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jankers Fear Injury to Amer
I ican Stocks by Now In
come flullnpr.
Announcement of the latent nillnR of
flM Treasury Department, placing nnn
Mlldsnt aliens ownltiic American rexurl
tits under the provlidoti of thn Kederal
laeom tnx law, dinned (jrriit i-otirerii
IB th financial dltdrtct yc.teriliiy. Moat
Of (ha banker and others denUm with
IWwlro Inwtoni mid that the, rullns;
lad corns as a MirvrlM to them. Some
9mui(d tho opinion that the Tre&a
Mljr Department wis attempting to as-
lie entirely nnwHrriinted powere.
OTia tuHjir. slmied hy Commle-doner
nt Revenues! CWbom, H wia explained,
nwa tnatln under the decision of the
United Btntnt Supreme Court In a text
Mi th-i1 of Hiiishafcer vs. Ti Union
Ptdflc Itallrond Company.
Juflen T. llas-lcs of the law firm of
Darlea. Aucrbach A Cornell, who
kroucht the milt and argued the Hni
ahaber case, raid yesterday that there
was nothing In the flupreme Court de
etiton on that case to Justify the TVc us
ury circular.
Prar Irreparable
It waa mid that the American In
vestment Hankers At-Boct.Ulon would op
pose tho change. A number of promi
nent banking Inhibitions either Kent men
or asked their agent In Washington to
inreatlgate tho Treasury Deisirtment's
action. Fear was expiced that the
rating would Irreparably Injure tho field
for American securities nbtniil.
Bankets were alwo ttoiibled by the
(act that the ruling, which provides for
deduction of tho Income tax nt the
source on property of non-roldent
aliens, was mado effective as of Janu
ary 1. Since that time u great many
payments have been made to foreign
security holder with no provision for
the payment of the tax. It was hoped
that the operation of tho ruling might
at least bo postponed until May 1 to
give the baukoiH In this country u chance
to prepnTe for It.
Mr. navies, In speaking of the Brush
ber case, said ;
"There was no questton In that case
relative to the Income accruing to non
resident nlletis, and the construction of
the Income law In reference to taxation
of non-resident aliens w.ia not More
the Supremo Court In that case, l'rcdi
ably the Commissioner thinks some gen
oral expression In the opinion may have
a bearing upon this particular mucsIIou,
but 1 do not tee how tills cm bo.
tiers Iteverse of Rutins;.
"Under date of October 23. 1913. J. C.
SCcReynolds, then Attorney-tleticrul. and
now a Justice of the Supremo Court,
Kare an opinion to the Secretary of tho
Treasury to the effect that tho provi
sions of the Income tax law did not lay
a tax upon the Interest accruing on
bonds held and owned by a non-resident
foreigner, and tils opinion was followed
by a ruling from the CommUMoner of
Internal Kcvenuo to the effect th.u In
terest from 'bonds and dividends on stock
of domestic corporation!! owned by non
resident aliens ars not subject to the In
corno tax, whether such bonds and block
are physically located within or without
the United States, r whether they are
In the possession of agents or trustee:!
In some fiduciary capacity In the United
States or otherwise.
AH that can be said upon the subject
la that the prcejit Commissioner of In
ternal Kevenue has reversed the former
ruling, and now holds that property Is
subject to Income tax which previously
bas been considered to be exempt,
"I cannot consider that this change
of view Is Justified by the opinion of
the Supreme Court In the Brushaber
case. Tho correctnem of the present
position of tho Government must rest
upon the construction of the act.
Qajeatlon of Where Owned,
"The real point Is whether Interest on
bonds and dividends upon shares of
stock of domestic corporations are prop
erty owned within the United States.
The general rule Is that debts are
considered to have a sltua at the domi
cile of the creditor or owner of the
debt, and not where the evidence of the
debt Is situated.
"Dividends uion shares of stock, when
declared, become debts due from the cor
poration to the stockholders. It would
seem that the true rule would be that
debts due from the corporation to a
non-resident, alien stockholder, although
in the form of declared dividends, were
not property within the United States,
but were property at the home of the
"I know of nothing In the Bruhaber
case that even remotely touches a
disposition of tho pilnclplo of the situs
of debts, or decides tho proposition that
the situs of dehts where tho evi
dence of the debt If. and not at the
place of residence of the creditor or per
son owning the debt."
Effective llule of Itecent Jleclston
Foatponeil Until May I.
Washinuton. April 4. Announcement
was m.'ide at tho Tieasury Department
to-day of the decWIou of Coininlssioner
if Internal Itoveiiuo Osborn to defer un
til May 1 the tflectlvo date of the recent
decision holding the Income from Amer
ican securities owned by non-resident
aliens subject to the Income tax.
The postponement was ordered follow
ing a beries of vigorous protests by New
York bankers and trust corporations.
Upon them would havo devolved the
work of withholding the tax at the
source in accordance with tho provisions
of the law.
These tmit olllclals Informed the De
partment that t-o many dUIIi-iiltles of a
practical character Miod In the way of
withholding the taxes Immediately that
It would bo practically lmpoK.sble for
It-cm to do so.
It is estimated that the pew dceitdon
of the Treasury Depirtmcnt making the
stock taxiihlo will net $1,000,000 of an
nual Income in the ilovermiicnt, The
estimated value of stocks mid other m
r.urltlea held by inn-resident aliens Is
Frnnc Fnsler l,lre llluhrr
llurU I'lieliiniKed,
The tone In tho foiel-u exchango mar
liet continued liiegulnr escrday Ster
ling cloeed at 4 "ii 7-1'i for ileiiiaud ami
4 77 for cables. This comp.uos ullli
4,"ii for ilemaud and 4.7i for
Francs weie easier, closing lit 5.117 !i
for checks and 5 97'i for cables. They
Weie quol.sl on .Monday at u.9ii ami
.7 rmpeetlvi'l) .
Italian lite ro.o fiom ,i''.if, to fi,4,
while rubles dropiMsl fiom 31.40 Io 31.35.
Uutlders were stionger, closing 427i,
galmst 12 ll-lii m Monday.
aiariis w-ero unchanged at 71 15-18
for sight drafts and 73 for cables. Aus-
sjnan isnuieii uroppcsi from 12.38 to
War Rnnsta Prices on I'nelalmeil
Honda at Appraiser's Mores,
Tlio Kcl.iirc room nt tho United HtnteH
.ppraler'M Htotof), itl'.' Wnshlhirttin
etrert, wiim crowded yesterday with lild
ilcrs for tho unclaimed mid ahundotioti
Kcmils hiII a) pnlillo unction by oriler
nf Collector of thn I'ort Iudley KloM
MhIoiip. Tlie tntitl rccclpte; for the day,
ancnnlllu; to I (entity Collector rltor-sv,
amoiinteil tu 7.4i.35. The. sale will lie
continued lu-diiy.
Tlio war whs reepmislhle for ninny
food prices i (Milled by thn (iovernmcnt
on Imported dm, cliettilr.il. wines,
toyw. &c. imc bag of belladonna root,
nelRhliiK 4 In pounds, with an Invoiced
Value of $l r.rt, nold for $30."i. while one
nine of artlMH.il leave, Invoiced at
J7C.ii"l, brought t!30. One cane of mov
In picture IIIiiik, cotituliilnir )dx reelK,
valued by the cilKtottm ottlclal! at $2,700,
wan auctioned off for 1210. Thren i-aneH
of door checks, valued at 1385, Hold for
$7." ; one o.ikp of twelve iIoIIn, two toddv
bears, fourteen pairs of dolle' kIioo. uti'i'
eight cloll.H lut. Invoiced at J5, cold for
$10. 1-ifleen cikok of Mraw h.itM. 6iB
dozen III all, valued at $1,544, Hold for
The coffee market was stain dull mid fes
ttirelr. Willi traders generally Hilllui tor
tomelhlnr new to turn up tileh will hare a
1.? .Cn"r '".'""mrate oiieratlona one way or
preMure. howeer. and rrlee wVre ri.ler.
rlodnc 3 to I points net lower. Total salei
for the day were r,.so bacs.
Offer from llrarll were unrhatifed. wltli I
Santos 4 uuote,l at 10 :c. to nr.V Tndon
credit. Tli fet that llrailllan slilt,.era are I
not illsposed to make conie.loni is the prin.
elpal ueialDiiiff featuro In the m.irket. but '
this ! offiet bj the lack of demand from ttie
-in ,, .7, ..II InaI n,"'e" nere are i
the cot of replr iil.lilnr minlles.
" Mi,.r nin-iurri.uiT iiuorr
The worlds visible supply statement w
till Incomplete, but with twe points mla.lnt
hosed a decrease for the month of March ot
Kt.m ba. compared with a decrease latt
year of ni.ws bacs. lawal snot price were
unchanged, with Itlo 7 quoted si Sa and
0.un! ai I'j",
The oftklal llrarillan e..1,l Mnn.l.l m. 1
reIs''uOnlh0ll.'S5!l,,i vh"' m"
bass, compared with SJ.ono last year Prlcet
Opn.!tlh.I,ow. Clos-Prer
int, nt et. In.- c!oh.
Ociob.r . ...
s r.t i
e.lCtt a.ts
str" a.
aii 33
UHl 41
Mil (7
t Mat it
f r.i ,
Mir ill
t: si; m
Dtner and rtlo Orandei
..... i9it- Clianres.
Vourth ek .Mar. tiirii.SOO Inc. II11.30H
rom July 1 .. H.sio.:o Ino. t.UJ.soo
MlnneunolN ami St. l.mta!
Fourth week Mar, $!3!i.7H Ine,
Month !IMS tnc
From July 1, ,::, 94 Ino
St. Louis Southwestern;
Fourth week Mar, t3ld.000 Inc.
Month l.inst.noo Inc
From July I . . .:&,3; Ino.
The Norfolk end tvtrn Hallway Com
pany reports for February:
191i. Oliangea
Opr. revenue.... M.5K.II3 lnc.tl,449.:94
Oper. expenses,... s.Jis.: inc. 45,t!3S
Net revenue..
Oper. Income , .
ilross ttioorne..
Net Income, . . .
lVom July 1:
Oper. revenue .
Opr. ejpene
i:.is,(n inc. $i, is:.s
l.0,tl Inc. I,t43.34
:.n::,5o inc. i.no.os:
i,64,:3 in,: i.k:.;o3
.tai. is:
Inc. fi,s39.oi
Inc. --,'.: 3 . 3 1 7
Net renue .IK.I3M4;
, i.4,;,l
f. 4::..i3i
opr. Income.. , i,,!3,li:.
"Iros. Income . r,,..'7,i"!
Net Income. 1 J.sf.iJ. ton
I nc
The Great Northern Itullwav reporta to
the Interstate Commerce Commission for
lJI'i Chanrea
Total oper. rev .
Total oper. exp
n.jn.r.ir inc. ii(4,
:..''.m;: inc
Net op.r rev
Oper. Income. . . .
From July 1 :
Total oper, rev.
Total oper. exp, .
I7.339 !ec.
:'j:,ii:; tie.-.
77i!.I14 I
I34,33,9;3 Inc.t'..39M);t
. COl'S,"'! Inc. :,73.I95
. .7... '
inir I3.si4.r.5 i
oper rev
.4,04M,.,I. lne 3.337.17
St. Louis and in Francl.eo Hall
roni reports to th Interstate Commerce
Commission for February:
I9lt Chansres.
Total oper. rev.
Total oper. exp..
t.1s7.lll lne. I5M,;:
3.490.170 lne I04.3ti
op.r rev.
Income. ...
tl, 191, 343 Inc
lois,:;; inc
Si4M :
1 11.10 '
From July 1:
Total oper. rev.
Total opr. exp.
I30.l7.".,:i lne 13.447.93;
19.S79.744 lne 1,146.573
Net oper. rev
Oper. Income,
110,3911.077 Inc II.I0I.3S9
S. .93.3.3 Inc l,ttO,:i
The Mtourt Pacltlc Hallway reports to
the Interstate Commerce Comml.slon for
February: 19K. Chanses
Total oper rev... $:,t3,OI2 Inc. H07.73J
Net op.r. rev f.43,.1li Inc. :03,0!
Oper Income 433.977 Inc. 193.113
From July 1 :
Total oper. rev. i:0,14S,13O Inc.tl,33.3?3
Net oper. rev. . 47 4.047 lne, 8S.339
Opr. Income... . 4.033,989 Inc. 47,391
The St. Ix)Ul, Iron Mountain and South
ern Hallway report to the Interstate Com
merce Comml.slon for February:
1910. Changes.
Total oper. rev... $:,!09,tM Inc. 111,044
Net opr. rev .... 409,s9 Deo. 37I.533
Oper. Income.... 394.6S1 Dec. 379.3S0
From July 1 :
Total oper, rev. . . I3I.C30.7S2 lne l,n9.,S73
Net oper rev .. . 6,7:19,33:, Inc. 3S9.437
Oper. Income.. .. r.,fcl,o:.' Inc. 379.X10
The report of the Detroit Fulled Lines
for JVbruar follows:
I s 9 2. 193
233, 943
.',5 0,3 9 2
(Iros. e irnlne. . .
Not erniuus.,.,
Hots Income, . , .
Net Income
From January
dross earnings, c.
Net earnings. . , .
ilross Income. . . .
Net Income
194, 633
741, S43
The St. ternl hMuthwealern Hallway sys
tem report lor i-eoruiry:
1 4.T3S
Oper resenue...
Net revenue. . , .
Oper. Income. ,
Iross Income. . .
J 933.9 1 7
1 i,0,9s.".
From July 1:
Oper, revenue.... .I9.'.,:9.1
Net revenue 2,72l,7s"i
Oper. Income 2,339. 210
Ilross Income 3,ns5,3i4
Net Income 920,739
1, 430,332
Drill II.
The Florida Kat Coast Hallway rpom i
to the Interstate Commerie i.oinuiik.Hion lor
,''l,rU'irl 1910 1913.
Total oper rev
N'et oper. lev..
Uper. Income. .
From July I
Total oper. rev
Net oper. rev. .
Opir. Income. .
124, 330 Inc. I22H.0.13
470.S31 Inc. 193.H3.',
443,21, Inc. iss.nsr,
l.00t,27.1 Inc. 77,47
J . 4 1 . 1 0 1 I ne 493,399
1.307,199 Inc. 401, 4S9
The Western I'aclllo Hallway reportJ to
the Interstate Commerce Coiiiiuls.lon for
Fehruary 1
mill. I'haniren.
Total oper. rev,
tr.iio.-jii- inc. iii,,il,in
i:!'J.3.""J 111" so 449
102,013 Inc. 70.211
.Net opei. ie . . ,
Oper. Income...
From July 1 i
Total pper. rev,
$4,KMI,sr.o lne, f,ir,S,ITT
l.7o,2sr, inc. 077,11:1
l,lsl,liu Inc. HHr,,i;iii
Net oper. rev. . ,
Uper- Illlione
ino, st. i.oum ani) vi;sti:hn.
Toledo, Ht. Louis and Western Hall.
toad Company, aller I. Ho.s receiver,
r.i.ori, rnr i-enruurv:
' ' ' mi,.
I .'12,11 1.
Oper. revenue Illli.n.lti
Nil oper. revenue., 112,11")
Oper. Incoin 13.i,0'.k)
From July 1 1
Oper. revenue :i,7nn,r,22 3,07I.7H4
Net oper revenue l.2S.,,7il'i S.14,S'.'il
Oper, luuune . . , 1,11:1,127 013,110
The liulluiid Hallro.nl Company report!
for Febmsiy
oper. revenue
Nel oper. rev
Oper. Income
From January 1 !
Opur. revenue,,,.
Net ones, rav
rj;7,s7o Inc.
o.i, nsi ino,
iu,i7li Inc.
$.W3.735 Inc.
12s,:il)2 Inc.
03,070 Inc.
Optr. Income,,,,,
Commission lleni-s Hiijrpslions
for Hullilinjr llpstrlclloiis
In Brooklyn.
Only a few persons appeared yes
terday befoto the Cnmnilmloii on llulld
Ins; lltrtrlctlnns and Districts to mirkc!
chancer In the tentative plan offered for
that vectloti of llrooldyn hounded by
tlowanu ll.iy. Ituiteniillk ('liiiimel, Knet
Itlver. Hdford avenue, llnstcru Park
way. l'roHiu-ct l'arl West and l'Mfteonth
street. Itftirrt-oiitutlM'x of many civic
orKiiiilzatltiiis -sser present to Indole the
Kcneral plan of the ctiiniiillnii.
Huy l)u Val of the ltioolilju HelfrhtH
.Association and .Sidney V. Lowell, Rob
ert W. Hn-.lt mid Alfred 'I. White of
the Hipoklyn 1'ouimlttre on City I'lan
asked that the Hrooklyn HcIkIiIs dl
trlits ho restileled to residential pur
poses, and urced nlrui that etepw be
taken to prevent congestion
They t-UK-
f,' r,1"rlI'"' Hc'l on
1 "rPit "f l,,u,!' 0,1 'hlch btllldlnBrt
could he ereetiM, so an to Insure greater
open epine betnevli blllldltlKS.
l,rtt CohomNsIoiht InirpntiH mm.
, ' . " ""?er"V fm:
" c,,d,"l? tno general plan as calculated
'" Preserve the park area, asked that
thn hloek on South Oxford street from
.-,ton street to Atlantic
to Atlantic avenue be
to residential purnoses. This
block Is now entirely residential, and
be contended that sutllclent provision for
buslmws places has been mado In tho
Tresldent W. Trrd Kllleek nf tbn t!H
Hiisln Hoard of Trade suggested that
ritvl.ttill.il u.ll.,,,. ........ .
. Provided for tho benefit of workers
"""n " ebhardt of the tenement Mouse
committee nf the Brooklyn Bureau of
.Charities urged that the Problem of con-
cestlon bo lookeil Into more lluin.m.l.u.
Ho said there were too few jard spaces
where mothers and children could cnjo
fresh air and sunshine. Tenement houses
were too large, he said, and a bet
ter class of citizens grew up In
smaller houses. In reply to a query
tho i
admitted that the law requiring 4D0
I cubic feet of iilr for eiery person living
I In a tenement house was being violated
all of the time mid was a regulation
I most dlfllcult to enfotce,
"Olio result of congestion In a ills-
trlct," he continued, "Is crowding In the
punnc scnoois. The rooms are greatly
overcrpwded In such sections jm llrouns
vllle. Thero are vhdatlons of the sani
tary code In the public schools every
day. Thero Is a placard on the class
room door stating that no more than
forty-five pupils are icrnilttort In the
loom, but the rooms every diy contain
MU pupil. The district Is too con
gesteil and the city Is gllng the best
school accommodation It can provide for
under the circumstances."
The commission will take up to-day
the hectlon of tho city llng rust of the
Hiiinx Itlver In the Borough of 'Hie
lioiKllinlilors'iind SfofklKililcrs'
C'liiniiilttcps Discuss Ifo
orriiui.r)Moii IMiin.
Indlcntlon. are that th
in opinion ltween the bondboldei-s1
committee mid tho preferred stock
holders' committee of the International
"crionuie .viarine i .iniiny aie up.
proachlng an ooultoMe .eiiUnum ,.i,i..i.
will rapidly clear a way for reoigani7.a.
tlon and the dismissal of reocHots. The
I committees held an extended ri.elmg
yesterday at which the preferred stock
holder tendered to the Isinilholders'
icprsentatlves a reorganization plan.
, While the olllcj.-il statement issued
ny the bondholders' coinmltte said. only
that a special committee had n up.
isilnted to consider the proposed plan,
It was learned soml-oltlclnlly that the
bondholders have practically agreed to
mo reorganization plan priise, by
the preferred Htock holders' committee,
headed by Ja'i.-s N. Wallace, president
of the Central Trust Company. The
chairman of the bondholders' committee
Is Otto T. Ilannard, chairman of tho
New York Trust Company,
The preferred stock holders propose
that tho bondholders receive $ In.noO.Ofli)
new thirty ear bonds for their present
securities and $20,000,000 live ear notes,
both Issues to liear prirtiably S per cent. In
terest. They will alo get $17,500,000 In
cash. The plan further provides for an
Issue of $80,000,000 new stock, all of one
class, of which the preferred stoek
liolders will get $50,000,000, or prac
tically par for par.
The common stock holders will get
$10,000,000 of this new stock 111 ex
change for their $4n,000,ooo proeut
holdings. Tho preferred stock holders,
who havo several millions In back divi
dends duo to them, will receive, there,
foie, warrants to an amount not finally
decided upon, but probably about
JL'n, 000,000.
It Is not known whether or not the
common stock holders' coininltteo will
acquiesce In this plan. They have been
holding frequent conferences of Into and
the action of thn common stock, which
lias been especially strong, would Indi
cate that (levelopmeuls of some soil are
under way.
This statement was lmed by thn
bondholders' coininltteo afler tho meet
"The coininltteo meaning tho Ilan
nard coininltteo among other tilings
considered a proposal from the pre
ferred stock holders as to the treatment
to he accorded to Iho bondholders: In
such plan of reorganization us might
be ultimately adopted, and Otto T
Banuanl nnd W. I. Uest were appointed
a special commit leo with power to act
In respect thereof,''
Production for
Vrar I
First tfuarler
f H,rion,o(in.
The production of .Inc. ore,, Including
calamine, for the first quaiter of the
current year has been HiK.iliin.'Jiil
pound-", acounllng to u circular of the
l.yon Investment Ccunp my of Jupllu, Mo.,
which fuither stale, Unit tho sellliig price
of the oro pioduccd dining that period
was appioxlmatcly $x, 500,000, liiiilug
thn same months In lHI.I the nut pill was
125,1)93,811 pounds, which sold for $3,.
030,155, which shows an Increase for
the quarter Just ended of about 31
per cent, In production and 133 per cent,
lu value,
The lead output for the lajjt Unco
mouths has .been 25,755,574 pounds,
which mid for $1,090, 735, as compared
with o production of ih,s4ii,'J0ii pounds
that sold for $143,303 during tho cor
responding period of last 5 car, an In
crease of 37 per cent, In tonnage and 147
per cent, in value.
At Iho present rale of piniliictlou Iho
value of this year's output of zinc mill
lead oiph III the .tnplln district will ex
ceed $40,000,000, as compared with last
year's record breaking output of inure
than $20,1100,01111, I Hiring Aluidi lend
ore reached the record price of $00 a
ton, at which It is now strong and
IVbrnary'e Itnalneas Iteport Mhnu
Incrcnsr In Many Itranchea.
Ill Kehruary the faclorlen of New
Voik Slate employed 3 per cent, more
operatives mid paid 4 per cent, more
HiigeM than In til" month preceding,
nccordlm? to n compilation by the
bureau of MullitlcM and Information
of tho state department of Labor.
TIicm1 flguti'K hio li.n-cd on monthly re
ports received ft tm 1.300 representative
iiiaiitifiu lining cst.ilillshmente, with
neatly r,on,iiiin emplojcos..
The payrollii ( rnctorles In the Slate
carried l!i per cent, more employees
l than In February, l:i5, and paid ,'lt
i per cent, more .wagcx. The dominant
factor In the Iticicniot In volume of htlsl
I Item licluccu .lanuaiy and 1'Vhrtt.iry whs
tho extension of aclUltles In the metals.
Ieouveainn and machinery groups, and
In Mm clothing tind millinery gtoup.
Smaller, though Important. Ijicre.iees
i ero In the wood luiiniifHctnres grottu.
the textiles group, the piper making In
duiry and by the food, llipiors and
lohacco group. The Monc. clay mid
glasn iirodiictH legletered.il distinct loss
between January ami Kehruary.
Tho metals, machinery Hnd convey
unco group pal'l .17 per crit. more In
wages than In Kehruair. 1!'I5, and em
ploei 10 per cent, more operatives.
Tho fin. Ii.ilhei- mid umber goods
group paid :i:i per cent, more In Feb
ruary than In Kelmfary, 19 IS.
lletucen January ami February the
metals, machinery and oneya4ice group
lneicaieil Its empoees by 4 per cent,
and paid f per cent, more wage..
riie lo.iikel for sueiir future' a Inactive,
with j.M.r chancre confined within a narrow-
ranee t'liere w.i an absence ot mcsre.
slye nperallons an. the total daj'a buslnesa.
whliili amounteil to ton., wa. principally
in the icirm of etrtiliig up contracts Final
ouotatlon. were : points hither to : points net
mwer. The ir.ide was .omewhat purtled over
the -ah situation. While there wa. a ,11,
position to take a bullnd, view of the future
of the m.irket. iluc ,. Jarre forelm re.
iiuireniiiil., tuner, wne timid about taklnjr
... i . 1 PHc 'iwiiis io in attl
uu- ,n icnners. wnn n.ue N-en ery ana
thetle about nnkln.- new purchae.. More,
oier. Porto llleo siitar was offered quite
Ire.ly at coiicriou. under Cuba.,
"lie locil .pot m.irket wa, utichanred for
..iiiiii rre nomiu.iiiy quoted at 411
coi ana irticiit. allhoiuli It a. ,ai that
mi)er were not liilere.el at this flsiue
iVf1' ''rr fforted of jrklf.O t,a.- of i'nrI
Illiiis to local rerun r for prompt and April
.tiitimem t.! t.ri... .1 ,.. .... .....v..
uaal The market for rellned utar wa. steady
", ."" "e new imi.iii-. n'porieii ani
lair wun.ir.nvii. Frl-e. wire Ulebaiui-d nt
i c- mr no. tranuiaini rrl.v. fullow
Open 1111, ,,,. cius- Irev
et. it tut, roK
4 94!! 4M
4 4 ?i! 4 'J'il I rut 4
4 "e:n 4 : 4.;
4 "K 4 91 4 MM ; 4
4 9". 4S-, 4!',il': 4ti
4 4 93 4 91,H 4 9".
4 4 4 4 4 i;i4 m 4
.. 4..sui;.i 4.;;
4 M 4 M 4 V. I ',2 4 -,;
.. I.T.Iti; 4.1",
.. 4.ui: 4 5
. 4r,l)4 30 it.
tVioN-r ,
November ,
4 M
4 V,
4 r.
4 ,
' February.
I March ,
The market was a small affair ef(.r
jUy. I.arly prlee were four !.i ten point"
higher, but there was tin .)ct.-re.li. sup.
Isrt from Moithem inm tuteresi or
others, an, I In the ensuing Ittlit tride th
VK'd. Cru.l oli markets were dull
riie hoiiduy al Clibago wa. a reetrb-tlv
Inlbi'iic, on out. I, . trade Consuming In-
.v. v,,i, un in not pcrMsieill.
19 ,H
in :,i;h to ;
to i?.l 10 0 4
I" M i! 10.63
: s-.r 9 to
.(til v
1 September. .
Ot tolier
10 .V. I
10 M
io ::
9 44
I WAMUMiTil.V April I - The statement of
I the reivuiits atH disbiir-nieiiis of the Trea.-
' ttir .how..
Till, monili Fi-oal sear
Hi 'u.:n i;i.i.,i.n
i.9i" '. f.;j.i.-.i.i4
Ke,Tiia. .
I" -.'17..V1 li.f i:.9;o.3is
,L "r1':''. V.,i.,,V.'.'"". ,".;,V,4 ,KV'"'! ,n'
i ,.,..., iiuisiie
, tat. Isn.9:; nn-.vlliin-.Hi.. Ii??.7n3
, Nationtil Lank notes Mi.-iird lot redemp
tion. li.7ll.ilw
The eurient si iteinrnt nf the Flitted States
Tre.-i-urrr for prii :t .hows
I Availil.le sol I
Availible Mlicr
I'tuicd Map note.
National limit note, and Federal
hMile note.
; Certllli-i (lie. U on bltlk
, Subsidiary nlnr. minor isnii and
silv.r bullion
Fislaxitled iiin-sirti.l curren.j-i
Hyio. t. m think and Philippine
TriM.ur- ....
Available currenty In Treasury aisl
i Deduct current li..hiluie
I Nit balitue In general fund
GoIJ iin and bullion
. Tlll'-T I'l'NH
13 332.7M
27. 7 4 9-J1
92.931, 0,'a
To reileini nutstandiu.- eertilleatrs tl.v.i. 125,7-.-,
liran l total , jh as-ri in Trea.ur i.3il i.-.31s
l.ol'IS SlIAPIItn-A p.tltlim n tank-
rupi. y li.is 1.. on nid against Louis
l-ha piro. uinniifii. tun r of cloalt. ,,n,i
"'ttboil. at tl.". West Tl rilty-.,,' V'lllll
s-n-i-t nml 1H2 .,t Tnent.lrst street
iiu.lir Hie names of the American I'loak
and Suit Company on.l the Kniplre Petti
coat Cnmii.ins, by Arciil,.ii, palturr for
thee i-reiltiorn Jacob Clark. I7oo; Mor
rl Schwaru. I2H.-,. and Henry lireen.
stein, Moil, ,,H as.lKiie.l ebilnii. lie
in id. an assiBimcnt on Monday LU
lillltle are sal.l In li mure than I'.0,(HIO.
P.M I. .ll'M'.liit of ti.7 Fox .ire. t. formerly
u llouiir ilealer. ttleil a petition In bank
rupts, with liabilities tlH.141 and iio
..lf .''be prlnclii i cre.Htors are Hubert
.1. Miicher, Iio,. deficiency Judgment
on a iniii'iK.iKe on ml and 11 Mietirf strei t.
una Welz a Kerwhk. 7.07o
l-HANTIN ,t Kosncil, cnnipo.el of Mat-
''""or Mike. Fr.intln and Dusliaii
l.oetli h, gr r ai la It Kast l.,tlti sirce !.
r.'.'i'1 r."'.';1,"" 'I' bankruiu . with II.
buttle lit i,ii. (.!. 4 .
WILLIAM ! alms of I'oM Spring, N V
!',' .''.", I"'1.1.""" bankrupliy here with
liabilities tl.JJO ,111,1 as.rta Jin. ). ,,
ha ton shares f st,,. k of the Water
pnsir Wall Fap.r Company, ten share
preferred slock of the New Vork Itealtv
onneis I'oinpany and one ehare of the
Vilai llin Mining an, 1 MnK Company
of New York rity, of u value.
lUiikriipto Siiii-diili-e.
H.MtHV K I.I 11 N'.M A N. ehou dealer at 37
Second avenue, filial schedule showing
llabllllle 3.7ll and assets 13,101, con.
slsllng of sio,k, H,3n0; tlsiures, $1,00,
and i aili, II.
Ilri-eiier Apiiolnleil,
AHTIII'H .1 I, IIWIS -John I.. I.ytlle ha
been appulmed receiver for Arthur .1.
I.ewl, ilealer In diamond nnd Jewelry
at 1140 Hroadway wllh a bona uf 11,000,
by .In, lne Hand , M HI,,... vlce.presl
deni uf the Cent a Drink Filters ivm
pant, In, , which rented 11 portion of
the stole to Lewis, In all aflldavlt stilted
that mi April 3 when naked for pn incut
of the rent la wis ea III he was isolng 1,1
Philadelphia, was going Io illtposo of
oil his assets ami woobl make payment
when ah 1,, , .Mr. ,su .aid as,i
that be saw Low Is put mine diamonds
and Jeelry In his imckei ami Home
good hi m salehol, which he told Slo.s
be was going 10 plate in a saint In tho
Coiiimen lal Ti 11st Compaiivi that Slo.s
luinieillaiely ,enl oer to Hie trust coin
panv to Hud .nil if Lewis had a vault
them and asieit.iluetl Ibill Lewis tlbl
Opposes nil Actor's Discharge,
RAMSAV WALLACi: Fpeclllcalloiis of ol,.
Jeclbin to the tllsrliaige from bankiuptcy
of Hams i) Wallaie, leading man In 11
f,ru.rr .".hrrldwl: llolnu-i. company. ;i-, s
bein e, by A llertba Wynlt of Hrlstol,
It. I. --lie said Hint on October 21, I9117,
lit Hie Hotel Holnltlgtoo, Wallace oil.
tailed fiom lor loon for the express
purpose of loiitlnuliig the Sherlock
lloiuii-N company, unit the money was not
thus eiuploid and Dial 011 the contrary
the company was discontinued, sho ob.
t ..In. tl a Judgment ugalu.l Wallace for
1703 011 Jauuiry 24, 1911, In I'rm Idun, e
and later lutoiKlit suit on the Judgment
In Die City Court here, whereupon Wal
lace tiled a petition In bankruptcy on
M.inli If,, 191,,. with llablltlb-s II, ion and
no assets. .1 ii,k llougli retrained the
Walt suit for a eai .
To Dlssolir a Corporatloii.
II. FCCINI c INC.. -Application ha
l,een made to the piintenip (!ourl to ill
noli II. l-iiilid A. i'o, Inc. denier In
Italian svlnt-s iiiol lliimr at Sii.V' We-i
Tlilnl mreet, lis- l-linliii riieliil, ii iliri'ttor
an. I sliiekliolilfi- .1 mine I'lnUek an.
pointed I'linilt-H I), Iionoliue refeito. The
corporiillon una Incnriioriiteil on .liim, i,
19U, Willi i-iiiiltHl etock l,',,0ij and lm.
ported moat of It mere tnintllM from
Italy, it is ma o v solvent.
I'obllr 4lfferlns;s Yeaterday In Ifan-
hnttnn anil llrimi Salesrooms.
Ity Herbert A. Sherman.
3t AV, 120. i:, 11 w cor lltb st, S3. 0x109.
l Sly i.eiurai Jlolel .1- tl .si iirigg ski
It F llourauil et all piirlltlou; to llenr.i
Scbiielrter for O'Keefe K CunnlnghMiu,
letsers 1119,1,90
My llenrv Hriidy
MO.VTtOi: ST, 137. tl e, I3.. Jenersoll st,
sr.. s xi 00, stv limit ami sirs- ..nieon
I'ow-ei agt .lull 1 Thorn et at; partition,
to the defendant l:o,?;,o
IIOl.TON IIP, s w cor 2ltth si, i;,4.l733s
Irreg, 2 sty brk tlwlg nnd frame bblg
II A Smith OKt Stllenl Iz-llld Co. .III'.
110,141. So; taxes, Ac, II, 3.',ii.70, WHhdru.su
Ity Joseph 1". iMy,
70TII ST. IIS W, s e. 433 w Coliiinboe sv.
17109.3. 4 elv dw-lg--II 1, HotlgeH 11RI
II de Kraft et hIs due, lis, 121 lri tax".'.
Ac, p( Wllbdrawii
UTll ST, 107 W, n e, 'l e 7!ll sv. 2Hx30 I,
4 stv Mils and sir Lout Heltiinrdi net
I'enillane Healty I'o it III; due, $IO,li.7,
taxns. Ac. 1.1''.,. 1,1 !b itrsintin . . .110. iion
MoflNINllSIDi; AV. 0 11. e s. 73 3 llt'db
t, 43.0x30.3x37.11,2. 3 .ty Hat 11 I
Schwaru agt Sltiiou Anbili el ali due,
129, 331. 21k; taxes, iSc, (III. 00; to Hie
plaintiff JSO.OOO
Ity 1lr an I.. Kennedy
JAMI'H ST. 9.1, Ibroiigli to l New Cham
ber st, 49 11 Hjtiisla et, 23.3sK.lx-l.1.1x
03. . 0 sty tnnit and sirs Fanner Loan
A Trust Co. as trus, agt Fnlon Const ,s
Itealtv Co et nl, due. IH.50IS.5S; tsxe.
Ac, $033.37: to the idatntirr., ..130,000
Hy M. Morgrnllinu, Jr., Co.
109TII ST. 321 II. h s. 3S7 e 2d sv, 2.xl00,
3 sly tnnit and strS'-Anim Kstinslto sgt
Itoslna Vliigelil et al. due, 13.004.59:
taxes, Ac, III; pr JlltS ll.t.OOOi Io Hie
plaintiff $17,100
Ity Jo.eph I". Day.
UNION AV, 11 e cor 149th et. 73x100, sn
eanl -Multi il Life lias Co ant Financiers
Itealtv Co e ill. due, I2,0'2.I9; taxes.
Ac. 1701 99, 10 .loll 11 Coweln It4,6'l0
ritosi'llCT AV, 11 w cor 1001b st, 40x100,
also Prospect as. s w ror 10,7th st. 120x
100 Mlsirn Corp nrt N I'nssman Son
et 1; tins, 113,19131: ta-xe. .te. I9S0;
to the plaintiff... 11,000 over prior Hen1)
Ity Ilryun I Kennetly.
LA FONT A IN 1:5 AV. e s. 99.5 n 179th st.
ihrsuch to Arihur tiv. 30.xl90x:3x Irrrtr.
frame house nnd vacant Tat Lien Co
at 11 A Hoss et at, due, 7,0!.i taxes,
Ac, 11,111.30; to the plaintiff $7,000
ALIIANV, April 4. The following realty
companle were Incorporated toda:
t. ii.td,.... Hoidinr Comonnv. Man-
I1.1tt.1n. eatiltal. I750.t)0n: director". John
c Hodgers. Martha M Hodgers nnd XMIP
lam J. Hodgers,
Th. VnFtn.r t!..t I'.tflle CorDArtltten.
Manhattan nttdtal. ir..u0ii, director". Max
N. Natanson. ,e sunder S Natanson nnd
Willi. 1, . 11 IxitH
11,-ira of Peter Duryea, lne, Manhattan,
rapltil, 11.300. directors, Chnrl-s K Lis
liigsmu, ilrover c SnltTeu ami William A
Duser. ,
The Kruse.Hous-e.xii Company B'onk
tin. rapltal. 12,000 dlreitnrs, Fran I X
lliois.e.111, Una lru-e and Charles s
liil.lpbar. ...
The Calnte i;ontriictlon Company, l.ltn
r.t-.i entainl. t.oo- tllre, tors. John I-.
HI'hards. Vincent C De Carlo and Tony
sTitriKD MoitroAiir.M.
(With name and nddrr of lender's at
torney. )
WKST KND AV. 633, w s. Mi i n 3!h
st. 20x100. duly 11. ii- IH'lli
Hrauuli to Fie.lk C and Andrew 1 1,1
ny. a.ltnr; att. J Mlllei. 13 ''r.'"l';
way 13 000
3IST ST. 47 K. 11 e. lot' w Ith ai. runs
11 e s 3 s e - along ti e b land of
estate nf Ann Itogers far enough to
make lot hereby ionsied 21 feet wld,
hiving Its cs.trrly h I 71 In. lies from
1th av x t s to 31-' M x w .1 fe-t
to lg, 32,1 St. 4-i 1 i:, s s. begin- .t s
w 4 tli as. run" w It Ix 9s 9x w 9 . to
i- a old Mlddln roid x s w a ong e .
of road 9x e to I't il"- Hoin
.-.I .1 . t, 110." t,, bee: nlso tde
land adl is e leir of lot tmif tl-
ribed which formerly las- tu old Middle
rd. being 9 t on n I of ald roi-1 en w s
premises, 31 i on n s a no .11 1 e
33.1 St. II tl. s s. Hi w Ith as. 3 X
!s. 9, Dec 17. I9i'9- -Frink 14 Mesi k.
Il lleach. N J. Io l'milla 1 wife
.1 Wilson Moore. I'hlU.lelpni i. l-a. tuns
SHele. A. II. .i lirool si
2D V. s:,., r .. '.Ill s isth -t.
, t X !!
1 K rui je
. ii-.-
17 o'l
I oil
t. r, i
l . .1
Mar IS. !9'ifi -Isldor lla'ter
IP I- h end alio. a lls.
. s iu .1
3D A V. 191. s. 7 I
Mar 15. 190 -.,-n,
A in
s 1010 , . ....
11TII AV. sli. s. e .. I'l 5Hi '
xtao. Dec J9. Inns :n ,md
S.hnel.er in Anna, wife Fre ik
iter, atly, Hugo II Itltt, rnusih,
!-. I'M.
I. .11-1
tlon lane ... . .
S3D ST. e s. ;' Mb a- .
7. 1913 -J Victor and .lu
to i SlMOMtXKl Atellk' O.
'11' Jill
r Oi ti a
W ... I t
1 1 0 J
am T ! Co. 176 Hwa
M S.DISOV AV. 199, 4" . c I t .
st 20s-.. .Itlh It. f't.' T'iUi w.'e
Win Livingston, to Mary .1 llaniiilini I
H. e, N V. ttts. Altsai.dtr A 11 1 . H
llwny II. 00
Il.Mil ST, 1:1 "A. n ". .''0 w Lenox as.
2'Xl09 1l, Mir 13. 190. - He .1 kle III-
I, ,rn Io Atlolpb H'ld'n.tn. It.' I"ii
duit i. Ilkljn. att. .1.1. "i M Ha. I.n '
13.- Nas.lil st . . 1 1. ' on
3sTH T. .'1 W. II ". Jt,'l Mil us. .Is-t.'.t.
M.iy 1. i!")T Arthur llrl. ..tt.e 'o Hen-
rlitt.i llrnlil. i-'l Mil in. n'H N.itl'.nii
Hilur, 31 N.is.,u .t . . . . I . mi')
i;3Ii CT, ". 5U 4 tin .ii. rtiii
3 lo r 1 ntK i"fx n to " .
t x ,- ino to ieu. .inn. i "is sure
11, si I, low of Junie Hood WriKlit. to
W'.tlti'r i' KUnd.r ami rr.n-.l II I're.t.s.
trustee nlll of Hill il.eth S Poller, tli" d,
of renin- Use tru.tit for I;d- Itob.-rt
8 Kn-.IK Atuliroso and Stephen r curK.
ittss. s.iunr. vrr r a r, iiv iroi.i
w,,y l:i. tool
HI VIS'ilToN pT, 10. intK tin llsiuris, .Mar
1, 19H-I'll trie II Parsons .M.irt.lo t o,
lne. to Wclmon. I'arr A, 1", T Harile-t
t. llklsn ... '")
AV A. n sv c Itli t .O.s;i. April t. U'Ou -.lai-oli
and Katie Vm llrlnk 'o the ll.mnl
of the I'hiirch llrcctlon Kmnl "f Ihe
Oeneral Aenlhli- of Ihe Pre.h) lerl.in
i'hiirch In ih l'nltd ftnte .ttn. I. T
,t T o. Kii H I" ""
tn.Tit w-r ,, . fit'. . l.e.ltiL'tt.li Ml. .13 t'
1(1(111. Oct 1". ISO! Itachel Arnnisltt tu
Sl.ire 11 llpnilv. mini. 3il SS .T,.l ST.
nltv. T P Hummel, lill Id in II (ion
lrH ST, 210 II. e. 414 , is ;M as. -tls
Hiil.ii. May 1. I ali Tlllle Sl!si-rm.in to
r.ntlier KnpiiilniKii. 114 HlrliiEton ft.
ntt. Harris Koii,elm.in, 114 Ills Imbi.hi
,t 11.001
CHOi"HV ST, 43, l.elnit lot H'C, imp of
land Nicholas Ilasnrd. ISxIOil, .tuly i
l!)n4 Wilkinson Ilros A t'o to l,eisei
Mort Co. i'l l.ll.crl) t. Miller .
It, :ti3 Il'sny .'t"',0".',
0T1I AV. e , 19 11 "Kill -I. iOstti'l.
Mny 111. 1K13- llllldialet I. Illi Io Will,
lain W I'M, alt, So)l."l - rrvmll It
Park lt"- . . , , , ;?"
STII AV. :, 0 e c ....111 t. also l-n-elioltl
and lisiure. ami I lutlfR . lull '-,
.lames Mcliou.in lo llle I' X. S Mliaefer
llr.islni; I'm Htt). Hlrsli .s- llhiliorii. I.j
William t , ,. I'. eOO
BAMi: PltoPHHTV. HUB on lo.ue. ic, ,c -Same
to same; ntty. nne . It.l.,3sj
PAMi: PIIOPIlllTY, mt-r on It-i.e, v . -iitisn.
" line . . -,''
"9TH ST. il W. ". Jis'.is !i. .Ian :3. I'.tft:
- -.lolii! M it Clara N Willi lo tlif Dry
i.....t, st... in.iittiiioti. am. Prank M
Tlilienor, 3S I'alk How . 13.000
itl t oiiui:i i,i:.m.
24TII ST. S2(i l.intt Nalli T Moore o
Mortimer J urns-, raiiiu..., .
from May 1. H'll; att). 11 l f pperry.
23S Unas- . l.-f"
3P AV, ill, nil Mas h lie litany io io
IWKer lleilliy S.O. 1.1. .-..i.aati 'I.
from Mnnh 13, IM6i tt. I.iibi 1 lli.
13! Nassau st , '..
ITH ST. 30t.3M'l I., all Main ene iieaiiy
l-o lo l.eser iie.ui. ':';. " "';
.1 st from March ti, HHO. atl, I.ub'I
Ilros, 13'.' N.iesan t i,.o00
WI'liSON ST, 131-133. alt I'rote.iaiit l.pl.
Society for I'roniotlim HellKlon l.eam
ilil In State S' V to l-tni'oit rorlls X.
t'o. 131 Hudson st, i rs froni May 1.
I'lU. att). I'lirlls. M. I' 50 ,l1,1l"",n'o
Ril! VV.' Vcs'. More floor-- Wilson M.ir.iiall
to .iolin .1 I'orrli.in. '.'.. w cilli st. 10 I t:
sr from April I. lHHIl Jtt) . 1 "''h
35 Nnssnu st 'n "
M MUSI'S AV. TTs-T.O 7sn Madison Ase
Co nKt llanosir liniirosiini'iil i'o (fore
closure of tulRt'l, alt, 1) T liooillliiH'.
STNNTOV ST.. St'. -i"ll of S' Y HKt Nntliill
Klrt'henliiiuni et "I litftlon to net .islie
tii-i'ti. ,vei, att. I. lltir.ly
3ITII ST, B . li'.'i e Till lis, 1 S0 9 Iriec
10 33d t -.losepli II Stranne ant I'll irle
llnlper et nl (foreclosure of intuel- any,
11 T Itun.l.ill.
HltOAHWAV, h e rnr 5 1 1 1 ht, 131 ! 1 22.7 v
IrreR -A rt Inn I' J "lie ai:t lelmund I,
Mnoncy el al (.iclloll to forei oe tup.
ihanle's lleul. nttSf, ll.iidy, Stamlirf &
SCTII ST, 220 II -llenrv Hiiitlen, ttustre,
nut II ml Sldtl HlllliilUK Aso, 1. III. Hi et
al ( fnrei'losiire of nitKi-i, atly. 11 Smith
JT Nlt'llOI.AS PI., M, IS li.1.1 t, !l!l U
ino .Falki'hau & Hn in ereli I .in, Inc, net
SirathcoiM ronstnii-lloii Co it nl (fore,
cloauro of nilKt'i, attys, iloldsmltli,
Itoscntlinl, Morlt ,v ll.iuni
57T1I ST, a, ; o Ml! av. 2ion r, Mary
A Cohnfeld net Helen H llr.iiiinn rt al
metlon In ret nver doweri. ally. .1 I'
IMINTHA I, PA Itls WIIST, ll iv t or lASlti M.
SOl.msinn .Mary A Cohnfi'ld act N v
Cancer lloiltnl et nl (action to recover
.lower): ally, ,1 p Hers,
AMHTrniUAM av, a. tmrt-ei :j, map
. mm ui ihiiu in ..in nuru, ucing
part of eslate of Irnne "Oyckman. lOOx
333x Irreg Van Corllandt Healty Corpn
ngt Merrill Park Co (foreclosure of
mtgeli utty, VV o llubbanl.
WALTON AV, n o cor 17lh t, Sf.xIOO
llamllton llolillng 4'o agt Notlaw Hlty
Corpn (foreclo. of tulgi: nllss, lllrsch
lii a 11 A- Drinker.
M'll AV. Il .Hull llrlppen X Co sel 4l
'th Av Co, Inc, owner mid contrac
tor IS'nt.OI
$TM AV, 4!l to 17ft Federal Terra Cnttn
i'o agt same I3,ono
TII AV, 4HI- -S II I'omeroy Co, Inc. art
same I1.I
47TII ST, 137 W- Heiilaniln Levltie act
Abraham lanplstat, oivner; Sam Warn,
stetn, conltiielor. , ,2.u
UTll AV. 4M to 4 73 Henry Mnurer sou.
Inc, ngt 4f,1 nth Av Co. Inc, owner and
contractor .... $P.it
AltTlltllt AV, 2372 lin. I Ml f! Mlh st -Alesandro
Meillel act Harba Itealtv Co,
Inc. owners: Joseph Itarha and llrba
Healty 4!o, Inc, i-nntrartnri I3jj
HATLsn F. VM i:ti r7(s' 1.1 r.N s
1IITII ST, In 79 I. -Klttannltig Sale
Co, Inc, agt Cathedial Constn Co el nl,
Oct 2f 1915 .JI3J.73
ICTU ST. 2.14 and it II- -William Koretion
agt Amelia llulbllng Corpn et al, Jolv
3. 1915 197
!1ST ST, .1 W--N .1 Art lllass Works ngt
392 Fifth Av Corpn et al, Mar SI, 131
ihy bond) $-2:
AMSTF.HDAM AV. s e enr 123th si (.'
Ittegers Sons. Inc. aet Hb-hard A lien
rloued el al. Aid 13, 1915 Ibv
bond) It. 910
174TII ST, n cor Clinton av, 40 1x10.1
Chiireh 11 Hate A. Co, Inc, agt t7iitli ft
14ii!ldlhg Co. Inc. et al, Dec 20,
1911 1132.3..
During the year 1915 the siiloldlnrlea of
the American Hit and lltectrl- couipiuv
added 10.991 lighting ru.mnier Io the
lines nnd elBiietl miitrncts for 20.009 bore
power In new bti.lness, The eotnttHiiy re-
fiort an average gain of 1 per out In the
llhtlng and power revenues nf ai iho sub
Idlaty companies for Jitiiuari', HI over
January, 1914. Th" .iln In oulput wo 1
tier cent. In Deee nber the as- rage i;iln
for th light and power loinpaidea l re
.'A " j!!i!!l!a " Th$ Manila IIoM ' -T-
Progressive, Picturesque Philippines
See Uncle Sam's Greatest Colony
Only 17 Days to Manila
Now $337. SO Round Trip (Including China and Japan)
Ty Canadian Pacific Luxurious I.lners
Empress of Russia-Empress of Asia
Qut'cl rim AcrotB (As Pacific Saitinf from Vancouver
rspllslof theTeleillsI Empire, willi Forlndden City. Summer Pl ire of Hie I"mrror..
(ilr.it VII of China, etc. Iiyovt il.ind loiito tlirnnstli J ipin iin.l Kore.isii Mukden to
I'tklnc. Nankint and SlianiilMi, or vices cm. witlitlop over pritileges $k)juldcli v
Only 10 Days to Japan
One -iV Tin llenslulu If O'-urrV,
(Now S300 Found T-iu Fsre)
FnlryUnd of flnei ami fc' s il. r.i"d i.' t.-r - Mui.nt.iln of Kii) vnita
Our efln e. t e..cl. poll clie li.isi In esrrv ut" -col t p. aim i it i(-r uicintl
-ins lelul'le cultle. run llilotni.iuou
I . II.
I'KltllV, l!"le Hi
1. 11 Hroieissas,
HHrm VKr.'S HAI.K.
' Hy slrttie of on Order of the I'nltert
i st.iti l)"trl. t fo.irt for Hie District of
, New Jereey, l..itrln tlute ttie third day of
, .iHiiuury. . i. ui. l um .iirecie.i to oner
at 1'uli.le p-.i'e on the prindfp. at Klor.nre,
New .liri-, f-ntiirtiay, April Mti, 1 . i nt
II o'clock In the rorenoon, ali thn herein
after tleserll'ed rroji.tty nn I l.utlii'.. of
Ihe r loren. e lion Works, consisting of Henl
I Ksine, lliilldtnea, rtMiir... .Ma. Idnerv.
, loot., l'.tilpnient, Material nn.t S-ippll.-s,
Mainifa.-iiired I'rotttu ; una In pro. v-o of'
Itnanur.i tore
The lltnl llstat. nn nhteh th" Plant nf
the Company I situate, roodst. of nli.nit .1:
i Aire., tit l.an.1 flontllir on h" lieliisare
Hlver nt Klnrenee, N. .1 Shop and lt'iH.l
Iuk are lame, coniiiio.llo is and sse i suit -.1
fttr tho Itti.liiess. 'ihe roiiniirP'. lias.
rapacity of 60.000 Ore. Tons of pip. i,tnl I
, tilling per jfsr; th lis Inn,! r-.im .rv i
l am) the Hrar roundly nnd Ma, hlne plmii.
llase ii t-.ip.l.-lTy or s.toiii morali. oi...
I S.ntifl
nlse. jier "ar. The luiitliiiir or
y 1 eouli'iie.l ullli .Mo. Inner.-. J'.tiierns.
rixluies, I'rane and other ii,.iratu. for
the innnuf.it-ture of Can Iron Pipe up to
3j In. -he tllaii,etfr and lor tl.tim; up to IS
Inches diameter, Hydrtmte up to s In- lien
diameter mul Valsc up lo 30 iiahes Ul-ini-eler.
The Hu.lnes of the Com-iinv consist in
the manufacture of Cast Iron Pipe, spei-l.il
I'.istlnK, l'lre Wydraiiti and Valses. Ttie
Hull lltn-. ran reudlli- .e tit ted for th
tnamif.it lure of oilier prorlue;., -j-he Plnn!
1 now iiilinluif full anil will be voh a a
Koltn; roneern,
Tho Conipiuy lit H.illto.nl Sl.Hng. ami
ratk lohoilt 4 lllt'esl, t.u, S'.Sll. IlltIB l"ll-clnt-h.
two l.oeoniotlse Crane (ono nets),
eleetrit-iliii- opilute.l lail.lllii; I'r me.
Illltl three II t l! .lli.l. Ilallt-s lor lte.,l ;
riie stand ripe an 1 ruuin Hi it s ipp'y the
Town with ssaier, a lull a th P int. am
Incalctl on .those iirernl-e mul aie oper
oted llltll the Plan!, and will he sold n
pirt of the Plant, liietutlln-r the Pipe In the
-stre.-ia, i-ouniiry r inre, it-eiioust- ami niaioo
and l-'Ulureit. Horse. md Wairon aii.l
lotk. l ie .-.tore 1 tlolnir ft liusliie." of
aLoiit lf.ii.C00 a e.ir. Tin r Is a lluli.llnu
on the pr.julae lented to ii koo.i len.ini
uu-ler a oir len.e it a i nrt itl Al . i
The utinte sun i.u onerct ror i-aio in on
At lite e.lllie lime alio p..i.-e win i.e
ofTeritl all the other Heill I'Mnte teloui;nK
to th riorence iron ssori... i.insi.tim- or
j 1 4 liiielllnc for ptnplnie, the ll.'iitii e
from which .iieriiK nlmiit 11,300 a iiiouili
30 Acre of i.nu. t miiiiii.io for liuilitlui,
lot, ond a portion MiltuM" for n .Miitm
facturlux Plant, itltinite on tlio Itlver I'ront
rami lontatnlnK 17sij Acreassltli 4 Uisell
lug linue. h udJolnliiK lne plant
Al e.nne Mine ullli lilaee will he rot, I
ati. tut 5.000 Ton of Cast Iron Pipe. niiiKli'k-
In sle rrotu i in. lo .oiu Aitt nnoui 7tnt
llydranls, 4 to i', in I I'ona I'lltliiK-i nnd
al.oilt -oo 'aie., I to 12 In.
for Maps, p-clie, lutes tint! other Itll't'-ll,
lar apply lo tlio lle-viser or his t'onusii
Colnlltiolis The Pul l -oltject to ap
prosai tiy Hie court I'm. hue r tf pt.iu'
must deposit eerlllle.l (lie 1, for Itu.ntHl to
aar-ur bhl, Purt-liaser of oilier He it lis
late must ilepoHtt ipitiili-d die. k for f.t.ntin
to sei'uro tt. I. I'uie.lia-er of I'li.c. e ,
lllllt depo.lt pertllled ilieilt fur f.' ot Int.
Other Coiitllllon al Sate
IIAKUI.Ii II Wl'l.l.st. iteerlser,
Itor.lenttiiiti. .1,
flAHICU,!, X II SK I I.I,, Conn-el.
Set'tiilly Tniel lllili! . i inn.li'u, N ,1
M-;.sI,r,l) T.m.i -..ill l... r. . . l.-.i t,, uie
Hoard of Water Supply, at H otlln.,
tHi-nty-niconil Hour, Minilclpil HiiIIiIihk,
Park How. Centre and I'h.inil.ets .'ireet
New Vork City, until 11 A. M . on Tuesday'
April is. Hi Hi f"r Contract !ij, fur furnl.h.
Itir, dells erlna ,nnl erecilni; nluo cleeiri,.
triiSPlltiB crane., from use lo I'li-mn
eaii.it ID', ssltli i iiulpnieni, in eh imher at
Ashok.in. Kenaleo and WHI View t.renoii.
Tilt- work Is Incited in Hie Town n lljlv,,
t'Uter cuiinly. and Town of .Mt I'le.m.mt
and City of VcnUcm, WcUliialer county,
Nisv York.
At ttm ahovn plare and llin tlio t.n wm
he r'lnltcly opened nnd lead. Pamphlet
iniiiiiliiliik Inform. itlou for bidders, and
contract tlraislnir tsin he ohtatned at tlie
nliovo address, at Iho oltleo of Hi necrt'
tary, by depoalllnB Iho emu of trn dollar
lflu) In cash or ll etittialent for eaeti
piinphlct. I'or further pirtlrntai. opply
to lite oltleo of the Prliii'lpil A-.!ti;i.int l.'n
slneer al Iho aboio address
I'HAHI.KS STHAI'Ssi, Pre.,,nt,
cinni.iis N. CIIADWICK,
Cnmnilsiinner ol the Hoard of Water Simnly,
OBOItUE l-nATIIIlllSTONH, Mecntary,
m:rt:u Kit's sai.k. spitiMi rimhits.
ported ns 11.1 per rent. In revenue nnd t.,
pir cent. In output. There uie Indlcallnti
tbot 191C will show larger g-iln over 191 t
Unit! that i-ii r enr did nier the previous
n Hod.
The llepnbll" ll.-lllisill' and l.lglll Com
pans leports for Hie month of I'-hm.i'v
gio.s PHrnlng of $310,1,9, or nit Incrcien
of $77,222 oser the mine month l.i-t sear
and net earnings of $l3i',2!.'t. 11 gain of
12. 1 The surplus lot the month of
l.,,739 wan $33.i:i better f hull Iho llaiire
for Febru.-irv, 131.,. For lb" two iinoiih
eii.lctl February 29 gio.s nnd net emnlng
weie l2S,775 Olid $!.. '"II fept-ctlsc';
The former ssas mi Incie-iuc of '
nnd tlio latter tin Inciea-e or HI. II. rli"
suiplii' for this period whs It.'ll, 4.M., win. 11
U 1111 Increase of 13.;xi;.
The Lotkpot' Lloht. Ile-il and Power
Cotnpahv lm been authorised to Hie up.
Slato Public S.rsilee I'ommls.loii to pur
eb.tso Iho etui-l. uf the luternnllooal P't-.ser
1111. 1 Truismls-dou couipaiiy for jsv.'i.tl.
ill cost of Hits inribii-e must be clfiri'.".l
oit by lb" la'i-'ipoit toinpniv nt Hie rale
of $10,00" 11 ye-tr unlll the n k la bilng
tarried nt a nnmliial sain, of H
The I-'ebtiinry rep.ut of tin- 1 leieand,
SoiiHiwe.t. rii nnd Columbus H.'illwav Com
piinv dlM lose gross e.itetiii.s of $'i,,,tiit I,
which Is an tin reu-e or $1112 over Hie
corresponding tumuli In Hi" pruedniK
yiar, iiml ii-t enrnlng of $.1 on In
irenet,f 1t,..x The s p u- we 17,7,,
ii. rompirid with tlio d"il, it of $3,.nn in
February, I31.V
Hi Mlilng over bv Hie Ohio State Tele,
tdion lompiuy of lb. Ilideji.ii lei t te e
pboii properties In In-lcani ss lit. b ti-tve
hi-n controlled bv J I' Morgan A Co
In evldenilv been ilelaved bv ihe ie -en-
flood In that eeitlim of the coantri Tin .
ltaiia.ictt.in wa prnetl.'ii'.i' do -d we I.e.
.tgo. There wilt be ilfte.n tllre.onr 0.1
the board of the eeigl e.enp.i
h'llltlel II XlcMeen, F. It I lllllt tliut I
mid F. W sieseii nre repre en'ing '
OJ1I0 Mate Telephone Colnpim 'I ie Ic
illaiia Company which bus H.t'.io.on.) 7 I -r
tent, prefeiieil and It.ooo.oO'l 1 oino on . o k
WPI l-OllttnUO to be ni.la!ed s.piia'eli .1
Hiotigli In clo.e retnilon hip wltli the 01 nil
Slate Telrphone Compaliv The pie'ril-lj
sto.'lt of the Indllll'll Comp.lll' Wll be I
offered for subst rlptlen pro run to the'
stockholder of Hie Ohio 'ompmy. '
'nlom House Iteeelpf. '
The total receipt for ililtnx ,t Hie
Custom House yestcrdav wire 1 1 .
D70.?1. of which $107,011? Vi was 1 .r
merch.mdleo wlihdriwii f 0111 lirinb I
wnrrhousen and $5"0, i',3,3'i tor tcent .
Importation-'. I
inceiiuii- turn, -riionr, tall or "lilc
P,i.. nt.r li-inr'in-iit,
Vork i i s
NKIV OIIK tl.oni: Island.
Hip Mnt Xttractlie rnuntrr Hotel
Adjacent to New Turk Clls.
Garden City
One of the most ei.rlii.lve country hotel In
Anierlc.-i. A conihlnatlon nf foiintrp Ufa an.1
iiii'lropollt.ni hotel Imury seldom fuund. (.'on.
diit tnl on ihe Aiii-r..-.in Plan.
'I ht re I. also for tho cons enlence nf motorist
A II anil some a la Carte Restaurant
I'ulsine and nersico un.tirpa.vip,. .Misler.tla
rrlirt. .'ll lullea from .Sew Vork. l nsjucui
t-lestrlc iralu. Ironi IVniu. Stellon.
. J. l.A.NMIN Co.. Propi.
KEVV Jr.ltsrr.' Atlantic City.
OectlPSltn: et.l I p 1,
th" f i I 1 1- i ,.
i ha ml. s wit i pr
ci si tterl II ii
trti . Ac Pre i
A ill Ilieet ! 1
.1 II
ir 1 1 pr
lit i n,
C . . v p.
superior location with an
unobstructed view of bourn
and bpatdwalk. At-ocognizod
standard ol cxc.olleivcn.
CwmiT 600 H'J TfO I mil mr
Of .s,.- ,f t. ,-rootr.i I pAv.Mi.l,,
LATtcm nnrpHoorntsM iioTU.i'rir:w-f-u
Ain.ricaisl'l.sis riicpcaisiUiv
Pi J .? liwnisu limtl. .HI IlJ-tCI lllPO
.V'mtf tri.trtlws
lilt LtAUISC RtSOKf IIOILLOf iTtT t'.'Mis1
Jor.un white: a .icu-s comprnv
,' ! U,'.",,,'SA u,: N" ii
Prll.Hi )- i nun K wa , , , i. .,
1,, CS.tt.lt' III sir, I le,l Sop,, ,
Cll 3 ll Spc .a. la 11, ,,K -i '
I! II 1 1 I l m
I'h.iri. s p ,i,
Ii l'i,..,..
in-. i
nnd eii ssaier I. nli- iiiiiiiIm; M ,
looms, ell-lalol eupt rtor till,,. t
earH- .en . rue" , ,, , ,., n.,1,.-
Ie- I I
"111. - I
A K WAiiMlll Propi W It lAVrtlN'. .Mcr
PIlNNsi , ,M p.inadi n.i.
I'll i-uito null leilli liaiiuri. S.idtlle hoi,- ,u
Id -ta 1l SNTlr eiv "MMSJBl
Three Separate Ton ?
p and return M
I APRIL 14, 17, and 22
i Seven Day a of Ocean P
Travel, ( Sightseeing,
u Recreation, and RetL H
8 $40.00 i
Covers Every Expimsa 3
s of Either Trip 1
B Get Copy Special Folder at any g
j Ticket or Tottriit Agency
1 Ocean Steamship Co.
T New York Offlec 5l nith Avase I
Telephone 2368 Murray Hill
' Istlllhd lit.
i ( alii'iirntii, Kill.. April 8, 10 A. M,
OHM X T . A I It it. in A l
I'l -i INIA MAT, MAV i. 11
i Al II OHM V SAT M V tl) l l
Kb Itout te oiaacow.
I 1AMJAMA TllUIt., APH. I. II t H,
' 1'AN.VtJMA..... .-.AT, MAV f. 10 A. il
t Calling at llultfax.
I otTNii TiiiTtvi7itt.il Tocma.
Tkreusti tuoklns to all principal Mru al
Ik nerld.
coMeANT H nririCK. si-ti cut nun.x.
I I N I I,,
Norway, ,SrJfn,
Outside isar ;o:e
No I Miitil,iii,,
I nriit-,1.
.Ml rn Sir. in .r . 1 I'll! A ! l I ,t,
Dulls I'onnr. Hon ttillt Ml l.niope.m I nl,.
lis. or II . April II I re.lrriU III Sprllll
A.t: .lolin.nna l'o. Inc.. A nl... I H'itHt, 1
CuiiilluKllir liruiTrtlt I rntilliti(lgu
l'U.M.l, .H II I.
Sailings for BORDEAUX
ESt'AGNE Apr. 8, 3 V. M.
CHICAGO Apr. 22, 3 P. M.
ROCHAMBEAU. . .Apr. 29, 3 P. M.
ESPAGNE May 6, 3 P. M.
roil INI OltMATION' l I s
American Line
Under the American Fla?
Y. Liverpool. Pier 02. N. K., .Noji
I l
I llllmnl
. pr. ,i Neiv orl. .r I'l
White Star Line
N. V Liverpool, Pier oil. N. K., Aoot
'I Inlnnil ,r ,, ... , I . 11 , 1 ,r u
I loi.r the Am.-rli m I'
! OrriCI.'.l) If WAS, y V. lel. I' .-i lt.rtr
' ri.Mlf. tit l.i' n Mi.-l iMHir
fl ISI-HIM I. I s V, s--( '
nrrl p. o lu.-.i Line i'Sni H . 1
M.- I ltd S t I't.'y tv eV
I'lel - N 11 liner Te' .
: -'-l
TEAM-HIP Tlt'lsETa to nmj vrri
Offltrlal Aj.nt all lines
Rajmend Jt Wkltroms To.. 235 .Mil t W T,
"I'lll. PI III It III. I'l. I l II
BOSTON $2.65
in i : st i i:itni)sis
We-k Oay alul S n i l . I
I'ter 3). N It. f ' We ' II
'Phone Sprl ie Ultll
l no
fl r 'v I'ter 1 1, P
An. al on I' M SI ,. .,
.Ni-sv I oiiilioi (Vorulilil
Pter 4" S II fl 11 i l
o-i y. ' 30 ! M . Pic r ; ., .
p-l. a i.o P M
New lliisrn Mile, ! "f
f ! ( i -liar tie St , v. .k i i
M 1" T 7 .. f I" " I -" . .
Mori-esler. SM'.n. I'losl.lent e illrei I M 50
ol l-llii -.1 h i miosis . n.i
H.ill.s. lm luillm: si. ti.l. ti t .n I M
I'roni I' ir i;i I It I n
(. ij i I, I il'ti I i
Cp u , j, t i "
f.l Hlrcrl .MUM -IISIII MM,
Itcdot etl I ares ll l'ln. Phone. -is n( ert.
t:A" i i hn i i sinii' i is i
lot It-.
I fl. rite I-
Itl I te
,r I ..
lL'tti UN ,y.
llellelie's lours,
st UKOt, A I i:' Mil II I .
I Hl l luN, HI. Ml. 1.1 j v
Ot till Vlil.i Ut 11 -illJl t
butru;.vitt ul Uiu i on . i.
Nuuir M jH'icli-i k 1 '
lisixini; li.ihu t(j,'iAiiis 11- i
Ul ut tlia County t! Nv
tu pnoi'lit tliv fiimu uiiii
in tli M.i llin i ii.- i
llIK t'll Hl''4 t I IU Ot '
iti.iiiii Ns. t.., . .
I N-vv " I i ii n' I i ( i '
' 19ti 1 i' l, N" V-itti, '
1 Oi-mlfr. X'H'' H.'M' 'I'
KUU'K 11 Al.l is :
, Al.l.KN X .MM SS
' AilmlnUtr.itoi it c. t. (
. VllFn CIt
cl nn ortlttr uf llunu. ti .1
a surroKato of Itio c ii'
.SO I'll. 1 hei . 'iy kii-'- '
lliillliK . .ulin. nsiain.t At
Km. 1.1.1. ol th. ivuuir v n
lease.i ut p p.etil l Ii e s.-n"
tin It i i. -
trans u ' mi: bii'. c th. -alto-
! s. H .'t a. c a-1, .s
J! 111 Mreei. Itnr.iUK'l
Cits of New Vork, en . t
r.i of Ap' il nesi Hate I. .
Uth il ii "f o.-toliet I .1
IlKlff'tl lll'. II WIIITI il' -KVr.l'H'l
I. t'l.Allhl! I'
tornei . f .r H.e u' n - '7 's
nusti of M .- t. , Sets- s
Hl l P S S
11' '
III 1 1 - i 1 1 I'
I .! I - I.
ill wholes!!!'
old) tu M. I
lm 'II'
Co .
I l
II '

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