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"''io-day ; cloudy
y, 41 ; lowest, 30.
Detailed weath
tarlno re port on pasw 15,
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1916. Copyright, 1916. by tho Bun runt! and PubUtMng AtiocMlon.
At'l'IMM Slil.ViM' fMl.VS 110 1)1(1 I
It to Help Old Man
Column Suicide.
flpi'oviM'iii": From Drugs,
Says lie Knows He'll
(Jo to Chair.
District Attorney Finds
Out Where Purchase of
Arsenic AVas Made.
h.iut UKialfest remorse, without
,1 eaMial expres'tlon of reeret
ea ly. hoiielishly Ur. Arthur
W.i.rpn W.i te confessed to District At
tnrmv Sw.inn yerterday afternoon that I
t.c procured and handed to his wlfi's I
f.thtr, .'olin I'. Peek, his benefactor, to
loni he owed hl exiwnvlvc upjrtment,
I js: 'mobile. IiIh plonsant Idleness, the
! - "Inch destroyed tho life of the.
e'J iiuti,
lt u'd 'i.tvo had .TinUe Swnnn be
fe tint Mi. l'eek lout all Joy In llv
rs j'tf ttv death of Mrs. Peck on
Jim 1.1 3'i and that Mr. Peek, dlH
t vnl, 'nei iic-holy. euBer to die, aeked
1. 11- u 'ed linn to ro out nd Ret
i Miit of jKilron which would kill.
And that, he liHMod over and over
Uri ti. w t all that he did merely
If'M'M Mi Peek end an cxUtence that
l.1'. i.ne iitiendurable.
H d'liid querulously his nerves
nslln from tho .fter effeetR of the
t '!!. he had taken that he wan & mur-i'-r.
that h prompted Mr. Peck to
tuimi't aulclde; that he .idmlnlstered
lay if 1 10 poHcrn to Mr. Peck. Far from
II. Ii a'surtd Judue Swalin. He didn't
ti.ii fee Mi. Peck take tbu lols,on and
evi il nly n'-suine. he said, llml Mr.
I lake It Imniwu arsenic wu
Mr. Peck's body.
I en e nifiilloned hern that JudK
. 'cured to accejit the i-onftiwilon
1 .1. . truth, receiving It merely hs
a .'
(. ir
',' iirlhutiun of Walte'n greater
v k wilt the confession niter the
the proi-eeutlon. The tlr.tnd
bwinnic testimony its to the
M- Watte hud for desiring hla
iw and mother-in-law rc
1! 11 his pathway to wealth and
unl':s lor t-o removing them, 1
i '-.ti Mond iy to return an Itxllct
f r 'tiurder In the tlit degree.
I'vpi ets to Pa- I'enalty
ii tii-elf expects to end In the .
i t.
n.. u.i.i t. .luftiTM
rdav afternoon, not once but I "me nour or they will strike. The rib
r" ,,.i, h,. fM.in or1 h0" weavers have set April 3 for their
t -ter
f imvliiff assisted Mr. Peck to
the prediction of death
In '
r i. in tlk a dismal strain:
'. ul' send tue to the chair I
v 1 1 1 go to tlie chair you don't be
lt . 1 1. - no .ody will believe my story
-mi. s ir-y I didn't die Irom the dope I
t'siK 1 in sirk of life 1 dnn't care
'ur I live or die."
Th's younc man. who was so debonair
iti biK.vani Tursday afternoon when
J'.dic 'ann sot him down In t chair at
tie ii.rnir of the District Attorney's
ok ,i ne Cilinlnal Courts Hulldlng.
.0 LmgliMii when Judse Swann In
t'Ti l . i, as delicately au such mat
Its in b phiased that he was sus-I"t-1
.if pfilsuiilns his wife's parents,
vko thtew b.ick his sool looking head
iM fa ' i cuffawed at the notion, had
l flunt left in him yesterday afternoon
ti Jitdye Swann walked Into his
Mrtment on the second floor of the
fillnum, i't Itlversido Drive and 116th
'n, and told him the game was up,
n'lmulition useless und denials Idle.
K.,r mine lim.rv h l.nrt lain In bed
'th nerves twitching, perfectly aware i
-I.L- . ......
' pniiieeiiior s nev wmcn wus iigiu-
s aroiir.il him. Plobably it was
itiit suanns plan that he should be
t'.'.roj.- K ,i.hh of tlie developments
if the furtigation, It hud Its psycho-Id,-'
.il rrtect At all events Waite knew
our b ...jur and point by point the
IfEresb of the Inuulry what had do-
J'lnped from the autopsies at Cirand
r.tiitty. (ii,.., i,iu ,i nt nt i h Park
Avtnje Hotel was revealing about him
Y'1 fr Albeftus Adair Moore and Dr.
i.ob Cornell were Raying nbout the
"nilarlti.s of Mr. Peck's lust hours,
nf hi otvn maid, liora Hllller, had
''1 as to his "putting something In Mr.
jilt's Miwp and tea" and finally that
debtor to whom he went for advice
Ji to how to -'et arsenic and tho druggist
jr''m -dom he obtained -the arsenic had
I'M their stories to Judge Swann. The
impart of .-.U this broke his weakened
nrnggl.f, ymmr Kept Nerret.
Th District Attorney will not disclose
name or thn liddress of tha anothe-
L '"V who filled for Dr. Watte on March
' prescription for 1 Vi trams, of ar-
' ire nor tho name nnd address or the
PnynlcUn to whom Dr. Walte went with
" irecloiiH suggestion that a cat had
'"n ruining his slumber and that lie
wanted the physician's recommendation
,J druggist In order to be able to
'ly enough arsenic to destroy the hate
"J cat. That discovery by Judge Swann
T- location of the drugglat was the
wltig factor In a difficult cane.
I. I'"' '""'"''I a" about It hh he tossed
r. bed yesterday morning. He knew
'"t his physician acquaintance had re
V'"l tli'lr curloiiH relations and that
driiKglsi had promptly, of (ourse.
'"rrul,i,i4ii, H that the physician had
""I nd. In addition, had aupplled the
"''rlct Attorney with Dr. Walte'H re
wWt fur Ihn arsenic, a receipt aliened by
Iv Canibiutd on fifth rte.
t'nunlr Then r'lee Trnln. Hat Full
Into Piitur'a lliitids.
MusKom.i:. Oklii.. March 21. Mrs.
Paul V. Hndley, a bride of two iiu-titlm.
shot und killed ShcilfT Ulles lis lie
docd on ,i Missouri, Kansas and Texan
passenger train early to-day near Che
cotuh. Oklii., to free Iiit husband, lie
wus being tiiken Intuit to Keuuinoul, Tex.,
on a cliurgu of assault with Intent to
After forcing the crew to stop the i
i the ..-oiipip iir-i in ti,o daikncKH. j
were ruptured by poHsc to-nlghl.
llii- Sheriff illcl not know thai ll.i.l
ley's wife nb a passenger. Sim iltow
a revolver from her handbag, pressed i
I! to the Sheriff's head mil llred, ue-,
corilliiK to witnesses.
Hudlcy recently shot John West, tit
Itcaumont merchant, following a quar-1
rel over tin- woman whom lie afterward
married. Tllev lu.il.ir..,! In llkli.li.ioiu I
.'City, where he inunled her. The con-!
pie tnen went to Kunan City and bought
a movie how under assumed names.
Detectives found Hitdley on .Monday.
Marrlfd Mm Anurv Rrenotr Slnste
lrn Arr ot t'nllril t'l.
fpeinil Cat,t ttfsihiur, fuTue Si n. ;
Ln.NtHjN, March L't.--At n meeting In
Manchetter to-day 3, DOIT atteit.'d mar
ried mer who had been selected in
(leleeates reprecentlun .".00.0(H) attexted
Married nmi dfinuiwl.l fl ruul..... I
tlon of Irtrd Terliy owlnR to hlit fall- i
lire to keep hl plerlK that all pIiikIo. I
e,',r!! .TI"'.'' be, ',alI',, ,0 lllc color',
ior5 mo married men. I
It Ih reported that thcro le a cerlous
fltuatlou in the Cabinet an the result
of (HffeiltiR oplnlor.b conctrniiiK the en-
"an rieu men. rnmir AS-
qulth. It tx said, Ih opixiied to compul
lon for nil men of military age, while
Uavld Lloyd OeorRe. Minister of Muni
tions, advocated such it nicuMire.
Ilciiry DollOl'tV, Jl., SllVS TIlOV 1
jim.v niKe I'atcrson ssilk
Plant. Under Hoiul.
P.tTKii.soN-, March II. Henrj- Doherty.
Jr., who, with hie two brother!-, ownn and
operate., one of the largest tllk iiiIIIk In
Paterson. created a (.encatlon to-d.iy by
offerliiK In a publlo lettfr to turn hla
mill over to hi uprratlwn If they can
furnish an addpiate nuaraiitee to (pay
him i per cent, on his InieMincnl.
Wearied of tlie toiietitnt bickering and '
tllhcUMdnn over the demandu for a nine
hour day at this time and fv.irltiK a
rejietltluu of tho coolly Mrlke of IV3,
inn manufacturer, whone mill at l.ake
View I? regarded a one of tha most up
to date c-tabllshnienti', says he will let
his workmen run thiiiKs If they ran Ket
the UiicklnK of the I'ater&un newspapers
and 'the I'attrson Chamber of Commerce,
uiul supply the Ruaranty. They may
work then, he nays. ili;ht hours or five
hours or two hourc. mi lone as the divi
dend ar fomhcomltifr and the mill Is
maintained in lib prcent condition.
Thore has u-eu no otllelal reply tu
this offer yet. but It is belli discussed I
everywhere by the workmen, who call '
It u "hlult." Mr. Doherty says that It
Is not a blufT. as thv will dls.s.ver If
thy come forward w'lth the Rtiarantv. 1
In thn ine.inilm. tii o...r:.i
appears to be becoming a little moro
stralned. T.ie camiis of the workmen uru
a little more divided. i
The I. W. W. members, of whom there
ure about a.iH'o, are Insistent upon
strike. iRiiortnR the offer of the opera
tors, to give them hours on May 1
nnd 9 hours on November 1 next. They
nay they are to have Joseph J. Kttor out
with them on Tuesday und they declare
the agitator who made a record at Law.
rence will Inject life Into things.
The hatband oiieralors served notice
to-day on their emplovers that they must
oe mid ny .ionu.iy tnat tney arc to get
"! ''The broad silk me., will wait
Tn,mu v '.' ,
Federation of Labor: James Starr, or
ganizer of the Horizontal Wrappers
Union, nnd Louis Magent, Becrctary of
the Hrotherhood of silk Workers, an
nounced that they have had 30,000 bal
lots printed by I which on Tuesday the
men will vo:e yecretly on whether they
will accept or refuse the terms offered
by the manufacturers. The latter assert
that it is Impossible for them to give
the men a nine hour day at this time,
but that they will give lionda to do It
by the first of next November.
Fire Mlnnte Debate Limit to
Wasiiinoton, March 24. Ilepond!ng
to the suggestion of the President, tho
Democratic House caucus to-nlghl unanl-
mosly adopted a resolution providing for
the speeding up of legislation. The jeso
lutlon sets forth that general debate
ch'ilt 1.. elr.,(lu,l nu If, tiu.lhlA" n,i1
- .w.-..v ....
that tho five minute rule shall be en-
fctccd "as strictly as practicable."
Tlie cau Hi il-e led that Admln'stm
tlon measures and appropriation bills
ue t.) IriVH the right of way. The for
mer Includes the omnibus revenue bill.
which Incorporates the tariff commission
bill, the Philippine bill, the Porto Klein
I bill, the water-power bill, rural credits,
i lie snip purcna.se Din una a corrupt
practices measure.
Confeaura KIIIInK Nnlmay finard)
With n Hatchet.
Kmll fireen, 18, of 1733 Victor street
In the Westchester section of The Hronx
killed Henry Phaycr, 32, a subway
nuard. with a hatchet at Ills home yes
terday afternoon, and then fled to the
home of an aunt, at 1394 Boston coud,
where he was. arrested ute last mem,
The youth confessed to Deputy Pollco
Commissioner Ouy Hcull that he mur
dered IMinver because "no nna ruined
the family." Phayer boarded with
Oreen'H mother. Mrs. Hiittlc (Jreen.
When Mrs. (Jreen left home after Iho
noon meal Phayer und her son were to
gether In the house. When she returned
about 6 o'clock she found Phayer dead
In bed with his Jugular vein cut. A blood
stained hatchet was picked up In tho
kitchen. A general alarm was. then sent
out for the boy.
To Deputy Commissioner Hcull the hoy
explained that Phayer was Introduced to
his mother by her daughters. After
Phayer made hla home at the house tho
young women moved out, he suld.
Frank Ureen said his brother admitted
he killed Phayer und Intended to leuvo
the city. Frank advised him to remain,
promising that the rest of the family
would aland by him. The boy wot
locked up at the Morrlaanla police station.
(.'H)i( sjteadv Advance and
the Repulse of Strong
Count ei Attacks.
Mmial ( able lieti-atch to Tut Six.
lo.srS, Maroli 24. All ulotiR tlie
Ion eastern battle line, from the teglon
south of Klgu down to th Uu.llcl.in
flout, the mw liii-flull offensive con
tltiuud without nb.iteim.Tit durlliR the last
twenty-four hour.
Tin: Ptingrd War Office reports to
night that the Czar's forces arc nd-
v"i"-'"itf In th Uwluxk reirlon, "repuiKinBi tow by another steamer. It Is reported
fountcr altackN." From thin It appeartf that fhn wa.i taki-n Into pott, but detail
that the ntucker nave broken thejbuve 110t jet b.en re.eUed.
, ... . ,
l",tter f reHlt.inc of Field Marehal Althoush Khe wns built hh a Hrltlsdi
v' HlndeiihurR's army In this refjlou. i ..hip. the Su.ex In now eontrollcd by
To the north. In the Jacobhtadt vector, tlto French State railways. She k.iIIh
.... .1.. , , .1 ,, .i,
Teuton front ( ...play, LakitiK three
lltn'M of trenchex, the itermans have
lauiuhed stroiiB tounler attacks winch
wore, however. icpuWd. accordln to
Untile Mf III Rasing.
The baltl betwtcn I.aken Narotch and
Vlubnl-'fT, eat of Vllna. where the Hun-
lanrt are tryltic to break throuRh to
Mill the Wllna-Dwliifk railway aictor,
1-) etlll r.itrlm-
The I'etroRrad utatement kvh that all
protective lines In the KHpa hector were
forced by the attacker and a tJermuti
counter attack wsi!-repulsed. The often
le northwest of Varsunek also Is de
loplni;. The Russian War Oftleu statement fol
io we :
In tliH .lacob't.idt sietor strong Or
tr.ip fortnatloiiH inade' a counter at
taek near AitBustlnhof. Wi. repulsed
North of bake Vureunek our offen
sive Is dcveloplnK.
In the Imln-k replon we ate ad
vanchiR, repulsliiR counter attacks.
I'tsplte heavy Mr we forced all pro
tective lines in tlie Kllpa sector. We
repulsed a German counter attack.
rietweeti Likes Nurotch atld Vlsh
nil IT tlKhtliuc continues,
lleillii still Insists, that the new at
tackn have broiiRlit the Husskina no R.iln,
but admits that hard lighting l In
proRresii at various ioliits of the front,
particularly In the northern sector. Tlie
Herman Wur ottice declare! three Rus
sian attacks "In thick waves" on March
IP .iR.ilnst the Herman linos In the reRlon
of loi-ty, btween lwlnk and Wllna,
were repubed with heavy looe to the
ittai Kerf. More than .,0,0on shells, most
"f v" heavy calibre, were showered
m"J" ,h,! bm''." 'ront In this rec on. It
I ht'l- I,e tnlrd attaek did lead
to " penetration by the IlussUn of ton
'iril!' "f thl' fi""11"' " r Of-
flee sais, hut this strip ;us reR-alned
throush .i .ounter attack led by a repl-
"""nt-1' coititnaiidtT. A fourth KuscUn
attack s "smothered In the Initial
MaKes" by the tle.-inan artillery.
Germans Hrl on Von lllndenbnrn
Despatches from the llerman cailtal
declare no anxiety Is felt tin re with re
Kurd to the new Itust-lan offensive, one
corrc-pondent saying. "The peoplo know
llltulennurg Is there."
The German statement snld:
While durlliff Ihe day the Uusclulis
collected their forces only for a
stioiiR advance tig.ilntt the bridgehead
at Jacobstadt, wkt of Husthhof, they
undertook during the night repeatrd
attacks t,nrth of the Mltnu-Jacobsladt
railway and attempted to take us by
suiprlM- south of Dwlnsk. They ex
hausted themselves In uninterrupted
tierce storm attacks against our front
north of Wldiy. All of their at
tacks btoke down, with heavy losset In
men. under our tire, or before our en
tanglements, In cases where they ad
vanced as far as that.
Further south there were no fresh
niar Movement .Not Conilna Till
After Tha it, Pay Correspondent
Ar'Clal Cable Uetpatch to Tn Sin
I.ONPON, March 24, The Pctrograd
correspondent of the Daily .Villi denies
that there Is a big Itueslan move,
"The present fighting Is not on one.
continuous rront but in separate locali
ties, the country being sv cut up by
lakes that only smull bodies of troops
cm be used. Ixva! conditions maKe
anything like a general engagement Im
possible. "It is vastly encouraging that the Kus
sinns have done so well, but It would lie
foolish to miKiilfy the character of the
operations. They nro very likely to lead
to Important actions. There must be
fome Interruption when the thaw comes,
but If the Germans could be forced to
retreat through deep mud their plight
would be both' unpleasant and danger
ous. "After tho thaw Is the time when tho
big struggle Is expected to begin again.
Mo Armor Plate Patriot la He, and
He Jnat Will Not Re,
Dktiioit, March 24. Henry Ford suld
to-day that Thomas A. Kdlion oannot
convert him to the preparedness doctrine
on their Florida, trip, despite the Inven
tor's announcement of his Intention to
do so.
"If he rocks the boat he'll find I can
wltn," said Mr. Ford, "but that kind
of prepai eitness get no contractu for
munition makers.
"Living as he doe bo near to the
batteries of New York newspapers that
hur! their dally fear lionibs toward him,
he naturally gets some of the 'scare
gu' Into his system.
"If wo let the newspapers of the New
York kind fool us Into this preparedness
proposition we can expect them noon to
be proving that the moon Is going to
full. Then, when we are thoroughly
scared and our necks are sore from look
mg up to the sky, no doubt the armor
plate patriots will bob up with a propo
rtion to contract for the building of a
teel roof over the country to aatra ua
from the danger. That la the way It
worki, and It's a neat little eheme.',
Sussex, With .'!(' 1'assen
geis Aboard, Believed to
Have Been Torpedoed.
fipeeial (ahle lerltri to Till; St
Ijonpon, March 21. -Tho t'Jiiinnel
steamship Kutsex -.vsis toivcdoed near
Dieppe this .iltertioon while on her way
from Folkestone to Dieppe. The venhol
had 36 passenger, uboird, besides a
crew of about fifty.
The Sussex did not llik. Help was
nt hand and the vef-el wan taken In
...... 1. ....
u French crew. She It well equipped
with life savins apparutua.
TllP v.Kt-el It of Kuch email draught
,t hai, bcefl MIH1.e,i l-lt m
could not bo torpedoed. She left
Folkestone nt 1 :"5 o'clock this after
noon. The pasi-iRe takes on the average
4 hours and In minutes. It Is presumed
that she was attacked about T, :34
This Is the first time In the war that
a i.'h.itiiK 1 boat has been torpedoed.
Lloyd's iinuoiiiuvil at in o'clcok last
tilfjht that It wan b"llevnl the Sussex
had been sunk.
Thirty Americana Aboard.
rb" Folkestone correspondent of tho
Onily .Villi tebKr.iphs .
"Tlie Sussex left lure at I2..'l0 oVLs-l;
Fridaj Hsr pa-seiiReis inclucbsl thirty
Americans. She started In bright sun
shine, with the weatiier cold and a north
etst Rale blowing and prme.ded toward
Franc- without mcetlnir adventine until
t :20 o'clock when near the French coast
she was stru"k amidships by a loned.
which crashed Into Mo eiicine room. It
Is understood that several hands In the
eusltie room were badly Injtited.
"There wus an Immediate rush or
vesfela from Dieppe to the assistance of
the Sussex. Practically all the pa
seugei-s. so far as ran in ascertaineu. ,
were taken off. The sh,p is sinking very
slly. She whs slill ..Ilo.it -.t 7
Thi' passengers were chtetty luislness
people going to Paris; some were going
to the south of Fi-an.w. The captain, a
vv,.hnv.,i alioucrl ..vtr.iordlnarv
courage and preseme or imnu. i nere .
was no panic. Kverjthliig was machltn.-
Hope Klicoiirnued,
A dcsrvit-di fMin Dover states that
the fa. t that additional vessels wcie
sent ti the help of the Sussex at mid-
night encourages hope,
Other reports are to the effect that
there wero twenty Americans itlsiard.
besides Peruvian and Chilean courier.-,
and that there were man) women and
children among the passengers. It Is
understood that the. vessel carried the
Indian mulls In addition to the French
Hubert P. Skinner, the American Con-sul-'Jeneral,
said he thought it probable
that there were Americans on the Sus
sex, as, In tlie last few days his office
had vised passports for many Amtrlr-ns
going to the Continent. No details of
the Incident have been received at either
the American llmbassy or the Consulate
lleneral. 'Hie following statement was Issued
to-night at the offices of the llrlghlon
Kallmad, which managed tlie Sussex fur
the French owners ;
"The Sussex, sailing under a French
Hag tu the Folkestone. Dieppe service,
met with a m'.shap somewhere off llep
on her passage to-day. There were n
passengers nlsiard and a crew of about
fifty. It Is Impossible at prht to
give further particulars, nor Is the pas
senger list avallahle.
"At s :30 o'clock this evening the vessel
was still nlloiit. In charge of a tug. It
Is assumed, therefore, that all the pas
sengers were saved."
lietore the war the Sussex was In the
night Channel service between New
Haven and Dieppe.
KiiKllstiinan, llellrved to Have Car
ried Many Passengers.
Sptriat Cable Detpatch to Tin: Si s
LoNtsi.N, .March 2S (Saturday) The
Dominion liner F.ngllshmnn has b enj
sunk, It Is understood that she carried
many puisengers. It was retorted at
midnight that there were sixty-eight
known survivors.
The Kngllshnian idled between Hrlstol,
Kiigl.tnd, and Portland, Me, She was
last reported In the American records
when she sailed from Porthind on Feb
ruary 17 for St. Nazalre, France, and
The vessel w.i of :t . H 4 T tons pet nnd
w is built In lfcM Itefoie receiving her
present tiamn she was culled at various
times I lie innia, ine .vioim-zuiuu alio inc.
fSrrmnny .May Soon Tell .Neutral
Complete lllnckmlc Kxlsts.
f pedal Cnhlt Hetpntch to Tnv. Si
London. March SI. The llotterdiim i
correspondent of the HaUy .lull tela,
graphs: 1
"It Is probable that In the near futurn
(irrmauy will notify all neutrals of a
complete submarine blockade of Ureal
Hrltain. warning them that any vessels
entering Hrlllsh waters will be sunk.
"II Is staled that Uenuiiny now Iiiih
S00, and perhaps 300, submarines,"
Many V Hoata Sear Hrlllsh Const.
.Special t'ablt llenteh to Tint Scv.
Coi'KNlf aokn, via London, March 21.
The Hergen correspondent of the I'ollll-l-.t
H.'.vH lliat Norwegian sidi, i.KnliilnM
report having seen a large number of
German submarines In the North Se.t
near the Hrlllsh coast, Two Norwe
gian, attamera have arrived from Liverpool,
Declares the Developments
Have. Home Out All of
His Predictions.
Col. rtoosevelt got home last night
from his six weeks tour of the. Drltlih
und Danish West Indies silent for tho
time, being us to Presidential politics,
but with an emphatic avowal that ex
actly what ho prophesied has comt to
pass In Mexico. In Trinidad he discov
er! d a feathered creature, the RUacharo,
of whoso reality there can be no doubt,
although his description of It sounds like
that of the kllllloo bird of modern myth
ology. It Is tho size of it barn owl, has
whlsUeis like a whlppoorwlll, lives In a
cave, tiles only at night and tats nuts.
Incidentally the Colonel l;n't going to
the prize tight.
On Wednesday night, while tho steam
hip Matura of the Trinidad Line, which
brought the Colonel and Mrs. IloosevUt
to New York from Trinidad, was tus
sling with the toughest galo the crew
has ever encountered, a monster wave
Hooded the main deck and companion
way and spilled sevetal barrels of salt
wat. r Into the Koosevell stateroom. At
1 o'clock In the morning the Colonel got
out of hi berth, seized a pall and baltd
out his quarters, assisted by llenrj I..
Stoddard, whose stateroom floor wai
ulso awash under more than a foot of
the foot of Amity street, llrookl)n, two
nours later.
Kven Perkins Invisible.
Not i ven the faithful (.borge W. Per-
kill w:i vtsllite. .tllht two men u.nl
down the bay In the revenue cutter. 1
They were the Colonel's secretary, John
Mcilrath, who carried a brief rase I
bulging with corrittpondente and tele- I
crams demanding Immedi.iie utt.ntlun.
and Josenh Murray, a former Denutv
Immigration Commissioner, who as a 1
Kepubltctn district leader tu Munhat-
tan first got Mr. Koosevolt Into poll-
tics. No matter where tlie Colonel goes
seaiaring ne u i.ioa. ine itiver ot irotiDl
or the Caribbean Inlands. Joe Murray
Is always on hand when he returns.
A ho n..,.l..... nl ..! Il ....1.
, ... .... ...."nijii ,v.u. ...tcwivciv
I i. . . . ...... .... ... .....
,V . iV. ... .s"
"" ' '' . ." .. . ,
'"'"'' , . ii, ,,.? r JIk .. 1. 7 i
" ........ ,".. 4.r' ...
i., ..o,,ie,
, . , .i . J
"" i"-"'". h, nuwi an
Mr. Itrkins, and will go to Oyster Hay
late in the afternoon.
'ol. Iloosevelt was chumming with his
fourteen fellow passengers In the main
dining saloon of the Matura off Quaran
tine when a boatful of reporters and
photographers was spilled Into his pres.
fence. tils raco was tanned and he
looked tit for a bruising fight, at Chi
cago or elfewhero. He dictated this
statement at once:
"I am not prepared to make any
statement on politics at present, or on
the international situation, beyond re
ferring you to what I ald In the book
I published six weeks ago, called 'Fear
Cod and Take Your Own Part." If
von will turn to the chanter on Mel,n
)i will se that everythlm! 1 then
sld nnd have for the last three years
been saying applies exactly to the prcs
( s t'o-i. nnd that all that f said
In prophecy has been made good by the
A Prophet On Mexico.
"I call .vour special attention to what
I said as to the furnishing of arms
nnd munitlnna to one ret of bandits In
order to help them against another set
of bandits, Instead of helping I'nele m
against all of them. 1 also call your at-1
I'Mtlnn to what I therein said n- to ti e
effect ot adherence to the policy of re
lus.il to prep.ui! und of being too proud
to fight.
"What 1 said u that volume" here
the Colonel lifted his right forefinger
and -tablied his left hand with It
"needs no elaboration now, and exactly
applies "
Turning to hl.s experiences of the voy.
age he went on i
"I have greatly enjoyed my trip
through the Wtst Indies and 1 am more
Impressed than ever with those Islands
and with Demerara as tourist reaorta
und with their Industrial future, j wish
to exprc my deep appreciation of the
courtesy and hospitality with which Ihe
otllclais and the private citizens in the
! French, Liigllsh and Danish Islands re
l reived me. I was Immensely struck by
tho enthusiastic loyalty with which the
people of the French and Kngllsh islands
have come forward to aid the mother
countries in this war. The Islands have
sent to the front or have In training to
send to the front between "0,000 und
.10,000 men.
"In every bouse where I was a guest
practically all of the young men had
gone to the front or wero going,"
Mum on Politics.
'That Is all. You mustn't ask me any
questions about polities," the
( mi .'Lilted Somebody asked him alsviit
ins future plans,
m't tell until I have talked with
Mitiralli, Pe. countflreil.
'Oh," he
ailileil "I must tell you
anxious to have
ixIoiih to have a talk with William
Horuaday of the New York Zoological
ii, .i i am
Society and Henry Fairfield Oshorn of
the .Natural II story Museum. I visited
iiii-ii 1,'wn.fti. ... ,...-M.iii,i in i riiniiaii
tint I want to tell them how well It has
started. Yes, and 1 must ask them
aUiut the strange bird that I saw ; it
was new to ine, although of course It l.s
well known to the natives of Trinidad.
It Is somewhat similar to tho night
hawk and the whlppoorwlll,"
Ho then described the bird as noted
above, "Atld It eats nuts," he said, "It
e 'ti" trees at night ami eat"
both the palnilche and the betil nut.
u ' ii .i.i j.i'i iliiiik of that?''
"And barks like a dog, Colonel?" sug
gested one of the Interviewers.
"1 must deptecuto any nature faking,"
ho retorted. "Hut It does make, the aw-
fullest noise you ought to hear It. The
i natives call It 'Ihe little devil.'"
It waa another passenger who told
how the Colonel, In order to reach the
C'ondMuerf on Second Page.
Uy agreement between the traveller (iriUl;Jefl nl, ,miy a short distance tw Vf '.f:'""-.'"" ?m? ,Ki. .' vj.,,,,, 'nt whMl a proposal t cull out f.v.
bull VofV,; i SSSS & S 1 n , border service w,.
Mexican t.'prlslnjr Kcnroil
Anicrinin Officials in
Itonlpr City.
Kl Paso, March 24. So serious was
the situation here to-night that Sheriff
BdwardH telegraphed to Cinv. Fergu
son declaring that the State, militia
should he sent to the border at once.
Two troops of tho Uevcnth lnfnntry
have been told to report to the Chief
I of Police, who to-day announced that
he had discovered a plot to blow up
the town,
Two more companies of the Seventh
hnfuntry were ordered Into El I'aHo at
11 o'clock to-night.
It was learn cd to-night on good au
thority that (Jen. Luis Herrerit lias
left Chihuahua city for Pit mil with
his command, lieforo leaving he Is
said to have stated that he was. still
loyal to Currutiza and would tight
Villa, but he refused to cooperate with
tho American troops, therefore tliuiight
It best to remove himself from the
theatre of activities.
Cloae to Villa.
That American and Mexican troops
are close, to Villa and 'erhn4s have him
surrounded. Is the belief of American
and Mexican officials along the border.
The wireless from (Jen. Pershing, com
manding the American expedition, to-day
1,1- r,,
st 'n. lihed . tern"
i, , ,h . l,!,
''iitti .i n't Ti, I
brought the news from
Orandrff that he had i
porary base at Kl Vail.
aviu. :"
rtS Juarez ,..
they hud heard that an American otllcer.
presumably Col. Dodd. bad reported
earlv to-day to Cen. Pershing that the
'American fotces were about to attack ,
vll"- Earlier reports had declared that
Vlll.t was surroutultd In Kl Oso canyon,
nere lie retreateu yesier.iay. lonowing
two defeats In one day at the hands of
Carranzu forces, one at Santa Clara
and one at Santa (lertrudes.
That the Carranzlstas ate aiding the
American troops in atttmpllng to round
"P Villa Is the assertion ot Americans
arrivals nere, who siaie ui.n ciomi
zlsta troops are strung out In a barrier
from La Outia to Santa Clara canyon
and from the mouth of that canyon to
Santa Anna, the sew: of Villa's opera
tions prior to his (ntrance Into northern
Chihuahua, to head him off In his retreat
-I.OOii rnrranaa Troup.
The travellers estimate that tha troops
of (!en. Cu'.lerrez have be-n augmented
by troops of Cen. Trevlno, sent into Chi
huahua from central Mexico by way of
Jimenez, and that they number between
4.0HU and S.000.
These passengers believe that Villa
will make a feint to get Into Durango
by some of the trails that he Is familiar
with ami that once In the country form
ing the boundiry line between Chihua
hua and Durango he will not only tlnd
many recruits but supplies and gun as
well as ammunition that have Uen
cached In the mountain fasttie-Mcs.
If this view of Villa's movement
south Is correct, and conceding that be
eludes the Carratizlsta and American
I soldiers at Namlqulpa, he will probably
enter Durango by
nay ni iiayon.
llio uiul th. Hi
dalgo districts, It Is said.
One column of the American troops,
that which went south from Ca-ns
(iraiiuen iiiimiKO i raioun, lid. u.itiii-ii
I't'i'shiiipr Heports His Advance
nt -Miiiniiiipii, linst'
nt Kl Vtllc.
SAN Antomo, Tex., March 14. At 11
o'clock to-night Cen. Funston said he
. ., .i . , j
wan momentarily exM-ctlng to hear of.
a clash IsMwei n the American Hoops
nnd Villa's forces, that bis latest advices,
wnicn were ii.e.iKrc, iiniii-.iii-u iu.k ion
American troops were not far
Mexican bandit, who evidently
was on
the move and not preparing to tight.
I .11,. I' I llt'.l I- . f.U k
(ien. Pershli s report to (,en. Hinstoiiitlnd it iinposslble to see any operations.
staled that two columns of American of troops below.
troops are In the vicinity of Namlqulpa,, (ien. Pershing admitted in despatches
120 miles southeast of Casas tirandes, , to-day tli.it the aero branch of the ser -
This gave assurance that the I'nlted
States soldlets arc In the locality where,
th- Carranzlstas report Villa is being
hemmed In.
Pershing said In his
enme through this time
message, which
without a hitch
In the wireless, tat e ad otstabllshcd an.
n.lv.-mee base at Kl Vnlle. tlftv-.tlve miles
south of Casus Urandes, and announced
that If railway transportation Is not ob
talned out of Juarez to Cisaa Urandes
Immediately he will need more trucks
for carrying supplies.
The sand storms arc extremely bad In
southern Chihuahua, according lo re
mirls reaching headuuarterh here, and
I fti'ii. Funston savs this has Is-en the one
source oi irminie wiin ine w re ess an
I paratus In the Held, For hours the radio
' wttnns "It lithe troops weie put out of
business by the sand storms, which create
i ,ltmi)h,,herlc condlthin anlugonlstlc lo
the sending of air messages,
Unlets were Issued for another de
tachment of airmen to begin training at
otic for service In the field within ten
days. It Is for these lien. Funston
wantK four new aeioplanes scut bete to
A not hi r repot t c.imo from Agua
I'rleta, opposite Douglas, Ariz., wheie
Cien. Callcs, Military Uovernor of So
nora, gave It out. Ueu, Callcs said that
h had a telegram from Uen llnrlques,
Military Uovernor of Chihuahua, stating
that five ttoups of Cananz.i cavalry,
aldtd I'.v American forces, were closing
In on Villa near Nuiuiqulpa and lh.it the
chieftain could not escape.
A rcquust from (Jen. Pershing for
additional signal corps men for service
along his main line of communication
waa received to-day at tJen. Kuiuton'e
POLUMBUS, N. M., March 24.
Villistas are believed to
have set fire to-day to the town
of JnnoR, 40 miles northwest of
Casus Grandcs. on tho route
taken bv Gen. Pershing's force.
Four lan?e fires were burning
when several Americans, who
were returning to the border,
passed on a train.
Three Americans, two women
and one man, were killed near
Gibson's Line Ranch on the Mexico-New
Mexico boundary line,
eight miles west of here, between
4 nnd 5 o'clock Wednesday af
ternoon, presumably by Mexi
cans, according to the story
brought to Douglas, Ariz., to
night by a party of live Ameri
United States troops have
crossed the line in pursuit of the
the American lumber town of Madera,
according to news brought to the bor
der to-day by an American, who was In
the (,'asas tlrandes country after that
district was entered by tho troops under
lien. Pershing.
I The movement of the troops south
Into the territory where the Pearvon
Interests are eft'ihllshed iion so Iflrge
a scale and whose properties were
threatened by Villa was effected by use
of the ta'lroad track of the Northwest
ern south of Casas Urandes, thin
American says.
The Infeiencn Is that additional
troons of the American expedition have
penetrated further Into the district of
(.tierrero and that a strategic cordon
lias or. 'ii oiawil uy ine use ill toe 1,111
way lompletely shutting off the Villistas
from reaching Kayon and Arteaga. The
l.P.U-d Iit.u-..r.. I (.i.l..r; I
are said to have been destro.ed by,to (''"broil tlie I'nlted Statm In war
v"la "" 111" l""t march north, but these, with .Mexico flared up In Washington
wl, th "f th'- Ktiglfieerlng ' today
i-orps. could Is- quickly r.-stoted utid!,oua'
llw:,-v (onnectlons be established be- Following n meeting of tho Cabinet,
villa would hasten his men. are half way.
IfT'i "f I
samiquipa. I
L A. V.mnK . "ft.r"V,n ' .,,''m' '''fV
-;s.'s --ramies mis morning . ',
,h'" evtrhody In the Mormon settle-
,ii.-iiin ..-, iii.in.iiK oii,iir ii s-'lllim
hay and supplies to the American forces.
He said among other things that
(.oioniu tuaz. where hunrireds or me
colonists are forming. Is In a commit-
nlty where the natives aro hostile to
Americans and tnat because of this
lien. Pershing detailed several compa
nies of Infantry to do guard duty.
That the Mexico Northwestern has
been used for the transmission of troops
Into the Madera section was stated to
be a fact by the young Mormon.
"I don't know where the troops went,
but there were a great many of them.
Also troops went out of Casas Crandcs
ii vim- mil ..... !.,.. m,
to git away" ' requested firc.it llrltain to lojk afir
Chassis for twenu-four automobile American Interests there, as It was con
trucks arrived here to-day troin Wis.;on- ,i,.r,, unsafe for a natho Ain.rwa.i
sin and were unloaded by the Vntu 1 .. ...
State- (Martermaster Corps to have ! ' """"I"' r'';,l-
bodies put mi them Part of the truckH 1 Thn Hiltlsh Consul cheerfully txo'-c
will be usu! by the quartermasters In over the task of piotectlng Ameri an
tli '10.li,'rl,,,rV.cU-.,",!rinJ'y ,h!: 1 '"' Prop. rt as well ax lirlti-h. bin
..'.u.t.i, ...... . , niu .... rmi
forward to Columbus for use In
Arrangements nr.- 1-elng mnde to-iKv
to I'll lull Ford cars for the use of
scouts and scouting expeditions in the
cjuntry where Villa is now operating,
ul-o to be usid by message l-earers
ami couriers from the front to tho base
M Columbus.
MeU-'ior Herrera, brother of (len, Luis
Herrera. held by the K Paso nollce
since the reporud defection of his I
ui.'.M'-i oil , r-wi;criiaj Illgltl. W.l.H re-
leased to-dav thro,,-, thl rr.!.iu ..f
.Mexican (.onsui liurcia. it was con-
suiereu evident that the Carranz.t fac
i tlon felt fully satlslkd of the loulty
j in wi, oroilier.
Acio Corps Strikes a Now Siuic
in Utah Winds. Prevent
injr Scout in'.
Cot.tfMiips, N. M March 14 The
V ' ' '", u n Mexico with
den. Pershing has struck another snag,
Their first trouble wn win, .v...
r th( slrrr., Mair-19 Taul;(.t h(,h'
tluew their engines out of tune,
.they do manage to stay up the ."ust and1
sand storms blow up such a cloud thev
, vice is of little use becaiue of the Mvh
j winds prevailing here at this time of the
(.en. John J. Pershing has received
additional wireless equipment for the
"f1" ' M" troops In Mexico. More trucks
"I"" arrived for hauling supplies. With
to-day's arrivals It Is said that 11"
trucks are now In the service of the
American invading army handling sun
idles between LI Paso and Casus Urundes
und from Casas Urandes into the moun
tains. In addition to these, all the trans,
port wagons attached regularly to the
various organizations now in Mexico urn
In active service
The Twenty-fourth Infantry (negro
regiment) is expected to arrive here to-
' (?" '"'V' R,"";r1',wyomlliK.
1 ,hc J'.'V.11 C'nitlr' ls "lMI ,ll,c to-
night from Chicago,
Man Shot llnnn In Saloon
(iopher vleu, roller Say.
The I iopher gang on tin West Side are
believed by tliu police t" be responsible
for the murder lato last night of James
McCarthy, 33 eais old, of 33 West
Twenty-atveiitlt stteet, tu the saloon of
Vlto Kugglelnl, at 54S West Forty-eighth
McCarthy was standing at the bar
tu king with twu men In an uppatently
lilindly manner, when the two walked
i ut leaving their drinks untouched. A
tew tnonnnts later a whistle was heard
outside and two men, neither of them
over 20, appeared at the door,
"You'll never spoil our party again,"
said one of thetn, und both drew revol
vers and Arid,
frunpaisii of Misinforma
tion to Embroil United
American Troops Take Part
in,Attack on Villa, Is
Iicnorl .
Torreon Wires Cut by Villa
Anti-American Feel
ing There Is Intense.
WASlltN-rrrns-, Starch 21. Hitter re-
.Bonttnifit In Administration clrclea over
v.hat l.s rewarded us an organized effort
n,l"f0"at"' - al"
peur that the Carp.inza Oovcrnm-llt !k
not wn,..,.n,. ... t
- '" ' '
Lulled States for the capture of Villi.
"u"' gunman d
, Foreign Jtelatlotis Committee att-icktd
, Ulc Uepubllcans tor seckitg to
fori i
1 trouble between this
' Mexico.
country and
Jn striking contrast to the favorable
I reports received from many sectluas. of
( Mexico to-day Is the lack of new.s from
Torreon. which Is causing uneasiness
among officials heie. It was banie-i
to-night that antl-Amerlcan feeling h'
I Torreon lias risen to such a high pitch
. t,Mt tm' M"t" Departmint a w
k a:,.
his work is being hampered by the. f.K'.
that he has been uppatently Nolu'e.!
from lommunlcation with either Wash
ington or the holder. Nothing h-in beta
heard from him for a week.
It Is admitted to-night that u.is lac'
of news Is consideted an unf.ivoiah'e
sign mule! the clrcumslaiues I'ear
expmscd that the telegraph..- Hins
from Torreon have bteli cut hv VIP
1 ... .... . .
sympathisers as the telegraph lin.'j
used by Pershing weie cut. It v .is lir.s
belleved the wires were down. U'lt In
vestigation by army of fleets show-, the
were deliberately cut.
It Is rxpl.unid that the region of Tm.
reon is of particular concern not n ilj
to the Fnltnl States but to the Hrltlsh.
and Dutch lioverniuciits as well, Curu
pean lloverniuentH fear that hostility of
I Villa sympathizers will tako form
I against all foreigners and that their
subjects will be In us gicat danger .u
citizens ot the United Statfs.
At the Stole Department Secretary
laitiHliig I'haraetei l.ci us a "pack of
lus" reports from the border that ti. tt.
IIiTiera, Carran-i s mt.ltnw kiii
in.indrc at Clilhiiuhiia, had gone ever
to Villa with ",0ih1 Cunanza pdiowtrs
There vvete strong indhnlior - tl'.'.f
l'.tlg.-Clcti. Hell. I'ommiindiiic th-,
Amerlc.iii forces at Kl Paso, would t"i.
called to iiicinitit for having lot .t i"
coll" tl'" tl. lc-t..ti c
' Herrertt
Wilson Cnder "train,
, , ., ,, ,,,- ...... pvhiblteii on
' i . ... .. rNllV,,"u
' ' " .vuiiiiiu.-hiiiiimii t.ninoo u
1 t'"n'"-s that emphasized III Mill: ur;
(fashion the sevi rn strain under wind
tho President and hl.s advisers hive
j been tnhotlnv; in an effort to prifcou'e
.the pursuit and capture of Villa with
mil bringing ahum rupnire wit1'
de facto Unvemmelit of Mexico,
There wus mi unsparing- use ot' tin
short nnd ugly vvoul when comment
were reiiic.steil concerning nmnp
unofllclal reports trm tho bird, t
lYodiictlun in the Senate of telegMti'5.
from th" border towns tcllliK 'f
apprehension only liiteiisliied tha
acrimony of the ilcbate, Senator Sinno
wuttilug his colleagues, tint in a criti
cal situation such nr tin prrsen' :
wan tm time for Senators, to pre.er,'
te egpnms nnd other mutters citlcu
l.ileil to make things worse.
Though his lemirkb were ilire-t.-.'
prlnclpilly at Seiiitor- lloi.ih, P.rit.j.
gee, Oliver. henii.i..i, t'lapp and ot1.-''-lUpublic.m
ineiiibeis, it so happened that.
the whole tliiieup started lioiii tin p.-i -eiitatlou
b Sciiator Janus llsin.Un-i
J-wls of Illinois, the Democratic "w liip,"
of a resolution declaring It to be tiiu.s.'p
for any one In this country l- s' nd war
material, to Villa.
Meantime the State Department fa
awaiting word ft out seno- Arredondo
that the Fust Chief of the do facto Criiv
erunient Is ready to sign tin pinpoaed
protocol betwein the two riiiverniueiiU
to cover Joint action and cooperate In tn
roundup of the bandit leader.
Acipiiesci-iice by Cirrana w.ih es
pectid yesterday, When Ills approval
fulled to come then It was looked for to
day. Now both tho Stute Departmsnt
in-ti.iniii; inai a caiuiin gn cr

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