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NEW YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1916. Copyright, 1916, by the Sim rlrillil0 nil if Publishing Asaotiatton.
Hr .M-m i i fii
Detailed wenh&,tt.illpn4jH"
CoiitVrcnco Will Take IMnec
Killicr at Kl Paso or
Carrana Again Urges This
Government to Avoid
WaMIiNhton, April 24. Hen. Aharo
Obrfson. .Minister of War of the de fuclo
Ciovernnient of Mexico, Ik on the way to
the American border to rotifer with
Major-tint. Hush l. Scott, Chief of Staff
it the American army, regarding the
military filiation In Mexico.
Information to thin effect wa con
lejed this morning by Kllseo Arredondo,
the Mexican Ambassador-Deslgnale, to
Secrelary Landing In nn Interview nt the
State I'epartment. The vIkII of the
Mexican Ambassador followed one made
ty him earlier In the day when on be
half of his (lovernment he Inquired when
i reply might be expected to Cnrranza's
firm.il note suggesting that the two
Governments treat cm the subject of the
w.thilrawal of the American exieilltlon.
Secretary !-anslng had told Mr, Ar
rwondo of the efforts being made by
fpeu.il Agent James Linn Hodgers nt
Mexico elty to bring about a conference
beivveeii Hen, Obregon nnd tleli. Scott
nd that the Department was awaiting
tht outcome of this conference before
making a icply. When he returned to
V State Department the Mexican Am
tu'sador Informed Mr. Lansing that he
lad Just received from lien. Carranza
a tclesinni slating that Hen. Obregon
aould start for the border nt once.
Immediately upon being Informed 'of
Cirraiua's agreement to the conference
seretury Lansing Informed Secretary
taer. who sent a telegram to (len.
Scott at San Antonio dltectlng him to
proceed at once to Kl Paso.
llmr of the fnnferriiee.
It understood that the conference
.'l take pl.icei either at HI l'aso or
Jiaicz. which l Just across the line on
I.V Mex.e.m side. While It is expected
the two military men will meet
T.thln tlie next forty-eight hours. Mr.
trrednmlo said that It was Impossible
to predict the exact time.
Whether Major-Hen. Funston will be
rm l not known, but It Is thought
I'Obable tint f!en. Scott will request
.k.m ' attend the meeting.
AltV'Uc officials here are Inclined to
be rctuent and even evasive concerning
ire ,iu .poses of the conference It It un-ie-stood
that the desire Is thoroughly to
Ti.ii! t in. Ubrcgon with the pur
orn of tlie ieillpnltiiii of the Amerl
in forces now under way nnd to uscer
Min if possible, how far the de fucto
ocrnmeiit Is prepared to cooperate In
e fuiiner pursuit of Villa.
It us also understood Hint tlen. Scott
lu been authorized to make It clear to
in' Dbteson that the I'nlted States Is
determined to put a slip to the bandit
It'tir? .ns across the American border
aid tn t 'iiit end It Is prepared to police
the border teirltory on the Mexican side
Mil su a time a the troops of the
dmtnzi Hoi eminent are able to take
,!ff. tve i arte of the situation.
The lupfjine of the conference is being
ai.ed with Keen Inteiesl In Washing
fin Immediately following It It Is cx
;'' 1 that lien. Scott will return to
IVinnr ctun and ina!e a report to Secre
tary HiKn and the rresldcrit.
Ilnse .Nearer I lie llordrr.
Jle.i.itiiue Hie ledlsposltlou of the
Amen,, in forces Is expected to proceed
rapidly Tho Inrprcssioti still prevails
litre ilint the advance columns will be
llhtjiawti to a bam neorer the border,
'heme they can be easily provisioned
"'!. f ined be, reenforced.
Whither active pursuit of Vlllu Is to be
"iuineri win depend hugely, It U
thought on the outcome of the Obregon
Mitt oiiffienre, although It Is thought
Prubable that If Villa docs not come
title iiou'ttjid the pursuit will be left
to the I'ari.iuzlfctuH.
Tiui was. mi continuation at cither
'e Stat or War department this nfter
'0ii of the prei,, ,ep,)rts from Kl I'ao
'he bandit chlefluln, only slightly
ou,"lll I with .Km followeis. was In
". .ir.ia ns pi the northwest of I'arral.
'' i other hand, both at the State
lPJ 'mnit and the Mexican Km nanny
mii.il in. Mi niatlon was iccelved of the
j-r.pr -i t, . , ;lt chumnhuH ot puj,0
Jla, o was captured last Saturday
J'j r,-4t,,H at Santa Vsabcl.
' A "'loiido Informed Mr Linslng
I ti. iit.t i'dtifeiei tn.il.iv ,.f tlie
tt'iiiH , rfM despatch to that
tn - , ,, bassador added that the
w t fhlhuahu.i were not
lAd.t L' .i uiils In tltf. l.lAt,fl(.. ..f t.n
'lie proceeding with his trial
''"t we anxious to get
fH''ii the American side who
in his presdici. n the raid
'ii'. wheiu hu was wounded,
i-l e-
,f. .
It I- .
''mill I.eii.lier lleMirU Inplurr.
f .jr. ,
leper at (!hiliuahua also re
'he capture, stating that
n Jail there until Amer
oi olllclals could tulk to him
tin nwv,.y !IS to his Idcn-
reL'.llile.l iiu nf u,wt....l Iii.av.
t'lrii ii
i an . M
'"! .
l.t. li
'l 'ho i ne bandit, who has often been
iI'm'!""' '"" Vm'" vMft lieutenant,
noui'l ,e K.,.n ,,11)tllrt.(l , Hari(
J.' 1' eio on January 10 last ho
Si. ."' J',iry "f b"'l" who massacred
it lEht.-e n Aineilcan employees of the
lul M iiliuj Company.
"'-HiUi of the last of the eight
"lop.Ji.e, nrst sent Into .Mexico with
. I'-ni expedition was reported
y , '""I'srlu'ent to-duy by lien.
unto,i. Tle report statrd that on
'"I! J!t Meuts. Wlllln and Uarue of
l.i l ion seivlcc while on a recon
"Jt'lng Uluiit near (.'hlhuuhiia fell hiicI
S"r miiililiie was wrecked. Lieut.
"' nitfucj a broken ankle, while
"jm. Iiaiiiie escaped Uiweathed,
" lirt four Curtliw muchlnei of th
Vontinued TW r8
AtiKtrallnti t'rnlnrr. l.onkltiK lor
lirrman. Ilalln thr ( hnlmelte,
Sprrlal Cable Itetpatcli to Tar. Sis
Havana, April 24 dipt. White,
master of the American xlcanHilp dial
mette of the Southern I'nclllc Steamship
I'omp.iny, repotted when he arrived at
noon to-day fro.n New Orleans tlmt tlve
xesnel had been held up by the Aus
tralian cruiser Sidney.
At 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the
captain said, the cruiser nred a shot
across the Chalmette'.i bow as a signal
to stop. Several men from the Sidney
boarded the Ohalmette, examined her
papers and then permitted her to pro
ceed. The bontdlng otllccr explained to
fnpl. White that he had sent a wlieless
message to the Chalmette asking her to
stop. The captain replied that he had
not received the message.
It is believed tnat the Sidney was
on tho lookout for prominent Ucrmani
likely to leave the United States In
anticipation of a rupture between
America and aermany
The French steamship Venezuela ar
rived here to-day from St, Nazatre
mounting a TS millimeter gun. She Is
the llrst armed merchantman to enter
this port.
( nltimlina It n Idem found llilll
mill Xrntencrit li.v Drilling; .Indue.
IICMIM. N. M., April 2t. -Judge Kd
warl L. Medlcr to-day sentenced seven
Villa i alders to die for tlie raid on Co
lumbus. They weie cnpturnl after the
attack and subsequently convicted. They
are condemned to die on May l:.
The prisoners pleaded that they weie
Ignorant of where they were colng at
the time of the raid and that they were
forced to follow Villa under penalty of
death. Six of the bandits listened un
moved to the sentence of death, but the
seventh, Jose ItatKel. who been wounded
In the raid and wan carried Into court
on a cot, cried for mercy.
Judge Medler ordered the prisoners to
the Santa Ke penitentiary for safe keep
Hides Between the Forces
When Mexicans Line l'p
for an Attack.
n (iKoniiR ii. ci.Ktir:.T,
Spreiat Corrtpon4rnt of Tnr Bi'v
(UN. i 'lilt!! I Mi's Hkadquaktlrs, Na
iilQt'H'A, Mexico, wireless to Colum
bus, N. M.. April H A narrowly
averted clash between Carranza soldiers
nnd Major llowze'ti Hying (detachment
of the Klevcnth Cavalry was disclosed
for the first time when' tne column ar
rived here to-day uftcr several days
The Carranza garrison at San Borja
utnlcr Hen. Cavlas was formed for a
charge against the t'nlted States sol
diers, who were drawji up to repel them,
when Major llowze rode In between the
forces waving hlx hat. The mission of
the expedition was explained to the Car
ranzlstas nnd trouble was avoided, Major
Howzo withdrawing his men from tlie
town. The incident occurred ten clays
Major Howze made a detailed revolt
of hl fight with the Vllllxtas at Lazoya
April 10, when Tionper Klrby wns
killed nnd thre other American soldiers
weie wounded. The column under Major
llowze was ealil to have gone twenty
miles further south than nny other Amer
ican detachment. At one time he was
only two days behind Villa and found
evidence that Villa was wounded. An
nlnindnned cart, supposedly used a.s n
litter for the bandit leader, nnd ban
dages' ere found.
The,toluiiiii heard various reports
from natives that Villa wan wounded
only slightly In the calf of the leg, nnd
again that his wound was in the head
nnd was serious. The report Major
llowze brought indicated that VIII. i had
gone southwest from llacava nnd was
still somewhere In Chihuahua State.
ltooevrlt' Mnn-ln-lam S lie's
llrndr In linn t'nlform.
Washington, April 24 Itepresenta
tle Nicholas Lougworth, Col. Hoose
veltV son-Ill. law, said to-day: "Wh"ii
the call for volunteers comes I will be
there In a uylforni."
This Is tho only comment Mr. Long
worth would make on the statement of
Mr. Itoosevelt that If war should come,
he and all of his sons and "one, probably
both, of my sons-in-law," would go to
the front.
Made Propoanl tn Inventor
Caaolene Muhst llntr.
Detroit, April 24. Henry Ford's sec
retary. Mr. Delavlgne. announced to-day
that Mr. Ford while In New Yotk had
met and hud a conference with Louis
Knrleht. who says he has Invented a
green liquid substitute for gusolene. Mr.
Ford did not witnesei a demonstration,
hut was sufficiently Impressed to make
Mr Knrleht a vroposal the terms of
which are not announced, nnd to leave
his New York manager, flnston Plan
tiff, with orders to test the chemical.
Mr. Delavlgne snys Hint Mr. Ford
will be guided by PlnnlltT's report. He
Ihih been Instructed to lend Knrleht u
Ford car with which to experiment.
n sensitive Flnurra Shr Knjna
Voice of firrat Tenor.
ATUiVNTA, April 24. Helen Keller,
blind nnd deaf, placed her lingers on the
lips and throat of Knrlco Caruso this
morning and "henrd" him sing the la
ment of Siuuion from "Samaon and De
lilah." Through the medium of her mar
vellously sensitive fingers the voice of
the Kie-l tenor was lransmlttd ! her
"Oh, wonderful, wonderful," breathed
Miss Keller. "Though I cannot see your
face I can feel the puthoN of your oinr."
Apprec-latra Well Wlahra of Ml.
(irorur'a Hnrlrtr llrrr.
A cablegram from King (leorge thank
lug the membeis of Ht. (leorge's Society
for their goo I winlies was rcud lit tho
annual meeting nnd buffet supper of that
society In the Hotel Astor last night.
Cecil J. Shiillcros vrcsldcd over the 500
members and llielr friends attending.
After the regular business of the
meeting out of the way, the crowd
applauded moving- picture of the. Ilrlt
iah fleet and of the Brltlab amy in tha
Urcaks Down After Seeming;
Apathy When Witness Tells
of Slain Babies.
State Denies Insanity. Insists
She Took No Poison and
Scores Husband.
"How can she be so Indlffeient""
So said one woman who s.it not far
bthlnd Mrs. Ida Snlffen Walters Hogersi
as the latter sat Immovable during the
opening hours yesterday of her trial In
the Ilronx county Supreme. Court for the
murder of her little son, John lingers,
sixteen months ngo.
Hut those who looked mort closely saw
that Mis. Itogrri was keeping a mighty
grip on herself. Holt upright he sat,
her back not touching the chair, and only
by watching intently could one see the
telltale movement of the land which Is
an evidence of the greatest strain.
While the Jurors were being chosen she
never oncf glanced towaid the Jury box,
apparently not caring how they felt or
else trusting her attorney, Lewis Chan
ler, nnd her husband, Lorl Elton
lingers, who sat close beside her and who
iiimseii scannen me met. oi every inies-
man called to the box as if he would read
his every thought. The scathing retnniks
of District Attorney Mm tin diew not one
tremor from the defendant, though
Itogers moved uneasllv whin the prose
cutor characterized them us "a pair of
libertines, dlitcgardlug law and order,
leaving a trail of broken homes behind
Mis. Hogers's nppaiently unseeing eyis
did not leave the tnble as Mr. Martin
declared that he expected to prove that
she "murdered her children In cold
tilnnrl " It v:iu n.it fill thj uttnriiei fnr
the defence. Mr. Chanler. making hl '
opening uddicss to the Jury, spoke of,
Mrs Itogers's children nnd lur devotion
to them that one hand, with her handker
chief in it, stole up to her face and she
lowered her black veil.
loiters Ilrrnl Down.
l-ater in the afternoon Mrs. Itogers
hrnkp tlnwn n'lenlv ll w:m when n nretlv '.
'little woman. Mrs, II l.crny Sia, wasj
1 called to testify what n good mother the'
. ueieiiuant was. .Mrs. .-e.i uau uveu neign-
bor to Mrs. Itogers for months In the
house at 1437 University avenue, from
which the defendant mowd to the house;
when the murder .was committed.
As Mrs. Sea. who had with Mrs, Hog-1
ers the common IkhuI of motherhood,
babbled stories of their babies nnd how
they took care of them together, the
lil.ICK co.lietl llglllti ill llie i-iiair in uie
accused shook violently. It shook again
when Dr. William It. Heist, chemical ex.,
pert from Columbia. 1'nlve.rslty, started
to open a grewsotne satchel, which, ho
said, contained evidence. Justice Toiup.
kins evidently thought the sight of tho
satchel enough, for he ruled that It need I
not be opened. I
If tho trial continues n It liegiui. It.
will be a short one At 11.30 the Jury
was complete- -ehosen in nlnet.v minutes.
At 2;30 the State rested Its c.ise. I
Mr Chanler saliV after the session
ended that ho cieoted to close his case
to-day about noon, and unless the re
buttal tnkes longer than It Is expected
to lake Mis. Ilogers'ei fate will be In the
hands of the Jury to-morrow.
Dr. (Iraeme Hammond will take the
stand this morning for the defence, which
relies upon him to prove that the woman
was Insane when she gave bichloride, of
mercury to little John, aged 2, and Ha by
I I.oretta, aged eight montlui. in tlie house
at z.'t west iitn street, December 29, ;
Any number of talesmen were excused)
oocnuse iney sam iney were opposeu 10
capital puntshmeiit, and one because ho
wouldn't hnve a woman electrocutes!."
So many cave this reaon that the pre
siding Justice grew sarcastic. ,
curciesm Aimed nt Tfllesnien.
"Did xou have this prejudice before
ou were sumnioml on this trial-." he ,
I demanded of one man. District Attorney I
Mnrlln witveil renrrkni'hful i
i hiiinei were nreu in iikii.
"Do ou mean to say.' he asked one . engine nnd a carload of police
talesman, "that If your child were killed Were sent to the scene, but weie sud
you would objoct to capltnl punishment ,ie,,iy halted b imbedded rails which
for tlio slayer'.'" had been reinmed. No one wuh hurt
In spite of the number excused the,,,,,,! th.i excursion thus escaped dls
bo was IIIIcmI In record time, and the after
ilefonce succeeded hi obtaining all mar- ,
rled men, nnd every one but ono the.
father of a family. These are tlee
Kiluunl sHorik. clerk, 1:15 Elder
Charles K. Sherwood, teller, 961 Anderion
J nit us llannes, manager, "TO, Pro. peel
David K. Merger, Insurance, 970 Proiprct
u venue.
Julius V, tVeldenmuller, I'lacksmlth,
13e,l I.elHIli avenue,
.Samuel Itndler, furnishings, SI0 Jennliifs
Allien II. Mi Cuter, Jr., Mleiman, Zli
Mnlltit Hope plare.
William A, Keepers, clerk, SJ1 Kant
179th utreet.
oiiaiii d. Piiimci. uicra. 01 r.aii iivin
IMuaril M Tllliurn. manager, 1300
Wnnlitngtiin nvenue.
Holierl A, Meagher, estimator. 5106
Arthur avenue,
James I'rlur, broker, 20I: llrlggi avenue.
It was a few minutes after tlie choos
ing of the Jury began that Mrs. Itogers
wuh brought III at the side door. She
seemed absolutely dazed and appeared
not to know where to go, or to bo the
least conscious of tlie eyes that were
turned on her In Curiosity.
Man) linger tn See Woman,
Justice Tompkins had ruled that none
hut those who could show some part or
Interest In the trial should he admitted
to the court room, hut even so there were
plenty eager for the chance of a look at
the woman whose deed nnd whose mo
tive for the deed have beep audi n
What they saw wuh a .tall, well formed
woman In deep black th very suit and
hat nnd veil, apparently, In which she
left Lebanon Hospital after her recovery
from tho effects of the bichloride of mer
cury she took when sho poisoned her
children. Thn face wuh a contradiction
to the matronly figure a very nweel, al
most gltllsli face-, the nose a bit uptllted,
the eyes deep blue and round cheekn
framed In chestnut hair, very neatly ar
ranged, Mr, Itogers came In with her, and the
deputy sheriff, Tim Dunne, She Ik still
on ball, and nunc that morning from
the apartment nt 3440 Hroadway, where
she Is living with Mr, Itogers and tho
baby girl born eight months ago. This
baby was not mentioned yesterday, but
Jiotinued on Latt Page.
Ilritish Capture Nationalist
While lie Is Trylnjr to .
La ml Anns.
Number of Prisoners and
Quantity of Munitions
Are Taken.
Sptcittt fnhlt Dupateh to Tur Sun
LnNrxi.M, April 24. An attempt to stir
up n "revolution" In Ireland was nipped
In the bud when a (lerman auxiliary
cruiser, carrying a strong force of Ger
man sailors and loaded with stores of
rifles and ammunition, was sunk off the
' coast of Ireland by llrltlsh patrol war
' craft.'
Sir linger Casement, one of the leader"
In the lilsh home rule struggle, who hail
leen In Oermanv since the early part of
the war, was arrested, an Admiralty
bulletin to-night stated, "while attempt
ing to land arms In Ireland." A number
of other prisoners were taken.
I'rom the brief bulletin lsued late
to-night by the Admiralty it Is not
clear whether the Herman auxiliary
cruiser artualry had begun to land arms
nnd ammunition or whether h was
imnk off the coast before she could ap-
yivinn ouuic.
Tho news of the arrest of Sir Itoger
I Casement, on whom, according to his
'own story told In ilermnny a yenr ngo,
the llrltlsh (loveriimcut has set n prize
of 5,000 (2.")0ftO), cnued the greatest
sensation throughout Kngland, The rea
son for the absence of details. It Is be
lieved, Is the endeavor of the (lovernment
to retrain from glxlng any encourage
ment to lebelllous movements secretly on
foot In Ireland.
! Krtrrnl I'rUoners TnUeu.
Lite to-night the Admiralty Issued the
following statement :
During the period between the after-
noon of April 20 and the afternoon of
April 21 an attempt to land alius and
nmmuiiltlon in Ireland was made by a
vessel under the guise of ,i neutial
nieivhant ship, but In reallt a Herman
auxiliary, in conjunction with a .ler
nun submarine.
The auxiliary was sunk and a num
ber of prisoners were made, among
them lelng Sir Hoser Casement
Ijate tn-iilghl a teport widely circu-
,.,.,, , i,,.,,,, ..... ... ,,, -rferi n.xi
ihtre KHa lrnaMe ln ,blln. i,m nothing
authrmc ,oul, ,e learned
A .i,,,,,,.!, from Dublin says that
., ,,xelirslon truln was about to leave
fl)r Mryb.irough to night when It was
found that the telegraph was out of
, onimlsslon mini who was sent to
(mitigate und that a telegraph pole
rirrr.h, ltrn & i,,.,,,,, ,r0, under
wood & L'riiteroiid
Sir Roger Casement.
had heen felled across the railroad track.
n began to remove the pole, when
.1 , ... 1.1...
Tn Seli editions Papers.
Caiiliii.il Lognc. Aicllliialiop of Armagh,
presided at u ronl'eience ut South Louth,
liekl by tlie clergy of Drogheda, Ireland,
to-day, at which, It Is stated, Important
subjects wete disciue-ed, some of which
were connei'to.1 with the paillamenlary
and political situation.
The police, vistteil the news agents ut
Diogheda and vvatned them ug.iiust
selllni; eedltlous or nnll-reciultitig
papers, reminding them of the prosecu
tion ainl conhVcntlon of such papers in
previous Instances,
ln otllclal circles It wan pointed out
to-night, In comment upon the news of
the sinking of tlio Herman auxiliary
cruiser off Ireland's const probably the
northern shore that on April 14 the
penil-olllclal Overseas News Agency of
lleillu sent out a statement for dis
semination abroad that "political riot
ing In Iieland is Increasing." The
statement lidded that "it Is reported
that lighting In the stteets has taken
place at several points on the coast
and that thn Ilritish authorities have
taken charge In various places, sup
pressing several Irish papers,"
lleporteil Arrested llefnrr,
Curiously enough, It develops, there
came on the samo day a despatch from
Copenhagen nuotlng the Holding Avt
as saying Hint Sir Itoger Casement had
been ai rented In Heriuany. No details
were given concerning Iiih alleged ar
lest. The hint was made In otllclal ipiarlers
that this report wuh spread by tenil
otllclal (lerman ciuurtcrs in llerlln
with a view to dispelling any theory
that might exist In Kiiglnnd that
Sir linger, with the cooperation of
the Herman authorities, was planning
anything against ITnglaud with Ireland
n tho "base of operations."
A cable, despatch to Tin; Sun from Its
Indon corresiKindenl, dated April 22,
said (lint nooordliiK to a telegram from
Traleo a "collapslblo lm.it" loaded with
arum nnd ammunition had been seized
by tho pollou of CurrnhuiiH Strand, a
stranger of unldcntllled nationality wna
arrestad In the vicinity, the despatch
Continued on Second Page,
THE accompanying photograph, repro
duced by courtesy of V Illustration,
Paris, shows the Channel steamer Sussex
after the explosion on March 24, which killed
or injured about 150 passengers, among the
injured being several Americans. The Sus
sex was beached at Boulogne ant the great
damage done to her by the German torpedo
is clearly seen in the photograph. All her
Lieut. Caetani Superviseil
Months of Tiiiiiiollinp
by Italians.
Sptrlnl table nrspateh tn Tut St
I'.o.MK. Aptll 24. It has Just become
known that the three months of tmitiol
work by the Italian soldiers, which te
suited In the blowing up of tlie peak of
the Col di Latin, nnd the Italian capture
of that summit, was accomplished under
the direction of Lieut (lelasl Cactanl,
on of the Duke ill Sermoueta. a grad
uate of Columbia Cnliorsity, well known
in the United States, and formerly a
mining engineer In San Francisco.
Tho explosion of the peak lesulted In
nearl n whole battalion of Austrian
Alpine troops being killed, only 170 sill
ilvlng. who weie taken prisoners, Cae
t.uil is a friend of John llas Hammond
The task begun on Christmas Day of
boring n gallery 250 feet long through
solid rock. The tunnel as made large
enough for two men to rush up It
abreast to the assault after the explo
sion, ami the mine charge consisted of
ten tons of blasting gelatin and dyna
mite while the shaft was closed with
a riiKle shield of steel armor plate
to protect the shaft and nlo permit It
to tie prir.ptly opened for a charge
after the explosion.
The following official statement wa
Issued by the Italian War Olllce to-day:
Persistent bad weather retards
without stopping, our activity. In the
upper Cordeiolt we again repulsed
obstinate attacks against the crest of
Col ill Lann. n the sextet bridge
head we completed the occupation of
Sentinel's I'ans. at an altitude of 2,717
meters IS.'JO feet), taking ten prison
ers,, one machine gun and arms and
On the Carso front enemy artillery
of all calibres violently hlled the
trendies occupied east of Selz. oblig
ing us to evacuate a small section
noith of tlie Selz Valley, which wa
especially exposed to the enemi's tlte.
In the' evening the enem renewed
In force his attack against the trench
In tho south valley, hut was repulsed
Klnu lirnmr Mnrka iinli rrr nf
lllea' I.hiiiIIiik.
N'Krml Cable ieim(rA fo Tnr Sin
IiNPoS. April 21. The Official Piesn
lliireiiu gave out the follow uig statement
to-night '
"The King sent a message to Czar
Nicholas on Kaster expressing his enn
lldence In the victory of the Allies; and
his delight III the victories of the ltus
elans. The Czar replied, s-avlng lie
shared tho King's confidence.
"The King also sent messages tr. the
people of Australia and New Zeal.uul,
Joining them In a Holmeii trlhute to be
paid to-morrow to tho heroes who died
on (lalllpoli Peninsula. .
The tlrst public demonstration of wel
come for the Ilritish troops wince the
war began will be held on Wednesila.v,
when It Is expected that enormous
crowds will hall nlHiut 2,0nu Australians
and New Zealanders who fought on Hal
llpoll Peninsula. The troops will march
to Westminster Abbey to nttend a me
morial service for their fallen comt.ides.
The Queen will bo present,
To-duy is the anniversary of the land
ing of Allied troops on both whores of
tho Dardanelles.
(irrmaii siihmnrliiea, la lienor),
(lie llllleh Crew Time In Karaite.
Special Cable tietpatch to Tuk Su.v.
London. April 24. Two Herman sub
marines to-day stopped the Dutch steam
ship llerkelstioom bound from Amster
dam and gave the crew of twenty-three
men fifteen minutes to leave the ship, i
They then sanK tier ny gunfire, The
members of the ciew were rescued h'v n
Htitlsh vessel und landed III Kngland.
No steamship llerkelstroom Is listed
In current Hhlpplng lists.
Inalal International l.nvt la Ob.
aerved In Ibe llrlllah lllnckadr.
Wasminuton, April 24. Tho Joint re
ply of I rent Ilrltnln nnd France to the
last American note on the question of
the llrltlsh blockade and contraband
wan to-day delivered to the State De
partment, It recognizes the validity of Presi
dent Wilson's stand, but pleads that the
spirit of International law Is being lived
lip to. The reply wllube made subllc
Wednesday morning, I?
-Makf Xijj'lit Attack t'pon Nor
folk After Aero Jlwin
naissani'p. pe. in ' ab'.t Pripnteh to Tnr. Si i
I.ONPON, April 21. Attacks on tlie
Hiltlsh coast by .(lerman aircraft were
resumed to-day.
The War Office stated that tluee Zep
pelins hai appeared over Norfolk to
night and had thrown a fen' lucendiaty
Isjinbs, No details were known to the
authorities, mid only the bare statement
that the Zeppelins had appeared was an
nounced by the War Office.
The raid was preceded by a recon
naissance about twelve hours before the
appearance of the X.eppellim b a !er
niiui aeioplaiip. The aircraft appeared
over Dover, In Kent, perhaps a hundred
miles to the south nf the district visited
bj the .eppeiiiis No bomb were
dropped by the aeroplane, but whether
till" was due to the promptness with
which the Hrmh anti-aircraft guns
opined (lie on the aeroplane or because
It was mfrely on a teconnolti Ing trip
Is not known
The statement Issued by the liritlsh
Admiralty Is as follows
Two Zeppelins crossed to the coast
of Norfolk at lo:3u o'clock to-night
and another appeared about 11 o'clock.
A few liicinill.il bombs weie dropped.
At 11 Ki to-day n hostile neroplntie
appi.irid over Dover from the east.
It circled over the town at a height
estimated nt il.OOO feet. Antl-alrciaft
guns at mice came into nctlon nnd
the hostile machliti was driven off
No bombs weie dropped
The last raid on the Rritl.h coast '
was made b Zeppelins on the night of
April Three airships took part in thel
attack on the northeast coast of Kng
land. One child was killed and eight
persons were Injured
Tills raid was the tlfth in six nights. '
111 the entile series of attacks! seventy'
persons were killed and is:, Injured, ac-1
conlltig to the llrltlsh nlllcl.il tlgutes. I
' ee.l of VlnrUel for Product, t nuse-
nf I'nrl With Teiitnna.
Sum. via London, April 24. - The mam
causes leading to the negotiation of i
ieclpioc.il lie.ity between Itunianla and
the Central Powers was purely economic
and arose from commercial neccfsltles. '
It was leainiil fioiu an otllclal source to. .
d.i) Itunianla had three wheat crops I
for sale, amounting in all to nearly half '
a million rarln.ids. It also had a rich I
petioleiun output to Olspo.se of .
The country felt almost e-tllled because ,
of Its inability to mKrt goods, jnich nx
medicine., implements and woollen and '
cotton wares. The machinery of the '
State was thus impeded titid the agilcul-,
turn I and manufacturing indiisti les upon
which tlie countiy's prosperity depends i
were thiealened, '
Steel, iron and other metal wines,
clothing, shoin nnd medicines reache-l I
exorbitant price. Shoes sold as high as
J30 a pair, men's ordlnaiy suits for $ii
...il. .....I ,. ..!.,!.,.. r.... ei.t.i t i,
1.1LI, .1,,., l(tl.ft1- U iiuu , IvIIOKI.llll i
(2.2 pounds). The Kntente Powers were
too far aw.iy or were unable to expor: '
such necessaries to Itumanin In spite of I
the effotiei made by Joint commission,
(iermany nnd Austria for a time werel
willing to barter coal for wheat, but this
wan not sutllclent to meet llumaiila's
Tenlona liettlnu It unianlnii Corn.
ni:nUN, via London, April 21- Her
many nnd Austria have iccelved 60,000
carloads of corn fioiu Itumanla in tlie
last three months, according to the
Overseas News Agency. Uiicharest ie.
ports say that the work of transporting
Into (Iermany nnd Austria thn 1 40,000
carloads recently sold to them will be
glu next week. The agency adds that
the llrltlsh ituthniltlca could not obtain
even one-half of the SO.00O carloads
which they wished to purchase.
Alien! of lliiaalan (iov eriimenl Ap-'
lienl In District Attorney. I
On complaint of n purchaulng agent I
of the Russian Covcniinent Assistant
District Attorney Uytteiiheig began an I
Investigation )i'sterilay of a general i
scheme to defraud hy selling spurious i
drugs for tho soldiers In the trenches, '
Tho romplalnuut ordered SOU pounds of 1
nHplrln and It later nppcarod that sugar 1
of milk and boric, acid had been used I
... ell .1... ...a..,. .lut.l..!., i .. . i .
in un ....... .I.-,.,,,,, i ii mine
name for neutylu-salliwlle netd,
Tha drug trade In greatly Interested
In tho outcome of the Investigation, t
being alleged that since the war began
spurious drugs have been widely void by
unscrupulous dealers,
forward parts were blown awny as far aft tin
the bridge and only her watertight bulkheads
kept her afloat. This is the first photograph
showing the extent of the damage to the
Sussex to reach this country. The German
official report on the attack by a U boat on an
"unknown steamer," the same day, hour and
place that the attack on the Sussex was made,
said that the forward part of the steamer as
far aft as the bridge was blown away.
Photo hy .1 I'nrral.
Prof. Dclliriiofk Sa.vs It Has
Hurt tlio Ciiiiipniirii of
(prman .Moderate-.
m.ni.tv. April 22. via London, April 24.
Thcte In great rli.appnintincjit In
Moderate political circles that such a
tone of finality was adopted In the Amer
ican note on the submarine iuestlon.
The Moderates say tiny cannot be
lieve that President Wilson was1 Informed
as tn the exact trend of Herman do
mestic politics during the last month;
they say further that hud he only waited
until tho Moderates vveru tlrmly In the
raddle the submarine warfare Mould
have been conducted In such a way as
fully to meet the wlhes of the I'uiteil
Stnles and reestablish the President's
lontidence tu this elovemmeiitv good
Tlie Model ntes belfevc that the note
will have iin! one effect that of giving
the ai'il-.Mn.li rati" u tremendous wea
pon, thus defeating the .Moderates ni.d
rostponln.', perhaps indefinitely, the
hope, which has gained gmiuiil among
the Moderates, that Hermany would oou
make peace mi terms satlfing tlie lib
eral minded woild.
Tlu-e men say tint President Wilson
could put have been fully Informed ns to
Just how acute the struggle wan pieced
lug the downfall of Admiral von Tlrpltz.
nor with what sine siipet..ss the Model
ates weie paining the upper hand and
Hearing tlie potn' where they could adopt
the policj which Americans would most
like to fee
Should the not., be followed by a
break between tlie two eouutiles, the
Mrsieiates leel that they will Mirely suf
fer defeat, ami that n condition will be
brought about in lieimany which they
cannot believe Mr. Wllsxm favors, They
think that .ui application of knowledge
of public psychology based on this Infor
mation niUht have altered tlie Presi
dent's ram s
Th.it the elTect of the Aineilcan ulti
matum will be tn shatter the hopes of
peace which bad crown out of tlie i-on-tliiu.il
victoiles of the Moderates In Her
man politics i. the conviction of Prof.
Hans Delhi ueik
"There Is no dotiht." cud Piof. Del
lirueck to-dav. "that the sevetaiue of
diplomatic lelatlons between dermany
ami Ameika would tesult in the defeat
of the peace movement started by the
Modeiates. Since tile beginning it has
gained cnntlnimllj in strength.
"Its gie.itest victorv was the retire
ment of Admiral von Tlipltz. who was
the chief opponent of this pollej It ap
peared highly pi. .liable alter his with
drawal from otflce that peace would
come In a few month" on terms j-atlsfac.
lory to the liberal minded t ople of the
"Now ionics tlie American note bring
ing nboitt a situation from which there
is no easy nutlet. A break with America
would put the fanatical clement Into
power iigalu and indollnltelv prolong the
war. I believe Mr Wilson to be a man
of pence, ami we counted nn America
helping us at the right moment to end
the war
"Now Amend threatens to so against
us I consider this a calamity, not only
for Heriuany in defeating the Moderate
liberal pulley but for tho world, which
might otherwise have had peace In the
near future."
're nt I'nrialemn 'nveili l.naf Trip
I'roni .Norfolk.
Lospos. Apt II 21. The sinking of the
llrltlsh hteaiiihhlp Parislana u.ik an
nounced to-day by Hie Admiralty AH
of the clew weie saved.
Tlie llrltlsh steamship Parisian.!, nf
3,024 tons, was pist leported iih having
urrlveil at Lindon on March 21 after a
vojage tiom Norlolk
INCOME TAX ABOVE $100,000,000
lliialneaa llooin llrltiica .lump In In.
dividual Knrnlnua.
Washington. April 24 Tre.isiny De
partment oftlclals are of the opinion that
the Income tax jiow being collected will
exceed JloO.OOO.Oiin Kxperts of the In
teinal Hevenue Itilie.iu predicted to-day
Hint the total collections would reach
(lo,nno,nnn Thli sum Involves un in-
aee of approximately K'i.000,000 over
last ear's collect lout",
The liuiease is all i lliule.1 by Treasury
officials to tho business expansion which
has tiilvu place hi (lie past year. The
Increases aie wild to have figured In re
turns cut personal Incomes: as well us tho
learnings of corporations, The returns,
It Is said, have disclosed many surpris
ingly largo Incomes among men In the
ordinal'- walks of life. )
(jei'Jiuui Amlmssailnr, Here,
Gets Favorable Advices
From Home Office.
Washington Awaits Cable
Xow on Way From Am
bassador Gerard.
'Neither More N'or Less
Hopeful." Says State
Depart ment.
Count von Heinsturff. who wns
in this city last night, received
from llerlln a message which was
reported to contain definite news of
matorlnl concession which tho Im
perial Ciernun (lovernment will
make in the submarlno contro
versy. While no confirmation of the re
ceipt of the message was obtain
able from the Herman Ambassador
personnlly, Its receipt and Its gener
ally favorable tono were corrolxi
tated in other quarters.
Count von J'ernstnrff Is stopping
ot the llltz-Carlton and will prob
ably return to Washington to-day.
Wasiiinuton. Apill 21 "Nelti-.er
more hopeful nor less hopeful to-.liy,
We ate sailing along on an even k-;.'!."
This was the comment fiom the State
'Department late to-day in n ply u the
iiuestlon as to whether the latest news
from Amhaseudnr ibuard at llerlln had
changed the situation. A long co'lfl
dentin) message from the Ambassidjr
Is leported to be on tlie way t Wash.
i ington, but Sccietary Lansing declined
i to discuss its import.
Ambassador von HcrnstuifT iljd not
I etui n tn Washington from New York
to-dnj. hut 'e. expected t. i outer with
Sccietary Lansing to-iiiouow or Wednes
da Senator Stone, cli.iu man of the
Foreign Ilehitions Committee nf the Sen-
ate, did not see President Wilson at tho
' Wliite House to-iilsht. Ile has arranged
to see the President on Weiinesdaj .
The eailutlon of the submarine s'tua
tion awaits Germany's reply to Picsi
dent Wilson's last note demanding that
(Iermany Immediately declare and eifect
J an abandonment of present methods of
siibmailue warfatc
There Is nothing tangible et to show
' what that reply will !. or when It v.'ill
' be forthcoming Ambassador lierard Ins
; been assure.l that the Ameiuaii demand
is receiving serious attention and hla
, message, It is believed, reveals tho im
pressions ho gets fiom an interview
with Chancellor von Hetlimann-llollwcg.
' .Mr Herald's advices are expected with-
t in the next twenty-four houia.
fiernrd'a llopcfuliiesv
ll is due peiiiaps t.. .Mi Hi rani's hope
fulness, loupled wuh other preliminary
'conciliatory signs fiom H-iltn, that a
feeling of optinism prevails In olliclai
circles hem to-night Filinds of the
' Piesldcnt, who believed a illplomatiii
I bleak inev liable, now see more than a
'ui) of hope. The) 1jii.i tills on tho fact
i that tlie activity of the Hernial) subina.
lines In tlie wnr zone apparently ha.
lessened since the Aiiierlian note leached
, Hei mail) . In addition the trend of cer
tain press comment fiom llerlln Is con
sidered rnrotiiaKlUK, though not necis
sailly liidlciting thai Heniiany will b,i
i willing to yield to 1'iesliletit Wilson's!
i To Slate I epartuieut olllclals an
analysis of Herman press comment
shims that at least some of the lespou
slide newspapei k friendly to the Chan-
I celloi time u conciliatory- view toward
i the Allieiiean note
' Thn f.oacil liuriyrr, they point out,
liouiments on the possulit.v of .ompro
mlse and salisiactury setilrmeiif in a
very significant manner This pas?r,
I which frequently n Meets, semi-olllci.il, or
at least liivpiied, stati nients cnianatliss-
Ifiom tile Iliipe'lil Chancellor's olllce, has
uiti'ptcd a coiiiillntory attitude aince its
editorial wi Iters have had timn to sound
i opinion In otllclal ctii les Its first ar
ticles, on the olhei hand, stated that
(iciiuany would demand that President
( Wilson keep "hands off."
' turn-ineiit llealrnhle,"
Kncoiiragenienl Is likewise found tn
the attitude of the f'riiiiViiiier vituny
which lepresents thn great hanking and
conimerclul Interests of the cinpltn and
, III addition Is noted for Its broad gauged
I views on nil Important subjects. TIiIh
paper says It Is Impossible to seo how
an agreement can be reached, but hull,
cates that such an agreement would be
' desirable, It records Its conviction that
Pi widen! Wilson deslile.i to lis old n
breach and desires to livo In pearo and
friendship w)th Hermiiiiy,
Tho InilniT 7Vifi blnlf, which reprc
I senls stinng business Intel csts and whoi
I editor, Theodor Wolff, Ir in dosn touch
I with the Foreign Office, likewise hi very
1 reserved. And officials here admit Hint
I reserve under presejit conditions U In
llself a concession In American friend
ship. Inusmuch as the natural impulsa
of the Herman prem Is understood to he
lo attack tho position of the I'nllnd
States Government on the ground

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