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Uefuscs to Toll Thompson
Any More Coiu-crniiitf
Alleged Vote Offer.
The. 'I hompfon Investigating (iiimiiltl'c
fulled utterly- viMerday to ham Dm
identity nf the pcrton who tnW Col.!
Timothy K. Williams, of tti. m. l. T. th.it
certain city iitl'dal' Mrppoit fur Ills
cotiipuny'it taihvvay jn oKilt ion tarly In
Mil could be sullied for .'.iio.OiiO. I
Col. WIIIIuiiik diil not wipcar before tlio
committee until tlio mWlillo of tlio after
noon, thereby iicrtNdtuilti.; nn adjourn
ment of tlm Itit.-mlrtl morning mwIhii.
And when lie took iIih uIMiiwm Maud lis
politely but detcrniliieilly ililltd tin; com-1
lillttre. On ndvioc of coiiiim I In- refused
to answer further iiuostions. about the
JMH'.Onu "me-wigC' that ii man, now
dead, ko ho itit-lvlt it. Iinparlid In lillll.
fu tlio commltlfc. landing tlm hoped
for piotsi'.'o of Senator Thoimwin'ii hill
Intended to glvo the conillllltCM power to
impish for contempt -tlio hill Introduced
following tlio iii'int ln ldeht over tlm
hook of tho T. A. CiltlchVle "otn.li
fit"Uinr, it policy "f walling .itnl ad
journed until Friday morning.
Tlio rhulrmau has had halt n (h'jon
ti(nt mrntlniicil to him ax ii.Mhllltb-w
line isntiirdav . hm I Is mil In the durl.
fwi to who I. our, if all), of tlut-i! m the
man. I lo lias a stroiu huspiclon lli.il the
man w,is a lawyer who ncllvo tonne
chi .ico In M-cvirH .' writs of error aiul(
of rcnaonablo doubt, ,xc.
'.Mention llnjur l.nyimr.
In tho tdiorl tlmo tint Col. WllhamV
on tlm rtntitl yiMrrday he did t-ny
that It was fair In awiinio that Mayer
0iior nan thr man ho had In mind as
tho orticI.il roirred to In tho conversa
k)n he had on tho suhjicl with former
rnhll.! service Chalim..n William It.
AVIIIoox Col, Williams ilrnlrd that lie
Itad nld to .Mr. Wllleox what tin- latter
xwi minted ut saving ahoiit their ion-
million .Mr. WltlcoK also Mated on
the wltnoM stand tint tho v rsion of the
rnnvcrsatlon ntlilhutid to him . not
When the Th imp-oii committee enli
vened hi tho jftrrunon Krnnk .Mos, tho
committee's, coiiiim!. called upon Cot.
"Williams, who rami- lo tho hearing with
l"orgc P Ycom.nn, ihtcf count-el to
thr I. II T , and asked him;
'Do you icMiemlur a conversation
wllh Mr Wllleox recently In h men.
t!nn "it? uiaile ft i in. m calling upon
ot1 111 Ifforeiieo to your being aide
lo get Hd the hostility or .Minor
Gaynor for J.'.Pn.Odi)
"I would not put It that way," re.
ponded Col Williams. "I had a talk
with .Mr. Wlll.-ox within the lat few
necks. .V'corilitn; to my loeollietioii.
It miih grno.illy ahoiit snhwav matli r.
In reference to thin Investigation llu
rfniarlied ho didn't helicvo any man in
the elty soernnient had len hitlueit' ed
In t elation to I he mihuavM hv auv lm
lropor oiihhlerallon. I auriel with 1dm
with onn exnptlon. I think I told him
mncrally why I had mmo dotihls ahont
tli 4iartleular liiif.vldlial. The hull
vli'.iial'n name wa.i not mentioned, sifl
I iK'all It. I referted In n general way
r tho lui-ldiiit ou at-ked me ahout on
"Wasn't the ouvi tsntion Mieh jo
tnaile It relate only to the Mawir'."'
"Vou can malm your own lnfrene
about that."
"Well, wasn't It put In men a way
that tho J50U.OOO applied lo .Maor lia
norr "I don't recall that tiy amount wan
"Whimi'I refert mo made tn .Major
'Tliat Is u fair ni-.-uiuplioti. I think
w both had tlm Fame olo- 111 muni, hut
I made no mill remarhH a.- .Mr. Wilhox.
In reported to have made In repeatliiK
the uuhatame of our enriM n-atlmi.''
AkI.ii Jimtlee for the Itend.
"Who w hm the lndlldu.;l who aine to
you nhuut the jr.iiii.OOUV" a.-Ue.l Mr. Most.
Ilrfoio the wit tux could teply Senator
ThompMin Intf rinpted to kiwuii to Col.
Williams that Ilia. inu h as he had haul
tho man .is dead, in Jil-Uc to all the
dead who had im thins to do w th th
uhna! he ouelit lo kU" tne iiidivid
urI'h name.
"If I attempted to do Ju.iiie lo all
tho lead." I clotted Od. William.-. "Id
havo a u city his Job. In ancner to our
Innuhy I want to make this statement
"Since te-tlfjuiK befoii; the coinipl'
tee on Satuidiiy Ian 1 have cot "iilli il
with coun-el, and upon tln-ir advlee aiij
without Inteiiilms anj dl-ie-peit to the
committee, I t "fut-e to an.swer fuither
quectlotis irlatlm; t' the suhjeet of the
coninilttee'.M iiiquirUx of me on thai day
except to nitet.ito whit I then said, In
uhHtanee, naiiii'h that the l.i!i"i)'nt ax
to whl"h I le-illled was made to im by
a man now dead who did not mention,
nor In any wa Indnale to me. the name
nf any one wi n had rouimunlcateil hii1i
Rtatviueiii to him , ami, m far a I know,
the eommiinlealii'n of the stat tinnt to
me wan without any autlmiitv or knowl.
edce of l lit- pulilii' oillehil ieeriei lo in
the conxcrfallnn, and that I ptomptiv
end eitiphalli'ally nfin-fd to h.ne lint,
thlntj to do with Hie matter
"In our relalioio with the rit olh.'lalH
In 'the 'll.ilter of the-e (ontiaet- them
neer ha ben ail net or inlervn '. ill
rrelly or Indnei tlj. InMilvinu bribery or
cot ruptlou. .My .in-wer to any further
luiUllif on tin." Mlliject would not be of
nny iii-MMani'r lo the enmmlltee or be
maleii.il io the mhjo't matter of it..
Mr. Mom t-:ll that although the mat
ter wax not a plcanitit one to piiinie.
nnd had invokeil t-rittcUm of hlimoif, r
hellexed the wllnet way assuming the
dlhcrellou that N longed to the thairman
nnd left tin iimllleo without anv wav
of eorrobor.ilhis hi Matement. li
peemed to Mr Jln a e-tenllal that the
committee tind out tho liirihldual's name
In order to delermlno what fuither In
vestiKatlon (Hid hlili'llKht" nto nccehSaiy
nd wherein the Information tallies with
other knowledge of tho rommltlie on the
"(lino ciibjeel Tin1 ommllee. he Fald,
Flioul'l uol be honied lo the Judgment
of a witness Sena'or Tliomi'-oii aieed
with him n lo the Important)' of the
Incident, hut Col, Williams wa obdurate.
.Ml'. Wllleox, WHO W.IK iplectlone,! Ini-
medlalilv after Col NillinniK -the two
meil wuc tho ilay'N on'f witnesses -Insisted
thai no oHI.'imI'h naMo h;im
lutililloued In tlio eonveraton lie had
with Col. Wilbani.- tin dn.s or two
WQckx ago. lie said he thought I ',,1
Wllliama and In hud the same orrieial
In mind, bill, he ass. rii .l, " would not
permit any one to utter sueli a slamlu'
ous slaleineut in my pn sem e "
.Mr. Wllleox udmltti'il that he did not
rrapprote Col. WllllaniH for what the
latter did s,n Mr. Wllleox deeiaii-di
"I said I did not believe any rltv olTI
el il had Is en ijuilly of hrlbeiy or was.
Invohed In any beandal ununited wilh
the mlimit loulraetH,"
"Mr. Uliilnei." k.ihI Mr Moss
"IhnilKhl thai pns'ohl) he had beaid
th stnr from tiu,"
"I have no tei'ollecllon of mailing nil v
Mateinrut ahunt It to any one," said Mr.
Wllleox " haven't lh hllshleft mem
01 y of II "
Siiiaioi Tliouip'on aimoiuieerl an aij.
Jour ..in i until filda) at ihht point.
Preliminary Report of Thompson Committee Would .In
crease Rate Making Power and Give Control
of Water Supply Companies.
fc'enntoi Thomnfon mc out jcnterfUy
a iltnlt bin tominltlee'n tucllmliiaty
teiort to tho I.cglslaturr, which, he fald,
would be Meseliled lo-da.v. The te)Ort
K n litiMhy tuliw of tho lumtnlttee'H
nrthltics to date. It also trcommend.1
tour iue.it.ims utncndlm; the pretetit puh
He ferine laws.
The tommlttte'ii report to the l.ephi
lalurc, Senator Thompson r-ali, had nol
been Msned jet hy all the members of
the committee and theieforc tnlulit be
the Mihjcrl of a few ehange.. The report
ns jirepatcd Hates that the conflict of
power In the I'lihlla Scrvlcu Commission
for this dlslili t "Is In eonshlerahlo part
rckpouslble for the ilelinnuenelcs In Its
Htlmlnlstratlou disclosed by this lnestl
Ration nnd by reason of which tin re
f-erma Just Kround to helleve that both
the tity of New York, lit Inhabitants
mid the public utilities corporation have
etiffircd lom or luxe been unw.irranf.
nbly hutdineil with untiecessnry and lm
plovldenl obllca lions."
Uegatillnp the conmiltlrf's recom
memlatlon for the transference nf Juris
diction tuer Mibway oitstrili'tlon tho
report saji:
"The construrtlon by the l'ubllc Per
vlre Cuinml.siou, lis rapid Uansll com
mlssloiori of lite new subway rysteni
In New Yolk city, involves, toutraets
and cxpendiiun ageiesalln? approxi
mately Jaiil'.OoO.OiiO. This vast etlter
prlje of money and vropertv Is hy the
Public Sen len Commissions law Im
posed upon the 1'nhlle Service Cotnmln-i-lon
for tlm li ret HUtiht and Ii all en
lerprl.v of Mieli m.icnltu.Ie that jour
I'oiiuiiiltee lielitve.i that It can only l"J
rffieientlv nnd etonomi iy earned nut
for th bciit Interest nf tli t-itv by a
separate and distinct body devoting lis
entire tlnie and ability to the problem!
Involved thtrcln, exrrcisltiR exclulvely
tlio powers ntid duties provided for In
the rapid transit act nnd directly re
bponsihle to the taxpajers nnd electors.
"Tho jinimseil HnirndmeiilM to the
rapid transit net make It iiewjisary thnt
timendments to te l'libhc Service Com
mission law be had In order that In
transferrlnc powers from tiie Public
Service Commission of the Sivond Dis
trict to tt t.i w and sep irate board of
rapid t-nnsit cimtiiis.'.otieri tho Kild
commission .11 1 lit- 1'irst hN'riet be di
vested of the iowrrs mid ihlt'cs vthbh
It I now exercising' In relation thereto,
reserving, however, to the Public Service
CommlsMon for the I'lrj-t ldstrlet tho
wiw Jurisdli t a n, powers nnd duties of
supi rvlslon oi.d regulation over the j'o
posed tapld ttaiiMt commission nnd the
facilities coii-tru. ted nnd created by it.
a ute now exercised by the Public Ser
vicft Coiiimi.-.'-ion over lallnruls.''
Tnn oiiiitillon nmpnrril.
Ill teg.ird to tile vrc-etit 1-owCIS of
the lOinnils.Moii of tho 1'lrst District It."
coiit--steil with lhoe of tho commission
ft" the Seeoiid In. tint the leporl etutrx:
"Tlie fomml'slon of the Si com! Uls
tnrt l veiled of towers that are ex
1 lu.lvely legulotory. w'leiras tl.c com
mission of the 1'irst ll"tr!ct. by the In
clusion of the powers of the rap.d tr iti
Mt cotiuultsiim, is called upon to per
form two separate nnd. In many est.cn
ti:il p.irlli'iil.ir y. Inconsistt nt and untago
aiistlc f uis'llons, namely, i-oumi noting
and malntnlmng railroad for ir.instior
latlon of jiersons and ptnvcrty while
regtilat'iig and supervising the operating
transaction of such railroad enterprise.
Thin to the eteut that the Pu'.illc S.-r-vno
Comtm-sion for the 1'irst Inslrlet
conslrtiits and malntaiim the Mibway
t'ttusportntloii f.i'ililiii '.1 1 also railed
Upon to legui.lte ntn Mipe:vise its own
traiisai tiuti in lelat'on thereto.
"Suell tonlllit of 1 lowers ticcarlly
Involves neglect of one t tither set of
duties and. :is might naturally be e-pei-ted,
thoi-e powers atnl tiniit'ons
v.hlch seem the mote Imtnirtat't -xcelve
tlio stealer attention, which in this In
stance xviis the tupld transit construe
lain, whereas, more fuly beiielaial sei
vne must lenilt to t " publV at large
and to the c tlzen Inil t nlu.illy from n
(."insistent and elTcctlve r'gulatlon of
MTViie and rale". The in tu.il re-ult,
t'. S. MiM'iilio- QiiicUI Tlmt
S'H'iirlifly l.'iiiiiii . list
Itctiirn Hoinc.
A .vouns IlU'slan woman, black ejed.
sprlglilly and speaking I'rem'h tlui'iitly,
arrived jesterday motnliiR: flout Petro.
grad, by way of llergcn, aboard the
NiirwcKi.in-Amcl 11.111 sliamlili Her
gensfjoid, asHirtlug that kIio w.ih Mrs.
I.'ugenio I'iatauolT and that she e.xixcltit
her hlliband to 11 t her at tlm pier, I In
was tint theii, and she was talen to
Cllis Island, where a special lmard of lu
iiuiry di chbd tliat sue should ho de
port' d.
Ma.x Kagan, who stns at the Wal-dorf-Astoila,
went ahoatd tlm Iter
gensfjord Just aflir thv doclad and saw
Mrs. Platanoff. He said last night that
she was tho daughter of a cIom- frldid,
that thc came of an estimable llussiau
family aHid that ho never hail said, as
teporlrd, that he was the husband tif
Mrs. Platanoff.
Nicholas. AlcinlUoir, lawyer nf H3 Nas
sau Idreet, wint to llllls Island in the
Interest of Mrs. I'latauoif, nnd when he
returned lo his offico he said he had
iidviw'd In r to rrlurn to llusaht at once.
Sim s-anl shn would sail at her own ex
peni'o on the next nv tillable shl, which
will be the llergcnsfjord.
Mts. Plalaliolf was a llrst cabin pas
senger by the Jtergi'iisfjoi d and will go
back III Hm samo Matrionni Mm oceu
pUd coming this wa.v. Shn was ihportid
hi-causo Sim was legatded as not a
jirojicr person to land,
Wife In lloffnlo, scckliiu Minion;,
lias Or, I rune Arrented,
1 Ailelbill I'. t'laue, who Is alleul
to bo a mining pio ler and owner of a
half InlncM In S,(mO unm of land In
laiiilslana, waa iiirit-teil yesterday at tho
I Intel Colllngwood on ail older ohlnliieil
fiom Siyiuine Couit .luslho Pooley in
IVnlfalo by Mrs. .Mlnnio Clime, who h
suing tor 11 scp.iinllou on the ginnnil of
She had 1 1 1 1 1 1 iiili'.'iiil for fear he would
leave the Stale Inline she 1 1111I1I compel
liim to prnvido for alimony, Dr. Ciann
Kvolded gnlng lo llulfah) hy glvlm; Ki,ioo
hall. The couple were inanleil in IKM)
in Knoxbnio, this Slate. Mts. fiiiun
KlIrccM her husband left tier xeven yeaiw
u'-o and link not supiorlcd her ulucu.
as dleclojcd by tills litvejllpntion, Is
dlscotitiiRlng fiom cither viewpoint."
In K'cuiuinemlhig municipal repre.ien
tathm 011 boatds of directors the report
stale :
"The need for legislation rIvIiir mu
nicipalities tcprerrtitatloii on boards of
dlrtclors of corporations Icnslng or op
crallnc transit facilities, owned by any
tuunelpalltlcs Is tieeiillarly demsnded nt
this tlmo ns a protrcton to tho rlithts of
the city KrowhiK out of the subway con
tracts. "I'nder thore contracts the parties
ha vo Htsuincd relation nnd will enjoy
rlRhls In their nature similar to that
of 1 op.irltirrs, which relations and duties
will subsist In all probability for the
entlro period of the lease, namely for
forty-nine years from the date of the
comtnrncetnit nf operation. Tho cltv
mid corporation nncUr the rontract each
contribute minimis of dollars tovvatd the
construction of tho railroads and will
ehaio In whalt ver net profits or net earn
ings accrue from the operations thereof.
Tlio credit of the city Is In effect nt
least behind the. operation nf the rail
roads ns well ns the construction thereof,
The maimer and character of the opera
tion of the railroad, as well ns the busi
ness and financial management of the
etiterpile by the lessee corporations nr
of as vital 1 oneeru to the taxpavors of
New York cty as to the stockholders of
tho said corporations And finally otir
(otnmlttee's lnvetlgallon luiti demon
strated that regardless of Its broad
powers the Public Service Commission
Inherently Is ami perhaps properly must
bo limited In Its control over the trans
actions Incident to the lui'lni 's nnd i
lln.il management of the corporations it
supervises. 1
"The city, either copartner or 11 s I
owner nnd lamllotd nf this subway en-i
trrprlsr. mtit bo protected tn Its large
Investment of money xnd credit by inote
direct mid nceurato Information with
tcspect to the business thereof than can
bo Hffonled by a coinmlrslon super
vision. "
ItMtr tif Rtilntlnn 'loadennnle."
The report states in regard to rule
decisions that regulation under the pres
ent law and particularly In relation tn
gas service has been Inadequate mid
'provocative of widespread popular dlf
satlsfaellou In practically every part of
the State where such questions have
arisen." The matter of rate ndjujtment.
It iidd, inttt nlwajn remain a eubjei t
of first Imnortance In nny system nf
public regulation which might lie
adopted. It crei on:
"The Interests affected nre In larg1
par" nntaimnlstli', the parties Involved
hoMlIo. and the lights of each sub
stantial and entitled to the full protec
tion of the law. I'nder eueli circum
stances, orderly proccduie, while proper
nnd right necessarily Involves the pir
tles In large expense nnd Irksome delay,
either or lsitli of which not Infrequently
result In Injustice and If carried too far
or endured too lone must Imperil not
only the rights of the Immediate turtles
In Interest, but In n mitter of such pub
lic concern 11s lit cost to the public of
a necefsary commodity like gas or olec
trhit, mav umlermiiii; th" lntcRrlly of
the State Itself."
In reference to water companies the
committee reverts to it report of A-prll
2i, 1P15, reganllng f-anchles, which
stated :
"The jiowers of the comml.vlons over
the cxerclso of franchises might with
propriety 1 enlarged ho us to apply lo
all public franchises eoiight to be ex
ercised in reM'ct to all class of public
utllllles of the State."
In line with this suggertlon and ns a
remit of Its study of the matter the
committee 1 commends that it be car
ried out. The report adds;
Tho committee has taken a large
amount of e hit nee whl.-h Is suhtultteit
herewith, which clearly dlsche.es the fact
that water .ompanlei In many partM of
the Stale have ncipm-ed alj of the avail
able eupply of water for tho needs of
people of Midi Iwealltb's ami are now
encaged In dch'-erlng such water to the
consumer at exorbitant jirlces. The
evidence further dlsdoses the fact that
In many localities the servlc Is inade
(piato and unsatisfactoiy,"
Iliisliiinil Wnts A IniPiit,
Tliinldiiir I'rpilccpssor IJvps
Suit DNmissod.
Mis. I'lla flresg- Whitney lluirowefl
Makes, a luenibir of a well to do family
of Cortlamlt, ., Y told JuMlce Huff In
the Siiiieme Court vi'Mcrila.v that If she
had only toiiml couiage to look at a body
taken from the Hast p.iver In Hum thete
could 1' no question of the legality of
her inairi.igo to di.it lie I'orest llal-is,
"n tlm MrriiKth of her tctlniony mid
lliat of others, .luslic, tiolf dismiksed a
suit brought ny HakiM to annul this in ti
llage. Mie. Hake's first linsbHiid. Ildwlu
Shu k lliiriowik, diMiipearei In October,
iruio, tiftii' lNKnK In,- gikul-hv as iisuiiI.
A lew da.vs later she ami tier sdsler wint
to the mnigue 10 Identify a borly that
hail been toiinil In the liver. She couldn't
hilmr liersilf to look at it, hut lier sister
did so ami s.i i.l that the index linger mid
thumb of the l.'fi hand vvcic ml.-lng. just
as lhuioW((.'.( were, hut (lie sister
coiildirt make a positive Idi nllllcation.
Mrs. Hurt-owes HUliseipittitly eearched
lliiouRlioiit the toimti'v, aided bv tlm
New York lodgo of Jllks, but fisiiul no
11. h o of her husband,
She trwtlilod iliat in inn:!, when le
wan sine that lhinowe.s wat dead, llakis,
who Is Mhool tiiichcr of 1:11 Convent
avenue, suggested that they many, sav
ing, "lalwin Is dead ami I lovn yoii moie
than any woman In this world." he
coiisenleil, nml i-he aid M10 lived hap
1 1 H v with llal.m until ThanKsRivlier K.ic.
Il'lt. when he left her ill anger because
t-ho liatl lent ned of his. frlciiiHiiii for a
young; woman who tauglii school with
In the i-ouisn of her examination Mis,
I lakes declined to tell her age, When
tho .Insllro nsked her to Mato her oh-Ji-ctlous
she cplled ;
"Hcenu.no 1 am fit' scat, old"
'I nrrj Km, 11. ,acU J'rrry llcsnmcs,
T.MUiliDWV, .Match 117 Navlgallon
on tho Hudson was reopened between
Nyack and Tarrylown to-day when Hie
ferry Itoekland math lu first trip, The
retry ill PluMiIng- will stait 011 ThiiiHilay.
nurt Held In II111U011 Tube.
.lusllce Chillies W I'aiher of Hie
New .leisey Siiiienie Courl held o ses
klou III a Hudson tube train veslerday
while the iraln was Hpeeillni; under the
North lllver. Ho heard aiguinrnt In llio
case nf Charles ij. Wenleeraft of Her
iiHnlvvlllo vs, Ilavlil A, Harry, The rime,
has been III llio courts) for several
enrs, the Icstlmony coinprlslistf twenty
boards mm ATTACKS
llutelilii.ts Trios io Pi-mV Hintv
Offiror On vp Clmrily
lnilli lot Intn.
Terslslent effort were made jester
day hy William II. Ilolcliklss, counsel
for Charltbs t'ii'nmlsIoner Kingsbury,
to how at the charity hearing before
Commissioner Chattel II. Strung In the
Itar Association lluihlins lh.it both r.oh
oH W. Ileblierd, secretaty to the Hl.it
Hoard of Cliarltlcs. nml lr. Iianle) C.
Poller, ex-llaptlst minister, had a hand
In the production of the pamphlets It
sued by Father Parrell 1n his attacks
on the Investigation of charitable Insti
tutions. Mr, I Intchkl's gave notice of big In
trillion early n the day with thl state
ment referring to the publication en
titled "A Public Scandal'.
"We propose to show before we get
through with this cae that the secre
tary ot the State Hoard of Charities was
In collusion with rather Patrell and
those with him In the preparation of
this pamphlet. I have sought to jub
pirna that g. ntleman for the last two
davs '
Mr. llotrikisf tmn tit ivatnleil that
.lohn .M. Honors, attorney for the State
Hoard f Charities, produce Mr. Ilebb-rd
for the session this afternoon. The op-p-iflllt;
counsel rcplie, that Mr. ll"hberd
vv.19 111 Alhanv, but that 'ho would lie
directed to attend to-day b lb- presi
dent of the State boatd
Mr. 1 lotiliki.-s's a vow a. of 11 a ptirpne
came during the continui d examination
of Commissioner Kmgshutv, I'mler
quest lonltig by Mr. Ilowcrs the C"in
tnlsfloiier acknowledged that hi had
romethlng to th) with the promotion of
the Morcc pampliltt of newspaper clip
I'inss. liot Vlooe for l'noiililel.
While ilisctMsau the oltio.ltl'iti leaf
Ids at the (V Club Me. I 'iii.'-hury
said he told I Id "aid A Jinn e mat he
thought he touhl get smile of h.t fro mis
to llnan. e a paiupliltt toiniterai tuig
these prole. is, and llnallv did obtain
the moiictarv backing. .Mr Kiiigituiry
admitted crltb Isiug In a newspaper In
terview the Randall's Island Institutions
as scvcrclv as private chaiitn.. and
declared t.iat I'liptot etuetit In the et
tablishmctitH luiihr Ins chatge was nil
pilled by lack of funds.
Mlchail II. IIih y. sexton of the Church
of SS. Peter a id Paul. Iliookl.vn, was
the llrst witncr called bv Mr. Ilotch
kiss In liN ii.diavnis ti show- the asso-
latluli of the lb v. William It. I'.irre.l
with l'r. Potti r, who ,i. iiauii-d hy
Commissioner Kiugsoury on Saturday as
tho real writer of tne ! nuia lalory iiam
lihlcts. Mr. Hi by, elderly and dignified,
was accompanied bv William S. Hutlcr,
the priest's attorni .
Ho said that no had been wual'ather
Parrcll for twenij jeats as .eivant and
messenger. Two weeks ago. he cuntiii
ued. he took a sat hel fiom the rtetoty
to Mr. Pollers home, and so Unowlettgeil
golus on other errands bctwti'ii the two
men. llo said he knew In. Pottir, who
has been act-u-cil b Mr. Kingsbury of
dodging pubim-lia setvlcc.
"Where did vou last see Iir. Pottet '."'
queried Mr. Ilotchkiss.
"I (lt'i-l.ne to answer, bj adv.ee of
counsel," the witness shot batk promptly.
Ifeali Potter, son of In, potter, was
rext called, and proved to be iiltnost as
hostllo a witne as l-'ather I'atrell was
two wicks ago
Mr. Pottei, who . a law; or said that
lie answered the telephone one night at
Ids father's bouse, l;ni", Caton avenue,
ltrooklyn, when a call came from Mr.
llnhbenl. nml then turned the instrument
over to his parent He refused to say
whether he had carried message be
tween IM-. Potter ami I'atlier I'atiell
In the last two weeks, asserting tliat
Commissioner Strong was exceeding his
I'lill of s,,r of 'Til.
"I hope" said the witness v.gniously.
"that tllele is enough of the splllt of ''ii
lii me t 1 iat!-o me to deoline to answer.
I think .vou ale going far allebl."
"What is the name of the setvan'- girl
ill ' our fathers hoU"e.'" luquiteil the
"Anotlier iict" of miiiet I metier. I
dei Mile lo ansvv e-.
He said he went to s'-' his father e
ler day tuoni.tig. but did not find him in
his otllce a' lb" Ihnlgiaiit Industrial
.savings Hank Paulding, Chambers sinol.
lie would not say why he went to see
Hi's' father or v h-ther he temoved an
papers front the tatter's de.k, calling
sucii qutstious "unllmlteil ami unmiti
gated cheek."
"I dlrei t Vuil tn atis.vi- " (otn
mantled Commu'sionei Strong.
"I 1 of use," retorted Mr. Colter. VI
don't propose to be lieekletl about what
I do personall) lis a plicate lnillvidll.il
If j mi continue to ask me questions of
that suit I will leave the loom."
When the Commission..! Inquired
v.lietinr he tiiougiii ins father was
molding subp'cpii, Mr. Potter nn-
swetetl iiiillgnaiitl.v tliat his father never
mid him that he. hr. Potter, was wanted
at t'.io Inquiry, and that no one had ap
pealed at the Calon avenue address
with the atiuounimenl that he hail a
suhpn'na. Mr. Potter nveried that lm
saw- his. father on Sunday morning at
his home.
It.ltloro ispcniatl, lee(lume ojirtator a'
the -Ii j- oltlie of the Stab' iloaid '
Cliarltlcs. tcsllllctl 1 11.1t Mi. lltbU'id
had Instructed him to follow a few- steji.--behind
to the seiretarv's home at tie
Hotel Irving, lo discover whether Mr
lleblieiil was being Hailed. Tlio opeiator
told the olllcial In th- hold lobby that
ho had seen no linllcatinus that any one
was shadowing them.
Adjournment was taken until lft
o'clotk this mo-nlrc-
.lustier (Jon n, I T-i en 1-III1I ' I r I
Ilenllj II111I One.
Suprenm Court .lutticn '!nlf grantetl
teluctiiutly .M'sti nlay an aiumlmeut of
Hie tnatiiaKC of .Vlatgaret Marsllull lo
Alfred II. 1 allow, an automobile t.alr"
man, although the mint snvs the matcti
was "lo nil Intents and purposes a trial
Tlm initiK woman was IT .vears "
mnullui ami tn ilavs old when she nml
Pauow went to Hi" Clly Hall ami wile
nun I led by Alderman Kranlim 011 lc
cernber '.', 1 It I I . I'aiiow did not defend
the mmuhiieiil suit. In his opinion .1 UK
tire 1 (off said .
"Shn (til" plaintiff! was sulllelf nlly
developed in phtslque iiuti iipi'md ill
venra to appreciate the Jojs of wcddid
life, willed she ilhl lor sevenleeii days,
and Idea she nml het rmshainl fi'iuirated.
Now she sicks a ,'iimuliuetil of the mar
liage oil tho ground of non-age '
Th" testimony showed that afler the
couple repainted Da now went lo Chi
cago mid wrote his hihle a letter say
ing Hint he "didn't like her much," and
that she was "touiig yet anil run get
hooked tigalli," llo suggi'Mcd Unit Ills
wife ''enticed dim" to wed her.
llonllli Inspectors Find Only
77 of 5 IB Film Tlicntrps
Wfll Vpntilntprf.
A test of llio ventilation of Ml mov
ing picture houses In the tlueo bor
oughs hy Inspectors of the. Health tic
pnt Intent showed that only seventy-seven
hart perfect ventilation, hi 331 houses
the ventilation was Imperfect or very
bud. The Inspection was made on March
IS nml the completed report whs Issued
Or. Haven l-lnierson. Health Commis
sioner, and Crntge II. Hell, Commis
sioner of Licenses, visited morn than a
dozen moving plcttiro houses a month
ago and thought that th" ventilation
genetally was not good. That was the
beginning of the present crusade.
innets of all places that have ticen
found deilcleiii In the maltc of venti
lation are to be summoned before Com
mlsslouer Ite smim Wme this week.
Action will be taken agaln.it thnso who
cannot give ti satisfactory excuse.
The M'vcnty Inspectors who made the
rounds of all the moving plctute thea
tres on the c voting of .March 1'. which
was unusually cold for the time, of year,
v.ere equipped with tiltuie platen, on
whlih to capture sntripb s of nny germs
that were In the air The hue found to
be most ptcvah'Ut vtas that which gav
so much trouble last winter In causing
the spread of the grip.
Although most of the hnues were
found to be overequliepcd with electric
fans. It was noted that If they hm! been
turned on no one niid have Mnjed In
tho placn more than lift. en tumults
'llnt-u f.itis aio neirr used In wliittr. In
.torn,, instances the lia-pntoii, found that
the coimectltig wins wire, broken
In a majority of rases tho ventilating
inlets otul ouilntft woe covered, ami the
one or two fans In operation caused the
lotil air to rcvolvo In tho loom. Hy thla
svhlem of making a bluff at observing
the law much heatltii; evotw: whs
saved. It wad noted by tho Inspectors
that in sumo of tho wot si ventilated
places deodoiatits and dlslutectmits wero
hpritikbd about the lloor to tone down
the foulinM of the olr. III several cases;
oirploiics were sen pointing their latve
Hunt at babUs who woo roughing
loudly and long on. inch to atttaet the at
tintn n of other !ttrons.
Wht 11 an Inspector, sitting lu a nearly
vacant tbeatie, li.ld bin cultiiro plate at
a level with tie facts In the audience, n
few germs would be obtained as the litvt
l-t rson. enteri ti As. the crowd iticrt-aai-d
Hm tiuniner of germs Increased until,
in the worst Mutilated via"-. 11
siirpi leii'i: colhi ti"ti bad I" 1 11 old until.
WIlCII. at the iqllel of the Inspector, Hie
niatiauer turned on his. fans ,iin othri.
wise ventilated h In house as H'li nt licallv
iis his tquivmcut would permit, the num
ber of vtinm tapttintl ilci'iean-d In a
few lllllKlles to i,t than half the iium
Lcr that had been obtuimd before.
Held Nol 10 lie (ooelnslte ll.
di'iice In lllvoece Aetlnn.
Snprone Court .lust Ice Coif iefied
vi'sterdny to : ' eld the iihotcgraph of
the defendant in 11 divori t 1 ase as IV'
sole evidence In a divorce complaint. Ac
coiilmgly the court ilonns-ed tile cotn
lilalnt in a suit brought bv .Mrs. Sarah
lavitt against Simon l.avitt. The .0111:
said :
"Willie a photograph mav serve as
.111 aid or means of .dcntiflcatlon when
supported by or 111 "imectlon wild .!. r
tehtlmony, ct, standing alote, .1 I: 111
siilllclent to JuM.fv Juil.cial sanction.
Tlm Inherent Intlrnniy of sin Ii testimony
Is nppatcnl when the tuiitran edai af
ter of the ait of plinli.gr. ii.,y is ion
shlered. "Tlie tild.i and dev h cs of I'gnt ami
shade, of foc.il tlistanie and adjustment,
may be utilized to p, rvcrt the truth,
i'nder ptoper anil nppiopriale conilitlons
Hie camera of It-ilf ma; reflect the
tint li, but in the hand, of a skilful
or mcoinpeleni npciator It may be
made to it licit other than the truth.
Hut cvoi vv'.ieti honestly and skilfully
olH'rated It may tuiibr ceitaln condi
tions, Mich ns .vouth, age. ill ess or pos
ture, record Imprcdotis which under
changed condlt.'JIiS would tint be rci og
It t'lmlillen us nnd lleioocriils I nile
In Ivilllnu Proposnlx.
Ani.vNV. Mar -h ;7 - lt publk.n.s and
lieinocrats united tn-i ighl to kill the
proiosal.-l to lllVes'lgate the expenses of
the Panauia-P.K ill tate Commission
As.embbman I!. Hunter Mcljuistlon,
llcinibllcan of Kings, movd to discharge
j the Ways ami .Mean. Comuultce fiom
I further (Mtislileiation of a measuio lie
. had Introduced, which would cal. upim
I the commission to make Its llinl report
' March 31 instead of .lime 311. The mo
j tloil was killed by a vhu voce vote.
Assctulilv man ilain.ltnn 1 ish, ,lr, of
Putnam moviil for tlie discharge of the
(omiuittee from . on.. deration of his lull
creating a commission of five meinhirs,
named in the bill, to investigate the ex
penditures of Hit I'.iu 1 11 i-l'.o:ilc Com
mission. A slow- loll call was had on
this ptopii.Mtlon. and the nuasuie loot.
Ill) to J'a, The Inirtv who voie, for
dull barge and iigamst investigation in
e lided Imtli lit publicans ami I 'eiuo. rats.
Poll en Mill Will llo Unit He
fore Siii,.ous llotiae.,
Ai.iivm', .March "' Tlie llvetctt lillls.
which wnuTd prevent the stationing ,,f
l.oliio officers belore houses in New
York city Mlspectul of being ilisordet ly.
worn defeated by tho Codes Committee
to-night at a special meeting 011 a vole
of S to 3. The thtce niembeiH voting in
favor of the hills weie lloll'nian Nicker
son, Itepubllcan, of Manhattan: W. W,
I'hace, Ib'l'ill'lic.in, nf Iteusselacr, ami
A. Ta.vlor. IIeiulillcau. of Ihlc.
Suggestion was maile that a commit
tee lie sent lo New York city lo investi
gate vice Tins w is resented by As
st'inbl.v man Maurice llltn It, I lemocral, of
Maiihatlaii, who Miltl t.iat New Voik
clly s as moral as anv oilier big city.
There Is no oicasloii for any vice In
vestlgatbm. he added, ami Icculcil the
Mlggistloll that thete Is uted for such
an luqulrv. Tlio mailer was nllnwcd
lo diop without furl her discussion,
l:tu n H'ceU A Union)- fop Mr. P. V..
Will ri: Pl.vtvs, Matih tT -.lusllce
Voiing graulnl lo.ila to .Maude Totlen
V'ay, ;w 11 wick alimony ami Jlir.il
, counsel feci iciiilltig trial of her m 1 11 m
for dlvoiie against i nancH 1;. I'.iy, a
stock broker of Manhattan. They weie
married April I-, H'i'9. In New York,
Mis. I'ay charges her husband wilh In
iliseretloiiH with an unliiih 11IIII11I woman
on Maull I I of (Ills year.
llo llrovvns When Hon t In I psc,
Hichaid I'lilllhis. I I, of New Hiigliton,
waHdiowneil lu New York Ha last night
when 11 rnwbo.it caivlra il, I .mils 'ft ism,
Hi, of Tompkln.v Ille, who was wilh I1I111,
could mvlm ami kii alloal till William
O'l.eary, lit H olllcer of the oil ship Cj
of llvcrttt, reaclird him.
CoilKniin Jrom h'liat I'npc.
tic. Through her lawyer, llaloM Splel
beig, (.lis asked tiermlsxlon lo visit I)r,
Wallo Jn tho prison ward of ItellevilB
Ihwplt.il. Judgo Swann declined the ro
(lUest. "1 refused permission for the lime
being," .ludge Swann explained.
present 1 do not feel warranted In permitting-Wallo
.-ind Mrs. llorlon to hold
a convetsaUon,"
Mrs. llorton may be called hefore the
Grand Jury which Is hcarlmr evident e
against Walie. Whether m' not hhf.
will be summoned depends entirely on
tho developments of the caso. Ihtr hus
band, Jlarry Mack llortou, went to the
District A t tornr 'n olfico yeftenlay, ac
vompanyliig Mrs. Morton, and rebuked In
it voice that never touched a rude, harsh
nolo, tin; lnquisltlveness of teporters and
the fofwaitlncss of camera persons.
While iipii.irotitlv proepcious. inalti
lalnlng mi ,'iulomobllc, Mr. Morton was
In bankrupt!' through iiractlcally all of
last year ami iluCng part of the time
that Airs, llortou was playing ,nlfrt lo
Walte's .unto, unite voluntarily ho
tiled 11 bankruptcy statement on Jan
uary l."i, IMS, ami was not discharged
until liecember t'T. 19 IS.
Ho owed, he said, $l,m!S ami hail no
available assets, aK'iouirh he poiscsscd
ino ehaies of the 1 oiitmon stocv of tho
Harrison 'olley Mineral Water Com
pany, nf a liar value of l."im. which
wa pledged wltit the l-'irst National
Hank of Maustieltl, Pa., nlutig with lift'
shares of the common flock "f tho Wil
cox Manufacturing Company of no value
-Iho securities covering ti loan of He
fOn. llo owed tlm Waldorf-Astoria "3
for meals ami lodging, the Victoria Mo
tel J32 for tne.ils and lodging, tho Nas
sau Hank f3"" 011 a note. Mans II. J Ian
sen of 471 rifth avenue Jti'll mid Will
iam K ColletlD )la2 for board antl lodg
ing. Me hid .1 claim against Mr. Collettc
for tits for loss of personal property.
Ili'niilty llefcncr Outlined,
All of thej-e inat'ers woe being mote
than catefu'lv ue.gheil bv fie District
Attorney when that otficlal received
statement dun 11 up by Wairen W.
Walte of (hand Caputs, father of the
accused dentist. The puriinst; In issuing
tho statement, seemed obvious to Judge
Swann. It was an admission that the
taint of Insanity was in the Walte
LAvmlly, a. piclunliiary to the working up
In? an (nmitllt. ili.fonA 'l'lie .t.iteoi.tit
was as follows ;
"I. Warren W. Walte of Cratnl Itajvlds,
Mil h., itepive :
"That my tatlur, Mdo Wai'e. left hl
homo and family In Caniioiifbut g, Ix'ttit
fount'. Miih, In H e month of .Ittti", 171,
and never rettirneil. Also:
"That two of 11. y chiMik bong cl.lt.
dren of 1111 mothi i s sister, aie and have
In en conllmd in t' e Insane asjlum at
Kalani.izoo. Mull One of tln-ee, l.lllle
Jackson, war- an 11. mate theie tor many
eai-i and ih"tl tlo'ie. Another. Hert
.l:irliou. Is now tin re, and t-tlll miother,
lal Wsckson, has l en tteated for mental
tiotlble In iii-.iiid llapltla ami Ann Arbor.
Tlie above f.n Is ate mie to the best of
my knowledge nnd boh. f"
Assistant In-tt ,t Attorni y "Vlatn'ii.o.
Iiiet back from iliantl IbiiiN, when- he
interviewed iiinii"i"i.s, ft lends atnl former
associate of l'r. Walte, Minima rlrd last
evitilng the Information lie bad obtained
as regal tls the vimii-.- man.
"His record." eaid Matieuso. "is dis
tinctly a queir one 1'irst. however. 1
Will teltte J it-1 What Walte's, Wife told
me m tirard llaplds about Ins inducing
i.er to make a will Inning all of lier
propet ty to llilll.
""lit Tlniredty. Match 1 ', while they
woo waiting In ii:aml Itatnds top the
funeral of John II. Petk to lm held. It
Waite slid m his wife in thor room In
the Hotel Pantlind. '.My dear, let lis talk
about our ptlvate affaits. I am going to
fake cnod care of vou. but we should
try to iiiovule for 01 another. I think
it would be a goo. Hung If I mole my
w.ll leaving all I have to vou. and If vou
''l.aibl make v our will nuill it l pi ov id tig
tor i"iie ts' l',M,,N. in do It tioa '
"Mr. Walte tol I me that sho .it
down it a table and OHlled the notea
of a will, leat.u various sums to cb irl
table In-millions and "he residue to her
busbinil Waite. she sanl. examined her
lloliS and obje, till to the size of the be
quests t,, institutions. 'Too mil' h." lie
tsimplaineil. and h-ttped Jl.ana or Jt'.mnt
off the various gifts, tlnall.v ledtlclus the
tolal of charit.itite bequests to MVnrtu.
Later she made a more careful draft,
still in nceonlation vv'th her husband's
will, and sent it to her lawyer In No'v
York. Archibald It. .Morrison of I in Nar
sau street, percv Pifk reccvisl tiie
next day the nivstcrloiis telegram signed
Adatn..' wlii.'i sii'igestcd foul lday
u l i. fither's ilea'lt and Itidiicisl Percy
lV'k to have an autopsy i'i forneil
Whin arsenic was di'ioveitd In Ins
fither's l.nlv Po-v nisiructetl h.s sis.
ter to nullify th" Will, and she told me
that she thereupon directed Mi- Moni
son not lo draw up a formal will. She
said, however, tliat Mr. Mm r. son mi
retains the holograph cop w Hi her
AVnlto llmiit In I'll nils.
"I imiu.reil tiartk'iilai Iv lis to whether
(ir not Mr Walte had b-i n ill tecenil
or had displ.ived svniitonis of tlie 111.
lies.es that euib'il Ille l.ves of I.er mother
ami fa'ho' Apparently she hail not
Is en 111. IVre Pe.-k told tne that his
sister had bi en woriled hot a icmarh
made by l'r Waite, 11 .iis-n-Minn that
Mrs. Walte was pot gong to live vetv
",Vv tincov erlng of Walte's te. ord tuo.
dtieed in'eiestlng f,ies 'I'lds ouiig man,
whose parenta have always been in most
moderate circumstai lias nl'i.t.vs had
liockels full of nioiicv and lived a leis
urely, nirre! able l.fe He went fiom
irh si iiool in (Irand liapnls to tlie
dental school of the I'lnversity of Michi
gan. He i-heated in exam nations, at
toii'iding to pass off as or lils own hatiili
woik a tleu'al (dale made n a school
mate, lie embezzled ? tnu front avs
A- Co., general stoic keepers on the
Island of Mackinac, and the matter was
only hu-lieil up b tcslitulion by Walte's
"lie was 1 ,c 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 el to 1l1n.il li s course
and be linn obtained ,1 place with a
big dental concern, Wellniau v: llridg.
man. -which maintains denial branches
lu foitlgn loiintiies anil operates, on
shaies with their dcntiM eniilo: ees, in
order to get the Job Wane had lo at.
lend the I'liivcisitv 1,1 (ilasgovv for a
special colli se, and at lilasgow he torgetl
oeilclltlals 11111 io, ting Oiat he had spent
a year lu po.t.graituato work hefore go
Ing to lilasgow. llo gnr lliiough his
special ionise In two inontlis and was
sent then lo Cape Town, South Africa, to
open a blanch for Wclbnan .V Hi Idgiiian.
lie was tluii' about the years and ho
told an acquaintance ho met lu Cape
Town about the mviiiiiI year tli.it llo
had made $ L'O.noo. His income fiom the
denial hiam-li could not have exceeded
"lu Cai'c Town lie was engaged for a
lime to iiian v a beautiful American girl
who possessed ,J 7,"i,hvii in lier own right
cash lu Hie bank, lier wealthy par
cuts lie.it d tumult, kImiuI Wa'le, made
an investigation ami let initiated the
engagement Walte never lacknl women
friends III South Afina. ami I am now
Investigating a fealuie of Ille case per
lalnlng lo tins vciv matter ami the
source of his prosper!) .
"Ho iliove a big Ann l i' . ill made car
III Ope Town one night he made a
tllp lo nnolher town. Ilv loilulllcnve
another Aim 11 111 di'ivliig a ear of ex
aetlv Iho same model lis Waite s ai lived
l lite hotel Willie's tar was (ml of
w hack soinew ay , an essenllal of Hie en
gine having Inokeii. At midnight the
proprlclnr of the hotel happciud to see
Wallo tsllp out of Hie house and to
lo tlukeiilig over the other man's car.
The hold keeper biiw hint remove part
of the other man's engine anil sitbstlluto
that pirt for tlm useless similar part In
his own car. Next niotnlnn tho other
man's cat' wouldn't budge,
"Wallo enacted u comedy for half an
hour, earnestly assisting the stranger
at tinkering, hut Dually the hotel man's
patience was exhausted. Me told Walte
that tho trick had been observed, und
that lio had better trade back quick.
Walte did pn mid settled with Hie other
man for $K0.
Came Home Willi fl'JO.IMHI.
"Ho returned to this round' on
Christmas liav, 1911, with $!u.00 In
li'M pocket, We know that much. He
went heiress hunting, scouting In Palm
Hinds mid New York, and llnally In
teresting Mls Clara Itilso Peck. Her
brother ditdruMe.1 lilm. and old Mr.
Peck was unfriendly, hut Mis. Peck
seemed to like Wallo. lie bail alvva.vs
a gloat way with tho woman, pos
sibly becausn he boasted Mich Immaeu
lalu habits never smoking or ill inking,
or even tislns profanity. Ho was a
model youth.
"Ills subsequent history ban been
pretty well revealed. Wo know that he
deceived his aunt hy marriage, MIsm
Catherine Peck, at tho Park Avenue
Hotel, telling lier lie vvii'l practising
dentistry with his friend, I,. W. Dox-tntt-r,
at Kt',7 .Madison avenue, and that
hn v.att going about among Hie hos
pitals, performing especially dlllleult
operations. He never psiictlsed a lick.
Ills 'whole purpose stands 1 evented to
deslrov mother-lii-hiw, father-in-law
ami wife In order to secure great wealth
to hlmuclf und to Indulge himself In
Ills seerei jileasuies mid his love of
luxurv The Insanity pb-a Ih futile."
Judge Swann said last evening that
he Is little lonceined about the likeli
hood of an Insanlly defence.
"I shall not apply to have Walte ex
amined by alienists or bv commission."
said the IVstrlct Attorney. "We will
light Ibis insanity matter In court lu
tho cotn.r of the trial. Neither will
we accept 11 lesser plea in Walte's case.
It Is poss.M,. tint an Indictment tor
mutd'T will be handed down .11 the
latter part of this wiek. In th.it event,
and If Walte s physlcall) lit, he will
lm nira'gned "
Tiie post mortem side of tlie Inquiry
Is not finished, Mr. Matu'iiso and Ir.
Srhultzo brought front Oraml llaplds
certain parts of Mr. Pecl;' body which
will be analyzed here. Judge Swann
addressed a letter storday to the
Health Commissioner raying he had
been told that It was Impossible because
of lack of facilities to havn the analy
sis made In tho citv's laboratories anil
that the county would have to bo put
t" 1 Mm expense.
"f should be vei. turn h obliged."
wrote Judge Xwaiin, 'if you would let
me know whether this Is cornet and
whether It would be possible with some
slight changes to equip the chemical
laboratorv of the department so as to
fierform this wolk. H would bo a great
saving to the county."
Such an.ilvses '(-t the county J 1,
in tlm Mollnettx case.
It is likely, too, that the ashes of
Mrs. Pick will be analyzed q an elTort
to ili.'iover traces of arsenic or other
poisons. I'll! It Is -doubled If this ex
periment could succeed.
Tlie !ratnl Jury Inquiry wnt on yes.
teniae with the testimony of Hr. Al
bertus Adair Moote, who attended Mr.
I onrt o Orders When ir seeks n
Ilecorder William J. Cain of ftayonqe
ileelihd yesterday that wedding presents
belong to the wife. Ills decision was
given du.lng a hearing of a complaint
made bv Mi- Lillian McKadden of 13
Wist Tvvi'iitv-seventh street, who seih
a si palatini! I'lii- couple have been
married two years
Mts Mi I '.olden said she was able to
support lictstlf, i,ut fdic vv anti d the wed
ding prcoits The court said ho under
stood th.. legislature had passed an act
giving all wi idling presents to wives
who separate from their hu.lunils and
he ordered Md'adileu to give his wife
what she demanded He agieed to do
Among tlie nrllclcs Mrs McCnddcu
claimed was a picture entitled "Peaceful
Company." She Insisted 011 having It
Mie Wife f,.r Thirty Vrnr.
Miviiot i, I, 1 , Mum, - A .u.on
for divorce has i.eett Instituted in the
j Supreme Coiiit f Nassau lounty by
liobert Itrowir of Malvein. farnn'i lv
supi'iintciiileni or l ighwavs of Hemp'.
I stead township, again. t Mrs Mary ,f.
j Hi-.iwer They have been mauled more
1 than thirty years. Alouo Johnson, a
! neighbor, is named as corespondent,
I Wmeliiiinn Suffer. .Vlore llaioiiae to
I. fit Side In Urn it I,
ll.'ni.inl Cord. .1 wat.-hmon 1 v rg at
'II Tenth iivenue. who has 1, -t h.s le':
l"g und aim. had his lefl ear pea-li
sivered by a knife last mgiit follow lug
a saloon bt.i'.vl with IMniid I',, litem,
t".'. 0 s.nj.,,,,,,,, r 1 :,ui,t , in,.,,,,,
ilteeii. who aspeits that 1'onl l,.,s leen
spieading sc1111l.1l nboiit In t mi. I.e. was
accused by llio cripple of 1 linking l,,m
In a saloon at x:i Nlnlh a venue
I'old went outside, wllile tne (,ie.-
man met him n,f,, 11;.i , ,
tillell I'olicein.lll MclliMd ,.MI j,, , 1x,,
b; shouts from l'o.'d, lie 1.1111,1 ti,,. :,:.
ter's lieatl si ishcd. Tlie watiim.iM t,
M lihed up by I--. Ii.xoii or Polyc t,.c
1 Ins pi t:i I and tin 111 was lis k d up (
tlie Wist I'oi ly-scvciith Micet ,s, , . , ,
on 11 chaige of leiomiiiK as-..iuli. n
asseiiisl thai I 'mil had alia, kid lint
til st with the knife.
Ireel Clott Willi Wine,
Hi'.iisa'fonT. I'ono VI. ir. 1.
hundred and sixty-four g.illons'nf
lust imtiolted tiotn s'ii.,lti II.... ...I
IV e
W ille
low n
ji aiiiiou iri'ri huh morning when ,1
a k
, i iMo.iiiooK 11 mii'im'ii as ii wat
I low ci oil from a tniil. and btol.o
Hie sldiwalk. Tile wine. v.lllli
d .11
T'c te
sevoal In on 1 1 1-1 1 -s of ihdhiie, wa
in be gauged ai Ihe custom Imu 1
was n mad scrainb e tor pan. and
hi wliud to c.iiili tlio iragi'.int
Many llllnl tlictr bats u Mi 1 lie wm
I'll. I
iH J
Relieved (Ji'Piitesf Nn in Iht of
Sllieides Witliiti Twelve
Hours in C i I .
110 V. '. JIK.V AND :i o.
Seven petsons committed 1 ,c . ,
In the period fiom noon to main s .'
tenia. According lo Cotone, 1 f
Jacob A. Aneksteln, this ens ., Ir,
for twelvn hours In rctent ei. ,
in tho whole history of tne Co 01 .
All of Hie men and women wlio ki ' 1
themselvrn were of ditferent nation
lies. What gave an unusual fni rn-t tn
several of the suicides was the f
that relatives knew of no citpe ,.
Ihe police could find none. Almost evr
form of self-destruction rxcejit kiiote
was Used.
The litst death to be r potted to 1 .
Coroner's office was that of t h.i-.
HoiTinaii, 17 ) ears old, a bank nievrg
for the I'li.ithatii ami Phenix Natu.i
Hank at Sn John street. Shortly be'ori
noon his lirothcr, Hugo, teturning ho .
for lunch nt t'd. Kaet IfSth sti.n
smelled (.caplng ga and found the i
locked. He got Police tian .Initn.gi.
climb in tliioiigli.t'in lire ts ipe i
.vouth was found 11, i.cj, nti, ,,
t'lbu lu it., mouth.
"I Am Th I'd nub," He Wrote,
m th" dresser wMs 1( t,tP s;
w.tli his name, htarcig tne three we-,.
"I .mil through." His mother, who .
an A tl.-1 1 1,1 11, said sio knew of on.
appotntuielit 111 love, or anv 01,0.- 4
sun for her sou to lake his l'ff
batik olllceis w nsked If II 'f
had been Into irotlblo thete, tl . .
clineil to diht'iiss the matter.
Th" next death lecoiib d w ie t a
Michael I'oley. ,,borcr, w lm 1 . 1 n
tlm City Hospital at 1 o' lot K, l,.
jiitnpeil fiom .1 t) t tli floor wm.i.'w
H'li Second avenue, whole lie bveif
Then llilzabefli Huher. ;,7. a i;ift,
was found ile.nl from g,iH in the hi. in .
of her homo at llast Twei.'-- v
Soon after .". o'i ock Vllmrt li-or.
a Holieniiaii dyer, SI, cut Ins tl ...,t 'i
a razor at Itllx Mast .seventy -n, t
II" died at til- l'louer Ho.plt.i,
.Michael Wrana. IIS. it polish .o, .
was toiiud liain;ing from a l-.m
his wile at i;.r, in t ,,,,, ,.
W est 1 .1 1 -t htl'Oi't.
'I'tto Women round 'loo I, ale.
At '4.. Mis. Mary I., vine, t i .
sail Jewess, wa. f.cjn.l in.. ,
Iront gas at S:!7 I'lftli .-t.,,i, . , , 1
at Hi'llevue Hospital
llair an limn later M - Me, , .
Una, t'S. ,m Italian, dud m ti. frt
Hospital, having bf.-n taken .. c f n
her home at fi'i; ;,i.t I'miv-tif s".
wheie slie had t.ilo n hi-. ;..r 1. '
It was mid at the Conor. old e v
the tecords for Jiast yrai 1 .1 . r i
the month of Man h' wa- p,t.
filoilllctlVe of '-ulclde 'Ike 1 ,, t ,
the weather. It was del vi I his ., )..
pies -mg , ic t.
.Mini Oner .'t Illlll Mie, ill of Itiiri.
on Island ns llnrnlitr.
"lanky" l'rank l'tiglaml was t
County Judge I'awcOt lu Hronkl -lenlay
for the secmd tinic on 1
of burglary. On the llrst oeo.o. 1
land got a llfty day seutet.. e u
abbd dim to get home tor c ,1 -
"I could send you to S ng s
1'iwcett said yesterday, "Ion ' H;
K.vc vou unotlicr r'l.in. e ,1 r
initiate sentence to Hl.nkwi' . I 1
Wtiglatnl had Ids brn f t -j- . I 1.
twelve years ago. li began at t-
head Hay. Knglanil torn ,,- n
plavid craps wlillo w.nt ng to ' c 1
'.ir "Ut. ran Ins capital of
t" Jio and ilecldnl he'd imt t'.. to
.1 ten to one shot, lie d d ., '
1'iom that moment until 1 w , -"I.ucky"
Prank followed ti e ,
has been said that he wa. an a t
101O at one time. He 1 .w I.
old. All that he has is las w .
tin c- daiiglitcrs, for whose n ,e 1. .
I'awcett das dealt biiinri w ' v
Tlie two etory frame dwci. tig - i
lauds 01 . upv at .':'7 1 1- .
ltrooklyn, belongs to 'ic w .
You'll draw a prize in
these new hats of ours1
"Rogers Pect" Derbic
and soft hats in new Sprint,
Stetsons, too, in alnn
dance -includinc the "S'ct
!son Special." the pride til tlie
Stetson shops.
Spring overcoats!
Roomy coats of hamU'irr
tweeds and cheviots.
Shapely coats of black
dark oxford, some silk linr--
"Scotch Mists" (,V
raincoats and fair ut't!v
coats combined.
Broadway l, .
ut Uth St. "Th' e'.'t "'
Broadway (.'orners" ' M l'"
nt Warren ' 4' 1 '
ollcivd in The Sun
Garden Department
eur bill lJ.I.

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