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Skull of Kenneth Tt. Collins,
Plnsh Manufacturer. Frac
tured In Full.
$100,000 AT SAME TIME
Kenneth Ti. Collins, 30 yeais old, presl-1
Sent of the, Collin & Alkman Company,
dealers In plush at 13.". Klflh avenue,
and 11vln at 223 West Klghtleth .street.
waa fatally Injured last evening while
trying to rescue two women from a
moke filled flat nt t West Klghty
elxth afreet, lie managed to enrry the
women down a tire escape from the third
to the second floor ami then fell to the I
eWewalk with a ladder which he was
attempting- to put In position In order
to finish the descent.
His skull wait fractured and his left
shoulder wan broken. Mr. Collin mat
taken unconscious to the Knickerbocker
Hospital, where he died late last night.
Although there im much hustling
S.monff the tenants to reach the Htreft.
and several narrow escapes wero re-1
ported, not a person In the eight families '
was hurt. Among those rescued was
Mrs. J. K. Michaels, an elderly blind
Tell I'olli-einnn.
Rnn to
At 9:3i n'iliM.1, h )oung man lan to
Policeman Howelcn at Klgiity-rlghth
street and Columbus avenue and tol
htm that great pinTs of smoke were Is
suing from the cellar of the lilUott Hat
on the northeast comer of I'lghty-Mlxlh
street and Columbus avenue. How den
sent In an alarm iinvl rati to the build
ing. He found the smoke dciutcst on the
Columbus avenue side under the fur
store of E. St. Schwarts.
The policeman bounded up the stairs
leading to the apartments and on the
second floor met flalstead llynard an
he .was lending out his mother, sister
and his blind grandmother. Mm.
Michaels. Howilen took charge of the
women and llynard ran back up stairs,
to get other tenants. The apartments 1 ..
j, , t . ...1. I.,. . i "
'in. iioe-ei u. mis uinu woo mount:
t)lleh etirte,! i in u,i nlr uliuft I)
On the third Iloor Mr. llynard saw
Kenneth 11. Collins, who was carrying
n n umbrella and a brief case, lead Mrs.
Ulla lanlwlg Mini a Mrs. Mull'iy through
an open window lo the lire escape. Mr
Collins had entered the building for the
purpose of making tesciies and found the
women helpless In the smoke.
When Mr. I'olllut rcachcel the lire
eacape platfmm he calmly dropped his
umbrella and brief case over the railing,
nnd carried Mr. laidnlg In hl arms to
th" second floor l.imllnc while Mrs. Mai
ley climbed down behind him.
I 1 1 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBlSBBBBBBBRSBBBBBBBBk. ' i' " - s "',;.'''"il::illl
! 'V 1.. W' t? I BBBBBBBBBBBl . !U "V o W
1 1 If V3S. J SBBBBBl " . ' 1 1
iiai-i-.-v Hi sbbbbbbi v x--. in i
pirns.:- X ..
Prof. Knriclit Says Compound j ' Swann and Wood Dccidi to
Ih So Simple Any One
Could Make II.
Prosecute Property Holders
VIh Went to Card Men.
Kouls Knrlcht, chemlat and Inventor i
of Karmlngdale, f. 1.. has. or ilalms to
have, a liquid that will make gasolene
la thing of the past, put automobiles
within almost every one reach and
break the Standard Oil Company's con
trol of the petrol market
A transparent greenish liquid Is the
new genie of the automobile. Four
ounces of It, I'ror. Knrlcht sa.s, mixed
n-lth (Uc gallon of plain water such as
Is ued for sprinkling lawns, will make
live gallons of motive power more stable
nnd explose than gasolene. And the
beauty of It Is that the preparation ex
clusive of the water, will c,ot only l'.i
cents a gallon.
lie nas been working on his fluid for
i three years, the chemlet -aid yesterday
'when a half tln.cli newspaper men went
After a conference yesterday between
Club Election Attended by Fuss Over $2 Fee in Which
the Words, "a Bunch of Cats" Figure, and Every
. body Tries to Talk at Once.
Dltrlet Attorney Swann nnd I'ollce Com
missioner Wooda both said. In announc
ing that a brisk campaign would be un
dertaken airamst uambllnc houses, that
I the tmmi.s of hullillncs 111 which gam
bling houses nrj allowed to locate would
find themselves In trouble with the
county pio'-ecutor's olllce.
Them Is a law fm bidding owneis or
agent- to lent their property knowingly
for gambling purpofcs. Not many pins-c-ciitloim
have been made under It be-c.-ium;
ll lias been hard to prove guilty
knowledge. Hut the two otllclals agteed
upon n course of procedure whereby they
will provide the necessary knowledge to
thuM) owners who allow their propcity to
! used for gambling ihiiimscs.
The police, according to the plan, will
M'liil infill miition Itnmeilliilely to the Dis
trict Attorney Winn they learn that
T.iniiu.iiy ll.tll seceded from the
Woman's Democratic Club yesterday.
Led by Miss Julia I.. Sanders, chairman
of the Woman's' Democratic Committee
ot the Fifteenth Assembly district, and
Mrs. .Mary M. Lily, lawyer nnd the Tarn
many candidate to succeed Mrs. John
Hlicrvvln Ciosby as president of the club,
it siiuc of Wigwam Hilmlrets inarched
between the L'tosby and aiili-t'insby I
factions. i
"Hy the way," she said. "Just before
the meeting began 1 asked Mrs. Skoog
It she couldn't tlx It up ho I could vote.
It being In doubt whether my dues had i
been received In time, and she, w.tld, "Oh,
)cs, we can tlx It up. Of course oil'
will tote for the admlnlstintlon candi
date, Mrs. Illrsf." 1 said no. I vVas going (
to vote for .Mrs. Lily, and then there,
whs ii lerv liele entlhle change In her
away from the biennial election at tlioj nilpPOt, she didn't think then that sho
I Intel Artor. They announced that they
would resign and form a club of their
own, but later they decided to stay In
the piescnt organization and worry tho
"If they do." said Mrs. Crosby,
founder and retiring president, who!
ruling caused the exodus, "we'll make It
hot for them."
Inspired by Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Charles
1. Hirst, the nvvv president (Mrs.
l'ros.by's canilld.it'-') appointed a com
mittee to revise tlu constitution so any
body who annoys the president can be
put rli! lit mil.
liver since this club was founded in
lOfij It has been a leal lively nrganlza-
gambling or dlsoideilv liouo has been tloti. What with llrst this little thing
iiicnid. The District Attorney will lui- nnd then that little thing. Its meetings
mediately send for the owner or agent , "Id generally be depended upon to lur-
out to see how It workid. At last, foiirj
weeks nco. he solved the problem, tie
I said, and since then he has been ill lying
.his two automobiles about the little vil
lage without ever btoppltig nt the local
! . .7.1 "a 1 lite premise-., lay l-'foi.. him the evi- entertaining copy when reporters
a gallon and still going up !';"; u,Fn ''" ;'
Hill K liiomiseil to .iccmie white ''"' law If the mvnei oi ag. . it con ; lines
eleph.ui- on li s bands lie cannot fnl- " 1" lb-i'laie to b. ued Illegally he
low an.v of the usual w.is of iiiill.ng . ' ' " r, li.uiHir liable to proeeutloli fo; ,
is discovery on llie maiket He caniiot a u-li-ny ,
fotm a cniuiianv and patent the fluid, nor J mis ni-inoii, sain ine uisuici
.iiornev, ineie is in possnniny oi
vet ll It to any hlg corporation I h
ingredients of the snpet-gasolene are so
Iniplc, he confesses, that any In man
owning a machine could go to the diug
store and buy a few ounces of them,
mix them together, slop at the town
pump and then laugh at the garage
Beatrice Arabella Barker.
Patent Xot Fraslble.
To patent It would be as bad.
Trim tn 1'iibniik t.ndiler.
Policeman Powdcn called to Mr. t'ol
lrna to take the women In the second
story window. I'nlllns, however, at
tempted to unhook an IS foot ladder
hanging from the third story' platform
and lower It so as to suspend It from
the second story platform, but In so
doing he fell with the ladder to the
Tho ladder struck Policeman Ames In
the back, knock'ns him down. Collins
crumpled up on the pavement and Dr.
Leddy took htm to the Knickerbocker
In the meantime Policeman How den
rescued Mrs. Ludwig and Mrs. Malloyl
from the lire escape by wav of a window ,
and escorted them to the etreit. I
The blii7. whs coiiilneil principally to j
the cellar, although It did omc damage
to ijehnarus fur ittore. The los was
placed a jr.,000.
Mrs. Katlicrlne .1, Adams, the victim In
the celebrated Roland B. .Mnllimciix case,
ran a tenant In the flat House when she
died In 19S.
The dictum, as laid down by Justice
Hi.ickm.ir of the Supreme I'oint, Hpsik-
that Heatrlce Ar..,lla Hirkcr. IT
ears old. Is legitimate a to her father.
whether her mother acted In good faith
or not, and Is therefore entitled to share
In the ll.noo.notl estate of her gie.it
grandfather, Charles darker, who died
In Hrookljn In 1 T r, . was unanimously
sustained by the Appellate Division es
tuday. Justice Thomas writing the
I'nder this decision Miss H.uker will '
Inherit about Jloa.Of'O from the estate,!
which was held in trust tluough one
generation and Includes the premises
M.w occupied b Frederick l.ocser , I"".
In Kulton strret. The decision does not
hettie the legitimacy of Miss Marker aa
to the mother, but that had been done
alieady In an action trhsl before Jutlce
Aspl nn 1 1.
Miss darker Is the daughter d Mrs.
Kftelle D'Tgeloh and lives at Hrnoklme,
Mass., with her mother and stepfather,
Henry I". Dorgeloh, llnston manager of
Pie llHiiihiiig-Ainerlc.in Line. Met
father. Charles S. Marker, died In
1!0I and Ma widow suliseiiientl,v was
married to Dotgeloh, tint before either
of these marriages, vvlien less than H
years ai. toe girls motlier had con
tiacted another marriage with Alphonse
Murtha. Ibis marriage had never been
voided either hy death or court decree.
It is belli that the girl's father ciilcrcd
into h s marriage in gooil faith, believing
that his wife had never married or fore.
It was Mis, Dorgeloli's complicated
martal ndventurie which gave rise to
the iicf.tlon of her daughter's legitimacy
and led lo four veals of litigation and
several suits. The other Hirkcr hlr.
nine in number, raised the iiuestioii when
.Mrs Dorgeloh undeitook to Miter her I
o msh'er as n party to a partlt on su't.
Tool contended that the girl was not
entitled to shale In the estite. ar Mi"
Dorgeloh had another husband (Muriha)
living when elic was man led to Marker.
Mrs. Dorgeloh took the matlir before
Justice Kapper, who dismissed It on
perjured lecitmony, Mrs. Dorgeloh al
leged, Thereafter Justice Hlackmar de
cided in favni of Miss Hallo r. bill failed
to clear the mother's name. So Mrn.
Doreeloh htoucht an action to annul
tier marriage to Murtha.
After considering the evidence Justice
Astilllall El anted Mrs. Dnrgeloh'ji peti
tion, She testified that she was .voiing
nir.1 stagestruek when the marriage oc
curred and that she had always looked
upon it as a mock marriage, although a
iergvnian perfonned the ceremony. She
thought the marring) icrt.tlcate would
help her obtain a theatrical engagement,
she sold.
Murtha. as keen for nil annulment as
the plaintiff, corroborated her testimony
So Ml-s, llarl.er wins m every phase
of the litigation, her right 'o Inherit
lie'ng established and her legitimacy on
both sides.
for tlve
cents would bring a enpv of the papers
from Washington to nnv one, aim me
fo-inula c nitd be obtained As long as
th" nvenige autninob.'.ist made enough
only for himself nnd d.d not sell It
nothing could be done
"The '.dm I have." said I'lof Knricht,
"i to get the lioveinment t" pay me
an award for m discover) as a public
benefit. Knlllug In this. I may try to
get the autoinoblli makers, whose bus!-
ne-s has been Injuied bv t ie hlgl l
of gasolene, to nav me im uu fi inula
,11 the liiteres s ,if their lniM'ies I do
not wont a fortun- I have tvvrntv other
ti-.i.eiils isMied to me and o fair Income
ft ion them, hut 1 onl.v want a fair le
turn (or my vcats of labor on Hit dls.
covci v .
"Would 1 sell It to the Standard Oil
t'oinp.in.v ?" he siiaii'ed back the ipies
tlon when It was Hiked. "I would not.
t want lo leeak the Sl'Uidard nil font
Imny. 1 am not a so, i.ilNt. except In
tlieor). but 1 want the people to get the
benefit of this Would flic Standard i ul
Company sell m.v preparation it t a few
cenls an ounce? fs It selling gasolene
lit a fair price now ?
"Hcshles, I Imve another icnsoii.
Twenty years ago lleii-j M. l'laglcr re
fu.ed nie the frnlt.s of in labu when
I hi ought out an Invention fiat the
Standard ull I 'nnipany sought The
oinvauy was then sending about 40,
oow.uno bairels of o,l abroad a yem.
The learrelM had to b" lined to prevent
wiistage. I devcb'p'd a cheait, noil-!
cracking lining. Albeit A Drake, thru!
Hie "Nistor of the Stock Exchange' and 1
in) friend, financed nic W; wint to si d
It. A demonstration wis given. Mi.'
Diake askrd Jlu.mw" for me M l"lg- 1
lor laughed a bin and said he'd give
H "ifin, I was inr and wanted to sell.
but rat'"-- than see ui" lose llk
unking every landlord or agent nu ally
of the District Attorney In ridding this
oil) of this evil. No owner of real es
tate wants, to l.e In ought Into court for
1 nowlngly ernilttlng his premises to
Is) used for IIDgal purposes. I am goltu
to hit every head I see In tills frlglitful
evil and I kunvv 1 am going to have the
cooperation of every department In the
"Wherever a Magistrate falls to do
his duty 1 shall have the evidence sunt
lief ore tho itiand Jury. Personally I
feci that ill" cases would belter be sent
to Special Sessions Court for trial, but
on occasions it will ieiinru Indictments
to make those in the game take notice
that gambling must be stamped out In
tills lit)."
Magistrate Ten II) ck In the Tombs
police court yestcrd.i) held for trial eight
men charged with gambling who had
weie allowed in. Hostilities .visterday
began when Mls .Minnie Schancs. who
louteiided that she had Jollied and paid
her i" in plcnt) . time lo comply with
til Mile that a member iutlt have be
loi.gcd thirl) da)N to vote and talk at
the election, tried tj make a speech.
rnolil fW II on.
The Taniniiiny-Llly faction, suung
together vvllli Uh skirts held carefully 1
awn) from the rnisliy mcium, sincaciro
nuil (lien groaned.
"The electioneering that has gone on
hcie Is shameful." cried Mrs. Lillian
It. Slie, one of the Lllyltes. "There Is
Miss Mnrv Donnelly distributing the nd-
. .. . ., ...... I...- ..I Ii'm
lilliusiraiioii uchci hkoi iifii- .'. . " ,
n na Insi ih.. law to do anything of the'
sort within thirty feet of the polls."
VVi 4 tit
This is the moth
four times enlarged
that deposits the eggt
that produce the larvss
that feed on fun.
Safety Storage
for Your Furs
Here, on the toth floor of New
Wanamaker Building, wheie
it is always Winter, and dry.
Telephone Stuyvesaut 4700
Extension 136 or 137.
Broadway at Ninth
speaker Cat Slmrl.
"Miss Donnelly," Mrs. Crosby ill
lected "Our Mary" In n long suffering
tone, "gather up those tickets )ou uav
distributed Mui talk about election-
.ring.- she went on. llMng the Lllyltes tlirirm Afl pit) PDAMT
Willi her e.ve. "women have Is-en stand- NIKliK IIH IIK. IlKANI
lug around tight by the door with perfect iUUUU VI LMli UllfUl 1
bunches of the oilier ncaeis, sayiim,
at the tops or their
Honest th,.
Moth Talk a Once.
"Sit down," commanded Mrs. Crosby.
"Von haven't belonged the requisite
thirty clays."
"I can't help It If the postman didn't
deliver my money order," cried Miss
Moth women talked at once for scvernl
minutes, but Miss Schanes with onlv a
voice w.-ih no match for Mm. Croshv wltn
I her voice mm her gavel.
up in ine ircasuicr s cieto;.
"Hive me inv $2 back," she demanded.
"A bunch of cats; I wouldn't be seen
belollgilK; to )ou."
-nil. very well,- eahl Hie treasurer. 1
.virs. .. i;mil Sl.oi.g, and clutching her 2
.Miss Schalies maiehed lo the door.
"I can get a nice dinner with this."
she lem.irkiri, As c-he went out she
iiioiignt 01 mineming to contribute to
Vote for Mis. Lily
Li crv body talked at onre then for
some 1. me. but at length Mrs. Cioeby
succeeded In dealing the :rr. with th"
aid of hoi gavel, so nominations loiitd
be made Mrs Site placed Mrs. Lilys
name In nomination, and she had a nice
little speech, ornamented with a few
Morlcs, all ready. Hut Mrs. Crosby
cut her short
"Out of order . talking too long." she
said, pounding her gavel.
"Oh. very well. If I can't tell t
stories I'll leave," said Mrs. She.
"And Mr. Lily wants her name with
drawn," cried nil agitated woman In lav
ender, who proved to bo Mrs. Lily her
self. Then the Lll.vltes arov and filed out,
leaxlmr the Crosbvitcs to hold a nice
She inarched j quiet, harmonious, unanimous election all
by themselves,
Mrs. Harrison lirey
the Lllyltes, shool.
out In the hall.
"This Is disgraceful." she said. "1
I have been In Albany for two weeks, and
Itllllclifff (il'lllllllltl' Itt'l'OIIIPS
r.riilc of Iliii'vnril M,i 11 in
I'liiisiuil .Miinncr.
discuss nu thai was already going on
been a 1 ivied ten davit ago bv
Dan I'ottgau's sipiad
Judge wanu gave .111 opinion appioi-
log en id playing under ceita, n conditions. ! 1IrriT1 . . .
ruvrr,r;".,n c,uta! WIFE A HOME VIRAGO,
The underlying Idea Is the linmtunl
parlclpatlon In gaming as a iiuuie)
making pursuit. The cpiestlun would be,
whether II Is a gambling establishment
which .vields the proprlttor or proprie. I
tois a i nut mi the games plavcd iheiein ,
. "This olll, e does not lake the position
that nietel) by playing a game of diaw
poker .1 man coiistltu:i himself a gamb
le r, but on the contraty that game nr
all) other soeial game may be pi ived
In a man s club or In Ids home pro-'
vliled the 'club' Is not organized for the!
purpose of gambling, and providing the
mei" plaving of games at th" club Is a
meru incident of the purposes of the
club, and not its main object."
I mhnlled the orderly way the
latuie conducted Its business,
can't we women do the same""
"It shows we're not tit for the
yet," napped Mrs. Saudrts.
v otc
Very ('r.'ii'inus OhImMp. Hp
AtliN Thi'ditPtiPri lo Kill j
Hop, Ts Ilpply.
Total Nnvr Is 4,1117 In t'nmpnlgn
for n.OOO Vleiubrrs.
This city Is Just ahout twenty-eight
times morn populous than Portland.
Ore., but Its Merchants Association Isn't
twenty-eight times as big as Portland's
by liny menus, which Is one of the rea
son, the .Merchants Association of this
city Is hustling for a ."i.OUO enrolment.
Hard, unselfish, enthusiastic work
brought the membership up to 1,497 yes
terday, which Is about the same aa sa.v
in 4.600. On Thursday, April 'JO, when
the campaigners meet nt luncheon in tint
Hotel Itlltinorc. Arthur Williams, Will
iam C. Hreed. Clarence Whitman, Silas
1). Weflli. Waller Scott, Charles It. Uimh
and other enthusiastic workers In the
cause expect to close tho membership
roll with the tlve-tlioimaudtli man.
Major-lien. Leonard Wood will bo the
guest of honor at this luncheon.
Among tho recruits enrolled yester
day wein ex-Sectetary of War Henry L
sitlmsou, Morgan J. O'Mrien, William M,
Dyckman. ex-Attorney general of the
United States (it-orge W. Wlckershani
nnd K. P. Ilntehlns. Tho merchants
committee, which did the hest work for
tho day, was committee 10 K. A.
Muscheulielni, W. ( Miischeiihchn.
Andrew A. Hull ton and Thomas M,
I'orpiffiiprs Kniplmril hy Nn
tinniil Conduit Cm. Ilnvc Trou
ble liivt'iiliiiir Dciiiiinds.
llllt fioVPIMIIIIPIlt Kllt'W
l.otiii. He Snys Contrn
difts Foi'iriiii Tostimoiiv.
HaUe anoo.ooD will
Disappointed but not discouraged, the
Halvutlou Army announced yesterday
that ll would continue Its campaign to
rulao fSOfi.UOn until Tuesday or Wednes.
day of next week, or perhaps longer.
At noon the clock In front of the cam
paign lieaihiuarterj, at fill H10.nl street
registered $:t07.1 30, completing the sixth
rtay. To-day was to havo been the last,
but owing to the unusual number of war
relief organizations collecting money Just
now unexpected tiltlleultles have con
fronted tho campaigners.
Yesterday's total was $ll,'-'i", the
Y M, A. team leading with subsci lp- (
tiollh of Jt.KSu. The next highest was
.lolui Allen's bukluess men's team with
IJillO. I
An omcer or the army said some large
HvsTlMis, N. Y., April H. 'Hie thoii
saiid four hundred empIo.vces of the Na
tional I'oudult ami Cable Company are
now out on strike.
Seven hundred men from six depart
ments Joined the "n who went out yes
Urday and with the aid of Sheriff Wcl
saiidanger of Westchester count) per
fected some sort of organization to-dav
and appointed a committee to discover
sonic demands to make.
There Is considerable mystery about
the strike and many rumors concerning
Its origin. The company employs ,1,r,lil
men and since the outbreak of the war
has beu engaged III the nianiifiictnrii
of munitions. The men on strike lire
nearly nil foreigners and are not mem
hers of any labor union, local or Inter
national. They weie not known to have a griev
ance until )esterilay morning, when the
men of the sheet department suddenly
told their foreman that If lie did not
give them an advance of per cent, In
wages they would unit. He asked them 1
lo see the higher officials, but lliey
would not wall, walked out and carried
I oilier men with them. The others Joined
' them to-day.
Hi-causo of the violence of the strike
four years ago President of the Village
' Thomas J. Goodwin sent for the Sheriff.
That offcer managed to get 500 of the
' cTien Into a hall on Washington avenue
to learn ivhat It waa all nlsiut Heyond
saying they wanted more money the men
I could tell iilm nnthiiig. 1
' Thereupon the Sheriff In a speech sug-
gested that a committee made up of two
men from each department be appointed.
He tol dtliem they must formulate de
I mands and present them to the company.
He told them they must formulate de
I disorder or he would have to lake action.
I Thev must stay home and keep unlet, not
lli.-vuo. prll It nx-Senator l.orl
mcr testified late to-day that both the
national nnd State bunking departments
knew of the means by which the 1t Salle
Street TruM and Savings Hank wa tn
be turned Into a State Institution. The
former Sena'tor. testlfjlng In his own de.
fence on conspiracy charges growing out
of tlie failure of the bank, denied that
there whs an) Ailng wrong In llie traiii-a.-tlon
nr transfer of Jl, .'.".0,11110 from the
ntral Trust Cunp.tny of Illinois t the the propertv of releasing the hydrogen
of this
The money was
La Salle Stieet Hank
used as capital stock.
"I went to Charles i. Dawes of the
Central Trust and told Iilm that we
needed II, '.TiO 000 fn lie counted by the
H ink Hxamlner," the witness said, "and
I asked him if li" would cash a check
for that jiniiiinl He said he would.
"Hoth the State and national bank de
partnieiits knew of the transactions.
Then was 110 secret alsjut It."
When he took part lu the organization
of the Lu Sallo bank lu I ft in, Mr, lnl
ner said, lie was worth neaily iri.lo.iKin,
Tun years later he was so pressed lln.iii
elally after his disastrous tight lu the
Senate and kisses In business lh.il he had
to borrow $10,000 from a personal friend.
He has little wealth to-day, ho wild.
Chiilins M. Munday, vice-ptesldent of
th" bank, was the real malinger, the
wltncs testltled, He told the court that
he frequently put money Into the bank
and drew only small dividends. 1
Mr Iirliner challenged the accuracy I
of testimony given by .lames H. IVirgan,
former president of the r'lrst National
Hank, and nwen T. Iteeves. president
of the Drovers National Mank and a I
former national hank cNsmliicr, tin In- I
slsled that Mr. I'organ wan "mistaken" 1
and "i-oufused," and In a number of
Instances asset led flatly that lircuin-'
stances related by both hankers did not '
occur as etateit
Ml. Drake paid me my shine of that
price and kept the discovery secret I
w nt no more dealings with the Standard
Ull Company"
lilvt's n lleiiionalrnllno.
l'rof. Ihiihii gave a demonstration of
ll,s tluid .vctcrda). lie Idled the gaso
lene tank of each of his two cars with
water and poured in a siitllclcut quantity
of the greenish liquid. Then he cranked
up the car and off she went. One of the
ne!.iaper men brought his own auto,
mobile with him and two expert median
Iclans. He told the otheii, who arrived
later that the new preparation had been
tried in his machine and had driven it.
The method of making the fluid Is
simplicity Itself. No apparatus fc. needed
lie.vond two dry batteries and an elec
trode In a water tank Ills fluid, l'rof
'l'nrlcht says, decomposes water Into Its
constituent gases, liidrogcn and ox) gen
Il.vtliogcn. an explosive gas, Is fed from
the tank Into the cylinders, detonated
b 'the spark plugs and exhausted lu the
usual way. The only -ecret about Un
tiling Is the ni sterloiis lluidt which has
I.eaclltiK stftt I'nntrllitilr for lliri
Preach Orphan. j
A sale of spring and summer hats will
I." held 011 Tuesda .rid Wednesdav of
next we, k from 10 until '. o lin k at
T2.1 r'ifth avenue for the benelll of 1
tint! L'e 1rpI1elm.it des Arinc,"'. for til' father- '
h s.s chllditn of Kraie-e, of w hi -h Miss
l.ulslta l.cland is chairman of the New
York brunch The hats have been do-1
nateil b) some' of tlie city's leading shops I
anil b) mall) friends of thou Inte'rcsteM
In tin- organization The prices will
Mm tmsH Morrl- IT'cne. te.tcl e- In
Puhllr Sehool S, told Supicine Couit,
Justice HIJur yesterdav why he was com-
pellcd to leave his wife, Mrs. Rose Ks-'
civ, on February 1'.' l ist. In opposing ;
I cr application for a separation. 1-scoe '
"li ntn the heclnninc of my inanicd'
I fe oil relations were m the nature of
an 'iiniicd truce' The plaititltf Is a
voman of vile, virulent and violent tem
per, with a tongue that matches; or is su
perior to her temper. Such a thing as a
family iti.irnl which lives Its short
miration ami then dies a natural death
as to liet iiioiii,,v n, ,
"Tin' plalhtllf Is one of tlio-e nnom-1
Mlsa Anne T'age Id of llr
Mass., a Hndcllffc graduate, and nice of
tho Itev. Dr. Percy Stlckney clrnnt. him
become the vvTfc of Hobctt Leopold Wolf
a Harvard graduate now associated witi
tho American Telephone and Te'carrjph
Company, by a contract marriage. Wolf
nnd Miss l'age were; able to ersu.i'14
CII) Court Jiitleo La Fur i to rin the
contract by having the lcv In elreia
I .unison, one of, tell Justice La Fetra that there tas r, ,
her head mournfully rmson why the tnairlage shoti,,i mt t,,,
I place.
The mart Inge i'on,..icl was sign."! t,n
Saturday, but it was not made pulil 0
until .vesterday. when It nii.l ,u ii-
County Clerk'K olllce. It the-, l!,CM cl
that Miss Page went to llie 'ii-i'lurs ,f
Justlie La Fella ,ie.'iompained v ,f
parents, .Mr. and Mis. (borge II Pane
of Urookllne, while Wolf vv.i
panied by his father, I. .1 Wo,' f
Cleveland, and other relatives Vhri
the bride and bridegroom filed their ton
tract ycstcielay they were cotn'lcl to
pay fees of ll.o", but lhere ws no
other charge They expected tn Ml.e i'.
contract away wllii them, but er n.
Hired that If they did so tlie 1 r n .irnass
wouldn't be legal. Their eoi ir.i 1 ii"
third to be ;lb el iii Count) I'hrk SC'll-i
iler'rt olllce.
line of the clauses In the , am act
a promise to "faithfuil.v peifeo n tn h"
tommiiiiity all Hie' duties lend nhllgat in
of marriage necerwary to its werlfarr
The bride - father said t ie ) on g
pto had been niairleel bv cm tni
i.ltl-e the) did lint be ,v ill .1 r, g
ce-einoiiv Mr. Page nddesl 'Me' es
I b.v i.iiitract w ,11 soon le-comr 1
stor). The hruK niolliei Is m . M.r,
Hiltchcsoii Page, one of the lead g iu-
frage wtikeis 111 Massachu-, I 1
former pii-nlent of the Ma - is i
Hqual Suffrage Association
Drives Wife I'mm Ittiettn nod 'fii-tt
sliools llloiselr.
More liotnils Hcnrd of Ih'tilli
of .Mrs. Stpvnis." FnriiUTly
.Miss .Mcl.nii'ililiii.
,:ilie., froflt ,.' In S I Tt
XI es l.r.i,...s lv- I'.m.ll. .tun el. ,iln,i,i. lillCS frequently fllUIIll, U WOlllrfll VV llO
of llie coinmlttee leir the sale, will be 1 ''PI '" uracloiis and charming to
assisted b) Mrs Stiihcn II. tHln, Mis. who meet n.-r. but who Is a virago '
James W. Markoc. Mrs Charles Dana her own bom-. She never had a kind,
liibson. Mrs. Willi.uu C.i .enough. Mis true or e eqit woiel tei sa) when discuss.
Theodore flaveMne)iT, -Mrs llowaid ! Ing our fileiids with me. To sum It all
Cin.hln". Mrs. Will.trd str.ili-lit. Mrs 1 up I found living with her a 'hell on
secret Prof. F.nrhiit is most
Jealous Ills chemical bottles .ne
marked III code, and lie cmptlis the
automobile tank afler each tun Kacli
iiiotnlng be mixes the fluid anew, sei 110
thief breaking Into Ills laboiatoty may
discover Its preparation.
Prof, linricht is ila wun old. lie as
born In Ma)ence, (Jerniany, and edu
cated at the t'nlvcrslty of Carlsiulie.
, eurtii." a coiiilnuation of such existence
. linpossib'e 1 iiave eniluretl It for )eais.
but human ei,diuiinie has Its limits."
I Mis. lscoe. to whom was awarded
. jr.o a mouth aliinoti). says that her lius
1 band has 1111 Income of more than ?2,xfl0
n year. She l.ves at 2 fix West tilth
'stii'it and Is entliely without means
f-tf fippf c HffrcT r,f adds, she de-clares that her husband
tllXin ilLLLOf IVlUtJI Ul I irealeel her e'riielly ever since their mar-
tiagi' on June' 3H, 11M0, ami told her he
'mufti a mistake when lie marilcel, Sho
s.i)e he told her lie would kill her If she
, dlel lint leave,
1 Mis Hse'oe ns-erts that her husband
toiiiped tit f until she fainted on No
iv ember 1" last, and when she regained
riniscliiiieiiess slie found hlni l.ie'klng her,
liscoc lle'llle'll Ills Wife's chlllgCS.
Theeslore Hoosevelt. Jr. Mrs litin
''ray. Mrs. I.ciui.ud M. Thoinas, .lss
lidlth Wi'tinore, Miss Jane't.i Alexander
ami Miss Sarah Schuyler Huller.
Peill'I'SOll M'1 Srliool (iir
TtM) I'liVololls. lllsll'Ul'-
tor Hi'cii'cs.
Di Dotni'igo Mrnder Capute. 11 1 at
tonn) and e'X-VI e-Preslilent of Cqha
has bien retaliiesl b relatives of .Mrs.
1 trace McLaughlin Stevens to have her
bod) sent here for burial In tin family
plot. More eletalls of the fatal ending
of the elopement of Miss Mel-uighlln.
elaughtcr and heir of the late Patrick
McLaughlin of Hrookl.vu. and iicmge M.
Sle-veiis. a Harlem garage owner, were
Ira 1 ne, I ve-stctday.
.No sooner had the couple arrived in
Havana than detectives be-gaii annoying
tliem. The) were fenced to leave a hotel
be auso of the constant watching, liven
after the) li.uk Up I e slilelii'f Ul a
promlm-nt family the elctectlve, con
tinued to watch them.
Miss McLaughlin had been made III
bj the' constant annoyance, ami Stevens
began to fear her health was breaking
under the strain It was at tills time,
that Miss Mi-Uiugbbn i.iught cold. Her
weakened, condition from lose of sleep
and won) over the pie-eiice of the ,1c
tes'tlves left her pnw erics to light off the
tcver that folloue-d.
Stevens bolte-vew that If Miss Mc
Laughlin had not been annoyed by the
detectives she would have survived. He
mantes her death to the detectives, who,
lie ki.vs. weie winking on their own Ini
tiative' m llie hope or being bought otf,
'llie Havana pollen Dually frightened
them away.
lucre was no indication yesterday
mui me win ieii ny .virs. Stevens Is lo
he' conti'steel. Th,. vx lit contains .1
cia , winch savs that any one of the
bells who contests the will is to lose his
sua 1 c.
Individual contributions, wete expected at
the last minute', but that even If the
Interfering with the other ll.ioil who urn
sllll at wot, the Sheriff snld
The committee selected finally made
ill. lis mind to ask for a i'O per rent. In
crease In pynd a nine hour day, which
thev already have,
The rumors about the origin of Hie
. .. ... ...... ... .1 1.. .t.- Temncrntnri limns
ea tun., urn elnnert liernre file naif mllllnei ,oi.., - - .
IVgure Is reached the training school and 'fff ,' nl7 ,f, 1 n, . 5'
niher improvements would go through. I visited New orli city several weeks ago
even though It be necessary to mortgage .""I consulted will, men who have, been
the new building. 'active In other niunllloiia strikes.
Commander I'S'.teiCellpe Mnottl reeelyei 1 " "
th following telegram from President I STRIKERS SEE SUBWAY TIEUP.
Vllson: "My wai inert goisl wishes go
I I Urirrrett
nalntiovTS In HrooUIn.
S01110 weather got ndrifl last night,
1 Wife"' tletcctlves Keep X lull ti-
pcal lei I'otirl llnat Wall,
I Albert liallatlii Wheeler. Jr.. Interned
I at the l'nloii League Club, will be In
I terni'd there until Monday unless be
I tiles to make a run past the ilelie'tlves
ciiipln.ieil b.v his wife, Mrs, Claudia Cail
slcdt Wheeler, who are gii.inllng the
exits of tin club day and night.
' The icllef expedition, reported on Fri
day to be on tho way under Albert
Wheeler, Sr., did not iippenr, The eider
1 Mr. Wheeler could not be located in the
clly last night,
William F, S. Hart, attorney repre-
seiitlng Hie younger Mr, Wheeler, ap
peari'd before the Supreme Court )cj,tcr
day and asked fur an order vacating
the warrant for Mr Wheeler's arrest
lie pleaded thai there hud been a "gentle,
men's agreement" Itelweeii A mil Fnchs.
former counsel for Mrs. Wheeler, and
the besieged banker. In Ibis agreement
Mr. Wheeler compromised vx It ti hla wife
lu place! of p.i)lng the l:i,finn overdue
iillmony and JfTtnfi a mouth lie was to
, PvTl.r.so.s. April 14 Depute the fact
I that only twclio months ago lei.day Mill)
Sunday was successfully chasing die
devil mid all Ills works utnl pomps out
of this city there seems to have' been
a slight rclapso tow-ant frivolous, fads
'iiml fauiie.t. even among llie gills of the
1 Palersiiii High School,
At an) 1 ale. Miss Caroline I lemming-
'wii). assistant principal of the high
school, has heen so saddened 10 llml
Hint hi'r girl pupils mc gliding the Illy
Hint Miss I leiniiilngvviiy has elecieeil that
1 the piacllce of Improving upon natuie
must be stopped, Slie has issued oiele rs
that low ticckeel waists, high 1 led
I shoes and poelwcr pulls henet'fortli must
1 onspii.'Utiiisly absent.
I A minor that some high school girls
, bad been dismissed lieeause of Hie ga)cty
I eif their gaib wiih elenled to.elay by Miss
lleiniiiiiisway. She admitted, however,
I that she had thought It necessary to
speak to some of the gills uboiit Ih'lr
"extia attractive" methods of adniii
iniiiil The lectures had been dellveied
privately, she said, not In tho chins
1 looms,
Fine pnniler Injines the Uln nnd
.Maurice I'niiiprls, A HIM. anil
ctress xcciittet In Terttlniniiy.
in the leroinnietid itlon of a referee
who took testimony In secret, Supreme
Court Justice NcwhiiiBcr has granlnl a
jilivorce to Mrs. Mary H. Conipris from
Maurice Comprls, one of the foremost
' mural aitlsts of the country. The tie
' fend.int was found guilty of mlscftn
I eliict with Claudia Scott, former Hippo.
1 ilioiin show girl, who was his model for
1 the painting "Dawn."
The ihlef witness for Mr". Comprls
(was John C. MciIowmii, a family friend,
who Is an architect employee! by McKIm,
Mead White He watched tho de.
, fendaut's studio for thre-et, nights while
'occupying a rootn above. He told of
, hearing Comprls speak the name "Clau
dia" freqiienlly and addicss her in tif.
I fectlnnate terms.
, McCiownu lestllhd that eatly one
I morning wln'ii Cotnpi Is had Inoiight Miss
Scott to the studio from the Hippodrome,
I ho telephoned to Mrs. Comprls ami she
went down Willi a friend, Mrs, Katheiino
John V Ciliric. II. tch'g apli nr a 11
mid Spanish-American w - 1 a
after having chiescd his vvift 11 d I1 "
llve-year-old daughter ( n the a; 1
meill with 11 revolver, c ,11m fed sq i
last night. liarllcr In the even tig
had made an attempt to Jump fro 1 '
vslndow of their apartment on fie '
floor of the telienient house a' .".i"1 liter'
117th sttect, but had been rcsn.i. '.ei
his wife and nelglibois.
Cunic had been at home for 'v
vvee'ks, siiffi'iing from a in nw
down. Last night a'ter lie hai ix rn
illssuadcd from Jumping out o' t.i
window he went to a bureau nr.vte:
where he obtained a revolver He lmv
his wife f 1 out the room, and vv le r
was away ho killed himself
Itenlt) Snlntller fint in I'riton.
David W. Scott, an nttnrn-r seit a
former employee in the Land Olhc- '
Wiislilugton, lileailed guilty hefors Judn
Howe In tlie Fnltcd Stale? Dis'rr t i"ur
yesterday to Using the mails to defrnut
III the sale of forged soldier'" land cer
tificates, lie was sentenced to etrMfi
months 'n Atlanta penitent 1.1 rv.
ul-,, cause's the girls to acinic! loo much, ,,. Thoy R, ,, lhr Htu,Ul tm,gh
iiav f.inn and vi"" a niuiun
. . 1 .....1.. ....in
making Hie lights of Woolworth pPk 1 1" r""rl l"-'"'!"""" """' ' "'"'
Ircmiiloiis for a few inliiulca when tlio "!,J'
Viinil. out of a pellucid i;y, came roar
lug from llie frosty west, at alrtdilp
out to you In your effort for new strength
in a new endow tnent,'
One of the contributions yrwlordnv 1
wiib $1 from a crippled little Fast tilde 1
girl her savings for two years.
Treasury srerrtary Invlle Arven
tlur I'rolclriit tn Unit II. ft,
Bur.s.OH Aliir.s, Anrll 14. William el.
McAdoo. Secretary of Hie United States
Tressury, left here to-day for Chile.
Mr. MeAdoo p.elel a farewell visit to
HrealdNit d a I'Ihzu this inoriilug and
ImrrUel him to vialt the United States,
II alio gav a luncheon for Francisco
Oliver. Minister of Finance) of Argentina.
Union Leailrra Say Walkout of.
Worker la Mace crUliia.
iffleera of the Iiilernutloual Tunnel I
iiii'l Subway Constructors Union llie
subway workers' organisation said yes.
lerduy Hint work In Iho new llroiulvvay
Seventh avi'iiile-LexIngton avenun tubes
was absolutely Heel up and thai less I
than 'J per cent of I he usual working
loreo was rrporiiiiK mr 11111.V.
See'relnry Carraher of tho union wild
thai Hit; success of Urn strike was al
ready assuii'el.
"We have things lied up as It Is,"
said Mr. Cariiiher, "hut In case thero Is
a hitch wo ara prepared tn call nut tho
1,':00 Hiibwuy engineers. If Unit hap
pens, there will not ka wheel rolling
speed, about seventy-two miles. Tho
mercury, which had risen to tho gentle
April temperaturu of U- In the lale 11 f
I'.dtvnrd A, laaca IHnbarretl,
The Appellate Division In disbarring
lidward A. Isaai's yeslerelay ruleel Hint
dlshonesly and fraud lu personal deal
attention," Miss lleiiiinliigway said. "I
I .1111 sure that our glrl.i ale sensible
I enough to be made to see that ovei -I
iiiloriiinenl will result In their lielng erili-,
1 eise'il oil Hie slice! and III other public
' places, 11s well us In 1 1 it- I r own homes."
Tim assistant prllicipnl la linn in Hie
belief, she su)s, thai II will not be dllll
' e 11 1 1 lo I'xert e'liotnrh llltllleoee over th''
1 high school girls lo bring Uicin to the
point where lliey will agree willingly to
Ihiow away their vanity baga and other,
first aids to face and figure. '
Ctrl Weep. Illlltrly titer leslllj
Iiik In Divorce Soil.
XIIMOIV, I., 1.. April 1 I Compelled
to give Information on which her father,
lidward It. Dennieaife, 152 West fjinj
slicet, Manhattan, Is expected to obtain
.111 absolute dlvoicc. Doiothy Dciimcade
left the Siiprt'ine Com t hen this after
noon wei'plng bitleily. Doroth) is 17
1 eatH old and her mother, Luella 11.
Dciillie.nle, was accused of liilscondllct
with AiiKiistiiH Scharfi'iilii'rg of L)ii
lirook, a trotting horse owner.
The' action was undeteiided. Dorothy
told of having seen her mother go slclgii
ilillug wltli Sch.11 fcubiTg and 011 trips
vvllli him in Ills motor lKi.it. She said
1 she had seep her drinking with him in
sal 's- The gin told how her niothe i
had admitted to her father last vcar that
she had been around vvitli Scbai feu berg 1 Cloth "
ami mid she li.nl ktii the lioiseiii.in !,,(.. Z, ,
her mother BllttCmUt DrOWIl. 0
I'ctitncaiie asked foi the ciistcnlv of
Hie six-) eai -old son, who is mm living
with his niothei' They were married
I twt iily-iwo .vc.irs ago.
The shades of our ances
tors' clothes have been re
produced accurately in our
suits of ""Forefathers'
1 v e
innouncliig a telegram for Comprls. Th
witness tt.ild Miss Scott was tecllnlng
on a couch wearing a nightgown and
Compiis was lu his pajamas.
Mrs, Compiis said to Miss Scot t, ' A n 11
"Now, Claudia Scott, I've got )ou at
last," and she icplleil, "Well, what -are
von going to do about It?'
of Hny
tunc 1
lernoon, diopped 11 degrees, II wiim i IngH" Is Hiillbient ground for revoking n
a tlay of April varieties, rain, sunshine, lawyer's right lo practise, Tim testl
coolness uinl the thieat of front before nioiiy showeel (hat isaaca had been sucel
dawn to-day. There wan 1.37 Inches 1 by a man who charged falsa rcpreseti
of nilu, which fell iilmnst perpeiidlcii. ' talion and Iho charge iigulnst him wan
larly most of the murnliig. proved,
111 ivinii up 11 nay or unusual weather
a raluliow spnnni'il nil lirooklyn, while
its eioublc, a Utile less distinct, spreael
oulslile In a greatiT ar il, The two wero
seen for fifteen, minutes before the
Hitting sun dissolved lliem,
The .-4 n nu that cioiacd the blast vx a s
sailing off .NaulucUii Inward liuiopu
lasl night, To-day, Ihc foicciiHterH aay,
hould be fair and to-morrow IlkewlM
and -warmer.
Mall Mvtlnellera te-ntrncril.
For using the niallii tn solicit adver
tising for a fake Army-Navy football
programme, liilmiind II, Philllim and
1 Klngdoii Straw wtie seulcuccd by Judge
Howe lu the United States District Court
yesterday lo serve a year and 11 day eueli
lu Atlanta penitentiary. Phillips recently
oame here from Ian Vtanclaco. Straw
Uvea In thia cltya
decree lirnnlril I'nllotrluc Wed-
rllnar tin .Inuiinry III l.nst.
William Ferdlnaiid Musch, who mar
ried llabiilo Itiisch oil January 111 last,
gol a tllvoice flout llt'l- befoie SpelllC
Justlco Now lunger )cslenlay, on Hie
ground thai he learned 011 J.inunty 'JL'
last rti.it she had bi'eii guilty ot miscon
duct vvllli two men.
When ho granted the decren Justlco
Ncwhurger said Hint If his, memory
nerved hint right the case t a record
for epeed,
Atti-el llnsbnnd nt Girl Wife Mar
rlrel Wlien Mr V 77.
Pi nsiuiiil, April 1 1. Churgliig de
seillon, liilwatd M. Alsop, who married
Miss I'ilTIo Pope 1 1 1 11 of Macon, tin,, In
I III", when she was 17 and ho 77, has
won a ellvorco here,
Their marllal troubles have tlguied in
the pi ess it number of ttmes. Follow Ing
a hone') iimou In liurove and dlffeieucrs
Ilia! ilevelnped 111 their New Vtnk honie,
Mrs. Alsop begun suit mid went on the
stage. She iilaed fur one week lit Ham
ilierMtflu'H Victoria Theatre, Mrs. Alsop
also has sued for a share In the estate
of her husband, valued at aeveral million
dollan. f
Ai.I'vm. Apill 11 The Hi m liace of
Hill; lill l. Ih" olnbt-t 0i,i i, y
who ills.tppcaied fioui (he .side ot his
sister In front of .1 motion plctino thea
trc a mouth ago to-iuoi rmv, was found
lo-nlglit lu tho "line Hush," a wild spot
about live miles we. st of this city, Heinier
D. Howe, State botanist, who was hunt
ing for eaily specimens, eauio upon a
child's coat, hat and undercoat In n
clump of bushiH by tlie shin of a pond, I
lie brought thrill to pollen licaihiuartei s
and they were taken to his aunt Willi
whom the little orphan lived, Slie Iden
tified them as the clothes worn hy tho
1st) 011 the tlay he disappeared,
A few da.vs ago a letter signed hy
"Tlie lllack Dogs" was icceivi'd by the
aunt demanding a ransom of $.',,0u0 for
the relurn of little Mill)'. An inipiovn
ment 'association lu tlie clly ban plnce
offered 11 reward ot J500 for the return
of the boy. The police have formed i)p
theory ai to the finding of the clothes.
green, black and grey
The cloth itself is a faith
ful reproduction of'tlhU the
Pilgrim Fathers wore back
in 1620 the wool is jirown
to-day in the same count v
in England.
Hosts of other handsome
Spring suits in our stores.
Spring overcoats, loo, in
Everything for Sprin4 fo"
men and boys.
neglitered Trods Maiik
Rogers Peet Companv
at 13th St.
nt Warren
nt j-lthSt
Kilt'i Ave,
at AM St,
V' V'iii,'5i)'ijii-all'eniryw 'tt'Mifiiw&,er.a'ifa;iltii.itTi,
' ' u . . ... - , ' . .'r.txrVlxla',v:i..te.i'.-'Vl......'-' f 'Vf--' :'-'-

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