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Tr.nli' liu'linnd in ftxpri-t n
Itrpiil. In Southern Spot
I-. fpltr of the) fact that tlicro n-a
rem id tiilk of weukhers among .South
ern holders, together with uneasiness on
tlie part of hanks with reference to their
in In.itis, tho "market yesterday was
f.ilrlv Meady and prices were kept from
i;-c:. mni; further tlun one to four polnta
under Monday's clotdhc. Further rains
nere reimrtcil In scattered areas, utid the
rtwpcct Is for unsettled and colder
nfa: her In the Houthweat, with rain over
tug t About the only trading features
t; t .. day Involved twitching between
May and July, with one or two larfrs
Mock- of May Ix-lng Fold against pur
chases, of July at an udvunco of 13
t.lerp"l cabled: "Market linn no
nian. Ioks gradually lower. Ktrad
tiler Ci'ttlMK uneasy. Considerable. Con
I nent.il long account lu summer
ttion'Hs Mill unllnuldated."
Mthougli there Is a feeling In rome
quarters of the cotton trade that a
zmnl deal of (Tot liquidation I.i Im
tndlng, tome local cotton men tuko the
t.etv that It Is hardly likely, an the
.Sjulli has. plenty of money, and the
I -inks h.ive ample margin from holders
' ti if remnants of the old crop. It Is
iinsiilcred unreasonable to look for any
athnir of loans at this tlmo. In view of
'.lie moderate decline lu tpote, and also
revaut-o there in moro money avallaMe
i tin time than at the height of live
on movement.
The cotton editor of the Memphis
i uwimerclnl Apical has thu following to
ay . "Most observers expect tliat the
jrrover at tho end of tho reason
-till be about normal ; that la to say,
it tins consumption for the vast two
tars will have about emailed produc
ion and the big surplus of the 191 1 crop
:ll have been consumed. In this con
e.tloti It la worthy of note that It
i. been Muted that the Ceneuisi lturcau
'ports on consumption of timers In this
itiid-y do not Include the consumption
' tliia flbrn In the manufacture of
" 'itiltiwiK An uccuruto repoit on the
'iiump!ion for thin purpose might
adit-nlly chaiigo the prevailing Ideas of
'lie amount of actual cotton In the coun
tr AMiimlng that the carryover will
In iipuroxlniutely what It was when the
.r broke out, the wire of the new
mp will become of tremendous Im-
Kirlaticc In the shaping of values. Ah
'e promlso ranees above or below nros
t''tlu requirements for another year
lll be bearish or tmllleh on values.
llaed on uvcrugo consumption of the
ast two ears, tho rexjulremehtet for
another year under war conditions will
!' somewhere In tho neighborhood of
M.t'uu.uijo Dales.
Tho market closed steady.
Opcnllirh-Low- cioa. Previous
,. . wv rs. Hlr. elose
,J'; t.7 t:.w I1.M uWir.ft) ;,vtt
t?oXZ 25-Si 1:-u ,:oa i:''tn:ii i:o;ni;.o;
January .. i: si 1: 3i ir ? i-nii? i
.March.. .. 12.41 KM 1..41 i:. Hid. UVUUM
ii local market for spot eotton was
'eadr. i points ileehne. Middling. It.Kv.
otithern spot markets as otllciallr reported
yre unchanged to points advance, .New
'Hears. Il.v.: Oalveetnn. i:.Se : Savannah.
, .. ,r.m,'hi1 Augusta, ll.-.lv.; Houa-
New Orleans market cJom-d steady
0en-lIlgh.Low. Clos Previous
,, liw. et. est. Inc. close
My .. ii7:ii.7x n T.i lt to:i n 11:1111 r.
'my ... li.tn 11 to n 17 n.n(ii 11 -t.ni n
fvtober . 11A9 ll.ai ll v7 U.lvirtl v i v4,ju t-j
lieoemher. 13.05 is.o icon li.no.fi i-.ij iictii:'M
January . 12.IS.lS.t8 i: IJ.UmiMl iMlulru
Tlie Liverpool market opened uulel There
as a nuiet business In snot ootton. with
rnidIllnz tmeharixed at 7.Cd. Sale, tun
'iir: rrceit.'s. 33.000 bale, iHCludm.- i.ij.ij
Amerii'in. tlo'rd easy.
Open- Hlrh- Low. cio. I'.-er.
, . , .'"5. et. et inr dnse
M;r June 4M, 7.47 7,l 7.41 7.M
July Alll.Ut. 7 l.'ij 7.41 7 4P, 7 II 7.41
I--'1. 7:iS 7.2iJ 7.il, 71
MardiApnl 7, 7,11,
.T1" .!'..A ' bids to LWerpool were:
II.Smm JuIt, tl.9!r.: October, 1:01V:
Jinuarv, 1J..-A.. The market them wan due
!, ,UHlay alvan. to 4 point
I'nrt rriwipts and stocks:
fit'. '!.
m ilrli ii.
Mull, a-
e,lifnt t
'(iltmiinon .
lill.K. i:..'m!.:
l'i C-i
h 3I
i t......
1 s:i
I.xunaterj port receipts:
. To day
iiltf tnn .. . 4,u.) to f..OO
N"rOrlfn. . !. to 4,000
lnek. rear.
Uii.iii ::;,::.:
1451 4,i;
l.-.-'.OlO 173.IJ7
i;-,.fi7l vs-'
li' .71 1 ta.sn
ito.'ks. jear.
1J...0SI 132.34H
l':.:4 i:Mi
P.75I :I7...I7
121. 72 1I2.M5
Last I.at
esl4, ear
W:i 12.487
bales. Totl
7-0111 ISSt'K The old nuestii.ii nt
tieiher the mki; of shrlnklnr nnl elottn
""t they are shipped to this .wintry l
rt of i dutiable value Is acain tore tha
''' ,J. "I t nilnl slates (.eneral Am.ral.ers In
1 t'l iae prepared by Hie (Jovernmsnt In
iM name of u 1 Marsh A Co. of Iloston
importer' Halm that this pro.s of
'.riniiinr is merely a precaution 10 prevent
e rhipiuerit of ilefeitlve joods to this coun
' 1 ncl Hut lahrus arc nut enhanced In
'.'i lis the oiraiiou. The liovernnient.
'7,r""l"l hv I.uke Lamb, special United
Jie attorney, prodmwl witnesses lo prove
' nt (tin fhrHiHtnr does Improve tha value of
"is rloth to ,s extent of between 15 and W
!Tr, ni .'rlle llnese tor the Government
MiuImI John p Wood, president of the Na
'loeal Aisociatlim of Wool Manufartiirrri:
.Mo..-. 11 liarnes, eniaaed In the hrinklnx
ini ..o ,oth esajiilnlnr business, and
homii. Henry Snyder, president ot the Ixm
Inn Slinnkinr and Itetlnlthlnr Works of this
1 lr Mrh ol the ImiMirtlnr ttrm testt.
n"! nn I. lull of the Imnortlnc Industry and
" tetimnny was corroborated by an arfl
J4HI isr.ed by Claude Lauder of the lover.
rieil Mills Company of lludderinsld.
'ntuii.i ihe. woollens comprisinr the Ini.
t'.riallons in nnestlon were all ery hlth
trarte and o( exclusive patterns, manufactured
the Imrn.PM Toeed Mill Company. Ltd.
other mills, and purchaswl for K. L.
i. ,, 1 by their nmniissloiiaires, John
t lnn 4 sons of Hndderstleld. The Im.
'""lets iiinteiid that this Item of shrinkago
J'.'iuM t.riirly lie lalled "expense of luspec.
'"hi aii, rediiinpenlnc" and r-ifanle.1 as non.
''' br the lustoms nflU-lals. The tettl
in.it.y of both sides will be carefully eonsul
ri r cu.ionis board and a derision
ITotubly rendered within the next few weeks.
bl TV lif tJNWKOUOHT CIY,-Collector
"i the Port Dudley V. Malone has been In
! ."'! hj "'" Treasury Department to tha
'ir.it that i-erlaln iinwrouxht clay, the chief
iv ..r hi.-ii mi Hie (, 0f na paijam of
' tariff act of 1913 was for cither than Ihe
eu".f,-utiire of crucibles. Is dutiable at the
,, T "' A eema per ion as unwrouiht cliy
ymlsr paraxranh 7 of the presmt law rather
Lii r" common blue clay suit-
fr tis In the manufacture of crucibles
iiwr parairaph 4.V). It seems that until re
'nby It has len the practice to assess duty
'" Hie insrdiamlls as unwrouicht clay not
JiiiII pruvlded for under paragraph 7.
sin. K the outbreak of the war, with the
or.Me of Importations from (fermanr, this
wlills not commercially known si cruet.
.it " appesrs bas been used to a con.
".Table extent la the manufacture of cruel
"It further appears, however." writes
''ittjiit stcTetarr of the Treasury Depart
Jri H'lMUm I", ftalburn, "that at the time
"1 I passaxs of the tariff act of 1113 the
J1'"' ,IIM! "I Ihe clay was for other than Ihe
IMiniNclnre of crucible. wd It would ap
'r Hut lis use at the time of tha passaxs
?' Hi' Uriff act should control. Tou will
r-'iMuri. assess duty on the merchandise as
""ruuxht day not aped ally provided for at
li'ir r,ne.iy by praltfl If dusitaJexJeil?
'rtif..iiiial nml Thin.
The stuck market ntitlmjr.) esterduy
glt further evidence or tt,c fact thai
',',,l"r.,J w" purely t.rofeslonul, mid
that Ixitlt ti tho selnK m tho buy
tiff shin conditions wero sweh iim to make
i J""1'1 "' extremely thin one.
i thu opening tl,cr! evidence of
considerable strength, which BUftlced to
push prices up to a new high level for
mis most recent and short lived ad
Vance. Art koon ns the Uoiuiuvd for
stocks wusi satisfied, however, fcellln
on a considerable scale made Its p
pcarance, and vroflts showed u tendency
melt away ns easily as they had
been made.
There was un attempt jesterday to
cover tip the fact that big professional
operatora wero selling stock, itud to
b,,,Ti... 'L"K "nu,,ltr "Wo Kenultin
llnul.latlrwi. These operators, Instead of
putting the, nvvciitlnt. As I. I - ,ti
orders Into the hands of the brokers
mo n.mr. wnn usually handle this
sort of bnslnes, sent them through cer
tain commission houses. From conver
sutlon overheard lit these brokerugo of
fices. It was ery evident that business
wnj being conducted along this line,
and that the market was being tested
very carefully. Whenever these sell
ing orders abated stock showrd a ten.
' rH,ly' "'""cation that the
floating sujiply was small, but, us If
to emphasUe the thinness on the oellimt
sl'lc. prices slid off easily when any
movement of that tort made Its mar-
Ar Wr Babies. '
No better evidence could be had that
"f 'Trtul powerful financial ele
i .v V11" --u"0- who do not be-
llevo that tho wur will end for a year or
more and are willing t Make millions
m' V! lr ,w"vlct!oll tl"", 11 "Vlow of
tlie Jlarch crop of 'war Uibleo" or new
war order companies Incorporated dur
Ing the past month. Total new Incor
poratlon of thee "war babies" In March
amounted to 128,603,000. Tlie mrw war
order concerns might be divided Into
rour groups, according to their nature,
as follows:
Expcdc.l lu Spend $lo,0()0,()()(l
or .$20,000,000 nt Spnr-
rows Point.
D)ea and chsnilral
War munitions
Oil and gas ,
...117,155, 001)
... 1,450. 000
... r.tso.ooo
... i:.4so,ooo
i. T'.'L"ett' "nen hu Just illspoM-d of
lis 1S1 scrap heap at a tlguro whloh
would make green with envy tho small
boy who eur In and year out collects
scrap to r.e-11 to tho Junk man. The
sale of the company's scrap heap for
1916 netted the New Haven JuM J931.
Sbl. Included in this Item of M-i-ap vw-ro
ropes, rags, hoes, paper, oil barrels,
cement bii-R. cinders, brass. Iron, cower
and lu fact every Imaginable subsUince
In the way of waste that could be picked
up on tho onipuny's property, Uurlng
the year of 1914 the New Haven sold
scrap which biousht it a revenuo of
I.S4.912. mnklng a total for the two
yearn of $1,716,773. That no item Is too
small .to escape tho watchful eyei of
those responsible for tlie disposal of the
company's yearly pile of scrap Is evident
from the statement for the year of 1913
that eleven vd.l bureau drawers brought
$1. .bout the only waste material
which tho comjiany destroys Is old rail
road ties. These are not saved and sold
Holelv fne th mn.,n ft,... .1,
collection and disposal Is greater than
wie prn's mm .viuki oo ucriveii from
the sale. -
Jewell Tea.
Tlie old adage that the tip which
every one has Is never the one to play
In the stock market has failed lu the
case of Jewell Tea common. The stock
was admitted to the list about March
SO, utid was then selling around "0. At
the time It made Iti debut on tha Stock
Kxchance It was tipped to do wonder
ful things for thofo who were fortuuatn
enough to get aboard. But so prevalent
was the hull "dopo" on the btock that
few people teemed lo have acquired
Jewell Tea . around that price. Kven
brokers on the exchange. confe.ed es
tcrday that they had heard so much
good news almut tho company that they
had decided to wait for a reaction In
he stock before tHklng on any. Vea.
tenia- Jewell Tea sold at 90. an advance
of aliout iti points In two weeks, and
a new high record price. Tho stock has
neeit rising py leaps and bounds ever
since It was listed on tho exchange,
and those who wero so cautious as to
wait for a reaction have not teen lt.
The closing price yesterday was vr., an
advance of r.1 pnlntn over Motulay'a
final quotation.
Pnlillr I'tlllty Appreciation.
While StOCkll ttstftd nn fbj. Uttnl T " -
change and on the curb havo as a rule
been nmrklniF lm aI In. r...l.ll.. ...im,..
securities have been scoring considerable
aiivancea ior siocks mat lack un active
market. Tho main reason for tho ml
Vance in tho ntllitv Uuiii I 1 1 ... ti,A
gradual spread of 'prosperity from tho
Mjrin mm inn iminiiiou maKing sections
of the countrv huj, rrMitimllv r,.i.,.i...,i
the entire t'nltcd States, New building
Is being carried on on s. considerable
scale, tin. I this has meant Increased
business l.ir the nnlillo ntllltv nnn,.Ar,.
which In turn Ii.ih tnp.int t..r..,f nr.ai.J
and a consequent advance In their (..-
I Ul lllt'S, I
i no tiuiowiiig tatilo gives the bid
prices of certain of tho morn nonnl.,r nt
the puhlln utility slocks mm of II,,,
latter part of Iccrnibcr and as of jes
terday :
, Venter-
ini.r ii.iii ijv.i. a., '-,...Iah
Aiiiri...i.i. 1..,II.. I'tlllll-u " ia
I'ltles Service Co f.S
N'ortliern States power li,
Sniitherii 1'alir.jrnla IMIkoi'i! " ' ! ', js
nianuaru i.aa ami Kiectnu prer.. 3
l I;
An Appeal,
Wull Street was considerably Mirnrlted
estenlay at the uppearancM of circulars
bearing a llilcngo ilato line mid ad
dressed to the stockholders and bund-
holdets nf the Chicago, Uock Island and
l'acltlc Itailway bearing the following
caption "To s.ive the I took Island for
the auction block (reorganization) will
you agree to buy liberally of - Then
followed a list of bondu tind notes offered
to the hn'tirlty holders of the property,
by tho puri'huso of which. It was al
leged, the Koi'k Island could he saved
from reorganization. The securities
offereil were: J20,000,000 twenty year
sinking fuml Income per cent, bonds at
S3 and 110,000,000 live year convertible
6 per cent, notes ut 9 and Interest. The
financial district noted with soino per
plexity that tho II vo year notes were
offered 3 points higher than wero the
bonda. It was pointed out In the cir
cular, In which Wall Street saw the
hand of N, I.. Amstcr, that the sain of
these securities would net the property
128,300,000 cash to pay off $18,800,000
notes, bonds, Ac, which mature Dili
year, and put $10,012,000 cash, together
with $9,507,480 unpledged bonds, Into
the trcusury.
t'oprlnif the Kaiser. '
Austria has followed the lead of Ger
many In attempting to regulate her
exchuisxe rates and stem the decline
whloh has carried the rates once more
dangerously nar tlie low record figures.
Advices received here by banks and
trust companies Informed them at what
prices business could be done. It was
just a few weeks ago that Germany
tried (Ills schemo und found It a fruitless
one. Owing to the reported bad condi
tion of Austrian finance foreign ex
change expert predict that Austria will
have even less auoceaa than did nr-rrmny.
fiinco the first of April the orders t
celved by the steel mills hod been sur
prisingly heavy, notwithstanding Ihe
lull reported lu a few special lines. The
volume of business still under negotia
tion Is nlo Impressive, aggregating
fully 600,000 tons of etecl. About hair
of this Is for use In the manufacture of
wnr munitions In this country. Canada
nnd Utirope. These Inquiries Include
billets, slabs and round steel bars. With
the exception of it few urgent contracts,
which call for sleel late this ear, most
of the orders pending will require steel
deliveries during the first half of 1917.
In one or two Inttnncrs deliveries will
probably extend into tlie third quarter
of next year.
Tho railroads huvo placed additional
heavy contracts for standard section
rails, aggregating about 75.HIM) tons, for
domestic shipment In 1917. Must of these
orders havo gone to mllle In the Pitts
burg district, but a few supplementary
contracts, amounting to obout r.,000 or
6,000 tons, Isive been placed with Inde
pendent rail manufacturers for this
year's delivery. One Ilastern mill bus
taken an order for about A,0W tons. I.'x
port contracts for rails, aggregating be
tween "0,000 and SO.OOO tons, have also
come to the surfuce, about GO, 000 tons of
which were Included lu the March ton
nage. Negotiations conlinue on about
00,000 tons of heavy nnd medium sec
tion rails for foreign shipment. Most
of tho Inquiries for rails, us well ns for
steel for munitions, come from the al
lied Governments.
In considering rail contracts it is In
teresting to note that at recent meetings
of scvern! of the Independent steel com
panies tho question of conserving the
supply of ferromanganeso was taken up.
It was asserted ut one ot these con
ferences that It was possible to manu
facture rails without utilizing such a
large peTCetilnso of ferromanganese as
has been considered necessary hereto
fore. This ran be accomplished by con
trolling the sulphur and other chemical
Ingredients, of tho steel In the open
hearth furnace and, llcssem. r converter
Tim plans of tho Hcthlehem Steel
Company for the bulldli.g of a tin plate
plant, according to reports from Haiti
more, are much more ambitious than
thoso entertained by the lUltlniore Sheet
and Tin Plate Company, which organiza
tion has been acquired by the H.'thlehem
company. It was uniu'uncod .vestenlay
that Ui.i tin plate plant would be lo
cated at Sparrows Point, and not at Can
ton, tihe site secured for' tlie building of
the tin mills by the llaltlmore company.
Tho original plans of tho llaltlmore or
ganization culled for wurks with a ca
pacity to produce 1,000.000 base Inites
of tin plato annually. The Sparrows
Point plant N ileslgped. It Is said, to have
a capacity of U.U00.000 lusn boxes, or
11.0,000 tons, of tin plate a year. It Is
reKrted that $S.000.000 will be spent for
this purpose, whereas the llaltlmore
company had cxix-oted to extend less
than $3,000,000 at Canton. It Is under
stood that thlrl -six hot tin in!!!;- will bo
Installed at Sparrows Point.
It was reported yesterday that the
Bethlehem Steel Company had acquired
another liistern steel plant, but detalln
are withheld tenii"iarlly. It Is under-j
".to.! that the intent'on I- tn ei-nd
fiom Jll.nOO.umi to J 2O.000.oimi In new
buildings, lmpi-oumwnts and Installation
of new machinery at Sp.it rows Point In
addition to the money npproprlat. .1 fur
the building of Cic tin plate plant.
Humors that the .MiCllntlc-Marshall
Construction lm,iny had secured con
trol of the l.lter Conley Manufacturing
Company property were confirmed yes.
terday. The Mellen,' Interests control the
McCllntle-Marsh.il! company and of
coure are strong llna ..'ially. The Mr-CIlntlc-.Marshiill
company's capacity has
thus been Increased to ;"3,000 tons an
nually of fabricated structural steel.
Tlie Chicago, llurllngtou A. Quint y
Hall road, through Wcstlnxhoutc, Church,
Keer ft Co., has placet a contract for
I.t'.OO tons of fabricated structural steei
for tho building of maclilun and lepalr
shnps nt llurllngtou, In., wllh the
American Krlilge I'mnp.m.v. Tho same
fabilcalor.s have aim taken a contract
for .500 tons of bridge work for the
Pennsylvania Itailroad. Tho New York
Centnl has given an order for the via
duct at Vanderhltt avenue, as mell as
at Depew place, to Totry .t Tench, and
the .100 tons of structural bteel ie
quired will bo furnished by Mllllken
Hros., Inc. Tlie New Yuk Central Is
also In the market for bridge work In
the Niagara Kills section calling for
1,000 tons of structural shapes.
The Pennsylvania Steel Company has
been awarded a supplementary contract
for about 1,100 tons of structural steel
for the bridge over thn Ohio lllvcr at
l.nillvllle. Thn Maine Central has cnnie
Into the market for luldgn woik calling
for JnO toni of Hii'l shapes. The South
ern Hallway bridge itiqulty, auioimtiii-;
to l.r.OD tons of elect, li noiv taut In
be only of a ti'iilntiv.i haraeter.
. .
The So nun: I J,. Mimih- Sons Corpora
tion has plaid a contract for the build
ing of a uiaclilno hlmji and a bl.u U
smlth shop, thn former known as the
pi. tie uji.I angle rhojr, wllh l.evirliig
tiliriigues. About 00 toils of sleel
shapes will bo umoiI, llids went In cs.
ttrd.iy on 1,000 tons of structural steel
which will be required lu the construc
tion of a loft building on Thtrt.v -eighth
street for the Scrlbner Interests. The
Hcilden I ton Construction Company lias
secured a contrail for 700 Ions of stiel
for the Kelcourt apartment, New York
cliy, whilu Harris Silvers Haker Imvo
taken a contract for a ten story com
mercial building on West b'if ty-seventli
wtioet for Henri Hendel, requiting 700
tuns of fabricated Heel,
The National Tube Company has given
an order to thn Alliance .MachUin Com
pany for fotiitceu cranes, wllh lifting
capacity of U'5 tons, for Installation at
the l.oruln, Ohio, works.
Kales of 20,000 Ions basic, pig Iron
urn leporled made In Philadelphia for
shipment over tho llrst four months of
next ear at I ho highest prices re
ported In tho current movement. The
SIoss Sheltleld Steel nml Iron Company
Is leporled to have sold 90 000 Ions
foundry ernde of pig Iron In March,
Hy taking over Ihn Kalllmoro Sheet
and Ti on Plain Company contracts the
Hethleliem Steel Company has secured
machinery ut u lower cost and for
earlier delivery than would have been
posKlblo If machinery puichuxc-i were
made lo-.luy.
Chartered 1822
The Farmers' loan and Trust Company
Nos. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Street
Branoh Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
Now York.
LONDON, 16 Oockipar St., a W,; 26 Old Broad Street, XL a
PAEIS, 41 Boulevard HanBimann BERLIN, 56 TTnter den Linden, V. . 7
Travelers' Letters of Crodit. Foreign Exchange,
Administrator Guardian
BOSTON, April t. There was xn ealer loi
In the copper hare mai-IM. Auierlcsu .its',
tlutte sut Superior, Copper Itsnie snd
United Mate Sintlteri were among the more
Mlvc unrki. all clonlnr more than s point
lielow their oprnlnir tirliTn. lt-illroad elinren
were quiet. IndttftrUU were fslrly utenJy.
Putted rrull Mini Swifts cloied t odvajn
for th ihy The summary:
Oiien- UUli- lo. Clov
Chevrolet Motor
J.K.Rice, Jr.& Co.
Phones ,091 to 401o Ju,n. 3 Wall Ht N. Y.
Bsleii. ug.
im Adventure 34
: Almi.eh t,
m Alka Hold Wi
IM Allou.r. m,
I'.'' Ant .lu. ni
l:0 Allnei.ll'l I :'
13:. Arl Cm !
ll'l Unite ll.dik.... 3.
MV. Unite A ii, ..,
t'i." Cl A .Vrlnoa. .. TP.
M Cril A llecl.1 f-o
im LVntenidal IT";
r fhlno K
IIM Copper Itanxe .'.M;
,. Daly WtM
: Uuttc i:'
K Kraiildiu 314
X firniby !M
Pi (lre-ne Cnnanes..,. (11
Ho II.iihd.-I,
(" liHllnini
1 1 lu.pirjtlo
4. Uland Creek
I I.Ijii.1 Crek pf...
If, Il Itoyale
nij Kerr Uike
Keutell IW ,.,
I'l l.lll.H
f. Ui Sille
U') Mutnn Valley
r. M 1.. Con ,
IIS Miami
J. Mieluxati
."in Moh-mk ... .
IJf. Nevod.i Con
V, Nw Apm.II.ui...,
It" Sew I Iria
:"i Mt.l..iiu-
:i. North H itlp...
..I Ohl C .lo i) MI11..
11" Ol.l liomlnlon.. .
... O.ol 1
'. Pon.1 Creek
' k'uin.-
H iy Con
"i Sinn Fe
'U"1 hai'iion ,
.i-i' South Lake
i" South fljh
i:t M M l..ilid...
I.V. sup .1 lln.toli. ,.
II Talll'ir.M k .
IS 1 Trinity
I"i 'tunltiiline
I'nioti Cop Ianl
V I S nrlter
,1.. t . Miwirr pf..
." t'tlh A, ex
"i t'nii Conn . . .
(" t'lah Cn.pr
US) flali Mftala ....
.1 VViiimn
'-'IJ VVohoriiie
:'t :,
o c:.',
13'. is
K. '..
:i'i rt4
pi, v,
31, 3i,
O1 ,
1. 1'.
p. 1,
'' lioMon A Alliany 1J3' IM', Wi 1'jli,
II.. .tim Kl'iaim. ::i ;i ;,
11 11.1M011 a l..-ii.ni, ij.i, j.v.i,
pi ll.i'on A Me pt . i, ki, .,x
1 Kitchlmrtf of
fin Mj. KIe.1n.'
lee S V N II A II
. :i Ohl C.ilony.
vvv.t Knit. .
41 Writ Km! pf .
. i3
1 . Am Axe I'hf ni
1 Am .vr Chin pf 101
.. ni i-nn crr
J Atn ir
. . Am Muar pf
ii Am Til .V 'll
M A li A W I
'! A ti A V I pf
K KMi.imi
l lt A Klee.
1. li.'neral KIih
vI.ih t,a.
4- M.... r,H. pf .
l'U MeKlK.1111 pf...
M Mirkenthal.r
11 VI, x Ti p . .
"i X i: Tel
Nn lliy
'- I u 1 1 til 111
l'i xilt . ..
315 T.irruutnii
3""l 1'iiitr.l rruli.
3M I'llltnl Kline M.'h !.T
T t'lniid -hoe M pt :" rn.
ll'l V s M,nl f,
r. 1' H Steel nf tlrt'-j IP-.',
10 Venttin Oil . . . 'it, ....
J. VVr.ti.ru rnlnn . . !!
.VI j
. rt's
. l'S
. 1 ..'
Mill Irregularity In I'rlees Asked
for Klretrolytlc.
Copper kmji M nctlva ytaterd&y nj
there an mill some Irre lularlty In prleea
for electrolytic. Unuia fnuinlera In ihe
Connecticut Vulley report oftarlnca by lsrre
pKMlucers at 27c. for June. July snd
Auvuat .shipment. Thr U very llttts ds
tniind for nearby ahlpment, but kIbo faw
oltarlncs. Hpot la quotabl at :i(4:ie.
and April and May t 37 'c. Sine muni
tion manufacturer hava covered lontra.'U
the la amall Imiulry for fourth quarter
aellvrle. Oonaumptlon continues ex.
tremoly heavy and production raord lireak.
Ins, The I,onJon market aa ttea.ller at
an advance of l&a. on apot and ft on
future atandar.t. Ainentvun eletroJyvtc
uni-liansed. In the Inat fnrtnlrht
atKk or standard eoppr tn Orltlah and
t ranch warchouaea deereaaad t,H0 tona and
His vlalbla fell 2.410 tone. The Uuropean
vlaible la now 12,071 Una.
Tin nua H-mly here )ealerdy and the
foreign marketa .'Ixhtly eaaler. The
March monthly atatlaUee publlahe.l ter
day phuw u vl.ltile aupply of ll.72 oua.
an IruriK.a of i.i'it tona durlnc the uiontli
and the Ume.t atocka elne Xovenibtr.
1910. i.hen .pot tin aellliiK at 37.30.'.
fer lh. at Xeiv York. To.du markvt la
Sc. to to', 1'. with amall rMtt April
wits aAUhh) at 4&c. ror Str.tlte. I41111I1 .v
riaKC Ihikllih tin aold at 46 Sc. nrat half
of April. Clilno tin, s per eenu, w
held at 42',c. for April deltvary because of
a repurted advance of So. In thu K"r
Ka.t Mii-'.lune and late arrlvala ivera
unchansed Hln. o January t Iti, 941 tons nf
tin have arrive. I ut Culled Mates porta.
le!lverlea Into Aimrlcan eotuuinptloii have
ben t.'. fii(4 ton, aicalntt de.lverlea In the
ctrre.punuini; time 'ani ear of 1M75 tona
Shlpmenta f..r Uie strait In March were
5,170 tuna since .tanu..iry 1 StriUte hlp
nieira have l.eii 1.701 tons larirer than In
ih nr.t ihree iniintha of laat er Mt
Siral' tin on Ujudon declined 10. eter
day to (tti. and the Mueapore market vtua
down la to (195. Arrlvala at Xcn- Vork
alnce April I are 1S tona.
Iead a quiet and ealer at Ic for
l.ot and April at Xe-.v Terk und at t:t
St Ioiili. Mime targe foralrn vnntrseta
are allU under nicutlatlon. Tha liud.in
market u 7.. .l loaer at (34 if. for
apot and 134 for futures.
Spelter wiia linn with rpot and April
purltlotia arce nnd held at 17,c. to l.'
Second .piarfr delivery t nrm with a fair
deinand at l,o. Third quart'r de.lv er
U qult in the neUhburh.ett uf Kk.
New York Life Ins. and Trust Co.
CJrnnt Annuities, Accepts Trusts created by Will or otherwise.
Manage Property as Agent for owners. Allows interest on
deposiles payable after ten days' notice. Legal Depository
for Executors. Trustees and Money in Suit.
Accepts Only Private Trusts and Declines all Corporation or Other Public Trusts
flff wioowt. PB
al chiiokcn JSS
Ml 4, 1 r.Mfc.M At the lo.e of Mualneaa on the I7lll (lu.i of Malili. IIHH.
Ileal KMale
Honda and Mori BSKii
Ixiatia on Collalerula
Illlla Itecelvahlo
I'aah In Company'a Vaults
I'aah on leplte
Accrued Int.. Keuta. Hupetie Arc't. Ac.
Honda and HUx'k (MarKi t Valnn)
. II. 0.. I, no'. til
. 1,7 1 J. 4 tn ,-.r.
. tl.lMA.lltHIIA
. la.civt.u in.117
. :l, I .,7 .1 e ti i. h )
. I,t!l7,7a.l,71l
, . 7iiii,n;s tin
. . I ",IHMi,.ilil).,"S
I I Villi. 1 1 U.S.
I'apltal ,.
Surplus KiiiiiI and I'lnllv liliil I'rollla
'Market Vuluel .
1)efo.te4 lu Trtti
I.lfe lnuraiii'e fund
Annuity I'tiiid
lnttTi-.l Hue Hi posiliir, Tati-.. i tc
$ I. om.nnn.nn
14.1. IIM. 7I0J?
HENRY PARISH. Chairman of the Board
Charles fl, Thotnpvin
Henry I'arlab
Frederic. W. Nterens
muyveeant KMi
Kdmund I.. Ila)llea
Henry A. C Taylor
C'oluinbua O'l), Im'Iiii
Cleveland It. Hods
Thoniaa tleuny
l.lmoln troniwHI
Caul Tm'kennan
Walter h'err
llowanl Town.srnd
W. linden llooaerell
Joaeph II. Cheats
Ausiiatua II. Jullllard
Henry Lewla Morris
Cornelius Vandcrbllt
WALTER KERR. President
Kuxene tlrlann
Alfn.l K. Marlins
Mi awn Talpr
I'rank H. VVItherliea
Kdarard M. Townaeml
I'.dManl J. Usury
Henry Parish. Jr.
IIKN'KV PAIIISH, Jit.. 1st l lrr.f're.
.Kl I Kit W. VAN ZKLM. !ml Vce-f'rr.
H. M. U. IIOl'KINM. 3it Vltf'rn.
IHVINtl I,. HOK. ikctrtntv.
.1 l.ol'IB van ZK.I.M, MM. .teri,
JOHN V. VKOUEIt, Aut. Srv.
AMiKltMIV J. PlIltDV. .Hi. .Sen.
JOHN K KM H. AUI. .sVrtf.
WILLIAM II. AU.iTIN, Ant. ftrtl.
Th' hlaher prlcea iirevallliiic for plain
I atructurat ahapf" and alho tor tanrlcutr.i
ateel allue .Vprll 1. vnue re.p.in.lDia ior
3 i the altnorawal or several lliquiriei ior
commerilal bulldliiKe. have raiieu to mi"
courare om of the loa ennlraetora h.i
are ii-lll a. lively 111 the market fur fteel.
lin-' llro of llr,.ok)ti have rflvn an
or'lrr tor . nuitdltix - u ii'F f"e 20i ton of
,al.rk..!e,i tiup.-. t, Aut.. ll.e, Th
M.i'.lni viar.tu : I' 'LKtru' Hon f.nni.ai.v
III furni.h .ti"i Ion- of fabri. ated .nap--
t ror th I'ru. ipse steel '"i.'iipiuy plant ..t
Hra.-ti.. It t. un.lr.t.i'.d that the
preiiect to buil, I ,,n adilltlon to th Curtis
1'umi.niur i-onipatiy iiuii.iiik in i-nuuuei-
Pittsburgh Coal Company
tf New Jtrsey)
Plan of Readjustment
To the Holders of the Preferred Stock and Common Stock of tha
Pittsburgh Coal Company (of New Jersey)!
Although assents to Ihe proposed Plan of Readjustment hat been rereltad
from the holders of more than eight j -loo per rent. Wi) at tha preferred
atoek and more than eighty per cent. tdO' i) or Ihe romnion atoik. the C om
mlltee. In view or th itelaya liirldeiil to loniniiinleallng Hlth foreign oek
holders, and In order In tie assured that all stockholders have been adllsed
of Ilia Dan and had time and opportunity In art thereon, has extended
the time for further deposit, nf ataenta In April .10. tnt, and. In the mean
while, defers railing for the actual deposit of tha certiorates ol atoek.
Stockholders holding certificates of stock not registered on the
books of the Company in their own names ure requested to communi
cate directly with one of the Secretarieii of thn Committee in order
thut they may be kept advised.
Aaaeotlng stockholders assume no personal liability for any expanses,
and are free to deal wllh their atoek In eiarv reaper! as If the) had not as
santed. Afler Ihe Plan la derlared effective and thetr stark la deposited,
all rash dividends will be promptly paid lo Ihrm as derlared and I hey will
tie enllrel frea lo dispose of or otherwise deal wllh their rerttfUatea of
Stockholders having any criticism or objection to tlie Plan are
requested to communicate their views to the Committee in vvritinu in
order that the Committee may give consideration thereto.
Copies of the Plan, information as to the advantages thereof,
and forms for asents to be signed by stockholders mHy be obtained
from any member of the Committee or from the Secretary or As
sistant Secretary of the Committee.
Nlorkholders are requested lo Me
mlltee no! later than April .10. lulu.
AddreM all communications to
Se.Telar of the Committer.
Henr W Oliver nulldlnc
ritt'hurgh, Pa.
Aaslttallt le-rrtar),
H llroad Mre-i
Nea York flty. N. V
Ihelf written assents with thn rem-
Readjustment Committee
The Hone I nsmce Company
New Yorli. April 1, 151.
At the Annual Kle.-ton for Dire-ora of this
",,, .am . ..,11 .,lll..l,v, ,l-i iai lOS IOI
lowing .-rntlrmeu ui re 1I..I1-1 ,nr the cnulrxr
'-! I. t'l.irke
Clan ma II. Kel.T
i.iii inn Ive. WathhurB
I l-tt II t.arv
ThotnvK II Kent
I'orii.llu. N Ultra, Jr.
I'reilirioC Buiell
I v I 11 1n,
i:ilir:.Je tt NlHia
t!ror:r II llnrtfnnl,
lUnr) y Nojea
l.iii'iiii t" W.iriirr
John t'laflin
John II Klajlrr
William I). Il.nl twin
io1 '! '"''.'cuueht meeting nt the lloxnl. Mr.
Kll.r i n I., sikiw N, tniaiuniouly etevtast
lYesiilaiii iunl Meaara Kred.-no C. lluswalL
llaren. A Ludlum. and Charles I. Tynar
were unanimoualy eleted Vlce-lTesldants
C L. TV.NLK, Vleo lVts. a 8e..-'f.
faraotia, Kanaaa. alarch 1. llll.
, nv ...uiii .nuutti o"aiina or atocfe
I holders ot the above nan. 4 Comnanv tmr
. the electiuti of Directors In conformlM
with Chapter 1JJ. Law. 0f Kansas, Hti.
j and the iraiiaoctlon of tuch othar business
a. ma coins bafors aald iiiaetlng, Includ.
I Ing the ratification of such action at us
. time taken or anthorlied hr the Board ol
I Ulrectora, tha i:t-cutlv Cominltles or Iks
Executive Oftlr.r. uf tha Compiny as msF
I kc submitted lu the inrrtlhr. will be halt
st tho Knrl ottlra of the Company lu the
1 City of pHrsoim, Kanaa. on Thurslay. tha
sth day of April, ma, at 10:00 o'clocax A. kf,
' Hto.J trai.sfsr looks will ba closed fraam
tka afternoon of March 7th until lbs msrs
' lag of April Ttn next.
C. E ,CHrr. frealdant
1 E. y a tie XHVli. p.rrstary.
Nw lor, .lnrch 13, 191.
The Annual Jin-ting nf the ftoi.khnl.tsnB
, of The Western t'tilon TeLgniph Conipsnr
fi.r th e'e.'tion of l)lreii.r nnd lii.peetora
I of I. Id II..11 and for the train-iirtinn of aurh
.other Oilelli.'M- ii- ini.y he pre. lu.'l lit said
, ni'etlnc. will he lie u at the Executive
,nm.-- nf thi v'"tnpuny lu ttie Westrs
, t'nlun ll'illdli.c. No. fji llro-idnay (pres.
, nt entrance No. 10 Dev Siren), )n ti,a
rity of New Y.irk, un WilnraMy( pru
l.'th. lylii, nt twelve o'rlo.'k noon.
W.M II UAKlllt. eecretarr.
I'.l'v UI',
r.is, mi,
rn. .i.
Iu.' 1.-.
I". IN.
rm Am A:r fhiu , . v
Him) Am T A T I" 'i'.
I'..l At. Ill-nil I. -.I',
1"" A . A W I . .'.I,
;s.si v,,.s i, ir p.... -., t
?- S K -e .,. l
?.i Pond Cit.-U i.s '
1...I SWf( ... li. 1
...) - ftr, m ... i,l4
..., VVV.Ieril Tel es.. .lO-il.
l'i '
Aiuntig the new imtuirli-a for steel build.
Ing work n-r tho.c for 300 tuns for 1 tele,
ph-ine bati-llnir at Pateri-on, N .1 . .0 tim.
fnr u .xhll.lt liull.lliig at ..rliik-tlrl.i.
Vta.i. . and l.uou tnnr for a high m-Iioo! at
I'.Mrll, Mus. There I- alt-.i an Inquiry In
Ihe market fur illl tuna of rteel fur a
t.alia ali.l ofllce building at Mlftulk. Va.,
for the Vnierl. uu Hunk. Inc. 'len.lrra will
be ren-iv. .1 .vprll lu.
Stee. touip.inlca are Mill actively In the
market for basic, low pho. plieru. and be.,
semer Irnn and also for heavy melting
steel sirap. One K.lM.rn plant has aold
ir.OOO tona uf henv nteel, unterstood P
be for export. The diniind fur foundry
gradia uf .Ik Irnn, In thn 1". im-tii rectlun
especially, has fallen ..ft .lulte rharply. In
the Pittsburg dl.irkt the Mnr.hall foon
!iy is uu iho p..lnt i.f i-lo.ltiK for l.'..oi'o t.,
.o.ouo ton- uf fmiinlry gra.lej. tor .hlpiueiit
over the i-ei oti.l h lit of tlie ..,r rh
l'enn iV.mla Italiri.ad Is ui.di rs'nn.t 1.1
have lrtllall elo.e.1 for 00, m a, 1.1)1) i.tm
nf fuiiu.liy Iron for ihlpnient i .vitooua.
tot nncrnv piibb ir itittct
" -- I'lllI.AIlP. 1.1'lllS St.r.l J I II . I . I-,... .
1 ftalud Transit anl.l ex tii.nlen.l ut i.a iti.M
IIOsToK April 4 Tlie Boston i-urb rlosinr ! ,?." m'M tlvit 111 Tonopah Hehnonl and
hid and aUi. ipiotallotis fnllosr. lonopnh Mining William I'ramp .htphuild.
i.ttf wa. a iH.im nixner ttoiitis were 111 ile
mand and tlrni The summary;
lie Mull Heads Merhnnli's llnnb,
Harry M. Do Moll wiih eleclod preal
dent of the Mcchiiult'M ll.ink, llrooklyn,
yenteriliiy, lie micceedH the ,in, i'h:it U's.
(. Il.ilnutuno. Mr. Do .Molt hus heeii
connectud with tho liuuh iilunit llilny
years, etartlni; n it hank riiiiuer utal
llilv-ancllii,- lo teller, iiHalatuiil txihlilcr,
cuihlrr und vice-president, Tho Mo
chanlcN Hank hus resourceH uf U'll.oui,.
447. an Increase In ten Kcurs of nearly
1. ,000,000.
II ij- Slate lias
Iltiuh.-ini Mines
Polienila Minif.tr
Hull.- 1 New Yiirk
Illlttr A I.1.I11I1MI
Iloston Kit-
Huston A Mnnt.in 1
t'alati r'is . ...
4 'til-f CinwillilMed
t'orti-. .
t't.noli.l 1I...I r.i.ii-r ....
I'uu.nllil-ltl d Al lnn.i . .,
frown Pi-sirti'
t'.il full. 11. . .....
t'uliaii Cement . ..
Hoi- ndt
K.nli. A lllui-U-ll .. . .
F'rl N1tl1.11.1l Oipper ..
(l'ililtn-1.1 t'liiisnlnl ited ..
Iron lllo-som
Ji-miui' ei.le
l.i Un..-
Mil lest in
Mi Kitil.',t 11,-irnuli
Mexican Metals ,
Mine, of Anii-rn-it
New II lit I.-
New t'orui'lia
Nevad.T HuiikI.is
t)M linuunioii rris-i.s
Ohio Cope-r
Pilot lllltle
"oiithwest .VI111111I ,
Slewatt Milium
Tonon.ili lU'lmoiit
Toiiot.-ih Mliilti.-
t'uite.l Write
t'nliril I'rollt Sli-iriiir
YllKiiu liold
Hid Afkeil
l'i l'a
.1 .St
!2t, i-o.
.e-0 I
3 -p,
.91 a-,
.10 1,
."1 .:
si, 1
I ft ls
.7'! v,
I', :
i". 11,
.r. -a
.'i's 07
W, t
1'. IS
;.i, -.,
,V0 ,!si
;' ii?'
..'A 1,1
,.i .H
I'. i,
.11 II
S. 5.
-' .1
l.'j l..na
,V. '1..
.ri .', ,
.in :i
1 11,
- 2'.
I I',
.It It
-'s S
I'. l'i
'' I.'.
:i's :i'i
11, i,
f. i'ii
As viewed from the undercurrents
of finance and private? advices.
See the
Wednesday morning, or
Wednesday evening and Thursday
The Dow-Jones Bulletins aie in
every well-equipped financial office,
and were never so valuable as at the
present time.
trTiri: ui'
E4CH MOItl.AN's MIN f'O..
tail West Mri-el, eu Vork.
Aprl' arJ. IM.
Ihe annual uit-etli.g of the -to.-Jfhnlders
of ih!e 1 'null' my for the elei'tlon of direr
tors htul ttiteetoit of electlnii for tha en
sllllsT enr will be held at the office nf ths
. t nmpall) lit 1. o Im k M . on Monday.
I April ITih. 1J!:
M..MH ti iiiiiii-iin s, r.-t-i rt
' The Reece Button Hole Machine Company
III All! Kill, V IIIVIIIKMI No. ;o jej
V inurterlv dltljemi of Hire, per rent
h..e l.-en .e and. pat line Vprll la, lli,
to .tn.'kho! ters of re nr.! at the closa uf
business April 1. IIMi'.
rilANTIfi A. Min.v President.
The International Button Hole Sewing
Machine Company
III All I Mil, V IIIMDKM) n. ,4 Ir.
A .piarier .lit 1,1 e 11 1 nf una per cent.
has l.eeli .In Ure 1, ial'U- April 1.'., IS 14,
to sn.i kti.iiilers "f r nrj at tho close of
t'Usiness April l UMh
I'll V. IS V MII.'.V. President.
Reece Folding Machine Company
ll Altl t;lll V HIV lllf.MI No. H e,
V OU.irt." . ' I I'" ! ot ..lie ,,sr ,.en.
III! hem .1-1.1. .' i.iit ill. Vprll I. IUH,
t . t... tfli.,i1.-r of r. a i .it inn elds'? ol
h'Jli'ie.e Vprll 1. inii.
1 I'll vni-im ,v Hltr v. rresMenl.
Open. High. Low. Cloa-
Tlie Hank nf Neil York depnslle.l IJOO,
000 In uul.l hiiteiclEtia nlh Inn Aiaa i if -lice
ilrl.erl I'ostley, formerly with W (
Wilson ,v- I'o., loin lieciitlie HsmUti-d with
Kiel A llorton and will assume .-hurse
of their ti.iml deparlmeut
P.naon, Hon A To, have purchased flic
TiD 1'. ."linilnlt r.iilnlt'. I Hi In, mini ,.
).r...."iurut I', per cut l.on.is .M..iiirii.v
serially from I'll" to l;i.
H fuur.r.i haa hefonia asHoelateil
with li.ii.iiii A I. son. Investment aecurl
tlea, 10 Wall airoiU as inaiiaiter of their
dciiarliiii'iit ile.illiiK lu Insuriiiiie atoi-ka,
l-'leldateel A- Co, nf 1,(1 Itroa.l street un-lin'tlll-ett
vesterday that their relent offer
Iiik of :ou,00O eliiites or Vacuum i ins a in
(Ml i'oiiip-iu, Limited Hoik has Peen
lieitlly ot eraiiliecrllu-il,
U. M. Woollev, president of Ihe Amer
ican II ulliilnr t'.iuip.iuy, has been elected
a director of the American rolton o
Company tn till the vacunry cause.) py the
deulh of Ci'ircn Austin Morrison,
tiuld in Hi" amount of liin.nuo ttits with
ilrintu from iho Mili. l reiisury hy thu Nil
ll.innl rity think esteriliiy for evport in
r-'ituth Aiiierli-ii liold i.tln to the amount
of 1 1 m.uon it ii s al... wlth.lriinu hy the
Niitiiiuul ilaiik of Cnimiirrcc,
Tha linn k nf Montreal, ai ling on hehalf
of the City of (Jiietmi-, l.'anada, la CiIIIhk
fur tenders fnr tha purihaaa of 1175000
live year 5 Pr csnt. (old lonUi, dated
April I, l1, dus April I. ll!l, Tenders
will b received up 10 April 7.
naies in,.
fi Am Us 12.ii.. 1 m'-
M Am Milling ; 7
I Am Itailwaja, . :; ;-,
14 Am Itys nf . .ci, mi.
II lliiffalo A Miso .. I.'. p;
V Huff A ls, pf., ,i tA
II r.illlhrll Mee l vl
foil. Tra" N .1 ;t 71
I" Kl in- Mnr is i- :
l'i lirni i ll V-ph ill .l.i, 3..1,
l'i l.eo Isplialt pf . 71'. TI3.
ti In- 1:0 of N A y.
I'i Lake Mip I'orp to'. pi
111 lh al Tr.iu.it . :-.'i,
l'i North I'enua :.( fit
"...J Peuiia It II . ,; .7
: I'enna alt Mff PM 101
V IVnna Meel nf '1.
I.' Phtln Kle.-trl.' .
I"i I'hiU It ip Trail in; lv
iri.i 'PIiIIj Hap Tr I c ls 1S
M I'hlhi 1 1 I l..n ;,i, 771,
:ai lle.uliu.- . . s;, x-,i,
tt( Tnuiii.ah llelmont i,
S'h Touoiiah Mltuuv . ill. nv
l'i I'mtiii Tiintloii . w, 41-s
1; I'lllted lias linn., vvl, m,
'.'.. VV.irwp k I A ! P'V, tnv,
131 VVVsini'land 4'oal. 11.1, 1..I1,
77.. Win i'ramp . vl v.'i,
i"i York Ila. Pi, 11
t'"i Vtll Cm A Klee ..a 'VP, ri.v
p.. 1 riio--taw ut'll ' 'i'i, 'ii.
L"i I'll." A Pen Tr Is nil
,Wl Kle." A IV,. Tr Is V?
U."i Itarwoo.l Y.U' i-ji.i'3
i'-.' inieisi.nr lit . ..v
Ii lim r'tate II) is t.s' ,',vi,
ti.i leli V'.'ll ceu 4a tv'li, ..:p4
isi lairill.ir.l 7s p.v, l:i,i.,
.'."'0 la-li Val 'lYill Is 'j: ;
:" l.eh VjI 1st ref '.s i;ia t;i,
'....1 P.-niu fill Is ail, .K
:""0 l'lula Kle.- I. ti, v 1 J
lll I'lllla Klee . p. I ..
i.i'i Hea.imi: cen 4s .., ..i-a
L's.i I'mlnl Ity tel.. 71'. 71'.
."i I'liite-i lit s 1st is -,a
i s-) vvvisiij.h (. :e.t
fis.i Wi st N V A P 4s. v..', n.i,
hisni York Ity In . SsT. s k.
Kx dividend
1.1'a l.v.i,
: s
43 vj
I,. I.J
:t n.'i.
PlTl'MU'HO fp'd 4 -Ameeias.., vvlmi.
Glass Machine preferred, afler sellinj at ,u
desist ut Ooluuihia lias nnd Electric
was a email fra.tlou loner and l.u IMIe
Iron and Mei-1 was 1, point helnw the opi-ii-Inr
prne Iradin.- was generally ctulel. The
tliien. llnrh. nn.
nairs inc. rs .
4a Am VV ills Maeh f.a, r,.
;--, Mil VV 11 M,- pf.l.v, t;-,
i Am Win ills pf ,10: 103
po I'oIiiiiiIiiii lias , l.;i, i.;ii
10 lliirhison Walker, hp, kp,
in Independent lrr 14 )h
H.'.S I. a llelle 1 A ft ... .V.'U
:r. Maiiiifrs I, 4k II. r.ii', ui
i'hi tai r ireprnoiing
11.. nai r iri'pi.- pt.
est. imr
4f. Ohio l-'lli-l .
1 C. Ohio Kin-I thl
14 Oklahoma tjas, . .
SI. Pure nil
f,'i3 I'llts Oil 4 (),,
wki San Toy
nn 11 u r:iu..
10 Weal has Air Brk,IJ7
at WosthM Klee (
16 WsMhss Kleo p 71
Motor Car Stock
Dealt in
lniuirn I in iii.
I'honra 1001 t.. tapt .In nn 3.. V ui s t
miiiiii.i; tvn (iinniivii.itdvu ,-,,.
I'iiil.nieiit liiklnx I und.
inr r.viiMmt-' i.n.v.s vnh i-iii'r
CllMI' VS Y rruetre vtlll K.-elte nflers of
'tie l..iilppenl lloml,. erles "A" nf'il.e
MllllU.V. ,v s slits s ll.VILIIllAl) I'VIVIPANV'
' dale.l Mat 1 I Ml V el mil eM-.eOllii; pli
ant ... i-timl meres In H prii.'il ,
I'll in 1. hi - ,11. I lnri) ip ,usji, lien
f. 111. 1 '.' tint .p., are . I rto o:-:i iki or i,,
all i, 11.' fun,!
loinlera III. I' l.e pdle Morida f. t IV I
i t .5. 111,! II, tt .,..!!
llll. I AHMI.lts. l.i it n . 1 Kim
Tlv rilVVIN 1- M.VKSIHS. President
f.'en V oil, April 1 I -Is
I lie 1
I ninpali .
ilei lar- '1 .1
half Per
Mm k . I
'lalf Pel
loi-k. MIL
1111 1 on.
,-t... k on
,.f , . .111111..
M.n ' 1 1
Mi.- 1 1
.. . l... t, 1 .,
1.. p. u ,,
Ml. II I' A TH AT I ION cv
iv 11. 1. mi M.iriiT.
1 ..f Inr. mrs or ih al'Ovs)
. itik- held Vprll (lh. Il.
i-t. ilttnt. n,l i.f mi h 11,1 ons
i" 'I's'- on th I'rrfcriee
-ti .Un l.-nd f I a- and one.
' ' ''','. 1 ni. the t'.tium'.a
1 UK leu I hi Ihe r.le nf fve,
f ' - ' i ' M'.ir. v of ('oiiuunn
1 ' v ..1 . Iniinl-. .1 . 1,1.1, .hureji
' . 1, ..n,. - iii line oil p 11 ni,.
-f- 1
"k HI
I 111. ".' .
.1, VI .t IM
i.l.l.l I I I .-
.111 I
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HAl.TIMOKK April I 'I In re .i- aue.i.or
lone In the stn. lt murliet In n- t'o.d. u shines
were fra.liniuilli lower (11(1 ihuin.-i (hi wa
steady at (.. and m, llallinion. Tulie al ll'i
was 1, p.itnt la-lutt the opemu pi lie Ths
m Arundel A ii
4?.i lialto Tula'
It., Il.ilto Tulie pi
J lleltcl. re Hotel pf v.1
73 CitUt'iis Hank. . II
S Cons Power . ll'l
'. Cons Puttrr pf
4'.t t'os.l.n
(Ntsdeii ( A (i
iv. 1 Cii.il.n ( A i. id
113 ll.it-l.t-olt ('In III
Ii I'lilillt) A Dip ..
in Kir-t Nal II ml.
10 IlllllstOll (HI .f .
Ml Virnoti Mills
C:i llkl.ihoma (hi
In Penna Walet- Pint 7
4 apillp.l ... . I'.'',
Wiol.iinl (ill . s'.
fSfiort A I l.i ne 4 M-,
3ii Hall Dry D...-I; 1,.. ..o,
pin dins (! is 4',. . !i;i,
jia.i Klkhiirn Kui I r,s..t.ni,
7i'1 Mar) laud Kli-o ..s .,
lourt Mllw ref 4', . li."-.
i.l Nol'fnlk It A I. '" "'1
7'l I'll It A V. Iilir v.,',
tlrnn I'll It A V. Im.- l HVS,
3') Uu It A I'. 4s ;i
1 II
llmll- I.lltt t'los.
est i-si in.
IP,!, IM. ",M,
l.u I III 111
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V'. VI vo
Un', 110 II.'
Ill's lll'i I'll,
V" pit, IV,
ti, v t
I'j l I'.
I.", r. ...
I.'ll I'M Ml
1:11 l.U I II
l.l'.j i.ll.j til v
p.l, till, pll,
.,-', al, i
. I-. . P. 7IS.
';'!' ';'
.-.!i. N": allls (P. 4. II. t
Nn. SM. I side address "Axem-lal" A. 11, i .
rode .V th K. used. 1.1ms, I'eru. .
Ainerlrao MnnufHi Hirers and Ktportirs
representiithina sollillrd.
I Irsl lass hankera referein-ei. arisen.
m v in . en.
vav rr.i iip'top ,.n 1 tn -ue . , i-,,,,,
until 'In.-k .i f.'lil pet .hare, co.el
Mm 1 11 1 Ii pita ' ,i . ,1 ,n ,, , .,, , .
ll'Sire,! V tt I , I . , I, ', I,.
1 1 VV .. I
I'ltl.l l.lttll II -.lllllv lilt llll. Ml , ;a,
v t V . 1 1, 1 v t ,r i, ,
I'll. l'n I. .Is tif tt.l. I 'Oipalit liato lo-
dat .1.- I'll- I .. , lit. .ten. 1 ,,f f VV 1 . ,VNI
IM! II VI. I . 'V, . fi ll IIS I from ths
e. ,riilin:e ,f tin t'fiiipiiit up,,n tl,.- pre.
f. ri- I " k pat il.le Vp. I Ilia, ut tha
II 1 I III- 1 '11111p.11, t
.!" 1, I .1,1. ts 01 re. 111 I
I In- Iran.!..! I ,e ,.f 1
tt I I I..- . 1 1 .ni vpi "
ii'. n. VI' V , hi.. 1 ,.p .,, 1
1' 1.1. .. , in s. .t 11
J11H V KMi Treasurer
IIM. I (V..V y.
-In- I'r. ferr.-d
Vpnl '. I Hi.
rtetfrreij to-lr
I'.i... ni Hups
Vpnl 17, tuts,
ij-. r. iC".
I'"l' 1 I.s.l,
'.;", 'I.':. Ii-J',
I'Mll, l.l, 1'lH,
'.'i yt1. ;i'i
i;-s '.'.'' . '.'.S
'.., -.1, ,,
Vll , t.,' , VtJT,
l'-xl liSS l''-'
S3', s'l' M
I oiiaiilliliilcd i:i-liuiiue,
A Kri-.il deal nf Irregularity waa pre
Stllteil III j 1 . 1 1 1 1 - tluitii ill, uis nn I,o
Consolidated Ml.ick Uvi-lialiKe
rru.'ll.l.' flei-l was lllslluetlv sofl II
Opi-ned at li-'. "s nf ii point iltiote Its
rlosltiK "iiiuiail'in 1111 Vliindut ami cir
touched H.P.. loll It c'oi.e.1 It li.,, IIh Ion
est. Its Hit in iter Ini lh. ui) fv.'i-oile.l
H.nnil eh.iii's, vv lit. li mad. n mil. h tin
inuiit tictlve st...-k S'oti in 11 as in t. . .11111.'
waa Dulled Stales steel riilliliii.li ttllh 11
total tof ah.iut Ii.iiOii shares. rii.il stut-U
opsned ut tt. . of 11 polui ahovo Ita lln.il
prtcs the nlfht heforr. This waa Its high
eat and It cloasd at S's. Ha lowest.
American Locomotive und HulUeln l.o-
VI. lit lilt, .III., A i n.
The Interest "I the .-III. nf VIela ,,, ,,
fllirr, ,lr, 1.1 the ahnvi li.ii-l lrnt t(
this .lit ....--.I lh. Uli'li r.Hn, , H
...ntlliue 111- l.ll-.tu.'-'S f ill tiro. I,,.
th. 111 f M lliirr. ,1 .vi'. ui v,
Ilroa.l 're.1 Smt- V.irk ii'.
Hal. I N.-tt- V .11 k. A per t t ".
v vs ni;ssi;i.. vi:u 111 ttn
1 iti.Hutiriv 1 nnn;i:s
i-niniitlte nere prnuin.-iil alinmi; in. ,1
storks" I hu Itlvi p.iineil i.p.-ii,' 1 ,, v ',
nf a pullll ill.util Ile tlitslm; nn Vlnii.l,,
and tlulli tln-ti- ile.-llni-ii In 7 V,. ,,i.mk
I it r.i I I.s 1 .1 vv lit via. sp.'i nil -in. nc .,,
' tin." II i. pencil ii nv(. i, i,ii(l.
ah.iti- .Monday a lln.il pip, jh, eirlt .,.',
at I"'",, lint it tn. u leu i , in,-
al III,.
Th.'r.v wan a eli.trp riiimp ii u, tm..
In Meti.aii l'v-ln.leuiii I'h.it s:...-k ..ii.ne.l
it Haa.. i, nf a p.. mi IhsIihi lli.i, p.
. IosIiik on M, mil. i)- It re. nli, I., urn
and then ru-i' to ll'Ji, t ti i.lv.iu. Pelnii
a.-comp.iuled l.y iiu.suiiuiu.il i.-ports t'mi
"Villa hid ti.'eu lal.tur.'.l ' '1'l.eo li
, 'reaimi nu.'e inoi e
uatiiiK l.llie.i in
The Intern itluii . I tli r. intile vi.irlne
.ll.irea .lsplit).-. slr.-uitth. . it 11, ill ii v in,,
common The latter nprue.i ui I , iv , . j
loso tn 101,, , I, .slim al UU'.
:m .1 tin... k rl.
IIIIU'.IU) lilt- k..
lvi'll-t.prliiullild Dm., s Mi. if,
1 Tim lvelly.Spi iiiBli.. Tnv i ',
, ll.lK lll-cl.lll-il ;, ll,lll.' t it llliMul nf
.ri i.-in,, .ir i p,i- ni.iic. nn tp. linn
moil Mock, Thlh lw uu Iiicicim. or I
per ccnl. ipnitteily. Thu illvnlciid p.
piijahle on May 1 to ptocK of record
on April K., 10 IC.
I . I A 1. It XI. Vi 1 1 nit-. I it'll-VSV.
Mirlt I 111
'lite lluar-1 nf Inri-lui ni i i Vtoi.a.
I uiiip.iii) h.is .l.-l.iri I ih. -. on ..mm.. I dlri
.l-li-l u I '.', 'In'li. I" ' -.l eli si.- un t ie
, nr.l.ti-. I .1.. ni II.- li-iui'iiit pitahle v,,,
1 !' in ...l.n..ii -li .r. in.'.lei s .. n..u. ;it
II In- uf I iis'ii..-- Vpi 1 1 .1.. ui'l 1'-
alsn ,ii...n.. lh, uuul.ilt ttit'leil uf
.1" I"., t " . I I. IN 1.1 tl.' .-OmUll'lt SI.M'V
nl III.' I'nmpiiiv pit ilil. t iv p. , i ,
III'. Ii shar, In.' II'. nl I..-..I-.I , Uu, ,. f
t.t.iu-- Vpnl
JVMK- I' -II VV li.a.uier
American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
V .11- ' I'-' . ' I "' 1 1' ' no .. Ill
I . pa .1 ...i -i. 'i.i.l.i Vp. I rue, .,,
si... l.ll'.l'li-ls .if li- i.i I .1 it !..., ,, ,iJt,.
Ins .'li I ll'l iv Mm- Ii I
'. I ' viii m. I'r.'i.iirer.
Illliie f Ihi' I lilted l.a linproti-iiieot Co,
N VV . i ... in l III I t r h .
I ' 1 1 1 ' .i l .-1 j . 1 . .. VI ii. h . I'.ii.
in. 1 I.." ' '.. .1. ..,j .
Illlltlll V .HVI.I-'.I Of I". , r , ,.. 01
p.-i elian i n.t.l. ' Vpi I , ll'l... ... it... k.
Il'.'.l' ,"! -I I ' "t I ilsluvsa
Miiih.i. 1'.. I.. i'I, ',. vv ' l in, e,
I vv -vi -. l : i : t i-i..a,irur
i Kin ki it.vt iii i.i i.ii i uvirAsii
iiip.-ri-, S, ,1.
V I Ii. 'in .11 tl i. i Vll, .,s ,,,,
Ini. .. .is I. I t , .
P'.l t .1 v il .' .. ir rit .,iv I. .-n 1
"'I1. ' ' . mi a an 1 I V, .. (
prel. i.. I ' I. '.., II. m.i.iiI, i i li, Hi,,.
VI .' Ii . e p n i. Vpi I 1 lh lluuk I
" t
I I VV', I,
v i i.i t it t up iiii ..i r uir pel .-. ut j'i
'I I '-lonuvp Mu.'U i.f lit. I'.unp.hv h4
1.. en d. lured, puyahln May 1, 1 91s. i.j
stni'kln. liters uf re.-urd at the cluso uf l'Uale.H
nt'SH .vpru in, ivia. ,
, ,. , r. A. HliAMAN, Hecriury,
New York, April 4, Hit,,
A. l-t'. I '!

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