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1915 Snrplm Almost, Double
That Recorded for the
Preceding Year.
THE RECEIPTS 951,171,7115
Ta report t tha Western Union Tele
graph Company for the year e ndesl lx
cnrtT 31, 191S. shows a surplus after
th payment of all ipens ami Interest
chart of f 10.1BT.f.!l. as scatn.it a hut
plua of $5,371,335 In the year 1014. This
la QulVAlsnt to 10.1 per cent. earned
OB th $99,786,759 csipltal stock of ths
oomfmny, as ajtalrrst 6.31 per cent, earned
thtt rsar preceding.
Ths total earnings of the company for
tha year were $E1,1T1,79R. as compared
with 4I,264,77 in 1914, and the ex
penses and tAxea $40,972,641, as against
$40,678,761 In 1914. After the payment
of dividends a surplus remained of 15
351,047, as against a surplus of $1,382
05 In 1914. The total surplus on hand
on December 31, 1916, was $U,S$:,!69,
havlnff Increased 9,,88,14& since ixt
camber 31. 1910.
An analysis of the chance In the com
pany's position over Ji past tlve years
Included In the report shows that It has
Improved Its standing In that time by
$18,985,748. A little ever half of this
is represented In the Increased surplus
and $9,186,1)03 In Increases In unexpended
balances of reserves for maintenance
and depreciation and employees' benefit
fund. The Italn has been effected by u
net Increase In attsets of it,i'Jt,i,a aim
a retirement of capital liabilities and
liquidation of notes payable acBrccut
in 312.189.672.
Newcomb Carlton, president of the
company, In Ms remarks to stocithoiaers
says In part:
"At the close of the year the company
had 209,854 miles of pole Una. 9.l3.l3
miles of Iron wire, 649,990 miles or cop
per wire and 2,960 miles of land line
cables. Thcro were 25,142 offices under
operation, a decrea.se of 612 otllccs since
the last roport. It having been found
economical to chanse small onices. to
agencies, which are not classed as West
ern Union operated ofllces,
"Gross operating revenues hare In
creased oxer last year by $1,907,019.
The transmission of the Increased vol
ume of business with a comparatively
small Increase In expense Is generally to
be attributed to refinements In organl7-i-tlon,
Improvements In plantand method",
reduction In Axed charges and the ability
of the organization to handle a greater
volume of work without material In
crease In numbers.
"The quality of the service to the. pub
lic has been materially Improved, with
the result that claims for damages and
legal expenses Incident thereto were sub
stantially decreased. On March 1, 1913,
the plan of stating the tUlns time In
plain tlgures on messages was inaugu
rated, thus enabling patrons to deter
mine the, time taken for the trammlsslon
of messages.
"Notwithstanding the depression In
business at the beginning of 1915 the
work of Improving and strengthening the
outside and Inside plants, particularly
the trunk lines and the Important oper
ating offices, was diligently continued."
Mnrsan Jt Co, Will Dlshnrse on
Aiiglo-l'reneh laaae.
The Interest on tho $.",00,000,000
Anglo-French five year . per cent, ex
ternal loan gold bonds which will fall
due April 15 next and Interest which
will accrue subsequently will be payable
by J. P. Morgan A Co. as flsml agents
at their office, according to n an
nouncement made ln the financial dis
trict yesterday.
Interest will not be paid on tem
porary bonds. These must be exchanged
for a definitive coupon or full regis
tered bonds by the Guaranty Trust Com
pany as registrar. The books for tho
transfer of full registered bonds will
be closed at the close of business April
8 and will be reopened on the morning
of April 15.
It tins been arranged by the con
tracting Governments that hereafter the
fee charged upon tlie exchange of defini
tive coupon bonds for definitive full reg
istered bonds and upon the exchange
of definitive full registered bonds for de
flnlttve coupon bonds and detinitlvo cou
pon or registered bonda of one deinonlna
tlon Into definitive coupon or registered
bonds of other denominations shall bo
25 cents for each definitive fun regis
tered piece or definitive coupon bond
HI shares American Maaoa Pafety Thrend
Company, 1117 lot,
4tt share Central Iron and ftteel Company,
: 'j.
40 shares rinelawn Cemetery certificate of
deposit, $1 per share,
lit eharea Washington Water Power Com-
Jiany. 754.
iare 1'ailflc fire Insurance Company,
SM shares Keystone Knitted I'abrlo Com
pany, Inc., also all right, tills and
Interest in 4 shares not in punetj!oi)
of certificate, r 010 lot
HI shares l'nlted f tales Steel Corporation
common, S4i,
110 ahares Southern Railway Company
common, i
I, 111 shares Chicago City end Connecting
Railways collateral trut trustees cer
tificates of preferred pirtlclpatlon, 17 4
Ttl aharea Chicago City and Connecting
Itallvtava eollateral trunt trustees cer
tificates of common participation, 3.
II, 000 Acker, Mtrro.ll Condlt per cent
debenture bonds, due 1953. fl.
75 shares L'nlted Dry Goods Company's
prefened, l'-i.
57 shares t'nlt'd States Finishing Com
pany common. 50
in aharea Hterllni! Securities Company. S5I
50 aharea Mldvale Steel Company, old
stock. 405.
i;,000 Acker, Merrall Condlt Company
i per cent, ueoemuro uoium, uu? a.u,
178 shares J. Spencer Turner Company
nreferred. 3&li.
1153 Detroit. Toled and lronton Railway
Company consolidated mortgaKs 4!-i
per in-nt. bond scrip: 9 shares Detroit,
Tniean anil lronton Railway Company
second preferred certificate of deposit
anil in uti mtiis I. i'n
15,000 Acker. Mcrr.ill A Condlt Company
jiei ient debenture "bond, lue
19:3. Interest January and July, 67.
LIviTstock Markrt.
WnDNP-SDAV. .March 13
Receipt! of beeves were l.f.55 head, In
cluding with prevlmn arrivals 3S tars for
eale. Steers were gererallv steady to slow,
with medium grades a trifle easier bulls
and cows barelv sternly at Monday's clus.
luc prices. Ordinary to extra prim steers
sold at 7.7fl.S5 Pr 100 lbs.; etockers
lit 16.50; bulls at ISSM7.76; cows at 13,45
inf"; a few tallends at lower prices
Dressed beef steady at UliaM'ic. for Un
dressed natlva sides.
Recelpta of calves were S, 493 head, In
cluding 1, HI 7 for the market, Prices were
lower again to-day and as compared v. Ith
Monday's market 75c, lower on general
salts. The pens, howeter, were well
rltared. Common to choice veals sold at
16.80'rf 110.55 per 100 lbs J a few eelented
t lO.aHiOllO 40: culls at 15 r,0'r lfi.50
Dressed calves were weak at 1 2 4 f IS 14c.
for cats- dressed veals; lOSUSc for coun
try dressed
Receipts of sheep and lambs were 3,107
head, Including a little, more than a ctr
lod for th market, Hheep wera In
llmlttd supply and steady; lambs firm bu'
no strlctlv prime offend. Phrcp sold at
16 50011. 50 per 100 lbs; culls at Mir!',,
common to good lambs at linitU75
mils at t 50, Dressed mutton steady at
10x14c ; dressed lambs at t5M'6c; h"e
dressed at ltie ; country dressed hothouse
limbs nt IS'tfHEO pr rtre'i-
Receipts of hogs were .CI! head, Incllid
Inr about 5 carloads fur the market
Prices were steady, with i lies at !! SU'I
I10.S5 per loo lbs.; pigs at 15 50: roughs
at Ja Country drevstd hoga altady at
11914c, pir It.
Wheat Weskrni Ut( Kany
Mrenath on Crop firm:
Tliein wjis no letut) In the number of
bullish crop accounts placed liefore the
wheat trade yesterday, out me mrmi
was not im strong ns had been the case
the few piecedlng sessions. Willie there
was a tendency to ignore completely me
fact that foreign markets were not re
sponding to the advances on this aide
note was taken of the more vulnerable
technical position of our markets. It
was agieeil that after recent advances
of 5 to 8 renin a bushel the elimination
of many shorts' had occurred and a new
long account created.
.Mole or less Irregularity waa dis
played In the list In the course of the
day. IMdently the prominent Chicago
traders who had been most aggressive
on the hull sldo were satisfied with the
extent of their profits, especially aa the
public showed no general tendency to
take hold of the market. 1'crhaps the
outside participation In the advance
would liuxe hern of lurr tim,ntin
but for the luck of details accompanying
M.ltiln nf tl.n . I . !.,.-
iv7imjMiu crop messages,
furthermore, authorities contend that
more growing weather must be awaited
before ilia actual prospect can be as
certained. Iurltig the tstat ver1 itm. .
Si..'... trom pr.'tlcally every
lie ", l'U2l - TS- il,t
relrl n A.nH?-,,,,r HKn- ln " ""Clal
V?ul r?,A'ir" no, mention win be nude
ii,; .V.I ' ,t""nl wlU how above
. mvw. i;i a1vlces
of a ate start nd l.robaWydecreu.ed
u.J --Mnirle.in and Oatuull.in Northwest
V.. .I. V , ! ""'", n.i were em
IdiaHliHt by the moderate full of enow In
v-rl-ius northwestern districts. I
Tlio eIirt buying for the day wiu
placed t (,00,000 bushels, largely for C.nv
erninetii nei-ount. O-ibled report were
that Uie depression nt Llverprnvl , th.
i t. V,f ,ro'.r "fferlni from Atcctil.n.i
mikI Indli nd expectations of liberal At
gentltip shipments this week, pewplte these
bearish iMbles, there might have been a
larcer export baslnem here xv-re the ex.
porters willing to wdl for eurly Milpment
Ilnnoicr. lliern I. unusually thick tee at the
he.i.l of the hikes and a. late opening of
navigation l feared, nne. to mention rati
roa.l cone-Mlon and conditions. twite .
trnliiy rumors were current that labor
troulilo vTnuht so.m tireak out nil one or
tto of tit. Western eynt.tns.
,'.';rn rTh ,!,."rktt .wn" untettleit meat
or the dii)-, although the upturns In wheat
at times lud senthnental Influence. Snc
ulntlte trade waa not large, ami mnr-
enuv in. .rrorti on the pirt of rtl.mei
to fori-, prli-ea lonrr are unabated. Thera
l. undoubtedly, leja support to the nmrket
than hint lieen thr ense for ievrral w.k.
Much la heard of prospective lighter coun
try ortVr nus, because of furmeri being en.
gaped with their sowing of et and other
field work, but ' an onset there doea not
seem to be a great de.l of confidence In
a maintained cash demand. Interior r
cetptn for th half week have been :,50..
000 buhel. against r.MO.OOO the same
time laat week and l.COO.OOO a year ago
Foreign markets were steadier yesterday,
although no export bnlnee waa traced
O.U8 On the whole- the market was
steidtr, helped by the rise In wheat earlv
and later by the good undertone to tli
cash tnarkets. Ilrcelpta have Incr-.ised
only slightly, the movement for three dave
totalling s,:90.000 bushel, agalnet :,ono.
000 a week ago and :,950,000 i year ago.
1-xport bulr.ej. eeterdy was light
Provisions There nu selling for pack
ers and for outside account "The hog
movement was heavier with price, lower,
atil packing of hog for the week is re
ported allghtly over the amount noted last
Chicago prices;
Oin- Itich
inc. et
u:'. inn
vi ins
US 5'r,
Iw Clos. Prer
Wheat :
M.n ... .
July . ...
May .......
et. itir. dose
u:'i ii3'
11 37
ii. o;
M "7
M 07
il S7
r. t:
11 M
11 77
11 f.J
11 77
ii s:
ii. i.;
u :
1.' M
1: -O
1? ""
II 7
i: p
i: r
New Yotk wheat prtcca were:
May ..
r. Tin and Lead Kaalrtt -
Spelter In Mnall Ilcmand.
The lariri st cop,cr prolticer are reported
to have sold ,fi,") pounds electrolytic cop.
P-r for export to Frame for May. June and
July, and some lar.-e buying la reported by
domestic consumer, for third quarter ship
ment, estimated to arsreeate MW.) pounds
Thl. means about a sit daya output of the
refin-rie at the present rate of production
A firmer tone was reported early In the dar
but later there were freer offering, of moll
erale tonnuvs t concessions even for third
4u.ii iri suipmeiii
The dinruid for nearby metal it (,ht, but
supplies are also small The l;u-jet limine
in.- Interests have little copper to nil for de
."-o'lr nine, aim sonic large June con
rails have been negotiated April. Mav nnd
"",r-ue"!h,"m,'.n.i u'.Hi :'la';,l'le it,
day sr M- toii. mainly to Krame and Swe
den Miue M.o.n I forcicn shipments hav-s
luvre; Hi d si m im,. At London American
cle, Irnljile was uiieh.intcd, Lut spot standard
sie.i.ii at .i.vi-.e Kvniirts reported .Tester-
Tin was unlet ,,,) easier, spot Is held at
4? ..';i.-, April at 4ic. Mv ut 4.-,(T4;',".
while .tune Jul, shipment from the Straits
an- nominally c mcr at 4.1V1I3V-. e I f New
vorli Ihe London market was weaker at a
ile.-lme of O on spot to i2:. Spot standard
dro,.,,.-;! to p.. Th. Smsapore' market ,
w-. aUrr a j sl'-.-liiie- of p,s . with s:iles of am
tons of fill in. Arrivals at New York and
outports since Mar.h 1 have been 3sv tons
V ' V1""' !"'."lv "fered at concession
ami liss demand from domestic ,sinsumers
and from exporters spot. March and April
Is .mutable at 7V7V at Kast !t Tulf
London w.is firmer at an adran.m si c.
K,,'.'l1.h'le!.dnl 'S ,0f ' M "' tk
Milter was ntjlet, with small demand. Spot
at East St l,oi lis Txmdnn was unchanrert i
ijj lor spot ami (c for futures.
WAM1INCTO.V, March r-.Tlie .tatem.m
'1'ieasiiry shows:
This mo. Fiscal year.
,.i3.0.,S.47 :.: iW,4T,
rM.ii7.i6 f,ia,73.i.ft.
Disburse nicnts
Surplui II,:.,o( f,v,,ofc,(ijB
necfipt fmm customs todiy, (7,7W In
ternal reienue. onluiHry, l,MVH,o: lni-ome
tax. IIWMi.': misirlhmeoiis, 1141 Wi ,n,1,me
tlm,'.i7l.3M,ll r'crlcj ,or redemp-
Tlie cinreilt' statement of the United State
Treaiurtr lor .March ;v shows
Available (old
Avail ible silver
l'nlted 'states notes
National bink notes and Federal
reserve notes
Certified checks on limits
Subsidiary silver, minor coin and
silver bullion .
Ml. 759
rtl.ilfled funsorfed inrrenoy)
Deposits in banks and Philippine
Available currency in Treasury
and banks ,. ,
Iiidun inrrent liabilities
Nrt balance In icneral fund
(iold coin and liulllon.
Tltl'ST vevn
To redeem oulslan.lliij s-rtlfl-
ales . I1.JC.5:s.5I3
Grand total r-ish assets In Treas.
ury 13,334, i:.97B
J S. Ptulibs f. Co Inc., 40 Wn.1l street,
New York, are offering ll'IO.OOO 7 pr cent
cumulative preferred stock of the, Wappler
Electric Company, Inc
1'orrest 1 Dryden. president of the
Prudential Insurance Company of America,
has been elected a director of the National
Hank of Commerce In New York
Iludolph (liienther, Inc, of 55 Broad
atreel, his Issunl n pamphlft on "What
Advertising Can Do for Public Utility
Securities In Awakening the Public to Their
vinuo as investments '
'I' I in Hub-Treasury received vesterday
from the Sub Treasiirs In San Pnnic-leco
12.400,01111 to Ihe licciilltlt of the I'nii'ullun
Hank of I'nmmiTce The transfer was a
pan of i(o tin oii tatlou of Australian gold
niiile lr tin i '.inaill.iu lunk
r . ..n,.e ,.r s, , o,iii m larvls yerteiday
e , .1 the tin i' pivmcni, amounting to
iii'in, Hun l, mm fuMi, on Hie Kiln of Iih
common shiii'H of the Cuban Telephone
Company I h .larvls estate, will mill re
tain Ha holding of bond and preferred
35,000 Tons More Contract!!.
For to Be Delivered
Next Year.
The New Tor Central Tlallroad Com
pany has Increased Its rail tonnage for
delivery ln 1917 by 35,000 tons, making
the total orders distributed ror lines
west and east of Buffalo 175,000 tons.
As already reported. 72,000 tons of this
amount will be rolled at rtufTalo. T)e
tails regarding the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company rail purchase are atltl
awaited with more than usual Interest
because of the change ln the relations
between Uie railroad company and the
rail mills. Since the Pennsylvania com
pany has parted with Its holdings In the
Pennsylvania and Cambria Bteel coin
panles freight traffic la more likely to
govern the percentage or ins aistrinu
tlon of the rails to be rolled by Indl
vldual mills.
The Kansas City Southern Railroad
has placed an order for 6,000 tons of
standard section rails for next year's
shipment with a Chicago mill and a
Southern line has given an order for
2,000 tons for this year's delivery to the
Pennsylvania Steel Company. H Is also
understood that other Kastern and
Southern lines have placed contract, for
about 33,000 tons of standard sections
for delivery over the first quarter anil
first half of next year. Other rail con
tract have been placed by the Western
roads, which together with the addi
tional tonnage placed by the Southern
Pacific, already noted, brings the total
rail contracts' placed since the first of
March to $75,000 tons. If the Penn
sylvania tonnage Is distributed In the
next few days the March rail contracts
will he considerably In excess of 1,000,
00 tons.
The Chicago, Hurllngton and Qulncy
Kallrnad Company after withdrawing
Inquiries for 1,000 cars placed one order
for ROfl freight cars with the American
Car and Foundry Company. The steel
to build these cars, as well ns for Home
passenger equipment recently placed,
amounting to 7,000 tons, l understood
to have been placed with Chicago mills.
The placing of additional car contracts
Is deiendent ujion the builders being able
to secure an ample tonnage of steel for
the construction, even for delivery the
llret half of 1917.
Although there are constant reports
of the abandonment of steel building
work and the Increase of concrete con
struction at the expense of steel, there
Is still an active demand for fabricated
structural shapes to be used ln the con
struction of manufacturing plants, mil-
roads, highway bridges and commercial
bulldlncs. Additional orders came to
die surface yesterday calling for be.
tween 3,000 and 4,000 tons of steel
shares. Including 1,400 to 1,500 tons for
an office structure on Liberty tdreet, ad
Jottilng the Guarantee Truit Company
building, which wilt be furnished by
Mllllken Urothers, Inc. The same fab
ricators will also furnish 'J00 tons of
s'cel for a railroad bridge In Cuba.
The American Bridge Company has
been awarded a contract for 1,400 tons
of fabricated Miuctural fcteel for a loft
building to bo constructed Ht Forty.
fourth street and ladlron avenue for
Ahenrrinibie i. Fitch. The Great
Western Power Company has placed a
contract for 3(oi tons of steel fnr a sub
poair station 111 San Francisco with tho
Pacific ISolllne Mill, The New York
Central ltallto.id Company has given ou
order for Sort ton. of steel shapes for w
viaduct lo be constructed at Doivv
Place to Mllllken Urothers, Inc., but the
contract for the viaduct to be con
structed at Vanderbllt avenue Is still
The Samuel I,. Moore Corporation,
Kliabeth, X. J., has asked fur prices on
3.".ii tons of steel for the construction of
another machine shop. The Ogren
Motor Wtuks of Waukegan, III., has
temporarily withdrawn nn Inquiry for
200 tons of structural steel for plant ex
The Maxwell Motor Company Jus de
cided to build an additional plant ex
tension at I'etiolt of reenforced concrete
because of the high prices submitted on
steel construction, lllds recently tuKen
ag.itnt 143 a toil erected less than six
'ths ago. m,n previous buildings
were as men as st a ton erected
ordered were erected by the McCllntlc
Marshall Construction Company.
Howard M. Newllu, traffic manager of
the Pennsylvania Steel Company, has
been appointed special representative, In
chatge of freight matters, of the Max
well Motor Company, with headquarters
at I'etrolt, .Mr. ."vewim lias been con
nected wkh the Pennsylvania rteel Com
pany for fifteen years and Is now- presl
dent of the Traffic Club of Phll.nlel
phla. The appointment becomes eftectlvi
April 1.
In giving the latest developments In
the ferro-alloy situation yesterday the
ambrla htoel Company was inadver
tently referred to ns having been ac-
iiuind, nr. well as the Pennnylvanl.i and
Maryland properties, by the Hethlehem
Steel Company. Of course. It Is well
understood that the Cambria company
has been merged with the Mldvale Steel
mid Ordnance Company, but this does
not prevent tne manufacture or rerro
manganese from Ilrazlll.in oris at Spar.
rows Point for the Cambtla company,
us outlined.
The traffic situation In New llngland
Is Milt at slxs and sevens. An Indication
of the tension existing may be found In
an otdcr signed by Chairman Clark of
the Special Tralliu Commission and of
the interstate Commerce Commission
permitting the American Steel and Wire
Company to Milp 300 tons of wire rods
from Allentown to Worcester nnd 150
tons of rods from Pittsburg to Worces
ter. To have this order executed It Is
necessary for the traffic department of
the wire company lo present the order
to the initial railroads, such an amount
of freight Is like a drop In tho ocean
enmiwred to the total traffic of the wlr
(ireen liny Rarnlnga a7SO,tu:t,
The report of the (ireen Hay and
Western itallroad Company for the year
ended December 31, 191li, shown gross
earnings of J7SO,4"3, ns compared with
1 7 6,:i:in me preceding year and J7D7,
-H7 In 101.1. Net $207,533, b compared
with $211,169 the preceding year. After
dividends tho report showed a balant
for the year of S,"S3, as against f.l.ili.
in 1914.
Cnnanlliliilnl I'xt'liantie,
Ileactlonary Tonilltlona cimtrnllcil tlie
niHrliet on th Consolldntcil Block lit.
1 h.mce In tin. rluslnfr dciilliis. ln tlie
early trmlliii; the tnurket liad slinun h coud
tnnc .iltliouGli the activity mainly centred
In icrlaln nf the Industrial favnrltes. c;ru
elide Steel waa tiit.iln prominent and after
iiiienluir at H0, U nf a point nbove Its
iloslnu price on Tuesday, It early adduced
to ti!. loiter nn, however, It suftetinl
to vt,, closlnir t I3S nn a turtiovcr for
the day nf more tlian 1 11,000 shares Atncr
Iciin Locomotive, after opening nt 77,.
tun hntiKed fmm Tuesday's elnstna, tourhed
a hlstli nf 7 ft sold 41s li, vv as 7ii3
nnd rinsed nt 77ia.
I'nlteil States Steel common, nfter open
Int; ,11 s, s a the same us lis clouinc on
Tuesday, iidviiticed to K5, tuit It then weak
Hied 111 St, closing nt 8l,. A 1111 r celi 1 .1
epenH nt " nf ii pulnt under It"
close, on Tuesday, hut Ihcn udvaiiccd to
S7's In the afurnniiu It lirnhe tn kit, clos
lug nt Men lea 11 t'ctrolcum ImiI 11
iharp run up near the close, Jts opening
price of ini!4 iv as Ha lowest. It sold aa
high a 105T anil closed at
It. A, C. flmtth Telia Mayor Mar
ginal Hallway Would Be Cosily.
Dock Commissioner R. A. C. Hmlth
sent a letter to Mayor Mttchel yester
day analyzing the scheme proposed by
former Dock Commissioner Tomklns for
a municipally owned marginal elevated
railroad along the westerly side or
Manhattan, back of the North River
piers. lie goes at length Into the
scheme, arguing that It would Involve
too great an expense and that Insur
mountable difficulties would be met In
trying to accommodate auch a railroad
to the shipping situation.
Tho plan a greed upon by the New
York Central Railroad and the port and
terminal committee of the Hoard of Es
timate Is about to he made public and
In this connection Commissioner Smith
savs :
"In all discussion of the proposed set
tlement the committee has been most
careful to so adjust the railroad's right
of way that It Interferes at no point
with any type of marginal street de
velopmeut which the future may show
to be necessary or desirable.
"The chief object In forcing this com
pany Into a private right of way south
of Thirtieth street was to keep the
waterfront under the clty control for
future organization. North of Thirtieth
street to Fifty-ninth street ample space
has been left for additional city owned
tracks If that solution appears ultl
mately desirable."
Railroad la In Adopt "neataaraat"
Title Instead.
"Ist call for dinner ln the dining
car" will be heard no more on the
Pennav Iv.uila Railroad after to-morrow,
Heglnnlng April 1 dining cars are to
be ktuiwn as restaurant cars. Here's
the reason as given by the company :
"The term Mining car la a misnomer.
as th word dining properly appllea to
a place to eat dinner. As breakfast and
luncheon, as well as dinner, are eerved
In the so-called dining car, It is actually
a restaurant car, and the Pennsylvania
Railroad has decided to take the Initia
tive In abolishing the misnomer and In
giving the car It proper title."
The first dining car waa used on the
Pennsvlvanla s New lork and Chicago
Limited thirty-four ycara ngo. JBeforn
that time meals) were supplied ln hotel
cars," which were sleeping cars with a
kltcben or buffet at one end. Jlotel cars
were first used In November, 187S.
Denver and Salt Dake:
191fi. Chanses
Third week Mar. . 30.-.oo Inc. 115,031!
Prom July 1 1.44H.396 inc. :i,lll
lioulsvllle and Nsshvlllet
Third week Mar.. II 1ST. Til Inc. I53S.1
From July 1 .... 45.715.165 Inc. 4,975,315
Th Western Maryland Hallway Company
report ror i ebruary:
Total rxvenue,.
IVilal expense.
1594. 315
Net revenues,.
Oper. Income. . . .
From July 1:
Total revenue..
Total eipemes..
15,451. !5
Net revenue..
:,.! t $1,340,675
Oper. Income.
hi;si:mku and dakk i:nn:.
Th Bessemer and Dike llrle Railroad
retiorts to tb Interetate commetv com
missiuii ror l euruarj :
1'1. Chsngss
Total et.er. rev
$471 50 Inc. i:1.40
7s.3sK Inc. 16.33
ti:.:Cl Inc. 161,550
Tset oper rev..
Oper. Income. ,
t-r.m i .liny i;
Total oper. rev.
Net oper rev .
Oper. slncotne
t;.4:9.s: inc ti,"t9,"37
?. 7!-.o43 Inc. I.314.1
3,rt3 1.379 tin;. 1.317.491
cacii 11-,
Th St trills, lliftkv Mnuiitaln ni
'aeltb Compans rrpurt" fnr 1'ebrua.rj :
lots.. 1M5
Urosr e,,niinB" ... U'i.;,: jjij.jii
.Net eariilliiss ..1..1." "i
Net eetlle -TJ.J-t J'.''?
Nt income .. .. ::.ii7: :9,3.3
ClllltJAI'llAKi: AND OHIO.
Th Chesapeake mid Ohio Itties report
for rebnury; .... ....
I v 1 S I I .
ii.uVmH i:.7 :::
1.137.0s4 S0.IS
1, in;,. 133 H7.PI
3l)3,:0J :9,S40
Total revenue .
Net oper rev . ,
irns Income . .
Net Income . .
Fmiii Jiiiv 1
Total revenue.
Net oper rev .
liross Income.
I3I.S47.94S :S.S0.f."lS
ID S.'.T.lal! 7.4f7,&63
10. 933, IK'S 7.l:.f.!7
4.ii;;.4ii i.to7.:yi
Net Income
YAZOO AND Ml.1-!. 4ll'ri VALl.l'.r
Tl,. Vaznn and Mississippi Valley Hall.
road Company reports for February:
111C Chanrs
i'..l,175 Inc. 114, "J
ji,:,:09 l)"c. 13L1H
Totvl revenu"..
Net revenue .
l'rinn July It
Total revenu" . .
I1.HS.9JS Ine.l,141.lr,
..MS.ifil IliO. I19.SCI
Net revenue
Th Mobile and Ohio Itallroad Company
reports for I chru-iri
tsii: Chanres.
ilrnss e:irrilnr-
Net e.ltilliKe
rrom ,tul 1
jss.l 334 ll I77,:i7
i;,9i: Pec, 11,396
flrors eirnlncs.
Net eirnliiK"
I7.e,0:,4 111"
1, 7311, '149 Inc
Tl, Mltitirannlls Slid St. I.nill IUIIrOd
Company reports for lVbruar) :
t74.nj5 it:3,:7
357. 43 144,794
130.436 114,449
Hr ass e,irnliis
Net r ii mink's .
Total Incntiie, .
1'rnm July I
flross enrnlrcs
Net eartllncs. .
!:.::, 44T i,4.jr.:
:.:;,r.j4 i,i,sj
i,M,;: i.ii.;s
Total Income,
Tlis CatfadlKn I'aelflc Hallway Company
report for Kebruarj :
Iflis. i;nsnisi.
Gross earnlnc".. $.T5.J30 Inc :.o.,o,i5:
Net earnliius ...'i,'" .
from July 1!
Oro-s eariiliiirs. . S,v..4,1 Lie S'ST1.?? 2
. . . , 4 4 full tiln ltia 11 "lh 111
Tlie Illinois iVntral Itallroad Oompany
reports fnr I'ebruary:
19K., Clisnges
Tntal reenue... 15,471 S45 Inc. ILMI.MJ
Net revenue l.Jls.iau inc. sie.i-j
From July 1:
Total revenue... I45.44V.S5 Inc $S,:i,S15
Net reeiiue.. y,.,v,ii,i inc
The Central nf tieorjtla lullway Csitn-
pany rej.orts ror 1 enruary:
Opsr. revenue.
Net oper revenue
Oper. Income. . . ,
Krotn July l!
Oper revenue. . ,
Net oper. revenue
S.M".4M l,:0tl,S9
'..(,2,:!l j L", 1 4. ',551
V,:ul,lil 1.7615.416
uper, income
Tlie CIiIchco and Allw nallroai Com
pany reports lor i eDrii.ir .
19 11; Chanr.
Oper. repniis.
Oper. Income. . .
From July 1:
H,.T44,r,M Ine I3:i.4"
24S,IU luc. SS7.M3
Oper. revenue.
I10,7H:,C:4 Inc. 1,091,4!
;'.l.74.!ll'4 Inc. 131, CIS
uper, income
niiADiNO hsti:m.
Th Philadelphia nml Heading ftallway
Company, the Philadelphia and Iteadlnr
Coal and Iron i'nmpinv .iiirl the Heading
Company report for Icliruary:
Itslln.iy Compau) :
dross I4.mi1.i17R Inc,
Expenses ,,,ii.,i,.n inc.
Profit 1,lil8VJS Inc,
, sn.siis
Cuul ml Iron Company:
llilll rhantres.
Ilrnmm t.1 MlNIHIll Inc. t1.UI7.420
ilxnenses il,,.":i.4:iil Inc, LSatl.-TJO
rrotlt '.".'4,r,illl Inc. Ilhl.tOO
Iteaillns Company 1
lllllt Chancsa
Rfo.s t,MlM..'IIIH Inc. tri.70,1
r.xpeuse I'M la Inc. r..M4u
Priitlt f,r,7,Mi.l inc. .'iii'J
Hiirnlus liHi.'J'J'.t Inc. n.tlllu
From July 1 Hallway Company I
tiros fflK.liiii;",4'J
I'.SPMlses '.'.1.ri.'ll,li:.4
Pr.'ilt 14.7I..SK
Cisal and Iron Company:
lirnss $'.'4Mi.u:,fl
llvpenses : i' I, Mu, mil
Prnllt 1 II4,4.MI
Heading Compaii) 1
flross 4,,'.i!:i.:it4
llxpelisr .".H.HJI
Profit 4,r.(i4,4L'l!
Hill plus B4a.liBll
Tnc. til dilS.'jr.ll
Inc, 1,tll8,1SH
inc. ri.ir.n.viiu
Inc 4,il'.'l.li!i4
Inc. ;i.iI78.kii
Inc H4II,18.
In. $.V.iltl
Inc. 7,nall
Inc, 4r.,r.74
Inc. 88,1:41
CALL FOR $140,000
Mfmbflrs of Fro It Importers
Union s1so Demand Elec
tion of New Officers.
Announcement was made yesterday
that members of the Krult Importers
Union will Issue a call for an annual
meeting nf tho organization to-morrow
or the fiext day. Their object Is to
elect new otllcers and trustees In order
to have a thorough Investigation Into the
expenditure of the $105,000 raised by
the society to have the tariff reduced on
Sicilian lemons. William C. Beer, law
yer and man of many affairs, la
now aulng tho union nnd two asso
ciations of growers and shippers of
1'atermo for a $75,000 balance due for
services ln bringing about the reduction
by the Underwood tariff act.
The fuctlon opposed to the continu
ance of Frank Zlto as president, P.
Sclortlno us treasurer and several other
men as trustees has arisen to Inquire
what became of the $110,000 which It
sas was raised In New York, MesMna
and ralernio during the ("canon of 1911
and 1912. It says that Mr. Heer and
Harrison Ocborno. his associate, should
have been paid the full amount of their
claim of i 1 Hi.ooo and that a balance
should have been left In the treasury.
The contention on the other side Is that
no such sum was lal-ed, a little more
than $37,000 being the enllre amount,
Heer and O.-borne received $35,000 of
this at.d Heer says that they are entitled
to $7f.,000 more.
Satitl Amoroso of Florlta Amoroso,
90 West Hrnadway, who Is Ke.'otid vice
president of the union and leader of the
insurgents, said regarding a statement
of Mr. Heer that a full accounting had
been made of all expenditures:
"If there was an accounting 1 do not
know of It. For tvvo years we have
been nuking for It. We, have been told
that there can be no accounting for
some of the money; that It was spent
and that ts all. 1 do not know what
they mean by that. I want to know,
"Now vvp are to publlMh according to
law a call for an annual meeting signed
by a tfllclent number of members and
we will bold an election. We will know
Low much Heer got and how much the
union spent and for what purpose.
"I was opine-ci! to this scheme from
the beginning," concluded the Importer.
"1 was not an ofllcer In 1911, when the
contract was made, but I fought It JuM
the name."
There was a well defined report In the
rltius fruit importing district yesterday
that tlio two Sicilian societies at
I'a'ermo have concluded to make an
offer of r.0,00') francs ($10,000) In full
settlement of nil the Jteer claims. Noth
ing definite had been received by mem',
bers of the Fruit lmiirters CiiImii about
ell III Hidden .Money,
Mantov, fal., March i?. W. A. Clel
I.itid, who recently old hl pl.ico to the
Northern t'.illfornla P.iuer Cninpany
nenr here, iil n-ril ia;'0 In ?"0 rold pUceo
111 11 potato bin for r.ifo het-p'ns.
1-Virmdtim: nliout tlio iuonc. he sold
some potatoes Latir .1 search for th"
coin proved uneuecessfiil. I'lellatul now
thttiUn hiiiiKs nre a s..'if.T propueltlon than
fotntn hiiie.
RrniN4 RK-onrs.
WHITE M'LI'llt'K fsl'IIIMiS Vf. Va.
White Sulphur Springs
We.l Virfinia
Finest Bath Establishment in America,
Connected Directly with the Hotel
Ntuheim and all principal baths of European Health
Resorts are given in the Bath House by skilled attendants
Managing lllrertor Beelilrnt .Manager
mtW JKRSKT Allantto CI17.
gr are filled with the
Balmy air, bright sunshine, salt hrete anil a host nf healthful attraction ad aalt
to null an ideal Spring time. Fpend Hatter at Atlantic City and tak your part la
th world famous Fashion Parade, a light lr to b remmbrd.
And "III furnish full Information, rates, etc., on application
(Hotel ar all American Plan, unlrs otherw is noted.)
Galen Hall
Hotel and Sanatorium
F. L. Young, Mgr.
Hotel Dt nnb
On th Ocean Front
Walur J. Kuibr
On th Ocean Front
American and Curopun Plana
Joilah Whit A Sons Company
Hotel Strand '
On th Ocean Front
F. H. Of? nd
H. C. Eilwsrd
The Shelburne
On the Ocean Front
Furopean Plan
J. WcikeL Mgr.
The Holmhurst
Central: Near th Beach
lUnry Darnell
Only three hour from Ness York city Tin CEVIIIAI. K. R,
nf N.J.,ir PKNN4. It. II.
Consult local ticket agent for further information.
Oectipylna entlr block of ocsn front, In
ta fublonabl Chelsea action: 30 bd
chamber with prlvai bath Ifieiu nd
aa water). Illgb class orcheilra. est.
Sill, Ac. French chef, liolf prlvllags.
tat mt train. Ilooklst. OpsuHllysar,
.mm utt n ij tlrinn.i
at A&rvtem r oinlori AbeautV
I AITWricaitrialx tiiiwraunaix.
Heach Front Aceottimo l.itiu u :ii clniit II , f
J'rlce. SI Charles Place AV lle.ich The p. hi
ular secllou, within slclil 11ml sound nf the
ocean. -00 large rooms, nil finu extiosiiie,
private hutlis, running vvnlcr, porches, cle.
vator, etc Cuisine nnd service best nlitnlu
abl, Ihiw ratea. Booklet, H. J, PY.NIltf.
HOLDINGS, $49,000,000
Shtlemcnt of the Company's
Cnsh Position Ts
Given Out.
Interests flosely In touch with those
working for the reorganisation of the
International Mercantile Marine Com
pany irstcrdny made a aemt-offlclal
statement regarding tho cash position
of tlio company which does much to
clear away tho various rumors which
have been In circulation recently as
regards Its financial position.
Tho equivalent of tbe company's cash
holdings Is between $4fi,000,00O and
$46,000,000. Of thin amount about
$10,!00,000 In Invested In Hrlt
Ish Treasury bills and approxl
mutely $17,425,000 lias been put Into
th Hrltlsh war loan. There Is ulso
about $7,900,000 which Is taken up with
miscellaneous Investment. In nddltlon,
tho company has recently sold three
ships which have brought Into Its treas
ury moro than $3,50,O00. Thus fhe In
terest bearing Investments of tho com
pany at tho present time are said to
bo morn than $41,151,000.
At present thcro la no way In which
to romputo tho amounts which will be
deducted from tho International Mer
cantile Marine Company's earnings for
tho llrltlsfl war tax, but It Is pointed
out that tlio company's vevseta which
huvo been lost nnd for which tho com
pany will have to ho compensated hy tho
tioverntncnt will make a large reduction
In the war tax Item. It Is believed that
tlio tax will not bo more than 25 per
cent, of tho company's w.if earnings.
Unit Is 25 per cent, of the Increased
business duo to tho war.
The current earnings do not take Into
account the company's equity In tho Holland-America
Company, of which tho
International Mercantile .Marine owns
25 per cent, of the stock.
It Is further said to be untrue that
tho International Mercantile Marine has
lost four vessels a week lately. Inter
ests closely connected with the reorgani
zation stating that tho only voseils
which thave been lost recently have been
the Kugllshman and the Minneapolis.
It Ii further stated that a new plan
of reorganization Is being worked out
and It In probable that It will bo such
as to mako Itself satisfactory to both
the common anl pre-ferrcd stock holders
The .Southern Cal'fornK K Uson Company
reports fur I'ebrinr.v crtess e.irnltiKS of
1 4 1 1.91. or an lio-reiu. ,.f JS7 19 over th"
s.tm niuntli In ths preceding year, net
e.irnlncs of t::7.705. 11 (aln of :,II1. ami
H MinlU.s of 114.931., which Is 1J4.193
better than Hi" Attires for February, 19 lo.
His Clnclntutl 1I.1" and llleetrlc Con
pany. is mbslllary of th" Columbia
and K.ei-trlc Com tuny, re.-ently approved
11 new uiortsrast" of lir,,non,ooi Ilonls to
th" Htiionut of tt.LOO.noo will I soli
throucli New York houses unit th" prnceeos
wt'l b" used fnr the erection of a new
Retier.itttiK sratlun at Cincinnati.
In tt .111t111.il report to stockholder fnr
th e.ir euieil Iiecember 31, 131. th"
illirns 1, as Company of Indianapolis
liowe.l Kross earlllllEs of I? ;,.S3. net
earlUlits of Jfi:.IT:' nnd a siirplu- of '.N1
704. Mockliotders were told th it th" com
pany 1- now maklnir larse protli" from the
pr'dlts shou'd not b" .up'ct'd to contlnun
OI lCII70 prO'lUt I-, I'Ul mat mr-"
alter til" rei'irii iu ntroi.i vunui ,-,, .
dlvlden.is or 3 per C"nu were paio ill
1'.1 . .ml a T. Jicr lent dllldend was .1"- '
ciired p.iaMe on M tr, h 1. 1 1 The
b ..tr-1 H.HIsed -toc kho'iler'. however, that
the payment of any dividend at any tlni" ,
11,1 not hind th board to th continuance
of the same. 1
arniNo Br.oKT.
YflllTT. SI'LI'lll'K SPB1NOS, TT. Va.
NK1V jrRF,T Atlanlle City.
ST-iVX. f"
real joy of living. t
Seaside Houm
On the Ocean Froat
F. P. Csiok'a Sons
The Wiltshire
Cantral: Near th Baeb
Samuel F.lll
Hotel Chelsea
On the Ocrsn Front
J. H Thompson Ca.
Hotel SI. Charles
On the Ocean Front
Newlin (lain Ca,
ISuoerior locatinn with nK
urrdbatructed viow of beach
una cirarawairv, vrrJcognizod
ouuiuuiu vi tsAtciiierACn
Gmcitv 600. WAF TAW . t Rirtwnr
WttIOrrCt.! lTsntauiw.wfwifc
Mo. CHrollna live, hiuI Heucli: private l.tiths
runntiiK vvutcr In looms 1, levator In street
level, Mini imllor, Capailly 30. M,cea
rntes. llouklet. It, II WILLIAMn
laikewnml, N. J, Noted fg.
It homelike tmotphar.
llolf. Music. nanclnl:
K. K. 8PA-VUENnKltG. Mgr!
NKW JElt-SF.T Abnry Part,
The all ear tcsort bylbe sea.
Ftlwt class hotel. Cottages for rent.
Booklet, rubltclty Director, SOt Boardwalk,
Forthcoming; Jleport F-ipertr In
hTV (ionit Increase.
It was reported In Iho financial dis
trict yesterday that tlio annual report
of the United Cigar .Stores Company of
America for the year ended Hecoinber
.11, 1915, which will bo sent to stock
holders before long, will show dividends
and Interest received from operating
companies amounting to $2,404,471, uh
against $:,241,"SI tho preceding year
and $2,171,516 In 191a.
Attention Is drawn to the fact that
the United Cigar Stores Company opened
few now Mures during the year and that
the Increase In receipts Is an Indication
of better conditions prevailing in the
tobacco Industry,
TJie undivided surplus of the holding
company Increasul mom than $500,omi
during tho ear, from 1I.4IS am In 1914
to $2,065,492 us t lecembcr HI last.
Cash on hand amnuulM to more than
$2,280,000, which Is an lncfe.in of ap
proximately $250,01111. Tlio total liabili
ties of the company, aside fmm tho mil
standing capital, amount t $34,144.
The surplus of the ipany for the ear
amounted to $522,050, and the total sur
plus, us of December 31, 1916, was $.,
065,492. CUNARD
CAMERONIA..Stit.,Apr, 1, 10A.M.
OIIUI'NA. -SAT. AVIt. S3. 10 A. M.
SB Rout te Olaow.
IAMUA.MA Til UK., APU. , 1 A M.
l'ANNO.MA .SAT., MAV , 10 A. M.
tCalllcg at Hullta.
Tareuth hooking te all principal pert N
th srla. M
oo Mr ant's orricK. ai-M atata m. a.
American Line
Under the American Flag
N. Y. -Liverpool. Pier 62. N. R., Noon
M. Ixiuls Apr. 1 I Inland ir. ft
White Star Line
N. Y. Liverpool, Pier 60, N. R Noon
rinland tpr. ft IjtptHtid, ..Apr. 12
Criilr the AnisrU'iin ft.u
OFFICIO, 0 H'VVAV, N. Y. Tel. WOO lie, tor.
Cumpmule tienrrale TrnnsatlanUuue
rosiAi. MiKvit t:
Sailings for BORDEAUX
ROCHAMBEAU. . .Apr. 1,3 P.M.
ESPAGNE Apr. 8,3 P.M.
rUIPArn AV. t O sjt
tMltALU Apr. ii, 3 f. rtl.
ROCHAMBEAU. . .Apr. 29, 3 P. M,
will he popular thl summer, ch-rt part v leaves
N. V. June ai liicludluit Canadian Ids kli".,
CT.illfornU. Yellowstone, etc. s-upcrior chtrac
ter tours summer and autumn lo Jtl'AN and
to SOI Til AMI.KK . A.k for prir.inis.
I'HANk 4;. t'l.AIIK, limes KtilldlliK. - V.
KTK.tM'slllP LINKS Clyde Maliory
Ward l'orto niio Line. 290 B'way, N. T.
Nnrasv. Muerien. I lettm. sL
I A, E. Johnson a Co , Inc.. Ajl . I B way, H. T.
t mmm
OLI1 IIOMINInN LINE. Ts all point
Mouth and Witt. t:vry week day, P. it.,
Pitt 11. North tttver. Tel. 3900 Kranklla.
l,i:oltl.l. and I'LttltlPA KLIIRr4.
!taind Trip. Miauni'i .s , J.-i.-Usnnnlln fityi
ItCKAN sri:.Mllll t).. .Mil 3lh... N.V.
TrXAMSIIir TICKET) to aay ttt
Official Aient all line.
Kannond a VYbltruinb t'.. 133 3th At., f. T.
1JSI nroadway, N. Y. City.
SO TO ll Kit ML DA "Is e of Knchantment."
Booklets liiel,er ts.. Co.. Ltd.. J. Il'way.N.T.
inn ri line hi: ri.i:si;i."
BOSTON $2.65
Wfk Unja nnd funUii nt V M, from
Tier 3?, N, It. foot Vt llnntton t.
'l'hono J-prlnc 11111,
I.V. Pll lt 14. V It. ft. l'ulloll M, IlflHy
1:01) P M Mil
w IiiiiIoii ISorvvlhl Line, via New
Lnudriu l.v 1 1 1 10, S It , ft Houston
M., vveek Ihs nn v, o P M , pj( ;u
1. It It 1. . I Si 1.1 I' M
Worcester. ";.lini Prnildcnce ilirc, t, K,5U
111 1 1 1 , r, " 1 1 r.m ,11 11 , s 1. in!
1llil, llll lllllllIK llllll.l, olIHI P, 1,1,
From Pier Vi. V, 11. I 11 11c ;;a.i llerkm.in
Clt Tli l.et Illll i.30 Itr i,ntvvu, V V.
1'nl vvv 11 T Is, t I I'U 11 w v A I St
i lllrcil. .MAIM. ll;Wsp I IM;
Keiluccil I nr.s.tll Pi.iiil.. I'lmniNKimncort.
K.;uv - i:vi-nip LlNKs.
TO fit l.
Sixsi.il a to in il.iy trips, nitii
I'Ms'iiscs, send for fnl i,T,
.Mursicrs, U'lii ll'nay. .,.t,
BERMUDA unirlsli .y v-iotv rites lloojilet
ocnmuuH iMieiic1. iour,ii.: a ;,. v.
Pltlli'lALS l ull STI'l'i 1 11. 1
Soilird prinios.lle will l. 1,.., j .
omce nf the 1ie110r.il I'm h , ,x,g mlk,.
The 1' 1 nil 111a I'aiuil, M aehlnutnu, i ,'
until 10 It o'cliuk a. 111 All,.! 7, 11i! ,'
i "r furii.-hlm; 'In, ul.cv mcin liincd in"' '
, iinni.s nun kci .-nn 1 ,1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 .1 1 u. 1 1 rclaiinK 1,1
..... ,,i., i,..,, nui oti'aincj
from this nilli c or the otticeu nr , .
mil Piltilla icj; Auetits, 21 Si.,10 st.,.,t
1 , , 1 " ' 1 y and Oil Mliltncy reni
UlllldlllK N. V Or. I' Ills, I,a , ,il fi,., n,
r s I'liKlnicr iiin.iH in the f..iiiiii,k.
Hies: Phil.i.lcliihia P.i. . PPtihuich. P..
ltnvton. Mas- I'lu. 111:0. 1.1 . m 1... .1. '
nnd I'huttuli0tii;ii Tenn I'm I I Htoivo'
-M ijor, Cm (is nf limlnccrs, I . ,s . , a,,,'.
era I Pur. husine 111IU cr.
I'lliiPiiSAI, l int Muinii nil ri;
M , Ariliv lluil lll.K, .New 1 1 1 L i'ii. Muled
proposals will he r'. olved )iii 111, d 10
A M .Man h 30. mill, lor fin nlsliini: Im
niertlulclv .1 motor fipU 1 hu-cs ciulpped
with i'.uv) -tr.il. ui.t lor earn Iok water, on
or ens
I.Os r, lot Ml AMI H. l,
.rv;T in , 1 i..p ... 1.. .. ..'
n I ,1,1,7"" ' .' '" ..',":. . "
"ri 7, " ' ,,, iiitsniv
nfterniuiii whl He) ..ik Hum nolo in mis
Or HSl,..ll St. .Its li. , t, A I. I . I .,
nnd liith etrccr uii'i Hiv-im.(. .:'nct,,i )r.
warn iiiiii.t.ii ;ij i;n t .7111 sii.ci
11, ti. i 1 ,v 1 1 empin 1111 111 w.it.i.-i in
New x 11H, or .'.ewhi.i.. nub mm, ,,, lr,
xitilr-d iiici. Hue ::v iihisii,i ,.
fl'eil .a I .. I lr, .,i. 1. . ' ii t 1
1.IW.VCI I I us. ."11.11 ni,ihini in I,,,,'
ItcClllltttHItt iili misiiij; 1 X pi I en. c. i 1
WOlklllR klinn IdlliO III K. 1 1' tl. Cs. i.lll'll.Uc
entile ihillsli' of con cspiiiiiliMii 11 ,uu cuiill
ilenllnl detail, Intcivlinv iciip.stc, with
principals onl). II, box no sun mike.
TOIlK, MAI. a I,. VANIiV.IIPOl t 1 .,,
tiff, sgslnst I, i:VIH Kill I, i:MTi II s
Ilelsy Krulewllch. his wife, n,l n i
lisfenrlsnts. In pursuance, nt a ju's j
nf foreclosure ami nIr, tnftils flip) s i
In the aboie entitled action, l-ssrlm; itu
the tenth day of January, IM:, I s , ,
rterslnned, the lt feree In aiil m (
natiie.l, t II I sell at publln aurllnn t ,.
hlRhest liMJer. at the Ksrhsnice Si "!
Nne. 14-lf, Vesev Wreet, In flie H r s.
nf Maiiliattan. of the City of N w
In the roiinty of New Ynrk, on ths th ,
of April, 19IS, at 12 o'clock Nonn sn th i
day, hy JONKPIt P. HAT, Auctlotorr ,
premises illreeteil hy sihl Jmlgm i-, ,
sold anil therein tlescrlhed as fo, , ,
thoss) irrtaln lots, )leces or ti.irc. s i.f 4 i
with t tin bulldlncs nnd luipi -
thereon erected, sltuile, lylni; an , i, .
In ths lleroiiKh of .Manhattan, CI v "t
Coimty of New Tork, and houtided nl .
rrlbeil ns follows: lIKOtN.NINO at r,.i. ,
which Is the Interseetlnn nf ths ort' .
easterly corner of Blrnilnirham mis, , am
Madison Ntreet and runnlniT thrnes s ..,i. , ,
slonit the northerly side of Msdlsnn S is.,
thlrty-seieti fret nix Inches to the nests
lino or sldo of lot number J!n nn a ki ,in
map filed In ths Plstr's onus, knn i
as map of Henry Hunter's I'arin, ant i ,
Mil; thetu-e tmrtherly almiR tia w,., ,, ,
side of lot .19 elEhty.tnn feet, the,, ,.
erly and parallel or ne.iriy so v Ith v., o
son Htreet tncnty-tlve fft In the ns,ri,
sldo or line of lot number ,H0 nn i .
aforesaid map: and them north r v i, ,
the westerly side of said lot numbsr "ii
elahtcen feel to the southeasterly rentier '
lot number 579 on aforesaid man 4 i
thenre westerly alonK the souther, v line ,s
aald lot !"9 twenty-nie feet, htch 1 s ,
also the rear linn of lntmiiulier3;9Hfete.4i
thenra iinrllierly alnnir the wisti-rly , l- i
suld Int niitnlter f;?'! flfis'.Mll,. ...
I snutheiiaterly corner of lot number t e .
ert.iln map entitled .Map of t,ror,ert r
John Wareham, which tnp It annexe 1
a rsrlln liber nf conveyances M at tst,
530 filed In the nftlce of thu lleslster of ths
rity. (.oiinty and Wlatn of New York as' I
ineiieo runninn westerly and aJ .tin is.
southerly line of the mid lot numb ,
thlrty-seren feet six Inches to th es.ter'
linn of nirmlnnliam Street: nnd th.., ,
southrrly alone th easterly side, of ri'r.
nilneiiim f-'trert one hundred and flfic.
rlcht feet to the point or place of beris.
nliiiT, Im th" said everjl dlstanres mo-. .
less, bsltiK now known by the Numh.rs
4. n. . 10 and 12 Hlrrnliirhiim street i
Numbers 159 and 139 14 Msdlsnn Street .,
tho HoroiiBh of Manhnttan, City of v.,
Ynrki toiretlier with the appurtenances set
all the estate and rlcht s nf ssil t,.i,
Krulewltcli and lletsy Krulcwltcli In anl
to said premises.
lMte.1. New York, March 9th. 1JI.
.lnllN S. SlIIIITAHU (Jit 1. Heferss
WllllltltY M YO ATT, Attnrneisfnr puts,
tiff. 41 Wall Htreet, Ilnroueh nf Mn.
lutfan. New Ynrk. N, Y
The follow Inc Is a dhiaram ef t, f,.
ertv to be sold, Its street number s"; ,
. , 10 atnl 13 Ulrmlnirhm Mreet. iit
159 and IJ, Madison Street, ,s,
Itnrough of Manhattan, of th City of N s
ui .
S7' S"
Madleon .Street.
Ths pprolinat anioun nf tis I'.n
eharces to satisfy which the. aba
crlbed property Is to be sold ts Toi s
thousand nv hundred tweiity-eiB 1 1
i"100 dollar with Interest on Tt-
thousand seven hundred elsth mil !
dollars, part thereof, from the first ,r .,
December, 1915, tosethir with lb" .-ss-s
and allowances of the action, atn -i'i .
to l'our hundreil elxty-on" anl 1
dollars, with Interest thron f-n 1 In
tentll nay 01 January. 11.-, lee-wie ,
,i. ,,.,,, of tho sal". The apot s
amount or laxes, asse-snienis e -u
rates or other lien which are to bi ' 01
,,1 t is tiurchaser out of th" !
mnn"v. or paid by the. refers I ' t
thousand flvn hundred seven and .. , 1
dollars, ami Interest.
(aid property will b sold mvle '
prior mortitaKC atrcrecatlnc '
sand dollars, now a lien on a portion tber r,
with Interest from tha lith it iv or .V .e n.
her, 191!, at fnur nnd nn-haif per . e.,,
fier Hivnum; itlio to exlbtli!- tvtutjci 3 in!
luted. New Ynrk. March 9. 13l
JOHN S. KlfRfPAHD (JR.). Itefe-s
PtPitKM 11 col'ut. :ou.rv or vrw
SAVIMiS IN TIIK fUTY or m;v vor u
I'lHiiititr, dKrtiiit .iui;rn m t.oi..
i4titl nthfr. l)t-f aUalitrt. I'lerk t o
-7t3.', Vir I'JVt, iidMiiHi t. U kt
llHtlt & r.it. 1'Ulntlirs Altornr. 4u Ua.i
Mir-t, Nrw VorK,
.ludgment iiterii March slh, tSin t
Mmtii to c.ild JuJBinent th uti vm jf
will fr-Ml Ht nubll'' Huotlon t tli" Kx hi t
SttlPiroonii No, 14-16 Vry &ttt, tn t
Horouk'H of I Htih itlan, i itv of NVw Ynv
ut 1- o'rlu'-W tioi'ii, on April .tli.
.lotrph I Imj, .t"tlonpr, tti mnrtd
prtmls" llctfil hv mi M Jutlctnrnt t
enlrl, Ituateti 011 the outli ,;r
Mrfet in th "Aid lloroueh. tfclhti r .A
fft Wtpfit of tlio tfouttmcst corner f
tre"t and Mith Aenue. Tteidlr:
7i ffit In width In frcnt and t.t hy
fpft Hful 0 Inches In dpth: tlo th tr
lf-4 ttunted on th North Md f I.p
Jttfet In th fuld Itorouk'h, ! Kli.tJr
fp4?t 4 ltiflni Vft of the North et nr,
of Mid Htreet ii nd .Uth Avnu, eiti.4lrr
Ft l"i ft S lni'hfl ln width In fror.t r.l
rear by 9S feet nnd 'j Inch In Uertb.
23rd .trt
:i s
14 I SHI 4
:iu1 Mrcct- "
Pectln 3. Tlloik 71k Strest Vs., 1:"
l.l anl l.n ,st J5iU Mreet r.-l No .11
I VA est :.lid ."'."t.
1'ice and v., car cf 11 eticuiubr.m i ti 1
1 lien-
1 Approxltiiuts ainnunt rt r:lfi'"'s ,r "t
gB" debt. 1 s s an 1 fel.onuti es. 1 , 1 '
Pefen-iimls' mortK.iKe deh's c-'s 1 .
Inu.itiri., I It.' 30. the -. f, ,
innitcac d.'tits heme se.-u-M I
ni"rli:ii:es coverlnu nt'ovo s s
ert Hill ll IjnlllllllT proiierty lu ,-l, .
and 1.3 ,t ..lid Mreet
I'alcd .N.iv lorl, Mai li l(th, 11
r: rnni:i'ii"citi: -Ripri
1 hi ity cr ors..- riis ni '
p ill the fit of Nrvv orl
.icimit A.ili.in r. A'Miatio .
ll,.t.lldlints. Clerk's l'llc .No 1
It'll . Cid'ci'.idcr. Wi.l,sr.ii.i'i 1
Plallltlrt a .Mlollio, 40 Wa.l ri
I .luilKtucnt entered March tl'
' Hl.lUt in ell'l ItldsTIII' lit tic
t I I ,f Vit TlUb.!.' .UlCtl'.tl ill 1
I Nrt I.-I.1 ,10111, N,.s 1 -1 ri cs.. ..
tlornUf.'ll "t ,l,illll.llt.ltl, I I 1 .
Hi l' o'.'loi k. In "Ml, nil April 1st1
.tOSHPlI P HA. All. ti-ii. -K.iKcd
pr.'Mllsis n.-cct.'il Lv s 1 '
t I t.e ,. d MttlttC.I Oil tic 1 ,
i:rem str.-et, In h.itd 1 1. r uii;
100 ft ci mill of tli e.utl... -
raid etrrct and West lo I-- n .v
tuidlus south 50 f,et ln ir'i ' '
i.ar hy leu fcit in depth. .- 1
il?, t'trcct .Nue. 14 and l.'.o iir..
V cs U.nlsl., fit-, el
r. 1"f' ..
- p
P' co ai il 1 'cir of ,.'.1 "1. 1 1
tlene 1 XI 1 lt sl.llc of f I. Is rl
nf s.,ld plelliisca 111 ids M i
I'oril s Son-. I'tiy Survevi.rs. a'.,
cum uf pnliillll's attiiruiv.
,Xpprollii.ilc itmouiit nf '"
costs ,111 I a.l.ivvani'cs, 7l',0.
water 1 i'e . 11.531 x,i
IXatcd N. vv V.irk Xlar, i '.
lll.llir Hour, j . .
IN' Pi iltlli 'Lust' ll II, SI I'l.l v
I'lll'NTV HI' MIW 1"lilv
MllVfs lt. N l FUU SA1V.
,'l I V III' Nl'.W Yl litis. P. 1 '
AN'NH l.ri't- lIllI.H.-MITll a'
fend lilts. I'mk's Pl.e No ... '
Cadwul ider. Wli ki rsham .x r.i'
Attnrnoa. 10 Wall .-tti." .N.'V
.lllilKMii'll' elllered Mm ll ' i '
sii.ilil to s lid In lu'ineni I ' '
will sell nl pilllll' UIHM1 ill III
SvalcsriMiui, Nn,. 11-ls, V,-cv fs .
lluitiuKli "f Mnlih itt.111, 1 ' '
nt i : h'. in. u no. .11. ' 11 Apt ' '
.Imeph P li.o. Aiictliiiicr,
prcmlscM illri.Ltcil hv mil '.i.
sold. IIUat''d mi tl' Nc-'Ul
stiect in th" snl.l lloroui;'!. I" 1
feet Wiet of llpi Xnrt liw ''
street inn I Sixth Avenue, c! ' '
fed 1', In. lies In width in i
t !'V feet and y In. h. ' I" 1' I "
ii t
41 1
r, ss
n ;
Iss ss
S. 9
.'..III. Mlfl t
t4,otlin 3 H.tit k Tj S t
niul 1..: Wt f .in! Mnf
rlc.ip "f ti.l iu unibt i iii t
A,l,l'iatlll tt .4!lUUIt llf (I M '
il-'lii tiitsiN tn. I nl im ii .
It ini 1 itiiN ' mori.u'HKtt i'li
iii4i.ii. . t 'U Mi- . t
m 1 'I' ' I'Htm u' 1
inn, (Kik'1, "wrui,r h ! v Tt
vrw uimI 14 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 ir pi npr rt t
S ft ;.in Mroi't, ! ml I.'. 1 -1 n '
V-t nrtl StM'ft
MtgMggiiW .. ai.; ,1 iMtjirmity..LMiiy. 's!H'W7W''''i"'t""w',' 1... ':
,'4iSM.sssHia ...siasv. Cs ...

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