri. Plshet. Aletarider and Nuns
Dan Morgan, Itattllng I.evinsk's maker Hits oft Shaw ke, 1 In wisn In-
,.,,,.. Insists tlcit Klreinati Jim ' miiK" Kuifi: 3 In two Iniilnts lilts
.1 .ma-.' r. insists in. t r reman .tun , , .nnU Mu,,CIli Aril!(Vl Mr.
Plynn shall be Levlnsky opponent ,,,,vern. iillli,.nlr) Maxee. :; H.iksr. fl,,p.
1 1 IIMI. .loliustljl, to w noni liirnaiu lias
. turned over the in ,tti r, Insists upon Jim
si.eit Xcvt Rule for I'liiyitrT
Pini.vpsi.i'in v. Marcit 2:: Th
ball game hitweeii !h
Ptnvirs.lv of
Pi nnsylvanla anil Princeton to decide
Intercollegiate . ii:iiiip!imlilp will be
! t
!TiitMl,iy. It li.it uie" 'itii dei'ldt'd to
' pl.iy tl'e K.mie at UYiitiii.i.i Hull, tlie
Hi inn:isiiit of 1 mi The olllelal" II
lie selei "ed eliortly.
KlulsUv riei'leil I nptiilo.
H.n nej Kl it.s's' i
ll''l of 111,' II. f
tt inn lot ' ; e.ir
i' mi elr.' e,i . j i
i ifi-i 1. , et m 'I
I.' ' i ill lil tl.iVi
i , s p ti
,. Mel ;
""e ' H" h '"'iL'f
t ' M ve.-r With t1 e
I l.l elr (e.llll VV 11 l IV .1 I
'!' .
' xeli'llilii iv'.o will pl.iv .ilt.nii I X
, In' I'l'le l.l.llhl, , I i H.il.llV - k V Klllll lll.l 11
flnim. lo l.eti.l T,...end W.i',
..?" 11 r
.'"'.e n....- -
, of net .vear'i live Tivo of the main-
'ntllVf. Of fill- .11" team Will HOI IH' ill.
m'Iioo! when the r.. i -.e.ieoti roUs aroti.nl,
, I aey are v n- .-.paih mm .ioe .n,i
nr vietans .,...,. ie,,,,, are . ,.,
- -
Klr, n,,, H , , , . ,. n.i
ml up-surd ii.ir ie.r 'v tt
Imnri- Im-i I'l.nd. mi "l irpi
j, "Ij'',,', t'' ','to '''s-eon V
Puini i.n Ml itil-eri I I" 1 , te d .
3 In .,. thlr 'I Inn- I 1 1 ' I. -hi .In I,
sun, 'I'.i l . 1 ll It I'rtli'lll.ili, In Ifer Hi'' Wllv
rituiiiEle ltl.hi-i .nel .li" K lllirit.iin alt.i
Sec, mil lti t'nr f.u r imt iiM net no
I iv.ird. M-llliix. puis" final. lx fiirtitnir-
fOllr Villain, I MS Ihteill ISI. 7 te 1 1 III I
mil. vv.ill l.ilk"'. I'1! i M.' Ill", ll. t: '.
. lil.; I. :t to 1 i ii.i even, m.-omI. i ii lirlmitnr 1 1
. v, i Mnrpliv i. 7 ti. ; tn I'i .iml I In I I
. Ifil'tlip I. Time, 1:11 3 .. ill. Ita'i und Ml
. uf i-'r-mes .tint rail
Tlll'd lime Km tl,le vt .r ol, in nil, I lip
ii ... . I I'I 'ellliiK; purh. IJ'mi, Hie ami a hi'f
"u I nirlHli" Mi.lfl. 1i"l I lntl.lt. It in 1. ,
.... In til .11,-1 1 In .1. vmin. i ' 1 1 1 1 a In It'll. Its
' i; 1 i, Mill oh) l, 7 tn S, I I" '. ill-l I to r,. i-ei'niiil
,,, Mlir,.'n I'll, 'l lllenrvl. HI tn 1. 3 In I
'"'.iti.l even, third. Time. t:u 3-u Tml
"Id ! illhiK. spillllKUe S I "11 .'llll .l ll.lt HI. 1111, "I I
' Hls't ran
t'H I l-'inirlh It lie- ll.ti'i.iii, Pit three-) i.,.f
tOs I t, . mil i,iii..irl. pui--e I - 00 , line inllr ,,n
. .....l, ....Is VI ... .i. .if I', r. I Ifni IVi.l
I iir.iset. '. in 0 ; t, ', ii. i nut. won Ii .
H nie . I"T iiiix'n'h I t . t m 4 , I
int. .eeolel' .1.1. 'k 11. i,e '.l.l 1 .1 Hi I V I . s '1
I I. : t-t i -i.i " "' rime, I't'j i
e llllis lli-'l I -tl
I. II..,. I'.. . .'
ll Itl'lH lltlll tl-
I V' II 1 il . selling, pur-.' f.l''l. live .1 Hit ,. ll.. f
i f,tlKM -,.,e I'.ilnl. ;n i,khii, t .
I, to I ..ml i veil, vv-n; ,"iinit lle.irt, II
lAllltirosel, .1 In 1 ,-ven ami 1 to eei
mill. Vnrkville, I In iltuti.n. . In 1, V In
1 in-l even, llilnl Time. I H7 I r,. .vi.in.is
hell, rl-'iir lllleui'li. wevlll.ti. Utile C.ip, lit)
.'ire mill Hiiiivenit .iU.i rtn Miuvenlr won
Imt win. illMiiiiiiil,-il fin r.iui
filth 11 te I'll! llliei- -..i ii mil up
vv.tt'l. aelliiiK imrn no mile nn t
nv lit V .v.llili -m -V. mil. ' 11? ttltierll I
in .i I in 3 inni ,ni mi ii,tvei-tr
(Mnrplivi, tn 1. 7 e iiiid nut. net mio
riltt Hlreuni, II'.' t Am misei, I In , n in
.mil I to !, tlilnl Time, 1:45 !(. Uncle
Ike aim run IiirmI lini-.'.it.il rldtr, run
away and vvj. Ithdrunn.
ih niltfilf mBI.IiIr.ft
111 yj V. Via 1 aUUiaa.U
Seven Pontile IMiiys mid One
Triple Flay Add Thrills
t Fraetiee.
Maixin, tin., March 23. Seven double
pla.xs and a triple vht.v were flushed In
the practice ionic of the Yankees this
caws of hirdlrt-s base running by the
The rrgiilars hail a lute chance to
in In the eighth Inning, when two were
on bases with one out, but I'apt
I'eckllipatigli wa caught at Ihlrd hj'
Arigoii on (he medheval hidden ball
trick. This trick was put over while
Duke Rirrell wa ciMcldng at third,
light under his nose by the wilj rub.iti
l'".ureil wtiM leudiiig a chw of tobjeco
to Paddy Kallmann, and maybe couldn't
w.it''i his plug mi, I Hie. base nt the
same time.
II iy Klslier went line iimlni'e and
ilt lied all exiellent game for the regu
lars. Although he lost he wasn't hit
unite as hard as Shankey, who was
on the mound for seveji Innings. It
U-'l tll.f.ll. V. "..III...- U...I OAMLI'llh
wiint.-i Id. veteran nitelier" m e-.i th I
full benefit of It. The pine Inning
didn't disturb Klslier In the least. I
Three of the seven double plavs h
well th.. trlnle i.biv were mull., iie i tie !
eecoinl team. I'eckltipnugh could have
avoided tho triple with aleruic.n on
the bases. He was on third. Alexander
'"iii on second and Klsher on first.
Mal-e lined what looked like a base
I. It to right, and the base runners moved.
Hoc Conk made a -hoestrlng catch and
his thtow to tecoud doubled Alexander,
lloone passed the ball on to Aragm,
who touched Alexander sliding In whhh
of course had nothing to do with the
ir.ple because Alexander already was I
out Hut when Aragon touched third
that i'1'inpleted the triple play by re
tiring I'eck. The litter was near home
bare at the tune. What he should have
done was to have held third until sure
that Malsel's hit was safe. He could
have scored whether or not it was
Th" batting of High. Cook and Hen
drj. tlgured In the scoring of the sec.
oml team and of rillhooley. Baker, t'lpp.
Peck and Kislier In that nf the first
te mi, A balk by Shawkey also counted
in the scoring. The regulars threw awav
another tine chance In the ninth. Mahel
Hiugled and stole second with nobodv
nut lillhooley hit to short, and Hoon'e
thtew to Aragon and tunied Mal.'l
luck. Tie latter was run down, and
thru Aragon discovered tillln.oley peg.
g ng for second He dashed over aiid
egged that runner for a double killing,
M igi followed with a slngl. which was
Magev'n batting Improved to-day. H
made two singles and a line drive. He
received two new bats from his special
maker In Michigan, and It was with one
, "i inese inui n.- iiiuiuieo inc nail peiver
j than he bad done for two weeks,
Heelcles the case mentioned tliere was
j one other Instance of lack of head work
jby the regulars, although this one didn't
i cost unvoting, (Jilhooley heaved a blill
into the plate which dldu t do any good
and allowed a base runner to advance,
Tin- it gutars were outmanoeuvred all the
'M Sweine', the catcher. Is to Join
Ml-'m diau's Toe,n club, according to
mfo'imitlon received by the Yankee club
I. . h. j eiirr i ' 11 in,- nil -i.nh
j 1,"t,',nk' "i'"'!'-.'! lf1,'rsuEVi"
It',,?- pu lllch' mid 'Mullen. Mullen!
lln.n.e aint M-tiovern II mne snd Ar.tcun.
.. pur l-e, K arid I'lpp, NtinauiHker tnt
ll.iU. - Hiker. I"nn. lUk.r unit N'unj-
I anker Triple plj-Oeik. llm" and
Smart, Stylish, Beautiful
If you had nerer hesrd of the HapmobUe and
chtneed to ttt on of the tt6 models on tin
itrtrt, on would lairaedltlrl.T pat it in thr claxx
of the forrifn eipenilrc ctrx. Its low-hung,
rscr tppesrance is tytHcil of the highest-class
product of the European detiinsrs.
No other car on the American market has this
low. racy appearance in such degree as thr
ffupmobile a quality which not only grrex H
unusual style, but steady riding.
Chas. E. Riess & Co., Inc.
two Broastwar, at 5ld M. raaata Orel ll
Wholenal. WarehotiM, 1 T4 Bnt.rtway
f'l-a.ni:cr Tourlnc Car or Twa-paJMmctir nHd
tl.r, ll.OIS. HTrn-pativn(r Taorliir I'.r It ."Ji
Prtt.i F O. n Uetrell
. li t Mill .
ofor ror
Hup mobile
i.i'rtwiMnill r a a
I'rlie JtinM fcC5v5L VOL fltfctS?.
Johnson rompellril to tlo Ilia n-l
lo Brat I nner.
Hosto.v. Mnns.. Mntvli I'laV III the
I lnigwooil I'rlcket fllih's mituial covered
roiirt tennis tournament began this arter- .
noon with a small list of entrants. Six !
slliKlcn matches wi le ilayed, the best of
which una that between II. ' .Johnson
and (I. T. incr. dr., of I'hilndelphla,
who Is one of Harvard' all round i
Johnson was the winner of last gear's
touinument. The first set stood to 2
In his ravo', with one more point neees.
sary to give him a vetory. Then Caner
buckled down to a slashing attack and
tae set went sixteen sanies beforo John
sou took It.
Johnton plays It. Norrli Williams and
Irving Wright meets M. I'. tlardner, Jr..
In She seml-flnHh'. The smniiurles:
Flr-i Ituiind- tl T. Caner. Jr., Plilla-
letplilH. ilefisitl ll. It. M. Kelllher, rtlll
fruiif I eo, l. B 0. Irving W. Wrlnht.
Hie.u,ii, itefwte.1 ll. W. Wlirhtmiin, 3.
Se'ind"llnun,l -It. Norrls Williams Jr.,
Cambridge. .lefe.Uiil J, S. I'falTruitti. lie--ton.
-n, ' 5j H. V Oardner, Jr., ll.tim,
ilefented 11. II. Mskltini-, Prnridenee, 1 C,
K.-l, K 3; Wrlglit defeated Jimeph Whiel-rlh-
llolnii. i; -1. 4 . a; 11. c.
Johanna. Hunt nn, defeated Cam r, !' ,.
lli'iirKiuiUeil Ten in Will I'lny 7th
Heirlment nt .VfW It Ink.
At a nwithig held at I'olumhla I'tuver
slt yesterday, at which were pn-i nt
gfndttutc nthhllc illtector Harry Klsher,
giaduite hockey coach It. Trimble and
J. Webb, captain of the Columbia I'm
etsit;. hockey (nun. It wu dccld'-d to
reorganize the las:key tesm, which hud
disbanded This decision was arrived at
as a result of the offfr of the I'alaeo be
Skating Itlnk ul Ulst street and St
N'eholas avenue to give the Hlue and
White tile u-e of the rink for practice
and for hockey games.
A a result of sin ineffectual rtTort
throughout the winter to maintain an
outdoor rink on South Held, onposlte tho
Columbia Library, the Mornlngskle
Heights olavers were compelled to cancel
n" previously arranged games to have
pn played during the winter The rc-
organlxetl Hlue and White seven will
meet the Seventh Regiment team at the
I'alace Rink this evening.
Over Will He l.enirtheneit to Tea
Rail, hy l.oml l.eaitae.
A radical change In the pl.iylng of the
championship games of the Metropolitan
District Cricket League this season will
be Introduced as the result of the action
taken h the delegate" at the annual
meeting held In the Sheldon Hulldlng In
Hrnoklyn eterday tl unanimous vote
the exeeiitlve committee decided to
lengthen th" over to ten bill" Instead of
ix. Although the longer over Is by no
means a novelty, having been emplojed
for some .earu in the Halifax cup com
petition of the Associated Crleke.t Clubs
of Philadelphia, all the governing bodies
of cricket In New York and vicinity have
until now strictly adhered to the rule
of the Marylebone O ickft Club of Lon
don. The secretary reported the receipt of
word fiiitn Philadelphia concerning daten
set aside for the New York team In Uie
annual Halifax cup competition as fol
lows: June 10 and 24 and July IS and
J? In New York, June 27 and IS an
July 11 and 12 In Philadelphia.
Deride Not to Try to Play Baseball
In MnoiT To-morrow.
Princi:ton, N. J.. March 23. Prince
ton's first baseball game of the season,
scheduled for this Saturday with Gettys
burg at Princeton, has lieen cancelled.
Tlie weather and ground conditions also
nuke It extremely unlikely that the
Tigers will lie able to ptay agalni'. Seton
Hall the following Wednesday. In that
event the opening game of the "eason
will take place a week from Saturday,
when the Vlllanova nine cornea here.
Coach Clark of Princeton Is supple,
mentlng the work in the c.ige this spring
with weekly Uu-eball talks In the eve
ning, with a view to teaching tlie men
some Inside baseball and pieventlng such
breakdowns a' critical moments as
marred the play last season.
".pinner Xlake .Mne Polnla.
The senior dass defeated the Juniors
lr. the intercl.its basketball tournament
held jestenlay nt the Coll,,e of the City
of New York. The scote was IT to H
The winners started early, scoring eight
lo',nts before the Juniors made a basket,
Spinner, forward ful the graduating
classmen, was the individual star of the
game. He si .ireil nine points. Cohen
played a star game for the Juniors.
That mmdtrnUmg rear nprimy on
the BmmekMe is St Mae Imp.
Wtmr ftrt ami fmr Mo. Two
imehn wide. The big maht leaf
mmde of chrmme rmmaJiam steel.
That's about mil that could be said
about a ipratf if it cmt as much an
the whole ear.
Uodisi'i's' Voffrnii d'ot's Nine
I ll li f ii mill Benfs Colts
bv t in 5.
iMYfii.VA. Ha.. March 23. Another
game with big league trimmings was
Pla.ved lietweeit Robinson's regulars and
coIIm this afternoon. The regulars won,
0 to S, The contest was fotighl out un
til the ninth liame. The veteran Coombs
pitched the full nine Innings. He In
the llrst of Ih" Dodgers' twlrlera to go
tin full nine Inning-
Opposed to him were Appleton nlul
Prles'e, The one lime Mack man shaded
the Uldi at nil times, even though he
had pln.iciH on tho bases ipilte frc
nuently. The end of the eighth Innig found
the score at the till, Willi Coombs and
Piieie doing the twirling. Jack blanked
his oprHit'ints In their portion of the llnal
frame. Stengel, tin- Hist in iti gp foi the
tegulars in this Inning, dtove a brtic
double ,i ceiitic and w.is ehasnl iicros.'
the plate with the winning run on h
!eiu single to left by Wheat.
Pilch.- f II iinil Inlleider b'tiret are
suffering from slight Injuries Rube Mar
iiuaid plaed centie for the legulnra
and c.irricd on the honois m the outer
To-morrow Capt. Ditibcrt will iititn lo
Del.ind wit '.i a team of mixed players
to play a icttirn gamo xrllli the Stetson
Tlio sccic by Innings;
it ii. i:
r,.it n n n 4 n o t o o .-. p i
ltguijir. . . .. '-' n " '-' o l I ' 1-
Lineup -r'olt. ll,. kuiaii. i r : oiinn, i
Miiwre)-. .'lb L XtlttT. I f . Mi Car-y, lb ;
Stiveimnn. -n.; .M. Win at, e llu.'k'r. r. f;
Appb'tnn. p . Prles'e. p Regulars. K'Mnr.i.
.. tlauhert, lb.. Htnge, r, f. , Wheat.
1 f., f'ut"lln. 1'b . !IZ. .'lb. Mf) l T'. C.i
Coombs, p; Msruiurd. e f Suniuisry :
To base hlt -M.iro.uar, I. utengsl. App'e
ton, Is Mllbr. Olsnn, MeCartj, Sai rlllee
Good-Bye to Care
The trip South ii vacation in itself a
reithil invigorating voyage brimful of tun
ihine. fty deck activities and inttreiting
friendships when you travel by the Mallory
Line'i iteamrri from New York direct to
Key West, Tampa, Mobile,
Alv affording excellent xrvice and
direct connections for
Miami, St Petersburg,
Palm Beach, Havana, etc.
Now ii the time to make the trip. I
when the social season at the big
resorti is at its height.
Meal,, passage and berth are included
in one low fare.
l or rr---Tatlon Mrvl lltrraturr mil Jt
290 and 9S8 Broadway New York
or sddresi
ARTHUR. W. PVK. Passenner Traffic Mner
Pier .HI, North lllver, New York
Roond Trip on "tnimrr, tii and Up,
S. S. EvangeUne' t. Vs.'.,vvV.
From N T alternate Tjf. . Tnuri. h Su
S. S. "Bermudian"
atllDc from N Y raib Wrdntaiar.
lit . I 1. IH'llltlllulerUlie. utiOBl
West Indies
"PAUIMA." April 14. Tor booklet, npnlr
to Uueliei- n. . Co., .11 llrna.luiiT, N. V ,
lo. Cook A Son. .'P. and -'''I it vaj, .w
lii,1 I'l ttli At : It union,) t Whifoniti.
: (Ih At ; O K. M inter.. 1 :ts li'a:
ITauU Tonri.t Co. "V tlw.u" lit liicie.
Kii poita a H'ard. 3C9.il Mli At ; McCaun'.
Tour., i.fv K'i
Ct.blthl 114.
0KDUXA Fri.. .Mur. 'J4, NOON I
TUSCAN I A SAT.. APR. 1. 1 A. U.
CAI.ll'OltM X ... KM',. APIt I, 10 A. M.
CAMKItO.VIA . HKT XPIt 3.', 10 A. If,
n Rout, to Oia.cow.
tANUAl.lA 1 IIUll.. AI'IC. ti. It A. U.
I'AN.NUNIA rMT M.VV s. 10 A, M
ICalltns nt lUllfaa.
Tir.iith aoktrit. to all principal pert, al
Ih orl.
OOktrAM'a (If I ICK. tl-tl Null s. c.
American Line
I Under the American Flat;
N. Y. Liverpool. Pier (2, N. R Noon
I -iiii.nieipiii.i M.tt '.'.) M I onl- pr I
White Star Line
N. Y. Liverpool, Pier 69. N. K.. Noon
l..pllllil r. - IImIIIi- Vh. p.
(II TH t , 11 ll' V4 xt , V el. inni. i it,., (r
Cuinp.flile i.eneriile IriuisiiiUnllijiie
i'uisi,i, isi, in ii r.
Sailings for BORDEAUX
ROCHA.MliEAU . . .Apr. 1, 3 P. M.
I ESPAGNE Apr. 8,3 P.M.
CHICAGO Apr. IS, 3 P. M.
LAFAYETTE ....Apr. 22, 3 P.M.
Klllt INI'lHtMAflllN AI'l'l.V
OI.ll IMlMIMtIN LINK, To all polnta
. Couth and Wilt, lli.ry verk U.y, I'. M
I Plar ii. North Hlv.r. Tl, SSOO rranaltn.
! tTrAiiiiip nrarrs n. BD7 pH.
omcUl Ar.t all '.Inn.
I Barmnad A Whltrnntb IV., in ,1th .t x t,
.Siininv. vvveiieu, lieninurl..
I A t Jolin.on i. Co . In. ., A;ta . 1 U viay. h 1
llll Broadway. N, T. Cllj.
hit Rucker. Ktolm bsses tlauhert Mi.
gel, Mowrey. Double plnj. t)t,4
Cutuhiiw to rmtiherl ti .Mccr siru,v
out I.v Priests, 1 ll.i t... on I,,', Ai
i.'ooinlis, 1', Appleton, I I'rlss i, j iiT,,
off Appletun, s In ,lx nihil.); nit .
4 In Iwn liinliigs, W ml pitea- -i.oo nii '
rime, 1 i-J4. Citiplrrs-a In ne aim Mai:,;
.lllutny Johnston, the Pnelile iha-i einl
fielder, who has been itotdlnr; out for ,
large salary, will ieort to Maiiugf
Rubliison to-morrow.
Thej' Carrji llff Honors In T.fltin
Yard Rein) Itaer.
The sophomore cIii-h of the Colltgq 0
the City of New York captuied the 7,5(10
yard rilay In tlm carnival held m tt,,
college g.vmnaslilm .serday iifutnocii
Tlilst Is tlm Ihlrd sucicchvc Vlctorv ff,r
the second year men, hav ng prev ,uly
won th" ".OOP yard and l.finu yr,
lajs. The Junior clasn finished orui
III yesterd.iyv. race.
Tlie sophoniotes won easllv t , ,re
former P. S. A. I., mile champ.ic, tna i
his llrst ntipearatK e of the setison rr t ,A
lflK class and ivs lend off man pn, ,is
teammates, a lead of half a lap Tn ,
lead was gradually increaMM by " 0
other men, and ljind, ancl.. ttm,
finished nnu'c than n lap abend of Wibr
pals of the junior class
The summary :
"i)1 Yard tte! - Won i j' v.
Mc-lriith, Tinker. Vivos, latin- ;j
iSehotlnmn, Selm.irt. Weinlu r- sl.',ipt
Veherpln, s,.(,iti,, !in i
berg. Peiiuch. Hablwln. .X u. ll ., i
IDL'O i Diamond, fleet liuet i- , ,
Ito'ofik) . fourth Tint' ml- i
I'nlil Trimni'e Clgnriniiker,.
Tampa. Ha.. March M -1 r! n
Cubs ali-l a local letini of Cuban -.c
makers engaged In a batfest hire i ..!,, ,
the Cub" winning by a m ore of 11 to p
Tlte ccorc :
II l
Cubs .
,, nns l l :j i it ;i
. . '.' o l I ii -pi H .
T ( obit's Lost It I n u I nrns I p.
Ct.vctNN'ATf. March 2.1. Ty Cbn ,
to gt back Ii'.k to"" diamond t ng w
lie lost two week- lio It has ilfs,
found by a little boy and he will turn it
over to the vetirati hall toster
Winter Cruises
T tht Aaxerlcaa Mtiittmaiaa, caaslitiai
af Mparilt r caabiiad Uari
af 10 ta 23 day,.
nd polnta In Cuba
Excellent golf on the noted
Havana Country Club coure;
splendid surf bathing at gay
Marianao Beach;modem, com
fortable hotels.
In th gtahamM
A wonderful climate. Soft
breezes and balmy air. Tennis,
motoring, golf, pony racing.
The finest game-fishing on
the Atlantic.
Sailinp rich Tkuiidtr al twoa and Sitijc'ir
tefnini it II o'clfick Lanje Amenrtu r"!'
KTw firrthjj. lO.COOtcMdaplarMnrel.
und the Amrnran Hit Dioid deb, lur
loom and ipkndid tvwnt.
Low ratei of panaf e, including mtali
aad atateroom accommodations.
Mr 14. E.R (HBtni nivt
Oi Mlhentad ncket ilaicr el leut brtu
Special Toura to thin delightful
laland retort by fine Stemmliip'
I'ndrr .IwirnVnn '
el Milllo i Xl.ir. h .'ID, tprll !
Satllna I vert Xe.lii.-iUt
Kite il.ys ,,r liniu'er. hit Initial s
itatrrtHiiit herth. Hot. I il-l e
Fa re a
Make reservations tun. .. .ii.nt
Ticket ancl Toura Kvcrvwliere
M.ri ltrMi1u,.( ','tit I tfili tinif
.it;, riiih w,, ,mui i.x.t.ixx.i s
l.lllKl.l X mill I I lit 1 1 X Itlsuiiis
AU eulOoor 1 n t
t It I -1 I. s ' 1, 1 ni, w - V
5lr. M pier 14, S K, ft
fti at t, 00 p at It ink.
NT ltbdoo tNerv.lili) line,
nr 40, N K. fl HfjuMini r 'it.
nly, ( JO 1 M . Piar '0, K P.
St.. e o-i p xt
iv Ifuveii Mne, r . , .i
ft C'.tllbrlne ,l n--k ,p .
u pi.r ;o, ft t: t
llriiltfeiiurt l.ttie, m, t.
rirr i. ii it u a
a:o at., ll. n a. u.
ti ' ti
l in. i'i nut n
BOSTON $2.65
Ol I - I 1 I.KlHPh i (i.
I'ler t'J. 1' trt. . -Phnno
ft" in
U'ori'e.trr. S'.'.i'.n, I'rov nleiii e Hire, ,
(ii iiih. -rx i r.iiuiivis si in
HmIIv. Ineliidlnir simii,,. v nn i i
rrmn 1'iei r.i 1 it I e
i ilv Tl lo- i ntl
I'l'IllW, I'i In m.
.l lllr.tt, XIXIM -sllVMsllll t I n l
mAV'V.m!'.; ,x PORTLAND
Ketliii . si l ures Ml Pnlnts I'l -
lot ll
BERMUDA rleVleV lmirs, - .

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