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Tint in Mndlson Hqunre. I ppcr
WVsf, Side und on Wash
ington Heights.
.'. rr.it ileal iiliove tho nvrrago In
mill Importance wcro announced
ietenl.iv. It Ih the first announcement
good trailing (lint lias been nude tlilM
mm Yesterday aeverul apartment
m rr changed hands, some lit c.r-
laiit-cs und othera In cash transac
The (le.iln uffected properties In
Madison Hau.iro section, nilddlo
West Side anil cm Washington Height,
v. tit.irly every oho of these deals bo
tit mi $.100,000 and 1500,000 was In
' ilicd, Tliero wero deals of Importance
thtr than these. Trobably the best of
1'ieni was the purchase by an operator
.f ,i JluO.HOO Madison avenue house.
dilating on changes that are In storo
ii.r ili.it avenue Hullders and Investors
otislit In Tho Hronx. I'luns for a num
lr 'it structural operations wero put
. n record or vume to light. Chief among
- ifeo Is tho report that a tall loft build
i ik is to go up on Thirty-eighth street
jut down tho block from Lord A Tu
Th Henry Morgenthau Company
t'ouglit eslerduy tho northeast corner
.f .uiluboii uvcnuo and I'Olli btreet,
mpmved with a six story thirty-two
l unity apartment house, together with a
miliar btructuro housing thirty-five
!imHI h. The two houses cover a plot
130x1011 mid were sold by tho 1. M. H.
Corporation, which purchased the site
'rum thn Morgenthau company In May,
fit. l'or the houses, valued at $235,
vim the 1'. M. ". Corporation took In
art payment the block front, 300x100,
..'1 the cast sldo of tit. Nicholas avenue
between inlet und 193d streets. The
l.!..vk, which wan held ut J131.000. will
lv liurroxed with three Ave story apart
iient lioute.1 at a coot of J300.000 from
(Una by Ueorgo 1''. l'clhaui.
The W'iflcy, the nine ftory apartment
.loure at US West Klglity-drKt street.
i plot 66.2x100, adjoining the Central
'hurch of tho DliclpU-s of Christ, tho
urrt ctructuro of ltn Kind to be built
a tho block between Columbus and Am-
-oa & llobbs. Tho Wesley was erected
out two years ago by John . Klght
.1 Ii.ik been fully occupied since Its
ruin Ion. Tho property was held at
Hdward W. Martin, who recently pur
c'uted the eighteen rtory ofllce building
.it tho tiouthexbt corner of Broadway and
M.tldeu lane, tcol.i to William
WIckytroni of Montolalr, St J., the two
nidi htory aiiaitnu'iit houces ut 'J9 to
ij VmI 'J'wcllt4elltll ttieet, oppoHtte
Madlbon .Sqn.no tlarden ;ind adjoining
the French Church du St. Ki-prlt. Theso
proixrtltK. which rover a plot 75x112,
ere refold by Mr. Martin In an tx
ihango transaction for uu retain com
(rising fifty acres, si largo dwelling and
outhouses in tho vicinity of Montclalr,
N. J. Tho exchange was lu-gotlaled by
the fslmpson Merrltt Company and
t hi 11 Pearce. Tho Twenty-seventh
ir.ct liousea wero uciUlred by contract
last February by Sir. Martin from the
135 Broadway Company, a subsidiary
of the Title Insurance Conipmy. which
held them at a valuation of JJU0.OUO.
nian has bought from thu estate of
Kvelllio M. Mecerole, United States
Trunt Company, trustee, 53! Madison
avenue, a four Mory and basement
nuse, on lot 3,'ixlUO, 75 feet north of
rtfty-fourlli street. J. 1. O'Donnell
was tho broker.
NINTH AVKNUU William II. Archl
laid has sold for Thomas Lynch to an
i estor 133 and 134 Ninth avenue,
two four story buildings with stores,
"i plot 4I.SxS0, near Eighteenth
W'..VT INiTII STREET The Ooughu,
lio 'iiinnri, Charles S. Hrowt, 'omiany
sold for Mrs. Helen Hubbard
' tlm story ilwulllng, on lot 1'i.bx
11, at 31S West 113th street.
iihiin.x n.vr a.mj ri.or deals.
1 'ItlillAJI ROAD A. L. tiuldone i
sou liao sold to a woman Investor
'lie southeast comer of Fordhum road
d Grain Aturiue. h live story apart
mnt house, one of two similar siruc
t ii e recently completed bv the sellers
a' that point. H. II. Weisker. Jr., wua
Hie brokrr. I.-ist week the Dr. Fabrl
c i properly at the opposite corner
was iHiutjht by Harris Marall A: Hon
f' ItnnroMMiieut.
VVM, AVENt'E Emily l-vy and oth
e - ha- sold the plot, IDOxlOO, on the
' t-idi. of Vjse avenue, 114 feet
t b of Ilniiie stteot. Tho purchaser
t e liaUeston Building Company.
1'hilp Hfrsehoulsky, president, which
II ere. t two live story apartment
'i'iU.-e ,
ris Mill i; us PARK NLOPE.
I., jl'y Associates have rld 44 Ninth
f'f. I'Xuvvii Seventh and Eighth avc
'iii. Park Slope section, a three story
' I basement brick one family dwell
on lot l;i,Ilxi3. Tlie purchaser, Dr.
' i I' tilynu. will make extensive
" ut'ie.s for his own occuiraney.
' i'rankliii Butler has sold at Ar
'"". I. I, for tho Home Tltlo Insur-
r'oi.ipauy of New York, the 2'.
' 'Ot'.iBf on plot 40x100, on tho east
i- of North Vernon avenue, 80 feeit
'li or Morris avenue, to u rllcnt for
liiviitrm nt i also, lor Laplaea, a plot
-to, on the soutli side of Elizabeth
"line, vwst of Beach h'evcnty-seconu
' ". to I.. II. Prahar.
"Ms M;WAHK I.A.VD.nAllK.
1 t Feist have sold for the estate
' Mr. -Sarah A. Skinner to Adolph Hoi
tinier, founder of A. Hollander & Son,
' r 'icrs tho property ut 616-6IS High
"' The new or.ner will chance the
I-'- and ndd four additional rooms to
mo nou win then contain nineteen
"His and three baths. Hucli B. need
"PrtEtintrij the Skinner eststo and Jacb
"liiKlder looked after tho Hollander
"UTV- lb,
f'r. Joseph A. Mulholland Is the pur-i-haur
of the dwelllnir ut 218 West Hev.
'"ity-tlrst street, sold recently by Hlaw
jon S Hobbs for the estate of June Van
'iief. Dr. Mulholland owns and oocu-
'" .ii. unjoining.
Wthar Itrlsbaae to
"sliding Near Lor4
Erect Tall
Arthur Brisbane Is tbout to Improve
lite Ut 21 ntirt 23 Went TMv.
"Khtn street, about 100 feet west of
Lionl & Taylor store, with a ten
Jtory building. This site meusureii 43x
S.J f.-ct and Is occupied by two old
iva story bulldUigs under lease to varl-
Cut tenant
lir-e tpace In the new building will
to occupied t.y Un Bryant, dealer In
town, now located In the adjoining
h u'?ry hull,l'n t !. The. Bryant
," H '1. hat. taken a twenty-ontt
rar Iraso of (lie more and sis floor.
iiuu loo feet north of 190th street three
2rl0.r,y "n, " erected for the
HgOII iiciillv Cmmmiiv .1.1... IT. I
president. lJach Wll have a fraritaa-a nf
f..iy- l.."1 H '"P,h of Hhtylfht
Ml. a.r,Vi' 00,1 "0.000. Plana ware
also Hied for a rive story flat to be
. .. ?.lhi8 W6at Mo of Wadsworth
550 fMt "or1" of lh street
ror the amo owner. It will have a
frontage of rtfty feet and a depth of
eighty-eight feet and haa been estimated
. 1 I000- Irvln Marion Is the
nn.ooo muui.u housk.
A live story toduln t milBJk ar 111 ka
Breoted at 100 Bowery thin spring; by
H. Mynn. owner. It wilt occupy a
lot 26x100. Tho coi-t has been estl
IS 000 a're MtfCbe' "hltect. at
a Ji'j N'' "u'ldlni Company, tialverls
Hcallo president, has tiled plans for two
ft.a ",.0l?r . 60x". for the north
i.,f.J'r?,pct Ven" 10 feet north
2S..i I.th tItet' from ,,ln by Luclan
Plsclotta. The cost will be 190,000.
The southwest corner of the Con
?r". l0iih "treet, a plot 42x90x
lOOx Irregular, -will be' Improved with
a flore building by the Dayton Building
Company. Harris Maran president.
J. Harrison has drawn the plans, it will
cost 110,000 to build.
Many Mores, Lofts and O fliers
Taken Oat af Market.
tTte..Cro.s". & Br''n Company and
V, Rafa,sly 4 Co. have leased to J.
JI. Btelfd & Co., laoe Importers, 30.000
. ..of. f-00 ,n ,h B'or. basement
and llrst loft of the twenty story building
at 136 and 13S Fifth avenue, corner of
Eighteenth street
Dunlel Blrdsall A Co. haw leased the
store and part of the basement In the
Anderson Bulldln. Droadway and
Twelfth street, for a long- term of years
at an aggregate rental of over 1132,000
to the Exchange Buffet Corporation.
Frederick Fox & Co. have leased the
store and basement nt 64 to C8 East
Ninth street to richloss & Urcenbautn'
Moro nt 110 West Twenty-eighth street
to Beaber Bros.; two stores In the
building at tho soutlieast corner of
Klxth uvenua and Twenty-third street
to Ellas .Solomon und the Wiener Busy
Cloak Company respectively, und the
store t 63 East Twelfth street to Hal
llwell i: Co.
The Charles F. Noycs Company has
..Za 1P ,56 nd. "s Heaver street
to the Association of Average Adjusters
of the United States for a term of
years : space In D5 John street to tho M.
II. Arterlte Company and Joseph L. Pra
ger, and a lloor In 337 and 339 Liberty
Hreet street to Charles W. linger.
The Booth School, now at 501 Fifth
avenue, has leased new quarters through
Pease & Etllman and Tt. E. Lane In the
Knabfl Building, nt Fifth nvrntie and
Thfrty-tilnth street.
Tho Douglas ftoblnson, Charles P.
Brown Company has leased the basement
store ut 334 West Eighty-first street to
Alexander S. Ascr: ulso others t IS.
17 West Thirty-eighth street to the
Society of Modern Arts.
Van Nordcn & Wilson have leased for
trm estate of Emnra A. Hopkins the
building ut 1153 llroadwar to Max
lllruui Klnsldo has leased to Patz
Bros, the store at 6iV, Bowery for
the years.
Edward J. Hogan has leased space in
the Tribune Building to Howe Brothers
Company of Boston, Mass., dealers in
hides and leatliers: F. ltohb. J, M. Lama-
rtrlil. Importer and exporter, atid to
tiamurl S. Worthley, Jr.
William A. White & tions have rented
tho store and basement ut 31 West 125th
street, whloh. when alterations are com
pleted, will 1! occupied by Oorgo It.
Supaneiu: 1ho rented office space In
163-165 West 135th street to Vincent
Louis F. Kuntz has lran-d ofllces In
the Areco Building, ut 149th strret und
Third avenue, to tho Morris Plan Com
pany of New York for use us a Bronx
The former dwelling of John Pierce,
builder of the Grand Central Terminal,
at 11 East Flfty-tlrst street, facing St.
Patrick's Cathedral, which lie subse
quently lost through u foreclosure, has
been leused by the tSardner School, Miss
1 Kiting hrudmustcr. The Plcrco dwell
ing Is a six story structure on lot 27.6x
10U.5. Mr. Pierce lost the property a
year ago to the Metropolitan I.I f o In
surance Company In an auction at which
the Insurance company secured it for
J200.000. The dwelling has been on the
market to rtnt ut J 12.500 tier annum.
In 1912 William Zlegler, Jr., occupied
tho hou'o under a lease which is said
to havo been at the rate of $17,000 per
Fish & Marvin have rented to Lady
Duff Oordon for Howard T. Walden his
estate on Hrevoort Farm at Itye, N, Y
known as the Anchorage. It comprises
seven ucres fronting on Long Island
Julia Beverley Higgens ban sublet for
William II. Fearing, Bramblcworth, at
Mount Klsco, to Ezra P. Prcntlco, and
for Mr, lltorgo Crocker her place on
Broad Brook road, Mount Klbco, to V,
Barton Baldwin.
Heckscher & do Saullrs have rented
for Michael Paly his house on Grand
view avenue, Itye, N, Y to Thomas C.
Curtis for one year.
Tho Lewis If. May Company has
leased at I'ar Ilockawuy, L. I., for Paul
ine Burlthunder, coltago on Plnson place
to V. I. Brandon; for Albert Jenkins, cot
tage on Crescent btreet, to H. Oreen.
The Itobert K. Farley Organization
haa leased to Frank J. Cassldy, president
of the Itnritun Chemical Company, the
country estate of tho late Thomas II.
Kerr, on Itldgeway. White Platna. This
estate comprises over forty ncres, ad
joining thn Gtdncy Farm Country Club
und directly opposite the Uedncy Farm
Hotel. Tho property Is considered one
of the most Beautiful estates In Oils sec
tion of tho country.
Edward C. Orlffln & V. H. Collins
have rented at Larchmont tho Murray
cottage on Magnolia avonue to Edmund
Iaamy: eiouthwlck cottage on Beach
und Magnolia avenues to William L.
Jacoby; Donnell cottage on Park ave
nue to Albert V, Weber 1 Youman cot
tage nn Beach avenue to Htephen J.
Donahue ; De Lima cottage on Prospect
avenue to It. W. Martin ; Harrtman cot.
tage on Prospect avenue to Hldney B.
Booth; Lovett cottage on Beach ave
nue to Morris L. CJolditone; Watklns
cottage on Fountain Square to John
Trinner; Hunter cottage on Prospect
avenue to Charles McKay; Hpauldlng
cottage on Oak and Grove avenues to
John V. Mathews; Collins cottage on
Woodbine avenue to John J. Murdoch;
Hall cottage- In Forest Park to C. W.
Hlmpson. and In Larchmont Gardens.
Keith cottage to Joseph C. Smith and
Ferris cottage to Wellington E. Bobey.
PAID 9150,8118.111 KOR PLOT.
The exact price paid by Charles M.
MacNelll to Andrew Carnegie for the
75x100 foot plot on the north side of
vinetv. llrst street, opposite the Carnegie
housed which lis bought from Mr. Car
negle several months ago, wus $150,
333.31, Title to the property was trans
ferred to Mr. MacNelll yesterday by Mr.
Carnegie. Mr. MacNelll, who lives at
Colorado Hprlnfs, plana a fin dwtlllni
for the property.
Discussion on "Shall Church Property
to Taxed?" by Lawson Purdy and Htew
art Urownn will be held under the aus
pices of the Mnclal Benrlca League at
the Church of the Messiah, Thirty
fourth street and I'ark avenue, Bundsy
evening, April 3, at 8:15. Mr. Purdy
la president of the Department of Taxes
and Assessments and Mr. Browne pres
ident of the United Real Estate Owners
V. O. Liquidating Company, Manhattan;
capital, llt.000; directors, Carl Jaoe-bt,
Blums Bailsman and Jeiu Myara
Boardman Development Company. Man
hattan; capital, 11,000; directors. Harriet
I'eldman. Hutli Oladsteln and Henry Kauf
man. eapltal. 11.000; dlreelora. Karl Shapiro.
Lena Hh.iptro anJ Max Ueutich.
Pablle Offerlasa Yesterday ta Mis-
aattaa, The Broas an Brooklya.
By Bryan L Kannally.
BOCKAWAT I'AItK, occurring entire
AtlaaUo Ocean (rent between tth and
4th ave, 5IOx::o, aty hetsl, voluntary
ale; knocked down to A UUrt..l7,iaa
By Joveph P. Day.
BOWCIIT, (S lo r:4, w s, 7t s Canal at.
71x300 to Eiliabeth at SM xlOOxlMx
SCxlOO. : and 1 Is: Atlantis Uardan. e
and. 3 aty tanemtnl Columbia Trust Oe
va uouu ivy rt all duo, I10I.II0.I4I
..taiM, e, 4.:tl.2l: adjourned to April t.
MTU HT. K. n a. 114 w lat av. 11x101.11.
vacant John M Bowers, tm. n, vs
aiinon ouvtrman i ai, oua. oi.sav.T:
taxes, Ac, 1547.50; adjourned to April 1.
By Henry Brady.
S:D FT. Its i:. n a. 200 a :d av. :xlt.l.
sly tenement Knilf rant Indus Cava
Rank vs John A Halloway rt al; due,
I5.3CI1; taxes, Ac, fS0.tt: to the
plaintiff K.tOO
By Henry Brady.
8T rrCTEnH AV. 1?0S. n w ear Mtotivar.
55x.li35J0 Philip A Moore et al va
paran Tralnor etal; due, lt.503.li; taxes,
ac, tl.10l.49; to the plaintiff t:.70
Uy Charles A. Uerrlan.
1IST ST. :7 U. .!! Morris av. (4i4.
I sty tenement Madallna D Morschaustr
vs Mane q refers et al; due. n:,:s:.s
Uln. Ar. HO; ta lha Dlaln
tin ::,ooo
By Jomes J, Donoran.
24TH 8T. 353 E. n e eor of Veal Cortlandt
I'ark V, vmnt-Jaa Bunt va Jerome
Marry at al: due, 13.3:3.71; Use, 4c, 17;
fljoummi sin- die.
bix:k st. p. ;::. e or av Kt John.
(4.:i:i, 6 sty tnr.mt J"ul naumsarten
vi the N V fa et al; due. $7.;90.I:
titxex. Ac, 1,4HI.4(, subject to In mtc
110,000: to tha plaintiff 149,000
By W. p. Hae.
DK KAI.R AV. nt i.(liw UuAhwIck av.
I7x30x irrec T A Clarke ajrt 117S De Kalb
av inc. uu; to tne pwniiin. vr a
innrtre of tit., 350, ror lls.000
PI.OT or farm land on Plunders NecX, In
31th ward, founded w by Old JII1I M. n
by land of L Kopper. e by salt medos
ana s ny isna ana nittaawn or a van
VV'Ickl-n. containing 10 acrea: J Dawuld
nn U'vnnK IteaJtv Cfl t at: to the Dltfln-
urr M.ooo
Py W. J. McPhllllamy A Co.
HT1I srr, i:. e a, 40 n Av N. 50.3x100
IltI Dkitnn Jtt 1K,n Co art H W Nel
on et al; to tho plaintiff 11.100
33D UT, n a. 313.4 e 2d av. 14.1x100.: B
Graf act E Oraf. aa adm et al: A J
Johnson l:.03
T7T1I STT. a w s. S0 ii w 31st av, 30x100
N T Ml (c Fee Co art IllmmeUteln A
Arker Co et al; to J M Borard. .. .13,100
By N. shu'.er.
S'oa RT. n w s. 171 a w Hiimburc av.
35x100 Itnalty Associates act J Tain.
burr et aJ; to J IlappUln 171.0
3D ST. V, n a. KI.I w He.ord av. :i.3x
10 M Freeman at D Levin et al; to
the plaintiff 14,010
Man bat taut.
AVSTKimAM AV. til. aloro and bsmnt
Chu Malp et al to Frank Hoffman, 41
Ammerosm av, ra ironi iyr
1SI1S: nr. A It Ix-.-lrieky. 149 Ilrcwd'
war 11.100
31 AV, lv-43. atore and part bsmnt Jno
I. Tonneie to Crown Ited A White Trad
Ins stamp C. 1345 3d nv, l iri from
May I. 1916; attys. Culler 4r '. 1 I.lhrty
at. l0 to 1600
11ST1I ,T. S13-4 I!. .l -Union Trust Co lu
Ksthrr and iiernapi ir"iinerit, oj
Mnlititns av. I jr from Nov 1, 193
Mty. J J Mtchael, 111 ttway . . .11.140
lltt"STON ST. 5 H. store and tmnt
tlri 'pinto to Kmnk Manrrl. II r.
lluueton st, 3 0 13 r from Pec 1, 1J15;
lulrtss. Traiiklln llrew Co. ill lluslilmc
nv. Ilkln 140
lOTIt ST. Mi, -turt, part e - Msgdatena
lltltmann to Km 1 1 Blumriithal. 3i;j W
30th st, C't yra from Apr 1, 1914; .tty,
HdeJI" Ilrrw '. ll 1st av 11.300
ItfT AV. tOTl-TS. all Aetna Ml Co to
lf.ie Zelherr. 197 1 lit v. 3 yn from
Jan 1. tl; alt). Udw U Itosenblume, 44
r.rahsni av, ll'a:n 14,330
49T1I S"T. 340 v, e rtnr and l.mnt .lohn
T Wohltmann In John Uradln. 310 W
I'tli st, i yr from May 1, 1'JIC; Mttv.
rid.-llo llrsw Co. f.01 1st av I5i0
I.KXtN'iITON AV, 5139, mora and Pnint
KUa Wrls to Mlehael Mctiabe, E 131H
I. s vr from Mar 1. 1911; attys. lllr'.h
A S. U Wllllum st 11.0)0
HARUISON ST. 19.31, slurs floor and c
Wm tirrUeti lo J Neurehorrn ti snins. on
prTnl-i. 4 yr from May 1. 1915; ally,
A U Schser. 149 llwav 13.140
37TII ST. II'M'-'O V.. Ith loft ! A M Co
to fhllg A C". on premises, SDI3 r
from May 1. 1UI" $3.;
AV A. tiio. store ..nd h-l ranz Majewskt
to .lolin Wlldherger. 13.6a Av A. .'. T
from May 1. IPI'1; att. tlrone A Sleln
mullsr. I'll .lit av ...ll,3'-'i
GRAND ST. 300, nil David Hihullr. to
Harry I'rlluk and inn, 137 lUnrv st,
r. r from May 1, IfMil; att, l-ouls llal,
140 Nassau at fl.tH'O
AMSTERDAM AV. I4.".S. store and h Jo
vpti Adler to Mary A Keneally, 600 V
Kllst si. " T..13 yr from May 1. lUIMi
nttys, Ilsrnhslm ASP Drew Co. ISSlh
st and Amsterdam av f'.'.isio
CCil'llTbANDT AV. .".o. tnre and
Charles Zlnk lo .lullus Zlnk. i:tO Ceurt
tandt av, from Oct 1. 101.'. lu Oct 1,
111331 Htty, J A Hlelnmtru. PKir. V. IhOili
t . . . l.OS0 lo I1.30O
3:iNTH KT, n w e Review pi, store and
p "jasih st Construction Co to Annie Jo
seph, 1.136 Mlnford pi, 6 yrs from Marrh
m. liiiit; atty, U ilallucr. Register's ortlte
I Rronx) t:uv to 1430
HOI.1.ANP AV, n i ii 314th st, store and u
lurci'lla Lnmbardl to Lulfl Christian
Hello, 3 yra from June 1, 1(113; utty. (J
llrucoll. 3U48 Holland uv I3HO
IITH t.T, r.l.Oil tV Madison M Jones agt
Jossph r.ililttr st al (foreclosure or
mlK); atty. i: Klsman.
14STII HT. 610 VVMury O. Talbot t al
agt James J Murks et at (foreclosure
or mtgi; attys. Hennett, Werner A Nave,
7TII AV. n cor 177th at, S. UxlOO
N Y Ltr Ins Co agt Rena M Hleln
hart rt al Iforeclovure ot mtg) ; atty,
1; W Hubbell
USD KT. 171 and 1T3 13; 133d al, 1T0 to
174 I-Jurob Manhelmer agt Christian
Ilsgsa et al (foreclosure or mtg); atty,
W II Hill
K AG LIT AV. vr s. U3 fl t64th St. 11x09.3
Rose D W Post agt Prederlck W Beybal
et al (foreelosura of mtg); atty, I' 1
il- Rham,
BAY AV, n a cor North st. 30x100 Julia
I.lpps agt Mary I. Roador et al (fore
I'losura or mlgl; attys, Williamson tt
141ST ST. n w eor Ogilsn av. 75x6 Theo
dore J Cliabot agt lisan Hallecy Con
struction Co rt al irorecloaure of mtg);
atty, M J Kulllvun.
USD KT, 641 K Caeellte Ktttnger agt
Dl Brndetto Realty Co et al (foreclosure
of mtg); attys. Crawford, Harris A
:tth st. ::.:t w Rusiing co agt itii-
mont Realty Co, owner (renewal) ,1,otO
1TH AV, n a cor 104th at, 100x100 rear
, less Engineering Co, Inc. agt John Doa,
owners North Star Amusement Co. con.
tractor IIJ.TO
WEUSTKR AV, 11 e cor 113d tt, 10x100
Oronslo Calasuonno agt Mcllvoy & Koeo.
tor Bldg Co, Inc. ownera und contrac
tors 1465.36
TTH AV, n w cor 4Sd st Manhattan Sand
Co, Inc. tgl Louisa M Gerry at al, Meh
37, til I33I.I7
Newbury agt Bernard Itatlinwaky, Meli
4. UU 191.63
NORTH iniN AV, 40 Joseph llabarmaii
agt Charlotte Harrison ot al, Oct S3,
1116 1374.16
Henry Newbury agt Bernard Batkowsky,
Meh 4, 1111 191.61
fWllh nsms anA mAArmm At lander and
attorney. If attorney's nane la omitted
address party of nrst part.)
(South of Fourteenth st.)
AliLBN KT, I, e s, 40 a Canal at, :iilt.l
troreeiou lar 3) -Unas j laur, ri, n
Florence Abrams, B33 W 141th st, Mar
:; alty, Isador M Levy, 313 Broad
way , 134,000
13TII UT, n s. :;i e Av A, 31x103.3. and
all r, t and t to atrip at a e oor of a
wall of CIl I". 13ih st, runs n to n
e cor aald wall X v O.SHx a x e 9.3
to hag r y H Kea4ty Co to Henry
Moraanthall Co. 30 K I9,t at. mis 134.000.
Mar SS atty, Waller M WeohsTer. to 13
43d st II
Kaet Hide.
(East of Plfth sv. between Fourteenth
and 110th ata.)
74T1I T. a , 7J e Lexington av, 11.9x41.3
Kdson (lago to llenalseanrn Itealty
Oo, :s 12 49th st, q e, Feb :i all)",
tannrm tk Valley, 3 Reotor st........ll
llT HT. n s, 101.: e Hh av, 76.lxlOO.
Andrew Carnegie to Chee M MacNelll.
at thn Antlers Hotel. Colorado Springs,
Ool Bar It; atty, T O Oo, 174 Broad
war iibo.:j3.:i
1ST AV, e a, 34.1 n llat at. 24i4 Jerome
Kleiner to Frances I, Atwood, Hudson.
N V, LI part, Jordan Philip, Hudson,
N Y. as gdli L A E Atwood, !! part,
b and a, u a g. Mar 31; atty, 1. T & T
Co. 140 Bway II
104TM HT. 113 r s s, 100, e 3d av. S4.x
100.11 Jos Maatocohl to Julia Ceyell.
): Lexington av. mtg $1,000, Mar
West Side.
(West of Fifth av, between Fourteenth and
HOlh sts.)
I7TH ST. 4S4 W. s s. 100 lOth.av, 3Sx
ll.t -John MoEver to I.uko J Uvers. ao
City Hall pi. mtg 117.500. Oct 37. 1913.11
T1I BT. 611 W. n s. 160 w lOtli ay. 36x
9li 9 Jm M Hsln to Frank M MeOraw.
1011 Delaware av, Buffalo, N Y. all liens.
Mar 39; atty, T O Co. 17 Uway....tl00
(Manhattan Island north of 110th at.)
3D AV. 3174, s e eor USth at. 36.11x76
Bstll. It Patnlk et al to Arthur II
Harris. 133 W 79th st. q e. Mar 3J!
attys. Thompson. K a W, !1 llay,ll
11STII 8T. 140 W, a . W0 e .til av.
36x100.11 l'red n Btlx. Individ and exer.
to USth St Corp. l Bway, Mar 361
attys. Goldsmith, C C tc W, 41 Broad
way .16.000
113TH ST, 133 W, n s, 345 c 7th a,
30x100,11 Frad B Stlt. In.llv and exrr
Chas L Btlx. to 113th Bt Corp. 1
Hay, all liens. Mar 36; attys, tjeld
smith. O C A W, t Uaay 13,400
113TH ST, 159 W. n a, 33S e 7th av,
SOilOO 11 Fred H Stlx, Indlv and exet
Chas 1, mi, lo rame, all liens; attys.
samo I3.60U
130TH 8T. 117 W. n a, S60 w lnox v,
S0tlOO.il Krederlkl Sfhneer. New llo
chelle. N V. to Bond A Mort Ouanantee
Co, 176 Remeen st, Bklyn, mtg 111.
000, all liens. Mar 36: atty. T Q Co.
ITS llway 1100
1S3D RT. Ii s. 140 e Jd av, 36x49.11 Morrea
Strlnman to Elisabeth H Harvle, 10
Jones at, Jersey Ctty, N J. Ur 8i
atty, J F Stter. 11 llway II
140T1I ST. n s. 137.IS t 7th av. 1IIij9.11:
140th at. 361.4 e Tth uv, I3.4s9.11
Hnnst Sanberr to Van Deveir estates.
63 Utvay, Jail 31; atty, II li Davis. 6:
Rnay 100
191ST ST, li s. 60 e Wadswortl) av, iux
100 191st St Const Co to F P R Realty
c, : W 9th st. mix lio.ooo, all
llsna. Mar 31; alty. T tl Co. 17S Uoul'.tl
(Borough of The Uronx.
FAII.i: ST. e e H5th st, 149.1x109
American Real Kstate Co to Adavtne
Constr Corp, 7 Nassau st, mtg 137.000.
Mar "T. at lv. V A Snow. 16 Wall St. 4100
LOTS 67.44, map 1. tl Morris Pordment
Rlty Co to Hrnard 1Mb, 40 W isnih
st, mtg 113.(70, Mar 17; atty, Bernard
Loth, 404 W 160th st 1100
141D ST, a s. 100 e College av, 60xl00x!ox
Jos F Donnelly, ret, to Dern Rlty Cor
poration, 309 tin ay, mtg 139. STS, Mar
34; attys, Krakoner I'. 309 Uway.1500
143D ST. a e, 164 e College av, 60il00
Same to same, mtg l,76, Mar 34:
attys, same 1600
LOT 117. map Dally Kstate I'rancesra
Morablls to Hudson 1' Ro.e Co, T W
6th st. mtg la.:ot. Mar :t: atty, Hud
sun P Rose Co. 7 W 6th st II
HOLLAND AV. e s. 60 n 311th st, 3546
Mount Vernon llulldrrs Supply Co lo
Abr Moglleaky, 3-i4 White Plains av.
and ano, mtg 17.000, Mar IT: atty, T
II A T Co. 1T Bway.... II
ANTHONY AV. US'.', e s, K.l74 3 Ktln-I
nillman to Theo (lutman. 1076 Kastern
Parkway. Bklyn. mtg ll.oon. Mar 3T:
atty, N Y Title Ins Co, 136 Hs) . ..II
TIKHOUT AV, w s. 4 n l3d st. 101.7a
113.1 Th so a'.utnisn to Kthnl Clllman.
14C1 Anthony av. tnts IJ.onn. Mar :7.
att). N V T Ins Co.135 Hway 1100
DOCK ST. a w s. being lota 31 and 3 4
ami part lot 36, iiihii tiowno prop, 14T.6
10,IO.vt9.7xl3914 4 -Sidney R lllckox
to Frank tlasj. In. "16 1Vest,lieter
av, Jan 3 IM0: atty, Frank lias-, 1 lie.
:S16 Wesiehester av .... ... II
FINDI.AV AV, k s. (I. 3 11 lHli st, 113. t,
100 Riiaelliary Sto It lo ' J ' lluls 10.
Inc. I3V l'olig .iv, mtxf IT .00, Vli-h
:v, Htty. I. T T 'o. Hy.. tide
LfT t). nip Ce.lur Hid plot. 3txl. "I; also
JtomiMU el, k mr Mlth si, 71 lOx Irr-e
ML'hl A l, into 'a t.rtciiiuo iVento,
3101 llathxale nv , Mill :. atty. S Wray.
lap lioMnii rd II
LOTrf 377 and 3Tk. map l.ott l Hunt e-late-
.las A lisniiett st al 10 j'ettr ) n
nrtl, Aug '.', 1906, at'., J T Sullivan. 6
Il-rkman st tl
(With name and addrvrs or lender and
lender's uttornr)
llownloa n.
(South of rourtevnth si 1
ALLi:s fT. . e s ::x7 6 riorenc
Abrams to Julius Uclitcnst'tn. 37 U
Silh st. Meh :. due as pr bond: ait,
J M Ivy. 333 llway 111.000
Eaat Mile.
(East or nrih v, !.rinn Kourteentli
and lioth su i
tV AV. e s. 50 6 s 44lli M, :'.lio Kannl
Well lo lawyers Tltl- A Trust Co, Irus,
liii IWay, )! h :9. 6 yrs, 4 3 p c: att,
lichiuan A O, 3j N..u tt Hi, 000
Meat Mile.
(Wist of I'lfih av. beten Kourirenth
and HOlh Ki,.i
76TII ST. 443 Columb'ir av, 3x
loj ;--.VVIlmore Realty Co in Brooklyn
Trust Co, 177 Montague st, HMyii, Meh
39, duo as per bond; atty, T li Co, f,A
ll'a 130.000
(Manhattan Isl.iml, nuith of HOlh st i
tllTIC ST, h . ..!) Park a. i0xl00.il
Cathedral Const C to ,:ins Surnt,
131 W 131st st. Mar :t, 6 r. 6-j
p e; atty, lioidfogm & II, :Tl llrosul.
vu 116,000
IKTll ST. II s. 3i e Till av, 30x100,11,
tilth st, n s, 336 0 Ttll av, 30x100,11,
tlith st, s s, 100 e Tth u. IJxtOO.ll
l'red B r'llx, ludlv und ivr rius I,
Stlx, to !-lvnn 1. Stlx, 416 W 163d st.
Mar 33, 3 yrs, s p c, attys, Coin,
smith. C C A W. ill Bway. .411. 400
TTH AV, a w cor 133d st, 4KV0- Her
man hueisni and alio, sxcrs. to Caroline
K Wilson, 3 r. 41th st, Mar :5. 6 rr,
4(i p u; alty, T r; Cu, K llrnail
wdy . . . 130,000
140TH ST. n . 13T.ii o Tth av, 114x9.ll;
110th st, n s, I'liLO Tth av, r.',sx!i!i.ll
Van Deveer Kstatet to Unmet t Kim.
burg, 9IJ bherman av, Jan 61, due Mar
1, 1911 pr, attys, Morrison A K,
3:0 Bway 19,101.61
(Boruugh of The Bronx)
KAI1.C ST. m e lor H5th st. TSxlOO
Adavln" Const Corp to City Mtg Co,
16 Wall st, Mur 3T, rlsmaiid e p c:
atty, T A Sno. 11 Wall . JTu.000
BAM 15 PROPERTY -Han lo American
Real Kilale Co. 637 ttll a. )li 21.
3 rs, p e; sain atty , ,116,000
FAILE ST, ' s, T. s H5tli ', 3.VvH0
Same lo city Mtg o, 16 VVal. st, Mar
"7 dc.uand 0 p e, utty, same . 166,000
SA PROPERTY Sam to American
llul Instate 'o. 637 Hh ar. Mur 31.
3 yrs. 4 p Ci att), same 113.000
Bl'r,.M.i.li av. n e cor .nm st, ji.:x
133.10 Zay It (Jrant lo l-na Snurr. CIS
W 114th st. Mar :. :: vrs, atlv.
V ) I'rsncll. 41 I'ark Boa- 17,000
MORRIS AV, 1774. e s, 3D 6x100 Alotto
iieames. inc. 10 1 loreuco t, tcni!T. excr.
10 Ml Bona Dl. March '.'X. r, vr. r, n e
attorns) , A ti It lllo.'h, 99 Nassau
at. ." V.'.': 131.604
fliri.l.A, if A . u s, i, 11 tun si, .'aXJOO
Morris l.lberman A anu to Pannl I.lh.r.
man, 719 i: 311th , Mureh 3;, due
aa per bond; atty, T O A T C.i. ITS
Broadway 13,040
T1EBOUT AV, w e, M u 1S3.1 at. 104.1x
lll.S-I'.thel Ollliusn to Then llutlimn.
1076 Eastern P'kwuy. Il'klvn. nr ,J
I7.U00, Mar 37. I yr, I p c; atty, N Y T
ins v.o, ua ttnmi ,, , 14,350
LOTH 331 Ac 710, man Sstnii homestead
Wm R Davlne to Kurl Hrlirelber, 1137
Castle Hill av. March 71, 3 vrs, 11 r;
ally, Eraiik (iaas, luc, 3316 Wrslcliester
av 11,000
niiumAii icMiiiuB 11, iirvu 111111, n a, ar
a e cur land llorstmaii, nd) Und H U
Odell, 733x676xl63xTxl0lxl0H: also lion,
ton rd, a , at n e cor land Mural o.
ler, 1 33. lxK.IOx63.lOxl04.4x31n.6xV3; al
so Westi'ltester Turnplko and Post rd,
e a, at n a targ gutn post, !37xlt:x:o
a364.4xl3Tx3T0x4,10x3e3,4x31I,l; also old
Boston rd, ut illv line luml Mead A
llou-e for lu lid Jiia llvd. ya? fr.r.iriAs-
336, except laud In l.lber 61 cp 417
sioiisr icn eiia - ano to i;niiininia Tr
Co. 3d av A lllth at, March Id, 10 vrn.
t p 1:; alty, Davles, A & c, .u NHssau
.:;.; ,i'0,d '"'lids I'.'l'.OOO
VAI.I'.- t e f, , I,, IH '.MUx
las jiainua 1. nisveiis in 1 uaa J, Until,
Inlck. '.'330 Valenlliie av. March 39, due
an per bond I alty, T O A T Co. 171!
Brnailwuv 11,600
JEROME AV, s e cor 174tli si, H4x2ou lo
ToMiiaend sv xl94.iix305.IO Martin II
Colin to Ktsphen l I'rlngle. BlarrlU,
I'ranre, equal lien 111,000, Mur 39, I is,
MARCH 30, 1919. "
To Lease,
Plot 25x100.
Owner will erect low structure oa 70
feet for exetuslre use of one tenant,
Excellent Oppertnalty fer
referable Term.
Apply to
Edward A. Arnold,
64 Wall St.
Tel. Hanover 7A7.1.
f the 11 floors vacated hy the New York Tele
phone Co. to a very high standard of lentuta
In the Baeemeter Building, 3 Cortlandt st., X
Dey st. end a Church st., st rentals much
lower than any ether building of equal calibre
down town XThy not Inspect the remaining
Ofleei and Suites before the choicest are
gone? Rooktet on request W, B. DUNCAN,
room 107 Tel. t6!4uCortlindt.
PUU at Varrinj bin at Kiatamble
Prkei and at txttftitMy Attrae
live Terms to Hmm Buldera.
Cbgrmnttt Estate
at SCARSDALE station
Overlooking Bronx Parkway and within
Si mlnutea' walk of slatloo
ror I'srticultra Apply
M7 At At.. V. Y.
ran 1 ale office
One of the most attractive filaees vhii bo
purchase. at a very reasonable price. Mod
ern house ut 4 master bedroouas. 4 baths,
ample accommodations for servants.
Stable, tool house, vow house, children's
playhouso: tennis court: rrult trees.
Asking $441,000 Lasy Terms.
Heckscher & de Saulles
Phone Circle D.'ltl. 134 Slh Air.. N. V.
31 acres or laud, Istrgo house and out
building.. (00 feet shore frontage. In
tensive staler and Inland views, l.lberul
teriiu and low prtcu ir purchased befure
May 1st
Ill llroadnuy, S. V. Tei. Cortlandt 49J6.
PRETTY S room bungalow, I block from
bathing beavh und harbor; b.ith and steam
heat; largo living room, panelled walla,
open tlrsplars, airy light dining room,
beamed eetllng, modem kitchen, 3 beauti
ful bedrooms with connecting bath, dee
orate to suit, porch rail wMih or house,
few mlnutra from trolley and station, coin-
Plata fr t:,400. on easy trms. WATER
riiu.v r uc.MiAi.uvv, box i.o nun.
Beautiful plot of four lots right on the
w?tr.' sidewalk, s. .1 40 minute froti'i
rlty; will dlsroir or considerably less than
their real vaiuu ror casn it oougni at once,
BAl.D. box 16 rfun.
PINE Ot.D IICNDAl.OW, 66 mlnutrs
rruni renter or city: running atr and
eieeirii'ity; nign M,.-aiion. isrce grounns
1200 eash. Ia!uii e 116 per month. l.iiLEN
343 W. 3t!l St
KFW Isinn IK House to rent furntshel
IttlT OARII nJ cr summer of 6 months.
Two servants atid 2 baths, billiard room,
MSluu)' Urn li.) piano. JOHN TCIITON.
Ilkhmoiid lint. I,. I I'Iimii KUhmond
6'i p c. ally. 1. T A T Co. I0
Bny .. "00
HKtoHBi.i) i.i:trt.
1C0TII ST. Il . I.I 7 I" Wn-li'i.jliMi uv,
l.'OsSJ 11 -Hoer S.ivll.h lUl.k ii S V
Title tin Co. 136 4lwy .. 1106.000
U'llll ST. ll e. 1:1 7 lt Wirhllictuti i..
li0JS II -N V Till Ini l'i. to Kinplr
l.'llv r-HVllg Bank, .31 W 13. Ill rt,
utt, N V 'I Ins Co. tin llftu) .IlliO.OOO
3ITII ST. 3') P.- Title (iuir Trust Co In
Joh llei hi; ally, T ; Co. l'.ti lUu) 117,000
34TH sr. 374 VV .-.am to Mr A Skeel,
3H1 Molt uv , ullv. rlli If.OoO
3ITII ST, 334 i: -M iry A raie.l to Wm II
Miller, Bedford. N V. alty, T tl Co. T.
Bnay '. IT.oOu
113TH ST. 731 W -I-oni, lloMInx Cor pu
lo Abr Davis and .lie. 341 W lUtli si.
sitv, .1 1 1 y.isr. hj fars now i
I77T1I M. iui-.ox vv Mime to same
att. same II
sent sr. 303-S i; .nie io i.em le-Vl
15( Tth av. alt), min" ... il
J1TII ST. s . 4:6 e 10th v, lT.'.WS.S -
Itubrrt elcniil lo i. o vv i.ori. ion ifroome
St. llttIS, lleeKIIUU, .M .V l. .J VV Muni
st 1100
MADISON AV. 131- Coriieln II i-cliwarti
lo lllle (lu.ir A T Co. 174 llu a)'. . 41,000
13ITII sr. iO'- W Louis J I'rev lo Ann. II
noun 1,1. i, li vsi si, aui, r i, in. i,i,
Hauy .. . ll.Oni)
ISITII ST. 60'i W--Aima 1. I'nnald to lill
tali II Rose. 3 IV H'tll st. ully, T i. t'n
1 T -t llAay .... . I3;.i'00
TOTll sr. s 373i. vvein liii, i u4l i,
100.6 Karmers Loan A Trust Co to l'lor
pni'ii II Connor. 6.',1 W 141st st. allvs.
Crllsr. It A It, :.' Ilvi'li.liicc pi. . . 1 1 0.000
CCTH sr. 717 K S Mis a security i'o
to !eo Pira. llarrlviii, N . aiiv. N v
T Ins Co. 135 Baay 137.000
143D ST. 11 . .10 v I.' mix av. soxsii.ll
I..i)srs Title A Tru.t i'ii to Manhattan
live. Kir A Throat Hori'ltul: attys. c,.r
A '. 69 Wall .t 137 ODD
10VTH ST, 31v-:0 V.' -N V Title Ins Co to
lilllnn ir .o m v, eouiMiiiiee. n;i
Ilav: tt N t T ins I'o I7,i urns,
tray 19.600
r.HANII HT s s e.v e l'ir)'etl al. I sx
55 1--Hebrew Teehtilcal Hehi,,.! for ;lrls
to lawyers Mtg ' '; eJ Liberty st 113.000
1IICKOX. ."Idne- II to Karl ? -lirl
l.er !1 003
R( m'KLANIi REALTY '(' to htrplieii ll
prinri" , :. . oo
BEYER. E'lJ It to Vliry TCal'ihan l.t '00
CITY ur.Ai. i;m i v to .-irm ji.n ji i,. n
man et al, txn t,oon
MrS'S.MARA, William V. to William W
Nil. 13.000
MB llr.LBAClll.il, Ailier II. lo Mrphrii II
Prinri IM.000
Nlt.ES, Wm W. vr, to Charlotte ;
Pink 13.00)
HVriSllEli VOBTiA(iF.S.
(With name and address of lender's at
MADISON AV, 1001, e j, j;'3 s Tllli
rt, !0xT9, Sept 33, tMI-riia- f!ll!dn
10 Ellen l Parker. 1,'.. LrtlriElnii av,
and I'orbes ,1 ll.inir.i)'. ,1s vv foih st,
esirs. Ac. atty. T 'i t o. 1T8 Bros.l.
way 119.350
iii;iiu r i, n, o . I." s imusinn
st. 35x100. Mar 7. 1901 Michael Jo.
eephson to Hreln. hen Wutuch et al,
rxrrs und tru-. atl), Jovph Knhlsr.
ISO Bway 111,000
LEXIM1TON AV. . 30.6 n TOth st.
30xT5 0, June II, U03 Ahr ,V Invah In
vvm r jioofn attva, Kurniatin. r .
(J, 35 Broad si 13.500
1ST 11 ST, 313 W, mort on leas Ac, Dec
31, 1915 Bona E and Wm A Read lo
Anna Forbes... loo
PLEASANT AV. .If'.'. 35.6 e Itjlli et.
36.3xi, Jun 37, lto:,--Ma Waehsman
to Jacob ischlanip; ults, Amend A A,
119 NasaU si ,14.0011
USTH .ST. 133 W, a s. Si'J Tth av,
19X100.11, Jim .1. 1711- lienrio ami
Jennie Cohen to Julius Meael. adnu .
Btty, I, T A' T Co, IsO Bny. ,, ,11,000
74TII ST, li s. 10 o Atnstardai'l uv. lu
10'J'.'. l e i is, l'lOa Mar s I., wife Win
i Peari-oii In ili lireeiiwtch Savlnga
liuna; any, iieo i, tieivill, sv nassall
st , ' . ' I5'000
It, 1x44 Marks und Mluiilo Rlnaldo to
lly Wlensr, .ir, trustee, utt)a, Lacliinan
A 11, 35 Natrau l lis, 000
LTJI AV. t e l or Silh St. 30xl"O. Mar 1.
1910 Elbert II 'ai to Mary Armour
.Nicnoiiis, ii) e. i. alio. Juliana Ar.
inoiir riTKUMin. Huntington, I, I. ntlvu
(rllrlen. II A P. 3 Rector st 1300.000
111TB HI tin e, a s. 33 I w III! av. 14.4
xl00.ll. June 77. 1507 Cmauunl 4! sr.,1
I'lora II Bnscnthal lo tile East Rlier
Naviusa insiii, .-i it way: atty. Rlehard
T Orcn, 41 Park Row 14,000
111TII ST, a s, S30 w park (4th) av.
tOxlOO.'ll, June IX. 1916 Cathedral
Const Co lo Tlllle Wacht; ally, ri Wachl,
71 Bnay 110,000
I1ITII HT, 314 vv Pnrli av, lilvxiooil,
Jan 4, 1909 lierroll B und Sarah Clllon
In l'annerM Loan und lrupt Co. 1 et
Win al; att)s, Turner. II a II, "5 Win
l U.('O')
I5TII ST. 407 ' 11 s, 'II i In uv, :,
II13.S. Nov 4, 1904 -II. riuaiin and Er
iiesllno Breltriiliacli In Carolina I1'
Kllngi ally, li A hlrlnmullar, I6H 3d
av 11,110
Houses 1. Summer
On Shore of One of rettlcitt
Lakes in Vermont
rrem alx to ten moina, fully furnished;
electrlo lights, modern plumbing, with hot
end cold water, open fireplaces, tJowiplete
Klertrle Baages fer Cooking, constant elec
tric service at eilremely low power raiee;
clubhouse, vegetable and flower garden:
tennis; rowboata furnished, motor-boats
available; splendid mountain scenery, rure
Mountain Spring Water, beautiful drives.
1,1...... .. - a .A-rla-
.v.-,,u,,j, irra uciivvrt hi ,.,..--,
laundry. Ice and ell supplies: near village
f 3,100 Inhabitants; board leer at fluli
house If preferred: beat of reference. I'rlre
1115 to 1160. Mar 20 to Oct. 16. Write for
Illustrated booklet. Address W. T. B bos
issbun oiriee.
Tl II.U. , ..I. I . I. ........ .!
..-.utti uvmMiit uum, riiioiK -.ivu
nshlng, screened porchisi rent for ssaspn.
1600 to 1160 according to site. 44 .(Beat Vf.
Apply to Dr. Melville. OlsHIDint Is
AMERICA'S SinsT tinatlTtrtlf. LAKE
In Vermont, lu the hrurl or tlreeu Moun
tains, surrounded by I'ln and Balsam
rorest cm excellent Slut road. My private
nin room mimmer reeiutnce, i.. isi oi is
root plasta. Beiiutlfully furnished, mod
rn Improvements, lint water, furnace.
flower gardon. ice, barn, 'gem re, us ot
cow mnu pasture, twelve layinw nen.
sprmr water and si.ouo per eeaeon. v;, i.
V.. box 164 Sun olllce.
Two cottaans and fi.rm hnu.s. I. 13 and 11
rooms, furnished. Iarc norchee. attrlnc
Water, garage and burn, ruwhoats, deep
and shallow beaehes for bathliia.', swim
ming, tl. hilar. Hunting In the heart of
ureen aiountaina on stato roaa Also ueau-
tirui camp sues locations on Mountains or
laxksa. Rents 160 to 1300. M. C. 11.. tox
laa nun omce.
Cemnlstetv furnished vs Itli excentlon of
Dams, mains- toilet eepurvte. gurace. ire
and boat furnished, running water from
cement llnari anrtnir. veev larra areunda.
situated at sllxht elevation facing grove of
Pinea. .uu feet rrtun ia.o liarneiu, a-
terey, smsv. Box 703 lurkersburg, w. n
BEAl'TIFt'L Ocean, Harbor and Conn.
try combined, rurntshe.1 cofiKes ror rent
Prices from J. 00 up to 11,000.
JOS. C BlllfnlES. P.I. At. EnTATE.
MAPI.EWnol). WHITE MTS.. N. if.
Several Collaur- lo Rent lit-. B'wa), N Y
Attractive bargains offered by BANKING
to nullaere, investors and prospective noma-
aeeaers a urx number or v team iota si
Urantwood, Morsemere. Leonla, Rldiefleld
ana Teaneck. New jersey, at ene.nair er
former owners' nrlrea. Also a larce num.
ber of tsso. family nouses at Hudson
Heights. Cilffslde and Palisades I'ark. New
Jersey, at about one-hatf of former prices.
All of the above propertlsa are vrlthtn a (Its
cent rare son and witnin thirty minuiea or
Manhattan. Thcs properties must be fold
.ulckly to ulose Ih business of two cor.
orations now being liquidated by the Bank
ing Department, and xre offered at real
sacrifice prices. Speilal Inducements te
contractors and builders who will purchase
a considerable number of lot for further
particulars address BnJ. D. Half hi. Special
Deputy Supt or Banks, co Banking Dept..
41 Broadway, New York Cltr.
Fine New Jersey Estate
rort.flv minutes from New Vurk. 1.'
room house, garage and . a. res i.f lund.
lairs porehee. beautiful gard-n nil. I biff
shado trees. To be sold to iloee ail eel.ue.
Terms to soil
( II Av It. HOE. .lit.,
so Vlalden Lane.
New nrk I II;.
MORTOAflK lsfi.?ra
Mtge. Money
In large or me-
2dium aniounti.
Low clbirgei.
Prompt uiHWdfi.
Chas. F. Noyes Co.
H WUUani 3L
i a jujj ini.
Modern home of in minis and V butlir
open hreplicss l.aiilalod spncl.iua
ptirtliev In)! l.ater he it, eiwet, water.
pas and iie'trlcii a uilnutes io i
strlcle.l t'lithlnir bet. a do. k. t - d, ep
uatcr nil liorae . bio k- to s a'lnn.
11,000 aell Klaln tao lie arralut.l
.sri:i'iii:N.-os'. -is w nitii si
MAswAC'lll shl'ls KEAI. I.M'.tl'E.
I.ENTI.EMEVs ET. 1 1, Berkalilrn
Hills. Wasiilnsion, e. , s lull from
l'lttstlelil, halidsniue tt,n and wood resi
dence, 15 roiitn- x b.nhs -erv mis' lodce, a
rooms, 1 bath; farmer' t-otta..1, y rooms, l
bith, surat;. stable, Ue Iiuu..., 11 7 aere. Iii
ail: reldnce is Ii iinleo,.ie y rurnlslied,
prli 170. bl'O a. I ruriiNMn.- and equip
ment Included, ilrilllar uli request. L. E
MAI.LORV Six Main Si NirSngiMd, Mass.
KEAI, l.wfAl E 4)1 I' 4)1 I OWN.
BEAlTH't'I. HARDEV Pl.ur, 7H1S.V,
all CUlllvaled, liuse eliude lrce. 10 min
utes from Larehmont t.it.n and liithim;
beaeti Bulidlm; ii.in. and specincntinua
druwil to order lice of llari.-e I, ll. I hollo
llnaiiveil ,M S K . Bux ISO Sun Oftlci.
man to buy a country horns
i prudent
fully si.
sisinra it
West Hd St Phono Mad. Si, IIH
Policeman Hurl llnrw llnclnu
I'rom M'nlilnrf In I n. Mnllnn.
A horse left untied In trout of the
Tlilrty-thlnl Mied iittrau.'e lo the Waldorf-Astoria,
tlrcl "f u ultliig tor Its
driver about 4 HH estinl,iy ufternoon
and gatlopeil wot, ilrnivmit u ilep.U't
mint etorn tlellverv w.ikhii A tux,
ilrlvtr shmitvil a w.truliiK to tin) crowds
In Broadway, .tml Trafllo I 'oJIci-inaii
WlilLiin J riemmlns miiile a daxh for
the horse's Inail
lie .'iiiKlit the hrhlle, lmt the horse
threw I il 1 1 1 to tlio pavement In .Sixth
uvenue. r.itrnlii'un p'allon c.illeil a taxi
Hiid took I'li'iiiiiilm? in the New Turk
Hospital, where It was found that his
right wrist was fr.-ictuied. ami his hod)
wits cut l'i seviral places
Tim liorsii ended n dusli ngalnst the
grating almvo the IViUihv Ivunla timtiel
at Hcvenlh .iventiti and Tlilrty-thlid
Htreet .Initios .Scary, the driver, u.u.
sunimnncd to appear In com I to hiimut
u eliargc of falling lo llo Uin niiinul,
Bill Would MhLc tl XI on I ha in '.'I
LeRHl Bealililiee.
At.SXNT, Muivli S.'ti.ilur Millr n
trodticril u hill tn.duy UesiKiied to pie
vent cvubluns of the inheritance lax
law. I'nder this hill ,t peinii shall he
deemed to have tiled a roldent of the
tttute if lie has lived in Uu ritule for
the greater part of it uy pcrinil of nine
cuiibecutlvo mnntlis In llm tuent) .four
liuiliths prrcetllliK Ins ilcalli. 'I'Iiim ulso
uplilles If, by ii vvi'ittcu 1 1 ii- I run it- ti I . is.
I'i'ilteil wllliin line ji'Ji' prior to tleatli or
by ln,-i l.isi will, lie I i.i n ih elaiiii lum-r-clf
to l"f a nrlilellt id U.i Stlite.
A person who lias been u elilien of
New York, sojourning tilitsnle tlio Sia'c,
iilw) shall be considered us having liren
u resilient.
Steamship Arrivals and
Foreign Mails
l'or txsalem New tork. pertly rloiidt to.
day; fair to-morrow I slightly warmer
moderate northerly winds.
f or now Jersey, Cloudy lo-oay; lair in
morrow; wnrinrr; modrrtito northerly
for New England, partly iloudy to-da i
fair to. morrow; tnodirnte northist to
north winds.
NEW YORK, March SO.- The area of
low pressure from the Ohio Valley moved
enulheiuiiwurd and became central oft the
coast of North Carolina yestorday with He
onergv somewhat reduced. . ,
Rain Ml In that State and northward
along 'ho coast Into Nuw England.
liisnwner wcsiwuro mo vveaiiier "-
generally fair, excepting lain In the
middle Missouri Valley and snow In the
The general depression In the West
merged Into one area with a centre over
weaisni Kansaa and Oklahoma and was
being followed by an area of high pressure
from western 'Canada which caused lowtr
temperatures In tho Northwest nd Hie
Itevky Mountain States.
II I... .I.n eonlee In lha luSt recloni
und southward Into the eaal Oulf und
south Atlantic Stales.
Temperatures were above the freeiing
point In all section, except the plateau
and Rocky Mountain Stales. Ih North
west and tho northern lake regions.
tt hi warmer from tho west lluir sec
tion northward. , . ,
lu this city rain fell In the morning, fol
lowed by cloudy and foggy conditions and
cooler; wind, freih northeast; average hu
midity, 7 per cent.; barometer, corrected
to read to sea level, at I A. M., 79.11 1 3
1". M.. 39.14.
The temperature In this city yeslerdav.
aa recorded by the official thermometer. It
shown In the annexed, tublo;
loin., p.iift., into. 1 9 iv
PA. M I'-" :' d P. M... 4.V
11! M . 1ft' aas ij . M....4S ; V
al'. M tt 4lIJ.MId. .44' JI
Highest temperature. 40. at I 1'. M.
Iaia.it tvniperstitre. , at 13:4ft A. M.
Th Scandinavian-American liner United
Htater, sailing to-day for Chrlstlansand
and Clirlsllaiila. will take mail, closing at
lo A. M., ror Norway, Sweden. Denmark,
Urrmany, Austria, Hungar), Luxemburg,
Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey,
The Italian liner Taorrnlua. sailing to
morrow fur t.euoa, will take mall, closing
at i:30 A. M., lor Italy, tiwlurlaud and
Th I'reneh liner Rochambeau. sailing
Saturday fnr Bordeaux, will take mall,
losing at noon, ror I'rancr, Rumania,
Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, lireec. British
India. Brltl-h Lust AM. Slam. Malta,
'lllirallar. Cvlon. strulls Settlemstits.
Hutili East Indies, Wrrt Australia and
The American liner St lavuls. tailing
Saturday for Liverpool, wl'l take mall,
closing at 8:30 A. M . for Europe (except
Dermuny, Austria. Hungary, Luxemburg,
Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey. The Netherlands.
Norway, Sweden and Denmark). Africa.
We-t Asia and the East Indies. Spain and
Portugal must be specially addressed (or
despatch by this steamer.
The NorwrgUn-AmerIca steamship Ber
rnsrjord. s.illtns Saturday tor Bergen,
vlll take mall clo-lng at 9:30 a. M., lor
N'oro-a;' J-wedin. ll-ii mark, Rtlsnla, Oer
many, Austria, llunsiry, Luxemburg, Bul
farW, Serbia and Turkey
The tirerk lli.er Patrls, alllng Siturday
ror PlraU. will take specially addressed
mall, cloilng at I.;30 P. M., ror Oreeee
A. M
Hi W. Clth et : Nellie I'm-
l-rotr Trifling
J; 1 Z '
H 17 W. SIM st.; Wivler
nr.. Trlr.ltig
ISO E, 11 7l!i st . lamrfellou-
A prnrfr Trifling
: oo 1 OS E. Mh !.; Annie Ackeren. Might
J ; 1 - - . tielmoiit nv ; Jennie
tir. co ... . rdlsht
0 Si i'l Pike st.; David Spein r. .Trifling
in-OI us Av. II; .losoph Welner. .. .slight
i:'in-7ll E. 171st s'.: I.oul- Miller. Might
17:10 :7-3 ;th -t . Edward (iross-
liainller .... . .sllsht
1:30 31V E. lOiel st.. Iioillllilek
lilllgx .. Ml Sl't
S'3 -.3J llroadwa, lire' 11 Trl'll-
in His.' and '.i-.l ' 1 .00
7 ..l l,...r k el . ..t - .'ei . ulll
00 a' 17 .Sorlolk el., M.t. 1 Mhaf
f. r It-lit
s o 34'. w TOiii not st.l.d .,llit
'.0 :l vv. 47th t: . auiu. iuchi
rnedman .... . S'tp-ht
V : -T.HI Wpslehestrr Max
KalllUlerlll.k' . .11'!
? .0 ;i. .--Ivlll .IV . Mlilu', Plied-
tllall S.lght
1" I. I.i-.la I. til n . Alliums.'-
Hii-i-h Co . . . .Mich'
11 rl"- -".ii I'arinoti si.; Samuel Morri
son S'llBht
Army and Nav llrders
W v.-iiNi;ton. March 'I lies army
orders were Isiued today;
." niul Lieu' .1 I. .M. Mullen, retired,
lo coiunib'j-. N M
Sc olid Lieut A. ll. Itudd. 1'njrtll Ch
M'r)' from treatment at t.eiora' llo.plia .
o Knrt Baard, N, M . aii'l io LUli'li
I ava!r.
Brls lien W. M Hl. V. chief of enct
neer, detailed e meniber lm.tr. I of or .
in-,' and rorilili'.itlnn, v er llrlr - i. u i
' Kilicln.tn retire I, re.i.ed
I 'Irs; l.lcul W ' iuipaii.il, Mxtli In
(llltr). de'.il'.d fl ,-.H-l ll .'orpn .,1)1 ;..
I'ort III'."-. Teva-
Capt. 1.. K Mss. t-oni .--econd to
Tw en:) -secoiHl tulniit-
i apt VV VI N iii-i.tn iu irteritLieirr
Cnips to Colunitiu-. N M
No n.t or.leie wire li ...ic 1 to ia-.
Vloiemi-nl nt Natal xeel.
vv viiini; ruN, .vur.ii -The iori.e..v
l l.o.i' in mi- . ii : : r-tr.,.er J.l'lel' ..."
'..lilted .,1 Miiiihto't i it,) l.i ti k .-lit;.
Aretlm-.i and ir.ui-t..ii! I'riirt-- .it t.uitt
i laluino. lorpedn l.oit llurro.ta it Whtic
; vtori l..tlnlllt'. -ti.lser ' i-e.ni. itt ..,n
lUen. collier l"i'lop- a vorfolk Jar I
.if,.i 1..III. ill at New Vi.rk ,ied enj.
' i. f,ie.'..r .it i nt. i tilit ti into til,; Potnioa.
. t i i. tender Ton -li .ii llln.'l;
I an I anJ gulitxiat vv i: ,itlii;tiii ,,t r-na-low
Th . r i -er llrokl)n Itt. sailed from
tluiitn for llstlell.vi. ii'iulioat Marlel'it
Horn Vera Cr'U for Tatnpl. , collier N'n
ftnttl an DleifO for iluaytttas, cuut'i'-it
Pittsliuri: from --.in I'r u. Is o for r-an
IlleK.i und BUtlho.lt 1 ! 1. 1 I l-M I llolll A.'iipul o
for Corltito
Bread Line Aide ,rvvl Emplii) i d
Yiiulh Willi Tvvii l.oiivea.
"Hey, tail, could ou use anotlitr 'o.it
of lire.nl '."' Tom Merry called .tfttr an
Ungainly -i liteili-j i ar-old boy wlm
iiiliie into Till. SI'S tits hre.nl viep.it In
I'rillic street i etiTda.v . Ili.it ij. Tntll s
way nf slartllii; a ciu.v el -at inn "ll.ivv
lire jnil gctlliiK al' tig " Ttim asl.i'd
when' the hoy hail rt.nviil tin- Mcninl
loif inuler li's . t
"Will. oll ',' tl.e l, ..v 1'vgaii. "1
just not a .'nli ar uu eiratui hn.v, nut I
don't get paid until the end i.f t ll. week.
Iilld tile Ims" vvo: 't give nic an .iihauee.
Ml I I'nllli! b hern ami Kit a loaf nf
Pre id In 'ii. il. out mi until p:iy day. It
hUre iloe l.e 11 "'It .1 lot It Is tile nll'J
lunch 1 set
"Say. l'l' li Bright " said Turn, "see
that t ..is Imy gets a couple nf Inavir
every il.i.v , v. II jii .' I
Tom a. d I'o I. s.dV'1 u vv ii j ,i tli ij.-., n
leave-- nf lire.nl ve-lrrdav trmll Inior '
I'ttl simp .U'Mllid tne enl .ler t.-ntii t'ie
Him, tv ,r,j niiilil Live n vv '
ninie if they li.nl had It
Inalllnle Xleiuliera Hear of .Vrn '
nurse nt Columbia, '
Tin; rortllli f i-etlon tif Hie New i,i,, '
i niipttr, Aiueri'Mii In.-'.uili nl IlinU
mir, held ti ,tt..i'ial tin icr m the 11. 1. 1
llmvinii't list n. Kit, ltii I"1' iiuiiilicir
present. .1 A. r-e.tlmls,", I 1 -e n i, ill nf
Hie eli.tptcr, spnlte nf tin org.ii.tlinii'r,
itlllllatlnn with t'n.iiiiil.i.i I'nlveiMty ur,j
the poehlhlllt) of the ui. versliy Kr.tiiting
a degree ill lunltliiK In lliui-e win, cmn. .
pletcd Hi" regular cnuisn i.f Hie inm-i
tut.-. I
titliei M.i.il.c. wire V. A leirniei , ,
romptriil.er !' In. U I'laiiisliiirg S.t v - !
limn Ha, lit. itini iit'esiue I , Itiuiialiii' A '
I'hilput nf La i d ITeiis. i nail man nt
t!.u --' l-" I J v ei .- r Hrt.u i
III tH A I'n., Hi true A lli . iinii'.iliii'i.il
director nf the itii-t.tutc. u'v I I rt.. licit
l.llHwoiih uf the liuainnij Triici Com
Departures Outgoing !
The Fire Record.
Dun rises. . a la.Sun seta Is.Mo'u rises. 4.(1
nd) irk..4.oO.OoT.lsl ..oJl'llell Hste.Vtlo
Patidyll k Iu'(Jv.IsI..hAm'icI Oste..:!
S. Ito.-lianil'eau, J;lj A.
Mari'h ;n
March 71.
M . Uonleaiig.
ii ' .
Williams. 4:90 A,
M London,
M , Cardiff,
Mar, h x
. Ss Mul.i
March I
S Juslln
Saxon, a, I, A
U ; ': '. ''. i.i'Tlnu. iiarrn lo.
s lioiTedyk. IMM p. Jl.. Rotlerdaco. March
Ss Arii-arrm-li. lo:W P. M., Louden, Mardi
i, . ... . .. .
2! P.rt1 .?" " -rdlff. March 10.
2 rv.l ,,f'1,0,. CieuIueo. March M.
2;C.0"Ju'.Cr",,obJi March ia
M I'ort Anlouio. klngrton. March 7J.
ss Lainpa-aa, .Mobile. March st,
5 .!.0,',.wl, Jacksonville. March H
Ss hi Mimdo, tialvetlon, Marcli 73.
Ss Hawaiian . Pliila.k-lphla. March 71.
Ss Pawiie.-. Philadelphia. Msroh 71.
Ss J L. Liiekeiiliach. Boston. March 3.
Ss Slanitec, l'rlncc. Norfolk, March if.
Ss La Touralne. at liordeaui. March St.
Ss Chleaao. at lion lea ill. March 7.
Ss Mie.kliolui. at Kirkwall, st March M.
Ss Belli.- Ulav. at Kirkwall, March St.
Ss 4tislralli', from Capetown.
Sa Mclapaii, lrum Cristubal
Sail To day.
Stales. Copenha-
i: so I'M
n oo A M
13 00M
uoo at
K00 M
13 ODM
too Pat
17 00M
.1 00 PM
700 PM
3 00 PM
10 00 A M
1?eo M
4 30 A H
13 00 M
13 00JI
3 00PM
13 MM
13 00M
1 00 P M
3 no P M
5 00 P M
S (1 P N
. gen
10 (rt A M
Afllanes, Cristobal....
Kvaiijtelln. flermuds.
Mexloo, Nassau ,
Kntonia, Vera frur...
.Mariana. 1'ortn Rleo..
11 SO A M
9 IS) A M
on A M
. 0 00 A M
Sxnta Clara. Havana...
JeBersou. Norfolk
Sell To morrow.
Tao.mtna, Genoa 1.10AM
Cuantauamn, Naseau.... l.'iWM
Boric. Mattelirster
M,ohawk, Ja'ksonvUle ,
City of Columbus. Sa
vannah .
Madison. Norfolk ,,,
El Valle, (.alverttm
Sail Saturday.
St. Louis. Liverpool IMA M
Berjensfjor, lu-rren. .. 3 :n A M
K'M'liauiheati, Bordeaux.. U'ul M
Tuscama. Liverpool
Havana. Ilivaut 4 i0 A M
Carolina. Sin Juan ISO AM
Ve.tn.. Hahia AO) AM
Calamans. Cristobal S to A M
Port Antonio. Jamaica,.. .".) A M
Malura. C.rcn.'ala 10 91AM
Almnquln. Sarto Do-
. mlmo ,. ll jo A M
liayamoit, Sail Juan.
Munwood, Mslanas.
Araiultoe. .tack-onvlllr.. ,.
Antille,, New Orleans
Nueees. t.alveslon
Lampasas. lamna
l'nn.es Aiuie. Nurlolk
R!o (;ranle. UrtinswIcH
El Kio. Ualvsslon
Sail Monday.
Cits nt Auiuna. .sa
vannah Jameituwii. Norfnlk ..
sail Tuesday,
M:uiu.illa, Naples 4 SO A M
Carpal till. Livripool
"o Isittlk. limn nl.iiii
la-nsiK-, J.i,'ksuuv Hie
i: ji m
1? ( M
Bus To day.
fctnj Palermo
Edith Las Palmes..
Castlrmoor .Algiers
..Mar t
...rsb 34
:.v95 i
...Mar a
...May .1
...Mar 1
...Mar I
...Mar s
...Mar a
...Mar .1
...Mar 11
.Mar i;
..Mar it
..Mar 11
. .Mar :i
...Mar 11
...Mar 11
...Mar Ll
...Mar 14
..Mar it
...Mar hi
...Mar 1
...Mar ai
. Mar X
. .Var 77
.Mar tT
..Mar X
.. Mar 14
...Mar It
..Mar -I
.Mar -s
. Mar
Mar ti
..Mar i;
.Mar IT
.Mar It
. Mar .1
...Mar M
Mar '."i
. Mar .1
..Mar -Jl
.Mar Pi
.Mar ll
.Mar IS
Ma- "?
o.Mar ' 1
...Mar r.
..Mar 37
..Msr :
...Mar :4
..Mar 17
...Mar .vi
...Mr -u
. Mar '.
...Mar .1
Mar '.
M ir .1.
. .Mario
rvnir cuwarii iiarr
UldOtl ,e.
Vlll do Paris.
. (ilbraltar ....
.tllhraltar . .,
Ilordeaiit ...
.Barcelona ,.,
Uotlerdau) ,,
vtarseillea ..
. Cardiff
. Lisbon ... ,
. Havre
Rotterdam ..
s' Tliomaa..,
Hivlr .
. 1'sr.llfl
. Ilxvre
. Lisbon
."".Ill Juan. .
Klu;st"ii .
r-av.i m.ih
J i l.s mi ill
E'.liet ui. .
Ilatikdile . .. .
Veii.l k
Montir.evro .. ..
llonifau . ...
(i.ien tirjxrrt..
sirathallait . ..
Plltl wlelphla .. ..
City of Colurnti'l"
Aralultoe . ..
.. .. New Orleans
Dae To morrow
.. Pro.-re.o
"-'an Jum
. . lialvtslon .
i.alve.leu .
I'll Satlirdat
.-l N.-uiirc
. Cap,. Verd.
. Li I'llll'-e
p.' I
ivrm Rico.
ll'r-'Ule- ..
t.r i sou
El sitUi
atl Ja.'.litn
Coll l,.li an
St intiiii
I.). lie
lllo .In Jan. t
Psrillla .. .
I SaTa l.t
111 Volte .
Clt) nl M
li. life. lO'l .
" iv itinut
O-evr II
VliMTalia ...
- .'ill uu
lletnt n Kr.ni.'
El Mid . .
ILrliw ."
Li I'n i
, . . Illlelv,,
ll.lt I,
Pne-t., Mrin
. . ilni..
. . 1 1 tit i .ton
line Mondai
I. 'tlTM10
'I.ll.lil ..
.. . Mi -ti ...
. . . Hiii 1
II. it 111't
IMle ... ,
Ca! (nrni i
l'ronii).nj . ,.
II illia.ll-
Mnrro Ca't . ,
SlxaOla .
Nn u Vuisteid mi
K.ii.i.ia . . .
Sc. hp-
'tt nl Miiiit.'unicr)
fll e'lat
I" 1 Ini.. 1 1 li .
llorili .niv
. i ..nt e, ton
.lt ,11, ..III
lliriimlim Veaaela lly Wireless.
. (i-'i- 11 Cn.e ill, u, eii w.n. i.'j nillfs eat
nl lllilt Itnol at tl.inll te.lil'd.iv Will ilncl.
s :m A M to morrow
I . Tnitnl idt. in Tallin. tulles west of
latiiliini at 7PM 1 uimi.i..
, r Citfi Purl Arlleir .. miles cast ot
. 1 ' t', i ,(t i,i)n , -, .,1 ,tt
1 s l.-iieran' 1. rrt Cru. v' mile- west of
N mil
" Miniw 1 1 n'dct niile;, nujili nt
lU.llll.itu: rno lie .11 II mil
"s 111 .,d 1. alt.. 1. .11. , miles cast nf Tor-tu.'ii-
.il . P M
," I itt nl I niiiili,i 11 urn ill, A miles
11. .Mil ,il I11.111111111I Mi. ..il- .11 no, ..1
. 1.1 -ulo li.ilve,toli. 1 tn.ie. ei.uttl of
r- lino,, ,i . p M
I s "..in J,,, il., i,.i1ii-Iiiii .1. mile- south
id P...1I111111! Mm.llr ll i P VI
Ll Niii'I, 'itlti-loi nitle soutiwe-l
( el l'i llll.-l .1 "Im.il- it 1
" e. I ... ! 1 1 - .la. k. I ill. ; 1 unles smitll
1 "I "- lint) Until, al P M
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