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Pennsy President, Testifying
in Minority's $28,000,000
Suit, Defends Plans.
Samuel Ilea, president of the Penn
sylvania Uitllroail, testified before Su
preme Court Justice I.elinmn yesterday
in u suit brought by Dick Hros. & Co.,
the Stock Kxchnngo tlrm, In behalf of
the minority stockholders of tho Long
Island Railroad to ncover 128,000.000
from Mr. Ufa and other directors of the
lionff Inland who arc also olllcliilM of
the retmtytvnma. Jle said that ho
never found any conlllct between his
duties as picsldent of tho Pennsylvania
and director of tint Ixrng Inland. The
minority stockholders rontend that the
ynst expenditures made by tho Iaiiik
Inland In recent yearn were really In the
Intercut of the Pennsylvania. In his tes
testimony President Itca said:
"Ah I wan a director of both roads
you may lent nssiited that whenever I
attended a meeting of the directors of
tho Long Inland company I voted and
acted for tho best Interest of nil the
stockholders and not for any particular
Broup of stockholders. Cor many years
before tho successful electrification of
railroads within commuting distance of
the large cities the. Pennsylvania Hall
road sought an entrance Into the heart
of New York city, realizing that to
compcto wllh the New York Central
pome such terminal within the city was
absolutely necessary.
First Had llnilson Br III Be IMan.
"The Pennsylvania first wanted to
eome across tho much talked of Hudson
Illvcr bridge, which was before the elec
trification of roads was an assured suc
cess. As soon ns practicable the Idea Df
tube connections Into New York was car
ried out. Those tube connections will
eventually be Just as profttahle to thr.
Ixmg Island as they are proportionately
to the Pennsylvania1 Hallroad.
"The Mistake the minority stock
holders make Is In supposing that a road
can remain stationary. The directors In
spending the lIMOO.Onn which thj
minority shareholders think Is Innulll
clently remunerative were planning at
Itant fifty years nlio.cd as all good rail
road directors ought to do. It wa only
'a question of time when the Improve
ments would have had to be made or the
leong Island would have been relegated
to the scrap heap."
Mr. Ilea testified that he made an .ln
apectlon trip over the Iong Island when
the Pennsylvania first got control and
found the road "very much run down."
"It wan what we call 11 local road,
tie said. "Thr toad was not paying ex-
penses, It hail little credit and tratllc
was very uncertain. During the Hum
mer months the trafllc was large, hut
during the remainder of tho year It was
light. .In making our Improvements we
picserved all the local business of the
road, which was very beneflcl.il."
Home Testimony Mtrlckrn Out.
Mr. Rea testified that the Long Island
road ulwayn luid a "free hand" In deter
mining all quest "nns, but on objection by
1. Iiflln Kellogg, counsel fur the plain
tiff, the court struck out this testimony.
Tho court remarked that while the road
might have had u free hand, the same
might not have been true of the di
rectors. "Kverythlm; that related to the upend
ing of money was fully discussed b'forc
We took action," said Mr. Urn. "Thfc
Improvements we made at Jamaica were
the salvation of the coinp-.iny There ha.1
luwn rnveittm nf ni-op II, OOII Anil In fli'. 1
,.1, J. V . ;,it ,.V thl i.,,., ,u . ' ' ,
years as a rtsult of the Jam.ilcii Im
Why was so much money spent?''
"It Is general In railroad affairs to
look Into tin- future and deal with future
reeds In order that we may not be found
tinprepaied when the Improvements nro
nnlly needed," said Mr Ilea, "It was
for this reason that the Kast New York
and Ilay Itldge Improvement were made.
They, will I valuable assets In fho
The case will go on to-day.
JTrvr York S ii.llcnte Will
ail,(MMI,(HMt Issnr.
The Sinclair Oil and Refining Com
pany, recently Incorporated In New York
State to operate Western oil properties,
has contracted to sell $16,000,000 flrt
lien ten year rnnvcrtlhlo 6 per cent.
Kinking fund gold bonds fo a syndicate
composed nf Kissel. Klnnlcutt & Co., .1.
ft AV. Fellgman, & Co.. White. Weld
& Co., Montgomery, Clothier ft Tyler,
and Spencer Trnsk & Co. The company
auiiiui ici-.i v.i iridic i,uuw,u n.tir
of capital stock of no par value and has
alremly Issued noo.nno Fharea on prop
erties estimateii te ne worm more man
The mortgage provides for a minimum
linking fund of 3 per cent and an ad-
ditlonal sinking fund of 20 per cent, of
tho net earnings lifter deducting Interest
and the minimum sinking fund. This
fund will operate semi-annually by the
purchaso of bonda In tho open market
up to 110 for the first year and there
after at 115, ut which price bonds are
callable. The bonds are convertible at
tho above mentioned values Into two
hares of common stock.
The company will opernte the Cudnhy i
jtenning company, tne Hlnclalr-Cudahy
ripe Lino Company and the Sinclair Oil
and Gua Company.
Effort to Pay Interest Wllh Bond
holders' Mime)- la Charged.
ClircAno, April 2.L Kfforts to bring
about a foreclosure of the Chicago, Hock
Island and Pacific Hallway were heuun
by the Penbody bondholders' committee
before Federal Judge lielger to-day when
Attorney I.. C, Krauth presented his pe
tition tn the court asking leave to (lie a
llll of foreclosure.
The Peabody committee represents the
tioldeia of some $2.1,000,000 worth of the
first and refunding mortcage bonds, of
wnicn tnem ih a total ssue of int..
000,000. Tjtey contend that the payment i agreement in regard tn the reorganUa
of the Interest on their bonds by the lion of the company had It that an an
Issuance of receiver's) certificate 'is In 1 nouncement of the plan will b made
reality paying the Interest with their , public during tho week
own money.
The Bstik of New fork deposited li:s,.
on In sovereigns at the Assay Office I'M.
Oscar Hoppe nf New York has been
electeil director of (he Zlnn Coticentrat.
Inr Company, Increasing the biwrd from
lUe to U members
l'.irn. Son A- Uo and J, S. Hache Ci
tve been awarded II6O.000 Hyrueuss 4H
. per cent, serl.il bonds. Thev are offering
' i1". unsold balance at a 3.95 per ct lit,
nranen Copper Company has culled for
redemption on June I at 105 and Interest
Its collateral trust 8 per cent, gold bonds,
rayment will bo made by Partners In
and Trust Company fur all bonds presented
prior to June I, ufter which Interest will
American Smelters r'eriirltles Company
fcV 'V! ."UT" "Inking fund gold
, TSii.Jf.,ii,'l4J;'""''.,.nV' h'n ,,rwn for
Hnw Mnrkct for Spot Product
Also Advances 24 1-2 Points
to 6.30 Cents.
Refined sugar yesterday moved an
other step upward In the rise which has
followed the resumption of heavy foreign
buying In the local market about a
month ago. Local refiners quoted It at
T.40 cents, a rise of .10 and. .15 cents a
pound, while Philadelphia refineries
rained their prices to 7.50 cents, equal
ling the record high which was reached
In August, 1914. Tho price of refined
sug.ir a year ago was 5.90 cents a pound.
At tho same time, the raw market
for Fpot sugar advanced M Vi points, to
fi.39 cenUi ii pound, a record price for
tho year and only 14 'lower than tho
record high registered In August, 1914,
j .Some 14,000 bags of April shipments
irom wunn were purcrtasco uy rentiers,
which was responsible for this rise.
While there nro plentiful utocks of raw
sugar on hand In Cuba, refiners report
that they arc unable to obtain more than
enough to keep them going because of
the dinicultles In getting freight space.
Manuel Hlonda, president of the Cuba
Cane Sugar Corporation, In a letter
which has lt en mado public by J, &
W. Sellgman for the benefit of share
holders, states that .In view of the pre
vailing price of 5 cents a pound on
sugar It Is not unreasonable to assume
that tho profits of the corporation will
exceed 120 a share on common stock
after the payment of preferred dm
(lends. It was estimated by him at the
time of the Incorporation that the earn
ings on tho properties should reach IIS
it share. Mr. Hlonda sums up the sugar
outlook as follows:
"The prospects of a continuation of
high prices for sugar during the next
season (1916-1917) aro unusually good.
The European war has cut off a large
part of the supply of the world's beet
sugar, and under no conceivable con
ditions can this deficiency be made up
by additional sowings In time for next
year s crop.
"Itegardlcss. however, of the existing
conditions, which are unusually favor
able to the Industry, Cuba can produce
sugar more cheaply than any other coun
try; It 'has an advantage In cost ot
production of at least 'j cent a pound
over any other producer. In addition,
Cuba has by treaty with the United
.States a differential of 20 ikt cent. In
Its tavor, so that, so long as there Is
a tariff duty on sugar entering the
United States, Cuba has an advantage
of that amount as against all the rest
of the world except I'orto Illco, Hawaii
and the Philippines, none of which coun
tries can compete with Cuba without a
protective duty and with nil of which
Cuba can suoeewafully compete, even
with the present duty." .
Wins First Action Here for
MHllliiir False atatruirnta.
Julius Wunsch, president of the Venus
Silk (Hove Manufacturing Company of
S Hey ward street, Hrooklyn, and 229
Fourth avenue, Manhattan, was founu
guilty In Hrooklyn yesterday of using
the malls In n sclnme to defraud cred
itors by sending out false statements ns
to the financial condition nf his business.
It was the first conviction of the kind
In the Federal eastern district of New
York. WuuhIi, tried boforc Van Vechten
Veedcr. I'nited Staten District Judge, was
charged with sending In May and June,
1914. letters to three creditors In which
he gave his paid In capital as $57,200
without cli, i King a loan of $22,000
against it. Dnc letter was sent to the
John It. Dunlap Company of 234 Fourth
avenue, Manhattan, dealers In raw silk.
;., .,, w'tltlsch's firm was fnrc'ed Into
. . , . .
i ml It was on this that he was con
lianKiuptcy in wptcinner. 1914. Iti lla
lillltU-s belttg $90,000 and Its assets
Wunsch will 1m sentenced on Monday.
The maximum penalty Is a tine of $1,000
and imprisonment for five jears.
Heavy Ruyinj; of Proft'iTml
for American International
Is Reported.
More th.in 10,200 shares uf Inter
national Mercantile Marine preferred
stock were traded In on the Slock K.
change esterday and more than SO.000
shares of tho common changed hands.
i The preferred opened nt S211.S3, and
me nign lor ine aay was i ne
common opened at 24-23' and the
high was 2.r.U.
Tho continued strength In the pre
fened and common stocks of the Inter
national Mercantile Marine Company Is
attributed In well Informed clrides to
two things. First, It Is understood In
Mome quarters that there has lieen heavy
buying of the preferred stock In the past
few days for the account of the Amefl
can International Corporation, and see
ond, It h reported that the preferred
and common stock holders have almost
reached an agreement .regarding the
plan for the reorganization of the com
pany. Hankers in close touch with the affairs
of the International Mercantile Marine
Company were Inclined yesterday to be
lieve the report that the American Inter
national Corporation has been buying
both the preferred and common stock with
the view of obtaining about 25 per cent,
of each class and thereby gaining repre
sentatlon ill one of the biggest of tho
shipping companies. Frank A. Vnnder
llp, chairman of the board, refused to
comment on the report estcrday.
Late yesterday It was learned In au
thoritative quarter that the American
International Corporation has succeeded
In acquiring nil tho preferred desired,
and It was also stated that the common
stock Is being purchased for the same
Thn rumor that the preferred and com
mon stuck holders' committees the
Wallace committee and the flatten com
mittee have nractlcallv reached an
Consolidated Ciilinnue.
While the genenil murki't on the Cot
solliluted Slock i:1l111iKe riMrtril siiin...
wh.it from Its best In the Hn-lnn ilcVlnit,
rue ions 1 uroilKlinill Hie nut 11.1s HtrilllT
Prices In the early dealings estnhllshcil fur
ther substantial recoveries from their ro.
rent low levels.
United stales Hteet common opepeil at
13, which wah "1 of a point above It.,
closing price on Monday That proved Its
lowrst and It touched a IiIkIi of Sia, In. 1
It ilnsel at 83 ' Its tulnnver ;i'i,rnx.
muled IS, 000 shares. Crucible Hteel was
a cthe. wllh a turnover of more than 11,000
shares. Opening at 7!1., of a point
ubuho Its closing ipiotutlon on Vfonil.-iy, It
reacted to and then rose to 83, hut
It closed at Ills.
Intel national Mercantile Marine pro.
ferred, one of the features of Monilav'a
advance, went Into new high ground early.
It opened at S3. IH points above Its clos
ing price the night before, and sold as
hlsll us H's, It closed, however, at Mai,
after touching 11 low of II, The early
buying was stimulated by the undrrstnnd
lug that control had been purchased hy
thr American International Corporation.
Kureptlonal softness developed 1st In
the day In New Haven, which closed at
&7tfc. tta lowest, comoarad with an ooenlnr
lrlc et It.
Net Knrnings $00,713,624 for
Tlireo Months of 1916
Gary Is Optimistic.
Net earnings of the United States Steel
Corporation for the quarter ended March
31, 1916, after deducting operating and
maintenance costs and Interest charges
on the bonds of subsidiary companies,
amounted to 160,713, 624. In the last
previous quarter they were 151,232,788
and in tho quarter ended March 31, 1915,
they amounted to $12,457,109. These fig
ures are better than any other quarterly
earnings In the history of the company.
Tho report of earnings Issued yester-!
..... . .h. .,,,
- v.. "- ---
up to the expectations of the financial ,
district In general, although in some
circles tho amount for the quarter was
forecast at $65,000,000. There had
also been some talk In Wall Street to tho
effect that the directors would declaro
an extra dividend on the common stock
In view of the recent 10 per cent. In
crease In wages announced by the cor
poration. '
During January the earnings wero
$18,794,912, as compared with $1,687,-
150 in 1915. an Increase of $17,107,762.
In February they were $19,196,396, an
Increase of $15,557,318 over the cor-
responding month In the preceding year,
In March they Jumped to $22,722,316, an
Increase of $15,590,235. Gross earnings
ytn the sums quarter were $63,110,720, as
compared witti il&.ugz.SiU in r.'Iii.
The balance available for dividends
r dividends
irch 31 last
$35,959,193 1
during the quarter ended March
was S45.512.872. as against $35
In the last previous quarter, and $915,-
OSS In the same quarter a year ago.
The balance available for dividends on i
ti,. cmnmon .lock In tho last nuarter '
was equivalent to 7.71 per cent, on the '
I50S.302.500 outstanding, or at the rate
of 30.S4 per cent, for the year. This
compares with a rate of .'..S3 per cent. !
earned on the common stock during the ,
December quarter, which was equal to
an annual rate of 23.32 per ces)t. j
Depreciation la nrdnred.
The report shows that depreciation
and reserve during the Inst quarter
amounted to $7.S59,2B3, as against $S.-
iHi'0 ii -a-.-1 Tn 'the'rPonilt g
mmr.eV-a07c'ar ago. ,,erVTyo?,1!he
729,053 during the last quarter of 1915
nuarter on
Fnlted States Steel Corpora-
tloti bonds ns J.i.tn.bs,. as compare.!
with $;.451,8T In the December last
ipiarter. and $5,324,379 In the same
quarter In 1915.
This table shows the net monthly earn
ings ot the corporation for the last
three years:
v......... 10.1.:'si .ffls.s:4 S..v,.slt
. .. ..... rr.Tsl.siiS T.13:.0S1 ;.So:.J
ofe0.. Z arr
. . . . - .
March 31. 191:
Karntngs tie- ,
fote charrtt'i Iss Interest ltalsnce
ntbsi.lnry oninesurj. 01
bond interest sntiarv Poll Is eartiinirs,
.lamisrr.... !'!'!?! ?.;.; '.I!:'!l1r. '
Starch'." Si!& W.W Sw-Si
" 1
Toist.. I.lt.7s) U3?7.e-!
Total, earnlns. alter deilu.-tln ope.
rutins; exrienes ana interest on 1
.i,.i,narv hon.is M.7H.M4 '
Charges and slloances 'or .
l iikinT i n . ...."Steel Car. ' !
poratm,Vrinds... l.US.li:
Vel Income ti..:l.oM
Interest on Steel Corporation
bonds . ..IS.MMC;
IVenmim. pajahle on Ponds
reueeniaoio 11.' ..,..
nvln,e ... II5.M?.T:
1)iVi'J.'!;,''."tock ' S,ff
P?. le"ed"i. ,s-r cent P.VI.W
Common. 1. per n( d.r.3.7!
Ilalanee of aurnlus JJI.CUJ:
I.alanee of .urplu
Ultra IllildemU Xot Taken l'p.
After the announcement of the earn.-
lugs and the dividends Judge l-.ll.ert II.
e.nry. cimnnMn ..r tn.- Hoard, s.u.i t ut
no action on tin extra divide ml wtts et g-
gested or couslilered, He said that ship-
mentM ror the second quarter win no
made nt better prices than .luring ho
ll.., ......vam .....1 ,,.., Ilin mplinFDl nn
first nuarter and that the corporation
Is not prepared to book a great many
orders for Ihe first part of 191.
Judge liary ws asked if Ihe year's
earnings of the company would not
equal approximately J2TO,000,000 If
based on the first quarter's earnings.
"I can't change the figures," he re
plied, "and who knows what the fu
ture may bring forth? New business Is
about the same, although .rlce are bet
ter. The second quarter shipments will
be better than the first, ns they will be
made on n rising basis. The United
States Steel Corporation has little avail-
able steel capacity for the remainder of
this year and some sales arc being made
into 1917.'
Judge (!.iry then wild that there have
been no large rail orders taken recently
and that but a few of the manufacturers
havo anything to sell. He continued:
"We have taken some rail orders for
...... ...... . . . ..
. ' "5 ar" prepareu io mi
extensively for the first half of 1917. ,hp lawyers and the tapping or tho tele
It is the policy of the company to give I Phone wltes leading to the ottlces.
the public Information on earnings, ton- No complaint has yet been made to
nage and hlmllaT developments as soon I Ihe District Attorney hy any innnher
as possible, The earnings for this quar-,of the, tlrm of 5-eymour & Seymour, al
ter were completed and submitted to the though Kred Seymour of that firm said
tlnanco committee shortly after 2 o'clock I yesterday he had certain suspicions that
this afternoon." l.o would run down before giving mi
The regular Pi per cent, dividend on ' Interview. He repeated that he .11.1 not
the common stock and the regular 1
per cent, preferred dividend were de
clared by the directors,
Alderman lleyinan Volcea Protest
Against I'eiirilnsr mil.
Declaring that such legislation was
merely iiointlng tho way to an invasion
of tins Hoard of Aldermen that might
ultimately result In wiping that body
enthely from the list of city depart
ments, Alderman Harry lleyinan voiced
a stirring piotem yesterday against a
hill now beforn C.ov. Whitman which
alms to take from Aldermen In first
class cities the power to perforin mar
nage ceremonies.
Ills resolution of protest described the
pending measure ua "another effort on
!."? W h ? "c"r'v
" V il..:. VTe "I"":,"'?, "..l"
and placlt.K U.e e..,r l ll, liaf .li. of leso
reliable peisons, as t appears, from this
legislation that It la Intended an ,i ro-
llectlon upon tho Hoard of Aldermen of
the city of New Vork "
The less reliable persons referred to
nro the Mayor, City Magistrates,
Police Justices, the City Clerk or
any of his deputies designated by Mm.
The measure amends Hie domestic rein.
Hons laws by taking uway from the
Aldermen th power to perform mar-
riage ceremonies and places It In tho
hands of the persons named.
Hy placing this power with the Cltv
Clerk and his deputies," saya the reso
lution of Alderman Heyman, "the city
of New Vork would be put In the mar
riage business and would be competing
with the clergymen of the city,"
The resolution wbm referred to the
Committee on Utneral Welfurt.
Preparedness Lines to Form at
11 o'clock, End Fussing
nt 10 P. M.
Mayor Mltchel yesterday Issued a re-
quest for all citizens to display the
United States flag on the day of tho
citizens' preparedness parade. The
Mayor Issued the following:
On May 13 more than 100,000 citi
zens of this city will express their
convictions that this country be pre
pared ror derence by marching in a
great preparedness parade. Rvery
trade, every, profession, every element
n ur varied citizenship will be rcpre
sented In the line.
It seems fitting, therefore, and I
Bladly mnke th0 rcquc3t, nt the sug-
Mto'n of nabbl Slvermiln am, ,he
Hev. Dr. Herbert Shlpman of the
clergy section of the parade, that I
call upon nil citizens to display the
flag, both at their places of buslnes
and their homes on tho day of tho
John Pcwiot Mitciici.,
The Mayor's letter was shown at the
parade headquarters yesterday as an (
evidence that very nulctlv. without fuss
or feathers, business men of every pro-'
fesVlon are going to give New York the
greatest parade of Its history on that
Saturday nfternoon. About eighty
trades, professions or avocations hael
concluded all arrangements to partlcl- f
mte. und some are even drilling.
Divisions Are AaslKiied.
, . , , .... .,,. '
The marshals yesterday met with the
grand marshal. Charles H. Shcrrltl, at
thc headquarters In the Kqultable Build-;
... ... . .... ,. n.. ,.r
, ,, . .... ' .,, ,,.'
which calls for something UKc eleven
hours of marching altogether, but with
no 0rgatilxatlon more than three hours
. .. ,h mar!ihals will
,n llne- 10 ,ne m'r-"1" '"
take pretty nean eer nr.-i mi-
coding Hrnadftay. Fifth or Kourth ac-
m(fl from jJowinB tlreeti t" Tnoity-
seventh street and Fourth avenue.
tt la to be a n.irade run on minute
... . ... ,i,rt
ncneiiuies. J ui.u n..iu . ......
first division swings pat Fifteenth str''t
on. I l'lfih avenue somewhere arotltiil I
"Vlock th"'' wl" W "
" - ,,.
The 11l.n1 ns adonted call" for five
grand divisions, which are to be welded
Into a compact army. The Hed di
vision, which will lead, will act as an
escort ror .Maor .Miicnei. ji.ijui.urn,
Wood and Hear Admiral Usher, who are
to act as rcvlewlnz miners, ims in
vision, which consists of about lfc.OOO
goods and knit gtiods men. will inrm ne
tween 9:30 and 10 t.. In Intersecting
m Al.-,....tl..llnf'!r.tl..Mrai
itnlt fitintivism a tint her ill a frrcotnl
1 ,..11 ln llesja. '
...i.i, .n..ii....
which will have
. ' .. . .. i t',.,; .. ! f. ,, ..ti
r,;; .y fro,;; Washms;i, S.,u.,re to
l.-rtiirlV. liienne -ind Twellt V-Sevenl tl
.1 - nurth "venue anil iwenij se mil
stteet. tn tmersec ing '' '. :
vision wui star upisi-ni i.-.t.
1 11 .1 ,r the nrtiiM nrliitinir Ink
. . '. , llk ,ivsons, will march
down to Union S.piare and cut Int.. Fifth
avenue a the He,N tlnlslt and when they
, u-hltes w ll lain them.
he Win- division, which wl'.l have
mi. I 11 000 m.irchrtr. will assenthle
veen Vorretl'street 'WmkIvZ j'me
In" HI'l"
,,i t,.,i cen 12:tr, o'clock and I
.c.,. ...1..., ..t ih. nino .11.
vis on which will have the exchanges,
!,,. ilinJier.,. brokers. Insurance men. real
' estate men. lawyers and lwer Hro.idway
.business met, will mobilize between
Howling I'.reen and Vescy street. It will
Ht.rt between PJ:30 and 3 o'clock and
form the rear of the Hlue division. The
,,lr,,e d,v,,lon. whlch tllUw n th. Ilut. '
mobile men. tho tallort., the physlciape.
J ,, ' thoro-H KfI1er:.l
. f wlu have to be kept within
and surgeons. Is the emergency unit ami
, Tll!s tlwaM,zatlon wm form
nor,herly htrct.ts an,i win )c i.i
-n executive committee- of the
, , , oVlo..-k this after-
' . . ..... .
noon at the vale lun. At this meeting I
there will be report from all the com- pro,,r;s wllch, ,V-i'n,ed. puy'Vevo
mlttces. lutlonle the methods nf retlnlug gaso-
1 lene nuil reduce the prlco was demon
Svrann Falls la I.enrn Why Poller
Tupped l-asrycra' Wires.
District Attorney Swnnn did not get
e,.- ..n.. tn l,la l.w.iilu lin
erj far yesterday In his Inquiry Into
why pollco officlnls tapped Ihe telephone
wires lending Into the ofllcos of Soy-
mour & Seymour at 1J0 Hroadway He
heard many reasons discussed, hut at tho
end said he did not know personally why
it was done. This, ho explained, was
Lecatiso ho had not heard dlrecHy from
cither sldo what had really caused the
.,iin e .. ,ii,nr.,,.t. t ti, ,.m..AU ..r
'";., . V
see why the police authorities had taken
the opiorlunlty of eavesdropping, for the
reason that there was nothing being
uone that called for them to lie Inter
ested. Mr. Swann said he would welcome any
complaint that would bring about n
tlioiough Inquliy Into the whole matter.
Wlsnrd Back rrom I'lorlda
Without Any Tnramii.
Thomas A. Ivdlson, accompanied by
.rH. iHson, returned to his home liiflo,n llr,u I10"'0"', where they will
West Orange, N. J last night from his
annual Florida flsliing trU with a grlev -
ancu against submarine warfare the
... . ,,,, ,H ,lr..,,s M
KdlBiii went" to his , an tat o a t Koi
KiIIhou went to his plantation at Kort
My"s' " ",V0.Wt,k?, "?', hl" ,0
,,",eh whole schools of the fish, but hey
'le)'cl' CV"", J." be caUBht Ur,t11 ,l,rco ,ll,yN
, 'wore ne'e"' , . . .,
I '''Veil then the tarpons showed tho
wUard that while he might he supremely
Ingenious on land they were fully his
Cll""l ""der water. They attacked his
I''H wlthuut warning and slipped off
wl"' uulti l"Vlng him the hook.
Henco Mr, ICiIIsou'h dlsiippioval, Hut
,ln '""1 better luck with tho sharks,
1 catching four of them In company with
, preci i: utt, ono or ins lieutenants, witn-
out any casualties except wet clothes.
Henry Kord, though un expected guest,
was not on hand to cast peaco upon the
tiouMed -waters. Mr. Ifcllsori when not
fishing loafed In Mi plantation labora
tory. II acquired a good coat of tan,
-which will be on ylew to-day In Ms plant
In Weat Orange.
Resolution Only Opposed Be
cause It Does Not Go
Far Enough.
The Chamber of Commerce of the
State of New York, meeting at noon yes
terday at Its building, 55 Liberty street,
adopted only one of three resolutions on
the subject of preparedness brought for
ward by Its executive committee.
At least 200 members wero present
and tho consideration of the resolutions
was achieved with a good deal of con
fusion. The trouble, seemed not to be
with the purport of the resolutions or
the Intention back of them most of the
members aro In favor of greater pre
paredness but a considerable portion ot
those present, headed by W. L. Saun
ders, president of the Ingersoll-Hand
Company, did not think the resolutions
went far enough.
The resolution finally adopted, after
several misunderstandings, has a long
preamble stating the chamber's belief
that Congress ought to bo guided by
military and naval cxpcits in adding to
It goes on to say
t))at 1th"f l.omlntlco ls 0f the opinion
it,,,. stu-ltzerlnnd and Australia have
given the democratic world on example
a tra lllid citizen amy of
rxtranrdlnary quality nt a minimum of
national expense." The resolution reads:
".'caohr.l, That tho ''Jen' and
top th(,(r. rn.i-ncMt eowxlderatlon. wltli lt
tequest that legislation appropriate inere
to be framed for public consideration
and that copies of this resolution be
trni in ipo President, hi Cabinet, mem-
J' w 'J,,,', Governors of all
(le aIlll t0 commercial c.rgunlza-
tlons and other bodies as the executlvo
cmmnlttee mav Indicate."
Tho second resolution called the at- (
,,,,, ,.,llrv , lh renort on a
proper military pulley for the t'nlted .
states made by tho tlcner.il Staff of the ,
"ny war College division) on Sep.
(Pmb.r 11. 1915, und to the report nf tho
;0iisr.il Hoard of the navy dated No-
Pniber 9, 1S15 (to Secretary Panlels
and signed by Admiral liewey).
i nis rcsiMuiimi w.i in-uiiiiiiiiii-ii, in-
was the third calling upon the Amerlian
, ., '....,, .if.. r,u.p '..mmtrlos
t,;,t )t S ready to meet tnem in an
prror( 1(l iU')ilc sonn- sort of world
f...i,,i i,n,,. ,,, in. nnl,,i, r il,,.
American colonlesln th-Fnlted Static
.. S"'."".E7I !
tliin. the one adopted, on the ground
that II was meaningless and led now here,
that the President and emigres are
ilrcady giving their attention to prepur-
c,,e,M. Ho offered a substitute Mating
that the chamber was In favor of "unl-
versal phyt-ical and military training"
fur the youth of the country. This was'
declared lost on a Mva voce vote, al- '
f 0,e.H declaring "Ae:" tipnn It.
1 i
Will II I I li ar M at II at (I It II H I'll III,
lirorict- Mr limy. I
l.ieut Harry P. Koye, who was per-
m n.il ll guard to ticrge .M.-Aneny -Inr
h,ctheh,..erV.ern. s l'ice1;lent,.fthe
ii"-nili.il nn-i 110.-H, iio-ii .1 111,11.1 ...'ii .s-
.,,,. r.lll.,l.Ki,lrr u..l(H,H
tn lie reticeil mi a tienslon. He Is to lie-
.. .. ', . ,
'"me .Mr. .McAneny s personal and nltlco
i-o.,e wa, nppointe, to the p-
I'ce force on Mi-tein -r II. ISM,. .,.! lit
'' ''" l'" He detective liur.atl. A
ear Inter ' il. Itoosevelt, then Police
eommlssiuiier. made him a dele.'tH.. ser-,
" U,ym I,, was promoted to a
it." rematneii m the itetcc-,
tlw liurenti until June. 191n. nurinirhls
service there he .is always assigned to,
guard Presidents McKinley and Itnose.
!t when they were In the city. Prince
Henry of I'russl.t was an-th.-r dlgnltaty
wl-iu ! oj e,KU..rde.l while he was here. '
He fore he became ,t isilliemat, Koye
was an actor. He and Patrick II. Sul-
Jlvan. recently .lep.sed a Tammany;
leader In the Third Assembly district. .
"" ""'e mcniucrs 01 use same;
mhisttel troupe,
" X " .
Kntisna City Inventor llrn.oiislrit (.
Ills HrrliilnK Method. i
1. 1 . , , TV Ma V ....tl ) .
strated to-iluy bv Its Inventor, l.ouls
Hond Cherry. It Is Imsed on an electro
chemical process, The Inventor poured
kerosene Into a lank and drew out gaso
,ene, ultnevse.s nay,
The llnlshed irndurt. It was said, when
placed tn the tank or a motor car pn
' ,tnl ,m iiLnnui" i.iaii.) aim siiinotniy-
ScelllhtH aul rwectlvo Investors in1
the Jiiventlnn were the witnesses. I
,.n11n.l .1.. A...II l .....
MilUe l lnnl Preparation for Horse
Mm" sit norland's.
Many horsemen attended the fin il
rehearsal last night of tho Period
, lliiuestrlaii Pageant at the Durland
Hiding Ac.ideniy. The mounted tub-
It ail vlvants will bo presented eoch
night of tho show, to-night, to-moiiow
ami Krld.ty night. The building has
been decorated and over 100 horses
have beet, entered In the different classes,
Thirteen classes will bo Judged each
night, tho first at 7 .4.'. P M. The fol
lowing arc the Judges for Ihe show: Har
ness horses, four In hands, tandems and
harness ponies, K. Von tier lloinl Koch,
William dti Pout nd Hamilton 1 1.
Salmon ; saddle horses atal ponies under
saddle, William P. Kno and Major
Chniles K, Hentou: hunters and Jump
ers, t'h.irles ll.illinl and Harry Worces
ter Smith
Tin, I'arloada of Old Cam pa Ik tier
Leave Trias.
Marts, Tex,, April 25, Two carloads!
of burros, US in all, have been shipped
I ... ..,,. t0 rl(1'
1 The burroi wero part of a drove of
"nn used as pack animals by lien. Sab
vaihir Mercado's KeiHjral army In Iti
I '."' f!0' lll',ual,ll.a city to t.JInaga
when tlcn. Mr rea do brought the family
nf lien I.iiIm Terni7iH In the border
After tho battlo of OJImiga, In which
Mcicado's men were driven ncross the
river to Presidio, and C,niin Mexicans
in. uio prisoners hy the United Stales
army, the burros wero brought ncrosi
nml sold
KATIM'ir.ll MM HANK V l.lr.NS.
StST ST. UC lo liin WKerdlnand W Orller
lint Wesley Itealty Co et nl; Jan 1!,
lll.TH KT, 133 12 Olto Hrlssmiinii Hgt
Klnrniru Kut ner et al, March It.
IliU no
VAI.BNTIN1-: AV. s vv e ISIst st Thomas
t Kdinonils agt Tnhlnk Coiistriictlon On
et Ml; Dee 25. Itil3 IJJ
SAMK PIIOPKIITV Same, ant same; rieo
n, iu itoi
136T1I KT, 343-34!! R Ik-rtha R rtoueh
sgt John It Hlatlery el al; Dee :,
1916 14,054
Public Offering; Yesterday In Man
hattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn.
By Joseph P. Day.
lUVlNOTON ST, C, s s. 119.5 e Ilowery,
:.x9.10x:2.6x99.1l. 5 ty tenmt and
ire Lena Hoehn et al ant na Mir-
seo et "h due. f .12.000: taxes, &c, IJ.000;
to tho plaintiff for 131,000
LAWIU5NCR ST. SI, n w c Amsterdam nv,
31,10x71. StJI.S, 2 sty tenmt and mrs
Louis C WatUrh Hgt Bdward MeMulion
et al: dun, 13.773.91; taxes, Ac, S942.S0;
adjourned to May 2.
Hv Charles A. Derrlan.
WIf.LBT ST. . o , 1SS n Urand t. 25c
too, s sty tennit and sirs Frederic l
Wceki, tru. net Abermsn Itenlty Co
et al; due. :$.I0G.6(; taxes, &c, IS7S.S0:
to tho plaintiff for Cl.ooi)
lly Daniel Orrenwatd
26TII 8T, 413 W, n . 177. w 9th av, SMSx
OS. 9, t sty tenmt Immigrant Industrial
KtvliiK Bank nut Bllen Reynolds, In J IV
nnd extrx et fll; due, 1 7.773. IT ; tH", &r,
Jl.D6S.:i; to the platntlfT for 19,309
tAT J208 T1IIIID A VKNl'13. )
ny Ilerbfrt A. Kherman.
VILLA AV, 3173.9, w , US. 4 of Van
Cortlandt av, 100x100, two 5 sty teamta
and tr N Y Title Insurance Co aRt
Aloha Itenlty Co et nl; due, I32,4ii6.4ii
taxes, Ac, 11,711. OS; adjourned to
May 2. '
M'CLULLAN HT. w c Orant av. 100x156.6.
vacant Abraham C Itntlistcln Kt
Knwcs Construction Co et al, due, 13.
S00: tuxes, c, 175: utieit to 1st nilg
$6.(00; to Morris Seltln fur ttf.uOU
By Charles J. Dunn.
OLOVEtl KT, w (, 173 s Lyon av, 25x100,
vacant Anna l! Wlldey set Harry
Arnold et nl; due. S4.424.91i taxes. Ac,
SV50; to the plaintiff for It. odd
Bv N, huter
WAIAVOtlTIt ST. w . :r,1 3 s Hushing av,
20x100 L Levy et al agl K Itelner ct al,
to the plaintiff for S50H
Hurtra Itenlty Company, Manhattan;
capital. $1,000; directors, l.i2nrtis K.
Schlechter, Miriam It. s-'chltchter and Sler
nanl Ulnsky
The 46 l.lnden Avenue Kealty Corpora
tion, Brooklyn, capital. 11.000; directors,
William M. Klllmeler, Hmlly V. Dlllnnler
and Amies II. Schumann.
Ktnshl Knglneerlng Company. Bronx,
capital. $3,000; illrrctorr, Abraham K
King, Charlea Schleiluger and Herman II.
Nuivonoo Construction Company. Brook
lyn; c.ipltnl. 15,000; directors, James War.
nni.k, James Donovan and Margaret Dono
van llrilrh flrsnt Beilty Compiny, Queens
capital. 11,000: directors, Tttilpli tirant,
Catherine Clrant and Max Sell.
STII ST, 73S-7I0 B--Candor Bcalty Corpti
to Hachel l.eser. 165 Audubon av, att.
J I Herman. 3( Bnay ... . II
10TH HT, 16 W Title (luar A Trust Co to
fcuuene S Heynat. White Plains, N V,
atljs. Carter, I, A M, 51 Will
t 135.1011
tTH AV. w ' .! n 32d st. IS.ltxloo--
Wnn'st-'Mtrs' Stewart "'"'li'l'va '"'
eSTII ST. U7 W Tltl. Hilar & Tru.t Co t..
Co. I7 fl.iy II3.(liio I
I' AV, e. s, 50.s n Mil st William ll
Leonard, trus, to Cornelia S Demi,
Lsrclimont, ." Y: atty, W r f-eniuinl. '
nway n.ft)n
11?TI!. sr.' . .,50,n. w .''ark av-y.iiiii
in if.sie h iinraenmirfrn, .New iirun
.S If ardenhursh. New Itrun
wl-k. N J. HIM. sune It
' 10STII ST. 53 II S.illie to Anill' S K I
link. Iltdo I'irk. Mas-, itty, sitae II
I CONVCNT AV. 427 -J'oliimblj A Hub n
i. II in i'liir. M ll.ililltz.il. 1.11 t'nti,nt
' a . ilttv. N V T Ills Co. 13a llwuv II Oil H
HTH ST. 321 to JIT W l,a.rs TIH.
e. T Co lo i:.g.ir .1 Phillips II 1 J alio. (V.
II" Usn st. llkin. atty. I, T i'.i. i.o
Hway J.H.1100 '
56T1I ST. l W lieorce II llrllllicll et ul. '
rs. to Hankers Trust r.i. trus. Wall
" "" 1 " 1 ' ,',;,"''' " ,:7'""" ,
i'ui.1 miha Tltl'eT co'tn N V TIC.. In.-1
i'h 1; nsti f t-m
''. ; ."' tjti.i. .5. THI ST CO to 1Mb
TITI.K. UCAIt TltfST CO t ,ra II
Tor in 01.1
I'l IV 1I1I1IM.V ,.. II .,
Tcixviihiiii V"WV
Ul'Cinil.Lm aa.sa.as.
"r" r..i-r.-.
ST en.sji w. part ;d Hour. 13 1
i,:T-lt V lurt .Id Itoor, I .t.t t. i,r
. irrotitni anj :m uoor. (3d et, . .
w, hunt. lt mil .a tionr, H-h -i i
(31 W. all V M.iiiuIii. turers llenl i.
t ite t'o to Wllllunt tlreen titini, : v u
rs from May 1, 1910, att. Win Hreen,
w ut st fsti.i:. . i
3t AV, 110. elnrej A. Adolph J la to
i'Iims I'ulumho. I0S K 1 1 tt tit st. vr
from Mbi- I, ISIO, address, 140 ;, . m
:TH ST. tl e s. lot 346. tiuip estate e l:n.
Mil- Marie M .1 lie I'oinval to i lr. il
t:.nili-, jr.; w r.ist st. :o t-t: rs i-. -n
l.T AV, 45. store, -i'h II Ai.hot'i i.i
Mr K-Jli. ;oi. At-isterdMin a. 1 1 I u
'J,. ' "
.Mil i. i-.ia. iKinre... i:.i -..in a
AMSTHHIiAM AV. ii e ,-or 1.3,1
store- -Muridncslde Ve i, i i-,.m 1.1
l-g'. 1'"s.s'''Jf '..?,, 1 ,lr.'
WTtXX ' U " ' ' " t .'ii
44TH T. 'l.t W. nil i:-,i;.:,1i ., i a i
Ite-liy to vv v,dl. k eoj , i-. v i
Vie v.I.u'm ' ' ' $,
l.R.MNiiTO.v .v. i::.33. I upper . i.-
I'atk J Pliinuerv t.. The T. rum
V Heche? Vji '.'Tov " ' W' t-'-U
U-Tli ST. I.': W. ull Same' t ; suine, 13 .
ire trnm Mm- t. I9ti, m. same it inn
. P. . S ll'.'. HI 1. 1
Vaster lo Hairv l'hjj;rl,i. 1 Av 1 vrs
from May 1. I?n. t n
INTIMtVU.K AV. Ut, 1.-II.I -Ai'iiH I.
lr"CR to World Wet W.i.h .i'l. ' ' o
In- '.ipi Intervale H 1 li from Mh I
13lii, upilon j rs renewa.. .itn. .1 s
KiiUvln. ."ri IIimii I'm
inti:iiv.i.i: av, is:i 91, tiit rioor sum-
to shiiiI Hcker. 5'i Intervale av. ' ) -s
from M.ij 1, I'.ilit: atty, s-inie. $ i;o io Jiliio
5TH av iv .. ::, it n ii;th st .-.ini
Slgnnind A!iner c' l.ouls rtd i"kv e;
h ' ( roreclo.ure of tntgu a.tts, l.lnd A
1131) ST. s s. ::S e Sth av tSxJJll -.leanle
1, Vord set Robert D Itoellng et
nl (foreclivsiir nf uitg); sttys, l)etci,
n.horn A- l-'leintnp. (
35TII ST. r.,Hl W--.leanle I, Ford ant fas
andra Mendelsohn et nl (foreclosure nf
mm; attys, Dexter. O-born A- Fleming '
limns. ;
ritflSPKfT AV. e -. i n Maey pl. ST'x1
ln; Mllr.ibeth Mci'aiigh n. sns gdn. "K
I'e.l.ir t'otistll I'll Ifele '.ivure nf llltgi !
i.tivs. Vrron smith A Dunn. 1
WlMISTHIt AV. c s o.-.'i s rinth t 'm,
73 AlTah.mi nppeiilicliiier net Satv-.i ,
tore M de IVmpinlo ( forecUisni e of
mlgl; attv. C Welsh.iupt
HIMPHOS ST. i s, .'.0 n Hsrretto st. T " v I
loj. and Simpson st. e s. I3.1 n Hirretto
st, 75x105 lvouls Silverman bk! llllilmrd
Hlilg I'orpn et nl iforecloanre of nilKi.
nttvs. (loldfeln A- Weltflseh
Fl'l.TOV AV. i:;i to Ktl lMwir.l Knapp
agt John 11 J Itntiner et it I . foreclosure
of tuts! attv, U A StelinmiUer
I'ltUSI'lK'T AV. :'0T- llnl.ert A Powers,
ns exr and tins, ngt (llosne tl.ill.inl et ,n
. fori closure of mtgi, attys, I'nrv &
MKl'IIAXir!' I.IF.X.
3D AV. s e cor Ulst st, I.'vlfiO Domenlcn
A Del Donno aet nilznlietli Keliult,
owner (renewnl) I.ll.i !l i
47TII ST. IS W Thomas lialllitan. Iiil
i.Kt estate of Mary 12 Steliblns, owner
VVurnisleln Klr-cli-nh.iuin. contra,
tors $!'!
"TH ST. 64 David Meyir act ll.rolil
Srlelherg. owner. Morris K'.lllfh & VA 1 '
Inn Slniknw II?., contractors -:.i'l
I.F.NINliTO.V AV, s e cor 44th st. S3l I -I.arken
I. umber t'o apt l'utrlrk J Flan
nery, nivner, l,oul Seletzkv, contrac
tor . 1:1c 30
11 rem.
176TH ST, n cor Anthony as, HI H!i I
Antonio Itunnndono ant v'lelaud lll
Co, owners and contractors 13.n2
TltllMOST AV, 314- Atilonlo Hlioniidono
iiirl Davidson Av Itlty t'o. owners anil
ciiiitrni'torH , 1 i.mi
176TII ST. n w cor Anthony av, ;n (!K I
- Murray X Hill Co ngt Clelanil lllly Co.
Alirahinii Divls and l.ouls Davis, owners,
cieinnd Itlty Co. i-nntriu-tnrs. . tl ..o
JOHN ST. w s, 173 3 ii Dltiu.irs tt, U.'x
iiun .-.iri.-rni .x i o agt tinrlem v.ichl i
Chili, onnvrsi American Heal Heinle i'h j
couiriiflnrs j 'no i
TltHMONT AV. k t, I5S 0 Anthony nv. f.T v
M3S.9 Thos C lMinonds A- Co hki
inn hi. un av Itlty Co, Alirithnlu Invis
and linls Davis, owners; luvldsnn Av
Itlty Co, contractors 1
17iTII ST. n w cor Anthony av, luOvl.iu
Tlios c. F.dmotida & Co am Clelaud
Itlty Co, 11 t'leUnd. Inc, Aln ahum Divl
.ind l.ouls Davis, owners. Clrland lliiv
i'o. coiitracinrs $..,,1
TIIIIMDM' A. M 133 e Alilhunv av.
iij SxUS.n - N'orwnlk Lock Co nut David
son Av Itealty Co; Abraham Davis .mil
l.ouls DivK owners; OkvIiIhih Av lleitiv
Co. contractors j,,-,a
I7BTII ST, u vv e Anthonv av, IftOxlon .
Norwulk Lock On agt Atu.ilinm Davis,
I.nills Davis, Clelaud Itealty Co nnd II
Clelund, Ine, ownors; Clelaud Itealty Co
contractors Iv.
At'HIISTA I'l,. e s. ::u,5 n i:,iic'rn lllvd
SSMfll.--Ceorge Hokmunu ant (Iriu-e li
Mack, owners and coiitracinrs .. !o nl
THKMUNT AV. a a, IM o Anthony av, U7 si
Working Co art Davidson Av ItealU"
Co; Abraham Davis und IaiuU4itT
?.W":"is,.,,,?l1.J," .-Av.. "'altliVo and
hi in.ri i.uiiiner A. Unnil
BOSTON $2.65
Wee days mid Sun.lujs at 5 1'. M. from
Pier 39, N, It., foot West llou.ton St.
Phono Spring 9191.
fltrs. It. 1'ler 14, N. II., ft. Fultea SU
dally at 1:00 P. M. Music.
New London (Norwich) Line, atra. It.
Pier 40. N. II . ft. Houston St.. week dart
only. CIO P. Plr 7. b. a. ft. D. lid
St. :00 P. M.
New Haven Line. strs. Ir. Pier II. B. ft.,
ft Catharine St., week days only, lift P.
M.t PUr 70. ft. It. 22d St.. tl'S P. H.
Itediiieill'aresAUI'iilnts. PhoneHfKior.'ort
TOf R.
AIIKoutes.Urcat White
I'lect. guelici! S.S.Co.,
etc. Ilit serlce.
lain irway.N'.Y.CIty
124 up, Inc.llotel Hccomnio.
lations, rraiiK oiirisi x o
396 Broadway, N. V.
RERMIMA Surprisingly low rates. Boo4ilt.
OCnrilUUA ii,lele'.Tour.U72H way.N.T.
33 Resorts
Incomplete itineraries and maps.
Fates to 75 resorts. All in free
booklet yours for asking. Ad- S
Travel Bureau
Grand Central
J4ew Yoik.N.Y.
NKW tOIIK Long Island.
The Mol AtlraiiHe Ciniiitrv Hotel
Adjacent In New Work I ll.
Garden City
Cm tr of the Jiiocst r .liiMvo c mil. try lioit
In Atiirr, t . i. tuition 'if Jtitry f-
an. I ni- " i" it tti h-t luxury ! nn
fotinl f-'M l ui tl iu Ui ,tn" I-ati l'ijn
TiVrn t a i ftr Uio on cniuiice of
,t Hantlsrttnv a la Cnrtv Restaurant
t prl.n- -i nnir' fr.'in .Nt' rk I'r -gut
nt plf-it'U tr,iin fr -mi l'mnt Mh'Ioii
J. J l..NK U. ITtipi,
NKW MIltK 4'ooprrstown.
On Otaeta laftsj,
raepsrsioMit N T.
June ( Ortobssr
Itoim. H...i(i.,;H Msria
I W. ;ju Bt.. M. y. cft
NEW JKltKV Atlantic City.
Oecuml)!C ,ntire block of ocean front, tn
the fashionable Ch. ... section. 300 bed t
chamber, with private baths (fresh and
aes water). High e is orchestra, cafe, i
grill. Ac French chefs Clotf prlvlleirea, i
Autos meet train. HooVlet. Op-n all reir.
of tervie e.conittirl jftviiIV
A men e.m rit urnwan maiv
Kiw YCRit boohing crncr 4 m Tines wt
I otWiHIlt.-. S"rnLitt$JIS J Vs MOTI ieV tV
oWNcnsnip mhciiment.
Private Uatln. running water In room a,
lClavator to atrect level. Sun parlor. Capa
city lid. Spsclal rates. Ilonklet.
St. Charles place and
beach. Private fresh
and sea water baths, running water In
rooms; elevator; supetlor table, deduced
carH sen-oil rules. Couch st trains.
A K. WAONEK. l'ropr W It. L.4.YTON. Mgr.
Leading high-class mnderata rate hotel.
A Ivpmarln l'Rim.' Ave. near hem h, i'a.
rtiucniariL ,,ailty jao, special u up dly
110 up wk!y. Steam heat, private Htlts.
elevator, im parlors, excelterit tahie (ev
nlDE dinners), iiooklot. J. , COl'&
Sudbury. Vt.
Mi lb.:. Is
at " West tll st Illlli May 1. iniiklnr rn.-:i.
iiicnts Inr s. a.iiu u l'M.l For tmoklei nndtnlor
mat. on iiddrrss Mr IIVDK Tel Ms) sohuyler
SPRUCE CABIN INN - w.'"r " can
ornuiic unDin inn riltch ,rin,t ,,oomj
en suite wllh hath C.aragc. S.iddle horses
All amusements. Ilklt t resco station. Lark
It. H. W.J. A: M D P11ICI2. Canadensis. J'a.
MIM l;l,l,NF,(U S,
"Summer Homes" Vw,';'""."",f pi'-tures.ind
ouilllltci liuini.5 ji.ri,,,!,,,,, ,,, S(,H;
Coutiiy. send . piwlauti in ii. ItiililiiMiu.
i.tniral rii-nuger Agent, Dept V , Ontario i
W.steri.Ky luiindt'eiitral leniiln il.V V i-lv
t tiiti:i i.(isi iti; sai.i:.
St'I'ltHMl-; COI'ltr. CtlCNTY OF Vl-w
VOIIi;--Fallllle M Ur-ipe. Plnlntlfr, against
Pnn'lll'l llretertnnti mot others, llefeuihint.
fleikH File No ,x,.;47-Vear PJI5 lldwnrd
It. Ulliciiiaii I'l. inn Ill's Attoiney, 31 va,,
sail Sl-.eel, New Voil,.
.Iinluiiieut ntereit Airll l.tth, mm pur.
sil.llit to snnl JllilKlueut Ihe Ulnlerslcnel
vv' sell at public i.ucllon. ut the llxchancs
Salesroom, S'os 11 ll, Vesey Street, In the
lloriiillili of Manhattiiu, Cltv of Nevv Vorli
ut twelve o'clock noon on M;iy joth I'lli:'
hv lleniv llriidy. aintlnneer. the inortguged
pienilses .incited by s.ibl Jmigmeiit to b
sold, situ lied nil tho northerly .,,,i of
Sixtv second St'ect In the sul I ttnronsli
bpglni.li'K i.HO (eet westerly fi,.m ihe vvesiJ
ellj et.l.l .;f Tfllth Aid..., .).ie.li,,s .T,
feet we'te'lv In ftont nnd real. n,i having
a depth of inn feet 6 Inches.
li'.'lnl Street
Section 4, bloiJv 1114, Miect No. ;J5 West
iioxiiiiMi) niiintiui or ins inortcnce
Is Ji:..vOs f.7. with lnteiesl it, ,..T
ni in
from Manlt 3nth, I'.ilC. costs , mil itllonnncca
si-.., i.ir,, n.i.r lines anil hsss-m
inenls. npiirnxlmiitely !3s SS, together
with the expenses of tile sale.
Dated New Vork. Aprlt 14th, 116.
KLUK J, LL'UVIUH, Iteferat.
(sHJIIrWI) ,
m mi. vol . rvcvv -i.iwora
Just the trip you need now
fir rest, health, recreation
Sivninih, Jiektenville, Micm
tafujia, Atlanta, Bifmlnthm
anfJ all Southern points
Fare Inelud every eipenaa en thl
Canatilt any ticket or tourist agent or
OltDt'NA TPLH.MU . .1 1 u
Tt'M'ANIA ST MlV Sihjv
(Al.ll-UIINIA SAT., MAV p Vj
t'AIII'ArillA SAT., M U . V M
Tn find from lim-eow ( I, .p.
A.N'fJAN'tV SAT., M VV ., !
Oiiling nt lis i fox
11.21 STATU T.. M;t lOIIK.
American Line
, Under the American Flap
N. Y.-Livtrpojl. Pier t52, N. i
St, l.mils
Apr. '.'Ii l'lnland
White Star Line
N. Y. Liverpool, Pier hO, N. K.. Noon
rlnland May (I llnltle. Ma 10
I'nder the Aim Hem 1 c
OITIf' K. 0 ll'WAV. N. V. Tel. iiisin (((
Cviupugiile (.rut-rule Transallantiuur
fdsiAi. i:it ii i.
Sailing, for BORDEAUX
ROCHAMUEAU. . .Apr. 29, 3 P. M.
ESPACNE May 6. 3 P. M.
LA TOURAINE. . .May 13, 3 P. M
CHICAGO May 20, 3 P. M
r.HMPiNY'S llrr ' ""'. "
I'hone ilroad lts.
MIKW'.W iWHHKN lll:SM ltl,.
llelHi. il m Apr .T'-nll i Sth . v ,
A E JOllNSO.VACO.lnc.Atls.l Bwaj NT
.sTEAM-llll' TICKin lo an port.
Dill la' Agent h I e
Raymond A tt liltcninli Co., ..'.V .111. Ai.l
ATi.AVTir. cri.r u wr.iT imhm
.TKAMollll 1. 1 N K srivde- M: orr
Ward Porto Itlco Lines :9D H vvsv. N. T
Ol.tl IIOMIMON LINK. To al! pews
outh and West. Uvery week day. 3 PM.
Plr Si. North r.lser Tel. J?00 rrar.k'.ls.
Part of the Fourteenth Street lla --n
Itapld Trvinslt Uallrohd
Scaled this or proposals for the cot .-r .
1 ton of Seitlon No. 1 of Itoille No v t
of the Fotirt.enlli Street-K ist. r" I . -lr..r,-tt
llallrool, wll l.e roelvto I. .
P.'t i ervl'e Commission for -h r
Dls-rh t i herein itter ij.led th
Ul" I Ht the ntllce of the 1'ojil'ii ) ' I
l.o Itroa.lvvay Horough of Mm.
- etv Vork city, until the 1Mb l- ) ".)
Ml" .t twelv tlf'eeu ll. 15. ..'. I I '
nt v.i. b tun.' tind plin-e or i ' t la
i be llxd hy thf C'otnpiK-."n I - t e
po-a . vv I I lie pill, Ih Iv op'tio I
'1 he said .ecltntl No. 1 nf Itoule N I .
to 1 Iwn ira k suh-'irf.. e rn-M. .i
te" tnr 41 . i 1 e r lla.t and . st '(-'i .-.!.
li the Horoiik'll or Miinbatttiti. f' l i t-o.i
1 1. 'I '-OI fr. vvest of the ,e 'i - '
s Hi xen le to :i ioln iibout op;. - ifc.
e e " y hill dltlg line r Iivltlt; V,
'r,ie work to be d.nie vv; I 't
.ire an 1 eilppnit of surfa e. ml-- a' 4
nverh ad sti luturi s. td- tiu'ii-.-.i
tattle and tho restoration of .!
f es,
The method ef construction iv " e p.-'
by tunneling and partly hy ex a
he sitrtii' e
Th- folitra'toi mu.t within L. e
from lb tle'lv.iy e! -he o -''
be Itanro.i.l an I si h i.tli r )) rl - "
tv the i imtiai t us tn.iv h.- ne r
he railroad In rondlilon tor ..p. ,
iiii-t complete -.'I other vvm, '
the contract within montri. C'--. )i-
o -very of th- unlit.., t.
A fuller rice rlpttoll or the ti 1
other rcuulri tnetitf, piov Mo . e i to
- atlotis ale plien fp the l,.!o i
Con in. tors an,) tn the orm ' -c,
intra t ilr.nvnis-- 1 'M,t -,i r .
Pr.iio.al, vv hi, h are to he ,i--r ) r
nf nils Invitation utid mple. of i
be Inspected and purchi""! ut the ' - '
the Commission.
Tho receipt of b'ds wl'l he .p) '..- '
reiiulreme tils spei Itled in tai l It i i . n
for Ci.ntrsctore
Nevv ork. April :0. 101 S
PFHLIC SP.ltv.tCF l .ltIP--"iV TOR
TIII7 F1I1ST ..- ! Ht.M
He OnCAlt S sTU'.l s c .1 nr
JA.MFS 1). WALKFlt, s,., r.'.-v
SKALI2D IIIDS will be re,-... t i.
Itoaid of Wnt-r suiOv h - i . "
twenty -second tloor. l n!. Ii,l I' r
I'm!. Itow- Centre mil i ha- -i '
New Vort. Cnv unti 1 1 M i
May . luls. fin c. .'r.i t It f '
tin: and Inst.tl'ing l"-,.-.
vH.v-es. stiitlng Pi, , s sul vc '
for cotltrollll'v: riser valves lo ' . ")
of the cnv Tunrirl o' ih A;.'-
duct In Nevv Verh cltv
At the uhove phi' e and (iti-s ') ) '
will ho pulilli ly opene t nn I te-i ' : -lets
cnntiilnlng tut vr-n i n ' i 'I ' - - 1
contract drawings , ,u 1 r.i , i . '
Htiove IllUlress, at the otM e 'e '
tarv, hv deposttlnc the in o' ' ''
1 10 in i.ish or I s e.ilv
ptinpblet For further t.ar" i -e ii-''
to Hie Jill', nf the Villi, p.. V ' ' r
Klneer at the ahove a .p.
Cll Vltl.l'S STH 1 I Pee. "-It
I ll.Vltl.FS V .11 Wl'. 1 r.
Conimls. toners of Un- lloirl of Wstr is r
flHllHUP FF VTIIIM ' '. ' -
Y..I1K - TIIK FA ItMFK ' ' '
Tltl ST C.lMP VSV I .
ii wtoi. d m u t:ii;, D i .
TO THF. AltoVI. N Wll D I" '
vol' mii: in 1 1 1 : 1 1 .-i m vi
awer Ihe c,,mpl..iiit In Ti o
serve a . opv of your ansn '
tlff'ti rtttolnevs vvl'htn ' i
serv P e nf tills SUIIIJIIell o
dav o' i v i.-e iitnl u. , -e
lii app. .1' or ii.i.vv t-i i i i.
' l4,.-n HftHltiit ou hv ,1 ta
deit,.il,leil In the Coi.lp! ill '
I. iled April Kill I'H!
(!i:i.i.i:ii. hoi s. ri is .x ip in v
tor Pl.ilntltt. i uli a ii n i r
dress, s; K'h inge I' '. '
V. V
To IIAIIOI.D M wi'.irt
The foiegojpvr sim . i - -
you hy puhl, ar. ,ii I
the llonorrth e .l,.hn M '
of t!.c -,f, i..,:.r".
date.l the lCh .Piv ,. Vp- i
with the ciiiiipHiiiii lo "ie '
Clerk of th Cltv i-., i t or the '
York, at New v, oil, S V
(ii:i,i.i:u. itoi.Tus- s. liMpvv.
for I'hituiirr
eiUllltlKIArl.V Mil It I '
of all Ulilrl Of lb- . I .' . I
h Surri'isnte of the c in .
Notbe s herehv nieu
buvlnir claims npaii ' II
late of the County of v .
to present the saipa w 1 h
ti the suhscrlhed al tl .r p
Inir hiislnet nt ip.- oil'
Jiialill. No. 1,3 Wall si
New Yin' on ie '-t' a.
11IH Daleil. New V
(lotiiber. t'.ii;. iii:m;v v h
KIIK'K II .M.l FN, o,
Al, 1,17V A CAM.MANN -Administrators,
c i u . i
New Vork City.
....iSilV) t.?.lwlUlsi.liAto.

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