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Cloudy, possibly rain, to-day; colder
Highest temperature yesterday, 58; lowest, 35.
Uetnllcd weather, mail and marine reports on page 19.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 1916. Copirifjir.lfiie.r,) Ihe Surx Printing and rubltthing Attoclntto.
Mains "World's Hoving
(liiiinpioiiship: Excels
in Every Jtotu.,,.
llrvaks Index Finder of His
Hijrlit Hand, but. Keens
Fact Concealed.
MORE THAN 32,0(10
lCK THF C VI,DF'for 'r"K Sl 's' ,lu; fo""w'nR nrllcIp:
' ' ' ' ttr KIIWAHIl M A It MI A LI..
imii All Walks of
T,ilV and .Many Women
Sec Contest.
Jf Millard, world" rhumplnn hear).
"ilttit boxer, defeated Trunk .Mnran, '
kin rruilte nicer. In thrlr ten round bout
in 'Iii.IImiii Sninarr (iurden last nlitl'
I If fU-unllf Westerner, who won the
till h) lirallne negro Jutk Johnson In l
tlatanii hit April, promt his rlcht to'
ifr Ihn.r tumors. He rxrrllrd hl nil
irnr) at rirr.t point from the moment
Him imrrd off In the tlrsl round un
til lhi hell rndrd the liattlr.
nillar.l'- liiimenT reurh proird u lei
line furtor. It enabled Mm to land limit
nil ,l.i 'i- almost nt hIII on .MuriinN (are,
jn.l whrn the latter liHiprned to be
ilo upprrruls droir him auj.
Tliegre.it gathering saw what wain
Tinny respects the must remarkable
out in New York ring history. To
:n with It was the most expensive,
. fie promoter outlay running
' ' Jlo.o0 mark. The purse for
r lighters w.ib fT1.'J,'.0. of which Wil
r.t ..... A I- , . ..... i
iMcJvv uiiu aiorau nan itiut i
u'J. . In addl'ion JIO.oiju w,1(i jm),j tQ !
mi, ,,,,.,,... i
,w' """". piviiuc .
Ulllatu gpttllii; 1S.1VU of that. I
n. State lax de.lucie.l l.v il... !!...
iii i 'iiiinlsslun ivna nioio than llu.t'UO.
Ui . the exception of Jeffrie, I'runk
o.ruit wa.s as tall nti any of t Do former
eai weight cliainiIoiiB. but .lets WIN
.rd, feel 7. looming six Inches, above
..4ii, mail" him look almost like u
a .ii comparison.
Am .' 'if moic than twelve Uioii
o.u hi packed every nvailable iace
.i.oii i- buc building were men
oil. era. .. ,il, every wall: of Ilfu and
iiindtcl women, sonic In neat
-nits and others in the most
'.' "f evrnln-' .,wn-'. The dress J
i a , ,..r. .oils of ringside spectators!
to London and I'.ui.s arenas
' duplicated, but then; was, it
.tiu s j.r uklng of men in such attire 1
i.' ii. J '.ore in the Hour seats. '
W I- might have Wen a dllllcult
m fir Hi- police was madu slm- I
i... . ... ... 1
"J a piine preliminary arrange-
.vi.' Hun. Ik
"Is of bluecoats formed 1
lot j n a mutt th.. building und re i
ni-d t.i
Os. W
II '.. ,
r. . i
Ull. ( s
I't aiiv otto pa.s excepting I
' i id the mystic p.istelsj.mls !
' 'in to .'idmls.slon, Marly
i .nt: tin; I.ox ntlici' had a lit- ,
' ' do in selling privileges as I
f. ill'. Ther.. was n .lis.
s( cr this part of the programme
'd ' ' task wan t.ini)iliif(l when It
"I " n ii spose.l of.
Oik r f . mmi Iinportat.t uccur
"fnt r tlio contest was obscured
m i (es of those about tho ring.
' W iir.l broke the index linger .jf
' r - ' ' ind diir.ng tlm second round
d - i ii- m do any fitting with
in " 'it .( ! tiiereafter cxccptlmf smell
-V 'nte ,s wi,(. ncceshary to keep
crane un.r.incc of the Injury. The
moi,. did not iit-ed hi.s ngia much.
i0W"' , 1' a vve.irum ..f mi.. el II..
I' d I' ipahly ;iS a menus of defence,
"ijr'iir: rf blows of his opponent with
' .i' (oinpatcd with that of Cor-;
-; .mil .lo'itisou t their best.
"pp' tftt-wi.tr In his actions, Wil
yd was etfis'tiv,. in every pnrtlculur
" ring ratt Ills, emit size made Ills
'!( d v,,ii, Ic.s Hmn It jenlly wast,
i rrt" ufier time ho oiitgiiessVi his ad
'rum hv l.indltig a puiii'h 111 ntii. spot
h"n t'te ,,,t, r pvpectpd It In another.
Aft.-i t ii. lmt Wlllaril PXhlbiteil his
"J'iri.l linger. The right hand had
""bleu t niniost twice Its norma: sizu
large Hint Hip boxing glove litnl to
fiP aivrtj. lie luui IHtl,. t ,,)., ,P.
'Y11- 'ipliiireiitly, that Ins iictlons
spoki u sulliclently for him.
,?r"' wo- voluble. Ho professed to
'iKir ,. ..f , ,,n't been
' nn t n re wouldn't have been any
"'I'm in Mild, "I sin, ii , receive the
JtC'Moii fur my (iggresHlvrness."
I I' Morgan bad a box seal close to
",e "'' f act Ion. Near by wero Hog--
"'l v.oi.erhllt, Harry l'a)ti.i Whitney
f"l Msvor Ctniey of Ho.ston. Others
') to the UiikhIiIii wein Mnrlco Ca-
'j' ' 'orita i Secidary of War ilairlsou,
U'irl.s 1 Muiptiy, lieorge ,l Colmn,
Dianmn.i ,in ura,y, (ieialdlne Karr.tr,
V ;oin,j. Hand iiclasco, llussell Colt.
Jottii M,'i'(,i,n, k, Nat C. Coodwln, John
LH n s"11''. Allan I'lnkeilon. August
Klri,.,i lames A milium'. Theoilore
! koi .loliu K. Tener, Harrison
;ifh'' Howard C. Christy. Alan It.
NhM,., ,i,k .trBau J. (I'llrleii. Mars
V I.. Ill anaer and .loteith W.
mil trfiH.nta
of the WlllsTd-Mertxi
"t will Ue
found on I lis Mptsrtlag
Sfl Sussex was u boat
Edward Marshall, American
on Channel Liner Asserts at Least One
United States Citizen Was Killed.
iiwmf i, , fmiifi'i iii "lur Sc"
j Lunpon, Mnrch Hf., Surviving Ills
j third shipwreck nnd crippled by
. vvountts received In the Spanish
i American wnr. In which his splno wan
shattered nnil lie Ion a Ipk. IMwtiril
Mrimhnll, ilio NVw York newspaper
coirerpondcnt nnd Author, found time
to-night lifter tirrlving nt Victoria
Station In company with ether sur
vivors to tot and comfort the father
of Wilder J. l'entlcld. the Ithodes
scholar from Wisconsin, who I In hos
pital suffering, nccordlng to reports,
from n fractured skill. Thp father
1 lialf cni7ed as a result of his son's
:iinictlon. After speaking with Mr.
I'cntlel.l Mr. Marshall vMtcd the
American nm.sis.)' nnd finally wrote
. Herman) may have dcllboratcly
struck a blow designed to array Amer
ica Heal nit Iut when she torpedoed In
' t lie lhigllsh flnnnel yesterday the
) steamer Su-sex. known to be carrying
' something like twenty-live Americans.
It l Impossible at tills time to Mate
certainly the exact number of tboe
who nre dead, but it Is definitely know n
that one American Is dead and that two
are 1 Ins dangerously Injured in a hos
pital at Dover,
Tlieie ' no doub. in nij mind that
the visse, was torpedoed. I lu)telf did
nut see tin- antiro.tcli of the toniedo.
but I heat d on, of the higher ntllcer
"f ""' slll' say to a man on board that
lie nal seen It, anil the ituartcriuastcr.
who was on the bridge with the cap
tain, stateil to a friend of mine that
he. the captain and others on the bridge
hud s.cn the wake of the ttopedo Htid
hud sheered the ."hip so that !ic might.
If possible, escape.
Mine Theor I u rounded,
Tlieie seems to Is.1 absolutely no sup
port for the Hinting mine theory and
every ixisslble support for the torpdo
: tloory. Not long heroic the shock came
we had passed lloatiug wreckage, Indl
i eating the destruction of veshp. This
i flotsam seemud like baled tobacco,
but that Is a mere guess. Concerning
, the Identity of the shattered ship I lime
been unable to learn an thing.
I The Sussex was tile next victim. I
Iliad Just declined an Invitation to go
' neiow tor
Ittfi.Oinnfi tlilnbl.t. ,1. ,1.
w.., i"M'A m, tin-
dining siiloon would be less crowded
later, when the shod; came. The ifTeet
extraordlnar). The smoking room
ts, small. containing four or
five tables I
1. at one of them, was wy detlnltely
Jirre.i aim was awiire instantly that we
had lieen blown up. but 1 was not scrl
ouslv shaken at the table.
Not more tin. ii mx or seven l'et from
.where I sut a heavy man was shot high I
.Into the air. coming down head Hist upon
the eliiilr upon which h had been sitting
jwlth a lone sullicleiit to break the .hair.
I do not know wbv lie whs thrown and
I was not.
I ii en li li) rial In lr.
Uf course I huriied to the imur deck.
The sun was shilling brightlv, the sea
wan veiy far from lough, animated by
nothing mote than a gentle swell, lint a
strange uncanny sound vns in the air,
libraiit and . hilling.
I heat. I a moan ftom ihe ship's lorn
pany There were no scieanis; the tales
of mad panic me not Hue. Hut there
was no wild scriunlile for the boats.
Capt. Mouffci was on the bridge. The
until in master to whom I have leferred
"Captain, I saw a tmpedo coming and
tried to sheer the ship away from It, but
the effort came too late,"
I was unable to llt.il an;- reliable
passenger who even saw the wake of
the projectile.
I l.(.l.te !t:ivliiT. fill I ,.r.iil.l At,
i i....i,. ,-.i'i , ,,.,., ,
,.... II...M.S, ,.,,' ,1 ...... .-I ....... ...-...
the sllppoy decks, there, in what I
think miiar le the steerage of the shl.o.
we huddled, shivering and who moans
conuiiK fiom t.jo sllghtl) wounded.
I'lVsvnt.y we saw a light. Then, afi"i'
houis of what nniounted to dull miser)'.
a trawler drew alongside and the trail.--i
fer of t.ie wounded was attempted. IPf
It was quite Impossible for tl... Wssi N
Inbbeil about iinianlngly. Many pa ,
SSItgere were puiie.l iiiioito lite nine
resell" ship, however, and none was
Jureil so far as I 1 mild learn.
loipossllile In llonril I ravvler.
It was obviously as iniHisslbIe
me to get aboaid the trawler as it
Horace s. He (amp Ailopls
l nr
Htirrt IL .1. -Mnrtlii.
Suirogate Fowler has signed an oioer
giving a legal father to Mary Margaret
UlUabith Janet Marvin, who lost hers 1
on the Titanic. The baby Is the daugli- 1
ter of Mrs. Mary Uaruuliarson DeCauip,
who wlih her husband, Daniel V. Mar
vin, was on tho Titanic on her honey
moon. Mi'- Marvin was lost when thn '
vessel sank on April 15. 19 IS. but the
bride was saved. Her baby was born
October "I. lei-". Mrs. Marvin was mar- '
rlcd 10 Horace S. Do Camp on Christ
mas Day. 113. ....
In asking Sunogalo Kowler s pernils- ,
slim to adopt his little stepdaughter. .Mr.
. . .. i. lt. ,.u .,1 :'I7 lllior.
" "m, .,.,..:'..,'".-.,
Drive, sitto ins on.,."...
that be can suprt his foster daughter.
Th)' child's mother said she believed
It would be to Hie llliuui a iiuiuiiiuk': is
bo adopted.
FIRST - General News .
ShCOSD -Sporting. Kennela. Aulonmbilt
THIRD Sotiely, Drum, Music, Schools, Fashion., Garden?
FOURTH Pictorial Magaiine .
FIFTH - Litliogravme Supplement, Att ....
SIXTH - Specul Features. Rooks, Queries, CIicm
SF.VKNTH Foreign, Real Estate, Poultry. Financial, Problems
Total . ....
RttJtit or nttititalm uko it not lecfirc all ej Ihnt lediom uill conjtr a Jam
tn "Tk Sun" hi ntltfylnt Iht PullUtlhn Dtparbntnt of ewe hi M pAonc
(2200 Btikmtn) tnJ mlulni tntlont will h promptly JttvtrM If pttilUr.
Writer, Describes Attack i
'.pott for me to set into a -null beat,
although some new madi! friends came
to me nskltig tne to make tint effort.
Presently, having taken all she should
Hike ami neurl) nil the women and
children, she drew off and tho dull wait
ing commenced again. It was saved by
the appearand) of a tortiedo boat dp
stro'cr. Wonderfully manned ami han
dled by siipcr-llrltlsh seamen. It iiulled
up nlotigslile and made fast, although
tho rising sea now and then craMud I;
ngaltit the w nek's side viciously.
I was among the last to bo pas-ed
from one ship to the other. The ,oy
age to Dover wan a quick one, I made
It In the pleasantly reeking quarter
of the crew. I could not make the
climb down to the commander's cab .
Wounded Ainu lliplre.
There In the clew's uuirtem half a
dozen wounded were disposed in bunks
and one doctor and some cry able am i
tears did what could be done for them.
One man died as I looked on, aiiotln r,
whose legs hung b meie shied", b
surely dead by now.
As soiin as all v,-re taken off the Sus
sex the destroer made full speed for
IViver and full speed for a desttvu of
the newest tpe Is rare horse progress.
At Ioer the wireless hail already
assembled an ambulance train of motor ! Adtnlraltc 'o-day sa; s i'Jrt survivors
cars f the same typo a thoe used have been lutnleU In Krance ami between
upon the battlellebl In l Vance. Diir ' ninety and one hundred nt Dover. T.ik
landing was maile by crossing a Hntish! Ing tlie official llguren of 3sii passeiigern
hospital ship at wlioe side within the and about llfty crew, there are about
harlwir the desttoyer moored, and on this j seventy-the persons ami to be ac
hospital ship tho living wounded were counted for
dlssed In part, a few bolus takiu to
a hospital nhnre. ' -lteeu ili'im. AIIIiiu.
The amliuianca train onieM tin i
bal.iii.e of us to hotel". I imself was.
rather helpless by a fall or two upon
the s!lpT.v decks of the disabled ship
while I had been endeavoring t help
anionic ti e wounded.
X iiierlenii Injured
Among tin' American Injur, .! moved t
fneii tile hosjiltal shli to tlie Western
Heights l.isiital at Dover in the morn-,
tllg were lieolge II Crocker. "2 jears1
I old. ..f I'lt'hburg. Mass He sufteied a,
. eoiK us. ion of the brain at the tun" of
tlie explosion and was uts'onsc.ous when
I took the train for Ioi.lou. He was on I
his way to Join the Atneilrau Aiubul
mice at l'.uis. Ills cousin, Charles
Thomas Crovker, alsj of Kitclinurg. waj
bioklng after him These .voung men
wire standing near the bow of tlie Sus
sex when the torpedo struck the ship. 1
I'. of. .1. M. Italdwlii, h.s wife and
daughter. i:!lzahetli, vveie standing near
them. Crocker told tr.e that Miss Rii.l
wln and her mother were killed almost
Instantly and tliat Mr. lialilwin could
not be found nflerwutd, the siiposltlou
being that he had gone overboard. They
were on their way u 1'arls. where the)
had a home. Hut afterward I learned
,nal i t1'., iiaiow.o 'inn in- w.n
H.r.d- j
sale in li nnoKiie. niiiiougu -ii J s.
win "lisil a broken leg.
Tingle Vo... Culbertsou and Daniel
Sargent, respectively ."' and '.''" )eum ..id,
also were g.oiig to Join t' p Ameraaii
Among tli isc taken ft out the Sussex
by the l''i, ucli Haul, r was one Amer
ican wonia , .Mrs IMna S. Hards, who
lulpul every one despite hep worr.v over
a missing relative
I'eudli'Uoi's l.cu llroUeu.
Among those injured was Wilder
Cr.nlee Pendlet.,' of Wisconsin, a medi
cal student line of his leg- vcah limkeii.
He was going Into war wont l-'rance on
I a va.'alloi limn the 'ii' dical school nt
. I ixford
Till' ti'tld WCIe lefl o,l Poald t.le Sus
sex, one of tho-e I saw, t.ie purser, who
was found coveieil with wire which I
have iiienti uied as a part of the ship's!
light cat go. I'Vur ii"'lt to me iiukltowii
1 la) on in., upper deck, victims of this
' dt staidly attack upon an innocent pas-
si pger snip.
A .voting g rl w tli a splendid luhyj
lay wltete she had die. Another woman !
lay dead in the women's room, and I
thete was a dead man sw.nglng It. ad
down from tb" wreckage at tlie bow.
The-,, vveie all the ibiid I saw aboud
the ship, but tlieie vveie those swirling,
ghastly flgiiics In tli" s. a. turning ami
twisting, ilpparently neve: sinking to
the Invisible depths
It would be dlltl.'Uit ,o de-, l Ihe the
Indignation felt b) the American sip-,
vliors, Down among Up. mall bags on
tlie lower deck we held a little indigna
tion meeting while we waited for lescue
u,ll,s lll,t... fell' II. t...llet..,1 ...tl.l
,,,,.,, s ,. ,.,,,. 1C)lll, .
Ml ,. torp-ilo'H wink.
lOn i.111 fo coble (' fots, imtj 11 yni. (
0 .lr. Mnrh'lll'n pinpii'c 11m, nut 0
I hr ion. 11 1 fifiyeij ind (inn ri,cfii(
nit fo fir hoe 0 001110 hi iress. 7ic
full sloi'i n'ffi br pni'f'd 01 Tut; St s;
HI Value 1111
Too l.ntr
'I'lckPl lip llelnrns
il 1',.- Col. Ii.ioscveit'4
the ballot 111 the only
Cllll'.i'io, .Marc
name wilt be on
1'reslilontliil piniiaiy whcie tlieie is to
be a test of sentiment uniting the twenty
one dliect nrlmaiy Slaps. Tins ,n in
Montana. The dap' H April '.'1.
Col Itoosjvi'lt will be plttd against nil
candidates who have been menilonrd as
possible iio.nli'.ii - He leluiiied fiotn hU
trip Usi late to wltlidtaw nnil under the
Montana law I" compelled to run against
all starters
it is held 111 iii' i-IJoosi.ve.t circles that 1
the 1 oioupi nas ail auvamage iiec.iuse
.lieeph M. Dixon of Moniuna,
1 who was chalnnin of ihe I't oicsslv 1;
coiiunltte'! 111 IlliS, leads the list of can
didates for delegates at huge. He Is
avowedly for Col. Ilooscvelt.
Washington Hears Eng
lishman and Sussex Were
V Boat Victims.
f(..l. lobl( tlttpttch TlIK Sf
I.ondo:.'. March '.'S. AujM sevent
!H person", Ineludliig, It Is bclleeil,
speral Americans, are missing from the
Channel steamer uex, wlibh struck
a mine or wna lorjM'doed etcrdny af
ternoon while on her ivnv from l'olk
htone to Dieppe, Aceoidlug to officials
of tho Ijordun, llrlgliton and South
Co.im Hallway ('ompany, inanageia of
tho Una which runs the Sussex, the
passenger list of the Sussex showed that
there weri tw en'.: -fl
Americans j
A st. ilea, c.i. ia.ie.l li' the Itiitlih
A ilespat. a fiom Palls sa.vs that Am
bassiolor Sharp is Infoinied that woril
has li, (ii i -i ened of the ,,rety of omy
nine of m, i-icnty-llve Ameitcans
Kimwii in have 1 n it. I tlie Sussex.
The follow ing official coinmuiiliiue
. was issued to-nigli
i ister of .Marine
bc ihe Kiciicli Mm- I
The Itrltlsti sua. lie: s-us .e. at.v
ing .IMi imssengers was torpisloed in
the I'halinel by an ciiem) sill. marine.
The captain -aw a torpedo a hun
dnd meters away and tried to amid
It. but the missile struck the vese
III the bow. The shock partly de
stroyed the wireless equipment Help
was (lela)e.l by the wireless opetalor
sending an inexact location
Most of the passenger were landed
at r.oiilogne. others were taken by
Drltlsh destinvers to Ihiglaud. Tim
Sussex was tow.il to poi'i Tile ex
plosion cans, d a panic
TheiP were fifty v. citrus.
I'our Americans are missn. from the
Doniuiiou liner Englishman, which w
unk resierday, accuillug to advices re
lelved by the American Consulate-Celi-eral.
These udvlcen add thn statemiut
that the v ees-el was torpedoed.
The l'i 1 ih:i ;t ii was a horse ship.
T he Ainer.caiis lej.orte.l missing are
I'etn- .M.'Doe ild. a horse foi man 'of
' I'lieiry s-tieei, Hoston ; lie.trge Mc
Donald, i ti'iinmir of :i; 'omiuon
stnet. ,.iwr Mass., ami p. lliickley
and N. A Murk,'. wo.. e a PIu-sm's are
nor Know .i
.aoile.l In liiiulnnil.
, Acisirdlng to ilesj.ai, iies received at
! the America t i;uili.is..v ...'Iv' to-day
ninety of the surihors of tts Sussex
Vei landed l i Ihiglaitd, and 1110-1 of
the passe;,'ets had l-i'ii lambd at
Hollloane, to Wtll.'ll pott the Ve-s.l was
to.ve.l. 1 in. i lie-pa!, i s.ud that twenty-1
live Aineiiians
the IIUIlll'l 1 of
w to ahoaid,
asii.t.tiis vi. is
but that 1
lalw.ud lluxlev. pl.sidetii of tin),
United Stat, s Hubb. r
I.Xport l oinpall). ,
and l"rainis II. Drake,
ager of the company, w
Lur.ipeah man- '
1 if res- iifii anil 1
an. s..r.. in London ncy report that
tint" was a heavy loss of life th" ,
vessel. Mi I uxley sa) s that several I
'W'1'' 1 1 Hi. ii" oi me i'ihv
wete Undolll.leill) killed b tm expl.i
sion. .Ion: II Jlc.tt!"). a com spoin b lit of
'he United 1'ress, telegrajihed fiom Hon
lone tins afternoon that it was bc
llevid Hierp Hut llfiy persons liad l.i.-t
their lives, thr, e Amri. an passeng'"
In had Iut, 1 yiev ed, he 'aid, agreed
tliat the vessel was torpedoed,
Mr, dearie) said In h.s message that
I'm;, .lames Maik llaldwln. fonneiiy of
II lit. more, 1110. c r'lently living in Carts,
and Ins daughter, lllizabetli S. italdwin,
were mlsshiK and ai" believed to liav.
been drowiu'd. A deep iti h to a London
I.ews use'ic) sa d that ,M,ss Italdwin
was rescind, but that lid' leg was
biolien and she bad .im'.viI r.ii.r It
Jilllt" ! Vljss II11 1 it ivlii Wat Killed.
Charles C.ocVer reaclie.l Dover to
day. He sail that Miss Italdwin. vo'io
hail b""il living with her patents In
Paris was killed by the explosion. A
, despatch received late to. night -a)s,
' however, that Miss Italdwlii is hi a
I Houlogp,' hosjiltal
IMwniil .Marshall, one of the passen.
t gers oil til" Sussex, is a Itewspiper cor-
lesponilent. a niininer or who." articles
have appeared lecently In Till: Sr.v He
abi, leached Dover.
Miss Allie Hill, of Colorado and
Wilder i! I'enllclil. an A1ne1l. au lihodei,
pcholar at Merton College, Oxford, weiei ' Have .van everspol.cn to him legard
Kiivcl. ' Ing public rumors of hril.es being offered
one Xnieiicau. whose nam.' s not 1 for putting through tho subway mat-
known to the Americans who have m
far readied London, was talking with 1
the lialilwin fundi) hear tho luldgc of'
the Sussex "lieu the explosion occurred
Tile -iii-v nors sn the) hive not seen
liim stlue then and they believe he wa"'
The . htef 11 .nicer of ihe Sin ,o Was I
killed b; Hie explosion anil the purser
was scr1011.1l) w nun. led. 1
Tne explosion shook tli" Sussex at
about .1 o'.'lorl, In tlie iiflci noon, an
liotil and a half oil 1 of Uolkeslon... it
damaged th" winliss apparatus Tlie
jwaieitigl't comparliiientH die credited
.with Inning picii tiled an almost Imiii"
I dlate sinking of the vcsm !
' Punic Is Wcrleil.
I TIipip was Home excltenieut and hurry
In getting to in.' i.oais, inn dim iiiscipnne
was good and panic was avcilid, Tlie
pouts were lowered 'iilcl. A irdliig
to the stories or survivors, the second
lni.it, conlaliilng foil) peisons, was over-
tilineil as soon as lowered and Ihlity of
tlie occupalils weio iliowneij,
Man) id the p.issciigriH Jump.-d oipi -
board without nllemptlnif to git Into
boats. It Is belK ved Unit more than half
01 those who Jumped into the sen were
lost, nltliotlgli pi'lH'ius on d.ck threw j
(ii. ni pie -cN of I'liiiiiliire and grntliigs. 1
'I ho Sin-sax drifted about for somnl
I'oiiffilinif mi iiiii(i 'rifii
One of Hie ftiipni eoiirsefinllieCniiiiir)' H-.il
Ifti'xlioii: srtprils 11 mint Plcturrniiirritfitvinrle
punorsiuie tlew nf Mountains. Klntuin .-Intuits
and holel. Iti artied by SOIrTIIBnN IIAIIAVAY
N V Oinec, Ml Fifth Ave Aiv.
Thompson Committeemen!
Told of ''Message
T. Head Received.
Co! Tlninthy s willl.-im-', president
of tho If. It. T.. reluctantly told .the
Tliompsoji legKntlvo conimltlPfl yester
day that when Ids company'! nubvvay
proposition wan pending Wore the
Hoard of Estimate In the first half of
tho )par tlilt n pertain Individual, now
(lead, Imparted to him a "messagr," as
he called It, to the effect tliat for Jjno,
000 the vote of a city ofnctal, also
dead now, could be secured In favor of
the II R. T.'s nroponals. f'ot, Williams
would not mention the name of either
i person, hut other testimony relating to
the matter le't little to the Imagination
ni fur as tit oil'.-' il fr.vnlvrd was
I con.-erned.
j Tills totltnoti). spathic s slid
I ilcvnly as to tartle ,ven the commit-
tee and fill up the vacant seats and
i landing spare In the Coroner's court
room when news of It spread through
the Municipal Hull. ling, developed out
of a rumor, a plere of gossip conveyed
. to the investigators by Scott .MacHeyn
olds, law.ier and ormcr newspaper
man Maelteynnid nient.on-j "(.name
as the uion who had gone
Williams with the "message," and
i to I ')
reeitid a eoniereatlotl nlut the Iml-
I dent wi'fi l'libhc teervl."e Commissioner I
Tr.nw 11 Whittle) on a llrlgliton Iteach !
'I.'' t.am s! or eight month" ago. Mac-j
Heyiiohls also named the lnt" Mayor
Mlaynor a the oltlcial concerned and J
' .".o.iipo ns tin- amount, cording to the i
I story that reached his ear.
! The t-tlmony of Maelteynolds was1
that, vvhi'H he mentioned hbi gossip to
Commissioner Whitney (then (ecretary
of the commission I as they rode to Man- !
Iiat tun one day, Mr Whitney told him '
tliat it vi a fie fame as what he had
Inanl 1n convematton with Col. Will
iam on the same subject Hut Com-)
mlssloner Whitney could tot recall any
mention of Mr ll)de In the conversa
tion with either Maelteynolds or Col.
Williams. Ills memory was confused
too as to whether he hennl the ofory"
from Col. Williams, former Chairman
William 1!. Wlllcox or IrfHoy T. Ilark
iies of counsel to the I'ubllc Service
tin? niir'n Attltnde.
Wnen I'omniisflone- Whittle) was
asked, however, tho name of the public
l.alleh.l 1 l.vrtl vp.1 Ida i,luup una IV.Ia
"My Impression Is that the matter
under d seusslon was the nttltudc of the
Ma)or on the nibway situation"
Kortger Ctiv (itainberbiin Charles II.
11 il". who was appointed to that ofllce
by Ma)oi' Caynor, had been sent for by
I l'r .1,1: Mn.s rnm,..l ),.. I,
i,.i ,i, if.,., .,. .w..
Maelteynolds had to present. Mr. Hyde
, .,ro..,lll ,l.t-...ti-l,r..,, ,l.a .aO I .........
ii.' Jt i..,.,.i , ,,. , .... ..'I
, .... . Autwardtv lndlk-nant nod enr.ieed
at the Incident. Later he denied on the
St. .fill rll.l) lie etas .llull.wo.l cl.l. ..,..
matter." I'tli )'ol Wllilaras or any other
.,,,,, nM:i c0. Williams bore lum
,,-,.,- pol, ,,nd elearci liim abso-
,u, .. of ...... ,limn . i,. ln , , malt.r
"TIi'p is the most slanderous thing."
decl.ued Mr. Utile rtslng'from his chair
and pounding the table with his- fist,
"that I have ever heard of In my life." !
No indication of the sensational ch.ir-
n -ter ot the d iv. short session .im.e.i-e.l '
Iii Lie early testimony, devoted to fur-
j ther Inforniatloii fnuu foinier Corpora-,
1 I. on Counsel WlLiain II. llllleon regard
ing th" ;nir,1iO0,niM) subway "otfer"
which two ni'Oi. punortlng to have
Standaid nil Interests behind them, con-'
ve.ved to Major iSttynor tluough Mr. 1
llllisol.'s good ofllces, Aside from that
point, Mr. lllllsoii said he knew very;
wel; tlie late Udwin Mauley, all Inter
boiough diiectoe who llgured in the
Shoots vj-it t St .lames, Mr. Hawiey
told Mr. Ulll'on. the latter tistlfUd, that,
the eiippnit of John I'urroy Mltehel, '
then Pr,a.l.leltl o' the Ito.iril of ll.li.s.
nun. "would pot bo needed" tor the dual
....1 1
wnen se t t:.."lt,.vno.,l. ...,i.
10 He stand following Mr. Ulllson, Mr. "'"lie. St. David, Cochise. Safloiil. Will
Mos said he had been informed about rox, McN,nl. Light. Courtiand, Arlvaca,
son'.' conversation between lum and I s'"' "iiou. Puna. Duncan and riiatchef
i.m.tiie. i.eiviin re-'ii.line m,,i, City Manager Hobert Ciaig of Phoenix
teis The witness said he knew Travis
H. Whitney and talked with him about
the niba,vs one day six or eight months
nso 011 ,1 llrlgliton elev'atul (tain Mr,
Moss continued
tlrllie Humors Told nr.
toil' .
I think I did,'' leplied Macllc) nolds
vv nat did you s ty :
"1 want to s.i) that what I said to
him was purely gossip and 1 0,
know whether it Is true or not 1 don't 1 Though dealers are ". leaned 011: of
believe It Is fair for tne to bring In Hip nrmt ami ammunition at Phoenix they
mini" of pcopl. whose leput.iilon ,,r i Hlatc that the.r stocks weio not pin
chaiiicler might ) injured on account 1 'mascd entire!) by Mexicans. Hundreds
of "o-lii I have heard" 'Of Nnierlcin citUens have bought anils
Dhl Mr. Whitney replv ?
"Vcs "
"What did he -.n '.'''
"II" laid he had licit. I tne .,,lne
thing "
"Well." -aid Ml. Mos.-, "1 tliinl. vnu
had better stale what ) 011 sibl under
ihe pin iimsiniices "
"I think the coiiicrsatloii was opened
by m mentioning the fact that 1 uu.
dersioo.l that 'luce Cluirllx Hyde had
become Involved In certain matteis, a
new mail 11. id necome collector for
stajm i.a.v not. 1 tnuu 1 lihhe.i ii,m If
be heard the stoiy nlsiut that told
lum that I had heard that Mr. 1 1 x . 1 .
; had gone 10 Pieslilent Williams o! 'lie
, H It. T and hud statul that for $511,(11,11
(In) line's vole could n had 111 favor of
! the dual hilbwa) contracts and that
had iiioip iniormauon that c.d. Will
lams nan spin lieu me oner and re
fused to li.-uc anytliltig to do with 11.
Mr. Whltliet told me that was nlmtit
cmrret as he hud heard It III 11 con
lersatloii with Mr. Williams, He said
Mr. Williams, hid told him the same
"Were there iyi) other names men
tioned In )our conversation with Mr.
Ton Hit tirif on flrfs fife.
WASHINGTON, March 153.
by President Wilson to truide the
operations in Mexico:
As has already been annoi'iicud. (lie
expedition Into Mexlio was ordered
under nn ngreement wit.t the do facto
(Jovernmunt of Mexkn for tin- single
purpose of liking the tutulii Villa,
whoie force had actually Invaded the
tertltorof the I'nitcd States, and Is In
r.o sctiee Intended an Invasion of
that renublle o- as su rrrlngtmer.' of
ls snveietgnt'
I have thetefo! asi;il '.ie eeieal
news serv.ces to be good enough t as
sist tho Administration in keeplns lliD
view' of the expedition constantly be
foro both the people of this country and
the distressed and sensitive people of
Mexico, who are ver.. sus. cptlble in
deed to Imprefcions rere.icd from tho
American pre- not only, but aDo veey
ready to bcllrve that those Itiipris'tons
proceed ftotn the views and ohjecm of
our Ciovernment Itself
Such conclusions. It mast be sa.d, are
not unnatural, because the main if
not tho only sajurce of information for
the people on both n!de.s of the border
is the public press of the I'nlted Stutes.
In order to avoid the creation of erro
neoj and dangerous Impressions In this
r.iv 1 ha.v ctlled upon the several news
ngemles to use the utnioct cave not to
give news stories regarding this expe
dition the color of war. to withhold
stories of troop movement and mili
tary preparations watch might be given
that interpietation, ana to refrain from
publishing unverified ruiuois of unrest
in Mexico.
1 feel that It Is most desirable to
Imprens upon both our own people a id
the people of Mexico the fact that the
expedition Is simply a necessary puni
tive measure, aimed solely nt the elim
ination of the marauders who talded
Kluilos Aiupricaiis n ml iirrim
zistas. Slips Into Sun
Ki. Iso, Te'.. March 25 -lien. Villa
and his men eluded the American and
Carranr.lsta pursuers to-day and mado
this way south to San Ceronlnio. with
Col. i.'ano In clo.se pursuit, ncvoiding
to mcssagc.s received In Juarez to
night. (Sen. fl.ivira ipcelved the mes
jsage to-i.islil from subordinates south
of Jtiart;..
San Geroiiiiuo I- south of Ml 'so. the
canyon In which Villa was tepnrted
.surrounded Inst night.
In answer to protests trom i.'si.iuits
at 1'resldlo, Marfa and 1 'el Itlo for
gieater protection !cn I'uuston oidei'd
to-das that a battalion of the Tit cut
fourth Infantry, which 1
this morning trom I'ort
ichid 111 I'aso
v. uusscii,
be M. mould in that dlstr
line company will go to Mai fa, le-1
lleving a troop of tlm l'oiirteentll 1 'avail) . j
whh h w ill go to I'resldlo, opHiste 1
OJinaga, Mexico, nnd two companies will I
go to Delrlo lor patrol dut) along the !
Southern I'aclllc llallttii) Another j
compnit) will be statloni"! a' 1'abiins,
near Ki I'aso
1 ""V. Hunt of Anr.ona lias rec vd re -
'nitestte fur arms from ittulsdcn. Mohawk.
AJo. Mesa, l-'lorlo, Cai.a lirunde. Tomb-
IIIUS l.een u 1. 101 i..i i.p en. 1 1.1. s-
llo-'jn titles atnl Sou rounds of ammuni
tion for each and to implov umi speckil
policemen to form the 111 bus of a
home guard
Col. Coltz, commanding Ihe Hoops at
noun las, d tiled to-diy that Cairauza
troops weie being massed tilling the
border. He reported tliat the gairlson
at Agua 1'rleta. opposite Douglas, iom
prised otilv "Oil ollicers and men and
that tlieie was only one battery of anil
It") .
t iiipi'Iciiiis trp rniliiu.
11 the last few da.vs there Mexicans
hi Phoenix of undoubted lo)alt) slat.'
that tlieie s i.ollilng to be t pa red .from
Hip Mexican population Any aims put.
Pli.istil by Mexicans, lliev detlaie, were
boiight 1111 rely foi "self-protection"
Although reiitiests from border towns
for troop protpcllop or supplier of arms
continue to pour in, oillclals in thaige
along the llierleali side stoutly assert
that Hi" situation W well in hand ami
there Is no real danger and no prospeit
of an). The City Council pass.-d 1111 or
dinance to-iki) making It a line of $2"'i
to tend out fake reports calculated "To
injtite the general business or leptila
lion of the clt) "
Interesting sidelights on the inarch
of the A iik'I l.-.i n army Into .Mexico
have conic back in letters from soldiers
to tin I r families and fil'-nds In I'd Paso.
A Idler from a Held otlli er eays .
I'ioiii "(jo De Kedrriio" another
ollh er writes .
"When we all'li'd 111 xscctis.o 1 we
found ciivalo there Morn cm op ii
during the evening and so did six lly.ng
mtichliics. It was a prctb Mglit to see
them In tlie air.
"To-day we matched only nine miles
nnn cauipcu near a iinr sizcn lane, 1 1
rendu tied on Rrcosrt Ptitjr
This btatcmcnt was issued to-night
public retrardini? American military
Columbus, nnd who infest n I unpro
tected dlttr.ct near the border which
they uso an a base In making attacks
upon thn lives and property of our
citizens within our own territory.
It Is the purpose of our comma .iers
to cooperate In every possible way with
the fnrres of (!eu. (,'arranza, In remov
ing this cause of Irritation to both Oov
rrnmejitH and to retire from .Mexican
terr.tory so s.09ti as that object Is ac
complished. It is mv ilut' t'j warn the people of
the United Slates that, tlicro ate per
sons along tho border who are actively
-ngaged In originating and giving as
wide currency an they can to rumori
of the most sensational nnd disturb
ing sort, wliU h sre wholly unjustlilcd
by tho facts.
Tim object of th.s liaflic In false
hood is obvious, H Is to crea;e Intol
erable friction between the Covernmcnt
of the United States ami the do facto
(rovernment of Mexico for the purpose
of bringing about Intervention In tlie
interest of certain American owners of
Mexican properties.
This object cannot he at'atned so
long as rune and honorablw men are In
rontrol of this Jovernmeir, but very
.cr!ous conditions may b created, un
necessary bloodshed may result and tho
relations betweui tho two repusllcs,
may be very much embarrassed.
Tho people of the United Statu,
should know the sinister and uiis.'t-jpu-lous
Influences that ate afoot and
hould bo on their guard atf-lust cred
iting any story coming from tho bor
der; and those who disseminate the
news should m.ske it a matter of patri
otism and of conscience to test the
source and authenticity of every re
pot t they receive from that quar'.er.
worn mow xnufos.
(ipii. I'i'i'sliiiiir litis; Kiiniioli tit
i'iiitv mi ('ttiiiiiiii:ii. Wonl
ri'Hin Knmt.
ri.osK N VILLA'S lllll-Ls
bti, N.
!): it be
Tilt: AMIT.I.'VN AltMV, I'OUOM.l
Mexico, via radio to C'olUUl
M.. March 25,-. lien. I'ershing
known to.day that he n-eds no
more troops nt
the front In
fntces to be
t1 " hunt
used are
for Villa
Part of tin
rest ate 100
through the
foi 1 e. ate hetc .mil tile
miles southeast riding
foothl.ls of tho S.erra
Ma die.
High winds, driving sand wnlli
j hllnils horses and men. have prevailed
j In tills part of the Suite of Ch.'.-.uahua
for sevetui day-, making Hie work nf
I the cavalry liilllculi and ri'iidiring t'le
acrnidain.s almost ineifectivc
Hen. Pershing was emphatic to-day
in saying that the Carranza forces
wete t'oopei.itiiig w.t'.i the American
fotccs in iVPly way possible, but h"
was none too sanguine about the ,m
tni'diati' captuic of Villa. Like chef
1 ,,,11,.,,, s, the iIimiciii! does 1.0 want
linpl'tlnn to go out tl a' it.a
bc.-n stirroiindeil .titd lent In-, ib-atli or
capture is but a matter of a few il.i) s.
T ic cii.'oiiipassiiig
null e.r.er.t o tl.e
liil is,. States cainliy has goj'e foiwaid
s.i tai without a hit h. but here at he.nl
Oil, 11 lets t Is I r.illi"il that Villa, not
wltnstaiidltig lib- 'tli'ieabouts ue-e
known las' night, may break through
the ring that is. being made i.totind
Men and 1101 s. . .11. n excrlb nt . on
dit o'.. No (ontaglc.'! of 1111) kind has
devel.ipi.l. I'Acipt for the sand, which
tills the eves and gits into ev erytlun.
the" eat, the n-eii are comfortable In
tlnir dog tents. The hot weather
eii.'iiiiiitei ed to eastern Chihuahua has
given way indole a con! wind tinni'th"
Motnhwest. This morning the thermom
eter icglrtired 011I) tin ihgrees above
freezing. About s 11 cl. ' then- was a
light llnrr) of snow
Virerlcan l-oop- engaged 11 an if
compassing iiioveuniit with C.11 : anzlstas
mar Nainluiiipa to..i.i., got iiieii' llrst
1 sight of
was no lighting oeivteen the
bandits and the I lilted States fon es, ,v,
the i.ur.iiubtas had iwo brushes w,h
otn-i' hands, icports o ti'ii Pershing."
I it .1 . 1. 1 tl.i ft 1 s. slated
The bandits th" Vmeii.aiis siglttctl
wete a small body and It is not known
whether Villa himself was among them.
The ic ports lieadiililterii gave their
location as r.n utiles south by southeast
of Dilliliin 'I'll" despatches Indicated
Unit Villa has split up Ills forces.
Tilts was the llrst wold Hint the Aniir
lean languatd was so close to the Vll
llstas., and icpoits- of lighting were ex
pected momciitai lb
.hi pun's in- Lulil.
T. .urn, March .I.iii.iu's goinen t . 1
lidiii Ihe uiaiiuf.i.'itii'c and sale 01' :,t
ii'iinillolis and stipllte cont.iiues 'i',,,.
foiclgn trade of Japan for the (i conil ten
tlir s ot IVbriiary, 1: is itpoiiid, was
valued at $ 1 1 .1 1 7. ..HO ninth of 1 x ports,
nnil J V.i.Mlciiid Impoit". a balitiice nf 12,
D'.o.uiin In fa voi ot exports
Vtll.l.WlH-MllllxN I IINTKST Pit II HO,
il',11,1 I 11 I'll 1 1 p, air in K II ! , rm D , lu 1 1
Will Tighten Censorship
and Spread Warning
in Mexico.
JJaker Says Xo More Troops
Ave Ordered to tin
U .isiii.vini).'., Mault ".'. - 1'rrs.neul
Wilson appealtd to tioi lountiv to
night lor aid In I iv.iirting n conspiracy
which he declure.s has been organised
t I plUllftO till) I'll.tPd S'.ltl" I'tt'l wdi
iv, th Mexlio
In j formal jva.ciiiant .ssutd at no
Unite House the I'res.dent rli.tr.!' s
that a catnpiUgn 'if falsehood is liflnu
c.i 1 r, .'il on through the lic,ip.iper.s o'
tlie country "for Uipjui.iiom! of brli .
lug tibout Intel ventlun In tne inten..i.
of ccttaln American owners of Mi-vk jn
ptopii ty '
Ti.ls lmrpo-e toe liesmen: p Cilgi
l.mi.-tlf to defe.it. hut iio t.iun.'i tl e.
Iicople of tip; country that ir the i.uii
palgn is permitted to continue "vciy
serious condltion.s may bo 1.1'a'eil, 1111
iiecfSMiiy oloodshcd may re.ull and
the relations bttueen the uv ic,nii.
l!t nitty be veiy much embanasacd.'
l'nsldent Wilson expresses the liuim
that the people of the United S:nv
w.:i be on their guard agalmu uiilii
lt. any a.ory coming from the bordc
und he entreats- the pditors ot new-,
papers t.iat they "make it .1 mrter .if
patrlotifin and consilencrf to ti si in,,
source and authenticity ,.f ,.vi." i
pott tlicy receive from that iiu.irt."-
A lloalile
Tne I'resldent b is a
it Is undi retooii, m is
nient. He ilesiics tr.
facto floveriiiiieiit of
d"Ub!e pai pose,
suing his sute
reassure the de
Mexico that tn
r,"ll iroop.s iii pis,, ti,,. pepder the
United Slates is actuated i,v tt sin
purpose tll capture Villa, i.ms ,,,..1,1,,..
" ' vair.inz., t restrain M x .
1, ..... 1. ....... .
10 .i,oiic oiniiion 1 ti
i. cc or . it, .i i. t,i
intl.iiiie the i, 'public ..g.nnst ns conn
try because of fp. ,,p,r,ir,lllt,. ,
American soldiers Mexican sod
In the s.,s,n,i Ida.'., the I'ri-.dinl .. -sires
to head fr w)l, ,,....,,.,1,,,
a gtow.ng agitation wirmri tne United
States for a more gen.'i.( moieino.r
on the pan of this lloieiiitoei.t to .
store pi-ace in Mexico.
With a i, civ to rea.-tii ing .Mexico
that tlie United Mates li.i.s mi ulterior
purpose to serve M despa tln troop,
across :h,. Imrder the President s stall
tmnt nas '...en calibd to A .nerican in
sills in M' x.co for general c.irculatio i
and ti aiism.saiou to Cc c.irt.uiia C, -ern.au
Tl.e Pi.. .lent i.-.ieii In. s:atenie''t
after se.'cial l.ss dras'.n ei'iorls had
leeii made to head oir ..ihit oll.-a
legur.led as -c I i-;i 1 1. mi I newsp.i,'-i ac-
(Oil. Its relative to conil.ti,,,!, n ,)-Xl.0
and rr.-.r Hi" bonbr
Precdeii! Wilson - tirsi n: ,lr .1 tn s
il.ie.'tlni' w.i' male ten d,i)s ,,(, aep
tit. I':, .ed St.t'.ts iio'... '.-nent aiiiioun. e,
Its V .l.ll.sr.ess to ;! lum lln asnp
tl. .-nt wit. i lariaii,..! :'." ti.e lecipro.,'
i of se.al ng ttoops across t.
boidu. M that t.u.e t ie Slate Dcpa.
nie .1 t..tl a si. item. -nt nn'iotiricli.
t. 'i' lit il. no !,-, mi-tali. ,s would tne
p.in.LM x, .ed. lion !. iiIIoai.I to .
IM.d ' . "iisial intervention TIm
sti'sri'.'t wa, se..t to C.wiai...i am. g
vi i'i I iu. ' . i i ei.t s ae."plan o of
1,1- 'i .-.i f " a tioit'o i agieeiuenl
I ))llllll(')l I III I ppeal,
I '.II' pIPSelil Villi I P Mate I ' ..Ilti
n.ei.t made a otnidcntial a I peal o ,i
newspapers of Pie coiintiy tliat t'a i
exercis" s. rupulou-' .'are In puMislitt g
sloilis of develop in .U ,,Iora t'c l.onier
or In nothi i n Mexico
The President de. id"d )..en,,y III.
all of these etitiratt' had been in i, '
.mil it" ill. tati'd to-n'glit's slatm.'iit wi i
the Intention of giving it out for pub'i
cation .Monday morning The characti -of
publications tin-; luoining and th
afliTiioon Is said to have mini d In c
that no tune should I." lost in making
a ptihl appeal for assistance in st.o
pressing reports that might lend 1
ex itc public s.'iilimeni in M eM 'ft
ag.uiw! th" United Stales.
Advise-- of lie Pifsidcii tepi'(.i"tt
hill a having t'le fnlle -t . ..ulldciii c n
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