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Increases Control of Gflth St.
Corner Opposite His Now'
Xrtiiur Curtlis James lias acquired
(! residence at 090 Turk avenue owned
t Mr?. Virginia Muckay Smith, with
n'tcli acquisition ho completes a corner
r1 it fronting 63 feet on Ktxly-nlnth
trrfl, faring his residence ut the north
ti corner, and S6.1 feet on l'nrlc ave
i, ir l'our prlvatA dwellings coer the
ruperty. The ndjotnlng slto at 6S6
irvl 653 I.rk avenue was purchased re
r.ntly as u dnelltng site by William D.
Moane of the linn of W, & J. Stoane.
Originally Mr, James bought the house
it Stl Last rjixty-iilnth street to prevent
in undesirable Improvement of that cor
r.rr arid subsequently he acquired the
dwellings at 50 and 05, which ho since
rold to O. U Dommerlch, who Is erect
lt,e a dwelling from plana by Henry
lYlton. L.i t week Mr. James took title
to the I .(land house, at the southwest
corntr. and the Gurr residence, between
h's original purchase and the site of the
Bnnimcrlcli dwelling.
KA'fLi: AVENUli Slawson & llobba
hae nld for the W. K. 1 1 1 1 1 llcalty
Corporation tho tlvo rtory iipartmcnt
house at '.'1 NuglQ avenue. This
houc i on a plot 40xt30 and contains
twenty-three apartments and two
tores and was built by Brown Bros,
in 1313. The bujer Is an out of town
Inxcstor. Tho property was held at
miltY STRUCT. William H. Whiting
A Co. have sold for Emily M. Hogg
tho three rtory and basement dwelling
on lot 1:1.6x66.8 at 0- Kerry street.
This Is the first eaJo of the property
it more than forty years. It ts an-sesM-d
at 117,000. Cornelius S. Mor
rell Is the buyer.
lulnier has sold for the riatt Con
struction Companv the four story bus
bees building at 131 Kant IT.ghty
clchtli Mretit. on lot liO.ilOU.S, adjoin
ing tho northwest corner of Avenue A.
Wn.T tlHTH STBBCT. Frederick
llruwn lum IioueIiI from Kdward J.
echroedrr ."iu5 Wot 124th street, a
m ttuiy apartment house on plot
Wl ST 123D STHKET Porter & Co.
have old fr Bdll H. Hnrned tho
fntr siory brown stone dwelling, on
lot '.'OxIOu.!!. at 113 Wet K3d street.
1:16 Weft Kiftyfveond street rpuco on
the. eighth floor to Morris Roeenbloom,
ami In this Architects Building. 101
Park acnue, second floor to Molby
boiler Coinpanx for a term o years.
Brown has bought from the Wlckloir
HuiMIng Company 23S9 Grand Boule
vard, adjoining the northwest corner
of lSltli street, u five story apart
ment house, on plot 6S.4xb!. Arnold,
lirne & Haumann were brokers.
sold for the Nlata Construction Com
pany to Frederick Brown 2393 Grand
Boulevard, a rive story twenty family
ipirtment house, on plot 50x7S.S.
Brown has sold 1503 Charlotte street,
a rive story apartment house, on plot
17 oxioa John A. WK3d was broker.
LArONTAINE AVENl'i: - Charles
Metzger ha sold for Leopold llaldcg
gir to Frederick Brown 2021 Lafon-
tair.e avenue, a five story twenty ram
lly apartment house, on plot 37.0x
100 between ITSth and 179th streets.
The buyer six-e In exchungp 5S Edge
combe avenue, a four story dwelling,
in lot loxlOO.
EAfT 1S1ST STHKET L'Ecluse, Wash
hn ft Co. have sold for the Itoncle
'V"t ruction Company to Frederick
Brown 91 K:ut Ulst street, a five
story thirty family apartment house,
rvciitl completed, on plot 61.3xll4x
'r-ecuUr. and Jidd at J0,000.
HxKMlON AVENUE S. Rosen has sobl
f ir the Elfel Construction Company to
n lint-tor for cash ll'Sl Munition
ae ui an-l Ml East 17Sth street, two
fM f,rv twuty-tlxe family apart
m.i ' juift. each on plot 50x100, sur
toiin.l rig a similar ktructuro at the
suutli :t eorntr of thotio thorough
t '!, built recently by the selling
rejupany The houses disposed of
r- tild at $100,000 and each re
turns .in annual rental of $7,400.
'. Dell Bergen & Son have rold for
Mr Ad'Ulde B. Nichols the former
lfe irv Hattennan residence, on plot
" 6x300, ut 400 Clinton avenue, Brook-
. to Frederick T. Aldrldge, vlce-'resdo-U
of th Brooklyn Truat Com
tn also old to Walter V. Hoxle the.
lour str.rv dnelllng, built by the late
-Vir Arbuckk at .-U3 Clinton avenue,
Vr l(o:e haMng sold through the satiie
t.-ukfrj his home nt 29S Washington
nnue also sold 325 Clinton avenuo to
!!r. f - ntr u. P.irsons.
"Tie Wolilnver .t Isberg Building
Co-.ip.iay will build reveral high class
rj!'"uri buiiiigsi on a largo plot
' -i " j liouRlit on the south side
e' Stetit.tlfth street, west of Third
afiti, tn ihc lla Rldgo section. It
! IjihI plans drawn by W T. Mc
rarth architect, for live five story
Vj.M iks, ea -h esxa. Land and build
ivtll represent an Investment of
Vjt 137'. 000
Wdl'ir S, Uoss has sold !or Martaln
fl-ndoft t.i a builder the plot. 40x100,
'i the est side of Thirteenth Vu,
tto ftei suuth of h'eventy-elghth street.
The Alco Building Company, William
eurarmin president, has sold to H.
Btr'-hii' in the seven room dwelling on
lot IMxliirt at the northeast corner of
blxty-flxth street and Twenty-first ave
rw. Mapletou Park, and to Alex. Gel
t'r tti hrlrk and htone dwelling, on
Mot 24x92, at tint southwest corner of
eixt. third street and Twenty-first ave
r.'ie The Uulkley and Horton Company and
Jmt II. Fisher have sold 139 Ocean
Parkway, !( three story residence, on
Mot 40x150, between Caton and Church
'venues, for the Chester Drug Company,
to a client for occupancy.
TV l.wis If. May Company has sold
for Charlotte Hall a plot 80x100 on Lin
f!n avenue and a plot SOxlOO on Mon
hjouth HVinue, Belle Harbor, L. I., to u
Went, who will linnrovn the. sites for In-
The Lmg Island Sound Realty Com
P"y hna sold at Marathon Park. Little
ck, L I.,, a residence to Lucius Tracy
".-weld, president of trie ew utgiana
wllarsrible Tutsi Company.
11 War, I l lUmlllnn JL tin. unlH
C. II, Botts of the steamship agency
t FuM-h. IMyo A Co. for Walter P.
W"rim ihfi realdeiu-e, with thrco iwm-s,
ths Junction of Gregory and Huttoti
jvenuii,, Jiiilton Park, West Orange,
tuyveeant VUh ttaa bought Us lit
wre furm, owned by Kugm and George' 147 Dyckman street, near Sherman ave-
Owens, itfar Contlnontalvlllo, N. Y. Mr. nun; 22ti3 Second avenuo, between 116th
Hsh recently Imuiflit the Brlggs, Odell, mid 117th streets j 1733 Hecond avenue,
Coiiiilt, Croft, lltiittnl, 'eleph and Chase near Elghty-nltith street: 1336 Third
farms, adjoining, for use of his dairy avenue, near Seventy-second street!
'"n- '1687 Third avenue, near Ninety-fourth
Dr. Clarence Falincstock has bougltt street; 1S36 Third avenue, near 102d
tho William Brewer farm, consisting of streets 2343 Third avenue, near 127lh
iuv acroa, ana tltn lvl M. WllllaniH
lake property at Clear Lake, Putnam
The Durosa Ornipany baa sold for the
John , a Schuyler cstato twenty-three
acres on Cannon Ball road, Pompton, N.
J. The property adjoin the Du Pont
Powder Mills. The buyers well ereot this
spring about twenty house. There Is
said to be a big demand for houses there
owing to the activities of the powtier
Harry fiachs of Goldman, Sachs
Co. Is Urn buyer of the four story dwell
ing nt 10 West Seventy-fourtli street,
recently sold at auction at tho stand of
Joseph 1 Day. At the solo tiho property
was knocked down to Samuel Goldstlcker,
representing a client, for $47,025. Mr.
Sachs owns tho adjoining bouse at 8, and
now controls a frontage of HO feet at
that point. He resides at 4 West Sov-only-fourth
street. .
Frederick Brown Is the buyer of the
nine lots on 192d street east f St.
Nicholas avenue, sold recently by Nor
man Denzer for the Jacob estate.
Lee & Flelschmann are understood to
be associated with the building opera
tlon planned for the old Berkeley Lyceum
property on West Forty-fourth streot,
together with the abutting site nt IS to
22 Weet Forty-fifth street. Tho Berkeley
Arcudn Corporation, a company capital
ized at $250,000, was Incorporated on
Saturday by J. J. Friedman. It. M. Hart
well and D. P, Lowell as director. Two
of these are connected with the Lee &
Flelschmann ottlce. The property, which
fronts 62 feet on Forty-fourth street
and 75 feet on Forty-fifth stroet, was re
ported sold last week by Al Hay man
and Henry Dazlan. It was said at the
time that the site wan to be Improved
with a sixteen story building.
Hesldrnt' Plea for Wider Restrto.
(Ions Flats Wot Wanted.
Larger areas restricted to the build
ing of one family detached houses were
demanded yesterday by resident of
Flatbush who appeared at the public
hearing given by the Commission on
Building Dlitrlcui and Restrictions on
Its tentative plan.
Alfred R. Klrkus told the commission
that "Flatbush Is ttu- Kplen spot In
Greater New York. Wc want to restrict
our villa plots.' There Is no reason why
we should not reserve them for ono fam
''y detached homes and not have apart
iivjnts built on them. While I want my
v.llu lot retained I am scared to death
of my neighbor and my neighbor Is
scared of me. We both want our section
restricted so that we can save our
Urn Company to Rnlld Tall Struc
ture on Avenue Blork.
Elmer & Amend, druggists, wtto
bought last August the north half of
the block on the east side of Third ave
nue between Eighteenth and Nineteenth
streets, plan to build a ten story addi
tion to their present building at the
Eighteenth street corner at a cost of
about $300,000. Construction work will
nuuuh mvu,V"V. (.vil?lUtlllHI HUIH Will
begin during the uminer, according to .
th architect, A. W. Cordes. The site la
now occupied by nine three story tene
ments and has a frontage of 110 feet
on Third avenue and llo feet on Nine
teenth street. It was purchased from
the Stuyvesant estate by the present
tional space in the new' Wldlng and
sub-rent the remainder In lofts and ,
office. The building on the Eighteenth
street corner Is seven stories high.
On th northwest corner of West End
avenue and Sixty-fourth street ! to be
built a four story fireproof garaga for
the New York Central railroad at, owner.
It will hax'o a frontage of 100.5 fiet on
the avenuo by 126 feet on tho street.
Thomas F. DcxMne Is the lessee. J C.
Cocker In the architect and has esti
mated the cost at 575.000.
in.000 Y. M. C. . KLW PARLOR.
Plans have been filed by Loui E.
Jallnde. architect, for tho Young Men's
Christian Association for a sun pnrlor
on the roof of tho six story Y. M. C A.
building at 31 and 31S West Fifty
seventh street. It will cost $15,000.
The building at 16 Beekman street, ad-
ic uu.iuii.K . "."U" '
juiiiins iiu nuiiiirim, v.n. ... jUrob J. Krlsitmsii
street, gutted by fire two weeks ago, Is xiie :s.M0 xvt HSth eireet Corpora
to be relmproved ut once. Designs for a 1 tlon. Manhattan, capital, tt.ooo: directors,
new six story bulHIng have been pre-, Jeph i L. '""" Kaph.el D!nk and
pared ny Arcnuects layior a: .-ooneiy iur
Kenneth M. Lyland, as owner.
Shampan & Shampan have filed plans
for five apartments and store buildings
to be erected on the northwest corner of
President street and Seventh avenue, on
a plot 120x93, for the Allen Holding
Duff (!. Maynard has had plans pre
pared for n dwelling to cost 25,000 to
be erected on the t-outhwest corner of
Hillside avenue and Jamaica avenue,
Flushing. Tho site Is opposite the Mac
donald property and adjoins the resi
dence of Mrs. Bryson Burroughs. York &
Sawer of Manhattan are the architects
and the dwelling Is to be a two story
residence of the Colonial type. Mr. May
naTd is vice-president of the Celluloid
Company of Washington place, Man
S. Osgood Pell & Co. have leased the
store and basement at 290 Fifth avenue
for Irving E. Raymond, through Albert
B. Ashforth, to Samuel Schwartz ft Oo.
H. S. German has leased space on the
twenty-second floor of 120 Broadway
to the Routheni Cotton Oil Company
and to the Consumers Chemical Cor
porctlon, the aggregate rentals being
about $100,000.
Pease ft Elllman have leased the east
store at 4 West Thirty-seventh street
to K. Kaprellan, and an office In the
samo building to Mrs. M. Kurland.
Ewlng. Bacon & Henry have leased
space at 136 East Fifty-second street
to Morris Rosenbloom.
The Douglas RobliiBon, Charles 8.
Brown Company has rented an office at
80 Fifth avenue to the Cabel Manufactur
ing Company of Boston, and, with Crosby
& Blemly the house at 413 West Thirty
fourth street to Mrs. Frances Smith.
William D. Bloodgood & Co. have
leased the store and basement at 102
West Forty-fifth street for live years
to Oslas Giants, who recently leased the
adjoining storo through the same brok
ers. Albert B. Ashforth has leased the
Broadway front of the tenth floor of ths
Brokaw Building, at Broadway and Forty-second
street, for a term of years to
Collin Armstrong, advertising agent, for
years located at 116 Broadway,
John N. Goldlng has secured for the
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Com
pany seventeen stores In Manhattan and
The Bronx. They are at the northwest
corner of Hist street and Audubon ave
nue, 338 Lenox uvenue, between 126th
and 127th streets; 13S6 St. Nicholas
avMtw. bsiwsM ITTth and lTtth strssijf
street : nortliwest corner 115th street nrul
Lexington avenue, 2030 Lexington ave
nue, near 12.1d street; southeast corner
Ninety-seventh street and Park avenue,
northwest corner of Charles and Hud
son streets, northeast corner of Thirty
seventh street and Tenth avenue, south
east corner of Washington place and
Sixth avenue and 1135 Clay avenue, near
lSth street.
Joseph P, Day han sold the leasehold
on the premises 64 and 66 North Moore
street for tho cstato of Max Ams. The
property comprises n Ave story loft
building on a plot S0x87.6. The tease
of the land given by the St. Mark's
Church to the Max Ams estate runs
until May 1, 1927. Tho building had
been subleased to one (stunt until May 1,
1917. The purchaser Is the tenant In
possession, Van Ixmn Sc Co. The prop
erty Is part of the Max Ams estate,
which Is scheduled to be sold at auction
sale to-day.
The Washington Square Players, who
have played for two seasons at the
Bandbox Theatre, have outgrown It and
yesterday arranged through Pease El
llman to use the Comedy Theatre next
season. Their policy Is to put on plays
which would not ordinarily be seen In
the theatres of the established man
agers. They have hitherto produced only
one act plays, but next season they will
give longer ones.
Louis Kamm has leased (4E to (49
Broad trtreet, Newark, to the Cammeyer
Shoe Company of New York for twenty
y.ars nt un agwegato rental of $800,000.
After ollcnvtlons the Cammeyer company
will oihmi a branch the latter part of
August. The Cammeyer Shoe Company
will liave about 16,000 square feet of
selling space in this more, making It one
of the largest retail footwear establish
ments In the State of New Jersey.
Louis Schrag has leased for Mary W.
Oondlct ths house at 126 West Twenty
first street to Bouck White, and for
Irene M. Thomas the house at 244 West
Twenty-first street to Susan and Kats
Pease A ElUman have leased for Jacob
Rossbarh to Arthur Kchwarx the five
story American basement dwelling at
1 Wrst Elghty-slxllt klreet. adjoining
the Central Park West corner.
Gustavo llrl't lias leased dwellings at
257 West Eleenth street to Mrs. Nellie
Rjrgi'SM for Mrs. Ilcrmlno C. Schmidt;
a 50 26 Bank street to W. J. Donncr for
Ia-iIs M. Pcars.ill and 128 Lexington
a .nue to Mrs. Maria McKeen for the
estate of William P. Woodcock 2d.
William F. Chaw has leased for five
years for Mrs. Eveline C. Althause her
new residence on Sheridan Boulevard.
Far Rockaway, to Dr. Joseph Baum ; the
Catherine Dolnn cot t ave on Columbus
hvenue for three years to Albert Jlart
mann; for Julia L. banders a cottage
on Pinsort nlaw for five years to Morti
mer A. Levy and for Stella Mabel Wal
lace a cottage on Broadway for a term
of years to M. Hyotns of Manhattan.
Mrs. Caroline A. Jlouston has leased
her dwelling at 42 Washington place
to John W. Gillies of Hohokus N. J.;
tho Smlth-Slnger Company. 4 Rodney
" , , - ,..! W
"treet. Glen ltock. N. .1., to I aul W,
Gilbert of Brooklyn. N. Y., and for Eliza
beth Wlnget. 24 Hope street, to George
Tho Fenlo Realty Company has ob-
? '0-' of 0.00 at4W per cent.
? " n"P "i"""""1- '
plot 100x1 CS. 9 flt the southwest corner of
Slxty-thltd Htreet and Park avenue. It
adjoins the Colony Club, at the north
west corner of Sixty-second street snd
Park avenue. William A. While A Sons
are said to have been the brokers.
Horace 14. Ely & Co. were the brokers
In the salo for the estate of Arthur S.
Sedgwlrk of tho dwelling- at 8 East
Tenth Htreet rt-ported In Tits SCNPAT
Sun. Tho purchaser will make exten
sive alterations to the house for his own
ALBANY, April 17. The following realty
nrm nere Incorporated to.dy;
The HxniSt Holding rompsny, Msnhst
tun. capllBl, U.ooo. director, Hurry i
fhook. I. K, A. Johmon and William C.
Thu ll.rlirlov Arrade Corporation. Mn-
hattan. rapltil. KJO.oOO; director!, Brl
f. Lowell. Hlchrd M. llsrtnstt, Jr.. and
- .Suffolk
Corporation. fluffolk
rounty. capital. 15.000; dlrertnrs. cnarita
II. Cow an. John Ilroun and Ulla Hart.
Iloihester Steam Lnundry Company,
Inc.. capital. 115.000; directors, Richard
v. Betnlah, nils L. Utmlrh and J. Burton
Tha Sunnsytky Building Company,
Brooklyn, capital tS.0-00: dlrectora, Nathan
Ms'.r.r, -ao,ualc Dn Rosa and Hyman
The Apartment Equities Corporation,
Manhattan, capital. 1:0,000; dlrectora.
rtumtl If. KUtsl. Robrt K. Taylor and
Jci.sph J. Klttell.
Ths M. L. Realty Corporation. Manhat
tan, capital, H00, dlrectora, Nat. V. Roth
enoerg. Van Brunt Pearce and William F.
Tho l.yclJai Realty Company. Manhat
tan, capital, 11,000, directors, Ahraham A.
lireenhoot, Henry llerabrun and Mamusl
11. Kaufman
The b. K. Development Company, Brook
lyn, capital, 15,000; director!, Simon Arona,
Philip Buikln and Henrietta Arons.
Tho Merry Realty Company, Brooklyn,
capital. 11,000: dlrectora, (Stephen Premuk,
Tl'He t'ramuk and Bamuel E. Rraen,
Tho Hands I'olnt Land Development
Comnratlon. North Hempatead. L. I . can-
ttal. I7C00O; directors. CHarlta Zlka, Oeorsa
Ileer and rermnana uiaoti.
The Jameiburg IJovelopment Corpora
tion, Manhattan, capital, 110,000; dlrec
tora. Henry R. Levtna. Bllen V, Levlne
and John II. Orlemr.
Tha Orel Conatructton Company, Inc.,
Manhattan, cupltal, 15.000; director..
Frank Woytliek, Charlea R. Motak and
John Hovorka.
Isaac A. Hoppers sions, siannaiian, cap
ital. 16,000: directors. XValter F. Hopper,
Oeorte B. Hopper and Slcmund If, Kprlts.
Tha 430 West End Avenue Corporation.
Manhattan, capital, 11,000: dlrectora, WaJ.
ter F. Peaeoeli. Frederick W. Harquand
ana uarain it. uray,
Tha Kayemee Realty Corporation. Man
hattan, capital. l:,500; directors, Katha
rine M. Elliott, Mary B. Multlna and Henry
R Cnok.
Ths Mona Realty Corporation. Brook
lyn, capital, iio.ooo; oiractora, junan T.
Abelea, Thomaa F. Curley and Rtanly M.
Pnbllp OffrrlnsTS Yesterday In The
Bronx Salesroom.
103U BT, . junction 'alentlnc av and
Klnsebrldge rrt. l."l n17T.Sina t lrrr,
ity dwtg snd vacant B H Poor ait
Kanuiel Hyman at al; due. 7.S24.T:
taiee, go, 118,183.04; to tha plaintiff
for I23.D0O
By flamuel Marx.
BARNES AX', a s, 500 Morris av. 100x100
A A wanai asi riiomena i;ipoua at
al; due, W7a.7i; taxai, c, WHS7
108T1I ST. 330 E Nathan Boraliar agt
Maria Htrepplne, Nov Zi. 1915. . . ,14.0
BOWERY. SSI and 331 Borlhrup, Coburn
A Dodga Co agt Harah C Thomaa el al,
Fab : llll Ml.ti
7ITH 8T. ! and Si K Abraham Mete,
lick agt Frederick Lang et al. Pent I,
lll ..t'J
ARTHCIt AV, :3TS, and 101 llth at
standard Plumbing Bupply Co est Barbs
sVssilg Oa, las, el sVXr t, U1I..III
(With name and addrett of lender snd
attorney. If attorney's nttne la omitted
addrets party of first part,)
Down town.
(Kouth of Fourteenth at.)
CATHARINE ST. 5L55. t i, IS! n Mon
roo at. :7ilO4.2l2Til0S.t (foreclo Mar
17) Chaa I. Hoffman, ref, to the Church
ef flt Joachim, 33 K tlet st, Apr 17)
. atty, T U Co, 174 Uway 135,100
LEWIH ST. 117, w s, 123 t lloueton st.
38x100 (fsreclos Apr II. Ilc -Wm M
Clindbourne, ref, to Central Trust Co of
N V, 44 Wall at, Apr 14; attys, Jolln. I.
. r It. M Wall st 433.000
Houston ST. to i:, n a, run n 35.3 x
vr 3,3 x n 34.3 x e .10 x ii e 40.0 x a e
23. x s w 100 to et x n w 32. to beg
Iawrenr Holding Co tn Leonldas Realty
Corpn, 30 Stli nv, li and a. nil liens. Apr
13; attr, t.onlf Manhelm, 303 Ilway.,1100
WAHIIINGTON ST. 730, n cor lllh at.
347 XV, Sl.xS4.4xSOx22 Frank H Mr
Clraw to N Y mats HAT Co, 482 I.'X
Ington av, b and a, o a g. Mar 23; atty,
T O Co. 17 Bway ii
7TH ST, 131 B, n s. 200 w Av A, !3x7.
ltuaalan Orth St Nicholas Church In N V
to Moat llsv Bvdoklm Merchsrsky, Arrh
blahop of Aleulla and of North America,
of the Christian Catholic Church of the
Kaatern Confeeslon In N A. 16 II 7th
t. tntg 138.000, Apr 12; atty, Victor C
Oartx. 40 Wall St.. II
East Side,
(East of Fifth av. between Fourteenth
snd 110th ate.)
4TH AV, n w cor 27th at. 24 xl3! 4th av,
w 24.1 n 31th at, 21.4XI3 Thsophlle
Klek to French Church du nt Kaprli, 48
1. 37lh at, b and i, c a a, all liens. Jan
14. im; atty, A V XVltlmeyer. 48 I!
. 37th st .. ....II
Park av. ii. w s. 104.1 s tth st, u
100 Harry T Hhrlxer st al to XVm
Sloans, Mount Klsco, N Y, all liens. Apr
T 0 Co, ll Mway 1100
IITII ST, n s, 316.6 w Park av, 81 Ixloo 1
Fredk W Marks to Llna Well, 1331
. r!d!,on.v' mtf 118.000. Apr 14; attya.
Wolf A Kohn, 341 Bway..... 1100
IITII ST. n a. 42.3 e Madison av. HxIOO.S
Fredk W Marks to Llna XVelt, 1234
Madl.on av. mtg 185,000, all Helta, Apr
. """ Wolf i Kohn. 303 Bway, .1100
I0TH ST, 41 K. n s. 181 w Park av, 30s
102.3 Henrietta, wife Krneit Obermsyer.
to Archibald XV Ferguson. Pryers lane,
Larchrnont Manor. N T, b and and
car. all Item, Apr It; atty, T O Co.
176 Bway T. ......... 1100
1ST MT. 166 K. s a, 146 w Id av, 37x100.6
Mary U MrCormoek to nils A and
Katheryn T MfCormaek, 71 I! 6th st.
Mar 8; J J Mi-L'ortnack, 31 11 6th
atreat fioo
IITII ST. 13 K. n a. 380 e 6th av, 78x'.00.3
Ruaalan Orth t Nicholas Ch In N Y to
Moat Rev lCvdoklm lerrhnrky, Areh
blahop of Aleulla Jt of North America
of tho Christian Orthodox Catholic
3hurch ef tho Uaetorn Confestlon In N
A, IS E 7th at. Apr 12; atty, Victor n
Oorta, 60 Wall at II
West Hide.
(West f Fifth av, 'between Fourteenth and
110th ets.)
23D RT, 13,1.33 XX', n a. 225 w th av, 44.4
xll.l (foracloa Apr II, 1614) XVllhur
' Larremore. ref, to Fe amen, tlank for
Bv, 74 Wall at. Apr 14: attys. Cadwala
der. D A T. 40 Wall st 158,040
IID BT, 11 XX'. n a. 301.4 w 6th av. 16.1
x3. forcloa Apr 181 Wm F Clare,
ref. to 8emens stank for SUv, 74 XVall
rt. Apr. 14: attya. earn 1210 000
3D ST. 646 W. a s, ICo r 11th av. 33x100.3
Lulfl lie l'aola to John J Tully Co,
131 E 14tth at. mto 117. M0, Mar 31.
any. T tJ Co. 174 Bway.. 1100
XVCST BN'll AV. e cor 66th st, :5.1100
Louis lllraoh it al. to Jeetle Uyeln, 200
XV ilth st. mtire 135,000. Apr 13. atty,
L T A T Co, 160 Hay Itoo
74TII ST. XX-. a 150 Central Vk XX'. 25
xtOS.3 (forecloe Mur If. 114) Jos N
Tuttle, ref, to Harry Miche. 4 W 74th
st. Apr 17, atty, I. T T CV., 160 llroad
.iy 147,025
AM.'TKRDAM A X', n w cor 103d ft. 73.1IX
100 Sjdli X' ly to Royal Holding Co,
13.4 llvray. mttre 1110,000. Apr 17, tt,
Arnsteln A L, 13k Il vi) II
AMSTBHDAM AX' n v, cor 103d st. 78. tlx
100 Royal Holding Co to Sidl.. X' I-vj,
378 Central Hk XV, mm 1110,000, Apr 17;
attys, Arnatrln a: Ler. lis llay.,..ll
105TII ST. 153 XX'. s e, 27S e Alllst av. 25
xlOO. 11 Herman Basr to Anna Jarkson,
(57 Tiffany at, mint- 125.000, ail ll-n.
Apr 14; atty, T G Co, 176 Uway 1104
(Manhattan Island, north of 110th st.)
117TI1 ST. 218 W. n a. 113.11 w st Nlcho.
lea av. 25x25.2 Rudolph Kateer to Helen
F A Davli. 1018 r. !63d t. mtxe 11,000.
Apl 15; atty, F.iw A Iavli, 147 3d
av 1100
120TH ST, li a. ft o Pleaiant a. 28x100.10
Fredk II Hyan. Cnnford, N J, to i:i
tona Realty Co, ISO Montatuo et, llkljn.
b and a. Apl 11 1
CLARBMONT AX. Ill, w f. 400.2 a 137th
t. 60x100 D Lincoln Grlffen to Call II
ltalmrr. North HroadKa, Rockland.
N Y. b and f. all llena. Apl 14; address.
117 Madison av ... II
OLD IinOADWAY. e i, 25 n 123th at.
?xio? ,x;5xioi 3 'jno xxeirnian t ratw
1' Kenny, 101 XV 3d at, A t. q C Apl 1.
addr.s.. 33 Old llwny Il)
Ol.K BltOAtiXX'AY, t i, to n isth st, rin.
n .l e ijx i e t 14. :x n 102 i
to hex Sam to sums, a t. q c, Apl li.
ftddms, e.nne too
K.-.U ST. 3, XV. n . 4H e Inox v, U.Sy
. II Temple C Iturx to riioii M John
on, 20 XX llllt ft. nitxf 13,250, Apl
11: atty, K A Johnson, I I .Sj.hu et II
135TH ST. 420 W, e s 250 Bway. 25x
!. 11 John J Dorcan to Herman lU.r.
463 XV lti4tll at. mlcs it, 000, Apl 14;
atty. T (I Co. 176 Ilwny . . 1100
SHAMAN AV, n s, 50 20Ilh st. 55x100
Ion lluldlnr Corpn to V r C i".i, 170
Bway. mts 146,600. all llns. Apl 16.
atty. I. T T Co, 160 lla- .... 11
6KAMAN AX-, n s. 1-iS w ;0Jth at, nix
100 Sam lo satnr, mtxo I4,800, all
llane, Apl 15, alt, s,ime l
(Uoroufh of The Bronx )
1X)T Is. map Ually estato 1ia .1 X'crro
to t'alvaior ilen.ird). 2353 c ,y a,
tntie 15,600, Mcli 14; att, K Frrsdman,
483 (th v 1
ST ANN'S AX. 150, e a. 20xo ."ophto
Hers to Mlcko Hrir, 67 ft NlchoUe av,
Men 21; atty, Mlcke Here. 67 St.
Nlcholaa a.v , . .11
163TH ST. 45-i i:. s. 26x WO Clara Wott
rich to Fr.dk XV xx'ottrlch, 454 E 16th
st, mil- 113.000, Apr 15; atty, T ii
T Co, 176 Bway 1100
LOT 18, sec I, map U H HuLer a 11
lluber tu Jas K.ih, 233 XX' ;-3d st. Jan
17: atty. T ii At T Co, 176 Hway ,.8100
CARI'KNTKR AX, n or 210th t. 100X
60 Mary Wllbr to Chas II Stuher. sit
1! :ilh at. mtia l.0u, Mch 13; utty.
A A HenulllK. '! Iln.)' llOtl
DAVIDfON A X', w s. 251.5 s St. James at
lalso 345 5 s stt James st us widened).
60x8 Henry K Thorn & ano, ers, to
2477 Davidson Av Co, Inc. lis XV Ford
ham rd. Apr 15, atty, L T T Co, 10
Bway 1100
SOCTHKRN HOI L. n w ror 142d st. 30,10
3. 1x72 llxll, 10 Virginia M Moln
hauer, rf. lo Killing Co, 760 st Anns
nv, lntg 1:0,000, Apr 5, utty, S I'uhn.
74 Bway 18,000
LOT 3,, nmp XVaslilngtonx 111 John
Mahl to Framea N Oambel, 'Ul l: 24tit
t. Apr 10; atty, Frames N (Umbel, 411
i:t 241t st 1
LOTS 1 to 8. tmp Ja G Powers -Rosa
Mann, et al. lo Arthur Itlty Co, 30s Ilu),
UltKe 115.000, Apr 15; atty, N V Till
fns Co, 136 Itw.iy i(io
CARTBR AX". 16;. -v s. 14J.J e K4th st.
37.683,4 John .r Tully Co tn Lnlxl Be
1'aola. 10 Lincoln av, mice 834.730,
Mch 31; atty. T r. 4 T Co, 176 Broad
way 1100
LONUFEl.LOXV AX'. 1167. w s, 37.61,7;
alao Longfellow av, 111, w a. 40.7x"s 1:
also Longfellow ax-, 1168, w s, 40 7x65 8
West Fjrni" r-onstn Co tn Thornton
Bros Co, 1330 Clay av, mlga 159, noo, Apr
14; atty. T O & T Co, 176 Bway l
KNOX AV. e s. 284.1 n Mnsholu Parkway
North, 180x100 Klbert II Dloklinon to
John C Fisher. 762 St Nicholas ax-, Apr
10: atty. THAT Co. 176 Uway. ..1100
WKHSTUR AX' e a, 278 a 17It at. lOOx
121 to w a Mill Brook X100.4.XI12.10 135
Broadway Holding Corpn to Plnancn
Operating Co, Inc. 140 Nassau st, intc
10,000, Apr 14; atty, N V Till Ins ro
135 nway 1100
LOT 343, map Hunts Point Realty Co
Michael F Burns to Sarah XVlshneu, 40,;
l-iilaak! st, llklyn, mtg 18 000. Nov 11,
1U; atty, K C Korkus, n-l Bway,,,.l
(With name and address of lender and
lender's attorney.
(South of Fourteenth at.)
CHERRY ST. n s. 68. map If Itutxere:
XVatsr st, II w cor Fletcher at, 17.HS0.4
Kartell Realty Co tn Annie S Klsaam.
17 XX'ashlngton av. llklyn. Apr 17, col
lateral and mtg 110,000, May 2, 108:
ttys. Townsnd A I). 32 Liberty at..., It
CATH ARI.N'i; ST. 33.55, e . 48.2 ri Monroe
t, 27x105.1 Church of St Joachim to
Immigrant Ind hav Hunk. 61 rhambera
at, 3 yr. 6 p c, Apr 17: attya, R & i: J
O'Oorman, 51 Chunibtra at 121,000
CATHARINE ST, n e cor Monroe of. 76. 4v
Church of st Joachim to same, Apr
17, pr mtg 1(1,000, s yrs, p c; atty.
earn 11,000
Eaat Side,
(Bast of Fifth av, between Fourteenth and
110th sts.)
UNION 6Q. 84. or 4th av 211, leasahnld
Adam Sohumarhar and ano tn Melville
II Bearns, 73 Beekman at, April 13. de.
mn iirt, 6 p r g odi)
I0TI1 ST. CI n, n s. 181 w Tark av. 20x
103.3 Archibald XX' Ferguaon tn Hen
rlatta Obermeyar. 61 15 80th st, April 16.
3 yrs, 6 p n; atty, T O Co, 176
Broadway 131 009
AV A. w s, 11.10 8 list at, 28x94 Georgia
IE Mills to Stephen 11 Jackson, 161 W
121st at, April 15, pr mtg 110.000, duo
April 1. 1311, I p o; atty, L T Co, US
Bway 13,600
Wrst Bids.
(West of Fifth av, between Pourtesnth and
110th rts.)
IITH ST. II to XV, a a, 188 e 1h av, 63x
U.I, sut)pl4aMasJ to astge SggrsgMlsg
The Court Has Ordered That
A Picturesque Country Eitats of 109 Acres Situated In
Located In the heart of tho Ramapo Hills 300 feet abovs aea lave. 30 mile
from New York on tha main lino of tho Krlo Railroad I hour Irom Jersey City,
Ths Villa as pictured below. The Lodge, Shsepfold. Ac are on tho property
w. u. DUNCAN, Kt-
ocutor, 3f) Cortlandt St..
N. V. Te'opboos O&10
On Shore of One of rettieat
Lakes in Vermont
From (it t0 t,, loom, fully furnlahad;
lectrle llchts, modern plumbing-, with hot
and cold ntiter, open llrevlacea. Complets
Klrclrle flan arm for Cooklns, comtAHt elec
tric servlco at eitremely low power rat;
clubhouse, vrsetnble and flower garden;
tennis, rowboats furnlahed. motor-boali
avallahl: splendid mountain aoenery. Pors
Mauntaln Mprios XXatrr, beautiful drives,
telephone, free delivery of malt, srocerlea,
laundry. Ire and all supplies; near vlllase
of 3.000 Inhabitants; boardtnc at club
house If preferred; btat of refertnea. Prlca
1188 lo 1880. May It to Oct. 18. Write for
Illustrated booklet. Addraaa XV. T. 8., boi
133 Bun office
In X'ermont, In the heart of Oreen Moun
tains, surrounded by line and Balsam
foreet on eicellent Stats road. My ptirate
nine room bummer residence, 48 feat of 14
font plana. Beautiful, y furnished, mod
ern Improvements, hot water, furnace,
larjre motor boat, rowbemt, vestbl and
Power aiirden. Ice. barn, carase, ua of
row and pasture, twelve laying hens,
s;rlne wnter, 11,000 per i-uon. C. P. F.,
hoi 134 Min of.lce.
Two cottages and furm house, 8. IZ and 14
rooms, furnished, large porches, spring
water, sarag and brn. rowboala. deep
and ahallnw baehs for bathing, swim
tiling, ftehlng. Bunting In the heart of
Ori..n Mountains on ftat roxd Also tw-au-tlful
camp all, location on Mountains or
t.aks. ltetits 1130 to 1300. M. C. G, bo I
1.3 Sun ofltre.
Modern FurnishedHouseson
Bnthlng beach dock, spring water, best
fishing, screened porches; rent for season
1800 to 1180 according to size. CI Uhlnt Vt
Apply to Br. Mel.ille. OliHIUillJ,'!,
Road - Kor rent, handeoinety furnished cot
tage. 13 rooms. 3 hatha. Z nreplucss, steam
heat, piano, ganige. line views; shads
treea: enclosed sleeping oorch. AddIs
tilt AY CABLE, Jeflerson. N. 11.
Several Coltagea to Bent. 1110 B'way. N. T.
BBAl'TIKt'L Ocean, Harbor and Coun
try combined. Kurnlshed cotagea for rant.
Prices from 1800 up to 84,000.
joa. c iiHiDtii:?. ui:al kstath.
.Stn t lor Fitldtton Yitut "S."
!7 Cedar St. Tel John 377
21 liberty St. 489 Fifth Ay
Beautiful til roof dwelling, tght rooms,
liardHood ftnlah, pariuet floors; steam heat;
terms. XVI 1.1,1 AM I' It AC CO. UO Mon
tiiguo Mtreet, Ilronklyn.
VT. I 1,8 minute
Hmlirlle, 1 out.
Chok-.i i-iots: revl.ed and lowered tirlpn.
Jo, laxmhden A Mon, Inc., 31 E. 4'.'d si, N, V.
883 E. 188TII- Z family hou.s. 1: rooma.
NEACH. 797 East l.sth.
11,480,000 on 35th st. I'-il XX. and Jllh
st, 38- X'- Uiipenlielm, Oolljns Itoaltv
i'o to Equitable Life Astir Society, i:o
lluay, April II, du Jun 1, 1931, (i, n r;
Htly, L T C.i, 100 Una)' j
XVEST END AX', a e ror i,5th st, Is.lxloO--Jesle
(Sevsln to Lnule Illrsrh, 180 W
votli rt, April 13, due April IS, 1931, C
p c, attys, Hm-der A It, 119 Nassau
at 138,00V
(Manhattan Ifliind, north of tlOlh m.)
1UT AX', w s. 38.11 s 11.1th at, iSxluO
Fortunato Hosall and ano to NlcoU
d'Aleseamlro, 413 1! lllth at, April IS,
pr mlg 118,800, a yrs, p c; attvs,
Menken Bros. 47 Nassau st 13.000
8EAMAN AX', n s. 80x104 w COlth st, 3
lots each tsxiuu, twu pr mtg.. each
131,800 XX' I' li Co lo Lonu Holding
Corpn, 43 Park llou April 18, due, 6c,
as pi-r bond, April 18; utty. L T Co, HO
Hway .3 mtga, each 18,000
(Borough of The Bronx.)
28IHT ST. Oil! II. a s. ISxllI Maria C F
Fkkrn to Annl Hill, VI 6 W 83d at, Apr
5, duo as pur bond, ally, T IH T Co,
ltii Hway 13. eoii
CIIOTONA AX', ll e i-or 1,6th st, 10t,9Ui;,8
Jonn r M-rirejer to xvaiter Leonard,
161 XS' 9:d st, and nuo, Mar 33, due a
fier bond, ally, l.nul" XVendel, Jr. 217
Iway 13,000
LOT 18, soc 1, map lieo II lluber Jas
Knaui- to ll-n il lluber, 1917 "th av,
Jan 17, due us par bond; atty, T O A T
Co, 174 Hway 11,170
CIIOTONA PAHK N, n s. 67 e Prospect
av, 76x01.8 John W Cornish Const Co
to Brevoort He'll Estate Co, Apr II, de
mand, p c; atty, T 0 & T Co, 170
Bway 18,000
DAVID.SOV AV, , !4.'. 4 limtsj Mi Ox
98.83477 Davidson A Co. Inc. to
Emma J Oreeno, 380 Pavoniw av, Jersey
city, Apr If.. II yrs, p ci atty, IT
T Co, 160 Bwuy 14,800
WEBSTER AX', r s, ill s 171st at, 100x131
10 w a Mill llrook av MOO. 4x113. 10
Finance Operating Co to Ru.lu Holding,
84 W lllst st. pr mtg 19,000, Apr 14, 1
jr. 'l P o; atty, N Y T 1 Co, 136
Hway 12.000
KNOX PL. e a. 28i!.4 n Mo.holu Pankwuy
North. 110x100 John c Fisher to Elbert
11 Dlcklnion, Blndg, N II. Anr 17, 11 yr.
i p o; atty, T ll A T Co, 174 Hway 81,968
PAXIi: ritOPEHTY Same to Fredk I!
Haudherg. 322 12lh st, llklyn. pr mtg
11,966, Apr 17, dun us per bond; atty,
Mima 82.40
IiTS 1 to 3, map Jtis II I'nwers Arthur
Itlty I'O in Miirns u nnn, :o invar
do Irlv, Apr 18, due Oct 1. 1117, 4 p
n: atty, N V T I Co, IS6 Hway. .,S80
LOTH 4 to I, tamo map Hame to sains,
Apr la, auo uci i, lun, 6 p o; atty,
sam ,..,16,380
WHITB PLAINS RD, a a. Ill yjsWa 4VT,
Houses lortht Summer
unsurpassed In tho north
ern part of Now Jersey.
Seashore Privacy
Make your Swne In NEPONSIT and
enjoy tho bev i scashoro aflnrds.
Tho reinalnl.-' lota nt Neiionstt raiue
In price, at pns.nit. from f.Xoli lo I2.imj,
according to locutlnn; conxenlent terms.
In the last three years moro than a
hundred hnmna have been hull! and sold
al Neponslt. rauglug In coal from $.',,000
to i 20,000.
40 minutes out; on ocean and bay: best
lieach on tho coast, restrlcti-d and defiled
In perpetuity to pro;eiiy owners, Ih'i nf
baihliiir and Rshlnx, ell appolntetl i-liili.
huusu for rrldonti, t'iMJ.ooo In prrnia
nent. non-.is.uM ihlc Improwment. Ih
tailed Information on request. Tele
phone. OroeJey 2741.
Hulls aoo, I West 34th HI., New York
BEAUTIFUL bungalow ef ! rooms and
bath. California typ, all large rooms, Iln
lehed In mission anil liarduoo.l, broud, ea
panslre veranda with a Rne view of country
and bay; large uttlo for storage or etra
space; artistic gna and electric fixtures, In
direct lighting, ponellad wall and beamed
celling: open tapestry brick fireplace;
steam heat, laundry In cellar, eitra hint
closet room, modern kltrhsn and bath, mil
decorate to ult owner's taste; large gar
dn plot: 4 blocks from trolley and : blocks
from a private bathing beach and boat uu
choruge, 830 cash and 12L monthly Writ
for appoln'ment nnd photo, Bt NOAI.OXX'
OWNEIl. box 133 Sun offlc.
directly on shot, high land, elegant nil
year home, rooms, lth, sr-is. elertrlclty,
heat, big porch, flue grounds, all laid out,
best neighborhood. 11 minute out, rare
opportunity at 33,300; worth much more;
Iniesilgatr and be convinced. OWNEK 60S,
1 XVest 34th t
OCEAN Bl'NOALOW of I room, and
bath, block from private bathing bench;
cuod boating and the best of fishing, buu.'a.
low la finished In latest style, patie-'.d
walls, Meamed lelilnK-. cnnnctinic bed
rooms with bath, modern kitchen unob
structed view of ocean (rum iiurch. I2.;0
enmplet. on. easv terms. O MUltPilX. 105
flatbush Ave , Brooklyn. I'hone M:: Pros
pct. UptoDate Bungalow.
I rooms and tmth, within : minutes walk
nf bathing bach. ha electricity, water,
gas, eldewalk-i etc.: full prlc IC. f80.
terms 1300 cash, tmlancn easv monthly
paments. P. HOIti:, 113 XV 3lih M
Farm House Near the Water.
4 rooms, modern linpro entente, fruit
and shade tree, targe plot of fine land; 40
minutes fnun city; I&00 cash, balanco easy
terms. KAItM. box K! Sun nttke.
TO LET POR lll'Ms prRPO.E-
Bargain in Offices
Will sublet (or one year positively
to liifliest bidder.
Fifth Ax-rnuc, S.joo sq. ft. of
ofiicc and ehnwroom fparc, i:th
floor, top, corner, ox-rrlookitiK Madi
son St.; permanent South and West
I'trht. also Nnrtb lirht.
Ileal, light and service Inclu1d. Thon
Dean XVIdner. Murray Hill t?SJ.
s 26 Cortlandt St.. 25 Church St.. and IS
Pey St. Entire Chutch itreet block front,
from Dry to Cortlandt St, Rrntali much
lower than other office building of equal
calibre downtown. Six pattenger and one
freight elevator. Service ol the highest
XT. B. DUNCAN. Agent.
Iloom 107. Tileiibuuo Ssn c'ortlxndt.
Attractive harraln offered by Hanking
partmeut Mate of New X'ork to builders, in
vestors and prosp'1l homrseekers. A larg
number of vacant lot s st iraniond. Mo.-..
merr. loma. Hldxeflcld. at.d TeinerU. New
Jersey, al oue-liait of former owners' prices
Also ii large number of two family houses at
Hudson Heithts. Cliffsiil, and Pali.idei Pxra.
rw jcrwy, at uuout oiie-nait rormer irii-s
All of the aboie iiroivrtlrs are within a five
rnt far ion and wllliin llilrty mlnulri of
Manhattan, fai'mi piuuertles must 1 .old
uulrkly In do. Hie litisuit'ss ol I wo corpora
tions now Iscina liquidated by Hi lUnklnr
iv-parlment ami arc nuYred at real sa'nfli-
trli-es fei-l.il indiurmenl In contractors nnd
ulldcrs who will purchise a ivnsiderabl
number nf lots Tor furthei particular sal
dress Benl 11 Halrht. Special Deputy upt
nf Hanks, care Hanking Dept., tl Droadway,
New York City
1 nillHBPt -nd 'or free
HUilsiniCls Hnoklet nf Net
en llnnira."
K Pun IP S BOXVKRS A CO . Newa k, S J
Overlooking the Ocean.
beautiful cottarr. Just lluu-hed. built tnr
a11-)tiar liivme. owner cannot oocup) . 7
large rooms; buth. open fireplace In living
room, nil ths very lutes! Improi rnieiiis .
elerirli'lt). gas. full cellar, hot wnter heat,
new model rHiige with mra hot wier at.
taclmunt In kitchen, abtinduuce of shrub,
bery. prlco 18,200, worth 16,000; responsible
nsrtv can take possession for S-no csh,
balnnco very eat) terms; 10 inlnutea from
city. C. BROXYNE, 349 B. 14lh Si Muy
xesant 6056.
Ideal Home Near the Sound.
12 rooms, 3 hatha; hot water heat, tas,
wer, water and electricity, spacluus
rorches; large grounds, 30 minutes to 33r.
M. and 7th Ave,: 8 minutes to MtsHon-
Trlvllege nf reslrlcted b-uhlng harh. good
Itle: 11,800 rush, butane can b arranged
to suit, n, STi;riii;.NSiN, 213 xv. Slih st,
Kcw Gardens
11 mlnutss from Herald Pq.
26x111,4 lloaalla Petraglla tn Pasqualn
Kucfii, 1125 Bryant ov, Apr 17, 3 yrs
8 p c atty, LT1.T Co, 160 Bway 8J f.no
HIMUOS A'. n a, being lots 222 und 223.
map J ti wood, 60x91 6 Marco Miinclnl
lo .fas S Hopkins, 134 l.a s ilk- st,
Chicago, HI, Mur 31 (deed rerouted as a
mtg, statement filed with Register, mtg
tax paid 110), prior mtg 11,100, am,
Tho .1 Glllis, 676 15 I6I.I st .. .. . li
PAHK AV XV, 4437, w s. 26x97 1 1 .In, .1
Mulhnlland et al tn Hugh Mulhollanri
4437 Park av, mtg 14,000, Nor 31. 1916
atty, O A I'lirtliman, 3d av und tilth
tt .. . .. i
Par other real ealaln transac
tleas 1.
Steamship Arrivals and Departures Outgoing
Foreign Mails The Fire Record.
Por eastern New Vat-It sad New England.
fair to-day and to-morrow i fresh weaterly
For New Jersey, fair to-dsy and to-morrow,
moderute tempirature; freh wtiteriy
winds, dlnilnlahlng . .
l-or we.tern Now York, fair to. day and
to. morrow; rising temperature; fraabs west
erly winds .
NEW YORK. April IS An area of da-
preislon covered the lake reglona. M
England, the middle Atlantic Ststea ano
me Htates north or tna onio iir j
trdy from a centre over Ontario, ana
shower and light rain fell quite '
ally throughout those sactlons and south
ward Into the south Atlantic State.
Elsewhere tha weather was ssnstally
I High pressure covered the Hter of
the country, while nn area of moderate
dpreislon prevailed oxer th plateau
State. .. . . .
It was cooler In New Ungland ana alemg
the middle Atlantic- mist In the morning,
but warmer ot o' the Alleghanlei.
Frsejtng temper.xturos occurred In nortn
ern New England and In laolaud Western
"lnthit city rain fell lightly me.it of ths
day; cooler In th morning. frown
warmer; wind, light to fresh aouthweit;
average humidity, as per cent.: barometer,
corrected to read to sea lvl, at A.
Swli1" 3 I' M.. VB1. .
Ths temperature In this city yetrday,
as recorded by the official thermometer, is
shown In the anneied table:
loio una, . 1015. kb;
OA.M.. AO H P. M....S5 al
12 M .XA" 7'l IIP.M....8S' A
1 P. M...S3 Ol'liaMld.. 84
Bliheet temperature. Ay", at 11 A. M.
Lowest temperature, 44. at 4 A. M.
Tho Tr.iiisatlantlca Italian liner Olu
sepp Verdi, sailing to-day for Oetioa, will
take mall, closing at 12:30 P. M.. for
Italy, itumanla, gwltrerland and Oreee.
wh-n apsclally addre.sed only.
Tha American llnr New York, ialllnu
to-day tor Liverpool, will take matl. clos
ing at 8:80 a. M for Europe lenceptt
(lermany, Austria, Hungary, Luxemburg.
Bulgaria, herhl Turkey, the Netherlands,
Norway, Sweden aid Denmark); alao for
Africa, XXet Asia and Eist Indies.
The Scandinavian-American llnr Fred
erlk VIII., sailing to-morrow for Christ!
anla and Chrlstunsand, wilt take malt,
closing al 10 A. M for Norway. Sweden,
tienmtrk. the Netherlands Hwltzerlaml,
Huifl.i. tiermanr. Austria. Hungary. Lux
emburg. BulKarla. berbia and Turkey.
The French liner Chicago, sailing (tat
urday for Bordeaux, will take mall, closing
at noon, for Franco, Rumania, Swltxer
land, Italy, Spain. Portugal, Egypt. Greece,
Hrltl.h India. British East Africa, Slam,
Malta, Oibraltsr, Ceylon, Htralte Kettle
mint.. Iutcli East Indies. West Australia,
and Pcrla.
Tho Italian liner America, tailing Sat
urday for Naples, will take mall, apeclally
addressed only, eloslng at S-.30 A. M., for
Italy. Ilum-Jiila. Switzerland und Greece.
Th American liner Philadelphia, sail
ing i-aturday for Liverpool, will take mail,
clo'lng at 8:30 A. M.. for Eurpo (except
liermatiy, Au.lrla. Ilungar), Luxemburg.
Bulgaria, Perbla. Turkey the Netherlwidr.
Norva sw(.drn and Inmark.
Tie Norwegian-America steamship Kris
tlanlafjord. sailing Saturday tor Bergen.
wiii taKa mall, closing at f:30 A. M.. far
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Nether
lands, Switzerland. Iluisla, oermany, Aus
tria, Hungary, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Mcr
bla mid Turkey.
184 St., Joseph
i:otb t Joseph
317 li
414 XX-.
138 V. 12ith at.
ureek Ilea-
taurunt I1.O40
1:80 I3Sth st and Harlem River,
N X'. Central (coal bin).. Slight
4:2018 xx'averiey pi., Nassau
XVaiit Co Slight
2:06 Hallcy avenue ards, N. Y.
Central (freight car) Plight
10:00 329 Henry st.. Louis Kophlc. Slight
11:16144 Itlvlngton Sad Is Mil-
stelu Slight
'V 30 19? Broom- st.. Morris fhegel f:ight
12:1226 Hlvlngton it.. Joseph
Hlr-chaub Trifling
3;3i-25 XV :0th st.: l)sId Cohen . Trifling
3 3i 7 i; 118th St.! flosa tshans. ..Slight
1:50 -3 Aienuc A; Klein. Folker A
New mm ... Slight
3:40 H2-16I (Ireene st.; Urausteln
. Morsklts. 13.000
7.16404 E. 73d st.-, I.llils
Blosok Trifling
:2S 601 X'. 164th St.: L. Edwards. Slight
Army and Navy Order.
XVASHINOTON, April 17. Thes army
orders were tssuid luday:
I. lent ol. XV. J Banister, Medical Corps,
from headijuartere, central department, to
IlrlB -Cfn. n. K. Evans, to Hawaii and
assume command of tho Hawaiian depart
ment, relieving llrlg.-iien. J. I Wl-ser.
who will proceed to tils home for retire
ment These navy orders nero le,ud:
I Llriitenaiit-Coinmaiijer M. Joc, from
, funitnand of th Ohio to receiving rhlp at
, Phindrlrhla.
Lieut XV D. Oreetham, fspm command
I of the IVirker.
Lieut It Henderson, from the Missouri
to th Illinois.
Lieut, II. i:, Knnuss, from command of
the !-lDh to the Arllona.
Lieut J ii. Brooks, from recruiting at,
tlon. Detroit, to Astatic stttlon
l.leut. XV N Ulchsrdsun, from tha Ala
bama tn charge recruiting station. Detroit.
Lieut, C D. Edgar, from the Smith to
the Samp-ou
Lieut J XX- llunkley. from th My
flower lo the Sylph. XNathlngton, D. C.
Lieut J II S. Dessez lo natal obterva
tort. Wushtngton
Enslrn J H Chadwlck, from th Vir.
kIii'm to Asiatic station.
Ensign C ii Clark, from th Michigan
to Aslatl- station.
Enslxn O N'tmltz. from th Loulalan to
Astatic station
Enrlgn M C rariallo, from receiving
ship at I'lil adelptila to Asiatic station.
Enslrn J M Lewis, from the Louisiana
tn slatic s-atlon
Euslxn tl J MrMllltn to the South Caro-
Etisicu It. I Connolly, from tha X'er
mont to ths Smith.
xiotemrnt nf Naval Vrssela.
XVAMtlNfiTON. April 17 The battleahlp
Arkansas and destroyer Ericsson hate ar
rlic I at N, v X'ir4 jard. tank bhlp Are.
thusa at Port Arthur. Tex.s, d.troir
lUnhum nt XVhlle.ton Landing; crul.er
t'hsrleston at San Blegn.-tiig Cheyenne at
M.uo l.lanl, cruiser 1,'hlCHgo al I'lillade).
ihia, sutitnarlne l'a at iscw London; gun
,..! Tlnt.iinile st PiirtSTiinuth N II . de
iroers r.inulng, Jenklia Jlelilll and Orrland
bsttlethlps Nebraskx New Jers-y nr.dlLulsa
rihoile Island and oil .nip Wunawh.i at Alrrulh
ltustoii jard. co'llir Haneoi K al X'era Cruz 1 Alexandra
tug Iris at San Prapclsco. destroyer Jacob llrrv Luekenb.ih
Jon.-s at Kv West coillir Jason at Hanm
ton Koada, battleship Loulrlara ut Norfolk
Sard detrors Monaghan nnd Boo with
repair ship Panther at Charlerton yard;
mine, ship San Francisco Mt Portsmouth
jard and cruiser Tennessee ut X'Htparateo.
The cruiser Birmingham has sallel from
New X'urk for Boston, cruiser Baltimore
from Norfolk for Portsmouth. N H : de.
strors Bali-h and Aylwln from New Xork
jard for Norfolk, colr Mars from Hslil
more for Hampton Himda, battleship Colo,
rado from Bremerton for San Franelaeo,
transport Prairie front Ouantanamo for
Port au Prince
Court of Appeal Calendar.
ALBANY. April 17. Th Court of Ap.
peals calendar for to. morrow I Noa 1188,
430, 637, 668, 667. 648, 449.
I'nlled Slal.s Supreme Court Calendar,
WASHINGTON, April 17. The dxv call
In the Supreme Court for Tueedav Nos.
IS. 218, 208. 809. 310, 312. 814. 793 411
und 21'i.
roll Pay for Training Campers.
MoNTCLAia. N. J., April 17, The dlrec
tors of the Bank of Montclalr h.ix-o de
cldcsl to allow any employee who wishes
tn do so to attend for the full nerUxl
one of the military training rampa at
PlattBhurc, N. V nt full salary. It ts
Kild that other einiployors In Montclalr
purpose making the euinei offer.
Slaiufiirri, toon.
The most de.lrible ill ear residence
property near Now York CHAS. BUCK
CONSTBt'CTlON CO. 7 ll 12nd si
THE ONLY SAFE way for a prudent
man to ouy a country noma rui
ly ii.
plalnsd bv
M Wt 11 It. PbODB Md. So. till.
United State Coast and Oeodetlc Surrey
fctixndxrc Time.
8iiDrI.s. o.iilSuase,. un!lMoonrl3.M
SandyH-k. .7ai!ooT.lil.. AaoWh Oate..:ai
. .... AMI AMI AM
Sandy II k..l:3jC-OT.tsl.. 3.0'jillell Ote..3i0
Arrlsed MONDAY, April IT,
Si Ironuois. 4A.M. London. March
Ap?ll Ztan,or' 5 A M- 81 Vincent. C V. t.
".V""1 X,n Mtl 8r- ,:S0 p M.. Rotter
dam. March 11
Si rioyne. 4 P. M . Liverpool. April I.
S; tcuador. 3:30 A. M.. Falmouth, April I.
"J T?.,C-,;?.A M - Cardiff. Mrch 80
5 i,' M Curaco. April I
HS Morro Castle SilOP l . Nasitu. April 14.
S pjstpre. 1:3) p M.. Havana. April 14.
April 8 i:M ''drt An,0ltf
S Lyseflord. Mnznlllo. Anrtl 19
gs Carolina. 7:34 A M . San Juan. April ll
St Tlvlve. 1 A M.. Santiago. April II,
S Mayaro. 11:10 A M . Grenada. April
Si Proteus. New Orleans, April 12.
fs Comaii -he. Jackonvtlle. April 14.
bs Blhlaiid Pnnre. Norfolk. April II
Ss Canopir. Uoston, AprU 14
Brk Daylight. Hongkong. Dec II.
St Stampall. at Gibraltar.
Ss Taormln. at Naplea
Si Mesaba. at London
St Exeter Cliy. at Dnitol
8a Manhattan, at London
8 Sin Ougllelmo, from Gibraltar
B Stockholm, from Kirkwall
Ss Kansu City, from Uri.lol
81 Cam llo. from Santa Maria,
bail Today
MalU Vessel
Giuseppe Verdi. Naple... ij.to h'M Ioo'p'M
Evnge.llne, llermuda.... 0) A M 11 00 A M
Madieon. Norfolk I 00 P M
Apache. Jacksonville 1 00 P M
Sail To-morrow.
J(iw Y?rk-W."r)501-" IMAM U 00 M
Predertk VIII , Copen
hagen IMAM 100PM
Caracas. La Ouayra SWAM 1 00 P X
Almlrarde. Crlatobal.,,, 9 SO A M l!0OM
Bynnudlau. Bermuda.... SWAM 1! AC A M
Klliabeth Weemt. Haytl IMAM 1? 00 M
Bartha. Cardena 1! 00 M
Comal. Galveaton t 00 P M
Antilles. New Orleans 00 M
Comanche. Jacksonville 1 M P M
Prtnoeet Anne. Norfolk t 00 P M
Sail Thursday.
Monterey, Nasiau I 00 A M IS 00 M
Morro Catlle. Havana., 10 00 A M I 00 P M
Ttvlve. Belize 9 30 A M is il M
kPanama. Cnnobil 11 3) AM 3 00 1' M
waiter roye?. Rio ,,. 1: 00 ;i 3 0) px
banta Barbara. Monte
video i 00 A M 1! 00 M
Evelyn. San Juan 1: 00 M
Jefferson. Norfolk S 00 P Jf
Sail Friday.
Aneou. Crlatobal 11 30 A M 1MFK
Antllla. Santiago 13 01) M
Hamilton. Norfolk 1 04 Pat
SaU Saturday
Philadelphia Liverpool.. IMAM 13 00 M
Krteilaniaflerd. Bersea.. 10 ri AM IWPM
Chicago. Itprdeaux.
12 (O M 3 00 P 1
AuirriL. o.iirp,,..,,,
Lapland. Liverpool..,
Korea, London..
Carolina, San Juan..,
Pauorrs, Cristobal...
Mandertlle. Jamaica,
baratoca, Havana
Pacific. Montevideo..,
Mir aval. Grenada
Atlas. Havil
8 91 A M 1" 00 M
U 00 M
12 00 M
I ) A M 12 00 M
9 O0 A M 12 M M
9 I.) A M 13 00 M
9 00 A M 12 00 M
700AM 10 MAX
ft oa A M . on M
Stephen R Jones. Santo 12 00 M
3 to P X
-Munimar, Mpe
Horlnquen. Fajardo
Ma.sapequa. Arecibo....
Protsus. New Orleans.. .
Nueces. Galveston
Arapahoe, Jacksonville..
City of Montgomery, sa
vannah Lampasas. Mobile
12 00 M
12 00 M
12 00 M
U 00 M
I 00 P M
1 00 PM
Madison, Norfolk
Due To day
Marthara Naii.ee
Burcombe Huelva
Mar a
Mar s
.. .Mar 27
. ...Mar 27
Mar 27
As-r 7
. . .Mar 3-)
Teikoku Maru Marseilles
WentwortU London .,
Navicator Seville
Ant Castar Hull
Yumuri Mso-la
I Sutton Ball London
uinnamare "-r-'la ....
Hanee :ordeaux ..
.Mar 23
.Apr 1
.Mar 31
.Anr I
san titovaiiiu anies
....Port Arthur
.Mar in
Anglo. Polynesian
Chtcajo City ....
El sido
St Naialre Apr J
Bristol Apr 3
Mars.'l!les Apr a
Potterdam .. Apr I
i.ibraliar . . Apr 4
San Jusn Xtir 11
Kermuda ... .Apr IX
Hull Apr a
Hnrrv . . . .Anr 3
Bordeaux Apr 3
Hivana Apr 15
Mobile Anr It
.. .tS-lve.inn ....Anr 13
. . . ,r:lrton Apr i;
. . Ssvsnnah Apr 15
City of St louts
Due To-morrow.
Bordeaux . . ..Apr 9
f -mil .. ,Ar f
Naples Apr
London Anr 3
.London ..Apr I
Crls'obxl Anr 13
Nine .. . .Arris
llsl'fsx . . .Art7
Jacksonville ...Apr 14
Due Thursday,
Ltierpoo April
Kirkwall Apr It
Gibraltar .. ,AP 10
Ho-,Uii .4.y 4
Birkenhead ...Apr 3
S-nia M.rU.. Anr 10
New Orleans .Apr IX
sveston . . Apr 14
Du Friday
. London .. Apr
Porto Rico . Anr IS
Porto Rico Anr i;
Clik-axo ....
I.snland .. .
Menadnok ..
Keullcern ...
Munamar .. .
V-lnrel .. ..
Helllr Olav.
X'erou.i . .
Rock Light..
El Mundo....
San Jaiinm
City of Mortrotnery
El Norte
Galvesion Apr l.X
savannah Anr 18
Gsl esion , .Apr 13
Due Saturday
I.tirrpool ... .Apr IJ
. .. Hoiterdam Apr 8
Bull Apr
Gibraltar .. .Apr 8
Putlerdam .. .Apr
st Naralre .Anr
llrtinsw ck
Idaho ... .
Alnhard . ...
Arilealr . ..
X'n.tHTtren ...
El bud
Ponla li, U-.kI.i .Apr 8
.Apr 14
. Apr IR
. Anr .
. Apr n
Apr 1
..Anr r,
..Anr 7
. Apr 17
..Anr 18
Due Sunday
Ltverpool ..
,1-1, bon
Shields ....
St I.ouls ..
' Sarnia
Cr'.'nlial ..
Tusks Island. .Apr 1
Incoming Vessels H Wireless.
Si Florldi. Port Arthur 16 miles east of
Sand Key at noon yeslerday
Ss Munamar Nuevilac, ij miles south ot
Sandy Hook at noon
Ss Momus. New Orletns, 48 mile south of
Jupiter at noon
Ss Gulfstrram, Port Arthur. ISO miles north
of Jupiter at noon
Sa Currier, Cienfuerni, 1,118 mile south ol
handy Hook al 7 P M
Ss Pirfectlon, llxion Rouge, 190 mile wrst
ol Tortur". at noon
Ss El Mundo, Gslvesion, W mile north
west of Tortugai at noon
Sa El Norte. GalieMou, 12u mllei west of
Tortucas at noon
S El sud. Oilveston, croid GsjT.,(on
bar at 6 '3", P M
Ss llrahint. Tamplcn, 231 mile south ot
S.imtv Hoo'a al noun
S. l,imp.ui Mobile, 270 miles south of
bandy Hook at tioou
Bid for Jamaica Marsh Drains
It a u ue From 9110,77" lo Hiytl.OBO.
Tlmt there Is a wide difference of
opinion between contractors as to the
cost of draining the m.xrihea near Ja
maica Bay In shown by the prlcea of
fered yesterday :ia bids to the Health
Department fur making mosquito proof
till section of Queen
Of the llxe tucl made, the lowest war.
thai of It, M Brown and S. Simpson,
170 llroadwi., who otfered to do the
Morli for SS0,7"S. The highest bidder
aii s.iliiuel ltotKt-. 30T1 Perry avenue,
The Hroiw, who t..iid that the nwntt
pr.u'tioal tlmiro wis Illfi.OSO,
Tlic llcilth neiartnn-ut hopes to slmi
11 cunlriu'! with onu of the lox bidders
" ithin ,1 tiw duyf and iiax-o the drain
ugc wurk well under xxay of mosquito
week, May W.

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