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Fair and colder.
Highest temperature
Di'tdlled weather, ina. J
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1916. copyright, 1916, by the Hun Printing and Publlthing As$ectaUon.
toSMv fair
MMoii Accomplished Even
if Villa Is Free, War
3Iiuister Wires.
U. s. Itmind t Catoh Chief
ta in Alive, or Dead.
His View.
U. s. Troops South of Sateva
5.000 Uei-ruits Sent
In Border.
Gen. ubtcgon. Minister of War In
JJtxloo, si that the tlmg has come
(or the American troops to withdraw
from his country.
He says the American have broken
Up llif Villa band nnd should now
tetire with honor, even though Villa
in .tl!l at large. He pay.- that the Car
lanzlstas will catch him.
Secretary Lansing mi Id last night
that there would 1 no withdrawal of
troop from Mexico. Ho Intimated
that the United State Intends to get
V.M.i doad or alive.
Col. Hi own, commanding a detach
ment of Col. Dotld's command, wired
t.i Hon. runston from ,Cul" through
r.inl l.etcher at Cliitiiiahua that In
i. hut iu the trail of Villa.
From his message It Is believed that
.iinc of Ills force Is at Sateva, or even
further Miuth near I'arral. Villa was
b.-' ro)orted at . Sateva.
secretary of War Baker lias ordered
imm recruits to the border, so that
many regular can go Into Mexico.
Fiftcf n thousand more recruit will
- when tliey are obtained.
77.1; TO GO NOW.
Relict r iuerlcnn r'nrera Hare
) rushed Yllllalas.
I 'a - t, Tex.. April C. Gen. A I vara
Oh, ; ,. Minister of War for Mexico. Is
iilcnt lli.it Villa has been cnmplctely
- ii'il in the Chihuahua camp.ilgn and
i ' ii wnik of the I'nlted States army
pan. e expedition In Mexico has been
r c.l. mplcted.
I i a despatch to-day to Consul Garcia
. id i tjiieicl.iro he advises that, ac-
I ig W iiiforinatloii from Chlhuahuj
la has been defeated III the several
t... ..... f.A...illlU,,..llo.
: i2v, n, nts with the Constitutionalist
'. He states that the crushing de
have all been confirmed. The tel--.in
ajs in addition that "Gen.
'-tinez. thief of the forces lu Chlhua
u.i I .i assured ine that It will not bo
)U' In fort- Villa Is captured."
I ! Constitutional authorities have,
It authoritatively stated, deferred any
' 1 i telative to the ui- of the railroads
i' Hie Aineilcan tioops pending llio out
m i' "f the Villa campaign. The fact
men aie routed and he him-
I wounded is iiinstrueil by tho
c staiitiouallsts as the flrst step in thu
i iiowhilgnienl from the American
' r'lM that their mission lu Mexico has
I'tm ptrformed.
' tier Consul Garcia nor Gen.
(. v in would talk to-day upon the fines
' "f the use of rallioads lu Mexico
neiicaii troops. Gen, Gavira also
j liuctant in Depressing himself upon
in sage f.f American troops any
r -011111
l. t nr nt tint sen I III.
I ' carloads of hay crossed to
1 rti z t.i -.1 inula for shipment to Casus
.r.imli and points south, The ship
"" Hie largest of any single article
f f'.-d for Hie slock that has yet moved
''.i d the fulled Stales troops, und
' other shipments, it Is a private un
'i "k,ng, though destined for the army
W f
v 'K i.iv ii. tnc ill i. inure or ine ireigot ,
-ui passenger train to Casus Grnndes I
V 'Ui.iv ii. the diparture of the freight
'"'I point south was occasioned to-day
mi 'he mixed train will not go until
to-morrow. ,
Two thousand pounds uf chocolate and
M'J poijiidn of stltk candy were requl
:tl..ind to-diiy from Hie local quarter
wler supply depot by Ihe field quar
Uiniiister with the Pershing command,
ho "aid the soldiers aro crazed for
something sweet. The order will be filled
i') wuy of Columbus, but candy will be
shippid lu large quantities In tho mer
iluiuhse to bo taken down to-morrow by
private storekeepeiH,
vlu.irtcnniiMter-.Seigeunt C. If. Reaver,
l'o. with Porter Hinckley of the Six
lf'nth Infantry, wuh here to-day to taka
I'Ui the extra klls and equipment for
I" irgluiontK, said;
"All of the soldiers ure brown and
hiu'ly and urn anxious for a chance to
il.eii i idea and i.icnt Villa. They
h.ii.l ns niillo and declare that this
rk is n pleasure, nlthnugli nt one
time they in,,! to go thirty hours without
l't, exitpt the quart In their can
tctiis The men also have their heads
"liitd a ,i preventive against disease."
Imllaii Cross Rordrr,
Willi t.iglc r. iithcrs In their huts and
P'tli q their belt srublmrds twenty
JlMUin Indians of tho While Mountain
.'lurli.. Indian reaervutlon In Arizona
kit Li Paso (o-iUy for the military baB
t Nuiiiiqmpu, where they will bo placed
J"' the Hall of Villa. Tho Indians were
hi tlurgc of Cupt. O. P. M. Huszard of
Ti nth Cavalry at Fort Apache. Tho
fhlef dignitary of the group (a Yet-Bun-v)r,
vviio la a full chief and one of
ConOrtucrf on Fouifa rage.
Invaders Take Haucourt, but Fail in Thrust at Bethin
court French Press On in Bois Carre and Ad
vance Positions on Douaumont Line.
The German shifted their offensive in
the Verdun region of France buck to
tlie west side of the Mouse on Wednes
day night and delivered attacks against
Haucourt und Hethlncnurt, taking the
foruier village, hut falling to progress
toward Ucthlncourt.
At the Mine time the French. at
tacking h little to the west of this
fighting', took a large part of the Dols
Carre, north of Avocotirt.
The French, continuing their counter
attack yesterday on tin Dounumont
Vaux sector, east of the Mouse, advanced
their linen 20i) meters ('.'19 yards) on
a front of Son meter Cf.4" yard).
The French and aerinan statements
of last nlght'n lighting agreo generally,
the Germans Haying also that their
troops occupied "the strongly forlltlcd
French point support cant of the village"
(Haucourt), a point not mentioned In
the. French communique. Thin point of
support presumably Is to the north of
Hill oOl, which, with Le Mort Homme,
command this sector. The French
communique says that the village Is
under the fire of the dominating French
Latter I nnlile to Leave Trenches
Drsnltr Artillery Preparation.
tprclat Cahlt Pftpatch to Tar 9rv.
1'ahis, April H. Uy means of a series
of small engagements the French troop,
which are slowly recovering ground be
tween the Caillette wood and Douau
mout, regained to-day "00 meters (219
arde of positions on . front of 000
meters (JtT yards).
The sain was made by hand to hand
fighting. A German counter attack
which was started toward night broke
down under the French lire.
The Germans appeared to be about to
make an attack on this side of the rler
to-day when they directed a violent
bombardment against the Cote du
I'olvre, north of Hras. but the French
artillery at once concentrated a heavy
tire on the German positions and the
German lnfantr was unable to leave
Its trenches.
Germans Held lu Treut-nrs.
The official communing l"ued bv the
French War Office to-night follows:
In the Argonne we exploded a mine
In the region of Vauquol.
West of the Meute the German con
tinued to bombard with perslstem e
the salient of Hethlttcouit and the vil
lage of Rsnes and Montzeville.
Knt of the Meuse the Cote du
T'olvre wa submitted In the course of
the day to a violent bombardment
which appeared to ptcsage nil ntta.ii.
but our hairage tire pievented the en
emy from leaving his trenches.
.Southwest of Foil Dountimont
- . ... , . . i
series of small combats which .level-
oped Into hand to hand lighting
enabled our troops to make progress
in the enemy communicating trenches
and works on it front of ..00 inelels
(5tT yards) and to a depth of mote
thnn '.'00 meters CM 3 yards). A coun
ter attack launched by the enemy at
the end of the day was completely
lu the Woevre oui batteries ee
cuted concentrations of fire on vat Ions
polnl of the enemy front.
In Lorraine our artillery was active
to tlie east of Lunevllle and between ,
the Vezouse and the Vnsge.
There w:.s no Inmortant event to te
i Imrt .1P ret of tlie front, aside
from the customary ennnouaoe.
A heavy German attack on tlie west
ern bank or the river last night gained ,
a foothold lu the village of Haucourt. j
The attack was made simultaneously at
two points of the Avocourt-lSethlncourt
fiont. Haucourt and Hethlncourt, and'
continued trtough the nWht. The at
tack at the latter point failed completely.
I Haucourt, which Is In a hollow doinl
' nateil be the heights to the cist. Is now
under the lire of the French guns on
these heights, the communique- Issued
this afternoon says.
I .mmnltaneouslv with the German at
tack the French forces at the Avocourt
redoubt made a successful sortie for the
purpose of connecting up their own po
sition with another on tho educ of the
wood to the north. In the course of this
operation the French occupied the
greater part of the Hols .Carre and took
fifty prisoner.
Two German counter attacks last
night on the positions retaken by the
French north of Caillette wood, east of
tlie river, weie repulsed.
German Hrinle(.
The nfleinoon communique was as
follows :
In the Argonne district n surprise
attack delivered by us this nvmilng
on one of the enemy's trenches near
the hiiihway Of St. Hllliert resulted Ifl
our Inflicting perceptible losses on our
our in.... . - -
adversaries and in bringing bacK to
our lines some iw emj in
During this attack our artillery In
the next sector violently bombarded
that isnrtlon of the Hols d'Avoeourt
occupied by tho Germans.
in the region of Verdun the enemy,
nfter the relative calm of yesterday
afternoon, guve evidence of very great
activity during Ihe evening hours. As
the night progressed there took place
west of the Meuse a Isombardment of
extreme violence In the region be
tween Avocourt and Bethlncourt. This
was followed by a series of attacks In
which large numbers of men took part
against the two principal salients ot
this front. All the efforts of tho
enemy against the village of Hethln
court were checked by our (lie.
At the same time the enemy de
livered a furious attack on the centre,
as.ilr.'t tb village of Haucourt. In
spite of repeated checks und of bloody
sacrifices they were successful In get
ting a footing" during the night In
this village. We now hold the village
under the fire of our dominating s)sl
tlons. Frrneb Gain Gronnd.
On our side, after a short ptenara
tory artillery fire, wo delivered a
spirited attack, nur men coming out
from the redoubt of Avocourt, there
purpose being to connect this redoubt
with one of our works situated on the
boundary line of the wood to the
north of Avocourt. During this opera
tion, which was In ull respects suc
cessful, we occupied a large portion of
the territory known as Ie Hols Carre
und took fifty prisoners.
toast of the Meuse two attacks on
the part of the enemy directed against
our position to the north of the Hols
de la Caillette resulted only In serious
losses to the Germans.
There Is nothing to report from the
remainder of the front.
Berlin Report Cantare Say
French llffortu Failed.
lb:ni.i.v, via london, April 6. After a
preparatory lire lusting all day the Ger
man force stormed the village of Hau
court and the fortified iolnt of support
eat of the village last night.
A renewal of the French effort to re
capture the position In the Caillette
wood and northwest of the wood was
cheeked Immediately. The German
statement follows:
There was great activity west of
the Meuse during the day, chiefly on
account of the preparatory tire which
we directed against the district of
Haucourt. During the afternoon the
activity of our Infantry beciimc more
pronounced. It stormed the village of
Haucourt and the strongly fortified
French point of support east of the
village, lu addition to very cousldet
able losses In killed and wounded the
enemy lost e leven oftlerrs and 531 tin
wounded prisoners, belonging to two
different divisions.
on the right bank of the Meuse the
French renewed the attempt against
positions we captured In Caillette
wood and northwest thereof on April
". This attack was checked quickly.
Iraenl Ite.mesl fur t'lnthlnsc
Cm bird t'riim I'nrl o Interpreted.
The National Allied Relief Committee
rceeiveii a cablegram eterday from
the American Hellef Clearing House In
I"arls asking for greatly Incieased sup
plies of hospital clothing,
The cablegram sajs,
"While wool mi, I woullt-u goods are
needed, concentrate all possible efforts
on refugee and hospital supplies for the
present, cannot have enough hospital
clothing. Tremendous emergency. Need
greatest at any time jet, and becoming
greater dally. Please do everything pos-
Members of tlie committee Interpreted
the message as Indicating that a big
r renin intensive was under way.
HrltUh May German Stormed
Trrnrhe flattie C'nntlnnea.
Sprcial Cablt Dtipatch to Tins Sc.s.
Lonoon, April 6. The following re-
port from Hrltistr hewdnunitr is rn-France
whs issueu lo'ingni uy inc omcl.il mess I
' 1
bureau :
Uariy this morning after a heavy
bombardment the uiemy attacked our
new tiencliei at Saint Llol stronglv.
The lighting was going on all dav and
still continue.
1. .. ... ... ... . ..
iiim.i-, n -mimm noiiiie raiilincr
paity which entered one of our ttenches
was piomptly ejected, suffering .ev. ral
The urtlllery on both sides was ac
tive to-dav nt Llevln, Lens and south
of Hoeslnghe.
lliili li I'apci- Sa.vo (ifi'inan Con
siilato at Aiiistci'daiu ln
siirMl th! ralM'Iiood.
tfifCiol (ab!f lUtpntch to Tnr. Sun
Loniios. April . A despatch fipm
Amsterdam sas that the llandrhbla.l
declines that the statement which it
characterizes as a falso'iood printed in
the .4i'oiidpof of The Hague on March
31 to the effect that Great Hrltaln had
sent an ultimatum to Holland demand
ing the passage of llrltlsh troops through
Dutch territory emanated ftom the Ger
man Consulate at Amsterdam.
Tnc lliitlsli legatlou at The Hague
protested lo the Dutch Government
ngalnst the publication of the statement,
Sir Alan Johnstone, the Hritish Minister,
calling attention to the fact that .,e
iin.ifimi. rinl.l .ml l,n u.i.i.l in,a.. ..-.
Dutim law and emphuslng that the
latlous between Holland and Gient Urt-.
uln weie never more coi.lli.1
am weie nev.r more tniiuiii,
The Foreign Oillco Issued the follow
ing statement to-night
"Tlln V,.linl-l.,.wlu I if.. r.l imaii t .l...A
Umt vgatlori In the North Sea Is so
dangerous thai they arc unable to trans-
IKirt Hritish and German Incapacitated
Plisoncis who have been exchanged."
Tl.o Rotterdam correspondent of the
ilntl'l .1nfJ telegtaphs;
The Ilerlln l.okiilanifiui t say that
for .several days no Dutch paper have
at rived lu Ilerlln, and concludes! that
tlie Dutch Government wishes to keep
the Genitalia In uncertainty concerning
"Two German spies have been ar
rested on a train between Amsterdam
und Maastricht,
"A diver employed by the Dutch Gov
ernment examined the wreck of the
steamer Tubantla on April B. On the
Journey from tho North Hinder lightship
to Mnusluls tho tug carrying the diver
destroyed twenty-four floating mines.
"The Dutch Admiralty has been tp
formed that the Dutch schooner Klslciui
Helena was torpedoed by u German
submarine within three hours steaming
distance of tho Hritish coast. Tho crew
at first thought Ihn tmbinarlnu was
lirltlsli, The uyhooncr carried contra
band consist Ing of wood from Norway lo
"Tlie crew were compelled to a.sslst In
blowing up the schunncr, but the ex
plosion did not sink the ship and iha
eventually was torpedoed. The crew
got off In u small boat, which was lowed
by the submarine fiom 3 P, M, until
U-.lin P. M. to the North Hinder light
ship. After spending Ihe night on tho
lightship the crew were taken to Flush.
Ing by u Dutch deslrojer."
Government Forbid the I'.tporla-
(Inn of Sneh Mnppllr.
l(O.Npnrv April fi. Despatches from
The Hague received here to-day slate
that the Dutch Government has Imurd
an order forbidding the exportation of
fooditujfs until further notice.
Railroad Detective Appeals
t o Pol ice T went y-t lu ce
Men Arrested.
Kxtinoidiniity precautions are being J
taken by the New York Central Hallroad
to prevent violence In tin) strike of
yardmen and other employee, who yes
terday Increased their rank by recruits
not only from the Molt Haven yard,
but from other points along the lines
as far not tit as Peeksklll. The union
estimate of the number of men out
was 2.100. but Vice-President Charles
F. Daly, In rhaige of tratllc, placed the
number at :.nu. and added that most
of the slrlkerx' places had been tilled,
The apprehension srew. however, when
air brake Inspectors and car inspector
at the Gland t'ential Station Joined
the yardmen and Imgg.ige handlers.
Chief Peter Stein of the New York
Central detective force took steps last i
night at the power plant at 149th I
street and the K..M River wbU'li resulted .
in me arrest or twenty-tnree sinners.
who earlier In the day attended a meet- I
lug In Protection Halt, lSl'd street and
Courtlandt avenue. Wht Stein learned
about the meeting prompted him to call
for help from Inspector lMwald I.
Walsh, who oidered the te-eive from
tlie Walton avenue and Morrlsnnla po
lice stations and a squad of detectives
and himself at the pouer station
n,i iiiitr ui ti . .. ..r .i,,!!,.-
Watch Kept, I'earlnu HiaeU.
Melu feiiied an attempt to blow ui! the , ,.,,ei ts of amicable adjustment have
p ant and cripple p.ut of the railroad's I Iu M,roel in Ihe last tweiitv-four
electrical equipment. Consequently th!nout. The peisistenre of Geimany in
policemen and lallro.id guards waited in denying by Indirection any responsll.il
the fielght yards mar the station Some V , ,utf. ( tie Sussex has made
time arter the meeting bloke up about ,A, impression on officials of Hill
100 of the strikers met and prepared to , tiovcruinent.
lescnd uiion the power plant. Just then
they dlscovertd the ptesence of the police Word I'riiln Gerard.
anil toon to their heels. .Most of them
got away, but the police caught twent-
three of them as the) scainpeied across
the track, and arrested them for tres-
passing on railroad proptrty All weie
taken to the night couit. whete they were
lined 15 each. Atoiit 1 .nod had intended
the meeting, which was held under tlie
, auspices of the Ametican
i ii.iuwuy vvorKers
The officers of the ralltoad seenud e
'erday to lark any definite Information
lttout tm 'trlkei. Tlie company's state-
""s ...u vni. ui uif sirmeis
U H.wlll1D.l .....4 ....l. .......1 ..... .
....i ..nrnu,. ... r.iPii; H'l'in'ii til...
the men recently recelv.d a J per cent,
sulaiy Increase and that none of tlum
received less tniiu 1 r. .er da. 'Ihe
rnmiiim' .hrn..t, VI...,. I -I.U. I...I..
maintained that no dtlay In trail, schrd-
ules had been caucd b the strilu, al-
though the news that thu air brake and
car Inspectors had Joined the strikers'
rAuks was dl'concct ting. The Interstate I
Commerce Commission ic.iulns that all '
cars and trains be inspected before they
can be sent out of a station
i Mny IimoUc IIMl.llo
The total nuiiibtr of men who might
(strike was not known at the vice-president's
oltlce, but the union olllcers said
past night that L'.l'Ki were out and pre-
oicirn lli.n iii.iiijm more nom neie 10
Chicago would be called upon to iult
to-day. It was even threatened that
the strike might spread to inO.flnO rail
load einplojete. who eek the same
lecognltiou fiom the company thai the
engineer, firemen and tralmnen receive.
The strikers now out Joined from the
yards at Mott Haven, Meliose. White
Plain?, North White Plains, Hrevvstcr
and other places In Westchester county.
The union leader say Hint they have
machinists, bolleimakeis, carmakers.
freight handlers, car cleaners, baggage
men ami ou.ri employers ... inni raons.
Yardmen of the electric zone ter-1
mini. I. of the Harlem division at North
White Plains and the Central s.vstem
nt Harmon Joined the strikers yesterday
afternoon, tn.iklie-r In all about '.'jO yard
men, trackmen, airbrake Inspectors, car
penters arid machinists In those sections.
Fearing trouble. General Manager
Miles llronsou sent forty armed guards
to the various yard In Westchester and
called on Sheriff Wlesendariger to place
deputies on guard along tlie tracks when
the machinists In the Putnam division
. maohlne shop wcnl nilt. Tvvo carloads
.! SlllliO OrfilKl'ie Hfe I USiiril IO IU Kl!
re-11"' I,1"0, "r BtriKers Hint special guarils
"r,- i-"'" " " """-
former slat Oil,
I weillj Cllisens weie ewoill in Its
ilepiitij'S to nrip guiini rue .Minn v line
Plains station, which I an Important
electric point of the New York Central
system, Postmaster Henry Sutherland
at White Plains said that the stillio had
affected the mall service so that only
th.ird class matter and newspapers ar
rived. General Organizer Hugh Friijue of
the American Federation of Labor said
.vesterday that the union which has
called the present strike was not adul
ated with the federation nnd that the
federation had recently effected an
agreeinent with the New York Central
by which strikes In Ihe mechanical de
partments of the road would he averted,
Thai .Mmbrr of Troop. .W Itnl.ed
fur Mrr lee Overen
Ottawa. April . Finance Minister
White announced in Parliament tn-dny
tlint Hit number of men raised by Can
ada for overseas service now totals
300,000. He said the expeudituie of
equipping these troop was heavy, and If
It became necessary even the building of
big public works would lu discontinued.
Regal ding the general financial pol
icy the MliiUtcr explained that lie vvnul.l
aim to nuance the war expenditures by
borrowing for fairly long periods, A big
problem was to meet annual civil e.x-
If we cm. kern, those well vvlthl,, the!
i. , u.1,1 .'llin tli ,.... ......
he said,
. . ' . '
not tie an iiiiniiiy nenous oiiroen in spue
of the Increuso In tin public debt, This
vcar If the revenue keep up we will meet
ordinary and capital expenditure and
Interest on the debt and also hiiv, -,.
0011,000 to heli pay the principal of the
war expenditures."
Famous llellca Ntolen,
RoMg. April . A fatnous collrcllon
of antient coins, Jewels nnd rumeos In
the F.truecan Museum of Corneto, In the
province of Home, was stolen to-day by
thieves who secured entry to the museum,
Will Submit Data to Cabi
net To-day for a Final
Wasiunuton', April 0 Following
series of lonfertnrcs at the White House
to-day It became known that President
Wilson has decided upon a course of
action in the submarine controversy In
case Germany falls to break down the
evidence which Is piling up. that one of
her submarine commander torpedoed !
the Sussex without wnrnlng.
, ie w f ,ho d )e rre,,lent
I ..... .. .
I 'Hscusse.l the Governments relations
iwlth Germany with Secretary Lansing.
Counsellor Polk and Col. 12. M. House,
. , Washington at this time
........ , ,,
" Invitation of .Mr. Wilson.
i It is the understanding that Ihe sub-
murine toiitiovcrsy will be discussed at 1
,.,,.,. Climlie, mating with a I
.,.,, ,, .... ,
i-. -
outline Just what course he will follow l
In tlie event of absolute proof lh.it Ger
many violated her pledges to the United
Mates bv torpedoing the Su-sex. i
.IimI what ionise the President has
determined on Is not disclosed II Is
known, however, thai betoie ai ling the l
will dlsiu- the ca-e with '
'v - ongiesn
I'be President ami Secietary liiislug
roufrrrrd for luoie than an hour this
tlflMllirx.il till t?la Hill. 111. I I til.. Ukl'l. I'll..
When Secjetji- Lansing came fiomlto-day to be an aured fact It was
'- i'e uou v ai o ciock lie sr.ow w :
fle,1'".,1',,ll. ",u" lo,"a "f """""I'11 'r'
u.-uin iiii.iii iivi.hii.-ii. ji. -am oe iiiuiui
not comment In any way on the matters i
oiiiin r unori nwusMun
"flriw mb.issjnlor Gfr.iril iffelvedany
word from Geimany on the Sussex
cuse w a asked.
"No, he lias not," t'ae Secietary an-
sweied euiiihatically. mul htirileil back
to the state Department, wheie fresh
deM'-itches on t
situation -rfvoMmtefi-.
nis iiiieiitiiiii
I...., .1 ... . . .
I'lll.iiK III"' .llUtlllll IOC lresOS.l
went over the latest developments in
the situation with Col House and I'otin-
srnor roil; or tlie Male i eiartment At
I ..m. Ilm. Xi.,..lMrv In m.. I.
consultation with Sir i'ecll Spring-Hire.
the lirltlsli Ambassador
The fact that both the ISiltMi and
French Ambuss idoi me assisting Sec
'"'ary L.uimiu III placing responsibility
or the Suse disaster, while Count von
iii'iii-iniii, inc uermaii .Muoiissaiior, ne
cllnes to mention the matter. Is regardeil
heie as significant In the seiie tlv.it It
leilectH the official attitude of the re-'
tp-ctlve Goveininent-.
( Olint von Mern.torrf iwt ..I it... r,n.
I'ep.irtnient to-day, but did not see warning their action would constitute
Secietary Ionising, lie conferred with an error in violation of the Get man Ad
Mr Polk on what was described as mU-nltVs explicit order- made lu pur
routine commercial business." Seere- ,u,nce of her promise to the United
t.trj leinsmg later sum tint the
lussador came to discuss with Ml. Polk
the questions pertaining to Importation
of d)f stuff from Germany. Hoth Secre
tar.v Uinslng and Cnurit von Htrnstorff
emphasized that the submarine Issue
was not nenlluned
DUelnlo.er Presumed.
rfti,ct I now s.ild to be ship-
n!, !lW police on the presumption Ihit
. (!,,.manv in the final an.ilvsls will ill's-
,nl ress,nslblllty for
, ,..! , ',.r. , .
llty for the attack on
Scent irv I mslng said
hi bv the' I'nlted t ites
d probablv not be't i'ken
the Sussex, Hut
to-day that action
Government would
until a renlv on the case had come fiom.
Ilerlln. obviously Germany will have
to p. on tccord as saying that Hie
Sussex case does or does not concern
To meet the latter contingency th" evi
dence which the State Department Ita
already collected n said to be ciy
nearly complete. It I also said authorl
'attveiy that this evijet.ce is inote c.m-
. "-"'
.-.cm ,,, ...i...i e..... u,a. . r ,i
""""" 'rv
closely examine.., oui asm. irolll tills
...., ,
, llieir is .... ui-".. .... lyr. t-1 (i.-iir,i. I ms,
it is unnerrftoon, icaos io i ne conclusion
. that the examination of the metal flag-
. nients found on tin Sussex has enabled
the Aineilcan naval expert from the
Imdoli and Pails embassies to uacli
definite conclusions that the ship was
torpedoed, otherwise the fragments would
be exanilli...l by a board of naval experts
Secretary Lansing has lecelved the re-
port of Commander Symington, naval I
attache of the American llmbassy In I
London, on Ihe Sussex ctse. Thertpoitl
coiiodoi iiies wiai ... ii.u naval expetls ol
the American l.nibassy in Purls. Hoth
the teports from I .onion and Pail bear
out Rear Admlial Grasefs conclusion
that the ship was torpedoed.
.No llvldence of a Mine.
v )f (.vl,l,m.(1 , u)
of tonllrmlng the preliminary leports
that a Herman siiomarine was tesponsl-
ble. There has lieen no evidence that a
mine damaged the ship. Rear Admlial
itri.ssel's reilOl't WilS conHldeef.,) vit ..ui.
elusive that Secretary Lansing did not
hesitate In concuirlng In the suggestion
of M. Jusseranit, the French AmWi.i.
dor, lliat It should be made publl'
Secretary Lansing declined to coin-
merit on the referent e lo future German
submarine warfare Hindu by t.'nancelinr
von Hethmann-llollweg, In his address
before the Reichstag rterday
i ,il "iz:;310:,:; .
".',...., I r , ,.Z '
.. . V. " . . .
llietiu ' ......... in.viiiin tu tul III lie
Hn8 the submarine weapon n the
future much us It has been used In the
Tho Chancellor, an olltclul explained,
says in effe.i : "It Is up to the United
States." This ottlcial added: "Hut the
President Is about lo take the po-ltjon
that it Is up I" Germany.' "
It became known to-day that the
I'nlted States Government has given no
lice to the French Ambamarior t'nat any
armed French liners applying for clear-
Conflmirif on frosd I'ayt,
Fight on James R. Mann as
"Keynoter" Expected to
committee To-day
Ciiicaoo, April f., Col. Hoosevelt's
notice to the Republican patty that he
Is willing to be considered as a Presi
dential possibility. It is believed, has
changed the plans of the sub-committee
of the Republican National Committee.
Tlie sub-committee meets at the Con
gress Hotel to-morrow to name a tempo
rary chairman of the Coliseum conven
tion, which meets June 7. Just two
months from to-morrow
Until to-day it was cxpcilcd that
Chairman I till, y, putsunnt to earlier
arrangements, would announce that Rep
resentative .lames It, Maun would wield
the gavel and sound the 191rt keynote.
I To-night, however, there aie Indications
that the oyster llnj announcement may
lead the sub-committee to seek iinotner
''"il?.1!" ,., ,,,.t t .,t
month, It is now known. Congressman
Mann was forirally chosen, as far as tlie
hub-eommlttee was concerned. Announce
ment of his selection was deferred by
Chairman 1 1 II le? oer night.
K.irly the next morning Committee
man Warren of Michigan notified hi!
i colleagues on the committee that he bad
received a teleatam from Senator Will
Inm Alden Smith of Michigan suggesting
that the announcement of Congressman
Mann's selection I defei red until after
the Michigan primaries, which weie held
last MoudJ).
Held HIT fur -rliator Miiltli.
"It would embarrass me in my State,"
was tlie gist of the message from Sena-
tor Smith to Committeeman Warien and
carried by the latter to 1'h.ilrmati Hllles
and other members of the sub-committee.
Chairman Hllle .ald that mi action had
, been taken as to the tempoiary chair
manship, due to the absence last month
of three member of the sub-committee.
Latest returns from Michigan show
that Senator Smith has been defeated In
the Presidential preference primaries by
Henry Ford.
Roosevelt's friend" ate not for Mann
for temporal' chairman, hut they realize
that he cannot be defeated either In the
full Nutloi.al Committee, to which the
sub-comtnlttee must report, or lu the
convention. pro Ided the eiib-cominlttei)
selects him, This nitirli was ascertained
one of the thltlKS ,Usi.-Hs.-e.l at the
Roosevelt-Root conterenc. according to
The" Roosevelt campaigner would
prefer Senator Lodge for
. , ,- . .
Sll ll'I'lllfPs I lllll'l' '( l'l I II I'
.iiiiiiH'iiiiiiini Itosanliii!!
Ilit C I ton t War.
Amsterdam. Vprll 'If
,,K,!- v'
, , . nere ihuoiumj tn. vvtien in, mmsn
s'loniarinc have made, nri, ..i. ., f ,., i.,., , ,.. ..
should make, an attack on unarmed and
, .i,,,.,,,
"'" " i-.rr.,, .
Ain-'s,,.,., t :1u ,-,ses of such errors Ger
many wonkl H"t h.sitnle to accept the
coriseipiences and make all suitable
r. Alfred XimincriPann. I nder S.
retary for Foreign Affairs, thus replied
toohiy, In substance, to Inquiries
whether Germany lias changed her sub -
murine policy. Any theory that the
German treatment of passenger steameis
has been modified In any way Is un-
Justllled. he emphasized. The same, ho,
aunen, applies i m-uuai w,nim.
which are subject to destruction only
"hen examination ha found more than
1,alf of l'il,BO "f ontra -
band of war.
Dr. Zlnimei maun laid the Incteas'il
destruction of neuttal steameis to mines, the Peninsular and ' mental liner Simla,
which he said all belligerents are using of e.'.W tons, has be. n sunk In the
a recognized weaiwn of war ..Mediterranean No details have bt-etr
The American Ilmbassy requested 'm- received, but the vessel was stint; pie
formation to-day fiom the German Gov- siim.il.l.v bv a submarine
eminent legardlng the steamer Ra.'le -
Point, re. enllv sunk off Oileenstowii.T'K
iiiuail ..ske.l u-helher Ihe vcs.'el
wa sunl; lit a German Mild at Ine, This
make- the fourth American Innulrj on
sinkings dining the past two weeks, the
,..,. ,.., i i.iff the Sussex.
u n... I Manchester c wr.
I -
V vei the German Foielgn nillce
has no information regarding these ves
sels, it was ulllciall) stated to-dav.
Question regarding the Sussex are
lountered by the Admiralty with a re
quest for more exact detail as to when,
where and under what clrc iitnMnm '
i the Channel liner whs destroved
'Inn. I snniford f t'olumlni is r-;
rrM-.l In .Weni...ii.
lit (iKiiii gi: ii. ci.iivii: vi .
srfct Corrrjipo'.rff nf of Tnr bis..
.ii.MV in Mkxico, April ii, via i.ullo lo
Columbus, N. M. Tandy Samford. one
of two brother who made their homo
... r, v...- v xi ...... ,.ri-..u..i ... i,.
III i.uiuiii.'iii ..... ".r ..in.,.. ... .
j home of 'his father In Ascension to-day
ennrgeu won i.ru.K " uosi.i n
' He Is alleged to have given Infoiina-
Hon to Villa during the Columbus raid,
I --
' ,ibi,. Monded He Crosae llorder
' .
'" 'ainrp MpiIpo.
i;t Ao,i'eN.. April Private Shiion
i tt'u risi,..! i.'on i .envHintiirib iv-..n ....
. rlved hei to-.lny to Join the Seventh
I infuntrv. He thought the I'nlted States
m '!!"
ni riven ur.r o. o. ,,ui wait". si
' nill'BlHill.1 .'u. i-iiuiiinriry inn in.u i.IIU
marched right into Juarez,
A Mexican policeman arrested Wolf, ,
and later h wns brought buck lo the '
mill. lie of the International bridge and
permitted to return lo the I'nlted States,
Re was locked up In Hie Poll llliss
guardhouse for his Indiscretion,
Canadian Mra I'aplaln rinds l.lle.
.... .
nol (ablr llopatrt, to run Sis
Isinpon". April 6. 1'apt. McNeill of
the Cunadinu Pittillc Railway slcuinship
Manitoba committed suicide al liyin-
outh to-duy.
Temporary Chairman and
Change Choice of Sub
Talk Root or Lodge.
chairman. Hut londillnns in Masaihii
setts brought on by the Presidential
candidacy of Senator Weeks, espoused
definitely by .Senator Lodge, and com
plicated by the T. R. slate of delegate
running against thu political Judgment t
of the Colonel and Ills advisers, have ,
muddled matters to the extent that the,
Roosevelt management ns late as t ay I
decided to stay away from a light di
rected against Mann. Yet It Is felt that
they would be pleased to s,ee the choice
fall to Senator Lodge, uflcr nil. :
.May Hodge .Mann l lulil. j
However, the new twist to the Presi
dential situation developed by Col. I
Roosevelt's statement, combined with :i j
renewed assurance that Justice Hughes ,
will not refuse the nomination If It come
. n I i.n.a . i. . A ,tit,tif.citt tit ttptr.r
lu mull in r.iiu .vi i,iihmi ... .
initiation of thr sillwommllti't! cstab-
Ilshul In March to retommend Mann foi
the temporary rhalrmanshlp.
It Is known that tho real Sherman
Republicans In Illinois were greatly in
censed at the renoit that Mann bad
been picked. This was due entliely
to Congressman Mann's speech at the
Hamilton Club withdrawing htinwlf us
a candidate for the Presidency and class
ing Senator Sherman ns a "two spot "
This has had Its eflect, it Is belliftcd. In
Republican Senatorial elides n. Wash
ington. in the ipilet campaign that 'ins been
In progress for the temporary chair
manship Congressman Mann has been
criticised as n recognized "wet." The
Roosevelt people have used this against
him III many dry KepuoiUMti luien.
In view of the new developments
nilhU Root became a leading possibility
to-ulglit as temporary chairman. Among
the advance guard of the sub-naumlt-tee
none would commit himself on the
availability of Mr. Root, bill Western
men were outspoken In their opinion
that the iiHcon-lloot-Wood-Lod,:.'-Roosevelt
dinner and the rolouel's candi
dacy announcement wete closely allied.
The Roosevelt declaration, printed
here to-dav. did not make n great stir In
Chicago or In Illinois. It had been dis
counted in ndvance by the general belief
that the Colonel would accepl the
Coliseum nomination If lie could get II
without too much of a light.
i..t.iiKiivm i..iler nf nil factions are
.- :.. . ...
so lontmitted to the, calininacy oi nena- vhuhk nun infiaun n m nei-n ion o-i
tor Sherman that they refrained from I llio nieetlni; In some iii..ttei
any significant comment. The Sherman; Allel r .,.., lu,..- - ami tlicro
manager have len battling the election
of the half dozen unpledged candidates i M!11 ""' believe that he can
lor national delegates who lire openly.be iioinln.iteil mid elected iintne.l,itel
for Ruosevelt and professed no surprise ' decided that tl- fonde-t ..: then- imp,..,
at the Oyster Hay statement ,(. M,lueii , ,., J!u(,,,.velt
,- ' j.is In ge; behind bis fin mer Secietary
',.i.i T.ii'ih.iIih.iI Vh,... I.'.ii n..l
.'III I Ol IM'IKII'II , I'll I I Jll llt'I
Iliu T. A 0. LilHT
A 1ii Sunk.
, c"";. M"'.' I'lfiv l.ves
j p.rped I without warning west ,,f
1 .'.,.t,.
ipt Mai tin and nil,.' no n nf the
crew were landed here, biliiglng with
them the bodies of two of the crew who
weie killed by the tXploMon. The e
malnlng forty -eight nun. unacoiiiiteil
tor, are said to have been drowned.
The Xetit was Hearing tlie south coast
of Ireland when the torpedo struck le r.
The men tiled to launch small boats, but
In the confusion several wire over-
turned, throwing the occupants Into the
j told wat.r, in which they were not able
1 to keep alloat very long. The vessel
1 sank rapidly, the torpedo evidently hav-
Ing made a large hole In her side,
Tlie ten men who survived m.in.igei
to keep alloat lu the water and by unite,
.......... ..
.though they rowed about for some tune
seeking other surviwu who might be
. rllnging to wreckage, they could not llnd
A despatch to the Vnu.x slide that
iiriusn sicamsoii. -.em
S.1.'.'" tons illspl H ellient.
She was built
m I !".'. and was :i7 feet l,.
, 'bniary '' s illed for t .
IoIilt. On
olon, iie-
llvirig on March ' she was last re-
poeted as having silled for Santa Malta
on March "... It Is thought Hint she wa
bound for Liverpool when she was
sunk. She was owned nt Helfa-t
SE 1 'EN ubliinERISlI. 1
llrlllsh sienoier Vesotlo slm, ,,
Mine or Torpedo,
t,f, .it f fattif isteirrj ro Tor si s
1.HMHIN, April fi The lirltlsli steam-
ship Vesiivloot I ..r."ii ions nts neen sutiK TllP A ,h,,i he should ntt i,t .1. v.L
by a niliie or torpedo. She was tin-j ,,.,, .,r n. p Unln, i ,h . ,-
armed Fifteen men, tlucc being Injured. 0m..tti-. in view of the likelihood ..f si. -have
been landed. Idltlnnal bonibslndl fr on Hie direili.-i
The captain and six of the ,iew weiel(lf ,nhI,.,. h,j Thus,, who would ul
dlowned. ' vle '.luslii e Hughes believe that !
- should withhold any sta'. io. ol inn I i
Allied 'I'lnnsport Mini. OfT (.reece. .,,,, ,t,h,.ie ha cleaied, i'bet Hume
o,il linmiti), in Tim si t ' that it hia not be nice--. nt p.i h oi to
Loxnos;. April 7 The lollo Mml's
Athens i-oriespo iiient wires tn.it a tele
, r...... 1 ........... , .i . II. . . .
allied transport has hrrn sunk off the
west coast of Gieece
Norwegian eel onki I I'erlsli.
Wamiinutov, April ii.- Four poison
were lost w lieu the Norwegian stennish p
H ius was sunk, probably by u siihmniliie.
iiccordlng to the tepott of the Aineilcan
Consul nl ll.ivic. No Aimnican weie
i on bn.inl
1 1 1 ship Mnk ii Mih.oiirioc.
, rin...n.;..w.'!i ,o.,,iahtVh..; ..
P.tiils, April Ii. I'lte .Miiitslit of Ma-
of ,.,,!, and French watshlp sank
a Genu. n eiihhlarihc
was c.t pt ii led.
r. w
, Mid
ll dtance One It-. or nod
lb u "-lite llalluli
, Hf 'H.lN. v.. London, p ,1 ., p.
German lederal Conn ll lids issued ..
deciee otderlng that all clocks In the
empire, be ret ahead ne hour n Mat i
j The step was taken to lengthen 'the
daylight working hours and thus lessen
'the necesslly for arlltlcial lighting,
MAI170 uiinnDO
HirtivDO nuunco
I May Pj'rvent Justin- Mak
ing Declaration I'nlil
1 Air Clears.
,,,,,-. . . -.
Barnes Silent, but Said to
Be Thinking ol' Root's
I'art in ria.v.
Pll ilYI.'T'i! 1 1 l.'Vi'l I f l. V
j LUJjV-MiJi UnAI II.Mli.N
M iiiilock anil Perkins Sure
Slogan "America Kiil"
Is Winner.
Tile pltllllllg .f TIlCOlliMC l!n,-. vll S
hat Inm the ling, this time wiin , bt. d
band of red, white and blue on it, ran eU
n llutler in tlie hciirls of politicians, tuntd
und otiurwlv, y ester lay . That some
thing like this was sine lo lollmv tin
meeting of Mr Root, Seiiitur Lodue,
Gen. Wrod and the Colonel at the home,
of lloheit II. icon Inst wiek was a fore
gone lonchi'ion. nnd in., .h.cl iiic-tioii
in the miml ot tliose most Intcic-tcd 1
wh.v it am., so iiiickl .
Political obvcrveis had i.iilv one is.
pl.ill.it n it. to offer for thin ftatute i.f , .e
; situation : csteiilaj,. and that wa., tlml
i.i, ....i .. . ... . .
ol Mate aim pu.I In his Prneiewivt .uty
with him.
Adhelilil if .1 It-t io Huglies and
they nre le-xton In all n .pe.oati' . m
niedlnlel.. ihougln thai t ie Colon. I . I
.Mi. Root had i.iet to il,s, iiv in. i .t
u.ij ui' making Mr. Ilugii ihe iaii.-
1 ,1 ,im ,,r T i, ,. ,,i,
lolte or Imth i.llil'
III III" . IClllnstallc s t'ol. llou-el ,.r.
'.i was rhe genual pinion .visieiilac,
1 m.i.le up his miml .mi i , i p. .,,
. 1 1 Hill tile .Olllltiv:, but to lei ' le t.illliliy
'know that his meting with Mi Root
j and Senator Lodge and Gen. Wood innitil
just what til..'" who have known of I,,
Colo.K I's Ihtelila.t . for some lii,.. knew
lit meant. That i that the iti.i tmg at
Ml. Ricoh's home was prepaialoi.v to
his iiunouiicli!'; his own . andnl,,. . if
tills, opinion I ll.tl t'l.ll the I'll -nl
lias llolle once IllOle the t! lit f.M VV.i, ll
he I famous- he hns mail'- so ne ,.i ,
els.. Hake linn do exactly nli.i' , w m:ed
to .1"
I'll III I fit 1 1 Well i lined.
I: w is abo I'ollite.l out I I . .u''
Ina. Ion of tnc Colon. Is i.inaii,. , .,.
tct'.lay--the; weie in Mi.ilh m.oic sev
eral da.vs ago- may have be n piongileil
b Ihe fact that the sub-. ..iionliK e of
Un- Republican N.itl-nal C.mmlttie is
to meet In Chicago n.-.la.v aid i. t )
iigii.n I., determine who the t . r . . 1 t . i y
. hail man of the Republican not ihm.i1 . c .
veiitlou shall '.. The i:oo.v(,i st,,t..
incut will vivo tie sub in. mi'. e iimpl-i
warning that whoevei the.v ,.,! inu.s
Is impaled I. ke hi si. edi 1, i..
pi epa l eillless pi iiolt ion or 111. Pi ).
gr.s.s'ives at t .ii-ii emit nt a." i.l tw
'foi.'cil to coin hide, ri ,ic, oidan.'e wllh.
!lhe statement . I then National C.munt-
II. e last wintir, that tin Repiiblicai s
lime faded to nomlratc ,, eiind.il.it. :n i
ulnpt a pl.itf.ini lo which the Pi'.guo
i s,v e i nti subs." tb...
i A- indicative of the .inpieinn win h
the Roosevelt statement made mi l ie
Repiiblliau .eadeis ,v estetd.i.v llier. came
flrst a withdrawal by St.no Chanm .
l-'icilei I. k ' 'fanner of the iat.m. t
vtlilch lie made oil Wedues.laj leganl ng
.luslite Hughes Mr Tann. r wa- -iro
testenla) that he was not of tV- ..piii.iiii
linn .liisitcc Hughes oiigl.l to 1. 1 tin
country kmov win tin r or in.l he was t
c in.lldate Finally he said that hi made
no statement whatevei on t . Ii t .
Will, I 1 1 II Lilies to Ixeep Mlcnl.
p npp aied fioin talk with ilngh s
men that they do not want the Jii-t
.ii..t .. ...it .ti t-1. trail. .1. ol lif.-s. u:
, Maieill.'lil -1 ' i.icio
ne. ess.ll V if MM. 1 1 ' I . '
would be
j I
ell should dev. h.l In I ..i
ii, mil where the lt piuui. n
ui. I ii
, hoo.-e hut nominate htm
National Coniiinlti'iMo i" William
It. int. bad nothing to s... ... In sub.
jci cstei d,r. Ills ll'ienil- ii... I iii Ih'll
he .s thlnkinJ over sei"ou., .. tepott
which ha- Kiiin.'il ur en. v -iii... tho
l;o,.M'Vel-lti.ot 111. ..III. u la-' Siluiilav.
II is a getieidl heliet thai Mr II lines
lead ."M l the sp. e. Il .' Illlnll Root at
llle licptlhli. .'HI SI. He ' ..'iV.M.Iioli bcfoi,,
i. on- 0, IimmciI and ll.ai ii wa he wan
slicgesleil In Mr lb ""I sllggesli.,1
w ,th sin. '.''. lhai ti a ne ol I'.m.
Rooseveli be . Iiuiii.aieil It,. in ,
Pllftlds of Mi RallieN ilc a'e III It ' ..
ha lii iii. I thai s . ' ic.nl ot. i
thai -i.'i.'i bef-o. H we- ib bv. ml .ml
tha' ill' p. I-. m w i- leu.. . Iicr Hi,-1
I 'nl It -.ltv Tin.-, win.
i 'id It ''k i '1""
go lo and licliiv si. i H.i.v
t 'iilonol and' Mi 'Itooi con. mo
. '.oi j
i 1 1 1 1. T
' .b.l
iiiimviIv with iM. u .ul.. r b. f .
toiuiiil inc. ii'i Uyj
smt Hie I nloncl's lliiml
,v n nlatol ..
sa A c. R os. vep I e i ' ,. . II
t c, Thev read w II - . ' ' ..
militant pinners of the g,.
ncHte Its phrases, might t .te n, en
culled fli'in a ttlivH of iitticf. w alt

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