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Markc. Sustained in Kneo of
PiMliiicHnp Tntrrnationtil
Takliu: Into consideration the dtsniulet
Irtr netvtj mirroundlng tha Mibiiuirliio iitul
Msvtean nu'stlotiK, tlio cotlnn market
fe a f.ilrly Rood account of Itself yca-t.-(Uy,
iilthoitfrh the close Hhotved only
trtfllnc net gain for tlio day. There
was no evidence of weakness, nnd nflcr
,i cpenltn; decline prices Improved f
to point.
Tlie chief Item of hiilllxli Import was
furnished by the centum report on sup
fly and distribution. Thin placed the
consumption of American mlllK ilurlni;
March at "it baled, a new IiIkIi roc
cM. nhl'li compares with .Mn.nun hales
In February amf 5S4,Oilfl hales In March
tl lift ear. The total consumption for
it a elcht montlm up to April 1 Is 4,22s,
M lilies, acalnst J,."iTS,flril hales for
tlm tamo period last near, The run.
sumption of llntern In placed at sn.flnS
, l-iles for tho month, nK.-ilnst 33,234 In
I Virch of last year. Tho total consinnp
0m of llnterH thlt year In :i5.nnn.
draln.-t 224,000 last year. Thn stock of
dton In possession if American mill
l placed nt l,!t0,nnn, iiK.ilnst 1,711,000
la.'t c.ir. The stock of cotlon In public
n.irehoufos nnd compresses Is placed at
3 (10,000 hales, against 3,374,000 last
-Tho cotton trade finds It dllllcnlt to
f.iko off the oluesslnii nf an early
fac". A Vienna press cabin Muting that
iiiIderable alunlflcnncc was nttnehed I"
the visit of TJaron Hurlnn to Herlln was
n.Jfly commented upon. Southern npot
rurkets, while olllclally reporteil tin
rh.inReil to sllKhtly lomcr. nevertheless
urre responslldo for a Rood deal of
Milch posslp. New Orleana wired that
ludstent spot demand continued and that
'early 4,000 hak-s had !ccn Mild there.
Vail 'nivcr reported n further advance
It piece cood. Abilene, Tc., reported
tcavy rains ovr the whole territory with
,.srel.ler.K1e lrind under ttntflr. mnUInc:
' ItplantliiB necessary
, Aei-ordlinr to tho New York Cotton Esc
I VSnr-r-,. the, amount of cotton bMilKrllt
lrdo rlsht for the week was 128.714
Hies, nrnlnst 2.),02 biles last year,
""lie total for the in-.irTti was placed nt
lM33.r.5'I. ncalnst 13.S95.07 hales, S'n'n-
rr.' taklnpt of Ani'-rlcan cotton for th"
ek nmoimted to 2ar,,as, hkuiiifi s-,'4.-Sli
last ".car.
Market closed steady.
Open Illth-Low. Prev
In? rt est tnr rlnw
M Hl 11 3 U 77 11 ' 4,11 11 11.7t' "S
s irr. ii . i n ti . " .-,...-..
,Ktohr .?" ii i;es i: 13 i?miii:it !
' S, ,n -C 1- f 1- 1 w1S -rt s . I
:iivnrr 1:3 i: s ts t: sm; n.vi: n
Mri :i . 1. si i:. i: f'li.' f-i u 5vi! 4
The lnei nnrkft for pot cotton m nnlt
nil urehsnre.1' middling 11 v,o. Snutli'rn
Id m.irk1 At otlli-nlly reported fr-v-'p'unrnl
S li 7 tnlnt drrllne New Or-
nr, 11 : (lalieiton. 17 : sasnn.ili.
Memphli, lies Aucut.i. 11 v.. lloit
.s Orlin inarkrl i!oe.l Me.idj.
Ill - t H'sh l.nw- Clti. Prrr
' t el f.t tilt clnao.
M i 11 tl 11 fiT'ilI 11 rs'.i 11 l
ill ii : ii nfi:i o i! vinii
I inUr i I 11 11 M 11 itl11
inii-i n t:. il.o:i; linMHiu
"jury I. 17 : l: 11 t: 1JV1717 tJ.'K.ijil. pi
T I'lritol imrUM open'-l tpnet Tlir
' I f' llll"1 in .pol illiti. wilh
:m tl- lv."n,-e .11 7 Tvt Milp.
K-ciltic " lnlr. nil Anirii.'iii
tievr Jersey CorporatlOB Gives In
crease In All Reaaerlei.
Tlie (ttandntd oil Company of New
Jersey announced yesterday that, effec
tive next Monday, an advance In ratce of
pay ranging from G por cent, to 10 per
cent, will tin made to alt employees at
their various refineries.
The ofllclal announcement added:
"Tills la a voluntary advance and not
made an the result of any request on
the part of the mon. Thl concern ad
vanced wages last July and adopted the
elKht hour day throughout Its plants
lust September."
TIOSTON. April -After dlsplavlnr n
nerreiu and reactionary tendency In the e.irlr
ileallnia the, market for copper hare"?
sle.iilled. with the rloalnr prleen fCQcrnllr
ell ahore the low and nhnwlnc raln
lliroiiihniit the list. Alllka Ciold, American
, ."'"J" Superior. Copter Itanie and
t'nlted Stale fmellliu were amonc the
more active hare Ilailroda and InduMrlal
aharea er featureleu The aummary:
l?i Adtenture
in Alinn elt
1R AUeniah
43 Allouer.
3i:t Am Zinc
V. Anifond.-t
SI Arlf I'om.,
M Arnold
7"' lliille A llil.,..,
iw. Units & inp..,,
M7 Oal . Arlt... ..
4.1 Osl St llec
CS (Vntennlid ,,
1170 Con Hnnte
So Daly Went., ,,,,
Kt Itmte ,
ion Franklin
:9 (ir.iiihy
0 Hancock
ion llrlvella
to Indiana
ln70 f sltivl Creek...,
1 Isle Unfair.....
i:r, Ken-eenaw
70 T-ike ,
J." 1m Salle
W Maaon Valley,,
1V1 Man Con ,
M Miami
filO Mlrhlra
:1 Mohawk
SM New Arcadian..
10 New idrla ....
110 Nlpllnir
741 Nnrlh Kutlo...,
M nilhuar i,
.loo old rniony ,
St. Old Dom
71 O.-eola
511 Pond Creek
tfl Ollllicy
" nt Ke
r.i Sliinimn
Its hltii. k
17.1 South I-ake
407 South flah ..
M SI Marys Land.
ir mip unfton.
41" iiinrtor Cop...
130 Tamarack . , .
lttt 1' 8 omeliint
31" t' S Snieltm.' p
411 flah Atiex. ...
in fnh Con .. .
Co ftnh Copper,
tio f nh Mrtalu,.
M Wlnnna
ltt Wolverine ...
W Wyanclot
1 nmtnn Alhmr.iw
M nomnti Klfvaied 77
lio.lon .V M ilne 13",
4 Chi J A S Y pf .1M
ii rticnonrr pf
40 Mm. Klec pi
10 Kne .
33 Nn Hrtcii. .
M Old Colour
4 Prov Wore
?. Ye.t Knd .
10 Wmi End pf
Open. Hlith. Low. Clos.
Inc rt eat lnr,
.. 4i 4U 44 4'i
.. 100 ino too trm
.. M ini MU
.. 1 ! It. 11
.. t Mia
.. id', K14 P014 ji,
... HH IP, mi, mi,
,. H S
...M .as .s:
.. Si 3 34 3',
1,, i: 93, oil, 3:i,
, . 71 74 731, 7P,
,..M0 MS HO MS
... l'i 1S 1 1
... (Ji't ta Mi,
,.. 3 3 .1 3
,.. 1!U U'i KU
,.. 31, mi in, 91,
... M M M,
... is u 1.1 ir,
... r. SA j; 3.'.
... 4tJ 4'4 4H 44
,.. r.p, mi, m rn
... :r 7114 77 77
... f, mi Hi r.'i
... ia. lf 1 1'4
.. 4lj 44 414 4(4
... 3 3 3 3
... 12S 17'i UH 1IH
... 3C14 M S'.S 31
... 3 4 !S 4
...97 M fi4 M
1 1 a t
.. IS IS H 13
. 7H 7U 7 7
... C7'4 77. 57 77
,.. : vl 1 :
...3 3 s :
. M'i ra n, 1.H4
.. ?3 m : w
. iii iii nti iin
... M', H, 3 3.11,
... s, :J :i; :
... i 4 v.
.. 3:1, 3:1, s:i
.. 1
,.3 ..71 .3? .37
.. 70 70
... 31, V, t .V,
... 17 14 17 1
.. t.: tr; sr; ::
... u; m vi ji,
..73 73 70; 7!'j
r. sin sin f.t nn.
... 4, IS 4A 4A
13 14U 13. 1J
. W14 , p $o
...10 10 (it; at,
t fi t 4'i
. . f.7 S74 7 f7
, n h
Country Reported Still to He
Setting Up New StHiidnnlH
for Future Comparisons.
Continued prosperity In all forms of
ImnIncKR I tho report of the trade re
views of tho week.
Jrmljtrcrf'.i ay: "Neither high price
nor feara of International political com
plications tiro sufllclcnt to check tho
siiperuhundant nctlvlty prevailing In
irado nnd Industry, nnd tho country con
tinues setting up new rtandarda for
future comparisons. Iliiylng of staple
articles continues wonderfully artlvo and
another leap forward Is expected when
Inland navigation actually opens.
"Winter wages continue to advance,
voluntary Increases being made to avert
strikes, aavlngs deposits keep on Increas
ing, railway trnffla Is heavy, the car
supply Is Homewhat better, dividend-!
profper and manufactures that prior to
tho war wer virtually monopolised by
central Kuroprnn countries are being de
veloped here on u largo scale."
Diiii'j sajs: "All legitimate enter
prise continues lo prrwper. tho abtence
of speculative excesses nffordlw; tho het
assurance of sustained progress. Funda
mental conditions strengthen as htrlctly
domestlo Influences In-come Increasingly
potent, nnd wholesalo optimism chaiac
terlxes reports from every hading centro
and section.
"Thuio is still compHInt, however, of
the annoyances and delays Incidental to
tlio rapid development of tradn nlid In
dustry. Ituhlucds In various lines has
already outgrown productive facilities
and In many cases It la dltllcult If not
linpractlcahlo to obtain urgently needed
supplied with uhlch to fill consumers"
requirements In an effort to meet the
exigencies of the sltintlnn manufsc
tureis utilize all avallsblo efiulpmcnt and
strive to augment working forces.
"The transportation problem also con
tinues a hindrance, though deliveries are
now effected somewhat more promptly
and the reestnhllshnient of n furpltis In
hlle fielght cars indicates that headway
Is being made In bettering trafllo conditions."
1 r.
Mnterlilla Are Cnatlntr Murr nnd
WiiKea IIi'Iiik Adlli'eil,
The Dry O'ooila t'coiiomljt this week
"There Is scarcity In certain llne and
thcte uro Indications that prlrcs will go
higher, ifpeclally If ritailers sliow them
telves willing t" pay the iidvances. It Is
costing mills more to prinlueo fabrics.
"Wagci are being advanced, especially
In New Unglaml, New York State and
N(w Jersi y. An mlvance of 10 per cent,
was granted this week to thousands f
Earnings a.t)2 a share, With Mneh
Or Still Untanchea.
The report of the Hay Consolidated
Copper Company for the year ended
Pecember 31, IMC, shows a net profit
of $4,680,143, as compared with $3,333.
623 In 1914. This Is equivalent to $2.9:
earned a share on tho 1,071,279 thares
of stock outstanding, as against $1.64
on each of 1,454,929 shares outstanding
the preceding year. President Bherwood
Aldrlch says the year was the most pros
perous In the company's history.
Kor the twelve months ended Decem
ber 31 tho production was (0,388.936
pounds of copper, as compared with 57,
004,281 pounds In the year preceding.
Total receipts were $10,498,982, as
against $7,G97,724 In 1914, and the op
erating expenses $6,125,090, aa against
$.1,281,4114 in 1914, leaving a net operat
ing profit of $4,373,371, as compared
with $2,318,240.
After tho payment of dividends and
deduction for reserve a surplus remained
of $2,414,887, as against a surplus of
$781,654 In 1914, and the profit and loss
surplus nt the end of the year stood at
0.43 1.704. as compared with $3,778,888
at the close of 1914.
I. C Jackllng. munaglng director, re
ports that during the year 2,854,314
tons of ore was mined, leaving of the
originally developed body 71,911,475
tons. The average cost of mining was
ti2.m cents a ton, ns against 82.42 cents
In 1914.
".Modern Miller" Report No Im
prnveturnt la Hft 4iraln Area.
Ciucaoo. April 14. The Jfodrm .Wilier
crop outlook: "Tleports Indicate no Im
provement In tha soft winter wheat area.
Heavy damage la confirmed and plough
ing up of fields Is Increasing with Im
proved weather.
"K.insaa wheat crop shows Improve
ment and high promise, except In a few
districts, where Hessian tiles were abun
dant last fall and now exist "
iiivinnNDsi PAV.Mii.K
I'nmpany nnd Term
A ll inc llealty. . ..
Alli.chMliir. mlirterll I
American Agricultural Chem
leal, ouarlerly. ..
American AErleultutal Chem
iMl, quirterly
AnierP an Coal Producle, quar
Amer van laundry
Amerl in Navigation
American yeedlnt
nil irterly
An r.i n seeJIn
Anierl.nn shipbuilding
Aim-rlein Telephone. A Tel-
araph, quArtcrly
Amerl -an Tpe Koundera. quar
terly .j
American Type rounder, quar
terly Aineilean Woolen, quarterly; In-
Hltl ....
, Amerl an Woeli n. quaiterly ...
I .-. i'iaud (Ua i. Klectrlc, quar-
I ' l v
' Machine.
com l?t
rfd mn
Host, of Small Inquiries for
Structural Steel for Home
Use and Export
Manufacturing Interests In the East
ern territory, as well aa In the central
West, aro constantly pressed by their
necessities to place additional contracts
for plant extensions. Tha fabricating
shops in the last few daya have been
Interested also In a host Of small In
quiries for other atructural work, both
for domestic and foreign shipment. It
la notahle, however, that very few large
buildings are now pending. The Ameri
can Iiocomotlve Company It finding It
extremely difficult to obtain ateel foot
ings and even special rolled steel. This
may necessitate extensions at the vari
ous works. Plans have already been
prepared for cylinder and hammer shops
and other Improvements to be made at
the Allegheny and Schenectady works.
The pressure spparently cornea from
domestlo work rather than from war
orders. Tho Indication in that plana
will nlo he prepared for a forge shop
to utilize Ingots purchased In the open
market. As plans are not completed
Inquiries In the market call for only
fiiinll lota of structural ateel.
The railroads placed additional orders
yesterdiy for bridge work, calling for
about 4,000 tons of atructural shapes.
Tlio largest contract was for a bridge
near Chattunooga, Tena, for the Cin
cinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific
Itnllway, which will require about 3.000
tons of structural shapes. It Is under
stood that the contract has gone to
the American Bridge Company. The
Pennsylvania Railroad has placed an
additional order for bridges, calling for
50ft tons of shapes, with the Fort Pitt
Hrldge Compnny, and Is still In the
market foi .en spans which will require
0O tons of structural steel. Among
the other hrldgo contracts pending are
500 tons for the lyhlcli Valley. 90C
tons for the New York Central and
about 1,000 tons In the central West.
The New York Central Railroad has
prepared plans for the construction of
a passenger station and expreas nuun-
Tne Anaeenda Copper Company le taking
bids on forty-lwo rock and flat cars. Tim
French State Hallways In addition to the
100 cara placed with American builders
and nthars placed with Canadian simps
haa given nn order for 1,000 cars to build
ers at llarrelona. .Spain.
Tha lCrla llallroad recently placed con
tracts for 40,000 tons of itanlard section
rails, of which 21,000 tana will be rolled
by tha United Ktatu teei Corporjtlon and
U'.OOO tons by the Lackawanna ft I Com
pany. The demand for low phosphorus iron
eenUnuaa active, with additional sales of
J, 000 tons reported yesterday at 134 de
livered In tha Philadelphia territory. An
other Inquiry for too tons of foundry
aradea came out In the local market es-terday,
Chartered 1822
Copper Stronger Tin llluhrr
Abroad tead Mend).
Copper was stronger yesterday, with sev
eral Urge producing and srlllnK Intereets
aaklng a fractional advanre. The l'nttfd
Metal Sailing Company has no eleclrol) tie
to offer for shipment before August and
la asking tstic fo- August. September and
October shlpmeni M.une of the othrr 'urge
sellers were asking iS'ic. snd even S5,c
for shipment over the b.ilanc of the yejr
from .lulv on. Onh retnlve'v small lots
are available for April and M.iy at V
29kc There were also some tn.iU lots of
Jun and Jul v shipments available at :H.
fftliHc Although there were many In
qulrlea from domestic con-umers yvsterdfiv
there was lees buying by domestic con
sumers. Kxports for the week ended April
13 were 11,03? tons.
Tin was stronger In tone, with the for
eign markets higher. Straits tin N'ew
Vnrk Is quotable at 54e. and April at 53c i
May Is difficult to buy under 47c Foreign .
limits were few yeterdav and mainly for I
July-August at slightly higher price, but ;
there was email demand here Interest Is
being turned more to Chinese and Kng!lh
tin because of the high prices pre.illlng
for Ktralts. May shipment from Iiondon
of English I., and F. were orfere.1 at ll'ii'
and sonic shipments of Ch!ne tin at 4ie '
Chinese tin for April shipment from the ,
Far Kast i ottered .it ff I3c I
Ktratts tin it London ldranred on
spot to I2l0. Standard al-owiia K.s high' r .
on spot and 6s up on futures. Th Slng.i I
pore market ndvnnred C 18s, dlh ale
nf SSO tons at C01 Us,
Ld was In fair demmd snd "te.nlv st
7 7Tc. New York and T--e Must Si (
Lome for April and flri hilf May ship- ,
me it i.onnnn was nrmer
Hpur eopllnued In fair demand an i
trong 5pot and Apr! ar- scarce, but Ap-ll
sold at 19t4 ejiltUc. The demand Is maln'v
for third quarler "hlpment at U' ft 1"i e
May and June i-old at Htll'Hr Hist SI
The I,armers, Loan and Trust Company
Nos. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Stroot
Branoh Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
New York.
LONDON, 15 Oookipnr 8t., a W. 26 Old Broad Street, E. 0.
PARIS, 41 Bonlerard Hatugmann BERLIN, 56 Unter don Linden, N. W. 7
Travelers' Letters of Credit, Foreign Exchange.
Administrator Guardian
pfd 1r. Inc at Poiichkeepsle which will require
r !lr' ! several hundred tona of etructural
Am Acr Cliem pf ?:
170 Am Prieu tfeiv . SI,
SS Am l'nen Serr pf 1M4
ri Am Mirar . Iin,
Si Am "Mis.ir nf. . IK.
3; Am Tel Tel ,.K
l' A f W I . S31,
O i W I pf . 'iV
!" fuban l"crt Ccm.
K rtn1on Land.. 11
II .-ll
T i
frev I
r si t .vi
; s t n : st t ii'-,
' 3-l 7 r3 7 7 sr.s
;Slj 7.31'j 71 7 51'-,
vlds in Llierpool w.rt'
; n
7 3.',
' , A, rr.
' 1. W.' : O'totk-r. l-ic : .I.hiii.im
1 I . market there wis dun iu opt u
il,i ii . ioim advancw.
co-1 r- i and stocks:
He Last Last
ivltds. J ear. Slocks year.
' ") ,I7' :."..!'ll iei.1'1
1 ii an :,"' l.vo aim! 36.' eij
" 3-3 13 .va 3!.M7
"i '11 3.0f, 15' JS5 1S7..W,
I ' i m HI 67.77 svn
w -nn 7J !! (V7"l f7.US
J-orfo k l.Kii 1.3U HI.M1 K'.Slii
I. Kllsnn
M Mara (las ..
11 Max Cas pf W.
S S K Tel 13H, jsj
1" Nine Ilay Il ll
W Pullman 163 is:
11 Uer.f Button K', I''',
7 Smft 131 i i,
i' Torrlnrlon 17 45
:. 1'iiiie i y- ii in ii;
7ft fulled Sim.. Mt-1, ',7 r.7l,
J I'titled slin M nf '
11.1 f ,.. 1
7 V Hrr ,. 7
4V Ventnri Oil . 10
1": tW idem l'liiou ts4
la Ali-ki (i .' a .1 'J
1"" Am T A T is ... -ift,
1 Ml t IV I I- . , vi
T II A Q jl Is . 3S
3l Max l!n 4W". 9li
l,.l .Mt Itller I Ss 7l4
K--.I pnnd frerli .. K'i
f.7ti ah i ft , lpa
ll?lt ll'I'i
1K 11
i:, i:7';
3sv ?:
O', 11,
? i
1a . M
:vi4 i
i i
li-, '
woollen mills operative". A ulmilar nil-
vntiro Inn been demanded bv rottnn mill A-Boiittil Oil
employer In New Bedford. In addition ' "' ' Telephone of Cinada. ounr
ti the' 5 per cent granted them recently. ',";.:; ,;tlunV '' p,nn,yYxan:a'.
"Thu ilj PvtufC situation I? ,m serious aa iinirterly
rer rorelgn inunuf.icturcrs helm; i iio.ton Suburban Kltctrle. quar-
almost wholly out of the market our
mills miit 1111 up this void as far ns
I this country Is concerned and imisi ai.o
contlnu" to supply In part the countries
which formerly imrch.iei-1 Kumls from
the belliei'mil nations"
com !
pfd lT.
pfd lti-s
com l'e
com 1 l
pfd mr.
-1 4, Te
pfd 11.00
HALT1MOHK. April II - ILiltlmorr Tube,
('(mien Oil and Has common and tireferreil,
M.irvlin.l C.'i-iulty and Wajlind rtl were
fr i lloii.tlly lower while oiher shares elioweil
no ihaiue in prues. llmuU were steady and
uuut The summiry;
I nr.
1 1'l's
1 IT
Interior teiiipts ant stocks:
M'tnpHs .
" I.O-1S
1! 'waton
celpts. 311
, i
' '17
J t ar.
Klnrited port
r.lIwMni. ,.ii. in Injun
te Orleirs l.i-1io l.niO
V Kxports j-enc rdar wi !IS bales, Total thu
imi ei,on. i,ii,75i naiea. Total la-d
fuoz. i.V 7.-3 bales
J. (Mi
7.1 H
Bojera ilealinte, KeHrlnar
BOSTON. April 14 -Th Ilostnn curb
bid and asked quotations follow;
Last Alraradn 1
3t.tr li'iy Stale lias in
Hv.SIJ nniEham 174
170 n I HoIiemU IV,
llerole . . . . 1
Unite and New York 3
Unite and London M
lloston Kly H
Hnslnn and Muutana 71
Calaveras .... , 4i
Chief Conaolldatnd 1t
l';irli'Z 71
Cnllbolldated Cupper 1
Consolidated Arizona 1ft
Crown Ileaerie 31
Cal Cnrbin r.
Iiails llaly 1.
u. Katie and Illu-ln'11 if,
c.nldfleld Consfillilated".'.'.'."."'.'.'.'. .70
lion rlloom .
Jironle Verde..
La Itose
lllch- Low. Clop
est est IPi
in in n:i'4
v. ss 1'.
111', iw, ll',
v..' an, ',
y.i, ;n .ii,
f, r4
1'. 4'. I'.
fO l I.I
r m, 'i,
::i t
y.i v. y.
ri'a 71', 7H,
;i &i
;7'j 371,
133 133 133
C, I.', ',
01 m 11
JlM p. I J III
! tio p.t
v-a, .
Ul l:'", l.'l
174 's
Jfna, lwil, IMl',
in-', pn-, i .-'i
:"s4 ;'4 nvs,
iiij vi', ;n'4
l '. l: io;
i, l,
s, KT, .S3',
Thft iVlffa mtieL a Aivai..l I
pr Vmm th rrpatep nart t th day
tion e'u th; part of buyers on l ! oM J'"'' Iar"Sh
i-si' "I my lluuuui on While the mar.
n at rei wa :i ifrj narrow one, iov.ard
is .n there a partial rally on lull
IX DV kirn, of iIim ,.irlv ..tl. v,..l .......
U'lo s Wfrp 1 n 1 I.oiriU nel Inu.r rin.l mil
' Ins toti! lUy't bii.u.eat of ul.lj) bass.
' .""I ln 'h 'nrm exi.-hanirea 'ot
1 ireiht oftirs from llraill were aboul
T.I 'fiir.vl U'li.l. r...... l
" t,.c ii,-. ii,, i-uiu-n in hum
''l4 Oneied lop Jnlv In Ki.tpmlw.r khtn.
f .. ! i ' MK ano"1 r'11,',J 10 'd crop (I, southwest Miami
I t is I ns here at ion lo l T. 'mo In. L..' ' . , ,, ,.-
u i.-kii mar.et was Ina.iHi-, with prlres Tl.llP,
iwoVV.' M !'4"' 'r '"" T" W f"r Tonopah llelmont
T.- nffl.Mil cables from llrull rconrlcl a Tnnopih Mllillu-
!.. .. relVp, lth"nVnrJm.rWrtSilJi' ;:J tl!'"
JIM i ,.. unehanteil Hnd llio eaeliatie on ' 11 I(m ,!r',',,lt rthariuc
irnlon ws mIU .pinii-d at 11 :3 3:d. Ite. I "kon (old
i" si ie two ports were u.ivi luts.
e Ue.l w lU J,, lm tlu. )rln., fo).
Mines n( Amenea. ..
New llltlir- .
New t'nrlielia
Nevada llnuslas
Old Duminion rlihts
Ohio Copier
1'ip.l unite
Open HI.-ll Lnw
III! ejl et
t r. t :o
.si llalilniore Tune
i lUltimnre T pf
y,n Cnn Power
2 I on lull . '',
1, m i'n,pn , . "4
1"7( Cn-ilcM O A Ii i'i
1M I nlen O ft II pi ,
X. II II idoll Chetll "'l
1: Mm land i'hs
Men iniil" Tru-t
73 Mt Vnninii Col M in
7'- Mill W A 1' Til,
s -MlllluMcin pf . ')
l l.'mteil K A K. . elV
n rmon liauk . Us
l.j Wajlind O A O. ''4
liw Atiaensta ,. 1' :u
.1li I'ltv of Illl Is Vi. l 1 ""
i 4-111 of II il l't.s l'O
.Vmi Ton 1'nwer l',s T,
;ii TiihiIci Itef 1.1
sw Klkhorn 1'iirpu 1 :C
tfs Klkhom Furl l'"',
Vii U.I Al.l 4'on . 1"r'4
Jim Marylin.l Klec ; jm,
111. Ml Vrr C II .Voir I1I4
" M A M I till .11 Is I".
l.Vtt rmtril li A HI" - ".i
xvil fn 11 A K r Is MS
PlTTiliriKi April 'I I'ntvs h'id te.-nly.
withniil si.-nill' ant li.t'it's in uuot.itinns
Activity was will disinbuird. with Colittnhii
ll:i4 Tim Kleilrle. UVsl inchou.e Klectni
4 Anifrioju Wiinlow Ilia .M-iehlno and Na
7,j linn il Kireproiitlui lieiu.' Ill fair di nLiinl
' s, n'h .tit, mi. i 14. 1
iyy j
l's 3M Am W O M
-i ' 41 Am ewer 1'it"
'" 11 Am Win (I pf.
I 77" Columbia Has
ni it.irlii"ii-i .HKer
I M nd llrew nf
111 4 1 I.ntx'Uc lion v
1.- M I .'1 h.'l 1 1
.vii I Mi Mils I, (. II
r. I
pfd 14 "-e
pfd t'4".
com 1
com 1 ',
pfd lS'.i
com .O'r
pfd 1 1
1 -hi-
Opu- Hi.-ll. liw. Clns-
l"J et. ei.1 Itl'
M' Mt f.l'i f.1'4
. If, vl, Vl'v p,',
.. I'M', I'll'. 1"1', I'd',
. IS', 1'I 1'.', K.t,
. W, M'4 m, ',
. 1'i 1S If, is',
s nn r.31, up; rv;
1. 1: ui 1: !.
. .. f1 ttl M M
f "'s " S,S 'l
.. 17i; 17', 17'. 17',
..11 41 41 11
... I 4iJ 4'j I',
Is', !', 1", I',
rj ii. v
1 . 1 . 1V
in n p. 10
r.s, y; i.
. 19 l'l 1 I Pi
:. .!', ci, i;i'. 'i.1,
. . r 31 so no
137 137 H7 117
. I . 1 4ltU --A. Mill .44,1 .'UI4M44.4
lnr loe
S IHf.13 ' II
' 11 S I'm ? ."i
.. !'. e ." uet here n am i i.iiun 4. Sons was
?;!' ;: J ;T: lulli" luwn- 011 mn 11 ii,iii,u'iluii. Lake
. ' .'. p , Supeiiiir alter sell .. from I" lo "t iloscl
r ,1 , , : 'il P lionds wci t uit t . rue sunini.iry:
IIILADKLI'IIIA. April U 'nine were no
iuiport.1111 prii'e i:1i.iiui In the mm-li mar- ,
M Ohio I'm I Oil ,
1 llhln Ku I Sup
K I 'Ilia lllew
1.1 I'lIU llp'W pf
57" Pill, ( nil
!'' Pure I'll
jive It"-- Miiiinr .
I' llnel-lde .
P1 - ill Toy
41(1 ViV.iii..hotm 1
11 Wi i.ni M ie
1 1 W(iuu A II
CHfCAi'iO April II Willi n few mentions
the nmrlo't hnwed a steady topi. In .1 iv Pro.
pies l,a showed viilelK e f st renewed llipll
ilitlnti Chtcniro Hallways first fcrtlHentes ile.
I'llned about 10 point" lioni the last ile
stew iri Wai ner. Sears lloebnelt and 1'nlon
Ctrl', da were ill I.nr ilcmaud Ilond 111 irket
le uly The summar)
Open. Hliih. Lou Clos.
s.ile, iiic ei esi. lit,
Ifti llool'i Villi I'f 73', 73',
1:1 cinro : & c uv pr 171. IT',
lus 19 M
h :rM k.'il
V ",T', V ,V v il
l Mil -
1. l.'i'uK 71
r, i
nrllii r t,.mrl of II lnu In
fiii IJnroM'.
" , " .line to tithl 111 I lie. mar
n ir rteii.i .iMile tlOtll .1
' on Tin imi), nl ." tn?s
'm .il lmru nl f. 1.1..,. l.tr luv
.'litlleiit T ti.l.n, u.w ...... H.t., t.i.,1
u ' W''"' bbie to :. apart,
f :? ' nriiind nni haiised at for
. ""' "'"I lltieht. eipul lo .".''. lor
'"1'rip a, ip.t ...,,,1 Tln-rK wriH
't.''orl li'T piirclm,.s on the part nl
' f'lbin
asm ri- . r -iw i.k.. i ii ii 4. ,4 a.
Jl Il,i. market was ery firm, wilh a
wWii lJ"n' KimeMl demand and evldenrm
lM s.r. !?"' demand froni abroad. ITIies
liliei ,M,,if1 at 7 10 ' ,or nne ,ra'1,
LI JSJfr "iirktl tor suiar tulurea new high
wi m 'thu esiahll-lieil and prices
TtJ net un.liinjeil lo il points hlnlier.
idvi? a' mr-e or less nrollt loklnr on llio
nnntTi. believed lo fully ills.
trS?..' ""Wli In the siwt position, but
ti. J. " " "'le were disposed to take a
Iks i.Tn. ' altiutlon. althouh
erne ttM Position of the market caused
lo la. l""slnen amonc holder!. l"rUei
Operi lllah-Iow- Clos. Prer.
Inf. esi, est. liar close,
4.0t,iS.V) 5.01
, 6.13 C.13 HI t. lJiji.U ti.ut
.. t.l2?l.14 6.11
. Mi (.u r. 13 i.wn.u set
fill 13 &.U .'i.UtJill t.19
, ct3 (.it e.i: E.uoi.ii Mt
.. .. S.li.'lfi.0 4. UK
. 4M 4)17 4.K 4Mtl4.U 4.1
, Iffl 4 40 4(3M.4 4.U
4.N4H.40 4.U
l.aa s rs
I Jul. "
; Am Ha iway
;7 Am l(.llw.iy, p(
I J llurf A Mii-.t
1.1 lliilf A Siihii pf
'.a Canilina ."tei l .
10 Crucible Meel
'.'.1 Kleilrlc Slnrir"
yl Kile
in lien Asphalt pf
l't t.uoiiricii t'
l.m Ins Co N A .?.'
KenneiHitt M',
1 17a Lake Sun :nrp . 11
11 Lsdilfh Val It U. 77,
4a Mlnehlll r.7
M Northern Cent . St
731 Penna It It. .. D7
f.7 l'enna .sieel pf.... i
)M I'lilla Co. . . . 4.'
31 Phlla Co pi 31
nm T'hlla Klec :7;
111 1 ft T t c 17H
Ki Tlilla Traction. .. 7
10 Ray Con MS
311 Headlnf :
M So ra-'lfle !S
l'l', Tonopah Belmont 4s,
ronnpan Miiunc. , "v.
si Union Traction.,
tn Utah Copper
HI-United Oaa Imp.
3UO ll ri aieel
lUK t
Open. Huh Low. Clos-
Iiik. est est hi;.
31 31 .11
in SI 9'i
17 Pi 17
f.'l f'l f.9
l4 1li !,
1.71, 17', S7lJ
l res 1
Td'i 3I, 31',
71', 711, 71'.,
, MS
17 West N V l'a... II
, M
111 Warwick I A S.
II Wratmorel Coal.
tV W Cramp A Bona. S3
ISO York Ilallwar 13
tXi Amer OAR r.s.... 83V,
iws) Bald Loo 1st 5s...!0.-,l,
KdUlt III das r,.,w
IWi Inleraiale Bra 4a . M
soon l-eh Nav con 4Vs 103
1010 Ih Val en 4a,,,. 93
m Penna 4Ha 13
1WX) Penna eon Hia...,llV4
iM Phlla Co con la... 3U
lie Phlla Klea U....
MM BeavUnr mtn 4a,
M ftturi O 4s B M
ft 'h, ' 111' net 1
M 4'h.o T A T
pi Cniil IMimn .
10 lliuiuollil M.lli'li
I Illinois llrlck
FJi I.iiiiNiv LlKht ..
3 Nut I'.irlinii ...
:il Pcnpl, s Has . .
M3 Pub heiv rls ... I'i
110 Scars lloehiiek .. I7i'
Stew ait Warner '1
fin Swilt ... Ill
3ii l'moii Cal bide . i;n
Simssi Com Kdlson Us .. io;',
3issi Morris 4'js tci.
Hi") sw it r,s .. "7.
lfSS 05'4
M'i !:".
Pi:' i
ion m m
m si M
IMS nm in:s
! 03 3
10 lo: 10;
1HU 1014j IMS
1M 104 104
4U w m w
14. 1M4 ih2 ioih
f'linaiilltlnlfil llieliniise. ,
Annnuncemeut lli.it Ciiirhl Steel had
earned S.S0,oni) net In March started ,1
harp niliuiirn In thit stork In t r.i it 1 n k
esletday afternoon on tho (loiiHoIld.iled
Stock KxehaiiRK. It sold as hlRli 11s 'J0'4.
SCtlf't Sit "peplPK pej,. nf S7 Pd n ln,'
for the day nf sCS It closod at !'0,
which ivaa IS points ahovn Its closlnR
quotation on Thuiaday,
Unlled Statra Hle-I eoniiiinu rallied well
ton-ard tha end nf the dav. It opened
at !Si down 't of a point from the night
liefnri. mid touched a low of I?',. it
closed Ht S3'4, lis lilKhcKt prim. There
was a sharp ililie iiKiiliiAt Mexican Petro
leiini, whlih opened at 0, an "VornlRhl
decline nf 1'. pnlntK. I, .iter on It sold
11a low aa 1001,, hut It then rallied to
1024,. clnsliiK nt HIS-
American Snielii(c opened nt 3T, I ',
points under lis eloslnr on ThursUa, and
aold In the early deallnrs as low aa or. 14
It touched a high of !)74. and coed at
97S, Anaconda after openlne at s I li. an
overnlKht drop of ti of a point, toui hed
S14 11 ml then adiaiued to 15'.,, nt wlilch
It closed.
Th rallrimd stoika Milled well Inward
tha close. Iteudlmr npeued at :'i. dnwu
S of a point from Thursday, touihed M,
and then rose lo 8.1 U, iloslna at S3. Iliie
opened nt 3S, nf 11 point under Its dim.
In 011 Thursday, aold aa low aa It',; mid
then rallied In Uli, which wu Ite closing.
Tranaactbsa look place In Inierbnrnuah
114; per cent bonds at 73 'i utnt 7314
llronkln City llallread, quartern-
Ciiiiidlm Explosives, quarterly.
t'ellulolde Co . extra
i, 111 r.i: Coil A I'oke. quar
terly rod I'liwer. Imtlil
rr. ' Kit-W heeler, uuarterly . .
t'roekrr-Wheeler, quarterly
l'-laii-ire .BckawMon .V West
ern Ci'rtl, quarterly
11. 'rntt IMimn, qu.irlerly
),w Chemhal. special
lilertrlc t'tllitles Corporitlen.
1 quarterly
I lre"toiiH lire a iiuooer. quar
l'lreton Tile A Itubher, quar
terly I'.eneral r.le.'trlc. qu irter.1
i.eoirli Itillroad A ll.nk.nB.
I I ..!..' Werlll' Ke. q i irurli
I dii. i- llrlok. qu irter'v
l iicri'sll ma! ll'lttiinhole Sewlnk-
M i. nine, quarterly
Inter illnnsl Harvester of New
.(r-ey, qu irl'Tp
Il.teriuitlnn.l' P.'l" I quill' rlv
Kaiiss- i'li I'i'inlierr. quarterly.
KentU' k Si' urllles Corpirail'in,
1.. men Valley dial Salts, quar
terly ' -'a n
Minneapolis. SI. Paul A Sault
S'c Marl" .mlannual .. .. pfd.l'a'T.
Mlnucipolts, m Paul A S.iult
i-te M.irie. seinl-aiuniMl . . com .1',''.
Mi. tiidrewr A Korbes. quir-
i, r.y Pfd I'i'i
M.ic Andrews and Tiiiis. quar
ManufHi turtrs Llsht and IU at
qirirti-rlv -
!i' l .1 11 TeleKrspll. U.irterl
Ml. hlB.in I.lnu-ionii un
.iih'i. qu irtci
Mnn-Bilo-U Valley Traction.
qu irterlv ....
Mcntrfil Tel.'Krapli. qu.irierls
Munlidpil Sfixlcc, qiur'erlv.,
N.iti"ii.i'. Hlecult. qa irterly
Niilloliil I'uroon, qnsrieriy. . .
.S. w Lnnl.ind l'ow.r. quar-
I.T.V ...
J.i'ii Vnrk Trinsll. qimrterlj .
NUcura I'.ills lower. quirurly
Nli. ll-iy. nuarterlv
.N .ilhiru States power, quar
terly Ohio fuel Oil Supply, tular
iU I7lovntor, quarterly com Jl.:3
nils Llcviitor, quarterly pfd ll.SO
Uttiiiiiwa lt.itiwxiy and IlRht.
qn.irterly I'fd ISf's
pn-'nc ilia and Klc'rlc, quar
Pn-pii Tclrphone and
,r.iph, quarterly
Pminsiliaiila I.lghlltiRi quar-
Phlladelphl i and Western 11 ill
w i) ' I'll'! il i
pnisliurKli Terminal, Ware.
Iimi-e and Tl.al!"ll. Ill'illlllb
u ik r urns, qiurtcrlv .. com
1.1'l.e . .1, i i-.i.ii".
nuarterlv ....
KoldlnK Maihliii'. qinr-
t rl . l'
llvpul'lle Itallw.i) and I.lcht,
quarterly 1 S
M.iiidard Ull "f California
istk I . . .
Standard MllllnR, seinl anniiil pfd :"s
iilnnfirlne lloat 1'omnratlou.
ou uicrly 1 Wi
Tennnseeo Cnpper, quarterly.. . 73c.
rnlnn Naiui.il (las Corpora
tion, quarterly IS'
I it nn SwiLch und slRnul. quar-
tcrh com 11 f.O
I nltcd I'rult. qinrtcrl 12 no
lulled I'laar Stores, quaiterly com IS
I'nlieU Statss Industrlil Alco-
Ind, qiiarnulj . .
ITnllcd Males Smellliu', llefln-
Jn and .Ml n I lie. quarterly, .
I'lill.d Slatea Siu'ltlnii, lii'flll-
Iiik and .Milling, quarterly .
icior Talktiic Marhlne, quar-
Victor Talking Machine, quar-
ti rl'T com
VlrKlnla-i'orollna CliemU'.il,
qu.irierly pfd 2"r
Wu-rcn lUllinad. amiil. annual 3',
Western Power of New Jersey,
qiiuitorly ilnillili pfd I'.'f
'eetcrn State i!aa and Woe
ti Is-, qu irterly pfd IS
Wislein Union T'-lcirr.iph. quar-
mrly . . . . - - IS
estliiKhouse Klocirlo and Mun-
iif.ii'tuiinR. quaiterly pfd 1
I.lxo stliH'k Mnrket.
pfd 1','.
1 ',
com l'l'.
pfd 1','.
pfd 1'.
pfd ISt
pfd ISI'
com 1
com 1'
S-O'll 1 s, I",
com 2r
pfl IS".
S3 00
Pfd 1 S7e
com l',"r
PM t',-T.
pfd IS"
Pfd 1S"i-
com 1 1 00
Pfd S7',c
pfd l',1:.
ehapeH. The Seaboard Air ulna shops
to be constructed at Howell, Oa., will
be built by the Vlrrlnla Brlde Com
pany. Plana have been revised ao that
less than 20 tona of ntnictur.il ehapes
will be needed. The Vlrelnian Railway
nan also riven a small order for bridge
work to the VlrcinU Hrldge and Iron
Works. The contract for the large
span for the Maine Central, BOO tona,
haa gone to n Independent fabricator.
The New Haven Mnltroad haa a num
ber of amall Inquiries In tho market
for hrldj; work and will eventually
purchase probably 10.000 tone of etruc
tural steel for the superstructure of he
Thame River bridge. The Thamea
Itlver contract, however. Is far In the
future, ae It will probably be the latter
pnn of 1517 before tho substructure Is
Real estate Interest- are still dream-
Ine of a large efflre building to be con
structed by the I'nlted States Steel
romoratlon For the last five years
there hax-e been reports that such a
contract wan about to be placed, me
latest rumor 1 that the corporation
ha secured an option on the site for
merly used by the American Bank N'ote
Company on Greenwich street. Kvenlu
ullv It seems probable that the corpo
ration may llnd it adxlsable to construct
an mil home for Itself and subsidiary
i-in' inles in Nw ork city At this,
time, however, It le denied that men
a e.uitr.ic t is I'kely to be closed anil
no option ban been taken of th property
on tireetiwleh street.
Th" New York State government Is
to construct a hlKhwuy brldco over
Rmiiloul crick, near Ncwbursh. on the
Hudson River. According to the State
lhmlne, r about ."'' tons of Mtucttiral
fh.ipcs will be required. Thus far, how
ever, it hai been dlllleult to Interest
bridge builder in this project
Br.M In a reappralsfinenl decision lust
rendered boldlnr thai special ester gum.
shipped br Frelcrlck Boelnn of London, wa,
entered at New York at til" correct fnrin
market value. Ju.1i.-e flrown of Ibe llo4Td nf
C.eneral Appraisers wrlle" "Special esler 1
rum. entered at 4Ss per rwt ym 10 per I
cent Less shlppliu. freirnt, insurniv-e mil
consul fee. Flam Is Included No advance
MARMALADE -No advance Is mule on the
forelrn market tallies of marmila'e "hipped
here hy Cross St lllaeknelt of London, aecord
In; to u reappralsement decision Hut rendered
by General Appraiser Waits, .ludire Walte
writes "One pound rlass oranee marnnlin'e
entered at 4s. ISd per dozen i 7 pound tins
ditto, entered at its. 7Sd per doren Add
Jars, tins and eases Cash discount :S per
rent Llchterate Included All no advance " .
BOOHS -The C.rolter Society won before the
Hnird of General Appralwrs yesierdu in a
claim thit flflj two volumes of Thv-keri'-works,
printed mere than twenty yeir prim
lo tha date of importation, were entitled I"
free entry unter psracr.4ph i of the iar ff
et of HIS The customs collector ae.se,
duly at the rale of t.1 per o-m ad v ilorem
iinihr parairaph j:j as books not aneoiallv
proVldel for JiiiU. Fist her writes that the
eildence lullr subslsaitlalel thn dojin for tree
I'AIHS OOWN -Whether or not a town,'
Imported from Dreenjl. Pari", by Mrs Nlrho
taa J Walsh of Cincinnati, was aiipll.iued
within the meaning of that term as ussd in
parairaph V. tarlfl ail of l.'I3. was tic
qusatioq u Issue in a customs controversy
adjusted yesterday bv the lWurd of United
States General Appraisers Tins gown, ap
praised at CM traix-a. was taxed for duty
hy tha customa officials at the rale of l .er
cent, al valorem under pirairiph 3U as
b-irr sppll'jued Mrs Wil-h net only pro.
teeterl acalnst this classification, elaimliu
the town properly dutiable at the rat of but
31 per cent ad valorem under jiarjfTai h
but she wore the irowu at the hexiinc twfnrc
the customs board to prove that the itimmtiif
thereon was not applique The ts-q i, re.
garded aa lmportani by Ihe customs officials ,
in view of the fact that a similar oae
Is row pemtJnr in which ererv effort will tie
made by the Govtrr.meni a'tornrs to haie
ffown inmmed as the ore in que.t -.n
cla,slile.l under pancraph r.s as ai pi.iiue I
wearinff apparel nn in siimiMers nn i sale,
nf ihe wxi-t of the town nr,pi of a red
f.ibri" cut into a pxiierti were sewn upon
the hlaik bro id iloih fnundstiou I pon
Ihe rel strips or decua nf clo'h thus
appln-l were sewn eouivhe bnld in lines
and in addition a sold l '-el or I wa- oiler
twined with the timid The i u, trans officiil.
and Ihe.attorutyi for the iloieinmeut argued .
tint this trimming cons'nuti I applique and
should have resulted In brir.ritv the town in
question within the proMsann for appliqurd
wrarip apparel 111 p iras-rapti r-'v with dull
at tlie -i tvr ceiu. a 1 valorem rate Jud.e i
Un who wrlies th.- Hoard epli.lon In this
7 Ihr Stockholder:
All thn preferred stock and a very large majority of tho common
stock of Lima Locomotive Corporation having been deposited, the
Readjustment Committee haa this day declared operative the
Plan and Aureement of Readjustment dated March 16th, 1916.
In order to afford the remaining holders of common stork who have
not deported an opportunity to participate in tho benefits of tho
Plan, tho time for receiving deposits nnd for receiving subscriptions,
for preferred stock of tho New Company tinder the Plan, is hereby
extended until tho close of business on MONDAY, MAY 1ST,
1916. All depositors who have hitherto subscribed for such
preferred stock and have made the first payment thereon are
hereby required to pay the biflanco of their subscriptions, namely
SSiiiier share, to the Depositary on or before said date. All stock
holders who deposit their shares and subscribe in respect thereof
durinir the time hereby extended, are reauired to nav the full
amount of the subscriptions for new preferred stock, namely $90
icr snare, at the time oi uepositing. All payments will bo noted
iy the Depositary upon the Certificates of Deposit, and all detioslts
and payments must be made beforo the close of business on the
said first day of May, 1916.
Dated, Now York, April 14th, 1916.
ItonEHT R. POX. Ses-retary.
140 Ilroadway. N. Y. 3.
Readjustment Committee.
140 Ilroadway. New York City.
Tho Statin Island Shipbuilding Com
pany has placed another order for a
Hhop bulldltm' requiring 200 tons of
fabricated structural Meel with MUllken
Urns.. Inc. H. C. Veckn lias been
an. i rded the general contract for the
-oiit.trtictlon of a parish houeo for
Christ's Church at Hartford. Conn. Tho
steel contract ban not yet ben nw.irdul.
Th.. North K.iMtrn I'uitstruetlon Coin
pan has ubiiiltied th" lowest lender
on about 4IHI to fu0 tons of Mrucyjl'.U
."hupe.s for th custom houe to be
coiiMtnirteil at Wilmington. N. C. In
qirrleH are uUo In the market for about
IMl tuns of structural (.hapea which will
bo required In the coiutrilctlon of a
residence for 17. T. Ptotesbury, pte.sldeut
of the l'hlladelphla and Heading Hail
ay. In Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia. A
local Interest liai placed a contract for
firm tona of fabricated structural eteel
foi traiiftnlHRlon towers to bo exported
to South America. Tho Creat Lakes
lliiKlmerltig Company, which has the
eencral contract for a pier to bo con
Miii'tid at Port Honry. N- Y, has
given tha coulirtct for the eteel work,
lino inns, to the Helmont Bridge, C"iu-p.iny
The Man land Kteel Company haa
secured an order for o.ooo tona of eighty
to I'lchly-tlvo pound section rails for
tin. ll.iatia Central Hallway. Several
fiiMltioiiiil export rail cbiitracte, ainount
lug to about MmO tons. It Is understood,
li.ivo been l'laced for shipment to Cuba
nnd South America,
The Huffalo Union I'lirnaco Company
Is building a by-product coke plant, the
general contract for which was placed
mine time since wilh Westlnghotise,
Church. Kerr & Co, About 3,fi00 tons of
idrui'tur.il steel will bo purchased. The
minor that Post & McCord have secured
llio yt-iieral contract fur building the
liil.sh Terminal warehouse on West
Pintv-n'i-oiid street lacks confirmation.
Plans .iro not completed, but It Is esti
mated that 2,000 to 3,000 tons of Meel
flll b" needed eventually.
The Lackawanna Steel Company nil
iiouiiicil .strrdny that ssiilrHiiion had
I it Instl lilted to follow til" lead of
t It- HiibMilliiry companies of thn I'nlted
Sliitcs Steel Corporation manufacturing
rails and nek J 3.1 a ton for bessenier
mid l'l'' a Ion for open hearth rails
after May 1, 1ft. for delivery after
May 1, 1IH" Formal notice by other
rail nriiiiifiictiirers Is only n question nf
I line.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad Co.
To holders of orrtificate of deposit representing preferred and
common stock issued under tha Plan and Agreement of
Readjustment, dated January 31, 1916; and
To holder of said preferred and common stock.
1. Sufficient deposits and assents having been received, the Com
mittee has declased the PlfMi operative;
2. Certificates of deposit f Guaranty Trust Company of New York
for deposited preferred and Co -mon stock have been listed on the New
York Stock hxchange;
The time for the deposit of preferred and common stock has been
extended to MAY 15. 1916;
Holders of preferred and common stock who have not already become
parties to the Plan arc requested to deposit their certificates on or brfore
Mny 15, lUlfi. either with Guaranty Trust Company of New York, HO
Ilroadway, New Y'ork City, or with Merchants National Bank, "Jb State
St.. Hoton, Mass.
Dated, New Y'ork, April 15, 1016.
HOHKRT H. COX. Secretary.
.IOL1NK. LARK1N & KATHHONi:, Counsel.
c6p vitr.NKicMiir nouckm.
17 Haitsry l'1 ice, New York.
To Ihf St . kh dders of the
as., overrules this, conteniion and holds thai i !...,,- Itiml.i 1'iinl mid I eke riirinir.il Inn
OUIV tunnel nof IH-en IHXCIl HI Hie Jn
cent al alorrra rale
DIAMOStw Judf Sullivan of the tlnird of
t'nilcd Slalen ileneral Apprilsers hnu'ed
dnuu fsicrdi.v four reapriraierncot rlc. isiou,
on lli foreitn mjrket value, u diamonds
Impnrled here from anous d"ileis in Am
sterddin. Holland As to diamonds td)ii..t
here by S. this of Amsterdam the iiT.eral
Appraiser writes- "SVi stones, ir. JT carat", en
lered at 4S. advan'sd lo M florins per carat
stniick, IS 11, carats, entcretl at l.m a.linted
lo 14) tlnrins per cai.it sto'ics, no, cirats,
entered at PI, advaiiivd to P-i Hmi-his j.er
carat And similar sooos Add I'.c Miu As
to stones shipped here by ll.iin.iii i.utnnrth
Jud.e Milllvan inici J.j stnues. ;i, i
carats, enleied at " bn, a Ivan, cd to s:, flnrlii,
pr carat. 171 stones, tf 1' cants, entered at
T" llorins per carat, no advai" 172 stone
?sT ir.Hs. enlercd st T7 "o. iespirii-ed at V, i
norms wr carat And similar goods Pis 1
oiiids 1 per itih and I ptr ceni Add pick I
Inc " Spines shipped here from .1 ile Vne, '
are reappraised ss follow,- "2,111 stones 7; 1 1
carats, entered at 43, advaiced to 47 llonns
pep carat l..?5 slones, ,7 carats, entered at
it. advaneed to a norms iir c.irit
sloue. .11, carats, entered at KM. adianced
to M norms pi-r cirai 1,:33 stom s. !ST
carats, cnlered at 40 7''. advanced to 4.'. tlornn
per carat. And sluillur noods Add pacUlu,- "
The last decision ioviis diamonds eltipped
here from Veermiii X 7.iarl of Amsterdam
As lo these stones .Iitde nlhi in ritis vi
stones, m ;ii carats, entered at M 1', advinc-d
to v llorins per cir.it in stones, ui;
'.'irals. rut' led at 111. re imir.iise.t 10
J llorins per carat 411 stones 1 i.irits, m
lent, ni f"i, rtiivTii'-rii in r-i nnr-ns i,er cir."
And similar cnods Add iv nr.. ' All ..f
these di.innnids ,1 rc 1 xpoi teil Irnin tlie Dni.-'i
port about Kebru'rj 13 and enleied .11 tills
port about .Manh r. 1010
and Soifhern, 3.".1f.1r.
rillliAV. April 11
liccclpls nf beeves Meie L',5S hrilil. In
cliidlnu' i3ij cars fnr tlie market Steen
ete mIiov nnd 1 !i If STic Ioim-i . fat Inill
tnn Un- nlf , others alxillt slead)', unnd and
clmlce fat civs wers lftsi'jRc. limerj niedi
am and common, unevenly lo-cr. The
yards were cleared at a late, hintr ''inn
niiiti to inline steers mid at 17 la list,
per 100 llis.j hulls at ,.50l S 2.',; cna ill
13 754f7.2.r; 1 cow at 17, ID. Dtessed bast
vtss slow at last oiiotttlons.
Ileielpts of calves cre 5, .17! he-id. In- 'I'lie jsnmhern nallwaj. In iiddliinii to
cliiillnir 1.150 hs.nl for thn market. Us- tr conUait for tenly-lle Santa l-e t p
mand wis iietlvo Hiid prices stsadv. llh Inconiutlt es. has ordered llfleeii of the
a it'iiei clearance o, win pen. inininnn in ,iillil.illi lpo from 111" llalduln I.moni'i.
clmlce e-lls sold lit .I'.f'" 111 ! per H0 , U,Hs The same sh"l' hale tlno
lb- 1 culls nt I7M f l Ity dressed ve.l. , , ,,,cell.llieulis nrilers fnr selen en
eie kteady at 111 l.Hc per lb, country ,cUidlii! two luownl fur Ihe .iil.an
ilresserl at IU l'.. ..... , . ' AlliellcHll Huaar Cninpiliy, two for the
, ;T,m' V'e.aV;' r'Tn. l"B, ' P.n.i.jlv.inuweel mnipany. an, one each
I'Ihci- More llrdrr fur
fnr ihe Wllllamsport and North llrnnch
.Mie,p si si.ii.fi ''"'' . -I'll ice,,ic . . . i-mnuanv and for the falirornla
nrm ituoa 10 cnoice iviudi nrm 10 a mniin v v.,,Ii f 11 ipw rnmn , .i,ii,,., '1' .
friictlon hlsher, Trim, unshorn lambs sold I .. '!,, ,1 nli?rn,,!i nf teriei H
ni 11-M ner 10a lbs: e,e,d to nrlniM 1 - snti al nallroad or c Jcrsc baa
c lpi'Jd at ri.sojlin.'o. n??,.ed Mnutlo" 1 "f'l'-r'd fit. swllehlnc eg from th.
lilKher nt llsfldc. lth clmlce nethei, Ameilciui Locomotive I'nnipaiiy, and thj
seiilnu up i I""; dr-..d iHmbs hlKher Ht I'avcupurt Locomotive Company will build
tiiU'lUc, with linn dressed at H4r:nc: n"e eiiKlue rnr the .Nekooslia lldmonton
country drisMcd holhnusn lamhs steady at 1'H'er I'niiipaii).
I ;ft .! per raicass. Hie Pressed Steel Car Company hta
lleceipta of hops were 4,I0 head. In- taken ordem for twenty ore cars for the
cludlntr 1H cars for thn niarhet. I'rlces Mount Union llpfraclorlfs Company, twen
10r. hither, with ! at ta(T10 55 pr ty-flvo aUdltlonal rr for tha Bolvny
ino lbs.i rnuchs nt U.Miai,75, Country Proeen Company and thirty tunnal i-ara
ditsicd hogs steady at lOffltc. per lb, for thu United Verde Copper Company.
"Hr UV,l.'r-1
Koos". Js s , n inn-
LIVi: rul'l.TIU There sits fortv.to
frelch' .irs tillnlde.l csterdl Vl-nut
I'll! CHI's Cllne I'. eprc. llefnp the
tlie iiinie .- 1 s , re nn trick Tr id
HUTTKII -While receipts sesterrtav uele 7 " 'n.J' '..i. ... ll... '
"lll liormal. hlra prices, so cnrtllled con- (1,ii, -r- ,,, .-en. rsllv wanted. Mark, i
s'lninllon mat luners aid not t-ik.- nun 1 .. . . .. n 1..1 ...... 1 ...
slecir. ThcsH conditions c insed ,-, B.ner r . .hieken- 17. old ro '. ' lV
deelln. of s.c. nn table st,k and aboul I :., k'.. ,, p. d.'i.-k- 1 l,t ree.e'
i,c on undergrade. The market I .a,r ir. '. "pltennn.' .ir,. a ' pair . 'gull,,. fi j
sloppy all day and closed In.milar and I ,, A,. . ,,.1. ...' e,
cal. It l the K.-n.'rill be.lef thnt it..- I , , , . .
Illklient prices for the se.i.on ll,l .- I.ecn ! I'llLt-M-IT'll I.I Hi Miners, omplalne I
seen Prices. I'leameiv evlras, 1'.' 1, ,.e i"rl." 'hat lite) iymj d 11, i k-" '-no'iffh
:ii.i, 4j 3''.s,c.. hlcher scorlns. 37vai'' . '"h 1 M imi' the dem.ni.l TP mar
tlrns. 3!ii 'f 36 ,c. , seconds. Uli .1'.'.,, km .i ureim ,.11 nil lines nf , lei fo im
tlilrds, S:,f34- ; unsilted fam-i. r.T j i "r 'l'l' kens There was 1 continued d.
as'ic: prim" ti choice, 3stf Sc. held be', 1 "' " ,l r " 1 which re n 'icht
.TiC. tlrsts, 3Hjlf3Jl,c . seconds, ajl-.n s.ipp.v There ucie only .. few ncirbv
34c. thirds. 3ll33c, Mat" dales. Horn ' ''", 'ini me,. ,,f the .Mekens .rt
3S 1l 30 'sc.; fiiod to prlllie, Sl'll'iljc lelausl' I. "Hi: Is 1 lid duikll.llts I'lniellt
lenovaled, extras, St4i3:c. flrts. .'S'j.i' ' "' 'i'i ib In n""1r.ii suppiv
30i,c , tulles, firsts, :7'ij:c . picklnu-i and sold at iln I'lesl-as d.n s iimoi ions
stork, current make, line. :M'ar, Nn . I Th" mil' h sua-" In fi-meii sin. k wn nn
25l(,,2fic. .. U.lll.e "11 fn" - .I'll teinv Is'an 1 '.tK-k
HAr.RI.i. WIS-TllltOI' X COl',
take notice thit the p ron hereinafter
named -is enra pinner,, and HENRY D.
TtAHCOt K .ll lin a IIIPI.KV and
WALTKIt II V.li..-"N a- sp. ' la! ,1 irtners.
'iil.,r,,,f,n.rilV..,.,J?.'.. Partnership of
HAl'.Uls. WINTHHOI' CO. to be con
ducted under thit in, ue in renrn- and
continue the !liiiitd partnership of Hsrrls.
Winthrop A Co. hb-h e,pred by limita
tion on April 1. IM.;. thm the principal
p ice nf hiisimi, , ,,,d par'nerthlp Is to
lie located In New Vnrk I'miniv
The r,n,ml nature nf ,1ia Kn.inA.. . . v..
s )i ue provide. I transact, d hy nld pir'' ershlp Is the dolus;
oks nf ihe com. I of ,i Eeneral . "iiimiss' in and brokers r
ru'.nsss, .ml th. deni.ng In spj.-ks. bonds,
gialn. cotton, crfee. produe and other
merchan Use
The name, an1 residence, of the sensraj
Pinners are John 1 Harris. Ttuedo Park.
N V . llenrv HoB.rs Wlnthrop, Wood
bury. N. V . Chsrle, r. Smith, Rye. N. T.;
Theodore H. Ciinnlnirhnm Kvanston, III 1
K in In A Strone. Creat Nsck. N. Y.J
Wn.Mward rtah -o, k, Nr- York Cltv. N". Y :
ll'ijrh r.Mhe. Chbairn, l'l Leeda Mitchell,
1 ike forest in . nnd lieno A. d I'.ursv.
New- York City V Y
AH the general nnd perls' partner sr
e full sue. The ftoeeta psrtners a-e:
linvnv ti. nAU'-O'-K. a resident of Now
York C1M-. N 1 .11 1,1 UN HIPLEY. a
Mnch nen. Tools, K'Mllpinent. Mi.it,;, , "si-, 'Js.iv Ve'.M. .. Zrl-V. LJr
Th sniniint nf t ipltal which the special
psi-ltiers llenr 1. UsS.-oek. Jullen A
lllplev alii Walter 11 WINon Inve retpee
tllely enntrtln,'.. 1 the cntnnion sitock of
satd 1'ltllted par' pel sl.ll. 1 respectively
CM Mil. Jiin Sua ami t:"ni
sii'.l Urnltei partnerwl'ip tp to bse'n
Aprl' 1, Ills mil to end Aprl' 1 1317
IMte l .Sen- 1 k V V . M-irch :?th. 1M,
11 UP I H. WINTIIllop Si en
P'llv slirne I til i ackti m'. lg.. I Pvi'l thi ,
peneral and spec, il pinners
xK-R vi. TICK, thi the anniiil
lug of 'he s-.i.J.'inldeis ..f th IV' iipi Imic, i
C ml an I '""lit C .rp..ra-"-i .. i, , I,. ,j a,
the prlncli". nlflre ,,f sid corpora'lnn on
the inili n -sor of th- Laud Tl"e HillldlnK in
the City of l'hl.ade phla. I'ninsylvatili, on
,h. i. ,av "f M'y i:il. at two-thlrty
o-olivtk In the att.rni."'n, for the purpose
nf e'.ec-lns 1 hm"l of nine directors to
s. rve for one jeir, and fir the transac
l.m of any and i'l th. r buslners that
nnv come nej .r. -I., m. nne
The Inn "f I'l e -I ir
s,v re"lti'on ton -he book
, t,.. "i" I'M I""" " ie
tin- ,es "f th" 1- " k I . ir la HI
' listed, AP-I1 1 1S!
I pnitl' ll llt'WAP.tlS. Serre-nrv.
Peniissliai'l 4"al and I'oUe ( orporatlnn.
ii r.i r.i i ; it NOTii'i:-.
ill.l'KIX Kit .-4 Al'li'1 UNKIl S A LIT.
Hi- O' Irr nf th ''o'llt Hie Hecelve-'s
,si . nf ihe P. -eri- e Iron Wnrke stands
.illniirii.'l unt'l i-utiirta... the t.'th day uf
Mas- lK nt 11 o". oi'k in 'he forenoon nn
1.17. the piemlses at I'1 len e, N J
t T11H -Hlle !U I r MM III- ,-,HIH, COn-
sIstlOK of Its lie. ,1 r-llte. It.llldlnRS, Tl'
teila and Supplies, together with tile
mher Iteal L-'iie, Ineludln? lie tineinK,
Hull. line 1'ie 17s Acre, nf Karmliind.
ilsi -, r.i.,1 ton, of Cast Iron Pip. 7"0
111 .! ids l1.) toi s of l-i'timis nnd 5(10
aH es
till' ..1 pti1 3 l'l,
11 Mini ii It WBl.t.s, Hecelver
II.KII.I. .t- HV.-'KIM. Mi'lcii'.is
' . .. ,. .. ss.Tifri
' tl seWT.w, s, ,
CHKUSi: Condlllons wete easier an I
there was n blight decline In mhh,. nf
the leadlliR lines. War rl.ska and fl'lkihl
tales are htKh tint there Is llt'le
chance lo expott nt a prollt. al'lui.tijl.
some cheese s booked lo leal.' In Ihe If.
ter part of the month for the l.'nitllrh
markets Thete was; a free, niferlnr, "f
frerli Ila,ts. without ihnnK'- of iiuntiilous
Mai ket i losed barely steady l'ilee i- it,
lieid, coloied and while spei lals. iv.j.
aeniB" fancv. ls(fii,c ; ii.uk, f r--1, sp. -el
lis, 17c. I'lieddais. held, spcciila, is'j, .
nood to fine, 7rifl7i4'- , d.Osles. ..tusr.e
held specials 11', IflS'iC Tll'K, heli
specials, 1 St 1.4 tf 1HIC , gnnd to prime 17 is
I7',c ; uiiilerKiades. neid. lliil,'V
fresh, lVIle , W Is. opsins, hehl, ki
HUc; Cheddars, IS i, H i.jc , sIiibI".
illisies. neiu. ia',c ; ouuiui tiaisics, iiein, j f,n,,
IS'l(.,V . II'IIIIH illlUHl II., lie l'l, W'1,.1
SOi , flesh. l"jtf 17c i .ta;.. skims.
HpsclaU, current make, 1 1 'i (3 1 r.i. . loner
arudes, StTlOc
HitirS- Willi receipts hi the mt me
dajs of the week eM-eediio; those of th,
limn flm da)s last'iieek hy 4a, nun cane,
the market na llrmei estt'rdiy n 1 1 n 1 11 tr J
than at the close the preilous day The
demand Is for high trade stock and Ihe'
pest s lip ',c In Blnr.IKO Htoi k the ait
a.nc Vjo, 1'liliaKo i'Mlpts 'his
week have exceeded those of Now York
liecausa there hale been large pur.'h isc
there for tonic. Neirhy rss "ere con- ,
slderably easier. o cnanire In dtn-k or
ceese, Slarket closed tlrm Prices
iratherod. extras. '.'J ', i'34c . stni.m,'
packed nrats. ::-,fif-J3c evtrae, tlrsls,
ISU rif 33 He J llrels, S'llislSS'-, seionds,
,19Hi :0Uc.; dirties. No. I, 13 ', 4T;(lc.i N
3, IS'd l'.u-,; rheeka lMilac. nearby ben
liery while. I3ltc. ; bniHiii, 33 'i 'T : le 1
mixed, :llT5c.l duck. Mate, H7tHc;
Maryland and Baltimore, uelected, J6j
simiii: and not lk-'l i" he anv hoicr
Pr. i-: Tuikeis Western hens and turns,
i.hv picked, fan 3''d3Ic . fair t" ,.,eid,
"MC'i- chickens 1.' 1,. 1.,,x. Western lilUk
t-d "IV ...rn f.d, ls.tl.1i fouls, 1.' In
l.iit. dri puked, e-te. .1, f-'l Its Hlid oer
l.i d".'li. ,'H'ii , 43 In 17 lbs , 13 ,, l!l l.j. ,
I undei 3'1 ll.s. 1.!'aiil7.'. Western, lr
pi, I.. I, 'l.s and over, ''" t'j IPs, ;c,.
3 ,lss and 'I'lder. li'.'il I'l's ' Western,
s il.' -.1 ilsTO. I , iild rsmstei-s l.'.s, jr.lV'
i.'1'iat.s pun.' ullll" I'l lbs tn d'Uen, ;-
l-s , ., 7 the, f J T f. l''io.cn, Tuil.ei-ei-lc.
ted louiikr hens. 331131c , toms, 3'.
,i V M 'I ::,' , 1. r illers. is to leu. is to
i ! IPs :in n red fancv ;7c ; chick
c us, l.' lo l.i.x. milk fed. 31 to 3'! Il.
-.',11 :3c. 13 to 17 lbs. :3f:3'ac : com
led. 31 "i 3'1 ll. :ic : 43 tn 47 lbs. ;
Western lioxe.l. t.n ip, iilnl n er.
1c . 3fi lo l'.' Pis, (tic , old ri'Oilei'S,
ducks, tr'IIK I-! Mid '.: 'I .1
r.'IHl.t en'i ...ll in ' - nete I h, tesa t .if
'ichl hutnir for SouHiern hoiisss Itepnrts
thit the Hull ll. d Am. 'Id all line strike
ii id been settled had Hume Influence en the
isi The advances were tint held how
. dC .Illl'H Of 10 I" l.'l p.llll'4 ll. SUK
e ntctl I'ctl.slid for cnntlactt. fm lellnet,
n is ills'ippnlntliieiv lilit rinds oil in
,,i, . in' e li'T.. r'i ' ' si. I'iniii-..
1-resh i 4.,n
AnRlo-French Five-Year
External Loan
roiiponi du April lo, IMS from the
hend of the above loan Mill lis payable
at our olTlce, No. 53 Wi'l t'lreet, Ne-v
York city, mi and afer that dais
.1. I". MOHilAN A ( O.
A dinner v d i lend o' tour per tni on
i'ic Cutuin'-n ' " l( "f Hi" Company has
I,, en d" ,arel put ihle Mai 1 IHH In stn,-k-Im
tei- of is i 1 it -he .see of In, .sine,.
Apill 1. 131" r . M 1JI,V, ecreiarv
N, w Y 'lis, Vp-
.11 4 Ul'l
WAflllNtiTON April 11 The sialement of
the icceipts and .lieiiiire inruu ol Hie Tieas
n shows
This mot 11i Pisoil sear
.51 'ITI7.il ls.j,-j,a:s
Jl.lis -.1'' .'.' .'."'.iv
I'l.-but siinrnts
l o . n v ht 1 o in
10.71 frlOTI
lo.iinKi i
a.(JS .t
l 'lose
Pencil.. 11.153 M'i U1.541.93t
llrceipts irtm eiisli.ms to d it t'V.i. 7vi; In
lernal revrim,. or I mi . ll is; tt:, Incoms
tax, It'll I'll; mlni'llma-otis. 7 i
Nitlon-il bank nines lectiud l"r redsrap.
lion, H rvi.r-
Tlie ciirieul tatsnienl o the Pnild Htfs
Tieasiiier for Spul PI
i.ll.NKllAI. KI'NI) .
Available yold ;i.SC.75l
valiblv slllei l'1.1IIS"l
I'nlted Males poles I. Iss.l.'l
Nallonsl bank uolcs nut I'edsi il
reserve notes .3.e:.rci
I'ertifl.d diecl.s nn b inks U.171
r-iibsiiliary sihtc niiniM isnn and
liter bullion :7.3C3...
I'n.-lassitlnl mi (orted iincii'-v t33,i!44
I1spns In bll'ks I'll ril'llpi'ipe
Treisnrv 7j,7A'.,:n
At .(liable nn rt in in l'reis.ir) and
b.iul.s .' l.S-i
Ii.-dint current liabilities io "'i.ois
Net balame In cotu-ial tuinl U,M''i.sis
Hold coin and bullion. .. IIK.17IVJB
TltltST KDNf).
To reflrem oilislsndllit iTitiflcsles IbsMssavpsf
Urand total cash nnels InTrtisury :,3 ,13r-el
I. . M
1 -t-t f

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